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July 6, 2012. Star City, West Virginia. Two BFFs became three when Shelia Eddy and Skylar Neese got to know Rachel Shoaf at University High School. Skylar was always known for being responsible and taking care of her responsibilities. When she disappeared from her home and didn't show up for work, her father knew something was wrong. Once an investigation got underway, Skylar's parents were upset with where it seemed to be headed, but detectives were focused on the missing girl's best friends. As clues were found and a secret was leaked, the truth of what happened to Skylar was both shocking and incomprehensible. What happened to Skylar Neese and why? Join us as we discuss a true crime case of betrayal and heartbreak.

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view, is incredible. More another round of room service, more sorry, boss, I'm going to extend my vacant in price line knows every trip is a big deal. So when you're ready to book your next one check out price line, dot com for the easiest way to get more How an extent vacations tonight's case some people come two slender man, probably just because of obvious parallels, I personally would compare it more. To the scream murders myself. But it say Heartbreaking case and something that is more recent. So what are we talking about tonight? Iron, we're talking about it place from two thousand twelve, it's the schuyler niece case. If you look it up, one of the four things will read
This is a murderer between bf, ass, best friends, forever star city west Virginia is the scene schuyler, niece and Sheila Eddie had been france. were eight years old there. Videos and all kinds of photos of them. gather the families are very close. Sheila is like a second daughter to scholars, family. scholars parents were dave and mary niece scholar their only child and according her dad he spoiled her rotten and I get why. If you watch any documentaries about this case, schuyler is the cutest. Kid and she loves to have tea time, with her daddy and the run around in She just seems like she's of joy right she's, always
laughing and joking and never down sheep, very much liked people and No, I guess preconceived notions of people could do wrong. I would say the other thing about schuyler is she seemed to be not just spoiled by our parents but you get this idea that that means they spent money on her, but really, This was a lot of time spent with her they enjoyed having a daughter- and she was a great student on top of that. What they lived in. apartment not like they had a big house and a lot of money, so they spoiled her with love and emotion. Her dad at walmart and her mom worked as an administrative assistant in a medical office in july of two thousand twelve their daughter schuyler was sixteen. As I said, she was a great student
you spending time with her friend sheila eddie. They went to university high, its wilder and high school that the two of them meet a third girl that they bring in. That becomes another, be faff its rachel shelf. Rachel is an actress and a singer, and she led the school play. Rachel and she'll are both taller. Anne schuyler possible that threes a crowd and they were all connected at the hip. But with this addition of Rachel dynamic start to change amongst friends, yen and saying that two people are bf assets, that's kind of us serious thing. That means that their tight according to Dave niece He said that his daughter was either with she'll all the time or was on the phone with her all the time and its when rachel interest,
picture that things start to change between these friends now route. star city where the nieces live? It's a suburb of morgan town. and star city is very small. But again it's a suburb, and so, when you talk about the area, and now there are a lot people around. But just this town itself is it's pretty small and anyone that's fine. there. They know that there's a lot of woods and mountainous regions around its very beautiful I've never been or myself, but just seeing Some of the photos while researching this am I want to go visit someday he talked about schuyler niece, Sheila eddie, just like schuyler, was an only child. Her mother was divorced. I guess they considered her more of the wild cherry. walt skyler was the responsible one. You could trust her. She got her school schoolwork done, the two of them made for great friends,
and the family just loved, seeing them together. Rachel she'd also come from a divorced home, but her mom had remarried. It was a strict household. They were catholic, so rachel had a a structured home, but still not quite the the loving family. That schuyler had so freshman year of high school is when these two friends met rachel, like you said, maybe three the crowd, be interesting to get some feedback from the audience if they feel that way. There were referred to as the three musketeers, but there is always going to be a different dynamic between best friends. When you add a third, you can start to see a break down,
There are social media, and this is interesting because we didn't have twitter and facebook and what not, when we were kids- and thank god for that, because some other pictures I would oppose It- would have been very questionable schuyler Twitter on July. Fourth is sick of being at home. Thanks friends, love hanging out with with you all too, and this is Jill for two thousand twelve. She might have been stood up or just ignored its more sarcastic, it's sick of being at home. Thanks friends, it's not thanks, friends, it sir! It's a dig she's not happy, and I can totally understand that he or she was supposed to be her best friend Apparently, Rachel might be her new best friend and it hurts the fourth of July. Europe must be a partying right so on July. Fifth, though
scholars. Parents understand that she's going to bed that evening and they say Write to her and she tells her parents as she loves them and she goes to bed closes her door. To a room. They don't really oh anything other than that they go to work the next day he the walmart scholars goes to her administrative job and then, when I get home, they find that her door is still closed. Her dad walks up to it and it bothers him immediately because- Her door should be open. She should just be either in the house or gone, but her doors shut, and that gives him a bad feeling. so he goes into a room. He finds that this. green on her window has been removed. Also, so it's so obvious that somebody's been being in and out of the window? The other thing that day found those he went outside and there
a small bench that had been placed underneath scholars, window That tells him that she must have laughed did. She did sneak out he's upset. He calls his wife Mary's saying, let's, let's not freak out just yet. Maybe she just got up and went and did our own thing. You know she's supposed to go to work at wendy's at like four o'clock, so let's call up wendy's after four and check in with them. Wendy's will end up calling dave and mary and ask we're schuyler is when she doesn't show up for work. Mary niece at first wasn't too concerned because she was thinking it's the summer. Maybe scholars out friends. She went swimming or something while Dave can conceal that makes some sense. I think he just new deep down. This wasn't right because schuyler, responsible. She didn't just take off out of character
and who knows, I think this is just me speculating, but mary could have been trying to deal with this genuine, I mean, like tell herself, It's all going to be ok days having that intuition and marries trying to deny that there is anything wrong. I get it so then Dave starts making phone calls They know who schuyler hangs out with and they know they can call Sheila eddie, because, if no one knows was gone schuyler, it's probably herbie faff. sheila doesn't have anything really to tell them. Does she know she just said I don't know where, where she is in shuts down dave, will call scholars phone and leave numerous voice. Mouse, saying hey you're in trouble. Call me right away with each phone call. His hope is diminishing a little bit more So then Sheila calls
And she has some information. She says I have to tell you the truth. She, I told them that schuyler had went with them, meaning sheila and rachel. on a joy ride that night and that were smoking pot and because they were worried about schuyler getting into trouble. They dropped her off at the end of the street so that she could walk back and sneak back in. So they pick her up kind of down the way. The parking lot. At the apartment complex. She says that they drive around morgantown, which is just outside of star city and smoke pot, and then they drop her off a few blocks away. That's it dave and Mary,
start to think. Well, maybe she was abducted on the way back to the apartment, or maybe she came back to the apartment and then left again you're trying to make sense of all this dave will end up calling nine one one to report his daughter missing their hats. to be a security camera. How in the parking lot of the apartment, complex and the police do take his call, Syria, sli, but they're not going to issue an amber alert just yet because they literally say she hasn't been missing for long enough and some other cabbie adds to it and again. This is the whole argument of. We all think that you should be able to call in a missing person report as soon as possible. Yet there are states in ordinances and
processes amongst some police departments where they will not run a missing persons case or or report until after a certain amount of time passes so anyways. The police will actually go and find footage from the security camera at parking lot. It appears that skyler is walking through the parking lot and voluntarily gets into a car at about half hour past midnight and leaves voluntarily and again the police say well, she's not been kidnapped because she voluntarily went and got Two a car and left yeah there was a car, appeared to be a white vehicle just waiting in the parking lot and Skylar walks across the parking lot to that car and gets in it's not as if anybody's grabbing her or anything, but the trouble with this.
says, even though they say she voluntarily left this is about, half an hour after. Sheila says that they dropped schuyler off so now we're back to did schuyler come back home and then leave again with somebody else The families trying to make sense out of it and their very confused in china and speculating wildly of what happened that night, One thing that I'm wondering about those you're talking about how its thirty minutes pass the time that they suppose they dropped her off so whose car she getting into bite. All they have is this section. A video were sky There's leaving may
see. This is the first time she's leaving yeah, because if they went back thirty minutes ago they would have seen her leaving or at least coming home, but they don't have any of that. That's right. So to me there should be a tell so in other words she was lying. I would agree, and also the footage is quote unquote green, but they can tell its schuyler leaving and you can see the car you know I mean I know that cars can be pretty blander generic, but let's look at whose car that is will hold that thought for later. Sheila visited their home. She was apparently distraught missing her bestie. She was on scholars bed and so was Mary. We need was on the bed with her. They held each other, so that point
areas in her own words is saying that she felt worse for sheila at that point, because she was so emotional scholars, father even consoled, Sheila they supported each other. They were therefore, each other. They started making missing persons, posters and flyers for schuyler and Sheila helped pass these out. How put them up she promoted these things? sound social media. They had a candle light vigil for schuyler and Sheila and rachel we're both their crying scholars. Mother Mary said we have to do something to help these poor girls because she felt so bad for scholars, friends,
her bf ass, there's a police officer that is working the case. Her name was officer jessica, coal bank. She was with the morgantown police department. She knows that teenagers can run away They can sneak out they get into trouble, but she was thinking about how schuyler had not taken any thing for a long trip like her heck lenses and a hair brush, though, for her this seem very suspicious as there's more to the story is not just a runaway, should impact anything before shoe. Quoting quote, ran away so she's thinking foul play, when all these tips started coming in saying oh, I saw schuyler. I think I think I saw her here or there talking about new york, las vegas coal bank ye. She wasn't buying that september. Two thousand twelve school starts up again,
rumours are flying? This is typical high school right. You can't keep a secret in high school. there were rumours flying that there was a bank robbery that had happened around that same night and that schuyler had somehow been kidnapped by these bank robbers or killed by these people schuyler had o deed on drugs. The the rumour veil was in full force, but at all started to start a focus on rachel and sheila, and I think schuyler was well light. She may have been best friends with Sheila, who might have been seen as a popular girl, but maybe not friends. With the lot of you four schuyler was well light and a lot of people started coming out and asking Sheila aunt rachel, whereas schuyler their pestering these girls, oh yeah, there was harassment, the whole town
just kind of descended upon these two girls and said you were the last people to see her alive. You know something else: even the police and the fbi started questioning these girls. Now the f b I came in and started asking students What was their behaviour like before? Schuyler went missing and what was it like after the fact and must be? said that they didn't behave any differently, but they definitely were here. Out with each other a lot more, a little bit more secluded a little bit more withdrawn, but nothing that really stuck out now, despite the authorities, focus on racial and Sheila scholars, other dave, he was actually try did a fan, Sheila and say why you go,
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distracted during her interview, Sheila. And very, very confident I know, sassy but to the interviews when they were compared. Both girl gave the exact same information and it was very simple picked up schuyler at around eleven p m drove around morgantown, they smoke pot. They brought her home at midnight half hour before the video of her walking across a parking lot and getting into a white car and officer call bank to her. This is a problem because she thought they might have slightly different times or something. But here it seemed like it was rehearsed at least to her. It felt like the stories were too similar. I think she likened it to a recording or something
to that effect. They also got a recording from a nearby gas station surveillance video over there and currently the gas station, because their worried about fast the quality is much better and their able, despite the vehicle, but it's not going to morgantown. No, no, it's going in the opposite direction, which is black seville. So this is a discrepancy in their story. the problem is when call bank was talking with Sheila eddie and the footage comes up. Sheila said I dont know whose car that is, and that, of course got cold banks attention and from there. What did they find out was her car. Yes, the confidence of sheila is maybe getting in trouble because she's willing to say and do things that too Everyone else is suspicious.
her she's. Just like. Oh I've got this. They can't they can't crack me teenagers, think they know everything think the final nail in the coffin here was again, we always come. To the cell tower information, they checked the phone records rachel, cellphone pings off a tower: that's in black saville, not morgantown, so that puts them in a completely different place where they said they were that night, and this is going to allow investigators and detectives to start to question them and put a little bit more pressure on them. Sheila ends up changing her story and saying that they drove to black's vil instead of morgantown the next day. Rachel follow suit and they match their story
up to investigators, christmas comes and the knees family doesn't even put up a tree so distraught they're. Just therein hell their daughters missing. They have no idea. What's happened, it's destroyed everything When asked about this, they say it was just another day of us missing our daughter. It's a few days later, when rachel seems to be having a break, down her mother calls nine one. One saying that her daughter is: screaming and running up and down the neighbourhood, that she cannot be controlled. and during this nine one one call the operator can even hear rachel screaming. In the background. It's a full on physical altercation, Rachel's mother says that her fathers trying to detain her but is unable
so the police are dispatched, they go and they pick rachel up They see that she is so distraught, so just panicked that they take her to the local mental health facility to be evaluated, which I don't blame 'em and I'm glad they took her there, something that didn't happen in one of our other episodes, but yeah, apparently rachel calms down somewhat. In a few days later, she contacts the authorities. And tells them that she would like to speak with them her lawyers office, and so they set up the meat Please show up rachel says we stabbed her. Apparently this murder had been planning for months
There was a day when she and Sheila had been in class together, just joking about killing schuyler. and she said one of them said we should really do it, and then it was after that point the plants are to come together. This was, as far as I can tell back in october, of two thousand eleven, almost a year of planning. Rachel obtained a shovel from her father's house and put it in sheila's trunk added, brought an extra pair of clothes and cleaning supplies with them in sheila took some kitchen
eyes from her house. This was on the day of the murder yeah. This was not a sudden thing that happened. This was in the planning and they had a day. They had chosen to pull this off, and so they set it up by calling schuyler to say we're on our way. To pick you up, Anne schuyler was probably overjoyed because she thinking well, they goes did me the night before so now. actually gonna go hang out cool, maybe it'll be like old times. They drew to a spot where they used to smoke pot ad in the remote woods of blackmail and the scary thing is schuyler walks ahead and Following her and Rachel said that it was on the count of three when they to stab schuyler in the back, and was crying out why so they took her out. They counted down
schuyler is now being stabbed, parenting, she was able to get one of the knives away from rachel and actually defend herself briefly, but then Sheila would finish her off. She was stabbed overfished. He times investigators also are looking at their social media and they find a tweet that reads: we really did go on three. The detectives have a full confession from rachel and they know that it was these two girls that were involved. I would just suspect that they would have arrested rachel on the spot, but they choose not to they actually keep it a secret.
And day, I guess, employ rachel now to be an informant for them, so they can get sheila on tape. Talking about the murder- and I think this is just good police work- there just making sure that they're not going solely off a confession, because we've seen how a confession can be full of lies and how do they know that rachel didn't do this on our own, to get rid of the other girl and rachel Angela had been lying this entire time? How do they know she's telling truth now january. Sixteen thousand thirteen rachel when the authorities, in a way that will be quite painful for the family but will at least provide more answers, ratio. If the authorities to schuyler nieces remains march, thirteen, twenty thirteen, a press release, probably announces that scotland
His remains have been found. It took two months or thereabouts for this information to be released to the public and again it's because they were trying to get all their ducks in a row, because when you are taking, people trial when you're arresting them. No, if you start making mistakes, that's my lawyers get the money they do. We they will work you out of those situations. If there's any wiggle room now, Sheila never really admitted to this crime before she didn't reveal anything when rachel was trying to get her to talk about the murder on camera. They everything on her. So at the time of She was a rest. She was actually out to lunch with her mother at cracker barrel. The detective describe Abs sheila's expression as shocked that she was caught
as they were, putting her into the back of the squad car degree The situation became began to set in and she said, don't put me in with any mean people, because you know she gets to demand what they do with her. At this point, so, it's sort of interesting that she still demanding thing she doesn't. She doesn't have any guilt, but she wants things and she was even more, outraged and distressed and said. they can see me back here, meaning people at the restaurant could see her in the back of the patrol car and the detective said. Yes sheila they can see you you've been charged with first degree murder Why think also her saying these things indicates just how immature she is. There was a little bit of public outcry.
Saying the police knew who had done this from day one, but it took him two months to arrest them most of us No, you can't just go around arresting people, the attorneys will get them let out, and you will have no case. They go on to get warrants for the girls homes and the car. They will end up finding some schuyler is blue. and she was trunk. These two girls could be taken to trial, but I think the authorities didn't they want to trial because they figured we can get them to plea because we have all kinds of leverage on them and we don't have to spend the money on a trial there's no way they can get out of it so I understand their their tactics. Their rachel's plea included sex, three murder by unlawfully baloney,
cely wilfully, maliciously and intentionally, causing the death of schuyler knees by stabbing her and seeing fatal injuries its recommended by the process, you sure that she received a sentence of twenty years, I find kind of sad I mean it hit me, but her family, her parents, issued a public apology through their. It Many are you understand that these kids acted on their own, but the family feels for the then he's family. I think they just felt like they needed to say something. Aw even read aid, tearful apology and court. She as I am so sorry I dont know if there is a proper way to make this apology big, as there are not even words to describe the guilt and remorse, I feel each day for what I've done. Person that did
That was not the real me, not the person that I am not well. made of and now I believe in. I don't think I ever thought Whatever happened, I became scared and caught up in something that I did not want to do. And never realized the gravity of my actions and how many people I've heard, and I pray each day for forgiveness. Now the the part that sticks out to me in this is, I got caught up in something that I did not want to do that. That's her trying to push away any accountability for her actions. One eye, I would say that stuff, Dave niece took it because his take on it and he delivered this in court. Was that rachel, Take her apologies and sit on them. I think you to say something else, but he was trying to be proper forecourt. Yes, happiness. On one hand, you almost want to give her some credit, because she gave the authorities the answers. You know
She's, the one that came forward and confessed and led them to the body here. Obviously the authorities, a good job with their investigation so wasn't like they were clueless that they could have gotten to where they got. Without her possibly. But this was just a guarantee. She did try to push away accountability and s and that just doesn't come off well The prosecutor marcia ashdown. She asked spoken court. She was tall hang about the crime and about rachel's confession. Here, all the time someone was stabbed, they died. This is a vicious crime. The brutality of it is very clear. Marcia said rachel shows scribe seen as having lots of blood she estimate. That scholar received ten times before she died. Shirley
for this. Oh so adult crime of cold blooded plan premeditated murder. There is no proper sense other than an adult sentence. We ve talked about this before you have people being tried as adults, who aren't adults or making plea agreements who aren't adults, they're teenagers, they're not fully developed or know anything, but they are fully capable of planning a murder and committing it. The judge his name is Russell. A kludge is sentenced rachel to thirty years and because she played guilty to second degree murder in west virginia. She is eligible for parole in ten years. So for people who have a problem with under age, people being sense like a dog What's she is eligible for parole in ten years, and I would say that's enough to keep her from having an argument that she was sent.
Two long, even though she's a minor september. Fourth, two thousand thirteen The prosecution announced Sheila eddie as being the second alleged murderer, and they also announced plans to try her as an adult. She was indeed by a grand jury. Two days later on one count of kidnapping one First ray murder and one count of concern see to commit murder. She'll applied not guilty to all of those charges. so a trial date was set for january twenty eightth, but four days before then, on january, twenty fourth sheila changed her plea to guilty to first degree murder with mercy. This is a plea. Agree which dropped the kidnapping and conspiracy charges and made sheila eddie eligible for parole in fifteen years and, like rachel, show
protects her from pennsylvania's death penalty. Again, it's part of that leverage. Where hey you can take your chance in court, but if you're found guilty, then you might get the death penalty, and I think this is One of the few times where I understand the plea deals and- and I dont think that their totally and rounded, but I know that there is a lot of public outrage about them being eligible for parole after ten or fifteen years for literally premeditated murder. Both these girls will be eligible for parole and what seems to be, I know a short amount of time, but Dave needs swears that there also
These someone at their parole hearings to let the board know that they cannot be released and I suspect they won't be purled and that minimum amount of time just not going to happen. I agree with that. I do think that they, get out in twenty, and that's not what I say should happen. I'm just saying I could see I'm getting laid out at some point because. they were under age when they committed the crime, scholars, parents. the devastated by the loss of their daughter and bake, per ashes in an earn that story behind a framed portrait of her in their home dave, whereas lock. It sell cross round his neck and mary, whereas a lock at necklace both containing a small amount of scholars, ashes did a memorial where sky this remains were found, and it said
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with each other and schuyler witness the whole thing, and I guess that would be shameful or looked down upon in this small town at this high school, so schuyler has some dirt on them. whilst even had pictures- and you can even find a selfie that schuyler took where in the ground, Sheila and rachel. Or on the couch together having patients, you might say, and there was, you could say, a threat on twitter. Where schuyler talked about this and said I tell the whole school all the shit I have on every one, which is a lot hashtag if I could get away with it- and though there is a question of work rachel and Sheila afraid that the word would get out which would really affect rachel, because she came from a cat.
But family in this just would not fly. But I'm looking at this- and I think that's an aspect to it, but you have these: three girls are all friends. Schuyler and Sheila were best friends with the addition of rachel. Schuyler is now becoming a third we'll, obviously she's not involved with either one of them, but she is being pushed out of this friendship, she's being boasted and she does like it so she's, trying to keep this friendship with these two girls that seem to be the cool girls, the ones that are partying, the ones that aren't quite as compose the door as serious about school and whatever a schuyler is sky
There's a little naive. Schuyler is not exactly taking this being pushed her out of this friendship very well. When the investigators asked rachel, why did you do this? She said we just didn't like her and I personally take em at their word they just didn't like her and we really dont need much more of a mode of than that and sadly comes to teach that are impulsive. And what not this happens now does murder happen. No, but they didn't like her and they plan to murder her. It's like the scream murders. It's not like slender man, slender man. They thought they were going to some fantastical world or something they thought there were appeasing him. They were younger girls who were delusional, but the scream murders
were two guys that literally just had a plan wanted to go through with it. I relate this to them more than I related to thunder man simply because they knew what they were doing that's all the more motive I need. I dont question it further than that myself. almost schuyler being a third we'll. Eventually you want to drive, that there we'll that's what they did. Schuyler wasn't getting the hand when they ghosting her But I think there's a little more to it than that, just because she actually yet to murder from wanting did drives went away from you that take something a little bit darker, I think, but In this case, I think it's clear Sheila Eddie was the ringleader, she's, the one that was pushing and while she was able to get rachel to be her wild friend We all saw how that worked out in the end she couldn't maintain
This murder, she, sir to fall apart, but she'll it in rachel confessed. Sheila did not right away It took some convincing later on. I definitely think this was Sheila's idea and I'll give rachel just a little bit of credit that wasn't her idea. She was not the origin of this murder plot. I give her just a little bit of credit for having a little bit of conscious, to be able to come forward, and you know I dont know if, as part of her catholic up bringing, I know I was raised catholic and a big part of being a catholic. Is the catholic guilt there. She did help the case out, but and when she had a moment to try and express herself, she seemed to kind of push away some accountability there, so it is you're dealing with kids, it might be,
too much to ask that they suddenly come up with something profound. When it's final chance to say something because of schuyler death because of her murder. Her parents worked on trying to change the laws in west virginia now with this has to do is any time a child goes missing. There are criteria that have to be met in west virginia at the time. In two thousand. Twelve, it required that a child is believed to be abducted, the child is under eighteen. The child may be in danger of death or serious injury, and there must be efficient information to indicate the amber alert may be helpful. And then you also have a waiting period of forty. Eight hours that needs to go by before a teenager can be considered missing. the amber alert wasn't able to be used so what they want to do change. The law is a great idea westwards
the legislator, frown sky there's home district introduced a bill that would modify the amber alert in west virginia, tightening it scholars law, and this would mean that there be in immediate public announcement. Any child is reported missing and endanger, regardless of whether that child is believed to have been kidnapped. as we saw she was led away. She was deceived if you deceive someone and skip alerting people. Then you could we'll get away of murdering that's what we saw so march. Twenty seven, twenty thirteen Scholars law passed unanimously, the virginia senate past it. You know, actually the following april: twelfth and it officially became law may of two thousand thirteen. Now this
Actually reminds me a little bit of the Matthew shepherd case scholars. Parents said that the law probably wouldn't have changed much and their daughters case, but it will help many others if they ever face The abduction of their child or if anyone ever goes missing, so a lot of good, comes out of the law. That's passed to help others. Scholars parents will end up filing a wrongful death so suit against sheila's, mother and rachel's mother, they will end up winning. I think it's a settlement of five million dollars they actually don't expect to see one dime of, but they know that if Rachel or sheila gets paroled or even while there in prison, they could technically sell their story
these and make some money off of their murder. So this more or less was their way of removing any sort of profit that these girls could make off of their there actions regionally the civil suits, were meant actually collect money, because they were so upset by what had happened, that they want to hold somebody accountable Figured the parents who had let their kids go out. That lay must have been responsible by it, The court wasn't going to let that happen. It is. It didn't really make sense and so we do fear, think as a society that killers will be able to profit from their crimes. Builder write a book or
part in a documentary or something and receive money. What this suit does, like you said, will prevent them from collecting anything. It's really just a statement
Bonnie Liebig. he came to hollywood with a dream. She wanted to be someone famous when she married
actor robert blake? She thought her dream come true until all went wrong on may. Fourth, two thousand one at nine, thirty p m body was found in a car bleeding severely. She had been shot in the head within the hour. She was gone night Bonnie went from victim to villain I called her a drifter a liar. A scam as he was in the pornography business. She was in the prostitution business. She had criminal convictions all around the country in various states by who was bonnie mailing and who wanted her dead. Listen to the execution of bodily begging on amazon, music, apple, podcast, spotify or you can listen early and ad free by joining wonder, replaced in the wondering at.
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