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October 24, 2001. Montgomery County, Texas. Fifty year old Sandra Stotler, her 17 year old adopted step-grandson, Adam, and his 18 year old friend, Jeremy Richardson, were all shot to death. Sandra was murdered at her home. The young men were killed at a wooded area nearby. It took days for these crimes to become known to the police, but once they were it didn't take long to discover a motive. The primary motive being the theft of Sandra's Chevy Camaro. Identifying suspects in the crimes wasn't difficult, either. But each of them took a different path and ultimately ended up in very different circumstances. When you learn the details of how law enforcement and the justice system dealt with them it may just surprise you. This case was also the subject of a documentary by filmmaker Werner Herzog titled, 'Into the Abyss'.

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answer. You know when you're watching a crime show and your like wait, did they act? we do it- oh, they definitely did way. Well, almost definitely, or are you just meant to think they did nope they totally? unless they didn't. If this is you talking to yourself or whoever's, next to you on the couch, we say: keep talk, Who are we to judge ready to stream some crime stories? Hulu? It's a crime not to watch
the good just in how are you doing all right I've been trying to jog in the morning, but some mornings, it's like this, degrees and then other mornings, its eighty degrees, so I've been trying to watch the weather channel So I know what to wear when I get up in the morning and go jogging or walking, I
a show that was being promoted on the weather, channel called storm of suspicion to crime show whether angles. That's pretty cool right yeah. You know it just shows how big this charter getting. If even whether channels getting into the jew crime business. This show is going to be much like the other shows and documentaries that already exist out there. But the interesting part is every case is a case that was impacted by whether they have a doctor Elizabeth Ostend, whose a forensic meteor all just I don't even know that existed I didn't either, but until they make sense, you know we covered a case, where they were insect expert said to common it. Oh, I check out the grill of a car, something or check out a body and check the larva that were on the body just so they could pinpoint the time of death, and so here it's someone who can interpret evidence on how it impacts
case. So it's a different span, I think for any by the centre to crime Stephanie, something that said, unlike thing else we ve seen so far, and it comes on this sunday october, seventh, eighth, eastern, seven central as you listening to this you should yeah premiers on the weather channel october, seventh, at eight eastern seven central storm of suspicion. also for anyone that doesn't know you can find us on facebook at facebook, dot, com forward, slash the generation. Why podcast and you can find us on twitter at gen Y pod, and you can find us on instagram one of my personal favorites at generation. Why podcast follow us, canada, the great white north, a utopia of manners, health care in big hearted people saying a sadly
that place doesn't exist on Jordan and on my show, nighttime. I uncover aversion of canada that aspire darker than the one used in advertising to sell coffee beer and cars the canada I discuss on nighttime is a twisted maze of crime missing, persons cases unexplained events in stories that prove It is not what they wanted to think. If you want to join me, subscribed to the nighttime podcast on apple podcast, google, podcast or anywhere else. tonight's case, it is something that I watched. The Verna herzog documentary long long time ago about this into the abyss I did too, and I remember it being sort of vey documentary discussing the death penalty, yeah, It does follow a crime, that occurred in the victor.
And the perpetrators, anyone that might say the documentary is biased it. I would say that The documentary wasn't trying to solve a crime. It was trying to give commentary on the death penalty in all people that it impacts. So it's more about storytelling about that and less about the investigation hero. The one thing I know for sure is that Verner hertzog is an excellent documentary, and so you can put on any of his documentaries at random. If nothing else, you'll relay how good he is at what he does one of my favorite things that he doesn't he does and every single one of his movies whatever it is. She leaves the camera rolling just a little too long after the person's done talking
their say something else. It's totally unrelated, or does this kind of look off and the distance while he's filming them in its almost as awkward moment and assist of a very hurts odd thing two. It's almost like you become a voyeur for a few seconds. So what case every time talking about tonight Erin. normally, I I give you the name of the episode, the title of the episode, but this time I'm still trying to work with that is, I know on paper. I been writing it down. As the start learners, and that's because a woman by the name of sandra statler and her son stop as well as a friend of his name, Jeremy all were murdered. and they were murdered by two friends One of them is Michael James, perry and the other one jason birket The reason why these
people were murdered, might surprise you had it's really petty reason: and just jump into because you does have to hear it for yourself, so this was october, twenty fourth, two thousand and one montgomery many texas sandra star is at home, it's a gated community it's very nice home, very nice area, she's baking cookies. it's around seven p m at night and she lives at this home. With her adopted step grandson james. Installer? She had adopted him six months of age and raised him as our own son. She was a nurse. I can row regional hospital Sandra was fifty Adam was seventeen so She hears a knock at the door. She goes out.
to answer it, and there is two boys, two young men asking if her son his home and she says no he's at escape park which, why wouldn't it be at escape part as we should be stay out of trouble. so did you guys say, are, I know, prom we're just looking for and they leave, but they come back. Just minutes later yeah, they had been driving a pickup truck which belong to. One of the boys is girlfriend. Now these two guys We were more or less looking to steal a car. And they knew that Adams family had a I guess it was a red camaro, really nice camaro so they thought well, will go over. There will try spend the night and then will take their car in the middle of the night or some half baked plan like that
That's why they were hoping her son was home. Then they good. You know say: hey? Can we stay the night or something like that? And then, during the night they did sneak off with the car, which is a real bright, because wouldn't they figure out who stole the car? It's a half baked plan and they're, not real, so that sharp as there are leaving they think well, only as moms home, I guess that's less people we have to deal with. Let's go back and take that car and they have a shot gun on them. Jason goes to the front door and knocks to get sandra to come answer it jason's, claiming that the truck is broken down and they need to call someone. Meanwhile, the grudge door is open, and harry goes through the garage and then knocks on a door from the garage into the house too. I guess
fuse her or get her to come back around to answer that door. I think confusion is part of the game here. Also they will be either side of her at that point and of course, Jason is at the doorn he's asking to use the phone, so she probably as confused as it's not like he's threatening her, but now he's getting knox at two different doors. It's at this point she shot. She falls to the ground, but she's not dead. Yet so she starts to get up starts to try to get away. So they finish her off this point. They have to deal with the body, so they go upstairs strip some of the betting off the bed and the master bedroom and wrap her up in that they put her in the back.
the pick up and they leave now. It is a gated community, but the gates are open during the day, but after dusk in this is around seven p m there going to be close nosegay soon, so they leave with her body. They drive out to a place called crater lake, I'm not sure if it's Credit lake because meteorite hit the earth, and this is what caused it, but it's called crater lake and they back the truck up dump her body into the lake. Now they go back to the gaiety community because they want to get these cars, but the gates are now closed. They dont know the code to get in, so they just hang out parked outside waiting for their friend and again, this is somebody they know who they just murdered: the guy's mother. They wait for him,
come home because they know that he was at the scape parking he's gonna be home, soon yeah Sandra had already told them about what time we'd be home, and so his head await. They have to come up with a plan, though they can't just say: hey we're here to hang out with you, they want to say, something so that he's involved so that they can get him to help them were really what it is. They want him vulnerable? And they know that if he comes home and he sees his house and somewhat disarray and blood everywhere. It's gonna know something's up, so he gets there with his friend and they say: hey man, we were out hunting and one of our friends got injured, got shot. So we need your help. Could you maybe guess out into the woods and help us carry him back. and when Adam showed up, he was driving the Assisi rodeo It is the other vehicle that his family owned. They have atoms,
sattler and german richardson and are able to cooks them out, so they can isolate them. yeah think what they really want is they want the keys and so since they were able to find the camaro key. Maybe that key is on Adams person and the fact he's driving. The assume means he's got that key as well, so likely he's got both the keys they need. So they can't let him go home, they want him to go to the woods because they can take care of them and get the keys from there, but now they have two people to deal with, so they leave them out into the woods they park and to them get out. Birket approaches them with a shotgun he asked them. Did they hear any gunshots, He was firing his shot gun too show where there are located lighter kind of signal them. He told them
hold them to follow him out to where they were perry said he saw birket shoot Adam and he covered his eyes when he heard another shot. He uncovered his eyes and saw birket shoot Adam a third time today, shoe Adam. They end up shooting his friend killing, both of them parry then walked over to his body and pulled his car keys out. Then they went back over to where burke its girlfriend was waiting on them and when she figured out what had happened, she became upset and drove home herself, but now they had Adams wallet, an keys to the camaro. The boys went home, said a smoke, cigarettes, cleaned off and ended up going to a club that to a drinking establishment. So to summarize this, they went to the home. The kids went home
they started to leave. They came back and decided to kill the mother, so they could get the cars, but then they couldn't find keys. So then they waited for Adam and his friend to come home to kill them for the keys of this car. So three people have died now for this red camaro just a cup. days later, mrs on Friday october, twenty sixth, the police pulled over a red camaro on texas, when o five after a high speed, chase, the Karas wrecked and the driver fleas on foot, but they catch up to him and they take his wallet out and it has an idea showing Adam start learn. So they are rest. Adam start learn in the cars registered to the start, where family so sort of makes sense.
But if you know what Adam Statler looks like and the person they arrested, looks like there are not even close the really crazy here is that they arrest adam start le only it's Michael James perry and before they re catch wind of, what's going on well, perry makes bail and so they do run the fingerprint analysis, which is good. You know there actually investigating as to figure out what happened, and it comes back that perry is a fugitive. so now it's like! Oh, we ve got warrants on this guy. We need to go after him and its even said that the arresting officer either new- it wasn't atam or even knew that it might have been perry. But it's like not my job. I let the booking officer do his thing.
I don't, I don't even understand how this could have gone so badly, but they let him out because he makes bail before the fingerprints come back yeah I mean how do you look at that? You look at as they don't care, or is this Is this a sign that something else is happening? Yeah? Well, of course, because the camaro being found, the police and say well, we need to contact the owner, witches sandra thoughtless and they actually, all her home and say: can you please call us back in a call the police, we have your car, they call her place of employment, but she hasn't shown up to work, will eventually Sandra Sattler is located, but it she's not low, aided by the police she's located by two fishermen at crater lake and now that they have a body
that they have identified as her they'd now go back to the house and find the scene of the crime and they find blood they find things in disarray, pretty obvious that somebody's been murdered, removed from the home October thirtieth? This is where really heat up, because in a suit who rodeo, which is report is stolen. I guess is spotted by Montgomery county sheriff score, Ro. It actually strikes the corporal as its and get away, and- officer fires at the vehicle taking out a rear tyre and so this rodeo crashes the occupants my James perry and jason, burke hat and a third random guy. Take off and one of them has a shot gun. They run
to the side of a building. They jump out the running through the building still being shot at and there is a large window that they need to jump out of so they shoot through the window to exit this building which yeah the cops just think they're being shot at at this point, and even if you're not shooting at the cops europe discharging firearm, while their shooting at you yeah there to try to kill you even more now so, Are they get out the building at the big over fans they're, going through an apartment, complex area, they're arrested, Michael chains, perry headed deep cut on his arm from they assume the car crash, he went to a hospital and its there that he's questioned and apparently Michael James perry makes a confession he's questioned in the ambulance of all places and he's talking to m, tease and he's talking to
two and what not and he tells the entire story, which is very fresh. I mean this is right. After there they ve been apprehended. So I wouldn't say a lot of time to feeds buddy information. This is very on the fly. Meanwhile, for jason has been shot multiple times by the police and he's going. The hospital, also by yeah and the third guy. Well he's just collateral damage at this point They dont record his confession. Though, do they now now his confession, though, is such last week, the week of october, twenty two through twenty six may jason per cat and I decided we needed to get a vehicle or to vehicles, we both know a younger white male known to us, is adam startling, whose parents have a lot of money they all,
whether new or camaro and his susie rodeo on Wednesday. Ten twenty four one jason. I made a plan that we are going to ask to spend the night with Adam at his house in burgoyne. It the camera in the middle of the night while Adam, his mom or sleeping. We went house it about seven p m wednesday, ten, twenty four one jason, was driving his girlfriend kristen renewals, blue chevy truck. I was right in the passenger seat. We had a twelve, shock on with us Jason I, Adams house and his towards the atom wasn't home that he was at the escape Can we be home around nine p m jason? I left the truck before get out of the subdivision. Jason said there would be easier to you. car with only one person home. I have to interrupt this for a moment because you think it bees to get the vehicle when iran was asleep, not when one person was home but anyway.
Jason? I then made a plan that jason would knock on the front door and I would sneak in the back door through the garage with a shock on. We went atoms house on foot and left kristen struck down the road I walked around to the side of the house through the garage and jason knocked on the front, door and asked use the phone. When I heard jason on the phone. I went into the house through the back door in the garage it's in the house, I hidden the laundry room between the kitchen and the garage. I then knocked on the back door and when Adams mom came to the back, or I shudder one time in the side near her back with the shock and she fell to the floor and I dropped a shotgun. She then moved or try to get up or something, and I grabbed the shock and shudder one more time she fell to the floor and for the law A room, garage back door, jason freaked out and ran to the front door opened or become down a little, and rather blankets and she'd off the bed in the bedroom near the kitchen and put the blankets and sheet near her because we did not.
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Guess what I'm getting out with the confession here is its very long, it's very detailed and I dont know what you can take from this, but these when I'm reading it? This is not just a confession. You know. Sometimes we get a confession. Were some guy says yeah I killed her. No, this is every single detail, even stuff. You don't really need to know. I mean this is a very complete confession. In my opinion, he says where he shot her and how many times how he did it There's way more detail here, then we would really ever wished to have. So I'm thinking this is a pretty good confession, Not only is this a good confession that the police got but- the days and between one store, the vehicles and they were apprehended every cent
person. They hung out with her talk too. They bragged about killing people in getting these cars. They went on to hang out at this one bar where they concocted some idiotic story about how they bought a lottery ticket and Why- four thousand dollars and bought this car and they were take people out on joy rides with this car. It's a small town, everyone knows each other here: they're, all friends and their taking pull out on joy rides and a car that they stole from somebody that they just murdered. Somebody o connor recognise the carve who belongs to so it's not only is it these confessions that they made. Please, but everyone they were around in the last few days knows what these guys we're doing. It's not rocket science and of special towards the end of the confession? They talk about the shocking that
used to murder these people, and this is the part of the confession, the shock use came from a burglary that jason, I did on avenue e by the salvation army jason and I, both know the homeowner and he drives a green ford ranger. We took a glock forty and twelve gauge defender of the house. the twelve gauge defenders the shock and we used to kill Adams, mom Adams, thoughtless and Jeremy. I took Adams wallet out of his associates with his driver's license. I mean it, sir. This is, pretty much. This is it. This is everything a detective would want to hear. There is not even a stay here is there I would say no, Then you add in when they find the bodies of the two boys Adam and his friend. They find a cigarette, but under the body that has parries dna on it So yeah. I dont know how anyone could think any
else committed these murders. I think it's Pretty self explanatory, between d, material evidence, circumstantial evidence, the confessions d, I witnessed testimony to other people that that they spoke to I don't know how there is any question. Anyone else committed these murders, so it is seems like an open and shut case. They have physical evidence, they have confessions, but there's still a trial here and was really interesting. Is that sure we know who committed the murders, but there is a player that is sort of a question in this whole case, which is Kristen willis. This is jason briquettes girlfriend. She gets complete immunity for testimony, and the crazy thing about that, is that she's, the one that had blood spots,
on her she's, the only one that take it really tie. I mean very big tie all of em back, but on her clothing she had blood. So we know she was there now cigarette, but under the body we know, perry was at least there are not during that killing. and he has all the details from sandridge murder. So it's it's really hard to spot. These people up their allotted deals being handed out, but were really not to me again is Kristen willis. She had blood spots or on her on the shirt but the shirt and the report of the findings. The blood that was analyzed, which turned out to be sandra stars, the shirt and that report were destroyed. It see really really strange. Is that because they're saying well we're not going to prosecute her so we don't need this evidence I mean, wouldn't you hold onto it just because you want to make sure she goes through with it. It seems like they're all
too much in a hurry to get rid of this good legal evidence they have in this case they held onto the road camaro forever. It was poor. can a lot for so long that a tree actually grew up through it. So I. Don't understand why they would feel the need to get rid of this evidence and I I don't understand why they didn't end up giving the car back to the family. They felt the need to have it for further testing or research then, when its left out there for so long that a tree gross through it, that kind of destroys any evidence. The weird thing is and maybe it's not weird. Maybe this is me no selfish tori but Chris symbolises step. Father was among gunnery county deputy named lloyd, reynolds, so a little, but a pole when you know somebody maybe maybe america house- you look at it, but we don't know for certain
it just seems a little too convenient she has family members that are involved with law enforcement. Meanwhile, the you guys are for lack of a better term there. Just there just trash and day they Ben delta really bad deck in life, and they haven't really year amounted to much they're, not Point to have any poland, the system, the charges, and the young men were Michael Janes perry charged with restart lars murder and jason per cat was charged with all three murders. Because of the amount of evidence, because of the number of people willing to give testimony the defence really didn't have much of a cases or anything that you have to say about this. Just then, and a thing about how the defence I too, for it. These young men in court? The defence defence attorneys do what defence attorneys do and they fight for
clients, but they they went caught a low on this one. I think the attorney Steve Jackson tried to convince the jury that I'm star and richardson had hired perry to kill his mother so that they would receive insurance money. Ok, put that respect adam wanted. Parity kills mom for insurance, so, let's say this is true. Perry goes and kill sandy, but then why would perry kill Adam in his friend There's not going to be any insurance pay out, then I mean. I guess this is the defence drawing anything out there, but to make any better sense, I understand how you have to do what you have to do to protect your clients, but in this case that is low, I mean you're, basically taking victor
as and tarnishing their names. Well, the victims are dead, so they can say They did whatever they want, because they're not there to defend themselves, but this dollar family, I'm sure, does and appreciate the fact that their brother, their son, their fame. member is the one being blamed for this murder. One see this much evidence against. You, obviously odds are yours, going to do well in court. Michael James Perry received a death sentence, by lethal injection. Don't mess with texts. He deaf. He tried to say that his fashion was coerced by the police. There is the whole question of How long was that ambulance right? It's a ten mile journey, the hospital, and yet they said it took fifty three minutes which was ally or new york. Sure that makes sense, but this is out in the middle of nowhere. Taxes doesn't
an hour to drive ten miles milon bergen. Was charged with all three murders, as I have said before, he received life sentence and they said that It was his father who had tried to appeal to the court. During the sentencing phase. Who may have spared his life? Did you take them in just enemy. I really felt, like the father were the reason he didn't get add a death penalty. Here they pulled his father out of prison because father was serving. time for a murder- and
He came in and explained what it's like a prison explained, his life, the upbringing and his his own failures as a father and that his sons actions warrant all of his own and that he was the one that caused a lot of this nightmare and to please spare his sons. Life so did erie was literally crying during his testimony ya think they they felt for the sky. That is a criminal by here really came out, and this is pro with the greatest moment of his parenting career. If you can call it that, but he sang blame me. I'm the reason that he failed on the reason he did this. It's all my fault da. While how can you not feel a little bit is something there. Perry didn't have any one to do that for him during sentencing.
even if you want to make the argument that he didn't commit murder, he was present for the robbery and so was jason's girlfriend. So under the felony murder doctrine, where a few murder, somebody in the commission of a felony you get the wrath of the law, the way it seems. At least most people see there's enough evidence that Michael genes perry was involved in all of the murders. I'm surprised they only charge them with one. So it's ironic that we have perry whose only charged with one murder gets the death penalty and there we have jason roquette. With three murders? Doesn't get the death penalty? The I get your saying because you would think of you. If you relate to is to one another. You have one that just there's one murder, I know that's bad
but then the other guy has three murders pinned on him. You would think that this would have come out exam, Actually, the opposite way, but again this this is jason jason cat who now his father finally came through for him and spared his life, and then you have the girlfriend willis who gets nada, nothing. So three murders. We have a death. de. We have a life sentence and we have somebody that walks. Okay, so Kristen walks bet what are the thoughts he I mean why involved more then people let on or did The authorities know this, but either because of her action to, law enforcement or because she had but information they decide despair her. What? What do you think about this? I think that process here's can do whatever they want
and that's why we have such a does a discrepancy here. I think that she, He was involved in all of them, because one we have the blood on her shirt, which was sandy's blood. So we know she was at the house. We told the store without the house, but it's pretty obvious she was, it's possible. She helped drags Andrews body because of these rag mark said they found in blood Here's as if one person was stronger than the other, so her body, these body, was lifted up on one end, but then dragging on the other. So Does this mean that Christian was helping with the disposal of the body? You because I know the shirt was destroyed eventually, but when the ship analyze. It was said that it was from back spatter, which means the
original idea that it was just the two young guys may not be right, but given the fact that she got complete immunity, and she wasn't charged and the only evidence tying her to these cuts, I'm really was destroyed. Then it's almost like. We can think whatever we want but this is how it went down. She was given protections if she wasn't bald, as looks like she probably was there she was able to get away with it. then we have the second incident, the second scenario of murders where she's driven the car and that she's upset after happens, and she drives home she's out both of the crime scenes, so course any time you have convictions and sentencing like this, there are appeals, especially for death penalty. Yeah. Let's start with that one.
Problems that Michael James perry has. Is he claims that his confession was co worst and down here? as you say, that he was highly intoxicated when he gave his confession, so that almost sounds odd because, as we had already said- and I read some of it- his confession is very complete, You know for someone who's, apparently highly intoxicated, he's really sharp with the details and says that he wasn't around during the murders. He says that his friend jason just came in picked him up. He thought the car was clean, like not stolen, and he was at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people yet we have. I witnessed testimony that says he was bragging about this before he was apprehended and I witnessed testimony showing them giving joy ride in the car So I don't
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odd at all I mean law enforcement will assess you when they talk with you. They watch her behaviour and everything that perry did suspicious, and I know you say, oh suspicious doesn't mean anything. I think in this case it does mean pair. he is the one who gave this detail confession and ill people. Try say: oh what was too detailed. Really I mean he's giving way. Way he turned and this in a okay. So if you didn't, why are you just hanging out all these details and then why is he fleeing war? He apparently has nothing to do with a law. He was scared because they were getting shot out by police and in a stolen vehicle of people that were murdered and he was bragging about killing people. Anyone kids behind perry is far is and innocence group that I had to say This is the wrong person to get behind. You have to put on
total blinders and disregard reality. In order to think that this guy had nothing, with us. I think sometimes people get behind those convicted because they have problems with the case. I see problems with this case and its now they're not the kind of problems where I say we have to. start over. I don't think that way, but their deadly problem As we already mentioned, you know per cat got alive, sentence for three murders. Him Well, James perry gets the death penalty for one in paris the death penalty. For one, but his dna is found at the scene of the other psych. Why I come on Details are a bit odd. It's also that kristen willis pierce to be much more involved. Then then the authorities would have you believe it, seems like this case isn't very far
air in a way, and I'm not saying it's not fair, we have to let these people out, I'm saying when we look at what people were charged with what they weren't charged with what the evidence- was what evidence made it, which evidence got destroyed discussed, feels like it was a little manipulated, so I could see people have a problem with kristen well as kind of getting away with things and then other, Well saying- and you alluded this earlier- but yeah these guys had really bad backgrounds and they have bad lives, and you say, a bad dac- will yeah it's. It's really evident Michael James perry, his earth mother talked about how drugs and drink alcohol throughout most of her pregnancy. Almost as though you know she just didn't care, she wishes living her life and and thinking about the child, not just the start. When perry and jason met perry was living in a trunk of a car
jason roquette didn't want anything to do with them, but he was living in like a trailer, and too said I, cal at this. Guy live in a trunk, come with me and he took a man. You know who this is, where jason first fines parries in the trunk of a car. That's a rough life. Now, I'm not saying that we should forgive these guys, because they are bad lives by you. I I can see where people wouldn't want. The death penalty handed out in this case but really this is what happened. This is texas and if you commit murder in texas, they're not afraid to give you the death penalty J We have already mentioned that his father was in and out of prison. His entire life, Jane didn't have much of a family structure he didn't have. Father figure in any, sort of capacity. It's it's. Why those things where I feel no sympathy for what they have done and for them
in as much as I'm not really for the death penalty. not goin to carry a torch for either. One of these guys- and somebody thought that I was a bleeding heart for forty one- that's convicted of such a His crime tell you right now. No, I dont care for either one of these guys pair. didn't finish his last meal. I would forum who wouldn't care but What are we gaining by putting this person down now? You know about the debate here. Some people don't feel right to support some one in prison. four forever. Essentially you know four decades after they have committed murder like this. Specially murder over vehicles at this house people feel justice will be attained. other people say no. It's not right. You know. Two wrongs do not make a right that kind of thing and in this
Hey, I dont have any sway. In this case, I can't say yes eyes? Yes, he lives. That's not up to me. Oh, I can see is the I I think I would have preferred to have this guy live out his days in prison. I would be good with that. Really the appeals don't go well, mostly because and jason per cat's case. He fight was a writ of habeas corpus. He has all these things that he alleges like a pathologists use. to fight about Santer. Sattler sum of death should have been able to testify. he also claims is trial. Attorney was an effective, which is that's. That's really common there is also a way of an application for rid of habeas corpus. in two thousand seven, where he claimed he was innocent and had collected sworn affidavits from forty four people, and turns out that they are all fabricated, so the quarter of criminal appeal
was in two thousand seven after they discovered the these fabricated documents put a ban on him from filing anymore applications for rid of habeas corpus. Ever again, of course, they a little opening for him. If he can make a compelling enough argument that the fact were present in the application were not available either during trial. or during any other appeal he filed and, of course no such compelling argument is or has been made. Small when you abuse system lie in. I totally understand now. That's on him area. If you, If you wanted to take that risk and see if you could do a hell, marian get an appeal got on your, but they shut him down.
The Montgomery county assistant district attorney, as name is bill dalmore. He had kind of a funny response to this. He said Bearcat ought to be writing his attorney thanking him for keeping him off death row. The crime was just terrible, in other words, discount you're, lucky stars, because you could have been put on death row as well. Now parrys appeals run out and he will be put to death Michael James perry, was put to death on July first, two thousand ten, and before he I'd. He looked over his mom who was crying in the observation room. What what did he say? Justin he forgave every one in the room. He forgave The executioners he'd forgave that people in the in the witness box and
that actually was sort of insulting to the surviving victims. Family members there like. Why are you for giving up You don't have any say here to forgive us where the ones that are supposed to forgive you, but it's delusional narcissism that he is innocent being put to death. He look over his mom who was crying in the observation room and he said molly. I love you, I'm coming home, dad I'm coming home and a single tier of course was shed by him, but again this was a case where people had trouble with Michael James perry. Being put to death. I know there are even media reporters journalists, news anchors who had trouble with this sad, this death penalty- I you know, I think I don't know if it's just the part it's coming out. I don't know if it's just
after so many executions that people are looking at texas and thinking is this the sorry have we lie ask any innocent people buy it A reason they really kind? put themselves into this, pace and, as we said, there's nothing really here. That makes us think that James perry was aunt anything I he had a website He had all these reasons for why he didn't do it by all this rings hollow, and I think it it may have just been a political reason why so many people spoke up and seem to have trouble with his being put to death, which I'm not saying you can't have opinions here. I think if you ve given this, a thought, whether your four against it penalty, I think at young people make their own cases but further orders for the use anchors to get into this issue seems like our it. This is an odd.
haste to bring it up. I think the fact that he was so young and had a baby face even Adam sister, Was there to see the sky be executed? She'd built em up as this monster she and her own words says. Then they bring this kid into the room and strap em down of the gurney. It's not an easy thing is not an easy pill to take out when you see. Somebody so young and One of the guys that assisted with the executions in texas, he was there for perry and he said that it got so freak I think, even though it was like almost to a week, he was assisting with and it was one day when he had to assist with the execute, a female of a woman that broke him and he could,
and what I want to do something else, because he just couldn't keep executing people Just- was not sitting right with him and he couldn't talk to anybody about it. because the opinions are these people are monsters and they deserve what they get and he's the last person to walk them into a room, strap them down. Even his sense of humanity kicked in and This is wrong. Male Michael James, berry and jason marquette were both nineteen when, murders were committed and we already talked about their rough backgrounds but even around the time that they had been and arrested the time just prior to their arrests. they had a lot of trust. Going on in their lives. It just seems to me, like you, we talked about it before, but these are almost bad eggs
and tat? The only thing I could say that someone might be the defend them with his aunt Nineteen is awfully close to that age. Where there's question of our EU mature enough. Do you understand, Is your brain developed enough to? really be setting to death or to life imprisonment for crimes. Like this. I think then being nineteen, I would say most people would probably argue that the nineteenth old enough right. Well, that's that's the problem and I always compare What is an adult if, if eighteen is an adult. The wired you allowed to drink alcohol you're allowed to sign up for the military. We go off to a foreign land and possibly get shot. You're allowed to be tried as an adult but you're not dull. Yet, where you're going to be given the responsibility of drinking alcohol
and instead of lowering the drinking age, I think maybe raising the adult age might be. The appropriate action to go and because I I look at my niece she's nineteen years old, she's, very mature for a nineteen year old. Yet I don't think so. he knows anything about how to under, stand the ramifications of her actions. Yet There there's a good question there about. When you start to really get life and your place, responsibilities. Other peoples, lives their feelings, others much more to living. Then what the hell are? You person would know and- and everyone's experiences different, I know you ve, met people who are eighteen or not seen that seem like
they're doing very well in that regard and other people, especially people like these, two, obviously they didn't may probably didn't, have a chance to understand life like they probably should have and then they might not have ever got it right. I think that could be argued too I know that with their recent supreme court decision. That said, you can't just sentence, and under age person to life in prison, and there is the question of brain development and when that actually really starts to take hold whether it's nice in twenty twenty one, sphere little weird to put someone to death at nineteen at least with the new science had this texas in texas, sir you get a death penalty, you're, probably gonna, be put to death time of Jeremy Richardson's death. He was survive I by his mother, a there and sister, but
There is no mention of a father in his obituary. He was eighteen, jeremy and Adam were friend and they skateboard together. Adam was seventeen at the time of his murder. He was adopted by. step grandmother sandra and she raised him as her own son. He was survived by his sister step brother, an stepsister and there was no mention of his father. Either. The
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