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September 1, 2015. Fox Lake, Illinois. On the morning of September 1st, Police Lt. Gliniewicz radioed dispatch a number of times after he saw some suspicious men. Before 8am he acknowledged that he would like a second unit sent to his location; off a gravel road by an old concrete plant. Officers in three different cars raced to the location and arrived in minutes only to find Lt Gliniewicz face down and deceased. Authorities began a manhunt for the three men the downed officer had radioed dispatch about. But as time went by, the narrative of the situation began to change and hidden truths began to be revealed. What exactly happened that morning and what really happened to Lt. Joe Gliniewicz? Join us as we discuss a strange case where appearances can be deceiving.

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how an extent vacations sold its case aaron, it's about a decorate army veteran and police. Lieutenant Joe glinda wits Who was killed in the line of duty on September first, two thousand and fifteen. Probably many of you who live in Illinois who know this story, you have heard of the name, lieutenant joke In a way, it's a k, a g I joe for the rest of you, though, we're going to try to tell the story In chronological order for you and peel this onion one layer at a time takes place. Sept First, twenty fifteen in fox, like illinois. That's a village in aunt and Antioch townships, inlaid county illinois, that's about sixty miles north of chicago Charles Joseph. When awaits was born on august, twenty fifth nineteen sixty three
in libertyville illinois he was called I Joe were was nick gee, I joe because obviously his background with the army and see this guy he's got the crew Kurt totally locked in tight, very intense aura about him of I'm in charge, and I'm going inspire you to do whatever whatever our mission is everybody very much looked up to him. Was employed at the fox lake police department, but he had in the: u s: army from eighty one to two in seven he had commendation metals achieve metals just a whole litany. There's like a paragraph right here, but just now that he was highly decorated. As a rookie cop, he began helping out the fox lake police explores club this
as a group for youth that wanted to pursue a career in law enforcement was conway aren t see sort of thing. We are like a junior, our rotc, so they would teach these kids. How to press uniform. Had a march hadda do first, just a whole new things, and it gave the kids there something the do the focus on, especially if there were troubled it was sort of a boot camp for them it was really great organization in the three of nineteen. Eighty nine. He married a woman named melody. They were married for twenty six years up until his death. During his career as a police officer. He was, assign many different roles like canine, the sir fees training officer. He was also a member of the swat team. He was did to sergeant and then his fine.
Position was lieutenant joe and melted He would have fortune and together, Joseph Donald, Geoffrey and David Donald or die. would eventually join the army as well. The case Lieutenant Joe glyn awaits really kicks off kind of uneventfully and behind the scenes in march of twenty fourteen, after serving as a police officer for a great number of years, there is a new administrator in the village of fox lake and her name was an marin well she started making requests of Joe and she said: hey lieutenant, I needs me. nation from you. I need accounting inventory of the explorer post that you're ahead of and while the officer wasn't very cooperative, and she would make these requests and he would say
don't bother me with that right now or I forgot, I have better things to do. I'm trying to catch criminals They were simple requests. It just inventory and auditing real basis, things just so she can do the taxes, in the accounting for the police department went on for a while, getting it the next year, something startling happens, september, first, twenty fifth, seen at seven o six, a m Joe stop that, gas station, he was getting cigarettes and I guess he did this pretty much every day. He was on duty here, supposed to go from there to the explorer post and finish his inventoried check, because marriage had been asking him
it made. She was suspicious because most anyone else was forthcoming with any data she needed, whereas he was somewhat combative. Seven. Twenty five Joe parked his car outside the gates, the cement plant in the area at seven? Fifty two, a m: the lieutenant radio dispatch sixty seven forty, I'm going to be out at the old, concrete plant checking. Two male whites, a male black and dispatch, replied ten four, Did you need a second unit and Lieutenant replied negative at this time, so, instead of owing to the explorers he went on to the concrete plant and found three suspicious in the jewels, maybe they were evangelizing, maybe they were. I mean it's an and in plant, but you could still be trespassing, I'm sure it's private property, seven fifty five a m the tenant, Joe radio dispatch and
let them know that these subjects, x or these individuals he is following took off towards the swamp and dispatch asked did you need a second unit, and this time lieutenant Joe replied, ten four go ahead and start somebody. Oh, they send three difference. Cars in his direction does its gee, I Joe, and if he says he needs backup, there are going to support him. Lieutenant Joe called in again stating I'm off the gravel road that runs between the cement plant and honing road. Now We understand that this area is pretty marshy air raid and swamp at the time of the year a lotta greenery so dispatch we is out again to lieutenant. Show asking him what's your status, but they can't get a hold of them. It's radio silence at this point now officers are out there, they hear something, don't they just don't they
a gunshot, often the distance and it's in a really thick high grass Take it so they go charging in after Joe where they identified this gunshot from at eight or nine a m. There is a call to dispatch officer down, and you know sir down, that allows the entire department they send every one their walking through this thick thicket I mean they found his car parked gravel road, then, finding his can of pepper spray and then will that further they find his night stick or baton a little bit further. They find his body it's about two hundred feet of
area between his body and all his scattered gear? It looks like there was. A struggle, looks like he was trying to trying to detain or fend off these assailants. Are they don't find his gun so now now all the police know is they have an officer down he's missing his gun and his last radio call was too whites one black, so they assume that these three men attacked The lieutenant got hold of his gun, shot and killed him, and now you have three dangerous people that are armed running from the scene. So he tried to lock down the perimeter and set up? What's called a kills zone which was to square miles around the central location. This is own, was sealed off. They brought in helicopter.
They brought in canine units. They brought in the full force of the fox lake police department. They even asked the public to stay indoors, because we're after these assailants not declaring martial law, but it's a lot, our situation because they think that they Three dangerous individuals on the run now now, when you do this. The public wants to help begin calling it said I saw some guys here. I saw some guys there you're, so different leads and sightings of these three individuals and someone the treatment plant called stating that two subjects were near their area. They also got a call. from a female stating that she saw two male subjects running to a vehicle. Meanwhile, inside this perimeter, this kill zone, they had multiple officers search
It was really high mean it was a very warm september on these. his officers, their wearing full gear, their actually, passing out from heat exhaustion. They bring in helicopters with thermal imaging cameras, look for these assailants because now is coming and hey. You know, if you can just scheme, the area you don't have to go trudging. through swamp land, to find these guys, you can just identify them on the camera. If you ve ever seen the movie predator, it's very similar. It's a flip camera. So you can see body heat the next day september. Second of twenty fifteen. It's a sad day. Twelve hundred residence or so of the town of fox lake showed up for video held in lieutenant Jos honour the new his out the assailants whoever did this to lieutenant Joe they're gone. They got away with it, at least for now. So
locals, feel a little less safe, the raw their doors and being all their children a little closer because there's three, Andrews individuals out there and that night of call that seem pretty important came in from a woman named laura to see seem to indicate that she had been asked for a ride and she said or two men, one. Why and one black? I guess this indication is they are probably tied to this. This was looked into or end up admitting that she made it up. They actually found security can a footage in the area from it, whether be homes or like don't see anyone asking you for a ride, so Why are you saying this to us so yeah, but again, there's all these calls coming in, and you think ok, so they had these. Three individuals she saying there is one white one black eye, and here we go in my
then those guys. Why are they asking for a ride while there on foot in their fleeing from a scene where they just killed a police officer, you had to say here that, if the police are asking for the public's assistance that people would only call if they have something? It is never know why someone will pick up the phone call it's not always to help. Sometimes I guess they think they're helping it there, getting information, but who knows what their real motives are, but they do have surveillance? Video of three men walking close to the area. I think there was like some railroad tracks or something, and then they follow them and they it's taken. We pieced together. All this video tracking these three men. I mean. If these guys, Aren't the guys that did it, then what are the chances that just happened to be wandering around in this car secluded area, but they identify them. They track the eighteen
that they withdrew money from their on video and they track them to. The diner they question a waitress at the restaurant and she identifies them and there at the restaurant at the same exact time that the lieutenant was killed. So by default, you're thinking, oh wow. They have these guys on cameroon, the area moving around on foot, but then the fact that they have on camera at the same exact time is the total alibi. its air tight. So these are not the men that killed the lieutenant. an autopsy was done by dr thomas rudd. He was the they county coroner and when Jos body, was examined corner noted that chose clothes were in roll call order, not surprising, because this was g Joe. He took it seriously. His appearance was everything shirt
dan pants were clean. There was somewhat on the knees, but of course he was killed so when he fell he got dirty. The bullet profess was on properly The fatal gunshot wound was between ribs one, two in his upper chest, but the shot was fired underneath his bulletproof fast. So, whoever holding the gun, had to a place it inside the bulletproof. Fast from above grab somebody by their collar by their vast and slip it underneath and fired the shots when lieutenant Joe was buried, there was a procession of police cars that was five miles long while this was going on the end instigation continued at the scene where his body was found, around this time that they located his service weapon just and where did they find it at it
actually was just a few feet from his body, but vegetation was so thick that they didn't come across. He's gone right away. You couldn't see it unless you literally walked up on it. but it took him a long time to find his weapon because they were just lock, on the area and focused on finding these assailants. But now they realise that he was killed, with his own gun, His gone was a few feet away from. So there- is some relief that these three assailants didn't take his gun and are not armed and dangerous, but they're still considered dangerous because they ve killed a cop at beginning justin in the teaser, you said, or was he meaning? Was he murdered? Well yeah? That's the thing is right when happened. There were rumblings about this lieutenant. There were, I guess
behind closed doors, secrets and rumours about him and said People were questioning whether or not he was murdered, It wasn't like a journalist. A reporter went out put a front page article out is more or less navy, but the police department is going with the evidence there going with he called in he reported suspects. You know we found his pepper spray, his baton and then we, his body. It looks like there was an escalation of force like first, he use nonlethal means, and then he somehow got overpowerd and they got a hold of his gun and they killed him with it. This is the standard operating procedure that police would follow in G. I Joe would adhere to those things if that's the police training that he had gone through so they're still investigating this as a murder. Also, he was shot twice.
He was shot once down and Lower admin his phone and didn't inter his body, and then you shot again underneath the vest. So that doesn't look like a suicide who would shoot themselves twice. And shooting yourself even with a bullet professed on that feels, like you're being hit with a baseball bat. it's not a pleasant experience, so it doesn't spell Suicide or doesn't bark, any sort of suspicion in their minds at first the bessie gaiters on this case. They are looking into Joe there looking into his past and they find that twice in nineteen eighty eight he was found to be drunk by other officers. One time he was found passed out, behind the wheel of his police vehicle somewhere had to go wake him up.
and really we're going with this going to get into his personnel file, essentially here we're getting into the because he was your job far as most of the public, and probably many officers knew. This was the officer he was g, I joe so this idea that he had some past and aggressions or issue. at work. That just wasn't thought about they're trying to turn. over every stone, every leaf and find every single thing about this and there like well. How would these guys over power. Joe did. No them what's going on so they're just investigating as they should in nineteen and nine and two thousand, and he warnings about being late for work. Joe was or to respond to these warnings to give it explanation for why he was late for work and
one of them was all about how he had car trouble and his wife me to go to work and he needed and arrived yet. He said that he takes responsibility in two thousand three he was demoted from sergeant to commander because of unspecified problem. In the communications division that he oversaw seventy thousand three a thorough lawsuit against the village and police accused Can it joe a pressuring, a female department employee who worked for Joe in sports programme, accused him of sex harassment and she said, in five times in two thousand, this woman arab resigning. The programme was reporting, this alleged misconduct and The police chief said well lieutenant Joe did admit to conduct that she had described and he that he was recommending sexual addiction counselling for lieutenant. dublin awaits and a thirty day
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quality ingredients mean a healthier and happier life for your kitty. Try small today customize your sampler through a short ways at small dot com slashed generally for a total of fifteen dollars off your first order that small calm suggestion why code jen why he seems to have some skeletons in the closet and win again those rumbling were happening about him? The police department backed joe because they all thought very highly of em respected him when Jos, family, his wife and his sons were questioned about whether or not they thought this was suicide, they denied it flatly. They said this is not Joe was not depressed. They said that Joe. was making future plans and that he's not the type send to take his own life one of his son said that Joe it actually plied for a
our position in another department in another city. Why would he do that if he was plain to take his own life in two thousand and nine? Most members of the fox, like police department submitted, the two page letter to the mayor, Cindy Erwin. It was all about widespread conduct by lieutenant joke, linda wits, so multiple members of the police apartment are coming forward and saying something is going on here, when they look into some These allegations, like him going too bars and being ejected by the bouncers because he's you ve been over, served and he's drunk. They go and call in some of these clubs and bars and like yeah, that's Joe and we know is a problem. They talk about threats he made towards dispatchers they cannot concur like yeah. That's what's happened, but we didn't report it or
maybe we reported it but Nowhere that report was filed, maybe it when in the trash can they're talking about Joe. Being highly aggressive with Female officers and women groping at christmas parties and even go I'm getting a attack, two, while on duty with a gift certificate that was donated to the police department. So that's the first kind of inkling that Joe might reallocating funds from the police department for personal use. Once you know that there is an officer who is out of control and he's not being demoted, he's not being suspended. You start to think Maybe we shouldn't be barking about this because obviously these protected. There's no other way to look at it. Some people
seemed to be beyond any kind of authority beyond the reach of the law. this whole question of whether was a suicide or murderer. Whether perhaps fellow sir said this to their all. These rumours fear he's going out there, the coroner doktor thomas road made a statement on september, eighth to a tv. Asian embassy chicago stating I rule out a suicide ike. rule out an accent I can relax. Homicide he doesn't have enough evidence to prove or disprove. Any of that the investigation is done, so they kind of have to get more information? To put all of this asic information from the autopsy into context and that's normal police procedure. We all think the autopsy report tells the entire story
well, if a guy just has a bullet Adam doctor, the forensic experts only has the body with a bullet in it. He doesn't know how that bullet got inside that body, and so he has to lie upon the rest of the investigation to figure out the chain of events that we ended up at. So it's a concerted, for here it's not just one thing or another, so he sang rule anything out yet parliament, instigation also was looking into job lineages cell phone. And apparently oh of information on that have been deleted before Joe is killed, so they were to the phone company, and he s got the phone records more dirt. Amitabha they found more evidence of lieutenant Joe glinda, which is illegal activities. one of them was hitter arranged a bow
this marriage for his son when he was twenty, just for financial purposes it was the son that joined the military. If you're, I guess, if your mouth, reed in the army. You get extra benefits, so he made this fraudulent marriage document up. august marriage, so his son would get more money, so we fraud in the american government. We also Oh, that when you make a threat, the authorities have to take it seriously. They had found a facebook message. It was made in early april, twenty fifteen. It was by Joe and it said, being forced to retire by new village administrator work. Life has been a living hell, the last two months. Close to entertaining a meeting with a mutual acquaint Some hours with the were white in their nickname one explain this just them. Well, the administrator Annie that was asking him for pretty much auditing
and the explorer programme asking him for financial documents. Well, you see actually saying a mutual acquaintance and white is, I guess, code for a high ranking gang member. So he's essentially saying I'm going to call in a hit on this administrator to get her off. My back, please officer, is going to have when killed when they caught up, but the person a woman. They show it said about this. She said yeah Joe wanted to have a gang member put a hit on an that's all. She knew so he wanted to But there is never actually any evidence found. that says that he put this in motion were that he reached out ten a gang members, but a police officer. Talking about this price only with other individuals. While we put people away for decades. When they talk of
putting a hit out on their spouse. This does not look good also through these sixty five hundred texts. They go through. They find that he's talking about once that he's moving around from the explorers programme he's talking to his wife about it asking. How are we going to hide this and she said sitting that they move the funds or transfer the funds to different accounts, to hide it even has conversations messages between self and his son is the same one, who maintain that his father would not take his own life in tell by the messages that his son knows what's going on because he saying she hates If she gets hold of the old checking account, I'm pretty well screwed, and his son sang. Hopefully she decides to get a couple of drinks centre and she gets a dui meaning awfully some trouble and then she's got other problems and weaken leverage. Any kind of choice
It is against her to drop her audit against you and then lieutenant Joe. respond by saying. Oh yes, she does that, but not around here and no one knows where he is. trust me. I thought through many scenarios from planting things to the volvo bog. It's the volvo bog state natural area. And apparently that's a place where people might dump a body to never be found again. During this investigation. They find what appears to or really is cocaine in one. His office drawers now either a He was going to use this to plant on de village. minister. So then he could arrest her too. You're with crime and and use that as level against her to get her to stop. The audit were be. He was using it personally and again. It's we talk about
police turning a blind eye or covering up for Joe these police officers don't notice cain on a fellow officers owes they don't notice that he's taken some cocaine the evidence locker man, because their trained to see these things It was amazing they found thousand of messages, but messages are all about different money that he's taken out and telling his son, like I've, had to take money out to help you with your situation, but we need to pay it back because yet they discover there's money, missing diamond big trouble, All you really need to know is: there's an immense amount of pressure building on lieutenant Joe glinda wits, over this audit and its building from twenty fourteen and anti twenty fifteen. now took a little while for the investigators to get his bank records. Financial statements back. I am amazed,
that they were able to get anything out of a bank, because I've asked my bank for previous statements and yeah months later, once they get these statements back They find that he's using all these funds from next, where's programme on personal items, starbucks, plane tickets. traveling, even a subscription to a porn site, because you know I'm sure, that's what the x where's programme is all about It was on november for two thousand and fifteen, when a conference was held. They had to admit that tenant Joe glinda. What's his death was a carefully staged suicide wow is big news because for that month there much of the public looked at this and thought. We are three a on the loose. We have a dead officer, sir, They needs to be done.
but now the investigation seems to have indicated that lieutenant oakland awaits as a lot of skeletons in the closet, and he was unable to bear the pressure anymore. During this press conference, the coroner said: the fatal bullet didn't hit, chose heart, it hit, is pulmonary artery and he probably lived up to. Two minutes, so he shot himself once in the vest and then shot himself behind the vast dropped his gun, and stumbled or staggered They point out that, because he was head of the explorer program and he was teaching these kids about, an investigation there We know how to stage of the scene did they commonly see when there's a struggle and a shooting. Well, everything that they saw there was indicative of that, but now that they know he shot himself
they can see how he set everything up to make it look like he was murdered. You think about call he's calling in saying there are three guys: I'm I'm after their running into the swamp and d want back up in it all set up he's fooling the public here he has scattered his gear. Around he's bought two packs. A cigar its before this all went down. Well, why would you do that? You want to set it up, may look like you're going to live on, but to me with the cost of two packs of cigarettes. Now it it is probably over ten bucks, but I don't know I don't it just doesn't make. You know it's funny that this was a question in this case, because it's the last thing I worry about me, especially he's trying to say at least, We have evidence that this was unexpected. He didn't expect to die that day he would want his packs of cigarettes on him because that's the usual that's the routine
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slash, judah beauty, he so by the book that if you talk about Oh a police officer should try to obtain an arrest or defend himself. You talk about escalation of force and using non lethal force first and and only using deadly force. Last now you have his pepper spray than you have his knights dick and then you have his gun later, but there is. in theory and in practice and in theory, you would do escalation of force using nonlethal, but we know in practice You have one police officer confront. Three assailants or three suspects, he's gonna go default to deadly force. He's not gonna pull out as pepper spray. He's not gonna pull out his knights dick he's out numbered
and he's out far away enough from civilization that backups not going to get there anytime soon. So it just seems weird to me: it's like two perfectly staged in my mind. He would weapon yes, he would even if he didn't fire, he would have drawn his weapon as a way to say: hey, I'm in charge here. I guess it's as he knows how to stage the scene but for me and most people, I'm like it, looks too perfect, I'm just I'm not buying that. And if he wasn't a struggle, if he wasn't a fight for his life, then There would have been other evidence to dictate that, and there wasn't any It is interesting. They say that your training, override what you you do in a situation. So I think we talk on a patriot episode about how he heard a story about it. Officer gonna shoot out, I think, was on a highway
and every time he emptied out his revolver, he would line up his shell casings to the side of him because that's did in training in this case he was to make the scene look like. There was a struggle, but for them This part, his uniform everything was in order. Things work dislodged you have. Little radios on your lapel. You have all this equipment on you, it's like he couldn't get. out of his own character. He had this appearance say kept. and while behind the scenes he was groping women and showing up late and getting drunk on duty and getting tattoos on duty when people just saw him in public for the most part. That was you I Joe, and he kept that up. He kept that it parents even to the end, even when he was supposed to make it look like he had struggled for his life and lost it. Now they know that he was taking. Funds from the explorers programme utilizing any and every opportunity
He had to reallocate the debate. Hence resources and money to his own per. No benefit they also have. text messages- and I am between him and his family members talking about these things. So this whole kind of facade is now blow and the investigators are now looking at his wife. at least one of his sons. So what happens next january twenty seven to twenty sixteen men. The Glen awaits with charged with felony money laundering and missy so charitable funds. This in men tied her to Joe's thefts from sports programme. course her attorney said she's a victim of her husband, secret actions were guess what They have seen the messages here. It's one for the attorney to say, look she innocent initiate know anything, but
the largest withdrawal that happened from this account with seven thousand dollars. It was one after that that aid seven thousand dollar deposit, was made to an account in melodies name again. You have. Messaging Joe saying we need to move this money. It shows up an account under her name. What are the odds, she's caught red handed? other people who try to get away with crimes, murder, whatever you simply look at somebody's sir, it's history and say: oh well, they searched how to murder somebody and then their wife was murdered the next day and that's enough for most of us to be like yeah he's guilty. So in this case with the wife and his family, I'm like yeah, you were in on it, you knew about it and you might have known about his suicide too. I don't know she
claims that the truth will come out in court. I don't think she's wrong. Aaron, that's true, that's very true There are two parts to this on one hand. I think it's pretty odd. Is that she was involved in this scheme. on the other hand, I dont know she knew about what lieutenant Joe is going to do. When her husband was going to do it, she might not have known about the plan to take his own life. It's I'm I'm going or on a little bit of a limb. I know you can't know everything from a video from a picture, but you know week, what I've seen when it came His funeral and things like that I'm going to say that I personally believe that she lost her best, and when Joe shot himself and that this was very painful for her, They didn't, kill anyone, and certainly she wasn't out there groping women. She wasn't getting drunk in public. As far as I know, the worst,
she did was the others frog on here, there's theft of money, but does doesn't mean we can't have sympathy for her losing her husband, there's something real I don't think we should discount it just because there were some illegal activities going on on cheese facing the music. Now been indicted, she's gonna be going I ll soon so she's left face. The music and her husband is gone, I Joe was important to this village and with all this news coming out all this dirt. As they say you know it's hard Have these ideas about people when they're shattered, we don't know what to do with that information. It's a sudden change. I would recommend to anyone to go out on. Youtube wherever you, videos and check out the press conference when they admit this you hear. The outrage from the public
from the journalists and reporters who are asking questions and every time it's you know, there's a break and they have a. A chance to ask a question: you here, half the room erupt and its everything that the police, on stage in the corner on stage can do to keep calm, keep the peace and they even admit its police officers like this lieutenant who place shame across the entire department, and I feel like they actually did the right thing I mean it, took them, just a couple months figure it out. You hey, it took me three months to get a bank statement that took them to to figure out all jos secrets, and figure. This investigation out figure out that it was a stage homicide bring the truth, even if they can't bring justice back to Joe they're, bringing justice to his family and
any one that was involved with his misgivings. Now Very good news for melody. Glenn awaits the judge in the case ruled in twenty seventeen that these texts emails, voicemail any other communications to happen between lieutenant Joe glinda wits and his wife melody not be admitted at the trial and the route, is because of marital privilege. Let's talk a bit just justin about fact that lieutenant Joe glinda wits called in said he was pursuing, three men too white, one black, It caused some real headaches for several men in that area one of the men was vernon randolph, the third. He was twenty seven he had made comply. It's about lieutenant Joe reply, they pulling them over, searching his car without probable cause a threatening him, and then after the tenant joking
which was killed and that description went out of chasing two white men, man, a black man, ran Oh said he was started as assess back just because he fit the description of one man. Well, he filed a complaint. It that's why he was targeted right There were multiple people who were picked up because supposedly match the descriptions of the man that the tenant Joe following they all report, imitation and churches and just being put through how, because You know an officer had been killed. I guess it's part of having to face the lie, and the lie was the tenant Joe this great off sir, and we have to get the people there Did this, and so there immense pressure, find who is responsible, and so when you have footage of people moving through an area and they seem to fit the descriptions off
go after them and they try to get at the truth and it took a month too, but the you came out all the people that have been rounded up and swab for dna. they had nothing to do with it. At least one of them as reached a settlement with the with the village over this I can just imagine if they these men and to the police station enteric hated them for twelve hours, old one of them, yeah, the or geyser are singing like birds they're telling me that you're the one that shot the lieutenant and then one of them said yeah, ok, fine, whatever I just want this interrogation end. Now you have a hop killer, admitting to killing a police officer whose probably going to go away for life or get a death sentence. to find out that It was all I mean a lot of bad things that could have happened here, I'm I'm going.
The worst case scenario, there's some any problems here there. So many issues could have a rose and it's all based on a guy and his ego in his pride and in how rebel. Everyone thought he was, but some people knew the truth, but the truth had been smothered and tell his death Now melody glinda, what's her case has not been sorted out yet, but with the fact that they can, use the messages between herself and her husband. Well that looks good for her in court, because she's entered a plea of not guilty and so what do they have? There the real issue, I have no doubt that money that was taken out of the or fund will likely, what into an and account under her name just a day later That alone is damning. I think they'll be able to handle a lot of stuff on her, but it would is be so easy if they could use us tax.
Messages, and I understand the spouse, privilege but he's dead and, unlike that, still apply, apparently the husband before he shot himself. He deleted all these messages in the hall They will not be found the course did he not realise that these computer forensics people would be able to dig out these messages? I guess not by he tried to absurd or a crime. They found the information. It's really important to this case so find it interesting that that tenant, joke linwood took his own life, just goes to show that it doesn't matter how you live your life. It matters how perceived- and I believe that with the public, knowing All of this information that was coming was going come to light, he just couldn't handle it perception was so important. He felt like he could get away with whatever behind the scenes
Once this audit was happening, any new that things were to come to a head, he did not like teacher that he saw- and I don't think he could live with. It-
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