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September 14, 2006. Buchans Junction,   Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Mark Harshbarger was an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed hunting and fishing. He thought he hit the jackpot when he met Mary Beth Kintner. She was also into the outdoors and could shoot better than most men. Their first date was spent fishing, they shot guns at their wedding a year later, then had 2 beautiful children together. Their last family hunting trip would end in horror; Mark was killed. Did Mary Beth shoot him on purpose, or did she really think he was a bear?

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price line knows that every trip is a big deal. So when you're ready to book your next one check out price line, dot com for the easiest way to get more out of your next trip, Tonight's case is an interesting one. Honestly, I can look at this with a legal? I? I can look at this worth an emotional, why I can analyze all the evidence and come different conclusions, but definitely one that'll make you think and with that, what are we I can about tonight, Erin tonight, we're talking about an incident that happened at Bumpkins Junction in Newfoundland, Canada. The people were talking about. Our mark and Mary Beth Harsh Parker were people that were probably for each other in a way because they were both very much into the outdoors and hunting. So when you talk about,
Poles that hunt together stay together. That kind of funny thing war. That was this couple they would hunt dear, they would hunt all kinds of animals but on stay? They were hunting black there. He was September four tenth, two thousand and six, as you said there in Canada and her huh bend and a hunting guide had gone into the woods to flesh out a a bare while Mary Beth waited Ghana ready. She saw motion in the woods and in time, grass and she took her shot, but instead of a bear shot. Her husband. And that's why were discussing this because the question would be Did she do this on purpose? Or was this a careless mistake and there's a lot of debate
on the internet. There is a lot of bull that absolutely believe she plan this and had intent of murdering her husband. So we got a bag up in the story a little bit too. About how these two people ended up in this situation and hopefully that'll if our audience enough evidence an information for them to decide for themselves. Let's talk about Mary Beth He was born February, nineteenth nineteen sixty five in Pennsylvania, she had her daughter before she had met mark. Her name was Heather Kintner Mary Beth had dark hair her dark eyes and people? said that she had some of a short fuse and she was extremely competitive out one of her
former associates called her the intimidating person. She seemed to need to be so. She would run eyes to the occasion whether it would be get into your face or just try harder and be competitive. She met mark her huh and in two thousand, when she was thirty five He was thirty. Six actually met at a school because she was held. Your dad, clear, scrap, metal and mark. Is there clearing out asbestos, so ANA construction job, evading the school, so it's just a day after they meet that they go fishing together on their lunch break and they never separated Mark was entirely just at the time, but he was really crazy about Mary because she just seem to be the perfect fit she saw hunting when she was twelve and was over. A good shot and she loved fishing so This is just what he was looking for. It was
things where someone says dispersed and not only my wife but they're my best friend it's they can do whatever together Mark was in October eleven nineteen sixty three and in school and eighty one. He was a member of the wrestling team that was highly touted back then in Pennsylvania, any estate, so you have to competitive personalities coming together here, that's what it sound like for sure, he was also a member of the Franklin Lodge in Lacy they'll Pennsylvania, but he and Mary lived in Michigan. And it's kind of a small town. I mean my understanding. Was it at hundreds of residents but again spare time, They enjoyed hang out with their kids and going outdoors Mark and Mary Two children together Eliza James and Myra Lee two thousand six Eliza was eight months in my really was for now
this time. Mary Beth had struggled with depression, bipolar, and she was being medicated for that, but when she became praying with marks children. She stopped medic sure, because she didn't want to hurt the baby. And there are some incidents that occurred because of struggles, and we can talk a bit about those, but I do feel like we need to take this story on its own merits. I would say: pay special attention to the details of the day of the shooting. So let's go back to the shooting Justin, because we already talked about. Couple seem to be a great fit. There were three kids because, while brought a kid into their relationship and then they had- two more together, they live. Pennsylvania and they can certainly hunt there but Mary really wanted to go to Canada to hunt Moose
bear and the area what we're talk. About buttons. Junction is apparently gorgeous, so this this kind of a big trip, and it would cost probably about ten thousand dollars to make it happen at the time weren't they trying to build a house together. Yes, They had a lot of expenses going on, and so they have family members telling them that's a lot of money going out the door right now. Are you sure this is the right time to go on a hunting trip, but that's what Mary Beth wanted in alone, market has reservations. All this is wife asking and so one other thing she did to help convince him where she contacted the of Moosehead Lodge to lower the pricing. Said. Well, tell you what, if you say in your own camper and cook your own food I'll drop the price, so she got kind of a deal on the trip, and so Mark said. Ok, let's do
I dont know that much about hunting Aaron, I've never hunted. Why wild animals or game myself, but Mary Beth is with the kids and these shabby truck and their up therewith barks brother bury who is in a hunting blind somewhere else around looking for better and looking for anything that their hunting, the other basic looking for moose or bear at the time. And her husband mark He's gone out with their guide to kind of flesh out the bear and either get that bear to run in front of Mary or in front of his brother. That's hunting in the blind, so Mark is out there with the guide and their there too. To get these bears to move. So somebody you're a good shot so errand, its seven
fifty five p m and its after sunset and it's right before you have to stop her doing like there's a you know, a cut off, I guess and Mary Beth, has her rifle and she's. Looking out about seventy five yards away and she using a scope, but again it's dark she says she sees something: a dark figure sum moving through the woods she pulled the trigger and she center of mass like you're trained heard, a scream and at TAT point she said she knew it was mark that she had killed and she started screaming. I killed my love. I killed my love and
children are hysterical, she's screaming she's. Put the gun down marks. Brother bury came running out from his blind to see what had happened. This goes down within just a few minutes, the shot that killed her husband went through his sternum, I went out through his shoulder. Blade apparently had exploded, both his heart and his spine member. These shots at normally are good enough to take out bear very high powered rifle high powered round and getting with something like this, unless you get hit in the arm which it properly take your arm off? You're gonna die and. I am surprised that she heard a scream from mark because he essentially would have died instantly remember there are other witnesses there. So she said
but ass, they did die almost immediately. She can see I heard him scream, but there are other people there who can corroborate that story, but you're right I, just hearing that if I heard someone got shot with that rifle in the chest like that it does prize me that they are able to screen, but that's what happened so the Police are contacted which in this case are the royal Canadian mounted police. And when they show up. They see that Mary Beth, is very upset. He's in hysterics and she's. Try to explain to them that shit I thought she was shooting a bear. They were hunt. There. She was expecting air to come out of the woods. So she fired the shots and apparently the canadian mounted police, they believed her they didn't see anything out of sorts here
He took it ass, a terrible hunting accident but September sixteenth. They went back out and performed a reenactment of the shooting in those m conditions. So this just two days later, they're out there and there just checking, what was the light like we're wish positioned. Where was marks he found. Trying to use the same scope. The same gone everything to just make sure that this makes sense and her story pans out. You would think if the findings were in her favour. That would have been it end of story, terrible accident, so Aaron for what are their findings Their findings were its income if there's no way to really know whether, this was on purpose or an accident law enforcement wants to get this right in. Since they ve done this reenactment- and it is so close so
here that time. Where are they it no longer legally hunt and made. Should she have taken that shot. That is not in her because now it's a real question, but within our had the shooting it said, Beth Display need some weird behaviors, She just seemed off and her first call wasn't even to family members it was to bill I've. He was contractor that was building their new home and she told bill that there had been an accident and bill thought a traffic accident. And she said: no, the truck is fine and bill said or what happened and Mary Beth replied. I shot mark. Now this is called into question because she didn't call family, she called the guy. That's building their house
but honestly aren't I dont know. Maybe she was pretty close with bill and she thought She needed to explain it to him before anyone else. Well. For me, it's not that big of a deal because, is she just shot her husband there, to be some shock and ball deficits and accident babies. He's acting strangely, because of that it may be that what's been on your mind, the most, if you think about it, she's about to get a new home, that's gotta, be a major thing going on our life at the time. So who does she think of fur? She thinks about the whole builder now once Mary Beth returns home her best friend Amy Robinson tries to you. To her and be supportive and Mary Beth. It is pretty cold and shut off which Hey I've been kind of shut off for the last couple weeks. I get it back any does remain supporters.
As she says that coldness, it's probably just a defence mechanism. Death of your husband or the death of anyone you're not actually feelings social. At that point there are further action poles of her odd behavior. But again I dont know that it's fair or to marry bath, to go through all of these things and say: oh well, she's acting cold toward this person or she's acting irritated. If someone says you need help, I mean again is a major event that completely shocks the life of Mary Beth, as well as the children, losing mark in that manner, and I think about that. When you have someone who's, an avid hunter They actually shoe and kill somebody they ve now and the life of some one while doing something they love. It has the very powerful, strange and upsetting experience.
Now there is a conversation between bill. The the car tractor who was building their dream home and bury marks brother. He caught made it seem like mark New, he wasn't returning from this trip, This is a little foreboding here because, according to Bill mark seemed to have reservations about this trip right. Well, I would say, Several people knew about his reservations, but it's really difficult to pinpoint what that meant. Probably felt like well, it was just the expensive at all. They are building a new home spend another ten grand or whatever it is being there Those who believe that mark was nervous about going because well, he by a joke to one person that Mary was probably gonna shoot him on. That
but at least it would be a quick death, something to that effect. It's just really it's you can really know somebody, but I tell you something: you're not really expecting it. You never know how you're going to take it, and if you can't follow up later to say, hey was that rule. He, a joke you don't really know. In its around the same time that marks brother berry since a twenty six year, relationship with his wife Linda very well moving in with Mary Beth and the kids, so on one side. I just think well, maybe he's just trying to be supportive on the other side. Maybe this event connected them and I started a relationship soon after, but during Marie's divorce proceedings with his wife. He admitted who, having a sexual relationship with Mary Beth, he d
really say if that relationships started before the shooting It really makes it sound like it started after the shooting my own thoughts on this and its really just because Berry was making strange comments after he got back saying, Mark new Lee was going into the woods with comments like that. Make me think he's not being supported. Of Mary, Beth necessarily, but then not long after he gets back in the trip he tells us wife Linda These- leaving any immediately moves and with Mary Beth and is this? me reading into it that Mary Beth must have moved on him during the trip- and lay moved on him after and she must be very fencing because that marriage fell apart, real quick, so whatever happened, Mary Beth is being very minimal it seems like which doesn't help her case.
But this is something that happened, and at this point obviously Mary Beth has pretty much Herself out of marks family alienated a lot of different family members and has even in entered her children, not to speak to mark side of the family, which this could be. Can they're just family drama. But another piece that people bring up is He had marks body cremated almost immediately and She didn't allow marks family to see his body, but she is the spouse. She gets the saying what she does and way mark was killed. Maybe it wouldn't be appropriate to have a viewing of his body, but again the time frame of how fast she had him. We made it and
whether or not she showed any respect for mark side of the family. Well, maybe she's a person, but we I already know that he was shot through the heart with a hunting rifle there's no amount of autopsy. That's going to change that or or prove that this was intentional or our accidental. So I think this is could be considered a jerky move on her behalf, but it doesn't prove anything by, but for those who are a suspicious Mary, Beth, they'll say guilty. Does podcast sponsored by better help better help is available worldwide, never broad range of expertise which might not be enough herbal locally in many areas, not a crisis sign, it's not self help its professional counselling done securely online, you can start communicating an under forty eight hours, better help assesses your needs and matches you with a licence, professional, therapist,
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and they're saying Mary Beth did this. She did it on purpose and we want her charged, so they start gathering whatever events at Can it what those things is because they did those reenactments they have some sort of an idea of what she would seeing when she looked to the scope, and I get the feeling that big The evidence showed that she would have seen at best a blob began. Is Mark was wearing blue. A blue shirt and blue jeans type of dress that she didn't have shot at all, and she can sail she wants that she was distracted and she was competitive, because her husband had already gotten a bear the day before that wasn't very impressive. When I understand She wanted to one up him and she saw something bigger than when he had shot so she took her shot and while she killed her husband, but this adds up to here, they think they can. Maybe charge her with criminal negligence. I
your stand when Hunting you're supposed to I d, your target you're supposed to identify what you're shooting before you pull that trigger now does This translate to homicide or criminal negligence and that's what the can. In mounted police does what the r C have to figure out. One of our biggest critics was marks tat. And he said he can't accept that this was a hunting accident. He knows about hunting. He knew that the ground There was about five foot tall I knew his son was more than six foot. I think he was six to so. He said there should have been enough of a shape there for her to know that that wasn't a bare and Don't walk out on their hind legs, so he's just utterly convey, that she did this on purpose. Went on to say that Mary Beth had marked increase,
his life insurance substantially? I we were talking from what, like a hundred thousand two five hundred, some thousand yeah think it was so one. Fifty two five, fifty that's a pretty good increase by it I mean, if you're on her side, you would just say that's what people do No, I increase life insurance overtime. It's not really that crazy, but that is kind of a jump. I've never increased it like that. This is the thing any time we cover a husband did it situation. When the huh and increases their wives, life insurance. See by hundreds of thousands or a million dollars, and then she ends up dead a week later that looks horrible. It look the optics on that are this was plant but up life insurance policies does happen every day, so how this way out. Well thousand seven September of two
and seven the RCMP Mp conduct a second reenactment and this time, They're much more sure that it was just too dark to hunt, so they can see where maybe she thought she was shooting at a bear, but they really concluded that it wishes to dark. No shot should have been taken as well. By someone with that much hunting experience. They should have known better yeah. That means criminal negligence or more of an Sid, Dental, manslaughter type, death as a whole Two homicide, Mary Beth has an attorney. He is quoted. As saying they are unwilling to accept the fact that it was an accident and, as a consequence, the investigation has continued. He also did that if it wasn't an accident that the Arcy MP would never have let Mary Beth leave the country if they really thought, that was all intentional and so
seems like Mary Beth starts to go on the attack, she said for insurance. In April of two thousand eight over mark shooting death, because it was considered an accident in out theirs a question here on the policies, but she soothe the two life insurance companies for five hundred and fifty thousand dollars and death benefits. She was the sole but fishery. But of course LAW Pennsylvania you dont, know says a person cannot benefit from intentional wrong doing so the engine companies will hold payment and tell your trial. Is it a resolve its on April? Third, this is just twelve days after she soon the insurance companies April. Thirty, two thousand Mary Beth was charged him death. The hour I M P a Newfoundland had issued in asked warrant. They charged her with cream
negligence causing death and too careless use of a firearm. So what do they? to do justice to bring her in. They're gonna have to extradite her and thus and it takes some time it does becomes. A big deal will put it that way. I dont know that I'd want to cover it at length because it's it's frankly kind of boring You know the canadian magistrate has Fine probable cause they have to it. You this certificate of extradition and, of course, my that is going to fight that, and America, you know the! U S, government isn't just going to hand over its citizens, Willy nilly, so there. Actually, on your side in situations like this, Mary Beth is gonna. Try to leverage the United States government to protect her from extradition, but by March forth,
two thousand and nine the U S judge ordered that the governors request for extradition to Newfoundland, be granted so she has lost and she needs to go surrender herself and be. Transported back to Canada. If you're one of Does that thanks, Mary Beth is guilty or should at least be put. The trial then that, U S, magistrate, Judge Molokai Mannion, while he's a hero, but if you think they're making big to do over nothing because she lost her husband and it was all an accident. This is terrible situation. So one thing we have talked about just you know was this hunting guide, Lambert Green. He was there and he would have, walking with mark save for the fact that he had to stop to urinate and he also heard a shot and scream
He said he was about sixty meters from Mary bath. He basically supports her story because he had talked with mark and Mark described Mary Beth, as the law of his life has actually they was very, very high, they too have met her and married her, and so from his opinion. He thinks this was just a terrible accident. When you talk about high grass, that's almost five foot tall when you're going through rats like that you're not standing up straight. You might be a little hunched over Europe is going through. This wildlife you're going through a wooded areas you dont, you tallgrass. So what He standing up straight. Would you have been able to identify him and when the sky is saying that looks like yours reached over and from the shot you know I dont know if anyone could have now what they were shooting at, but then again
There's that argument Justin. If you don't know what you're shooting at, should you be shooting it Mary Beth file, the motion to stay she's Petitions the courts. Basically say will just give you more time, but there are not really. Going to let her get away. This is something that needs to get sorted out April. Twenty in two thousand and ten, the? U S, department of state she D surrender warrant for Mary Beth, harsh barter for her return to Canada this is all under the treaty by the that this legal Malay d crown withdrew but the charges but kept the specific charge that she was facing extradition for was criminal negligence causing death they threw out carelessness, use of a firearm, and you know little things like that, but the
mental negligence causing death. That is the most serious one. So that's all she's gonna be charged with she, is denied bail initially and They told her that she represented a flight risk. Now I have to with this error in your fighting your extradition, because that's what you're supposed to do you're fighting for all these things that are, you know, to you here, whether bia an inch pay out? What not, but that's all used against her they're saying well, because you do all these things in you, you, a citizen, you are considered a flight risk mean it goes both ways right right again, everything that she does depending on who you are, can be seen as well. That's what you do or know that she's guilty. She was granted values you said she was at first denied.
But later she was granted bail. On June eighth, two thousand ten her bail had been set for two hundred thousand dollars. Disk of concerns his family, the Irish by her family, because they think she's got the means to post bail and they're. Not that she's going to face justice here she does face justice. She does go before a court, and it's on June, twenty fifth, twenty ten shall enter a plea of not guilty, and that's partially because She had remained in custody, so just then we talked about how bury was the only harsh, Barker family member that way is in very bats corner literally when he spoke Bc News, Canada. He actually talked about why she didn't post bail and its because he said she had money, but it was much tied up in long term investments, and they also. About well. She stays in custody backing count towards her
I'm, if he is to get time, so she would be out early, and in Canada you get like double credit. You know before. Your trial, if you spent a hundred days in jail. You get credit for two hundred days. What did he have to say about this whole situation apparatus his brother, who was shot and killed berry says that he believes Mary Beth is guilty of not confirming her target any thinks at that level of negligence is minimal, very is saying that she did not mean to murder her husband, but she did make a mistake now they talk to a Lambert Green. He was he guide that day and he will weapon testify that he was helping, Mark, look forebears and he heard loud scream Green who had stopped urinate at the time told the court daddy.
Called out to Mary Beth, who was back at the couples, pickup truck any yell, Did you shoot your rifle and she said, yes- and I said, what did you shoot and she immediately responded. I shouted a bare. Did I get him? Lambert said no, you got mark he continued to testify that he found marked lying face down on the ground. He said he turned mark over checked him for vital signs. He walked back to the truck and Mary Beth. Asked if Mark was okay and he said no he's dead and t verifies that Mary Beth became historical and was screaming I shot my husband, I shot my love, it makes you wonder, because When you hear the story elsewhere, it sounds like she said. I shot my love almost immediately because of the screen, but
how labour green testifies makes it sound like she didn't do that until after they spoke. So I find this kind of curious Mean did she recognizer husband, scream, wish denial. What's the truth here, it still feels very, very strange. I mean I think when it's a high tension situation like that people are gonna Bert differently, and She doesn't remember asking about the bear. And being told it was her husband in that, It just seems like an honor Wharton conversation that she might I remember to me this had a profound effect on them but green, because he said that because of this incident he now insists that people they go king with him, where Orange vests, where some sort of safety attire so that they be spotted at a distance by humans and now something else that I was shocked by
I just assumed that everyone war, the Orange. You know to identify themselves. I didn't realize that you couldn't do that so yeah, And he also said that he has to remain with them. There is no stopping to your and aid and he was talking about when they were doing Recreation, the he looked through the scope of a rifle at that distance which was about two hundred feet to the target. And he said it was just too dark to tell what he was looking out for sure. So he said When you're not sure of your target, you dont risk a shop, You said that before, but this is the guide saying this and he was one who would essentially stuck up for Mary Beth, but once again we keep coming back to that. She shouldn't have pulled the trigger exactly. They brought An r c m, p officer up to testify. His name was corporal Doug Hewett. He supervise
I D reenactment and the living conditions. And again it was plaza. Shit mistaken her husband for a bear. He testified, however, I dont know why anyone would fire given the lighting conditions, and even with that rifle scope, I couldn't pick out any definite shape, except for mass, and apparently this scope that was mounted on the rifle was a light gathering scope, which is was to illuminate your target a little bit more for help. You aim, clear the shot they may a big deal out of this, but when had searched the area after Mark was shot, they could find any signs that any animal had been in that area, I dont know why they make a big deal out of this. Do you know why I think they're saying there went any animals, so you should
known that this wasn't. A bare hindsight twenty twenty, but it doesnt work, because your hunting bare and your expecting bear just because there isn't any bear their doesn't mean that you would have known that, but its am that's being used against Mary Beth, because they're saying whether there were any animals around. So you should have known better. He, I dont think it works because she stayed in the truck she didn't. Down that way. That's with her husband in the guy. Did they went down that way. I mean I don't recall that they kept giving her reports of over seeing any tracks. So I just think this is this is just an odd bit of information to me now There was an autopsy performed and it was confirmed that mark had died. From one gunshot wound to his abdomen appear
that mark was leaning over when he was struck by the bullet. So now standing up straight, not above the grass line. I mean this actually work. For Mary Beth as far as she did, know what she was shooting at and this right here, Erin. If you do know what you're shooting at then. How do you that. She meant to shoot mark cause. It could have been the guide it could have been you know bury. It could have been anyone out there. So at this point, I'm looking at this and thinking he was leaned over if she couldn't idea. Fire bear, then she wouldn't be able to identify, if this was her husband or someone else either, and that's where this case takes a bit of a turn, don't you think yeah when you put that altogether. Like you just said, if she's looking through a scope- and we had people doing,
enactments in the same lighting conditions and they can identify exactly what their shooting how does she know she's shooting her husband? the major turn in this case. I think now, in order to prove Alice in order to prove you intentionally did this. You have to talk about someone's state of mind, before or after the shooting and they buy, on Stephen more Rooney who worked as it as a cook at the lodge, and they ask some of what was her behaviour like and she had arrived at the lodge less than thirty minutes after the shooting, so he's looking at this and saying It seems that she was very remorseful here and she was behaving erratically when she got back as if she just fell whore
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crown prosecutor. Karen O summed up the case, and she said that Mary Beth didn't take the proper safety per shins before pulling the trigger of her rifle? She said it was up to marry me to determine with certainty that she was shooting a bear that evening She went on to say. The duty here is that there has to be no doubt before you pull the trigger so Mary Beth. Really, why short was a bare? She should have ensured the area around. It was clear and no one else was at risk. She if by saying the crown his empathy for MRS harsh barter, but that doesn't change standard of care were going to hold her too. I'm sure at this point just in many people, probably look at this and say she killed somebody. She shouldn't be pointing the trigger and they're they're charging her with criminal negligence, which carries between five years and life. So the way this prosecutor
talks, you're thinking, oh yeah, they're gonna. Or to the Wall Justice, Richard Low Block, made the decision? In this case he was from the Supreme Court of Newfoundland and Labrador. What his decision in this case he found Mary Beth not guilty of an old negligence causing death now that be surprising for a lot of people. That might be shock to some it might see. Like justice to others, he referred to, marks death as the result of an accident and nothing more now we ve covered at least one maybe other- you know a few other cases where I got Tex case, where he shouted why, from the back seat of the suv, we ve covered up
cases where I think people Did it intentionally or were just so damn that they deserve punishment but in this case, depends on that I am, I have a different feeling about it, but after she's found not guilty Mary Beth was silent and She left the courthouse without saying anything and when her lawyer was questioned, what she's gonna do next the lawyer responded. She just wants to see your kids there's some understanding here. And so we have this justice sang. This, is an accident she's not guilty? That's it. So it doesn't matter really. If we think Mary Beth did this on purpose or not. We can look back at the insurance and look back that there are some issues between the couple that he had said:
she's going to shoot me at least it'll be a quick death that he didn't want to go on this trip in the first place, and they owe an ad in very harsh Barker Marks brother hooked up with her. Really after, but you can flip all that around. You can say people always increased life insurance over time, you can say she was rasping for someone to help her because she- suddenly without her husband, so there's his brother and that's how that started. That there was no set up beforehand in oh it. It said She was hostile, violent and she raise the life insurance policy. Those two things alone, typically make me think you're guilty. If you are a domestic vi once abuser, an
you re somebody's life insurance, then yeah. You should be investigated if your spouse dies, because Those two things are red flags for me, but in this case I'm looking at this and I think what if she did mean to kill him, how could you prove that you can't it's almost impossible, because there on a hunting trip there doing with their due you know, and then, when you look at the criminal negligence charge. Well, criminal glad chances would end reasonable person have not done this. So if you driving your car at a hundred miles per hour and you run it into a crowd of people well, you didn't mean to run your car into a crowd of people, but any reasonable person would I've been driving at that speed. Any risk
double person would have taken precautions to not cause this accident. So that's why it's criminal negligence, so take the situation therein. They are hunting. She is looking to shoot a bear husband out there trying to flush the bear out of the woods in that context would end reasonable person, not pull the trigger. That's a hard won. You're in the moment, your hunting on that the difference between criminal or accidental. You know what was this person thinking, did they intend to do this? Would any terrible person known better and not taken the risk, and in this case I think, that's a hard argument to make. Some people their hunting therein. That moment, they're gonna pull the trigger If I did the target it's not such
gross negligence. It's not like she just started shooting aimlessly into the woods. It's not like. She had one of her children load the rifle for her. You know it's not like She did something that was totally outlandish. So if you you think she murdered her husband will. Then this is the perfect murder, is how you get away with it, set up a scenario where you can. Accidently kill somebody and, and- You literally wrote out a piece of paper like I murdered my husband or talk to somebody and told them that you get away with it, when her husband made the comment, the joke, oh she's, a great shot at least it'll, be quick. I think I'd choked about being murdered. By friends and family my wife a hundred times. So how do you take that, while throw in one more thing he was supposed to be accompanied by Lambert?
green there was no plan for him to be wandering around by himself. I mean up until shortly: for he came out into the grass. He was accompanied by Lambert it just so happens that Lambert had stoppin, he had take quick break and so was moving on by himself. That was not anything that was planned. Question will be well. Let's say Lambert was with them, which you have just still shot her husband and said. Oh, I didn't notice any one else. It just. It worked out too well that's just something that was all chance. I remember when I Do you about it at one point you said I dont know she just took to that scope for here that it was her husband and took the shot, there's no way to know and that's possible, because again he was with a guy If they really wanted to set it up where he could have been shot, it would have been just Mark going out there to flesh out the man
Sir, the bare for her to get a kill that day, but how did it happen? It was just mark. That's just luck! Bad luck! Just in there's been one update, that. We need to talk about in two thousand and eleven bury obtained a temporary protection against abuse order pertaining to Mary Beth. Is that very says? I am in fear for my life and he said that, she exhibited by tendencies between in her past and her current threats and that Mary Beth threatened him by weight. For point king, a loaded rifle at him now is that turn ever thing on its head here. Does that mean that she did murder her husband. Or does this just mean that She is a very stable person, probably needs to be in fair and
he doesn't need to be around firearms right now. A judge, made a decision. Now he concluded that these plans by bury works, durations and you dismissed. The order you know Erin. I guess all I can leave with. Is this was a hunting accident and you can Look at. The scenario you can say what was kind of dark. You know you can look at where he was and tall grass- and I just think of I don't know one of our vice president's shooting his body in the face with a shock on me, and I could make her Dick Cheney job, but it might not hit the mark.
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