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In the late Spring of 1990, Martin Tankleff went on trial for the murders of his parents. Arlene & Seymour's deaths were brutal and prosecutors felt they had a solid case. But the Tankleff case wasn't over after a single trial. Martin's family held firm in their support for him and as time went on, he gained even more supporters. What was it about his case that produced so many believers in his innocence? Join us as we discuss Martin Tankleff's legal battles in his effort to win his freedom and exoneration.


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how an extent vacations so aaron we're talking about marty, tank, live and how he was accused, found guilty and sentenced for the murder of his parents. He's going to spend fifty years behind bars pretty much a life sentence. What happens next? Marty had a cousin who is, as legal guardian and executor of his family's three million dollar estate. Name is rainfall, be he said that there was a blood spattered letter on Seymour's desk addressed jerry norman, and it was all about how we need to pay his debt. The police never took letter and evidence. So it's actually not evidence? We have now way of knowing the history of this
or because the police didn't take. It is still very interesting is not. I would call that a exculpatory evidence. I would say that this would have been very valuable for the defense team. Who have during trial part of this is a question because if Marty is in our view, ever tied to these murders if he is spending fifty years, is in prison are more. He can't get the in here. and said he's owed because, as you say, it's illegal for criminal to profit off of his or her I'm so in the meantime, this tangle of a state goes to sherry rother, who is Marty's, half sister She very much believed that marty guilty of the murders of his parents. Marty of course, appeals. He and his attorneys
stating that he wasn't warned of his rights and weird you talked about. if you're talking to them. In your saying, I want my attorney and they're saying well now and they're kind of having a hiding, and then you continue to talk to them about things. Well, that becomes like a grey area for them anyway, maybe not so many people in the public who are concerned about rights. They look into the confession rate of this suffolk county police department and they have a ninety four percent success rate for confessions the average is more around fifty percent. So this police department has almost a hundred per cent confession return and that bothers
defence attorneys and is another reason why there are looking at getting this appeal going and looking at their refusal to grant him council when he asked for it. While they see red flag, but suffolk county would probably say we're just good we're just that good. So what happens during these appeals because they point out a lot of issues here. They also start attacking d ever it's about the murder weapons and how it obviously wasn't the knife or the dumbbell. They also point out that the mother was in the bedroom. The father was, in the other room, the study, I guess, and there's no blood between the two crime scenes. The narrative is that he was going back and forth killing his parents using the same items, but now
you're looking at of thinking, there might have been two people doing this being that there were multiple murder weapons used and no blood trails between the two crime scenes. Just a lot of evidence that they're trying to and out in this appeals process. The appeal, though, has to go through to levels of state courts and to levels of federal courts. There's your sate supreme court in ninety. Ninety three upheld it by a vote of three to two, looks like he loses three to two any time it gets to an actual vote by the judges, that's that I do a much good and by two thousand one is out of appeals and is also painless. Basically. So at this point, even though came from a very wealthy family. He needs
journeys who will do pro bono work, who won't expect to get any money, so he has a childhood friend from high school who used to work with him at the beagle store. and she was in turning for baker, botz law firm. She was discussing the pro bono work and suggested marty's case to them, So when it finally went to the federal courts, these attorneys started to get involved to help marty out problem Then in two thousand and one marty hears about it, long island attorney name bruce market. This attorney has a polygraph administered to Marty, which he passes, marty has to give him a five thousand dollar fee to take on his case for the pro bono work, and this gives the ball rolling I think the most important thing no, that comes out of contacting market is at bargain
has a private investigator who works with him. J salt peer and J saltpeter is kind of guy. They can go and track down, leads and so he starts going through all the files and he finds interesting statement from a one and by the name of carling kovacs now carlini easter sunday and ninety ninety one attended a family and her and suffer county, and while she was there She heard a man talking about being involved in the tenth murders. This as aim is Joseph cretin and he was boasting about being involved eddie hidden some bushes. Before and after the attack had been covered in blood so. This is a very interesting lead. So at this point they have to figure out. Who is joseph cretin connected with me?
as there is not a real, strong connection there to anybody. So, if he's boasting of white bow being voice all they needed time with other people. This happen and ninety ninety one but the reason why there ended up being a note on it is because, a few years later she was courage. To tell someone about this, you know, namely law enforcement. And so she went and talk to her retired police officer, name, bell novara. Now he with someone that she was familiar with, so she felt comfortable telling him about it. This aim nation then went and I passed on to the attorney's office, then it ended up in the hands of the suffolk county district attorney. But you know they followed up on this and they talked to Joseph He's, like I, don't know what you're talking about, but still this is an interesting lead and what is going to do, is create another narrative in all grow.
from the seed of crete and talking being involved in the murders, also found a statement that Joseph Joseph had made. He said that he had spoken with Todd who is jerry, sun and Todd had approached him and asked him to cut out marty's tongue. Now Joseph refused to do. This Todd will end up shooting him in the arm. This is a weird conflict that happened between these two men. He then for Joseph ten thousand dollars to stay quiet about this whole ordeal and he subsequently denied shooting Joseph and nothing happened. With this whole situation. He was not arrested and nobody was
question about this at the time, but later on, Todd was charged with selling cocaine out of his father's bail shop. You know jerry's bagel shop, the beagle shops that might be fronts for other things. Yeah But he was never found guilty of selling cocaine out of his bagel shop. It seemed ass, though, that anything that jerry son Todd was doing. He had immunity from the police. Now, if you don't think, I am, the tank live, was involved in the murders and you're. Looking at how these two people were bludgeoned and slashed to death, then maybe it was more than one individual, maybe so the investigator this private vessel Peter saw Peter is looking into Joseph and his list of crimes and the other people that have been
stay with him over time and he's finding that their not being charged in that specific, investigator or police officer named Creepy has a little bit more interaction with these guys. the other names that are tied, Joseph, a man by the name of Glenn Harris he has, tied to Joseph cretin in a number of crimes. The investigator cracks down glens mom and She says her son is in prison, so the investigator says: I'm going to reach out to Glenn and then Setting up a meeting in two thousand three glenn The sworn statement that said that he drove Joseph and Peter can't to the ten cliff on the night of the murders. Now this becomes interesting because, according to the statement
they knew nothing about any murders they just figured. It was a robbery which is what they were usually doing. They were thieves glenn waited in the car, the other men went into the home and then when they can back out. He drove them away. Here Eddie witness one of the men burn his bloody clothes in a fire. They have a certain object on them, a bloody pipe that they go dispose of. Well, apparently, Glenn remembers where this was tossed a bloody pipe from what five ten years for no, this is This is a fit what fifteen years or something so the
bessie gear goes out to this area as in some woods to look for this pie. They think we'll take a metal detector will look around, maybe we'll hit pay dirt I'll shoot they they're out there, and there is, if I may find it, but by it I mean they find a pie There is no evidence on it, so they they can't say that it was used in the murders bite it still. Interest isn't that someone who has implicated themselves in at least the you know assisting with the getaway with these or other criminals? They're saying this is where the pipe was tossed. They find that pipe. So it's a possible murder. Now after so many years, you're not gonna have any evidence on that murder. Weapon gonna be washed away but wow. Why would these people even say these things?
I mean if we want to say that, why would marty confess to a crime? Why would these people implicate themselves and how are they aim? The say there was a murder weapon, those a pipe, and it was tossed here and then they find a pipe exactly where they say it was meanwhile. all the evidence and autopsy reports say that a dumbbell would not have made the wounds. You know the bludgeoning effect on his parents, but the pipe would absolutely a smoking gun here and no one seems to or at least law enforcement and the courts, not really seem to be taking any of the seriously but private investigator. in his legal team. Marty's legal team thereon do something Further investigation did reveal some evidence that the prosecution and the police didn't want to bring forward me They had the information, but they didn't think of his two important. This included a muddy footprint found in the
area of the rear door. And also an impression my bloody knife on a sheet This was in the master bedroom where arlene was found, but again the shape of the knife didn't match the kitchen knife that they said was the murder weapon. So Just then, when you find new evidence it meaning you have do testimony. You have new things that we're not introduced a trial. Things that put this whole kay in a different light. That means the attorney now have some new fire power. While they had exhausted their appeals. Now they have something different and they can fight for marty once again, well- and this is something that we learned from rhine ferguson's dad- is that you can't show all your cards on your first appeal, because if it get shot down you can't replay in it.
Carts, this is a whole new hand. They ve been dealt with multiple witnesses and evidence. Oh, they got another shot here. Car lean and glenn both pass polygraph Tass. If you care about them, I I would say that they have at least been vetted that they're not just making things up and they were willing to talk again. Why would two totally random? People really don't have anything to do with each other, both come forward with these ideas and these stories by the way their stories match. Whereas Marty story about the crime doesn't match at all marty, attorneys do something really really clever: they get his story out in the media. They start pushing new information out across the These channels and eat
in forty eight hours covered his case. This is called public pressure and Sometimes if you can win the argument in the public, it will help you once you get to trial I dont know how true that is, but it's better than the prosecution putting out their theory to the public as there are going to do that and they, We have so you have to counter that narrative. You have to this on more than one front now as part of the ten cliff kay, some information was being dug up essentially by his attorney but it had been known if anybody had bothered to read it that seventy businesses in nineteen, seventy nine, the national law journal, ran an article all about suffolk counties.
use of interrogation techniques and about how they were coercing confessions. As that ninety four percent rate, the article talked about the use of physical force and other improper techniques to pressure suspects to confess, as well as failing to follow through on obvious leads. So this is really good, because it's like they're being investigated by the media, so that information is out there, but they weren't really held to anything. So the problem wasn't fixed, but they were exposed, and now this can help Marty, because now people can back and go away. They add a confession from him by how did they get back and fashion because man, if you know how to put it, pressure on someone. Maybe you can get them to say anything, woe
Some of that pressure was they would strike their suspects in the genitals and that's how they would get some of their confessions well documented in this story in this report. as far as I recall, that came out in news day day add analyzed a slew of cases in the seventies and in the eighties. There are the ones who said hey. There had a ninety four percent success rate in confessions. They compare that with six other counties. and the highest percentage they could find among the other. Six counties was: seventy three percent. Now the newer supreme courts, a pellet division, reverse ten murder convictions due to illegal tactics to get confessions, that's coercion. So
The evidence is there that if they got a confession of somebody and there isn't any physical evidence that tie them to the crimes, maybe it was coerced in may They really need to stop giving these people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to closing a case based on a confession. Now in nineteen, eighty nine there was a state investigation report on Mccready was on that he had knowingly gave false testimony during a murder trial. In May two thousand, for he had denied this to the new york times. It was pointed out that he was never disciplined or prosecuted for any of his alleged misconduct and he had always maintained that marty was found guilty. So justice was carried out. He admits that he used trickery and
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in south, but it's weird that MC creepy disregarded a lot of the evidence at the scene and he wasn't even on duty at the time when marty called nine when one to report his parents murder, it was weird that he would respond to this call and go to the scene and investigate. I think he was the first detective on the scene. Was he not? Yes, he was he d We had an interest in this case from the moment it broke. Soon, as the word came out, he was their july. Two thousand for marty starts to get good news. A series of hearings are held and evidence is gone over and it takes about aids. months. Twenty one witness is testifying by it. Now, there's a new narrative, that's building
has to do with the evidence that harry store. Men was involved in the murders, and also that there is massive misconduct within suffolk county and that's why there was a confession, which was of course unsigned so small. Here was a big part of ass. He was there to testify about his investigation and all of the things that he had uncovered. What this does, though, is it really exposes how there truly wasn't any evidence tying marty to these. It was just this idea that it made sense. He was upset this balance, they want their money. Well, guess what that's not good enough and in two thousand for and on more courts were starting to look at this. Like a you wouldn. Do you really have here on Marty? It's like he's finally being heard, and I think a big part of that too. Is you get the right people on your team and saltpetre took about invite
All that guy was invaluable to his case. During these hearings, Joseph was called the sand and of course he now denies any involvement, but he did say he would often collect debts from tat it's cocaine sales. So this is jerry's son and he insisted the worst he would do is punch. Somebody, however, mother of his two children testified that he abused her and bragged about the torture he would commit upon these debtors. Joseph would go on to corroborate the police report that Todd asked him to cut out marty's tongue yeah all these statements that they have come across are now coming to light and are backed up by multiple people. He also admitted that he and glyn had broken
in stolen from one of jerry's bagel shops. Joseph son testified that is father admitted to his involvement in the murder now, Glenn Harris had asked for immunity before testifying, but he was denied that weeks before the hearing he testified. Anyways buddy invoked his fifth amendment, two, not self incriminate. However, he did allow his prison chaplain to testify the conversations that they had in regards to the case and his chaplain would back up statements that Glenn had previously given. So again, we have multiple people that are all in the know about this murder, multiple people that do Know each other have zero connection, except for a lot of them were involved. We have a getaway driver. We have
people that might have been the perpetrators of the crime, who have all told other people about the crime, and now multiple witnesses have come forward to back up these statements, so they have over twenty witnesses testify. were the defence well Joseph cretin and glenn harris the deal with them is yeah. They were talking. They were telling people Joseph meda confession to his son about the crimes and Glenn Harris in I had talked, but when it came down to testifying that's where they got nervous, because if they go down for these, Crimes are looking at murder and right now, marty tank lives on the hook. So you know it's easy to get cold feet. glenn harris yeah. He was thinking about tat, fine, but the good news he did allow the chaplain to talk the other thing
that comes out of these hearings is that there's testimony, one of which is by leonard Leubronn. Oh, he owned a restaurant, testifying that There is a connection between jerry store men and detective mc greedy, meaning these guys are kind of bodies they spent time together and people knew about it. But, of course, if you trying to sell some one as a murderer at a trial and there's any chance that relationship could upset your chances of winning that trial yeah. You want to deny and well it turns out mc greedy and storm in their friends. The guy that should have been the prime suspect in this murder was cleared.
as a suspect by the lead investigator, who was off duty that day decided to get involved. With this murder case and clear his best friend or his buddy got, it turns out to be his card playing buddy. Nice. So poker was a major factor here, because really explains the relationships in the case now, some of these other witnesses that backed out of testifying A lot of them said that they had pending charges and if they did testify in implicate themselves, that would be a compounded charge against them. So that's why they would back out of testifying at the last minute, but mysteriously after they wouldn't testify. All those charges against them would be dropped
that sink in they're, not gonna, testify against jerry or for marty in his defence because they say they are pending charges and then, after they ghost the defence team. Those charges are dropped now All of this evidence all these hearings, all this information comes through and ends up in the hands of a judge who is going to make a determination? march. Seventeen two thousand six.
Despite all this information, the judge upheld marty's convictions. Now, in his ruling, he's stands by the prosecution who had argued that these witnesses aren't credible did the other criminals, which is funny because who also be involved in the murders. Right but again, it looks like marty's case is shot down. The amazing thing. No, just the next day, more people start coming foreign saying I have something to tell you. One of those people is Glenn harris his wife and she said. Oh, he told me all about the attacks he told me. He told his mom and. Again all this information sorts coming for it was almost like, as fate would have it. Despite this appeal going down, By all this evidence being shot down a lot more people
coming for and going on. No, no, no, no, no, no wait a minute! We're sick and tired of watching this play out over and over again and this poor kid who is now an adult is sitting behind bars, maybe they're not doing it for the good of Marty, they're. Just coming forward january, two thousand seven, the defence team submitted a one hundred and fifty seven page appeal to the appellate division of the new york states in court, and they had several friend of the court briefs that supported marty's bed, meaning there's a lot of support building for more to be released. This is, I guess, pretty significant, despite all the problems marty's It is now looking like too many people are standing behind em. It's you can't ignore it at this point
you're not only appealing his case but they're going after the district attorney and multiple agencies that have kept marty behind bars, part of the support comes from thirty one, former federal state and local prosecutors, state and federal judges, innocence groups, other defence attorneys, and even fifty four of these high school classmates and not to mention he still has the support of almost every. single member of his family. Both sides of his family, apart from his half sister, is now such a large group, standing behind him that it's going to get the attention of people that can make a difference like you said, justin they go after the suffolk county district attorney they're, accusing him of
Sk etrurian misconduct there's just so much that we'd have to go through to explain all this, but all it is is more people coming foreign saying here. Are these people they were together. They were involved in the same names. You know it's glenn Harris Its Joseph cretin, its jerry storm in and, of course, mc greedy and all their statements match again. It's it's not like marty got some of the details wrong and then some of these less than desirable people came forward and said: oh, I did it but didn't give any details, know all of their stories match and if you don't understand the weight of
that then then you shouldn't ever be a juror. You should never be a judge. You should never work in the legal system, because this is overwhelming evidence in marty's favor I think you know if we wonder sum this up in a way that anybody listening could understand. They re to show without question that Mccready let some of these people off hook consistently. Is involved in their cases when they were arrested for burglary and other crimes, and that's where it ended so do want to question the treaty. Oh yeah, major major credibility issues on decrees part in macao. Greedy was not liked by most of the police force, so they knew he was corrupt. They knew he was a bad cop, they didn't call em out for it, but he did
have a lot of friends on the police force. So this is all him doing these things on his own december, twenty first, two thousand seven, the appellate division in the new york's brain court voted unanimously to vacate marty's convictions is a twenty. one page decision and what's crazy about. It, is all the way up to that point: all of his appeals, everything was shot down. Everybody every judge. It seemed like that had the power to reverse this kept siding with the prosecution. This time this appellate court said it is abhorrent to our sense of justice.
Fair play to countenance the possibility that someone innocent of a crime, maybe incarcerated or otherwise punished for a crime which here she did not commit. It appears that the county court never considered that the cumulative effect of the new evidence created probability that had such evidence been received at the trial. The verdict would have been more favourable to the defendant. The county court in fact applied a blanket disqualification for all of the defendants proffered evidence, and you know what the way to some that up is we say it all the time the court and decide the your evidence isn't good or that it doesn't matter or its its, it doesn't override the effect of the jury's decision. But here the appellate quarter saying no. This is massive evidence that marty wasn't involved and the prior court
It's just denied him by any chance to use it. They rubber, stamped and just had this finality to his guilty verdict and his lawyers would say that they would hand over these huge. You know reports and just you know it's a pages of documents and the judges and everybody they don't even look at it. The disco up we're upholding this and there wasn't even enough time to pass that they could have read any of the documentation, whereas in this appellate court, when Marty's lawyers stood up to speak, the judges on the panel said you don't have to say anything. You can sit down. We already know what we're gonna do and his defence attorneys rely. Well, we we can't have to justify us being here, so, let's just say,
here I am- and I thank you for considering our you know, report and in statements. So it's like having a lot to say, and no one ever wants to hear you and all of a sudden One day you have a bunch of people are saying: now we see it. We understand relieving. That's like you been wanting to talk this whole time. No one would listen and now people literally sang the judges. It's ok and we get it. The ultimate gas lighting, for what seventeen years them, he's been behind bars and his lawyers have been fighting this. They ve just been denied over and over and over again saying nothing you give us is good enough and then all of a sudden one day. Oh here we go yeah we're good it six days later, when Marty's family posts his bail, release a one million dollar bail. He gets out here
is overwhelmed his with his family, everybody's hugging, but the suffocating prosecutor saying we're going to take him to trial again they can retrial there thinking about it. Luckily, though, on January second, two thousand eight, the district attorney, announced that he would drop the charges against Marty and actually asked the governor to appoint a special prosecutor to re, investigate the case. They said that it was no longer possible to reach in a bully assert that the case against Marty, tank live would be successful and they firmly believe that the various theories advanced as to who may be responsible for the murders are just not supported by the credible evidence. Nevertheless, for legal and factual reasons, the prosecution against the defendant is over, so
they're not admitting that they're wrong. Here, they're saying we just couldn't win if we took him back to trial, but they're saying that they don't believe eve, all the other theories and my reading that right, it almost I know that you know the district attorney could answer this better than we could for more I'm sitting, it sounds like you're, saying: ok, yeah, kind of goddess on this. So we essentially are asking someone else to investigate it, because you let our convicted manga and you ve shown that apparently are cases in good enough to keep him so someone else while to investigate this, which is enough out of all the cases that we ve covered actually pretty good, because all allow these prosecutors dont want to back down and when they do have to back.
And they do so with canada snarl what this time it seems like they're just like well somewhere else. After look into this, then I felt the snarl. In that statement he did zoom about when they say that the various theories advances the who may be responsible for mergers are just not supported by credible evidence. Yeah, I get that. I mean again. They don't want to admit there are wrong and I think that's their way, doing that. In other words, this is your call. You didn't agree with our call, but it's our call. That's how we see it do they really believe it themselves? I think what they did was they took the case that they could bring the court and pushed it, and you can blame recruiting for that. Cosmic greedy was covered for jerry, is pope playing buddy small scale. Food is so fresh. You might mistake for your own lunch. Now we're not joking
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last suggestion why code jen why this is where we go from, what's called a wrongful conviction to a frame job, and if you listen to Marty or his attorneys, they will say: marty wasn't murdered that night. He was left to be caught and prosecuted as the perpetrators of this crime, that scary to think they left the sun alive because they knew greedy was gonna, come in and peg him as the murderer s, he had been harmed or killed their case risk is more difficult, as he's dead. I didn't do it so who did now they have look elsewhere, have after go look at jerry and he wasn't harmed. So the valise show up in their investigating here's. This kid
but no emotion, there's video of him. just sitting there. No emotion and he doesn't look like he's worried about anything course. marty would explain it as he was in shock. But if you just look that I could see a lot of people saying well, maybe use involve. He doesn't look like. He cares. This is how our perception can ruin a case for us see something wrong well made understand it correctly judging some without knowing them. So just a week later, in two thousand and eight governor elliot spitzer appointed a special attorney general to look at the tinkle of case and conduct his own investigation and prosecute anyway,
who was found to be responsible for the crimes. It's in July, two thousand eight, when the attorney general's office filed a motion to drop charges against marty tank life. This is sick, Again, because you know we say well, even when the process come back down there still saying. Well, the alternate theories don't make sense, and now the attorney general office is saying There is some evidence that others may have committed the killings, though not enough to prosecute them. So it's not like a fool exoneration here, but you're, saying, there's deafening doubt. Well, I just love how there's not enough evidence to prosecute him, even though they have multiple eyewitnesses, multiple people giving statements that all corroborate each other, yet they had enough to prosecute
hardy, who gave a confession that didn't match anything didn't sign, said confession, and there was zero evidence tying him to the actual murder scenes, but they don't have enough to go after these other people, I'm just again yeah fair point but I think this is just further evidence that they don't really want to back off and say we were wrong. That's the best way to describe this and this doesn't sit well with marty and. two thousand and nine he's going too far. While a civil rights lawsuit against the police department and various detectives, including the cruelty in twenty. Ten marty, also filed a lawsuit against the state of new york for his work, full conviction, and he will be successful what thou suit and when three point three million dollars so over three million dollars now Mccready.
and passing away and twenty sixteen his aim is still on the lawsuit, although it sucks, because He would never see any sort of justice there. Well I me do we really think that anything that really happened or Mccready I mean that kind of stuff is so air yeah that it's hard to. Imagine anything when it happened to him, but a judge did rule there, this. There was a motion to dismiss the suit because of Mccready dying. This judge Joanna seeber. She refuses to dismiss it because she said Forensic analysis which showed there was blood on their purported, mere murder, weapons, no blood found, in the shower the drains the traps, as was No. She was so my jerry's suspicious behaviour, jerry storming. This is just is our judges paying attention and fire
through on the evidence instead of the narrative, so this lawsuit will award more with another ten million dollars, so all in all, he receives over thirteen million dollars as a result for his wrongful conviction, and seventy years he spent behind bars, I dont think any one of us would volunteer to spend seventeen years behind bars for third million dollars. You say that that there are people it would. I know what you mean it's I wouldn't want to do that the people that would have never been to present. You would think that doing the job right would be the motivation, and even a settlement of over thirteen million dollars. Does It seemed a really change anything in it sucks because I want to see change. I want to see progress
It doesn't come out of the district, attorney's pocket or the turning generals pocket or the instigators of benefit or pensions or anything that is, you know, gonna actually hurt the people were involved and had a hand in this. It's the public who essentially puts this bill. That's why it you know when you don't hold people accountable, which making pay out. You know what these lawsuits turning it doesn't holding when accountable. It looks bad in the papers, but they don't care. You know just then one of the things you and I talk about is there are different cases where people are wrongfully convicted and who's to say what kind of life you live after you get out of prison after serving ten twenty, whatever years for a crime or crime she didn't commit, but
This case really stands out because Marty, you know who word had it. Maybe didn't seem business inclined back when he heD vowed to become an attorney while he was in prison. What happened with that? Well, you went and got his lottery, and now he helps exonerate other wrongfully convicted inmates. Now he is backed up by multiple law firms, they have a, I would say, an extremely stringent vetting process for people that apply for their help. But man, the skies just gone on. He started teaching at universities and he's written a book. works as an attorney for metcalf metcalf, actually was admitted to the EU
state bar in february of twenty twenty. Now, how did he do this mean you think, a guy that was wrongfully convicted was beaten down by the system. over and over and over again. You would think you d lost hope, but you know in his inner If you watch them marty credits his family for sticking by him. He always new that almost everyone had his back, they didn't doubt his innocence and beyond that he said that he credits his wife lorry, his daughter courtney for his perseverance in finishing his lot agree, cause it's that's, not something you just go and get on in a year or two. This is a long long journey and he completed it. But as we learned in this case, you don't always on your own and that's what mark? story is all about is ill
He was never alone. He always had his family there and later his wife and then a daughter. What did you take away from this case? Justin? I watched a lot of interviews with Marty and his lawyers. I watched people question already, and even say. How do we know that you really didn't do this? He never Any sign of impatience he's always very gracious with everybody. He talks to end his behaviour after the generation. It shows me that this guy had passion and drive, and now they ve created this man and given him a purpose which is to do good and life and if any one thinks that this guy actually did kill his parents. Well, it doesn't matter
because the good he's doing in this world far outweighs whatever you think about him save for those of you who say if store men in these other people were involved in the murders. Why didn't they prosecute them? We only have to look over mc treaty Is the reason why this was done the way it was done? He was friends with jerry and he made sure that jerry was cleared. that happened, and they had this whole narrative of Marty. Killing is as for the money, and he was sick and tired of them. It's such a ridiculous thing. marty and his parents, no matter what kind of arguments they had the reason: the family stuff. That is because they knew every family has difficulties, but there was love. There pretty sure, as hell appreciated a life he had, and it was because he had he had good parents. So at the end truth, one out
now this false narrative that Marty had killed his parents, it didn't work, and it kind of gives hope, I think to other people Who are sitting wrongfully convicted in prison right now? If hardy, who had every chance appeal everything was shot down denied over the years if he can get out and not now. Through some sort of pardon but actual judges, saying no, we get it This is all wrong, then there's hope for anyone else, who's in the same situation, it just it's going to take a group effort
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