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The Enfield Poltergeist. August 1977. Enfield, England. Peggy Hodgson contacts the police after furniture in her children's bedroom appears to move on its own. A series of witnesses and investigators over the next year would report seeing a child levitate, toys thrown by an unseen force, an unsettling, raspy voice coming from a young girl, as well as other strange phenomena. Things get creepier at the Enfield house when the voice seems to confirm that it belongs to a man who had died in the home prior to Peggy and her children moving in. Was a poltergeist responsible for the mischief in the house? Images and audio collected during periods of activity seem to support such a possibility. Join us as we attempt to tear the sheet off of the mystery known as the Enfield Poltergeist. See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.
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out her head over to her site. It is, then, to weigh dot com, t h, a and t, o a y dot com, so we have announced we're doing the enfield poltergeist tonight, which is a a haunting or is it a poltergeist? There's a there's difference right I mean a haunting is when a house is haunted and a poltergeist is actually more attached to a person and not a location, and they call this a poltergeist cause. They say it's attached to a girl or the family. Yet, as details come out, I find it to be more of a haunting or is it a mix of both? I'm not sure.
This may be a technicality, were you just have to go at the experts word and the expert is whoever's. Name is most associated with the case yeah. I guess so oh, who were some of the players in this story tonight, we'll its quickly go over what this cases about they're, probably people listening who have no idea about the enfield poltergeist. So we'll talk about it, real, quick, august of nineteen. Seventy seven. This is in and field england. Think of it is
in the northern part of london. That area there is a woman named peggy, hodgson and furniture in her house, especially within her children's bedroom, appears to move or shake on it's own all on it's own over time. I think there are up to thirty different witnesses, independent witnesses who see, hear or feel things in the house, and this includes flying legos. So it's pretty serious business. One of the other notable parts of the case is the girl who the poltergeist is most associated with, and it
it's peggy's daughter, JANET actually starts to speak in a gruff or raspy voice. Although some people say it wasn't actually through her, it was from behind her, so call it. What it is it's possession aaron could be. It just depends it will get into when she talks about this and about what she has to say on it long story short, there may have been documented poltergeist activity. Within this case, which is unique lots of times, there's mostly anecdotal evidence where people say I felt this. I heard this. I saw that in this case we have many pictures. We have lost of audio recordings of what supposedly is a man who had passed away in that house? We have police officers, reports of activity right so documentation. So let's pick it up.
again, this is nineteen. Seventy seven were in england, there is a family, the hearts and family peggy. The mother gets divorce. Fur my husband. What we understand is that it was a big, sometimes people part on at least civil turn civil terms right where they are not at each other's throats were apparently in this case, it's not a pretty sight and it's pretty nasty, and this is back when divorce wasn't nearly as common as it is now a little taboo there's a little bit of taboo with it. So some time after that, the father would come to pay his his child support money which, in england, for I understand its known as maintenance, Money- and so he comes, the house will sometimes he's bringing his new woman with him. We can imagine probably and go over well now makes for an uncomfortable situation. Sea have
going on. You could see where there is some unrest and, as they say, poltergeist aren't no show up in home, set, are peaceful, there's, usually something, going on at the very least, They say it has to a young girl hitting puberty and may be theirs. Excessive emotions chain is going on that sort of upset the balance there is that what you heard yeah in it and if it's a poultry guy, sometimes it isn't just following a person, but it is coming from the person that person is the cause or the trigger, and it's you know tell, can easily sits them moving the objects, it's them, causing the mayhem and not a super natural being so different thoughts on what a poltergeist is now. What said is- and this is coming from janet herself- is- she says they played with a wage aboard. now how many horror movies star like us right, but was it parker brothers there?
a story here of them going to say a pawn shop or an antique shop and finding a ouija board so or a creepy homeless, lady in the alley, handing it to them and saying don't use it or there is yeah or there's If the doorbell were wrong and then they go to the door and there's just a box and inside the box is a ouija board, let's play with it. Yeah there's nothing like that. A little aside, People who remember the personal stories episode where there is a guy the stocking me. Well, he stalked a friend of mine and one day he did drop off satanic bible for him. So when I was Mary who knows, it's could be like that, may be summoned dropped it off, but we did
or anything like that, so we'll just assume they somehow have it. Who knows? Maybe they got it at a garage sale well after the satanic panic, we're kind of satanists sympathizers now. So it's okay, though no sympathy for the devil. No. Sympathy for the devil, so they play with a ouija board and things start to happen right. They hear knocking sounds tapping, sounds on the wall, but they say when they walk to the wall, where the sound was coming from, It would move to the other wall and when they would try to find the knocking sound, it would maybe even move to the ceiling it would just they can never isolate were the knocking was coming from yet in their beds started shaking like a wobble and that, of course, cause some screams gets moms attention. Peggy she's, not very happy about this.
She doesn't make the assumption of oh there's a big bad ghost in here, or some kind of poltergeist throwing things around its just kids, being kids in or out of control. Ninety be put in their place. He comes up to regulate right. Well, it doesn't take long before peggy s convey There is something going on because she witnesses things as she gets in the room and a a large wooden dresser moves away from the wall yeah. I think this is day two. If I'm not mistaken, she pushes the dresser back to the wall and it moves back out and on the second attempt to push it back, it freezes in place and she is unable to move it. It's like there is a a force,
keeping it in place. I believe from what janet said. She it appeared as though the dresser was headed towards the door to block the doorway as if they would be trapped in the room. That's a fire hazard, it's a fire hazard or it's just a hazard, because now you're trapped in the room with a poltergeist right, yes, you're trapped in the room with a poltergeist. That's not anything! You want to deal with so a little cause for concern. He calls the police know. She calls the neighbour first, oh yeah, the neighbors came, the neighbour comes over and he witnesses things flying. around the room and the knocking sounds. And be together. I dont know if it was peggy or the neighbour that called the police, but she calls the neighbour his name's vic nottingham, and I believe he was a builder yez he's a construction guy. So
I think one of the reasons you call this guy is more for one eye from an irish than he was strong guy here, but he also understood houses. So if there were any weird occur, it says noises. Maybe he could come over and explain them. Oh, that's your heater or whatever so you're, covering both your bases. He can answer questions about noises and he's big and strong case. Something comes after you. I took one of mine friends up the stall kansas when the church was still there, and he was a black bell in Jeet Kune and when we got to the church, he said screw that on that go on in there. So I don't want you to know. I guess it goes right up to say so. The name his big and strong, but he is now witness to these occurrences guy. think his point is as well. This is
a normal noise. These are normal noises, so call the police and then to cop show up. Right are one of the neighbors hit with a lego, brick or something to that effect there. It was something something fly through the adam. There was a lot of lego hits at that that happen, and I know that the photographer was hit with a lego. The neighbor possibly was hit with something too, and they say when these objects would fly across the room when you go and pick them up, they would be warm or hot to the touch That's pretty big evidence there. I would say, then I think also the house was showered like with rocks or something now so strange occurrence, as things flying around
So these these two police constable show up and the female constable constable heaps while she's taking a report from peggy. A large wooden chair, moves across the floor moves, maybe a few feet and she witnesses. This thinks that maybe the floors uneven, so she claims she takes out a marble I'm assuming its a marble. That's already there and I don't know any police cars well that would just keep marbles in their pocket to test. You know the level floors, but I'm assuming its one of the children's marbles and she places that more on the ground, and it does not role in her report. She actually says that the chair lifts off the ground and moves very compelling from aid police constable. The police officer, who witness
The chair move her name's carolyn heaps in her statement. She says there she's convinced no one moved the chair yeah, but another person has said that he doesn't believe. She actually believes that so there's a little. it's in there, but I would say we're going to go with what she her statement is because she made a statement. You know that goes. That's a report. Yeah, it goes on, the record so we're going what we're going to go at that? Her word is that no one move that chair that she saw so and she checked she checked for any kind of wires or lie. nor any way that it could have like. You said she and tried the marble trick that there is nothing to india. Why the chair would a move. The way it did. Will everyone does the marble trick? I don't know just see which way as rolling you know, yeah they have those play as you can go where you could roll the morrow. Go uphill. It's yeah! It's the mystery spot,
mystery spar, they're, all up and down the west coast there they're, probably everywhere, but adam- then, to the ones on the west coast and say you tried the he had a war. goes up. Hill, the banana goes up hill, the broomstick stays does it change your paradigm? When you see these things, or do you just figure? Well, this is just a weird mystery spot, welds, California, so you're, probably smoking something that'll make it cool for her anyways. The police do not find that Amy crime is being committed, no laws are being broken. They cannot punish anyone or arrest anybody, so they leave. He has not a police matter, so what are they doing there? Now? If you are a police after. When you want to stay in much more of this, isn't this interesting? I would have pulled out my gun. It
Let's shoot a ghost we're going to go through that they're going to go through the list of things you can. You can shoot a chair, jeet kune, do right, fail, gun, fail, large home builder, fail. These things are just useless right, yet. You are at the mercy of the paranormal nor at the mercy of the legos. This gets there's a newspaper. They are called the daily mere and they actually publish on the front page about this haunted house in it those viral for nineteen, seventy, seven or whatever you know year, and it gets it blows up at this time now, you have reporters at our interested. You have investigated is that our institute interested and pay. the mother is, I don't even know you she's liking the attention, but she wants a solution, so she is reaching out to a lot of these people,
Well, so the daily mirror. What I understand is they we're having a slow news week and they tat one of their reports on the shoulder and say you know, unless something crazy happens, we're gonna g to cover the haunted house? You can imagine this being a movie where someone gets their big break because there's this slow news time No one's really gonna want to cover this, so the new reporter pip gets to go over and cover the family. That says that there is players flying in here yeah well in case a couple of reports this came over. It wasn't like this was their first thought. This was their back at plan. yeah, but this is only within a number of days so that the reporters get there and they set up and they talked of the family and nothing happens. I don't
or if they are there for an hour or several hours, but they these are packing up their staff and leaving as their walking out and loading their car up the family runs out and says it's happening. It started up and the reporters get all their stuff back out and go back into the house very excited by this point because ooh now we can cover this well, that was a waste of gas, if you know, we're going to get hit in the head with a lego, but it certainly seemed to me as though the family was really poor. Sharing the daily merited get involved, yeah So if it hadn't been slowness time, who knows what would happen here? This this case could have died early september of nineteen, seventy seven, all I'm saying is when we looked where this thing blew up. This was the moment. Yeah front page news.
Hmm, they have some reporters that offer the family money saying just tell us it's it's a hoax, we'll give you money and we'll we'll do a follow up story and be done with it, but the family does not take the money and they, continue dear the saga and more researchers and reporters show up every day and at some point. I realise that I don't think they ever had a private moment like However, I don't think they were alone ever had from this point on. There is always people coming by the house and speaking with them in checking them out. but they they reach. Out to this organisation. The society for six psychical research, yeah, here another as it s an epa s, PR were to stumble over this as pr.
There is a man with a the original stir moustache and His name is well. It's old marie's birthday. Pronounce it morris so well, who knows what the proper pronunciation is? It funny, because when someone in england as a name a certain way. You would think, since we speak english, that they would be saying at the correct way, because that their language, the proper english we adopted the language it was created, there were the heavens. Morris enables us we'll call more ziyadi this baby, they call morris. So our english listeners right here, shaking their heads hollowly, like guys, don't question ass, our language But a little background morris he's he's a family man and he's been married to his wife for how long
wide watch day documentary on him and at that point he been married to her from more than fifty years. as he says he was quite taken by her and he it, or rather quickly yea. It said think about when you get married during the war that those marriages don't last because as well there's a lot of stress you're, probably not getting to know that person very well before you tie the not by any said. There's probably something to it, because he said: they'd only been married more than fifty years so yeah he seems like such a good guy is the best way I can describe morris from all the stuff I've seen on him and heard about him. He comes across as being just a great guy yeah and who better To be involved in the investigation and someone like him, who he's got a strong interest in the paranormal, but he he had a a a tragedy in his life too. He had lost his daughter in a motorcycle accident and
He felt that his daughter was still with him after her her passing. I don't know if you communicate with her or not, but he slinky felt like she had tried communicating with he and his wife. So he was open to communicating to the other side, but he works for this organisation. That's has scientific de bunkers on their pay, all, and then there is more us is just a nice guy who is lost his daughter and he does have some very rudimentary scientific methods that he likes to employ? But for the most part he comes in and the family really likes him. He has other people helping him, but for the most part he engages the family the most and documents some of these occurrences with the family, and he,
a photographer or is it guide has of. When I was doing my reading, it seemed like Morris at the assistance- okay, so there's a photographer that is along for the ride and his name is graham morris and graham morris sets up a remote camera in the daughter's bedroom and he can trigger it when hears noises or there's a ruckus of some kind, some kind of activity. He also reported strange occurrences at the house. He said that is flashbulbs. He would charge up his flash guns and will he would get to the house and they would be discharge. They would not have a charge is on them, which made it very hard for him to actually document.
Things flying in the air or capture pitchers of these occurrences, because he would have so many technical difficulties with his equipment while he was in the house, but he did capture one image. It's pretty iconic image janet flying across the room and he got a. He captured a series of five images of her lifting up off the bed in flying through the air and landing at the foot of her sisters. Bad Margaret, the poltergeists is throwing janet off of her bed yeah like. Are they saying like an audacious, she's, levitating and then being thrown this yeah and there is a high witness accounts from from a neighbor across the street. A separate incident where she's walking out into a front yard and she hears noises. from the girls room window and when she
up into the window she's he's janet floating in the air on her back levitating? She can't see the whole picture, but she sees something and it doesn't look natural to her. between the neighbour and this photographic evidence that they catch we see that janet has the ability to levitate. They also say: JANET was able to been spoons. She had power, she didn't even have to touch the spoon. They said that she could twist the spoon upper bend it without touch. They also reported- spontaneous fires breaking out and then going out and a
one of those fires was actually a match box caught on fire, but none of the matches actually ignited they report. He actually captures a pitcher of what appears to be the curtain wrapping itself around one of the daughters, necks like it's trying to strangle her. So where you go with this, where were you is this the going over some of the hauntings? so we have different. witnesses accounts and we have a photographer. That's documented her levitation and he says that his flat guns discharge in the house. He also said that he set up and infrared camera and it would not record anything. It was almost as somebody turn the lights on us supposed to like a night vision, camera and yeah, there's other things that were recorder was
grams Nikon showed that it showed a curtain twisting into a tight spiral, and then did you describe this like where it goes? a cook into the room, even though the window is not open. Yeah, it's like wind is blowing it, but it's not even a natural wind. It's like a slow like somebody's twisted. The the curtain up in their hand and walked with it. Janet even says that pencils at school would fly in cans at the shop would fly off the shelves if she went to the store or or school is also JANET and a book go from her room, to the neighbor's house. She tell right through the wall is what she says and then I need them.
Labour reports finding her book in their house. The name of the book is fun and games with children that she drops off in the neighbor's house and then reports. What her neighbour's house looks like on the inside, which she should not know because she's never been in the neighbors home, so etiquette, You have the malfunctioning equipment. I mean it. We all these things are common, I guess they say with poltergeist cases, Now we have another man they get involved in. His name is guy, What is it play field guideline play feel. Ok and guy is writing. A book called this house, haunted dig moment to get away from our sponsor racket and ragged tenants smartest and most rewarding way to shop and save earned cash back
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says, including Russell Toby and Charlie carver. Something evil is coming affects us. Age S and Y, see premiers october nineteenth on ethics stream on hulu, which is interesting right yankees, we just got. We started off by talking about what a poltergeist is. Hunting is, and now it almost seems as though we're back on the hunting part. I mean this is called the infield poltergeist, but what really gets going. Is this guy's book this house has haunted, so it should have been this house's poltergeist pulse poltergeist. It right janet guys. or something I don't know their titles seems ok, but it doesn't seem is fitting. So
simple. I like it scar good ring to it. But again, is it a poltergeist or a hunting? And guy? Are we splitting hairs? Yes, we gotta be scientific I is totally sold that this is a supernatural. Phenomena is with the children a lot he and morris start witnessing a voice come from JANET or at at first it's now. These issues that are coming from behind her and in those noises turn into like a dog barking, and at that point they think. Well, if it can bark, then maybe I can speak so they ask. Can you talk to us and the ghost obliges the dude obliges? One of the things is that has asked us
the poultry guys is say doctor belike now are we talking about The voice causes a lot. He uses the f word: it's it's. A little naughty say that the voice almost appears to be coming from behind JANET's, head and morris says that make sure that it's not janet using the voice. He feels her mouth up with water in tapes. It closed in the voice still comes, but when I saw footage of her talking it look, She was talking there, they bring. An aim was called the ventriloquist and he actually has aid cut throat, monitor like larynx, serve, but
uses is not sell, ok, yeah, and he says that back and tell him where the The sound is originating from within the person. And so he says that is not coming from the larynx it's coming from the false, vocal folds above the larynx. I know it's above and everything, but it sounds more guttural sounds almost like a growl. You can hear it in her voice. She begins parking and cussing people and being very honorary with which he says, but then it kind of takes on a person policy and the personality is bill. It's a man named bill, an old man, who says that he got old. He went blind and He died in a chair wanted to his family. So when he back. His face
there was no longer there in this new families here and bill is now not happy that his family's gone yet strange about bill b as some of the things that have happened are they asked the poltergeist? What's your name? Who are you and one of the times that actually says tom and dick of course, the woman that was there actually jokingly, said and harry right, yeah tom, dick, it's a joke, but seems as though the most common answers were bill or fred, was some discussion of how many voices, how many possibly maybe even different characters, are we dealing with here and there they say there is like Oh, I forgot was sixteen or lie well. When I had heard I heard it was something south of that, but I don't know how I heard like sixteen
I was sixteen, maybe it maybe it was six! Sixteen. I think I misheard it, though, as sixty, but I think it was sixteen yes. Sixty would be a bit much. I think yeah. I don't think you'd keep track of that much. They have this character named bill and it turns out that and was living in the building name bill and he did lose his eyesight and he did die in the building which gives credit to JANET's voice. That's coming out of her credence credence. They play the voice for the son a bill and they say is this your father and he says well that he that's how you he verifies that that's how he died
and that they live there and all the pertinent information well yeah, I'm kind of wondering, because what the poltergeist says at that moment is creepy. No, I do not share a quote downstairs. And he says I'm not a Heaven man, you got what are you ve known Why probably for good reason right, because if he was in Heaven he wouldn't be hanging out at this house with the hodgson's. Well now they're saying this voice is not from JANET they're saying that her no,
Oh, oh, eleven, twelve year old girl could do a voice like that to be the guttural growl voice for hours on end without damaging hearse heard her vocal cords or dame air, giving herself a sore throat. They also say that their it it would be impossible for and will the other thing that would be in part over. There was a fireplace and a pipe that was bent, something like a heater. Was it yeah? It's a gas heater cat and the gas heater when it was supposedly being torn from its spots, because they say it was cemented into the wall. They heard like this. crazy sound there really attention, I dunno it was like almost like a drilling sound or a shaking sounded so
some loud abrasive sound, they got their attention and when they got to the room this food, indeed a sixty pound fireplace had been torn out. Now, though, the pipe was so connected to the mains. They say, thankfully, but there's some questions about this, because they're saying that these two girls could not have done this and some of the the grown men said. I could not move that right, but here's. The thing is where you able to find a picture of the heater. No, I saw pitch of the pipe, though, that the heater wasn't really enclosed and do you know what kind of metal the pipe was made of? Looked like copper, okay or coppers? Not that difficult to manipur the heater itself may not have been so difficult to move as they say. That's that's a real question because it depends on what what kind of gas heater they had so so we don't have pictures of it. some people are saying that it actually wasn't so
and it in the way they say there was just had a pipe going into just because it could have been added in later depends on when the house was built. I actually wrote to one of our listeners season in england run some questions passed her this and she said. Depends on when the house was built, because some of these houses in the seventies had heaters added in, because I didn't have the which would have been different than something being built in year out. Oh, they say fifty pounds as though it's a hundred and fifty pounds fifty pounds in their ban. Now now I know I'm a grown man, but you know when I get kitty litter, some of those bags or fifty pounds, throw a over my shoulder here. So where does this all culminate to anything
Where does the story go with all these people involved and they never tell the reporters they'd never take the money but d. The poltergeist finally finishes at psych a year later, they tried to do some things. They tried giving the family vacation, you go off, go, take a vacation we can then come back and, of course, when they come back, it starts up again vengeance and in when they were gone, a neighbor actually went in the house and claims he saw a man sitting at the table bridge wasn't just JANET that was triggering at. It appeared to be a high hunting and not a poltergeist, but right. They also send janet off to hospital maudesley to have some test run on her it says they hooked her these diodes up to her head. They never found
If anything, they never reported that there was anything to be concerned about at least as far as they could tell. No. She was fine, healthy girl, so I send her back home, but eventually they do call for your assistance. Yeah guy, he gets a a dutchman who's, a friend of his who has a a dutch, priest that comes with them and the priest goes in the house and he too janet into a room and he's in. Therefore, maybe ten minutes in. says some words to janet me said some words to the house: the translation when he was, speck downstairs is it's gone now and he leaves in the house, has been cleansed and the poltergeists is gone. The haunting has ceased for the most part at the house in this dutchman
his mystery dutchman, who nobody understood what he was saying has cleared the entity. So what do you think? I mean? There's multiple witnesses, there's photographic evidence. There is a police report. Where do we start with all this back in the nineteen seventies was a very, very popular movie that the exorcist the exorcist has a great movie is a landmark movie right. You couldn't not about this movie, if it's by the only movie that ever scared me hey do to admit that when I first watch the blair witch the boy which kind of scared me at the end, but that the this is still to this day. If I just hear reagan talking in the background, it's a little creepy and what, when reagan spoke now that you can sort of play that back in your head.
Is that reminds you of? I don't know JANET b I n g o g. That's right, there's a point where I think it's me as is asking the poltergeist. You know saying janet, can't see why. Why can't janet see you and the ghost the poltergeist, whatever responds, I'm invisible. I'm a g h, oh ass t, exactly Can you tell me where you are the entrepreneur that want to to a spot that was called janet failure on a pizza vote? Why are you in physical, sound, like you're high as well. It's a goes, not a baltic heist, apparently according to the poltergeist itself, but that I'm saying is so it's a hunting. The at yeah, we're going keeps
Harris here until we're her bawled, the exorcist came out in nineteen. Seventy three and most people that I've ever talk do have that in their top ten going horror movies, I do It's where those movies that affects you, you have to respect it. No matter what you really think it. That's that's a movie that that hits you in some way when you watch it, and I have difficulty believing that They had never heard this movie, for they were only eleven twelve years old, like mom, wouldn't let them watch this stuff, but its yeah exactly there. all the things they describe things flying around the room dresser, trying to close off doors voices and levitation. All these things were covered in the exorcist
and so is that life imitating art or art imitating life. Well right now it's life imitating art erin, because the movie came out, but this this ghost is imitating the movie, so not very original, or is it just consistent? or is the movie disbar research anyway, I bring the set because these haunting These poltergeists, you dont, really usually here of someone speaking like this right now, but you did in the exorcist clay now you could say, will they have blu ray players back banner dvd players? They hate
yes, Blair had betamax by yeah. That was just stay. There was a big film, so but that's isn't really disprove anything now, because when you look at the case- and they say this is where the most well documented, when it most well documented cases in history when it comes to the paranormal, then we have all this but a graphic evidence and audio evidence. So what kind of have to take a look at that and will let sluts art hum real quick. I want to address the police officers that came to the house. When you see them, they look young and fresh. They do not they're, not older police officers. They are young and the female officer heaps it she's almost smiling during her interview, bikes,
he is enjoying the attention of a news, camera interface, I'm on the tele, I'm on the daily, I'm just just put in out there, I don't know if we need to say anything more about the police officers, but I just it look. They looked pre happy to be they might be a little green. Yet a little star struck by having a camera, shoved interface lens and blaming die. I can't I would I've been on the news a few times, not for good things and I loved it. But let's addressed the d, a photo of her flying across the room you're talking about janet now janet now, most people see the image of her in mid flight and she looks like she's screaming in her our you know. Our feet are tucked up underneath her and she's pretty high up there and her arms route matched here now, I'm not gonna talk about crazies.
fees or planks that people do today. But if use de the five sequence: shot she's actually crouched at the of her bed she's, not laying on her better sitting on her bed. That's the first shot. Second shot is her propelling herself with her legs. The third shot is the No her getting up there and you see her legs like kind of outstretched. The fourth shot is the famous one I think, and then the fifth one is her landing. That's a kid, John. Off the bed, and I do not see anything mysterious about it whatsoever? In fact, I could forgotten way more air than she did the islands,
He says that it felt like coal hands had gripped her body and she was thrown in scary because she had no, how she was going to land or where she was going to land. We ll These images, it certainly looks as though she's springing upward on her own power? If her legs were talked underneath the entire time? Then I be like how did she jump guess she didn't use her legs to propellers up, but the first couple frames you see her jumping off the bed. There's nothing mysterious her crazy about it. I I just totally disregard this series of five photograph. because it's a kid jumped off the bed. That's not evidence so say it's really well documented. In going over these photographs, Why don't? We have some photographs that show us something. So one thing
I tried to figure out was: is there an explanation for this? While there is the poltergeists messes, all the equipment will now they gather they do measure equipment up. So that's true, but that's not it. The other part of the equation is that the poltergeist likes to mess with you, so it kind of weights until you can't get real good. evidence and that's why we don't have a lot of good evidence of hauntings in of the parent or because it sort of like big foot, you can have a thousand cameras and in a location, but bigfoot won't show up until there's no cameras old, the more a camera. That's really crappy, it's the one guy that walks away to take a leak and then bigfoot shows up and punches him in the face. But you know he's not target zone while either way saying it's a convenience thing. It saying these things happen, but you're not going have good evidence of it, even though its well documented. Will I dislike the fact that
we need reporters first show up, nothing happens because they can't think of anything to do and then, as the reporters are leaving their like. Oh my gosh they're leaving we didn't come up with anything. Oh happening now. You can't leave yeah. That was very telling to me right the voices the same way when there growing, there's barking. What have you and the poltergeists has asked to speak? It suddenly speaks went up, but that's really funny, because if this is an unseen force in its angry and grumpy embarking so it just if it's really at your command, why you decide to go away? Apparently it's good jump, roll over for you right. They apparently bills entertainer
got really offended when d the man guy says that there is no. a janet- could have spoken in this voice. This gradually You know gravelly death, metal voice for very long cause. She would have to clear her throat or she would have a sore throat or she would do image to her permanent, damn permanent damage, but do you notice? I referred to it as a death metal voice? I I listen to a lot of metal and a lot of it is the death metal degree ali the and they do it for entire concerts and they flew back Fourth, between scream o growing to holding some of the most, you know beautiful harmonies and they switch back and forth
Yours will you say I eleven year old girl can't do this whatsoever you're a girl that is going through puberty. You know when you, First, here a little boys voice crack or a little girl. I mean this is what happens? They absolutely talk and funny voices all the time and it doesn't them at all, just because you can't speak that way, doesn't mean that they can't- and I I just hate when they say it's impossible for her to do this because I listened to a lot of metal bans that do this constantly. I've seen guys give for interviews and their death metal voice. Sure they might need a drink water. After their done, but they're not doing permanent damage, and it's it's ridiculous to hear that explanation- that disregard of oh that's impossible
I can't get on board with that. Neither even metal bands, death, metal bans that have females guest who do the vocals. And they do this. For entire concerts. Hell tours on the new pig destroy our book burner. They have a female singer, guest on a lot of their tracks and you wouldn't know cause she's way more aggressive than the mail. Yeah, I don't know if you did this by one of the things that brought up is that she's able to unite. Every moment in time or the three hours but for three hours is able to speak in that boys. What isn't brought up so much? If you look into it Is that JANET will flip back and forth yeah, and I say flip because, like myself
you. We see this as she's doing the voice yeah cause. take a picture of her with a mouthful of water in the tape on her face right, they stay claim that that happen, but we don't have footage of that. We do have footage of her talking in the voice, though right and you see or doing it. She is kind of an over by her teeth kind of come down and they they're kind of in the way of her lower lip, and it does look like her lips quivering. It looks like she's speaking without trying to move her lips and apparently, I think that when she's slips, and says something in her own voice, her regular voice that the poltergeist was supposed to say he believes Evidence that this is really happening, whereas I myself think that if she goose ends as you know, I,
bill or whatever and she sang it normal voice. I am pill or what have you that I think it's a slip up, because its tricky did I and manage to characters at once, and she just plain now. Guy says that she can't, if not not ventriloquist, and she can't this voice. Yet when you watch an interview with guy his life, barely move the guys, as members in duties I grew boom is, is lips are moving at all in he's actually more believable that he's getting skin road from a ghost is his whole life because he has devoid of personality than Janna. Janna is actually pretty fun and happening, but I don't get guy and I don't get his logic there.
Now now they say that there is no, it would be impossible for the girls to move this heater. This gas eater am how much it away they say it was closer. It was fifty sounds or so how other your children using it is evident for. Do you think your children could move a fifty pounds if you're wondering why I'd had. I wish they take see if this is so well documented. How can we can't just answer these questions with images? Yeah, we'll get a video camera get a camera. You have a professional photographer there. You have graham, how grant what is he doing Right, I don't know he's the worse, but I think we'll get to later on what will get to. Why think that they're not photographing the actual scenes, the weight the way up the police would if this was a real investigation, we talked about it with me.
White house farmers where they went around and photographs many areas in the house and then later, like with the fireplace where they notice that await that's grass. Wasn't there when they photograph. You can go back and do those things in this case is not well documented and risk, I said, are now it's poorly documented, there's tat. Now, I have to give him some leeway because well how These cases feel legitimate to you. You know so how much expect These people really have way what's their real knowledge, if you go into a place and you're not doing these things where which at what point do you learn that you need to start doing those things? Well, it's it's that you, it's positive reinforcement.
What do you mean? Well, it's as soon as you start miss behaving as soon as things start flying cross room. People are interested if nothing's happening than they are not interested in their walk into their car right, but I mean when they feel as though something is going on. Why not get pictures of everything if the gas heater has been ripped out of the wall or pushed across the floor when it's supposedly really heavy? Why not take a picture of it? That would make too much sense, because I would think that you could get a girl on each side of it and get their feet up on it, brace themselves against the wall and start kick and pushing with their feet. now their legs tat, I could do it. I know kids like a message by anville on a sandbox I mean is this? Is this like leverage yeah? You know you put your feet upon the top of the wall. Of it and you start pushing really hard with your legs. I could imagine
horrible noise happening, I can imagine I've been going across the floor and again if this was well documented, I could at least verify or shoot holes in my own theory by looking at the pictures, but we don't have them, but we have a picture of a girl jumping off the bed. I have some pictures of people standing around in the living room, looking at the camera and smiling, and maybe even looking surprised, but I but no flying objects. No levitation. I said this before. Like with the warrens. If you have so much knowledge and so much documentation. when I go to your website, I to see galleries for these things I wanna see thousands of images or at least hundreds. I go there and I see one little picture for a case that you supposedly of document aid to the nth degree, and we get a little picture and in three paragraphs right,
I it feels in order feels like it feels like amateur? You go camping and people tell little ghost story: cool, hey, I'm down with that, but don't tell me, you ve got a case that you ve really gotten are committed to the degree and they ve got nothing to show me because this girl, just in the air with either her legs then it or tucked up, underneath or by that's, not doing anything for me now, if she were upside down and screaming and legs were flock flailing everywhere. Then I believe whoa what happened here, but we don't get that because if they actually shot that that way
She would have been severely injured on the shoot, yeah and the landing too right. Now they can't do that. She spl perform the next day, but they they have the recordings which again, I think you can do the voice. We can all do the voice. We can all do the voice together. I I I don't know what what they documented to prove this now. The thing I got me a little questioning about this was where so many individual witness accounts. There is the police officer. There's the lady across the street, there's the neighbour there's all the reporters. There's the author there's so many different people,
and they all claim that they had their own personal experience and they were their separate times. They were not there in a group in that's pretty convincing to a lot of people. But not to me because everybody didn't get the attention when you're. Like nothing happened, I'm not convinced you don't get. The camera pointed out. You you only get the camera pointed out you when you had an experience, when you have something to say when you are of interest. yeah. There was a woman who attempted to visit the home to look into this. And she was not well received because she was known to be a sceptic, and so she was allowed to have the access that guy was, and that was something
that I heard was going on. Here is if anybody showed up who they had any doubts about, they would make them stay out of the room when the girl was talking or when the voice was talking. How we want to say it and they were told to cover their eyes or turn away and then, of course, they would get hit with some when they were turned away and then he turned back and nothing else will happen, but that's just not very believable you have some people saying they witnessed themselves get hit, was something and they were looking in the car direction. You have other people saying I was allowed to look and then I would get hit, but but you have multiple people in a room. You have multiple children acting wild or at least two of them, the daughters. So there's so much distraction, and if one of them
shucks illegally your head. Are you gonna catch it with so much chaos going on, I'm not going to, but the Thing, I don't think is a ghost DR legg over my head. It's spanked that little girl for throwing things at me, but I dunno, I don't believe in spanking really but whatever so I'm really trying to find what the evidence was and I'm really trying to figure out why this case was so big, but it's because I got in the paper it's because I got a book written about it. It's like amityville you get some movies, he had a book, he had a history. Well, I think this beats amy though oh, I think it's cool. If we're going to discuss the case this this one. To me his way more interesting than amityville, I know than sitting here almost laughing at a really it's a better case that
anyway, I amityville as pray. Much joke. I think it but amity they had the better story like the murder is that happen. Thou is pretty screwed habit. They don't I mean, do they really fit into the? I don't know these it, this one actually, the stuff, fits better with the paranormal events. Yet are attributed It's more linear, coherent. The later years here and so yeah with enfield, you have this wilkins, who supposedly this grumpy man who dies of hemorrhage of a brain hemorrhage in the house and then. Now he's grumpy again. Can we just listen to the voice of the arctic? Grumpy boys right is awesome air, so it sort of fits I understand how you get a murder. Family by this by their son and then the giant floating pig out
out of a window- that's amityville, I dont get that at all. They ate a lot of bacon for breakfast had stretch man. I don't know I I you'd think they report being hungry, not scared that this one is of it. I guess it is slightly more believable because of the witness accounts it's slightly more coherent, so that works out, but I'm not I was. I was expecting more being that this was the pivotal most doc. Kay sin. I didn't give much with it. I wish I don't know, I don't even know what I wish for I
stand why this one was requested. The way it was because there is photographic and audio evidence there. Are it little. Let's put it this way. If you take some of the eyewitness accounts, As not a lie, not fraud or hoax or not, even as they didn't see really what they were saying. If you just take him at their word. There are incidents that happen where janet was not there. Yet, right where they say. Oh just these three adults and these things happened or the. When they were on vacation in the neighbour, went to grab a. I think it was an alarm clock in saw an old man sitting at the table. I mean there's does there? Is that So is this everyone wine to be applied. the story or did people really believe they saw something
that's just something we can. We can answer that. That's what the anecdotal part is its stated We have no way of verifying it, but if you go to a house or a place- and you have no background on the house- and you just go in- and you know painter do whatever are we going to do and then you leave here I'll, take much about it, but. Somebody hires you to go to the house to do a job, and then they tell you about the his. Three of the house and all the murders that went down. Is that not kind of subliminal, like planting a thought, an idea, a seed and We ve all seen the exorcist and all the scary movies you go in the house now in your by yourself in your pain and is little krieger knock her thou saddles,
well now your first thought isn't the house settles now. Your first thought is the guy that just wiped out his family that used to live here and he's walking across the floor to get me or you know the g h, o s, t yeah, that's it's! It's really funny at it. At one time, like I said, they're asked they're asking at morris is asking: why can't you be seen I'm in the visible, I'm in the spear world began cs idiot, I'm a g h, o s, t jaded, eight. yeah? I don't really understand why the by ghost is spelled out like that, it's funny the. I guess the full time paranormal investigator Joe nickel, Joe Joe nickel, who's that pop air with guy. He said that
All of these things can pretty much be attributed to childs trickery, something a child could do, throwing a lego Brca you making a funny. Boys jumping through the air, it's just stop a child could do so we don't need james randi here to debunk is now it's like if, if it's really the pair will do something that isn't third rate, do something that really gets people's attention that that floors. Everyone. right, and why is it that are only last year? And I guess you could say well: the priest came in the dutch press came in no we came in and he knocked that stuff out in ten minutes. Man yeah! It's it's amazing it. So it's almost like all one. So it's going out for a year, a rented house. Why didn't she does move? Some people would say: oh well, the poltergeists would
follow you home, as they say at their haunted mansion. But it's not a poltergeist causes bill again I can't even get if it's a poltergeist or a hunting splitting hairs again. No I'm saying that they define me separately. We did this at the beginning, the show- and this is both or either. There is a reason why we can't to find its way slain it's because it's not science right, but they have their science. They have them it's not really saying they have their labels and their categories kinder item I take them. I hold them to this, You can't they're not holding themselves, you know if you go to an energy worker, you go to. Ah somebody that is at into you know: powers of nature or whatever They have their set. You no good or taro card reader. You go to a palm reader, they have their.
That rules that they abide by that they follow and if you research it enough, it makes sense after while so when paranormal researchers say poltergeist and they can even the label right now, you're, not even following your own culture. Your own vibe, your own thing, get that.
Well again, their not, they don't have to be consistent here. That's all I'm saying they do they don't look only at be consistent. Is if your your ass to be what what's your? What's your astrological sign, libra capricorn capricorn. There are consistent with what d stereotypical capricorn is, I'm a scorpio. So I have, though, the traits. Now I really don't have a lot of those traits, but they have a set standard. So therefore, I expect poltergeist or haunting get it straight while they might be able to play with it a bit because they say there could have been more than just bell there. After all, they were given multiple names right
So one of the other one of the other ones could have been a poltergeist or could have been both their happenings happening simultaneously. Right, ok,. Trust me they can get away with it. He can't take him to court over this, but that's funny that's when they try to shoot down people Jonah go. They don't do so very convincingly me because it is saying, oh well so, and so said they got hit the head with a brick illegal break them. It sounds like the got hit with an actual break, but it was the lego break, always denied them two days later, who illegal break fever stepped on a leash. no barefoot. Now that you have, he had said o one hit me in those in this pinky tell you now, who did you stepped armor mighty? Wasn't there. what year did it ever sent me under my foot? Woe to now he s my sympathy had pay
but in the forehead come on. You can hit me with a bunch of those before it. I'm not gonna be complaining right, but if I step one of those little thing, that's what I don't like him in the house. Yeah yeah you step on one of those like go. It's like yeah flat tire yeah be a lot of strange symbols above your head. At that point No? But what's really haunting about this case? I think when you get down to it, is you have this family That got all screwed up and janet. Who is the lively one of the bunch she? the one who acts up she's only acts out, because she clearly was having trouble right she's going through something, and then oh wait a minute paper interested in what's happening here I mean for all. We know she was free. hang out and shaking her bed because she was so upset and then,
Mom comes in. I know, I'm a separate youtube where you're going to be in big trouble and sister covers for says the bed was shaking. She wasn't doing it right cause. The kids are gonna. Tell the truth, all the time right, of course I remember when I was a kid something happened in our house and my dad gave his head. Who did Yes, no one wanted to admit that work. It was always they did it? Not me, right, oh yeah, you never get the truth in its close ranks or whatever it you're, not getting the truth out. It's not gonna happen because dad will kill you in this case you have mom who's, not in a happy state. Anyway, bring hell, whether it's better just to lie and get get her get away, and then you start to notice you're getting this attention this. This is my line of thinking. It's not not proof, but it's a theory that works. I think so. She's acting out
Now she has these men come into the house, positive reinforcement, nice guy, who I don't think, he's very personal or who has personnel morris morris who seems like a really cool guy. go on some hunts with him. Some paranormal holes, total father figure. There yeah he's seems like a cool guy and I just just to relate to this? I came from a broken home and I remember growing up and when there was a of male figure in my life, I would gravitate towards them, because I didn't have much father figure growing up. I had my my father in California. You raise me very well, but after they got a divorce, I didn't see him very much. So hey. I wish I had a guy with a funny mustache and a good sense of humour yeah anyway. This was stuck with me. Is this girl needed attention?
and she was starting to get it where, where is it? Where is the incense If here for her to just say I is there any more legos here, I'm done at school. That's what it comes down to she's part of history. Now she grew up. She grew out of she grew out of. Right, she's she's married she's, living elsewhere, her mom, she died. One of her brothers died and yeah everyone certain moved on, but this is still this is in the history books. This is look it up, is search. Enfield, poltergeist you'll get lots of information popping up at least lot of people talking about it. Why would she want to give that up? I wouldn't I know that's the question right. If you can be a part of something like this, why would you just say yea I'll be hoax, that we faked it? I'm part of the generation Y and I'm going to
cop. To that all the my life. Why did that happen? I will never know it's going to be a mystery. That persists Some of you there was you called in the late sixteen
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