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Murder of Sarah Cherry - 362


July 6, 1988. Bowdoin, Maine. 12 year old Sarah Cherry was babysitting John & Jennifer Henkel's 10 month old daughter. Before she was taken to the Henkel's home her mother reminded her not to tell anyone that she was alone at the house and not to answer the door. Later that afternoon, Jennifer Henkel arrived home and noticed some strange things in the driveway, doors to the house ajar, and inside her home she found the tv on and some of Sarah's things. But no sign of Sarah herself. Jennifer's daughter was safe in her crib. A check of the rest of the house and outside told her it was time to call the police and then Sarah's mother. Over the next two days the police had a suspect and the body of Sarah Cherry, which had been covered by a pile of brush and just hundreds of feet from the suspect's truck. As the evidence mounted and the case moved forward, the question of what happened to Sarah Cherry was publicly debated.

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