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December 15, 2005. Russellville, Arkansas. Nona Dirksmeyer was a beauty pageant queen, a college student, and a girl loved by many people. She was found murdered inside her apartment on December 15th, 2005, brutally stabbed and beaten to death with the base of her own floor lamp. Two suspects were tried and acquitted in Nona’s murder, meaning her killer either walks free, or is someone the police never found.

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Join, wondering plus in the wondering app to listen ad free from wondering I do. Are you doing good. Just in how are you feeling now, I'm doing good glad to hear it he'd productive today, so I always makes me feel better. Now I feel productive. Because I have actually been editing a lot today. Ah,
That's normally my job here now you do most of it, but for people that haven't It is audio a kind of take. We two directions on in one you're thinking, I'm going to make this even better and Two, it's almost like a struggle because your your brain almost wants digest zone out eventually because it can be very tedious, and we have already heard butts being sad because you- and I were there recording right- oh yeah, I know my my age is kicks in any time of editing and I just wanna watch dishes. Are her watch tv show or something else? I just it's hard for me focus on it, but do enjoy making a sound, better or making anyone sound better. When I added them because that's what it's all about is the listen ability for our audience and if they the way we really talk, they be like what are these guys sang it? Now? I don't know about all that dude. I think we have our knights were on, but yet
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What are we talking about tonight? We're talking about the December fifteenth, two thousand five murder of known at dark smile and run well arkansas? No, dark Meyer grew up in dover arkansas. She was born on december, twenty sixth of nineteen, eighty five, and it was ten years when she moved to Russell veil arkansas, which was about twenty miles away from her birthplace. She was, for her singing talent, she loved to sing muse. because she was also into opera. She was known to be quiet and shy and had if you friends, but very close friends, but during, school. She and started dating a boy named Kevin jones, This is that seems to have so much going for him. He was an all american boy. He was two wrestling. He was a member of the beta club. He also played trumpet now no not played for
kevin and donor. They had enough. Shared interests that they got pretty well mother repass pastimes, though, is just king movies together, so the thing is, though, you know they met and started dating young, so they had some tumultuous times where they would fight and break up, but then they would get back together, and The two families got along no Kevin's families, each other and got along with each other, but no While she seemed to be this great happy, though quiet kid she had kind of a troubled life. Didn't she should it telling Kevin about how her father molested her when she was a very young girl and her family didn't know anything about it and she'd never told her mother this had an impact on now his life
why she was a little distant. Why she didn't have a lot of france because she went there. Think pretty traumatic, but when she They confided in Kevin. At this time father had actually passed away, so qana gave her the confidence to speak up Tell her mother about what had happened, her mother did remarry. She married a man by the name of dwayne desert, but according to him. He said that known and he were distant yet cordial. You can imagine why she didn't feel the need to establish a relationship with him, but really this story, the region- were telling. It is because it really gives you insight into how much known ass loved cabin. Because she was sharing information within that she just didn't share with people and cheese. stood him enough to be
well to accept this about her past and love her unconditionally, not use it against her and be supportive of her A year after known, I graduated from high school she compete in the midst petty jean valley pageant. And this was in two thousand five. She died into the pageant, mostly because our friend said. You should totally do this. This would be great for you. So no no on a page and coach and prepared for this as best she could, but on the night of that pageant. She started to get fear full her nerves were worked up. So What did she do? She called Kevin hand? He said you ve got this, you can do it well, she did she went out and she sang can't help loving that man and what happened just them well her first time. Competing and she won the title Pretty impressive right. Dad worked out pretty. Well, and later that year, she
competed in the miss arkansas pageant that when pray, well to in fact a lot of the other girls that were involved in it said she was very encouraging she wasn't. Compare with them Everyone well and help them is best. She could and her platform justin was to talk about the effects of choice. hood sexual abuse and according to cabin this, her real motivation in this pageant. because she knew by competing. She would have that platform and she could spread awareness, missis something that she held as a secret. Most of her teenage years, because she found it shameful or something and now she's turned around and is an using this story to empower others so that fall. She started. going to arkansas tech university. This was in Russell veil and she and as a music major her
he'll. Dream was to become an elementary music teacher she too this time to move into an off campus apartment, now idea here is that she may have wanted to get away from home and how she probably wanna be there with her mom and the step dad, because she wanted to have our independence he wanted to start her life as an adult Kevin would end up going to for schools, so there still communication, there still friends there still dating, but their living different lives. that's a difficult thing to pull off as aetna yeah really is, and you start to become a autonomous and independent and experience other things, and maybe you I question your relationship, so was that she may have started dating other men but Kevin. didn't know about it. Plan was late that year the end of two thousand five. She was
going to finish her finals and then head home for winter break. In its december tenth of two thousand and five her boy kevin jones spent His evening at her apartment, he drove back to his home in dover. after midnight and then He called to confirm that he had made at home and in the morning known extra cabin and said good morning, cuddle muffin of you and I hope you have a great day. That sounds like the good morning way attacks. We all want to hear from the person with re absolutely now Kevin would respond to her, the attacks couple times and she didn't respond and it said that he tried calling and still wasn't getting a response Kevin decided that he should leave and go check on her, but
since he is now close here calling one of his friends who works for a It's a delivery company unease asking him hey. Can you go over there and check on my girlfriend so ryan and by her apartment and saw that the light was on in her place by she wouldn't answer the door, so he let cabin, no and Kevin and his mother decide to head over there and me ryan's and see if they can figure out. What's going on, they knock bring the door bell, they know- store is locked. They check it, but Heaven knows that these sliding glass door around back has a stick in it to keep it shut, he goes right checks and that stick is not in the door anymore, so he's going to open the store, but his friend ryan stops him and he says do you not see her mother, when Kevin looks up any looks into the apartment.
They can see no now lying on the floor, pulls that door open, runs into the apartment and cry those mona covered in blood and his thought was we need to get her to the hospital. She I was lying in a pool of blood? He doesn't I understand that she's dad so he's just cry: and somebody to call nine when one day so attempt cpr justin. He's trying to bring her back around and meanwhile he's getting blood all over himself. I mean it as Many people listening, know he's terminating the scene at some point on December. Fifteenth known her was attacked and murdered, and her parliament, her body was left on the living room floor. She was just nineteen years old. She,
negative, except for a pair of white socks. She had an inch and a half long cut on the right side of her throat. Her hair was completely soaked in blood. She hit on the head and stabbed in the back in the neck: seven in times she'd been beaten, She'd been strangled, she'd been bludgeoned. the bottom of a floor. Lamp There was an intense struggle that took place. She was trying to defend herself. She probably scratching in fighting with whoever was attacking her said that she was probably struck in the head with the base of this lamp. First, then she was hit the face and then whoever was attacking her proceeded to stab her. Our photos here, look like the the lamp was actually broken from the impact of these blows blue jeans and underwear were lying in the corner of the living room and there was also an empty condom wrapper found on the kitchen counter-
This is an important piece of evidence, justin condoms uppers. The key I won to talk about this for a minute, because this is going to play big part in where the detectives take this case because we all know that active have their instincts when they end crime scene there looking around there can be clues. those clues can stand out more after they conduct many interviews and what I learned about known ex Meyer was that she had this boyfriend Kevin. And kevin's? The one who entered the apartment he's the one that cradled her had picked up petty attempted. Cpr he's the one covered and blood they also learn that he's a big fan of the show c s eye and their thing king is maybe he thinks knows how to get away with murder, because he was is. This show religiously there thinking maybe he came into. The apartment saw
condom wrapper new that his girlfriend is cheating on him. flew into a rage and attacked her there. Thinking that he might have left this condom rapid there to throw them off from him. They're just processing the scene- and I understand this- is the person that found offering he's the one that called his friend and his mom to come to? apartment and the initial look of it. All is he's the one covered and blood, so they're going to ask- then to come to the police station and answer Few questions initially the detectives, inform Kevin that he's not a suspect Is there to ask him some questions while he's there for three hours and they're just keep repeating what and how did you find her body what were you doing all day
Kevin told them that he drove from the university of arkansas affair on December. fourteenth to spend time but the owner, he left her men around midnight he wished her work on her exams and went home. He slept in the next day, and he woke up to the good in cuddle. Muffin text tax came entered around nine or nine thirty, and he worked said the day and then later that afternoon. He to call and tax known, but she didn't answer. He knew that had plans that evening to spend time with the girls from the big sisters organization, but he wanted a talk to her before that that either Kevin was going to drop off his mother at a teachers, christmas party, and he called known again no answer. He became worried it's when he texted her you alive, that's it
next, I've sent to people m per se. you alive to somebody. That's dead, look out for him, and then he talk ah how he called his friend ryan, the pizza delivery driver told her. And to go to the apartment and check honor. He called his mom They went over there and that's when he went back to the sliding glass door around back, and got in that way. He says he entered the apartment, he turned no not over and picked her up and got covered in blood. He thought that she was still alive and that she needed help. That's why he perform cpr on her and had mom call nine when one now the detective, take down his statements and they leave the interrogation room and, as you know, the cameras keep rolling.
When they're gone and at that point Kevin broke down, began, crying pray. and beating the back of his chair cursing. He was very upset inconsolable but the police, They don't believe the story at all. They thought you killed mona, called nine on one to throw them off. They thought he had that condom wrapper there. They also were going through crime scene and that lamp did they find on the lamp and they found his finger. Prints on the bob anti lamp itself. Now there was blood, so is like a palmprint or a finger. in blood that doesn't look very good cause. You think tat means you were there at the time of the murder. Now The police are going through and trying to vat.
the thing is saying, but at this point they turn their questions and to accusations, and they say we know You killed her and Kevin? two saying you need a czech everything just check everything and they through is phone records and they confirm that he texted her. Now these are the two texts that they're looking and scratching their head on. One of them is Why are you leading me on? and then the other one is you alive. That's you alive question mark Kevin is doing. best to differ. Himself, but he's so emotional that he can't really put his statements together very well. he does leave and the day of known a dark myers funeral cabin crew. the police and tells them how he's heard There was a man seen leaving known as apartment on the day of the murder. the police say why,
You come back in and tell us more about this to the police. There thinking, oh you're you're trying to steer our investigation by telling us about some stranger. That happened to be seen. Their yeah clad come on animal we'll find out, or about what you have to say. But he says, look I have the floor. to attend. I dont want to miss it and they said: don't worry. You'll have plenty of time after you answer questions to go back to the funeral and so having goes in and speaks with detective and they said he was there for about twenty minutes before he agreed to take polygraph and if if the police were saying look you just take this polygraph. We can rule you out right if you're successful with polygram, You just cross your name off the list, assess banks, but just in how many people who take a polygraph, or suspected of murder actually passed usually less than five
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Kevin's had it back to a funeral. Is he because he's then told You have the right to an attorney. His Miss miranda rights and everyone Her funeral is expecting see Kevin there, but He's a no show there scratching there had gone. What's going on with cabin kevin lines a lawyer, because he He didn't want to seem like he had done anything. He didn't want to look more suspicious, so like now I'll. Just talk to you guys will fall This is how we to take a minute you're just then, because I totally understand that line of thinking, but it's completely wrong. lawyering up cannot be against. You in any way shape or form will again by the public right yeah I can be by the public, but they don't matter no, the pub. Doesn't decide whether or not you are going to stand trial or be convicted of a crime,
lawyers and attorneys. They figure that one out for you, The thing is: is you're not really qualified to speak, two detectives who don't Your best interests at heart You need someone there that can navigate those waters, whether you're guilty or innocent, especially if you're innocent you someone there to help you because things you're telling them you think you're helping you may doing the exact opposite and he doesn't understand his right he doesn't understand why, Please don't believe his story. He does and understand why their screaming at home. They knew that heat tat evening after the funeral, the police made a call to care all dark mire known as mother and said believe Kevin Jones is responsible for the death of your daughter and I gave her information MIKE he's a sociopath with narcissistic personality
As for carol, she had light cabin she liked his family, but based what the police were telling her. She star change your mind about him and she said well I knew it had to be someone that my daughter new, because she wouldn't just let any one into the apartment so it's over, next week that the police are really focusing on their avatar. Against cabin jones and they still with his alibi, justin, it's just too convenient in that's a little weird to me, but I get their train if I hear, If somebody has such an air tight alibi than it just seems like is too good to be true. They believe that heap and his whole cover story by calling his friend and bringing his mother to the house, so he would have witnesses to him being there not come and blood by the way they you like he's the one that left that condom wrapper too
stage a rape, something like that: believe that he compromise the evidence by touching her body on purpose, I mean there their thinking. Well, if you get here hands and sure all bloody and you leave fingerprints. Oliver will now you ve tainted the crime scene and we can't really say whether or not you are perpetrator this crime. They they think every single one of his actions was intentional and lastly known as cellphone battery was missing and detectives. believed that Kevin likely stole it. So even Kevin wasn't listed in the newspapers at the time. Well it seems like much everyone in Russell ville new the police were going after? It was an open secret that were newspaper headlines like known killer remains free or russell
the police department, has requested normal charges against one person. Everybody knows who that one person was because he was the one guy that wasn't at her funeral Let's go back to the prince because the print that they really had, that was their shining piece of evidence, was a palmprint that they lifted from the lamp bulb. Now and had tried to explain away by saying when I write to known aside. I probably shove that lamp away, and it was four lamp, but the detectives think he used this lab to attack her and that's. is printed on there in any lampshade or any cover over. The ball would have been broken or a thrown off during this attack, so that can go. Both ways Why was is print on this bob meanwhile if he did shove it away. That makes it says palm would have pushed it away
but there seems a little convenient that is his prince or their march. the first two thousand six, active, arrested cabin jones and charged him with four degree, murder and police, came out and revealed to the public that his pomp, was found on what they called the murder weapon family, they did their. Ass to help their son. They ended up selling their home because as the attorneys aren't cheap Kevin did everything he could. He was cooperative with the attorneys and he even offered up his dna and blood because they want to do their own testing so just in were there any other suspects, though any we focused on cabin jones. He was the boy friend, you know you look clothes to the victims to find the killer was there any one else, they looked at not initially. No, but they
we were investigating a suspect, a guy Alex he known known from school and dead on a few dates and spoken about getting together and hooking up Alex was supposed to see no no on the fifteenth, but he didn't and detectives. in their their stake out. They obtained access dna at a restaurant by it meaning straws that Alex was drinking from and the reason why there collecting dna evidence from both Alex and Kevin is because that condom wrapper add a dna profile on it, just now that the police have scratched out the less they all they have is Kevin Jones. We know where the it's going right, they hand off this case to a prosecutor named David gibbons.
This is a high profile case, and this area everybody knows the score and known? I was this beloved, cherished woman was brutally murdered. Kevin has already been tried and found guilty in a court of public opinion, and ponies family is thinking. Yeah is probably the one I did it so obviously in its defence team is trying to get a change of. Then you because they're saying hey, don't in this town likes the sky. They all have made up their minds, but this request, is granted and the trial is moved to. Ozark. Like I said, David gibbon was leading the prosecution and- this all centred around a motive of jealousy. This said nothing there was money, so they lay out.
case of Kevin didn't know known, was dating other men and its known and Kevin, never use condoms together, when he saw the condom, he knew She was having sex with someone else and began, as he had a key to her apartment. He showed up without her knowledge on December fifteenth now there lange either he sought winning to the apartment or he had of seeing it acts from another man on her phone. They got into a fight, and and ended up stabbing, Mona and beating her in the head with the floor lamp now. They also use his polygraph take against him and they it showed his capacity, de for anger and violence, interest because polygraph are not. The results of a polygraph are not admissible, but Recording of you tat in a polygraph look at that they go look at the sky,
look. How is behaving during this questioning so yeah don't agree to a polygraph so how can Kevin's defence help him here? Justin they can bring out his alibi, correct. They do need a hammer that home that he will there and he has a timeline for his movements so he seen by a plumber leaving his house at thirty in the morning on December, fifteenth and Kevin's own grandmother testify that. She saw him at a gas station at eleven thirty. In the morning she give him some money for lunch now, according to his Thence attorneys. If it's true that this happened, it means that Kevin wouldn't have had I'm to drive to notice, apartment, kill her and come back, and the and points out how the crime scene was completely tainted and not properly processed
The only area that was tested or dusted for fingerprints was the around her body. Now there, was the siting glass door. There were at the blind spider sliding glass door. All of that had spent blood on their not dusting, fingerprints over there. There his blood found near the front door and blood on the blinds. None of its tested, the police, Went upstairs to see if someone had flush the condom, but they didn't for fingerprints on the toilet or test many dna. This is key because they never found the condom. All they found was an empty wrapper, so they did Ass for prints on the lamp that's how they learned of the palmprint on the bob there are also unidentified fingerprints on the base of the lamp while those didn't match cabin, but they also never checked her foot.
for prints, remember the battery was taken, but the phone was left behind So there are all these areas of that apartment. They could have been tested for fingerprints, but weren't, I would just assume that points of entry ban. bathroom sinks. Those would all be points of interest at least, I know why they didn't, though, just or at least I have a good idea. Why, if your suspect is the boy friend of the victim, has entered that apartment in untold number of times. They would expect to find his prints on the door knobs on that sliding glass door. They would expect it. So why look joy? It might tell you is if someone else had entered that place and that and helped her case against Kevin Jones. But here's the thing. The defence also hammered home, that the phone wasn't properly tested because what the state did was. They gave the phone. to known as stepfather dwayne deeper- and this is how its put buddy a frugal person didn't wanna, buy
new far when there was one available that no one else needed, meaning known as so. He took it, got a battery for it and then reset the fao on? I imagine he reset the phone. I should say because this comes to the defence saying. Well, we think in a race the memory, because once we finally got phone back to test it. The memory. Erased dwayne says. I didn't raise any memory, but this is where the phone company comes and because they can recover the messages right while they were able to recover known incoming messages, but they couldn't get. outgoing messages. So we Have those two texts from Kevin that I'd find them that suspicious, but of course, everyone else or at least the prosecution and the investigators for like her you alive. What do you mean by that and also just in they tested. That condom wrapper, and this is where the defences real
going after the prosecution, they're saying that dna on there. It didn't belong to Kevin. That means an unknown. Male must have inside that apartment on that day, and all you have against our client is that palmprint on the bulb and you're so called me, and then also the excuse had shown parts of evans. First interview when he came in this is not the interview that they did with her on the day the funeral, but the previous one and only showed the parts where he was angry, You know you're works just then they can make you look like whatever if their editing right now and oh, that offence said we to show the jury the entire three hour tape, so they can see what Kevin goes through. In this interview. They also pointed out that cabin. Didn't have any injuries on his body and how he showed
at the apartment not covered in blood, his friend and his mom did not think that there is anything wrong with Kevin, or he wasn't acting in any kind of strange manner, so even The initial impression was he's the one that found his girlfriend and he's one has covered in blood. They clean that up, because that wasn't true now part alibi was. He was at this gas station or the prosecution, They bring in an employee. That said, he didn't see. he cabin on December, fifteenth intel too, forty five p m that day, meaning he had the time to get to known as apartment Kevin had said he spoke with this person at noon, so at some kind of discrepancy. There now prosecution saying thirty a m, we know cabin,
went to known as apartment ten. Fifty five Kevin uses is key. To get inside argues with his girlfriend kills her eleven ten, he stages the crime scene, eleven, fifteen. He drives back to dover and gets back by noon. a good time line. If we know that Kevin was in dover. for ten thirty and then he's driving back from dover by noon. That's enough time so there's one key in this trial, because if you go over the prosecution and the defence but their strategies were if europe, David you're on the outside. Just looking in this is a dip a case to rectify right, but jury apparently, has one witness that they really focus on, and they think is very credible. It just so happens to be kevin, joneses grandmother. They believe
alibi and what does that mean for Prosecution here means there. They do. do enough to discredit the grandmother they didn't do enough to prove where he was and Kevin could not have been at her apartment. According to the jury, So he's not the killer. Therefore, on July nineteen, two thousand seven, the jury acquitted, Kevin jones of first degree murder. This was very controversial when it happened, cause a lot of people. Felt like he was the prime suspect, and he absolutely had done this and were upset that he was acquitted, but I ll about this, just in is, after as acquittal, calves Mother pay attorneys to have condom wrapper tested and lo and behold, testing
revealed a match to a convicted phelan. What was his name Gary done now Mary done that's an important name in the known, a dark meyer case, because he was a neighbor who He would have no, no, no redone? Here convicted fell in with a long wrapped sheet for a lie. Terrible things. If anyone fits profile, it's definitely gary, so police though, and the press cares. They here this match and they have the kind of protested themselves and they also find Gary dance dna on an errand tat. This was already done. I thought that they had already too did this condom wrapper and if gear he is a convicted phelan. Now we know They did what they did was they said here. Are the people were interested in will test
this dna on the wrapper against those people, talk about tunnel vision, right, this earth. So now the police are thinking wait a minute. We have new hope here we can get somebody for this, so they in your viewing more people. One of them was Gary done. He had a previous conviction forget this for raping jogger on a jogging trail in two thousand to he. Also evictions for hiding unwanted man, selling a stolen trumpet breaking it storage trailer to steal, power tools and assault now when no no was murdered. Gary lived nearby with his wife and two kids. This was, the time when he was on parole for raping the jogger. When he was asked originally about. No, no, he said yeah I don't know who that is. Oh, it's my neighbour yeah. I don't talk to her
and when he was question about where he was on December fifteenth. He said is helping his mother remodel her home and his relative said yes, he was there. So now but he's been matched, though in two thousand a detective was thing. about a two thousand seven burglary case that led back to gary done and his own step. Father had named him as a suspect because he was parole and so when the police talked gary about it, he knows they really want to talk about. They want to talk about known, adopts mire any claim I dont know our didn't. Knower I've never been in her apartment and he then gave over his dna and fingerprints and get this took a polygraph and passed so they released him but Joe. Then, if his dna matched the dna on the wrapper when he says he was never inside her apartment. Why
They release him. I would just assume that that's enough noble cause to arrest him. Whether police stan speak to his former wife who he was living in the apartment with she said that she, woke up one day and Gary. was gone and she were outside and saw him at the door of known a turk, myers apartment, and she asked him what he was doing and he said I'm looking for my cat, but not just that justin. said I need you to lie for me about where I was on December, fifteenth, so The police are thinking okay, so it was. Kevin Jones. It must have been Gary done. How did he pull this off. What did he do so they say thinking about there, your views- and they had discovered that known, I loved cats and had fed all strays in the neighborhood and gary liked cat He owned a cat, and so we think that
must have been his way to start at befriend. Her talking about cats here if you wasn't friends with her, he could have gotten acts, to her apartment with this ruse, you know they finally issue a warrant for his arrest guess what justin Gary done is nowhere to be found. So they start having to notify nearby counties. Putting on a bowler, wow outright and it takes a state, these special agent to find him he was finally arrested on august, twenty fifth two thousand eight. Now Gary done twenty nine years old, and he as this so called alibi that he was at last, with his mother, remember, he was working on her home in they were remodeling it, but once and the police, didn't quite do their due diligence. They never taint the from the store, so Those got recorded because I mean it's not like, they record a tape and
get market and set it aside. They disk recording over eventually so gay he's trying to get this. Alibi across that that work, and there is bank record that confirm his alibi, but a bank employee lay came out and said those records. Aren't accurate systems, not fool proof here. Are wonderful, detective frost left that of his report to the prosecutor. Allegedly, as far as we know, it seems like it was left out so now that the peace You know who the real killer is just in gary done goes to trial in toper of two thousand nine at who prosecutors brought in basic because the other pro decatur? He cannot already had his attempt and failed, and they didn't we, to give the impression that they were going down a line of suspects and trying them all. Now. This is fine. because I don't know
bringing in a different prosecutor. events, anyone from thinking that, but this is what they do, they bring in jack equerry, but just in this is a problem and I think we ve said it so many times. People might be tired of hearing it or maybe they're, just like he up, but when the police don't do a good enough job with crime scene with vetting specks with collecting evidence. It's a bad thing and I really care about their excuses because we're about to find what can happen when you have a knot. Investigation? What's the file from this you have one chance to get it right. It's the truth of gary done remember, this is a man who said I was never in her apartment. I didn't even really know her name. I never talk to her and yet There's a piece of evidence, a condom wrapper in her I meant there
dna matched to him. You would think this would be damning evidence ok, I was never in there and they have proof that he must have been So what did the jury do in this case the while they against the police. Essentially, they know all this case feel like the police. Didn't prove their case That was a shoddy investigation They listened to the defence attorneys here because they they over all the problems with the IMF The the lack of testing for or fingerprints in collecting blood throughout the apartment, they just focus on the area where they found Mona. That meant her. The wrapper and the lamp everything else be damned. Will that cost because they too said look, maybe he did it There are too many mistakes here. We just don't feel comfortable finding him guilty here,
with a hungary, its deadlocked dig mom. To get word from our sponsor I'm scenes, we ve seen them all right, washed up on the shore, sticking out a shallow graves buried under the house and stuck in the bottom of the lake, but sometimes there's a little more off the beaten path that makes you said and your couch and shouted your tv wait. They found the body where, but that's what you're looking for we got you ready to stream some crime stories, hulu, it's a crime not to watch, but I think the prosecution here led by june. The query thinks that first jury, they weren't sure, but if we get us and can't jury they'll understand what we're trying to say what we're trying to do and that we have a real case against Gary done weakened him next time, try this again with a different jury, so they go to a second trial. On April fifteen, two thousand ten, so they really set this case up as well as they can. They talk of known as love of cats, are she took care of the strays and they
leave that Gary found a cat outside and use that as a way to her friend no now, and so She added up allowing him into her apartment, but what they think happened was Gary tried to talk her in sex and she refused. So he raped her used a condom and he beat her to death, but his defence theme they go back and sir pointing the finger at Kevin Jones known as boyfriend. At saying he's the killer he's. MR csi, he knew how to contaminate the crime scene, so he could say, oh all, that blood, the dna always because I was cradling her. I didn't know I wasn't thinking about that, but they think he did it on purpose and then they talk about. how there was other dna found on the wrapper and since the police the attorneys didn't test the wrapper until cabin jones case slipped away, miss it
We believe anything they tell you, they got a point. Prosecution they tried, thereby they brought in witnesses. They brought in jennifer Gary done used to be married to and she all too happy to talk about gary done and she said Gary sexually abused her while they were married and she talked about, being him outside of known as apartment at three in the morning, and she and I confronted him and she said that she went to speak to know now and another woman who was there to talk about what they were. with her husband and had they got into an argument about gary being inside the apartment. So what is this you just then. According to jennifer, he may have been that apartment multiple times so again. He must gotten known to trust him, but as we have already alluded to Gary's of person. They talk the inconsistencies in his alibi day talk
this dna evidence bring in these character witnesses, but what happens with this second trial. Once again, the jury is deadlocked There was a lot of talk speculation that the prosecutors in his case were not going to quit? They were going to do after Gary done a third time, but just in how, and is it that this happens? I would think just for financial reasons alone. This is that common well, I think they know what actually happened here and here's a saying that I always make is: if you ran this through two or three times, you might get a different result here. We have it and now it's going to go to a third trial and the a and the defence are, you know and preach I'll hearings, they're gonna be going out
each other on whether or not Kevin, joneses involvement and his case is admissible because Kevin was found guilty. He was acquitted for this, so therefore defend. Shouldn't be able to say it was the boyfriend because he was found not guilty in a court of law. Meanwhile, How do you talk about this case? Without talking about Kevin? He is pivotal and at all so this what their legal arguments are. Gonna be hinged on is what's goin to be let in and if being able to point finger at cavern or accuse him of being the actual murderer. I think that if the France is allowed to do that. Well, maybe it prosecution will have a little bit more ammo while the process is also spoke with the jury after that sex trial, but they learned was there were too many. Stakes made by law enforcement. Jack require
as one who gave this information to the media, I think that says it all. Just in sometimes things two broken to put back together, but what the ass caters do is they end up in the judge to have the charges against Gary done dismissed if they choose to refine them at a later date? so the newspapers should be printing as murderers walking around free, like they did ten years ago, back on December twentieth of two thousand and eleven Kevin Jones filed a ten million dollar lawsuit against russellville police officers. Mark frost James bacon and gary done. He alleged or conspired to frame him. About how he suffered because of this. He wasn't. It They get into arkansas attack his pen solar house, any alleged that detective frost kept duns polygraph tape.
Really. What this is about is apparently didn't do very well with his polygraph, but frost said: oh there's a heart condition that could have affected the result. So They just decided that, MR in past by october, thirty, a twenty fourteen. The district court dismissed it. They say these statute of limitations had expired. That's not good for cabin jones, because his family- and he himself hey too dear price for everything that happened there. Lives were destroyed else, I talk about how was beyond that, because, apparently back the police said that they had vetted all suspects and all of them were crossed off the list, except for one, and they were hinting at Kevin jones there. Well, that time they still hadn't completely vetted gary duns alibi. they had spoken, all the neighbors. So
they didn't learn of his so called alibi until the twenty ninth. It was on the twenty second of december. When they came out and said, we only have one person standing as a suspect. I think pretty damning against the police there. Just in new Hampshire, people dismissing sale will later he had an alibi or come on it. Not that good of an alibi and if they had did that condom wrapper properly. They would had his match. Much sooner. I'm still. blown away by either the test on the condom wrapper because they pretty much excluded the guy alex that no no it had been dating with that condom wrapper test, but they did excludes Kevin. I kind of get the logic thereof. If Kevin found it threw him into a rage when it was actually ex, but it cloots Alex it should have excluded cabin, but that's the
tunnel vision. They had with this case as mentioned earlier, but if they didn't find the condom, it's possible that had been flushed and they should have has did for dna on the toilet as well on the hand especially now while hearts go out to cabin Johnson the turks myers families we all have to say this is auburn when things aren't investigated properly way and tunnel vision happens. The victim doesn't get justice, known at turks mire was murdered, brutally killed there's no justice for her, because the entire thing was a catastrophe. Now, just in its only gotten worse because by december if there were back in december again December fifth of twenty eighteen we learn a lot more about very down and what he's been up to. He attempted to kidnap two different in within one hour. What are they details on these, you can't
This sun is scary, stuff at seven forty p m officers went to the parking lot of the first baptist church to investigate and attempted kidnapping the suspect fled. the victim and a witness gave a description of a man in the vehicle he had tried to kidnap a forty year old woman. He approached in the parking lot and tried to force her into his car. She broke free and got away now. Please already investigating a similar case at arkansas tech university. A man approached young woman and asked her to get out of her car, but she refused she old man when one and left the man corruption and vehicle similar in both cases. She calling none on one and left the police stopped. Vehicle matching that Scripture Gary done was the driver, so these are to do fr in cases where women were almost kidnapped.
And its gary done who the police find now he's basically caught red handed here and on november nineteen. Twenty nineteen gary don accepted a plea deal. This was for attempted kidnapping, and indecent exposure justice, He was a suspect in a murder he had already a woman and here were to attempted kidnappings. That's on top of the other things said he had been arrested for in the past. He was sentenced, fifteen years with ten suspended. So he's gonna get five years for attempted kidnapping and indecent and exposure with all of the rest of his criminal record also being under suspicion of a murder. doesn't make you question some of the things in our legal system. Then I don't know what does again I. I think we can say it enough, but when eggs are made. They can have
have huge ramifications and in this case they just they bought the case. That's all you can say, and you can point at the investigators and say he was an amateur her. Basically, this was new for him, but you know what This was his job. This is important the If you can test for fingerprints on a bald, you can test for fingerprints, on a door. You can test for fingerprints on a toilet. I know that people will say they just now, they're doing you have to give him credit. He have given leeway, prove it what we want right. We want the evidence. show that you actually tried to figure out who could have been there if you limiting your your search. a small area inside an apartment. you're going to miss things in this case there are no excuses. You can't hide it when you have a sexual predator. That's right now, store to crimes, in a murder victim. I know that not all
Background was probably not admissible and some of his trials, but why that not admissible when he finally did a plea deal for attending kidnapping and indecent exposure. Why wasn't that taken into account during sentencing cream and if you wonder why we would be upset about this. You know: ask known at turks myers family ask her mother carol how C4 about it. Can say is that in our view, for a silver lining here, carroll and Kevin have talked There's an understanding now and that's not see to do, because the police had carol pretty much convinced that cabin job had murdered her daughter. This is the power of people who have empathy you care and they can talk and they can come to some agreements. They can understand each other. He You understand why she turned on him the way she did there was a narrative that was put out there when you are A family member of a murder victim you're gonna, listen
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