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Ryan Widmer. August 11, 2008. Morrow, Ohio. A man called 911 to report finding his wife deceased in their bathtub. He said that she had gone upstairs to take a bath, but that she frequently fell asleep and was always worried about her drowning. Detectives would get permission to search the residence and would find apparent contradictions between the man's story and the evidence at the scene. Just hours later, his wife was pronounced dead after nearly an hour of resuscitation attempts and he was arrested. His story was picked up by Dateline and people around the country voiced their support for him after learning about the case and not believing that a crime had even occurred. Prosecutors were so certain of his guilt that they would try him three times to finally get a conviction and put him away. For Ryan Widmer and his supporters, though, the fight is not over. They say that Sarah Widmer's death was accidental and that Ryan had nothing to do with it. When it comes to controversial convictions, this true crime case is one of the most polarizing ones that we have ever discussed. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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he's goes up first on patria on and this one is about what justin, tiled, ding colored police officer. It's a police shooting, but it's the officer who was killed during the shooting and this case sets a press. For law enforcement. You won't want to miss it. A lot of our listeners like to take pictures of their tranquil bat. jobs as they settle in to listen to our podcast and though the pie, these and share a mountainous, it's wonderful, so they are going to a very relaxing bath and chill out with the generation. Why? But tonight's episode my ruin that for your. So what are you talking about? neither tonight we're covering a case. That's both a mystery and a controversy, and this the case of Ryan Whittemore, who was tried
three times for the murder of his wife's. Sarah, a brief account would be He was watching the precision bangles game on tv and his wife said that she wanted to go up and take a bath. Well, actually he stopped watching. The game went up and start game over bed and he says he went to the bathroom. he saw his wife who looked deceased in the tub, and so he called nine when one as I said he ends up being, ride three times. So this is Why will be having a discussion on it? This is a case where you people saying free rein winner and you have people saying he killed his wife Let him wrought iron we'll stay out of those two camps. During this discussion, I promise ryan and Sarah Whittemore they were set on a blind day by friends and its because they knew book. them and they said boy, wouldn't they be great together.
I'm sure some of you have had this happen to you. They. Soon bought a house after that and then made winning plans, and they when, on April nineteenth, two thousand eight in liberty, township, ohio fur forward? A hundred and fourteen days and on august eleventh, two thousand eight in more ohio at ten forty nine p m ryan widmer. Nine one one to report that his wife had fallen asleep in the bathtub and they believed that she was dead. There is a name one. One call that is saleable and will play it for you about my life. We gonna we're up yet, while
What's going on with the vehicle, I think I came up here. He would lay face down in the air and in the water. Yes, how? As is he twenty four? The water treated right. Don't have tried to do everything I could to be taken out of the water now that the water is completely green, but he didn't linger on. God has nothing to do in the bathtub how about you and your belief that they may be about the way now about what the tv, if all the people of all the time
How do you know who I am whitmer w. I b m e r e e draw. Yes, as much as I could with what little bit, I know the Call me back like a dry, but I found it
We get around the map. Okay, okay, I'm bumped on the phone. What app are you going to wipe or going okay and go back to the little guy? I don't know
However, I can get on and I can come back, okay, okay, there are a lot now, but we're up. There are more than one bathroom, and I know this would be up there. The oil with the garden put about it. I am What did you think of that area, while one of the first.
Things I listen for when I am hearing- and I won't one call is: does the person sound legitimately worried then beyond that, I want to know what they're saying so I'm trying to digest what they're saying of to figure out whether there are really trying to help get us for this person or you know trying to get a general feel for. What's going on, I've heard now woman calls that sound like and where we ve covered cases like tat, where it sounds fake the person is not believable at all, but on this one ryan sounds believable I'll, say that I thought he sounded legitimately concerned so either a he's a great actor or be he's cancer. I didn't Take a lotta issue with the call, but Is a little suspicious that he mentions sheaf falls asleep all the time. It's almost as if he's pudding,
out there in advance has now a by or as a reason for this accident to distance himself from the accident here so give some statements that will be brought up later. That might be a little contradictory. one is: if you listen for it, he said he found her face down the other, is, he was watching the game stairs where he was downstairs before he found her, so those are two statements to catch hold onto anything else about the call you mention yes, many finds her in the tub. He says that he drained the tub and left her in the tub But it's not really that simple. He says something like he picked her up and then drains the tub but they dimensions that she's still in the tub.
oh, I'm not sure what that's about the aids very confusing and he says, he's been doing CPR was he doing. in the tub or outside of tat, she was, the top? So he look I mean you, do CPR with someone in a tub, not gonna work, so the little confusing, but is this Him distancing himself from any wrongdoing, or is this him not speaking directly in a very highly stew. situation. I mean we do a podcast, and we stumble over our words and we're sitting here- very relaxed men shares talking to each other Sometimes I can't get the words out so I'm, I'm fluctuating here on. If this is intentional or if he's just all over the place within six minutes, the call to name one. That's from the start of the call deputy Steve bishop,
with the war in county sheriff's office gets to the house. And sees Sarah. On the floor of the her bedroom, she now been removed from the tub and according to the deputy, her hair looks damp, it looks wet but her body doesn't seem to be wet at all and He says that the body is still warm. He says that Ryan Whittemore was standing there in his box or shorts, which kind of may aunt. Since, according to ryan statement, he was getting ready for bad when he went into. Bathroom and found his wife in the tub in this is late at night. He was pretty much already in girl that mode the deputy try performing cpr on Sarah. He says that he sees this frothy discharge coming out of her nose and her mouth and that or comes out when he's giving her chest compressions now this is
a clear sign of drowning victim yeah and that frothy next comes more when you're doing chest, compressions so in writing on the nine one call he says, he's doing those that's possibly why but this is already present and when officer bishop is doing them, he sees more Apparently, what happens is that your lungs filled with water and then this is the reaction. I looked this up on a forensic site and they say that drowning victims often have this frothy discharge that it's pretty much expected. I guess soon after deputy bishop arrived the aims please get there, along with other police officers from nearby departments and they're, looking things over the entire are trying to open up Sarah's airway. they're having trouble because if they try this bag valve mask, but it keeps popping
of her face. So then they tried. into bade her and the innovation isn't working. Innovation is merely. They need to put a tube down to open up her airway and its, working del try this in the house and they also try it in the ambulance and none of them attempts are successful, so the thing to remove but on that is lots of attempts to revive her or to continue enough to continued circulation here and a lot of failed attempts their continuing to do this all the way to the hospital to keep that in mind, but the the detectives and the other law enforcement they sort of given observation of the bathroom, and they don't see a lot of water anywhere. They don't think there's, enough water in the tub to say, was full of had a full tub of water and, if you're pulling
a body out of it. You would expect splash you'd expect why or to be everywhere but remember he said he drain the water with her in it. Whether you think that's normal or not? That's what he says They also noticed that the shampoo conditioner all the bottles throng and neatly on the wall of the better, so not really a struggle. They noticed that her finger, else are freshly and occurred. No chips, nothing wrong with them, but her fingers are not pruning as he's been in water for awhile and again her body Here's to be dry. but her hair is wet and the floor is dry. There's a lot that can be construed when they investigate the scene, they find blood on the floor, the carpeted floor of the bathroom,
those sections of carpet, will be cut out, bagged and tested, and they say that the car. in between the bloodstains is dry. They actually take their gloves often touch the carpet and they say it's comply dry. There was water in the tub because right around where the drain was and stop her, there are some water around that area, but they say the rest. The tub was dry. My tub pretty dry when I drink the water up, and it would be kind of hard to tell if I had recently taken a bath specially my old tub, which was black my new ones, white, I don't know- I think it's hard to do there might be wet still, but they notice that the football game that he He says he was watching downstairs is on. On the heavy in the master bedroom and the tv downstairs has some other channels. So if we assume he came up from
watching the game downstairs and found his wife in the tub. He wouldn't have on back and change the channels, so possible contradiction here. I am thinking that it's possible that people are looking this evidence too much, which means Maybe he was watching the preceding game downstairs, but I know that are the people who will switch the channel when they get done watching something and may be checked the newsreel fast and then go off and do something else and maybe channel upstairs just happened to be on the channel that the game was on, because that the channel it had been on the right and what kind of all box city have. Did he have tv? Oh there's a lot of questions there. He could have been worse during the game downstairs and we'd never now, because they don't go into that level of detail. say he says he was watching the game downstairs and the
I'm not on downstairs, but it is on upstairs and the master bedroom which would place him in closer proximity to his wife and worship sound. Let's say you are a relative of the victim and the person. the only other person in the house telling you something that's not true that will make you more suspicious of them correct yep, if you're, not related. You may not put it. stock, but I'm just saying put yourself in the shoes of someone who knew her loved. Her was related to her. This car stuff could make you question what her husband was up to absolutely and lack of water. Blood stains on the carpet, doesn't look like how he described The evidence at the scene doesn't seem to fit his story, but again doesn't seem to fit his story. Ryan. Into the ambulance and rode with his wife to the hospital- and I think it took-
your doktor about a minute to enter bates Sarah, he wills with a nurse and say that he found his wife face up in the tub floating in the water, but that's a contract because on the name, when one call her clearly says that he found her face down in the water. Is the smoking gun. I again have to go back and forth on ok, he got his statements wrong. We heart on people when they get their statements wrong and we feel that it's very suspicious, but if this man I just found his wife dead, it's possible that he misspoke Dear sir, I've been in the e r the emergency room for about twenty minutes. They answer dead, they have tried everything they could to bring her back to resuscitate her and it just didn't work and this is at eleven forty one p m. That's almost
an hour from the time that Ryan first called nine one one in, instigator with the wayne county, coroner's office, Doyle, burke into the room and started looking over Sarah and I found and these observations to be curious, because he starts talking about how she appeared dry, but her hair. damp and there are, oh pruning of her fingers? No double injuries and no broken nails now. The problem, But this is your fingers pruning water? We all know that and it say response. For instance, I've read that people with nerve damage in their hands dont get the pretty fingers, so Why would she have pretty fingers after an hour? Why would her body? back to be wet after an hour. She's been true it by iar staff and moved. Why would it be weird that her body was dry? It wouldn't be. and then he says her fingernails or fine, which I would think
well. That means there wasn't a struggle that right, that's more I mind, goes all d, Shampoo bottles were lined up on a little ledge there they weren't knocked around, so we have to assume that there wasn't a struggle or that the scene was cleaned up bottles. Gotta benign dolphin in dispute back where they usually are water. Could it dried up in town could have been used, but not not a sign of that. Yes, we need to go back else here because, while raw hands at the hospital investigators are going over his house and he's gone then permission to do so. One of the things that look for our wet towels and they can't find any that's kind of curious right. They go to the washing machine, drier they're, not finding it if you were all I said that ryan was in his boxers as because he was getting for bed at the time. He
have any injuries to him, a huge, swearing boxers, so They were able to see his hands. His arms is back his face He looked find there were no injuries and she has freshly met your fingernails. So she wanted to make a gouge probably could have ryan's. asked for a statement, tell us what's going on so ryan. Does he says that he made dinner he and Sarah hung out on the couch. They watched the football game, but it ten o'clock, or so Sarah went up to take a bath, He said that he was worried. She may fall asleep in the bath and he was asked? Well, did she false? in the bath alot and he said no. She doesn't, but she does fall, asleep, alot, an odd places cs showing is concerned there. This is something It will be asked of other people that no sarah and a lot of people-
Robert. This said that she tended to fall asleep alot. One of them will testify that she fell asleep. Added tailgating party for football Howdy falsely, but one of those arena, but that's what they testify to we weren't. There were just going off what this her mother, on the other hand, all say that she'd never took naps or fell asleep and odd places to be fair, though she did say that time. Sarah would get about headache She would sleep so possibly a migraine situation where you just need to coordinate. close your eyes and not be have any sensory overload it feels a little reluctant, but it sounds as though her mother is admitting that she would fall asleep, but it too to be when there is a headache and, according to some she didn't have any headache that day take a moment,
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on the back of the neck abrasion in her left arm pit some other bruising lacerations on her upper lip and some deep muscle, hemorrhaging and her neck and scalp looks like trauma to her head and neck. Prime, yes, and this was something that came up in the trials and again depend. What camp herein and why you think cause this on one hand, maybe she was attacked while she was in the tub or near the tub or pass We suffered a seizure, something or fell asleep and then when she sort of slumped or fell. She could have and the bruises that way for She got all these injuries and bruises fry. The empties and all the medical response who's that were working on her for twenty minutes? Before they got her to the hospital, that's something It is somewhat corroborated. Some
experts say that that is quite possible. That went we're trying to save your life, they don't mind if you get it bumps embers is absurd. If you listen to the medical experts from the prosecutor, all of these things are absolutely signs homicide if you listen to the multiple experts on the defence, these are either explainable and this death is undetermined. She had at college report done and no alcohol or drugs in our system. Now, what look at some of those things in the autopsy when they're doing chest, compressions when they're trying to clear a passage way? They can some bruising to the neck de hemorrhaging, the bruising- I guess it he was beating her in holding her underwater. I would expect these injuries to be worse and I would expect her to fight back
So I'm not seeing these injuries as being very consistent with a struggle, I guess they had tested. some carpet samples and p carpet ample that they say was underwear. Sarah's head was tested positive for human fecal matter, then another carpet sample, tested positive for human fecal matter as well, but the other of these examples, another one did not contain any of that. But these are the card. samples. They say that looked like they had blot on them and sure enough they did. They tested positive for blood. This is carpet and a bathroom so kind of expect to find a lot. these things now. Her nails were intact. They didn't appear to be damaged at all and This examination back that up, but dna testing of the samples that taken from us
Her fingernails they found her own dna, well as an unknown female contribute, is dna. They were true figure whose it was so they started testing other officers. They tested her mom. They couldn't find any matches so we're not sure where she got that sample from, but I have a guess, but that they said shoes actually manicured, maybe was the woman that was doing your nails. We don't have to get real tax go here mean well, they didn't her. So it's quite possible. I'm surprised that it is, still present if she was in the bathtub washing. But there is one other thing: and that's the tub when they tested the tub they end up finding what they say: our finger marks and a forearm impression on the tub and, alas, Eight of this in the upcoming try they're going to really push this and say
you can see where the fingers are going in a downward motion in this area. The tub, I think, which is there, suggesting something there something homicidal. They appeared to be the child or a woman's fingers. They weren't a man's, maybe they're, insinuating that as she was held as are here was held in the water that are armed were forward and she was moving her hands. up and down streaking the side of the tub, for she was trying to pull yourself up out of the water, so the streaks she's trying to push up but he's pushing her down and then, the form impression they say, is over the rings left by the bottles on the side of the tub. So now they're making it seem like he may have rest. His arm there and they removed the tub from his house a warrant they actually executed. Several warrants search warrants two of his house, so
man's had his bathtub taken from him and they're doing these tests. Now when I heard about the form impression you know, the first thing I thought was was The guy that was taken. The bathtub out of the house can hats well it's true. We can't look at this pressure and say that belongs to rhine winner or it belongs to one of the people that carried the tub out because they do take the tub yeah now, there's a lot more scientific backing to fingerprint analysis, but when it comes to forearm analysis not a lot. You can do with that. Besides, making educated, guess march Two thousand nine ryan way goes to trial. To giving ample yo. He went to the hospital with his wife when this,
went down? How long was it just before they arrested him? It was the very next day that they arrested and charged him so march, two thousand nine, that's the very next year and say that the prosecution felt like they had a really good case against ryan and going over how the trial, when it seem like, maybe they did have a decent case. Yassum odd things happened herb, I don't you think, odd. I think the jurors were actually onto something, but the trial doesn't quite go smoothly. Does it while the prosecution is successful, the jury with the less charge of murder rather an aggravated murder and Everything seems like it goes. The prosecution's way until a juror contacts. what would you say the authority, his hand says yes m. fellow jurors were doing their own experiments at home. They were getting in the battle,
filling it up with water draining the water out, and seeing how what they were and how what the bathtub was within seven minutes of being in the tub so maybe not home. Sometimes our sequestered right. Now yeah, it could been in a hotel, could have been at home, they're they're doing these tests, and I actually sort of applaud them for this because, again in a court of law a prosecutor or defence attorney can say. Pigs fly in whoever makes the better argument gets that in so science need not apply inside of a quorum you'll hear me say this quite a bit. It doesn't that you can say wherever you want in a court room, and if you got enough experts to agree with you, hey there, it is so. the jurors are going out on their own and trying his experiment. I applaud them for it, but apparently that's not what you should be doing. It certainly sounds as though your body,
and dry in six minutes. I think they said that the most if you go by brian statements, what he says happened and the phone and then, when people arrived and were able to observe Sarah, it was about sixty six and a half minutes? So she would Had you of dried in that time? and there are no wet towels, so there's no. Explanation right! Well, they were performing these experiments and I guess they couldn't get thereby to dry and that amount of time without a towel, so they found him guilty. But this is you're misconduct and they have you toss it out. They have to toss out the conviction because they were told that they can only use what was presented in court, their decision, and they chose not to do that. This is always weird to me, it's so structured, you have the whole legal may
lay before the trial even starts where the prosecutor in defence they fight over, what's admissible in. What's not and then the judge makes a call on it and you literally could have Knife that was used in the murder be deemed inadmissible or some random person that says yeah. I heard that person killed that that lady be admissible. it amazes me to know end and in this case, because the jurors decided take a bath and time how long they dried. This is deemed a mistrial go figure in may of two thousand ten. They attempted a second trial and this one, ended up being a mistrial hungary yeah? They they couldn't reach a verdict I'm sure there are many of you. If you ve looked into this case, can't you see how that will happen, the bathtub is being used as evidence
and ryan, and his attorneys are trying to get it suppressed now. You'd think well our job is kind of where the murder happened right. So, therefore, why would it not be entered as evidence but I'm looking at it as prosecution thrown in just everything thing and when you have a bathtub like. Oh, well, we got the bathtub. We took it out of this man's house and we tested it and here's what we found even if everything they found on their bathtub is pretty much. Inclusive, but the fact that there are allowed to you this battle is evidence. I think this shows that oh did something happened here and there Hence his trying over and over again to get this evidence suppressed. But the judge says no goes with prosecution gathered, and stated that the tub was illegally seized. They also got someone the stand to admit that the tub
is not taken in a reasonable time, so it could have been contaminated. Absolutely so that it wasn't taken, and tell much later What was it like two days or something and then on the search warrant. They didn't list the tub they listed latent prints. And I've actually harped on this on a few other cases where, when they try to find technicality and search warrant of well, you didn't write it down in the search warrant. So therefore it shouldn't be admissible and I used to think well do they bloody knife Just because I wasn't on the search warrant doesn't mean that it's not valid But now I understand why they do that and I won't be harping on that on any future cases, because in this case, I'm like yeah. What, if they didn't say, they're gonna take the tub of that would be like we're looking for latent fingerprint we're
Taking your whole house apparently can do that when you're in our in charge yeah, and so I'm not cool with them. Taking the tub and entering into into evidence when there doesn't appear to be any scientifically proven fact that this tub the murder scene or a murder scene in other or as they should have listed it yeah, they should have listed it. I think it's kind of weird that you go into a man's house and take a stand because ryan is maintaining his innocence getting his message out there and date, and picks up the story and I they say it makes him famous and he gets people supporting him from all over the place. All over the country- and he starts contact these people back and one of them is named jennifer crew. She lived in iowa ends. Somewhere along the way she turns on him,
I'm not saying she's doing the right thing or the wrong thing. That's just how it goes down. She decides to contact prosecutor's office in war in county and wanted to talk to them about Ryan Whittemore and what she says is a confession made to her over the phone. She would be called in to testify to this on his third trial because the prosecution is not done with him and First one was a mistrial. Second one was amiss. I'll bet a hungary, so they can keep prosecuting and until they they get somewhere. So she, A supporter of is stocking tomb in she says that ryan key? calls her and he's crying he's drunk he's inconsolable and he says I killed her details out how he did it. They got into a fight in the bathroom she's
that she wanted to divorce And- as nobody leaves me and he She has her in the chest. She falls backwards and then he proceeds to drought or in the tub, not pretty much the statement believe what happened is that she stated that he hit her and then his wife went down, but then he does like a blackout thing we're doesn't remember, but when he comes to he sees that she's deceased and then he wipes up all the water that splashed around cleans up the scene at the third in two thousand eleven jennifer crew- so stated that right, and understood that he had messed up said on the nine one. One call that he found her face down and then at the hospital. He made sure to change it to face up, so These are her statements. They talked at a loss, the no six p m at night, but then
claim that it was the middle of the night. It's a little bit of a contradiction or what time that she spoke to him, but call records will show that the call happened much earlier. so she's getting her statement wrong. Also, Ryan didn't just have crew. As a supporter, he had multiple supporter and he actually had another phone call that night with one of his other female supporters- and he was on the with her for two hours and she will testify that he was fine- he was not drunk. He was. Crying, and there was nothing wrong with them, according to their conversation, so crews testimony how Did she know these things well ass? She could to do so from his supporters. Cite the prediction in his statements. The dry said the bathroom doesn't take a rocket scientist to come up with. Oh well
This was his confession to me, and this is how we did it. He punch in the chest. Well, there was chest compressions from CPR. Oh, it was a dry bathroom, molly clean it up with the towel. Oh he black because I don't know how she died. So I'm gonna say he blacked out her statement in any better than ryan statement when he really analyze them. if we're going to say, ryan look suspicious because of his contradictions. Thing crews statement, I just wanna, throw it out, I don't believe it but I think is the last thing that she really drives home here. Is that when she- Its swears to him that she's not going to tell anybody about what he had told her according to her ryan states. I hope not because, I wouldn't want you to be at where Sarah's app so are a threat. The defence war destroyed
true character, assassinate europe pretty well, the defence will bring up tat. Crew has lost her jobs, due to prescription drugs. Addictions she's been living in her car. and that she's on methadone and the downs used to get you off heroin, but methadone the drug in and of itself, it does did you high and there are people that are absolutely addicted to methadone or use methadone and abuse methadone. So there they go after her credibility and pretty much insinuate that she would a supporter, rhine wasn't interested and now, she's a scorn, woman with the drug problem, so yeah characters ass, a nation. I think Now, if you recall, Sarah's mother said that Sarah did sleep,
but it was usually on a day where she wasn't feeling well like, as if she had a headache or something and whereas mother testified that she talked to her that day and Sarah didn't mention having headache or anything like that. But sarah, worked at a dentist office and the dentist there did state that, yes, Sarah complained of having a headache that day should have headaches and stomach problems. Doesn't mean that she was on the brink of death, but she's here these medical issues, and it is something to think about something to keep. On whatever side of this game you're on have that in your back pocket back pocket. I mean this is what ryan stating as people know what happened to his wife and his angle. I wasn't in the room with her, but he's like since I didn't do it, their muscle, something medical going on, and he talks about this like
Maybe she had something were not aware of right yeah. What's let's find out. What happened? Let's find out why she fell asleep, poor, passed out or had a seizure or aneurysm or whatever it is that allowed her to drown the tub which isn't it easy task Sir mom also testify that Sarah had been diagnosed with a mild to non existent heart murmur was never brought up seriously, but it's possible that she had a heart murmur. But later on, shore have physical right before she dies and they don't detect a heart murmur, but I dont know what all they do in the physical and if they were actually checking for that or how thorough it was. But they dont report it at that physical.
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You should be able to pick up a heart, murmur and physical. I would think I would. I would hope that that would be hit standard procedure, but yeah I had a heart murmur for many many years, doktor day smile testified, and he was talking about the bruising and other. Injuries that were discovered during her autopsy and he said, at a seizure could explain those if it was d, tease that were working on her or the our staff he talked about. There are people hurry, which, at the time she was twenty four years old. He said that an uncommon. There are twenty four year olds had have seizures and he said, when they go into a seizure, you lose all control, so she could have Billy fallen and hit parts of the top causing these bruises now. He said as far as the heart is concerned, that a
cardiac event is pretty rare in someone at her age, so he didn't, You put a lot of stock in that, but he was saying sleep on the seizure civility. But this is something that they really tried to investigate, though it seems like right now. You would hope that if the autopsy was done correctly, if she had a seizure or stroke or aneurysm. They were found that, but that mean that's pretty basic autopsy work. I would say but there were already going for homicide before they even got the toxicology report back. so what happens in this third trial now iron, because we have a bathtub. We have pretty suspicious bathroom seem contradictory statements and a confession: slowly the says he confessed he had
offered a plea deal and he turned it down, and this not surprising, because many people will say that they turn a plea palacio because they didn't do it and ryan has maintained from the very start that he had nothing to do with his wife's death. So all the prosecution is claiming murder. He saying I don't know what happened. I assume she fell asleep. If you would have taken that plea, he would be out walking on free right now, so spoiler alert he's not He was found guilty of murder and he was given fifteen years to life, just means that he will life unless some time between fixed. in years from the guilty verdict and on his these two rolled so does have pearl possibility, but now he's a murderer. Key appeals right. The appeal happened, but when the verdicts red
ryan is visibly upset and his uncle is so ticked off that he, like slam the door open and then he's promptly taken into custody, but people are pretty upset when he passes his mother right, and ass. If he can say goodbye to his mother and he's told no murder or not, he still has a mother and she still loves her son and probably wishes. She had that last moment before you taken away. Ryan did the statement because, as I said, he was visibly upset and once. Everyone to know that he's not a murderer. He had turned. and the chance to speak trial. Well, now he's already been found guilty, so he might as well talk and what he said. I loved my wife. I did not. Her. I was never given a chance the day after she passes away. They charge me with murder. I didn't even if I had an answer, I would give the answer of what happened to her, but I can't I was now
the bathroom with her that's a statement he had given right before his sensing. Now the jury they they found him healthy, but was it an easy guilty verdict, turning to wonder it was not easy, you know they do that first vote. Thing where they find out, where ruins add in some people felt he guilty in some people they weren't sure by the end they felt he did it but it wasn't easy. I dont think that you could go to this case and think it's either to find this guy guilty. Maybe I'm wrong, but there are definite question in this case more, if you follow the press occasions, narrative, it looks very suspicious and there are contradictions, but that's where I'm had he looked suspicious, but a few steps. marks on a bathtub, no water on the floor. Some
bruising around her neck. That's not enough for me, but he does exist I just wonder, stated that What convinced him tat he needed about guilty was when this expert said it's very. Air for someone just to drown in a tub, because if you can't breathe when the water hits your face tat, the body will react. Does each year self preservation, instincts kickin and when you acts that up with the strangeness of her boy he being dry nowhere towels to be found no water splashed on the floor. It seems very, very suspicious, suspicious emphasis on our right and, if you call back with the first trial hers, tried replicated
they tried doing these experiments to see how long it took for their bodies to dry without telling off and apparently they couldn't get their bodies to dry and six minutes. Now, who knows temperature, the room was that she was in times could be. off when certain things happened, but it seems like two out of three trials. Ryan was found guilty and the initial investigator bishop I'm wondering if he did observe She was dry and her hair was wet or if that came in later after she went to the hospital and they observed that she was dry and her hair was wet and then came together on their stories. I hate to pull out into question, but I I wonder talk before about is this. A scene that was set up is ryan crafting a story or is he telling it like it was according to him when he
and his wife he drain the top. with her still in the tub. So There wouldn't be water splashing out on the floor from her pulling out, because the tub had long been drained at that point, but that's where Some people had a problem with it because he said look of you find your wife. turban, she looks like she may have drowned or something you going you, her out of the tub and you try to resuscitate her, but he didn't do that, but again were expecting summoned to react the same way we would. We have been in situation gap, but it explain why there wouldn't be water on the floor now ryan, has since done interviews and he contains that the pictures they took up the tub were it, shows water around the drain of the tub were taken about two hours after the incident he sang Gee, that's it her there's still water right there proving that. There was water in the tub, so still questions by it in two thousand thirteen right.
whittemore lost his mother. If you're a supply- ryan Whittemore. This isn't making you feel any better because he's walked away. While his mother passes away, I'm looking at the appeals he's filing. He sang the tea Another evidence should have been suppressed. He saying that's. The warrants did not list the tub and the tub was taken too long after a lot of technical. Shoes here with the club of evidence. So these are revolving around his fourth amendment rights were violated, but what not sing in the appeal in its and it's because you can't appeal on this but It's the injuries sustained in the past, secure using that against him? I'm thinking well, let the truth out for this european science and these ends These were probably caused by medical teams that were trying to resign. to take her, but doesn't
How goes it you'd think that that's that would that was just my common. Since reaction when I was reading his appeal, is why just based on the evidence and now the technicalities, but that's law, and yet the fun problem and the way it was investigated. Now they found were how evidence is portrayed in court. It's it's weird to me, I Wolfer, for ever be astonished by some of these trials yeah, if you believe that ryan. Whittemore is innocent. This trial may have been lost because he just handle things the right way during the call? An during the subsequent interviews, his contradict statements, there are real problems for people Well, you might look pass those and say: look he's stressed he's just lost his wife list then I will call he sounds stressed. Not everyone when you look at it that way, they're going to look and see wait, a minute. Why is she dry if she was the tub for that long. I think it
really comes down to the jury, He didn't want to let this guy go if he killed his wife in aired on that side of caution. That's what I said like to me when I read somewhere statements from the jurors it is felt like they were too many people comes with ryan story and it didn't seem. ass, the evidence and then they they felt like if she had employee slipped or fallen into the tub that she would have got, back up, because that water, or Inability to breathe would have caused her body to react and in think it's that simple and the only motive they have is, according to crew, vague a fight that night and she want? divorce and he said no way and ended, it that's something that the prosecutor address later as well, because they didn't really. up a motive too much a trial sure they had jennifer crew, testifying as to what she claims that ryan said over the phone, but man
she comes out with which she She believes is the fight and she said, the fight was over a website that rhine was visiting frequently adult friend finder. Is a way to get hookups and she could is that Sarah found out about it here is the proper what that whole scenario? That's the prosecutors opinion it verified that he was visiting that site and that he had visited very recently around the time of Sarah death, but they can't prove Sarah found out about it. I, how could you you can't? You can't prove that this fight happened. So we have two options here. First option is something happen and she drowned in the tub? He calls nine one one and he's not very good describing the situation and all of these things that look suspicious are just the way it pan down and
her injuries that she sustained were from the medical efforts and he's railroaded or he planned this or guy into a fight with her was in altercation with her and then held her underwater, but maybe just held her head underwater, but she was outside of the tub tablets full and he pushed her under that might explain the harrowing wet, but nothing else being wet explain thief for our mark or other things on the tab and then and any splashing anything he cleaned up in actually waited A longer amount of time before calling nine one one right? If you leave that he murdered her. I think you would have to go with the scenario where, when She goes up if he's telling the truth
if she goes up around ten o clock at night. The heel follower up there because that way the tub is filled but she's? Not any yet house else do explain body? Being that dry and her being so wet she got in the tub and he did it there and then just drive, breathing off. But why would you dry everything my death but where the wet towels yeah there's no one thousand, and why drawing her body or drawing the tub or the floor for that matter. But what do you gain from doing that? again. He states that he didn't pour out of a failed tub. He said that he drained the tab and he called nine one one and actually, I think he called on her phone yeah does her phone was probably laying next to the tub, because people take their bones under the tub with em. I get
a little antsy. Every time I see my wife on her phone in the tub like you're gonna drop it so yeah, that's a thing. So this is. the murder scenario right? What's them of here the prosecution others are claiming that he was interested in a swingers lifestyle or that he had felt maybe that Sarah was going to leave him or something something at him off again. It seems like speculation visiting some websites by it I dont know how much stock I put in that and also in some comments out there that, while he was talking to two different female supporters, the night that he confessed to jennifer crew. But I'm thinking you put a support site out there la more females, are passionate about true crime or allow more passionate about wrongful convictions are weave mentioned it before
eighty percent of our audience for the generation wise female. So I didn't really think it was that odd that he, was communicating with his supporters and they both happened to be women. They didn't stick out to me that much and he and getting into a relationship of one of his supporters, who is also named Sarah. He ended up having a baby with her. They did stay together. It's a lot of speculation. I dont like the fact that he was going to adult for and find her while. He was married, doesn't look good, but again all these things don't look. Good, but none of them say he did this and I feel the same way about Michael pearson, his wife dies is tragic. Death in their house he's the only other person around? How does this happen well, easiest explanation is he did it. But how do you prove it? How do you
absolutely show that this guy did x, Y and z, two causes to happen and, yes, a jury of his peers found ryan guilty? I dont know if they actually proved his How often can they really prove guilt? That's why they have these trials in its it's really just. bake game and as the go through the different witnesses. The prosecution the defence. They have a chance to counter. the claims that are made and tried when the jury over read over the jury statements, because, even though they were aid to the side of yeah he's guilty. It still as an easy for some of them and- I believe its because, like other cases, It's not always so easy to answer it. Not always easy to say, he's dead, the killer. In this case, it comes down to seemingly a man.
Who can't explain the evidence he has? the story, he stuck with it. He changed the position of her body. But apart from that, he just can't exe, blame, the scene and therapy, you don't believe them, including the jury of his peers. I dont know if he's guilty of this or not, I would agree that he looks very suspicious. I like to see our court system railroad somebody even if their guilty We allow them to railroad the guilty. Well, they can read the innocent to ryan's father spoke about the supporting as for his son, and he said he just had to ask him whether he did it or not, and he said and his son told him that he did not do it, and he said That's all I needed here and he been a supporter from day one. Whether you believe Ryan Whittemore murdered his wife or what you believe he didn't and he
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