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June 1st, 1998. Slide Mountain, Nevada. Peter Bergna and his wife Rinette were involved in a deadly accident on Slide Mountain, near Reno, Nevada. The truck they were traveling in fell 800 feet down the mountain, killing Rinette upon impact. Miraculously, Peter survived, somehow managing to jump out the driver’s side window. Immediately crash site investigators noticed that the evidence didn’t match Peter’s story, leading to a criminal investigation and Peter’s conviction for first-degree murder. Did Peter intentionally crash to kill his wife when he grew unhappy with the marriage, or was it a tragic accident that led to a wrongful conviction?

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I dont and either I'm doing great, just and how are you you know, hang in there, We are you not we but you. Finally, she your face on Tik Tok, it's about time, been carrying all the way. Now I dont ahead of you by asking me about my skin carotene, but you know I just seen it as the petition that morning. So it's not like my face, always looks great it, sir. I had some help, I'm glad you're making videos. It looks you had script. It out the things you wanted to say and were hidden all the points real or fast, whereas I'm more just a wing it and try to make its sound, coherent gonna go here's the thing just in I had record probably twelve times, and I finally was just ok, that's good. It's got enough because I kept
Switching around sentences are using different words and the flow would die inside. I finally made myself notes and recorded a couple more times, and then I felt good enough about it. Hopefully it takes me at least two or three tries with any of my tik Tok videos, because it never comes out while the first time there, but you know, bit challenging as soon as start to record all three of the cats come in and their pestering me. They know. so we just put out an episode for patriotic. Yes, if it remembers the longer we covered the science sister's sisters case that something else with for a while, I believe, and then for Patria. Now. we ve covered another case innocent vain. Is that a couple who is in love? They had a baby, they got married
and the woman's parents were pleased very happy for the couple, but the husbands, parents not so happy and if you listen, the episode you'll find out what happened her eye, with that tonight's case happen in ninety. Ninety eight, in Reno Nevada, more closer to Lake Tahoe. Really on the Nevada side, a man his wife for driving down the mountain and a terrible accident the man survives, but his wife tragically dies he calls nine when one gets help when the police up, though they don't feel everything's as it seems we are we talking about tonight,. tonight we're talking about the June first. Ninety ninety eight death of rennet Bergner
now Peter and run at they lived in Incline Village, which is a little town. That's on the Northern EAST side of Lake Tahoe. They say it's an upper middle class community, it's definitely upper Peter as an art appraiser for Butterfield and Butterfield San Francisco based auction house and his wife was a pharmacist, Peter had previously been married before he met is why for net they would I'm getting married and eighty seven they had adopted had a son brunette had grown up on a dairy farm She graduated in nineteen sixty seven. And she went on to the University of California, David and nineteen. Seventy one she had wanted to be, pediatrician, but change that two pharmacies cause she was extremely six
for her career and was elected. President of the pharmaceutical society of Nevada and ninety ninety- for her family describes her very, loving and kind everybody liked her Peter and remit there binding. Come was about two hundred thousand dollars a year and they liked their luxurious thanks in ninety. Ninety eight Peter was forty five and were net. Was forty nine they'd been married about eleven years. At that point, I may thirty four ninety ninety eight Grenette was coming back home, after a six week, tour in ITALY, and Peter after school booster club function, so he could get to the airport in time to He was driving his one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven Ford F. One hundred and fifty pickup, it's not a Ford Ranger, but it's an f one hundred and fifty yeah on the way there he stopped to get some gas and then at ten fifteen. He picked her up from the airport by it.
or wasn't just going to take her home. He wanted to talk with her, maybe get some things off his chest, so they go for it I've and he's telling her that he wants to talk to her about the marriage, because He has some concerns, mostly because she's been travelling a lot and he ends up stopping at what he says is one of his favorite spots and its at the top of slide mountain. So he I to a dead end access road near Mount rose, ski resort, any parked his truck. This is all kind of a romantic spot and you might think wise, hoping this has a good ending, setting the right move. Even though he's gonna have to talk about some something's it Me might not go down so well, so they have their talk and he said
let's go to and overlook area, so we can look out at Reno, so they had down the road and, as are approaching a sharp curve, he said his breaks failed. The truck took a turn to the right and ended up rushing through the garb rail and the truck began to slide down the mountain. Peter said He shouted run that we're not stopping now he says he does remembered that point of view is still trying to get the brakes or not. But he says the next moment: all he knows. Is he suddenly on the ground on the side of the mountain, watching the truck go down the mountain, which is about an eight hundred foot drop He's hanging on for dear life on this very steep slope and he pulls his phone out and die. nine one one eleven. You can go find this nine one. One call he sounds frantic he's
in dire need of help. The operator is trying to do so. That police officers and emergency responders out to get em out. find him really and she asking him? Where are you where's your location? How You on the side of a mountain on like ups I'd service road, it's kind of hard to pinpoint location and it's kind of hard for him to describe the location, although the first ten times the dispatcher asks. Where are you he's screaming over her saying, drove off the site. Mountain my wife's in trouble? I'm hanging on? please send somebody please send somebody- is not telling the dispatcher. This is my location and tell further into the nun when one call decimeter about this- and I know most people-
will we have a situation where they needed to give a location they couldn't, even if they had been through that area before is this? Where we can expect that may be it's possible that he didn't know what to say, or he was panicked in just blurting outweigh felt was the most important information that his wife was in trouble that he was in trouble YAP at this point I dont know if there's anything suspicious going on, because he's just had a terrible accident. How is supposed to sound. Is he said to answer all these questions. Cocoa only indirectly. It might be pretty hot if you're in a high state situation such as this and according to Peter, he felt like he was keep slipping down the mountain, so it takes police about TAT minutes to locate him and when they see him, he's lying down on the side of the mountain there and he's on his phone in the found it because they were wandering around over there and they could hear him call out I'm down here so
they find em he's about eighty feet down the mountain Andy able to see a big hole in the guard, rail, which you know tip them off our. What's, probably where he went off the road, it's after midnight said they'd actually, dont know you know where he is because they can't see that well when they reach him. He tells officers that his back and legs are injured and that he can't move his legs. Now there looking at him in their dark there seeing flashlights, but it doesn't appear that he's, been cut up or anything. I a cut on his head, but you know here look like he's broken his back. Of course, they pick him up gently bring them up to the top of Hill, where the guard railways and get him medical attention they bring in a helicopter because You know whatever happened here: they want to get this couple to the hospital as quickly as possible. Now the plea
officers will continue down the mountain about eight hundred feet and they find the truck. Now it's upside down. and so smashed up that they can even tell which saw It is the front and back they have to I opened the door. I just get inside and that's when they find frenetic take could that she was deceased immediately, and He was wearing her seat belt, which may explain She was unable to get out there. Trying to investigate what happened here but I would say right off the bat they're, not thinking. Oh, this guy murdered his white fur. This guy did something wrong, they're, just thinking how did accidents happen. You know because they need to fill out a report. This is nothing out of the ordinary but ass they walked down the truck. They know is that there's gas cans, three of them between the road and the tree.
and there's gas everywhere. This oil, down there. Just thinking more that's a little odd, but it's a pickup truck People drive around with gas hands on the back of their pickup truck all the time, not a big deal. They go back up to the road. They look for signs of skid marks or debris, hoping to find anything. The indicated that Peter made an effort to apply them eggs or turn the vehicle away from off the side of the mountain, but nothing they are working into the next day. And that's when Peter Burkina pulse up to the crash site and the officers are investigating a little surprised to see Peter up and about as they assume that he might have had some fractures or some being seriously wrong if he'd been ejected from the vehicle.
I was flying down among the one he had stated that he had trouble with his legs her, but here he is so What do they do? They figure while he's here. Let's talk to him and he tries to tell them what happened. He said my he was coming down the road. He tried to push the break, it didn't work. And so the officer officers able, why didn't you steer the truck that we could have avoided? The guard? Rail and Peter said: that's a good question and then they said. Well, how did you get out of the truck and he said well after we went through the garb rail, I was thrown through the driver side window who, and they found his hat up by the court. Rail. So it's a little weird that his hat would be up there. and they know it's his hat because it said incline on it. That's the knee other little town that he lives in, but being thrown through a window. You expect a lot more
Celebrations and stuff, and then he the question which may have caused them. Some trouble right, Justin asking about his fanny pack he kept referring to as his purse, but that's a fanny pack and I think we need to bring those back. So it's one thing to talk with Peter at that I cite, but what police really want to do is get a good questioning in at the station. So twelve hours after the accident, urgent James Belt in begins. reviewing him and again I'm not even sure how much there really looking at as I suspect there just try. figure out what happened and being that He has now said he was ejected from, vehicle but he didn't have a lot of injuries and he's for his purse, that's it just really adding up for the officers. So that's why they question him. So one of the things
yes to talk about is the conversation they had with Burnett one thing when your wife has died and an officer asking you did you have any trouble in your marriage and I'm sure everyone's first instinct is to say no not at all. It was great, but this interview he had met to their being some problems and the marriage, and he said the conversation that they had did get heated, but they reach some sort of agreement at the end, this interview doesn't spend a lot of time explaining the accident, He seems to dwell on my wife is away a lot and I was always home lonely and you know things just weren't working out the way I wanted them to which just does to anyone any favours, really, I think you ve nailed it and Yes, one thing where he's asking about a fanny pack, while he's just feet away from his wife's body and then he go
to an interview and he's yet again talking about something which I think would be not at the forefront of his mind. he's talking about how he felt before the accident. It's very strange- and I think these are things that good detectives will clue in on absolutely so he does end up giving his version of events and the weight it's almost like he sang once I realise the truck wouldn't stop. I was already hidden guard rail. and the next thing he knows he's in the dirt. He doesn't see his vehicle anymore, but his for his wife, so he asked like he's very confused about the whole thing, but he just members my breaks old Bob is trying to make a sharp turn and, then all of a sudden them at the guard? Rail, as you can imagine, most mountainous roads. You have one side is going down and then the other side of the road is going up the mountain, and so this
is turning off to the left and he's seems to have gone through that rail. Police are trying to understand why he didn't just jerked the will to the left, and here You know the side of the mountain as opposed to driving off the mountain, but it's dark. Its curvy road But apparently he says this was one of their faith spot so Does he know this area that well, does he not know the area he decided? would not turn as we left might be know about heaters entries, because he was flight it out, but then hours later he was back at the crash site. So he had a few cuts. A fracture and his foot but read that she had been examined and they examine. Actually he tell whether she was dead or alive when she went over the cliff. That's how better
Injuries were now the police are asking Peter What were you wearing that night and they want to collect his clothing? and he was wearing blue jeans. Sneakers assure an windbreaker, and this might come up later, but They think that he's wearing multiple layers of clothes were I'm looking at this and going it's ten o clock and at night. They're are essentially in the high desert. It can get cold. I wouldn't put it passed. wearing a windbreaker for that type of weather, so another interview happens and peace being asked about why he chose to drive spot that he went to because both or he made it sound like? Oh, it's a romantic spot. We like to go there and now he sang he'd, actually never parked there before But then they ask him what about these gas cans and its interim because during the nine, when one call Peter had told-
operator that he was trying to spot his truck by looking for a fire. so he's asked. Why were you looking a fire and he said I had three when gas chance in the truck? Here's where I think a lot of people's Spidey, and might start to tingle little I mean you drive a pickup truck I know a lot of people that Dr Pickup truck specially out in rural areas. You have gas cans in the back those trucks you're always going somewhere. You need some extra gas, but he's not a country. Guy he's sort of a rich guy and he explains these gas can says being well needed extra gas, because I was gonna drive down Vegas or somethin agenda. Do some business and I didn't want to fill up there because the gas prices are too much and I own a gas, can earn do. I still have the gas cap for know. I lost it a long time ago, but these are three.
fairly. New gascons he's lost all three caps, just one more that the cops are gone. Why would you have three gas hands all open in the back your truck, and then you just expect them to explode. When you wreck the little questionable the best. Gaiters also ask him: why do you think it is? that you made it out of the vehicle, but your wife didn't, and he said She was wearing her seat belt. I chosen. to where mine and my window was open because I was smoking a cigar. Then they ask him. Why was her airbag turned off, and his explanation was my. Wife was only about five foot tall and was worried that the airbag could actually seriously injure her. You know what I know a lot of people that will disable their airbags because they don't trust them or disco well by get into it
your bender, the airbag deploys that's thousands of dollars, that I'm gonna be out and Insurance doesn't always cover it, so they disabled, airbags, it's not unheard of, but again the detectives, that's just one more mark on there. the paper of at one more note from this interview, Peter was asked. did you know there was a grounds keeper from ski resort, on the mountain at the time who saw what happened now, as we all know, police can lie to you. This was a tactic just to see how Peter would react according to the detect is Peter, seem to get stressed, and then he changed the subject, and so talking about his character and how respected he is. and also how lonely was going to be so by now that attacked they have their guy. They really think this is a crime, not an accident, just his
response to their with somebody else on the mountain, it wasn t o greater ok, it was kind of like oh Anne. When you read the body language there. It's it says a lot, but of course There wasn't any one else on that mountain. These are just detective setter what they do and a on one side, I'm like I hate the fact that they can lie to you, but on the other side, somebody just assumed. Oh will you have a witness. I'm just gonna come clean now this podcast sponsored by better help. His there's something interfering with your happiness or preventing you from achieving our goals better help as your needs and match you with your own licence, professional therapist. Now. a crisis lines, not self help its professional therapy on securely online. Their services available for clients worldwide, you simply lost and to your account, send a message to your therapist you'll: get a timely and thoughtful response. Plus you can schedule we
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investigating a few later they set up a recreation They can try to understand how this all went down and what they find is that leader, must have intentionally steered the truck towards the guard rail because it shouldn't have gone that way. They said that the truck when they used the effort fifty this I've seen the same one but a similar one naturally turn to the mountain, not the guard rail and because they could find no inherent mechanical defects with the truck break seem to work, the steering worked. So what happened? He must have steered the truck into the guard rail down on top of that the thing about how Peter had minimal injuries his airbag deployed He had no entries from the airbag. And he claims he went out the window which weird, instead of him, going through the windshield we don't know how the truck went down there. we don't know if it was flipping
sighed over side head over heels. We don't know, but it impossible to be ejected from vehicle huts. Will I've seen Youtube videos of people flying out when shields, and you know whatever and somehow miraculously landing on their feet. So it's not unheard of, but again there Looking at this and they're trying to recreate it in there having trouble they can't backup version of events. They can't recreate them not without deliberately doing something and as usual, whenever a spouse dies. You the life insurance policy and Peter had hundred and fifty thousand dollar life insurance policy with an extra two hundred thousand for accidental death. This is for his wife. Yes,
as most of you know, that can be motive, but on top of that Peter goes too. his late wife's brother Richard and says I've lost or a net income for the next several years. So I need you to give me money So not only is he cashing in on the engine. Policy, but now he's I dont want to use the word extortion, but he's telling her face we you owe me money and they the paying him an additional two. Didn't seventy five thousand dollars. I think this is really awkward I mean not for Peter. We know that, but its awkward that he he has just gotten four hundred and fifty thousand dollars from insurance now he's saying to her family. I know that the law
and that she owns is worth to earn fifty thousand dollars, or so I need whatever she has, because I've lost her income. I have us, a lifestyle and I want to live, and I'm used to that's awkward and what let's say about his character, meaning to tell the officers that he has his gun reputation but and Her family is now going screw. You dude you probably murder. He lost their support. Me because originally I dont think they were even thinking that there was a crime here, they just assumed. There was an accident They don't trust him. The investor patient, despite all this intuition, despite the recreation, its believe they dont quite have enough to make an arrest, so things kind of stall. As far as the investigation goes and Peter, well he's moving on his little nice, of incline village, they don't believe
his story either, and he earned him of the nickname- the incline o J, which now not the best to be known as an OJ. So he pack suppose often he moves on. He moves to Seattle and June of two thousand it's a new woman and gets engaged, but the detectives haven't you up and it's just a matter of time before they start re. Examining all the interviews that day with Peter and they start noticing things what I would from this, is they get a little Ireland under them, they're going to go after him? What are they find out? Just him? Oh, there's a lot of inconsistencies. He was defending his marriage, saying he'd never cheated, but then they learn that he was lying and that his marriage wasn't that great,
they talked to a bank employ named JANET Mellow who had met with Peter and were an appraisal function. He had actually approach JANET and asked her out on a date by, while his wife wasn't looking yeah. There are multiple women here who were too happy to to the police and tell them stories about how creepy Peter was either staring at them, or just him trying to touch them the last woman. They heard from talked about how he actually groped her in a hot tub and may even was Talking to one woman in saying I noticed your husband's gone alot, which freaked out it's not great behaviour, but the police are more or less looking at the inconsistencies in a statement where he says he had a great marriage, although the whole point of them driving out to this secluded too
de mountain road was to talk about the marriage and the problems, so it's just thing after another and then when they find all these other women who back up the statements of he's a creeper and he if he hadn't cheated on his wife, it wasn't for a lack of trying. It was because he was getting rejected here, despite being consists, it seems that still not enough what really lead to him getting in hot water with the detectives was the hat that he had been wearing. It was the only object that was at the top of the mountain everything else whenever the side, so made them wonder how the heck is his hat up. There still makes sense and then had his shoes examined. There was a boy residue on them. A lab idea find it has asphalt without asphalt, answered the guard rail. So the only way that. It would be an issue is
if he landed on the road and that's what police took to the district attorney The DA's thinking it is, substantial, but his Where does not add up- and I think I have enough fora for a trial so remember seventeenth, he was arrested on first degree. Murder charges, he wouldn't, spinning five days behind bars and tell his family paid his bail. Now his family of courses fairly well off too. So baling him out, not a big deal December. first, two thousand Peter turned himself in. He was post to get married to Robin Russell. On February twenty four two thousand one. Well that wouldn't happen. His trial began October. Fourth, two thousand one
we gotta know Peter side of the story. His defence brings up that the truck had defective breaks. He couldn't stop it one out of control here was thrown from the vehicle and truck continued on down the mountain Peter is not wearing a seat belt. Barnett was now the prosecutor, they're going to say he drove off the cliff and jumped out at the last minute, that's pretty much the arguments here, yeah that they're trying to keep it SAM, what exactly happened on this road and they need since the jury, but you know when you start talking about a truck, lay, night early in the morning driving. A sharp turn going over rail here that man be something that the jury just isn't feeling it's not strong enough evidence so
the prosecution starts talking about how there's a different motive here. It's not just that he wants to get rid of his wife, but he went to make a lot of money from getting rid of her, but this first trial ends up in a mistrial, because Agers couldn't make up their mind. Well, I should say two of them really could make up I want definitely was thinking. I dont believe that he's guilty and a pair de this was kind of a heated jury. Oh I get it on paper can't say this all looks whore bull and suspicious and he's absolutely guilty on paper your discussing going? Well, maybe his breaks weren't working? Maybe he panicked and he didn't hit. The brakes, maybe he thought he was hitting the brakes, but he actually had the gas its nighttime. He drove to regard rail and flung from the vehicle. It's not complete, the outlandish on paper but, as you say, it's
straw, because the jury cannot come to a conclusion or a verdict, so he's released and then ends up retrial after the judge sets anew trial date of April twenty seventh, two thousand too, but they really big. I'm a tenth now getting to this second trial. The price the commission is not going to too much of a different trial, but they are going to bring up the no one calls, as was the interviews that Peter did with the detectives, and there to say some things which I think help sway the jury like. So he can't the question of where he is and he's supposed going down the side of a mountain, but he still able to pull out a phone. Dial nine will one and talk while he supposed sliding down this mountain watches. Add the sun, when the poor, officers arrived at the scene. They didn't have a lot of trouble, walk
in down this embankment meant this incline to get term. It wasn't like a sheer cliff able to just walk to him and he's acting like he's holding on for dear life, but they were able to him on a journey and get him up the side of the mountain with relative ease prosecution says this was avoidable. This had to abandon it, snow crash, because the truck went through way the only way that happens if he steers it wrong and they couldn't find thing wrong with breaks, which I think is interesting, because they had trouble looking at the truck and during out which end was which here, but That's why they have mechanics, take it apart and look at it. They really couldn't anything wrong mechanically with the truck and then they also talked about how it's weird that he supposedly ejected from this tree. but he's wearing a little too much clothing extra clothing, but
call padding and then his hat is on the road basically and everything else went over the side and they oh bring up that the past your airbag was in the off position now obviously, he explained The stuff, but not all of it, and I think, he's ever. to truly explain away this hat between the hat being at the the guard. Rail, and now they have his shoes, also with what appears to be asphalt, you know, grime from the pavement on them. Their thinking do should have had dirt, eggs and stuff all over you, from sliding down this mountain, not stuff from the road, the a controversy or part of this trial, Justin, where the judge allows testimony from his first wife as well as
testimony from women who say that Peter made advancements, many of them very uncomfortably against them. What do you think about this? I'm I'm a little torn because is on one side. You can say him being a creeper. Doesn't really apply to whether or not he drove a truck offices intentionally or not, but I think how the price education got. This admitted is by saying he's telling us in his statements that he has a fine marriage he's telling us in his statements that he's never cheated on his wife. Yet all of these. Other women are telling us Dave all absolutely been approached by him. Groped up. You know why even I would say, sexually assaulted. So this isn't jiving and that's why they got this testimony into the trial. I think that,
its character assassination, but I do see the relevance. His first wife was Rebecca Teller, and he was made to her for a few years and early eighties. Her too, the money was that, on the second day of their honeymoon, Peter went berserk and she feared for her life so I don't know what to make of that accept. This is something that have the judge allows it echoes in, but I think what they're trying to say he's. Definitely the kind of and that would do something like this, because he doesn't hair about limits. He doesn't care about boundaries that and is going to come in and say that He was a loving devoted husband there come in and say that he's an art appraiser and he has to talk to climb and sent he's gotta. You know each Ami in in nice and he was overly nice with some people, but not these women, they weren't clients
we're trying to get our upraised. They were not people that he worked with, but this is the defence what they're saying They even brought Peters mother onto the stand. She d, bribes. Peter is being in shock at the funeral She says that she never saw the couple fighting were arguing, she said that Peter had no money concerns because he was doing very well and he was to inherit, sir- million dollars from his parents estate? So what his motive be to get a measly half million for murdering his wife. Like that doesn't make sense, I think that's a brilliant person to bring in to defend Peter is that is his mother, and I think this could have helped come. I could but as we go on you'll find out that things were definitely going to work again Peter here in this second trial. Another thing the defence did was they spent thanks,
friends of dollars on this three Computer model of the crash, which you know showed how the truck went off the road and through the guard, rail, and they expected this three model, this recreation of the crash to work and Peter favouring All I gotta say earn is I remember when they did the treaty modeling over this a case in how Michael Peterson's fell down the stairs and then repeatedly her head over and over, while spitting blood all over the place. But you say that Sometimes treaty, computer models, they'd really work in your favour. Right, you have. This went, definitely did not because they saw thee modeled Peter turning the steering wheel to the right towards the guard rail. I mean the road curves to the left and he went to the right off the mountain. so this treaty model pretty much
heard them against beater. At this point, to nineteenth two thousand to file eight weeks have testimony two days of deliberations, Peter was found guilty of first Ray murder and on June twentieth Day recommended life in prison, with the possibility of parole you want to catch. live taping generation? Why now your chance? In partnership with NBC Our listeners can attend an exclusive screening of the new law it series the thing about pan plus recording of the podcast, serious stars to Time Academy, award winner or Naser Judy, Greer and Josh Demo and is based on the riveting story of one of them a compelling true crime. Sagas ever told on Dateline it's about a straightforward murder case, that takes a series of chilling, unexpected twists and turns exposing one woman's, manipulative and diabolical scheme. Come join us
as we watch a sneak peak of the thing about PAM and unpack the details of this unbelievable case March. Seven, at the noise house, in LOS Angeles, go to the thing about PAM screening, dot com to RSVP for the event that the thing about PAM screening dot com, so that was Toby twenty two thousand and two which has come in real, soon p s. If you only serves twenty years Peter has maintained his innocence and indecision. Of two thousand for his first appeal was reviewed, but denied. Now Peter was hoping to be ladder bail pending his up else by the judge said now, and that's because the court said it was his burden to prove that and pose a danger or they wouldn't flee, and they did get the sense this he was able to prove it. Wouldn't do those things Armenia,
the money and the means now it's his next appeal yes and which I find very interesting, because he's saying essentially that he would have to be crazy to do what he did if he had set it up that way, because it put him in danger. mortal danger and how does he know he can get out of the truck before it goes through the guard room over the side It was my initial reaction to this cases. That's the dumbest. to kill. Somebody is to put yourself in arms way too. I mean this: isn't the movie death proof were? got some soup up car that allows him to buckle in and person not he's literally driving his truck off the sight of a mountain in order to kill his wife Was he in that truck when it went through the guard room? That's the problem, and you know it goes on to talk about how releases defence does about her
Other fora, pick ups at the time, had issues with anti lock breaks, but you know think about his shoes and his hat at this point? Its not about the brakes. He didn't you. I turn with the road so there go to the guard rail, so I think this is why the court's don't think much of this argument on paper. I could buy a lot of this. I could. say: maybe his breaks didn't work. Maybe he didn't hit the brakes. Maybe He did just go straight through a car guardrail, but the second I saw pictures of the crime scene and I saw that guardrail- it doesn't it look like her. turned right into because even if you were going down the road- and you turned right- to a guardrail. It would still be somewhat of a glancing blow. It would still hit like the the right bumper
the truck first and then maybe if the guardrail was not perfect, you could go through it, but the whole point Hard rails is to prevent cars from killing off the sides of mountains. This guardrail it looked like he drove straight through it perpendicular. This isn't a oh, I turned right and went off the saw the road he had to have turned into the oncoming traffic lane turned right in gone straight through this lake there's no way that he could have gone through. This card will naturally and in fact, I saw pictures of the guard rail. I don't even think that he drove through the guard rail you know the high rate of speed. I think he had actually possibly murdered his wife or capacity her somehow- and then lined does truck up.
and then drove with the door open and hopped out right when it hit the guard room maybe at twenty thirty mph, but a direct hit. It's going to go through it's an f one hundred and fifty it's a huge truck, and it makes sense because if he did like you said turn into the guardrail, he might have hit a part where he could have just driven through But if he's aiming the truck at a specific section of it, then he can go through there's no way to go straight through a guard rail, when you're in the right lane and the guard rails right to the side of the truck. It's just the physics The logistics ever do not make sense. It's interesting, because Peter in his. Second appeal: he talks by how the garbage was missing, eight or nine bolts, which is made it impossible, for it even have prevented the truck from going through the hind that kind of weird,
how would he know unless he went up there and took him off himself? Well, I don't know I'm math, I dont know I know if he took them off himself. I just think it's interesting that that's what he says and how does it? Rail have missing bolts that too he says he might have gone up there and weaken the portion of the guard rail and then marked it and then drove his truck through it, and maybe that's, whereas ball cap was was to mark the bad part of the guard room. Y know. That's the reason I wanted to cover this case was because- and I think what you mean by paper means. If you just read paragraph about this case, it sounds believable. It sounds like terrible accidents- and it sounds extra terrible because their blaming the husband for something that is an accident when you get into the details of the case in and you ve named off, multiple Ensign is where it just seems This is set up. This is Peter
trying to get away with a crime and is of course putting himself at risk because that's how he thinks he can get away with us. He has it, some risk. It's not like people don't take risks. Every day, people take risks with the stock market. They take risks with all sorts of things this guy here I had a lot to gain if he could get away with this. There is a lot of money on the line and I don't care how riches parents were in fact kind, it doesn't help his. Character. When you say oh well, he's so rich. Why would he need a half a million dollars Get you a lot of sympathy with most people here. Why budget referring when back to Peter Zone statements. That he made to his wife family if he so rich. doesn't need money. Then why he's going to them and demanding all this money, they are paying him two hundred Seventy five thousand dollars so as edges greed yeah
It's really interesting to me that there are people out there who are so egotistical that not only do they think they it away with murder, but they think they can profit from it as well, so he can say all day long about how it is and he is it just that matter I mean his character- speaks for itself subscribe on Apple podcast, Spotify or wherever you're listening right now join wondering plus in the wondering app to listen ad free
Everybody has something that they would give anything for end Fortunately, there's people out there who will explain, There's nothing. Nothing from wondering comes a story about true: I love you so much power. You're gonna have to completely submit to me and give me your complete and utter obedience and. far. Some people are willing to go to get what they want. I'm Stephanie Beatrice Twin flames: premiers on February, twenty first on Apple, I'm using or you can listen one week early and out free right now by subscribing to wondering plus an apple podcast or the wonder, yeah.
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