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24-year-old Annie Lee was an accomplished scholar, a PhD student, and was going to be married to the love of her life. She went missing on September 8th, 2009 while working inside a campus laboratory, and was found inside that same lab on September 13th, her wedding day.

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like Malta policy safety courses responsible driver in more your minds can really float free crews on where do progressive dot com to get a quote today and see if you could save progressive, guilty insurance, company and affiliates rates and discounts not available in all states are situations. tonight's cases, sort of a mysterious disk parents and- I can only imagine how a couple would feel just a week, out from a wedding and plans to start a new life together and then something terribly tragic happens so with that. What are we talking about tonight here tonight? We're talking about twenty four year old, Annie lay who was phd student and On september, eight, two thousand and nine in new haven connecticut. She was at the campus. She was working, but
She was never seen alive again now show was born in nineteen. Eighty five in san jose california she's a vow. Torreon at her high school voted. likely to be the next einstein so very bright. she had good friends, but she was very humble to after she graduated Sheena a hundred and sixty thousand dollars in scholarship money a lot of potential here, a lot of universities wanted her. She earned an undergraduate degree and sell development biology from the university of rochester, new york and there were. She met her fiance. She graduating the university of rochester in two thousand and seven, and she earned distinctions and research
spent two summers at an age conducting research on bone tissue engineering. Now Who was her fancy iron. and he was engaged to be married to John thou ski. He had graduated from colombia with a physics degree and This was a match that her friends and family were very happy about. Everyone Jonathan, both extremely intelligent and successful, so in Two thousand nine annie was twenty four years old and she was a student at yale. studying how fatty acids regulate an enzyme believed to be involved in cellular metabolism. this was all the find out if The enzyme was linked to metabolic disease. She was They contributing to a paper that was published in the journal of clinical invest. irrigation
obviously Annie was into science, which he was also concerned about campus safety. We ve all heard the stories chests and right I mean there are also happen at universities all around the country very of two thousand nine. She published an article in yells medical school magazine, it was tight. crime and safety and new haven, and this is part of what she wrote. In short, who haven is a city and all cities have their perils, but with a little treat smarts, one can have becoming yet another statistic: this is her warning people, but no it doesn't matter if you're in if you're in yale or whatever university you need, is beyond your toes never assume that you're safe. That's how I take it. campuses are fairly open, so any and from outside the campus can just stroll on into the property. There is a
the things that can go on there and she's. Just acknowledging this in trying to raise awareness and if everyone more safe. So Annie obviously was in new haven connecticut, but her can't say what in new york, but they had upcoming wedding. Their wedding was planned for september thirteenth of two thousand and nine and like we said, everybody loves Jonathan. They are very happy for this couple and no one is happier than Annie, she was very excited she was planning every detail for the wedding. She was in going so far as to make her own veil, but, as you know, you're attending yale and your planning a wedding. That's a lot! That's a lot on your plate below, stress possibly That Annie was dealing with at the time, but there is also something to be said for this long distance relationship there, both building for the sky. Right, I mean they're. Both
working on some major degrees here. They both have very big goals. because they're in a long distance relationship, they text in call each other throughout the day, and they stay in regular contact. So on september, ace, two thousand and nine when doesn't come home and no one's heard from her. It's a bit alarming. Now, because there are security cameras at the yale animal research centre, which near the yell medical school there to see when Annie got there too the campus. She The building at ten a m on september, eighth and Apparently there were three levels of security to get in the basement. Where am I would be, and too those levels of security required swiping security card, his matches security and safety is a priority. I think, and
was kind of thinking about the bigger picture here. But the building she's in sounds. High level security in no one's is gonna, be strolling and off the street. That sounds relatively save right. It's at a loss, p m that night when Annie's roommate she's named italy powers reports are missing sheet this by calling the yell university police and she calls them that Annie, never contact her that day, which was weird but what are the police usually say when someone goes missing? They say Maybe she ran away, maybe she's a groan person and she can do whatever she wants and on the face of it. Looking at this aaron. I'm thinking he's about to get married. She has it of pressure on her this going on. Is she getting caught, feed his she d. Ass, the she now having a.
mental health crisis, but the police don't know any of these facts. They have no idea about her wedding or anything so they're just coming up with their maybe took off on her own theory without any of evidence? But here I'm looking at this and thinking there are a lot of reasons that He could have taken off, but she take anything. Did she well? And we may have said stuff to the police to an u base They described good reasons why the police may have thought she could have run away and could anyone blame Annie right, that's a lot, but a coup two natalie anyway excited about the wedding excited about the future, excited about what she was doing at yale. Even their pressure she's, not just going to bolt she's going deal with that, because it going to be worth it, but of course.
she didn't take anything with her if she laughed because her cell phone, her money, her idee, that was all found in her off, this, which we, at these sterling hall of medicine. That's just ox away from the lab so because, like you, said she's an adult, the police are thinking. We don't know if we need to dedicate resources to this. Just yet because you don't know what she's up to she could have gone somewhere with friends or who knows what don't assume the worst right away, but when somebody disappears of core we're going to look at them. boyfriend their spouse, but jonathan He was in new york at the time of her disappearance and he had done come in to new haven for an interview and naval. Verified his alibi. He agreed to take a polygraph and they quick ruled him out as a suspect because sick
cameras showed she entered the building there find her ever leaving the building this guy's hundreds of miles away. So they're, probably still thinking Did this on around right, because the thing they do. Is they start coming through the available record. They can find text messages emails. have you right and they find any clues. As to where she might have gone. They, find any evidence. She was having an affair with any one. Nothing like that. It's almost like theirs, he's dead end, but the security it is really their best bet. like we said They see her on the camera coming in, at about ten a m and they she's wearing a brown skirt and a green shirt. Now there
About seventy cameras around the building and the garage and they had to go through all of this footage there are even times where there are large crowds of people leaving, because, At one point, I guess it was twelve thirty. In the afternoon there was a fire alarm but they never saw Annie there. Thinking did somebody carry her out. You know: did somebody but her in something and high her body and move it out, There is no evidence that she ever left the building. so they have to go with. Was present in the building and all of these security doors? Well, you have to scan your badge to get in and out sooner they're gonna go through and start determining who were moving in that area, monica now here is once the police, were really coming through the security footage. That's when annie
jonathan families together cancelled the wedding they had a bad feeling so its september, twelve daddy blood, rubber, gloves and a sock are found in the ceiling in one of the labs that she was working in. So The police, decay the entire building a crime scene looking into these security cards. You know your idea card that you used to get around the building and they found and were her last scan was, and there was a surge of activity which was on a dead and hallway, and there was just storage, room or closet down there, it's kind of a weird place for there to be a lot of activity and are the police scott access to that room. and one of the detectives got down on his hands and knees with a flashlight, they found a brow
bead on the floor. Annie was wearing a brown beaded necklace when she should the lab so their assuming. This is from her necklace and they're. Looking around the room and knocking on the walls calling for Annie just to see if she replies and they moved a rolling cart away from the wall, and they saw a small amount of blood active said. It was low to the ground and look like a fine spray from some mouth. Why of the workers This building had talked about the slab tech moving this card around and possibly moving it to cover up the blood? Spatter server police nera their suspects down to two com actors and a lab tech that worked in this area now they can
narrow it down because of who had acts. that area. Now they In our view, these contractors and they rule em out, but the lab tech they dont rule out. But it's on september thirteenth. The police search a waste processing facility it good dump site for trash and they're going through looking for her body has their assuming that maybe somebody murdered her got her body out of the building undetected and then dumped her in the trash, that doesn't mean that they stop searching the lab, so it same day. One of the two gaiters smelled, Something happened to them I felt, like a decomposing body one detective was his hands and knees in the bathroom, and this is just so. You know for those that are picking this up, I'm sure you are but their wanting to every little detail that can be found. That's why
they're down their hands and knees, and he opens up a metal access panel and assume he does he sees there is below. on the inside of it and that there is whose missing and then there's. yellow insulation blocking their view, the inside Oh, they move aside the installation and when they saw a body, since pretty devastating justin Annie, had been stuffed side down. To this. I guess it's like a cavity or a recess where the utility pipes are cables are its. basically a wall behind a toilet. SK reminds me a little bit of our julie hog episode, their hiding body, behind a wall and Apparently they could tell that she had been smashed. No one could recognise who she was, but I think they all knew who she was because
She was the only one missing so to give idea the hall all in the wall. Where these body was pushed into was about the size of a computer screen and not a very large one. So of course, many people gathered outside this lab for a candlelight vigil. There were flowers, placed candles play. Around the metal fence and The university responded immediately promising additional security, what medical examiner, find examined Annie. He fell. That she had died from traumatic, a fixation by neck compression just say she was strangled to death myself, but ah This requires some intense pressure to just crush them down like that She had a broken jaw, broken collarbone. Ah indeed, were determined to have been
done while she was still alive. She bruises on the back of her head and scratches on her body is is that she fought for her life, is found wearing surgical, gloves after was exposed blood. Smeared behind the wall of her items that she had had in the lab were with her son the green ink pen and a bloody lab coat She was partially disrobing and they did find seamen on her body, so ugly, see. This was a actually motivated attack, at least as far as the police can tell so, their attention is focused on the lab tech. Who is, twenty six year old raymond clark. Get a word from our sponsor click up Imagine having an extra day every week more time to come,
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start reclaiming your time for under five dollars. A month start click uptown com and use code g, w h Y hurry, this offer ensign. Raymond he was said to be very smart Friends say that you as a competitive baseball player and He was also a member of the asian awareness club. It said, He was a volunteer and t raised money for cancer patients. But mostly said that he was friendly but not all is good news here right, there's a police report from two thousand and three that talks about clark harassing a girl friend in high school and He said that he raped her and she was afraid to leave him by clockwork, charged with anything at the time. There's just a report taken. The interesting thing is that his
girlfriend at the time spoke to good morning america. This is years ago and said that clark was an angry person who would get very fast with her when they argued and he was very controlling and dictated what she could wear what she could do, who she could be friends with Clark started working at this lab a year after that yale didn't do a back check on him because they didn't really start doing that until after he was hired by law county was just quiet. He kept himself, he did his job. He was based the custodian but he was also known to have conflicts with people at the lab. He was a control. Freak if you didn't wear your shoe covers in the lab he, very angry with you and, if you left any mess behind you in here, bought it from him in. It said that are e between clark, annie about this
of the lab in him planning how she left some of the mice cages dirty. She would. Clean up after herself, and this upset him now clark, was engaged to be married as well. As you already said, he was controlling and wouldn't allow his fiancee relate to talk to everyone he would tell her when she could talk to people. Damn she continued defend him. Now it doesn't matter what the neighbors said doesn't matter, what other witnesses said his view. say, jennifer said my boyfriend re. If you don't know, him has no interest in any of the other girls at why our sea as thing more than friends She also said he is bit naive. Doesn't always the best judgment, definitely is not the best of character, but he has a good guy now I, add through her blog posts, It sounds to me like she believed in raymond clark,
that was good guy and she thought people, misreading him or spreading rumours, but she didn't believe them the investigators they have. physical evidence here, their they're able to track his movements inside the building on September. Eighth in you can't deny that you can't fake that unless you gave your card to somebody else, which obviously he's not gonna say he's done there, so they can track is movements, and adding to their investigate. soon he was swipe his card more often that days then was usual and they able to find out what he should have been up to that day. What were his duties that day? But all these key swipe said he was doing well, they add up to something very suspicious. They
check the security cameras and they noticed that when he entered the building, he was wearing blue jeans white shoes and a dark jacket with white stripes. When he left the building, though he was well in a completely different outfit. I, always change my clothes halfway through the day on workers, like it, something on your right and they were witnesses who spoke with the police and said yeah. They saw him doing there, sir. They saw bloody wipes, his cart. What have you so this is all pretty clear that car is the guy that the police need to track down, need to talk to now. Even the investigators sock our around while they were looking for Annie one of them saw him, scrubbing a floor drain with steel wall and a clue solution? and this? This officer looking at it like that
trains already clean. I wonder why he's down their salaries he's taking notice but in initially he's thinking? Is this guy just curious about what we're doing and he's just you know weeping or doing some kind of meat, your task to watch us? Do our work, or is he actually trying to cover something up and the once they narrow it down it everything's to come together, yeah really seems obvious that, because there are multiple officers that saw him cleaning clean areas. It really seem like he was trying to follow them and see what they are up to, but answer number tenth, the fbi who had gotten involved. a find some evidence that they believe be tracked back to clark, and this includes of wipes and in exile lab coat with. had stains on it, which we found in a recycling box in this
because clark was seen wearing a lab. Cote D looked just like that on that in question. Obviously, He got some blood on it and was getting rid of it. Detectives collected did annie's toothbrush among some other items from her place in the EU. This to extract dna. They were going to compare Her dna to dna found on items that they collect from the crime scene and from the lab, and they have matches? Do they not oh they do and they ve and an unknown males dna allow with hers. So now they're going. have to identify whose dna that is now clark does talk to an officer he said, and this was on september tenth. He said, He saw Annie, leaving the lab at twelve forty five p m, which would have been about fifteen minutes before he left the building and
for the fire alarm went off and when asked well. What did you see her doing? He said that she was carrying a notebook and too bad said mouse food, how for anyone wandering the fire alarm was activated because there was steam from an autoclave used, sterilised lab equipment toes. space here, fire alarm worked out, but there no danger and the. The police suspect that clause was the one that trip the fire alarm in an attempt to hide Annie's body get everyone out of the building, so he could do some stuff. Now this story that he gave investigators and help him any more because they had already look through. All the footage they never saw any leave now according to clark, new any they had men early, two thousand nine, but He didn't socialize with her and he never talk outside of work, but just in
there was some questionable marks on raymond clark. What were those well He had scratches on his face and on his arm Ah, he says that it was one of his cats, but, of course, bessie gaiters are not gonna believe this, because it's obvious that Annie had fought during whatever altercation she was involved in and is where they get search warrants. They're going to get swabs body, her samples, fingerprints and finger now clippings there. going to do their best to see. If, if he's the killer, I also found this robber of and an isaak, like you talked about it. You know in the ceiling and I mean this is just a lot of evidence to go through and test, and they also bloodstains in the lab rooms, but it takes time, but there isn't it
to clean up. They know that much as well, but it September fifteenth. When they take him into custody, and they search his apartment, but he's released the next day. I'm not sure if he was actually arrested here and released or if he was brought in for like attainment yeah they wanted. They wanted to collect dna samples They just seems weird that they would essentially taken into custody and then let him out the next day and then ask him for more interviews, I stir. I guess he had a good lawyer, while also, I think, they're being careful right. Its it seems ass, like they have a lot, but they really want to, as I say, dot their eyes and cross her tease here, there's other people that are arrested with pride, will cause and denied by also, I just would assume that this would breach
so that level yeah like could see that but I'll got the feeling they didn't think he was a flight risk, for whatever reason so all in all the fbi said they collected about two hundred and fifty pieces of evidence from the lab and formalities, home and they started testing all of this right. They tested this. This green pen, they found parkes dna on the pen cap and and he's dna in blood stain on the pen and the sock that had been found. The ceiling had both of their dna profiles on it mean at some point testing this stuff and they know they have enough to go ahead. That arrest would say that if all they had was their combined dna on a pan, that's one thing but they have a seat. You're building whether in the same areas
proven that he is in the same room with her because of the security badges that they have to scan at the doors and he has as all over his stories are not adding up so I think there is overwhelming evidence here september Seventeenth, they arrest raymond clark at pray motel and they bring him to court. where he was sent to a maximum security prison to await trial, his bond was set at three million dollars now that they have em they're, going to make sure there is no way he's getting away. Well at that point clark was saying: I'm not talking anyone, and Why was he had? A super? Eight motel, I mean seems like he was trying to Oh undetected here Of course no surprise. But raymond clark pleads not guilty to all of the charges against him. Raymond clark
was facing charges a felony, murder and attempt to commit. Sure salt so If he was found guilty of these charges, he would have faced sixty years maximum in prison and twenty years for the attempt. at sexual assault, but he's going to trial? Is he now. he island setting a plea deal. sorts? He actually takes an alfred plea. He pleaded tee to the attempt to commit sexual assault, acknowledges that there state had enough evidence to convict him, but he was admitting gill under duress. You know how and offered plea works and you can do that before trial. I know a lot of us think the west Memphis three and you do it after you, ve been, can did to get out, but you can do an alpha alfred, please any time
I pleaded guilty to murder. Raymond Clark they can tell had attempted to sexually assault, Annie and he brutalized her in the process. He broke her jaw and her collar bone and sure he had murdered her. He also said drains and use air fresheners. He attempted Clean up the scene, but so found something odd. You know that they talk about here, which they had found notes in his socks where he, is trying to come up with a false alibi. But his attorneys say that's not true, but that is something that was reported on the prize that a they release term after they had taken him into custody, and I am also surprised that they offered him a plea deal because I'm just I'm thinking they had overwhelming evidence here, but I guess
it's to save the the families from having to go through a trial Annie his family for sure, because they couldn't even go to the hearing in this. where you- and I think was they ve got him, can they let him go like this because its somewhat let them go by again. I think they are balance everything. What is the family want? How does this work ass for everybody and they can, the point and say he's not getting out. twenty fifty three, that's a lie long time. If even makes it Now Annie's family wasn't at the hearing because they just couldn't take hearing about what had happened to their daughter but parks, Hence, were there and the things they did. Was they apologize to the lay family raymond clark, the second raymond? had said it is with a heavy heart that I stand here before you today,
We will live out our life, knowing that he is behind bars, but we are proud of raver. taking responsibility for his actions and pleading guilty I want you to know that re has expressed extreme remorse from the very beginning. I can't tell many times he sobbed uncontrollably. telling me how sorry is telling me how his heart is tortured by the reality that he caused. The at the vanity well, I dont know how Annie's family took this but got the sense that that raymond clark took responsibility immediately now he was trying to cover the whole thing up and On top of that, he please not guilty initially. So what is regardless of how he's real doing, as we know he's crying because he got caught I'd say I can't know for certain whether he's expressed real remorse or not, but
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I take full responsibility from actions. I alone am responsible for the death of annual lay and car. tremendous pain to all who loved and cared about Annie, truly sorry. I took any away from our friends her family, While her fiance I've always to do the right thing and stay out of trouble, but I failed. I took a life and If to lie about it, while Annie's friends, family and fiance sat and waited. Just in the questions are now, How did he do this? I I I don't think there the real question there. I know it's reported on that. There's no motive provided, but it's obvious what the motive was now He was a control freak. He had a temper. and he I took it out on ani that day he was angry with her, and I mean he attacked her and then during that attack, I think aegis was like I'm going to
do whatever I want with you, because I am in control and there must an immense amount of sympathy for not only and his family, but for her fiance, I can't even imagine they were much in love and everyone who is known of them said this the special couple right now, There were just what, for five days out from their wedding. This is what they were building up to This is everything they were dreaming of and they both were highly educated and highly successful and going to, start their dream life. I can't even imagine, being in his shoes with covered, or at least a few other cases where some he's murdered right before a wedding, somebody's murdered. For big event. like this spot.
Normally it is their feet say the spouse. Normally its somebody He doesn't want to go through with this in this case is she was still from him she was taken from the family, I dont think were really know why he had act Annie that day. Maybe look at the emails and say that he was angry with her, but he was angry with multiple people there. As we say, before raymond I was involved in the asian awareness club and in a way talk about diversity and all the other things that being in that club involves. But I wonder, If there is another reason he was involved in that if he was looking for a victim than he was looking for someone smaller than him that he could overpower. Annie was the big and so he's along with Annie down the lab. and I wonder you know, despite the anger
he's had towards her days had run, people as well. I wonder if he just took that opportunity. To attack her, then we do know is that, while he act Annie. She tried Defend herself and she fought for her life if we wonder why things escalated, the way they did, I think he because of his control, because of his anger, he attempted destroy her, but I The real motive is a sexual one, never met. an episode of generation. Why subscribe to us on apple podcast, spotify, cast box or reverie listening right now, also he sure, to follow us on social media. Our tik tok is at gen pod our instagram is at generation. Why podcast joint wondering, plus in the wondering, app to listen ad free
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