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Biden's Cabinet -- Worse Than Expected!

2020-11-12 | 🔗

Biden administration packed with Military Industrial Complex goons!

Pete Buttigieg rewards for fulfilling mission during the primary!

Featuring Stef Zamorano and Mike MacRae!

Phone calls from Mike Pompeo, Hillary Supporter, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden!


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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jew, my show hello. This is Jimmy who's. This Jimmy it's a secretary, No, it's so good to hear from you. How are things everything in the Trump illustration going very well. We have no problem whatsoever to speak up and we are really play a threed each s here. Is that so so the other day, you said, you'd be transitioning into a second Trump administration, though it was that a joke. Well, you are the comedian, so you tell me: well it wasn't funny, so I'm gonna get no.
Would you be out, you know not jokes, our planet, our joke at all summer subtle way to convey malevolent intent, but they are still jumps. I'm afraid I don't understand, this is the three d joke chess. So you admit that trouble blast the election, Joe Biden, then. well. What I can admit is that President Trump is not conceded the election. The election are still bake and absolutely nothing if I had to ferries he picked out and about how Donald Trump still, possibly when this election it's over Jerry,
doing math in Hexadecimal over here. What on earth tax deductible mean to say that we have bath value Other people don't know about what you mean. Do you have a difference set of numbers from the election, no just different ways of calculating numbers: alternative math. If you will yeah well, there's no such thing as alternative math Bob Pale. You you, you all, really can't stop coming and going over this. Can you look let's just wait and see what happens, but the process unfold as it supports do you know the truth are. Are you just pretending to feel this way to trump from Trump from the truth? Why are you covering for his stupid ego. Don't you have a spine? Okay, if he's forced to leave the White House he's going to drop nukes in Moscow and Beijing
Brussels he seems to be under the oppression. That's where vegetables come from what that's insane you have to stop and Mr Secretary, We are the state department. After all, so we are in fact weighing the pros and cons of the strategy. There are no pros. There's only cons, Jimmy there's a lot of moving parts here. No there aren't please don't blow up the world. I generally agree that this approach definitely lacks benefits for the USA and its allies. Nuclear war? I should think so, but we don't need it. side, obediently electoral electoral college, about until until December, in situ are finally being terrifyingly honest here. Can you tell us what the press. It's doing right now, get out.
normal he's thrown a lot of half eat and quarter pounders at the level staff he's ordered some of the molding removed in the West Way, because he is convinced that there is hidden treasure somewhere. It's like my house that he just hasn't found. Yet that seems to be Spain concerned actually I want you out. Porno up, we're trying to get him to watch last cable, dude and he's discovered, fuller on Netflix, so that is helping just basic stuff, three Dcs I honestly don't really know what that he bade. Ok, I have to go the present a stage. Further protest movement. Excuse me: taking good aggregate upon the floor,
Sliding down the street and jobs the the chance to show everybody welcomed this week, Jimmy Giorgio tables getting the job before we get to the joke, showing what have you take away from this election. I'd start with freeze dried pack, a week's worth of clean underwear and a passport hey, I'm not into identity politics. I voted with my penis because it's gotta, opposable thumb, I guess that's your you hear people say this a lot boy, I'm looking forward to the news becoming boring again. Why is it that the perfect appetite for people board By seven illegal wars, prisons, full of blue
people in a world spiralling towards climate extinction boys that boring don't forget to order the new Iphone twelve hate today and is better and stay they I'm recording. This is veterans Day and in a tribute to our asian sailors, Chris Christie, navigated, three submarine, sandwiches and newest stomach Gabon. Hey if we really want to honour our military today, we let them all dessert and ransacked malibu and now another episode of Democratic Party voter Outreach there's a pandemic. We, Medicare for all wait until we get the Orange GEO out of the White House, ok, he one now he's vetting Republicans for his administration not now were celebrating shot up. We have to ban cracking. We have six years later, not now wait until after the men terms, the Republicans just took over Congo.
Not now the kids, just a Gulf Congress there's another pandemic. We need Medicare for Wait until we get Tom cotton out of the White House, and that was another episode of Democratic Party. Voter outreach. You're cute, how people think Donald Trump rift our country apart as before? arrival, we're all unified in love. With our murdering cops mass homelessness, medical bankruptcy and the sickening disregard for any meaningful action against climate catastrophe. Hey, don't miss David bureaus American strong segment every night at ABC. What's come on today's Jimmy Door Show Joe Biden its cabinet? How bad will it be? How many war muggers direct straight from the military industrial complex, we'll be in it? The answer just may surprise you, or will it
Hey EO see, goes out of revisionism about the two parties of war and we're here to De Bunker plus PETE. Buddha gives rewarded by the establishment for fulfilling his. mission in the primary plus phone calls from MIKE Pompeo Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden plus a lot lot more? That's today on the Jimmy door, show hey the election results are coming in and the winner is gold. Sachs Wall Street, the military industrial complex. health insurance egos and out of control, inequality and corruption would be what now everything the lives are going to go back to sleep at their long collective,
brunch and I say good: we don't need em. They only get away anyway. America has elected the architect of the system that gave us the last four years expecting that architect to fix our problems is final proof that America is a failed state Well, what happens next? It doesn't matter who's in the house or in the Senate. We, the people must rise up. We must make demands, Americans need health care. Now America's needed stimulus check. Now a man Americans need the wars to end now, They need a living wage now being in the streets. Isn't enough unless
at ST is in front of the White House, city, hall or politicians. Home politician stand for nothing unless we are standing on them, except nor work. No more excuses from Nancy Pelosi, Mitch, Mcconnell, Chuck, humor, Bernie Sanders move wits have to move workers. Have the power workers make this nation run workers make the profits labour needs to exercise this power. Now we need to stop talking about pushing the nation, the left we're not pushing the nation left we're pushing the nation back to the people, no matter what the political hacks try to convince you of America has elected a bonified racist into the the presidency. Biden, has done more damage to the minorities with Paul see more damage than minorities. Then all of Donald Trump tweets, combined Democrats, marketing came
Pain is turned demented puppet of the oligarchy, an enemy of working people into Uncle Joe yeah, an uncle who would kick Your family, out of their home, steal your money, cut your so security and given to the banks and credit card predators. While Sending your children to war. We need an anti war movement to rise up now. The next commander. It is a warmonger. You could not find someone more blood on their hands than Joe Biden Biden is packed ever he's back every war for the last thirty brick in years. I'm regrets will sell you oversee wars under the banner of humanitarianism under the banner of protecting the international order under the banner of spreading democracy? Don't be fooled by the Democrats? Concern face imperialism. All the techniques used for Russia Gate are going to be deployed against this dissent from the left.
just know that all the independent media that willing went, went along with Russia and and fed into hysteria hysteria of gate they they need to make a stand now, do you stand against the corrupt power class? Or do you serve? The establishment? We need an independent media that his guts, we independent media, that will stand on principle, we needed independent media that pushes politicians instead of protecting them Requests are going to hide behind Kemal Harris. They're gonna they're gonna, use your identity, her gender, her fake charm, the happy enforced or of Joe Biden. Racist mass incarceration State Kemal AIRS was the VP choice for a reason ignore her. We we stand with all communities who will now be targeted targeted by,
friendlier more competent, better mannered privatized incarceration stay under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We can't wait there's going to be a republican wave in two thousand and twenty two Republicans have the money and the networks to reconstruct itself from the ashes Democrats will pretend to be the victims of process and pragmatism. Don't give in to the Democrats, gas lighting. I mean the nations in crisis. People are out of money, the economies being, suck dry by billionaires. Millions of people are losing their healthcare losing their jobs jobs in their homes. and now we're gonna have no trump to distract us going to be forced to show
which side are they on? We need Medicare for all. No public option, no public option. Public option was the compromise position. Thirteen years ago a public option will create an partied, healthcare, healthcare system, taxpayers, taxpayers will be paying for people who actually need healthcare, while the subsidized insurance companies get more money than ever any politician trying to convince you that the public option is a good deal. Is your enemy and a sell out? No means tested programs that only divides we're in this together. I do better when you do better, we need agree: new deal, and we need it now, because the planet is facial in climate collapse and Joe Biden's plan targets. Two thousand and fifty Joe Biden is going to be dead before then, but under his plan, and we'll all be dead before twenty fifty a massive
Green New deal infrastructure plan will boost our economy coming out of this pandemic and it'll create jobs and create economy for the future? It's going going to save the planet, it's gonna, save our children, but Joe Biden more interested in short term profits- is Owners are more interested in short term profits, which is why he is short term price. it is the only thing that drives our failed system. They are driving us to a short term future. Here is what we have to demand of the Democrats in the first thirty days living wages, stimulus checks and Our support for the Yemen WAR deal with student debt. Pardon whistleblowers single payer, reversal health care You be, I don't let them play, the numbers game in Congress if they don't as health care in the middle, the pandemic, the political systems failure will debate, And its demise we got
do everything to save ourselves. We gotta do direct action. General strikes, a people's party. The country has a deadline The american people have a deadline. The planet has a deadline. We must. fight for the world we need. This is the end of politics: in the beginning of history. It's up to us to make that history, people's party or, Everybody Herzog, Joe Biden, big supporter, here's a resistance leader John Cassock. Now is the time for Democrats. I believe Joe Biden will do this begin to listen to what the other half. the country has had to say. So. This is how it always plays out just so you know, what's happening, right now, all the establishment tools who get on tv whenever they want are going on saying well now that the Democrats one it's time for them
Reach out to the Republicans and in governed like a Republican, that's what they gotta do, but when the Republicans when they go see, we got a mandate. We had a mandate to do what we want and you are stand why? This is ok, why John Chaotic and Joe Biden, our okay on the same page because they both serve the same donors. They're both Establishment Wall Street tools, they're both enemies of the workers. but we have to listen to what those folks, those Republicans all across this country has had to say, because we ve never done that before What are we gonna start listening to the right wing when a corporate? What is the corporate voice gonna be have a voice in government. I love them. Joe Biden unite around us and as soon as we wouldn't will give you the finger oppress them
That's happened, Joe Biden is the fact that the unit the state Senate is either going to be republican or very close, and the far left can push him as hard as they want. And frankly, the Democrats have to make it clear to the far left that they almost COS in this election and then the far left almost constantly elect, even the one he won. You mean the! What we beat the right wing guy. The one he won it wouldn't Democrats loser The Republicans have a mandate would Democrats when they almost lost. Republicans when you gotta you gotta, go hard right. Conservative they got a mandate when Denmark That's when you gotta go hard right, conservative because they almost lost. This is the guy that the democratic speak Joe Biden invited him to speak at the convention. This is his buddy. Rest woman from Virginia warranted.
Crap you want to talk about these the police. You'll have no support, and I think this is an opportunity for bind talk about that the centre right and centre left of this country and what can be achieved because we have enormous problems with dead souls security medic here. We have enormous problems with death sources, security and Medicare and joy Biden me agree: we got to cut it, we got enormous problems, problems, debt, social- you're so, instead of coming in during the middle of an economic collapse and a pandemic and giving people, health care, Ubi and a job and economic relief and expanding social security he's going to come in and do all the opposite. The opposite, they're going to do it under because it's common sense and if you don't this data lose your next election? No, that's all, Barack Obama governed and that's why we got trump.
health care. Little steps, little steps, not one Democrat, told me so Security, Medicare health care, little steps, little steps, one other thing. One Democrat told me at some point: if they'd have been more clear in rejecting the hard left, they would have been. appealed more to Americans, who, I believe essentially live, live in the middle, so I think actually in in a better position today because being pulled from the left I'm gonna work, they will not get those Things got to bother with just one Never that's the guy, Joe Biden, invited to come, speak at the democratic convention and endorse him. Now is John case. It is telling Democrats that progressives are the parties problem but Kasich is an anti choice. Anti Antilabor Republican Kasich is attacking the people who played
roles in flipping, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania Kasich failed to flip Ohio. Scary thing about this is that Joe Biden and John case it both tried to cut so secured. in the late nineteenth nineties. In the name of austerity case, it was made a deal, the speaker by Teen Biden and Kasich in this clip explicitly references, social security, yeah. That's why that's why they're buddies want to see why their buddies. No, we have a deficit. We have social Security and Medicare looming. The number of people on Social Security Medicare is now forty million people. It's going to be eighty million in fifteen years. Would you consider looking at those programs age of eligibility, cost of living. Put it all on tape. The answer is absolutely have to one of the things that might you have to? I like how he smiles when he does it. You have
do. We have to I mean, come on. We have to cut Social Security Medicare. We we you have. I mean, how are we gonna get out of this big? deficit hole unless we could we take it out of this hole of us. We push a bunch of old people in it, he would go bankrupt. His son got sick and couldn't pay the bills, and I think Barack Obama had to lend him the money he engineered a healthcare system that bankrupted himself and he's still such a tool. that he's gonna deny you health care still to this day. What happened? Well, we wanted the story with his kid. It was like he was going to have to sell his house or something to pay for it and then somehow he got the money. What is that story? I don't know what that story. I don got to look up what that story is, and there is we got to cut social security, medical,
of core man, the american people, know they can't have nice things we're living in a fucking corporatocracy. This is an oligarchy. They don't get to have the stuff the rest of the world. Has you think, I'm kidding? That's what he says. The political advisors say to me is whoa. Don't touch that third look. The american people aren't stupid, it's a simple proposition, we have to do Yo, and I were talking about Bob Dole Arlan, the american people aren't stupid. They are stupid, Joe and B. They fucking, just elected you and you're, going to cut social security. Medicare you're going to try you're going to try Barack Obama tried Barack Obama tried to cut social security. Medicare is called the grand bargain and he was going to do it and guess who stopped Barack Obama from cutting social Security and Medicare. Do you know who stopped him? The Republicans.
Because they didn't want to give him a victory, any can even cutting medical security. They stopped him from doing that through pelicans, that Barack Obama wanted to the grand bargain. Look it up the grand bargain means I went to cut Social Security Medicare. Ok. So now we know why him case of our friends. They both agree on that and they they both agreed on cutting so security, which they're gonna probably do, So just so, you know John case it trying to tell me well. Then, if you run left, you gonna cause people elections. Here's people who ran that issue Medicare for all anybody who read and Medicare for a one abbe think on our did. She support Medica for all know. Did she won the election? No common Petersen Support Medicare for all did he win election, no Debbie Merk so by the way,
and this is where and Joe Biden one there Bin our lost. Joe Biden, one here, district leans, plus six provided lost. Isn't that interesting? Another district, five points lost weren't for better care, for it were not for Medicare for all. here, someone who was for better care for all at as a Democrat, the porter and won her election and that's a reply. leading district? So the exact opposite of what John Kasich is telling. You is actually the truth. that the people who ran on the green New Deal and Medicare for all one and people who didn't lost. So that's how it goes all the way down. It's. It's almost like on case? It has no clue what he's talking about, and maybe it's telling that
The Democrats, when the White House and then immediately have a republican speaking for them. I don't know. Maybe it's up. After a yo see noted every Medicare for all cosponsor one reelection, I took a dive into the green new deal of the ninety three Co. Sponsors who ran for reelection all, but two of them one and three of the four co sponsors in swing districts, one! That's pretty good! The exact opposite of what they're telling you on corporate news, the exact opposite of what they're telling you here's Hannah Trudeau, says: top GO
top Joe Biden, GOP surrogate John Kasich says now is the time for Democrats to begin to listen to what the other half of the country has to say, wow. Well, seventy percent of the country says they're for Medicare. Don't just listen to half of the country John, it's time to listen to what half the country has to say. Let's go your than that lets say: let's listen to what seventy percent of the country has to say: John, not just half of them. Seventy percent of the country says they want a single player healthcare. He only wants listen to half the country. I
let's listen to the majority of them, the overwhelming majority. This is a good point and, furthermore, the Biden campaign owes him. This is the Kasich endorsement was crucial for them to win Ohio and therefore the election, but, of course, he's being sarcastic because Bite and did not win Ohio and John K. Six endorsement was meaningless boy that they want to see want to see. Ohio boy, that Kasich endorsement really pulled a lot of weight. Look look at that! That's really amazing watch this interview a curious. What you make of the fact that so this is Jim, climb born now. This is Jim Clay, born who much like Barack Obama, gaslights black people,
the voting against their own interests and into demand Being from government shit that they should be demanding, he gasped them did not demanding it. This is Jim Clybourn who's against his own voters, who gaslights people of color into not demanding from the Democratic Party, health care or anything else, should be demanding and watch this. The skill looks exactly like my little sister by the way, how seats that you lost, and why that happened. What because she's asking haywire? if Joe Biden, one, why did the friggin people in the House lose what a Democrat it's in the house lose, and why did you take over the Senate? Is here's what he says We were not able to disappear the house According to the cinema,. We keep making that mistake. This forces about you, gotta
This progressive of that progressive that free, They found a police car Jamie Harrison tremendously I'm not saying it was the only problem. You sound kind of mad congressman sounds like you're. In yeah I mean we almost made the mistake of listening to voters progressive members of your party for holding folks accountable or to a standard that doesn't work in their district, You blame the progressive members. No, I don't blame progressive members For everybody, in my caucus to be as practical as I am, did he say tactical or practical? I thought it was practical, so being practical. According to James CLI, Porn is taking tons and tons of corporate money and upholding the corporations interest whilst
brewing workers and poor people, while talking nice, that's being practical to Jim Board, because I'm going to show you in a second that he's a total bought and paid for piece of it. That's the difference in how are you going to look at me and say: I'm not progressive, I'm going to show you because you take corporate money. You legislate against the will of the people you're standing in between health care and people. That's why. This is about Listen to me. I know you're not going to listen to it because you are bought and paid for corrupt tool of the oligarchy and you're proud of it. You're in
Dignan about it, you're the enemy of the people you claim to represent Jim Clay, born you're, fuckin, bought and paid for tool. If you could have a cock, has meaning right now and you and your telephone what they should do differently. Given the law. Is that we have. What would you say to them saw souvenir Slogan, stop slogan. Airing says the guy who said he's progressive when in reality he help stop progressives, stop slogan. during his calling himself regret using a bullshit slogan. And you want to know how I know it's all bullshit everything you just said: here's Jim Clybourn. Seventy two percent funded by corporate packs. And now you know where Jim Jim Clybourn gets his opinions from not the people, he gets them from his owners. The donor class.
Bought and paid for this is exactly what's wrong with government. This is what's wrong. With Chuck humor Nancy Pillows Barack Obama Joe Biden entire United States federal government. This is what's wrong with them and then he gets be indignant because he's a lying piece of shit. Harrison polls got better after the defunded. By the way he talks about how that defund, the police hurt Harrison. His poll numbers, got better after he called for fund the police. He lost my fourteen, once in South Carolina in an election year, Gimme a break. to fund the police. Only winds and blue areas, ok Why aren't Democrats supporting it in blue areas, then.
If Kleiber, knows how to win a Senate race in South Carolina, its wild that he doesn't do it. That's. Why You know how to appeal to the people who win a Senate race, and why don't you go? Do that, then because you need a gerrymander district that looks like a an ampersand. so you can get reelected Jim Clyburn, because I de as resonate with fuck, and nobody can You can't win a thing outside of his gerrymander district. Any knows it! Here's this fuckin district, you see what's get oats overhear over here, would do it will do a curve around stew a curve around get some more people. I could get the vote for me. I could trick them into voting for me. Here's data Sheila lost her seat. Here's what she says after she law,
I'm assuming you are probably on the call with the democratic members. from from Congress Other day I know there have been reports and it got quite contentious. Do you see this now? Turning into a the internal fight within the party in terms of whose voices need to be more dominant, whether it's the AOC Bernie Bernie Sanders the party or leave or more moderate wing of the party and more conservative wing of the party at it, Reckoning do you think place, and how do you think Nancy policy will manage it, but then we she's been managing it from the centre she just lost and watching giggles how she's going to met from the center by the way Nancy Pelosi's. Not governing from the centre she's governing from the right from the Center
and the people that were elected that kept their seats are centrists Making it up just making that you your seat. She just making that up. Question in my mind about that cannot accuse three or four people of Turning over the seats at the end of the day, it was far more complex than that and Some of it is our ability to mess. It is correct way, de validate, but a lot of it is going to policy from my point of view- and we ve got to demonstrate that at the end, end of four years or the end of two years that we've been tougher and we've delivered, on these issues that people care about- and you know this
is Anti Communism anti. I socialism is deep anarchy community, but my been is the Donald Trump has delivered on any that's just said it, and scared people, and that Joe Biden has an opportunity. Ought to be and start by protect those that have run away from those places. This is early report, early reports signal Sheila was not the only casualty of the strong showing by Republicans in Miami date, area of South Florida, another first term democratic member of Congress,
representing part of Miami Dade County representative Debbie Mascaro Powell also lost former vice President Joe Biden trailed Hillary Clinton, showing there in two in twenty sixteen when she won the district. By almost twenty points, She expressed concerns that Medicare is not as good as many private insurance plans and that some constituents would prefer to keep their plan. Why should we spend money when people have a good private health insurance? She told seeds ban. We need to cover those
that don't have coverage now and she lost the centrist. I thought I thought the centrist were the ones I thought the centrist were the ones wow Florida's election results, twenty seven she loves. She loses. she loses so every single congressional Democrat who supported Medicare for all one reelection, but we're still supposed to act like guaranteed health care, is some fringe lefty pipe dream in. Swing. Districts vote vote, share declines as candidates move right. Does our candidates,
No, it's the voters who are wrong. So there you go. Sha la la la oh, by the way to show you this here. This is Melvin. What's his name, Harold, Melvin or Somethin Melvin And then this is the guy who we was outed as but working for the CIA when he was at the La Times, and then he got Promoted to an on air on camera position at the MSNBC News, because there just another mouthpiece for for candle Indian, yes,. So, let's, let's watch this king. What have you weren't, sir.
ok. Ok, you fuck, that's Craig Melvin Gregg Melvin What have you weren't, sir, hey you know? We no longer have an Amazon link because we're not doing that we're not playing that game, but here's another great way you can help support the show should be. a premium member, we give you up, couple of hours of premium bonus content every week, And it's a great way to help support the show you could do it by going to. Give me your company that cop click it got joined premium and supposed to four I will briefly a programme in the business
a great way to help put them back in the eye. The bastards thanks, everybody who was is already a premium member, and if you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content. Thanks for your support, while such humours on the phone hello, Oh, my goodness, I am overwhelmed with a Attitude enjoy to accept this grand acclamation. Thank you. The american people for electing myself. chuck Schumer to the Office of Senator naughty leader once again wait the people appointed you. I thought it was your fellow senators who are duly elected by those fine folks, direct prevent them do not forget. I have a Harvard law degree and I not not only master of the Senate. I am also master of Tor Tor Tor, such as the burden that weighs heavily on my shoulders. With this great prestige and fame. Will you take back the centre.
from the Guy Democrats, call a fascist dictator and a I do, not Jimmy our fight is far from over, don't forget, we still have those Jews Georgia, IRAN or lost in January. I gotta do slogan, big blue runoff, big blue run off. What do you think it's? It sounds like some kind of toxic sludge. You some active part Jimmy. We paid the Lincoln Project a lot of money for that loan money that could have been wasted on some dumb Senate campaign. Those people really know what they're doing when it comes to slogans and such Jim Clay born just say that slogan nearing kills people dead, well glance at heart rate. The big bad about Jim climber again, but each fuckin wrong. We're sticking with the big
blue, runoff, okay, don't be such a negative Nelly. For goodness sake, it's going to be fine you're, just waiting If I ever let you down before, but your party Seeds in the house and did not retake the Senate, that's why Jimmy we always said the number one election of the president and we, why wiping out a guy, we can't do three things at once. We don't get paid enough for that. What are we Superman resist. How are you resisting chuck we're going to retake the south, my friend and for every progressive? We underfunded the north, we'll get two run offs in the south and somehow feel better about things on and off off you heard of them two rides. Story do or not can also support the green new deal now. Do they support Medicare for all now keep debate at Uncle Joe?
but don't incumbents, usually win, run off elections. You are right Jimmy, but what's your point You lost the North Carolina Iowa and Maine all rated as toss ups did any of those candidates support Medicare for all. Oh there you go again with the slogan airing Jimmy care for all kills people, I'm confident one arcanas of will write the big blue run off in Georgia. It's the big blue run off with one arcanas, coming. This January, I needed to Joe Biden, is unknown. There now seeing is this is from political figures.
some insight into who Joe Biden is thinking of pointing they say front runners. This isn't set in stone. These are the front runners, Susan Rice, that nice Doug Jones wow wow. What a rise to power for doggie. Health and human services, Michelle Illusion, Gresham Transport, Eric our city, mirror via LOS Angeles, should always giving him transport because, because Garcetti our city guy, the guy to as many ways out of LOS Angeles as possible. That's why all MEG Witness Wet MEG Whitman
Energy earnest monads Interior Tom you'd, all agriculture, Heidi High Camp Veterans Affairs, PETE Buddha, get he's trying to build a cabinet as popular as he is Joe Biden Burly, whose MEG Whitman Jimmy MEG Whitman's been a fortune and lost. I hope she does something with money, so she ran God he's a Republican. She was the head of Healer Packard. I think right, I think so, and she lost the cracks voted against or the people voted against her and her punishment, for that is due to be rewarded with a spawn Joe Biden administration. So the matter, if we vote against these Republicans Democrats put them back in government.
That's what your bite is doing right now, where is good friend Bernie Sanders on this Hitler's, not nowhere I'm, a crack Doug Jones loses Alabama Senate seed to Republican Tommy to prevail. I can't believe the guy who could barely beat us File didn't last that long in the Senate. He Heidi hike ousted by Republican, Kevin Kramer from North Dakota Senate seat. I know cigarette trend, here, friends of the earth,
hardy high camps record hurts Heidi hey camps, record, siding with pesticide companies over consumers, sponsoring bills to shield factory farms from polluting pollution reporting. She blot AG conservative measures, agriculture conservation measures, sorry she's, blocking Agora, agriculture, conservation measures, she supporting fossil fuel pipelines and she's got a mass of big oil campaign money she's the wrong choice for the United States that our brave agriculture, that's friends of the earth. There blue check they tweeted that out? I dont entirely understand the logic behind building a cat. Bennett largely of people who lost races or drove. companies into the ground. But that's just me maybe put some competence in their instead hoping the scoop is wrong.
Hey! Maybe if you load a cabinet full of losers, you don't really give a shit. Is that true by pick for energy secretary is reported to be. Ernie Moniz, is ernie- is a fossil fuel. Lobbyists. Well Joe Biden Stain on brand? It's almost like they don't give a shit about the people. It's almost like, then Jimmy Once pine is in office, where do I bet he's gonna Pusher wishes left pardons likely pick for Pentagon chief as Michel Florentine Flournoy, She was the principal offer of the ninety ninety seven paper, laying the ideological groundwork for endless war and has played a key role.
And every U S: war! Since the nineteen nineties she looks nice LAO. She looks nice right. The age the angel of death for the American Empire she's the Abbe. yet of endless war and limitless budgets, but Pentagon budgets should be exactly the wrong choice providers, defence secretary, which is why she's gonna be bite. His defence secretary. Hey Mitt Romney has been asked to lead health and human services in abided. Administration. Administration is amazing. This is what you get when you vote. When you vote Democrat. Bided advisers expect that Romney former CEO of bank capital will be tasked with making the national healthcare system more affordable without legislate.
Should that modifies the affordable, correct he's asked about areas I'm not going to talk about by boat. That's in the rearview mirror. I mean they asked him they asked and who we voted for president who'd you, but I'm not going to tell you. I voted for Trump not going to talk about by both that's in the review, mirror, I'm going to talk now about how I can work with the new president. I know on the other side of the Isle. But I want to make sure that we conservatives keep on fighting to make sure that we don't have a green new deal. We don't get rid of gas and coal and oil. That. We don't have a medicare for for all plan put in place. We don't raise taxes on american enterprise that would kill the economy. So look I congratulated, but I'm not going to put aside conservative principle we're going to fight for the things that we in they're going to fight The things that we believe in that we don't actually help people in our conservative principles that we continue to let the hum was people die, those kind of things that we believe in that way,
continual our police to behave like bad guys in star wars. We're not gonna. Let go of our conservative prince principles. That's this is what you voted for. That's going in the White House, That's what you just voted for. Did you know that every time someone says they oppose the green new deal in interviewer needs to immediately follow up with, and could you please explain your PA? so alternative plan for dealing with climate change and offer evidence that it is adequate. So there its bit Romney going into the looks like you might be going into the bite and cabinet Democrats try to learn from mistakes and you a centre raises in Georgia to hurt her two years, thereby here's the Democrats, Guy Georgia, this Thus, if you want, you want her with this, guy has a say: people want to know What kind of person they're voting for, but I think they also want to know what policies that person support
What you would do, what you would vote for if you were elected, let me just do a speed round with you. I can do you support the group. New deal. No, do you support Medicare for all? No, do you support DC statehood? Yes, you support puerto rican statehood. Yes, do you support defunding, the police? No, do you support abolishing ice? No, do you support expanding the Supreme Court? No, do you support ending the filibuster? Maybe okay, tell me more. sounds like Mitt Romney and what I said is the Democrats should run somebody against this. Guy goes like most Republicans he's against very popular programs like Medicare for all a populist and what have no trouble knocking out this out of touch right. Winger element is a Democrat, but Jimmy that's where both.
of the georgian people. Are there they they believe what he believes, they believe in bad ideas, so he has to endure. bad ideas yes have to endorse something that won't help climate change. He has to endorse something that isn't a fixed for our healthcare problem. So I just want you to know: do you propose each of the following: increasing federal government spending on green and renewable energy. This is it from Georgia. Fifty nine percent somewhat favorite forty one percent strongly or somewhat oppose so six thousand two hundred and forty. In general, how concerned, are you about the effects of climate change very somewhat, almost seventy percent- almost seventy percent, not to thirty three percent.
Democrats try to learn from mistakes and it really doesn't sound like it like it, sound like you're trying to learn from mistakes in the: U S: Senate race in Georgia: here's how this here's, how they did, but where's, the congressional map. For the Democrats. That's out! Look I've got a great. They did. I still can't figure out how electing Joe Biden didn't transfer to people retaining their position you tell me, I dont understand that math I dont understand seventy voted for trap and then said that a vote Republican for the representative, I don't understand that road, how getting with them, rum, Mitt, Romney Cabinet and that's what you're getting with us off you're getting Mitt Romney! Yes,. And with Joe Biden you're getting Mitt Romney, just like with with Barack Obama, you got Ronald Reagan, you're getting you're getting a winger, whose against workers and against you.
Having healthcare and as a tool of Wall Street and the military industrial, complex and fossil fuel companies, keep telling me the difference between keep telling me that it was doing Donald Trump and Joe by The difference is Joe Biden, gonna, beginning a lot more evil. Shit done and he's gonna get the demo rats and squad to go along with it, just like Bernie Sanders in school I voted for the largest upward transfer of wealth in the history of human race, thereon also going to go along with a lot of shitty stuff from Joe Biden, the damn sure they're not going to fucking go against Nancy, Pelosi, and I will break today on this. Show that every member of the Fucking Squad will vote for Nancy Pelosi a speaker and they will not run against her. That's my prediction. Will, let's see if let's see if it's right. and you're going to watch a lot of other quote unquote. Lefty news shows continue to apologize for elected Democrats, meaning AOC.
and in the squad and Bernie Sanders and Corey Bush and they're gonna keep they're going to apologize for them instead of pressuring them and whenever you see someone doing that, you know that they're, probably a former Elizabeth warned supporter or they are looking for an MSNBC contract or both what you're supposed to do. If you have a platform, is you're supposed to pressure politician. You're not supposed to pretend like your friend, because there are not your friend you're a chump. If you think that you're a chump, if you think they're your friend you're supposed to pressure politicians, can constantly you're not supposed to fuckin apologized for run interference or shield them from criticism. You assholes you sit the fantasy asshole
which is why you'll never accomplish anything in your life pressure you supposed to pressure them, but you're not going to, which is why you're part of the problem, stupid, fucking, ass, wipes. If you are actually left you'd be pressuring politicians, you wouldn't be fucking running interference for them. You worthless balls of shit. You can't you devoted you devoted your whole life to journalism, and you get done by a pot had fuckin comedian who's, not even trying, because you have zero character and you five zero courage, you're a bunch of fuckin cul de sac, motherfuckers.
And I can run right through you like. I do on the regular. Why don't you guys? Go Russia Gate, some more go spread some four Carthy smears against your political enemies that are right now, coming back to Fuckin by you in the ass you stupid, Fox Hey President, Elect Joe Biden is, is on the phone President Elect Joe Biden, what a great get hello Your cars and honk your horns, Jimmy I got three. More percentage points. An earth's grazed a threat. We venilation victorious a stand AIR before your hobbled, ungracious l, president. Elect Joe Joe. do you think that you should have beat urged greatest existential threat by more than three percentage points.
Gonna go up to four s, I'll, wait and see. Oh then, congratulations, Joe hi on Call me Joe call me Joe still, the same old senator vice President Joe was when I wrote the crime bill. I'm like your two gray, dad me grandpa pleasure, ok, Joe! What's your plan, oh God, Crabs, It's time to bring America back again. Joe Biden discharge. Talking about decency, unity! I hope, or better angels Will prevail over the measure of the buried it? The way I have not done Let this grim era! Demonetizing people in America, begin to stop here and now in the present joy to get to. From here
You know what I'm saying go: go we're Two weeks we gotta the initiation of our fellow Americans lets. You not lets you night, not the opposite of your nice. Why Did you appoint robber manuals brother to your corona virus task force, some one who said people quote: live a meaningful life after the age of Seventy five, they don't man, people don't do doing or stuff they just keep repayment. Same old shit. They did decades. Living off their laws? Have you ever? for lunch, even known Chomsky he's ninety one is an exception Detroit. They do so The new and old age he ruined his reputation, It seeks right old people are just useless and they die too easily. As governor
although we should exploit stuff to run social security. That's kind of cruel gramps come on man, you look it up. federal budget every dollar that goes to people on their eighteen, seven dollars goes to people over sixty five doing all that? Damn money, sending it to the grand kids on the birthdays? What kind of life is that maybe it's because people over sixty five have more medical needs. Joe. Are we supposed to defend senior citizens, poppycock, malarkey or parking I guess she fighting all people in Africa, story about, point bought, but he made the argument that people over seventy five are useless and weak minded Joe. it may look, and I wonder I barely furniture, a sentence,
In other words, it meets completing a thought only with words us as citizens. Now, man He told you saw TAT night with a subject followed by a firm in its object, a sentence no talking about shares your words at her grammatically too late. To make a point, you mean a sentence. You shut up man. Trying to finish my sheds american back in the game back in the game. Seventy eight don't be late free space Eddie, I too fast Lady, fifty four, where the poor girl, it's not far off from how we really talk so Joe Biden put together as cabinet and he treated this out. He says what I'm speaking to foreign leaders, I'm telling them America is going to be back, we're going to be back in the game and case anybody.
That we stop building the world. We are back. What came as he referring to you think what came I'm Joe Biden representing the United States Senate we're ready. It rejoined the world Rummy game with game. Is he talking about Johnny grasses? What the f does this even mean? I know well here Danny High Funk, says America's back baby back to being an effective, murderous, imperialist monster that steals the lives of millions around the world? Unlike tromp who couldn't manage the? Affairs of the war machine to its liking. That's it we're back to. One third of guidance, Pentagon transition team gets money from the weapons industry depend. President Elect is drawing from hawkish, think tanks financed by arms companies Joe
this is gonna, get unbelievably bore. You can't believe how bad it is. Some warning you right now if you for Joe Biden Biden, you thought the happy days were here again and you could sir some relief here. We go ready. Joe Biden, as vice president, oversaw wars in Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan and more he's already embracing purse personnel with straw ties to the military apparatus, driving endless combat of the people. Who comprise the Department of Defense Agency Review team over third list, their most recent employment as organizations think tanks or companies that either d directly receive money from the weapons industry or are part of the industry, some the other people were just self and self employed, warmongering.
Man. You got to love those resumes positions desired, imperialist, stooge, okay, just so you know we require Three to five years of war experience the center for strategic and international studies. That's called the ISIS, The center for strategic and international studies is listed as the most recent employment of the individuals on violence, department of Defense, agency, review, team, Catholic Hicks, Melissa, Dalton and Andrew Hunter their most recent employment that they're all on Biden's Defense Agency, review team. They all. Mr last employment had CS. I asked the centre for strategic and international studies, see I what is see ass. I ass. Well, it's a hawkish, an influential foreign policy.
take their receive funding from general Dynamics, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman- Corporation Lockheed Martin and other weapons manufacturers and defense contractors, as well as oil companies, it's like a gaggle of war criminals who is who's funding them. Raytheon is a key supplier of bombs to the United States, saudi war in Yemen, and has aggressively lobby to prevent any curbs on arms sales to the Saudi led coalition, and they ll likely be running commercials on MSNBC. There are not already. to individuals named for binding Department of Defense Agency review team. Eli, Ratner and Susan Bloom List, a think tank centre for a new american security, has their most recent employer, the think tank
centre for new american security centre for a new american security, takes a significant chunk of its money from Northrop Grumman Corps. Expiration, as well as the? U S State department and from Lockheed Martin Raytheon and a host of corporations, including oil companies,. Vice President Elect Kamali Harris drew heavily from Sienna Ass to advise her presidential primary campaign? The thing take is known for Racing pro war, foreign policy, as well as escalation towards Russia and China, Judy. You see who's running the country, blood. Thirty warmongers who make trillions of dollars out of blowing other people up three people from the team.
Stacy, petty John Terry, ten in and Christine of all from the Rand Corporation, a hawkish think take that receives significant funding from the Us Army and the Department of Homeland Security. Of those remaining won, t member work for J, P, Morgan Chase and another retired from the State Department, a few work for universities and other organizations The only reason he's President Elect is because Black Brown, indigenous youth, mobilized vote out trumps. Fascism Biden shouldn't make the mistake That Democrats are commonly known to make, which is to abandon the. Same people who put them their says, Ramon, May HA director Mahina, director of grass roots global Justice alliance,. War making and corporate profiteering is a non starter. We must divest the bulk of our budget from a war fueling extractive economy,
prioritize, investing in life, sustaining regenerative economy. Joe Biden says he may further increase military spending if elected, because it's something we can afford, unlike health healthcare. So that's Joe Biden's cabinet, that's who's in Joe Biden, it's a who's who of war profiteers, I used to be a war. Profiteer was a dirty word that was dealt with something you didn't want to be now: war profiteers something people aspire to
and as long as a woman is doing it, it's it's a victory for Feminism God, damn it. This is. The guy was tests, staff in his cabinet with people right from the wow. We hold these trees to be self Levine. all created by go. You know that you know the thing. Ok, It's an unbelievable, that's unbelievable, but an everyone's anyway.
I don't even okay you're happy, we won, we got rid of trump, we won. We got rid of Trump. Isn't that great? We we win I feel like a winner, hey by the way. Everybody, if you know, if you notice this PETE but GIG, is a near certainty for Biden's cabinet, oh wow, Here I figured they need him to uphold their election integrity. I'm talking about what do you think they're laughing about in that picture He thinks we're not gonna Cheatham again, that's whether they can hey, Bided officials have made clear to donors and party officials that question surrounding Buddha? Gig is not if but where he lands. The multi lingual Buddha GIG has told friends he wants you. Ambassador to the United Nations, because that way
It'll be easier for him to spy for the CIA Pete. Gig is what happens if you gave a kid who used to burn for the magnifying glass power. PETE Buttigieg is what happens if Joe Biden, the CIA, has a baby. That's what that's, how you get PETE Buda, gig p! Booty gig claims victory in Iowa before the results are in. You think, that's bad. He already declared victory and twenty twenty four that's what's happening, Hey, stop Sanders. Democrats are agonising over his momentum, some member by the way, There agin everybody might get health care, the agony so
members of the democratic establishment worried about a divided thousand and twenty primary are beginning to ask how to Thorpe Senator Bernie Sanders so some members of the democratic establishment, meaning guys like Lloyd, blade, fine and Jamie Dimon and Wall Street, they were worried that Bernie Sanders might win. And what should we do about it? Will they call Barack and they said you know that forty acre of state you live on and Martha's Vinan. Well guess what now we're gonna call it a favor. You gotta call people and Elizabeth Warren and you got to corral them into screwing Bernie before Super Duty got it. promise them whatever you need. Two will give it to them, except for Elizabeth, warm she's, getting nothing just like Bernie so Barack Obama picked up the phone and he made me they made. It happened. Wow.
Hey. How can we be? The guy are actually offering solutions to people's problems without actually offering any solutions to people's problems. I know will cobra Obama will get Jamie Dimon the CALL Barack Obama and remind him whose boss that's right. The matter of what to do about Bernie was the subject of a series of previously undisclosed democratic party, dinners in New York and Washington. Organ by the long time Party finance Year, Bernard Schwartz, exactly what I said Wall Street is making their decision by the way the menu at that party included turtle soup and the tears of poor people, the gatherings looted scores from the moderate or centre wing of the party, including speaker, Nancy Pelosi, Senator Chuck, humor, former Governor Terry Mccall. If the president of the Centre for America
can progress near attended, rounded Hanno may hear PETE Buddha GIG of South Bend. Indiana was at a Wall Street dinner, trying to figure out how to stop Bernie Sanders from giving people healthcare and what was his reward. He gets a spot in the bite and administration wow And I just want to remind everybody of what a creep Buda gig actually is here he was, he was told declare victory in Iowa. By those same people on Wall Street. He was told it wait. Don't worry! We're gonna fuck with the app we're gonna muddy the waters, you go declare victory. He did he knew it. and he was being a tool of Wall Street to screw them candidate who was looking out for workers and when he was asked questions. This is what a dead guy in.
Side who just sold his soul to Wall Street looks like you want to see what it looks like. This is what it looks right. If I were you last night, we do not go well. That's it I don't know why the video stops there because he kept walking in doing that same creepy smile the whole way, If I were you last night, You're, not going well He just won Iowa he's he's got nothing to say. You know why, because he was give it an order by the Wall Street financiers on what to do, and he was told declare victory we're going to screw it.
with the app we're gonna get everybody at MSNBC, MSNBC, CNN Cnn, the the New York Times Washington Watch to go, go along with it, shut up, don't answer and move on to New Hampshire and that's what he did. Do you see this broken robot of a person I have experienced last night, well, I was told to say that I thought they just told me. He was Multi Lingual, embodies out even lingual in this one he's that union lingual he's dead, that no ling he's he's he's mute. So there you go, that's the reward you get for being in the pocket of Wall Street
which PETE to gig is and Joe Biden is, and the Democratic Party is. They had meetings with Wall Street people, the leader of the Democrats in Congress, the guy who's running for president, because they're all getting to go. How do we stop the workers candidate? How do we do that? Will get the gay guy we'll get the gay to do the dirty work and Elizabeth we'll get the woman. I will put a black woman on our ticket, its grey. We got it all. We got the identity, every evil eye. Entity politics thing you could do we're going to put every evil person, you could think of and use their identity politics. It's it's it's. Why Barack was able to do eight wars. It's why Barack Obama was able to kick point. One million families out of their house in the middle of a similar economic decline, because you wouldn't expect David
the black eye, with a muslim names doing it has to be had to be done if there was some better to do. He would do it again. I wouldn't be immoral, again: I wouldn't be a tool of Fuckin Wall Street and screw you over on purpose. What he you wouldn't be. A robot yeah. dislike crusades, you, you, wouldn't a nerd wooden gaslight. Done followers woody. Yes, so there you go and he's got a spot in the Biden administration. I'm going to guess he wants to be the UN ambassador. I bet he gets it if he wants it at the very least, veteran affairs.
that'll be great pump. That'll be great optics for the Democrats, a gay guy in charge of the military ask for them. We would be incharge of multi veterans of fresh, not really the bills are, but you know what I mean. Okay, there you go That's what you want again to justify. Why are you just declared Viktor, you think he'd be screaming it If I were you last night you're not going well. That's what you look like after you just got a phone call from Wall Street running your campaign. He looked away were cheating with the app. Don't worry But that you go declare victory, move on and when people ask questions, don't answer just walk round: like a robot? Don't worry we're good got. It were, but but won't the press make a big deal out of
we just walking around like a robot. No, we vote told them not to, and so they won't we've told every body, except that Asshole Youtube her Jimmy door, but no I will make it no one will will know what did no one this. This would have a lot less have some people's kept candidacies. That effect. move like this Howard dean went Iha and an end of his career? This guy does this after he just declared victory. and nobody said hey by the way. What does that mean? Those meetings you had with those Wall Street Executives, Nancy, blowsy and narrow, attended? What did those have to do with you being on top and the app of screwing up in your favor and you'd clearing a victory before you have it hello. This is Jimmy who's, this
Yes, hello. This is Hillary supporter hi, Hillary supporter. How are you okay, immediately demanding that I share personal information with you is basically extorting emotional labor for free, which I do not provide mail, twenty dollars, and I will tell you what sort of mood I'm in that's my new policy, okay, I'll think about it. Are you calling yes, I'm calling you He the Jimmy Door, show it all down. Excuse me down tear what down. The whole routing system. The patriot the police, you, the systemic racism, Jimmy door show hey. You know, there's a lot more to that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast.
How do you hear the entire phone call? You gotta become a premium member gotta Jimmy Door COM com sign up, it's the most affordable premium program in the business. Today's show is written by RON Lacome, Mark Van Lando at step, Samorano, Jim Earl, MIKE Mccray and Roger Writtenhouse. All the voices report today by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found. It might make great, that's it. this week, you'll be the best you can be and I'll keep being me Don't don't you don't you don't? I don't worry, I'm not worried.
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