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Biden's Racist Stumbling!

2019-09-19 | 🔗

Elizabeth Warren's Wall Street backers and Voting War! Joe Biden's racist stumbling during debate! General Motors Worker Strike! Fredo Cuomo's insane reenactment of Joe Biden's gaffes!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Ron Placone, Malcolm Fleschner, and Mike MacRae! Phone calls from Mike Pompeo, Sean Spicer, Jeb Bush, and Chris Christie!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jimmy DORA show I got get a call from Saudi Arabia. It's gotta be important. Hello, Jimmy who's. This guerrillas secretary of state like either missed The secretary how's, your state visit to Saudi Arabia going well we're having some extremely productive meetings, especially and, most importantly, with the saudi grab brits mom. built bets Ahmad. Ah, yes, daddy a despot who ordered the murder of Washington, Post journalists, Jamal Cash Yogi right exactly. Why wait? No shit situation present drop, as stated in the past. We are looking into that.
We are waiting for all the facts to come in this happened. Almost a year ago, we were waiting for all the facts took a bed, We will make us but the situation at a decision, but the beach I we have to operate a core day with the Saudi, while family rebates, steadfast allies of the United States, especially with regard to I re and aggression. The region they do for lying to me Hey, look speaking overran the reason for your visit that a saudi you it was a saudi oil feel whose bomb correct Jimmy as a good writer yourself obscure your. Where are the advice to avoid the path of voice there? we don't phase of saudi oil field was bombed. We say I read Bob, because that is what happened
and how do we know this is what happened I mean come on come on Oh, that's, that's a bullet proof logic you got. There was the secretary very interesting, especially since the who'd, these the yemeni faction, that the Saudis are drawing to bomb and starve out of existence, claim that they in fact sent the drones that blew up the Saudi he'll fields. They have taken credit while we wait all they're lying, how do we know that well, liars: The other day. I lied about many things on many occasions,
How did we know they were lies because of their reputations of wires, so so everything who these say at all about anything in our lies. some of those David's I would categorize boards Phibbs, would be more accurate, but, generally speaking, Yes, there are coalition of liars and favours. Yes, I see bibbers Besides, we are aware of the fact that the hoodie coalition does not have access to the type of drone weaponry that caused the destruction of that saudi oil filled. I we know this because the saddle like every other intelligence gathering by various agency. So this drone,
nor drones came from a ran? Yes biodegradable? Yes, I suppose you have some evidence of this. you know drones or missiles flying from IRAN, Saudi Arabia would have had to cross over the Persian Gulf, probably the most military. Really Sir veiled body of water on earth word were those detected by either U S or saudi radar, or perhaps these all knowing satellites you just mentioned. Went. Well, I read poses an existential threat to the state of Israel, our ally secretary bobtail, the guy from the bank, blink one. Eighty do just released Navy footage of a UFO, but you
telling me the United States government doesn't have footage or other evidence of these drones. Ok sure A boy cottage will be found analyzed. Will you show the public when its found, but it debates? I reckon all be assured that I ran is the culprit here a bit, because I read all the bad things: That's why I programme, which covers yeah. I bet you do because the last thing you need is for people realise that who these Bob Saudi rabies, meaning this is just another action in the pre existing proxy war between the United States and the. Saudis on one side and ran on the other. You do not want that scrutinise or did funded. So you
to make around the buggy man who launched a new attack on my right and my clothes. Like. What did he tell you about pointed out what I was doing: upgrading Ok Secretary Bob Veil, thanks for obvious gaining with those today, please keep us. So why? With but not gonna go be going on over there short HIV, I will do our best to cards appear. I radioed you oppose,
at this stage. Then maybe I should like to say to you today welcome to this week's Jimmy Door. Euro- hey, we'll see you every Sunday in October, at the sycamore tavern in Hollywood on Sunset Boulevard, we're due to live Jimmy Door, show every Sunday in October, at the sick.
More tavern in Hollywood, go to Jimmy Door, comedy dot com for a link for all tickets. First Sunday show already sold out. Ok, all right! So just a reminder. Folks, it's not too late to send John Mccain back to prison, aided you here at book of the dead. I say: let's get it young people, we get an agenda, and I forgot to say that I had bought a prominent democratic donor was arrested Tuesday in charge with operating a drug house. You hear about that true story cops. Did they confiscated two kilos of incremental ism which? that'll bought at back. You up a good take too much of that now remember the most important thing about this year's Amy's. Is it just the awards? It's also about the trophy company that makes those awards. That's a joke. I don't get its apology to. If I had to
machine. If I, if I had a time machine, you know what I would do first thing I do is I go. back in time and write an instruction manual, so I could use the damn thing about them hey by the way here, I didn't give you these last week, just give it to you this with her. Some of my official Jimmy Dore Show take away from the last democratic debate. Not one question was asked about that. Kid went blind after you only ate Pringles, french fries and white bread for ten years, course, not one color commentator Rama Manual really look sharp and its investment banker uniform my body. I thought that was nice, hey, say what you want: while Joe Biden, but he still is. two senile to lie about Medicare. For all. I know Elizabeth warns catchphrase. I have a detailed plan. Roughly translates to I crib burns notes and took it all. The parts was treated like Hey also might take away. Was Kemal Harris has a very great, be hollowing, laugh and Bernie
centres has allowed scratchy voice. So that's why you can never have health care. And, finally, if you can't be civil, when corporations and rich people steal your money and kill you, then what's the point pay which covered up on today show Maybe the most races thing ever set at a democratic debate comes from the front runner plus GM. Workers go on their biggest nationwide strike in twelve years and guess what GM is yanking their health care, while they do it plus Japan has announced that they're going to be put in nuclear water from the Fukushima disaster going to restoring They were not a storage, so they're gonna be storing it. You guessed it right.
In the ocean. I was so worried. They they wouldn't find a place for plus Elizabeth Warren ties to Wall Street. Should we be concerned and full calls today from Chris Chris, the Sean spies, Sir George Bush and MIKE pale calls in the about the Iraq war coming up less allow more than the day of the Jimmy Georgia, no hello. little feller, where you did you go and still face his is this cruise grisly I'll watch I must have by you. Do you waited get your ass back here? We take these, not yours
they Imperial Deluxe back to the ship. Excuse me watch above board. You look like you talking to me: crews, shut, your source box I'll, be with you in a second? So, what's the problem I'll tell you what the problem is. Data could yielded up into it. Digestible, courted cheese. Brick disturb me, don't make me come here again it broke. It is all over Europe recover couple just what the white edge a study, you can eat their role. What an added over don't look at your daddy, like how very low boy dish, embezzled winding after a strenuous, your parents are dish weep with job step, a lock of it. What was so strenuous abounded crews, while preparing for one thing I have big air requirement: greater
meaning I need more aid and regular people who don't frequent strenuous mental and physical exercise regiments. Like me, ok, well, what did you talk about on this week? There was so. Are you this guy everything anyway, you thank you, everyone one in four of an age. Strayed words arises sky. Would you talk about this Yorkers delay debate? how'd. You get it we shall use are like some was wrong, ordered voice, but himself funny. I get an infected formula you mean you Vila. You mean I'm here. Why? So? What about burn
we wish. Honourable he was unglued. You gotta you took little bite away at our house, will only bring the best proof against giving enemies of cow milk names Elsie. I didn't know that here, exploitation, woodchips, look worse, what's wrong with a bow dizzy getting person about, but when I read it here, What what's wrong with a politician, getting passing above board things? Could you guys were pulled it out of a book like lays all via on a silver platter, surrounded by baked it? Ocean caramelize done shit? You know here what? Ah there goes another stable.
I told the search, abuse wing line, staples this guy with General Point Breeze, you'd, better treasure. What that would you boys? Girls did. I have a platform on a major network, no show retching to beg for Joe Biden it which I grant Bolivar Barney shaded, and he let me get away with it and I don't pay for it. Well, you ve been lecturing alot of people incivility in public discourse right. What about? I just. I just think it's interesting at all. Why? Because you know tories for being a jerk two people bodies, I budget are rejected. It looked like a big squeak was drenched use, natural or some a porter with action, a question about the option at an old guy,
Some have said which ran to debate a baseball game. Ah, Madame area through the wood, I any so the GM workers went on strike first time they ve gone on strike in how many years we know of banana. Secondly, you know but dumb, so here's a little. This is discussed. The sun rises it pretty. Well, let's watch this: why aren't going on strike? Why are they going to strike led astray? the night Monday morning, how many What does that mean? I allowed him United ARC autoworkers went on strike at thirty three general motors plants across the country. This is it may. This is kind of amazing, including thirteen plants in Michigan. And is really really worth solidarity,
I'm it's the union's first, Ike against GM in more than a decade. Twelve years workers are disputing the new for your contract proposal by GM. What some of their health care I have care where health care temporary workers? What do they want to do it sent written answers? Temporary workers must be for our workers need to be treated fairly, went to see him get before wage and benefits, so temporary workers donkey paid what a union worker gets in what a full time workers to their thing. You explaining these by calling them temporary. Let's get rid of that. I am all for Starch Sheridan workers. We went about arrays, so we'll talk about pay raises. This is another things at a third think so healthcare temporary workers pay raises.
so general motors made six billion dollars in profits off of a hundred and fifty bill. In dollars and revenue, they made six billion in profits, six billion net, six hundred million right six billion ten time, six hundred million- that about a map surgery. I think that's that's a lot and and keep in mind when everything was going down in a way, never the bail outs and other allowances like that. These workers sacrificed they went without a pay. Re yeah went without a pay, raise for the good of the company and in good faith and now they're getting screwed over another. Harold Windy, neither closing plants and screw using temporary workers screwing with their health care, will watch this watch. This Why does nobody says guarantee workers? We went about arrays almost eleven years with the bankruptcy.
so they went without a race for eleven years nuisance. In no way they sacrificed all that you know because I'll, be ok! He's companies in trouble, there's bail out, there's this so that the workers said we'll go without, for the good of the company. In eleven years, they without a rage and by the way this haven't hasn't mentioned it yet, but they had been contracted oceans for over eighteen months come on. Why were eighty nine months? Ok, here we go and so the people are high, set new employees make less than have fewer benefits under James T, jeered. scale same work and everybody should be given the same? There should be no quality what they do is I gave a when they go to negotiate a wage with the euro you're like cable or newer hires. We can pay them less than the people who have leg
see here now, and so they want to get rid of that which is smart because every doesn't say work. Why should they get paid less okay and plant closures? Gm has plans to close for plants and the United States, including plants in Warren and hang back then Camp Tran, worn in him track GM says it is off more than seven billion in? U S, investments along with more than five five thousand four hundred jobs, higher pay and improve benefits. That's what GM says it said It has solutions for some of the other plants laid to close solutions. You, a w contracted for in crisis, have been extended and the strike outcome could influence. Upcoming DE goes
creations, of course, will shutting down north american production at GM cost them by forty hundred million dollars a day. So that's power, so now they have power. and the U S w, though striking workers they get, what they call strike pay from their union, a good two hundred fifty bucks a week which is nothing ripe, hobby lesson, a day's pay. You know I just from my personal experience, working as a union teacher and representatives and when we had to be faced with the idea that we are going to strike and it's a real emotional decision to have to make because right you look at what you're not gonna, earn and viewed the wages you're going to lose and casual. You feel like you're gambling that you're going to do better if you can just hold out ended. I can imagine what these families are going through, like you just shut shared this been going on since two thousand and eight may decide not to increase their wages so as to the sector
face of what they're doing to invest in their company and show their loyalty, and they have GM, has no problem turning their backs on their workers, people who generally terrifying. You know when you see two hundred fifty a week, and so they get a bay out from the government when there, when they run their company into the ground and is junkies Chomsky points You know we didn't have to. Why would we bail out that company and give it right back to the people who drove it into the ground again, as it makes sense that you could have restructured it? You could have had a bee worker owned. You could have had it. make things that people actually needed. He says you know like high speed rail stuff, like that. You could have done a lot of things with that, and you didn't have to do is give it back to the capitalist or money just give it to him. Try again Grieg, I'm sure you ve learned, and what are they do? Of course, there's do on them. You I guarantee that c o hasn't MR bonus, but they have got Norway millions with the sea of zeal mixed a million dollars a year at GM.
The workers have had a reason eleven years you down and there is no such thing as wealth inequality, and so yes and yes now what GM is doing, to screw the workers even harder for taking away their health care while they're on strike? That's what they're doing they're taking away their health care, while they're on strike, which I got to tell you. If there's anything that makes Elizabeth, worn and Bernie Sanders idea of Medicare for all look way more palatable. It's what they're doing to the workers at the strike. So now, you're health care hinges on the good nature, at the whim of your capitalist employer at his whim you get to have your
health care is that some, because, if you exercise your right as a worker to organise and strike they'll, take your healthcare way, which is why we don't see general strikes in America, the United States, because we don't have healthcare. Yet now the union has to foot the healthcare cry so that two hundred fifty a week might go down further, now correct Zol by design. So on Tuesday, GM stop covering health insurance premiums for nearly fifty thousand autoworkers striking for a fair wages. Indecent benefits, the move shifts healthcare costs to the We union, like you, said, run which will be forced to reach into its drag fund a pay, the bills, gems decision, a yank healthcare coverage away from them. dedicated employees with no warning is heartless and unconscionable said Mary Kay Henry who's. The presidents of these Essie are you there.
The workers nationwide strike described as the largest in more than a decade began just before midnight on son they have to negotiations between you ate W and GM broke down. With union leaders and members, accusing management of proposing insulting wage increases and paltry benefits. Of course they are.
again nobody's ever gonna get power, concedes, nothing right, and what s interesting is. I bet like stuff was saying that it's a hard decision to make to go on strike, and I bet they got a lot of the impetus and courage to go on strike from striking teachers, unions that have been successful and that's why they set base. I don't know if you notice, when the teachers went on strike, they fix those strikes, they solve them right away. They settled those strikes immediately and as we made, the point on this does show before is because infrastructure catchy they start to catch on people see they have power when they organise and band together- and this is a big deal- is vague strike in more than a decade
more than a nationwide strike biggest wanted more than a decade. So I am all, for it will see what happens. James move comes as the impasse between the union and management show. Few signs of ending. We sacrifice for GM, and now it's time for GM to share the wealth said Stephen Frescoes, a union steward. They paid essentially no taxes last year GM and they act like there broke. They have made record profits for the last four or five years. When there see Yo Mary Berra is making over twenty million dollars a year, and they say they don't have of money to pay their employees on the floor. Then I have an issue with that and I think all of us do- and this is from the washed imposes- which reminds us of something very important about healthcare reform. No matter what form! takes under the next democratic president. We have to move away from the ridiculous system where the insurance you have.
and whether you have insurance at all is dependent on the banana benevolence of your boss, and I couldn't agree with that, more which that's. Why is your health care tied to where you were? Would you have your car insurance tied to where you work, or your house and homeowners insurance tied to where you work but Jimmy the problem? Is a lot of Americans want the choice either just have health care or have healthcare depending on whether their Bosman, that matter. There will never be sure they like obey. Your boots says I trust american people become with them. He trusts all the sea- oh private, dinner near so there, go. Another reason why we should have Medicare for all because it in it hinders when you don't have
that when people rely on their healthcare from their employer, this is what hinders actual at direct action. People put none the yellow, vests and getting in the street they got. I gotta get with diabetes. I can't lose my health care by don't go to work. All is what you get I get do so. I other countries do away quicker gas lot. Other countries goes their able do they do away quicker, would bring. You know it all that well, like places, France and Germany. Anybody you mean they strike quicker, wicker yeah. They don't like they go on strike as they know its effective and in their aim to do it as they do have. Healthcare may strike all the time needed to train work, ITALY, France or always striking, go ahead. Still. I've just taught at thinking about the whole idea of it's nice that Mary Barra is a female in and still able to show her grit and exploit the workers to that's one thing: she's got equal rights going for her there too, which is fine, but does I did anybody screen
at the top of their lungs. Where are you going to find the money water bay? Allow GM where's that money gonna come from where you gonna, find that money to bail out Corp, give corporate welfare and they don't pay taxes for a year. Hey did you. They taxes last year. I do tat I Baghdad. Last year the GM doesn't get it so they get. It continue to have bad financial practices. They get to pretend that their capitalist, when they're just trying to screw the consumer and absolutely bend over their employees that what so that is, not the model that we should be loyal to, and I I am so proud of these union workers and I'm never going by GM. I know that already I ever gonna while I will, I will, if the when the union's settles their contract, I want to support union workers right you'd be greatest to support them, but everybody who supported them for since they were bailed out in two thousand and eight and they haven't had a wage increase.
right. I know imagine what it's like to work at the auto worker that doesn't have a union, because everywhere Emily you go do work Japan they have used. Their unions are on the board of the company right same thing in Germany, they add date all union workers but which company, I think it's. I believe it's Nissan. Where, like every shop as Union Isaac, central, I want in the: U S, others fifty eight theirs. I thought of the last time. I checked this statistic. It was fifty five They had fifty plants worldwide and only three of them were Non union in those were the three they have the United States yeah. So there you go and they sell it to here. They sell to Americans as right to work. You get right to work now you get right to work for lower wages.
yeah here, so we're off for the strike and look that's another reason why we should have Medicare for all single paired, not tied to your goddamn employer, and let's remember that these people have chill. Yes, that's right, you imagine if you have a child and you live anywhere and slid Mitch again and you trial your child somehow been poisoned by the water. You know that you think you should get clean water in your your community. If you have a kid and yours and your child, the sick and you're working and fled Michigan and you are working for GM, you need health care for your children you need health care for everyone and moods health care for their children. Yes, no matter where you live right. I agree here, I agree, but how awful that their being held hostage by this move? Yes, and how outrageous that more government officials art tell US players. The GEO government officials are in bed with GM, the right in bed with the workers. Although people would say that the union, you know
The union's political action is always not the best. Either share o Dell support neoliberal bull shit. You know. Sometimes the members are consulted and the people at the top just make the decision. That's right labs. Well, yes, that's what happened with the good easily you in my wedding ever consulted about the aid, we're gonna, throw their support behind its put thirty. This war behind the Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders and that's not what the rank and file wanted and unit is also connects to super delegates that Israel gets can do anything to date. Rather they have no loyalty to the constituency that there's and burning system just remember that they had they appointed they had they all got together and they all agreed to this bullshit system of fuckin super delegates in the second round which they should have never agree to, but they did why. Why would you fuck and say yes to that you're supposed to say no super delegates? They want or cable compromise, super delicate the second round, and now thou ever do is have a second ballot, and the super delegates are gonna Jews and Bernie
All those people on the Unity Commission signed off of it, which I think is a huge technical mistake. At the very least you didn't. Let me I just wanna go back because you have this in in front and it says you know that you have to be dependent on the benevolence of your boss and a lot of people. Don't understand why the dear it so important to have a union, because when you need to have a collective bargaining, write, it and you need stuff like this instead of going please may I have a race. Could I please have a raise three so may I have a little bit. Might my daughter's sick? I need an operation so please or we we found Nonstop Union
lasting since nineteen eighty yeah some radio Ronald Reagan was like the path that when he went against the airlines in and is just been escalating since then so basically light my entire lifetime. There has only been Anti Union propaganda, restaurant and centre accompanied accompany, and I share this before, as I was a teacher and I would go to lunch room with other teachers. I remember sitting across from, I was surrounded by people who were in a wonderful school. We were unionized, I would say. Ninety eight percent of us were union at our school site, but there were a few people that Weren'T- and I remember one of the Non Union workers looked at me and said. I just don't see why we even need a year
you, oh you mean I'm care, and so of course you know what I said: hey Cathy, why don't you go and tests that free market theory out in the real world? If you dont, need your union? Why don't you go to a charter school and see how that works out for you? And I would say each time that I spoke to somebody who didn't support the union. They stayed at the sky. All that had a union and you want to know why they stay there because of the benefits and the job security that the union had negotiated on their behalf. None of the one to go test the free market, none of the one, the loot leave the school. Does it, because if you invest a certain amount of time in a school district, you move up on the pay scale they didn't want to test their free market drive. It was easier to not support my union. Then it was to test their own personal, fair.
And undermined my union. So I had a great disdain for Non union workers that work at Daddy Union School, get the fuck out there plenty of places you want to exploit. You go all right, so solidarity with the strikers. This is going to be real interesting. I think we're to see. I hopefully we're going to see more and more stuff like this, hopefully cuz. This is exactly what needs to happen. Workers needed back control or some control pay you we no longer have an Amazon linked because we're not do and that were not play that game. But here's another great way you can help support the show. You should become a premium. We give you a couple of hours of premium bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show you could do it by going to Jimmy your company that cop clicking on joint premium and supposed affordable previous programmes, is this and its a great way to help put them back in the eye the bastards thanks,
everybody who was already a premium member and if you have it you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support, hello daddy would defy tonight, I'm shocked by setting up a joint visor. Why should you both me? You ask your one. Zimbabwe, I'm sincere and a good sport has that different from any other terrible dancer that show the guys I might give you at their Christian on show like how to be a greater the and while I agree with what is my conquered, we know about them. He's a bastard, and you know about it. You dance big, every man, buddy is why don't you just like a rigid all refugees, and why should people vote for you against the other contestants
shortly thereafter, a bunch of gigantic devil worshippers. They danced with their private parts What you're children, what your children to say that I would children to watch a wheezing liar with the agility of the Bob and fresh dough boy humiliate himself, but of millions of people over me or God will kill your first born you tweet Quite clearly, the judges are going to be with me. Why you twice you tweet that big
a massive holly, weird those that those of us who stand for Christ be discarded, and may God bless you Jimmy and God what a gap algae which rose with tee and its stand for pool. I'm still worth my music man routine, together with the Gatt out the back where one rights gives one a visa ban, go to sweep it sweet the damsel. What made you such a good Christian John, I'm like the burning bush to buy, I stood behind one at the White House once you, you know you hid behind. Why don't you just sit behind the British, because reporters kept out here in bushes. In the old testament Jesus wasn't even around, then you don't know you All trinity, like I do, spoke to the Bush
go out and troubled by the back. You know it's true, because the boy She felt the audience and Jesus says that's no way to speak of these fine people. Burning Bush And then, and then ages, water and wine and drinks. It well burning, Worthing, love, short and brass, Andrea, who said mother, Fucker we are delighted that Moses walks on stage and eat a big, true story on about his grave How do you hope the public reacts to you going? I daresay hoods starts,
I'm hoping to show will that America creative inside of me as white. I spoke to my image with one of an angry leprechaun, thereby Napoleon becoming a people now Bobby. Agri, leprechaun standing by the dancer yelling at people, I'm having a stroke of origin or go down in the Bible, swear my bothered grave. Well, everybody is talking about this moment. Let's talk about this moment, real quick, so here's Joe Biden and Joe Biden was asked a question about about the legacy of slavery.
The front runner everybody listen while away wow. That's such a great care, maids loaded, swallowing bold for Joe
So here's here's the short version of what he said. Very social workers in the homes of pairs to help them deal with how to raise their children is not that they want to help. They don't want. They don't know quite what to do play that radio make sure the television visuals me make sure you have the record player on the night of the five make sure the kids here make sure you put hot coals of warm up the bad make sure the family gathered around the radio at night make sure you have the Victrola, so here's the long version of that that's the short version the long version, is actually a little worse backing what they really quickly. You have to remember that, this is at a university that was regionally and all black university. So you would thanks
Buddy, I'm Biden staff made, prepare him hey, they might ask you some race related issues tonight now. This is how This man responds it's crazy By the way, I hope everybody refilled the ink wells for their fountains here we go so I hear her here's, the long version of that right in twenty twenty phonographs for America. That's new slogan dirt bikes for head. I want to come to you and talk to you about any quality in schools and race. What was that? I want to talk about inequality, rape, whiten, ridge,
is that what it was like to come to you and talk to you about any quality in schools and race in a conversation about how to deal with segregation in schools back in nineteen, seventy five, you told reporter, I don't feel responsible for the sins of my father and grandfather. I feel responsible for what the situation is today for the sins of my own generation and I'll be damned if I feel responsible to pay for what happened three hundred years ago, you said that some forty years ago, but as you stand here tonight, what responsibility do you think that Americans need to take to repair the legacy of slavery in our country where we have to do with the voters? Institutional segregation in this country? for the time I got involved, I started dealing with that
Red lining, thanks making sure that we are in a position where we talk about education. I propose that what we take as those very poor schools, the title- one schools, Tripoli amount of money- we spend from fifteen to forty five billion a year- gave every single teacher race legal, raise getting out there today. Sixty thousand dollar number to make sure that we bring into the helped us to steer the teachers deal with the problems that come from home, the probably come from home. We need. We have one school psychologist: every fifteen hundred kids in America today, it's crazy. The teachers Erika married your teacher, my disease, like as a teacher, they have every problem coming to them. We make, I know it's horrible. I know I can
unmake out what any was your yelling, but thank you for yelling. I appreciate it makes me feel like you're involves, engage in issue here. He's gonna Harrier. Every single child does in fact have three four and five year olds go to school school, not take your school. We re social workers into homes, pairs to help them deal with how to raise their children is not that they want to help. They don't want. They don't know quite what to do. Play that radio make sure that television these gave me make sure you have the record player on a night, make sure the kids here words Ellison with Warren sitting there or record player. I can't wafer jewels opening statement at the next debate when he complains about all the kids wasting their time monetary.
So by the This is not getting the attention it deserves. He was asked about the legacy of slavery and what what is our responsibility to do to fix it right? You might be responsible for slavery. Obviously, but do we have a responsibility to fix what the legacy of slavery that people are still living with and his response was kind of ridiculous. It was about how black people don't know how to parent their kids and teachers have to deal with the problems that come from the black homes. It was kind of full. It was kind of racist framing and assess what this guy. I told you what it is this guy and on IRAN, Daisy says, is this not one of the most explicitly racist moments of all time in a democratic primary debate, the record player moment. Maybe what finally reveals bite and bankruptcy a staggering two minutes and our politics, America's grievous most persistent injustice recast as parental ignorance,
Also, how can your main take away about african american community be that there is too little listening to music going on those black, so just turn on the music sometime. You know you could tell ya. I love watching white people listen to music by the way you ever see what rueful. Why people ask me, though? this body to be. He goes on. He says it's a whole new level of racism to say that the way to repair the legacy of slavery is for black people to stop refusing to give music to their kids. This is easily the defining moment of today's debate and it deserves more media scrutiny. This is the front runner currently the most likely nominee. This is how he talks about African Americans, who are they?
who are the beating heart of the party, let's be clear if you're provided in this context, the casual paternalistic madman era, racism blogs, they can't parrot this here is clean and articulate and a nice looking guy, it's a deal breaker for you will it should be, but it's not for a lot of people and here's what Nina Turner says. She says it will go on and the mainstream media or pretend it did not happen, because the reference was made about black people buy it
Jimmy. I just love strategically, provided you he gets. The questions like segregation are not good on that. I better pivotal something we're on better like how black people are. Surely parents, by an average of nail that I got the record player reference in I wanted they say Oh Brad, but I now but we know it it's nice to know is that either Donald Trump is just like this so, like four, Roche's racist, it's nice to know that fighting this kind of this nice kind of racist right is a bunk dealer in his racism. Watch your mouth. I think that's the word, my goodness. I know who
we tabled? I say it again: the password is one killer, nice, racist, a bunk healer. So here is this guy. He went on em with morning joy or whatever we call- and this is what he said. Is we end this wasn't? Might this wasn't someone using a term wrong and we have to be really clear: the whole troop for America for like all of american history, when you we have asked questions about systemic racism. What has been done to black people for four hundred years in this country that the debate sick troop of racism has always been what you are observing is actually their own fault. And on Thursday night Joe Biden who wants Mr President, the United States and one against a white nationalist reprieve
that theme and basically blamed black people's parenting skills and lack of music. For the legacy of slavery he asked he has a drop out. So. There you go. You know he's not going to drop out, though, even though he should right. Ok I think your word he's gotta be leading. I can't neither giving me a hard time, just as I said, the black parents itself, smoking, crag and circling record for their children so now you saw this analysis was Warren falls for
every stupid trip that Donald Trump You P, Martin, you guys are more radical than I am I mean I'm radical so Donald Trump got her to say this, I a person of color I am not a citizen of a try, Really. I love to put my little Rachel in their Rachel, always says that really So I show you this that Kemal Ataturk spoke at a healthcare for Justice Labour Day rally at Keyser, hospital, where the workers got arrested, demanding greedy multi billion dollar, Keyser Bargain a new contract, she didn't say Healthcare or Keyser once turns out she's a top recipient from Keyser, so there it is, but You look just a little higher guess. Who's on was
worn got even more money and at the top, its Beethoven work, of course, So here is a look, so Elizabeth worn went on and you mentioned earlier there you don't believe, a unilateral disarmament, so this is only apply in primaries. You can this over the general election or any other Alessio have going forward. this is for primaries, like I do not waiting unilateral decision, we need to win. We need when, in twenty twenty and when we had twenty, twenty and wearing a race against Donald Trump, when weren't race, for control of the Senate and control of the house and uncontrollable stay houses and governors mansions in all of those. The Republicans are gonna, be bringin. a lot of money. A lot of power allotted dark money like super packs. All the fight we play with the same rules any that when I say we gonna be all in,
you guys, do you understand he's only Guinness Julie? Was it take the dark money when it comes to the White House, descended the house governor ships, state houses? So when we do when we do the dog capture election, no dark money, it'll be ok. What the fuck are you talking about? Every election we have every election is for the White House in the Senate and the House and governors ships it state legislatures. What do we have an election that doesn't involve those people? What the fuck at a bullshit are you slinging, because it wouldn't get past me if she said it on my shall I go up belong to a shrine of so that
when I say we shall be all ok all in means that we're gonna take corporate money, big money, dark by that's that's bullshit right! I don't think that's right! in his Bernie says you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. You're sure the four quarters of you can't change the current system by taking its money in the primaries Elizabeth worn goes to bad for the medical device industry. She did that she fry to get the tax taken off in Obama. further medical device industry Elizabeth
when a tens marthas been your dinner, hosted by Big Bake Executive Democrats both of Wall Street Robert was hosts Wall Street Critic WAR in former Wall Street seal Robber, Wolf told the New York Times after a Hamptons bun razor, I think Senator warns views are more pragmatic. I think she is very different in a conversation than she is on the stump. So it sounds like she's got a private position and a public position am I right mailed them. She was just there to tell em to cut it out. She's gotta go to Wall Street and say caught it out. She did make any public announcement over the weekend regarding her participation in that donor events and Marthas been neared. She did, however, post pictures. Twitter of a town hall she held in Marthas Vineyard prior to the dinner, noting that the event was what democracy looks like pay again. She,
definitely better than all the other people running, except for burning and but that's a big fuckin. drop member what they were saying, we're gonna go to war with Iraq. Iraq has the fifth largest military in the world. There is a huge drop after that. Fourth military and that's what I feel like. There's a huge drop after Bernie told me and then Elizabeth Worn is way book, and I can't I don't trust her. I don't know if you do trust and welcome I don't know what it means to trust. You think that she's gonna fight the way Bernie or tools he would fight now gay answered, I thought in Greece two or bone she's, its goblets, do a bone in recent months. Senator Elizabeth warn of Massachusetts has visited New York at least twice for fun rays
receptions, including one hosted by Meyer as fruit or the vice chairmen of NASDAQ. Now that was twenty seventeen when she was right raising money for her send a campaign by the way, all that corporate money she raised first sent a campaign she's using in the fuckin primary. Am I right about that? Yes, I am so so here she is being asked about her military, both now Bert We voted against every budget of the military for Donald Trump right How can you say a guy's? A trader then give em eighty billion dollars more to go bomb. Other countries he's going to be doing at the behest of another country. I thought is a traitor right he's working for Russia? Why would you give more money to bomb? People is going to be doing it at the behest of Russia right all its buzz. You fucking know is not doing it at the behest of Russia. You're fuckin top sucking wire fat head.
So here she gets asked about revolt in here you have focused law and progressive domestic policy. You also voted for a military budget increase in twenty seventeen. How does that square with Europe grass politics and we're talking about foreign policy The question is: do I think we should have military budget answers yet? Okay, that wasn't the question. That's not the question. I don't know if you heard the question She literally heard the question, and I said well if the question is something else: it's not something else, fuckin thing. I just said: why do this is amazing: have focused on progressive domestic policy? You also voted for a military budget increase in twenty seventeen. How does that square with your grass politics and we're talking about foreign policy. The question as to accomplish military budget: the answer is: yes, hey If the question is what I did in the past, I say: let's talk about what I'm gonna do in the future, about that That's amazing
The question is: do I enjoy camomile tea in tee? In the evening, the answer is yes, enjoy camomile tea. Now the sad armed services glow. I had this fight. However, there is another point to two We need to stop the control over our defence budget, that's exercise by the giant defence industry. As you know, we now have a secretary of defence spent seven years as have lobbyist for review. I ask for some simple conflict of interest rules that he would abide by, for example, not to make decisions that involve Raytheon and re beyond spot a line, and he refused the Republicans confirmed him anyway, but is what corruption is all about, putting mob you back in there. What are you talking about? You all report that back and corruption-
how dare you say this year deflecting what I what I'm gonna be deflecting? What asked about a question about my military vote? I have a plan for that. Jimmy. I went to him and I asked him a direct question. He wouldn't answer if she has a hard time justifying building for the military budget, just as I would have a hard time justifying voting for an establishment Democrats, the only difference is I don't fucking do that there is a legitimate, worn is quite leads quietly telling democratic insiders with foam. Calls Texan, handwritten notes. The Massachusetts senator is continuing and unusually determine outrage, effort to show part
officials she is aligned with them. That doesn't feel. I gotta tell you that doesn't feel good. I'm looking for a text messages voicemail that says you're standing with the people read what maybe the people standing rock. I would like to see a where was that text message worth a text message saying: you're standing with burning and twenty sixteen where's that text message: hey, there's a tears, a text message you standing with Hillary Clinton, worn and Clinton talk behind the scenes as twenty twenty race intensifies. That's what they're doing and here's needs liver. He says worn starting a lot to lock down her private position. She's found the sweet spot between poppies, medical Medicare for all operating in Hilary Single pair is never ever gonna happen. Expensive access for all supplement with go fuck me for all at war and has made little effort to so this is there not
they're, not highlighting there tat their connection together, scissors Cliff Clinton who perceived by many on the left as two central perceived perceived purse. I perceive Chris Christy's bending too much time at the buffeted IPCC I foresee too. extent that democratic primary voters, fear repeat, scenario and twenty twenty and to the extent that she's competing with centres for the votes are progressives their me good reason for weren't. You keep your distance from Clinton publicly here They pay Superman. Do you wanna go pick up that kryptonite? No, not right! Now, I'm running for president! This is one you can't accuse Bernie Sanders of is causing up their Hillary Clinton. I actually do give a fuck about your emails.
worn is literally following the Obama two thousand a play book of paddling, vague populist rhetoric voters, while behind the scenes simultaneously assuring the donor class she'll play ball with you don't need a crystal ball to see whose interest she ll attend to once in office, I do not. I that's pretty right. I really do she's a whatever is she's doubly third choice. For me, there is no doubt about it. I mean hey. This is what I think nearer ten. Instead, I love Elizabeth Warrant have hosted Aurettes centre firmer. Can progress many times. She would never say that about Bernie. She would never say that about policy. That's why that's? What makes me suspicious like someone who's really against the establishment? They should be allergic to someone like near attendant
their intended to bear, and if you don't know near attendance is as Hillary Clinton Proporshi on the DMZ Platform Committee, narrow, ten and voted against the fifteen dollar minimum wage. She voted against a ban on for acting. She voted against Medicare for or against deletion. Free state college she's voted against standing against the teepee be, but never did old for military action on a ran. That scene is friends with laws with war it and got away. was with war and stood up and applauded Trump when he said we're, not a socialist nascent unnatural you can tell, but guess you look innocent standing in applauding that was born here. That is those who lost my support. You going to stand and applaud for that bother view mother, fucker you forever
That's what I thought. That's what I felt like all share me about tap or less to the ball to my born. You may ever take a hard look at any global sure why black borders are so important for Democrats and twenty twenty Elizabeth worst Rebel to draw black voters is a big problem. If Bernie for it was half as wide as warns it would be mentioned on tv every night, Warren support is seventy one percent white by far the largest of all tat, your candidates, media crickets. So ferris, the worn and Bernie are the same crap the estate. This is all in for her. but you know we're going to get stuck with her. You know that's happening. You know it's gonna go to a second ballot, they're going to choose
with worn burn, he's, gonna fuckin endorse or, like you did, Hilary we're going to be sitting here, pounding San fuckin yelling into the wind like we always do, and then we're gonna put out a yellow best, we're going to shut down their pocket and operation about. How do that shit I'll? Do that I'll? Do that How do you couldn't do when the Lisbon warrant chooses Hilary as running me? I know so. Step has a very pleasant theory if you want to tell their you want me to tell got through the theory. Is that Elizabeth, worn, PICS Hilary Ezra vice President and then Elizabeth Warrant has an accident Elizabeth worn, commit suicide of em Hilary becomes a president spoke imperfect, that's funny come on. Let's go,
Hello, hello. Why won't my job is that you I guess so, what's wrong with your foot. I would like to look air is right, I'm just a boy saw, nobody cares about hey, you know, there's a lot more that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You gotta become a premium member gotta Jimmy Door, comedy dotcom sign up, it's the most horrible premium programme in the business Don't don't worry. Tunisia was written. This right was written by breakdown of Jim Earl Romp Latona steps. Memoranda would mark by land with all the
how to say performed by the one in the only the inevitable, MIKE Mccray, who can be found at MIKE Mccray. That's it for this week, you'll be the best you can be and I'll keep being me don't don't don't you don't you Don't worry, I'm worried.
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