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Lt. Joe Kenda is our guest as he answers questions about his career, his books, his shows, and even his personal life. If you're a fan of Homicide Hunter or American Detective, or you just wondered about the life of a detective and what they go through, you won't want to miss this.

Disclaimer: Joe Kenda's replies and opinions are his own and in no way reflect those of Generation Why Podcast and its hosts.

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Join wondering class in the wondering app to listen ad free from wondering today, our generation why episodes can be a little different? I had the pleasure of interviewing Joe kinda. This interview sort of fell into our lab, so we jumped on the opportunity, Joe worked in law enforcement for twenty three years, he retired as a detective lieutenant,
He also was on a little show. You may have heard of called homicide hunter and has gone on to do american detective he's putting out a book called killer triggers that comes out on March. Ninth for those of you who are fans of Joe. You know he has strong opinions and doesn't hold back. I think this interview, It will be a special treat for you. but those who don't know who Joe is or anything about his personality, please no, that Joe uses whatever language he sees fit to get his point across. So this episode might not be kid friendly or work friendly. In other words, we're not going to believe out some of the words Joe says. Who's gonna Joe. This interview was done over zoom, which isn't the best quality for podcasting. Also you'll hear Jos dog wrestling around in the background, regardless we felt this opportunity outweighed any sound.
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Learn more at life. Three hundred and sixty cam that's life. Three hundred and sixty cam, hey Joe. Can you hear me? Yes, I can but hold on. I got to change the sound settings here. Alright, I'm Justin from generation. Why podcast? We started in twenty twelve, so we were actually the second to crime podcast in existence, and it's been a long road, but been around a little bit longer than we have done so anyone that doesn't know who you are Joe, and I personally think that I don't know who you are than their living under a rock, but could you go ahead and introduce yourself sure my name, I'm a retard police, lieutenant from Cairo sparing scholar. I spent twenty three years that six months to the day and the sea a speedy and
the majority that time over twenty of those years Homicide reserves as a detective sergeant as other tenant in the matter of major crimes when I left in return for that, time. Three hundred and eighty seven murderous came across my does that either purse, investigated oversaw now. Those three hundred fifty six it's all by arrest, Thirty one remain unsolved as the current rate of ninety two percent, which is not to Chevy. No, that is not to shabby at all. What interested you to become a detective. was: is it something that you fell into, or was something you're gunning for now something that started when I was a kid my I was raised in a coal mining town EAST of Pittsburgh. Pennsylvania. It has three city blocks, is a main street containing thirteen burst. That was a couple minutes left. She went to the get out of my neighborhood bar. Anyone
and I decided when I got old enough and smart enough, I didn't want to live there and I didn't want to be a model and be underground, and my parents took me to the zoo in Pittsburgh and I was nine years old to huge thing that kid world to go to the zoo. animals. For God's sake, I was really something I was a big day for me, so we go there ass, a private houses, a sign that says and red around the corner is the most dangerous animal on earth and everybody, Russia or other. And it was a mirror from sitting to four. It asks for complaining and tomatoes and epiphany The sign sat looking at always yards and ass, I grew older. I learned that to be true, and I wanted to be a detective, because I wanted to make a difference in my role: small
However, a return he was gonna do something I rose and fell on my own merit at that. That would be it. I also thought The murderer must be the worst crime, because we will do the worst to you. If you cannot, it will put you in prison forever or we will kill you. So I got in my career to go to the homicide. I got there then. Fortunately, I was kind of good and I stayed Then I loved her mother ass. I watch a lotta, true crime shows, and it always seems that most perpetrators, most criminals they're pretty dumb their exceptionally buried up. I mean I watch interrogations and I just think you can't you can't keep it. stories straight like it. It's just that you can do is poke holes in it. To a guy wants an interrogation in up. I feel sorry for you. He said why
by showing other similar stories all day. Sometimes Amr in Isn't there were story ever heard? It said the top five years, the approach you had a few days. I think this up in this is the best you can do and say get very radical Phoenicia some interesting. It's always it. Wasn't my drugs in the car? Wasn't my gun euro in its honour, their person he's your himself and my knife throughout that, deserve our grave that have you ever gone up against a criminal that was intelligent. That law does not intelligent growth trend. Yeah, there's a difference, better someone who is the most difficult as associate that I didn't our money. But when you encounter one is a totally different experience
He is the motionless he's capable of feeling human emotion Only emotion associate both can experience his rage. Don't make me mad her. I will tell you I well remember, doing a fabulous later, but I don't feel love guilt. Apathy sympathy nodded. I dont know what that is, and I can't feel that I want an observation wrong to talk to a guy that I suspected was involved in one of my merged. Is under arrest and a nearby jurisdiction for three different homicide. Now you think, there's gotta be prejudged up areas being transported. To yet another police department to discuss yet another murder. Isn't it cover his coffee, isn't belly chains and Ethel chance. And he's sitting is culture and follow you sitting at it.
well in, is lying on his arm and he's asleep how we walk in, and so are you born here? Do that for you Does that rattle you when you walk and absolute this guy's got to dead eyes, he's gonna, different and yet with to get anywhere at all to stroke his ego about what a joy. You see most likely is, and you might see a crack in him. This is a multiple stabbing case with a kitchen Africa. China pheasant So there is nothing to stop your hand and when you start start stabbing with great force which people always do a great deal of blood is produced from the burden than I've become slimy, then your hand slides down the blade and you get up so you ve, heard him and he's hurt you as well.
This was four months after the crime. I do Stabber was right: how did you can tell from the angle of the blood of the body, and looking at on the wall shows no smoking and I soon look at that I simply want to cigarette see, I know, but I'm gonna run this personal sir, so gonna Bagger serve ass, true and a letter disposable other businesses. Aramis cups and I give a cigarette took it in his mouth girl. By through the wider Adam Presidency, which had a good picture, he caught him right here the pink scar on his palm? And I looked out of an I say: you and you understand better than it is turned his head. Looked at bans, yeah fuck, her to cloud we were then he wandered. Billy was proud
tell me all about this whole, but you're very different. It's an interesting interrogation tactic because I did a ride along with the police officer and we pulled some drug paraphernalia off a guy and instead of King him is this yours or you know whatever he said. How long have you been smoking crack for an arrest, It's all about how you ask the question: what mistakes place the main street is. I asked if with us how tall was his first. People have no idea how tall people are there, not all there. Also, the time you should ask them was a bigger than you are smaller than you better question is: why is smaller than me a lot smaller and you'll example real, better idea what you're doing ass somebody of the highest question and never get a correct answered net. I mean and I've seen that the measure
It's on the doors of convenience stores and stuff, but I mean I've ever seen. A perpetrator walk straight up out of the door. He can't next to their scale and leaves and read the I know, being a detective, is pretty demanding long hours is their people that support you and people that you trust too. You know tell you that you're pushing to harder draw you back in no. No, by his shop there isn't supports, there's nothing there, Sir suck up advice, but that's about it offers the closest thing I had to support. Can I screw that up by being ay? quiet, not responsive person. When I came home from Work-
and she survived that- I don't know how she should shut up man at first, but she didn't then, together forever represent you sing. I retire. two years on from what I return. I had lost the venom and I was sitting at the table having coffee and she said, I have my fishermen paying attention Iverson eager for too long. yes, I know but you're the guy I married again. That was very much, but I wanna policeman. What's it said, because, as guys were always colored taught to be strong and stoic, but really we become of emotionally immature and not an end, don't share when we're having a tough day and glad she understood,
she had training as a second to nurse answers about your size, current nursing at her, especially with its us. It get feelings about their job. Dowd start that was made on go there to tell me about your mother that understand and others What's going on with me and you're right, people of my generation particularly, were taught to stuff your feelings done through the difficulty and police work, the true difficulty there is no time to consider or deal with what you just saw, what you just her So what you just did, because you leave that scene seen, heard and done, and you pick up that much. Phone and your onto the next call. There is no time to recover. You go to the next and the next
The next I was at the scene, one I figure, just travel vary with the details, but I was I was shaking when I came out of this thing. I sat down I play scarves a surgeon. I promised my radio cancer. On our short term, I just set my car: ours is shaken by wars and radio cracks one of short term, and I didn't answer his I'm busy beverage. Episode. Her and the dispatcher female sounds like a wife inexorable one x ray ten irritated. Why you're? Not an instrument to fund at present Well, I'm sure temper controls on the scene of the shooting at each other model, but always on the spot, I'll be up off yoga. In that something the public has to understand is that whenever
you're dealing with law enforcement as they could have just come from something horrifying and I professionalism. I expect people to you now be able to do their job, but you are for To go on the next call and if you are rattled- or upset you might not be. As you know, carrying. You might be a little short with that next person that you know the records, their trask here. Yes, yes, someone slowly error my basketball and replace it with other air. That is, but I can't come true, sir. We after recurred remembers interaction, human rights? If we could just get those robots to work or polish workers, this double I'm. Yet we can't make these computers were alone robots. So the result is that people, Have you responded the thing to remember, I think, be on what the press continues to beat the drum love
There are millions of contacts per year between the police and the public. Everything for asking the directions to a hoped. All the being arrested for first should remember less than one percent of those contacts result in violence less than one percent So, where is the surge of violence? said everybody charter doesn't exist, but the maid I would like to make it and because I need a reason for you to watch because that drives the ratings and ratings is what they are. they are a business. They paid them so as regards public interest, is not the case. There are business and if you don't watch and they can sell advertising, they are out of that fact.
and in the modern day we have too many those outlets, which means they must complete, which means they can also same thing, so well a vicious. The same can be said: let's make something up now: girls do that, but in all that, you're still like an icon you're still homicide Hunter, all the shows you ve done you're, still a beloved figure I never lost. My temper with people shot? Anyone I put my gun twenty thousand times as it sets the tone for a conversation but I had no intention of using it unless I absolutely had no other choice. But I had a system I used to prevent that from happening. A system of sample the oath predicted the expected placed the onscreen,
three years later has a bad. Now the storm waving a gun around with experts. So would you do what they expect their of plant in mind? I. irresponsible, screaming and yelling. In passing, I took the totally opposite approach. I would approach to suit. His eye was always inclined thought I do a badge in one hand and a gun in the other. I didn't want you. Being able to say that I shot him, because I know it wasn't so get a badge human in the garden and I would speak very quietly just loud enough for them to the me And I would say every time I never scandal replaced it from and arrest refresher murder. If you don't do what I say, I'm gonna kill you right here and right now.
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I am two hundred and fifteen and two. If I was a football team, a bit damaged as it is. In fact, a beaver regarding the results are remain the same get upset. I don T believe in a jury of one that they found not go. Where we had overwhelming. warming endless, but he played the God Kurd. He took this man as goddesses witness endeavours. You guys not here right now, but I was Essentially, they wanted and killed three people woman until babies, while At one of the cherry said, I know, you're upset with me, so why would have been somewhat, but we had to find that man not guilty. He would not invoke the name of God. It wasn't true. You're not have shown a sinner man, I'm a professional.
but you need to understand what he calls on your agenda. I wish you and your kids, I won't be studied her. I will bring him back to a programme and will try again Now turn months later, threw them out of the ninth floor of an apartment, building and Brooke. I haven't ever tried Alamar, but he didn't bounce. It looks like a number ten can of tomato soup on the sidewalk Nypd. Send me a Polaroid picture. dead and I kept on my desk for seven years and every time. A bad day. I will check that petrol and look better, and I would feel better so worked in Colorado, Springs Colorado. I've spent a lot of time there I think it's a really nice town, they do this.
something about the size of the town like as it does. It have a high crime rate as it Netter. Ok, as an average to less than average fragment the difference. This is in my entire career. Twenty plus years three hundred and eighty murderous like worse after, like night within that nothing for them. Anyhow,. it's he a richer less than average farmer. But if it's all presented weekly looks like someone is getting back ass, every ten minutes, but that's not the goods. But yes, there is violence in small town, America, medium sized cities, big cities as migrants, earth the difference. humans are present. That's what makes it was being a detective when you first started. How then too, in the middle to when you retired has changed much. His changed enormously because of that the techniques are used in terms of fiscal ever us in terms
Dna analysis and in terms of the phenomenon of social media, none of that existed in the early days of my career and as it moves forward you, that social media is the greatest human intelligence device in the history of the world. Is a government created social media beginning at the pitchforks and tortures, as it turns out that wasn't the government? It was people given the opportunity to read the other darkest secrets and our worst fears to perfect strangers rooted. Stalin would have been proud.
Shouldn't. People tell on themselves. I have young boys from Mexico who were cigarettes, assassins through their character, who post pictures of themselves on Facebook. other sites holding the murder weapon to their chest, to impress their friends and I was sure to concern us up your lawyers. Can I hate this picture. This vision and larger gets assuring us that gun and I happened to endless, says it's a monitor, all that? Well, my my mom there's big problems so that each of you find always different ways now than ever existed before that exist. Today, dna load began, you need it
for leader liquid, which is about to get a dna analysis in when it first bigger and nineteen in Asia, and then, as it move forward and as science it s now, we can get it from a human cells. touch dna Meanwhile, ass it up your finger Tipps from almost anything that was true either in the early days of dna, so those advances do impact the totality of evidence that you can put it very impressed. To a jury than you can say to the person to they suit our humans. On its part, this is the person in charge that did this to their current. Then the defence has it. the guys. Gonna know about price. For saying that is true and so far the head And I was kind of another question I going off of the social
path or whatever I was going to say, are professional killers, anything Harder than the common criminal, but you can answer that, pictures of themselves with a gun up there are professional covers up there are. There are not very professional there, it is willing to do it. The average price of a contract on the side, and then I said to America right Berlin. Two thousand twenty- was seventy five dollars. Well, life is cheap. now you're, not gonna, get a very good job for seventy five oxen you're gonna. get a russian. And so on, and you the person. Maybe arrangements, is gonna, get arrested as well. But that is the reality of the world a lifeless cheap. We like to think not. Now serial killers are always popular. Indeed true crime, community. First, the gym. Come across one in your entire current. Only one those
Those are extremely rare, They are rare, which is why everybody knows our names when they get discovered there, only less than a dozen these in the history of this country that are now now there of somebody exist that are not known yet, but all the others have been exposed by name and the reason I get it. sir, your colors are deeply and say very much of the TED Bundy World and everybody else. John went crazy. Dean, curl and Houston always were really really crazy. The result of that is, they become unravelled, their appetites increases they get more and more careless. They start to do things they didn't do and I began to prevent the discovered they move forward and they start leaving a trail of evidence. They stop disposing of the bodies.
Carefully they stop doing. A number of things have been arrested. Bunnies, probably that's example: Bunny killed thirty six one dark hair part of one month, killing his mother. Every time you did. When he began his spree. He was very organised disclosure bodies, can it kind of concealed location, discovered, wouldn't other bonds, but as yet, He became more and more careless, more and more violent Germany was arrested in Florida.
He was in the sorority house trying to kill a girl with a hammer in front of thirty witnesses and police showed up and beat the shit out of them through material and therefore killed it so tat. The most famous photographed ever taken of John when the salmon attacks veto shaking hands with Gerald Ford, who is also a taxi to life. Because of the time I thought it was taken. German guess he was a present of that and I said, Shepard comes and he had murdered seventeen boys. Let photos I have one comment, so you never know but ass they grow and as they advance they get arrested. Camper in California has arrested because he's his mother, finally, which he was dying, all ethnic groups of colors in front of witnesses.
in front of the neighbours and they called a voice. One organic pleasure, Mr Camper, goes a Jew shower. Everyone believes yours is missing, thousands. It is people, there is amiss good news dressing, but there is not many people do that. Somebody described them is like great white sharks. There's not that and not that many people are killed by them in the scheme? As brief as good as you got an allergic as it is true camper, for example, is harder than assent, however, was very articulate, Russia when first began, when around an area for five hundred in badge must have death row to get that drifted. What's her, and Kemper was one of the first ones, the interview, the server nineteen, eighty four
Edmund was six ft. Eleven weigh three hundred and fifty lb is mother. Was a professor at the University of California Berkeley. He was a janitor at the University of California for but he was an employee and because his mother was faculty, he got a faculty parking sticker on his car when cause began disappearing and their headless bodies were discovered, Dave's, common method for coed transportation with his truck and they told the Girls University told the girls don't get in the car as faculty. Parking sticker well occurs course, Edmond Headband, and during this interview with Asia, FBI agent from behaviour
You said in areas where his glasses, Israel, particulate visit, giant, huge guy, he says to this age he would be head was victims because he would take the Ets on an appalling back to his apartment and he would admire them and have sexual by them. For three or four days, and they disposal she was coming down. He was trying to urgent, I got a staircase was a guy with his bowling bag containing a head of one of his victims and the intelligence and he said his I'm coming down the stairs. The young couple is coming up the Spirit and they are changing, loving, glasses, interesting and holding than I thought how odd this expression of love between these two? and I've got this evidence of incredible violence in my hand, and he lived across the destitute closely agent
Then he said unless your man that I wouldn't have driven insane, but an agent looked out of the six month you aren't set up, but it is true that some of those people are very rare urge thank God, but there have you ever engaged with a criminal profile or or do you just do that on the fly yourself went searching for someone we have usually, Baroness Ashton on several occasions there extremely competent the difficulty with them until it matters to very few people are one thing. if you look at it DSL, which has now gone in sex at the dying, second statistic manual. A personality short is a college export used to train medical doctors, psychiatry specialty for diagnosing purposes. It describes in detail the head
Those types and so on of every person, disorder, known and is called, is referred to by dark, isn't there somebody suggest reference. I had one on my desk. I use it all the time The trouble is what people are crazy there. Only one thing: there user mixture he so psychotic, but he's a little. my partner and maybe he's a little bits, gets a frantic and maybe so it's a mixture of eggs? You can't get a clearer picture. She can't you It is truly totally one deviant personality. You can literally guess electronic curried rising costs, but when they mix things than is more difficult, but I have used them beforehand. boys entreat by that, because, depending on the day, I would say well, it's like
Diagnosing you as a Scorpio word: Aquarius YA. You might have certain personality trades, but how accurate is it and is there something else, the tempers that particular trick and is there something what's going on with the human mind, is very complicated relationship Some of you said you. They understand it there. Why did they do, but they certainly not. If I did provide another back and retarded. After Ratsey bigger Obiang. I wanna do you have to buy my book exactly so? I'm gonna have you repeat this at the end? But what is your new book and can you a little synopsis of it during its decide. I wonder you know, after all, my life of dealing at five percent who about where, when and how even after I resolved the mystery and arrested detained the suspected locked up summer. Why did this happen? What is the, why
It also, however important they may during the investigation, unless it led by the who and once I know who I didn't care about once more but after the whole event this once its back and one ponder said what the emotional trigger was pulled in this person to cause him to set this ball of violence in motion. What would cause a reasonably normal person with little or no? Maastricht to include children deserve a couple hours and spoke to suddenly lose all judgment, a ladder emotions to take over their morality, mulch consequences, no longer exist. Limits are not to be respected and the-
nothing left. Is the sheer uninterrupted throttle bloodletting? That is what prevails wire, sir? What was the thing that made this so the title about his color trigger and I took a number of my murder cases investigated and looked into the wider question of what emotional trigger was responsible because the stuff, it's dark, it is not fiction. It is the worst kind of road, but if you like the now, then you should, by the book, You see those headlines, Fudo husband didn't like the way his eggs was, his eggs were cooked, so hit em over the head with a frying pan and, unlike that's, not really what happened was twenty years of.
Strange shared and yet that's correct, Gabby gave rises up in some doubt, enrage anger. Money. Section, drugs and drugs is the most common, because this country has an insatiable tester drugs. So five percent of all on the size and God, narcotics. They purchase suddenly attempted theft of them that the failure to pay for them the suspected feathered, a pig is one appeal get either on supply and dealers make mistakes and shoot the wrong guy has. I think they owe them money when they adopt an honour, not sixty. Five percent of those murders are at the root narcotics about people always, but ask me That's what I did. Public speaking I'll grab void, bang the victim of out of a violent crimes, while supple state bars Closing time nothing good happens after midnight, do not buy
I sell or use narcotics. Or associate with those who do. and try to marry well, don't marriage, I got it in the eyes of you being averting rather try relational. You do any of those other, thanks are due them uncovered nation, and they are huge. You have any thoughts the legalization of drugs like you're from Colorado, and they obviously legalised marijuana. very about that process. You have zealots in the world, You only have one issue and they will continue to beat the drum until you get so tired of the drum you acquiesce You give em. When marijuana began in Colorado, the sellers went to attorney general and said Mister Attorney general. There are seventeen hundred patients and cholera work terminally ill.
The Colorado of says, if we medical marijuana legal, only prescribed by a doctor to alleviate. Then we can reduce the suffering of people who die there is no sign of well trained. so the I'm out of chapter goes. The legislature and plead circles that this is a prescription only So it's only for people who really need it. So they do it. Medical marijuana is approved Within a year one year there were eighty thousand people on prescribe medical marijuana because they forgot something you'll be my hundred dollars and you say it I'm diagnostical back then will you probably did
Boxer? Does your script voter chimera road, but oh projector, almost once for urban decency, Kurtz phobias than around Christmas and one step ahead of the next step and saw an area some society has to determine how they wish to live. The police do not enforce societies, rules decided they pass, law is based upon their representatives that they elected going and office and creating a culture that they apparently approve of the place. Her left worth trying to enforce everything about all that. Which are not really trying to do and are not really capable of doing in many cases. But here we so What legalise marijuana? Good luck, so the drug thing that it's all about the couch. What who is gonna tolerated? There's always a public transport and the public does work.
I dont know if people were getting shot over marijuana before, but do you d think that there is any impact on I did it go down. Did it go up? Did it have it's hard to say it's hard to predict that because is very difficult to get that numbers. There's lots of numbers. This really is the best one system. There are lies there, art damn locks, then then, then there are statistics and he would try. Numbers dont mean much pursue connect them. So what everyone there is going to be. An pact from legalization are alone, There's a financial impact. People lose their jobs or were not being able to perform at work because there, under the influence.
They may lose their home. As a result, I have contributed to the homeless popular the list goes on and on or what food or might happen, and some of it has them. How much of that is true and how much of it did happen? the third issue as it is, founded people died from cub. Not everybody says it out and covered, but where they really is very difficult to Sir You know they could have those underlying health conditions which gets die from something else and avert their number. There has not been arab. what do you think of all these two crime, podcast Us Arm, chair, detectives who like to say, I would have done no sir. I would have done that, while those who should occur it would have dual an urban first
Firstly, the narrow standing in front of a press conference owners by what they did he didn't do. It would be a different world for them or they ever to do that it, sir, very difficult weight and regular. It's a challenging. I love that because of the challenge, when someone kill someone, they are a shadow in the night. You have no clue man, woman, adult child. You have to give them a first metal. S name and that it can be done, but it's extremely difficult, but it is also euphoric when that shadow has that first nonetheless them and it is worth the effort and aggravation you'd gone through to get there, because it is wonderful. You turn the person and say: is you
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You lose a loved one. It is a hole in your heart that never here, there's no such thing as closure. People talk about the roads are like a closure. No you there isn't that person is never coming back into your life, no matter what happens to boot. prepare lush executes and german prison. What are we gonna? Do changes, nothing not for you. It was never fit. The nebula. I hear you might be the wrong person to ask this, but I'm a believer in restorative justice when it comes to probably non violent crimes.
You know somebody steals my car. I want them to replace my car. I dont want them to sit in prison for five years. A do you have any thoughts on restorative justice. There are many people who are in prison or should be in prison who had been arrested. True silly things give too much of a penalty. One of the girls mistakes were made as a nation is the war on drugs were got these extended sentences for young men who. Sold american cigarettes that are buddy and one of getting twenty years or in a send them a gladiators? What are we doing that for what we're doing doesn't work.
So obviously we need to change what we're doing present as a place that it should be reserved for those who were to violent and to unpredictable to be among us, and there are a number of votes. The property criminals perhaps can review period rehabilitate, can stop there feeling words, but ultimately they hurt anybody and they don't intend ever heard of you, but they are just a thief. Do you have to lock him up forever? don't know. If I can be your house and I stole everything you on and then I saw you. How can I took it to California and I sold everything you own? A black market, including the trial, and then I got arrested. I probably would do a danger, though, not probably come thereafter, that drug gas, because there's a war on drugs,
ready for drug people. Why Gerardi essentially do that we should do it all, and yet we do it repent, they repeated, It is the definition and Saturday a sick people in the same thing, unexpected results. There is over five million people in prison and the scattered in prison where we have it. What do we have shops, organised crime, wretchedly sure sure. So, what's not working her something crescent consume, it I've always had a issue when, if I'm selling drugs out o my vehicle law enforcement, can impounding com, escape my vehicle and then sell it and use the money and the auction for their police budget. But if right, if I, murder people out of my vehicle, you get to see my vehicle and keep it.
It's all in the instrument of there was ever written. Regarding the war on drugs, we lost a long time ago. Name as it is, Over and we lost, but the laws or Solana books and is still in force. It is weird me cause, I absolutely we see the value of law enforcement, I absolutely support them. When it comes to taking d, mammals off the street that are going to murder people, but the way the laws are written. Nick, it's very frustrating sometimes Of course, it is frustrating for the place as well as frustrating for places parliament with it. We can only do what the law permits us to do we'd all right laws. We just enforce them. Even law. I do not agree with you. Don't have any choice that we have some level of choices by not addressing some of the first book
A lot of browsers do that there is something called the letter and the Spirit of the law. Policemen note that meant that, as you know, after rest, everybody but people get arrested and then they get hammered by a system designed, to hammer them, because it is consistent with the government's policy of orphan drugs, because no one wants to admit there were lost your ambrosch thirty forty years ago. There is no, there is no more wars over and were done, Sorry. I forgot and you're arresting people for tourism a general
Russia, somebody, rock, ok or speed, or anything else is badly. They survive usually on street. Putting him in prison isn't meaningful he's replace before he gets to the position by another. There also needs to survive and picks up. I saw something the same trust her throughout the order to stop the supply of her mother. Did that and we as a society or not travel, and so what we have decided is that rehabilitation, mental health, employment, counseling public education, all those things are just too expensive by God and too complicated and we're too cheap to from them. So we'll just have the police handle all of that. They will respond to the mental health patient out of control. They are
random tremor crisis at the public building they'll do all of that, because whether the place even other nerve and trained to do, they will probably do it better. And then they will suffer the slings and arrows of press running down something there. Whenever designed to do in the first place. How did you I could have set it better, because when I did my police right, along which I I think, every should do one of those, because it's very I hoping that the calls that we had to go on half of them were so stupid and then the other half were there's a body, and and a lake and
We were literally just putting up tape on the roads unit, the police tape, so cars wouldn't drive by waiting for the people to come recover the body on the way- and I- and I just think you know- there's fifteen cops here- to put up police tape, couldn't baby do something else and by that's what they're assigned to do that on the side was the bodies rediscover about asked the built in and let the Valentine's day message here comes the press. I can look as I was waiting for her laptop eighty. Seven people from television from print media from everywhere CNN, ABC everybody's, her satellite trucks, the whole the pizza other cutting the name.
The dogs and we ve got the Crampton tape around the front door of the shop. I'm standing there, others investigative it. For I don't know what can investigate it. Report is not only that, but as the columns and he was worth and retailers and he's a candidate. What we had a brain. The body through the body shot we're gonna, live a circular, come under the allotted and come here Driver and my government to encourage you to please bring your camera. I have something to say these. Are I take us boys how excited, because at the summit, fresco turns around us. I have more respect for the guy. Who did he takes a position? All you take his pictures.
I get back the other side of the other papers check the camera up. Your ass. You can't talk to me like that. I just didn't show this to your fans, I'm sure. But I was well. I didn't have any comment. Well, that's a lie, and where can I find sympathy? The idea I right will be checked and sent a dictionary. I've spoken to many police officers and law enforcement and there was a a black police officer in Saint Louis who was involved in a shooting. chasing a perpetrator down an alley way, the guy, I turned on em pulled out a gun and he ended up shooting the guy The guy shot happened to be black, also media like before the coroner
anyone it even shown up. The media was already reporting that a white police officer had shot an unarmed black men. Have them in. It was a black police officer. He happened to be like a lieutenant. it was just really shocking to hear that from him. When he told me the story and it's it's, that the media is always trying to be first with the most catchy headlines and right attacks are american convince many occasions back in the day, a print media they understand, exist anymore, the back a different value, I join my guys over a great historic now. You give people a press release as the basic facts. It shut this many times that whenever it is, I read this article. I call anyone in my guys, I'm a certain sense. We don't know about this summer. The tennis
you dont consider our guy was shot. They said this guy's been. Instead, we need to call this report finer were that murder was. It said that its apathetic television is no different Their standard question is: how did you feel in your mother got shot the face of the surface area? Muscle and ok? Thank you. He, those ridiculous Watson whose why would you do that you need to watch yeah. I've been interviewed by reporters a couple times and then one d segment aired. I was like that. Wasn't even close, it is to speak to their agenda the temperature. It's just. Unfortunately, MR no one wants equality. They want inequality and their favour that this human nature doesn't make any difference. But and what I mean there's about it, it's much if you're taller than me
shorter than me. You don't look like me. You speak a different language, you're from a different place. I hate you because you are different. The knee been true for millions of years will be true. It is the nature of your period, their surplus, somehow keep them between the principles and love letter you get too far out of control quickly. I know we're running out of time. According to your clock, victory at having a studio This is my house all different deal. You just decided to return to television and your discussing some is that you didn't have any personal attachment to run. Now I wonder there showcase uttered detectives up my railways. Recent everyone focus on my cases and solid.
There are many outside the detect over this country, so they work to urge a good paid too little and they stand in the shoes of the victim and they worked like dogs to bring justice to that person. Does our guide I don't want be able showcase and my shop that they do the same work in the same way, just George and laid aside and women, do that's awesome. There. I have not seen the new show yet myself, but I because I'm always producing a podcast forty hours, a week's me to go and get caught up. Well, when is your book coming out? Working people buy it. A book is out on Tuesday March, the Knights next week
color traders and its available wherever books, you're, so I'd off, Amazon rise, noble bucks, a million anyplace that sells books and there's an audible book as well, and I recorded the out of a book in my voice. Perfect, I will be getting the audible. Because you know tat the first work they audible burgers number eleven on an earth as best sellers is to reduce bitter Ginsberg, ever talked so much for the winter. I can't wait to listen to it myself and I thank you much for joining me and it's been an absolute pleasures. working with you. I will definitely send you a link when we air this probably be next week. Thank you so much again, Joe Subscribe on Apple pie.
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