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April 25th - Comedian Elected President!

2019-04-25 | 🔗

Special guest: Maria Estrada!

Comedian elected President!

Yellow Vest movement angry Notre Dame gets millions, but people get austerity!

Exposing local corruption of the Democratic Party!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Mike Macrae, and Ron Placone!

Phone calls from Bernie Sanders, Barrack Obama, Mitt Romney, and Rick Perry!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme, the Jimmy or show, while grotto bomb is on the line, I wonder if he's gonna ask us how we're all doing tonight if we're ready to laugh about you, wanted a lap for breast, Obama, how you doing what's new guess what friends with renaming rodeo road epidemic or go about. I never heard over of Rodeo street with a guy stability because of your action was not, of course, have to be better folks, then you're. Without a with me, you're gonna fuck around the negative Balkans. Can't we talk just get along with the bulk, so returned slowly strongly about
get it a street named after use quite an honour. When is the dedication my board? Some should not why because I'm worried, intersects Martin Luther King Jr Border I'm gonna that neighbourhood and brother, no more! Your mere shoppers up a barely a cheque for four hundred k waiting for me at the bar bitch what street renaming ceremony. Would you show up to my only about a chump change? give me a rock street or rock street. What does the bomb a but world come on guys take a break Don't you think the public has had it with politicians, catering to Wall Street Catering wall? winning strategy. For instance, I still believe Joe Biden would be an excellent
president amid all the obligations of inappropriate, touching and rumours of missing hitchhiker the next year, but all those things those are really bad things. No, my perfection baby enemy, a failure, it could lead to a circular fiery squat spending it would you guys gave it in advance wary hey. What do you think about PETE Buddha get did. Guess is he got the attention of a lot of your major donors anyway. I know you'd like the lightning women like me, no, but he But I do believe you divided weakening the moment. What movement, a moderate movement you got to reserve a non confrontational matter. Perfection Vienna. Make of non perfection? Not
Prevention is the only way we can eliminate the conversation toward nobody gets offended and when nobody gets offended, nothing happens. I went up and opens this gives me well have to boot. I met with the mire liquidating now guys motorbike where I want you out. We didn't California will approve a plan to rename the one thirty for free way that Barack Obama highway that's right during corporate pagoda, one thirty, four! Never
The plan to get onto the one I want fell back because I know more about or email angry about heavy. Then maybe I'm telling you today everybody what, with this week's Gb Giorgio, hey, that's what we're the last will live. Stand appeal happening this Sunday, that's right this Sunday April, twenty eight, it
in Hollywood at the Sycamore Tavern, that's at sunset, just west of Ireland we're doing alive, stand up Joe, it's Jimmy doors, JAG off comedy, Jimmy Doorn friends we do of everyone's whilst always find it set the Sycamore Tavern in Hollywood. You can go to Jimmy Dork. how many dot com for a link for those tickets right now, let's get to the jokes before we get to the joke, shall we paid? Did you hear a new study out just a and that one half of all american rivers are now too polluted. To sustain crude oil through story. True story, I'd like to join in the called people are wanting to impeach Donald Trump. I don't know if you've heard that a lot of people to come out with Harris calling for impeachment of Donald Trump and I'd like to join the call to impeach Donald Trump but is there an easier way to destroy the democratic party? Hey? I Let's do the right thing again: hey Joe Biden promised to make his candidacy for president official this week with a visit,
Your announcement and approval is an out of sync with the current energy of the Democratic party. He plans on releasing it on beta. I refuse, to consider Joe Biden for president until he reveals how much money he's taken from Prague concentrate. Hey did you know, according to a report by Brown University, America's war on terror has killed a minimum, a minimum of five hundred thousand people around the globe, half of them civilians. Wow, we really other worlds cops you get that would come. Edgier Steve King Representative, Steve King, is in trouble again for saying a bunch of racist stuff. many compared himself. Dejesus yeah! You remember that famous Bible verse, I say unto you I can't be racist. I have a black for hey. Did you hear Nancy Pelosi? Yesterday, Nancy Policy tweeted. Nothing is more wholesome for America than the increase partition,
patient of women in our government and our politics, she then dismay the progressive women who helped when the house as a glass of water pain, I went to a party the other day- was thrown by the underground centrist society, jobs quite a party just a few weeks, too few people standing around where a keg is supposed to be and they were taught. about how acquiring one was actually unrealistic: hey what's covered up on today, Joe a comedian becomes. President of Ukraine. That's right, a comedian, because when politicians become a joke, people turned comedians for sanity. We're going to talk about it. I guess what the progressive turned out too let the democratic delegates to the California Democratic Party and the established, is cheating them again. We talk with Maria Strada, who ran again Anthony run down and she's. Talking about the cheating that's happening right now, currently inside the California Democratic, he'll, be here, plus the yellow vast sir upset that there's Billy
in dollars per Notre Dame Repair and none for people in ST plus. We get phone calls today from Bernie Sanders, Mitt Romney Rock Obama, Rick Perry, plus a lot more. today on the Jimmy Dore Hey! You know I hear Rick Perry is leaving the Energy Department. I say hello, Mcbride on and corner shop. Bitches Rick's baking Secretary Perry that too it's me Meet Buddy body watch flapping, not months very words. What's flap and with you labourers comedy carbon happened. Oh yeah, I took a stand up place. Their wants with an emphasis Just on using twitter,
oh yeah! How was it? It was fine. I made seven Grant was allowed lot really money. I hear you're thinking leaving the Energy department. Is that true way on Twitter, trying to keep it under my hand and close to my best. They both are possible simultaneously, but I suppose her to tell you about it in a recorded phone call. But yes, I'm concerned Moving on to a greener pastors. You mean greener past years. Why greener greener past years? That's the with the express greener
greater Behar past years is the expression it seems like. You would know that one man makes more staff, I've been saying that wrong along greener pastors. What what did you even think you were saying? no, not yet. I guess. It was a greener pastors. You know in the sense of last experienced men Mr Weber, working in appropriate, not yet wise. In the way, of guarding the flock the congregation or fade community could experience positive, more progressive change, monster by rigorous application of biblical strictures, yet well say it. I, I can't believe you thought that Rick
Honestly everytime, I do tat expression not always taken aback. Mama mandate is, really Circumlocutory way to arrive at the concept of a better life anyway, we are moving on from its work. But where do you think you'll go oh, oh somewhere in the private sector, definitely really I really have to make a shit turn a money order put net offer to around in politics, and I was governor of Texas for twelve years. Taken much money. I could have made at that time with a real job there right. So now it's time for daddy to get to work, so I can afford one of those rich guy clamour, Change bunkers in this year of mountains you and stepped out. One though fund up, I gotta check with our town, but I'm pretty you're, no better get to earn some twelve years picked up anyway,
obviously always lobbying you know, that's always gonna be there for me right lobbying budgeting So, though, so predictable, I like what ricocheting torn did when he left the Senate. Remember keep a case. yo of some dough movie studio Dallas that makes movies for only christian right, yeah like but you try to watch, one of them will be the key see it. It's just a blank screen to them special software I want to do. I want to do something like that, but not exactly like that. Is there an animal studio worthy make Anna may, for only Christians? Are you asking me? I have no idea. Rick sounds like something that one I suggest that right now not really like, like
Rules are so big because there staring at the majesty of God's creation, yeah yeah Henry skirts are so high because well bodily. Never there's no wrong, no panty learning autonomy. I guess your daddy, What have you got any ideas, you? Let me know gauge information. I will secretary bury before your luck. There, when you hit your sixties, you got quite screwing around serious. I may christian animation. You can afford a doomsday bunker: suppression by right, greener pastors. I believe So why don't you notice, but when the
World goes insane and politicians become a joke. Voters turned to comedians for sanity. That is which been happening when politicians become a joke Citizens turned a comedians for sanity because what's happening in the Ukraine? Well, Ukraine's outcome. This is this. Is this already? happen. But this was an article just before the Ukraine election. That just happen, and it says Ukraine's upcoming election pits deeply unpopular president against a tv comedian. For millions of ukrainian citizens mired in economic corruption, this election is anything but funny,
this committee is serious about Paul, it's all yeah. I was thinking as you read, like all man. How? Many, though, because the article this guy's got this guy's platform is no laughing matter. I want to represent you, no joke. Yeah, but the election victory is the punchline. So this is a great article since for the past five, years. Ukraine played a central role in: U S Foreign policy, Washington, Washington, DC, vigorously supported the Twentyth Thirteen fourteen Madden Maidan might pronouncing indecorous maiden maiden uprising that ousted Viktor Yanukovych and brought push Anko to power. Now we supported,
Push Anko and a lot of people say that he supports nazis. Ok, just so you know, that's it. We're supporting in the Ukraine a bipartisan who's who of Washington Power Brokers, including Senator John Mccain, an assistant secretary of They'd Victoria Newland hustled into Kiev to cheer on the uprising, so the United States, their cheering on and overthrowing and other government, and did they pick the right side? Did they pick the people of the people? Well, what has happened since we back. That puts Shako well, what's happened. Is a recent poll showed over two thirds believed countries that it in the wrong direction, while gallop reported, Ukraine now has the world's lowest trust and government at nine percent. That's what the United States does. Do you understand that we install leaders that our friendly to Wall Street and our corporations and let the people hate
to understand how that works. Deceived. You see it now, so we installed this guy lowest trust in government, the world's lowest trust and government, nine percent- that's our guy! That's the guy, the United States back! That's our intelligence agencies, Backing them, that's the CIA than as ETA say. That's our good intelligence people over the that's five years as western politicians and think takers churned out bromides about Kiev's being on the front lines of freedom and democracy? Ordinary? Are. Ukrainians were plunged into an economic nightmare in a nation that under Porsche Anko became the poorest country in Europe, so we instituted other friggin revolution. We do this in Do we install we installing other oligarch, whose hundred percent corrupt and screws over his own people. It's weird
never were never supporting, like the guy who, speaking for the people in that weird, second noticing a trend, second noticing a template. I'm noticing a template, The United States in the European Union sing billions into Portugal. the key of in the hope he tackle corruption. Of course, the notion was ludicrous. putting one of the world's richest Then you crane putting what putting one of the richest man in Ukraine, whose assets has soared the year after the made uprising in charge of de feeding corruption. She put so what are these states. Do we find the rich guy over there was friendly with us. We install him and though we put him in charge of defeating corruption.
And the way they put in a nation is that it's a bit like putting out the bedrock burn out chapel in charge of drug enforcement. The outcome wasn't hard to predict, but it was hard for John Mccain. It was hard for the United States State Department. was hard for our CIA to figure out the West faith in port Shako. Further cemented hatred against them. One would imagine the only thing worse than being unable to afford food is doing so, while listening to the quote, let them eat. Spreadsheets end quote: platitudes from western analysts as the country's billion or president adds to his own piggy bank. did you see what the United States people are? Our neoliberal elites are doing in there telling
everybody out, we ve let them eat spreadsheets platitudes from western analysts as the country's billionaires add to them almost like this is like a worldwide system of NEO, liberal, liberal, liberal fucked everybody except the oligarchs system. This is your capitalism, so he why though the comedian one though they have the election. The Ukraine committee, Zalewski wins presidency by land slide Lance like now. This isn't a comedian, like you know, L, Frank and who devoted his life to party politics, wrote book after book about politics hosted a radio show talking about politics and National Rachel Dog, that does national television sketches about politics when toured the country. Double and then he ran for office in one. This is just a JAG off comedian.
who decide to be present any one in the landslide. You see how, when people are corrupt, you the you go, for you see what happens. The poles give the political newcomer who dominate the first round of voting three weeks ago, more than seventy percent support. Mr Zaleski, forty one challenged incumbent president petrol portion Inko, who has admitted defeat. The apparent result is being seen as a huge won't blow to MR push Anko and a rejection of you cranes establishment, while their similarities there. It is there's the guy there's the comedian Voldemort Zalewski gets seventy three percent of the vote? Seventy three percent and then Petra Portugal, twenty four percent. So all the rich people voted for him and all the rest of the people were left over voted for the comedian. The apparent result is being
seen as a huge blowed always did this. Russia, next, Ukraine's Crimea Peninsula on March, twenty fourth, after a controversial referendum on self determination, a meal, the condemned internationally. Since then, Ukraine forces have been fighting russian back separatists. And volunteers in the EAST, Mr Zaleski start, lets. You want to know who this guy is. So by the way he's he's gonna, try and stop this. So so is gonna. Try bring peace to this problem of the separatist, Russia and Russia back separatists, but who is this guy? Well, Oh, he started along running satirical drama you're, not going to believe this servant of the people in which his character accidentally becomes Ukraine's president. Oh no! This is a real thing. This really happen. He plays a teacher who was elected after his exploited.
written rant there. It is Splitting Laden read about corruption goes by Poland, social media, who, like the No of another comedian has expletive Laden ran about bucket corruption, where's my goddamn president say well Snow too late. I gotta be willing to run. I guess, I'm areas, it hardly saying I vote for comedian, Jimmy DORA Tal said well our door venture out. There were four presidents. He got on the debate stage I think about. If I pushed it hard, could I get sixty five thousand donations, unique donations from thirty different states. Isn't that the car Jerry. I think so young a moment to find out. How could I get sixty five thousand? I bet you, we shall we do a go. Find me is that how you do it you go find me. I just know it is doing.
You got to set up a thing? You have to set up a campaign and you have to set up, we can take money, and I think you do that through sheer blue or somethin. Yet it would be awesome to get on the debate stage and tell people the truth about. You know the the origins of Russia Gate and the failure of the democratic party- and I mean in the press I would never answer they derive crash. I would argue that always answer the quota, for I wanted to me too, and I would make sure to stand up and walk around a lot anyway. So here would let's keep going, so that's why he is. Can you believe this that's a real thing. He played a character than accidentally becomes Ukraine's president after he has an exploitative laden red goes viral, just posted that is stump speech,
I can already half way there. I am. I went to catch the series now. Don't you me to his show was the servant of the people, so I guess his political parties both serve the people. Who is that Mr Zaleski, informal style and vowed to clean up Ukrainian gotta drain swab, so he's got? An informal style would have let it rain leaden ran about corruption and he's gotta drains what some people are desperate he's gonna revamp the economy with a daily to drink. Minimum Ladys take a break guys back me up. XO analysed. Believe, Mr Zaleski, informal style and vowed to clean up ukrainian politics. resonated with voters who are disillusioned with the country's path. Under Mr Pacheco issuing traditional campaign tactics, Mr Zaleski channeled his aunts.
Persona by promising to stamp out corruption and loosened the grip of oligarchs in the UK It sounds very much like someone here in the United States. Experts say his supporters frustrated with establishment. Politics An cronyism have been energized by his charisma and anti corruption. Message voice lot of similarities. People turns out. People are people ha. No matter where you are people are people sounds like they were. Bernie to sounds like that. Wanna, Bernier Atolls E right there. So that's what it sounds like. So there you go there the story about the comedian became present the Ukraine after United States after it up So you know what happened in
France, with the Notre Dame burning down, and so lots of people are now not a real wealthy. French people are proposing money to fix it. It says this is from the Wall Street Journal, which is Notre Dame play. Jews from France is wealthy re energised, the yellow, vest protesters. So it says the campaign build Notre. Dame is eliciting vast donation from France's richest families, and it has become a target of the yellow, vest protest movement. Nearly a billion dollars in reconstruction pledges have poured in sense of fire tore through the famed Kathy drills, roof Monday evening, bringing down its majestic spire and shocking the world protesters taking to the streets Saturday, meaning today for the twenty third consecutive weekend of yellow vest marches. That's almost six months straight of yellow vest marches, however decried the hypocrisy of elites
who they said were willing to mobilise large sums to rebuild the cathedral while allowing France's working class to languish the site. billion, airs and luxury good companies, opening their checks, books for a cause that didn't directly benefit french workers. Rankled unions, in particular the head of the Sea g T France's largest. Union, said the efforts on behalf of Notre Dame revealed a deep seated hypocrisy at the top of french society, so that something we're broke. We're broke not a day, but we got billion, don't worry about it, so they just repealed the tax on these wealthy people, so they just a wealth tax. That they repealed that's part of their yellow, vest protests, and now those people who got their taxes. not all we will. We got money to rebuild Notre Dame Internet money for workers know if they are able to give ten
of millions to rebuild Notre Dame than they should stop saying that there isn't any money to address social emergencies. they're able to give tens of millions, that's what I say about the United States military budget if you're able to increase it by forty percent. Since two thousand five, you didn't increase education for twenty percent food stamps. Forty percent college funding. Forty percent on Saturday. Nine thousand protesters poured into the streets of French of the french capital according to the Interior Ministry and increase of last week's demonstrations police also made more than a hundred and sixty arrests amid violent clashes that saw protesters, smash shop windows and set small fires. We are all
the thieves rules and Notre Dame. But not us read: banners carried by yellow vest protestors who marched from the Plaza dub steel to the class, said Daddy La Republic on the east side of Paris. We are all cathedrals. I like that one eye to eye like that one. So that's exactly right! So people in the United States, what will we would say, twenty five percent of the people, a skip, a diabetics skip insulin in the United States because I can't afford it is the country which is the world were living in. His is a NEO liberal, which means corporatist running. The world. So when you run when corporation run the world there not interested in helping people there
only interested in maximizing profits and will help you, if there's a profit motive involved, if we can make a profit off, it will help you hate will help teach your kids math, but there's got to be a profit motive. That's what charter schools are? We got to be able to make money for a corporation, so this is the result of it, and the people in France have much less of an. But site for corporate bullshit than we do in the United States. So in the United States, even though we are founded on a violent revolution, we haven't and then we had the civil war We don't do stuff. We don't protest anymore. On mass. We did did occupy Wall Street. And then Barack Obama? Let the cops crack. The heads of peaceful protesters from coastal to that was the end of that
and so what we need we need is this. We need this coming to the United States. We need yellow investors, said the yellow vestiges. Where did yell investors out their protesting? That's it the United States, someone said Don't you show them the yellow, vest someone. I want you to put it on right now. I love to put right. This is all right. That's from Philip and Brigitte believed that Brazil, Thank you very much why this is a genuine yellow vets from France. Yes, it is yes, it is hot feels good, because good looks good. Let's go stir some shit up. hey, you know We no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great way you can help support the show, is you become a private, a member! We give you a couple of hours of premium bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support to show you
do it by going to Jimmy your company that cop clicking on join premium and supposed affordable previous programme and the business and its agree way to help put them back in the eye. The bastards thanks for everybody who was already a premium member, and if you have it you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support. Hey look at its newly christened Maverick Mitt. Romney is on the phone hello. Oh, my Lord look out world because I M second: second, I tell you all of the dishonesty coming out of the Trump White House, while you really sound sickened how sick are you met. I am. I got the shit in a cage on top of my station wagon. Second Jimmy. While that's pretty sickened, you haven't heard the worst of it, I am, did you cheated? seen a game of drones where they all get their throats cut at a wedding second by
is actually was set, Grogan second wow Sounds He asked. Yes, that's exactly what news we called it. Scathing, and you know it also said. I said I thought I was sick. The extent and pervasiveness of dishonesty and miss direction by individuals in the highest office of land, including the president, but you just said that I want to make sure every cubic- I wouldn't it sure, everybody here Jimmy like eyes, I M sick taking a country on this straight shooter express right now and I had sharpened until you come down with the shit on top of my big red caboose. Whenever the news we say about you I don't know I stopped reading in the fourth paragraph, because they misspelled my last name who the fuck is made Romany. I wouldn't worry. Mitt Romney spoke out of our neighbours that anyway, russian Michael
and Father Gaskell rounding would be so steamed if he were alive today and frozen and steal tube ten miles beneath us all by gas skill. Yes, Jimmy had short for your case. Roma sounds rusty like I'm not a risky Jimmy, I'm not some square. Added cossack robot, who nearly killed. rocky one of this country's best actors part of the slavic corps that Hitler warders about the thirties? No, I have a beer English, not being weird squiggly, March overtake the grab of a bucket due east There might be a hint racism behind all the hysteria and accusations of russian attacks and conspiracies what it. Cheap shots wages, I'm getting as to get rid of the stuff that makes you racist like what it loaded with all the jewish Bolsheviks in Russia see get rid of the gods. racism and Rachel. some goes away? Were you the only one to bring up the so called danger of Russia during the twenty twenty debates.
I was. I can't tell you how glad I am that your party goaded a man with the intellect of coffee, polar starting and other cold war with the Soviet Union. The fairy tackled the intellect over taffy polar that's what I said button bright don't don't you have any fears about us getting belligerent with another nuclear power, Mitt, goodness the best nuclear weapons in the universe and ideals of integrated. I could almost grab my pants on top of my car for the third time this week, totally Monday? So our guests here, it's Marie Estrada High Maria. How are you I'm great, are used in the ongoing good now If you remember her, she was running, she read, it gets you run against Anthony Rendon. He is the speaker of the assembly. In California and he was he was corrupt and he's the one who
killed Medicare for olive oil is courageous. You don't you still is and he's the one who feels Medicare raw. So she read against them She did very well in the primary and then you lost in the general not in a way California works. Is they have everything He runs in the same primary than the top to run in the general. So that's why she was able to run against Anthony rending twice so but you're here, here and now cause you're being cheated because you're running to be a delegate in the California Democratic Party right. And so the lad. I wouldn't want to tell people what happened the last time we did this so Bernie run for president. He woke up all the progressives and he said: let's take over the Democratic party. oh January. Twenty seventeen all the progressives came out in California and voted for their delegates to the California Party, and then we thought we took over because the progressives one way more seats, then the corporatist so we're like hey. We took over the Democratic Party, except they also cheat
So when we went to the convention they have anything state level, super delegates and the state level super delegates overturned the will of the people and they cheated the progressives again. So the Democratic Party in California cheated the progressives at the convention, but it seems like this time. They're not waiting for the convention and Maria straw I was running a district. Fifty one sixty there, I'm sorry sixty third, sixty third thirdly, amendment nuns, district, okay, so don't tell me what happened dodges laid out about the corruption. That's going on that the people that we're running on either state about half of them were elected officials. We had mayors vice mayors and City Council members and scope of members from all over the district, so as a delegate supposed to be an elected delegate, is that is supposed to be people from the community that are speaking on behalf of the community, not elect
did officials. So the fact that most of the sleigh consisted of elected officials are ready in the community and the fact that the speaker already gets thirty his own delegates that he picks plus six every super delegates who had on our delegates here. Those are really elected. Those are handpicked browser hand pit unbelievable. So I suggest that we show where the third that gets elected. And they they robbed from us. So there were five hundred Two ballots cast twenty two people registered that day, because I was in on the ballad for Executive Board, thee, Convener regional director stated that I could do that good right my name on the ballot so like he said it like three times and he announced it and it caused confusion. Because is like we bring people, and you don't know what that is. You have no idea what it is you commanding you're trying to come in and vote, so people thought that they were if they were going to vote for me to have to write my name on that ballot and they didn't vote for me for four regular, delicate right.
So I got a hundred like a hundred thirty five votes for regular delegate, and I think I got a hundred seventy four for executive board. And that was with my name not being on the ballot, but it's against the by laws to actually right a name on a so that makes it in valid off the bat? Okay, so obvious, say again now. I've witnesses first hand whenever there's chaos in voting situation in all these favours the establishment of July, because the establishment gets the count, the votes the establishments decides. What's the number is So if there is chaos and all the rules are being followed and things look helter skelter that favours the establishment always and that's why? it's like this all your names on the thing and we didn't do, and we didn't do it in time and you gotta of slates not ride. We didn't count correct all that, so all that, whenever there is chaos that favours the established written screws, progressive, which is what's happening right now, so so, but but there is kind of a good,
result that so you were on the ballot rights or not so you're, not on the ballot and you protested and you submit it up I immediately challenged it before I left there. I challenge. Ok, I e mail, dumb everybody I caught him that I could get my hands on then said. You know this is not a valid right lecture. I lay agreed right not really, I ended up having Andy the original director surgical real said. He would send me the voter list so that I could go through it. One of the gentlemen that was, you know, registering people and said to me: you really need to ask for new elections. Does this didn't? This was improper, ok and anyone would have a brain would assume that it was a bad election, so you did so they back. She wouldn't give me the registration forms. I had a few
I have to Sacramento, went through there and there were nine, no party preference, five people that weren't register on registration rules and to Republicans, so I told them. Sixteen out of forty people in this one city were not eligible to vote, so it safe to assume that that's across the board. I don't have time to check this. The fact that you didn't hold a proper election. This whole thing needs to be done immediately again. So this is just the democratic party cheating progressives this straight up democratic party. creating protract straight up democratic party policy. This is how they work. This is how, and so this idea that Bernie has that we can take over the party because he said we should do this, and you said the Democratic Party in California is the biggest democratic institution outside that accurately and see and watch the progressive should go, take it over. So we showed up now twice and their cheating us twice and Bernie isn't saying a goddamn thing about. It is tat what I actually move: the belief that we We do need to infiltrate that, partly because they are in control, but I
don't believe that going well, it's not that's. The whole point is How you look at how we incorporate a party, that's burnt out, cheating, it's it's exposing. What they're doing everything that happens. I put it out there. People don't even know who these people are I that now that we're getting that favours the establishment. Nobody knows the polite takes great shots. Their pit, I without twenty thousand people, or even in a watch this goddamn video, I'm not even kidding This is not a sexy topic. People don't even understand how it's going on and that's how they want it and that's and that's what We need Bernie or someone at with his platform to say something about it, but he won't say a goddamn thing about the party cheating progressives he's telling to join no well. Let me put it this way. I ran in district where people dont boat and I got forty one thousand boats and I spent twenty thousand dollars. The speed we spend a million dollars. He got forty eight thousand votes and I had nothing so he had to buy those vote right. So I'm going to run again
Einstein and I'm telling you that I I'm gonna and he'll forty one and forty one thousand votes. If I d get forty one thousand people in a community of people that don't boat we had a meeting in Liquid City Council meeting a regarding the cannabis issue and haven't people showed up or students high school students who are speaking out against that issue because it is all over the place right. People are getting engage in MIKE, I could say in my community, they are our goal is not to take over the he has a whole Michael, is going to take over my community, whether I'm going for a city council, seeds, school, more seats, we're gonna run slates throughout the community, cause, is not just about an assembly member. It's about everyone at the local level. That is corrupt, their corrupt from the very top to the very bottom. And unless you address that you can address that part because the people that are in Sacramento necessarily upon my school board
using pop K money. You know for other stuff, that's not how it works. I have for public records, request, enforced cities in my district and I have turning love because are refusing to give me information that Ashworth December that their legally bound to give me. So that's how far this crap I I couldn't. rue de Boer authorities, corrupt trying
have a revolution inside a counter revolutionary party, I'm pretty vocal about my position and what I think about the Democratic Party, a friend of mine, the chair of the air of a miracle caucus and he's an orange county, and he has the chair of their Democratic County committee and a bunch of people their attacking him for calling out checks humor. I agree with what he said and he's been attacked. All of this needs to be exposed there. You know their position on Islam, the fact that they are so tied to a pack. I mean you have these delegates and I could tell you markets all is then, who is now the chair that air Bouwman be thrown to the personality? P who's been to Israel, they all being all these delegates are flown Israel to post it, and you have read Anthony than non causing. Actually, writing welcome to the APEC them
I mean this is how the party works. It's like a mafia. I told you this elastomers. Yes, they run like a mafia solar. Let's talk about fifty one, while fifty one day I actually when I was up there, one of the candidates, Janine Rhone, I was up there with me. I mean they by people in a very aggressive, a woman slapped another woman. After stealing your phone took it back. Just I mean the union's were involved in their China Emmy. We had that are not very pro progressives. Well but see this is the problem, as you had three slates and one of the sleigh Tad union members and progressives who ran against a progressive sleep, so work actually kind of in a fucking ourselves by right, running against each other and not not speaking rise or that in itself caused a problem. So I don't have patience for it. I don't have. I just have a lot of respect for it, but I mean it because I feel that this is a necessary step. If I run the green lotta, he cannot see. Greens as like old White hippies
I mean that's just the reality of that. I certainly appreciate the position that you're in and I understand someone whose working at the grassroots level doesn't have the ability to start a third party what I was TAT, what I'm saying about his? We do encourage people like Bernie, Nina Tall, see Roca, all these people who are actual progressives, who don't put to toe the corporate line anyway. Get the effort of that Goddamn party because they let you take it over and that But you again people like us with no money and no power. We don't have that ability with the ability. The way you need to start a third party is, you need to have a charismatic leader has already popular and has power to correct, to convince other people who are charismatic leader. it will also have power to then start and that's the burdensome most popular politician in the country. If you start is no party, they would like things you're telling me It couldn't be anybody more unpopular in the Democrats and Republicans right now, straight strategically. It makes sense to run as democratic,
like a strategically for me ever technically. For you at the end, and the funny part is a fox- was more respectful to the thing out. Cnn. That's exactly rats the reality. the of it all and all those corporatist told them not all those guys like did Daily CO said than done. They said, don't go on Fox NEWS, really really don't go talk to half the country. Why? Because he might fuckin. Can since then the vote for a while now elaborating they. Why seem to like what he said, of course will because I know this point already on the show today, I'll ta make it to you that the democratic leadership Nancy Pelosi chucks humor narrow ten, they are to the right of Trump voters right. You know that I'm sure you know some trouble
in your district and therefore Medicare for all and for free college, and you guess who's, not the democratic leadership. What are the goddamn democratic leadership is to the right of Trump voters: love. That's because their hard core capitalist mean their debts to be mean, we gotta call it what it is there all for a capitalist system. I'll be honest with you, my my thought process with supporting Bernie: is twofold, because not only because he is one of the most progressive right now that we have settle for right, but because I feel that I am very tired to mexican politics right. I've been was Mexico for over others. inauguration, oh yeah, met with Congress. When I was there, I met with Congress and they flew up to Sacramento met with them their about indeed this right and labour rights, and they, announced that NEO liberalism is no longer gonna, be allowed in Mexico that the resources of Mexico have to go to the mexican people first before they will go to the United States, Canada, and I feel that if it, if Bernie
they win and Trump comes in again or some NEO liberal that they will try to assassinate him. That's what I believe. So. I think that the best shot shoddy has to succeed in his averting centres went otherwise there they won't go in like they're trying to do in Venezuela. They won't do that. Mexico, Minos, CIA. I agree I mean it's not like that's not possible. We know that's happened so I mean the United States a United wage wiggle NASA local aftermath would not offer others countries leader if that would never have now, but that there will be a democratic Maria. That's my that's my thought process and that's. It asked why to me is very important that Bernie Sanders wins. I grew you add things a lot more at stake than just Bernie Sanders. No doubt you know what I mean, no doubt about it. I think, is very important that you know we get a representative of the people at the very least in government. We, we don't that we don't have it right now and even the p well who say they are like Brok. You know what that was that I was he was Mitt Romney financed
but on the other congressmen we'll have even a meeting with said he's. The widest black man has ever been elected, if Lopez but others successful, it would change the Americas completely completely people and only realise that Mexico, what's happened in Mexico's result of a hundred years of NEO liberalism at exert a hundred years of socialism or progressive policies parade, so I mean and weak. So his party he's a, Third Party came out of nowhere in an and therefore years old agricultural Europa horror you for your part and they take over the goddamn country. So this idea that this can be done is again it's a talking point and, I must say, You should do it. I'm saying we need a leader to do it again. Never gonna happen. It's not gonna happen. America were Brainwash the court at the corporations, brainwash as they own all the tv stations, of newspapers, all radios agents and we're corporate brainwashed and that's incorporate fascist stay that. As of that date, we live in that we live in a surveillance state. I mean there is no freedom, the fort them
It has been taken away and soldier democracy in Europe and its living proof. You can't I have prob. Peacefully protest we met in legal. I that I was in Sacramento Wednesday defined Clark, thing happened, and friends of mine were out protesting and they were dispersing ready to leave and the police came and funnel them in on a bridge and tie them all up. You know with the zip ties, all it's one thousand and thirty at night left them out there for four hours, and it was clergy you had minors. You have people in wheelchairs, attorneys all arrest and they won't do anything wrong, although if your peacefully protest in the Police are treating you like that. You know certain point you're going to say I mean. violence is going to have to come to play because you, if you're, not doing anything wrong and their treating you that way, you're gonna have to be more aggressive, approach of how you gonna handle stuff like that, while yellow thus need to cover the America Neural, be no change.
latterly until we get a lot? I even Bernie Sanders somehow managed to overcome all the cheating and rigging and becomes the denominator or the president. They will just screw him heart, though all Nancy Pelosi Chuck tumor will join with mitzvah. Colonel they arrive at my may already have they already had, and I feel that they may have They have done no push back against the term. Learn wreck, you are corrective, don't know, pushed back. He got more federal, judges nobody's already. Writing is judges, oh yeah, so what we're going to have to do is gonna get yellow vessel matter. if Bernie wins at Bernie. Doesn't we're we're gonna have to get a yell of in here, because the establishments not gonna, let go the site here, that a birdie Windsor gonna all the sudden they're gonna, let go they're gonna fuckin. Let go there not letting go of government either way we're and a good half the yellow vested an celebrity, get ready to start work it out now and get in shape because we have to get out and
now you're talking crazy. Now you jack and creating you know what to say something really quickly euro. I said here and I have never wanted to run for office. Why did you run? Why are you participating in this thing? It's it's just necessary tell them! tell them fuck and tell them to hurry back and let them? How have you any because the condition of our communities or its dire its unacceptable in its just sad to me that that there was a time where she gunnels fought for a place at the table? to be represent our communities, and now we have our community being represented by our own people in their fucking us over and their selling us out in its unacceptable. We need to recognise that, like I said it is in white Republicans in South EAST delay in south central running our communities, its black and brown people, Democrats that are beholden to
the powers that be into a dirty money, Deva, louder commuters, debated deteriorate, an m Fortunately, there their poison and killing. Us is what they're doing and no one is being held accountable and no no agency ignore government agency is doing anything to protect these communities. We just had of experts genetic refinery. They ve been ten explosions in two dozen seventy one city, while its torrents, but it's our South Bain after the Alameda Corridor, so you have people that are ingesting all this stuff, during this going their lungs, and then you have people that are all of a sudden. Have cancer. They have no idea what you ve been be point In four years and years, your entire life the whole time you ve been there and they are. Now, given its resources to to be an opening, Power, where you know you're represent a community that that many health issues and environmental issues? to be the one man that has the power to give them health insurance and that you pulled out from them and you take them, that's disgusting and that's it
We would happen in our communities and these people need to be held accountable from you know. Jimmy going, in the thirty fourth congressional district to Van Dorn to Christina Garcia too, mine was that the Argo mean these people. They support wanting in everybody's all, jumping on him by the fact it is over their policies. Imprudently not been horrendous. They're killing us, like I said, is not Republicans doing so. We need to make the fuck up and people need open, fuck their eyes and see what's happening in and we need to do. something about it. If it has to be me and my community speaking up and speaking out and that's what it's gotta be, so it has to be a fair election regardless if we lose, we lose but has to be fair and then and just how it works. That's democracy, but if you're trying to fuck the scales and not allow people to have their voice. Then you are a disgrace to your party you're disgrace of this stating a disgrace. The people I represent and that's what I won't tolerate, not swam to in this yeah, while
You know I like to say: hey appear: if you're not an interested and fair elections joined to Dnc anyway, so ass to fucker, you like and second Men. Oh he's talk about how those cops are abusing peaceful protesters. Now, the way you stop there isn't by another citizen, saying something the way you stop, that is someone with power, saying something the mayor or a Congress person or a senator or the governor. None of them said anything not return. Journey not ensure nobody thing anything and endless
are all Democrats in Kehl World Democratic, go for it, and I just want to point out something about this moment being on the show. First off you got to let Tina from Linwood on this same epithet. You know said which is fuckin rare, that you ever see magnet again, that look like us that speak like us on tv or anywhere, and I just want to say that somebody pointed out this is news. What we're talking about this, like old school news, when's, the last time that you see a local politician on local news for hockin about some? that never affecting the people unless it's unless it's about a crime at right aid were added Bible of color of just committing. I got some shyly mascara gossip shoplifters voyage. You have you seen these people contact the gaps. That's why I am very proud that were able to highlight community and wrap in and have people like him on so must show you a video now this is the video. This is from Tina. Does Burg
right now, followers on twitter. This was sent to me by someone inside the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, and this was what from air disk fifty one now they're gonna have to do a red to doing the reelection. Definitely why? Because the treaty was so blatant, disappoint Medicare wrong. We need gas we need is not for me to get round. The rest is right, because the large number twenty prompt had overtaken cheating. She did not see the sounds like they're having a conversation or a debate about who on this slave is more progressive than what they support in what they dont support and its object. Some people don't like to hear that the person calling themselves a progressive actually isn't supporting things like the repeal of costs too hot.
Gains, which is the rent control bill and the increase in California? Okay. So let's watch little bit more than again, I haven't seen this before, so I don't even know what this is. This just got sent to me and they by someone who I know inside the democratic parties that this would be a good video evening. Oh, that, that's why I like that. I don't care if you don't get to grab my hand like you grab. My grandma woman assaulted her with the grab the camera from her and then start screaming. Don't hat, go grab my hand like that. The person assaulting the woman what the camera start- yelling, don't it's! So, let's, like the cop stop resisting right,
That's what that woman's doing? Ok, don't like ants virtual. She would have been arrested I've had arrested, but she's got my this deals amaze found entitled why has this latter laughing? I heard it and cheating press charges. This is unfortunate, It is. There was a conversation with had a woman said Latina said you why progressive, come here in our neighbourhood and try to do not tell us what we should be doing, which in part I agree with, and then she said we had about
of elderly people coming in on a bus that we got them engaged in this election and you guys we're intimidating them and harassing them recording them. You know Do you think you are, and you guys are a bunch of races and then I said: ok, stop I let it play. For a little bit and then I said to myself this: is it the day being the race carbon used at the very wrong time. So I said I believe that we do need to record this, because the Democratic Party is corrupt as fuck and if we don't they're going to say deny that they ever did any of this, so for once we have to record. Secondly, I said I'm so you went and brought all these elderly people on a bus ride and you didn't to help them participate in this process. I said so. Do you always take them out on outlines, do take him to the movies or different events or just when you need their vote first for something when your line and manipulating them and telling come vote, something and they have no fucking idea with their voting, because at that point you're.
using elderly people and Europe Manipulating them them, I going you're exactly the kind of fuckin shit that I'm fighting against you're the kind of people, the kind of Latinos that you mean a bigger debt, to our communities. Then why people there publicans and than anybody else. I said so don't tell my friends at their fuckin racist when it's You're, the one that's using your own fucking people to win this election and that's what I dont tolerate. So at the end of the day, is that that's what this is about? It is a matter that she's mexican or white, or black, whatever these are not fair elections and if you're partaking in that corruption, then I have no respect for you and we we should. She would a grab my phone. She would it not be down. If I throw simpler our ideals, give me my phone back pretty, please please and where I also know I talked to Tidy Jones Correct and taught me
and when we had all gone out on a Sunday and we went to do our voting for the delegate correct and he was in there and he was filming. They asked him to stop filming because at that place they didn't even understand that the rules and policies allowed him to film its public event. It's actually they incur well part of the bylaws, actually states that the regional director has to take every effort possible to notify every Democrat in the district at the very least an article newspaper ad, and so I said, hey de jure in areas like what you talkin mangled that's in the bilateral, none of them ever did it because they ve never had to, of course again it's the devil, Credit party is corrupt at every level and the idea the head they're gonna? Let some one who represents the people do anything inside. That party is a pipe dream and go even if Bernie gets elected president they're all gonna work against them with so that, but still we have to work for Bernie. We have to try to. We have to do what we can,
but we really need to do. Is get yellow, vests out in the street and nothing's going to change until it happens until they shut capitalism down they're not going to break up Google they're not going to break up Amazon, I'm gonna break up Goldman Sachs and Bank of America entail, yellow, vest, shot shit down and not gonna get Medicare for all you're, not gonna, get free college you're, not gonna, get it goddamn living wage you're not going to get money, that's being spent on bombs being put back into our communities like it should be. That's not going to happen until we actually get in the street and shut doubt and that might not ever happen, we move that it meant for what I did. medicines and Hungary that everything that was started founded on a violent revolution, and we can't even peacefully protest anymore liquid, France's do it for God's sake, based have geared teens, the look and they never forgot their heritage? We forgot hours and its because we let the mother fuckers who are killing us. control. All of our media in all of our politicians are Maria Strada. Thank you so much for coming in, and please
people's abreast and we'd like to have you back in gotta, give Bernie Sanders a colleague is TAT, gun that seen in night air, what is it is a Google with a very probable. I can't tell if he's trying to answer the question. Announced, a God, damn TWAIN, one with a blog, but I didn't I don't know much about Greece Cuomo. It was working with a question you gonna finish. I didn't, I didn't know finishing school. What would have anything to do with this conversation by now? Are you irritated that the UN and stack yet another town hall against you. Of course, not. How could a person possibly could ever tasted when something promoted as a power all turned into an informer full for the Harvard undergraduate sent for society?
that was sarcasm yeah. I thought you did a good job, countering there miss characterisation of socialism. Look. You may be of the opinion that a radical the belief that something wrong in this country when we have three families owning also the wealth. Well, I don't know that's not. opinion? If I wanted to know your opinion squeeze out of your misshapen had while whistling the commercial drinks but Jimmie Dale sausage? I love cantankerous burning that one question about. It democratic socialism. What was your overall impression of the town hall? My impression you really want my impression dead, don't be shy. Ok, I'll put it diplomatically, as I can there all just a bunch of fuckin money You don't think it's gotta dont like Harvard and Yale to think for themselves how long dividing up the trust funds until that big inherited package comes at the door
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