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February 22, 2017. Olathe, Kansas. A man re-enters a bar that he was escorted out of minutes before for spouting hateful rhetoric and, armed with a gun, shoots two Indian men as well as a bar patron who attempted to stop him. On this episode we discuss two different shooting incidents, the motives behind them and the responses by survivors. Gun crimes affect many more people than those who are shot. Immigration fears, racism, and outright paranoia can encourage violence against others but what can be done about it? Two strong women are working to change the minds and hearts of those who might commit crimes against those who they perceive to be different.

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I do it's a nightmare. Doing! Ok! Just and how are you? I was doing great on the way over. We had a horrible tornado warning, watch sirens going off, so that was fun almost cancelled arrow whole evening, but here I am, and here we are recording
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I'm scenes. We ve seen them all right, washed up on the shore, sticking out a shallow graves buried under the house and stuck in the bottom of a lake, but sometime There's a little more off the beaten path that makes you sit upon your ouch and shouted your tv wait. They found the body where, but that's what you're looking for we got. You ready to stream some crime stories. Hulu, it's a crime not to watch suggesting You came to me with this story. And our other say a story. It's actually more than one story, but you wanted to cover of number of similar cases all in one episode for a while now and then suddenly, you came up with this one and why don't you? kind of fill us and what this episodes going to be about well and I'm gonna do my best make the short not about me. But I've worked in aid He all my life words
parting from help desk to desktop you exact services to back up operators to sir for administration domain admin. I've had a lot of titles and most of my jobs have been in overland park in law. would kansas at or with sprint reorder know, reorg turned into embark, turned into century link lots of changes there tat. While I was working in I t and when you are working for a company a corporation Most of the software you use needs to be supported by people Other countries, its very diverse group of people that you work with when you're in eighty While I was at sprint, I had just friends everywhere that from all walks of life from every nation country I could ever imagine, and they would
my coworkers and they were the people I would hang out with afterwork. They were the people that I would have to call get things accomplished. The project managers, the you know the database analysts, whatever it may be, there were events. That happened out kansas that say, followed me around us were following me around. They were just events that happened, but they happened very close by What I would call in my back yard. They happened to people that maybe not people I knew personally, but it could have happened to my co workers. It could have happened to anyone that I knew, because I worked in that yield and it's a very tight knit community and out there. So there's two stories I'll try to make the first one short but working at spread on the sprint campus and then I move gone, but the sprint campuses.
Right next to a jewish community centre. In twenty fourteen, which I was no longer at the spring campus, but I had worked there for many years, there was a shooting at the jewish community centre, which is within walking distance of the spring campus. It is just right across a small field, probably a few hundred yards at best, a man named frazier, glyn cross or frazier Glenn Miller had gone over. There had a shotgun and gun down to people in the poor, king lot. Then he went on to a jewish. assisted living center. So elderly people who are finished. at their lives in retirement drove over there and a woman was walking out into the parking lot and he pulled out his shotgun and it miss fired. So I went
his trunk and he pulled out another shotgun and he shot and killed her also. He was captured shortly thereafter, that at a your by grade school it was sunday, so luckily There was no children at the school when the police officers, apprehended him He was an ex cake kay grand wizard. He had been arrested back in the mid eightys for gunshots. jews and inciting violence. He is very anti semitic, to say the least, and in twenty hen. He had actually ran as a right in on the ballot senator of Missouri. It actually tried to become a state representative in his whole, DR, was to risk
abolish the white race and wipe out the jewish people, who he feels and blames for all his problems. Now I worked at the spring, piss. In literally the shooting happened. I you would have been able to hear the gunshots and this guy, an attack, anybody that I knew, but the two people but he killed in the parking lot he killed. a fourteen year old, named reed underwear who was gone owing to the job community centre to enter a singing contest called Kansas city superstar. He was with his grandfather, William Cortland. Both of them were shot dead, william corp run and his grandson red underwood. They read it audition for a singing competition reap visible. scout. He had twenty two may
badges and he was working on becoming an eagle scout and he was with his grandfather that day, because his mother had taken his brother to a lacrosse game. His grandfather, had been a physician most of his life and I done very well for himself. He was just trying to help us. Grandson out and and came to this singing contest in the mom- was taken. The other son out. This is enough one day for them, he was heavily involved in his family lives. Any ten grandchildren and relative say that he made time for each and every one of them the. this. One was twenty three years old and the youngest was just an infant. Then he went on to the assisted living home, any shot, a woman named Terry Lamont. Oh, she was there her mother at the assisted living home
She was an occupational therapist and he three years old when she was gunned down in that parking lot at village shalom sheet typically attended the ST peter's catholic church in Kansas city, Missouri, now frazier. He thought he was killing jewish people It turns out actually that not one of his victims was jewish. They were all christian, the ernie there right he was held on ten million dollars bond, so he's not in bell. That's one good thing right. What is so often when someone attacks people were saying. While there is nothing about this person before they success. They were quiet or whatever, and this guy has quite a history. oh yeah, and we was he now on some sort of terrorist watch list or something I was on the
the southern poverty law centre had him on a watch lists. Definitely he was a higher highly it anti semitic, individual it's a premises. He wasn't, well to buy weapons because of his prior felony conviction back in the eighties. So, yes his friend, a man named John rival, they went to gun, store and a walmart and John purchased and because he had a clean record and then immediately gave them to frazier Glenn Miller frazier. He was, I thought you was seventy three years old at this time, he's not in the best health, but he ran for office just four years price or I think he got seven votes aaron. So you know if we ever wanted to run for office, we could probably rack up more than seven votes and his
buddy John, who did the strongman purchase, was given probation for buying annex k, K, grand dragon guns that was intending to go, kill jewish people with when he to court. He told the judge that he didn't have any money, so he would need a public defender, and then he would ultimately fire all of his public defenders and represent himself and really this was so. He could spread more of his hate rhetoric. during trial, get it on the record and a really didn't even defend himself them Hosty defended himself was if I had known they weren't jewish. I wouldn't have shot them that was literally, has excuse and any pleaded not guilty. Luckily, the jury found him guilty and handed him a death sentence actually, which doesn't happen very often, especially in kansas city.
Oh the fourteen year old read his mother, Mandy she actually found their bodies. She saw them after they ve been shot. and she got gather with the jewish community center and they had a vigil? But this was a tough time and it was really close to home. For me, I had friends call me saying: are you still at the sprint campus Are you ok? And you know this is just to set up for what happens next, but frazier Glenn cross. will ultimately get sentenced to death, and, I think his family. Actually, who has renounced him and has nothing to do with them. Do not have his paypal rhetoric do not feel the same way he does. They were plea, what the jury to give him a life sentence, because with a death sentence he gets automatic,
heels, and they know that he is going to turn this into more, if a a circus he's just gonna show showboat his paypal rhetoric and just get that out there more and try to become a more therefore the white power movement, so and his family was saying: don't give him the death penalty, because he doesn't deserve it, but because it'll be the only way to shut him up. So at this point in my career, I've now gone in been re badge to embark in century link and. their building was located out and gardener Kansas, where I would drive every day in work and there was a sports bar in gardener called austrians that eight lunch,
literally. Every day I worked there, they have another location, that's an old later and I think I ate their a couple times. Gorman was low, It is not too far away from gardener. I pass it Every day I drive into work, and I had heard great things about garment the gps company and I this thought, if I ever lost my job or needed apply somewhere else. I'd probably apply there. That was just one of the things said I had in the back my mind as a backup plan on February many seconds of twenty seventeen adam parenting, had shown up to the austrians bar in a later where there were two men from india sitting having you're, afterwork watch the k you game, how very american right yeah. They were in america on visas, they were working for garment. They were
sheen of us could Ebola and his good friend a look modest johnny. So these guys their hanging out their regulars at ostiense and if you ask the manager at austrians, eighty percent their clientele, are regulars so Adam. In his early fifties, shows up Adam also is wearing a shirt. There as a lot of metals. Pin to it in a random fashion. Yeah here, He was an ex navy guy, but I have no idea. These metals were ones that he actually had earned or if he just picked him up, military surplus store and feeling. Adrian with his metals that day he asks them. What country are you from? Are you here illegally and a look?
kind of shocked and put off. He doesn't really know what to say, because he's never been confronted like this and his body, whose very goofy his like yeah where from India, where just here now, he again there really com guard they're, not sure what response there is, but they can see that disguise angry ye, work sharing of us was trying to do. Was you know little humour with it and try to calm the guy down damn It didn't seem to work, so he yelled at them. and other patrons, and people that work at the bar see what's going on end. Tried to intervene, parenting says why would you take their side over mine That sounds like a paranoid statements me yeah when he says this. They understand. Oh.
Where why your white, they're not were taken their side over yours? He definitely establish she's a divide here- and everyone knows what he means by this- They come over and intervene and escort adam away, say just you gotta go in the guy. That runs the place even told the guy. Don't worry about your bill just leave, and he mills around the parking lot for a bit actually leaves. But twenty five and its later, he comes back with a gun. He has. Tal over his head and he's hunched over as, if he's and to conceal his identity when he comes back with the gun. Now he's just angry now he shooting and tree boss is facing him and takes the
front of the shooting yeah he elles, while he's boiling trigger what he had to say now is to intended. Vic they're sitting outside on the patio, so he didn't to come into the restaurant to do this, but There are patrons out there and the owner of the of asteroids, his kind of, got. You he's on high alert now, but this happened so fast that there's not much you can do now. He shoots shrine of us multiple times. A look gets hit The leg and he dies down under the table and is trying to crawl away he's just trying to survive but he sees his friend any just screaming. Why did you do this? Why did you kill my friend? meanwhile, there is another patron at the bar named in gridlock. and when the shooting began he was hiding under his table and he says he counted
Eight or nine shots and heath figured that the guy was out of bullets, and so at that point he jumped up and ran over term to tackle them a lot is actually form military as well, but he was a marine and he's a big dude he's he's a big country boy and he's really nice guy and he hung out to one the k you game and just everybody else. They were all there just have a good time and have a beer and he actually intervened during the first altercation with Adam and helped them escort him out of the the restaurant. So He is now running up to tackle Adam turns on autumn and fires a shot into him, He goes through his hand, hits his collar bone
bounces over the left side of his body hitting his spinal cord and punctured along, but even so he has taken this man down they struggle, but Adam Farrington gets away. He jumps carney drives off at eight thirty four emergency services has com and started taking everybody way to the trauma centre at K. You mad it's the closer hospital that has a trauma centre. For this. There are clear her hospitals, but they will not be able to treat gunshot wounds. Some of the patron that were there did their best sheen of us out using napkins, towels and even a shirt. They did their best. to try and treat his injuries so that he could make it to the hospital, but at eight thirty four they pronounce him dead in. Is not in good shape their having.
Put him in surgery he's in critical condition and a look is in serious condition, but not as bad as in and the funny thing is ends in his hospital room, getting worked on and they keep saying, there's two victims, ones and critical, and he kept them It was the other guy at ten p m the police, go to the home, where sheen of ass lived with his wife, sunni anna they ask her to sit down because they're going to give her the bad news they tell her. that her husband has been killed. She doesn't want to believe it. First I mean she's I accept it should just seen him that morning dead exchange text messages. He was saying that he was going to have a beer after work. but she knew something had happened because she had been texting him and she had tried to him just to come home, so they could go, get some tea and then he had stopped me.
During our back. So I think new adjust its The news he just don't want to get at twelve forty that night, a bartender an apple he's an Clinton Missouri, which is better, drive away cause authority. And says a man and came in here me sat down at the bar and proclaimed that he needed a place to hide, because he had just killed two men from the middle east He said that he had killed two iranians, the good here is that this woman com the authorities chief said don't shore, with your sirens. Blazing come quiet. so that you catch him, This is just I have to give some on how ignorant this comes off. He doesn't know difference between? I ran in india he doesn't know the difference between some
from the Middle east to somebody from asia, essentially india has three times the population of america when they had their blue. Out there. There entered problems, literally the amount of people impacted by that was the point. relation of amerika the sky, was in the navy. Buddies, never pulled out a geography book. It just really goes to show that it doesn't matter, who you hate, who you are mad at you're, just going to go after them. and he obviously assume that these were two men that were from middle east muslims that were illegal, yet they were highly educated here on visas working a garment. Take a moment to get a word from our new sponsor priceline. Do you have a group chat where you continuously talk about summer getaways, but never they go anywhere well,
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and she contacted her best friend in her best friends, brother gave her a list of four names and said here: some people can contact who from hider bad If you're over therein, you want somebody two or help. In some way. These are the people I would recommend. She just shows the first person on unless the call first or actually to write to first, and he was sure of us coochie boat, la She was pleasantly surprised when he wrote her back and she gave him the task of, can you check on my application for university over there and he did that. They just started writing back Fourth, and before long they started becoming rather smitten with one another and it starts getting serious, and so the First time actually got to me. She was not prepared for three of us, because she stands about five foot tall and he's six foot to his is almost All me
personality, wise. She was pretty quiet and she lived a pretty good life in india, but she didn't have any real life. experience. So this is, I think, one of her your drives for coming over to the united states was to really establish yourself as an independent person, and I think her parents were supportive of that, but no one was more supportive than tree boss and they were married in two thousand and twelve by the way and had dated since two thousand six and in fact, sweeney vos, who had two brothers, his dad really pushed the education aspect and said you need to be edgy hated, you need to get a career, and so what The stories that came out of that was, You're bosses, older and younger brother would often just run away when their die would say. Ok signed a work on your studies, edge, Many of us would stay behind because he would do well dad asked of him. It paid off because
he graduated and was able to secure good job. As an engineer he wanted just that, but he wanted who would become as well if sunni honor to be six will do and would say what, if they don't like in terms of getting hired, and he would tell her this. What you're here, for you can do it and he read really supported her so from the get go. This was a very good couple, very good bond. In fact, the only complaint that I could find that sunni anna had he would times, go to the bar ostiense bar after work and hang up This work bodies sometimes He just wouldn't come home when he should have come home and that's because he's having a good time but other than that this is about. who very much loved and supported his wife and she loved supported him. She would make his lunch in the morning, send him off to work it out with a hog and everything and then what we come home. She said he would just burst through the door.
and sometimes she would run and hide in a closet. He would call her nickname out ninety ninety ninety and come looking for her and then he course he would open up the closet. He would find her it just a little flour the kind of game that they would play. If you can't tell he's a very good the outgoing guy and very playful yeah. Maybe he was very, he was much more reserved than a look. A look was known as morbid while guy there's a story, out there. How, when train abbas, had shown up with his new car? He had gotten. I think it was a mazda, a look literally. up on the hood, he was so excited and dented the as he landed on it, should any of us was known as being very calm in the face of anything- and he just said- it's ok, we'll wolf book at a fixed, so A look was much more, the crazy guy by Tom. You know he met look, because when he first came up or he wanted a roommate when you're trying to
to university, even with, if you of any kind of advantages: with scholarships are or what have you We need to have somebody help you with the rent so that's how he met a look and they got along great their car, like eating yang in a lot of ways, but just cause friends and intercourse. They worked for garment and Frida boss was very much involved with aviation systems. Here, interested in planes that he was interested in automating things that people used to do manually when they flew planes. In fact, when he first started working for the first company, which I was in iowa. mentor said this guy's better than I am. So shrine of us had a passion for what he was doing, the programming language he worked with was python and said he was fluent in it. So this is a That by all accounts would skip lunch because he We wanted to complete his projects as quickly as possible
and get them right? So if that meant skipping semi elsie would do it here just Passion about his career about is the work that he was doing so him and his wife are both graduates both have he's good. I t job sadder high end high, paying and they're trying to live out their dream. yeah. They end up being a house that was three hundred thousand dollars. They walk through it and there's a moment where he basically says something about children. That was some in that sunni on a really why'd. She wanted have children with him and the house they bought was actually in a that's. A nice house ran a thousand dollars and his right near an elementary school for that I lived in an apartment building, so you under these are immigrants there from india, and we do people in america who don't know how to deal with immigrants or just straight up, don't like them, and what happened earlier with the apartments was everybody in the park.
Spelling, basically treat them with nothing but kindness, accept or an old man who gone elevator, one time with him and told Many of us in our basic you, immigrant, or something you know just basically saying you don't belong here when sunni ana express some concern like oh yeah. Maybe we're not welcome here. Srinivasan said: don't worry, he's he's an old grandpa, you know it's fine, but they would see shootings on the news. They would see hate crimes happening before their eyes and she I always had this reservation. Her husband reassure her and hold her. Yes, reno. Very much believed that if you put good out their good comes back to you, I think he's got good right. and to think that, because he always approach people with a smile, always engaged people, and got a lot of people to talk with him. He I don't know, I don't know that it's winning everyone over but a lot
people really liked him, and even when it, in the three hundred thousand our home. He had people I came over and introduced themselves and welcomed him and his wife to the neighbourhood I may just seem like he was right. brace america embrace your neighbors embrace or co workers, and everything is hang up, they have a nice home. They will. therefore relationship and he's a visa and she has a visa. A quick explanation on this, though, is her? Visa is dependent upon his and when he's shot and killed. Her status is now revoked, but it's an automatic thing right cousin yeah, because this is tied and he has an eight should be one visa right, he's the one above visa holder, her visa depend on his when he dies. And her status, just basically she's, not I have valid immigrant any more. She will probably happen return home here so she's been victimize,
her husband's been murdered and now facing deportation. You do know action on her own she's, a database engineer. She has a job, but now, she's having too figure out what her next step is by the way, their house in the neighborhood lived in wasn't too far from where the attacker lived. Yeah, I think they said it was about five minutes by car here tuna is looking at deportation, probably she does get some assistance from a congressmen in kansas by the fyodor and its He stepped in and helps her out and I would say, while you did the right thing, but I ask I'm not trying to say he's not doing the right thing by? I almost got the sense to that. He understood Hence the importance of the people who work for these
these businesses in Kansas? Don't you think, that's a part of this Jessen, oh yeah, and I'm glad he stepped in, because these corporations need workers, and they have tax incentives and all kinds of things to bring people in. So if there being deported and attacked, and whatever they're not gonna want to come here and work. I can only imagine if you read in the news that some of them africans, wherein name whatever country and were gun down at a restaurant and then there surviving family members where you were deported, how would you feel about that? Would You feel welcome in our country. Would you want to go there, well. We know how people would feel about that, because rail It is of three new boss were actually talking about how people shouldn't able to united states anymore for work. It was day dress you could be shot and killed. Damn that's the way they perceive it over in india and its
the blame them because they lost someone they carry a great deal about. So I guess by odor stepping in and sang we're. Gonna handle this visa stuff. Don't worry about it, it's what she needed, because they no one can bring sheen of us back in we can help her pick up the pieces at this point there I mean she's lost everything, Oh, this is something that very helpful, but on the other hand, they also have Adam parent in who, when he so this first hearing he please not guilty, of course but that's almost like a standard answer. Right When you go to a hearing, it's it's almost like a foregone conclusion that that's what's going to happen, but his lee changes doesn't adjusting yeah does he gets oh representation, and he gets to see the impact of what he's done and I think he has a I of its a change of heart,
he seems to understand what he's done. Theirs, little bit of a contrast here with the shooter. We talked about earlier a little bit, because that other shooter was a k k k you know, and then this shooter, who was adam puritan according the neighbors. This was a guy who was a navy that he done a lot of different jobs. He was a dishwasher, he kind of did it all, but he had lived with his dad and according to people who knew them, they said that Adam had a best friend and best friend was his dad, but in two thousand fifteen his dad passed away from cancer, said that Adams always then a drinker. But then after his dad died, it just got worse and worse, and he had to do wise on his record, so any time he was driving around. He was very careful when he drove but
directly after the shooting. We ran home for a minute. He came flying into his called a sack His neighbors turned to his wife and mention something about wow. That? Shooting we just heard about watch? I bet it's him and he wasn't even serious, but it was just because Adam was acting. Himself afterward. When people asked about, and they said we didn't think he, was violence at all, and we're not sure he was racist. He just seen pathetic has he drank so much any didn't take care of himself. They said looked way older than his ear you mean he was in his early fifties, but I thought he was the same age as the kkk guy. They they look similar ages in their photos. Life had really been hard on him and, unlike his family, unlike frazier Glenn days, said that he never had there. Strong rhetoric he never talked about. Hating me
fuller, anything and they said he was very carrying person, so they were shocked when they heard about this. unlike frazier glenn, where his family just assume that that was a foregone conclusion there as witness that said that he had said something disparaging about a black man on the street, they use an example of when he was getting his roof worked on all of them. Cause we're hispanic and he actually ought chairs out and drinks and talked with them. Some ends very friendly, so we don't really have a clear picture of just how race is this: guy was with all those witnesses at ostiense bar. That said, he said this and he said that. That's. Why this rhetoric, if they work, I come from is that just in you all the time and when yours over. You can keep that be sit bay. I dont know I dont know what the answer, as all I know is. If
You go in shoot. People like this. You need to go to prison right again. I guess health was going downhill and he's in accra. So yeah alcohol gives you. Superpower hours and cures cancer, apparently in his mind, but he was also paranoid because he was going to the visa for medical assistance, but he I assume that the doctors There were out to get him that they weren't doing anything for him and would make disparaging remarks about that so disguise. on a downward spiral where he's going to crack and snap at people when you have here full or violent radiation out there in the public. It's never could eventually, if you keep putting it out there, he gonna get some to believe it
and they might act upon it and it doesn't matter who it's coming from its it's considered. Threatening and divisive a reason. So we are talking about his plea and then had changed. He and changing his plea to guilty and he had also contacted a neighbour and his neighbour that he screwed up way. I read it was. He definitely seem like he understood that what he did was wrong, I think, maybe that's all the best that we can hope for out of this, because this guy was pretty screwed up. If best we get is that he didn't comes out emits what he did and I guess we have to take it. but unfortunately we know where do we- get justice for sunni, ana exactly and she's she's been victimized? A look has been victim raised in has been shot and victimized. There's ripple effects here
that happened. All these people in has nerve damage in his hand and the bullet, I guess, is still in his chest. They couldn't remove it. So there's that a look was why king on crutches for a very long time going through rehabilitation and sadly when I look at a look can see it in his eyes and his face at his losses, best friend and it's changed him both of them suffer from ptsd from the event. This is not something that just happens. as an effect any one in their community, and this is the reason why I wanted to talk about is because I work with all kinds of people I work and I, he I work in overland park, I could have worked with these. As I could have been sitting at that bar it's only because I quit those jobs and sorrow Podcasting that I probably wasn't that's that's, how
close to home this hit for me. But what these ripple affects you go back to the first story I was fourteen years old, shot dead, his brother as a teenager deal with the death of a sibling. It's it's just insane. So he becomes depressed and suicidal there mom Mandy is China just hold this family together. you're, probably listening to this podcast, because your curious about something and that's why they create magellan tv, a new kind of documentary streaming service for smart, curious people. wanna see something worth watching if Crime is your passion. They have a deep collection of binge worthy playlists and original true crime stories. You won't find anywhere else from numerous gives on well known serial killers to new cases. You haven't heard of all from a historical purse, give the ties it altogether magellan
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sunni ana was speaking at an mandy approached her. There is not a huge population for the hindu in kansas, but there is a much larger muslim population, so muslim groups came out mending. Was organizing a christian group that was doing edges. regional meets with the jewish centre, So now we have the jewish community, the christians, hindus and muslims, or coming together all trying to raise awareness doing events like ask a muslim ask: a jew sunni honour and many are both. and raise awareness about these issues about hate and about love me, while the community reaches out to help there's a gopher, we started for sunni ana era,
that over seven hundred thousand dollars had been deposited into it and then the girl he received some money too not for profit, called india house, Houston, raised thousand dollars or a home. I've read it both ways, so he would have a place to live after this event, While his entry was pretty serious, rajasthan yeah and he he still, as functionality of his hand but he's able, walk around by he looked out. He did have a collapse long here recovered very well physically, but mentally, it's not been easy forum. And you can hear it when he talks while he was on because so many people that are fearful that there be reprisals against them for being immigrants by america you don't want them here they can
get someone like in or the other people that were at the bar that night, who stepped up to try and help save three of us, and it gives them hope. It says you know why all americans hate you not all of it. and looked down on you because you're different, A lot of americans want you here, they're happy to have you around. They were, get to know you. They will try to save your life if something happens, and as just an hour, he said and me when you have the these community and the muslim community and christians all coming together to talk about love and hate I mean what else do you need? This is proof that you might have news, you might have some murders here there by the vast majority, really want to come together and looking at in
also. I mean the guy looks like a he's. Really tall country boy he's got a dog named odin. You know a lot of people wouldn't expect that from him you can't judge a book by it's cover. You can't just paint everyone with one stroke of a brush as a well. That's what I think of that guy in is this, so viewer this hero in this situation, where he prevented further loss of life. There were signs in india saying. Thank you ian. Thank you chased a man who had already fired a number of bullets at some patrons in the bar. He was at and wish himself so That is a hero. He was willing to risk his life stop this man who had just killed. Somebody essentially, as we said, Adam appearance in changed his plea to guilty that for three counts. A premeditated first degree, murder. Now the way I understand this because
He shot at three people they're, getting him first degree, murder charges here, because his intention was to kill exactly and that's just how works in Kansas, the shooter, Adam parenting was sent two over seventy seven years in prison, which his fifty two years old. So this is a life sentence. He'll be over a hundred years old if he ever is eligible for parole the process it in the case charged him with federal hate crimes? which compounded his sentence and added additional years to it. We had discussed. What would sentence this guy to, and you had brought up that possible. They could have sent him to death yeah. I was a little surprised. They didn't you. There is any kind of remorse shown by the sky that was taken into consideration, or did they just now.
feel the need to go in that direction with it, because this is the hate crime it is, and I think it comparing contrasted with the Jewish community center shooting that man showed no remorse, he doubled down in court and he has a long history of racism, violence and is please menace to society, whereas Adam here more or less a one time event, it's a horrible heinous event. He appeared to be somewhat apology. Dick and trial there are moments. You look at him and I don't really think I'm fishing here, but you just look at him in there. Just a sensor defeat. You know some, People hold onto their anger unfortunate Will I really feel like this guy's rage was fuelled by alcohol. I just hope that I learned something here. I think we all hope someone who was sentenced in he's going after
for the rest of their lives that they feel remorse understand what they did wrong. They're reflecting on it, maybe in some way I'll make some kind of amends, but this was an even more driving us to do this episode, though right it was most, lie about how people use violence without really understanding what these the violence against. I mean they have these concepts these ideations that they have in their head, but they really don't even know what they're doing I mean they're shooting at people they think are jewish or from the middle east, but they're not do that their shooting at christians are the shooting at people from india No, they don't even know what they're shooting there know what they're even attacking and I look at most x miss groups- the imf. Of hypocrisy and who,
Even their intended targets are, and then they end up killing what they would us, what anyone would assume their own people its exists blind rage. That is misguided and in both of these cases. They don't even know what they're doing they don't even it's just its repulsive to me that bees, I mean. I just look at both of them and I think you guys attacked people who add value to our society, whereas you not in the case of frazier new guys in his retired and then he goes after a fourteen year old. Just what is that and with Adam these in alcohol, who can hold down a job, and she people that are established shoots, people that are trying to build families, but their kids through college
one more things that every american or every father or mother is trying to do in any country. Really this whole case has been the most emotional ones. For me, because of I pass employments were what I do where I've been, and I've eaten at austrians, were the shooting happened. So I this guy's dead me. I hope that all the survivors, all the surviving victims, I'll be checking on them I'll be looking for their updates if they have go, find means all don't some money There is ever a news story about one of them. In an event there doing, I might try to go attend that yeah at ANA had said something in response to a question about the death penalty and she's, not really favour of it, but she has also just
letting the system do it's going to do. I think she's, just let that go and she's foe this on now and the future and is a database developer for touch solutions. Her company is very supportive of her because They said, if you need time off, you're always have your job here, and they also help establish forever welcome and deeper so forever. Welcome is to highlight the human stories of immigrants, so that people understand that these are people. I know it sounds like a crazy concept, It really is that simple its education when get to know somebody it's not so easy, just a label them and walk by them and not pay any attention when get to know their story. Then it changes things no. When, when I talk about being affected by this, it's because of sunni ANA Duma
because she was so good at explaining what her life was. Before the shooting. What our hopes were with the dreams were what their accomplishments had been proud. Their families had been, they were planning children, but that all was destroyed. because of the actions of one angry person. this initiative forever. Welcome is probably the right step, because again, will you, sir, to learn about the stories these people? I don't know You can turn away. I'm sure there are people they can, but I think there are always people out there that, when their faced with the facts, it's going to be hard to turn their heads away. At that point, don't you think just an absolutely. You you set to individuals down on a roman you're, gonna people, come to agreements you're going to have to people understand each other, where when you have an angry mob on one side and pro asters on another
you're, you're never going to have a dialogue. This is her effort to reach out and educate people. Men D had established seven days it's an event with their the jewish community centre and the other groups. That was their whole point, is just to have meetin greets with it, different churches and other organisations to raise awareness to educate people on the differences between religions and their believes it something so simple, but so needed. I have spoken with a lot of my ex coworkers? I even spoke with robbie crime con about what it's like to be a muslim in today's world and on a lot of people say it? little scary, and that they do get looks, and it is something that I, at least try to be welcome
and everyone I'm around the matter there, skin color or religion, We'll try to make that little extra effort when I'm out in public to smile, somebody or wave or just be kinder, because I dont know if buddy, just sneered at them more made a comment under their breath or what they're going through in their day One thing that sunni on said that really got semi was she wished tat she and trina. Boss had been able to conceive a child before he died, because then she could look into this. Of her child and see trina boss, the
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