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The Murder Of Kim Thomas //Replay


Kim Thomas. Charlotte, NC. In 1990, a kidney specialist arrives home late one night to the sound of his crying child. After retrieving the 13 month-old from his crib, he discovers the body of his wife in their living room. She had been handcuffed behind her back and killed with a knife or some other sharp instrument. It appears as though the attack began while she was sleeping. When investigators look into the murder they will end up with two very different suspects. Was this a crime of passion? Or a robbery gone wrong? Did her husband murder her to avoid a costly divorce? Or did a laborer with a history of violence and theft in that area commit the crime?

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tonight is an unsolved murder in North Carolina. Ninety ninety a husband, arrives home from work at about ten p m and, as he arrived at the house he hears there are thirteen months old son crying! So it goes into the home and he goes to his sons, room and picked him up, and then he leaves the room: He sees his wife's body in the dining room, her hands. Behind her back and she has been brutally attacked, her legs are played out says that he can tell. Even though he's not close to her, he is actually a fair ways away. He says that he and tell that she is dead. Who is he and who? Is she how long they ve been married? The husband is doctor, add Freeland and he's a kidney, special came Thomas and add. Freeman met at the University of Rochester in nineteen seventy nine and they were in their early twenties. They bring
age by nineteen. Eighty two and Kim broke off the engagement a few months later, but he got engaged again and eighty three and married now ten, eighty, four in New Jersey? Now there move to Miami Florida where Friedland was a resident neurologist, they move. To show and eighty six. When freedom and became the medical director of Mecklenburg Dialysis centres, when he was married to originally how much was he making it was making? What about see some thousand dollars a year. Yes, seventy. I think it is like seventy four to seventy six thousand, which decent amount, but for that time it was a very decent amount right. Then he continued to be successful.
though overtime yeah. I think he was actually means a kidney, specialist and surgeon. He had multiple offices and he made closer to two hundred fifty thousand a year. So substantial income increase from the time they met to the time she died and then, even beyond that it look like his income was going to grow even more. The EU is opening up a new clinic and he wasn't it's a painting at least three hundred thousand dollar profit in the first two years. Now him Thomas in ninety. Ninety she was around thirty two years of age. She added in organisation known as southern Piedmont hours and it's an independent adoption agency and she also co authored a guide for pregnant women titled, a Charlotte child which is same because came Thomas could not? c mon around or with her husband. I should say
She had some sort of issue and they tried. Then you can imagine even in vitro fertilisation and she could not get pregnant these son that we mentioned in the summary he was actually part of an open adoption there they met them and she gave birth to the boy and they would take him home She was also a leader in the National Organization of women. She was the local chap, information coordinator. He could think of in informing and coordinator as a spokesperson. She was taken formation or policies put them out there in a way that was easy for people to digest She would also have now meetings in her home people gave her credit for being so warm and informative, and caring about women's issues and women's rights there and her husband. He did his thing with the medical fields in opening his.
faces sounds like they were kind of going into different directions, while relationship wise, that's what it appears she had. an or diaries- and these came the light later. In fact, at one point, her husband would read them in court and it showed that over time, even early on they had troubles and that divorce would come up from both sides here and there over time. Regular topic up disk. right that that seem to die off closer to this event, because they adopt this boy. The diary entries turn more positive, Ike, I'm so happy. We had this boy were doing all the things we won Do now right, he's becoming very successful and Kim. Has this boy Elliot, who she just two doors. In fact, one friend said that.
They were hanging out. Anne Elliot had a little bit of We on his face and without missing a beat when can notice that she just picked him up licked it off his face real quick and send them back down and was grinning as she just adored this little boy. Let's get to the day of the event here, so we can kind of go over some of those details evidence, because I think that's what really makes this story interesting the morning of which was July 27th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety Edward. Her husband says he gets up in the morning and Kim gets up with him. They have coffee and he is seen off by her
and his boy they waved a bite on. There are discrepancies in the time between seven to seven forty five in the morning, and he goes off to work. He at work all day long, and he says he doesn't go home and tell Ten p m at night ish and that's when he comes home and finds his wife has been brutally murdered. He calls nine one one: the police respond. They questioned him because. He is the spouse. He is the last person to see her alive. This is normal police procedure as we know, and they ask him, Where were you this morning? What was the last thing you did? How did you find her? They go on from there and they interrogate him for hours and hours an hour
and for the most part, he's very forthcoming with them in he. tells them how's day went. I think they bought it though cuz the investigation kind of turns more on him than any one else? At that point, while there is no one else yeah so for when I can tell, though, that they were spending of time really focused on just evidence in and around that property, so was. some of the evidence that they found here, what was this crime scene like well We should say that when they, when they got there, they lock that place down for four days straight and they re using floodlights inside and outside the house illuminating much they could to see if there is anything to pick up anything to find they managed to fines.
Evidence, but not very much so they found that whoever had committed this crime seem to have attacked came when she was sleeping. How do we know that because came where's earplugs when she goes to bed in her body was found with at least one? If not both Europe, bugs in her ears. She was dressed for bed when she was found. She had at least one of her air plug still in and. her son was still in his crib. The problem here is that Kim when she got up. She would change her clothes and her sons, clothes, meaning they would get dressed for the day they get out of their night closer into their day clothes. In other words, so this doesn't really work with them. Having got knob
and saying goodbye to him and then somehow going back to bed. There was there routine right and she was handcuffed. She appeared to have been handcuffed while she was sleeping and then- it they said from the scene. It appeared ass though she had been able to kick off of the bed and run out of the bedroom and that the killer yanked on her hair and took her down. It appears that she was attacked in bed, probably asleep unaware. The killer was able to at least get a few goods slices and she runs, and then he tracks her down takes her.
And whether or not she was handcuffed on the bed or off the bed, not really sure, but she was handcuffed and then he finished her off with some sort of knife or scalpel or some sort of sharp. Instead right right. This instrument, whatever it was some kind of a cutting tool or a knife, was never located, but it was used on her more than twenty times and not stabbing somewhat stabbing slashing mostly slashing, but some of the cuts did go to the spinal so some of them went pretty deep. So you could say somewhat cutting buyer it just wasn't a stabbing motion. I Kay but we would normally associate with Michael
Meijer or whatever. Now she did have cuffs on. They were gold, cuffs or at least golden tired. Calves are coloured cops, so she's handcuffed with gold handcuffs. Are they able to tie these handcuffs, back to Doktor Friedland. No, all they can say is that they know that Doctor Friedland seems to be into bondage. This is according to his mistress and other girl phronsie hand while having extramarital affairs. Yes, this is corroborated by other people, but they can't tie those specific handcuffs to him, and even his lawyer has stated that if you can find Dna on those handcuffs you'll have your killer, but it won't be Doktor Friedland because
is DNA. Won't beyond those handcuffs they weren't his and these were tested. But the yielded no fingerprints. There was other blood placement around the house that did not have fingerprints either. So it's pretty apparent that the killer was wearing gloves correct. They said from the way that the blood was left in the office, especially that it appeared as though the the killer was wearing cotton gloves. Whoever did this also went into the office and image rifling through documents in drawers but closing these drawers, so they would in a drawer rifle through some staff, or at least the tops of these things and enclosed the drawers. Nothing was left open. The murderer loitered around the house after the murderer David touched some of doktor, freelance clothes, so sounds like there's a lot of blood here for the body prince right there were footprints. There is
Firstly, one really clear print that had a wavy tread pattern that was left in the blood near so they can actually see it identify it may be match it with another shoe add some idea of what kind of show it may have been as well. Doktor Friedland had a pair of rubber overshoes that he kept in the trunk of his vehicle. what they knew of them. They likely had very similar tread pattern and they would make an effort to retrieve these shoes from Doktor Freeland, but he never gave them to them and they never fear, up either they never followed up. They never found him, so I dont know what to make a bad. It seems like a few have at least that lead. You should track it down to the end, especially in a case like this, where we'll go over it some more, but I really don't have alot now so We think if you have something which is these overshoes may be met king and I'm not saying they do I'm saying from what they
all there are probably a good match. So it's worth looking into. the end and they didn't look for it. If you could find that shoe the same size and tested for blood you, you got something there. Another thing bends is they use Luman all you know indifferent rooms, they Is it in the master bedroom sink because these It seemed ass, though maybe the killer had washed blood off into that sink. The luminal test there was inconclusive. They also tested the floor with luminal, but from what I stand. They screwed up because you're supposed to use a loom allied to check for hares and fibres first and by using Luman all they may have scattered work spurs. Some of this evidence will the net the hare fibre Warm mock up with the carpet. You know with the solution, so it won't stand out later now they gave Klaxons hair
there's and most of them didn't really yield any results and the ones it did all they could say as they appear to be caucasian they found different prince like fingerprints, but they were not usable. Typically, that things that their smudges yeah, because we don't always leave perfect prince when we touch something especially for moving quickly. They did find one print, but they were able to match anybody and if he was wearing gloves most of the time right, you have them If someone is leaving blood evidence behind that appears to have been left visa cotton glove and why would you ever get their prince at all there? So you can have to wonder about the fingerprint evidence as little as there is. If it's even worth anything. What was up the dog, the dog was left, you could say, closed up in the master bedroom when the killer laugh. They closed the dog in that room,
That's weird! Right of the questions I have. They had a security system on the house that morning, according what they can tell. The alarm system was not armed whose deactivated came his arm, the house. If she was going to bed, there is no sign of force century and there's nothing stolen from the house, and the dog apparently didn't alert boy. You would think if someone was asleep that the dog barking wake him up, you'll sable! If she had earplugs in how would you hear anything- and I think that's debatable, but I've or near plugs- and I can still hear stuff itches it muffled loud noises such as a gunshot and things like that. But you can still hear things I where I times where my shooting here protection to bed to muffle my wife snoring. I can still hear her snoring, it's just not as loud. It's a questionable thing, because dogs are very protective of a home and you
dogs were in, you have little dog. So how do you think your dogs of react? If a stranger- and I think you have some experience with this- it entered your home or was outside your home, trying to get in yeah they I mean they alert me every day that the male man's trying to kill me in the mail man's actually pretty stealthy. That said, if I come home late at night, They typically Donna where maybe they actually know my sound but late at night the mill and I they won't get up and do much, but I think they just now the key, sound and me stepping through the door. Where is a mammoth big boots or something else they they alert on nothing typically. So I'm I'm surprised when they don't alert on me coming home, but I think they just no. It's me so nothing stolen and
we don't find the murder weapon or the gloves were the shoes at the crime scene and the top sheet is missing from the bed. So there's a theory that the perpetrator put all these things on the bed and roll them up into the bed sheet. The bloody bed sheet and left carrying this and disposed of all these things somewhere else take mom to the word from our sponsor huntakiller, your family and friend, We don't watch true crime, tv or listen to true crime podcast. I know during family gatherings. You sit there and play along while your family bus out the board games, and I mean boring games, stop buying doll, plastic health and saying sorry and spice up your night with unto killer. I love Hunter killer because it allows me to go to arguments, evidence ADI recordings and case files can like what I do for the podcast making me feel like the detective hunting,
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While you are P r, a d dot com, slash gin, why encode gin? Why? For twenty percent off your first order, you think if the killer Commissioner. Crime takes the bed. She with all items inside they can DR somewhere and find a dumpster and just shove it in the dumpster. So we leave this guy had enough know how to take off his shoes. Wear gloves and bring his own knife
right for all accounts. He was there to kill Kim, because you didn't take anything mean if you would have been in the middle of stealing stuff in Kim interrupted this here. Maybe he doesn't take any of the things that he came there to steal, but the sky appeared to have murdered, came first and then loitered around the house right is difficult to say: that's one of the questions is: did the killer take came to the office or did they go to the office after but came was wearing jewelry valuable jury, so you would think the killer could have at least grabbed the jewelry was on her. Her purse was out, her walk was out, her car keys were free, Have we not that hard to find if they wanted to take her car? Yet we don't.
exactly why they had an interest in the office. We don't know So it may or may not have been to find something in particular, which we have no idea could have been a deceptive move. It could have been we'll make it look like we're looking for something, but it's all just that act. It's just something for you to look and go. Why were they in the office? Why were they looking at the office stuff and not to get morbid, but Kim's body was displayed out? Her legs were spread, it appeared as if she might have been sexually assaulted, but she was not correct. She was not raped, but they said that the way her legs were Slade that it would not really have been a natural move, so someone would have had to spread her legs and they know that someone did this because I believe Sir Knee actually smooth
the blood as her legs were pulled apart, yeah, so weird positioning of the body, Nothin stolen two questions here and her nightgown was hiked up. I dont know if it matters or not, but when Edward came home he calls nine when one he reports this, he doesn't go to him. He said, is, from afar he's able to see that she's dead and that he doesn't need to. do CPR or try to resuscitate her. He just calling for help I know everyone behaves differently in a time of crisis, but I personally think that little odd, I would just assume that if you're loved one has been injured harmed whatever, even if it's totally obvious bear our dead, you run to them, you hold them, you check on them. You try to
Minister help or you just simply cry over them, none of those things happen. So I think that's what kind of key the detectives off in the beginning that something's wrong with this scene. Here then his wife, but if they were getting along- and this is something that's possible, if There wasn't any love there. Then he might not have run to her, it may have been a more complicated situation for him. just oh, my god, what happened now? That's where we could say well what about empathy, someone you know and you ve spent a lot of time with and at this point we're talking they were married for six years. You would think they'll be enough time that, even if they had their issues, this goes beyond that. This is a murder yeah, so you would think that there would be movement towards her? The investigators made note because they said they have to really hold these husbands back or wives back if their spouse is found, dead,
in ECHO's, even beyond just the initial arrival at the crime scene. I think it's what four years after the murder, they actually bring charges and go after Edward. He goes a trial yeah. What would happen? Was there is a call to crimes shoppers and the person tells them that add freedom, and was having an affair with Brigitte David, who was a nurse and he was using drugs. and so this gets the police to take another. Look at him. Remember the I'm seen is such that they can kind of tell what happened They don't really know much. There is not really enough, and there's no murder weapon. The shoe evidence, doesn't lead anywhere there's. You know the dna isn't helping you name it just on down the line, there's nothing really to work with their. They even
contact by cap, which is the FBI's division they profile and try to help you figure out what kind of person would have done, the crime long story short their profiles indicated either. This could have been a Oregon, wrong or crime of passion. So as to kind of suspect profiles there that's what gets them refocused and four years after Kim's murder he's charged because there Looking at these profiles and thinking. Well, we don't have any jewelry stolen, we'll have money stolen the car wasn't stolen. The way she was attacked was pretty vicious, the way her body was left, was very demeaning, so dyslexic a crime of passion. Now, who would do that? Well, I only have one aspect: we the husband who says he left a mean depending on what you will
keep somewhere between seven and seven hundred and forty five, most likely. You know most reports for you and I've read said between seven hundred and thirty and seven hundred and forty five. I got the sense. It was seven hundred and forty five, but you know it's debatable that he leaves the house, but there saying goodbye to mean I leave. We had coffee and they're saying goodbye to me and when they're going through their evidence, you know they test Kim Dae tests to see. If she had coffee but doesn't appear as though she's had coffee and who has coffee and goes back to bed or who has coffee goes back to bed,
spite their child now being up yeah. I have some experience with little children and they are just go back to bed like that. No, in her ear plugs were in. I just doubt that she got up left her earplugs in while they may coffee with the child and said goodbye to bite that just doesn't compute to me at all. So I don't think she got out of bed made coffee and saw him off to work. This is a huge problem I have with this. So they decide. This is their guy yeah. They need to use the circumstantial evidence, They're gonna build a case against him and they want to take him to court. there is an issue here. The prosecutor has a forensic pathologist named Doktor, Michael Batten, who is going to testify as to when came Thomas died time of death
and he says it's before seven hundred and thirty in the morning on that Friday, so Edward would still have been home. Now he used different techniques to determine time of death, and the judge wasn't moved by these, while I has to do with law is what it comes down to. It's really tricky because you could think of it is what do they consider a good method for determining time of death he used like I flew. and mother determining factors. The county which is Mecklenburg, has a medical examiner, its doktor Michael Sullivan. He performed the autopsy on came, and he said that it likely happened before free and left the house or a work morning morning, hours bad and said that it likely happened before seven. Thirty, a m which is still at the time the freelance should be there
and this is where everything goes wrong now banned, used fluid from Thomas's eyes, as well as other information about the case, provided to him to nail down a time of death, standard procedure stuff, but this did not. This did not go well in court, because Friedland defence attorney referred to it as voodoo evidence. and he says that the Charlotte Police Department Coast bad to produce the Evans they needed to convict Friedland on one side We have seen forensic pathologists and people working in conjunction with prosecutors, and obviously time of death is fairly important in this case. But this is what the guy dictated. He used pretty standard procedures, but the defence got their point across
and the judge deemed it inadmissible. One of the jurors actually was talking about this and said that you know for Doktor Freeland to pull this off he has to murder, is wife early in the morning needs to have his child put back in the crib and then he asked to leave all day and leave that child there all day leave little Elliot in his crib from seven hundred and forty five or so all the way until ten p dot m at night. That's a long time to leave a thirteen month old and they described it as it would have to be a psychopath to do that. If it wasn't someone just there to rob the house who had to kill to keep the robbery secret hello again, as we said, nothing Stolen, but it's interesting that one of the themes are one of the story lies a keeps coming up. Here is what if this was robbery gone wrong and a robbery is just
Another suspect is the perfect cared for and whose that that would be a Marian gales. Marian was a crackhead in the neighborhood that would break into homes and steal things. Marion's brother in law, James Rose Bureau had actually done yard work for Kim Thomas and Edward at their house, and its said that gales probably was a hired hand and worked on their yard a few times yet Edward has no connection to two gales. They don't know each other, so it's possible, he was there as a hired hand. They say that he was a laborer, that he would do the job here and there happened the same morning of this murder at around, for I am something a witness named William Nobles,
spotted gales walking around the neighborhood and it five hundred and thirty a dot m. He knocked on the door of David Moore's, who happens to be the next door. Neighbor of Kim and Edward David says gales was obviously screwed up and high out of his mind, Gale says I'm a police officer, your car. it's been broken into, and you need to step outside for me with your car keys and fill out a report David doesn't by this big. As five thirty, a M dishevelled man whose obviously on drugs David, just called nine one and says: there's a crazy crack era. My doorstep and trying to
Get me to come outside or trying to gain injured in my house. You need to take care of us, so the police respond, but gales is God he takes off after this situation and according to the police, they do patrol the neighborhood for a while looking for this, and I'm sure they talk to David and the cops come and talk to you. It's not like they just go. Oh, is he not? Here? Ok see later now, if they stop, they plot there, no pad they take a report. So the cops will probably there for twenty minutes issue, but gales was gone. Gales has a record for breaking into houses his girlfriend, would say that he probably broken into at least twenty houses, some of which were in the same neighborhood by the time that Kim was murdered. A few of those incidents.
Gale, actually pulled out a gun and shot a woman and be another woman and put her in the hospital. It's not a good guy he's a dangerous guy, yeah and he's on drugs. That's why he robs people, that's why he breaks into houses, to grab property, sell it or his drug addiction. Edward thinks this is the guy that killed my wife and you coming after me, or prosecuting me you're, going after the wrong guy. She had this gales character. Who was there that morning literally next door and is high on crack and a problem and known for breaking into home? Yes, he's been in and out of prison for many years. I think he's the perfect
Spect Intel, I think nothing was stolen. The dog wasn't killed. Everything was cleaned up real nice entirety. I dont know if a guy roaming around a neighbourhood on crack has the ability to do this, but at the same time Am I can't totally write em off either? Well, there's some notes about gales here, the prosecutor in the case against Doktor Friedland, which they charges get dismissed because Michael batten down the path colleges, yet he's now allowed a test by its inadmissible evidence. So that's pretty much the key to the problem. Dropping charges against Edward Well, it's half the other half involving gales is that he says when he started to see the evidence against scales. He said I wonder why he wasn't prosecuting gales instead of Doktor Freeland, so the prosecutor actually loses his drive to go after Doktor Friedland,
one of the things that happens later with gales that makes him in here better suspect. Is he, ends up murdering a twenty seven year old woman who was an acquaintance of his in two thousand eight there's a murderer, so we know he can kill. But while that looks damning again when you go over all of the evidence there never any evidence that he was in the home. No dna, no fingerprints not even the Harris found were consistent with his in color or shape or anything. I know his girlfriend thinks that he did some really bad things. An absolutely thinks that he could have done this. His brother in law said that he saw gale that day later on wearing bloody clothes and that he owned a pair handcuffs. But it's all here say- and I think his brother even retracted that statement about seeing him in the bloody closely.
Peter so one there is also in the brown creek. Correctional centre, someone there who was. I guess you could say how's with Marian Gales said that gales confided to him. They allow snitch right that he murdered a woman, Oh, there were indications that they had a suspect on there with gales, but I would say in over the whole case. The one thing that I mean there are several things here really, but I would say what- most important understand why gales doesn't make. A very good suspect in the end is one because he was a crackhead and because he's broken into homes they have a good with him. They know how he acts when he's inside of a home. He's not careful about, whether he leaves evidence are not wholly fingerprints in winning
got the one lady in the arm. It was because he didn't think anyone was home. She walked in the middle of the the crime, and that was his knee. Jerk reaction was to pull out a gun shooter and he still flat yeah and he always stole stuff every single time. He would steal something if you want to do it he would take something. That was this point I would, I would even go so far as to say is typical MO was to steal stuff and not to hurt people. They're hurting people was just a reaction when he was caught in the act recent early beginning times, so the police have these two suspects. We've already talked about. How Gail's doesn't seem that great, but polygraph right. So there were two polygraphs administered to Marion Gales and there were three of them.
to Doktor Friedland. Now, Doktor Friedland actually requested to those on his own by two different polygraphers yeah, and they were highly regarded lots of experience, his third and the ones that gales did were administered by the state act. I think so because mean let's face it. Gales doesn't have any funds. Now polygraph for Doktor Friedlin were conducted on October, seven and October twenty ninth and then there was a third one. Later the year, late fall by the first two were found to be in his favour. Yet as far as truthfulness, they say that Edward pass with flying colours when asked about the murder of his wife and then the third one showed deception, but this one was not one that he had hired the polygraph. Now you seen these conducted right in
you watch the graph and supposedly what happens? Is they ask you a series of questions that are their test? Quite control, crush control, question. where they can see what kind of movement you're getting when you're responding and then randomly you throw in something very, very taxing. I need stressful and the kind of gauge where the needles going and supposedly, when you're deceptive. That's when you spike, you start spiking in apparently that's what happened here, but with gale when they asked him did you murder? Can it did not spike in that first test, but they said that it showed deception during the test. The second test with gale did not spike one. They said. Did you kill her? but when it when they asked him, do you know who killed her or beautiful things that were kind of surrounding the question? That's when he failed equal
the past just as much as Edward did in my mind, if, if you take polygraph for any worth, which I have a friend that works for the government, he says that government colleagues sir Lot different MIKE as far as FBI, CIA, those are different, then state run. Paragraphs were pulling run I dont know I dont have a lot of faith in them. I think different people can read them differently, interpret the data and different oh react and respond differently. The whole thing called White Coat Syndrome, which is a real thing. People's blood pressure goes up when they go to the hospital because they're just freaked out. How can you not look at a pie, test and say white coat syndrome, wouldn't be a factor in this tat moment. A word from our sponsor critic armor? Do you want to make a big change? If you thinking about homer innovations or pain, down old credit card bills, credit karma can help you find alone that works for you, whether you refinancing accredit debt or paying for upcoming expenses.
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to find the loan for you. That's credit, karma dot com, Slash loan offers, while the North Carolina Supreme Court said that paragraphs are inadmissible anyway, and we talk about it before they might be used. Oh, but since are not admissible, there really just give you an idea of. Maybe she keep pursuing a suspect win. You dont have a law. evidence against them. How much time need a waste on somebody. If say, you have a polygraph conducted, so when you trusted in they dont showing section there, maybe, move on. I think that is the tour. I think a police interrogation is a better tool just reading somebody with your own eyes. I would agree with that. So Doktor Friedland make statements. He says. Whoever did this is walking around free everyone's judging me there and he says things like you know my son
I were the ones that are the victims, she's gone she's, not suffering more, but were left and I'm being persecuted talks about he's having to deal with this and he's very upset once the charges are dropped, he doesn't just go away almost as though he gets does often together. Yet he starts fighting back. What happens is he files are wrongful death suit against marrying ales? He maintains he's responsible and, of course, in a civil suit. You dont have to really prove much. Now, let's laid out this way, he has a great lawyer. And Mary Gales really didn't have any sitting in prison but he has no money. He just takes what he can get you don't even care about the civil law suit. Why does a matter mean yeah sure he gets to come out of his cell, for you know maybe a week or two, but he has no interest in defending himself
Friedland wins this civil suit and he gets an award of eight point: six million dollars, which of course, gales. zero of the nineteen. seven. He sees the city of Charlotte and for police investigators. Four malicious prosecution he's stating that they're gone after him, despite no reasonable pause for going after him, and it costs the city four million dollars in four years of its time before the sitting. where's were successful and get the suit dismissed because their probable cause. As the judge says, this is a reasonable prosecution
So why was it reasonable he's? The spouse he's the last person to be to see her alive. He is questioned now during the questioning. Where does he say his whereabouts? Are what does he say? He says he left in the morning and what's what's the problem here? Will the problem is he had an eight hundred and thirty appointment with a woman who ends up waiting around till about noon and he never shows, and his office is even paging him and he's not answering, but he seen at other clinics throughout the day here in their clinics that he is associated with corresponds with works at, but he's not scheduled at any of those. He scheduled at this one with this one woman that morning and he doesn't show up his other places. They say that out of character that if he has an appointment, he shows up orf his
office is trying to reach him. He responds or he cancels the appointment this day he's essentially a wall. You know it really a wall because he's the boss, but he's supposed to be somewhere and he's not there and he's not notifying people. very sad. The people do see him at these other clinics or offices, so he does have witnessed alibi, saying where he sat. It's just a break in his normal pattern. Well, I think, pertains Doktor Freeland. When you look over all the evidence to me what stands out the most is just the idea that the alarm that set and the dog is locked in the room, or I guess you at least closed up in the master bedroom. How does he handle the dog, his wife Kim Thomas? She appears to have been handcuffed while she was asleep because they say her me the your nails are not messed up at all: there's no blood underneath the cops and with her earplugs in as though she was sleeping
when she was initially attacked, attacked, handcuffed whatever and that the fight went from the bedroom to outside the bedroom. To me, if she was actually up and having coffee, which of course the autopsy didn't show she a coffee, as far as I can tell, why would she put her kid back to bed and herself back to bed its huge discrepancy in in the time line in his expert nation of the morning. It's very questionable. There were many calls to the house from different people from friends of hers from a Babe Center and all these calls when I answered and no started fairly early in the morning so we know that it was a fairly small window that she was murdered right there. Happening about eight forty five on in the morning, and she had to appointment, said that she missed one was. She was supposed to take Elliot to Jim Borri and they
and she also had a hare appointment at eleven forty five there was to be a baby sitter that was to be at the house This is one of the most talked about unsolved. Cases may be the most North Carolina apart from Michael Peterson's, wife's death, Caitlin, who died under mysterious circumstances and fall down the stairs supposedly. So these are really the two big the North Carolina, and This is remained unsolved since ninety ninety and ass we talked about, he came real, close to being taken to court and having to face a jury over this by it again, charges were dropped because the pathologist could not testify he was inadmissible and
of course, Doktor Friedman lawyer, who is also Michael Peterson's lawyer, really tried ass best. He could to get the police to state that he was no longer a suspect. In fact, when you look at what kind of a job that his lawyer that he did it Job because in Florida, where ended moving too there was a paper that was gonna, run a story about him and his law are successfully got that story shelved because he argued that this would be damaging for his clients business. You guys were unable to prosecute him. You don't have evidence against him. How can you run a damning story like this and put this man out of work? That's not fair boy even contacted the police and said you know, because in two thousand and suppose some new evidence came to light. Now we don't know it is. There are rumours that it was touch dna from the handcuffs but said they were looking at a new suspect, an unknown suspect and so
his lawyer reached out and said he if you ve, got a new suspect it's time to just let our guy go in you. Let him go say he is no longer a suspect and the authorities while we're looking at a new suspect, there's no chance change in our prior suspects right. They would not Kapital it on that they wouldn't give in there still an especially if you listen to the district attorney
Even he stated that he still believes that doctor freely makes for the best suspect in this case, that's worth that. There's no statute, a limitation on murder, but they ve already dropped charges against him. What's now they drop charges, so they can recharge him if they wanted to. He didn't stand trials, not like a double jeopardy situation here. So I just look at between Edward and even gales. I think we ve covered enough cases where we see them charge indict and even get a conviction against people. for last year. But this isn't your typical suspect, Doktor Friedland has been very aggressive and while his suit against the city and against these officers wasn't successful, he still did it. And he caused the city a lot of money, so
would say there is some hesitancy there. I sense it anyway. I think they're hesitant to charge him again unless they can find something. That's past well, they might have some new people look this over and they might find something or they might get. want to come forward and give them information. They points him. You know in a direction where they get more leads more evidence by it. I would say: the way it stands right now. You have a great suspect and Doktor Friedland, but you have where the case fell apart because of time of death, and unless they can change in terms of what the judge see is admissible evidence. Then this isn't going anywhere at literally thou. Think what it comes down to is. Your best bet is for a judge this Oh, no I'll accept that evidence. Then let's just go forward, but that would take a prosecutor to come forward and charge him again and go take this to court. I don't think they're going to do
the latin this one go on one side, I'm happy tat. Prosecutors are going after people willy nilly and in charging innocent people in throwing them in prison but on the other side there is a woman. That's murdered here family is suffering. There's no justice for them. So hard wonder swallow on that, it's difficult. There are cases where you feel like you can connect the dots and you find a suspect good enough. These think they should at least go to trial, and, let's see what happens, we talked about that with current horsemen, a little boy who disappeared while his stepmother had him but believe Not there are investigators. There are prosecutors that are out there who are more cautious and say I'm worried that if we take this to trial now we may not get a conviction.
and then there will be double jeopardy and they can't try them if they do get better evidence later and that's hard, because these families that are left out there suffering and I'm not saying Dr Friedman- isn't suffering as SIRI. I don't I'm just saying for Say Kim sister Lynn. She suffering. She would like to see some justice here, but there is the question of do: take it to court with what you have now. Do you really push that or Do you hope that, like they did back in Oaten, two thousand ten that they you were investigating and maybe something will turn up and then you'll have a better chance of getting a conviction. So it's it's really tough. You don't know what to satisfy. I get that, but are they actually doing follow ups? Are they actually trying to find new evidence to do that? Conviction, and I kind of question- is this just
a cold case now that has been shelved and not being re addressed You never know. What's gonna happen there. There are cold case detectives who come new. A case are able to solve it later, and so you don't if it's just while the right person has looked at the evidence. Yet this may seem. Easy, but I'll walk into the kitchen and open up that the cupboard and I'm looking for something. Maybe it's the next bottles Roger that aid open up, and I can't find it and then the wife will come at your disposal right, either in hand to me and walk away new pair of eyes right, You just never know what is going to take to find that new evidence, but you're right, we dont know. Are they taking Have a look at it now we have no idea, but we would hope that at some point they look at it again because I know Doktor Friedland not happy about it, but there is no statute limitations. Here his lawyer made a big stink about charging him four years after the fact and said. Ah,
that so much time? This is ridiculous, but when it comes to murder, that's what they ve said is the law. You can charge someone fifteen years, thirty years after the fact. so as far as my opinion goes, I can't say whether they'll, prosecute Doktor, Friedland, again or, and here's the though what, if there is that possibility, however slim some might say it is but- with all the break ins that occur in that area, or at least were occurring at the time. Maybe the door was neither locked. We have no idea Doktor Friedlin said we have no idea.
with our uninspired right. At that moment, right in its just people are left with a lot of questions because who handcuffs a person whether sleeping and then starts cutting at them. It's a very strange attack that occurred here and let this or woman dead who, as far as I can tell, has been missed by many many people. Her death has affected many people because of how involve she was in our community, and I think from that fact alone. I think this case probably never die
magic that happens when you get together in a verbal vacation home, it's the magic spill drinks and wrong. It's inside jokes. Loud shower singing and life advice in being mr real talk and laughing till you can't breathe it's the feeling of relief. No matter who you are, there's nothing spending time with the people. You love Ferber, a place for together download the apt to find the earth.
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