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February 27, 1997. North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California. A beautiful Friday morning in Los Angeles, California was shattered as civilians and law enforcement came under attack by two vicious bank robbers that seemed to have a death wish. This case stunned the nation and paved the way for the militarization of our nation's top police forces.

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America's number one meal kit. I remember this case vividly when it happened. It was such a huge news event. It happened in LOS Angeles. There had been, multiple movies out about bank robberies and what not it was eight. beautiful Friday morning in us Jos, California, it would be shattered with gunfire and law enforcement would come under attack I too vicious bank robbers, and I think that an understatement of the year this case with stun the nation and actually paved the way for the militarization of our nations, top police forces. So with that, what are we talking about tonight? We're talking about the North Hollywood shoot out at out?
he referred to. If you do a Google search for North Hollywood, shooting you'll get a hundred different shootings that have happened in the last month, so make sure you put shoot out there bank robbery. Something to that effect. If you haven't seen the footage from this go out to youtube theirs, I'd zillion different videos out. That I showed you angles. Helicopter footage all kinds of documentaries about it. When did this happen? This happened February. Twenty eight one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven between nine hundred and seventeen, a dot m and one thousand and one a dot m on a Friday, because people go to banks on Friday to cash their paychecks. So these bank thought we're gonna go on a Friday when the bank's gonna have the most money
first thing in the morning when they open now was their plan and you'll find out, as we tell the story that it was very calculated of. At least one of these guys was attacked, Titian the bank, in this case was Bank of America. It was on sixty six hundred Laurel Canyon Boulevard in North Hollywood. I used to live a few miles from there and Van eyes. So I know exactly where this bank is that. So who are these two guys that added to go all grand theft, auto and try to take on the end higher LAPD? They were Larry, Philips, Junior and a meal Mediterranean Philips, was born Larry Eugene WAR fell. He was born in nineteen. Seventy six years older than me, he had the name warfare, because his father gave him an alias his father was, shall we say,
a troublemaker. I you as a criminal exactly and in fact when he was born. Address given to the hospital was address that really didn't exist, so even from the beginning, There's nothing honest about Larry Philip senior and what does that say? How do we expect his son to turn out with us? His dad was constantly in trouble with law and had no love for law enforcement or the government. It would be probably about seventeen years before very Junior way chain his name and take the name Philips, which way their actual name, but talk about some of the trouble that his father got into it sixty seven, very Philip Senior was arrested. Denver Colorado. He had with some friends and as a prank, a drunken prank, they D.
ready to dig up a coffin and remove the head from a body. That's funny, prank! No, that's that's downright being weird. He was sent to a Colorado state reformatory in nineteen sixty eight he was paroled. but then he turned round and rob the gas station. He went back to the reformatory with a potential tenure sent now in the late sixties, Larry Philip Senior met is well future mother of his children. He was still on the run and still causing trouble still committing crimes. They ended up in SALT Lake City, Utah while they were there of Senior was approached by a police officer who said hey. Why don't you get in my patrol car? I run a check on you, so use being detained cause. He was probably matching the description of some key
that had just happened apparently in, and this was unexpected because he was so used to using aliases, but he gave the officer actual name and it didn t take long before red flags popped up on the screen essentially, but he was slick he ran from the car. And despite officers trying to track down, they couldn't find him, but he does pop back up This is in September of nineteen. Seventy, when he's at a high special with his significant other and their new baby? Who just happens to be Larry, Philips Junior? Now you can imagine Larry, Philip Junior has parents who are constantly on the run, moving around and committing crimes. I wonder what kind of childhood he'll have now eventually Larry Phillips, juniors parents
split by his dad, remained in his life here and there. He would pop up from time to time and visit him, and it said that he would be the fun dad. So little Junior wanted to go fishing or swimming whatever you wanted. They would go and do staff. It's also said that senior He exerted a strong influence over his son letting them know his ideology Jeez and as a criminal, what were they more, whereas ideology Jessen was pretty much you have to take. What's yours, you have to take it, you don't work for. You just get it screw. Anyone that gets in your way and you say he's still this upon his son, and I will only correct you in the sense that he had sons, Philips brother, would hang out with Philips. Philips would regurgitate
things that dad told them they would drive around in like wealthy, nay, herds, and what not and Philips would just be pissed at wealthy people, and he would like to try to imagine himself living in these big houses and wearing suits and having sex Yes, but it wasn't day. Oh, I want to be that successful person. It was that person deserve it. I do it's kind of creepy, it would actually drive around rich neighbourhoods and just be pissed off rich people say he stocking wealthy people just envious of what they have in thinking. If decide to. I can have everything, that's there's it's actually mine. The nineteen eighty, six, that Larry Phillips years mother, whose now by the name, Dorothy Clay, moved to LOS Angeles, and she took her son with her. Now one of the things that Larry also
In addition to this hatred for wealthy people and authority figures was he got a love for body billing from his dad later on. If you watch footage of the shooting you'll see he looks like a pretty strong guy and that's because body building was one of his passions. one of the things that he would do as he had a gym membership and would work out religiously, but at some point he got into real estate. So this is the this is the eighties and interest This is not a legitimate businesses getting into because he's not treating it. That way again. This is a guy who takes what he wants oh, it's either a scam or is
now right robbery go. Essentially he would find a place that just one on the market and he would put an ad out to rent it would reply. To the ad. He would say I need a down payment. These people just bought the property and they won rented immediately and you would take their money and run Meanwhile, he was actually applying for his real estate licence, and during the day ground check, he didn't disclose that he had actually been arrested or shoplifting over four hundred dollars worth of clothing from Sears. I mean I am, I would he disclosed yeah. So his criminal background started at a very young age, obviously instilled by his father when he's denied his real estate licence for a split second, I thought, then I wonder I wonder if they actually would,
approve this licence if he would have gone the straight and narrow but then, as soon as I read about the whole Baden switch with renters instilling money, I'm like? Oh, no, oh no, this guy was a was a con through and through, well the early ninetys. He was actually arrested for real estate, broad. He ended up having to pay back to separate mortgage companies over a hundred thousand dollars and restitution. This is a big deal especially back in the early nineties. Now the way I understand it was Larry. Necessarily have friends, he more or less. Had people This is information. That's really covered with in the last Angeles Times they did a really big piece on us, but he had a brother who doesn't? He didn't want to be known, but he said that
the only people that Larry led into his life, where people that he was going to use for some purpose. He didn't have friends yet people that he would use enrich off of war. He always had an angle is always via for something- and in this case he ends up meeting a guy named a meal, not a serene who will discuss a meal. His name's actually a lot longer than that, but I don't think I'm going to attempt the full pronunciation of his name, but a meal was four years older than Marry, Phillips Junior his I came here from Romania. He was older, but it said that he was no immature for his age and possibly unsocial lies in its might be you to him emigrating here from Romania and just not making a lot of friends but
people called meal, not slow, but just not very social, not very friendly, vampire, that might be because it said that he was bullied in school. That might be, has he was from another country that could be it or I mean I remember when I was in school. People would pick on you for just the smallest things. If you weren't already in a click you Well, could end up being a victim. He ended up really in the end he was working for his mother She had a state care licence and she wanted to take care of disabled adults. That was her business. It seemed like it was sort, a lucrative business right until something happened well between staying up with regulations and what not with the state and folly behind on rent payments. They they were struggling me. I could have been a lucrative business
there was some management issues going on this autumn. really happened around the early eighties. I think this set up a meal for this idea that, the world owed him more than he was getting because he wasn't getting a fair shake his mother were trying to make it in America, and so where he wasn't doing well and bears wise. They ended up not doing well something things sort of fell apart, so their company that they had together folded because they weren't keeping up with their licence their permits and it was found that they were possible abusing or neglecting some of the disabled adults that were under their care, so vague out of business and a meal was just trying to do his best to make ends meet. At this point. in nineteen. Eighty, eight, a meal graduated from debris,
He also became a unnaturalized american citizen. He also meets in eighteen, eighty, nine, a man by the name of Larry, Philips, Junior and well the sense of being an issue because Emil Is not the leader here he's not the guy. That's going to see, cover himself or bring any sort of contradiction to. Larry suggestions more they met. It Jim, whether working out together and Larry's the dominant one varies: one that's going to talk to you Try to sell you on his ideas in a meal is just taking suggestion and he's just trying to make ends meet. He's trying to sell em on a dream. He's. Probably we ok with that. They both developing ass, a nation with guns and start collecting guns both of these guys when it up
eating significant others in their life and getting married even a meals. Choice in spouse was sort of at the direction of Larry, Philips right, yeah, Larry told them to take a wife who was not american, and that was a point he stressed and Emil took his advice, you and ninety. Ninety three: he went on a trip to Romania too his grandmother and bring her back to the states and while he was over, air. To get her. He met a woman named Christian. they even had a son together, email Junior Marriage lasted I'd, say about three years yeah I mean you realize that his his job, a computer consultant wasn't exactly working out and the friends you keeping words. The best influence on him now becomes very obvious.
and ninety ninety three. So the two of them there. Philip, Junior and Emil Mediterranean robbed a first bank owned armored car and little Tin, Colorado on July, twentieth, ninety ninety three and because that success. They make another hit. One minute, toper of ninety. Ninety three Dave moved on to Glinda Ale, California, their driving, a rental which happens to be a Ford Thunderbird, Anders speeding away from a gas station which this is getting. the attention of police officers. They were pursued by a cop, but they didn't pull over right away and when the officer
I only got them to pull over. He said. Didn't you see me, of course, Philips who's driving says now. I just saw you right before I pulled over. He asks Philips for his driver's license and Larry Philips says he doesn't have one or he left it at home, the off Sir asks who the car belongs to and a meal says that the car belongs to Philips mother, but it's a rental car doesn't belong to either one of them. So the cops already on edge with these guys and asks them too, step out of the vehicle, or at least ass fillip to step out of the vehicle. He notices that both. Men are armed with Glock, nine millimeter pistols, that's not a good thing and I goes on to search the vehicle, any fine
a lot of really suspicious items in at that point, the two men are placed under arrest, because they're giving false names they're, not giving any useful information and they have multiple semi, automatic rifles, multiple pistols, thousands of rounds of ammunition, six smoke bombs to improvise explosive devices, a gas mask body, armor level, three, a vests: they have police scanners sunglasses, gloves ski masks, stop, watches, Sprague, hands and three different California license plates in overseas,
nine hundred dollars in cash. I wonder what these guys are up to I'm sure they're, just traveling. Well, it's pretty obvious. What's going on here, so what are they get charged with errand Now, there's a book that goes into detail on what this officer discovered and all part of this? Stop and arrest of these two individuals, but the book is: would you convicted and its by Paul Robinson, Paul, H, Robinson, some of the charges are unlawful weapons activity, concern, Is he to commit robbery, grand theft, auto care in concealing loaded, firearms and perjury. I mean they gave. Your false names. False formation? You name it this is literally catching to cry
minerals prior to a criminal act. They are arrested their put behind bars, they await trial, they go to trial and due to a lack of evidence, they get to plea bargain down and a lot of these checks. does dropped to the point where their sentence to ninety nine days and seventy one days behind bars, plus thirty six days of probation for each of them, so philips gets literally a hundred days and a male get seventy one days. These guys we're going to rob a bank and through spending three months behind bars, finding the perfect gift, The guy in your life can be difficult, especially when you just tells you. I dont know. Surprise me: if you're guy is tough to shop for check out cuts, clothing, the founders of cuts were tired. Of boxy flattering shirts that wrinkled faded and shrunk over time, so they start
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the no risk seven day free trial at Harlequin, plus stuck on big. The most of your me time, with Harlequin plus now part of their release, they negotiated with the judge and what the court systems to get back some other stuff to pay their core fines and court costs. So a lot of their guns were returned to them. Wow missed opportunity there. So what do they do with these guns that they got back Aaron July 14th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety five? This is less than two years after the other incident around one thousand two hundred and twenty five and to noon. They robbed and armored car owned by bring some share. Many people saying he's around with them. They had our matic weapons and they shot the vehicles Rear door open to get inside, and the security guard of the
brings vehicle was a fifty one year old man by the name of Herman White Cook. He was killed in his incident and the vehicles driver was Philippe Cortez, who was fifty three years old he was injured, is a very violent, ensign, to snatch money, and it shows these guys aren't done by a long shot. This is their life, robbing banks, robbing armored cars and it's March 27th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six. They hit another Brinks armored vehicle they fire upon it. The driver was slightly injured by broken glass, but armored car sped off. So they didn't succeed in this were a robbery attempt, but they definitely just started, shooting out an armored car to get it to stop, so they could Robin, and it's not confirmed it- was these to buy it. By most accounts it is because it fits their ammo may SEC
Ninety ninety six day rob a bank. Instead of hitting an armored car, they stormed into a bank of America in Van eyes. Were I used to live some time before ten a m and they walk in day shoot their weapons off into the air, and this is called a tea silver robbery. They don't go up to the cashier the teller and hand him a note. They come in and just start shooting tell everybody to get down and open the safe. It's a very violent, aggressive takeover from this heist. They will take seven hundred and fifty five thousand and forty eight dollars. That's a lot of money, for two losers later that month May thirty? First, ninety ninety six adjust after ten, a M Philips, do and Mediterranean. You robbed another Bank of America. They left
seven hundred ninety four thousand two hundred dollars and in their wake they left to bank tellers, injured, again, insecurity, camera footage you. You see these two guys coming in and there is a lot of people that are referred to as this, but these guys had been called a K. Bandits at some point because as they would walk into banks with a K. Forty seven or eight k, forty seven variance it might not have been that exact weapon, but their their rifles. That look very similar and be in a similar manner and fire the same caliber ammo and they would just come in and shoot the place up. Some of these banks have bulletproof glass or some sort of devices to keep the tellers away from. the public. They would just use their guns to shoot through these locks and get behind the the counters and
strong arm the managers of the bank to open up the safes, and this is in common now, a lotta robberies tend to be very subtle, were a notice passed, but these guys there has to be some thrill on us for them so let's move on to Friday February, twenty Eightth. Ninety ninety seven: this is the Bank of America, which is on Ro Canyon Boulevard in North Hollywood. Now Larry, Philips Junior has staked this bank out there. Assuming that the Friday is going to have more cash in the safe, they watched the schedules theyve, they really this out and they even got down to an eight minute response time from local police officers. They know
I need to get the manager to open up that safe and they need to get the hell out of their before. Eight minutes is up time. This out. They think they have a perfect plan and so far they ve been getting away with it and they come prepared. They have I what thousands rounds of ammunition. They have automatic rifles. They have pistols, they even have body armor now Larry, Philips Junior. Essentially he has a level three vest level. Three, a vast that he's wearing and then he has other cattle are best that he's sewed were stitched together to covers arms, his pelvic region and his legs. Like he's fully covered yeah a meal, he doesn't have his whole body covered, he's really just wearing a vast over his torso, but his legs and arms are exposed and, of course, he's wearing.
Clothing. On top of that, so you don't realize that he's wearing this body armor and skews us if we refer to it as a bull profess, I'd just seems to be the common term for it. I know it's ballistics, vast or cavil are vast, but this is what their wearing and Philips Junior is definitely a walking armoured person. At this point they also have obtained steel jacketed rounds. These will be referred to his armor peers, grounds, but I dont know if they really bought them for more penetration capabilities. But steel jacket rounds happened to be less expensive than regular it's for a forty seven and what not, I think it might just been there. Buying thousands and thousands of round, so they bought these steel jacketed rounds for a price reduction as opposed to any kind of tactical advantage
that would have, though the idea was not to get into a fire fight it all. They just want to rob a bank and get away, hence the eight minute window, and they have Drum magazine on their a k, forty seven variants and a our fifteen variants that hold a hundred rounds. Also, it's been reported just about everywhere. You read about this case that they took fino. Barbara tall which is essentially a muscle, relax or or sedative before they walked into the bank. Now I was surprised that they would take a muscle acts, or I would just assume someone would take cocaine,
in or math or an upper, but the more you think about it. The more a muscle, relax or or sedative would actually give them an edge to stay calm in such a heightened situation, because if you can hold your weapon steady, you can fire at a lot better. What do you think? I know that Larry's brother he and agree with this. He thinks that his brother Larry would never take something like that, because he was so into working out that he was very careful about way put into his bow. There is also this idea, though, that he was such a planner and he was so into this kind of thing that he wouldn't have needed this in the first place and he wouldn't need any help doing it, at least as far as his nerves went say. I think, as a body builder, you can pull muscles you can enjoy yourself what not so taking, muscle, relax or isn't that big of a deal? I think
people associate drug user with illegal street drugs, but now don't think especially back then that associated with prescription drugs. That could be said drug was robbing banks. This is true, I think of the movie point break this bunch of adrenalin junkies, always looking for effects, and one of those fixes was robbing banks so there loaded for Baron era heading towards the Bank of America and its nine seventeen em on February, twenty eighth eighteen, ninety seven. So they enter the boy, and they fire round the ceiling. They're letting the bank know what their intent is, but where they dont know is when they eventually Bank there already two officers that saw them go in and are calling in for backup. So there eight minute window is blown immediately because their walking into the bank, with automatic rifles
their spotted, so LAPD is already. No, that up to eleven is in progress. Shots were fired and they're sending cops that direction, but Philips in a meal this is just another day for them and their doing their thing and screaming at the bank. Employees and threatening the security guards trying to get into the safe which the safe at this Bank of America requires two keys, so they have to track down the manager and then they have to track down the assistant manager. Get the two keys, get this door open its all delays in their plan once they get the safe open, there's, not that much money in it parent. There is a policy change the bank where they were going to keep a million dollars at the bank, so they get the safe open. There tell a man put the money in the bag course them
managers, sticking die pacts in the bag to which these are blue, die packs out explode once they leave the location of the bank, and stain all the money with blue die, so it's unusable, but because there are only able to get laid Three hundred thousand dollars and they search your guns into the safe and under the vault, because there are already upset that this entire bank robberies not going as planned. So because this was called in they had small teams of officers. sleeved attempting to surround the different parts of the bank so they had some officers on north eastern side. Some the southern side, some on the western sky, the northern side there doing there the trying contain these robbers now because they Eight minute window, Larry Philip sooner starts to exit the bank. The north side at nine. Twenty four:
that seven minutes after they had entered the bank when he walks outside. He knew This is there's half dozen police setting up just across the street cross a parking lots pointing their guns at him. He comes out looks around actually walks. into the bank for a second, probably to let a meal. No hay cops are here and then he comes back out raises his rifle and starts firing, and this is probably one surprise to the pool. Is because let's get this out away, LOS Angeles used to be one of the bank robbery capitals of Amerika, and there is even dentist office across the street, where the Dennis says
Oh yeah. This is like the fifth robbery we ve seen, so he wasn't even worried about it, but one they ve never seen. Bank robbers take essentially automatic weapons to a bank robbery and they absolutely leave now four been fired upon with a fully automatic machine gun. So this is probably the first oh crap moment for the LAPD and Phillips Junior ended up wounding seven officers like we said they had steel jacketed rounds, but that's kind of a moot point, because Hollywood has really lied to us about what bullets can really do and rifle rounds wool pass right through a car, especially a seven? Seven, six to run round or two to three rounds. They can go right through vehicles. They can go right through walls,
and the aching. Forty seven round will definitely go through concrete block walls, and all of these caliber that I just named off will pass right through a cattle are vest. Its butter, they don't need. Armor piercing rounds bulletproof There are only made- or at least the ones the cops whirring back and are only made for pistol rounds, are only going to handguns and shock rounds. They're, not gonna, stop a rifle round and, of course, the police. at this time are only carrying revolvers. Like thirty AIDS, I'm millimeter barometers and twelve gauge shot guns with double our book. They dont have any weapons that can penetrate a cavalier vest, but our to bank robbers. That's what they're carrying is rifles that are going to shoot right through anything, that's in their way. The
are doing their best to try and take these guys down, but their armed with hand, guns and shot. the shock, I don't have the range and pistols are using their are not able to penetrate the armor, so all they can do is attempt to provide some distress Can I guess, what Injured. Officers are rescued by other officers, onto the scene and in in time. Some of the officers end up having to go to gun store to get properly armed, yet actually find a gun store, because this is the second o crap moment for the police officers. As when multiple office there's the dozen or so that, where the first responders here have shot these guys, they know they ve hit them it was a rookie officer with twelve gauge shotgun behind the locksmith key ask that was across the parking lot,
He level a shocking at Philips. Junior shot him twice in the back actually saw some of the pellets ripping through Philips clothes and bounce off, Philips Well being shot twice with it get shot in the back and not doing anything. He turned around and just sprayed and prayed know at this rookie officer. Now there was actually two detectives that had responded, and these detectives they're not wearing any body armor cause they're, so used to bank robbers just giving up we're just negotiating or what have you and
so these two detectives aren't wearing any protection and when Philips turns around and just sprays a huge burst at this officer. The bolt are flying right to this key. Ask in this office are actually jumps on the female detective to protect her because he is wearing body armor, but these bullets fly right through this building and right through this office. is vest and actually he gets severely injured, while he's trying to protect the female detective. It's just that nine thirty, when these two robbers. Try to make their get away plan is to make it to their car, which is a chevalier, celebrity and Mediterranean who gets into the car he's. pointed drive it away and Philip sooner going to walk alongside it and use it as cover as he traced keep the officers at Bay. So this is a weird
area, because I would just assume they both what a jumped in the car and taken off. But apparently a meal had been hit in the leg, so walking for him wasn't working out. That's why he jumped in the car he probably expected Philips to get in the car. Also, but Philips, I don't know somewhere between, the vault being half full. The dye packs going off and being ambushed by the LAPD he's not having it, and he just wants to continue the fight and continue shooting at these police officers, now he's shooting and make a full Otto. That's the most inaccurate way. You can shoot one of these it falls semi auto you can actually find your targets and pick them off Essentially, I think he spent more time in the gym working on his body building that he did actually firing in learning how to use his weapons,
cuz he's missing a lot he's firing hundreds of rounds, and this is probably more considered suppressive fire. You know firing for a fact, as opposed to firing to actually kill his intended target, although he definitely has no qualms about killing anyone. That's in his way. Now, while some officers are collecting new weapons from a gunshot, the LAPD Swat is arriving on the scene. This is at nine forty two. I am because they are reported we're, shooting these guys and they're not going down and they're calling for Headshot but I mean this: isn't a zombie movie where everyone can just go shoot him in the head, when your thirty four the yards away and you're being shot at with automatic fire you're, not gonna, shoot somebody in the head that easy? That's it doesn't happen, it's hard enough to hit them in their body, so they're trying to get weapons that will penetrate body armor and the swat
seems show up. Somebody Swat dies were literally doing other things like working out a gems themselves, their showing up in their work out clothes like shorts, t, shirt and shorts and arming up and putting on thus in what not. Meanwhile there so many officers down that they keep calling in officer down officer down in dispatch is confused because they ve never had multiple officers down like this. So there's dreaming back at the officer saying how many are down, is it one? The officers are screaming back no more than one because there's like seven at this point in its only eighteen minutes into this fire, fighting over seven cops had been hit and our bleeding and no one can get to them. because they're trapped behind cars or behind buildings and is nowhere to go and Mediterranean is trying to get this get away.
are out of the parking lot and he shot twice more in this cars, just getting riddled with bullets, so I think all for tyres had been shot out. So you not able to drive very fast he's, probably just doing two to four miles per hour. While Philips is walking, slowly and technologically behind him. Just shooting at everything that moves and the trunk of this vehicle is full of more guns, explosive devices and helicopters flying overhead reporting on this
I think it's actually, a police helicopter cause. They called an air support that this point, Philips Junior switches from his a k, variant to an age k, that's a three o, eight automatic rifle and he searched shooting at that helicopter. Now three await that's a common deer hunting round. You you take out large animals with this. These boards can pass through just about anything that their shooting at luckily the Hell copper pilot was, I guess, a ex combat pilot from Vietnam, so he was used to being shot at, although he doesn't like being shot out, but he just turned round and got out arrange its also Where did that somebody? officers are civilians that were hit. They, they weren't necessarily hit by bullet. Some of them were hit by debris from bullets. Hitting other things like the cement or
glass what have you in the bolts? You know when they hit certain things, they can explode and you get fragmentation from the bolts themselves. So two officers are hit, one has a shot. Of metal out of his ankle. The other one is been hit in his, but ox the one that has a short in his ankle drags, the other guy into the local dentist office and the dentist shirts. Try to do whatever first stayed whatever he can to save. These officers lies, meanwhile, everyone in the Dentist office says evacuated, except for the dentist, essentially because he was like this is just another bank robbery. I want to watch, but at some point d to men split
Philips thinks the car situation is losing strategy. I guess, and he peels off Wall Emil, is driving solely down the road and starts to attempt to par jack. Other vehicles, Philips. That point was using an age Kay, em, ninety one, a three to semi automatic rifle and while alive gunfire coming his way is unable to make it passes. Armor it start striking the weapon and hands up losing that weapon. It said that bullet struck the weapon, possibly fragments from not hit his left wrist, so that weapon is now disabled. He revert back to his a k variants, but he's not able to shoot as well, because one of his hands is now injured, but
A K. Variant is jamming up and its possible that its jamming, because they're using the steel jacketed rounds, I guess they're gonna crappy rounds and dont feed. Well, so this this weapon as jamming and he gets a stove pipe jam, which is whether the empty Shell gets caught facing straight up now? Normally, if you have to functional hands, you can just brush it often reengage, but since one of his hands is already injured, is not able to clear the jam. So he drops that weapon and pulls out his pistol. Now is parents. Well, this is the point where he's now out gun at least the police they're using barometers and shot guns on him so he's using the same had the same weapon as the police officers. A man he's been shot dozens of times. Some of those bullets have
found a way through his armor, but with the I am assuming the effects of the drugs and adrenaline. What not he still going and he's now firing at these office There's the officers, don't really know where he's out. He was behind the semi truck. Why officer capper really was engaging these guys over and over again, even though he was completely outgunned when Philips Junior was down to a nine millimeter he jumped out and actually enjoy. Him like one on one and fired at Philips? They were just across intersection from each other and their just gunning at each other endlessly, and this officer hit Philips, I guess and the thumb and Philips, actually drops is nine millimeter. At that point, I guess with two hands being injured.
Not really being able to continue this fight. Philips decides to stop fighting. I guess that one way to put it yeah, it's possible that he decided to take the easy way out at that point and take his own life, but there the possibility that he was simply trying to reload is weapon went off after both of his hands were injured. It just right depends on how you see this, and is this guy who is going to fight to the end? Because up to this point, engaged in the shoot out with me, many officers and had use multiple weapons. So you wonder why would he decide do and his own life. I didn't use a control freak, he was going to control, his own life and even the end of it it. It appears that he puts the barrel Barretta underneath his chin impulsive trigger it doesn't, and he still had ammo
there. Now he could have done a tactical reload and the gun would have gone off, but I think he decided to take his own life. At that point I figure hee hee given up, because in GTA World he's at five stars police rating aunties he's not gonna win this fight anymore has no way to get out of there now I will the cops came around the corner and we're all shooting him and another bullet made its way through his armor and severed Philip Spine, and he fell to the ground. He was probably dead from the self inflicted gunshot wound, but they kept shooting him her good, probably thirty. Forty five seconds after he fell just riddling his body with bullets. If you're thinking about breaking some bad habits this year start with this one overpaying for your prescriptions to do that, get in the good habit of always checking Gunnar acts,
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he rolled up on a civilian that was driving by and just shot at him through his own when shield and the door I've heard that vehicle just jumped out and took off his name was Bill MAR and a meal pulls up next to the truck and casually gets outright. Yes weird, he starts transferring weapons from the one vehicle to the other, and this truck is a nineteen. Sixty three g, Cherokee Pickup truck Ask, is an older vehicle and isn't it a manual transmission, yeah. I've heard three different stories about. This have heard at a meal didn't know how to drive a manual. I heard that it had some sort of starter button on it, and I've heard that bill. The driver just took his keys and ran so there weren't keys in the truck. I've heard three different versions of the story, but regardless it doesn't matter
not a bit get away vehicle, no a meal meticulously; slowly, just transfers all weapons to the truck jumps in their truck can't get away, and at this point swaths pulling up. They loaded up a cop car full swat guys and their driving towards the truck. Now it said that they thought the driver of the truck was being held hostage and they were going to free him. What they didn't know was the only person there was a meal and they rolled up a meal. Mediately just takes cover behind his own car in Greece Emma spray of automatic bullets. Mitchell and, like you say it's, it's not an accurate way to try and get your target, but His intimidating joy problem is here trying to be intimidating to some sweet, officers who have a our fifteen's and, at this point, aren't
simulated because there are looking to bring down someone who has taken down a number of their own. The video footage of this is insane to watch the three Swat officers exit the vehicle exit, their cop car, take up positions behind the cop car and start exchanging fire with a meal, but their having to get close to the ground. Because and these these rounds or just passing right through the cars, but while there on the ground there, looking underneath all the cars and the sort of the Achilles heel of the whole situation, what see earn. They see that he doesn't have any armor on his legs so They now have a new target and I think over twenty bullets strike Emil's legs sweep the leg. He go. Down, and they immediately surround him. I think they even kick him to the ground. They make sure that he's really down flat
yeah meal was dropped, his weapons and essentially given up he's been hit. Nine times that have action You know these are bold, set actually penetrated and pass through. This includes twenty. Seven other shots that broken his scanner, grazed him so man's been shot over. Fifty times, Philips Junior, he was hit eleven times he was hit the tailbone by one of those shock on blasts at the He had given him hidden arms, the back and obviously the head, and then actually his spine, so there shoot out this north high, which she comes to an end. Officially, ten at one a m and emergency personalities ass theory. Of course, other officers are coming in some team is going into the bank to rescue the people there a meal Mediterranean, who is intended
by emergency personnel? Empties. Do reach him shortly, after eleven in the morning he died most gunfights last. three seconds or less, this gunfight lasted forty four minutes. Ok, the very abnormal situation. Also, they found ideas in the vehicle. When the officers had taken out Philips Junior, they heard a hissing sound. They actually thought that he might have had some sort bomber, booby, trap on him and on his body. What they actually were hearing was air coming out of the truck had one of the tyres, but they didn't know they knew that these guys had all kinds of weapons and kinds of bombs, and here we have a meal laying their bleeding screaming at the cops to shoot em, given one in the head still being defiant after being shot over.
Fifty times police officers are hanging out waiting for the area to be secure. waiting to know that the you know, the all clear has been given and they're waiting for the bomb squad show up to disable these days This is it they would have given a meal basic first aid treatment. They might have been able to save his life if they would have dragged his bullet riddled body away from the car and towards the ambulances sure they good of maybe saved his life, but this man had just kept. The entire LAPD bay for forty four minutes with fully automatic weapons. I do you think that the police are making his health the priority right now. Won't that's the thing were yet people saying they. Let him die if you watch the video of the two officers that are near by a detective, an officer who are
by a meal as he's bleeding to death, they dont look sympathetic, but why would they know- and so If you simply watch the video you'll get this idea that they let him die, they wanted him to die, but it probably was a lot more complex than that, because the way that they had this whole shoot out. They were armed to the teeth, and then some This is a seeing that cannot be taken lightly. The officers can just assume that every things clear you can't just send more people into a dangerous area. If it comes down to it, going to be worried about are even worry about the guy who tried to murder, a bunch of civilians and police. Or would you worried about potentially having other people injured. Just to save one guys life. I want law enforcement to do everything they can to save somebody's life and administer first aid, but in this situation, why there's something that's half
that's, never happened before something that is so crazy and it takes time for them to secure the perimeter to understand how many These were involved either any bombs or incinerate devices on this man's by you're in his car is a lot of factors there. I don't think the police did anything egregious here. I think they did their best to put down a crazy situation. and get control of it. Well, because these two guys are dead, we don't have a trial, miraculously there are the only two people that died in this situation. We have multiple officers injured and civilians, but the only fatalities are Larry Philips. Junior and a meal modest. We started off talking about the militarization of the nation's top police forces, and I guess you could say this in
taught them that they didn't have the means to put an end to such a situation. Quickly, that's It lasted forty four minutes known as soon as a swat team shows up. They put him down real, quick that shoot out lasted lesson thirty seconds, because a Swat team was armed with Ar 15S that could take care of this situation. This is a rallying. cry for police officers, especially the LAPD, give us something Armas. So we can actually fight this situation. The shouldn't have lasted for Four minutes. When you hear these arguments about people saying well, I need to have protection. say what you have to wait for the police the police are saying, don't make his way for the Swat. Let us have the correct firepower. at hand if we need it and because a shot gun or- and Glock. Nine millimeter isn't going to get this job done,
and so now the LAPD said. Okay, our officers will start to carry forty five calibre. Weapons that will be their duty side arm and the Department of Defense gives six hundred surplus. M16 to the LAPD? I know this isn't armor personnel vehicles and all of the militarization that we see today. But I read We feel like this is the the catalyst this is the thing that happened in society that started a chair, in the way our police forces function. in June of ninety ninety eight, the l, a police departments, chief of Police Bernard see, parks, released a memorandum and It was a collection of data on the shoot out about how they receive with their firearms to this incident, and I guess you could say it's away them to utilise is this incident and going forward have a
Our understanding of what worked, what didn't and what they needed to change will not the interesting thing about this is back and ninety. Ninety seven, in mass shootings weren't as pop learn or as frequent as they are today. So police responded to this as a bank robbery. Even know shots were fired inside the bank. It wasn't exactly a mass shootings situation where they might have gone into the bank and tried to engage these robbers, because it wasn't on anyone's mind that they were in their killing everyone in the bank, even though they heard shots being fired. They state outside this might have been a totally different situation if it happen, today they would might assume that it's a disgruntled bank employees or a mass shooting. Secondly, the police off This would have a our fifteen's on them and when they shot these bank robber,
They would have gone down as opposed to walking around like Michael Myers or Jason, and just nothing. seems to even phase them Nineteen officers that were involved in this shoot out. They were given the Lausanne police, metal of valor for the heroic actions and even met with with then President Bill Clinton, the officers were officer, Don Anderson, detective trace Angeles, detective, Vincent Bancroft, junior officer, Edward Brent, Ledger officer, Anthony Cube no off Sir John CAP, really detective Thomas Collado officer. Edwin Demigods officer, Stephen Gomes, detective, Kevin Hurley Officer, Richard Massa, sergeant. Israel, Medina officer, Charles Paraguay officer, Todd Schmidt's officer, can reduce Torres detective Lawrence, Winston Detective
weeks him an officer James, Suburban, an officer Richard Znamensky. Now there were upwards to a hundred police officers on site that day, but It was these officers who were engaged with the bank robbers. The entire time were shot or protected. Other people from being shot Let's talk again about mediterranean death, because that video, where he's left lying there bleeding to death, and it appears the officers are prey much indifferent. His children actually wild, a lawsuit against ass Angeles Police Department for what they said was, intentionally allowing him to bleed out, and this was done, into the United States District Court and, Every in March, two thousand. How did that end up Justin? Well, I'm I'm a little surprised that they would take them no court order but then again should I be.
It would end up with a mistrial. The jury was deadlocked, and the family would end up dropping the lawsuit. I believe it was dropped because there as the possibility that they would be counter suit if they didn't drop it countered sued for legal fees by the city. I understand why they would be upset if they felt that there family member was left to die, but it just it that they didn't really taken due account that their family member had just engaged the entire LAPD and tried to murder them seems to be lost upon the family I don't think anyone deserves to bleed out and dynamism of street, but I think we could choose, somebody else that might deserve some more sympathy. There wasn't ass, the by the LOS Angeles Times, which is put out a anew. Were of great articles on this situation on this incident in twenties
team. They determine that is so of mishaps and mistakes which they claim were mainly by paramedics, was really the reason for mediterranean bleeding to death on the ground. Take ever what you will. I am sure that won't satisfy everyone, especially mediterranean rain, family by it. Whatever happened, we can all agree that it was very Phillips, Junior and a meal. Madness renew that cause. This whole incident there a film that came out two thousand three titled forty four minutes. The north Hollywood shoot out- and you can say, was inspired by air- is about this. The shoot out that took place in North Hollywood. Have you seen a just, and yes, I have its great. I thought it was very well done. I think it's very much based in reality. They they don't Hollywood it out much something that does get talked about a lot?
is how these guys liked the movie heat. Have you ever seen it? I think the movies a little too long, but are there the bank robbery scene in the middle of that movie. That problem is one of the most intense crazy, incredibly scenes Hollywood has ever put out, and these guys might have been inspired by that If you ever in LOS Angeles, you can go by the Ellie GDP museum where they haven't, exhibit showcasing the body armor that the bank robbers were wearing along with their car and the weapons they used actually have manichaeans. The looks like whole scene from the bank robbery. It's kind of interesting if you're ended up people of questioned how these guys got their hands on these weapons. People assume that fully automatic rifles word legal at that time. They were not.
fully automatic weapons have been regulated in our country for a very long time started back in nineteen thirty for there was the National firearms act. Then there was the gun, Control ACT of nineteen sixty eight signed to law by. President Lyndon be Johnson, and this was further regulations towards fully automatic weapons and what Americans were allowed to buy. Andy Federal SALT weapons band had little to do with what these men were carrying or their access to it. These weapons they had were already illegal for them too. Be in possession of he saw weapons ban is really just sinister Ex law that gun manufacturers around very easily so had
very little impact, at least on this bank raw the shoot out? So fully automatic weapons were highly illegal by the nineteen nineties, Funny story, my grandfather, who was a folder Lieutenant colonel in the army. He came back from, I think war too, with a german sub gun that was fully automatic, and I guess letter friend borrow it somehow. It got into the hands of somebody that wanted to show it off to a bunch of people, and he actually showed it off to a member of law enforcement at some point and the weapon got confiscated. The f b I got involved, found out where he got the gun. Where my grandfather got the gun, so
my grandfather had the F B. I show upon his doorstep and questioned him about this fully automatic sub machine gun that was claimed to be in his possession just in one question that really stands out to me about this whole shoot out is why do you believe that they are filling Junior stood in for me. Why did he engaged the police in a shooting? and you can look at in, say, he's got their weapons advantage, but he's outnumbered and they can keep calling were officers to the scene. So what do you think happened there I mean when he walks out of the bank.
They could have just gotten in their getaway vehicle and tried to take off, but instead he just start shooting I've. Look at it. Two ways won the botched bank robbery. This could have been just pure frustration and just screw it I'm going to I'm going to shoot at all of you or you could be. I hate cops. I hate all of you. I hate authority. This is all still by his father. Just rage could be as simple as that, the LOS Angeles times there's a brilliant article on this and what I like about it is they, Chile have quotes from Larry, ups Father said. He watches. Is that shoot out thinking there I'll make em strong, but it ruins him now It's no surprise that a father would love his son, but the way speaks of his son. It's like he
is proud of his son for being what he calls a criminal genius and being the bravest span in the world and if there is any doubt about Where Junior got his inspiration for the way he would run his life. You don't have farther than his father.
Everybody has something that they would give anything for end. Fortunately, there's people out there who will explain there's nothing that nothing from wondering comes a story about true I love you so much power. you're gonna, have to completely submit to me and give me your complete and utter obedience and far, some people are willing to go to get what they want. I'm Stephanie Beatrice Twin flames: premiers on February, twenty first on apple, On using or you can listen one week early and out free right now by subscribing to wondering plus an apple podcast or the wonder, yeah.
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