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Oak Island Money Pit. What began in 1795 as a simple discovery of a circular depression in the ground has led, over the years, to many excavations made of the money pit on Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. Coins, chests, a body, & other items of interests have been claimed to have been discovered […] The post Oak Island Money Pit – 105 – Generation Why appeared first on The Generation Why Podcast. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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yes and Y see premiers october nineteenth on ethics stream on hulu the how you doing tonight her doing ok, man you too in our terror? found the foster dog home. So that makes my life a lot better makes a doggies life much better to so good times. What is the subject- and I am the oak island money pit- did you watch that old, but it was the Tom hanks, eighties movie called the money paid. I think I did it
I recall much about it other than it seemed like the house. They were trying to fix up the house, but it was a disaster. I think that's a good foreshadow for tonight's story, one! It's also interesting. because they have a show that's on cable, now that's known as the curse evoke island, so will probably talk a bit about that tonight as well. So oak island starts out. in seventeen ninety five winner, and your mcguinness comes across a debate in the ground and decides that like somebody buried treasure there and he asked It goes on to say that there was slate were a rocks that were like a layer of them. Aren't you know why underneath the ground. So he got to his feet and they decided to start digging their end.
In all the documentaries and all the tv shows you see you see this. young lad walk up on this depressed And then you see three guys fervently, just digging you know what shovels right, there's no tomorrow and every god I documentary you watch its the same start with this guy named Daniel, who finds depression and decides it's buried treasure and they go for it. And they come across a layer of logs, we're a wooden platform right, fewer fifth, you know like ten feet down, that's what they say at that point. They think oh well, the this is the first layer, and so they pulled the logs up and they dig down some more and they get to a second layer which is now twenty feet.
of logs and they think of. We must be close. They pull that layer up and they dig down this. They claim. Thirty feet or three levels down and at that point I'm kind of wondering: can they actually dig that far down it? I guess they had a ladder roper something to crawl back out, but that's free and saying to me that three guys can dig a thirty four hall with shovels alone, but where we're we're jail in here right so they do this and they finally are too deep that they can go no farther. seven years later, a company decides to furnish a dig and actually higher daniel? friends, to help as manual labor and they go down and they go pretty deep. I think they go ninety feet deep and they say every ten feet they find a level or a you know what
platform of some kind in they keep going down down down till they get a ninety feet and at that point day, he's a rod to probe down further and they claim that that rod hits something that doesn't feel like another platform but a treasure chest. So now there really excited, but they go to bed Is there tired, yet another so close, and they go to bed night and then the next morning they get up and running hold up continue digging, but the whole is filled with water, So they tried to bail out the water? They can't be real as the water rises and falls at the sea and the tides, and they abandoned that an that's kind of the inception of the story: right, ass, the inception and, of course, by this point- those who have been digging there are dreaming their dreaming
what could be down their deep in the ground? This is what motivates them to keep going to keep digging further and even if they stop more, come along and take their. They start excuse doing so. What are some of the things you ve heard that they believe could be down there well When they got down to ninety feet, they say found a stone or a plaque of some kind that had some gratings on it, and one per and says that the engravings translated roughly into force feet down. A million is down there. Another group of people say that the inscription was a a christian thing and tat. Actually a prayer.
they had later on drill teams probed down in the whole with their drills, and they say that they claim they found parchment, which had some writing inscriptions on them, which they say is something that says that shakespeare wasn't that you author of his stories, something to that effect. They also. Say that the holy grail is down their treasures. and then you can go down a lot of holes. Note the ark at the covenant, the arc of the cabinet down there. You need to know how they really make these jumps to all these things, but I don't think that's part of the story is what into as there are a lot of jobs happening here and it has to do with. I dont know that you could say that they're just making up every idea of what could be under their just out of thin air
I think they start dreaming once they think about who may have stopped on that island. They say well, pirates had been there or the knights temple are and then they run with that they say: will those people were there? What might be there. Then I guess it was a the island was located close to a being lane or a pirate passageway. So that's the whole pirate sunken trip treasure in our buried. Treasure idea comes from man's quest to find the treasure that that overwhelming urge to seek out- and discover and this this stories been on so many different things. What was an old lynn? noise show in search of yeah. This is one of the most famous in search of stories. They have lied and they were actually
articles written and stories written that related to this. This area too oak island to this to this pit that may contain treasure, so as one of the things that pops out right away as at during this time. When this really took off. It was the late eighteen for ease and that's when the gold rush occurred in the united states, so perhaps there The idea that everyone had riches treasure on their minds and during that time there were some. How do you say are odd ways of finding gold or they had some on traditional ways of
seeking out treasures like they used dousing rods, they use mystics and fortune tellers. Weird things like that that we know today don't have that much bearing on where sunken treasure is. But oak island they they dimension, that they were using thousand rods and all the doubting rod show that the money pit was where its located. So you got the gold rush, where people are using under traditional means to find gold, and this kind of fits lock and step. So later on, another excavation occurs where some video is taken deep down into the pit. And they say that they see a hand. They see treasure chest and they see a body of face. Did you see this
I saw stills that they had taken from the video where they point out the the face and the the hand and the treasure chest. What did you think of it? You know it's interesting. I I have heard about this and when I watched it when I looked at those stills, I just I look at it. I don't see anything of what they're talking about. I didn't either I was disappointed justin. I was all excited, I'm like oh you're, even if they aren't treasure chest down there, it would be interesting to see a body down there, a skeleton or a hand or a skull, something and yeah I didn't see it.
is it just looks like weird, smooth rock formations, and that was that whole was actually a northern hole. I thought that it had drill down in taken in image. Is down there? Yes, ten eggs, yeah, the ten Axel his where I thought the idea. The film was taken from a wedding. From the original. All we had something you wonder about. If anyone even knows where the original spot is that one thing that I got a mention, was they because the money pit was filling up with water? They claim they found five drain ways were train passages that fingered out and then coalesced into one tunnel. That then goes a hundred feet deep and matches with the money pit right. It was supposed to be underneath there, the beach there there were drains that converged
and not far not far pass the high tide mark and they they dumped die like a blue or red, tie down the money that all and expected to see that that color die come out from these five drain, whatever they call them, and instead the dye comes out on the other side of the island. So now they claim that there's drain ways from both sides of the island that have been dug hundreds of feet deep in an diagonal angle under this island, and they say that these things were done before seventeen ninety five. So that would be pretty crazy if they were able to do
his feat of technology, this feat of engineering three four hundred years ago right, that's sort of what adds to the mystique to the story. If this was actually constructed that way, how much time are they spending doing this? This sounds like a major undertaking yeah, and you would think that they spent that at the time there that someone would catch them doing whatever they were doing or the amount of time and effort and resources it would cost to do. This might outweigh the treasure at the bottom that they were burying right. I dunno just just just an observation there yeah there are theories about if there are drains wherefore because, as we know, they certainly were made to pump water into or guide water into the pit, because, well
The water that goes in the pit is freshwater or brackish water. It's not salt water, and also does this island's, not that big, and I guess it's at it's highest point: it's only thirty five feet above sea level and there is a water line or a water basin. You know it's surrounded by the ocean, so I mean water is soaking and seeping through cracks and crevices all over the island. So it's just interesting that they say these things exist and that they're dumping seawall we're into the money pit, but it's not seawater. It's just regular ground water, and, to this day I've never seen an actual photograph of these five drain. Things that they had set up, nor have I seen any documentation
of them it's almost as if they dont really exist, go out on a limb there. I don't know, I mean I they. They have a lot of claims about this, this island and so far I'm trying to get to the bottom of it right why we can go through some of this stuff and doings Solar studies, solar studies, haven't shown anything that
indicate these that the pit is designed a flood by by the way of these finger drains, and there is also the problem of why would they continue to work this whole time, let alone never mind the fact that it there it there isn't salt water pouring in their it. There isn't sea water pouring into this pit. So there is also the problem of when they dig down. They go down deep enough that it would explain water naturally coming up. I think they said it was about.
Hundred and forty feet, and then they also, if you go, you know, if you listen to the the folklore, they say they dig down and then they go to bed and then the next day it's filled up the water, but there is actually some documentation from the first company that was doing the drill. Onslow onslow onslow was the first company and they say that for every packet of dirt they were pulling out. They are pulling out to buckets a water. This is before the night. They go to bed and then come back. The next day in its court on core flow,
so they were already digging down into muddy waters. So yeah that was in eighteen, o three. They were claiming that it was muddy water they were pulling out, but then truro was much later right about euro is first, they came after chirrup came in eighteen, forty, nine and that that's when they were drilling down to ninety eight two hundred and five feet and that's where they found parchment, and they say they found links of chain gold chain and other miscellaneous items did you read about the the chain? They say that the chain could have come off of a uniform like it was eight tat around the shoulder, shoulder cuff or theirs
It could be chain mail, but the treasure hunters. They said it was a gold chain like a necklace, but then again this is from the oh company, that was drilling in eighteen. Forty nine and we have already had several other digs happen with several other one other company and many people, and it doesn't appear that these people were very careful with their dig. This wasn't like an archaeological dig. This was guys ploughing through the earth looking and hoping for treasure, so they didn't keep any of the logs that they claim
with every platform that didn't keep no records of anything that they recovered. They just it was all kind of word of mouth and they didn't keep anything in all these things, rotted undecayed with time or they never actually existed in the first place. So is it possible that this chain, in these other things that they found could have been from previous people? Digging see? That's that's just it is, is, as you look into this oak island mystery its it very likely that, since no one is found anything considerable that what we're looking at is you have different teams of people showing up doing exe. nations and then leaving, but they you'll leave. Invariably, you leave things behind so then the next crews come in
a dig, they may not see anything from the former crew, but at some point later someone King were excavating, we'll find something from a previous crew, and then it's considered, who were on the trail of something because we found something by it with all those excavations happening over these many years. It's going to pile up, more and more junk being left behind by the crews that are working there it just seems that seems reasonable. Does it not exactly you don't go in? to uncover a tumor, an ark and leave your mcdonald's back there and then come back. You know somebody else come back later and finds that mcdonald's banks they all of this must have been the guy that you know that dead, the hole in the first place. I mean it's, not sound scientific at all,
all. These guys are treasure hunters they're not from a museum they're not looking to conserve anything at the sight and their dreams are appalling them along. So anything they find? Would it be a couple links of a gold chain? Does this feeling their fire and their drive? Nineteen sixty five we have modern day crews, their digging. Digging all over the island. They actually built an easement from the mainland to the island. They spent millions of dollars to build a roadway, ok the level of insanity that has gone on now over hundreds of years, Insanity, I I I think it was the same call and nothing was
never been there ever. You jumping the gun here. Man keep in mind, keep in mind that you don't have to have all the information to move on something. Okay, true, we see this all the time, yeah and So when these people heard that there may be treasure under there and that- and this is a from what I understand a common story arc. I guess you could call it in in treasure. Lore. Is that so and so was so close to get into the treasure, and then it filled with water and they couldn't reach it or o collapse. I fell down further and they were unable to get down any further at the time to go and get the treasure, but they saw it. They saw they saw a glint of gold or they saw something tumbled, and disappear or they saw a hand or or they found
stone triangle on the beach pointing towards it, which any now These creatures could have formed the triangle pointing out the money paid, but they never question o. It must have been the the original pirates. Really we don't know that the logical order here at all, so they smell they smell treasure and they move on it and so there no stopping to examine anything about the story to find out. If it's true, let's go back a minute because we started off. I telling everyone the original story, as it were, but a young man finding this depression in the ground and there are more details about the tree in. But what really people shadow is This was not a young man, the person down again. This was thirty seven at the time and he had actually fought in the american market. Revolutionary war on the side of the british
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go to custom gear partner with great customer service, quality products and all in pricing, along with personalized help when you need it and an easy to use website all bad to buy a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee go to. Stem ink, dot com to get started today, and he actually did purchase land on oak island, so he was strolling through his backyard them. Why don't? I can't tell you exactly which part of opel and he had purchased or what and tell you is that this is a person who was thirty, seven years old and if you think back at that time in the late, seventeen hundreds thirty. Seven is not the thirty seven of two thousand fifteen so again we're talking about assumptions here. We assume that
the young man. We assume he found evidence that there is something hidden there, but right from the get go. The story is suspect because most of the most of the accounts of this that you hear or read will say he was a young man and let's take that on further this stone. They supposedly found that had the inscriptions on it that had to be decoded, and that say forty feet down. Two million pounds are found or yeah whatever it was it whatever it's difficult for me to imagine that we take things on faith so much when we're talking about a stone. How difficult is it to to document the stone? We don't have it? No one has seen it
It is said that someone gave some one else, the information and I don't really think the names important really. What we have here is we have a rumour or an outright story. That's just been made up. We don't have any proof that the stone ever existed. So at this point decoding it seems pointless in the one record or observation of its inscriptions was written in a story about oak island, a fictional story about oak island by some other author, and he draws out what the inscription had so the stone. We have no idea if nothing existed and they didn't keep the logs of the debt platforms every
and feet down at all so where's, the where's, the proof here just word of mouth over and over again right, even even the man who had the original information who gave it to the story, teller even tried tracking down the stone because he had heard where it might be. He was never able to find it. No, so we have again, we have a rumor anybody could have made this up and and I've I've read that they could very well have just written out this interesting statement this. I guess you could say, directions to the treasure and then made up a code based on the words So you write down you write down forty feet below two million pounds or buried
and then you say: okay well, what's the afghan be, and then you change all the apps to that symbol yeah this is this is not difficult and another thing that I I read this online. This I thought was brilliant, really simple. To is that, when you look at the code, it's well known symbols, their collins and their crosses, and there is the road and axes in squares and triangles this, this not complex. So how is it that this wasn't just known everywhere? Why was it so difficult to come by in the first place. They should have been easy,
describe the people who had come across it if they had yeah and even back in those times they would you know they would take up that piece of carbon or whatever and then they'd run. You know the or they'd pick a piece of paper and then they'd run a piece of charcoal or chalk over that and it would give them an imprint of whatever the inscription is they've been doing that for hundreds of years, but nobody thought to do that with the stone. It's just one of those things. So we covered the original find recovered the stone again. Then there are the supposed platforms or rod
logs, as it's sometimes been described. One thing: you'll notice, as you look through the history of this island and of this pit, is that the stories always sort of get refined and the most interesting aspects are kept and other details are changed. In other words, this story doesn't get less interesting. It gets more interesting when, when they talk about the the pit itself, some of the descriptions are, it was a feet across. Others are fifteen feet across, that's almost double, which is it. I mean. Where did three guys dig an eight foot across whole, or did they dig a fifteen foot a pretzel, or are all these descriptions just getting mix and match between all three companies that have done digs there? It just gets really mangled the more the longer you go. Let me ask you something, because I've spoken with some people on facebook who are on a group. It's actually all about this
history of oak island, and they were time how interesting it is that there is so much limestone. I think it's about a hundred and sixty feet, one hundred and eighty feet down, and so, if you start mixing in that, that brackish water with that limestone overtime. Wouldn't that better explained the so called concrete that people have found or claim to have found as part of some sort of structure and what and when you have limestone with water on it, and then you put a drill through it. It cuts through the limestone turns it into a paste. Is that concrete? Now it's just so as we as we follow through on this stuff, you can see how We got to the curse of oak island and the curse of oak island. Is a show which features to men, their brothers, and one of them is
joy has quite a bit of money behind him and They have been all over the place. They seem to start certain projects. They move and others in the knee they had at getting off to europe. That there's been some aid as too. Are they just into deep down there just trying to kill time or What what's the real motivation here, because they have yet to find anything really interesting. Everything they found could have just been left, thereby prior teams of people that worked at the site. At this point, we ve had six people that have actually died at the sight trying dig for this thing or those that the ones that died in the sixties of whom died in the sixties from poisonous gas or something to that effect. Another guy died when he fell down the hall and another guy died when, like us,
steam engine generator or something ruptured while while they were digging drilling that that's what I read so those are the six in the myth goes that seven people have to die before you find the treasure. I wondered if that myth was actually Three people had to die before he found treasure and then three people died, and then they changed it to four now we're at six, so they changed it to seven I mean It always seven people. How did I guess I just want to make it a make sure I got this straight here. Met a net is that there is a magical packet dogs that rome's the island and protects them the money paid, and that.
There is a crow or some bird that protects it. My question to you would be a will. Any of these creatures make it into season three august first evoke island. We hope so. Ok, so so the nineteen sixty five that's when Dan blankenship and what's the other guy David, Tobias. There the the titan alliance it so they did their the ones that are drilling currently on the island and they're the ones who took the pictures and everything they had the the group that surveyed the titanic and found the titanic. surveyed the topology around the island? I I think it was David actually drilled a whole. There was hundreds of feet deep.
He donned the scuba suit and got lawyer lowered down this hall, and he had no cables and whatever fallen him down, then the hole that he had drilled started collapsing in on itself, and so he rocks are hitting him in the head and and he's pull me up in there. They call him up and oh no, he wasn't the seven person to be taken. I've watched the movie. Acas all the way jackass won through five. I don't think they would ever dropped themselves down a whole with a scuba suit on that's just slightly wider than their shoulders me what'd. He expect to happen. I just what an idiot don't know what did he expect and I hope that the contractors outward dumping them down. The hall had an alternate contract.
that had already signed. That said, this whole thing costs a lot more so when he died they get paid off, because what a moron out there million pounds down there? Man, it's not worth it, they ve built Roadway to this island, they have hired that the crew that found the titanic, how much money have they spent The money paid. Not because is any money there. a lot of money has gone into that whole ass for sure, there's just nothing to show for it: zero, now the most money they make. Is that actually, I guess, there's tours that you can go on. You can go I doubt oak island take a tour the place at that. That's where the money that live in this this folk tail living
this lie over and over and over again I guess there. There are a lot of interesting stories about this bad, as you can tell at least as we look through this. There is nothing there thing to give you any idea that there is even any anything interesting on the silent. Apart from what people may have left behind, since they ve been taking up the place. We could go on and on about the war, because of the period and the clay substance in rumours of seeing the gold chains and everything we can go through all the details, but it almost seems like it too, doesn't matter, no one has anything concrete
to show any one to to persuade people like us that does anything there sure there are people they continue to excavate. That's why we brought up the show, but we don't expect them to find anything of consequence. They can find old coins bet they're, not going to find a treasure chest filled with. Means they're not going to find a wholly relic and they certainly are gonna find ancient parchment without would indicate that that does shakespeare didn't write his own stories. it's just for a minute. Let's say that it it is buried treasure. It was parchment that was sealed and a treasure trust, or it was a ancient tomb of a king or christian or whatever it may be. They have this Roy it now. If you want to believe that there is something down there, they ve destroyed it and they pose.
than it would drills they they toward apart. They Unsealed it and now water has come in and rotted whatever it was. So even if there was something down there, it's gone now, it's completely obliterated, but you have to believe something was down there in the first ways to get to that point now. I will say this: I fully expect that there will be those who will say I bet there's something under their because once people get the scent of something, it's really difficult to get them off of it. Like the four guys in nineteen sixty five that got the scent of poison gas, and I guess I get it. They were on something. perhaps it was under them. I thought so it was very interesting when I first got into it I was really like all that's kind of fun and
been looking into alternative theories like it was a old viking ship that was tipped. You know stood on end, so they're actually digging down through a viking ship and that's why you had layers every ten feet, but I'm like whoa, but that's not really how a viking ship is actually built. And then, when you have the titanic, people go through and do the the sonar, and I don't see the the five drain you know finger drains going to it's just like well what what do we have here and maybe to chain and some other stuff that could have been left by other people. I mean it just doesn't make a lot of sense to me that this has gone on for so long, but I guess
Do you hear a lot of stories that just keep getting repeated over and over and tell people believe their true? I do. I do have good news for anybody whose curious about this and feels the need to join up and talk with others I doubt it and again there's a page on facebook and you can get there by searching for it. Oak island's money pit solved go there and you have all your answers. Some good guys. There bring your questions. Their talk with them and if you have any theories or if you believe that we didn't cover something that would totally put this case upside down from where we had it, feel free to bring it up there yeah I mean there's this nothing. I I can't believe a single shred of this story anymore. It's
it's an island. And if you dig deep enough into a lot of islands, you're going to find water and possibly roots- and maybe a few boards- something like that. But and I don't even believe that three guys with shovels could have dug thirty feet down. Without you know, without ladders and other things that just don't I don't buy, that I could barely dig a trench into my backyard. The way that you know a little patio, rock path, but I'm not sure I can dig a hole, the berry myself in You don't, unlike you, I actually don't. I think poorly of of some of these guys that have dug where I think,
one thing that I took away from looking at what dad blankenship in and others have dinas they sort of given us something to talk about, and they put a lot of hard work in. I mean you can say that you know some of the work he did may have ruined something. There was something under their fat aid, oh, that he was determined and end. It was hard work that some of them if the he did was pretty incredible. I think so. I think, on the other hand, you can look at him and say tat. This was a big wasting your time and you can kill yourself On the other hand, in other, stories here and I think people that that no him they look at him. Finally, because he's a guy that really put the work any really try. dig to finding answers, and I know he's still
in the circle of people are working on this bed. He had he is up there in age now, so I almost feel like a view, if you're out in the garage workin on somethin for days or in the backyard whatever it may be in your wife, comes in and says what have you been doing for the last four days or for years for forty years, and if you can't tell her I've, actually complicating something. Then you have to make something up and I think pride and ego is what drives these guys to continue doing they're doing and nato,
wanna go home until their wives, I'm sorry, I wasted my life doing something that made no difference to our lives. It's that's how I feel about it cause. I knew I would make up a lie if I'd been digging a hole for four days and had nothing to show for it yeah and that's where you when they, when I had heard that they had seen something down there, seen some things down there, the treasure chests or the hand or the body. I I thought well beats per dalia. You know we talked about that before you look at the clouds. You start to see things. You look at images from mars and start to see a squirrel or a ship or whenever he might see, and that is looking at what they had operate is just really that's. It there's nothing there And so I get what you're saying it's just it's dead
combination and I believe they got on the scent of something not likely, but they got in the center something and they didn't want to give up, and you could call that greeted as a motivator or never quitting, but they stuck with it and we don't expect them to get anywhere with it but again there are stories they have and unfortunately the most interesting stories really had been, probably from his time. Thus the late times now they just it's been really disappointing with all the technology and the money and the gear and no consists c in the way that their handling this job there. Just how many seasons are you protecting here? Just then I haven't even watch the show on the serving it's going to be.
All the season to recently they're going to get a season three here, I'll give him five them if they were They were finishing season one I might have given him for, but if there are finishing season two I'll give him five, I dont think they make it to five, because I think in you know, I don't know these gentlemen personally by it I would say that there is the brother taller one whose obsessed with the island and then there's brother that loves him? I think that brothers, the one that's going to finally pull the plug. I think it's how much the viewers love not really the brothers I mean, while they are funding a big portion of this, and I dont think that this guy wants to keep dumping is money into a pit. I guess it as soon as tv producer.
grab a hold of it and fund it and add their money to the pit, because we look at how many seasons of finding bigfoot is there yeah, but that doesn't cost very much just get some guy, some camel pants and the night vision, and probably some beer, and you send him out into the for us to look for harry hominid, which he's never actually encountered, sober. Then you kind of wonder you know, but that's not that's not going to cost much this. This they're having to you, know, pump alot large amounts of water and dig and bring in these big drills. This his work? They might turn it into a contest show where he units Teams of survivors are on the island and who can dig down ten feet faster than the other one, and in one of them ghent,
who did off the island by way of falling into the hole and dying. I don't know they might change the plot up a little bit here. They could do that like like how halloween they were actually going to its with third one season of which they were going to make a different. halloween every every year and it was going to be totally different and of course it went back to Michael myers, of course, but now at this they can totally brain different people, but the isle. Who had their own theories and have their own methods for finding the treasure who knows, we might end up with some people with torches the pit and using taro cards. I I just wish we don't. I wish there was something more to this. Besides, just
story being repeated over and over and over again, and we would have actually had something more to talk about, but there's nothing there. It's a cool little island, that's a cool area up there by nova scotia! That's I'd love to visit, you know of Dan Herbert yet to say he would be sad right now or he might punch you in the mouth. I dunno, it seems kind of, like a tough guy, said, That's a possibility is well yeah, well, not taken his tour better wrap. The the the
The. Do you hear that its little space for mindfulness become a meditation pie, gas in fifteen minutes are, alas, become yours is to unwind, listen exclusively on amazon, music or so tell your echoed a vice alexa play, the podcast become
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