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November 15, 2017. Lincoln, Nebraska. Sydney Loofe was a young woman living in Lincoln, Nebraska. She liked using Tinder to meet people. In November of 2016, Sydney matched with a woman named Audrey. They agreed to a first date. It went well and the two women agreed to a second date. What Sydney didn’t know was that she was walking into the trap of two people who were sexually aroused by torture and murder.

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Joint wondering, plus in the wondering, app to listen ad free from wondering yeah agents another I've doings fine, just in how are you I'm doing? Ok Kennedy, announcements, yes M first slide like to give a shout out to Philip Young in North Carolina,
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in the MID west. I won't say it was an hour neck of the woods, but it was close enough. It was Lincoln Nebraska, which is just a couple hour drive north of Kansas City damn it's just a wild case of Khan artists and taking witchcraft and snow films, so without What are we talking about tonight? Tonight? We're talking about a week by the name of Sydney Loop and she lived in Lincoln Nebraska she used tender. I'm sure violence wealth layer with this out by now to go and dates She met a woman on this app and a great time with her Fortunately, in this case, this goes from a great date to a nightmare, now, who was Sidney said. Was twenty four years old. She had move to Lincoln Nebraska after she graduated high school and twenty
Levin and she worked for Maynard's save big money at manoeuvres which transfer at her from the Norfolk store too, Lincoln, so she had a job is seen ass. She moved. She was also saving her money, because she eventually wanted to move to Colorado and work atta veterinary and clinic. So this took part since twenty seventeen and Sidney's pair That's where George and Susie Loose and city visited them on the weekend of November tenth twenty seventeen. Now they are concerned for her because they knew she was having some issues with anxiety and depression, which she was here medication for, but Sidney informed that she didn't think the medications were as effective so she had made an appeal When I see a doctor on November thirteenth to see
bout adjusting her medications? And so she hung out with her her family. They helped her cleaner apartment. Its groceries and then Eventually she got some new medication, but her parents, and sit in Sydney, based on November thirteenth. So it's November. Eleventh when Sidney had met Audrey on Tender a plan to go out on a date on that thirteenth. When she had her white men at Sidney, didn't tell her parents about this state, but she did tell some friend and according to Sydney. The date when pretty good- and we know this because Sidney had texts that are friend She just got done chilling with a super q girl, but what at about online. dating Justin, there's, maybe a little bit of apprehension. Little bit a suspicion yeah. Maybe plus per cent of people, meet
dating app, but you be whoever you want on that dating up. You can whatever you want, you can give whatever history of yourself you want there is fishing there scams, there's all kinds of things all these dangers and pitfalls that come with online dating and just something simple as you meet somebody, and you just hope that they don't have a boyfriend or a girlfriend on the side and they're just cheating with you Ryan that something she had actually texted a friend about, because this it happened to her in the past. She would go I thought I was going well and they turned into a sort of our proposition of there's someone else that wants to hang out with us too, and she didn't want that misuse trying to date. Women should not try. To be with a man but there's a lot of couples out further called unicorn hunters that are always trying to get a third one. and to join them, and
It is not about that. So it's on November fifteenth when Sidney is picked up by her date at seven I am an is driven to an apartment in Wilbur now before the state Sidney had texted Audrey said just going to be me and you right and the text that she received back was ok. Yes, of course, It's about this time? When Sidney posted a selfie to tour snapchat story, then there was a caption ready for my date. she's. All dressed up ready for a nice night now snapchat those images disappeared to their yeah. They do you know it's com the story on Instagram you can have, story on snapshot and they just kind of cycle through and once you look at him, then they're gone and you can send messages to people and they disappear after one viewing but Sidney's their Susie saw this picture and she took a screen shot of it. and she text their daughter asking why
You tell me you're going on a date, but her daughter Sidney. the reply so Susie I calling her, but she just got her voice. Mail she became worry because it was like clockwork sitting always texted her text that her mom at ten thirty in the evening She never received a text from her daughter on November. Now we say all that because it was the following day. I should say afternoon when Sidney It was reported missing her mom, Porter Missing, because her daughter, never showed up at work. You try to think about things. You try to say Maybe she really got busy? Maybe that was going great and she just you know she couldn't break away two texts me things were little when their filing a missing persons report and they're asking the police. to do a welfare check at her apartment, upon arriving at her apartment, her visas and the driveway and once, entered. They saw that her per
it was on the counter, but her phone. Why? keys were missing, so assume somebody had picked her up but they also notice that her cat had no food or water, so they know that she hadn't returned home cause she took care or cat. So the These are going to start tracking or phone what towers it a paint off of and going to her tender profile to see. Who's. She had engaged with the other checked her phone and ass contact they could find was in the town of Will and it was actually Sidney's friends who looked into tender, they knew she was using it and they found a profile for some one that they think may have been in contact with Sidney. So one of her friends, a new profile and got in contact with this person, and- they were able to connect they literally The information that this woman
sent them? pass it on to the sheriff's office, which is, I think, that's This is this: is very resourceful group of friends that Sidney hat He was on November nineteenth when the Lincoln police. Department and the sheriffs deputies where in the town of Wilbur searching, but they couldn't find anything. Lady to Sydney or her disappearance, a couple days later, the link Police chief actually asked the public for help and I dont know about you just and but I get the feeling that this was based way to speed up. The investigation. because they didn't want to lose more time. So from this too, profile. They are able to get a name and a phone number and then from there, the revolution- tracking without phone number, has pink cell towers, just like they're, doing or Sidney's com, and from that information they are able to come with a couple names so that a couple of names were bail
Boswell who is going by the name? Audrey and her boyfriend operate trail. Now these two have crimson records and I won't say there well known by the police, but there stable to look them up and figure out tat these two good day. Very suspicious and the disappearance of Sydney Loop. They owned an antique business together. they sold items in antique stores online and a different tv shows and they rent it out basement of a home. In Wilbur there was owned by Jennifer and Alan Coal and Aubrey yeah. He had yet and convicted of twenty one crimes by the time he was in his fifties and yet is much older than his girlfriend, Bailey and so was obviously Bailey who was tender talking was Sidney and talk,
was Sidney's friend cat fishing in getting there your coaxing them to come over on the pretence of a date, Police are trying to attract these two down, but they had fled town and so they were using the cell phones to track their movements. They were all finding them on security footage in multiple locations there the casino and an motel. In Nebraska and Iowa, and something like I don't know if you would call this weird, but I think as well They were posting videos to Facebook, king about how they were not guilty of anything we gotta give a little context here Sidney. Friends and family created. A facebook grew per page and everyone is hosting information to this page share, information and trying to help each other out when the Two idiots decide to insert themselves into the discussion and
honestly and I dont know if they were ever mentioned by name before they started posting. I think that the police knew who they were. But I dont know if the group was all about trying to find these two. I think it was just you know. Allegations in people trying to find Sidney and they start posting these videos talking about We have a record, you know, but we turned our lives around and Sidney's a great girl, and we loving about her. But we dropped her off that night Hanta. She went somewhere else and we're not guilty. come on. It's like this attempt to. Tell your side of things, but it just made them look. even more guilty and suspicious right in the video. Were called our side of the story, and then I guess just hours after the posted those videos they took them down, but then posted them on Youtube
MA, I'm sure they didn't like the response. There were good, from the members of this group and while that's happening Lincoln Police are actually doing searches. Looking first these body, there are expecting the worst there looking creek beds in ponds and will while they're doing searches, lawn forest, stewing like oppressor like a PR press release in talking about where out on the investigation and interesting, because I think it's the police chief says, and we made to arrest in this case, and then he stopped and he goes oh we're questioning two people of interest They hadn't actually arrested the two so backs yet, and he was already saying we have to arrest, and he had to catch himself, but the next day weapons the following day, trail and barely Boswell arrested
in France in Missouri. This is number thirty twice seventeen. They actually get these people on other charges. Don't they They don't even have to go after them. You know with the murder charges there going after them for possession of marijuana, and I Boswell had mister a court date back and twenty sixteen, so they can just go pick them up on. standing warrants and then hold them until they can put together a case yeah early Boswell was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant for missing a twenty sixth in court date and ivory trail had now standing warrant for being a felony possession of a firearm just days Eight, though, comes is that the new family retreading, a farmer had come, cross some remains and called the police. There were black trash bags scattered in roadside
his and when the police arrived they found. part of an arm that had a tattoo on it. Everything we'll, be wonderful someday and that's what, though is to identify Sidney with, because there's like, I think, thirteen trash bags scattered There's no organs found it's just somebody chopped this woman up and scattered her everywhere. In total there Seventeen crime scenes that included body parts, clothes garbage eyes boxes and TARP Sidney had been dismembered into fourteen pieces. and they could tell that there was a struggle at the time she Restrained there was bruising all her wrists and inner thighs a large, Bruce the back of her head one of her here, was torn there was hampered across her her neck indicate
that she'd been strangled and Investigation ended up being stalled until June of twenty eighteen wall, the police gathered all of their evidence. when you have this many crimes scenes it takes the process. All of that. But this is a good thing, because there may ensure that every eye is dotted narrative is cross before they move forward. This is what we like to see so June twenty eighteen the Nebraska attorney General's office. Fine charged Bailey, Boswell, ray with first to re, murder and unlawful disposal of human remains. Aubrey trail was tribute for three hours by FBI, agents on June eleventh what happened that interview. He told the genes that his second job was enacting hard core actual fantasies for people on the internet by he made cost
porn. He made It's a claims ranging from then Obama woman once paid him? Thirty thousand dollars to enact a fantasy? He said two women paid him fifteen thousand dollars to the fantasy and involving a choking game with another female in all of these. fantasies involved some sort of aggression violence. It wasn't. Team fantasies at all, so here was supposed to find another woman to participate in this fantasy of this looking game, but she backed out and that's why he or that's why they reach out to Sydney there, he traced get sound like he. Well, they knew said nay, because she worked as a clerk at minarets and he says that she had agreed participate in a staged,
actual fancy. I don't know it is unbelievable to me. Of course, these urges his words and its after the FBI. To decide whether he signed the truth or not. Now they can back and look at her tender chat logs? and things that she spoke about with her friends and this so meant doesn't really add up now. Would Sidney her friends that she's going to partake in a choking fantasy- probably not, but there was no talk about that in any chat logs or anything. But the other thing is: he said that Sidney needed money, having problems financially and had agreed to accept five thousand dollars to participate in this fancy, but he said that when He was there that he accidently strangled her with an electrical cord, the agents. It was too many times too long. I let her fast,
go down that I knew when it was set up that it had the potential for going bad now again he's emphasising that Sidney headed we do this, but that he had made a mistake. I it's hard just anti even say that, because this makes sense. Well, it makes sense when you realise that he's trying to get a first degree murder charge drop down to a manslaughter charge. That's what he's trying to do here, accidental killing? I get his intention. I do I really doubt that he had ever set it allowed before he said to them. I would concur then he talked about what they did with Sid his body that they had got really in Clay County Nebraska, because said, there was a special cemetery there and the reason why they had spread her remains out was speed up her reinterred nation. Essentially, this is just crazy.
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This also is when he tells them how he drained the blood from Sidney's body. He said he deposit the blood and Sydney soul in unknown occasion- and so they asked him- ok, so there. was part of a fancy who were the other people involved and he would not give them names, but he did say that Bailey Boswell was now present when Sidney died, but that he forced her to help him dispose of her body how convenient right now the more these investigators look into him. These these these suspects, the more their background and faults and They find out that in August of twenty eighteen, the two were convict of scamming a Kansas couple out of arms like four, without thousand dollars. Trail had told the couple that he could purchase a rare coin over in Paris and they just
finances trip and pay. A red price for this and for over two a half years. He charged them for her. Make believe trip to get this rare that didn't exist. They were sentenced in August. For fraud charges. was well received five years and trail receive ten. The judge the trail to pay back for her seven thousand seven hundred and eighty two dollars and restitution to the couple Boswell, was ordered to pay close, the two hundred thousand and restitution and at that trail laughed and told the judge I'm facing the death penalty. I don't care what you get me, so this is They ve been caught there now facing these charges of fraud, because all this this catching up to him, because there in custody was bad enough. There is claiming that city had bought terribly participated in this so called fancy, but then he tried
The claim that the the commission wanted to reach a plea deal because they didn't want Sidney's role in the fraud scheme exposed to and then a bail chimes in it says: oh well, Sidney didn't know that the coin was nonexistent. She thought was real and because of This nonsense, Russell the. U S. District attorney actually argued for more prison time for Boswell, because this soap operas. Murder trial is sir to begin on June, twenty twenty just last year prosecution? argued that he and Boswell made plans to kill some for months before another twenty seventeen, he and, as well made plans to tender to lure Sidney to their home and obviously anyone take it. Hold up. Really it was just Sidney, happened to be the unlucky person to reply
The jury was shown surveillance, tapes from home depot. Boswell and trail were seen buying a hacksaw utility knife, a ten snaps just a few hours before their quota quote date with Sidney. I mean I'm glad. Criminals are stupid, but I don't even know how you could defend the sky When he's literally buying these things from home depot right before you to meet with the victim, I just don't get it, but anywise. A lot of people think catch me. They also had footage showing Aubrey trail. Why city aloof when she left been arts, it's kind of creepy so something really bizarre happens on June twenty four twenty nineteen Aubrey starts freaking out yelling that Bailey innocent and I curse you all who stands up and Orton does what gay stay
having starts cutting at his neck with what appears to be us- all blade? He admitted a wheelchair and I don't know about you just a bit it in. I took this to mean that he's doing wherever it wherever it takes to try and protect barely Boswell now and get himself out of this situation because he doesn't want to be held accountable for his actions, What? If he manage, actually cut an artery it was barely a flesh wound because he was and trial very soon, after that Ryan. Is this just or the wrong tool for the job largest desperation? All of the above July. Second, twenty twenty there was Simone from several women who had been involved with opera L and barely Boswell and their testimony. They talked how they met daily on tender and then after that were introduced,
to her, quoting quote sugar daddy. Now, then had received things for going on. States and for being with this couple. So they got Yes, they got clothing. They got allowances. Two hundred dollars a week to be a part of this group and Aubrey had told them that grew consisted of twelve other women who he called witches and he described himself ass, daddy, vampire and Boswell was Queen, which, he was signed, these women that if they killed someone and took their last breath that they could attain magic powers. including reading mines and flying. He said that the more you tortured them before their death, the more powerful become. I know they're using the term witches and daddy empire and stuff, but that's not pagan or weaken religion or culture at all. This is just some cry.
This guy made up- and I got other people you follow, along with his be ass in his bed hey Viewer, is known indicative of away. Kids behavior than someone buying antiques and what was living by his rules, like Aaron I'd, buy, heard it was pretty strict market. This is essentially a call right. So he got to make all the rules. There was group sacks There was selling stealing of antiques, pretty much any kind of requests that Bree or Bailey, asked of them. Had to have to do that to comply, and it was no secret These two had talked about wanting to torture and kill people and, of course, they receive when we do this now you'll become more powerful, may also talked about making a snuff film recording Murder and then sign that video for a million dollars said that they
to beat somebody baseball bat before killing them really torture them now. One of these women. Ashley Hills testified that she lived with this sugar, daddy and she had a them to use her car. She testified trail was around by watching others and pain he had a quorum quote: kill bag, with pliers and a hammer hold her, that he wanted to rip someone's fingernails off and slice off their eyelids while a what tortured them. Just really sadistic staff. I think, beginning. They think it's all just a fantasy or roleplaying, but it was far more serious Ashley. been admitted that she was going to participate in the plan you kill another woman from tender, but she went through with it. She like just backed out, never followed up. There are real questions.
here about who would have participated in this murder and one witness brandy, said. Yes, I was in a relationship with Aubrey that he had even purchased a pink least for her and one things the authorities had done was they had ok, a pink leash and it was in the same area. Where said by was found in there is this idea that maybe Kate had participated and when she was ass, how did your lease get here? She said I dont know because she's, Trying to, I guess, distanced herself but the FBI, also had an agent at trial who testified about coded letters, oh yeah, so Pause Boswell in trail were arrested. Behind bars they were. writing to each other and
I am assuming this. You know just because they don't seem like the smartest people on the planet, maybe every third letter would be the first of a word and they were trying to write secret message is to each other to come up with a story. To come up with some sort of way to get Boswell out of the pitcher and too he wanted her to say that he killed Sidney and that she had no idea about the plan and he wanted to make people hate him and sorry for her but just then this is again the cannon case where there is really no defence here. I think it very clear that he cares about bail and is doing whatever it can to try and protect her well. How does go for him last July. Eleven Why why our twenty trail was found guilty. First gray, murder and that's that surprise, I think, leading up to the whole court case
no one was even expect anything different. I dont think the real question now was what would do with Bailey Boswell, because it was clear that she was instrumental in not only luring Sidney Loop. To operate trail, but also in killing her, so her own trial began September, twenty fifth, twenty twenty and they re ok it to Lexington Nebraska. Her defence was all built around the fact- they say, Aubrey controlled her actions. Aubrey can old Bailey. So you can't really say she did all these things of her own free. Will she's a victim as well. Now, I guess, if we didn't have the context, of him already saying I'm gonna to take all the blame here and get you off then yeah this kind of destroys her whole defence, because this seems pray land already yeah. If you believe
the FBI. He would sending Bailey coded messages, I don't think it takes much. leave that obviously Defence is going to paint this picture that he was extremely abusive towards her and controlled her defence I argue that Boswell had no participation in the preparation. for the murder is that for Karen when she's the one that was and tender. She was the one that was setting up to date and she was at home depot buying, bleach and average bags and other things, spoke of a body like this. Just doesn't for me, to mention the witnesses that had testified to hearing Aubrey and Bailey discussing this luring peep oh and torturing and killing them. They ve brought her and Lord in Jennifer call your test
that there was a smell of bleach, was consuming the entire upstairs of the house. They had to open up all the doors and windows she said smell bleach on November sixteenth twice team that just mine's right up so she's there. She bought bleach There's no defence here, my innocent Three women that have testify always trial. They were also at Bailey, Boswells trial and, like I said, they're telling. What room all about these discussions about torturing and murdering people about this million dollars they could make by selling a snuff film that they would make How does one other move that the defence tries, which is questioning the medical examiner who perform the autopsy and the question was? Would it take significant strength, strangle a woman of the size? Because Sidney was pretty petite, but this
examiner said now. It would only about eleven pounds of pressure? You can see. Why we are trying their yeah and it's pretty disgusting. You can make that argument? I guess, but when you have all of us, planning to do so the body it just its stupid too. suggest that you know she had a small frame. So therefore they accidentally strangled her to death. Sixteen twenty twenty belly, boss, was convicted of first Ray murder. Conspiracy murder and improper disposal of human remains in the death and dismemberment of Sydney live now There are would not would not take place until twenty twenty one Now Aubrey was facing the death penalty, as was barely Boswell. So Aubrey made a statement. This is before you sense, and in this statement he recanted his confession. That's Sid
he died during the erotic. exception during rough sex. Remember he tried saying that he accidently strangled her with an electrical court. He didn't mean to kill. Her now. He says he tied her up and killed her because she freaked out because of their life He said I had no doubt she would tell people if I let her go so this was all about. Keeping her quiet is is to hang ups he's. Not himself any favours, as he will again he's trying to take all the blame. I'm trying to say that I did this and now one else should suffer because of my actions I just I feel understand how this helps anybody. It doesn't help him. He's just trying to get Boswell either a lesser charge because she had nothing to do with it because he did it all himself. It just he's trying to take all the blame to get the attention of Oswald yeah is doing that and again that kind of weird to think that if he
was this horribly abuses and controlling person that then he turn around twenty one. Eighty and try to take the fall fur Boswell I I think they were a team and they were in Cahoots so this was planned and it wasn't a controlling relationship. I think that's how the court saw it. Again, he sees insisting that Bailey was in the room, Didn't know that said he was going to be murdered, but the court doesn't by this deal miss the upcoming limited series on Hulu the drop out. The drop out explores the rise and fall of Elizabeth HOMES, the founder and ceo of fairness, the company that to revolutionize the face of healthcare story. A man deciphered the sea This goes beyond what has been published to understand the complicated woman behind the notorious scandal unravelling her story from childhood to present day as she goes from Stanford dropout to self made billionaire to alleged criminal,
miss the series premier of the drop out. There is day March. Third, on Hulu District Court Judge Vicki John, then she made the decision that this murder met legal standard of exceptional depravity. This what's necessary to impose the death penalty and gay. She uses trails own words against him. She sang you change story multiple times your seen on video purchasing materials before you Sidney live. This is open. attitude, so he gets the death penalty now wanted. Boswells turn it Sir She has a little bit more of an argument and she just have a daughter so she's trying to play up those sympathy cards. Not only that but forensic psychologist, is brought in to testify how Bailey Boswell suffered from PTSD
because she was sexually assaulted during college and because of that, couldn't say no to Aubrey Trail and his demands so This colleges goes on to say that Bailey knew about the plans to kill Sidney, but her role on it was very minor, so this is where it's up to up to the prosecutor to contradict this and They use boswells photos and tax from her phone and Oh that she had a great life with a retrial. She was provided. we have seen a view oh and she went on trips and she had an apartment and sheep. part in his cons and scams, she was taking. I think you, making over five hundred dollars a week by showing up to antique auctions with trail and they would dress up like they were high, flute and people, and they would write bad check, and then turn around and sell those
auctioned items to other antique stores and and collectors, She was with him for doing crime for a long long time it was Just this one incident, this one event aunt knots. that she met Aubrey through an escort, add on back page and she had different boyfriend at the time who was sex trafficking, her she says something else. She said that Aubrey had threatened kill, her daughter and her family if she didn't comply with his wishes. so they're really setting this up as she really no choice. You can say that this money. She had a good style, but it was all forced its hard to make that argument, especially when you see all of the evidence the way they would speak to each other and in her twenty each other. It's just I know that people are abused and can't get out of relationships were
to leave but d ever of abuse. Here is it's hard to find because the young, There is never a point where she reported hands. There was never a point where she was physically is by him that we can find evidence for its jist. Her word saying. I was in a bad place and he was controlling me I couldn't say no, I mean scoured the entirety of the internet. Just then, but I couldn't find anything, Jesse and anyone bought. You know her story here. This is what typically and when someone wants to get out of trouble, they come up with excuses. So is it pass pull that. What you saying is true, I think as possible. Is it likely, I think so in its when he's already said, make them all hate me to protect yourself. Paint me as the bad guy it's like
her whole trial and sentencing is she's playing that card of what he told her to do, which is I'm gonna take all the blame, so you don't have to so. You won't be put to death. I mean sorry that you shouldn't have a- Riddick, murderer, say that out loud and have law enforcement and the courts hear it because it just now. gonna, have sympathy now throw gonna think this is a path. This is a lie so his view, actions his intentions to protect her, our backfiring at least in my mind, but she was sentenced to life in prison. She did not get the death penalty. and this was decided recently so even though, Aubrey trail was sense to die by lethal injection Nebraska. and executed anyway in years, so This just kind of like a show me third,
really intend to put him to death. What's the point of going after the death penalty, it reached the threshold hand, they got it I, don't think it's for show, because if they ever bring it back is definitely interview. He sees death row and that's a lot worse than just being put in general pop. I think you make great point just Henry said he met threshold. It's like, they're, just following the law. So just in this is a whore case occurred not too long ago, but given All of the things that witness is said about the trail and barely Boswell and given the fact that this this is they did to Sydney, lose this brave and torture. And dismemberment, this request and about whether their other victims, here that just haven't found, I would agree because they seem to be professional what they did, and I it's just so horrific that I it it would mean.
We question whether this was their first victim. It absolutely does it's tough because they were so brazen really what they did in, how they did it, but want to things. It happened. Was there is two gator who was given picture of a cornfield now this was found on. freeze facebook page and they tried to identify the location of that field because they thought this might be a clue to finding possibly other bodies, but they could never identify the field. Hats, creepy. because that absolutely could be evident. Have another murder and it thing to be said for vulnerable people who are they they're going on a date. it lured to a location where there's someone large imposing and scary like every trail, and then we never get their story, it's just another missing person. So these are ass. The gaiters have tried their best to link,
possible missing persons cases too these two, but so far we don't have any details on that and as of twenty twenty one. The police have not found any additional bodies never met an episode of generation. Why subscribe to us on Apple podcast, Spotify, Cast Box or rare. you're listening right now, also he sure to follow us on social media. Our tik Tok is at genoa. Pod are INST, ram is at generation. Why podcast joint wondering, plus in the wondering, app to listen, ad free,
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