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January 6, 1998. Chatham, Ontario. The Jenkins family, Brian, Leslie, Mason, and Jennifer, seemed to be a happy one. But whatever serenity they had was shattered after the parents arrived home one evening to find their daughter's body in the basement. Their son Mason wasn't in the house and they feared that he was in serious trouble as well. The authorities, though, tracked their son down. When they caught up to him he was riding a horse and did not want to go to the police station. Jennifer had been shot five times. Police believed that Mason killed her. His parents could not understand that and stood by their son. As time went on, Mason's account began to change again and again. Did he kill his sister? And if he did, would his parents continue to support him?

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From wondering if I get a better I'm doing good. Just harry you, I am oak hey. There has been some stuff come and the news lately story about aid
Seventy seven year old man albert flick, it's been set for a long time that when a serial killer stops killing it's because they're, either dead or they've grown old or they're in I may have been in that category that think when you get in here late, seventies, early eighties. I, when you might still We then killer inside, but you really can't do much with it yeah I hear about them. Caroling peep, better at the end of their life, all the time because its rule and unusual to keep somebody. That's got health issues. Where have you institutionalized behind bars for the most part? I typically grew at that. I say what wet threat are they to society, and then we had albert flick, Yes, so the next time some elderly, woman or gentlemen, is you know in prison in aceh,
forty years or whatever it is, and their campaigning to get out. Well, thanks to albert flick, I think there might be just a day. Current point of view now, which is there, are never too old to kill he. How many people had this guy killed like three skilled, at least two. He killed his wife many many years ago after she served, with the poorest papers. Now in twenty eighteen? followed a woman from a laundromat and murdered her. This is after he'd been released. yes, he had served time in prison and was murdered again. He was released because he was deemed as the headlines put it too old to be violent, and here we are, he is stabbed woman to death. And if you look at the guy I mean you wouldn't think he's that threatening you wouldn't see him as a threat walking down the street
The other thing that should be said, though, in this case and we ve, had penny people requesting that we cover it, but he had attacked people around two thousand seven. These stabbed a woman with a fork, and he had another woman with the butt of his knife. I get it. I was ten years ago is but wow it sad, because I think there are people elderly people senior citizens in prison that it's is more humane to give in relief, but somebody like him comes along and it just ruins it for everybody, don't underestimate anyone and if you think back ted Bundy made use of that. Oh I'm crippled, helped me I'm dropping things. You know he wouldn't have to say it. He would show it, and people would come over to help him this guy straight up psychopath. I mean he followed that woman out and just stabbed her well, I think eleven times,
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for the easiest way to get more how an extent vacations tonight's case is a daughter who was murdered a family that's torn apart and forgiveness and understanding that overshadows all of it. So what are we talking about tonight tonight, we are talking about a case out of chatham ontario. It's the case of mason jenkins, the path Since Brian and jenkins endlessly English got married in nineteen before they had two kids mason was born. Nineteen. Seventy eight and jennifer was born in writing a now. The parents were middle class. They bought their home and chatham sometime in the early eighties. They had a normal life for their kids. They said, as they worked as a mental health worker and Brian worked and sales joy,
Four was described as bubbly and she was just, I guess, really popular had a lot of friends. She is very mature for age. Very easy going. Despite all this, she seemed to have a very tight knit circle of friends. Johnny, J ass. She was now she and her brother mason got along pretty well mason coming from this good family, showed signs early on that he was going to be a little bit of a troublemaker because at around aged twelve, he started getting in trouble with the law. Very close to the time of the incident that will be getting into soon He was serving time in jail, that was for theft right from a bank.
yeah? He was really into stealing things. He would steal cars and he would take them for joy rides, but, oddly enough he would fill them up with gas even sometimes wash them or clean them up and try to park them where he stole them from. So we wanted the thrill of the joy ride but not to accept any of the consequences of his actions. As I said, he served some time in jail. He was really On december, twenty fifth now she? Ninety seven? His parents obviously were disappointed. I would say they didn't know how to deal with him with ivy accurate, oh yeah. He was just
chaotic kid. He had a long rap sheet from age twelve. What do you do with that? Besides? Let the system deal with him because they're apparently not capable of it. get to the incident because, as you set up early on something tears this family apart from We know about the family, they were pretty close. They were happy in their work. Really any issues between any of the family members, but does that bear out and we wouldn't talking about it. If it all worked out right right january, say one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight chatham ontario around five hundred and fifteen p dot m the parents arrive home. Brian was having a I worked on so leslie, picked him up and was driving home house was dark and day into the front door, and they call out to their kids a mason
Are you out and neither mason or jennifer respond, so they walk through the house leslie. walking downstairs into the basement and she look after the side and she sees a body and she sees blood. She knows enough that she walks back upstairs and has her husband go downstairs. While she calls nine one one and she says, there's a body in the basement. We need help. There's blood she's on the basement floor There's no life there at all. The nine on one dispatcher essentially has brian pick up the phone he's telling them that she's, a white, color and she's not breathing but he goes along with lifesaving techniques that the dispatcher is giving him it's too late and they both sound, very distraught. Their daughter jennifer had been shot five times.
with a rifle three. Those shots were to her head tour to her chest and it it is, though, the body had been dragged from Family room that was upstairs in the house to the Basement- probably do what you can you're late, because it I mean my move, it yeah exactly so. This would be so well someone arrived home? They wouldn't notice a body right away, they would notice anything was a stray were out of place. But according to the parents, when they got home, no one answered their calls, even after they discovered daughters body they couldn't find her son. he was gone, he was missing before the parents got home, they had called and mason had picked up. I said that he sounded natural. He sounded normal missus ware coming home. I picked up your dad, we are coming home, but mason is nowhere to be found at this time, and so they think that he's been murdered or he's been victimized. Also,
the police are looking form, nobody can find em, but then he's seen across town on horseback, the police will say he fled. The scene mason will say no, I just didn't, know how to deal with the situation and being on a horse. Isn't it actually incognito. So I wasn't fleeing, but you'll have a stand off with the police. Take off on his horse end up I guess stealing a car or some sort of vehicle and not be apprehended and tell an hour later, I think the police saying he fled. The scene is more accurate when you're kind of not cooperating or coming to the police. Many people would say that those are the actions of a guilty person. Right, I mean it doesn't look good right off the bat
and so they bring the parents and mason in for questioning. Now, it's not till the next day. That they bring mason in for questioning because it took them so long to apprehend him another pair? were at the station within what two hours exactly it does suspicious, but when they talk to mason, he gives them a story yeah. He says, for men pulled up in a van two of them had weapons to did not they entered the home. Mason says that he actually shot at them but missed, and since he has a single shot rifle, he couldn't do a follow up, so they kidnap him and while their kidnapping him two of those men are still inside the home and there the. Why
that kill jennifer mason somehow manages to escape the detective. you're. Looking at him like okay. Well, we know your sister has been shot multiple times. We know you ran from the scene and your talk, about how you shot at these assailants in a white van that nobody saw accept you and there's no bullet hole in the house that we can find Maybe you're not being as forthcoming with us as you should be. Meanwhile, there drilling the parents and the parents cannot fathom their son doing any harm to them their daughter. Anyone in the face We and they're not exactly willing to say anything. incriminating about their son, but they are there,
to help the investigation help the case so they're kind of in this cross roads. Here you can see them get very frustrated with the investigators who are just doing their job, but at the same time, their honing in on mason right off the bat and the parents are saying he wouldn't have done this well, We sometimes complain that investigators get tunnel vision. They fly and a possible suspect? or even in their minds, a likely suspect, and then they kind of just focus on that person. In this case I know there aren't a lot of details, but it simple mason and his sister jennifer were at home. Jennifer shot mason disappears and was located. He fleas in this all happened between four thirty and five I have no problems with the way the police handle this because
they're following the evidence and they're following their instincts and right now seems like their working matter following the lead, which is pointing to mason and this is just a little aside thing I want to bring up, but when the father tries to explain what happened that night, I found that his statements were inconsistent in sounded almost contrive He refused to allow the police to clean the crime scene, which would have allowed them to collective. more evidence really and he would go through breakdowns the police are crying and then you would be somewhat combative and this This goes to show that people respond to tragedy in different ways and its person to person
now. Let me emphasise the father is not a suspect. He was not in on this. He had nothing to do with this murder, but it was just my own, simple observation that he didn't come off. Well during these police interviews. Rain, I mean me be in some police stations across canada. Maybe they would have looked at him a little more closely like what have you got the highway? are you giving us inconsistencies, and why are you taking down again so dramatic. Exactly his daughter was just murdered, obviously they have mason and therefore questioning- and he totally denies killing his sister and he even A lawyer after he's talk to a lawyer. He says my lawyer told me to keep my mouth shut, but the police would come back. You know how to do the good cop, bad cop and say hey. We just talk to your parents now they're doing this or that they're saying that
would you like to modify your statement so had put it more in line with theirs. soon is mason- would try to address that Would reopening the line of questioning in the interrogation ass? You say that masons, not the brightest. He had a lawyer, he had every day, but he would keep talking. We tell you all the time I cops can lie to you. Did they talk to their parents and they change their statement. Now I just wanted to keep mason talking in he obliged there wasn't a trial it sort of lake. They tried to get a trial started. The first one broke down because masons attorney was removed.
because of a conflict of interest in the first one was supposed to start in ninety ninety nine thou and fell apart in the year two thousand the spring. The second trial was supposed to start, but mason fired his attorney, so they had to postpone the third trial october. Fourth, two thousand was exe. in the last ten weeks witnesses were not allowed to attend the trial, including the parents, Brian and leslie. This is kind of a big deal because their witnesses, but they want to watch the trial. They want to be there because they want answers, but, according to the court system, they can't because their witnesses, so they need to be kept out. The court room and they're not getting testimony sequestered so they're not tainted or influenced by the act. things being seen in the trial which is sort of interesting. I think that makes sense. I agree with it, but
I also feel terrible for Brian leslie, because this I was about their lives about their tragedy and now they actually participate in it and learned things they have to be sequestered away and then one smile they can give some testimony, but there getting the answers they want. It must be like torture for them, so you can imagine these parents who can never accept that their son would have done anything to them. water. They feel that the police interrogators were very aggressive and have with them, and now there told that they can even be at the trial, except for when they're called to the stand there being pushed aside, or at least that's how they he'll when it comes out of this trial, the crown Or prosecution has a pretty salad case, they have a case involving the
I thought that was used in the crime, some forged wills and obviously timeline Really it comes down to motive which the wills answer. The motive. Let's go through this. The wills were made. it all out, so mason would the sole inheritor right, but in order for him to get the estate inherit all the stuff, he can't have a sister around in his parents. Gotta die
yeah. So what the crown is proposing is that he murdered his sister dragged. Her body downstairs was waiting for his mother to come home, so he could shoot her and then he would drag her downstairs. Then he was going to wait for his father to come home and shoot him now. He fulfilled the first part of his plan where he shot his sister drug. Her downstairs left her body there, but then the second half of his plan got screwed up because his father's car was in the shop so mom when picked them up and they came home together and he has a single shot rifle, so he couldn't take them both out simultaneously. It became a much risk
here venture to attack his parents if they were together. So he aborted the home mission jumped on a horse and took off see you already said he doesn't seem like a bright guy. I dont think he's capable of higher thinking here. you know you need to have a back up plan? He didn't have won its literally here I plan wait, it's out the window. I guess I better run for it. It's a poor plan now we're speaking as if he did it, but he did it. I mean this is not a mystery. This is not really the kind of case that we picked, because it's history, but we'll get to why we wanted to cover this case. The defense maintains that, four men broke into the house and killed jennifer on november twenty first, they have mason take the stand which probably a bad idea.
I normally think that yeah go up there, defend yourself, but with mason, not so much. He admitted that he lied about being kidnapped by four men, but he still says that those men broke into the house and were responsible for the murder on november twenty. Fourth, he was part way through his testimony when His attorney clay powell requested an adjournment. Based on the matter that had come up during cross examination and that would the way the trial until the twenty seventh. It was at that point that attorney norman peel appear. He was going to request that powell be allowed to withdraw withdraws counsel, and so I think, they're trying to say everything keep going on. But I am going to be the council from now on He said that concealing information he had received
while under solicitor, client confidentiality would result in a deception of the court. Power was allowed to withdraw and he was replaced by Another attorney the trial move forward, but wonder if it was long before just because they had other trials fall apart, weakened cancelling the trial, but why does she move on yeah? That's been years now, just because we hit this one speed bump. We think we can still continue without causing such a huge ordeal to cause a mistrial essentially, but mason shoot himself in the foot. Here they always say you need to listen to your attorney. The attorney will present a case to the court. The case that was put forward
It was undermined by mason's own testimony, and now he saying, oh, I was never kidnapped, and so when you start to change the story now, people are like really. What else do you want to change now and I think he lost the court at that point. well, he should have shot himself on the foot cause. His story would have been more believable, the four men, but whatever we already said, he's guilty right january. Twelve, two thousand one mason jenkins, is convicted of first degree. Murder sense the life in prison, but, of course, he's in canada. He will be eligible for parole after twenty five years. Be sure to check out where the crowded sing in theatres July, fifteenth based on the best selling Book comes a juicy mystery full of romance murder and deadly secrets. Daisy Agur Jones plays kyar an outsider, who grew up alone in the marshes of north carolina.
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for a very long time and it takes tons of paperwork and what not for the parents to finally get access to make. and when they do, though, it's kind of cool because they have like private house that they go to so the whole family can hang out together and it's so What normality I, as a normal, save of a family? This house has your kitchen with knives and all kinds of stuff, but the guards have to call model times a day in every one in the household has to come to the front come out. The front yard, so they can be seen and counted and the guards will make sure that nobody's killing each other essentially, it's sort of an interesting situation, you get undressed, and this was huge news- the families torn apart, because while the families lake well, we support
Brian and leslie in Brian and leslie support their son. Would you do that it's a tricky situation. I think it is a state and such as we couldn't just throw him away. Do you know what I mean so they lost their daughter. It was their son who is responsible for the killing, even though for many years he denies it. it's like they know, but they can't just get rid of their son. They love their son. They've lost their daughter. This is all they have left, but this rows up the community. There are many people who say that, disgusts me. How could they love someone who killed their daughter whether it's their son or not, they said it makes no sense, and so it's one of those things where forgiveness, which there seem to be a common thing for many people, but when it does come up
are people who are always question it. Why would you forgive someone for doing acts and I get the outrage but are you in the family? Are you in that community? Are you impacted by this at all? Why do you require your pound of flesh? Why do you feel entirely two, how somebody else will respond to a situation, so Leslie are being judged in the public and many dont have very nice things to say to them whether It's in the news or in person when they among the sidewalk. I feel for the parents, You know they can do whatever they want if they do not wish to accept their son's actions, if it's easier for them to.
Think that this was somehow an accident, whatever works for them by the way mason does come clean, eventually and admit to his parents and publicly that he murdered his sister. it takes years and if not until his appeals dry up that he comes clean and doesn't even come clean all away. He comes clean enough where it's not a mystery. What are some of the stories he was sailing over time? Ie told the story the four men and then near shooter. At them being kidnapped, and then it went to there is for man and he just laughed or something and then the foreman weren't there and it turned into, gun was by a coat rack and he went to grab it and it went off and he accidentally shot his sister, but she was shot five times. Then it age is too well, I shot her and then she was
suffering. So I had to finish the job. call nine one one not call for help, and you have to realise this- the single shot, twenty two rifle you load, wonder cartridge into the breach and cock it and you fired bam. Then you have to open the breach, pull that shell out put in a fresh yo closed the breach, cock. The rifle again bam. Do that far, five times and when you think about he grabbed a gun and it accidently went off. and shot his sister just think about the ballistics of that she was shot three times in the side of the head twice in the chest, which one was the accidental shot. His stories never really makes sense. When I thought about him stealing cars as a kid and in trying to return them
Do not accept any responsibility, I think we're looking at a person who hasn't grown up at all and is still not accepting the responsibility of the murder of his sister, John Kastner makes documentaries, and he found out about this case. And felt he had to cover it was called life with murder. I watched it on amazon, I'm not getting paid for that. It's well done. You will probably feel more for the parents, because it's very much in their favor, but at the same time you Do get the other side, which is this guy's a menace? He had a good relationship with his family. Had a good relationship with his sister
while she sitting there eating snacks and popcorn watching soap operas, he walked up and shudder and head what kind of person does that doesn't feel a thing about it, and this is the same person who forged wills to get property and money. We ve covered a few cases where people plan to wipe out their whole family, so they can get the inheritance. These are the kind of things that we can never really understand. Like his mother said at one point she said I am hopeful that one day he'll tell us the whole story, but no one really believes he will even mason has said. I've told so many lies that I feel like. I can't even tell anyone the truth anymore and furthermore, he
fraid of what that would mean to his parents and their relationship with him and he's probably afraid that if he actually told the truth, you would have to face his own actions. I mean he's had to face the consequences going to trial going prison, but has he really faced them? I personally don't really care If a criminal admits to their guilt, I dont really care. If they do show remorse, because I think that can be faked. People always When I say well, you know get paroled, yadda admit your gear, dotted added on, like anyone can say anything right, yeah happen. Not that long ago, in the women case in situation. Mason is up for parole in twenty twenty three his father. Brian has since passed away. He was such a time
and in carrying person, but he was a disaster after that. You could see and hear the trauma pouring out of him You could see the constant mood swings and changes. It was really sad watch this man viral, and did you lose about a hundred pounds, yeah yeah, he's unrecognizable from the old pictures to the documentary I didn't realize it was the same man and I was watching the documentary. I was like. Oh wait, man like that's the father. The other thing that we learn now with this guy mentoring and I realize documentaries can be biased or maybe they focus only on certain things: you're not really seeing the full picture, but I feel as though mason displayed in his true form, which is He has no remorse. He really doesn't he's edited by
They didn't headed out his remorse in is now reform. Now you know, given they show him his dad, like barbecuing or something in his dad's talking to him about how's mom as a sweet tooth and stuff like that, you get that sort of family. ongoing, but for the most part you don't really feel forum. You'll feel sorry for him, but is this lack of remorse over murdering his sister? Is that, like a disconnected? Where is not willing to accept what he did or is just really that cold. Obviously, this is just opinion here. I think it's a total disconnect I think, he's a common criminal, but he can lie to himself. This is another reason why dont like polygraph tests, because you lie I do yourself long enough. You can convince yourself of anything
you can pass polygraph absolutely. I think he would pass polygraph, so this documentary came out two thousand ten. Do you feel like people, here this case. Our show you feel like this is something nation watch too, so they can get the visuals but they can see this family spending time. Together, I mean much like any of the dock, countries that have come out in the last decade. I think they're all very well done you can say there biased one way or another, but they're pretty old. About him admitting to the murder and everything. So this isn't exactly I is stocky memory for against a guilty man, it's more or less trying to get you to feel for the family, but does it because even to this day, there are people who are incensed by the fact that these parents would want to spend time with their murderer son I get that and they even are afraid
four leslie the mother if he gets paroled they're afraid for the family because they think well maybe he'll continue on with his plea and maybe he hasn't learned anything because he obviously has admitted fully to the murder. He hasn't told about his action here is where I would come in and say: well how stupid can you be? If you got out of prison and then murdered your mom for an inheritance bows. Your original plan right so you might argue, meaning anyone mason wooden murder, anyone out because, while the games up yet the gigs up, we figured you out, as we said on a dumb- and I don't mean that any sort of way I just mean that he probably hasn't matured and all I dont Oh, if this guy's learned a lesson, I don't know what he's thinking he liked his family. Are you still planning to wipe them out and he did it in a day, ass manner, I mean you can
and say you shot it assailants, and then there not be any evidence of that. You can't make up this whole stupid lie that just shows how stupid he is so is he's smart enough to know that he can't continue with his mission after he gets He hasn't shown me that he's smart enough, that's what I mean when I say you dumb ray. I mean not to start a whole other thing, but one of the things we got Talking about in every case was why would a guy risk thirty, six million dollars or whatever was to attack and murderer woman, while some people are that dumb? Now don't think about! Oh, I might get caught, or this might cost me my money, you think about it. You can think about why you wouldn't do those things, but that's why you're not prison right now, because you didn't do those things, we understand the consequences. We understand how you can easily be caught, it's the the land that keeps the order and it keeps good people or opportunist from committing crimes.
An early twenty fourteen may sin wanted to use something known as the faint hope clause. So that you get out on early parole, I remember it was supposed to be twenty five years before any chance of parole, but there was this faint hope. Laws in twenty eleven. That clause was amended, so was more restrictive, masons iter was saying hey. That old clause should apply because masons crime and his conviction occur when it was still an effect. So what do you think here before we say what happened? Do you think that it should why, because it was amended later after his crime and conviction, I think it should have applied if he qualified for It will be qualify. What I'm saying here, I think it applied because it was when they applied for it, but that's only if he qualified, which who knows he met the threshold of early release. So you think Let him apply but problem.
Let him get out early, yeah and again, I'm not on parole board. I dont want to say I wouldn't let him out, or I would let him out. I let the system do that and then we annulled. Is what the system's decision was and how they came up with it, personally, don't know oh if they should, because he saw- seems to have not accepted any responsibility but and I don't put a lot of weight for the people who say they have most of you. than an audible subscriber for like a decade now, audible offers an incredible. Action of audio books across every genre, I personally love the audible originals. They have everything from top celebrities. Down experts and, as an audible member, I get access to a growing selection of audio books, the originals podcast, it's all included in my membership,
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by a jury. She was saying she doesn't see how anyone from the jury that convicted him would have wanted him to get out early. I agree with it there and even if they allowed him to apply, looks like he should have been denied, but also looks like this two thousand and nineteen that he to be able to apply for early release again, I dont know affair, seen as an issue of fairness like we kind get what you're saying about the amended rule by it, You don't really want you out right now, so what kind of you snooze on the alarm clock at the compromise, essentially for the system so screwing em over, but not totally denying the early release. So he had a couple of russia. This pass away. One was his grandmother that was what in twenty thirteen, but that funeral he was allowed to attend They they had him in handcuffs, were armed armed guards, and so here's this
may being led around and twenty sixteen his father right and passed away and they handle that completely differently They learned a lesson from the other funeral, which is, let's not make this a me A circus will literally have a garage door go up and the vehicle is in go, The garage the door will close and then we'll get out, but no one will be there to photograph it now. They're going to treat him like a human and they're gonna not bring more attention to there's something really interesting in this whole case. Like you know, we don't cover canadian cases very often, but it seems they're letting the family spent, I'm together in real ways and is being allowed to grieve? Where most people would we two he's allowed to attend. The funeral he's allowed to be a part of the whole process. ass when I think, like anywhere else that would be questioned. Is this all part of that hope that maybe he can be
place back into society. I mean that there have been statements like maybe if we let him do this work programme, he can have employable It is sometimes it's the whole process of rehabilitation and getting him reintegrated into society. Hope it works. I hope he figures it out. So let me ask you this: we hope be figures Now you ve expressed a lot of doubt about whether he could ever mature enough and come to grips what he's done and because of that be able to seek real forgiveness. I mean just because his hence communicated with them and supported him and said they forgave him. They didn't do it after being told the whole story. So what do you think needs to happen because
as we can tell he's, probably not going to get released until twenty twenty three at the earliest. I think if he gets released and twenty twenty three that's fine. I would hope that he accepts his actions. I hope that he shows some sort of remorse, but I don't think that's going to happen. Is it required not really when it comes to? If he's going to reoffend or not before he went to prison before he'd murdered his sister, he was a criminal, then he gets put in prison. He was actually a pretty good inmate like he had zero or very few incidents while in prison. I think they found that he had teach seeing a system want so one time he was intoxicated in twenty some years he's in there with prison giving an opinion that I've been told to me. This is not me saying this but alive prisoners say time is
at a standstill? You have nothing, you don't have any progress when you're imprison you're, not cheering unless you are taking advantage of the educational system, taking advantage of all their programmes, you're in a dead zone so did he mature. Did he progress while he was in prison the weight it doesn't sound like a and c. I think this only reinforces the public's perception of the case, which is this young man at age, twenty killed his eighteen year old sister and there's no remorse about it. Now, whether he's to himself or just doesn't want to talk about it? He did this and then his parents forgave him and spent time m continued to love on him. There are pictures
and find online. But people are outraged by this because they feel like he's getting away with it he's incarcerated, they're, holding him in prison. They feel like he's done away with it in a way I don't know if it's gettin away or if it's your releasing but he that's still a menace to society out onto our streets. It's not really. He got away with it. It's a has he been rehabilitated. Is he a threat? Most people will look at him and be like kind of is. Although the system and the pro board say: he's probably low level threat, her least likely to re, offend my guess what I'm saying there was early on. We started the episode, you said. Forgive me Ass overshadows the crime and what I'm saying is, I believe
is that a lot of people in the public are saying because the parents have forgiven him there isn't that pressure for him to actually I'm clean. He already has the forgiveness, it's kind of like hey, you know, sit up, sit a boy I like when you're dealing with a dog have him do some tricks and then he gets the treat. They already gave him the treat, and now he doesn't have to do any tricks. I think they feel like the parents sabotaged, justice in this case. But, as you said, I don't know how many times it's not the public's pound of flesh. Here, it's the family that has to deal with the tragedy, it's their loss. It was their daughter. So who gets to be outraged here? Yeah, I guess that's the real question. I get it from a philosophical standpoint,
I agree in that. It seems like something more should have been done here to try and get mason to break. But it's not really our demand. That's important here. You know so philosophically I get it but practice, this family suffered enough, and if this is what they have to do to get by day to day, it's really difficult for media. demand some kind of action or speak out against them. Would it are awesome? Researchers say about this when she rode up our document. We had research assistance from hayley she wrote this because we always ask send us your opinion and she said, mason. doesn't seem to deserve what wonderful parents he has. He does not. To show remorse for what he has done and contain to lie about aspects of the case when there is no? to do so. I'm glad he's going to be.
prison as long as canadian sentencing law will allow. I agree his parents are awesome, so in other words, instead of dogging on these parents and obviously Brian has passed but leslie is still around. If dogging on these parents again, maybe we should show some sympathy its again, not our pound of flesh, know and that's why I wanted to cover this case because forgiveness became the real story in this case where a brother murdered a sister, the forgiveness by the. Parents overshadowed that terrible crime will its wrap. This up justin If anyone, the audience has anything, they want to say on this case feel free to tweet at us, at genoa, pod on twitter or hit up our facebook,
age generation? Why podcast? Thank you so much for listening.
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