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Biden Picks His VP -- Kamala Is A Cop!

2020-08-13 | 🔗

Epstein, Clinton, Trump - It's A Big Club & We Ain't In It!

George Carlin bastardized for partisan propaganda!

Trump trying to outflank Biden with Executive Orders?

Phone calls from George Clooney, Chuck Schumer, Jeb Bush, and Joe Biden!

Featuring journalist Max Blumenthal, Stef Zamorano, and Mike MacRae!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment program. The Jimmy show George Clooney is in the news again. Let's call them up, clones here, hey George, it's let me guess Joe Rogan, no George, it's Jimmy Door is so close. I'm trying to train my to be psychic, so I'm doing this thing where I'm not looking at caller id and I'm trying to guess who the caller is but hey. I was close this time, both you and Rogan huge in the world of podcasting. Okay, I see, could you do me a favor and just pretend you're Joe Rogan, for the rest of the call. So I feel better by predictive ability. I can't do that. George, I'm Jimmy Door, I'm going to be Jimmy Door
is George in a book. That was real. Published it was revealed that you had you and accuse sex trafficker. Just Lane Maxwell shared a twist once define crisp, Well, this appears to have been about a certain sex act performed in a bathroom. Oh okay, let me guess the sex act no, that that's besides the point. We don't really need to go into what the devil chopsticks the Bang June, all his jacket, partition of Poland, no kinda revenge,
If such a rack, who wives no, the Denver scramble. What is it that a breakfast. The Johnny hate charging right. They're all please back the malfunctioning log now George. wait, wait the fog No, I'm! Ok! Ok! I have to note what is the fog had all? That's the one: that's! What were you grower, handlebar mustard,
and teach yourself how to play. Maybeline on offender Strat, that's a sexual act. It is it we plan to minor baby look: the is that what what what exactly the sex act was Does it matter? Ok, look up, I'm just curious, How do you feel having your name connected with such a heinous person? Well, when what's this was two thousand one apparently to Gaza, that was the year oceans. Eleven came out. I was still Batman, then, for Christ Sakes Jimmy. I hate to break it to you, but George Porgy was a busy boy back. Then, if you know what I'm saying
There's no way. I would remember this one particular woman. I see I got it book just because I gave some broad the old duffer teach out in a bathroom twenty years ago. It doesn't mean that I condone wait. What is she accused again up again sex trafficking shut your eyes, I assure you it is not its involve team girls okay, I'm waiting for you to get to the not no no against their will. Yeah. That's frowned on. I guess, look I vaguely heard about, but I don't know anything about jeopardy. His plane island the Temple on his island with a giant altar and that secret chamber behind the altar with a password to get in his Megiddo. I don't know anything
about any of that. Beyond what I was told by lots of people so try to make a connection there with me is a fool's errand, my friend, so you can put that in your podcast and smoke. It so you're saying there's, no real connection between you and her. The person. We have been talking about see I've forgotten even what or who we're talking about just just oh Maxwell just wait? Nice lady gives a hell of a beach
in South Street and Johnson some had the chance to show everybody. What would this week Gibby Door challenge due to the job people? You do the job Shelby headed year than at sea, Your counter intelligence official is warning that Russia is working to denigrate Joe Biden, how, by release is voting record Nikobob, I mean things are pretty grim, but as long as linked and tells me, I appear in more than ten surges I'll, be all right, so Joe Biden, Pictor Cavallo Harris
hey. What's the strongest argument against Kamala Harris, Joe Biden chose her hey her, something you'll never hear from anyone. Thank goodness bite and finally shows his running mate. Now I can decide who to vote for hey by the way. Don't know if you heard Nancy Nancy Pelosi was praying for the poor people. Instead of doing it is doing things for in case you missed it. Here's some of the highlights from Nancy policies quote responsive prayer for justice, please God don't let left is for, the rent freeze, that'll cut into the bottom line of my two hundred billion dollar real estate business. That's one of her prayers Another one is, please Jesus, oh god, don't let millions of grubby homeless people without healthcare trample my vineyards, Apple valley. There is another wanting to bridge the only.
One thing I noticed from Nancy Pelosi's prayers is that her constituents don't have one. I know what a sign says: Kisetsu went funny. It was fun. It was a little funny. Kisetsu ants, it was like you were not it was coming up on today, show hey guess what Joe I did chooses Karbala Harris and we take a look at the endless circle of hypocrisy, see surrounding it with journalists and editor of the Grey Zone MAX Blumenthal, And in the middle of record unemployment and a pandemic democratic Senate leader, Chuck humor wants to ban Tik Tok before Trump does that's the priorities and George car and gets bastardize for partisan propaganda. It's a big glove And we ain't in it plus Trump issues, executive order for the pandemic. Is he trying to outflank? Joe Biden too has left the answer? Just may surprise you, or will it
Plus we have phone calls today from George Clooney Chuck Schumer JEB Bush and Joe Biden plus a lot lot more. That's today, the Jimmy Door Show. So Trump made a big announcement. Okay, so Trump made a big announcement, and here it is Trump's. signs, executive actions on corona virus economic relief and the subtitle or the subheading is Democrats promise last week to file a legal challenge if the president acted through executive order to circumvent Congress, which has the constitutional authority to determine federal spending. So what they're saying is that Nancy Pelosi has the power of the purse? That's what they say.
That's the saying the power of the purse, meaning the government doesn't spend any money. Unless Congress says it it can. Congress determines, if that's, okay, and so that's what they're talking about. But now this puts the Democrats in a bit of a pickle which we'll talk about in a second, because I mean I'm sure Trump would love them to challenge his executive orders because it'll be Trump saying: hey. I'm I'm looking to give you guys stuff and the Democrats want to stop it. So it's a It's a political tactic. That's that's good! So here's what's but here's. What did it really? Is the executive action defers payroll taxes Through the end of the year defers. It doesn't mean that means they're still do. That means you just don't have to pay them. So that's bullshit. I mean I mean it sounds good right
The executive action defers payroll taxes through the end of the year. The furs- I don't know it's so and then, of course, the criticism of that is that that that's going to mess up social security, cuz ok, so you get that. So that's how to kind of ironic that they're trying to that he's, trying to do a head vague, were here's a program that helps people at the same time trying to mess with so security to think that actually helps people. What they should be doing is expanding, so security to cover everybody. That that's it. That's that that Bernie also need to expand so security. Is you be I considered? Would that be considered? That's what they should be doing, ok also defers student loan payments through the the year. That's great! That's great easily done discourage evictions. Now
That doesn't mean ending a big, that's nothing, that's nothing discourage discourage, so he's active asked. The federal government Hoddan did to look and if there's something they if they can help people. That's nothing and extend enhanced unemployment benefits that expired last week, but a reduced level of hundred dollars instead of the prior six hundred okay. So here's the real truth about that. It's actually three hundred dollars, so it says four hundred dollars. the news reports it as four hundred dollars. It's not four hundred dollars. It's three hundred dollars. where does the other hundred come from that Trump, once the states to pick that up trump? What's the states to pick them up and the state already say begun an african money body. We don't have any tax revenue cause. We
shut down our cotton because the crowd of virus, we don't have that money and trump, also by the way it's gonna, take the money for this from FEMA and so that this is what the Democrats are saying that they might they're gonna chow. They might challenge. I think it's a bad idea politically too bad look for them to challenge Trump wanting to give people money. The Democrats, I thought the wanted the two anyway, so here we're gonna, get into what's goin on So there you so there you could that's the bats debate. So this is Trump realizing. He's losing to Joe Biden, who still can't read a statement. Not only kid not speak extemporaneous early. He literally cannot read or prepared statement, and Trump is that's. How bad trump is that's trumps. Big idea was them is was to us.
send you g men government goons to kid that people like that would make people that would that's gotta, turn on some people, but he's gonna lose most everybody at a he is. He is losing most areas these down by ten points, and so this is. This is a response to that. This is a trump really carrying, and this the and look at this. This is nothing right, and then this actually this actually could hurt you. Somehow, though, this this is ok and then they did the ended. There did stood alone. Thing is great. All trump has to do well, we'll get to what Altra. It's not really end student loan thing. It's really just ended to the end of the year. Yeah you nobody has to make a payment right and then yeah, but then you pick it back up, but it's not like you have to make a big, but Loon payment in January. Ok, right like they would like they're talking about with the with the payroll taxes that deferred got it. I thought
Correct me, if I'm wrong deferred means that there still do- He does not have to pay him right now that you have to pay them. Put on. How does your life that's? What this me yeah, deferred, Lloyd's, put off and action or event to a later time put down, so it's all his pony, but that means you still owe the taxes that that doesn't mean worse cancelling those taxes. That means there defer are so anyone here. What else is going on trumps decision to extend a student loans? Freeze, we'll put about one point: two trillion of debt on hold until next year, while. Here is what here's, what the financial writer Dave Day and says he says it will be amusing of Trump uses executive action to stop student loan payments after I was told for about a year that
there's no no, no way that student that could be canceled, which is within the same authority indiscretion. So there you go. oh that's hilarious, So there you go. I don't know what else to say about that. That's what Sab so, here's! What so did? What It is trying to gain ground in the election. This is this is how politics is supposed to work where the campaigns are. Try are supposed to compete with each other to offer people things that make their lives better. Joe Biden is not participating in that the Democrats and Joe Biden. Wouldn't let the congressional Democrats completely compromising at every turn were knocking anything on the rent eviction, nothing they're, not getting money for state.
So the reason why you're not gonna get anything is because, when they passed the Kazakh that's when the Democrats had all their power everybody in Congress, everybody all the rich people in the country. The oligarchs wanted their five trillion dollars and so Democrats could have said. Okay, we'll give it to you. But you got to give everybody a u B, I don't care and they didn't. You know why, cuz! If democrats don't want to give everybody a u B, I know that's why it's so easy for Trump to make a dead like this, even with the bullshit, mostly bullshit proposal like that easy for him to get left, and this is maybe just a start. Do you imagine if Trump says I'm hammer to legalize marijuana. then we're gonna release everybody prison for marijuana, and then he said
and we're gonna, do a u B, I and he said, hey by the way, we're going to expand Medicare to include everybody during this crisis. All he needs to do, I think, is one of those things and he could be Joe Biden so he's starting to flirt with shit. To do that's what this is. Trump is starting to flirt with shit to do to get back in this race. That he's went down from a guy who can't even read a statement, and so some people are saying Biden PIG too early, we'll see Joe Biden literally can't talk, he's demented
I think it's fine in every one of you said he peaked her while he picked the pole, Joe Biden is, is demented his early onset dimension. It is sad to see, but it's also super insulting in its angering, because it's the establishment bullshitting you from cut from top to bottom, the Democratic party leadership, the Joe Biden campaign, the media, the news media ubiquitous Lee okay. So there's that I don't know. that that's? How pathetic this is that Trump can almost easily outlived Joe Biden this easily so we'll see. I hope that it does happen. I hope they get into a bidding war and who's gonna, oh by the way, Joe was asked once again, just the other day on MSNBC
you said you gonna veto health care for people if it passes the cognitive asked in that. Yes, do still see said. Yes, he still would can. He was still veto Medicare for all he's got no solutions. He's the enemy he's this person. We have to fight against he's just a different problem, he's just a different problem, Joe Biden, and that the bigger problem is you're. Gonna have to fight the Democrats and Republicans to get Joe Biden to do something. Okay, good luck with the election, so Joe Biden call me again, while hello by calling you again now yes, hello! I know You don't know who we check
you. Why are you re Diego's? First, here's the thing be very clear on their so you'll understand. Secondly, there's no prove a variable beyond crack, you see pretty excited about something Joe. What Joe? What is it Joe Biden just three million is to grant followers. Has a big number. You fuck Don't you just announce, didn't you just as you're running mate running oh Joe, your most snuggled chain or charter itself, Over the media, your campaign did What what? What was your criteria for picking your running late? be trustworthy and made my worldview up on important issues. Yeah okay. Secondly, I wanted to pick a cabinet that looks like the country, I noticed this country,
Just like an ex cop was creeping put, get a J opportunity execute innocent people on tenth row, got it sir. And most importantly despairingly multiple brain surgeries. They have to be shovelled you're, gonna, mainly Jake a Droll America's precious stockpile of. Dilithium crystals said I We become incoherent. As you know, without the lithium crystals, it's impossible, for our country's fleet of starships to proper. Cool they're there I warp drive hypersonic warp drives yeah man, it's a big responsibility. Why you're? It makes a big response, the boy stuff around oblong I shall like they were good, an air nation divided and a world My dear sir, I dirty cop- will be scattered everywhere. We won't have a away. That's why picked her she's right?
please don't on one after the other. ouch, my stroke, the night before it's what you platform to deal with all the country's problems. Joe jack. I got a plan for everything, a plan for climate change, Joe a working on a forty million people facing evictions. How about that. I don't know about a racist criminal justice system. Seven illegal wars. about millions, a hungry Americans.
You just screams its cut out. That's what it does about massive unemployment. Ok, now you're tragic my bed, I got nothing for that either. Then. What's your platform Joe have, figured out the new girl black fat. Adopt. You forget One day we're gonna have electric heretical shorter miles an hour. We're God bless your troops. saw by No, if you know but George Carlin was not a partisan. In fact, his whole thing was: he Eden participate in politics. He made fun of it.
And he knew there was a boat with his joke was again, I'm gonna butcher it, but of when it was something is a bipartisan that meters and extra big screwing coming your way. What is it so? They took this George Carlin Rant and they made it into a partisan commercial wanna hear this here we go and we can hear
We got some dumb ass mother, fuckers floating around this country, dumb, ass, motherfucker, well, the real owners, the big wealthy business interest that control things and make all the important decisions the politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don't you have no choice, you have owners, they own you, they own everything they own, all the important land they own and control the corporations they long since bought and paid for the Senate to Congress to state out. This is city hall. They got the judges in their back pocket and they own all the big media companies, so they control just about all of the news and information. I don't know if you see how disgusting this is, but it is. This is a partisan bullshit thing that they're launching a Do you see when they talked about the media? They only showed right. Wing media, as if MSNBC had CNN, is a completely corrupt, as if the
New York Times and washed imposed as a push for every war does a lie to you on the regular, didn't push it evidence, free conspiracy, theory for three years, so I did what you saw this commercial, but its pre discussing I wanna play any more of it. It's just horrible that they did this, and I don't know if you know anybody who knows George Carlin, but I'm pretty sure he will be discussed by this. George Collin- did a whole rant about how he doesn't vote doesn't participate this and that there's a whole rant about bipartisan this. This is just a partisan to use, and so, let's remember, okay it's a big club in you ain't in it. Let's remember: that's Hillary Clinton holding Trump at his wedding, giggling. Is her arm around Trump, where Buddies Bill Clinton called Trump told to run their buddies, they're
off buddies, their wedding, buddies, their bodies and you're a chump. Here we go archive footage shot by NBC, shows Donald Trump at Largo, with Jeffrey Epstein in nineteen. Ninety two, that was more than I a decade before Epstein, please deal in Florida there they are newly surface video shows Trump and Epstein at a party gelatinous. In the background, oh yeah, you're right there. She is there's trouble there. They are there. Some young, Ladys wow looks like it's more women than men at this, If you think Donald Trump said in two thousand and two Epson is a terrific guy he's a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are in the younger side. Trump said that here we go Newsweek Bill Clinton. What
to Jeffrey Epstein's island with two young girls, Virginia Geffrey says that's from July, Bill Clinton went to Jeffrey Epstein's island with two young girls. What, in the F an unsealed court documents the dead child, sex, trafficker, Jeffrey Epstein and his alleged accomplished is lane mix well, a woman named Virginia Guffey. Who is now publicly accused Epson of sex trafficking said she saw former Democratic, President Bill Clinton on empties island with two young girls from New York in Jimmy, I think it's pronounced fray who fray. Thank you. in questioning by lawyer, Jack Scarola, Virginia Gofree was asked for any recollection of Jeffrey Epstein about former President Bill Clinton. Yes, I do Ray answered. He would laugh at off. You know I remember asking Jeffrey: what's bill doing here on Epstein Island kind of thing, and he laughed it off
said, while he owes me favours. he told me a long time ago that everyone owes him favours thrall in each other's pockets. Roa then asked if she was ever present with Apten and Clinton on the island. His lane Maxwell me. Another girl who was allegedly irregular at Epstein, sow soldierly Maxwell Hammy, and there were Two young girls that I could identify I never really knew them. Well, anyway, it was just two girls to Gofree, answered and said answered and said they were all staying in the house on the island. That's a think! That's a typo! The two young girls couldn't identify and never really know them did know them. Well, anyway, it was just a girl from New York. Epstein had multi bull ties to Clinton, along with many other big name celebrities. Who was a repeated p passenger on Epstein Private Boeing, seven twenty seven plane, which was name the Lolita Express due to the frequent
delivery of underage women to the island of Little St James Gawker release the flight log books for Epstein's, golf stream, Lolita express seven hundred and twenty seven and Clinton is listed as having taken at least eleven flights. Eleven. That's like one a month for a year when you skip Christmas Eleven flights in one flight Clinton allegedly flew with a soft core porn actress listed under massages in Epstein's address book. On all eleven flights. He rode with Maxwell and Epstein's former assistant, Sarah Kellen Kellen has been accused in court. Filings of recruiting young girls acting as a pimp on Epstein's back on multiple flights. Additional
women who flew with Clinton are either listed by only their first name or simply as female. His bill Clinton Trump is making a mockery of your idea that there the difference in a statement to New Newsweek on Friday, a Clinton spokesperson denied the allegation buying expiry, exclusive. Joe Biden, Democrats unveil details of Dnc convention. You ought to know The details are why why why what you shifting gears on the story, Jimmy at that we're talking about Trump and Epstein and being the end and end up went in, and the Democrats being in bed with the tax trafficker and in the hypocrisy of the Democrats using George Carl.
And make a partisan argument while the reason why is because guess what the lineup will include former President Bill Clinton as a speaker at the Dnc Convention, The guy hanging out on Jeffrey Epstein, Plain and his island, eleven flogged flight logs gonna, be speaking at the DMZ convention. That I'll show that I'll show that Trump that he's up the sergeant sexist won't it Grab him by the pussy, you have to vote for Joe Biden because he's got Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein Buddy speaking for him. So here we are, this is this: is it
this isn't a banana republic? What would you call this? It's just complete corruption failed state. A failed state is complete corruption. Jesus. How much do you think her jewelry is worth that she's wearing how about hers so say, Bill Clinton suits about fucking, ten grand, I'm going to say the jewelry. This here is probably fifty grand. What I think this dress is worth now is Trump that tuxedo. Do you think or is he buying it? It's such a great candid shot such a great shot of our country. It's neat that they get along. Hey, you know. We no longer have an Amazon link because we're not doing that we're not playing that game, but here's another great way you can help support. The show is to become a previous. A member. We give you a couple of hours,
premium, bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show you could do it. By going to Jimmied or company that cop clicking on joint premium and symbols. Audible previous programme in the business and it's a great way to help put your thumb back in the eye. The bastards thanks. everybody who was already a premium member and if you have it you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support Roger bushes, calling hello Germany and thank you for asking me out doing I'm sorry Jim. How are you, how are you doing? care what's wrong: JEB nobody on the tv ever merchants merely more fiddles.
and road apples. Wow gosh excuse my swears. Sorry, that's! Okay, Jim. but try to watch your language right darn it all the heck, just that I'm so angry. Sometimes can't control. My wage fearful left out Dolly the gun, dropped fair. What's that, what what's not fair until you do. You wanna buy some of my mom's gold coins. I get all where ourselves what gold coins the United States, man made a bunch of one dollar gold coins with her face on and I can on low I mean I was wondering Like I have a few wandered for your coin collection. It sounds very nice job, but I don't have it. I don't have time for a coin collection.
Are you sure they're really really came moms Werner, three strands, pearl necklace of hers and she'd. Look almost happy happy. Her smile was the model thing. We would the occasion for this coin to honor those who superior days and achievements of a rich US history or the world. That's what it says on the box. You know what I say what about your parents, my mom's got her own coin? And now my dumb brothers got a book coming out for the pains, again? I will, but I don't like you, How could you hate art, I just don't get the deal with just a bunch of colored lines and squiggles, representing someone's in the rotation of our day visual, ideas transcending time and space a peak into the primary
orginal psyche of the collective human speed. I mean who gives a fuck right excuse. My swears. What is it about your brother's paintings that you dislike so much JEB are you? You killed a million people, the upshot of obeying guy he's, got a dumper common upward toward a box. and here I am giving talks at shorter schools and eating worms- Am I the only one who sees the price? Oh yeah million people thing, but don't you think It's time for Americans to unite and move on. Last year even got an exhibit at the Kennedy center. No you'll see it. It happened on air. What do you mean on the same giant aluminum for twenty years? and get me look at it,
below Neil on the boss ladder? Really not fair right back to your brother's paintings? Are they landscapes, they're, portraits of immigrants? Those are people who are forced to move fear, because of our foreign policy, that's kind of harsh, isn't it what happened to you, I'm fine. I dig it. Nicer brother- is publishing his portraits of immigrants. I bet he put a lot of love into the door, my brother started. I remember, I only same person left in this country, but is paintings, so childlike appealing and in the way he and the Obama's get along. It makes everything all right. As with one, I guess, people just so cared more about the past, and why should they write? Oh, my God, a not mayor living in that Twilight Zone where everything is the opposite of what it usually is for no logical reason, and then the host guy comes on
What are we gonna do out? There was a given to call Because now I twilight Zone and it might make me do the dishes Warner brothers. turn up my head: hello, hello, but it was of course want to talk about the breaking news that Joe Biden has chosen. Kemal Harris as his vice president, not just what is set to say, remember the kind of Guy Joe Biden is where the war, the world's largest penal colony. How do we get there? We have five percent of the world's pop Relation of twenty five percent of the world's PETE prisoners. How do we get? her Joe Biden, he's to tell you how we got there alone and the sad part. Is it that we have. We have no more police in the streets of our major cities than we had ten years ago and what the fuck it proposes, won't help much what you propose
This is no increase of worth. The Congress has already approved last year. In a nutshell, the presents plan doesn't including police officers to catch the violent thugs, not an prosecutors to convicted, not enough judges. This, sentence them and not enough prison cell to put them away for a long time. That's why right now, six out of every ten Criminals were arrested on drug charges? Have their cases dropped? That's why we think the should try triple the commitment that these may denied for police prosecutors and judges for our citizens, our states. So that's how we got there guys. like Joe Biden right in the crime bill, saying stuff like that, wanting to you know, build more prisons, so his what he's saying more prisons, more cops, more prosecutors, more prisons, that was his
and so then Kamala Harris comes along and says this for people who are progressive, thinking and liberal minded or just progressive thinking in terms of just fix it fix. It is that we all have these posters in our closet. That is attached to a stick that we sometimes will card out when we're talking about criminal justice policy and those statistics that you first heard when we opened it up incarceration and we run around with these signs, build more schools, less jails, bill, more schools, less jails and we walk around everywhere bill more school. We protest, build more schools, less jails, put the money into education, not prisons, there's a fundamental problem with that approach. In my opinion, and it's
this. I agree with that conceptually, but you have not addressed the reason. I have three padlocks on my front door. So part of the discussion about reform of criminal justice policy has to be an acknowledgement that crime does occur and especially when it is violent crime and serious crime. Well, there should be a broad consensus that there should be serious and severe and swift consequence to crime speaking before the San Francisco Democratic, so he got Cabal Harris to fulfil his vision for America,
and Kamala Harris went on to do that. Let's just hear she has a little more say, ready the annual meeting and it was a Saturday. I had done a bunch of events, so I got there and a little tired and I got to the podium and I looked at it. The San Francisco Democratic Party and I just stood at this pile of my kind, leaned over. I was just exhausted and I'm looking at you know the glorious party that it is right. So it's like the black guy with the blonde hair, the white guy with the dread locks. You know the the lady there with the purple here and all the bunch right- and I just looked at it- this fabulous crew, and I said okay, so who of us is Democrats? Raise your hand is saying people shouldn't have to go to jail and you could see these hands to start to run up
I said hold on one human being kills, another human being a woman is raped, a child is molested. Is that what we're saying so the Need Turk responds was to suggest we don't want law enforcement in public safety, but that's not what we mean. so there you go, there's Harris just so you ca. I have a great honor to announce that I pick Kamala Harris a fearless fighter for the little guy and one of the country's Fightest public service, prince as my running made knight as well play you one more. I would not be standing here or it not for the education I received, and I know many of us will say the same thing and I believe a child going without an education is tantamount to a crime, so I decided I was gonna start prosecuting parents for truancy. Well, this was a little controversial in San Francisco.
Stick it up for the little guy. That's how you stick up for the little guy you prosecute people who have been shit on by the system as hard as anybody has gotten shit on people who have been abused by the system, people who don't have a chance, that's what she's going after she's, not going after middle class from rich people or she's, going after the poorest of the poor and she's, threatening them with jail I hear you think I'm kidding and frankly my staff went bananas. They were very concerned because we didn't know at the time whether I was gonna have an opponent in my re election race. When I said look, I'm done
This is a serious issue and I've got a little political capital and I'm going to spend some of it, and this is what we did the place where she decided to spend her political capital was to throw parents of poor children who are truant in jail. That true she decided to spend Your political Gub not prosecuting bakers or Steve Minutiae, which he inexplicably, did not, which were going to get to also, but she decides to use all her put. I got some political capital that use it lets terrorize poor people. Here we go. We recognize That in that initiative, as a problem- security and law enforcement. I have a huge stick. The school district is gotta care. It lets work in tandem. around our collective objective and goal, which is to get those kids in school. So to that end,
on my letter had now, let me tell you something about my letter had when near the day of a major sitting in this country. Usually the job comes with a badge: and there is often an artistic rendering of said Badge on your stationary. So I sent a letter out on my letterhead to every to every parent school, the school district outlining the connection that was statistically proven between elementary school truancy, high school, who, who will become a victim of crime and will become a perpetrator of crime, we sent it up to everyone, a friend of mine, ass. She called me and he said calmly. My wife got the letter she freaked out. She bore, all the kids into the living room held up the letter said if you don't go to school com, I'm gonna put you and me in jail. We that's hilarious.
she's, scaring the shit out of people with jail for truancy, so, let's bring in theirs. There's wait, we're going to talk a lot more. That's just bringing MAX Blumenthal! I just so there you go! So it's a natural pick! First of all, it makes no sense to me this pic because she doesn't help him electoral eat. Senator from California what she's already gonna win? She got. No votes, in the primary, no one fuckin like sir and she's a cop in a time of an anti cop sentiment in this country. It doesn't make any sense. Of course, Joe Biden picked her. It was a nice fuck you to every body whose progressive in the country that's. Why they did it and birdies go and ride along with they do. Don't even have to ask you if you would have to have that cock he's such a cock, Salzburg and MAX. Blumenthal MAX at any reaction to the pic by Joe Biden of Kamala Harris.
Was usual. My reactions. The same is yours and I gotten about some of those statements, especially about truancy where she's basically saying you know if you dont go to jail for truancy. If I don't like you in it, juvy cell. Then your gun to the school to prison pipeline. It's a really wonderful choice. You don't actually hear her under addressing the underlying cause, As is of this hideous scenario that she's addressing with this system, Carceral solution, and I mean whether the Republicans in the trunk camp, I want to use those clips to depress democratic turn out or we he just simply remember them, because that's her real record in not only brings nothing to the table. It actually wastes what was an opportunity for the one of these
key authors of the New Jim Crow Joe Biden, to kind of addressed his terrible past. But of course he wasn't gonna pick someone like Barbara Lee, who was the only person sin who is right about these still ongoing war in Afghanistan. He wasn't, it pick someone even like Karen Bass, who was to moderate Lee Progressive for him, because she once said a warm word about Fidel Castro, whose programme in Cuba has achieved much Or in terms of health care and education, then the entire democratic party has for its constituents in the last fifty years, so he can of that, and the real reason that you can have figures like them is there simply to independent? They want some they can easily control is going to do what they want and so here we're stuck with Kemal Harris the author of the news. Jim Crow has selected the former,
turning general who helped implemented the implementing act, not just truants and she's referring to urban. Brown and black youth, but also marijuana user. Yes, yes, under her watch over nineteen hundred p people were prosecuted for marijuana violations and Tulsi Gabbard brought this up in the debate which effectively did away with Kamala Harris? That was the end of her. She had no way to come back from from Tulsi gabbard. At actually pointing out that General Harris was throwing people in jail for smoking weed, but there's so much more to this. First of all, Kamala Harris went on the breakfast club and I think your twenty nineteen and bragged and said I I inhaled I inhaled from Jamaica. So I inhaled- and I want to read this statement from her Father Donald Harris Who- is actually a marxist sort of like PETE Buddha just dad yeah. If you're a marxist out there, you should
worry about it. Be neoliberal, assholes,. It's like worse than Alex PS relics, hidden. It would look, look like Jimmy Stew compared to these guys I mean really didn't pretend to be some like woke rule character, but anyway Donald Harris, the Father of Kamala Harris said this about his daughter. dear departed. Grandmothers as well as my deceased parents must be turning in there. Brave right now to see their firm. Please name reputation and proud, jamaican identity being conducted in any way jokingly or not, with the fraudulent stereotype of pot, smoking, joy, Seeger and in the pursuit of identity politics so she not only got that condemnation from her father, but she revealed the double standards and just shit entitlement of bragging about smoking, weed on the press financial Trail to appeal to like millennials. While you have this hideous record of throwing
in millennials in jail for smoking weed, and that's it. She did, and so in response to tells you average he said. Well, I went about share limited. Let me have it to the now can right? Could she can address it and further reveals her true self, but she had no response. She wondered winning less delegates than Tulsa Gabert. The target of one of them biggest this information campaigns by the day and see in recent history did Tulsa Gabert it and correct me. If I'm wrong tells he gathered one more delegates in the democratic primary Then the vice presidential nominee. I you know what I'll have to check that it sounds correct. I will have to check that. I think I don't think I'm all has one one delegated idle did she did, but let me play that route. You you bring it up. I have it loaded in the program, so let's go ahead and play it to your response. I bring the conversation back to the broken criminal justice system. That is this. proportionately negatively, impacting black and brown people all across the country to day
a Senator Harris says she's, proud of her record. As a prosecutor in that she'll be approved, to present, but I'm deeply concerned about this record. there are too many examples to cite, but she put over fifty nine, people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when she was asked. If she ever smoked marijuana, she blocked evidence. She blocked evidence that would have freed an innocent man from death row until the courts forced her to do so. She kept people in prison, and beyond their sentences to use them as cheap labor for the state of California, and she fought This dam in place that impact poor people and the worst kind of way that you're congresswoman as international. That's a pretty great takedown, knows
good and then what I liked was that Anderson Cooper made her watch that again afterwards and watch her response, some of the toughest critique or attacks that you came from Tulsi Gabbard just for a viewer, traveling Tina. I just want to play some of that and and having so what I love is that Anderson Cooper is making her watch. There are also put over one thousand five hundred people. In. I want to make a watch and laugh about it when she was asked. If she ever smoked marijuana, she blocked evidence. She blocked evidence that would have freed an innocent man from death row until the courts forced her to do so. She kept people in prison. And beyond their their to to use them as cheap for for the state of California, and she fought. some of in place that impact poor people worst kind of way. Those does Mean of Anderson Cooper? Do that it's almost like some kind of
media seven out of it they gaga becoming familiar. You are you wet yet watch this rigid and picked her up here we go. Because Congresswoman Centre as elected attorney general, tells me. I did the work of significant conforming to the more than one million people which became a national monitoring. Work needs to be done and I am proud that work. I proud of shake our decision to not just give fancy speeches or be in a legislative body and give give fancy speech that, over my all time, favorite things that ever happened give fancy speeches That's all she does, it does give fancies. It's all cavaliers does. That's all see. Do you remember campaign. Rollout, not it was like it. It was again down town Oakland. They had thousands of people there for a fancy. Spy She was like she was being inaugurating a super bowl ceremony death and then she wines blues winnings delegates and watch, and here she goes MAX?
doing exactly what you said she was gonna. Do she had nothing? She had nowhere to go so she goes here. It's not a four mile I mean listen. This is gonna sound immodest, but I'm obviously a top tier candidate, and so I did expect that I would be on the stage and take hits tonight, because there are a lot of people that are trying to make the stage for the next debate. Yeah. Thank you for a lot of them. A sewer die well yeah and especially when people are at zero, one percent or whatever she might be at, and so I did expect that I might take kids tonight, but you know listen. I think that this coming from someone one who has been an apologist for an individual Assad who has murdered the people of his in his country, like cockroaches, I guess uses a can. I I got what like cockroaches as unlike us, we killed. We kill. That like Buffalo, I don't know. How do we kill people? We will kill them. Why cockroaches
we killed him like nice, like Christians, do we do it like? We have a christian bomb that hogs them to death? How do we kill them? Go: go ahead, relax off, I guess more, like Buffalo, which we also Slaughter can settlers slaughter in order to deprive them of a source of food, but she's referring to chemical attacks, which means you know she was on the intelligence committee. She was a cypher for the mill, intelligence apparatus. She doesn't question them at all and I mean I don't want to get away from the crime issue too much. But just on that point this is someone who, on the same appearance on the breakfast club when she was brought about about smoking, weed after locking up smokers smokers she claimed calling Capron Ex taken knee protests were the result of russian active measures that russian propaganda, hyping this up and it wasn't really a real thing and that this is an attack on our
democracy in Russia is trying to divide us along racial lines that there really weren't racial problems in the. U S, I mean She couldn't even speak to a personal experience about that. It was all just a a confabulation, a hologram projected from gamma rays emanating out of the brain of Vladimir, Putin and the efforts be so. It just shows, I just said- it's too, why she was selected as VP, because she's gonna fuck, embrace the agenda of the national Security state, the deep state, whatever you want to call it, but back to one point: Tulsi Gabbard made tulsi we're. Referred to Kamala Harris seeking to deny minimum custody inmates. People who committed minor crimes, early release or parole, and come on Harris's lawyers when she was attorney general, did so on the grounds that doing this
Releasing these people who had committed petty crimes would deny California and important labour pool. That is their exact argue an important labour pool, so basically slave Labour Kemal Harris was effectively enforcing a system of defending a system. of semi slavery, where inmates would go out for a dollar an hour and fight wildfires across California. That's just beyond discuss thing and hears her reward for it? Then here's a reward max, it's worse than that she was ordered. Her office was ordered to release those prisoners. Rights of this the dead already come in, for of a judge. They'd already made this case and the Judge ordered them to release the prisoners. They didn't do it and then they make this argument that it would upset the prison labour force in California. And then, when that makes the front page of the La Times, Kamala Harris says I did
no. That was our policy. I've shock. There's gambling happening here that it was. She pretended. She did know anything about the policy that it was. That was just the lawyers workin for her were arguing that in court that worthy wasn how she felt well, think the reality of all those videos betray your bullshit Karbala. She never prosecuted, Steve Minutiae. Who is now the secretary of the Treasury? Now Stephen Newton was ahead of one west bank and they're committing committing lots of crimes lot of crimes. How many Jimmy well the? lawyers from Kemal Harris's office investigated said they found a thousand instances of criminality and if they looked a little harder. They would probably find a thousand more.
Kamala Harris, never prosecuted, Steve, Minuchin and she's never explained why she didn't do that ever she did get a campaign donation, the only Democrat that Steven you donated, do was Kamala Harris. Of course, that's who Joe Biden pick do, you see, were being run by the most corrupt criminals that you could possibly imagine. Do you know that Joe Biden is not less corrupt and Donald Trump? Do you know that. I don't think you know that do the difference, the difference between Biden and Trump on that also Biden got, was like a union windbreaker. He didn't like even make that much money. You know he did whatever the credit card industry one but he doesn't have a whole lot to show for it. I got nothing his kid got a job, but he didn't get it yeah it's it's like they sell out for nothing like what Bernie's doing right now Bernie. What are you getting out of this fucking? Nothing. Let me read his We now come to you. He says, congratulate.
Is the Kamala Harris who will make history as our next vice president. She understands what it takes to stand up for working people, fight for health care for all, and take down the most corrupt administration at history. Let's get to work, it would read them, though the tweet right underneath it says hashtag from Mr Feel, hashtag stay home November. This is why the progressive movement must move past Bernie. He has no solidarity with us well and it's a false statement. She doesn't support, Health care for all now signed on with bird to burning medic, here for all so she could be next to a minute. Press conference and then, when she was asked about it, said Nora. No, I wouldn't do anything to affect private insurance I went down lemon asked her on stage, so she was a complete fraud. About that, but I was going to say you know very one in the Democratic Party, the Democratic party leader when a blame, Ralph Nadir for getting George W Bush Elect.
Did shouldn't. They love Ralph Nator, because George W Bush just got a standing ovation from Democrats John MRS funeral. So should they be happy that George W Bush got elected, they love him. They love the fact, apparently, that he turned the. Large parts of the Middle EAST in the smouldering ruined. They love the fact that he waged war on science and prevented stem cell research from advancing they loved the fact that he flew over New Orleans in Aceh in forty setting as was underwater and and did nothing. They love the fact that he gave one of the largest tax cuts. rich and wasted the social security surplus. They love the fact that he gave us Dick Cheney and the NEO cons and we're still fighting this war in Afghan understand if they loved that so much in its all Ralph NATO's fault shouldn't. They thank Ralph Nader, I always taken for the torture programme. We, I loved the torture program. You know when they, they pulp Popii the legs of Afghans.
See drivers and then the only people who went to jail or the like low level grunts, who did actually the only person who went to jail for the CIA torture Program under Bush, was on curiosity really blew the whistle on it. That's how we do In Amerika baby, you know that the criminals don't go to jail as the people who tell so we're. I it's my theory that the United States were we're a one large nation of war, a dull children of alcoholics, that's our personality and as country. We don't get angry at the people who are hurting us and end the criminals who are stealing from us and having our kids, be killed and killing other people, while they steal from us align their pockets weed. Get angry at them. Don't get angry at big, Dick Cheney or George Bush, Barack Obama or Joe Biden Bill Clinton who We get angry at we get angry at the people who tell us that there are committing war crimes. We don't get mad at me who are doing work crimes. We get angry at the people who tell us that is the classic symptom.
of adult children of alcoholics and that's what we are as a nation and that's why we're a failed state right now, like people don't understand, United States is a failed state. What do you call a country, where eighty percent of the workers live paycheck to paycheck, eighty million people have underinsured and health care. Forty five thousand people a die without because they don't have health care, hundreds thousands go bankrupt because they get sick, there's a failed, fuckin state and that's. Why You know you see birdie or anybody there cheering electoral politics, it so ridiculous. It! So all look these Corey Bush gotta. Oh my god, what we got another progressive who's, gonna, completely capitulated, Nancy Policy and the Fuckin democratic machine. Just like a yo see everybody every single member of the squad Amber Sanders who voted for the biggest largest upward transfer of wealth in the history. The human race. They did that right. You're fucking
face, and then they lied to you about it. Bernie lied to you. Aoc lied. How she's voted against that everybody that they lied to you about it. They told you there was good stuff in the cars act when we all know there isn't and now you have nothing and now you have to rely on Trump to send you four hundred bucks you gotta rely Trump, please, God suddenness four hundred bucks until Christmas, so limitless seagulls Zog. What else I have prepared some stuff prepared here? by the way, don't buy that she was against the death penalty that don't buy, that Bullshit Kamala. Harris so. Opposition to the death penalty or track records more complicated and then here's here she is this with Steve, as she's never answered for that. I think we ve covered this pretty good. Here we go. How come all inherits fought to keep nonviolent prisoners locked up in late twenty forty,
lawyers firm, Comma Harris's off his claim that nonviolent offenders need to stay incarcerated lest they lose bodies for Fire camps in the wild fire plague state. That's we were just talking about California. a proposal for re, locating inmates to fire camps to fight wildfires and preventing out of state prisoners from being returned. Harris has been criticised that multiple occasions fighting to keep people, including innocent ones, in prison, in the case of Daniel Larson, an Ex felon sentenced to twenty seven years to life under California's three strikes: law Kamala, Harris argued argued that even Danny Danny was innocent. His conviction not be reversed because you, It is too long to file is petition according to the California Innocence project, which took larceny case. So there you go. That's that's that's who she is
That's who she's always, but that's who Joe Biden is. It makes perfect sense if you look at it from that end. But if you look at it from an electoral politics, it's just like Hillary Clinton, picking TIM Kane, it does absolutely nothing to get a vote. Nothing! What do you think? I'm glad? I can't you know Hilary would have wanted to win Virginia. So arguably, Kane did moral, although like, I, don't know about his harmonica skills, he's kind of just he's, just such a pathetic. She picked somebody to his work to her rights, Dear Kane was an anti was any anti. An Anti union Antiworker. She picked new fucking, Gingrich yeah. He was one election in Virginia before the state really started swinging left before there was this big shift, which was essentially a demographic shift. And so he has a lot of right wing positions, including on abortion, which warrant a problem because she picked up.
and parenthood didn't really say anything about that. I don't remember no, but whatever that's taught that in the past, this is now and you Oh, it was so depressing from the beginning. After Biden basically slapped his way to the nomination dad he announced that he was going to not a woman for vice president. That was such a lie that he said he was going to pick a woman, as vice president, He was going to pick a woman who was a prosecutor because who are its top three choices is come Allah, grudging, Whittemore and Amy Clover jar and you know, until clover job you know face the fact that he had presided over this complete catacol. In Minneapolis with which blew up with the murder of George Freud, but it was like you can't she's, not actually looking at the entire field of women and judging them based on merit. It's just who is going to be the person that will be the represent the biggest
so to anyone who remotely supported Bernie Sanders. Abu will push Bernie Sanders That is the position. endorsing that person demoralize, whatever meant, there was to put pressure on the Democratic party. It It is in the middle of a pandemic. What the unemployment rate pushing above fifteen percent with people bout to be thrown out of their houses with a proposal to pay Americans of just a measly two thousand a month, languishing in the Senate, because the Democrats won't do anything with that proposal. This is the person we get in just one insult after another to the point where I dont want to spread cynicism. But I don't know what else to say about this. I mean Joe Biden already on his own is: is just such a It's just such an insult. This is someone who basically won South Carolina because Jim Clyburn who's like this
local machine politician in a tool of big Pharma, shepherded people to the polls to vote for him, and that was it. So here we are, and you know we haven't even talked about the insults that have been taking place, that kind of Auntie Democratic practices, and I'm sure you've talked about this on other episodes within the Dnc, where the the delegates, many of whom are corporate lobbyists, are who approved the campaign platform plank, are taking the popular. Will the Democratic party constituents and rejecting it, especially on issues like Israel, Palestine, where bite in person we intervened in the platform debate to prevent the word. Occupation from being mentioned, and this also speaks to who Kamala Harris is Kamala. Harris is someone who said
that the reason she loves Israel, so much is, is so inspired by. Is it reminds her of Martin Luther King's March in Selma across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. She actually said that I think at API Back she's someone who, in twenty seventeen when had a personal meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu, thee leading segregationist the face of apartheid and has been feeding at the trial. of the Israel lobbies, funding mechanism along with big tech in California, so This is how she got to where she is, and this is why and this the system that we're stuck with, and you when you see young people confronting Chicago police, in downtown and people just dismiss that? Oh just a bunch of looters or you see what's happening in Portland. This is just a generation. That's been betrayed by people like Kemal Harris that Really, what were left with as the resistance- and it's not a pretty picture, while when I heard, is
He was thinking of picking Atlanta, Mayor Acacia Lads bottoms, but they didn't like the bumper sticker Ito Biden bottoms distant IDA. made, maybe does maybe does bottom, which maybe he talks from the bottom. Who knows anyway well furnished bottom in this situation, no shit, then, by way, there is no bottom today, bought at the bar as low the bark going lower and lower and fuck it lower. So here is at the debates, member, this belief, and this personal- and I was actually very- it was hurtful to here. You talk about the reputations of too you know, It states senators who built their reputations and correct on the segregation of race in this country, and it was not only that, but you also work with them to oppose bussing.
And there was a little girl in California who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and she was bust to school. Every day, And that little girl was me, so I will, how you that on this subject, I want why you left bare back. Why you lad, I just it I'd forgotten all these performance is, but I remember she had had t shirts ready before the debate to sell that girl was me Oh yes, now ass. Oh my god! It's got to give talk about your fancy, mechanical exploitation of identity. That you're, like gonna, sell t shirt. Of that girl was me that girl, I mean imagine if you're wearing that shirt now like it was you doing white like what does that mean here, bit more? Do you agree today? Do you agree today.
that you were wrong to oppose blessing in America. Then do you agree I did not oppose busting in America. What I oppose is buzzing ordered by the Department of Education. That's what I oppose. You're, not a failure. Okay, there you go. That was her big take down by the way Joe Biden became the Democrats anti bussing crusader with school desegregation lawsuit, roiling, Delaware, the nineteen seventies missed by let an effort in the Senate to end court ordered bussing yet corn Bingo into going to integrated school under Biden right, I mean you know he was a backlash rightwing Democrat when he was coming up in Delaware, politics and there were articles about him in local Delaware, media about how you know and Wilmington media about how he wasn't your ordinary liberal Democrat. You know he's breaking from the parties Mcgovern I base and that's.
that's who he was throughout much of his career. I don't know if you have the clear up, but it's my favorite Biden Clip where I think he's wearing suspenders seed it on and those in the Senate. Dictionary Committee. I think he's demanding that raves be legalised and he's calling for prosecuting rave powders. No, we'll dozing raves under the Crack House ACT and then he said I don't care if I gotta find a justification. Fine, just fine one fat you'd like fabricate charges against them to ban raves end so I'm guessing his favorite movie is foot loose. Really it was like the preacher and footloose. But you know it should be remakes with some Trans music, I mean just such a centre, so harassing Biden performance. So here it is heard a guide somewhat. Let me let me hold it up to the camera. Maybe there is a little girl in California who was bussed to school. That little girl was me
my god you're all her. Like all her. You know: staged attacks and important performances, the debates they were all designed to get her in the spotlight without challenging any of these establishment status quo priorities of the Democratic Party, so her other her other pack, I think I I don't know who she directed against, but it was you know, do you support, remove Donald Trump from Twitter as yet like wow. That really is going to advance the hopes and dreams of Americans who are working three jobs, so I got it selling a t shirt now MAX. I don't know if you know this, but it's gonna be up on the website. and it says there was a little girl in California who put thousands of marijuana users in prison while letting Steve Mnuchin walk three after the fraud in thousands out of their homes. That little girl was me yeah
she presided again over nineteen hundred plus prosecutions. And her excuse as to most of them didn't go to jail. But why didn't she provide instructions to the local prosecutors not to process? secure or do at her for her successor did as soon as Kamala Harris was gone. They were able to expunge all of the. fictions and just let everybody live their lives doubt they had to wait for Kemal. To be gone, dared to wait for her the truth and we had to aid for her to get out of office that we could have reform. You know if the Democrats were smart, they would take up the cause of marijuana everybody's smoking, it much better for you than alcohol Dan Aurora Backer, fellow former republican congressman, is going into business selling it so John Bainer yeah, it's a bipartisan issue. It's a real winner, you know it help you in states like Arizona where they can't quite get. It
lies, but everyone smoking it is. It You know the way to win people to get people engage, you don't normally vote, but they will not touch it and at the Dnc plank the deeds the convention committee. They refuse to call for it decriminalized, which I think. Seventy percent of democratic boaters support. So I mean we're just looking at the most undemocratic democratic party. I can remember well. Ninety percent of the Democratic Party want single pair healthcare and they ve about the deaths, not in the platform at Joe Biden about the veto it if it passes. Who are they representing what we want? We now We are representing the corporate interests but like they, they can't even pretend to represent people any more and still burning every other jag off pretend Progressive is yelling that you gotta still fuck and vote for them even The democratic party continues to shit down their mouth. They keep telling with the shit coming out of their mouth. Fucking voted Blue there's still doing it
So one of the raps on John Mccain picking Sarah Palin. Besides the fact that ninety five percent of her I was born. Water was the fact that, one very old and physically a worn down, and she would potentially be the next president, which is frightening. Now you have a scenario where Kemal Harris could be. The next president rank very easily, be no The campaign, as I said it's like weekend, it binds and he's just kind of like being wheeled around on a journey to the White House and so now behind him. It's so now all these people, you know I'll all. My Hollywood, blue czech friends, gotta be applauded this and there are even saw them, quoting Hillary Clinton today already and acting Instead of this is something worth we're. Gonna have to fight against. Do you after the election you're gonna have to fight against them to get any fuckin thing done, but they don't care.
Because of their rich, now all my blue check, Hollywood friends are super rich. and they don't fuck it. They don't know they didn't get picked out of their house like Steve Minuchin and she didn't prosecute them. They did get thrown they'll, for we did if they got arrested. They had a great lawyer get off that. None of that not theirs rob do you have no problems that they need. Joe Biden Kemal here is to solve. They have no problems, they got their health care They got their medicine, they got their education, they get their kids education. They got fuckin everything and all they could do is tell you to vote. Presumably they didn't get molested by catholic priest. She refused to prosecute also that's right, but Biden said: nothing will fundamentally change when I'm elected will fundamentally will fundamentally change so know. I don't know what kind of one eighty he's gonna do on that right now, at this pandemic, just lifting The mask on neoliberal Capitalism and ripping hold to the economy, but it's going to be fairly
Interesting so far he hasn't had to say anything. He hasn't had to campaign because, as Cathy pilot at the nation said, if he boiled babies in public still vote yeah. I know I know that's why before it's like you know you can do it everyone as long as you're, not trump, and just Views as all you want betray us all. You want. And so now we have come on. Harrison um I mean whatever the dvd pick they played up and waited as long as possible and fuelled speculation in order to keep bite in the spotlight without him actually having to say right. Anything, that's right, and now we have the VP big. I'm more concerned about the other cabinet picks specifically on foreign policy, because Susan Rice isn't the Vp Vp Can I dont know why she ever was considered catchy, is almost certain to be the nominated nominee for Secretary of state and this is someone who was stood a part after Hilary was left after Hilary,
left the state department. She was really the leading warmonger in the Obama. Administration, I was watching talk she gave last year about her book. I forget it some phony title like things worth fighting for and she was posting on Stage Georgetown University about how she was the lone voice in the administration calling administration calling for bombing Syria thousand twenty thirteen and she later realized she was wrong, but then she said Trump was right for bombing and twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen in my book, the management savagery, actually wrote it her a little bit I'll. Just read you it's a quick paragraph. Basically, you know so they're repairing the case to go into Libya Libya, bomb Libya out Kadaffi, it's two thousand and eleven Obama saying Kadaffi threatens a blood. A bloodbath could destabilize an entire region and he, said that he is refusing to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking actions that are not saying you slaughtering anyone. There does like he's going to
Maybe so we have to slaughter them. So here Susan Rice, Susan Rice took the humanity in hysteria, two new heights, claiming without a shred of evidence that Kaddafi was handing out soup flies of Viagra to his troops, to encourage mass rape the risible allegation first broadcast by the to run, run? Al Jazeera was soon picked up, by the BBC and Associated Press Luis Moreno Ocampo. The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal court declared excite there's, some information with Viagra? So it's like a machete. It's new Viagra is a tool of massive rape. It was completely fake and Susan Rice deployed this fake claim in order to stir up this regime change operation in Libya. Where a civil war still raging today's become a proxy war with actors from across the region ripping the kind
three to shreds the countries been turned into a failed state, it went from being one of the most, if not the most prosperous state with the highest quality of life in Africa to the least prosperous. And she helped. her in slavery to the african continent, so that's a legacy that isn't even in disgust, everyone saying oh well, Susan Rice had this role in Benghazi. That's the republic, the Republican, say Benghazi. Was this phony partisan distraction for the complete destruction of an entire our country in the destabilization of an entire region in Africa, but those people don't matter the only be what's the matter with the security guards in Benghazi, and it really speaks to how Susan Rice has survived this long and why she Is where she is she'll, be secretary of state defend Secretarial be Michel, Flournoy, allegedly she's. Basically like this beltway blob creature,
Who has cooled her heels at a think? Tank called the center for new american security, which is funded by the arms industry and the State Department, her previous director was Victoria Newland who oversaw the regime change operation in Ukraine, and we note binds Ennis. Cs National Security Council director of Bee Anthony Blinkin, tony blinking, who is another A real democratic war hawk, who supported every week, team change operation going back to this lobby. These people still think that they can rule the world by force. These chicken hawk still think that they can cook up. Some humanitarian intervention is scenario and then send in the air force and that's partake really dangerous, whereas Kamala Harris is just there as they sort of cipher for their interests, as someone who really is an independent or capable
of carving out her own space. That's precisely why she's there alright! So let me see what this is. Someone just texted me: this is Joe Biden, I'm gonna! Guess it's going to be funny because he hates electronic music. Let's see! Oh, it is the rape thing. He has new ordinances relating to stiff criminal penalties for anyone who held a rave, a promoter the guy won't kill, building I'll, put you son of a gun in jail. There's, no doubt about where these resources, in the middle of the desert arrest the promoter find a rational keeping alone. say, for example, I'm the guy who wanted crack house legislation. We can you was to crack. Has legislation to tear down these buildings. While find a rationale we ve gotta stop kids from having parties.
Why no rationale? It's like there may not be any criminal violation, supplant evidence, yeah, fine, russian, now twist, the law was so well That's kind of amazing is that's kind of amazing. the over raves over parties, the other, thing is he didn't really stutter there he's really speaking very Well how yet not now you can't even Rita, probably can't even rebus statement literally trying to read a statement the other day and he bucked up. He had to stop and he tried to any tried to add, live but fucked up. Even where it's it's it's it's it's. I mean I love trump build a little jokes like Trump saying, YO, Yosemite and Piland, but with Trump you get like funny tweets of calling like
James me in clapper dirty cops but and said you know my twitter won't be the problem like that's. That's probably the only good thing about Trump, not a word to lose that I know right yeah, I'm not supporting. I I you know I'd prefer that Trump would leave office I'd prefer they not be in office just so. This hysteria dies down and we get back actually talking about issues instead of evidence, free conspiracy theories, that red bait, the press of the United States, a normal life, Mccarthyism on the left. You know that's one thing I'm hoping will die down, but I think I will left with China Hysteria, yes and it will be addressed. Announced at the highest levels and biting his trying to campaign to trumps right on trying to trumpet doing every thing. He can to turn up the heat on China and whip up complete hysteria among the public. So, what's that mean
What we're gonna be left with Hey Chuck, sugars on the line. I hope he's got some good news about the new stimulus bill- hello. Oh MR, May I end by side myself. I just do not get this guy. What happened juck? He refuses to negotiate this man this dismay and why didn't he? To work with, have you noticed that or is it just me because I think he's hard to work with it by maybe Frank that yeah thanks for your down this way, we'll worry, you guys going to do about it. I'm going to put my foot down: that's what or take a two week vacation. No, I will put my foot down for darn sakes. Yes, I hereby call on all the top Republicans to come to the table and make a deal mostly favoring their interests there. I set it
and now I'm emotionally drain spent disappointing, to say the least. The american people need real or leave during this most unpleasant deadly pandemic. Free healthcare would do their job. oh out of the question. Free health care is the last thing people need when they're dying, hey. You know, there's a lot more to that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You got to become a premium member go to Jimmy Door Comedy Cobb sign up, The most horrible premium programme business today show was written by IRAN. Kaliko Barclay, Landward, step Zahm, Murano, Jim Earl, like Mccrae Roger written up, all the voices performed today by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found it MIKE Mc greater. That's it for this week
you be the best you can be and I'll keep being me Don't don't don't you don't you don't? I don't worry. I'm worried.
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