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August 27, 2017. Corning, New York. On August 28, 2017, Sergeant John McDivitt of the Corning Police Department responded to a call concerning the welfare of 46-year-old Michele Neurauter. A family friend had stopped by to pick up Michele’s youngest daughter for swim practice and received no response. When he looked through the glass on the front door of the home, he noticed the silhouette of a woman who was motionless and unresponsive and called the police for assistance. Inside was the body of Michele Neurauter who appeared to have hanged herself. But did she? You will not believe where this case leads the detectives...

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so errand tonight's case takes place in upstate New York. The terrible murder that, when you find out, who was involved. It can be a bitch, king and disturbing ah it hard to rapid had around how family members can do that. To their own, but we ve been this game long enough, we ve seen way worse so with that we talk about tonight tonight, we're too king about the murder, Michel, nigh rider. This was a case that started off on the wrong foot. Much like this been a Ramsay case. Michelle forty six years old at the time and earned masters degree in literature and pretty much a fault mom she home schooled. Her three daughters spent her free time doing charity work and he became an english professor once knew mostly kids role.
Not starting care themselves. She was there yup standing all of her family loved her. She was the the go get She was considered the motivated one in the family. She as the main parent children's lives now Lloyd, nigh rider were is forty, five years old, had been married. He described as eccentric and center of attention. He would take his daughters to their ballet class, and that was sort of how he got a lot of his attention. Apparently I dont know how that works out at the other moms. There thought it was cool to see a dad taking his daughter, two ballet he with his eldest daughter and Brunswick New Jersey, where he worked, an engineer after he and Michel split up. They had three daughters
but when it came to their split, this was a very contentious force It was said that the court House was very familiar with these two because of all the filings that took place at me, ass, they were splitting up the family split up the eldest daughter two New Jersey and lived with Lloyd. Carrying her younger sister move with their mom to new Housing Corning. So one of them. Is that how you might say is you to know a person when there's when around that they might feel they have to put a mask on for another? This whole idea everywhere as a mask all the time, but people said Once Michel was split from Lloyd, they said you could just oh, that she was so much more relaxed so much more at ease with herself in her life so, even though this divorce was pretty much hell She was getting her way through it, and people really felt.
like she was a stronger person, a happier person see and Lloyd were no longer together. So that might speak too The way the relationship was towards the end or maybe all along, but the real reason divorce was so problematic is because Lloyd wanted soul, custody of the kids he's the one filing again, again and again he filed twenty six separate sets of filings and Michel felt harassed, because of all these? Their divorce happened in twenty twelve and not only was the court's familiar with this household, but the police were called out to the home since of times for domestic disputes and arguments and fighting so was late in August of twelve seventeen when
There is another court appearance that Lloyd was supposed to be at, but he didn't show and when the court attempted to reach him, they couldn't they tried phoning him. They ve sent him emails. Now Michel sent a text message to divorce lawyer on. twenty six or twenty seventeen and she was saying that I am in shock. Loi. Didn't Short for the appearance for US petition for sole custody, he did not withdraw. He didn't ass for an adjournment. He didn't answer the course phone calls emails nothing, but this is wrong. The out of his character, because this is he's been gunning for for awhile Ryan, it's where he needed to do was convinced the court that the kids should be with him. You know at, and I kind of get it because the way people described Michelle that's not exactly the person. You worry about the kids being left in the custody of she's. This great mom
involved with their kids lives and does lot of charity work. This is like you a very upstanding. That's probably an uphill battle for this guy who's, no to be the centre of attention. I'm sure he's more complicated than that. But would people talk about him Now he has his way about him. He's kind of eccentric. You take these two people to court. Who's gonna win that battle. May he saw the writing on the lawn thought. That's it, but disk case gets complicated because just two he's after he's a no show something terrible happens. It was Monday, ok twenty Eightth twenty seventeen afresh. The family went over to the house to pick up the the starter for swimming practice, the friend knocked on the door but didn't hear anybody. no one came to the door and even was dark inside. He could see. a silhouette of a female,
standing on the staircase, but they were moving so this friend thought something was seriously wrong and decided to call nine one one, and he says I got something strange happening at a friends house. I I saw the mother standing in the stairway but she's motionless. She motionless and I'm concerned, and None on one operator says so she standing there not moving, and he says it's kind of hard to tell it's dark, but that's kind of eerie, Derek backing. You know it's answering and you see them standing there and they're not moving or responding that's very Erie, and I'm sure this friend is trying to express that there they ve got a sick feeling, so honor shut up to the house and they got in. They discovered Michel Nigh rider at the bottom.
The stairs. She was below the banister around twenty feet from that front door and it looked like she had hanged herself, so the Corning police Depart a sergeant John MC did it said he recalled looking through the small glass window and he said He saw a female lying the bottom of the stairs and, of course, when they went to enter the family dog rush pass him. There was a black rope around Michel's neck and when he checked her, she felt cold to that such and stiff. There is no pulse, so this appear. to be a suicide by hanging this family friend was post to pick up the young daughter which she's to be found in the household. So this worries them few phone calls later they find out that carry who is going to college and Rochester is her younger sister at the time so that
planes why the daughter wasn't with her mom now Roger stir is about a hundred miles, Dr North of Corning. It takes an hour and a half fish to get up there Rochester Isn T Northern Centre of New York state. The authorities got call from carrying nigh writer- and she said upset and she saying that a friend had called and told her that mom had taken her own life this lieutenant heavily, who took the car, at the Stew Ban, County sheriff's office in New York heard this hide. This carry nigh writer, my friend. Call me earlier today and told me about my mom and that she I'm I'm sorry. They called me and told me that my mom hung herself that's what she said and she
She also confirmed that her younger sister was with her. She has more to say, though she tells the officer about something from the night before she said that she had travelled home to Corning does, and the night there before going to Rochester and a guy into her pretty heated art. with her mom and she said that's when she laughed and she took her younger sister with her and she said because her mom was freaking out and she thought be better. If she took her her with her because of her moms behaviour. Now, with the past, history this household wasn totally unfounded to hear this, but the detective Please, sir thinking, who called you to let you know your mom is dead and their seeing some weird paw hole. in her story, but at the same time they're not. Ringing any serious alarm bells their discussion, Keeping these notes in the back. Their head and thinking. Ok,
We have some more questions for you about will will take you for your word. Right now You at your word for right now, plot holes had so. Yes, they don't really believe her story. I think this is what really gets them thinking? What's really going on here I mean carry. had explained, that Michel was kissing her of siding with her dad all the time. So LISA gap. That makes sense, but I dont know that they like the idea that she took the younger her with her. and I dont, know how much sense that makes either I mean, carry explains it, but I know how the mom says: that's, ok or does upset about that also Michel, because Lloyd, wasn't there the shells looking pretty good in court and France had even said she celebrated with her kids the day before this and seemed being the best place she had ever been so
What is her motivation to take her own life? If life is going her way or even are you with her daughter, I mean she's got the Perhaps now there's no reason the hash this out, unless, of course something just argue a lot, but the police still are very on were about this whole situation, so the police get in touch with. Lloyd, nigh rider and he heads backed according He was in New Jersey. Of course, he was questioned by police on the phone and asked him. about the last time he had spoken to his ex wife and what she was like. What she had been like recently and he told an officer the last how nice with her, I couldn't even say, but starts telling them about how his Ex wife had made suicide and with high school friends and that that alarmed him, meaning she has a history,
of talking about suicide. is that she was out of control and would fly If the handle very easily insinuating that she might spontaneously do something like this, and he said it's not from his own mouth he said his own daughters had told him about Michel's behaviour, so the detectives have gotten two different versions of the story, one from thought this daughter and the other from the Ex husband, but have to get to what really happened in usually autopsies tops he's gonna, give us a lot more answers. Then Anybody else could they determined her death to be death by a six year. but when it came to homicide or suicide, it was undetermined. They advance They then black, nylon rope around her neck. That's typical, but not really, then rope like this
also Michel's family members bay did their own googling, and this is something that we do and they found that women typically don't themselves by hanging. They use pills, there's other more prevalent for some suicide- I guess so hanging, isn't the most common form for a woman to take their own life. So the families really questioning this and d all is looking at this and noticing that she has scratches all about her face and mouth and these appear to be from where the rope was around her face or through her mouth now if you are gonna be a little more but If you are, hanging yourself and you just put a rope around your throat and your just forward can see the rope maybe getting caught. on your face, but she was hanging from the banister. It was around us
so there's no way that she could have gotten this rope stock, her face and then moved it to her throat it just didn't really see a lot of things about that. text up. So there thinking somebody put this rope around her from behind. And they didn't get it around her throat on the first try, so they got it around her face and there was a struggle and as they Looked around the house a little bit more, they saw that some of the furniture move. Some. The beds had been shoved that at least the bed in the upstairs bedroom happen. Shoved, overloaded signs of a struggle possibly and then you, These rope burns on her face this autopsy very questionable. Do you feel like the is just being very conservative here or you doubting their findings. I think there's to be conservative. I don't, I think there are doing their job and saying it's undetermined cannot say that this was homicide all
say is there are some questions here now it's? possible. She tried to hang yourself from a we're distance for different methods, and she got these marks on her face somehow, but taking The totality of everything that they had theirs more investigation is needed, one there, information to be had from friends and family. and among them there were those that said. Suicide is possible, she'd been through a lot, but there a couple of things about it. That relieved in the end, I think stuck out as making this unlikely that it was suicide One was well Michel, they just and see her leaving her daughters. It's not She was losing them. She was keeping her daughters so that that didn't make sense. The other thing was Michel wrote pretty much every day. By which he not leave behind a note, Not everyone leaves a suicide note, but just shared a degree
literature and she was a college professor plus she loved her children, would want them to have closure. No suicide. Note all these stone, add up in the families mind so detect, is there use this undetermined as o, o to move on they use as a springboard? Almost there looking at this and thinking based Everything we know this very well could be a hammer I'd staged as a suicide took mom to get to work
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Find any sign of forced century to this property They couldn't find signs that there is any left, but there something that looked like dark flax on the bedroom wall and it could be blood, but they also said in all. This could have been someone. She knew it was a homicide, the perpetual? It could have been someone that Michel knew personally and so is light in or had their own key, and at that point I think we can all say together. The Ex husband will suffer person you look out right, yeah exactly so. We have this. Relationship that didn't turn out to good this contentious divorce and this ongoing custody battle for the kids. Well, it's quite obvious right if she was murdered worthy what's that her ex husband, had something to do with the very man who was extreme. The angry with her over this custody back
Malware was Lloyd, though, at the time when Michel died, he had a pretty good alibi. He was helping his all. This daughter move two Rochester for college and he had driven up there. helped her move into an apartment and then, stay the night at a hotel in when they checked phone records. His phone was in that area too. I time so his by on the surface, looks pretty good and his phone records back it up and he had gone to California to his. Maybe that's where he was when he found out Michel was dead, The night of he was a hunch miles north and he was with him daughter to back them up so, Why has this alibi? Any speaks with the police now, when he talks with them he actually brings receipts to show them
he's been in other places. But the thing is is when he first talked to them. He kind of alluded to the fact that he was in California and that kind of through them for a loop they were thinking weight. Are you telling us you were in California, but eventually yeah? They kind of work it out to wear he's like now. I was staying in a hotel in Rochester. So of course, what can they do? They, check to see if there's any surveillance, oh from their hotel. They checked in it, and there is when they see him checking in at the hotel at the time he said he was there, but then what do they see Aaron while the next morning, carry and her younger sister arrived at the hotel at seven in the morning Sunday August twenty seven twenty and seventeen annoyed said wide invited her to breakfast. and it was not long after that that he got on a plane to California, so course they want to know when you're at hotel. Did you ever leave? and he says I Didn'T- leave this hotel.
Between the hours of eleven p M and seven, a m. Of course they're checking those phone records, like you said so they're not going to move on from Lloyd, but they're going to start looking around at other potential persons, interest and of them. Is nineteen year old carry nigh writer after all, she The last time she spoke with her mother. She had a terrible argument with her. Now they check her phone records Justin and what are they find their way She said that she had had an argue. with her mother, the night before finding that her phone with action, at the house, a general vicinity for longer of time than she indicated a machine tried to say it was now more than a half an hour, but their fight that she was therefore about two hours now had a chance to speak with the youngest nigh rider carries younger sister and sheep, them something interesting. This is about
Saturday night when they believe Michel died. What did the youngest daughter say well she said that she heard a commotion, and lots of screaming. Ah she- said it sounded like someone attacking her mother. and when she went up to it, to get to see what was happening older sister, carry sort of intercepted her hand, told that their mother was there upset very angry and Tom, they needed a leaf. That's when she Took her younger sister and they left I used to go to Rochester, so investigators think carry could have been involved in this situation, but she's strong enough to move her mother so she would have needed help not strong enough to over our her, not strong enough to give her honor and of a rope none of those things yeah, so they're. Looking
at this footage going through more footage from oh tell Lloyd had said he had stayed at its, and he was alone during those hours that he was there from eleven p m to seven a m now they're finding foot that showed. His daughter carry leaving hotel room at about ten o three p m on that Saturday and then some, more than eight hours later hats, thirty in the morning. Footage showing Lloyd Turning by himself, I think that's a big find so he lied. We all know happens when you lighted detectives. So at this point there thinking it is the one that had the motive. Obviously the opportunity, but the concept of he and his daughter both being in on this is a little hard to grasp, but the a skaters are following the evidence are following where he is who is worth and
thinking. While we need to put more pressure on them, but one of the great ideas they come worse than this is in MID November of twenty seventeen. They decide to tap Lloyd and carries found, and they start listening in, but there's nothing to find there so an investigator Enzo calling carry and says: hey can you now the station. I wanna talk to you some more about this case laughter they hang up. Carry immediately called her dad and said: hey the police I talked to me and Lloyd tells her hey I don't really want you meeting with them. I want you to come up with some excuse say you have account. thanks session in New Jersey that you just can't mess that during conversation Lloyd, even laughs and ass. Her could you cry, and she said I might, said you cry and say sorry, I have to go down. It would be nice, then if it was just over and carry responded, that's the dream.
What do you? Do I mean you, listen to this phone call headed you perceive carries tone and overall attitude both at them sounded hopeful that I would describe but especially Carrie. She sounded very hopeful, and this is my perception, but I would encourage anyone who wants to listen for themselves to go check. It out but dumb my take, is that they sounded like they were hopeful that this was all going to work out in their favour. As I exactly what you expect to hear From a woman whose mother has been found dead, so the district attorney Looking over this case decides, we should get another expert opinion on Michel, so they bring in a private forensic pathologist to take a second look at Michel, my writers case, and this pathologist. they say that the emerging,
in the eyes, is indicative of strangulation and dad rope was obviously pulled. And down and not up as you would expect and hanging, and they determined that this was homicide and Michel had been strangled to death, which is going to give investigators thing to work with its called leverage right and they didn't have Michel's body for this Second, pathologist to review so all day were all of the evidence. Color by the first pathologists, but this included there notes images of Michel's body and, like you said, the particular merging really stood out. This is something I think throughout history. was probably missed for many years and many killers got away with crimes, because this is it
something that they were looking for forever, muted stage He bade look like a suicide and you could maybe get it with it. If someone didn't know what they were looking for, you have. The first biologist. Not really taking note of this right there. the peace that I would maybe knock. The first autopsy on was not taking note of it. I dont know m for not coming right down, saying this was absolutely homicide because, again, I think that they were just doing your job in trying to give investigators. I this determine, but you need to investigate more, that's how I interpreted it but I'm glad they went back and did a second one. So on January. Twenty four twenty eighteen carry now Knight rider was again She by New York State police. This time this is an official questioning now they are also showing up to collect.
Wade, Nereid her in New Jersey, and they told him your ex wife. Her death has now been ruled a homicide and they said we'd like you, take a polygraph test and he said sure he agreed right He acted, shocked and appalled that it was a homicide and I get there. upset him more carry is feeling the pressure from the questioning. And seems to be confused about her story. First time, she's talking, about going over the house, she says, that she and her dad when thou together, but then catches herself and one. to retract. That statement and said She went in alone to scope it out, but it's that law before she starts just spilling the beans. She confesses that law Her father had come to her with a plan to kill her mother one week before her mothers death
Part of her statements are that she would be part of his Alan, I and that she would drive come back to her mother's house and give, access to the home and then distract the younger daughter and then try him back to his hotel that he was supposed to be staying out. This is a very she has a lot of involvement was just put it that way, while theirs, a bit of emotion, coming out, and I think it's wench starts explaining the sequence of events she went in to the scope, the place out and then her dad when upset here's to wear her mom room was, and she could hear- her mom, getting very upset saying? What are you doing? What like? Why are you here? and she saying why why when she starts to break down because she's explaining at that point how her dad attacked or mom
now she has a mode. For her dad to do this to commit this murder. She said the her dad could no longer key. but with the child support payments may be there The real reason why he wanted so custody- and here hold his daughter, carry that he considered taking his own life because well he just couldn't afford all this. He said in the end he wouldn't take his own life if carry would help him Her mother, Michel and stage it to look like a suicide, was an ultimatum he said, I'm going to kill myself and you'll get my life insurance money or we kill your mom. had to choose a terrible thing to say your daughter of she did get along better with her dad. After all, it wasn't, a story that she made up when she says that she was arguing with her mother a lot so
investigator asked her. When did you guys first discuss. It was supposed to look like a suicide and carry responded. The first time he told me about this, Then he said he was going to put a towel in her mouth, so she be quiet and then put the rope around her neck and strangle her. She said that, after her dad Lloyd Finish with, her mother, then he went out the back door of Michel's house and got into the back hatch of carries vehicle, but carry let Lloyd her father and through the hatch back of her view. Go and she believes that her younger sister was not aware that her dad was in the back of that vehicle. Then they drove two Rochester, so they have this confession: Justin This is everything they needed in all came about because of tapping there and then pushing them a little with that call to carry so
Lloyd, who is so confident about ok, I'll, take your polygraph test. He didn't show up for it now. We understand why he didn't show up for that final LE court date either because he had an alternate plan to get its way. Yes, oh they tracking him down he's down town Princeton. He drove his car to the fifth floor of a parking garage and He got out of his car and he was it said perched ledge. He was gonna jump on. and take his own life from the top of his car park, yeah, which I'm thinking He was on the fifth floor, that's right the cost of whether or not he would have died on don't know, but he had his. When in his hand- and he would say that he wanted to talk to his daughter. Now the officers course they dont want Lloyd to jump, whether they thing
he'll die or not. They don't want him to jump so they're trying to talk him down. They end up having to tackle him to the ground, so they ve got him and they arrest him. What are the charges here? haven't felony counts. First to be murder, first a burglary first degree. Custodial interference, tampering with her What evidence second degree conspiracy and said degree solicitation? He was ass charged with endangering the welfare of the child and offering for statements and false instrument for filing Carry nigh writer was charged with four felony counts, second, agreement, First, a grey custodial interference, tampering with physical evidence and second degree conspiracy. Now we and explain this earlier Justin, but this was a huge investigation. vault multiple agencies and apartments, including the FBI, the Corning policed,
I met the stoop uncanny district, attorney's office, the New York State Police, the New Jersey State Police and the North Brunswick and Prince the New Jersey police departments. This is a lot of cooperation. The done their homework, and They have a pretty solid case against these two. So that's why they? our common in hard with all these charges and are now between the but since they have the security footage, they have the odd our seas and now her confession. Now they have them both I'd say nailed to the wall. It wasn't as though carry only talked after they cut a deal with her. She just told them everything now care and her dad Lloyd we're going to have it, wait trial. They both plaid not guilty, but district attorney Brooks Baker, decides he could use, carries help to really make
her that Lloyd goes down so and they say you know. If you cooperate with us, we could be looking at fifteen years to life. If you don't cooperate, looking at twenty five years to life, how some hard time, yet looking at just a minimum time there. She could not ten years off wouldn't like that idea? we know we already said earlier. Her dad had given her a tough choice. This was a tough choice to, she's having to go against her dad, but she does. But this is where She said something else to the investors that she hadn't told them before, because when she talked him scares before she made it sound like she dealt with her younger sister and her dad down with her mom but now she tells investigators that, after her death murdered her mom. He had her come over help him move Michel's body, so she had move her mother to the banister and
watched him as he tied the other end of the black nylon rope around that minister before shoving his wife's body over the side. This is a big deal because now she's not just kind of running interference to help her dad now she's directly involved with that right there. That means that she should be up there with her dad facing his trial here's to get emotional again, but there's this idea that she was manipulated, possibly by her. add, and it maybe he'd been doing it for a long time. They talk about how he treated the daughters, How it was a very year, has military his style level of punishment is dreamily, strict with them, and he did what's called parental alienation had said ads, when a child's resistance or hostility towards one parent is not justified.
and as a result of psychological manipulation by the other parent, but we know that That's when someone's constantly putting it in your head that the other parent is it a person valet doesn't like you. Wouldn't mind, seeing you dead. We see this in a lot of divorces, Bennets A really disgusting hey. Viewer I mean. I know that not every it's gonna, be civil, not everyone's, going to go through a divorce or separation when it involves children's and be completely just fine with it, but when turn your children against the other parent. Sir, it's really move this district attorney baker. I think that this is the guy that comes up with this idea that carry manipulated in talk with carry finds out. Twenty fifteen Lloyd had and scary. that Michel had attempted to killer. This is as they were, arguing the driveway
Michel started reversing the car to get out of it. I've way and carry was in the way the car. Now she was never struck with the car by it. This is where that manipulation comes in and says: hey she really It won't run you over if only this happened. If only that happened, you could have been killed, and so this District attorney decides well, you know he kind of steered her to her choice, all along It made it easy. When he gave her the ultimatum. There wasn't really a choice. He was going to side with him. Now, I'm not saying I agree with that. I'll give you my thoughts later, but that's what the district attorney believed so what they have I have a confession by carry. They are have circumstantial evidence. They have him lying then something else happens. They get DNA that aid needed it at this point, but one more nail in the coffin her yet some of the day
they was collected from Michelle bedroom and from the clothing she was wearing that night now, there's no way that law DNA should have been on her. They had not been spending too. together and he said that he had not been at the home the night she died so This really meant that Lloyd. Well, he had to give up a different story. Now he please guilty as charged to four you re murder just two weeks before his trial was to begin, take mom to get a word from response. Her best, means. I know if you listen to the chauffeur while we're obsessed with best beans in our humble but correct opinion. It's the best match three puzzled game by far the rest are basically the same, but but what different overlays stop crushing
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I think he was trying to shield has daughters. Actually, there might have been an ounce of he wanted to do the right thing here. He confessed and pleaded guilty yeah no question about that on whether he he's shielding his daughters or doing the right thing for them or knows what, but the fact that he says that he hurt his Ex wife he believed that she was going to harm his kids, that something that's unsubstantiated and really makes me question his motive. action for anything in this case. But what is done do since he's now pleaded guilty his our Carrie. She doesn't to testify against him in court and she's going to be large separately, as as it were her, and so typically, I would say, all previous deals are now off, but something else happens. She gets a better deal right right
well Michel's mother, Jean Lundy. She wrote to the judge and she said I'd like to have spare my granddaughter, because I dont believe that my daughter Michel would want along sense for her daughter. She would want to hurt, a chance to lead a happy life. So while Lloyd is, since the life without the chance of parole, carry that stuff, the interesting part because she was looking at fifteen years to life, For second degree, murder among the other charges, of course, but carry has given one two three years for second degree manslaughter in late. Twenty eighteen and she released on January exchange of twenty twenty two didn't even spend two years in prison, so Michel's mother and this case ass. The coup To show me and they did. But this was
Queen the family asking for mercy and the mitigating factor of how what was she manipulated by her father? And I get those arguments I do But when you literally helped plan the murder dry from there helped him monopoly. the body and the scene two skater murder and set it up as a suicide, and then lie about it I'm sorry, I am we see here teenage who are they get away, every and going to go robber, liquor, store and then maybe the guy. That's robbing liquor store shoots the men How the counter, or maybe the man behind the counter, shoots the robber, and we see that this getaway driver who may or may not had any idea TAT Vi concern. Altercation was gonna, take place. They get charged
felony, murder and they get put away. What does that say This is something to do with. Race is something to do with class system the do with who they were in society, because we see them get away more time, then carry who was an exception? sorry, he call what did ass. She was an accessory to this murder. I think oftentimes there people who enjoy, show but might take it. action to how we analyze the people involved, and I think it's because you I try to find a good in people, we try to see hope because these are things that aren't really looked at it games like anymore and we'd. Like the idea of well being able turn around their lives, etc. But have a hard time, understanding how they just let carry off I guess: that's how I see it
and not only do we try to see all the good and all those things you just mentioned, but we try to the consistency and how our legal system works, that right there is the problem. With this case, I don't Stan I in I've I've read what district attorney acre has said. I understand what Lloyd Nigh writer has said? Anne ball. Trying to say that carry really wasn't making our own decisions here, because she was manipulated so much, but damn I go back to her kind of almost being hopeful and happy when she's talking to her dad they don't realize. there being listened in on an island think about how she's getting emotional when she's relating knowing that her mother was being murdered in that house. I think about all this. I think you cited with your. Had I dont know that it's manipulation so much as he was the preferred parent
and because he gave her a tough choices, really didn't want to go against them, not because of manipulation, but just because she got along and better It doesn't matter how bright and sunny and happy in grey person. Michel was that, does it really count their people that will gravitates? that she has her mother. She has friends have all point to that say she was amazing, but everyone's gonna like her, and it is sad to me that Michel's life didn't matter when everything was on the line, this was is chance to look at the situation, hey. I don't want anyone murdered. It's not like. She fought to have her dad, not take his life and to save her mom. Now she made the choice. I'll have here. It bothers me that this is what they decided to do. I'm not gonna go out you know, get petition signed or something but yeah. This is a problem. There
This is letting someone off the hook for murder, I'm not gonna. Go on some tirade and say that what they did was wrong here. I just want to. System to take something like This were somebody who instrumental in almost every step of the way and a murder planned first degree, murder is literally allowed to Fuck Meanwhile we have other people that had nothing to do with a murder just were standing in the room when it happened, who get three forty years, so, let's just maybe those people. got the thirty forty years shouldn't have It's all I'll say now wonder if This would have been the same result. Had there been a different district attorney in charge, because I feel This is this is like an opinion. This is just his call,
and now I be sitting here. What people in the audience have to say after having heard how this whole thing went down subscribe on apple? I cast Spotify or wherever you're listening right now join wondering plus in the wondering app to listen ad free.
Everybody has something that they would give anything for end. Fortunately, there's people out there who will explain There's nothing. Nothing from wondering, comes a story about true I love you so much power you're gonna, have to completely submit to me and give me your complete and utter obedience, and far. Some people are willing to go to get what they want. I'm Stephanie Beatrice Twin flames: premiers on February, twenty on apple outcasts. I'm using or you can listen one week early and out free right now by subscribing to wondering plus an apple podcast or the wonder, yeah.
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