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Olivia Mabel. A Celina, Texas woman goes down a dark path after her son dies in an accident. Authorities would be alerted after receiving silent 911 calls from her home. Once inside they discovered what she had been doing for almost 3 years. A makeshift altar, a doll fashioned from a stick, and letters to her son were in front of her lifeless body. They say her grief may have prompted her to manifest an entity that turned evil. We will break this tale down and discuss why stories like this are so popular. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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You have any information regarding, were here valuable? Please dream a message: I do it's about it I'm doing pretty good. Just how are you doing great? We have a creepy mystery story tonight. Mysteries story out against hoc right sorry about this. Do you have people that are just surfing the internet and some you see a little advertisements at the bottom. That says the ten creepy stories that you ve never heard of yeah stuff, like that. On a rather whole easily with these things and usually they'll have at least one image now. The short I mean, maybe a paragraph or two, and it gets your appetite wedded for creepy store these yeah, and sometimes they sort of get stuck in your head and you'll tell someone else about it: they'll! Look it up, and these things
and go viral. We ve had people right into our podcast and say: have you heard of this? dear and I'll? Look it up and there won't be a lot of information on it, but is creepy and usually the image with it is creepy as well. So I can see Why they're motivated to sell it into us. But at that point, what do we do with it exactly and I'm not one for click, whole websites. You know all the titles or like this might look like small house, but what you see the inside, you won't believe what you see and I never click those links. So that might be why I hadn't heard the story cause. I don't click on those kind of headlines ever, but this is a creepy story. I do click those I have to see the inside yeah, but then there's so many pop up
in weird stuff, and you have to wait for the ads to load before you can hit next to see. You know one of ten pitchers and it takes me I just I'm not into well I, if I'm on the desktop computer, then it's no big deal yeah but if I'm on my mobile phone, that's when I won't do it it's too much of a mass. So what is tonight's topic, while tides top? egg concerns a woman by the name of a mabel. Yes, and she was married to Travis, may and they lived in northern texas in a town named Selina and they have a son right so nineteen ninety is the year theirs, in aden is seven and he's outside and they have twelve thirteen acre power. a is a lot of land and they have ponds, and
wooded areas and stuff on this land, because you know it's texas, while no one's watching him. and after a while Travis SK goes out to look for him I don't remember why he's le pharmacists, perhaps is just where those things where We haven't heard aden in a while haven't seen aden in awhile. We should go look for him when, when it's quiet, that's when there's trouble right when you don't know where your kids are, when you can't hear them, they're, probably up to no good, I think the husband, the father, I think he was working in the garage at the time and olivia was inside. I think she was cooking dinner. The last time they saw Aidan. He was going towards the pond where he might catch frogs or skip rocks whatever it may be. Whatever the case, Travis is looking around and of course his search becomes more frantic, as he can't find his boy
but then he gets to the pond. Where does he discover their well, unfortunately, he sees what appears to be his boys floating face down in the water, so He, of course, goes in after em. He pulled him out by despite his best efforts. He knows his boys gone that is passed on to late there. Only child it has now gone now. This is a family, that's pretty well connected with. community in the small town, and this going to change them forever. Well, yeah and in a death in a family always changes everything attend the dynamic of the family. I mean the grief process of that. You can't even imagine so they stop going out, they stop going to church. Will she stopped going to work? She doesn't work at all one of the worst things that occurs because
of this death is that she and her husband is that it's probably because of her, but she is not dealing with this at all, and she basically shuts down so she's, not communicating. sure he's trying to conceal her and she's not having any of this. She doesn't want his affection, his attention. She's. solely focused on the loss of her only child and travis start using alcohol as coping mechanism to deal with this, breakdown of their marriage, so their spending really note together anymore, and this going to lead them to separate and Travis ends up moving out correct right. She stays in the house which I always wondered bike. Was the house paid off, like ah kind of didn't, know how
if it was the family home or what was going on with that because she quarter job she working in. She stayed in the house, but you know I didn't get foreclosed on very quickly, so she was able to stay there at least for a while for many years. Ryan because she's not going to church because she's not meeting with friends or talking to them anymore, those relationships that she had die off as they do, I mean, if you don't If it's all one way, if I'm calling you every day and you're, not returning my phone calls I'm going to stop calling and I'm not going to check in on you, I'm going to take the hint to where I'm dis, at least going to know that my communication is not welcome or accepted any more that's depression right and perhaps these people would welcome a call from her at some point. But that doesn't happen. She really does just shut
down and she goes into seclusion and her husband doesn't go there. He just now he'll pay the bill, but he's not going there. And, of course, this all has to get sorted out, because assume there would be an impending divorce. Yeah yeah they're, going through that process, but that process is never fast divorces, the most long drawn out painful, saying a lot of couples will go through, especially if one member of that couple one party, isn't responding, isn't signing the paper work is in cooperating. Then what do, and here we assume that a levy is just so depressed, so withdrawn that she can't participate in it, sad, because I would just assume someone would do
a welfare check on her at least try. this or somebody family member would go in czech honour at least some time go, knock on the door. And you should absolutely do that if you suspect somebody is greece trick in or depressed for that long soon. It is a real thing, so it's called the welfare check and you can call your local police department and they will go and do a welfare check doesn't take any time out of their day. They enjoy doing this because they know what repercussions could be. If you dont check on somebody, even the elderly, when it's hot or cold out, just whatever it is sure, it's making a real difference, such as running a ticket for speeding five miles
our over the limit soap september. Nineteen. Ninety one was the last time anyone saw Bolivia and we won't hear from her until february twenty seventh ninety ninety four at thirty p m. There are several nine one one calls made from the house, but their silent there's no talking theirs. Thing so the name on one dispatcher gets a phone call Nobody on the other end, they get that alot hang up whatever, but there's multiples. Several, them they taken more seriously and a dispatch, a patrol officer to go check it out because maybe you're in so much danger that you can't speak so they send somebody out, and some people wonder about this, because if she's really just not anything not working, not doing anything. How is she even paying bills begin?
The way she's described is she's, really just rock bottom, some state, Allow you to have a warm or a soft I'll tone, even if you don't have a even if not paying the bill. Yet you can still dial nine one one from a landline and will go through right. It varies by staff, but federally they say that you're supposed to be able to do that. It's for safety say,
so if the phone was shot off, you could still down on one. But the question is: why were the call silent? No one was talkin, so they dispatch. I think it was officer santiago and I forgot the other officers name, but they go out to the house and they knock on the door, there's no response and because they feel that there might be something wrong. There's been multiple nine one on call
if they decide to break down the door and they described the door as being swollen or bowed out now this is texas humidity. I don't know why they described the door this way, but they break the door and and what they find is a home that looks, abandon not lived in not cleaned dust everywhere I think one description said it looked abandoned like there was no furniture in the house, but I couldn't find pitcher. So I don't know if there was any furniture, any kind of furniture couch her a table or something
there's nothing in the house except for in one bedroom, which happens to be aided, bedroom and they say, thou room is actually taken care of in its cleaned up, there's no dust looks lived in and they find a livia in asia, a nightgown sitting in a rocking chair and she's been passed away for several months. She's been dead for a long time in front of her is what they describe as an altar which has photos of her son, and catcher's mitt candles some other things.
There is also a a trunk on the floor that has a child's bedsheet on top of it when they open the trunk. They find other items from aden, but I think there was a note, a hand written letter either on the trunk or in the trunk. The altar is a trunk cover with a child's bedsheet, ok, but there's a bunch of stuff. On top of it like the photos and stuff so yeah, the trunk is the base of, walter, but the altar. All the stuff is on top of it, so yeah you're right there photos. There are letters there, drawings There are also symbols called sanskrit, yeah yeah. There are sanskrit symbols, sanskrit writing on there's some wild flowers. I believe yeah, but in her hands, is a doll made out of like a stick and some leaves and fabric from some clothes. in of aidance
yeah and a little makeshift hat. And little shiny eyes. When you see the dow it see like something that is more than just a little object. It looks like something was fashioned with emotion like there's something different about it. When you look at it, it looks not not a voodoo we, but it looks a little more intentional. Less artistic, like a toy in more intentional, like trying to represent something and it looks very much like this is Aden that she fashioned the sticks and the fabric. And the leaves into a little aden that she could clutching hold onto and we we kind of get that impression, because it's in her hand she
in front of this alter there's his hand written a letter dated that same day of february, twenty seventh, ninety ninety four, which is the day the cops Oh up in this letters dated on that same day, which is really screwed up. Really scurry because who wrote it, but obviously she could post market for a future date, but it's just sort of random that they get no, one calls they show up. Fine this letter and seems planned what is the letter say at the top right. As you said, it stated february, twenty seventh, nineteen, eighty four and the message says my aden, I'm Sorry, I'm! So sorry! I should never let it get like this. I'm leaving. I will not let you keep me vile, evil creature. Mommy's coming for you aden, my sweet, aden, mommy loves, you so
What the hell does that mean? This is where we want to go into some explanation, because The letter is actually addressing to people in the first and the third parts of the latter she's addressing her son aden, but the very creepy part of the letter, I will not let you keep me. You vile evil creature. that is addressing something else. Really relates back to that strange writing and fact that she was staying in that in that room we assume that she was in a rocking chair, a lot yeah that whole time she must have been doing something because she's, not out with her friends she's, not at church she's, not shopping. She's in this room with his makeshift alter She's, obviously grief stricken lost her son. What is she doing the whole time? According
Some of these symbols that they see written there they mean to build, to create and then there's what is it toolbar and top? Is that what means thought for more? Is that what means to build or create? As far as I am aware, how I put it like thought form is a kind of like a synonym. Ok, but torpor is like a conjured thing, an entity, but it's not just in italy Is it something that's been brought forth? So a emotional mental thing brought forth from sheer, will an emotion right it's something you could think of it as something that you will into existence,
never actually is supposed to take physical form, although it can in fact or your senses. All of your senses can pick it up. You could feel it you could smell it. You hear it here. inside of your own head, but it's never like a a poltergeist or something like that is actually is an entity that you create within your mind, but it becomes real in that it has its own thoughts and you here at Yuki chan eventually can speak to you do so. I looked up how one creates a top up or thought form. The first thing is: you have to make a folk I or some sort of object out of natural material, and they say that can be. Would crystal clay
You just can't be anything that plastic or more man made, preferably and then during the lunar cycle of the waxing moon. You meditate with deep breathing and you're supposed to send energy out of your heart shakira into this object and pretty much envisioning. This light going through you filling up, here's your heart and in shooting that into this object and it they say it's very important to use your heart chakra, because that's white magic as posed to your bed shakira, which is black magic. I couldn't really get much of a explanation as to what the present Hans are to either one of these, but obviously blackmail,
It is considered. Evil and white magic is considered for good and with each breath your energizing, your your breaths and this energy in shooting it into this object, and then, when the the moon passes into it's next phase, your tulpa will be created in once. It's created, you need to give it a name, and obviously, in this case, if this is what she's doing it already has a name, it's her son and you must give it some sort of command. That's like a short sentence, and typically when you create one of these, things are only supposed to keep it around for a few days and then you're supposed to dissipate it,
and there's a whole explanation on how to dissipate these things. But if you do not dissipate it, you have to continually feed it. Your energy you have to recharge quote unquote every day. This is pretty much giving it your life force to keep it alive and around? But if you do not feed it, or do not recharge it. After a few days, it will seek its own energy from you, like a parasite and suck your life force out of you. Also after a few days get stronger. It will materialise or manifest into the physical realm in more aggressive ways than just you know, senses So where's before you might have just been able to hear or see it now it's gaining more and more power, and it can do more stuff. I don't have a lot of
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obviously, depending on who you talk to their different people, with different opinions and ideas about topos and how to use them, But what you are essentially saying is that a misuse of a tall by wool will result in something bad happening any Doesn't really matter how you started off in this house, idea is said to have gone back to even like egyptian times old school jewish beliefs pay ends and even native americans. They say that egyptians would actually do this during sex and create an incubus which is sort of a different form of a thought form.
So is that an explanation of what happened here I mean, I don't think that's an I dont know if I believe she created this top up from her son who then ate her soul, I mean that's what it's coming down to, or maybe she tried to bring her. So maybe she created a a toper to bring her son back like that, was its command She was trying to get her son, but that top turned into an evil thing. So that's why she's addressing two different things in her letter, one of the first stories. I ever read by stephen king pet sematary yeah, and in that story this couple lose is there a little boy. Well, it's very. Similarly, you don't want to lose your boy. You want her child to come back and you was discovered
that he can bury his son Brenna cemetery beyond the pet cemetery, and it's like old indian burial ground or something like that: fertile earth and the child, comes back only it's not quite their child, it. It looks like their child, but it's not really their child and and the same thing with the tulpa, she's grieving over the loss of her child, she wants to manifest this entity so that she has her child back in he's putting everything she has into it and she has a lot of time. She's in that house for what two and a half years without anyone bothering her she has allowed? time, and so we don't know if she's in that house creating this entity. And then dissipating as she supposed to.
and then later at some point decides I can't let go anymore. I can't say goodbye again and then it gets out of her control or were ear. She doesn't want to dissipate it because she thinks it's her son you're right if we, if we look at this and say how much time has gone by and an issue. taking care of herself. I think I would feel comfortable saying that cheese. Doing what she supposed due for a while she's dissipating it and then bringing back and then eventually cannot do that anymore. and so my best guess is she appeared to be
dead for several months, but had this entity around four. Let me let me explain the dissipating process, real, quick! You take your your folk. I your item, such as the stiff figure, that we ve we see and you're supposed to destroy that you're supposed to write the name of it on a piece of paper and burn that piece of paper and imagine the entity dissolving back into the earth, so the process to dissipate and as we know, she- add that stick figure in her hand, so obviously she didn't dissipate it at least the last time right, but she may have had other figures that you had destroyed absolutely certainly she had plenty of holding to use a maidens? So I, It could be argued either way. I just don't know how she would be able to survive for a couple of years with some
evil, vile entity in the place with their feeding off of her life force, because I I just can't see her taking that good care of yourself. You know. it might have taken. Oliver energy just create it, but the end result here is that these silent, no one calls bringing the police and they discover that she's dead, and there is a question of how she died So I suppose, based on this story, we would assume that she died, because this torpor took her life force. But do we know what would have happened to the tall but afterward that happened after she's dead. It no longer has a life force in that house. Defeat on the suggestion is it can go into the astral plain and gain enough energy or power that it can start feeding on others a no.
only or it can get so powerful that it no longer needs to feed off, lie forces and it has other agenda. But This is all myth, mythical folklore, that we're trying to pull logic out of but this is gotten some people a little perturbed, because they're saying this couldn't have happened yet there are people who live in the area who say I've never heard of this thing about it. This story is so creepy. If this actually went down, it would be some that the town was known for, because this Frank leads to me is creeping her than the amityville story minutes an amityville known everywhere. Besides the the click whole website, what else did you find there's america's most haunted and the guy who runs that didn't
go on it, the only stuff out there is the a living. mabel website. And then there is a website title. The line up And they have a right up on this, that is to say surely the same information. Only it's easier to read. Although the olivia maybe website it set up where you can listen to audio clips from investigators, paranormal investigators from suppose Please some sort of press conference- oh yeah, yeah, that the announcement by it when you listen to these clips. They sound overly manipulated. So, like the press conference has other body, kind of buzzing in and out of it that doesn't sound right and then they have the Jeez up and some of the images look really good and in some look like they ve been overly filter overly manipulated to wear
you're, not saddle they doesn't appear as though some one made them to be legitimate, they appear to be just ooh. This looks cool. Do you know what I mean? Hmm, no it it looks. It looks like ok like the image of the mother, of a her image the sort of soft and has a lot of noise on it and and her son's image. Actually looks pretty clean, which could have been taken by different cameras. Who knows No, it's just that if, if we have access to it, I would imagine there be many pictures available to choose from right and I would imagine there be more articles or store You are right. Ups, that didn't pop up in the last- I don't know you did you try to find anything passed, a thousand fifteen yeah. You don't find anything. This thing just shut
on the map. So if it's, this could have a story, and we think it is then why Is it not showing up before then it should have been something that someone at least written in article on for the local paper is nothing there's a kickstarter for film makers and they want to make a film the kick starters over. But what they had said was because it's such a creepy story, they want to make it into a film. Their kickstarter was unsuccessful. I don't even think it hit a third of what are we supposed to make it their budgets that they were trying to reach? Their goal was only ten thousand dollars which doesn't seem like much and if you go around the internet, I'm really the horror, films, there's a horror website known as dread central- and they have an article on this- were they actually promote it and say my guys
I see this movie come to fruition, go to the kickstarter that pony up by didn't seem to help. I don't know if it's because the horror community mister I somehow missed the boat which is possible or they didn't think that these filmmakers were going to do a good job with his story, I'm not sure. Well, there's a trailer for the movie and in the trailer you see the same photos that are on the websites. So it's not a documentary film that's supposed to be a dramatize version, but it's the same people, so that's kind of a big red flag that this is a movie and there's no truth to the actual story which sucks. Because I like the story,
It's creepy lol. Let me just say this real quick. You know after we posted our. If you are going to go, see conjuring two. You should listen to our enfield poltergeist episode again and ends People rely gas grew there movie, I don't need watch it eyewash. imovie I rather enjoyed it. I like the conjuring movies I like what those guys do. I I still enjoy horror. I can- still enjoy cipher. I even if it's completely fictional and fabricated, it's a roller coaster. To me, it's fun! It's it's exciting. It's scary, its creepy. You can still enjoy a good story right, that's one and I have been laughing at. We have people say all this is just a big hoax. This is just something: that's used to promote a movie its viral marketing, but I'm not offended by this like going back to the amityville horror, which is clearly a scam. Yet to make my
this is just a cool set up to try and get support for movie that these Andy filmmakers want to make an didn't. Another Andy filmmaker do the same thing multiple, but what was the most famous one the blair witch project yeah, and I remember when that first came out and they're like found footage and they did this whole documentary and the documentary was creepy as hell I loved it. now, when the movie actually came out, everyone felt duped. People than like the movie, because they knew as fake. I still enjoy the movie. Me a little sick with the shaky handicaps, but when I went home then I was kind of creeped out there and to a number of people, but that's the thing I dont get this offended feeling I dont get this feeling of ooh. I was duped, I just think great, that's that's cool idea,
now did they pull it off, as well as the Blair witch project people now, but I think when you just look at their base store, they had more meat on the bone. As far as the story goes, you can, the holes, but whole point of this is, if there's a story and Those viral were many people heard about it. We had people running in one of those people who Christie she rode into us and said. Oh. I think this would make a great episode yes that's one of the reasons why wanted to cover it is because. it allows us to talk about it in a way, it's not. We have to have this fact in was that date again. This is simply a creepy story that was created to try and help their project come to life and it didn't work but I think they had success because we had people telling us about story. I went looked it up. You looked it up.
and it's a neat story. We still talk about how cool it was it. It doesn't have to be successful from point a to point z for this to be considered worthwhile? Why not just appreciate that? There's this neat little story out there, yeah yeah, I mean that's. The whole power of storytelling is this fable. This myth this interesting thing that people want to hear about whether it involves love, loss, tragedy, that's why fables and nets persist to this day and age. People like to tell stories in order to educate in order to move entertain whatever may be this is their way of doing that and you want to call bs on the whole astral plain energy entity thing, that's fine, but shall we
ever tell another zombie story or go story or vampire story, because we note not to be true, can be pretty boring world. I think again look back at these other story, so the blair witch project and not exactly the same, but I'm a huge fan of hp, love, craps works and they didn't tell while the answers now there's a lot mystery involved. There's a lot of creeping up to it. They don't need to explain it to you it's yours, getting dropped into this, environment and it sort of eggs. You won its escapism, its escapism right, so it's enjoyable, gets you on edge. A little bit creeps you out even later after your way, far away, we're theatre, the amityville horror it. It has just ridiculous, elements to it: a giant floating pay egg outside the window. In really and people tat, we ve had You are right in saying that a true story, yeah, I can't buy- that I can
only by the he made it up to make money. That's pretty well done, committed by now, but this that this This is a scam like that. If, if you actually look and try to find who owns the website you can trace all you can put all this together they're, doing no more harm than the case channel does when they say. Mermaids are real or maybe odin found. Whenever, when you're shampoo bottles is thirty percent more more than why I don't know what he's got thirty percent more so on buying it they're playing round, but when it comes down to it, it's entertainment. Look there indy filmmakers. This isn't a get rich, quick scheme this is. This is something that they're doing, because they they believed in their project and to me can't really sit there and yell hoax at them over and over again, because they were just trying to make thing entertaining for you. That's why you are reading about it. That's why you're writing into us about it. You can't we
enjoy this was funny because when we got this request, the first thing I did is went out to that website and I saw the police. orton desert have a get her whenever they had posted out there, and I mean we went out too that the texas website to go search for the original document. I couldn't find it not searchable no items I thought what may be they haven't taken their ninety ninety four records and updated em and fed on, like that still conor ridiculous. That I can't find anything on this I so I called the number on the website and that's what you heard at the beginning of the episode. I even called the police station, the local law enforcement at a nice conversation with them, and I felt like I wasted their time- but you know it was pretty easy to debunk. So again,
It's not like. I felt like they were really trying to dupe anyone, but at the same time, in today's society and world. Most people just read the headline: they don't even read the story and they believe it may run with it. So is it really? The film makers fault that so many people are dom and don't check their facts. I dont know well and there are so many films that are made. That say, based on a true story: a conjuring chooses base. Aren't you historian? there were any legos in the movie, can't be that that faithful to the original story again No, no legos. There are many stories out there, there creepy pasta stories, all sorts of lorries out there that they seem almost true there again. They claim that the door was bode because some entity power into it now through itself, against the door this
just they set up the pieces on the board. And then your imagination fills at all in yeah yeah. That's all that's happened, that's what you and I did tonight what's wrong with that. I mean If you and I were out camping, with some of the listeners, and we started to tell this story to them around a camp fire they too, maybe enter, where's the harm in that this is all the tapping, except instead of being around camp pirates. Will it on the internet. I mean help. He listened to the first thirty minutes at this podcast you'd probably think it was a really cool story, and I I don't! I don't. I understand why people get upset when their duped mean people don't like to feel like they ve been taken for a ride. They. to be lied to they don't like this, but when you think well, it's just a myth of fairy tale of the fable in that's that's what it's
supposed to be, and I'm sure if this movie was made, everyone would know the truth, but since the movie didn't meet its kickstarter goal, it just is lingering out there to be this internet rumour now yet again exactly? It may just be a story on the internet and thing is: if it did get made, we don't know if it would have been good. we don't even know if our whole explanation and theory that we discussed tonight would even be the plot of the movie. What could have been totally wrong? We love all the requests you put in and keep 'em common and just because something turns out to be a hoax are not real. If it's interesting enough, we'll talk about it, I when it comes to say, guys were big foot. I kind of trash it, but when it comes to say like the philadelphia experiment or other things, I
some of those conspiracies. I might not believe them, but I still dig the story. Why did the big foot story they do if I was out in the pacific northwest, Out in the wilderness, I would be checking all around myself and I would be listening intently by dont- but I buy bigfoot by I love the story. I love tee mythology, l of the history of big foot as told by people throughout time, but sure if I'm out there. I am sure I would believe it a little bit more than I do now, just being in the area, knowing that I'm in the environment because I'm any other mine to say horror fan, I go with the flow and, if you put me in an earthen basement or but me why, in the woods I run across an old cabin. It looks maybe someone has been there recently, my my, and will go with it and I'm part of story, all of a sudden, and so my
least favorite ones were oak island and the tight annex which room all the other ones I'm kind of into. So I wouldn't be too harsh on the filmmakers while having com filmmakers because they didn't make the film, but I wouldn't be too hard on these people because they just attempted to their project off the ground and it didn't happen, but I don't see any harm in it and I dont see areas to get upset with them about what they did. I mean it think there should be some sympathy that they didn't get to make their movie. Their movies called thought form from a my name is just an arm with a local newspaper up in kansas city, Missouri and who is getting emails and calls about a story in your town about bolivia, made though, and
when I heard about this and if there was any sort of fact or relevance to the story at all, I have not heard a pouch story, it's from ninety. Ninety four, I doubt a woman who was found dead in her house who allegedly had built an altar to her her dead son and was killed by paranormal forces. A no that's, that's a new one for What was the name of a olivia a and if you do a search for it, there is I used to be maybe an indie movie being made about this or a documentary, but er. I think it's one of the this kind of guerrilla hoax advertising campaign? I like the blair witch project, but yeah. Have any thinking in an hour show them. What am I want to? Thank you for checking them.
they are you, the one that showed me the email I hadn't had a chance to respond to it yet, but probably yeah. Probably I just wanted to hear from you guys that no one's ever heard of this, and yet all boats, I mean completely, are news to me: I've never even heard of heard the name. Ok, thank you every time, though dollar you're thank you, but if you have it for money to throw em, we would prefer you to go out to urge and why shaw donate to us or by air premium content, and you can do recurring donations from the donate button since you brought up premium episodes we did when I- kelly, Thomas, who is a homeless man who was severely beaten by police and ended up dying. And I think that say a controversial episode yeah, I imagine there are people that hear it. get really angry at the police officer,
that were involved, we have other people that perhaps don't like our take on it, but listen to it, because it's I would say it's going to get you riled up a little bit and then we have another one Josephine com, nine one one and that's one that just then picked out, because when he learned of it. He could not believe the facts of the case jar? A woman is under attack, her houses under siege, basically by her boyfriend, ex boyfriend and she's, calling for help. and when you find out what kind of cortical help she gets. You will be free Word. Yes, so if any, if you are one of those have a people at clicks on aid, this small but wait till you see what's inside this woman nine one one and you won't leave. What happens next eggs? actually. So if you, they're. In saying, oh I'm caught up on all your episodes, and you haven't been to Jan, why pod dot, com or jan, why shop, dot com? Do it? You need
because our more episodes yeah also, we were just interviewed by mark who runs a blog site which our favorite color rust, yeah and the link is fave, color rostock come. He interviewed both Aaron and I and its fave color rust dot com so av c, o o o r r. U s t dotcom as fun interview that we did. Yeah he's a listener, the show and like other people of As you know, I wish I could ask you these questions, he was able to ask us questions that I'm sure of you would like to ask as well. He asked those questions so check the interviews out. So I have four episodes now on the peripheral podcast, my secondary podcast. So
check it out. I know a lot of you have and the first episode is more personal stories Second, one is it's about the porn industry. Third is tiffany who lives with mental illness, and the fourth is about ass in the next one will be drunken driving and then a future episode is about a man who was a heroine attic and was buying his heroin through silk road. so check out my secondary podcast. It's not all true but it's different and it's mostly listener based story. So fine, on facebook or twitter or there is another podcast I'll out there called peripheral, not the peripheral I think it's a christian guy with his friends that talk about demon, possession and travelling and stuff. So I
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