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The Farmville Murders - 345


September 18th, 2009. Farmville, Virginia. Kathleen Wells hadn’t heard from her daughter, Melanie, for a few days and was worried. Melanie was staying in Virginia with her friend Emma Neiderbrock. Whenever Kathleen called Emma’s home, Richard McCroskey, Emma’s boyfriend, answered the phone and told various stories about where Melanie was. Kathleen called in a welfare check on the home on September 18. Inside the home, police found the bodies of four people. Questions arose. Was this a story of a jilted lover? Or was an intense interest in death and horror behind these murders?

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From wondering I don't I good justin. How are you I had better weeks but I'm doing all right, sir, in every year. It seems since it started you- and I have been a part of crime con where the house band,
and there are many many other pod casual so that we're friends with their it. But like this last time it was us and to crime garage and crawl space. That was just a heck of a a fine hang out with those guys did we really hang out with cross base a mean, timid, lance weren't, even at their booth, most of the event. But what a? While you know the ten minutes before we started anyway crowd solve seattle, Washington october, seventeen through the twentieth twenty. eighteen. This is a new thing crime con, it's an event where the peace the who attend you get to work with experts in criminology. Long for I meant forensics you're coming, with new leads in coal cases. They have a couple of different cole cases. Are we working on your in crime, if you been I'm conor wish you could go if you're in the washington area, especially crowd solve by the un, weekend, hopefully your help, advances cases or at least the case you're working on
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We wouldn't be talking about it. If everything was dorie, but there's expectations that people have we're all on social media people take the perfect angled pitcher on instagram. We a the best of ourselves on line when in reality Most of us are imperfect, and I think its cases somewhat of a build up of anticipation that went horribly wrong. So, where we talk about the matter tonight we're talking about Farmville murders, this took place in farm phil Virginia september, eighteen two thousand and nine the reason why these two meet introduce them now, one of them is richard sammy, mcclosky, the third. He was twenty years old
He was five foot nine, two hundred pounds and the young woman he met was about four years younger. Her name was emma iraq, they were interested in a scene known as the horror. Core scene, I was slightly disappointed when I went out and checked it out, because thought it was metal or hard core punk. I just shared a moment with acid back princess on instagram about vision of disorder. One of my favorite hard core bands, though work or is actually rap and its in new were sort of genre. Although I listened to The ghetto boys back in the nineteen nineties that was or core. Before there was the label and say with any musical genre. There's a hand of good and a whole. Oh. In a bad mood. still, the genre sounds like a really poor rip off of one.
Get a boy song kind of like oasis. Just sounds like one beatles song that they just repeated over and over for their entire catalog, but some good stuff out there so they're all into this john raw They've met online through this mutual interests of this music They were talking online. I dont know how far it got online, but richard or sammy, had this idea in his head that emma his girlfriend. He thought that they were a thing exclusive, an item maybe I'm just old air and buds if I've never met. Somebody in person and consider them an acquaintance. I can consider them a friend, but I would never consider somebody that I've only met online again friend or any more than just an online friend. The correct term would be interest.
there is an interest, may be an intention, but until you actually meet its it's not really official? I don't think because as we all know, and talk about earlier you're on persona is usually carefully crafted. Now richard he happens to be I what we call an amateur, rapper spider. in horror, core wrapper. I guess keys twenty years old, I'll. Tell you right now. He looks younger than the sixteen year old girl he's hanging out with he looks, at most sixteen, at best sixteen that's how I would describe em. He also seems to have the maturity level of a teenager. So this and work out form in life. Looking small behave somewhat immaturity. It said that he gets picked on alive so he has this autumn,
A persona online I know this alternate age of himself of this hard core wrapper right. Well to be fair, he's twenty and that's still a period of time or a lot of people are immature. And having listened to just about a handful of different horror, core artists, he's actually better than pretty much the rest of them. I've heard wow, serious I think you know if, if I'm just judging this genre, based on a couple of weeks time sounds pretty good for the genre, but I it's not for me I've been listening to it all week. Long myself, there's been a few handful that I like, but for the most part I was expecting it. Chip cookie and I got oatmeal raisin. They ve been talking online for almost a year and I decided to meet correct had to do with a concert that was going on, we could meet up, and go
concert in Michigan, it was in southgate Michigan. It's really a festival called strictly for the wicked and Here's the problem, so your apparent your daughter, wants to go to a concert with boy she's never met, except for online who's. Four years older than her right. So it's this situation were ok. What are we gonna? Do here, she's getting older. She needs to get out and do things, but maybe we can go with canada, so There is this plan that comes together to make this work for the parents, which is Deborah m, mom and mark m. His dad will take them and emily friend, Melanie wells, whose eighteen she come in from out of town and then all go together, so the parents taking them to the concert, but not exactly chaperonage them around at the concert. Disk DR, the all the kid:
up to the show and do their thing. Did. We mention that her father is a pastor at the walkers presbyterian church, no we're we're getting to that. It's just a an interesting contrast. Her parents are very religious and then she's. Listening to this, John or of rapped at essentially is all about being Craig the and killing people but there's a lot of death and murder yeah in the music, but emma parents were separated a look, they were headed for divorce, so Deborah ann live together and what was scribe as a dutch colonial home. This is, rural farmville. Emma mom Deborah had taken her and Melanie to her our concerts in the past in different states and the
difference. Here was now there's a boy coming along a young man. It's a phase right That's where the things you could guess it. Maybe the parents are thinking, is while their young, it's a phase, is not we're going to harm. I remember when I was young and my parents were very religious. There was this movie that was going to come on to remember the name of it. Did it start kiss? I think it was something like at some park. Something out more was called out. Dear me, This movie, though I do wish. I did my my parents and googling, but my parents did not want me watching it because is related to the devil If you look back at kiss and if you were to pull this movie up, I'm sure it's on youtube, but it's probably right you know, I mean it's nothing. That's well this presley used to be considered? The devil's music may be still as I don't, but compared to poor core rap. I dont
so but yeah every every generation has, but they were can. The devil's music, I'm sure, but what this comes down to. Is there into the staff and musical genre just happens to fit their tastes. I think that's it and Emma is close with her parents she was home. Schooled, like I said Her father was at a church. The parents were coming together, even after their separation too take their daughter to a concert they're trying to make this work there being civil they're trying to be Supportive of the family family comes first now one more. No Deborah was an associate professor of sociology and criminal justice at law. What university jason, cool parents yeah I'd say these are supportive parents he's a good parents. Melanie wells who was emma's friend she,
a couple years older, she born in fort. louisiana, She had one brother, but she lived west Virginia she dropped out school, but just emma and just like richard she's affair, his horror, core music. Let's get to the festival because we've said before if you have this online persona, you can't match it in real life. Not likely will always online name, psycho sam. It was, super psycho salmon. There are videos or if you want to listen or watch this guy, echo sam and that's asked I can tell I am, I think, or something like that. I remember, but it spelled wrong it spelled put it so when he arrives from California and gets off the plane. they have a long car ride to this concert. It is ported that emma upon seeing sam cycle, and the person was an impressed.
I think it was a coup. Caption it was o. she's young she's. Sixteen What kind of filter she has but If you are a young man, sure you recognise when someone's not into you and you can feel it. How absolutely uncomfortable and awkward. Is this he's gonna be there for several days, he's gonna be with her family. In a car for hours now with somebody who just as an interim, so he it's in virginia on september, six, two thousand nine and that's the very same day that friend, Melanie arrived from west virginia. Its answer number twelve. That day go to this festival and I think there's this idea that yeah she's cool to em, but maybe at the concert, maybe these will take off and after all, this why they are getting together for the most part it may be.
so to start working out by it according to the way, things went the concert from people that were there things did not get better. This is, of course, so it's not like. We have video, we have pictures, weaken, say I've always witnesses that came forward. but word had it that now he was emma not into sammy but She was cretaceous or more with their attendee or even a band member. so someone that wasn't him I can totally see that happening sam's not able to compete with that money is not happy but it's not really about his happiness and they can do he wants, but we're talking about this, because of what happened. Next, they get back September thirteenth. You know I dont know how this is possible, but back
in two thousand nine, as I thought this died before then, but apparently myspace was still being used and they were all using myspace. I haven't used myspace since, like two thousand and four wow, melanie actually posted to her myspace page and said that she was going to be back home in west virginia on Sept. Sixteenth everything it goes quiet and when his family doesn't hear from her and they be I'm concerned Wednesday, a september. Sixteen two thousand nine melanie other thomas to the Kelly home, and this is the home of we're kelly, who is m. As mother he's going It is his daughter up and, of course, he couldn't get a hold of her no one's answering the door. He actually stayed outside the home for upward of seven hours wow
think there is this idea that maybe they went out and they'll be back, but he can't get a hold of anyone, so once my goes up and knock on the door and then eventually has to leave and go com. This is Great concern too, and this is just not his daughter to not be around when he's expecting her. I mean he's. Gonna sit, therefore, seven hours because the long drive home and it's his daughter. Now Melanie's mother kathleen is into called friends, of her daughters and trying to track down. If anybody knows where she sat and she The killing someone name shame I'm sorry. If I'm pronouncing Andrews wrong might be andres, but he's the guy who run serial killer records in new mexico indices actually the label that puts out a lot or core music, richard or psycho SAM actually help them with his website. He he tried reaching out as well.
male flaw accounts this guy's, a decent dude, he's there to try and help. If he can that's really in saying that she was able to track down sky. Who runs this record label because she knew that there was somebody of art on that lay like that's going beyond the call here and it's cool This guy was so receptive to. It was almost like detective work. It's like either she was able to just go through enough information and find this or Maybe she was keeping tabs on what her daughter was doing so she was aware of what she was into either way. Com clean was calling Devereuxs home multiple times, trying to get a hold of anyone, but the phone. have been answered, in the personal line is richard and He is telling her different stories about why Melanie can't get on the phone and you know once you ve heard story through Therefore, in your
getting anywhere. go from concern to you're, probably getting angry. and now you suspect they, whereas on the line is lying to their parents, know alive september, seventeenth, kathleen old mark and asked for to check on her daughter, now, obviously, Work is the pastor and he's emma's dad he. as the house about five o clock now just be for midnight Kathleen whose heard from mark his I know that's kind of a fast forward here. For us, we're talking about five and now it's midnight, but literally he says sure I'm going to the house right now. He goes there and then, She doesn't hear anything now go: buy now mark holly, The keys of the house, unlike other parents on like anyone else, He can get inside. So mark those offline and now
calling in a welfare check- law enforcement, goes to the home and meeting. they met the door. Is richard MC cross the third they ask hey we're checking on these bore, checking on mark were checking on Melanie, were checking on emma and reject On Deborah rich It says that the girls Ratan these. So is there at the house by himself and everyone's gone to the movies, the police. Don't. Come inside and check anything really weird, because richer doesn't live there well maybe law enforcement doesn't understand their relationships there's no way they would know well unless it you call in a welfare check. and you know there might be some one involved in that group who is the norm which in this case to be richer mcclosky. Maybe should say when you check on this house. Also check for
individual because their new, but I mean if you're worried and it's a last minute thing you're trying to just get answers. Maybe you don't include that an worse meant they don't ask me questions of hand. They just want to know where these people are and it sounds legit, so they leave so Kathleen calls again to the house and richard is, I guess, running out of excuses, maybe because now he doesn't quite know what to say, and she says you need to call the police- because these- are missing and we need to find them so richard about an hour later? Does call the police: this is weird, though he calls the cops says that he hears noises and the house specific in the basement, so they go to the basement to check for these noises, but they don't find anything. I don't even,
I just I don't get this. I guess he was trying to appease kathleen by calling the police, but then he tells a lie: I don't know it's weird well, if you're suspicious of MR mccroskey. Here, You could imagine that he saying this, so he can tell cat Oh, the police have entered the home they ve been here. Now they ve laughed. I guess you're right, because she could call and say: did you go out to the house? Did you go inside and they could confirm, yeah we went out there. We are, they went to the basement, sure to check out where the crowded sing in theatres July fifteenth based the best selling book comes a juicy mystery full of romance murder and deadly secrets. Daisy agro jones plays kyar and cider, who grew up alone in the marshes of north carolina when finds herself drawn the two men from town. It opens a whole new world possibilities until one of them turns up dead blue
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no updates, no one's heard from anyone, except for richard and they go up to the door this time in its opened. It smells terrible smells like death so they go inside at this point, richard somewhere around, though he's gone, he's definitely fled the scene They go inside this home and they find three dead. is, it downstairs bedroom, so they oh and obtain a search warrant and go back inside find a fourth body in a room upstairs so This is now a crime scene. This whole house is a crime scene. There are four dead, people inside this home quadruple homicide. Now the smell of decay gave them problem cause to enter the home and they were
They found the bodies, that's what allowed them to get the search warrant. It's always interesting to me to see how the procedure plays out like that. Now they know The families been murdered. They know the friends been murdered. there is no sign of psycho sam. The manhunt begins. The virginia state polices rang the investigation they'd disk, for the bodies of mark neater brok, never Kelly Emily. Brok and Melanie wells for them having murdered, murdered, Idea what must have happened it? It appeared as though emma's mom, and Melanie were all murdered while they were in bed with heavy blonde object and then mark murdered after he got into the home there. Have been some kind of struggle, so he was actually
As far as I can tell, he was ambushed so SAM. He waited for everyone to go to sleep and then used a sledgehammer or something two bludgeon them all to death will be really. No, I mean it's. It it's one of the things we could say yeah. He waited for them to fall asleep and then attack them or as they were sleeping, he couldn't sleep and this no idea of how he was rejected with spinning around in his mind, getting worse and getting worse, and then he asked in a rage right. Then he sat there with dead bodies for days. Until march showed up and then had to kill mark because He came into the home. What did he do four days in this house. Well, this is a bit of a spoiler. But this case doesn't go to trial. Now
get that later. But since it did, we don't have court documents laying out what happened in the home, because if there was a trap that would have been covered. We looking to sentence somebody. You need to have the reasons why you want to put them away for forever or put them to death wherever the case may be. since the and reach trial that information doesn't get out at least not where we would feel comfortable, saying here's what happened but whatever happened in that house. We know that MR mccoy ascii didn't shower the whole time didn't chain, his clothes so when he left there. He wreaked of death and decay. So the police, of course gather evidence from the home and they go on social media. They find description, of richard and start their hunt.
Now we talked about address or we'll just calm shrimp. The guy runs serial killer record's, he said and this is to police. He said that rich. had called him on thursday afternoon and told him tat. He had killed one or more people a deputy from the local county sheriffs department, had remembered speaking with richard when he had gone to the home to do welfare check so things really coming together quickly here they know. Who likely did this. when mark was murdered, richer. Actually left soon thereafter. In marked car. Though he takes off and the car got stuck at the end of a driveway on poorhouse road, and this is in farmville I guess looked as though he had backed into a ditch, while the person lived in the house. Call the police, who spawned in this is that four in the morning they gave richard attack for driving without a licence
which is really strange because you would think they want to know who is car- it was right licence registration, the date is, give him a ticket for no license. they don't even know that this is a wanted man. Well, it's things delayed and they ve already interacted with him several times, but it's a different police officer every time and are not putting it together. Now it's just This is some kid at a house who says everybody's gone to a movie. Now. This is some kid who's got his car stock on the side of the road lies work because they do ask whose car is this, and he said it's my girlfriend's dad's car and enough is that's the truth, but it's kind of a lie because he's not saying that he stole it and made. it's because it so early in the morning that they don't want. a bother anyone else, call mark near up and say: hey is sammy.
suppose have your car, but I knew it's all perception, but this is small town and others. What tender and people in the city in this town, so that the police behave as such that I go somebody stuck in a ditch out on this rule. Road I get it truck driver who's, going to take the car to impound it. gives richard a ride, convenience store and Obviously richard smells really really bad saturday, september nineteen- two thousand nine. This is that one of the morning the police are distributing richards photo to the richmond international airport, beyond the look for this guy he's, probably going to come through here They know he's going to try and get back to california, that's where he lives. Well, that was a good tip, because that's exactly where richard is right, if they find
richard asleep in a chair this is baggage claim area of that airport. He waiting for is flight, so it could get home. And they arrest him in charge him with first degree murder of mark meter, brok, grand larceny of marks, automobile and robbery. For taking money from marks wallet, those just initial charges, as you know, when you pick someone up, even if you, No they've killed, like eight people charging with everything up front you put in charges on and that a whole them. Why you put in together, it said that when he got around- to the airport, I think, is a taxi. The driver, had to roll down the windows, because He smelled so bad, then the airport, I'm sure he looks lasting and smells horrible. You know we go about our day. We don't put this together
yet here we have somebody, that's just murdered and he's about his day, trying to get home, he's a horror core wrapper his risks, involve death and murder and their fairly disturbing to most people, I'm sure many many people Look at him and say you murdered for people, they will them, went to his music and say see all you ve rapid. for the last seven years now you're, leading up to it. You wrap about ass a murder in you're doing it. So we get back This thing were combine her after whatever shooting happened, people always point to a video game or the music, and they say this was a factor always want to blame it on something, The person doing it. I mean leave and play the music backwards and try to find secret messages to find a reason to blame the music. But
this case with richer or psycho SAM he's obviously got problems. I would say He snapped whether he lived up to what is music talks about, it doesnt matter he would a rampage. I dont think you is thinking about I'm turn into mice. I go sam persona, The reason why is because porter asked him. Why did it in his? response was g this told me too. Yeah, that's what's alleged! I mean I know that someone else says that he said something about voices, his own sister said: Jesus to do. It is in that very much the kind of humor that he has She says, that's him I see him saying there and
when his sister Sarah was speaking with reporters, she also talked about a voicemail that she got from him on that tuesday and at the end of his message he said I love you guys. and she said that really hit because she said we don't do that. Our family. We don't leave I you guys as a sign off on messages. We do that and so that told her something it was different, but If you listen to the lyrics of his music. There's a lot of brutality, and so you you say snapped, but he had what day in between the time that he murdered this mother. Her daughter and her daughter's friend and then killed his suppose. had girlfriends dad. This is days apart And he had enough know what all to lie his way through all this So I don't know if he snapped so much as became enraged and sometimes
people when they get enraged like this. Someone needs to pay, So in his mind- and we ve seen this before- I mean some of us might even Personal experience yes, but you bill our relationship in your mind and when it doesn't work out the way you want it to its hard, but some people just get sad some people, get upset some people get angry and so people as well of mother, husband and wife cases, the cover some people get revenge on. This is why there's all the means and sayings like the husband did it or he felt rejected, So we asked a murder everyone around him. Why think? It's beyond? the rejection, I think he felt ashamed. So again, there was proud. A day or two between the murders of the three women and mark near brok. The
policies were performed on Monday september, twenty first, two thousand nine this, is actually when the police, officially announced who were held inside the home office. four of them were bludgeon to death with us jammer. They were oh brutalized, that they could not be identified, not by sight the items that were found in the home that could have been responsible for the. utilised in these murders were a ball peeing hammer, a wood, splitting maul some say a sledge hammer so which is it Would splitting mall sounds like a blue weapon also found a meat, cleaver and a knife, but I don't they were used in the murders now. The autopsies did not really reveal a good time of death for the women, their death estimated to have been
sometime around that wednesday also on Monday september, twenty first richards home California was visited by police that one in the morning there search warrant, and they took me things from their home, including richards computer. Obviously, his sister spoke with reporters and she was saying that richard Is extremely passive, so hearing that he is the main suspect really blew her mind, Oh, we never want to think these things of the ones we love. I get it for all we know a week before this went down richard was this meek guy that seemed younger than his age and didn't seem like threats. Anyone you, what some on the right situation and good things can happen, bad things can happen. Thinks can really change october night, two thousand nine, richard was indicted on six council capital, murder, rich
was charged with capital murder for each of his for victims and cap. murder for murdering multiple people within three years so they hit him with additional charge because of the way this went down this the kind of case that he's going to win now so you wonder rum well. How does this not go to trial because he would be screwed, they all the evidence they need against him. They ve collected evidence from the home from his home. They know for who were around him what he smiled like what he acted like that of lies that he fed to melt His mother. They know they've got the right guy appointed a attorney on january, twenty ten, so his attorney says you need to do a plea. Deal need to plead out here. Otherwise, no put you today, This is a question because the process
you can say: no. We really want to pursue these tough charges against the sky because he deserves it, but, on the other hand, deal saves lie court costs and you can see get someone put away and it saves the m families, the heart ache of going through the trial. Yet can't be understated that that is a very difficult thing. You go through. I can imagine, or do need to hear all that, so he ended up please guilty to two counts of capital, murder and you counts of first degree murder. He was given for life sentences in prison and law, Lost his right to an appeal: this is actually a pretty good deal. I'd say because he's not to get out and he can appeal to. This is done he's away no more trials, no more, no more lawyers talking about this. This is done it's over. He doesn't address
the court room, he doesn't address anybody. This was all brokered Pretty much behind closed doors and he avoided the death penalty. ro Kelly's parents, thomas and margaret ready statement, and it was We have endured a tragedy of unspeakable proportion. We are relieved, that just as has been done, while we will forget our loved ones or the circumstances of their deaths. We hoped forward and begin the healing process.
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Calm, slash slash gwp The attorney for rich mccroskey. I guess whose forward to let the poor snow. richard zone words. What happened? and that in other media wants to know I did. happen. So, according to this statement. Richard Mccroskey psycho sam had become enraged after reading acts that emma was receiving from other guy Eyes, while they were at this festival and oh richard, you said early thought they were exclusive. So, even though there is this coolness when they mad, he thought well show warm up to me didn't happen and on september fourteenth or on September fifteenth richard drinking smoking pot and may have take Some painkillers he old, Melanie wells first, who was asleep the couch. Then
went upstairs to kill tebrick kelly, then he killed emma in her bedroom, downstairs all These women were asleep when he attacked them, and this is backed up. The fact that there were no defensive wounds on their bodies, all of we're dead in a short time before three, a m now mark arrived on september, seventeenth and richer attacked him, mean those welfare checks. The first one richard answer the door, the second one he was gone richard had dragged mark. and Melanie into his room and try clean up the blood that was in the den and he so recorded a video admitted he knew that he needed to pay for what he did and thought about. killing himself and this is where we find out what what he used to murder these people wood cutting mall. That was to kill his for victims. Richard said that's what he picked up
and he felt like because of the weight of it, that nobody would suffer if hit someone ahead with this there, go out quick, there won't be suffering so for all the talk about his violent lyrics and his interest in the horror, cordial nra. apparently when he decided a member murderer. These four people were the course of two and a half days He actually wanted to give them some mercy when he killed them and, let's be clear, emma was its target, Everybody else was just everyone, else was just collateral because It happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and if you would have left or mark showed up. it would have been one less murder. A disturbing note here into them. and twelve it see. That richard had sold several letters and signed pictures to a crime, collector sight of murder Amelia,
It's against the law to profit from your crimes, and oh for richard, to have sole these items and for them be distributed and resold, etc. whilst I allowed, Your killer ink maintains that richard didn't sell them to them The little controversy I don't know if it was ever proven whether we actually did profit from these things, but you're, not you're, not allowed to o Higgins, his prison commissary. which is essentially the escrow account You can give money two prisoners, so they can buy the essentials to live wall incarcerated on thursday, september, twenty four two thousand nine a celebration of marks life was held at the church that he led. He was bare there is well september twenty fifth A memorial service was held for Melanie wells at brown, funeral homes, south berkeley, chapel,
on october. Third, a memorial service was held for Deborah Kelly and her daughter. Emma neater brok. At farmville, united methodist church and, of course, all these people We're dearly missed they. We say this is not a place where these things happen. This is really really shocking case, because any you gonna meet somebody you're taking a risk mean a comedian I listen to where he says. I'm surprised women date, men at all mean just dangerous. You know I mean I don't like you and I are dangerous people, but I mean you think about it. It comes down to murder are murdered by men, that's the old say by Margaret atwood Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them.
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