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Tex McIver. September 25, 2016. Atlanta, Georgia. Tex and Diane McIver are a very well to do couple who are being driven home by a friend named Dani Jo Carter after having some drinks. Diane sat up front in the passenger seat while her husband sat behind her. Dani Jo exits a backed up highway then drives the couple through a neighborhood that makes Tex a little nervous and he retrieves a gun to keep in his lap. Not too long after that the gun is fired and Diane is struck in the back and they immediately go to a hospital. Despite efforts to save her life, Diane dies. As the investigation got under way, some started to believe that this was no accident and that Claude 'Tex' McIver may have planned his wife's death and that a hidden will holds the key to his motivation... See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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idle our march twenty fourth saturday march. Twenty fourth. check out our facebook page cause. I remember the time tonight's gaze, heard a lot of other journalists in spokespeople talk about this case and in atlanta Georgia september. Twenty fifth twenties team and We have another husband who is accused of murdering his wife, but this case is Quite as simple as that, so what do we do imagine tonight today is the case of claude tax, Macgyver, we'll just column, tax. He is driving home one night with his wife, although there friend actually behind the wheel named me Joe, somewhere along the way on their journey back home. They have get off the highway. Is that right, yeah
there is a atlanta actually has probably is probably up in the top five worse traffic city. In amerika. I think Ella still number one than he got new york in San francisco wrinkle atlanta in there somewhere, so they need it off the highway? It's just a parking lot, which I totally get and they take a side street. That's in so the downtown area under an overpass that has a lot of homeless and its more poverty. Calm down there while tech. gets nervous and retrieves a gun, I guess he is worried about the safety of himself and his wife and their friend, so he asked says why pay can get my gun out of the council. Sheep pulls out there bag with his thirty eight nap knows and hands at home courting tax. He grabs the gun,
They had dinner earlier in it they ve been drinking a little bit. That's why they're friend was driving and he was to sleep and then he's jarred awake either they hit a boy or something happens, and he's incoherent, any pops awaken. He pulled the trigger the gun. Doctors, attempt to save diane's life, but they are unsuccessful at the centre of this case is a man who has shot his wife and She died for some. This is a you poor guy. He lost his wife in this terrible accident for others he's a man who was trying to get rid of his wife and made. It look like an accident, die and Macgyver was well to do growing up, but She was hungry too, excel in life. Watches put it that way. She got a job, working for a man, name Billy corey, who
darted a convenience store chain and then went on to pretty much a huge company and diane worked her way out from answering phones too, pretty much bigger. the president of the company she began. An attorney at fish, philips while working there, there is a man name claude Macgyver he's a problem, labour and employment law attorney for the firm so he's here, the guy that, when you sooner, company for wrongful termination were whatever he's the guy that shows up to the court on behalf of the company there are a lot of people already don't like him, but he is enamored. What diane he's trying to get her attention, but she's pretty stand office, doesn't want to talk to him
they met when they moved into a villa at buckling heights, on kingsbury road in atlanta, georgia tech's. Actually, left a note under her door welcoming her to the building die. wasn't really end attacks and her first marriage. At age, forty had kind of solved into ruins. She It really wanting to start anything new, but eventually tax got one of her friends to sort of get them too bump into each other and talk again, so she again read two to go over to his apartment for dinner tax at all, I ve been married before his first marriage ended very poorly tax, actually in the divorce decree- wanted- visitation rights to the dog and act as to the
hose in the yard to wash the dog off. So can I guess, you're whole level of control there, your dinner at his house, she seemed to like him started dating tax, has at least as apartment and got another one that was right next to hers, so they could be closer and They eventually tore down the wall between the two, created a large condo, so they own these. These apartments, these condos in two in five tax proposed and they were to be married. diana long time, friend, Danny Joe helped him pickup, the engagement ring tax, sparing no expense will buy a sixty thousand dollar ring for Diane Canada. What kind of money they're making tax being a well to do lawyer and
diane being pretty much a sea of accompany their wedding. Was the only one, I can come up with is extravagant. She was put on a horse and carriage to be carted up to the altar. It was much like royalty. He spares expense here on his wife. in addition to their atlanta condo they up getting a eighty six acre ranch in Putnam county, which is it eighty miles, south east oven, Lana tax had bought this can the eighties he had a private lake guest house horses there. They had me parties- and it was there quiet country retreat even bought an adjacent property and build a house for his good friend there andrew ward. It is said that
two were very good match and spent a lot of time together in a lot of weakens at the ranch. So The Macgyver and their friend danny Joe, I spent a lot of weekends at the ranch and at the end of september, on a sunday Texan diane spend the day golfing Danny Joe was horseback, riding early in the evening day we'll go out to dinner de Longhorns stake house, which is now where I would eat. If I had that much money with these as president of Diane's company, while there they drink, lot of wine an diane as had a futile asses and tax has had a glass, though later, he would say that he only had a few sips. They decide that Danny Joe should be. The the native driver and Give her the keys to the fort explorer, so they can drive back to atlanta now according to danny Joe
also sleep in the back seat and he seated right behind his wife, their travelling on. I twenty west for about twenty five minutes as their merging onto highway. Five. The road is pretty a parking lot danny Joe she doesn't want to park here, I'm on the highway, so she decides to exit at edge. Avenue, which is its really close downtown atlanta. Now they off on this exit they're going under the overpass, where one its blocking out any of the light. It's kind of dark There's a pretty good homeless. Elation that war camp out under the overpasses living in l, a a lot of my life, that's just a thing it's and gives them shelter gives them. You know shade from the sun, so that's where they go
while their driving through this area, taxes not really into this. I think actually says it's getting dark down here and I'm not. quite sure he was actually referencing. The light source he's paranoid he thinks that there might be people that want to carjack them if you ve ever been to a impoverish part of town it can be a little scary, but their people too, some of them just have had really been, lock in life and can't find a home so texas, not okay. With this and he's getting more and more agitated until he finally asks wife, hey you're my gun out of the council, and she obliges danny Joe, therefore ass for the gun. He says this is a bad idea. Girls. This is about area, so
like just said: he's not comfortable and apparently having gone will give him a sense of security So he has a thirty eight caliber smith and wesson revolver and its wrapped in a plastic bag, and so She hands it to him and puts it on his lap, and I guess goes back to sleep. Although if I'm on high alert when nurse, if I think, there's bad p, around. I don't know if I'm going back to sleep but whatever driving north on piedmont, avenue and to an intersection and they stop diane and danny Joe had been talking to each other when all of a sudden according to dance she hears a boom at first, she thought they'd been hit by something but then she says that she looks Over and she sees, tax is putting the gun down text is that he woke up as
any Joe brought the car to stop and said he was handling the gun and that's when you realise a gone off, so he said and just as surprised as she is textiles, hurt, you drive to emory university hospital. He says it's the This is one and just get there. There are now in emergency mode driving over to the hospital since its not the closest one. This The question: is he having them to drive this hospital because its further away from this area- and he does on to admit that he doesn't want to go to a very local hospital there. It's it's possible. You know the people I think he's guilty will say he was choosing a hospital that far away because it's not an inner city hospital it's a nice or hospital. So he's not going to take his wife to a bad place but
they use it against him, saying the hospitals further. And in the last I think it like two years, the hospital only seen two gunshot wounds so how they they kind of a quiet this to tax. Knowing that this is hospital, that's further away and that they wouldn't be equipped to deal with his wife. They get dyin to the hospital before ten fifteen p m and she's briefly, treated by the emergency room doktor. They notice she had two wounds, one in the free, and one in the back they asked diane where the gun had been Diane is conscious. She's badly injured, but she's conscious and die replied to her. It was an accident. She wasn't talking right away when she got into the emergency room, but she I'm too, for a little bit. Her life was
definitely endanger because of this. Gunshot wound, so the bullet had gone, had passed through the passenger seat and pass through diane, So entrance wound on her back exit wound on the front, and it had hit her heart the emergency room. There, sir. that her blood pressure is very, very low, its barely detectable and they're trying to give her a transfusion and their intimating her. But then she said I am the die Diane knows that she's not going to make it. She can feel it Five minutes later. She suffered a car yeah arrest and her ass, was open and are a order was cross clamped to lessen her bleeding. She was rushed. operating room. They were going to perform surgery to try and save her life trying to stabilize her, but it was,
working out. They wanted france for her to another hospital which had a level one trauma center. But she, and going to make it their while at the hospital tax wall till one of his good friends. Steve maples about the accident. Steve also happens to be a lawyer also happens to represent so. He comes to the hospital and there having a discussion, so it appears. that tax already started two architect, his defence, meanwhile, The police are looking into this because, obviously a gun is involved, trying to back engineer what happened in that vehicle de boer. Hole is close to the centre of the chair, and it's pretty straightforward, like almost appears that he was holding the gun to the back of the chair and fired it.
but all they have to go on is diane an date statements which You also says it was an accident. Theirs not oxy done on Diane and on september, twenty sixth, the meadow examined examiner will determine that diane died from a gunshot wound and declares it a homicide. Now, that's it's pretty bad, but doesn't mean that she was murdered. It means that she was killed by a weapon, it means that she was killed by a bullet. This wasn't she fell down a clear for she had a heart attack, it's an external factor killed her, so they gets the label the side in the weeks following the shooting tax maintains that her
Ass was an accident and that he woke up and the gun just went off when Diane's body was released. Tax asked another friend, Rachel styles oversee her cremation whenever he looked de cremation papers he would be over with emotion and cry, and it took him several days. To finally sign off on it. Rachel down in headed identified. And body and help tax out. What this whole process now detective daring smith, who was investigating the shooting deemed an accident he wrote down that. determine that claude Macgyver was holding the gun in a careless and reckless manner that, if discharge would cause significant injury or death. If any one was directly in front of said gun. However, the I would go on. To conduct their own subsequent
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at the time or not. And let's talk about that real quick, because this is When you talk about firearms, there is done action and single action and- double action is when the gun is not cocked. If it's in that state, this thirty eight caliber gun requires of and one quarter pounds of pressure to pull the trigger to fire the bullet, and that's because the pooling of the trigger will cock. And fire the weapon. All in one motion: that's why it's double action, because it's doing to actions whereas a single action is when you just pull back the hammer? The weapon is cock, and there is a much shorter trigger pole and that was determined to be about two and a quarter pounds of pressure. The question is: if he had caught the gun, then he could
probably pull that nervously, bright and would be. Easy to, but tat maintains that he was asleep when the gun went off and then, what woke him. So he can. honestly say well It was cocked or not because he said he was asleep and he didn't know who sleeps with a gun in their hand, disguise a moron but ok yeah it's on december, twenty? First of twenty? Sixteen? That text is arrested and they charge him with involuntary manslaughter and rare this conduct. What that says, is the police? Are still going with with this guy, as though Diane's death was an accident, but in April prosecutors serve multiple, subpoenas to look at taxing diane's financial records they're going, look and see. If there is a motivation here for him to murder his wife well like they should
when you look at the will you look at life insurance policies. There is a lot of things that they could see if they find that tax head in sending emails out saying I hate my wife or had just shifted the will. all in all the assets into his name right before the death. That would look very suspicious and give them a motive, as a condition of his bond texas all that he could no longer possess any guns, and he he owned a lot well, he had a friend Jane Calhoun who live. Next door essentially, and she, went through his apartment or times to get everyone that she could find out of their. So she tried help him out and fines how many guns she found for peace, Those in his closet one in his dresser and a long gone there. guns stored in her closet and diane's closet at the law firm
and then at the ranch, his fur and and the sheriff of county howard, sills retrieved about thirty I've guns from the ranch and stored them, NEO took him to the evidence room. Twenty of them were lever, action, rifles and the rest hand guns of course, news. Media outlets will call this an arsenal of weapons which I don't know The lotta guns he's a collector and he very much into guns. If you were to ask me how many guns either one of my uncle zone, they would put this guide, a shame, he they own a lot more than he does I don't mind. If I only have a few but yeah there's a lot of guns here, as I mentioned as part of his bond, he wasn't allowed, have any guns, they also were looking into the financial records to see if there was a possible motivation for him to kill his wife, because his friend,
I suppose they removed all the guns when they end up going back to his apartment, to look for a hidden will, because at this point there were rumours that his wife had written a will and that he had hidden it because he didn't want it to take effect, which would of course, back up this theory he had murdered her on purpose or had planned to kill her at some point because Why hide a will right? They go back, on April twenty six twenty seventeen and do it search of his residence to try. I find this hidden will and and figures found a glock in his sack drawer. So again he's not supposed to have any firearms, and here they around one now his posted bonn so he's out free, but then They find this gun in his soft or well now, they're, not too happy about that, and the judge will tell Delmar go back to you, oh right, they remove any possibility for him to bond out again.
The question is: is dead? friend just missed this gun or Did he get gun and put it back. At his residence, while he claims At the gun was planted by, friends of diane or people they don't like him is. He conspiracy here, Erin the guns been planted just because, however, play did it knew the cops were coming back to searches condo and they obvious, we would find this gun and you go back to jail. People had said that he was very, very upset when all of his guns needed to be removed from the residents more yeah. He needs defence man, he wants to say it's a conspiracy, but on the other hand he was really upset about his guns being taken away. It makes sense to me that he would want to go and get more of his guns back. Not I It is going one or two ways either He intentionally held one back or be
maybe he forgot about it. But if it's his socks or I would assume that he's going to that JOR every day unless he's a dirty guy, his fright went through the residents and tried to retrieve every gun I could see him because when they took these guns away, they stored them at all, as they stored them here were there he knew where they were being cap. So I could see him going and retrieving the gun is too, We don't have any tests and if any one saying yes, I took gun from the residents. Wasn't there and then, So when you found it again, obviously someone put it back there that doesn't answer the question of whether he did it or not. But I still get, feeling that he put the gun there after all before shot his wife his Oh two was to get his gun when he felt unsafe and now he's probably feel pretty vulnerable. So this
I can well. The reason why this came about was a friend of diane's name, rachel styles, who worked for diane, sir, she had helped her out. She had copied personal papers for her she had given her copies and originals back and Diana said to her. Thank you. This is my new will so this in twenty fifteen. Ok and the fao swell she had created was in two thousand six, but in two thousand fifteen. This is when rachel styles is copying. Some things for her and handing them back over and die and tells her. This is my new will, so it's based on a rumour really. This is some one, giving a state and saying shit me this was a new will in essence, is an updated will. So this be possible motive for a murderer so of the police issued a search warrant for text, his condo
in his office and the home of his estate planning attorney Harold hudson and that's because in an email that recap the meeting between hudson in them a there information about a new welfare diane that would give tax the ranch condo and its contents, if pre deceased. Her off would go to a trust for their godson austin SH awesome, not born. Yet when the two thousand six was created, So that makes sense that Diane made up a new. Will she thought alot of her godsend. She wanted him to be taken care of according to hudson texts Diana, had a bit of a disagreement over this, but it was. The disagreement. It was a conversation to him. He did feel it was that heated images these. People are working out. How to do a will and I'm sure know, will as easy from jail tax will call his friend
Who works in the same building as the judge judge robert mic Bernie, and he will ask her, Hey the defence is dragging their feet. to get out of here. Can you just get a signature? Can you make something happen here? he's essentially asking another lawyer to talk to a judge to release him on bond again. This very much upsets people and prosecute and he's calling from jail, so the calls recorded and it sounds really bad. It sounds like he's trying to influence the trial he's trying to influence the judges he's trying to make things happen through back channels If he was anyone else, they wouldn't have this privilege. They wouldn't have this leverage only he does, because all friends or lawyers because he's a lawyer he's got friends in high places.
I dont really see this as a horrible thing against him as far as guilt goes. If I was sitting behind bars for months on end, I might try to back channel my way out of there too, but it does not look good for him and its just one more element that they're going to use against him so Their friend danny Joe. who initially had said this, was in accidental shooting, I guess our own money or was lent money by diane and after diane's, passing tax will ask danny Joe for this money, he'll say hey. What are you paying this back, because I need the money. obviously he's got some legal fees to consider here, that's one danny jos tone starts change a little bed on saying whether or not this was an accident. She will talk
about how tax was telling her hey say you were in the car, so you weren't driving, which that seems kind of ridiculous to me because she wasn't in the car who was driving her where was tax? Where was his wife like it doesn't make sense for him to say that to her this goes to show that you can be a high powered attorney and come across Says very intelligent, but once you desperate well maybe your logic goes out the window, or maybe really didn't, say it to her and she's just now. Turning against him, can see. There's going both ways. Meanwhile, taxes attorney maples has put out a statement. Saying tax was feeling paranoid in the car because of the black lives matter, protest going on at Atlanta any felt that here
in fear of his safety, because of these protests going on tax, will ask his lawyer friend to retract this statement will say that he never made that statement his friend. he's doing a lot of his pr will say: no, I'm not going to that's what you said. So I'm doing that. But when you think back to what we said earlier about what d He Joe said what he said and whether he told her not to talk any more about the case. I mean this isn't just one person saying that he said something and then said no say that any more or I know you're trying to say what would happen in the case, but don't talk, I mean he's trying to manipulate people here right and he'd, actually and left a message with danny Joe saying stop talking to the cops and delete this voice message after you listen to it.
Manipulation its. It doesn't look good bye. he is a lawyer so maybe he knows what's gonna happen. He knows how this is going to look so he's trying to play damage control before there's even damage and its making them look even worse, So here you have this really rich well to do why. Guy saying paranoid because of either homeless people under this bridge or a black lives matter. Movement he's oh paranoid, that he pulls out a gun an accident. sheets, his wife, so he's trying to flecked any sort of accountability on himself to other people for his own actions. meanwhile he's telling danny Joe and others involved, don't do it? sir. Don't say that I didn't say that, and also after the death of his wife, he knew he was gonna, need some money for legal fees so
oh, he decided tat. He would sell off all of his wife's louis Tom purses and dresses and jewellery in an auction and courses didn't set, while with people who love diane and are watching him sell off all of her stuff on it, Would he need this stuff anymore right the very least that seems insensitive and for a guy that has money. Why does he need to sell this stuff off accordingly would have would have family members wanted some of this stuff for a sentimental reasons. Exactly and that's the problem is really bad because oh she's gone now, so I'm just gonna start getting rid of all of her possessions. Even he's not getting rid of oliver processions. That's the way it comes across and again? The guy's a moron another situation that happened with tax to show, I guess his hot headedness there were
three teams that had pulled up into his called sack where he lived and were drinking and doing drugs or something partying in their car writer, but it alarmed him because he could look outside and see them there and he didn't like it didn't belong there, so he spawns by sending two large dogs after these kids and he fight. there's his gun into the air and then at the vehicle as it goes by so this isn't just scare them off. This is attack because too The bullets go through the ring left side of this mustang g t. Now this wasn't just a quick altercation. he went out and yelled at them got his dogs to go after him and then he opened fire and he will claim that they were charging.
at him with their car, so it was self defense because you know it's always self defence, when somebody driving away and when you shoot at them, the bullets are entering the we're corner panel of the car or side of the car? That's not self defence! they were not driving at him. Yet the bullet would have went into the front of the vehicle at that point if they were driving at him? So these are teenagers and tax well he's a lawyer So when this occasion gets reported to law. forests and goes the process, these two ages. They just want. situation over There are already in trouble with their pets because they were out drinking in parting in the car. They should have been doing this and they they get into an altercation with this older gentlemen, so they just want the car. Damage is paid for which
is the deal that his lawyers will offer them instead of criminal charges, yeah, they settled out of court and whereas he read a cheque for like two or three thousand dollars at most yeah, that's off cheap for shooting at people. Initially, he was charged with three counts of aggravate it assault. I mean this is technically it's attempted murder, but he it's three charges of aggravated assault bogged down to paying for, open window. This is stupid at this point I think it's obvious that he is somewhat stable and will rely on his guns to resolve the situation in an office of manner. right and I'm sure some people out there will say well. This was one incident. It was in nineteen, ninety, which was a fool sixteen years before or thereabout. So what is have to do with the shooter
death of his wife. Well it may is be one incident, but keep in mind here here, the gun at the vehicle and something Ass was when he was asked about this. He said he just fired into the air scare them off. Yet two bullets entered the vehicle, so he lied. So his first statement is he chased them away without firing his gun and then he as that he fired has gone into the air but we know from the bullet holes in the vehicle tax. firing at them remember what I said earlier about how he can hit him be an intelligent man he's a high powered attorney, but really some of this stuff that he's dying. Or some of this stuff that he said even it comes across as gis extremely stupid. So you can't
claimed a fire in the air, and yet the bullets are going into the rear panel, the vehicle it doesn't make any sense and how does have to people who were close friends his tellingham, No way you tell me not to say this stuff he's very much billeting so already You can see that he's reckless he's nepal it and he's not passed doing whatever it takes to try and get out of trouble and that he it's putting himself in. I that's the thing all these situations are what he's done himself: and if you don't hate of enough here, is one more thing that he did after it, the rodney king verdict that found the police. Thus there is not guilty. He put out a statement invoking martin luther king praising judgment for these police officers. I get if you agree with the judgment
but to actually invoke one of black trees, most influential civil rights leaders, specially martin luther king, in a situation like rodney king not exactly the best way to put things Oh, he was in atlanta he's made common about the black population there and pass The comments about the black lives matter movement, and you're saying that he is pretty to caring about how he comes off too king about rodney king. I guess does show that he's he's. finally afraid of poor black people. So we gave some more background on why He could be just this reckless individual with a gun. But we all talked about how investigators were looking at the fire
answers of them carver couple and what instead they discover tex had bought road or gotten alone, from Diane, to the amount of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars and twenty twelve the money was, it was going to start sure they were building together and was a building on the ranch is place where their gas could stay. I guess the total costs. It was over a million dollars but Diane loaned him three under fifty thousand hours through her business, she apparently did this, because it would benefit them when it came thither. taxes, so in get that you have they both. So break their money, but they both their own businesses. They both have their own. They they built, do taxes and when doing that you
one business has to borrow money to pay for something we have to move monies around, but he didn't pay his wife back at their agreed time so tax has taken three hundred fifty thousand dollars which to most Davis, that's enough the motivation to kill him one pair back long for Spain has hand over. A man slaughter charge to the d the da takes that and says you know what we're going to upgrade this to a felony murder charge and unlawfully. Trying to influence, a witness in the case his trial was set for october thirtieth twenty seventeen. But after the prosecution, and handed over a large amount of evidence to the defence and the prosecutor.
And actually said, hey organ go ahead and submit a continuance on behalf of the defence because We were very late and handing over a lot of this evidence and I think it was found of emails that they had pulled from their computers and what not so the defence to go through all of this and scour through it. But meanwhile the defence the sitting here thinking- why are you put in a continuance through on our behalf. It's it's insulting to the defence team, so You might have guessed. This hasn't even gone to trial, yet I think at this point we should make it clear as the why we chose this case. I wanted to talk about this case personally, because there is a lot to talk about here, there's per option. There's this to do lawyer who has a lot of money and a lot of actions whether you listen to the phone calls that were taped while he was being held molly
in custody or, if you like, It is behaviour. If you listen to statements or red statements from friends of his, whose very upset with him because he seems to be trying to buy ask them around and tell them what they and and cannot say or get them to return. Statements that he may have said you get this sure of a guy who not only seems to be pretty racist but also wilson nothing to try and get out of trouble. at the centre of all this is the death of his beloved wife and That's something that seems pretty obvious in reading through the history of this couple is he really seem to love his wife, but Did he have motivation to kill her and when look at his behavior. You look at much money has and how he is trying to spoil his connections, that's where it could completely influence. Your decision opinion on this case. He looks like
come back. I have zero sympathy for the sky. He needs to keep his mouth shut. needs to get over this Fascination fantasy that he some sort of hero at these guns. He makes him so look bad over and over again what happened justin So this is probably where People are gonna, start gone. What really just and do you really think that? But I actually think this an accident before you freak out. Let me at least the pitcher, why that day, their friend danny Joe who is behind the wheel, his wife, in the passenger seat front passenger, see taxes in the back, so tat not in control of the situation. He cannot have plan the situation they dry
under the highway die ways backed up and they get off on this one exit happens to be, as they say, a bad exit. He could not have predicted that This is not within his realm of planning. He then asks bore the gun because he's not feeling safe. and then he says he is jerked awake. This is where I think he's lying. I dont think that the time that you know be in between him asking for the weapon, because he's scared of the people around the vehicle and then have fallen, sleep right away like that, doesn't make sense right well, and that could be why there are people that doubt that this was. accident right because thou be him caught in a lie, and I thank you cotton alive, because why would you go to sleep when you're on high alert with? Oh somebody? Might car access giving my gun he's.
going to sleep and there's not enough time that passes between the time, yes for the gun and then the shooting, I think, for him to just not off, but they did have a hall. Earlier in the day, with dinner, anyways the shooting happened and I think he was actually in the back seat dorking around what the gun, I think he is so, I don't know its fantasizing about getting too shoot somebody whatever it is whatever his problem is with firearms cause. He seems to be an offensive person nodded events of person, I think, if you're afraid, that somebody might carjack you. You might just put the gun on the floor. Border put it on the seat next, you so it within reach, I dont know buddy that takes a gun? Their finger on the trigger and falls asleep with that's just negligent, that's horrible! I think he was back there.
dorking around the gun and he shot it because it was a double action that squeeze is a long one. You don't just. Accidentally wake up from a you know. A slumber well that trigger all the way. So I think he was half pulling that trigger spinning around his hand. You know doing some dark hall a thing I don't know but accidently accidentally pulled that trigger wide awake while he was, paranoid state and it was negligent discharge if you do any kind of studies, a worm, look at any research for now. Jim discharges the saying amongst gun owners is theirs to type have gone owner or two types of shooter out there. There are ones that have had a negligent discharge and then there's ones that haven't had it yet was one study, we read took place the course of a year where they looked at
three hundred discharges intelligent discharges, one hundred and ninety five of them were injury only and then ninety four of them resulted in death and theirs funny numbers in their of people. That were wounded and then later died from their wounds. But it's like one. Third, these things happen if you what's any gun gunsight. If you got any youtube channel your you will see firearm instructors shooting themselves while explaining gun safety, this stuff happens, and somebody like tex, who make a lot of bad decisions, as we ve talked about he it is making another one It comes to these accidents these negligent discharges forty one, forty two percent of the time and other persons killed and then forty nine percent of the time the gun owner is injured or killed. So the lack of planning de la
of control of the situation. Oh also the whole being kind of in the center of the the seat. I thank you is pointing it and messing around with it: either have control the situation. He didn't have any sort of planning of the situation. If he actually and his wife dead. I think there would have been far more. I don't know. I thought out situation where he had more control and he could have done this and it in another way when it comes to trying to figure out whether textbook Macgyver murdered his wife or either. This was just a horrible accident. I just look First for a motive to be quite honest, he doesn't come off very well, but when comes the motive, I believe That's on his side. I dont really see a motive. I know that, spend a lot of talk about a suppose. It hidden will that he wasn't happy about some of the decisions she wanted to make regarding the estate
and where money would go buy, it went comes down to it. I just I really don't see anything there myself and then has just said, He wasn't driving and It was drivers choice danny Joe to get off at that exit that them into an area he didn't want to be in. He gets a gun out his nervous, this was planned. So when you put those things together, that it doesn't really seem to be a motive, and then there is this unplanned exit off the road. They were on right, there There are already in negligent territory because, obviously, the gun was discharged, but again, though plan here, so I can't sit here and say: oh yeah, He wanted to kill his wife and the manslaughter charge that they had originally gone after him with care a ten year sentence even a grow.
negligent discharge could be a felony every states different, but the can carry up to ten years. Also in at ten years. He so old that people were calling this a death sentence so saying that it doesn't matter what they charge him with, but whether its murder, charge or manslaughter charge. The outcomes same he's. Gonna die in prison. it comes to defining the court is going. important because if he really didn't do this maliciously, doesn't seem fair for him to die. In prison over this, if he didn't to kill his wife, then he the guilt of being the person who took her life. This is true I one hundred percent agree that his life has already been pretty much destroyed. His spent a lot of time in prison behind bars, but I feel that he I feel he
and other gun owners need to be held accountable, because if it's o, it was just an accident. We're gonna move on now. No charges will that's what pisses off the public when there's No justice, no accountability and its people like tax. That will give him or gun control laws passed, because if he doesn't get charged with anything, people are gonna say will so you can just shoot your wife if in killer and la de DA it's ok, it was an accident yeah. Then. The concern that this gives other people, I mean to take out their spouse right because now Oh, I accidently. Fired my gun and now my wife is dead. Obviously, if you're mishandling your weapon like this, where tight but the numbers there there are even fire instructors who mishandle their weapons by this is when just driving in a vehicle, I just don't
really get the sense tat. He needed his gun out in his hand the He had it We know something terrible happen because of his actions. So the look at it is this guy doesn't need to have any guns and I'm not sure why he would even want any after this, because his in ability to properly handle a firearm cost him, his wife and probably his life, I understand that it's really easy to pull a trigger on, accident, but there was a sixty seven year old man and county who having a argument with his wife over what to watch on tv and the guy add gone and shot the tv and he was cha. charged with a felony vandalism charge. Now he didn't accident shoot the tv he meant to do it, he was if fifty one year old man who was charged with MR meaner for accidently five
it has gone while he was in a second of state office shot into the floor as he was adjusting- pants now huh if guns or even allowed in the building, but he could have killed somebody. Luckily, the it launched under the floor the florida man who killed his pregnant girlfriend law, spinning his loaded gun around on his finger and it went often shot in the head. The florida ass uterus decided not to press charges against him, so shooting television we'll get you in more trouble than killing your pregnant girlfriend. And here we have tax whose killed his wife So when it comes to all of his actions, whether b, calling his friend to try to get a judge's signature to get him out of jail or his asking
danny Joe to stop speaking two investigators None of those things really cry guilt to me. They make em, look like a jerk or a whole, but they don't cry. I killed my wife if they pull out emails or if they find he was having whole other secret life. Possibly could find motive. Therefore, to do this, but at this point, all I see as a guy that is really out of touch with reality. Really out touch with, people in society, and just really makes himself look bad gather your question we'll be is going to sabotage his own trial, it it's very possible. I think it's just be being a gun owner myself that understand how he thinks and I can not appreciate it, but I can put myself:
his shoes. I see a lot of the culture out there, just being You gotta be on guard. He added you gotta, be their first, you gotta defend yourself, but there is gun safety, you never point the gun at anybody unless you intending to use it you, don't I don't know, fall asleep with your gun things like that there. That is not doing so. I would expect just on a say: de level that people would take a lot of issue with his behaviour. Specially it comes to guns, but knowing that there are no, cogent discharges. Knowing that people can have a moment of complete stupidity, and pull that trigger when they didn't mean to that's where I fall on this, because I
I personally haven't, had a negligent discharge, so I guess I'd still up for having won, and I they never happens, but I know that possible. I think that he's deflecting a little bit was saying he was asleep when this happened cause. I don't believe that for one second, one of these aspects, case that will really upset people aside from his apparent racism is the fact that he really got upset with Danny Joe and was trying to manipulate her into not talking to investigators that just screams guilt all day long. So, even though you can look through the case an alias from our did you really seems like an accident shooting, because the randomness of how he ended up in that position in the first place he just it comes us as this terror, we'll person has his own doing here
made the decision to start telling people what to say and trying to uses connections to get out, to lie whenever His gun was in play whether it was in nineteen, ninety or antoine sixteen If you have someone lying about things like this, especially if you hold her the driver of the vehicle that he was in there. Jesus say she wasn't even there. I dont know what he expects. I think he can't, see beyond his own nose, and I think that my cost him, I think, he's going to lose a lot of support and he's doing with a jury of common folks they may not be able to connect with him, because he is this very affluent man, who lives in his own little world and that's going to make it very difficult for them to have any sympathy whatsoever. And
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