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Samantha's Story. December 8th, 2007. Manitoba, Canada. Young love can blind us to even the most extreme red flags. Samantha had always hoped to meet a bad boy one day who could also be a loving man.  Sometimes you get what you wish for, but the lifestyles some men lead can have dire consequences. Falling in love with Bekim would take her down a path of love and loss that changed the course of her life forever. For better or worse, until death do them part. Samantha spoke with Justin about this personal story of love, life, drugs, & death. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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Tonight's episode of the generation. Why I'll be interviewing a listener of ours. Who has a pretty sad, an incredible story. I found it fascinating and there's some things about it that I think everyone can learn something from Sola samantha. Would you like to introduce yourself what fun My name is samantha collyer. I live in vancouver british columbia and I have three children. They are eleven nine and to an eye
lately, have a story that I've been bugging justin about for a long time, there's bits and pieces, then you're always like wow, that's crazy. I figured it would be good to serve put it all together, and I think that you know it is crazy story and in others it good side and the bad the guilty and are not guilty inside, but I think that people can hear it and sort of learn from it and learn what not to do as a teenager. you know our young adults and maybe not go through the same sort of thing that I went through so How does this all star you? You meet a man right, yeah yeah, At way. Back in the day, it was actually on my birthday, which is kind of funny cause that ties into other things and the later events. It was my birthday which was the fall of two thousand and two I worked at a jewelry store. and my girlfriend I went out for dinner and then the bar to celebrate my birthday, and
was rum, one fifty one shots involved, which I'll never forget. She wanted me to meet a few Her friends that were from mom, when a peg and I was like ok great, that's fine, say I'd like to party do stuff and the funny thing was that when she met these people, she came back from when they pay with a task to on her back, and it was of you noticed this gang name, and it was very unlike her to do this, and I was like what you know. What is this and she's like? Well, it's in others is attacked you of this person's name that you know I met, and I thought that was really odd. So is very intrigued to see who it was that she that she met, and so I went to a bar. Vancouver and I saw a huge tall guy sort of across the crowd and they she said- oh well, that's beckham or no. She actually, she called him kurt for Kirk because he likes star trek. So I actually
I first met him. I thought his name was kurt and he looked really mean, and I liked that at the time kind of the the bad boy thing yeah, oh yeah, I was such a sucker for that I was, it was like the worst, the worst they were. The more I liked them, which is sort of a lesson from this is, is not to go down that path or not to marry them. You can hang out with them, but to don't marry them and have kids with them, but I didn't really like them at first. I thought he was kind of you know stuck up and thought he was really cool and I I didn't really think that was that great, but then later on, we started talking and it was really funny because he he wasn't just that tough guy. You know like he actually had like substance. and he I later on. If each leg in calculus in school- and he was like a star trek nerd and he they reading like science fiction books, really not what you would think
a typical big, tough guy would deal- and I really liked that part of him when I like the we know that he looked a certain way, but he also had sort of a cool backside. Anyway, you mean the play world of warcraft together, like we were total nerds as well. I remember thinking that I was actually going to marry him, which is not like me at all like. I was never that quick to think something, but I just can't knew that we had this sum. This bond and You know he had been working before as a minor in thompson. Manitoba he's from thomson which has eight hundred kilometers north of one a peg he's albanian his parents were from open nea they moved here, which is very different culture. Then you know other cultures even in canada, where we have every culture. I'd never met anyone who was a baby and before, and I think that was a struggle for him growing up. He never quite fit in with anybody his paw
parents didn't really let him grow up being canadian per se. It's like he was always kind of forced to be albanian. They didn't give them money, they didn't give him anything. So he kind of struggled a lot to struggling in his parents were not like. They didn't give them anything at all. They didn't give them money. I mean they, wouldn't let them acclimate to the culture either not at all and have a funny story with that is beckham's brother. Actually they kept money in the house. They didn't believe in banks at all, so they kept all their money in the house and one time his brother at twelve stole all the money and ran away with the fair spent like twenty thousand obligations and my garage.
It's it's because there's a lot of little stories like that, but the the basis of it is he was like you said he was struggling to always fit in. So I think he felt this need to have money first of all, because he didn't have any growing up and then you know to have girlfriends, because he never really had girlfriends. He was kind of awkward, and so he kind of had this like drive in him to fit in and then to like I like, stick it to the man you know so to say like he was, is always trying to fit in with people, but later on in life, I mean it was the complete opposite. Like everyone wanted to be around him, I know that knows him. It's like there's nobody else in the world like him, which there really isn't. I've never met anyone like him again, but as also cause I was married to him. I conceive had to go back to the story,
is when he came here. I didn't really know at the time, but he actually afterwards had a worn out for his arrest. He got caught in vancouver with a bunch of money and they arrested him send him back to win a peg and he got put into jail. Do you know? I didn't really would only legal about having money. I know right though he, the back story of that is. He was a drug dealer in winter peg and they were always trying to catch him. You know with something vague: they couldn't catch him with drugs. They never did they never caught him. You know actually committing that crime, so what it isn't main covered it up with the same or in canada is proceeds of crime, so if they can catch you with money, and you can't prove where it came from. You know you don't have a receipt, there's, no one! You know you can get it from work. They can charge you with that.
put you in jail right away and just sort of hold you. May I guess it's based on your past. I mean he really got screwed when they talk when it's about jail in court, I mean like people in canada, they get dick they commit murder and they get two years in jail. But if you get charged with conspiracy to traffic, you get like six years in jail, so it It's very strange like that, guy he killed the guy on the greyhound bus. I mean he's out. He got out for a year. Rape, and that's like that to me is insane that that happened. I mean, I understand it being mental and he has mental problems, but I always think you know what if he didn't take his medication. That would be pretty it's an extreme case rape. He went to win a peg. I used to fly back and forth between banks who word when it take, because maybe an idiot I was I was like. Oh you know, it's fine he's. It's not a big deal, he's not really that bad. You know like it was fun
you know he can never see the red flags right like I didn't see them and he had nice cars and he had status. I guess- and I don't know there was just this feeling I had with him and I knew bad guys before so it wasn't like because he was bad, but I just loved them. You know it almost brings tears to my eyes now, which is really sad but like when I get off the plane to go I'd, be so nervous yeah, but it was like that good nervous, like when you're so happy to see someone that you just can't even contain it like. I would fly there on a saturday hang out with them for a saturday night and I would fly home on sunday morning and that's like a five hour flight like it was. It was crazy, but I just I did it
by day myself into debt with it, but it was. It was nuts, and so you know fast forward. A few months, four months after in February I actually found out, I was pregnant with money. First child. I remember I was mortified. I was like, oh god, this is gonna, be crazy in here gonna be like. Oh it's mine, you know like typical, like I don't think, he'd want again. Ray at all member, I page dumb, angus, page person stuff and I'm like, oh god, have to call me have to call me, and I told him, and he was he's like. If you don't want it, will you have it and give it to me? He wanted to be a dad so badly and it was so. It was shocking to me, but he was like that end.
I mean I was overjoyed right. I was like over the moon, I was so happy and we are going to have my son, whose now eleven when I was five months pregnant, he got arrested a game and this time it was in winnipeg and from that point on, he was in jail for two years or two and half years. So I have, my son em when he was in jail. His brother was in and out of jail at the time who is coming back and forth between vancouver when the peg did. He was in jail for for conspiracy to traffic cocaine and they had money evidence and they had seen, I think, a few people's testimony, but they were all kind of shady people and then in vain coover. If you get caught
drugs drug is that it's a pretty bad charged but you're not really like. You know, you're not really like put in jail. Unlike have the book thrown out you, he was put into solitary confinement for a year and a half ass. Yet so he would sleep with a towel over his head because he couldn't they never turned the lights off. I could send him books, but a centre like every single book that was ever written like science fiction, gender based, and he was never the same after that he went on to anti depressants in jail. He probably gained about when fifty pounds liquidity got outta jail. I didn't even recognize them, hardly he was so big. He became very, very bitter, You know towards the system, I guess, and he really wasn't given the chance to get. You know they always say your rehabilitated in jail, but you're not he was putting the solitary confinement because
not because of anything bad because they said that he controlled the jail. They said that people would listen to him instead of listening to the guards so like if he stayed out of it like they called it arrange. You know if you're you're in kind of groups in a jail, so there's different floors and he was on a certain floor and they tell you to lock up and if he didn't like walk to his room, everyone else would stay out to you and then, if he walked into his room they would all walk into their room. So he was really people looked up to him quite a lot. It was his fault. He didn't do anything. To have that happen like he did, do some crimes, but he wasn't this violent. You no person tat the street credibility he brought in with him. That's exactly it. I mean I was scared to go there like I'll after I had my son, I wouldn't fly there cause. I saw the way he got treated and I saw how they kind of twisted
the things that I thought. If I took my son there, you know maybe they're gonna try and do something to take my son away or cause me. Some problems are caused. Me grief and I didn't. I didn't go like the first time he met my son. We were sitting in a courthouse in the hallway and they used to bring people down the middle of the hall in shackles and he had the typical black and white striped kind of like jail outfit on, and he touched my son's hands with his hands like he kind of bent down a bit and touch them, and that was how he met him.
I don't think he shouldn't have and had been in jail like he was charged with something. I agree that he should have been in jail or you know, waiting cuss like waiting for his hearing, but it was the way they treated him in jail. That was that was pretty brutal like it was. There was always something more without him getting in trouble. I can in canada you can get out in two thirds of your sentence and if you're you know good, I guess he didn't get out into the a key served almost his full sentence. They considered him dangerous and not rehabilitated yeah, and I mean they count every day before your actual sentence as two days
You know so the time waiting till he got convicted with double time, so he didn't do the full, like he got convicted in charge. He got charged with the conspiracy to traffic, he got found guilty and he got six years in jail for that, and I forget how much time you time served, but he ended up doing about two and a half to three years total from the time he went to the time he got out the person he was before versus the person he was after with night and day the it made him worse. Wayward, like the moment he got out, I mean I was like so happy to see a rape me. He came over, and we like went for coffee or I went to meet him in winnipeg, we went for coffee. I was going to live there with him cause. I thought he was going to be better. The first thing he did was went and hung out with twenty guys that he had a no contact order with. I was like really like,
You, like I'm with my kid and now you're you're going and he just didn't care and, unlike you, ve been in jail for two and a half years. The first thing in his mind was he dealt drugs in western canada so between when a peg and bank schubert. I say he controlled it, but he had a very large states sort of what happened and when was in jail. You know he lost control of that and there was a baker gang that gained control of that land vacuum the void that needs to be filled and that thought like they always failing. They. Like a rest, a huge king pin that drug thing
and they're always like. Oh, we got this guy, but it's like there's three other guys that are going to come up and take that exact same place like that, doesn't solve the problem with it and basically another crazy thing that happened was I got pregnant with my daughter, the moment and he got out of jail so You know they say that if you smoke pot, you know your sperm count goes down. Well that wasn't the case that the amount things that are in jail. It's crazy, like he smoked pot in jail. He had food, delivered to him in jail from the guards jail. You anything. They look anything like it then he infinity let that he got it all the time they get cell phones ameriky, so not not like american prisons out all really like american, no, it's nothing like american prisons really now Mary prisons. You can see that there is drug transactions, but getting cell phones and guards to bring you food now that, as they may discourage over the fence.
They're like it was a serious and a maximum security penitentiary, and I saw the place. I don't understand how it happened, but I met guards in there that were his friends and that called me and that would bring him stuff. I think when it is, is that if they get offered a certain amount of money, I mean they're, making a certain amount, and it's not all of them by any means. You know it's just a few that day they'll do it wasn't like they were being these. What the guards that I knew were the ones bringing in drugs or anything, but they would give them food or give em begin open up in his fridge and he had a full flat screen tv. He could wear any clothes he wanted. It was not like a jail like it was very lacks when a peg jails are definitely wait tougher. Then, like ice, you say eastern canada jealous or like more tougher than bc jails and the time that you get sentence
more is well a minute is nothing compared to the EU s, but it saw its very different. I mean I wouldn't want to be wrongly charged in the. U s really get a lot of time, but we're park. Has he been listening to that gadget idea? I'm up I oh yeah, so I mean to summarize what happened and he got out of jail and he wanted to take control back of the drug trade and he wasn't getting it and he was desperate He was borrowing money and losing it. He was trying everything he could to to get it back and the gang that had. It was not interested. You know in any shape or form by letting him get it back. and during this time I mean they were pretty pissed off at em rate, they were threatening his life, but he really didn't give a shit like he wore whatever he. I used to tell em to to stop. You know
it doesn't matter who you are or how big you army. He was like six five and like two hundred and sixty pounds, and he just thought he was the toughest thing, and I said it just takes a bullet rate to get Would it and people that are scared of you are more likely to kill. You cause they're scared. He, Of course. Oh no, no! No! It's fine and I really did think it was that big of a deal at that time. I didn't really know to the extent of what it was he was doing because we lived in house, nothing was around us and you know had my daughter during that time and in he wasn't around like. I can't say that I didn't know what was going on, because I did Environment seem normal YA, it stopped and I'll tell you can happen, but it with them. we we had our own little life going. We live in a really nice area, vancouver, and I mean I started to work and you know it was just not around us, but there was a night
in january of two thousand and seven I was sleeping. My daughter was four months old. I think and we had a neighbor who lived downstairs and shapes smoke pots of course specimen her like loved each other and they kept the door unlocked between our places. All I remember is her come into the bedroom and waking me up and saying: don't move fast house like we're hucks she's, I don't move fast, come down stairs and I was okay, so I went downstairs and there is tooth eyes at our door front door. and they were like we're here to see back home, and I said well he's not here right now. You know why don't you come back later on will now were here to see him and I was like one no disease, not here and if the thing I learned from him like not to let anyone in right and the resulting in her house that I knew of, but I just didn't wanna. I was scared of what beckoned would think you know. If I let them
I was scared of them. I was just really freaked out about the whole thing. While they pushed me aside and they came running into the house, it was a full. We call it the e r t team, but it's like a swat team and they and my stairs with guns and everything very eyes were law enforcement? Yes, yes, they have our whole street blocked off the alley, blocked off in the back. My neighbors were told to get on the ground and get back into their host. They thought that I have been murdered cause they didn't understand because they didn't know what was happening and tons of police corps everywhere everywhere and, and I ran upstairs cause. My kids are sleeping in the room and I'm yelling at them, but you know I don't want them to wake up and be scared and they did stop and they did just look in the room, so they didn't wake them up. They didn't cause. You know a big thing and thank god there
she said sleeping. I don't remember what I was thinking, but I was just I didn't know what to think at the time I called back and then I said you know you have got you. Gotta come home where he got, I dont know it's happening and he got off the phone with their head guy you're, the guy, the head cop. He basically made them promise that they were going to arrest him. You know like if he came home he just wanted to talk to him. Yeah yeah. I think he was in a pretty bad spot, though cause like we were home and he wouldn't want to come home, but it was us so we can have had to come home while he pulled up in his like nice lexus, the first than they do is pick him up one of his car and throw him on the ground ray and their six officers holding him down. He's yelling at me the road that I'm a fucking bitch and I should live, let them in and I'm yelling at him. We hit or thing I didn't and so
We were like yelling at each other in the police. I actually bring me inside later on. He found out that I didn't and he was like. Oh yeah, you're you're down you're cool was like yeah whatever, but but like it mattered. That logic had anything, but I do I was so I was is so it was so traumatic that I don't even know what I was really thinking but invent. Something else is that when people get in trouble, dont like to blame themselves say they me. I want to blame Somebody else for their troubles and after his speech in prison and everything else he's really deflecting all anger under other people, oh yeah, and that was him. I mean he never took responsibility for what he did like. We were constantly fighting about? You know that he should stop, and but I kind of understood where he was coming from, is that he was at that point. He was about thirty two I mean we had worked for a long time.
He owed all this money. A lot of money right, take a lot, a lot of money and their people that he owed money. you they weren't going to be like all. Well, ok, you know you don't always money anymore. He was in this very hard place and yes, he could have start, but when you're in that life in canada is pretty small, when it comes to that stuff, you can't really does go away ray. I still to this day. Hey people come up to me and they they remember me from that and it it it's frustrating cause. I don't really want to be remembered. You know in in that, but I could see his logic as to why he didn't stop. I didn't agree with it, but I can see how he was kind of stuck. It was also the power. I think it's really it's something that people get addicted Do you know, like people walking up to you and looking up to you and having all this money and it's like a drug through
right, yeah and and he could buy whatever he wanted. You know tipping a waiter like one hundred bucks, two hundred bucks like he liked to be seen as that that guy yeah most drug dealers and when they can tip one hundred to a waiter waitress. They feel like robin hood exact, and he did you know the funniest thing about him: the people that worked for and were all cannon dirty, but they weren't like this. The big other tough guys like they were guys. You know had a hard time growing up or were kind of dorky when there are younger- and I think he kind of saw himself in that you know, any he felt bad for them. He would, you know, stick up for them in his own way. He felt for them what led to his demise, really is that he wasn't toughened.
To go and really beat up our kill people that the one that want to do it to him like. Yes, he did do some violent things, but when it came down to it, he wouldn't kill someone right where he was playing with people that that would Absolutely would the whole point about. Was the police told me they came to warn him that there was a funeral in vancouver was like a biker funeral, and these people are flying in from all over the country- and they want to warn him that these people want to kill him. How does that mean? You bring an ear t team to my house I dont get it there like what we had to make sure that they weren't in the house. You know and they found the joint and they charged with trafficking trafficking to her a joint. But let us show that they can, they could do if they have to do is find a reason to arrest someone they
They can and amend the couple hours later, the like what we need to get a warrant with two thirds. after they ve already search. The fact really you how to get a work now and they they left a couple police officers in the house and the police, and I like ordered pizza tongue own ta, only a canada right right. In the end, they were super funding and I went to work the next morning. I took the kids, so there their day care at that moment. For me, the bubble was pop trade there is. I knew that there was much more going on. I moved out. So I took the kids and I went into like basically like government housing we went from living in like a really nice place, had these nice cars to living, pretty not lavishly whatsoever to pick on you, but you you ve, seen him in jail. You ve seen him at his worst yet
having police come to your home and seeing him face down on in the street was the the bubble point for you, yeah. I know it is crazy that I do not like what love that's too or being image sure I was very childish. Now that I look back, I was just completely blinded when you're outside the king. In what then hell like my friends, sat down with me and were like what are you doing? My family sat down with me and I dunno. If it was having kids, you know cause I was pregnant for like half the time we were together. Even my doctors, you know what's going on and I think I kind of I was ignorant to it, but when that happened, It was in my face, then re like I'd, never been or I've never been arrested. I dont have a criminal record. I've never done anything. Criminal, I guess I thought that if I was like that- and I didn't see what he did then I was separate, but they will not happen
I knew you know, and the police were calling me after that, every three or four days. They call me because they knew that I was was with him. I don t know they didn't even know he was married when he died like day they didn't they poligized afterwards for not calling me right away, but some the spoiler. Let's get to that point in the long run short he had to go up to thomson because he was using drugs there and you know other people were not paying him what they should pay and they were kind of messing around. So he went there and down that was in December two thousand seven on december. Seventh, he was shot and murdered. He was shot and murdered by not someone who is in the baker gang, but he was a brother
of someone who is in the baker gang and we see an associate. This gets really confusing. So I wish I could like draw this out. The the person you killed back of his name was Sean sean's brother was charged with conspiracy.
the murder for his own brother John, was charged with murder. Yes, a shine with the when it killed, beckoned literature, managers, first degree murder and he got found guilty shines. Own brother was actually convicted of conspiracy to commit murder to kill shot to kill, should not yet not weird. I know so that the the back story about is that a lot of people want to kill backup for his there's a lot, and so the police had an informant who was working on this whole other undercover operation called project drill. Securing that operation. This enforcement
Was talking to these other people and he was listening to them to say they wanted to kill beckham and they wanted to kill sean, and so they would kill back for twenty thousand dollars and kill sean for two thousand dollars. That guy heard that conversation on December fifth, so the police knew that these people wanted to kill him. and we're going to be doing it. You know within that next, three or four days it came out later on that they didn't know about it, and I was pretty devastated that they knew and didn't warn him, because I no that if they would have warned him at that time He wouldn't be alone in the house, because what happened is he was sitting on a computer in the house by himself. It was so like a townhouse rates, they kicked, the doors
and and they ran in and he had a table and a fluid keep kind of kicked it up in the air, but then he fell backwards over another table and like he he died but I know that he wouldn't have been alone in a house at that time. If he knew that was gonna, happen will in a sort of funny that they came in rated your home to warn him of a funeral, but then they have a confirmed hit on him. No warning so yeah. That's when I brought out because I had been pretty close with them at the time and I called the detective from the case. Could I read in the newspaper: that's how I found out that they knew this was
going to the end. They didn't know exactly what was going to happen, but they knew that you know something was kind of brewing and I called them and I was pretty upset and they said well, you know smack that, like a lot of people want to kill your husband and if we were going to warn him every single time, ruby warning him every month and I kind of understand that you know a bit like. I don't think that they were blatantly trying to get him murdered. He was a drunk There wasn't like he was just walking down the street. He was kind of contributing to his own demise. My was absolutely living a high risk lifestyle apps and he would say that himself, the weirdest per was as I actually you know. We were not seeing each other a lot at that point like maybe every month or so he wasn't thing. The kids and dumb you could I separated at that point we were separated, but I definitely was still love with him like. I wasn't not see anybody else. He without partying everywhere. People would call me
and say: oh, they saw him here and they saw him there, but I still didn't care like I said it was like almost blinded. Like I just loved him, I would yell at him and get mad about things, but would still like take him back by taking him back. I mean, like I see them, maybe once a month ago he come over, but when he came over to where we lived, he wouldn't have any one with him. We would just be ass. He would always be would drop the facade of absolute I'm a big drug dealer and are now just your husband, yes, that we will be so nerdy together. We would play world of work ass during that time. You know we watched Donnie darkened, who we would talk about all the weird things that are like rabbits and the wallpaper in the movie. He'd holly, please very strange conspiracies, and that was the part of him that I love I remember him looking at her daughter and he was crying. I could die. I've had a son, a daughter and I could die happy
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and I went, and it was this weird thing we told each other all these things we never told each other. I was really honest with him about a bunch of other things and it was just different and I remember hugging him. This is so sappy, but I remember hugging them and feeling like he wasn't there, and this is gonna, make me cry, and I remember looking at it from the back and they can see his hair stickied on the back of your head. The way your hair grows like a little swirl, and I remember looking at that. It was wow, like he's just a person he's doing all this stuff, but like I love them so much that I love the way his hair gross. You know, and I never thought of it that way, and then he drove me to the airports and
Keith. He got up at five in the morning to drive me to go back to being coover and he never got up early like never like. Even when I was pregnant, like I used to like have to do things, he would never ever ever do that and he drove me to airport. He came in with me and I remember issue laughed at guys. Never they turned around that you don't you watch somewhat less like I'd, never had turned around and watch someone leaves, but I turned around and I watched it go and I watched go into like the light. it's really weird, but it was really light outside and it was really dark in the airport at and walk away, and I had this feeling when it happened. They always say that you would feel
something it like your husband died or your wife died like he'd, somehow know. Why did it? No, I figured it out that I was shopping at walmart right where the type when he died because of the time difference like he was it when a peck and I was living, however, and it was when he had ever said, you don't like messenger instant messenger messages here we were talking and it was about six, sir seven or whatever I and I went out and came back, and I could see that he is still online but away, and I started writing he was ignoring me and I was really pissed off I have heard I was sick. What the hell are you doing, and then the next morning is now called me. Was eight backrooms gone? Oh lackeys, flying back she's like no he's dead. It was there's nothing in this world that can like there's nothing, that's his back as that and at length
leave them. I didn't believe her and I called the hospital and they said: oh no he's not here. We would know about this at this happened. Don't worry about it like call the police, I called the police at thomson and no one answered the foe whence like, that's when the phone there and they got rerouted to winnipeg. I asked him what happened there like all we can talk about it like will call you back two hours later. They call their. That was like the official phone and then I had to fly there to talk to detectives about it, and I was I dont remember any of it like it was such a hates. To me I have to say that the the police that were involved with it actually did a really good job. There are so many people, and so when you drink dealers to get killed- and I hear it all
show him and I agree that like they they bring it on themselves. It's weird is a gale of ngos should hold get this in big murdered vestige asian, but they really were people too, and they have love once such ass of old room. That was the thing like. I would talk to them and they actually did such a good job and they said that, even though backer was when he was, he was doing that he was always funny with them. He was being violence, he would choke around with them. He actually wanted to be a police officer which is quite a rabbit. You know an exact were right, he knew he wanted to do it, but I forget for some reason I think he couldn't for some reason and they liked him. You know he was charming. He knew how to talk to everybody and he knew how to get everyone liked him. You know, like I still get messages to this day like on facebook. I got them.
A few days ago that really all I knew your husband and he just had that that charisma like if he would have chosen, should use that towards a different life different job. He would have been amazing re, but it was like this perfect storm. Of bad choices and bad situations and meeting the right bad people that led to this whole thing. So the police actually did a really good, they couldn't tell me a lot about what happens because I didn't know where he'd been shot or what kind of gun was used, and they said that they couldn't tell meat at information because they were waiting to see if they heard it from somewhere. To see if it was right or not? a vetting process yeah, and that was really hard for me because I didn't know
What happened in these rumours started going around that he was shot in the head like people. They made him back on his knees and you know it accusation, style and people would call me and tell me that there is girls. That would call me and say that I should be dead and buried next them. It was so horrifying at what people can say. You know like what they can, what they can do you and a person was involved with it called me the next day and was crying their eyes out this guy I kept. This is somewhat
gone to school with someone that he was like born with basically, and he was the one that ended up driving the people there and he was saying you know, I'm going to give you stuff the rest of your life, I'm going to help your kids, I'm gonna do all when he had been involved. Wow right- and I remember he was crying harder than me like waves, like everyone else, they kind of. I was the one upset you know, and there were it's only me, but with him I was consoling him yeah. I made one. He feels so guilty about his actions, but his actions were what absolutely contributed to it, but I feel for him like to this day. He he left. Basically that night he took off and the police put it men like witness protection program or whatever canada's version of it. I think what happened is that he was working with back at the time and he owed back of money in back of went there to like beat him up.
and then the other side. I guess like decide that killed him went to him and said you know, will help you, but you have to show us where he is like. You have to basically help us kill him and he was in this bad place Keaton quite know what to do and sell it. He might not have believed that they were gonna, go, kill him either because a pretty x, action, that most of us don't kind of accept readily it, and he was the one that found him. Let me I don't have found him as a right. Word, but he was the one that called the police. It was in his house. Why talk to him and he it was so bad. But I want to know like details like graphic details what happened and people will wonder why it's weird it with mere kid. But anyone else you picture than dead, you dont want
see them. You know you don't wanna know, but with him. I wanted to know, because I wanted to know exactly what he was thinking like what he felt She would. People are telling me that he was like executed like me into bed. Dover and do this stuff- and he said no, you know he was lying on the ground and he and his eyes were closed and there is no blood, but there is hardly any blood and they said that that was because they shot him in the heart and he basically died instantly. So the blood like stopped, I guess pumping, so it wouldn't come out. Who would you know you yeah and so that current gave the peace right that he he didn't suffer and I always think the last thing he would have thought in sea would have no that his kids were ok cause. I, without once the when trying to lake, make sure
Had a good life, even though it was always try to, I always thought I could keep them away from and put it on one hand like I kept my way, but now they have to deal with this site the rest of their life to end. It makes me feel horrible great that I have to have this story. You don't tell him about their dad, but on the other hand, the lever, see that that site would win when you meet strangers and they ask you where's where's their daddy, do you feel ashamed some time? Yes, absolutely I gave it like talking about it now likely said it's it's very shameful to me now, because I work in a whole different field. Right, like I work and social media, the legal or professional field and in people
here, it and their lake. Why waking you this happen to you and I think it's because after this happened, it was like rock bottom to me and I worked so hard to. Get it away. You know, like I had all this debt at least cars You know my name, I had a house and I am to go around and leasing companies like begged them, to like not make me. Oh this much money. His cars like here to be doubled, you park that their port and the like are another car and always places I d go around and get them and I had to do it. All myself is all his friends, and I say that include friends. They all laughed which let it which I I don't know if he would have been like see. I told you
what's up for himself or he would have been shot, but it's kind of good that they did leave. It was really a learning experience right like of what not to do how these things can affect you down the line you go out and like especially with girls. I don't know if it's like this everywhere, but vancouver growing up. There are so many people that are involved in this lifestyle. You know it, it becomes very normal. almost even where I grew up, which was a rich area, guys started doing it. They started dealing they when they didn't have to it's such a shock to me because that the stereotype of canada is everybody's, happy and waiting to each other and very nice. So you don't hear about the darker side until well into,
If somebody tells you a story like this, I think it's very easy and the reason is because of our our criminal system too. I mean like yeah, he got a bunch of time, but you don't get a lot of time for things like they used to say. If you get found with a two pounds of, but you'll be out of jail by the time. Your next crop comes up rate is not that bad So what happened to the man accused of murder so you did it. He was actually charged with murder before he did. He got ten years for killing the wrong twin, the previous situation, where he had killed somebody a twin and he pick the wrong one. Yeah we'll take the wrong one killed and he did ten year. I know that he did ten years. He got ten years. Life was
Canada just means that you'll be ike on parole for the rest of your life rate. If its visit mean that you, you do life, and so he got ten years, he got out he's our during drugs and I think he owed becker money at the time, and they haven't convicted anyone else, but am I know, there's other people involved, but with him. Is the only one that found a bunch of evidence, but they actually arrested him on my birthday a year after happy birthday. I know it was funny that I met that come on my birthday too right, so it was just odd didn't have any suspects for a year or they didn't. I think they had suspects, but they wanted to have a rock solid case of what they told me like. They wanted to make sure that they said that they don't arrest people lightly. I don't wanna arrest someone unless they actually are going to convict him. Did you cooperate with law enforcement? Absolutely anchor? I told them every eye.
Were calling them. I was like doing my own work. You know me, I was searching. Intermarriage lie. I was doing everything I could to try and think I was calling people there. He got a tattoo of a teardrop after he did it, which I don't know if people know but like that's like a gang thing of after you kill someone, you get a tattoo teardrop on your on your face and even the judge said in her ruling. You got a tattoo of a teardrop on your face after you did it. You just branded yourself guilty yeah and he got shot in that time like he killed that come in December. He got shot in a drive by, and I think in the summer after and the police called me I think they want to see it may be whose brother was brother was involved, but his brother is in jail at the time, and I mean there. They call me, but in a drive
like really I was almost happy and now I'm not, but I was like well, he kind of experienced everything he put back come through too. He was shot and he kind of got like not paralyzed. But he's got some medical problem now with his legs and then he got arrested for this. Maybe three months later, and then he got big did and now he's trying to appeal is case as well. How hundred? How did the trial go against? What was there anything in there that sticks out? You know, I think what happened is I think they found. It was a glass shards from the table that dekom flipped over they found in his shoes and then was a cigarette by or something that was flipped, and then there is also a gun powder residue on his herons, and I remember that but the think they knew that right from the get go they ate. There is something they had
like show- or they hadn't, you other things, but it was a pretty rock solid case and I had faith that it would like. I knew that if they actually did arrest him that he would be found guilty and even when the police called me to tell me that they arrested him like they were in tears, they were so happy because I've been calling them and I had always been working hard to make sure that they saw a vacuum as a person, not just this drug dealers. If daddy had, you know a family and he had all this stuff and it's confusing for me cause like on one hand it's like, I think of him like this person, but then I struggle with well. He also did all this bad stuff, so why do you advocate for him? So what if he did all this you're advocating for humanity? Yeah, it's the fairness, I think right, it's it. It likes cause. I see who he was who he was besides,
But you know like I know his family and adventurous friends and my people there aren't involved at him in his mom was devastated and how its affected her life in everyone's life. I think that if I do this enough, maybe I can help it in some way not happen. I dont think I could stop a drug dealer from dealing because they're pretty much there stuck in that life, but may be stopping someone from getting involved for the way I did or I will. You talk about the guy who his charges in what he was sentenced and how he's how he serving out his sentence and yeah in presenting. The funny thing was: is that becum had used most. Every good criminal lawyer in when I pick, though there was a conflict of interest
with short on getting a lawyer at the time and command. Sean would not accept legal aid because it was a murder. Case and he didn't want about lawyer, but every single good lawyer was taken. I already he couldn't use. The case got delayed like a whole bunch of ties because he also was trying to represent himself and then the judges like. No, you can't, because this is, like a very complicated case that I eu is one of the longest murder trials that the details of the case had to be looked at from, like the top courts in canada to decide. You know whether he could I don't use. It was how he was going to be represented like if they could force him to get legal aid or not. And I think he was trying to find a loophole somehow
so that he could get out shine was, is was convicted of first to re murdered and he had a co accused named Kevin who is facing a charge of manslaughter. He was acquitted, because they didn't have enough evidence against Kevin. I don't really know who Kevin was and dumb. I hated him just because he was involved, but I didn't know sort of what he was doing and the weird part was. I would actually look all these people up on facebook. While it was going on, you know- and I see it Like oh Kevin got married and he has a baby. Now, oh sean as a girlfriend, and you know he's got for kids, I would see their lives continuing to go on. It may be furious and now the shot still further,
is that account this? Is the man in prison for the murder of your husband? Why any any still has a facebook account and how much is address on where to write him? It's very surreal like that they like typical jail photos. You know like all like tough king and you can see the tat two of the teardrop in his eye. When I was very a very mad and twisted in error. I used to like add him as a friend and see, if you add me, but he won't rate end like send a message. Is he he is a no contact with me? I believe so he can't respond to me or talk food. I'm sure he doesn't want to refresh judges poking its. I do I'm a lot better now, but I did I was there wave of emotions- you go through right
from anger to ashamed to well fuck. Everything like I'm still mad like they say grief is like six stage. Is you go back and forth back and forth? Asked the boy and then there's like no state. It's so weird, like everyone used to say well time, heals everything I'd be like well, fuck. You like time does not in hindsight it does. I used to wish that like two years would just go by because then I knew I'd be after that. A few sat in solitary confinement for two years. I don't think you'd be better. It's It's the lessons and experiences over that two years that really make the difference, I think gap and meaning people too. They have had similar situations. What you ve set as like, not being ashamed of it, he's. I've only had may be two or three times are actually did feel shame, but they say that you'll always remember the bad times right where someone looked,
on you instead of the like ninety nine times where someone might have like identified with you, he also hides children. The cares for kids and I still looked about cause. I'm a creep end. there. You know they have their separate lives too, and I don't hate them mean I used to be pretty better towards him and towards everyone, but I think that he was on drugs said the time as well, and it really could have been in the other way like if becum were to be serving twenty five years for life, if for killing someone vs being dead, you know what would I rather have it's up to him now to forgive himself or to do whatever he needs needs? I don't hate him anymore. It took me about five years to be at that point. There's just not much to hate anymore.
Exactly exactly what was sir, what was your sentence to? Oh, he was sentenced to twenty five years life sentence, which is the longest sentencing. get in canada. This is the second murder he's been convicted of and he's getting twenty five to life, yet with twenty five total. But what happens is at twenty five years, he'll go up for parole and unless he's done something really bad, you know he's going to get out. You know- and I think he's about forty five now he'll be out you know what he's maybe sixty he's gonna be free right, which I mean when I look at the american system. I think wall if he would have. Indeed twenty five years for the first murder. This, probably wouldn't it but maybe becum condemning killed from someone else. But this exact circumstance like wooden, have happened.
If he were to get out and commit another violent crime, he could be deemed a dangerous offender. There is some serial killers in canada and the funny thing is, as I listened to your story about willie picton and back his brother was in jail. Next to him, oh small world. Pavement up, you said that you would like a little slimy like little person that would like cower in the corner of the so like a wave, the guards and everyone in everything, and I m so yeah he's. I think he's appealed the case and he is waiting to get another appeal, but I think he's pretty much done you know what he's trying to appeal on I'm. No, I dont know the actual aspect of the case, because I know they have to find an error error in that the private judges ruling or something I don't know what it is, but what I've been told from lawyers is that you can almost always find some there's all
like a little detail or a little thing that you can sort of misconstrue or say that the judge didn't really, you know, do the right thing. So I just hope that you can stop feeling ashamed. Yeah, I've definitely gotten better. I think it's like coming on here is a big big deal for me. Even after it happened. I worked at a firm where the the people, like the partners there told me never to talk about it because it would make them look bad to them, and I was quoted like from facebook. You know in the in the papers they were worried that it would come onto them, and so I guess the people were so shocks that it happened, that I was so worried. I'd be looked at
like that or like. I was like a drug dealer that my kids were in danger and you know the kind of were you know endangered, but I didn't realize that at the time you ve heard me they're, so many crazy stories and we had so much fun. We had such a fine time for the times that we did enjoy with each other some of my best stories and everything is with him, and so I don't regret it by any means, but we shouldn't know that's a time in your life. That's an experience and sadly, there's a lot of lessons learned for you in, and I hate the fact that you I feel ashamed. I my brother passed away from people say drug overdose, but he actually had a bad mix of prescription drugs, and he walked. He wasn't exactly abusing them, although he was a drug user and abuse or most of his life. What, but at the end,
he ended up having a brain aneurysm, and I shall now people are like. where's your brother at, and I feel that sense of shame like he died from drugs. You know he died in two thousand and four It's been over ten years and I don't. I don't feel embarrassment or shame any more about it, and I you know I if nothing else from pod castle and people to know that there are more people that are affected by day by murder and yet people being incarcerated. it shouldn't be so taboo or so shameful cause. It's actually just apart alive and well a lot of her habit, would have it Well, you know you're I've been on like blobs or stuff, where you bring it up and people like someone else. We knew it was like. Oh well, my my brother was shot by the police. Yeah. There's all these things that that people don't realize, like maybe how you were raised like I was raised in a really broken family, and I didn't know what was right from wrong
You know or what love really is. If you have parents that abuse you you don't really know you're just kind of mixed up in her eyes to what is really straight. In your mind, Then I think from this day really learned. First of all, with my kids, what kind of life I want them to have, and I've worked my butt off rate to make sure that they have this good, solid life and they do now. It's really sad when I have to tell them you know about these things, but there's their tough, I'm sorry for bawling your phone, I think you're, the first first guess we ve had cry on the show, but really five, because I don't cry often even I talked about my dough and pretty good at some containing it bites. I think it's when I get down to the fact he was a person
Thank you so much for coming on Samantha I'll talk to you soon and it was very brave to to share your story. And hopefully your story will give other people strength and things that they have to go through in their lives. The in the late. Sixteen hundreds, the coast of north america, became a hotbed of piracy, but american, its were much more than just armed robbery of the high seas. They were also crucial figures in the growth of the thirteen colonies that would eventually become the united states. I lindsey grant the hosts of wondering, show american history tellers. We take you to the events times and people that shaped america and americans. Our values are struggles and our dreams.
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