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May 18, 2012. Lafayette, Louisiana. When Mickey Shunick rode her bike to a friend’s house, it was a normal occurrence. When she didn’t come home for her brother’s high school graduation, family knew something wasn’t right. Mickey was in a violent sex offender’s line of sight as she rode her bike and never made it home.


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Join wondering plus in the wondering app to listen ad free from wondering I don T matter said I today right, I'm doing good work recording during the day, which is a switch. We have a blogger name, Lindsey and You just put out something pretty cool right. She published a book
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this is my camera shoe Nick twenty two years old, but she goes by Mickey and Oliver his collar Mickey. We will be to her as Mickey. Throughout the episode- and had a brother name Zachary, who was celebrating the end of his school year. Her parents, Tom, Nancy. She also had a sister named Charlene. There is, go to his graduation its may. It's warm out their celebrating their partying the night before they expire It has to be at this graduation, she's, very close with their family. when she made a commitment she stuck by it The graduation was Saturday made nineteenth twenty twelve and when she's not at home, that more, bring her mom, know something's wrong. They think
maybe she went to the graduation on our own or Syria. There They get home from the graduation when they start calling the police and its five p m when they report her missing by six thirty am local television stations start broadcasting? that there is a missing woman, their people that are sound about her whereabouts. There guns for her safety, and so action is taken immediately, the pool Sir, trying to retrace her steps, the be a night. Gone and attended a concert with some friends at around one thousand and fifteen p dot m. It was at the Artmosphere in Lafayette at one thousand two hundred and forty four. She rode her bike back to Ryan Street. To visit with a friend
This friend is named brightly Wilson, they're just friends, but they got pretty close after they were attending college. he had attended university wheezy Anna. She was studying Anthropology and she had no rightly throughout high school, but ass few years. They had become a lot closer and were spending a lot more together, of course, with other friends of theirs, so Obviously this is the last person She was close to who she seen with around I'm thirty she's captured on a surveillance camera at a talk, Bell On thirty one, a M she received a call from a friend and the quick conversation, but since the last time. Anyone will hear from her and the last time her phone as used, then at one forty, eight she's again caught on a their security camera? This is better
in Saint Landry and Blue, come Colosseum. This is good because the police, are able to figure out where she was going like the route she was taking to get home they knew at least from what her friend was saying that she had left to go home, and this was about a for. My by cried dealing concerning thing here was: is brightly head said that was pretty tired, but in subsequent interviews he had revealed that she did this all the time it wouldn't be any different than someone who is tired may be getting in a car and driving a couple miles. It's not a big deal for her she did it all the time now because of the time of night. This was luckily there is not a lot of other cars on the road, so there able to ice
down to a few cars cuts in other their speculating. Maybe it's a hidden run. Maybe somebody sides wiped her. Maybe something far more nefarious, but there's only so Any car is out on the road at that time. They need down to a few vehicles and they investigated. They were able to knock to those vehicles, author list and say we don't believe there's any connection between these vehicles and whatever might have happened to Mickey. But there's one thing: no vehicle, which is a Z. Seventy one, Chevalier pickup truck, that's white, that they're looking for an errand if you ve ever been down in the south. The Texas Louisiana Every he drives a white pickup truck. They are everywhere the fact that they are able to get. The make and model of it.
Very important is important, but it doesn't their job really too much easier. They still have a lot of vehicles that have to try and tracked down and tie to this situation, so one of them, They do, of course, is that the public for help have you seen anything? Would you be able to identify this truck or possibly know who whom been operating this truck at this time and others tip line set up and in a day into that the family of big issue. Nick are getting the word out there trying to get me all to organise, search parties obviously, activity on social media, they set up, I guess she is operations at one. Ryan Street, which is rightly house they organised foot searches along the route that Sir she was on they even it up. Doing. Robo calls to the area to try to. Organize locals and get information right?
again, it's just a lot of concern, mostly because they said this is a very reliable person and if missing and not answering her phone there's trouble and they didn't know That meant that she was injured somewhere, like you said, maybe so accidentally hit her bike or something worse may have had and something more sinister, so one of the best resources that you can get. If there's missing person is the Texas Aqua Search. I hope I'm saying that correctly Wednesday and Thursday made twenty third and twenty fourth of two thousand twelve. They arrived after yet. So it's on May twenty. Fifth, though, of that year, when the authorities finally release this footage of Mickey on her bike and I would say this is probably something that really helped those in the public might know something help out now, if any
once driving along the road, doing pretty much anything They come across a bicycle, its hopefully going to ring a bell. I mean be walking down the road and there could be an abandoned bicycle and Bush, or can a I'm not gonna, think anything of it, but I just saw a newspaper. Of a missing woman who was on a bicycle now I'm going to be a lot more prone to report that bicycle. It definitely helped because it, less than a day later, when her bike was located. Now this was reported to the public until the twenty eighth, but in the meantime, Texas, Aqua search focused that area went to the area which was not anyway. Close to the she was writing on This is twenty miles away.
More than more than twenty miles away and the bike was located under the Whisky Bay Bridge by some fishermen, and if they were looking at it like. Oh, we can use this wicked scrap at or whatever, but then it occurred to them because of the big push hate. This might be that woman's bike that everyone's looking for its May thirty first, where a white truck was found burned out, in San Jacinto County in Texas, I don't know how many burned out trucks, were found in Texas that day or that weak? I dont know how can somebody does insurance claim- and you know, says their car it has been stolen or how many people do get their vehicles stolen and then he took it sets an on fire, but this white truck that they found
had its license plates on it. So law enforcement at least knows who belong to and that's just gonna, be one more key in this case. Like you said, had to be suspicious because this truck matches the description of the one scene on these security video. Now they that Tipp line set up writer and they do get some calls about. The struck right absolutely and that's why they re able to figure out what had happened with it. The state police stop Brandon Scott Laverne he's right. A brand new white truck. This is on July. Fifth the arrest him on a warrant related to registering as the sex offender and he's also booked on first degree murdering kidnapping charges said that he has not cooperative
When you are a registered sex offender, you have to update your parole officer, an registries with awe your movements anytime, you move any time you get a job. Whatever is, and he hadn't done, that his rock was seen video, they give call saying that's, probably his truck, and then found burned out in Texas. This is just good law enforcement connecting the dots here because there are so many white trucks in the area, I'm that. If you pulled up sex offenders, dot com, you would find doesn't not hundreds of registered sex offenders in the area, so them to peace. This together, as well as they did definitely needs to be recognised. The next day, the Lafayette Police Department held a press conference and they
public. Now, hey, we got this guy, he seems to be a good fit here. The charges against him, I think they're, just letting them know that This case is moving along, have faith us one more Aspect of Laverne is the knight of the disappearance he had report aid being stabbed to authorities he was attacked by a gas station in the New Orleans area. So here, wounds all over his body. His When was the last one scene, unscared a camera and he's driving new truck? Now they got a lot of suspicious activity with this guy. Now the fact that he report being attacked very same night- reminds we have another case that we did on patriotic Edward O Brien, who had cuts on his hand, a bunch of ones that I guess
this tells us anything is always fight for your life leave a mark taken. I would if you can, because you're attacker, and I have to go, get medical attention he's gonna have to go. Get that addressed somewhere. He'll have to explain why he has All these wounds, these injuries- and you know- and I have to say it- there cases where the victims are not able to fight back, but it's a case like this or like me, Edward O, Brien case where, when D is able to fight back. It really helps case. It helps their case get solved. So this whole time they're making progress on who they believe is involved and Mickey Unix disappearance, her family is up and down, according to her sister, it's like a ruler. Stir there one day there one day there down and the whole time.
though, they ve been holding on the idea that maybe they can work over her that shall be able to return home to the family on August. Seventh on a Tuesday investigators received credit information as location of making, spotty. It was. Off Louisiana Highway. Ten, area of Evangeline perish and when they, went there. They found an area where body, was buried in a shallow grave. It's about it. About eight thirty in the evening when the by was removed and the corners office transported back, they already suspect it's Mickey tunic. It was badly decomposed so took them a few days to identify that identification does come back as making tunic, but you know
up to this point, Brandon Scott Laverne head maintain that he had nothing to do with making Unix case at all, but on August seventeenth, this just eight days after Mickey's body is identified Brandon. Scott Laverne changes his plea. He plead guilty. murmuring, making shoe Nick as well as another person. Can you tell us more about this Jessen and by he'd? Might have done this, I was a another woman named LISA Pate and deep prosecutors were coming. after him, with the death penalty for making this murder and Laverne pretty much say I will tell you where the body is of. Maybe, if you do not give me, the death penalty whether or not that was a good enough argument or
I gave him a leverage, we're not sure but think he threw in the LISA pay for good measure, so he would not get the death penalty here's what we know about LISA page. She was five foot for she had brown hair. She had three children who at the time were aged ten four and one He wasn't married to the children's father they just dated, although they say that there was some domestic violence in their relationship and ask she went missing the two older. Children went to live with their dad and the young was put into foster care accords your family, she did have some drug issues, one of her brothers. That he was worried that that's what had led to her troubles, but he said that he would always remember her for whose truly was and that they are loved. Her effect, a lot of people remarked, her smile just imagine.
She went missing in one thousand ninety nine and it was until after brand Scott Laverne was picked up for the murder of Mickey tunic that invest gaiters would find out what really happened, Elisa pay and I'll tell you right now on it Anyone murders any of my family members or loved ones, and they say I'll- tell you the body is so I dont get the death penalty, I'll just say no, no deal and then I'll wait for them to be on death row for a couple years and then all off from a pack of cigarettes and get the location of that body from them, at least from I stand knowing is more important because either way someone like this. We can lock them up we can make sure they dont harm. Another s. Person, but I Knowing is very important to the families, and sometimes life.
I'm bars can be far worse, so we ve been king about making sure. Of course, and making sure Nick the details of what happened to her were event we revealed by branded Scott Laverne Mickey was Pfeiffer, one and about a hundred and fifteen pounds loved bike riding even here, a tattoo of bicycle on her leg. What do we about what happened that night, at least according to Brandon, he says: he was driving around Lafayette he was using a cell phone to call escort services, obviously Their surveillance. Footage of him following making honour bike He says that he intentionally ran her off the road and then he offered to give her a ride. He put her bike in the bed of his truck and at this time. He is armed with a handgun and a knife when Mickey attempt,
two grabber cell phone to call for help. That's when he threatened her with a knife make he pulled out a can of pepper spray or mace and sprayed him in the face with it and that You started to Russell Branding not the maize away from her as they were. Rustling, though make you gotta know away from Brandon and started having him the two continued I am Brandon got the knife away from her and then stabbed her at least four times before she collapsed. He he felt for a pulse, but he couldn't feel anything so he he loaded then his truck any star, Dr forty minutes away you a sugar cane field in North Korea, the parish he was gonna die her body there, but says that she suddenly jumped up grabbed the knife again and lunged at him. start stabbing him in the chest and that's when he pulled
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Airbus. Sarah Sarah is awesome. Shrilly opens a space to make you feel heard and understood. On top of that, she's really cool. Here's one for Elizabeth I've worked with Elizabeth for a year. She's a gifted social worker. She is kind insightful and helps me manage during this very challenging time visit better dot com, Slash Jen! Why that's better help eighty LP, when the over one million people who ve taken charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional, special or for generation why listeners you'll get ten percent off your first month at better help, DOT Tk. Slash Jen, why she's dead in his truck he drove to his home he went inside, tended to his wounds and got rid of all the close he was wearing, then he got back in his truck and he drove her Ready to an old cemetery
was intending to bury her body, but because He was so injured from all of the stab wounds here. It up just dragging her over to a tree line and cover her up with branches and debris, the next He would go to whisky bay where he threw her. I can do the water and then you onto a friends house in New Orleans he got one of his hand on, and the knife in nearby dumpster now according to a police report that Brandon was, of her stab wounds had a hospital about ten o clock I may nineteenth, and that report said Brandon couldn't remember where he was attacked, the more he questioned the morning says he was unable to give so this is all this adding up. This is their guy. This is why they had picked up.
in the first place, and so when brain in giving this account. It sounds believable, but he's very much admitted to commit this cry. He says that he intentionally ran her off the road. It wasn't. It accident. So it's not distancing himself. he doesn't even say that he had you defend himself when he shot her because she was stabbing him, he just said he did it. So this is a very cold and calculated attack and I'm glad he's honest because he could have made, send to something a lot differ by saying: oh, I accidentally hitter and then I offered arrived and she just it me out of the blue, that's what I was expecting his story to be, but I am glad that he at least dresses up.
He also admitted to disposing of her items, including a book back an ipod and some other items. He also talked about why he got rid of it. Obviously, because his truck is pictured the tv and in the newspapers- and he even made insurance claim on it, I'm sure there was a lot of blood and evidence inside of the truck, because he literally left her body in it. While he went and cleaned up, I have to point out and when he took his other truck to Texas and set it on fire, he lay His license plates on it like an idiot, wouldn't just take those off what goes to show. I noticed this kind jumping around a bit- but he was value weighted by a psychologist and it determined that he had an I q of one, sixteen you think he would know enough to say I'm not going to leave my place on that truck, but he might have
left them on their because he was going to report his truck stolen. So he did make that insurance claim. I just think that's very risky you're right. If he had just not left the plates on there, he would have protected himself better here. Purchased another white pick up, but he didn't just look around and figure out what kind of pick up he wanted. He got the exact model of his prey. pick up, so he bought another Z. Seventy one that way people might God. It's the same truck I don't know I thought that would work now. We that he was a registered sex offender. He was a two or three the most serious classification that requires him to be on the national sex offender registry for life. He had previously convicted of sexual battery in February two thousand. He served eight years for this
It assaulted that woman, obviously after he had murdered LISA Pate story had come out of a woman who said that her daughter was picked up by Abram, Laverne as they were driving. He started. Suggesting that he was going to be having sex with her and socially to get out of the truck and act Imagine this is probably what prompted Mickey to attack him, I mean she was hit by his truck and thrown from her bike. She probably had no real idea. going on, especially if he gets out and says: oh, my god, are you ok I'll help you out, but her thanks, I'm sure, kicked in and she knew something bad was going to happen. August. Seventeenth he's pleaded he too two counts. First degree murder, obviously
he's pleaded guilty as part of a plea deal that would allow him to avoid the death penalty and instead serve life in prison. Is part of that deal here required to show the location, Mickey's body and reenact the event that occurred in the early morning of May nineteenth. He all revealed a lot of till surrounding the case of LISA Pate. He said that met her at a hotel and ninety ninety nine, the two were digging. There for several days and when hate decided that she wanted to return to see her family Laverne. Refuse to let her leave when she the two still as wallet he smothered her with a plastic bag. Heeded to move her body to a case a parish where he hid it under some wood. Where should later be found yeah the rash, E3 planks of wood that were over her body and it was discovered, they saw
human skull when they lifted up some of the boards police, that there were remnant. A plastic on the body. So this confirms his account now Erin I think it's always interesting when somebody confessed is to a crime pleads guilty to it. Is that found guilty he's just sentenced to life in prison but there is always going to be an appeal right I dont know how but they're always is, and in his case a few years later in September of twenty thirteen. He is applied old. His conviction base On a few reasons, right right a lot of this has to do with I think time. He has nothing but time so he's probably going over his head. Why did I make this so easy? For them? I mean anything This is a chance
He literally gave himself up so with that time. He's probably had a lot of regret not over what. Did to LISA or Mickey, but regret How he just gave everything on a silver platter, all because he was afraid to be put to death. So now he claims, Hey this was coercion. I was coerced into the agreement today, my lawyer and between the court and that's why? I'm facing life in prison and is also saying there is, is too much press coverage on this? there's no way for the court for it the grand jury to be unbiased in this, and then something you and I have been a little time talking about, but he said that Lafayette perish didn't, have the jurisdiction to indict him for LISA hates murder.
So in other words, this is actually kind of a massive a case, and I shouldn't imprison right now. There should be a trial. He has a point, at least with the LISA case because it was a different parish. It should have been a different jurisdiction, but if that perish the prosecutors and court system. There allowed the loft at one to handle it. Then that's how of the cookie crumbles. If he wants to be charged separately. He could have made those arguments, then, if he thought had a chance to fight. these things in court. He shouldn't. I made the plea deal and saying that it was a false confession. He knew exam we were the body was he knew exactly where to tell the police to find Mickey's body
he knew exactly where the bicycle was. Although the bicycle found, so he might have been able to figure that out on its own. But then he talks about LISA pay. how he smothered her with a piece of plaster group plastic bag. And they found her body had that plastic bag on it. So you can say that they force, confession out of them, but it was the true so I dont know where the sympathy is here. I don't know where the court systems went wrong and that's what the difficult for us who you know. We always try to look into these things fairly. If he has all the, Details he's able to back them up with real facts, and everything lines up. It's not as it Wait where I'm going to say he's got a good points.
Where here now he's the killer, he has to pay for his crimes and the Louisiana Supreme Court on January twentieth or twenty fifteen. They agreed with that because they say we're not going to overturn his guilty. Please. He agreed to this end, to make an agreement like that, it's pretty hard to get out of it. She, given his confessions, they did I his his appeals like they should. I feel, like the one perish, not being the right choice. Dixon was his only valid point, but he gave that up. His plea deal so, doesn't matter if they didn't have jurisdiction. He wasn't true, divided over there anyway. So whatever and didn't he bring up LISA paid to avoid the death penalty. it's a sort of all on him. At this point they had not gone after him for LISA Pay.
This is his leverage to not be put to death. This is, I, who does not want to be imprisoned anymore, and that's not so rising, but on October, seventeenth of twenty eighteen well, he tried to get away he tried to escape right, stay correction, spokesmen, told local channel did he see TB their brands? Laverne tried to make a run for it at about or thirty in the morning Monday and didn't make it far, because once he got to the fencing the staff quickly thwarted, this escape attempt without incident they took him. down and he knew the gate was up. I mean surprise that it shoot em, but I'm glad that they caught him because on really being behind bars is what he it's the most this is a better this meant for him for his crimes than even the death penalty, but it's
over yet for brand Laverne. He's still is filing appeals and suing government for different thanks. He sued ever but he actually, they can think he was suing family members? He was suing authorities, everybody these, all getting tossed aside, of course, because their essentially without merit there snow, real example, here of why he should be suing in the first place, but he also talks about the. cruel and unusual punishment that is experiencing by being kept in solitary confinement Justin. We have to pause on this for a second, because I think solitary is absolutely inhumane. I think it's done away with us. solitary is all Lee used for punishment and
we'll drive you insane it's terrible But when somebody like Laverne suing saying his sentence- constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. He's a garbage human being, and we do not have any sympathy for this man and we think we'll screw you write in solitary, but here is where I have to disagree, because we don't just put people live Laverne and solitary. We put innocent people in solitary, we put any one in solid harry regardless of their crime. We don't just use, military for murderers and rapists. There's a case of Khalifa prouder. He was a teen in the Bronx who got arrest
for stealing a backpack. He was held at rikers for three years, two of those where, solitary confinement, backpack theft charge would be dropped. This kid two years and solitary for what yeah so If you do something wrong in prison, you should be put in solitary, a few days were weak but to hold someone there for years, regardless of their crime. it's it's not how we're supposed to do things and as much as we can not have any sympathy for Brandon Laverne because he's just a total p Wes, understand that it's not just people like him, that we throw in solitary for no reason take a moment There were from our sponsor babble, come with stars s day no check in case you don't speak Spanish. That means how are you doing tonight and I just learn-
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All three months for free that six months for the price of three just good, a babel dot com and use promo code Jen. Why that's Ba Ba dot com, and Code Jen. Why, for an extra three months for free babble, language for life there might have been a few people in I'm not saying anyone that personally new Mickey, but there might have been a few people back The time who suspected that brightly Wilson, her friend was involved, possibly with her disappearance, because he was last one scene with her, but if you watch it interviews with him there heartbreaking, because he sobs there's real grief there. and anyone that knew her and New Bradley knew that there was no way he had anything to do with her disk. Since and even the authorities, the Lafayette Police Department, when they made requests of him Whether it be can use
big with us. Can we have access to your your phone computer, your home he said whatever you need and he gave them immediate access and a time they requested an interview he gave it there. One thing I notice was there: are some people talking about him and they you don't know him. I dont think too many people were tried to accuse him, but it's just situation of your the last one scene with her. We really know, if you designs on her, something in so what's this all about, but he lost a part of himself. Basically, when she went missing He had gone on a few talk, shows and given interviews and sometimes the interviewers will ask him. Why didn't you give her a ride home? Why Didn't you do this. Why didn't you do that? Like you I find those kinds of questions very heartening and disrespectful, because.
I'm sure he blew. himself every day for what happened. I'm sure he carries immense guilt, but she loved bicycling. She wanted ride home? She did it all the time this was an out of the ordinary. It's just weird. How the media and society response to situations. Like this all said Well said: occasionally family obviously been through a lot, but the public and the police Department of Lafayette, Texas, Aqua Search, so many came together to help them try and have a positive resolution here, even though they didn't get the result they wanted. They did find justice because and it's got. Laverne was arrested and was Stu to life terms. Now beyond that, Scott Laverne there were some posts on Facebook,
by his family members by his brother and his mother, his mother, she made interesting posts because she said that brand Scott and was adopted as a young boy by her and she said it's not because there is anything wrong with adoption or that she's trying to distance herself. But she said because of the case some of these details would come out and she wanted to be the one to give them now. She and her son, the other sun made payments because they wanted to let the public. Now and this unit family know that have a lot of empathy here for them and that they supported the recovery of making tunic So there were these posts that were later deleted, but they seem to be very supporter. Of the shooting family, and I think, that's a great deal.
I think it's not lost on the shooting family because they had made statements that they act Lee appreciated what they heard. I'm Laverne family later in twenty fifteen, preventative from the University of Louisiana and the mafia. Government dedicated a bike. Loop too. making issue neck, and it was dubbed Mickey's loop it's an eight mile trail which takes writers through the heart of Lafayette. The city that she lived in and loved and one of the things Mickey really love to do was bicycle recycling. So this was the perfect sign it respect the perfect homage to her highlights what she loved, and everyone was super proud of her and everything she was able to accomplish each
here they hold an event in honour of Mickey to celebrate her life subscribe on apple pie. Spotify or wherever you're listening right now join wondering plus in the wondering apt to listen ad free
on a cold for every morning and any analysis Tony caresses woke up got dressed loaded is sought off shock on Andrew to his bank. After entering the office, he quickly found his investment banker and wired the muzzle of his gun to the back of the man's head. Tony wasn't there to steal anything. He was there to take his life back and his plan was so well calculated that for the next sixty three hours, they Indianapolis Police Department couldn't stop it, and so outrageous and potentially catastrophic that the entire nation couldn't turn away from it. American hostage is a new podcast, starring, John HAM. That tells the true story of one man who channeled the rage of a nation and took justice into his own hands and ass. The nation washed live Tony, would become a hero to millions to hear the story follow american hostage. Where were you get your podcast or you can binge all aid episodes right now on Amazon, music or wondering plus
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