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Westfield, New Jersey. Derek and Maria Broaddus purchased their dream home in June of 2014. They were excited to move in and raise their family in a beautiful neighborhood, but they never got the chance. They received a series of disturbing and threatening letters from someone known only as “The Watcher". The Watcher claimed ownership over the house, and asked for the “young blood” of the Broaddus children. Derek and Maria’s suspicions turned to their new neighbors, the people who were supposed to welcome them into the community.

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Joint, wondering plus in the wondering app to listen ad free from wondering agents and other I'm good. Then how are you holding up butter today? covered is no joke. Sir. They got sick on January for First, I think the night of January,
First and now we worry we're recording on the seventeenth and I'm still very fatigue coughing my lungs out so good times. We do Have some updates in the news the air and You guys in case the earlier age, boy that went missing back and oh seven in he was her. get not a train and was never seen again well pair. They just made some arrests, they arrive, the two men, one was thirty eight years old and another was forty. Five years old, they seized their computers and some phones and what not, and apparently they have said images on their computers that are going to. them charged, get them not a trouble, but so far they haven't released much more information about Andrew and
of these two men are suspected of adopting him or what butter Andrews Father is just going who, how right now and reliving all of this from what is it? Forty? fifteen years ago they're keeping the Father up on what they can do, this I'd, be the only lead that they had this case that has planned out too and arrest? But apparently they rely, these two men, so I'm gonna wondering are they injured to society be from what they found on their computers. Or is this something that was just a falsely? didn't go anywhere right now, it's hard to tell where all hoping for ass. Thou were hoping that this clear up some questions because when you and I covered it would be no and we we know he left his house
You said that train station, but there wasn't very information and all questions about. Did he leave on his own? Did he get mixed but the wrong person, but if this is what the police have suggested. It might be a trafficking situation, that must be heartbreaking, his family? Don't miss the upcoming limited series on Hulu dropout. The drop out explores the rise and fall of Elizabeth HOMES, the founder and ceo of fairness, the company that to revolutionize the face of healthcare story a man deciphered, the sea. This goes beyond what has been published to understand the complicated woman behind the notorious scandal unravelling her story from childhood to present day as she goes from Stanford dropout to self made billionaire to alleged criminal
miss the series premier of the drop out there is day March. Third on Hulu severance is the new original series from Apple Tv Plus, its directed by Ben Stiller and stars and amazing, cast lead by Patricia Marquette John Arturo, Christopher Walken and Adam Scott, who plays mark. He works at a company that uses a procedure on their employees, called severance, which surgically divides their memories between their work and personal lives. Mark finds himself at the centre of an unravelling mystery that will force him to confront the true nature of his work. It's an edge of yours workplace drama thriller severance now streaming exclusively on Apple TV plus, so Aaron tonight's case is one that I've been looking forward to for a while. I've read about this and listen to other people. Talk about this case a lot and it's it's kind of racking.
Gary, and just mystery in general, I've been fast aided by it, and I am happy that were covering it now, so that what are we talking about tonight tonight we're talking a case they began in twenty fourteen in West Field, New Jersey. It concerns a very new his home at six, fifty seven, boulevard and let's just say this couple and their kids were put need to move into this new home for them when they start receiving threatening letters and that's weird address like its system a number and boulevard. I, when I first at about it. I was like, what's the street name away, that is New jersey and end up in the northeast they have when they were first coming up with a neighbour it's an residences. So I guess I didn't need as much of a street name back then so,
this was in twenty fourteen and its Derek Maria brought us who bought the home and I referred to this as their dream home it's. So if you look, pictures of the home. It's it's beautiful, and this was there, on my way to settle down and this nice neighborhood with their children and essentially by this very expensive home! I think one. three million, and then they were going to renovate it was probably a hundred thousand dollars more to make it their own. So this is good chunk of change and obviously it say, upper middle class neighbourhood. I want point three million dollars: that's wow! That's a nice home! It's not
and you know San Francisco, where that would be a a shack or LOS Angeles, Sir or Dallas Texas, throw that might get you're a stand normal home butter. It's a nice area and they are in it closing on the home June, second of twenty fourteen. It was three thousand nine hundred and twenty square feet with a half acre lot, and this purchase came just before Derek's fortieth birthday kind of a nice birthday present there. They purchase this home from John and Andrea Woods, who had lived there, for more than two decades, and this definitely was one of the better homes on the block, pickle fashion. There are multiple people, look, at this home to buy and apparently before brought us the clothes on it. There is a buyer who backed out they got some bad medical news and another one founded different home. That
who did them a little better? So, things really were looking. They were lining up perfectly for this couple, but this Sir Perfect home didn't stay so per I think that they're doing reservations on the home. They don't move right in on. You know fourth or June fifth they have caused. Actors and people coming in to work on the home so there kind of doing a slow move, a slow role into this home, but day are going there and checking on the work and checking the mail. x, Ray June fifth Derek, had and working at the house and he went out the check. The mail there are typical bills, stuff in there, but one envelope really stood out. It was this: why envelope and addressed on the front of it where large letters the new owner and so he opened this up and insight It was a typewritten letter and this is what was written
dearest new neighbour at six. Fifty seven boulevard allow need to welcome you to the neighbourhood. How did you end up here? Did six fifty seven all of our call to you with its force within six fifty seven but part has been the subject of my family for decades now and as it approaches its one hundred and tenth birthday I have been put in large of watching and waiting for its second coming, my grand their watched the house in the nineteen twenties and my father watched in the nineteen sixties. It is now my time do you know the history of the house. Do you know what lies within the walls of six fifty seven boulevard? Why are you here? I will find out I see already that you have flooded six fifty seven boulevard with contractors so that you can straw the house as it was supposed to be Tis Tis chest bad move. You dont worry to make six fifty seven boulevard unhappy. You have children,
I have seen them so far. I think there are three that I have counted do to fill the house with the young blood I requested better for me, was old House too small for the growing family or was it greed mere children once know their names, I will call to them and draw them to me. I asked the it's to bring me young blood and it looks like they listened, who am I there are hundreds and hundreds of cars that drive by six fifty seven boulevard each day, B, I in one look at all the windows you can see from six fifty seven Boulevard, Maybe I am in one look out of the many windows and six fifty seven boulevard at all the people who stroll by each day B. I am one welcome my friends. Welcome! Let the party begin This letter was signed, the watcher, I'm cool used. He said. Allow me to welcome you to the neighbourhood, and then the right
still the letters essentially creepy threats I got it as it starts off nice enough right, dearest, new neighbour, There is an obvious pattern here, which is to keep mentioning the address. What are you thinking going forward this, for assuming its a man could very well be a woman. Well, there are, so obsessed with this home, their obsessed with anyone that lives there and there making it known that they know where this person lives mean. Obviously they dropped the an. up their mailbox. It just intimidation- and you can see the wacky train of logic here of come to the neighbourhood. Do you know anything about this house and what lies on the walls, and then they go. onto hundred and twenty and you're already messing up of contractors. So now I'm offended cause you were so is to know about the history of the house and blob lie. Exists is
adding and stupid, and this person's nuts. Why don't know if it's stupid? I know if I head bought this house, and I got a letter like this. It would disturb me so. of stupid, comes to mind, but is a threat and am I think, you'd have to take it seriously. But what do you do with such a threat? Right, it's out, general, they're, asking questions which obviously they can't get a reply to because they're, a coward and they're not but their name on the letter, while that yes, preserving their power at this point in time. They know their enemy, eighty is secure, so they can make threats about the couples, children and get away with it it reminds me of everybody on Twitter and Facebook its, but it's a little bit more personal here, so Derek as alone and its nighttime in the evening about ten o clock and he turned off all the lights, he's probably thinking
while no one can see what's going on the house if all the lights are out, so his next action is to call the police and when an officer arrives, handsome the letter and the option, Reed's lettering. This is his quote. What the fuck is this, First question, obviously, is Derek: do you have any enemies moved into the neighbourhood, no enemies so that is basically I guess a smart move, because now the police are aware- and they can open by case, but then he s go and tell his wife? I dont know if this was an easy move. I know its couples are supposed to be open and honest with each other, but you know go and tell your wife that you have a stalker at the house now I dont know how, comfortable they will be mine to go to the new house. I would be too on this, because I wouldn't want to worry anyone, because you don't know how sir
yes, you should take this, but at the same time you want them to be, alert and worried, so I am with them. I wanna told my wife, too, he tells his wife, then they right too. former homeowners, and they asked them. Do you anything about the watcher the next morning, Andrea words replies and she tells them that they did deed receive a letter back on May twenty fourth, which was just days for they had moved out and all You tell them was that the letter mention that this person as observing them and had thank them for caring for that house, but they threw it. because, while they didn't understand it and he didn't seamen Morton to them they decide about one of our neighbours appreciated, having us around and they threw it away without any frame of reference or context it Who? Who knows what that letter men specially
people there are moving out, they don't care, they just want to close on the house and start their new life. Yet there's no reason for them to lose any sleep over it and they went. so far as to say they felt safe in that home and they rarely ever lock the doors. So it's at this point that the promises are moving into their home or trying to move in and some of them whereas come by and strike a book rotation and they're giving people. Tour of their new house? Now, I personally think, This would be a little weird, especially if I received a letter or two threatening me and my children, but they invited some of their neighbours in and one of the neighbors said be good to have some young blood in the neighborhood. That will become a word that used over and over again and these letters, but that just cool, saying people up and
with these. They just referred. A children or new people in the neighbourhood, as young blood or this, the actual perpetrator, you know who knows But another letter shows up on June eighteenth. just a few days later and Maria had checked the mailbox, so I guess it's good that the husband told her hey. There is some crazy person writing letters this way she knows and expects it But this letter is, I don't just as crazy as the first one. It says, welcoming, and to your new home at six five, seven boulevard, the workers have been busy and I've been watching you unload car falls personal belongings. its creepy dumpster is a nice touch, yeah! Well, you know written, a message on their dumpster saying in all go out yourself. found out what is in the walls yet in time they will I am pleased to know your names now
and the names of the young blood you have brought to me. You certainly say their names. Often is your daughter the Stan the family, six, five in boulevard is anxious, for you to move in has been years and years since the young blood ruled the hallways of the house found all the secrets it holds yet? Will you blood play in the basement, or are they too fraid to go down there alone. I would be very afraid if I were them, far away from the rest of the house. If Europe here, as you would never hear them scream, while they see in the attic, or will you all sleep on the second floor? Who has the dream facing the street. I know as soon as you move in it will help to know who is in which bedroom then I can play and better. all the windows and doors and sixty seven boulevard. Allow me too Are you and track you as you move through the house? Who am I I am the watcher
and I ve been in control of six five, seven boulevard for the better part of two decades now What's family turned it over to you, it was their time to move on kindly sold it when I asked them to pass many times a day, six, five, seven of art is my job, my life, my obsession and now You are too broadest. Family. Welcome to the product of your greed. Creed is what brought the past three families to sixty seven boulevard. It now Has brought you to me the happy moving day. You I will be watching. Well,. talking about watching their children and twenty two screaming this letter scene. to give a few more clothes, I would say: no, if I He had only this letter to go off of I would probably ass, that whoever wrote this letter is someone who wanted to buy this home but couldn't afford it
This sum sounds like jealousy and they figure this other family got to buy it, I'm upset, I threatened them made I can get them to walk away from this house and its not that hard to figure out. the names of the people that bought a house? You could just look at their other mail. You can look up public records of who the house was sold to there's a hundred different ways to say, somebody, sadly, and nothing that this son has been saying. Is that hard to find Firstly, if they are watching from across the street and they see that they have children more for them to know that children's names that something else and I think that I would just guess that is someone who lives very close by has maybe even broken with his family or spoken with a neighbor who has, but this is where you, ask yourself: are these threats real as one If someone threatens you and me
your choices. You can walk away or what you hinted you would have done. You can basically tell him bring it back. just see. What they're gonna do call em out on it. I guess The reason why I behind that way or why I would take that frame of action is because typically when somebody's threatening you when somebody's doing this kind of crap too long for its hands are tied. They can't do a whole lot so my idea is instigate something make something then said, then law enforcement can get involved. It's not that I'm sure to be a bad ass or anything now. I want to engage with them and try to get them to say or do something that does cross the line said, then I can turn it over to the police now that there something interesting in that letter. Is they misspelled families name, which that's a little odd, well,
what's implied here, is that the watch her has heard their names that suggesting that haven't seen the mail and because they have identified that children, by their nicknames again data no the names of everyone? They know some names and they know nicknames. So it's at this point where Erica Maria very hesitant, actually move in so, There's a question: just in every one of the things that was implied was there: something in the walls and Erica Maria. They actually attempted to get to the bottom of that. Was there thing in the walls, in other they pad work being done in the home. they brought in a home inspector who did go through the home, and now he found was a lack of insulin I have my opinions of home inspectors, so I'll keep those two myself for now. That's be to say, because
I don't remember what movie it was, but there's a haunted house movie where there are bodies hidden in the walls or you know a shoe box with secret center in on whatever it is so this is trying to insinuate that this house has secrets or skeletons in the closet. It doesn't hurt to look, though I would have done the same thing. These let us talk about young blood and what's in the walls, and I started to think, could been a body in the walls? Was there a crime was covered up long ago. Maybe someone else attend. deliver now who was murdered for it? This episode, brought to buy the Jordan Harbinger show if you want a new path, I look forward to each week one that's entertaining informative and packed with actual content. Let me suggest the Jordan Harbinger So it's a top shelf interview based podcast were
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gets halls. The nineteen sixty were a good time. Six, fifty seven boulevard when I ran from room to room imagining the life with the rich occupants there the house was full life and young blood, then it got old and so did my father, but he kept watching until the day he died. I watch and wait for the day when the young blood will be mine again, six fifty seven boulevard is turning on me. It is coming after me, I don't understand why. What spell did you cast on it? It used be my friend, and now it is my enemy. I am indeed charge of of six fifty seven boulevard. It is not in charge of me. I will find it's bad things and wait for it to become good again. It will not wish me, I will write. again I will be patient and wait for this to pass and for you to bring the young blood back to me. Six. Fifty seven bullets, needs young blood, it needs. You come back. Let the young I play again like I once did let the young blood sleep and expecting seven boulevard, stop changing it
let it alone. So there's too, things that stand out to me is one their noticing that the family hasn't moved in yet because there asking. Where are you and then talk about how they used to roam the walls back in the sixties and at that point, thinking. Well, I can just go through public records and search all of the previous owners of this house and probably figure out who lived here, and who might be writing these letters. But does this mean a little bit of an investigator like that. I guess I don't know if it's a simple mean think about they might have run the halls because they were friends with kids that lived there If you find the previous family, you can ask that family what other kids roamed around the nearer the gotta have a lead, but this is gonna firstly, freak them out and they're going to take all these letters to the police again and show them what's been written and what
psycho has been trying to do. But one thing is or does tell me is it seems like this is somebody who wants that house. They won't control house I dont know exactly which way, because it straight that at the end of this third letter The watcher is saying it needs. You come back. Let the young blood play again like I once did the. What is this mean do they really want ownership of the home or do they want some kind? control over who lives there. It's feels like a game to me because now at this third letter it seems less sure exactly what their purpose with these letters is there, so that take this seriously just in and they start working on the front except this? They start interviewing people. They figure out that letters had been processed in Carney, the: U S, piazzas your vision centre
it's in the northern part of New Jersey, but I know from the Unabomber case that you can drive and male letter from another post office. So it's it's a lead it something right. It may not be. Lead that helps with this case necessarily, but they are. tracking things down. They also I say that first letter was postmarked June. Fourth, that's before the sale was ever made public. So that's quite telling the woods the prior owners- never put up a foresail sign so who the water is, they must have lived very close He had seen this family visiting the house and had been able overhear them is what the police theorized Ized. Does that's super creep That just means that they had to been in the news. Somehow, so this detective,
active Lugo is shown around the house by Derek and Maria and he's just trying to get a look at the house because he knows it's in the letters and he's trying to put this. Together in his head. He noticed the easel data that it is his daughter had put out. There was hidden from the street So if you were out on the street, you wouldn't see this easel, but if you are standing in a say to the side of the house or behind the house. You could have seen it That might be a clue as to where the watcher is because it almost feels like the watcher is in a home watching so once again, and this is something I don't think we mentioned it yet. But the police had told brought us is don't talk about watch your letters to anyone, don't mention it, don't bring it up in it because we a lot of people to interview this purse. That sending you these letters, maybe a neighbour, and if you just
talking everybody, you might give some thing away, so we don't really want anyone, knowing that you have talked thus etc, but I have to say, Justin. If you have is visiting the home. I think the watch her nose absolutely is Yes, but I get their point because if you don't any neighbours about it, and then one of them brings it up out of the blue. Wow tat could be a tell ya so Andrea Woods, prior owner she has been Munich hating with Marie over email, and she has a theory. This is what she said The mention of the contractor trucks in your children suggests that it was summoned to the neighbourhood, Derek It had a conversation with a neighbor had his neighbors name was John Schmidt and Schmidt, had told him about the length for family, the Lange for its were peggy. who was ninety and her adult chill
and all in their sixties, they live next door. Michael Lang, furred one of her children didn't work and Schmidt said he was a blue rat. character, for maybe the younger people in the audience just India was do you want to talk about? Who Bradley was? That would be a from to kill him king, bird, right and kind of the the questionable creepy guide, lives down the street, the misunderstood character, yeah her adult son is. It is said that He's a little slow damn misunderstood, but with all that don't think he was the one writing these letters. because these letters are not eloquent but they're they're, just there well written- and I don't know That son would have been capable to come up with all of this
detail. All of this all these ideas. I have no idea. I ve never met the guy, but He is misunderstood. So he is a prime suspect on the list and Derek because This conversation start suspecting that the land, or it could be involved and The reasons are many, but where the first things is after that date David visited the house and told him about the easel. Well he's Going about that, you said you know that easel is in plain view of the late for at home, Richard length furred. Who is the patriot of that family died into. And to answer. these letters keep referencing doing the job for the better part of two decades? Well, maybe it in its implying that Michael took over four Richard, but I think you know, if you where to go around and learn d histories all the neighbours, be another house or to the UK find a similar
situation with right said that there is a house right behind. There's that had I come back, DEC porch and there's always chairs out there in the neighbors were always sitting out there and if get to know all your neighbors. I mean you're gonna find specious things about all of them- and you could literally just come up with kinds of theories. I don't know if it's kind of hard to say who would make a good suspect, because I think all of em would probably mecca good suspect some Brian Derek they contact the police. Again, they talk with TAT Lugo, and this detective said I brought in Michael Testacea, for an interview a week after the first letter arrived. So apparently active, was on the ball it was already on this. This line of thought. I gotta give this guy
because normally stuff like this, just like I, u tell something, happens, there's not much. We can do in this guy's taken very seriously and interviewing people even swapping the envelopes and staff to get dna profiles. I'm impressed now might who had denied knowing anything, about the letters or about the threats and accorded this detective MIKE. Did say things that matched things in the letters, but just because there are some similarities doesn't mean that they have reason to arrest this man, so they really couldn't do much with what they have you already said just any you figure, they would need more than what they had to do so and well. I think it should that there was an they wanted to tell this family out, but their hands are kind of tied UK. Just a rest, someone on suspicion. in here when there
Nothing really support it, but this upsets dare come yeah, because they feel like some has to happen. You know how that works, someone's upset enough and feels like the police need to do something will, if they don't, then they're, not their jobs, this is a tough one because as much there's infer or insinuated threats there is nothing that saying I'm going you come kill you or murder you, but again, I think deed. Active, is actually doing good work here, Hermes, actually, questioning people is doing stuff, so I'm surprised by that and on a map that he's doing that. That said, The broadest is they're gonna, take some matters into their own hands, and therein start putting up cameras and stuff right, we'll Natalie but they're going to start their own investigation, start with the cameras there
really want spill, the watch, everything around the house and keep the lights out, so he can pure out to see if anyone wants under the property he also started mapping out the neighbourhood. He started keeping track of what people move Dan, what there Guidelines to his house was seeing if anyone which neighbors were close enough that they could have heard the family talking. This sucks speak Is he should just be enjoy? his new home. It should not to be on the defence of like this. He should not have to keep. tabs on his neighbours because that's not but neighbours should be doing me should be just helping each other out now you have talked about couple who lived in the house behind the broadest and the house painter for the couple said he had looked out the window, over at this house and then he said he saw an older guy sitting in. the chairs there, but he said
He thought it was strange that he wasn't facing his own house. He was facing the broadest is now me personally. I don't think it's that weird. But time you know if you're getting strange letters- and you see this Maybe it is weird, I think it's normal, to phase out away from your house and look at you know your neighbors backyards or whatever at that's normal to me, the family, so hires a private, investigator and, of course, is for focus, is on the line for its. But despite idea, search in a deep look into them. his tree- he doesn't five. Interesting or reliable here, but he does find to China sex offenders within a few blocks of the house, but again not thing, stands out as being connected to the letters here. If you haven't gone out to the sex offender registry, you should, and just pop in your own address. It's very opening their next step, because so far hasn't panned out
was to hire a former FBI agent to do a profile and a threat assessment and down. He came up with interesting information, he believes that Whoever the watcher is that therein, older writer, and there are some reasons for this: isn't there Justin in he talks about the double spaces. Between sentences, the vocabulary- in Grammar, in it implies that the writer had high level education, they didn't use any profanity which, according to the FBI agent, so it's less macho or more feminine bandar they believe that the writer was inspired by a movie called the watch. Her our key on a Reeves who play a serial killer whose stocking detectives, I think alike.
those things are valid. I disagree with that guy. I think the brighter could been influenced by a movie. But I still think that ass to be some motive here, I don't know who watches a movie and they all want to do that. Maybe, but I would think that, because they are mentioning the address that this house. is of importance to them for some reason, yeah and they obviously are close by it isn't a situate and where somebody's two towns over writing these letters. I just can't see that so there FBI agent and his is Robert Lenihan He comes up with his own theory. He thinks that not only is the cheers someone who is all talk but also believes that obviously a former housekeeper or amend of the housekeepers family. doing this out of jealousy? This
explain why they felt there was a sense of ownership of the place- also jealousy because they couldn't afford the house themselves and that's where the the red comes in his they're saying you know the house cells for so much. You have to be agree, family or a person to pay that match, and you know in their turn did mind, deny them the access to the house. Well, this Had all this there can Maria, especially from I understand, Derek. He still suspect, being that the Lange foods are behind. This and so the police work with them, they write a letter announced plans, down the house now, if watcher is obsessed with the house and finds out that the broad this is our planning to tear it down, you can age in that should be enough, them to write another letter right because the more information they have, the better so their whole for another letter
kind of using my strategy of instigate something. That's how you get the the next to come out of the grass, but nothing happens. There's no fourth letter and this detective brought Michael length for it in for another interview and sister Abbe, this is Abbe Linford was that about this and accuse the police of harassment, she's upset that the police be focusing on her family. How this directive says. I really don't think you're gonna get another letter because they didn't risk onto the plans that we announced by tearing down the house- and I think, after this second interview with Michael that, if the length our behind this? I don't think they're going to write to us if they are behind it. I get it logic. There I get what he was going for so, and I think that when you do threatened to tear down the the object of this person's obsession, and you don't get a response. Then, at that point
how serious can you take these threats? I still think that you should take them seriously, but they're not spawning to these so it's isn't this all a game, or is this something that they truly care about? Just in the book prices are being accused of harassment by the Lange and and It doesn't seem to have affected the way the broadest is approach, this issue because after the private best Gator and after the police interviewing the Lange for its multiple times and and bringing in an FBI agent former, the age to write about profile and thready set They then higher an attorney Levitt who meets with the langfords and their attorney. Now This seems like harassment to me just in just because this attorney meets with them and says: ok,
we have all this information, your house's is disclose. You have direct line aside the easel you could over here this being said by people at this house. If you open your windows, we feel like you're them obvious sauce. Behind this situation. This just me the angrier and they they furiously defend go. They say he's innocent had nothing to do with this it's just a sad state of affairs because you can't prove wrote the letters in that all be nice and packed up. Neatly so it's all allegations, it's all paranoia and driving these families apart and dumb. If that family the neighbours are not responsible. For this then how are they supposed to feel? You know we, what a fewer than store neighbour and your being accused of all this stuff and then the rest of the neighborhood also is giving you the side. I because you know, are you harassing this new family
So what can you say accept? Despite checking the envelopes for DNA in finding a profile which didn't matter anyone that they checked it against, canvassing the area interviewing people bringing former FBI age in bringing attorney veto, and especially, I think the major thing for me was announced they had plans to tear down the house and nothing so the end of twenty fourteen? They have nothing. They say that this investigation is completely stalled and the family the broadest promises Derek Maria? When do they have to face acts and say This is a no go: either move and live there or sell em in the last time they mess with the house. They had finished, innovations. They had even stalled and alarm system, but they just didn't move in. I think
became their obsession. Justin right yeah I mean, and that's what happens if you are being stock to harass, is it takes over your life. I mean you can say their obsession, but it's not a choice. They would rather not focus on this, but when you feel like somebody's threatening you or your children? You can really control, how you respond to that you're gonna. Just assume that somebody's out to get you and it doesn't have to be that threatening. Somebody can just be messaging you obnoxious things like they do on the internet all the time somebody can just correcting you, somebody can just be sending you D aims, are emails or just talking about you somewhere and its upsetting, because somebody their hates you that much that they're gonna take the time. I am to do all this stuff and I feel for the family, and I think it's
that they don't feel safe and that neighbourhood and they just spent all his money on this house, even now announce like people say well, they have the money and Bob Bob. But still this is dream house, and this is what they are trying to do and then all of a sudden, I don't feel If there are any more and they're gonna leave and aunts, I don't care who they are I do feel some sympathy for them. It would be tough to plan to move into a nice big knew. How might this and essentially have it taken away. That's how they felt and my understanding was the house that they had for this one nice house, but it wasn't nearly as expensive, so this was big move, their big dream and it is taken away, and I think big as of this in their frustration at not being able to pin it on someone and get to the bottom of it and feel safe that they are. and to the bottom of it, they suffered
Marie I understand was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. So what was your next step? It was file, a lawsuit against the woods is the prior family because they said you had gotten a letter days before you moved out from the watcher, and you did disclosed it right away. We should have about it, and because we didn't this is why work To lose our home take and to get away from our sponsor June's journey weather, creating a good mystery or you want to play something to escape for awhile June's journey is a perfect game. You play as June Parker an amateur detective, investigating a series of mysteries full of twists and turns around every corner. You'll put your powers of observation to the test. Sharpen yourself the skills and always relish thrill of solving the case. I know we all love a good who done it. June's journey
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for trying? I don't blame them for wanting to file lawsuit, but I've. had a lot of seller. not disclose way, worse things to me and When I went to a lawyer and said, can I see them for not disclosing this essentially the law, is what I always say, it's going to cost this amount and we have to prove it- you also had an inspector go through who didn't find. and said issue with the home and they're like so you'd, be better off either suing needs better or something else but they pretty much said unless the house has been mould or foundation is completely you falling down there. They just said here it's impossible to win in court with this, and now you take they got a letter before they moved out of their home in their supposed to disclose that to the buyer.
In a letter that wasn't even that threatening or weird. Now, have a case here and it sucks as I sympathize let them, but that's not enough, yet What I'm looking at is that letter. If we believe Andrea and John, that letter was basing like. Thank you for taking care of this home. That's not threatening, and I can see why she just threw it away, I think this is just a shot in the dark here. Because this family doesn't know where to go and they think they have a right to be upset. I just don't know that the Woods family should have been the target of their ire, so court This story starts going viral, and I can understand why, but it also fuel speculation and because its pay up steam and reporters are wanting to write stories on it here, podcast do stories on it. Eventually, you start to work, is this an Amityville house.
situation where someone will may up a story because they need a way out right? Maybe they'll get money from this Maybe they won't lose their, but on the home, whatever it is, maybe Eric and Maria brought us made this up. That's the specula, and I'm not saying that. For anyone that understands like if they, if they feel like this family turned around and sold their home at a serious was over four hundred- thousand dollars. I think in lost between the renovation and everything for them you, do that and think gonna get a tv deal or movie deal, the math doesn't work out and getting a movie or tv deal is so random and and just like the odd of you landing. One of those things unless you had a friend indian
sorry you're probably not getting a tv deal and then, even if you do tv deal whose essay they're gonna give you a dime. You might say, I need a million dollars for you to tell my story. May my disco we'll just tell your story anyway, so the idea that they did this for attention or for tv deal, is it doesn't work out for me? Yet I know personally that we ve talked to a person or too who have had already six swell, shows and worn both to sell a next one, yeah and again it's Even if you got a tv deal, would that make up for the loss they kept dropped the price of the house over and over and over again and no was buying it honestly, I wonder if when they were trying to sell the house today, disclose that they got these letters because
if you look at disclosure laws per state there, all about struck all issues on the home there all about stuff like that they're not about you- got threat. letters. So it's probably not something that you'd have to disclose anyways are worth That tells me that the Broadus wouldn't, like had been behind a hoax here was that they had not been telling everyone about the story, you know, as rumours, had gone around people trying to then they really wouldn't talk to people about it, and it's only because is the story was getting around and reporters In summary, questions in writing on this case that they finally felt like they had to tell her kids about the watcher, but Since this all came to light. The town Hall as the scene for a meeting June, twenty four twenty fifteen Mayor had to assure the public that the police had done an exhaustive investigation, but of course,
this, despite the mayor, saying, there's thing to see here, everything is fine, the neighbours in see it. That way. Did they know? Why would we would you if you knew that one of you neighbors had been harassed relentlessly to the point where they sold their house. What's next right I almost wonder if you have better had they not held that Town Hall meeting, but he had her grief. Agree in a case like this in any stocking case? What is the best response? What is the best approach to dealing with it? I know when it comes to internet. ass meant the best approach to ignore it into block people. and I wonder if, His family had just completely ignored this. What would have happened? personally, I might have walked out to the mailbox, saw the letter and after the first one just burn
Second, one leg literally lit on fire in my front yard: just left some of the ashes on the ground, so the person came back. They would see that I didn't even read their letter. I just it you know, showing them like. I do now care what you have to say, but when it comes to threats, you can't just ignore it and they did what they could it is also something about human curiosity, its varied the to just burn something when it contained information that you might want to know about, so you had said- There are some stories going around about Michael Length and Michael had a brother named Sandy and he told the police my brother has It's a friend here and he will do things that will alarm people he likes, look in on new neighbours. He will lie through their yards or look in their windows, but that's actually a good thing, showing that he's interested and he likes
see them there, but dont. Studies. He's harming anyone. He wouldn't harmony, one another person a neighbor. John Schmidt said that Michael picked up his paper form every morning, and he said night and others a lot going on around a around the neighbourhood about him, but I dont think he could write letters Now we had said earlier on just in that they had found some dna. This was female dna and they couldn't match at anyone. Because it was female dna, then they started. Betting, maybe Abbe length effort. Involved, because she was a local real estate agent. Maybe she was upset because I'll was losing a chance to get commission on the house, and so here's what they did is a detective. Had a security guard at abbeys ah this steel, her water bottle by God,
just got net and saw the dna from the water bottle was complete. here too, the dna from the letter, but it was not a match. Course Derek Maria therein upset. They want the Lange for its charge. They want them brought in, but the prosecutor's office is saying now they're not suspects. My would we do that. Especially when DNA has excluded some of these people in it I know that my you were talking curiosity, some of these letters or threats might have some kind of information in them that allow you to fit, the case out, but I guess this point in my life. I've- receive threats. I've received hateful mail messages and I just I don't even read it anymore. I just block it and I dont know how I don't know if that's the right thing, Do I I just don't want to give anyone any of my time
I'm or attention that doesn't deserve it, but have kids. I have other people around me that I have to protect her look out for either, but the other thing is, this house was a big investment for so you can understand why they're not letting the skull I mean, I I wouldn't have sold them, I would just moved in and ignored it, but that's just me so part. The broadest his own investigation, included, showing their neighbours a hand adding sample from the watch her. Now understanding was: is the front of the envelope had handwriting on it, but the letter itself was typewritten. Now you can still give you information, of course, because of the things are said in it, but really what they you, as they end up, hiring a firm where there
a forensic linguist who can analyze these handwriting samples and stark comparing them to people on the internet, They have some idea that possibly whoever's doing this. My themselves away because of the way they say things, again. The sounds a lot like the Unabomber were his own brother brother in law, figured out that I recognize this writing style in the context of the letter that goes nowhere ass, a surprising, but it was the Tri Guess so Derek then tries to get. someone to help him by breaking and two WI net. in the area hoping to be able to get into computers to see if there's any incriminating documents. It's not a good thing that, and you know, TAT credit. He doesn't actually go through with it, but that was a sign
aspiration. I believe that he was trying to look into this finding a hacker to help him do this, but at that point actually breaking the law worse than the letter writer, but I get the police ask Korea, woods for a dna sample and they also talk There are twenty one year old son these. Don't pan out either, but it shows that there are still too to help out the promises their trial, to be helpful, even though there was this lawsuit and everything, but they ask but the end if they can do anything to help find this perpetrator that caused them to then their willing to do it. Now, Sadly there was a fourth letter. Justin there was a family, lived at six thirty three boulevard, that's that they got a letter they, I guess. A picture of it and threw it away, one of their older children posted about it. On the on Facebook,.
I would just assume that if you knew the background, This whole story, if you knew everything that was going on, that you would hold that letter, make a headline, and I don't maybe they just didn't want anything to do with it. one thing that I wonder about dressing is Marie abroad is claimed that the police had given her a name. I suspect, saying we. Gets his person, but we don't have enough evidence to files. It is against them again. This is desperation trying to let people hey we're making progress the police are making. Progress there watcher better watch out, but the feel police. They said never gave Maria name it's. no, whose telling the truth there, because the police might be saying, hey he gave you that name confidentially and now the fact that you're talking about it is
against our agreement and we would have never told you or given your name. If we had known that going to talk about it. I don't know. Sometimes police officers they they want to throw. about you know to pacify. You make you happy be like hey. We got something it. for me to know. If that, true or not, but it was a name of one of the people that they did a dna test on then we already know that that didn't pan out, I am not saying that the broadest us, lying here, but I want This is just something they kind of blue out of proportion. to make seem like the watcher was in trouble. Absolutely so one of the detectives. was sitting outside the house in a van. Where at around eleven p M, a car stopped in front of ass Obvious- is going to get their attention, so they Is this vehicle too?
woman that lives in a nearby town when he's asked about this vehicle stopping in front of the broadest his home. while she says that her boyfriend played as the watch her in a video game, that's kind of suspicious slow yeah, It's weird is like oh, he played as the watcher so their wanting to check the house that the watcher is watching mean is that what this is so they asking. She says, woman boyfriend will come in for an interview, but he never showed up that definitely be a prime suspect at the top of my list. So once again, people are talking and they get This idea that may be the brought us did this but you know we already covered this. Justin idle think anyone would take her for her. Thousand dollar hit for attention I will give you another example of why they,
probably won't behind it. They had turned down multiple movie deals and life I'm ended up releasing a movie title. The watcher and the broad. says, had sent them a cease and desist letter to try and prevent them from releasing that, but it shows I think, that they didn't want out there about their situation. Etas wanted the watcher found and brought to justice so obviously the broadest is aren't going to live at this address, so They need to find another home. Now they're gone stay in the same city of Westerfield, but it's now only sixteen and because of their food actual situation being what it is. They had to borrow my from family and they also you Dan L see to keep location of this new home private are smart, good idea: hadn't thought of that
now you had asked, I wonder if they disclosed the watch situation to potential buyers, well, a pen they had, I think that's another taken box for them, because if they had not die, all the information they'd be hypocrites, and it would show that maybe there was something up but yeah. No, the rescue take by saying I know you want to buy the home, but here there are some things I need to tell you. You know the word by it- and you have to say things that you know might bother some people well enough. blow the sale again. I really don't think This is where behind this- and I don't know how popular opinion that is, but I'll stick with it. We talked about There was a demolition plan well and twenty sixteen. They filed an application with city to damage. Their house and then happen was under the proposal. The property would be divided in there.
Two homes built there, but they ran into a problem there. it was just shy of the required with to subdivide like that So they had to go to the city Planning Board hand January Fit seventeen the city Planning Board voted unanimously to reject their demolition plan because just the- wasn't wide enough and they think also that it wouldn't look right. They think it would hurt the neighbourhood overall to do this and this was for liner, Stana, very, very lengthy hearing and they were neighbors their speaking out against the plan, can a wonder animes to watch it right. Dear. No doubt now act, This decision didn't go their way. The broadest is really You notice that there is a family that wanted to France five. Seven boulevard despair, they said we're not worried about the watcher butts. say what Jason? I think they were
a little worried about the watcher. I think they were sceptical, but they did. a clause in their lease. That said, if we get a letter, We are allowed to move out. We can break the lease. So six Five, seven boulevard got some new tenants on February. First, two thousand seventeen. So just in a fourth letter, we have the fourth letter right while we don't have in our possession, but we know what it supposedly said: February 13th two thousand and seventeen the new tenant gave Derek a white envelope. This, is dated the same day. The broadest gave their depositions in the lawsuit against if prior owners, here's what the letter said, Violent wins and bitter cold to the vile and spiteful Derek wench of a wife, Maria, you wonder who the watcher is turn around. Daddy it's. Maybe we spoke to me one of the so called neighbours who has no idea who the watch or could be, or maybe
You do know and are too scared to tell anyone good move. I walked the news trucks when they took over my neighborhood and mocked me away, does he watched from the Dark house in an attempt to find me telescopes him benaco? are wonderful inventions? Six five seven of arts survived your attempted assault and stood strong with its army of supporters, barricading its gates, my soldiers of the beloved followed my orders to a t. They care out their mission and save the soul of six five seven bullet. Park with my orders. All hail watcher. You are despite is by the house and the watch, your one, maybe a car accident, maybe a fire maybe something as simple as a mild illness that never seems to go away but makes you feel sick day after day after day after day after day, maybe the mysterious death of a pat loved ones suddenly die planes in cars and bicycles crash bones. Break did so pretty threatening. But again it's I don't know,
It gives us any more information on who they are. I guess that's where I I wonder if we could ever figure out, This person was without dna analysis without tying somebody directly to any of these letters, apparently they don't really know what's going on with the house at that point. This, of course, prompted Derek to take the letter to the police and one The text is just because even more certain that the watcher had to live within three. you're, the of the house. I don't know Justin The thing that set out to me when I read this letter- was not only was it the first real threatening letter threatening violence, but early on the questions, Ass, you wonder who the watcher is turn around. Eddie I mean if you took that literally I'd, say it's the house behind them exactly, as does it say, right, yeah
could it be that animals wonder if their taunting them saying in a you brought in all these people to work the case and we're not scared. Do what you will you now, but the woods is: John and Andrea. They had a fight on their hands because they had this lawsuit against them. On October, told twin, Seventeen a judge threw out both lawsuits one from the woods and the one from the broadest is, she said, there's evidence that what Johnny Andrea did was wrong and furthermore, this judge- Camille you. She said if she had the stain the complaint she said that would have put in a tough break. On future sellers because then it really have to think you know how about what to disclose. when they were selling a home to potential buyers because
If you get a letter that just like well thanks for taking care of the house- and you know disclose that if that's a problem, my god I Think this judge was right on the money. I felt that all of these losses for just filed in operation and and spy, and it's not a satisfying ending but ending. But it's what had happened December. Fourth, twenty seventeen, There were several homes on the boulevard received an envelope in their mailboxes now, the letters they had gotten were very soon. Or to the watchers and the writer was accusing families of making up room Some stories about Derek Maria brought us and the like we're all signed friends of the broadest family. This is not going to shock anyone, but eventually Derek brought us admitted riding those letters, but these are letters
after the fact when this is all kind of said done and he's trying in his own way to fight fire fire, but it doesn't pay him in a good light. He I think this really came about because felt like the neighbors had turned on them, but you know that I can go back and forth there come Ria were very, very not just litigious, but they very aggressive trying to fight for what they was their dream home and they can feel it being old away from them. I can you're. Why? Why David? He did, but if he wasn't right to do so, obviously adjusting they spent a lot of money on this home over hundreds and dollars and renovation, but the home cost one point: three million dollars: they live, did the house in twenty nineteen, for one point one to five: Five million dollars, but by July first they sold it.
Four nine hundred and fifty nine thousand dollars to the car family. That's a pretty big loss, man. You know how it is just any. If you get home usually you make some money on its and investment. Now real state, as always said to be the best investment and are they lost, so much on this so much time. Men not even the money, is just time and happiness. You know now years later, Maybe they didn't spend time with their children when they were at the school play because they were too wrapped up in two disturbed by this whole event. all the things that this took from the family. Not just the money well this story never went away. Did it Netflix is planning a show on this case and they already have. Couple of stars set for them. minute I guess
that's what I'm saying where water to war and maybe get lucky in they're. Gonna. Give us hint and who they think the watcher was, never miss an episode of generation. Why subscribe? to us on Apple podcast, Spotify Cast Box or rare, you're listening right now, also sure to follow us on social media. Our tik Tok is at GEN. Pod are inst ram is at generation. Why podcast join wondering, plus in the wondering, app to listen ad free,
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