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January 1st, 2008. Irving, Texas. Sarah and Amina Said were two normal, happy teenage girls trying their best to live a regular life. Unfortunately, they lived with an angry, abusive father, a mother too afraid to protect her children, and a brother who provided support to their father. On January 1st, 2008 Yaser Said murdered his two daughters, abandoning their bodies in his taxi and going into hiding. In an image that is now a representative for this case, just a few days before her death, Amina posted a picture of herself online with the caption, “I don’t want to become a memory.” Amina and Sarah knew how dangerous their situation was, but they had no one to protect them. Join us as we discuss a heartbreaking case that should never have happened.


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you have your seat, workplace drama, thriller, severance now streaming exclusively on Apple tv plus tonight's case Aaron, Scott me pretty riled up to say the least: sisters Sarah and a Mina side too, normal happy teenagers? They were by I'll accounts, great kids, living their best life, but their home life was a nightmare and something shocking will end up happening on January, first of two thousand and eight. So with that, what are we talking about tonight tonight, talking about the murders of a Mina and Sarah side. This happen in Irving Texas. Some of you may heard of this case. It was a pretty story at the time, especially
anyone in the Texas area at the time a mean. Aside was seventeen years old. She was described as funny talkative. She was its RO, butterfly Sheep participated take one dough, and she had a boyfriend named Joseph Trotter. A Mina and Joseph were very close and boarding to them. They were planning on getting married once she moved out of her families, huh her sister, Sarah was sixteen at the time she's Describe Does a tomboy whatever that means, and she was more reserved and shy. She wanted to go to Texas Tech and become a doktor. She was always folk on her schoolwork. She was very bright. She had a boyfriend name Eric both of the girls. Of school and their friends. They loved pretty
separating and martial arts very happy and positive. Despite circumstances at home, they were dating Justin but no one could know this at least no one. On the side side His father was Yasser Saeed. He believes and arranged marriages and would not want it. author, stating american boys, let I am thinking of a future with them and while he was. very, very controlling of these girls. Watching their every move. He was not controlling with his son Islam who was the eldest child Yasser had come to America from Egypt and nineteen. Eighty three. He originally entered the. U S: on a student visa and in America he I met a young lady who had dated his brother named, Patricia now
Patricia Owens was any kind of a bad situation. Herself her family was very poor, She was not really getting anywhere in life and her father. was very controlling and abusive towards her so well. This guy comes along and says I might want to marry you her fan. These car, like you, should go because somebody's willing to take care of you, you better. jump on that opportunity because you're, never to amount to anything. Anyways and Yasser had led her parents to believe that he had money at the time. This is of course, long before the girl show up Yasser twenty nine years old and Patricia was fifteen. So what happens right Patricia? Marries him yeah I guess, for the first six months
answers a fine gentleman and heap mrs her the world but Six months into the marriage he's becoming more more controlling he's too. Two separate Patricia from her family. He He is criticising everything about her and the way Americans live their lives and he's to integrate her into his family in the moon. The aggressive and hostile way Miss when the abuse starts. She said Yasser started, kicking her hitting her. He went. There are things on the floor. Most often because he just wander her to go around a pic everything back up he would also control when and how they had sex, because if she said no at one time she said. No. He cut her leg to teach her a lesson
according to her. He just had one heck of a temper a temper, so bad that he went after one of his co workers who here disagreement with. It said that he and over the coworker hit him with his car several times in this coworker eventually died from his injuries now you're thinking Ok, he just murdered somebody with his car. Why Is he not in jail? Well, Yasser did come from a rich family, so His father ended up paying a lot of money for a while. Of good lawyers to get him out. the situation where he live. They killed a man by running him over with a car. This is where supposedly the Syed family has money. Apparently his father has money, but yeah sir. He needs a job and
for most of the time he drives taxis. Let's get back to the kids, because Fischer and Yasser have children. It said that Patricia was pregnant within one month being married to Yasser and that ended up in Islam and then a Mina was born and the year after that, along came Sarah when these two girls were nine in eight years old there. staying with the grandparents and a mean told them that her father had touched her and appropriately So there mom, Patricia ended up. Take men to a children's hospital to get an exam and shit old cps. So this is a pretty big deal and the mother is definitely in the know that something bad happened. She
The author and ended up staying at her mother's house after the incident even signed an affidavit about Lee situation, the allegations, the daughters talk, Cps, which is child protective services. If you dont know, they gave them, details of sexual abuse that took place over two years. They said that they were afraid of their father and their uncles. Also, all of his others. They said that they were all very vindictive and abuse of people Yasser was questioned by police. He became very angry with Patricia he he started to call the house a daily. Like every thirty minutes, they told him calling, but you just called more threats, they ended up unplugging the phone so that that point Yasser drove to the house to contain you yelling and making threats
and he was arrested for retaliation, outstanding tickets, but not or stocking and threatening his wife and her family. Now later the girls would drop the charges against him. Claim they lied because they didn't want you attend school. out in the middle of nowhere today. They Pretty much said we were having to change schools, we didn't want to do it. So we made up this lie and the charges were dropped but it turns out there and that they were pressured by their mother to drop the charges. Being as once they got real once Jaso has getting charged with you. No sexual abuse, then mom couldn't have that and she persuaded the daughters to drop the charges for people. bias of relationships, though this is it
Tremendous amount of pressure I'm not going to say this is excusing anyone's behavior, but I am age in the yard. is putting so much pressure on Patricia debt. That pressure worked its way down to the girls and probably felt like they had no recourse here. It was either drop charges or maybe they weren't going to make it a Mina Julie wrote a letter expressing her sadness about returning back home and their mothers. Sister says she hid this letter, but kept it for her own records was pretty much documentation of these children. Alleged abuse and now they dropped it. Judges, but they literally made like a journal entry, a letter. planning the whole situation in detail, but we say a lead Lee because that law
doesn't stay in colonies, possession and its believe that Patricia found it took it and destroyed it almost Equally sure there is allegations that Yasser sexually abused Patricia and colonies younger sister, but no one called the police because their father would have retaliated against Yasser and they didn't want a long family. I guess fight to break out so oh sir, allegedly, sexually abusing their sister and they're, keeping it under wraps because they're afraid of what their father might do again, this is just endless web of bad choice, says and but a piece of work Yasser is there are a couple of other people no about what's going on and that's Joseph
boyfriend of a Mina and his mother, Ruth they adored Armenia and a considered her family Ruth talked about their said. I mean it's hold her. all about how she and Sarah were abused by their father and how their mom took them back to him There is obviously a great amount of concern on their end by it. There quite sure how to navigate this, because the police were already involved before the charges were dropped. They can't very well first steel, these girls away to save them. It's just that situation of being when sixteen, when their seventeen That's when ya, Sir, is planned to marry them off. Why might he wanted, that we already said. He believes in arranged marriages. But there's another benefit to this. Don't know in any other way. To put this besides he's
Selling them as property- absolutely that's! There's no better way to put these girls are his property and he will sell them on the market, essentially in Egypt and be, some we paid. I guess he did take them back to Egypt. To at least marry a off to a forty year old man because there's what's called bride prices Her father was discussing the prices for both of his daughters. He doesn't allow them to talk to boys teenage boys in America, because that would taint then that would lower their worth. So we wouldn't is high of a price for them when he to sell them like you, said a Mina taken to Egypt by her father. This is to meet this man is forties, but a Mina absolutely refuses, and
I don't know how that worked out, but that works at least at that time. So he brings her back to America. at the same time that a fur and of sorrows Linda telling Dallas morning NEWS that her father had threatened them specifically more or less a Mina when he found out. She was dating a boy. He thought and to shoot her in the head, one four friends recalls her coming to school with wealth all over her body and was a time when a Mina had been kicked in the face and her teeth had like cut into her lips, if not poked, all the way through. That's how violent an attack. This was so yeah serves beating his daughters to a bloody pop and that's the only abuse they suffered. We talked about sexual abuse. We talked about the physical abuse, but there's
so this abuse of him filming them and making inappropriate comments about them, There is a documentary out there on Amazon, Prime, if you want watch it the title of the day Amen tree is the price of honour. And they show some of the video footage that he took them and he would zoom in on inappropriate place. On their bodies. He would tell them really inappropriate things and he would get, own son in on it and to help him video, his daughters. And it's absolutely obvious that Sarah and a Mina do not appreciate it are very uncomfortable. And are just tormented and There's times when a mean his father would film her at work without her now college, and he sees her interacting she's working- you know like as a cashier in
is being nice to customers and he saying why is she smiling at the customers? Why is she being nice to them? She's maybe in a lot of trouble when she gets home. That's the level naughtiness that's going on in the officers head. So it's about how these girls, I mean an Sarah. They relationships, but they have to keep them secret and they really go to their mother, she's already brought them back their father once and they can't just run away their pretty much stuff in this situation. I mean it This point is threatening suicide just ended all because she cannot take disabuse. She cannot take being dragged to Egypt, and sold to the highest bidder. Yes or may not know exact, what's going on with his daughters, but he's very suspicious so he moves the family.
twenty miles away to Louis fell Texas, and at this point, If doesn't know where a meaning is ends, I mean it. As reach out, she emails her type window instructor and says Here's what's going on. This is where I am at had she said: please let Joseph now so this instructor kind tax, Josephs, father and says: what should we do? This is when Joe. this mother starts communicate with the Mena so Christmas two thousand and seven her boyfriend Joe, of his family was at dinner when He got a message amino acid, her and Sarah were running away from home with their mother. They had had stay elaborate plan where she pretended they had broken up. She ll
to her mother and father all these different things, because a few days before Christmas, there mother Patricia had called her sister Conny. Instead, Yasser threatened to kill a Mina because of her relationship with Joseph I, so this is coming from Connie. whose relaying this information sang Patrick absolutely knew about the conflict at home, Patricia absolutely knew that Yasser threatening to kill her daughter, so they take off and they know that ass. You can track their cell phones, so they pulled some cards out and snapped them in half So there are no longer traceable and they take of two Wichita Kansas now they're, not there that long. Patricia, is telling them that they need to go back to Texas she wants to visit affair
Emily gravestone and visit her sister Now a Mina and Sarah are like really wanna go! Because what if you get back with Yasser and Patricia, says I would never do that. What the daughter don't know that she had another phone and she's actually been in contact with the author of this entire time. He had filled out a missing persons report on Patricia. Sarah hand There is exerting pressure to law enforcement and so it seems like pictures is caving to this. She s a let the police know we're safe. and then, of course, he's letting our sir now that they would come back. This is tough because The girls were already suspicious that their mother wouldn't be able to completely. leave Yasser. But of course there
There is tying them different saying I well I'm not going back with him, so at this point Patricia has told several family members that she's coming back to Texas, but she's told them all different stories. Not elaborating on her whole plan, so its December thirtieth, two thousand and seven that they returned to Texas and Eric whose Sarah's boyfriend. So that a minor never knew that there were going back only Sarah New and agreed to, but when they did get back. She told the girls the real reason, which was I'm getting back together with Yasser, and of course you can just imagine a Mina and Sarah are saying we're not going back to his house. We want to stay somewhere else, so I mean
and Sarah would call Conny and say why did you let this happen you knew about this entire plan. Connie said no, I didn't He did not tell me any of this because, again Patricia was telling people different stories or not telling them. Anything at all Connie hold a means to go to the police station and fight. For a restraining order against Yasser I mean One in the family knows the score here: there's a palpable threat here and a Mina fears for her life, but she it is called by her sister Sarah she's, getting called by her mother. and they're saying you need to come back home and Joseph the last time he gets talk to Armenia He says: don't go back to your mother when you hear this, it you'll get choked because a minor response I have to do what I have to do.
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goes to the Army Mandalay Hotel, where he proceeded to shoot them. He shot eleven times. Sarah twice and a mean a nine times: Sarah was Abe to get a call nine when one the beginning of a call you hear her say my dad shooting me, I'm dying now: all the nine on one operator hears? Is I'm dying and he engages the fire department, but it's hard to me now I will say that the nine one one operator probably did not follow proper procedure. We criticise him all day for this, but he ends up leaving the call open because sir, has literally been shot and the phone is fallen to the group.
and the line is open for forty two minutes, but you talked about how he didn't he Her Sarah saying that her father had shot her. Is this because he just couldn't hear it very well on further analysis of the call you can hear her say that I listened to the I thought it was plain his day, but he missed it and he just heard I'm dying, and almond m ts and the fire department. I could also hear gunfire. I could also hear her screaming screaming at her father to stop Oh again, I'm I'm thinking it's free the obvious that there is some sort of threat, but you know wasn't that nine hundred one operator, so I dont know what he heard, how he interpreted this call. It was at eight thirty that evening when up then from the hotel called the police they had found.
Taxi bed seen the bodies. Her initial call was around seven thirty. And it's an hour later, that a follow up call comes in And they're saying there's two dead bodies in this car. Obviously there was any follow up from that initial. None. When one call they didn't dispatch We want to that location. Joseph was, by Ruth his mother, what had happened and like you said early on, he had play to marry a Mina this very serious relationship. He described them. Best friends and hear that This dreadful thing that they have been worried about had finally occurred. Hearing that mean his father had shot both her sister Sarah to death was just too much for him and we didn't talk about it before
just in, but the girls were aware of this gun and I believe it was a Mina who had picked it up before and said she thought about using it because Obviously she was afraid for the future. She didn't want her down take her life, but she was miserable. She had this wonderful future, this possible future in front of her. her boyfriend, she loved her sister, she loves school, but then this was too herbal abusive situation. She was in and she was reed. She would be murdered. I think her words, were maybe I'll use this gun for what it was bought for, meaning it was bought to kill me my father has said so much so maybe I'll use it on myself is power. I interpreted that the next day a detective told, Patricia
had she needed to take what she needed from the home, so she was to go into this house, whatever she wanted before that? least showed up and she added taking a box of video cassettes. I wonder why, as well as a computer, and yet these are the kinds of items that you would think they would stop her from taking because baby their important, also this day the Irving police issued a capital murderer, multiple warrant for you Sars arrest he's on the run. Now the two girls are buried and their given too funeral ceremony is one Christian and one Muslim. Obviously there There is muslim and something very uneasy happens there. Older brother Islam saw Joseph at the funeral and he approached him and said you did
this, and obviously he sang. If you David Mina she'd still be alive, which frankly I find disgusting. He gets family members to escort Joseph out of the church and Joseph actually says that they were asking him if he was in on it with the father. like? Oh you and Yasser did this. You and Yasser had worked together or something it was weird the tube Laws are buried in a cemetery. If use this place looks like a construction site. It looks like a junk yard. Trash all over the place. It looks like it dumping ground and maybe it's he place and they didn't have a lot of money but was just my initial observation of where their buried there's other guy
stones there I mean I'm not gonna, say everybody that's buried. There was disrespected bought her families but of the places they could have been laid to rest. It's not a nice place. On August, twenty first, two thousand eight, a federal unlawful flight to avoid prosecution warrant was issued by the: U S: District Court of Texas. This goes on for twelve years. and during that time many people, seem to lose hope. They thought. this guy got away with it. Maybe he's in Egypt again, who knows right, Looking at the situation and thinking how is this guy on the run and not being caught. He ass to have help any very those with his family he's very close with his son, all of which have gone dark, thought moved away right. After these events, his brother,
and a transportation company and his son is basically going to be loyal to his father, but there are not able to find Yasser, which were ever I'll get into that later now there was some information that the police worked out in that time. They know that gas, spoke with his brother. I seen on the phone about a week before the murders and on day of murders, three points five hours after Sarah's nine. When one call there's a call, going from users found at last for twelve minutes. They also find call records between Patricia and Yasser. When Patricia and the girls were on the run and they find a call from Patricia after the murders to users number, which is this. Tell you
just don't mean it tells me that everyone's in the know, everybody knows where he is. There are protecting him. They agree with his actions. They're, not accepting the fact that Yasser is this cycle. narcissist. They don't care that here just murdered his two daughters. They they just don't care the authorities, needed to focus on Yahoo answers family in Particular his son Islam One of the reasons they needed to do. That was because had a vigil for the girls. Islam grabbed a MIKE found and was shouting about how his father didn't kill his sisters. but also that they deserved to die Their own brother is agreeing with these actions and defending his father. If you had any question about that, he literally does it publicly during the worst possible time
Police, though there are some things that some might say our mistakes, but they dont question in Islam. They don't question, Patricia they don't question Eric Sarah's boyfriend or the family friend named Eddie. What do you think about this mean? Does it feel like There are not exactly making this investigation are priority. Absolutely they're, not looking into this YA, Sir it up on the FBI's ten most wanted list, but they can't get this guy if they really wanted to find him, they could simultaneous. They kick in every single one of his family's doors. I'm looking at that. then, just thinking breathe A tailors door was kicked in the middle of the night because lawn oarsmen alleged that she had drugs sent to her house. Not being sent to her house, but had been sent to her house in the past yet dont have probable cause for
his family, which is obviously harbour unknown fugitive, double murder. They can't go kick in his family's doors, the IRS can't sticking out it so far up his brother transportation business that they could pull money. out of his mouth May we see what the government can do come down on people. We see how long forest literally lobbies and changes laws to go after drug dealers? We law enforcement blow up houses, and if you don't know what I'm doing about listen to our Robert See CAT Greenwood Village episode unpatriotic. Nobody would care if the car, so the FBI Overstepped, while their hunting this guy down take it harasses family. They could do all the things that we see them do too far less or threats to our public but they dont, do any of that. They don't do anything in this.
I rooms free for years. In twenty seventeen, he was almost captured. that's because on August, Fourteenth a maintenance worker who was at the copper Canyon apartments in Bedford, Texas, spotted Yasser He knew about this case. He called the FBI the time they arrived well, although was Islam and of as he didn't want to talk to them. They didn't have probable cause or anything I mean come on- so they have to go and get a warrant and this whole time their having to get a warrant. Who knows what's going on what we do know? Actually what goes on a man fleas that apartment he didn't even fleet in Egypt? he's right under their noses and long for France, not willing to go kickin some doors for a double murderer. Okay, this Commissioner, you mentioned the price of honor. May appeal this case a lot because they gave their interviews
footage etc to the FBI. the FBI says there. They didn't really do anything for us, but they conducting many many interviews- and I would tell you just from where sitting? It seemed like having all and information probably help them or stand what was likely going on obvious e Yasser wasn't just going to flee the country. He was. egotistical, narcissistic and thought leaving on account of this or he was afraid to go the airport because they might identify him there. Whichever way it is he's remained Axis Initial they didn't question his brothers. And even question his wife. Well, According to the information FBI, agents had been keeping an eye on the families, homes and there's a point in August of toys.
Twenty. When they observed yeah, seen an Islam bringing growth. bags into a home in just in Texas, and then they later left with trash bags and after the trash was dumped off, they retrieved it and, of course they ve. Cigarette butts some other items and testing revealed that The dna was a match for Yasser, so they He's at that house they obtain a warrant. They enter the home. They find yes, They play some under arrest this. kind of an amazing moment, because so many people who had followed the case eventually stopped following it. where people that I recently had talked to, who did even know that he had been captured last year and they ended up, also arresting his son and brother hours later in another city, so The Irving police make a statement that stay just in
and they're saying that the FBI was an influence she'll resource in finding this man and their statement. This conference said that it doesn't matter what let up to these murders. But do you think they said that I feel like their missing the point, I feel like they don't want to admit to a series of horrible events leading up to this. No one step in cps law enforcement Irene Maybe their hands were tied up until the murder, but I don't know it just seems like the ball was dropped and they're trying to save face. I feel like that's a reasonable analysis, but also there is a possibility that they didn't want to talk about religion or culture. Where does this work
is referred to as an honour killing which Yasser wasn't a religious person I dont associated. With an honour, killing or whatever those terms or death Actions are this guy sex, really and physically abused. These daughters, for years. Videotaped them relentlessly and then ended up killing them this is a whole other level of ammunition would associated with our lending, Faye Episode, decide the thing to do a terrorism. This was this guy who was messed up in the head and thinking he was here. oh, what their motives are besides there, just their share Narcissism and discuss in controlling behaviour, is concerned that by not tat, filling the issues that surrounded and proceed. The murders that this will be a simplified case when it shouldn't be,
that all of the evidence, all the information should be brought to bear again this man, so that he's sentenced. He gets the fullest of the law, but the other main parties, case just than is Patricia Patricia Owens later. Tricia side. There are different ways. We could look at her and you- and I We think we spent a good half hour talking about this, but He was married off to this horrible person at age fifteen, and what did she know? She had a bad home life Then she entered baby a worse home life with Yasser, and then there's no way around it, but she led these two girls, her daughters to their deaths. Millions of Americans are affected by high interest credit cards. Upstart dot com makes it easy taken solid. any kind of debt with a person alone. It only takes a few ministers,
you're right on alone between one thousand and fifty thousand dollars, and it will infect your credit score. You may even You're funds in as fast as one business day, so visit upstart dot com to see how much you could save that's: upstart, dot com, loan amounts will be determined based on your credit income answer. other information provided in your loan application. You know earned my sympathies only can go so far, and my belief, in heart. Has right up. On this case I mean I feel for somebody who's, an alcoholic, feel for somebody who is struggling with addiction but as soon as an alcoholic gets behind a wheel and kill somebody might but these dwindle feel for somebody. Who's got wrapped up in a gang there, Afforded a lot of opportunities, but one state kill an innocent person. It only- and go so far,. And you know I always use this analogy-
way driver drives their friend to go robber, liquor store and they end up shooting the clerk. Now we all the getaway driver accountable. Well, if a gang member lures another person down a dark alleyway, so they can be robbed it, but they may end up being killed. Will that person that lured them there is an accessory to murder, regardless of whether the getaway driver or the gang member knew that that other person was planning to kill their victim. They knew that something bad was going to happen. I can feel for anyone who's been abused and is suffering and tell they pass that suffering along to others who absolute We do not deserve it. personally air and I think any prosecutor worth their salt could have gone after Patricia and convicted her, She knew her husband, going to abuse them. She
Knew he had abuse them. She knew he had threatened at least demeanor, and when she went by She actively lied to everybody, so she could go back to him without any debate or argument. This was planned almost to the point where I think she delivered them to Yasser for them to be murdered. Let's talk about where this cases at now Islam side on ray nineteenth of this year of twenty twenty one plead guilty. One can a conspiracy to conceal a person from arrest. One count of can a person from arrest and one count of conspiracy to obstruct enough show proceeding, he's Thirty, two years old, he's facing thirty some prison. His that thing is set for this summer. De I seen said gases brother trial began February, first, twenty twenty one and on February forth,
about four hours of deliberation. He was found guilty one count of conspiracy to conceal a person from arrest, one count of cost. A person from arrest and one count of conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, he's fifty nine and his facing thirty years in prison. His sense Is also set for the summer now You know that there are others that were likely involved in in Yasser from tee authorities. Bites. It doesn't really feel like much more is going to happen and again they ve never gone after Patricia, and It feels like this case, as is often you know what we see is never truly going to amount to justice, the most that we might get is we might get several people put into prison and that's all we can hope for. I guess right. Does this really change anything.
You're, watching this unfold, one tragic step at a time and at any point you know it was preventable you know that it could have been stopped and Patricia was the key to stopping I understand that she was abused. I understand that she probably was struggling worth getting out of this horrible relationship. But I I don't have any sympathy for peace. After what occurred. because to me it was obvious when family members telling them to get restraining orders when you have famine, members being lied to by Patricia, everybody was in the know. This wasn't a secret when you have interview after the fact she gives contradictory statements about the abuse
she endured by Yasser and we never get to see the full involvement she had because she was overcharged- and I agree was in an impossible situation, but many factors only command during sentencing. We didn't get that far, so she walks free. Normally when we cover a terrible, Like this. I like to read statement by apparent in this case it would have been Patricia. She made a statement. About her daughters after Her husband was finally stayed but we're going to read it have some thoughts about her. I feel like might be some mitigating factors, but when it's all said and done, she's the one that ever them knowingly to her husband, and I just can't for the life of me
treat her as someone who is completely innocent and completely grieving, because it's hard to buy and I would ask the audience with there be justice in this case. It Patricia where a and charged at one point, Forest my made it sound like an by that in Irving Police Department may sound like they wanted figure out who all involved in this- but it sounds like he took the easy way, maybe I'm wrong Maybe this is all they can prove but it certainly seems to me like theyve made a determination that Patricia should not be held responsible, no matter what she did, because they didn't charger but were not for her. Girls? I think they would have been able to stay away from me. Ah sir, and would never have been shot like this is my fee,
I will never escape it, and that comes from the fact that both parents were aligned against. And what else is she to do? She can't successfully go to the police- you can't get help, there's also a fear that sides. Family was so dangerous. They didn't want to put their friends there boyfriends, whoever really in the line of sight there just there no answer for them. Unfortunately, at least none that they could see subscribe. apple, podcast, Spotify or wherever you're listening right now join wondering plus in the wondering app to listen ad free
Everybody has something that they would give anything for end Fortunately there's people out there who will explain there's nothing like nothing from wondering, comes a story about true I love you so much power you're gonna have to completely submit to me and give me your complete and utter obedience and far some people are willing to go to get what they want. I'm Stephanie Beatrice Twin flames: premiers on February twenty on Apple outcasts, on using or you can listen one week early and out free right now by subscribing to wondering plus an apple podcast or the wonder, yeah.
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