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Cops and Riots!

2020-06-04 | 🔗

The real looting of America!

New York Mayor's double standards on cops!

Special Guest: Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, and Mike MacRae!

Phone calls from Vince Vaughn, Barrack Obama, Chuck Schumer, and Jeb Bush!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jimmy. Or show I want to call up our favorite conservative actor get his take on. What's her It's gone, Vince There have always been there, Get a fire up immediately is generally door Jimmy door. Show okay, you know what you're lucky I just had a gun pointed at my phone. I don't think it works like a close one for you, sir. I don't think it works like that bid, This up calling to get your take on what's happening right now with the protest. Can you believe that they killed a man in Minneapolis? beautiful, give me their tear to apart no vents they're, just pre protesting cops are causing most of the violence,
by a budget surplus braided, withdrew shopping. Runnin off MR imports come on. I think those agents provocateurs most of the protests are peaceful. Your friends, I bet you remember, aren't you what is what's your secret handshake, Jimmy yeah? I don't know, if do you guys have like a slogan like the boy scouts? Where do I go I'd like? The joint, my daughter to fuck everything up for everyone in the world are you leaving a little appalled at the level of police violence. That's happening! Look! It was terrible what happened to George Floyd that should never have happened. That cop should be punished. But that's it. That's all we can see the rest. I do not think the government should maybe take care of the people a little given a you be ice they had to there's forty million unemployed right now. Maybe they should take care of the people, give them health care education
whatever they need Apparently no one wants to pocket go to a job that they would be downtown, throwing pocket and bans the godfather Fucking day. So did you it's exactly what the way to be doing they're living their best life. I take it away by employing these people James, but did you see Trump was saying he supported peaceful protesters and then he had the police, gas them and beat them with batons and hit them with rubber bullets. So he could go hold up a bible in front of that church. That was one of the most moving scenes. I've ever seen in my life, I that brave, beautiful soldier truth touching two hundred yards standing in front of an unfamiliar building and holding up I don't like you just gotta get off that Brazil yielded up doesn't it Bobby, I know you're a libertarian Vince you care about freedom and liberty. It does
bother you that trumped just tramples on the freedom of assembly and speech and their writer redress your government for grievances. Just like that, you describe how it's done that because he's crazy he set off the cops do too to tear gas and club those peaceful protestors. The catch it. No doubt anyway, he drops out a charge of the cap, no one of the White House- he is yeah. He those are secret service. He called to do that. well? Ok, you know what you want to make it onto the cracks of pocket, so this doesn't conflicts you're, libertarian ideology whatsoever with the cops are doing. I don't like you want to bother me. Ok
like when I get pulled it. Did you see PET Robertson actually came out against drug gassing those people in front of his White House? At that time I was a good thing that first of all, who'd want to seven hundred club Saudi. Don't don't you feel like a bit of a boot liquor when you defend cops? Let me tell you some the Jimmy, and you may not know this, but boots are fucking delicious. Have you ever tried one? No, I bet you like it. No, I grew up Catholic and that was against them. Hey did you see our fellow Chicago and John Cusack got roughed up by the cops in Chicago? Did you see that oh say anything? Yes and he blamed it on Russia did well. He did yeah, he said Putin and Trump and blah blah blah yeah yeah. He did. I can't believe you missed this
Jimmy what I got famous, I swore very solemn oath not to make fun of other famous people, especially ceremony that we do in the grove I will not go back on my own. I won't do it alright. Well, this advance any advice to people to get through this time. Yeah stay away from private property. You fucking animals stayed stay on it. That night night good night fears of pandemic. We tucked a pandemic in the bed and fucking. Read a story, give a little kids on the forehead, all right Vince. I appreciate you taking time to talk with us stay safe pal and we hope, hopefully, if it comes to
You know, a civil war will be on the same side Jimmy. I am surrounded by guns right now, I'm going to be totally fine, like I can't, even Why can't I do like hop across so many goods Yeah, I don't even know what that thing over there is, I'm going to call it the widow maker, a doc who's there. He stop Me on the light, so she can follow my moments. The media feeds and jump the medium and hit some head on it's the chinita show I read to the Jimmy door. Show let's get to the jokes before we get to the joke, shall we I don't know if you saw that photo of Trump holding up the Bible, and then they
showed Hitler holding up the Bible in the same fashion. I know that photo of Hitler holding up the bibles of fraud, but set again so is the Bible. He European Space Agency, says human waste will play a major role in building houses on the moon, because you can make concrete when you make, the lunar soil with urine, but yours still gonna get a lotta leaks. hey the GOP, just primaried out a races from the November election. The Dnc would like to do the same thing too many of their wives eat dinner with the bite and family. I am hey, you know one way to flat and deadly curve might be to stop exposing people. Two cops. Think of that you know the NEO liberals motto: you're the NEO liberalism I was the only good Republican is one who calls himself a Democrat. Hey, remember
America. Your choice, this November is between the party that does horrible things in the party that lets them do it. Did you know that the former officials from George W Bush administration just formed a super pack to support Joe Biden, I'm still going to reserve my endorsement until we hear from Dick Cheney. First heart was covered up on today. Show cops run over pedestrians on camera in broad daylight and the New York mayor defends it. Hey the real looting of America, CNN won't- show you Bill Deblasio's, crazy, double standard when cops run over citizens and when citizens run over cops lest we got phone calls today. Prevents bond Jap Bush Paraca Bob. I jumped humor plus a lot lot more. That's today on the Jimmy doorstep,
every day see lifetime. Let me show you the way so another day of police violence in Amerika. I know if you watch, we ve drop some videos today already of the police violence, there's some more to come. It's just the ultimate irony that the protests are banned. The riots are about police brutality and cops, keep running over people with their cars and camera. I just want to show people this one more time, so the lady, it goes up and says: what's gonna happen at it, o'clock after the curfew. What's gonna happen after that? Does eight o'clock curfew what's gonna happen? Listen to what the cop said it's hard to. I ask you: what's gonna happen to eight sir. What's gonna happen is we're. Gonna start by been forgotten you that's! Your America
and then, of course, eight o'clock. Eight o'clock, comes in those are out of control fuck in El Qaeda. Those are our control terrorists on the streets of LOS Angeles. Those are our controlled. Terrorist cops are terrorists. You see a cop, tell me of Fuckin terrorist cause. They're terrorists thought the police a cab fuck them. You wanna see some work up to watch this he's eat. These are buses
just keep coming this to get your house down? Let's go light them out. lighten up shoot? Em shoot these people like mine
ass. If the light of their standing in their house, there filming understanding in their how to get in getting getting it and get it. That's called fascism. That's Nazi Germany, shit where's, the good cop there there isn't any. There are no good cops where's, the good cop they exist, because if there was a good person there and he tried to do something, they fuckin shoot him go watch the movie Serpico, that's how cops they're all criminals and if you stand up and say something they will kill you
That's America, that's your! That's! Your right wing America that you're a Thorn Terry, entrenched, trumps! America. By the way, it's not only Trump, it's fuckin, every democratic mayor to its building blocks YO its Eric our steady. This is by partisan. We have Americans, our conservative Democrats, our conservative Republicans, our conservative, the conservative brain is fucked up. they're okay with this they're? Okay with that they're? Okay, with that, you don't beat people with clubs to get to restore order. You beat people with clubs to create a riot and that's what cops love to do cowards and fucking bullies they're, the worst
people in the world and we give them guns. And how do I know they are because I know cops? Do you have you ever met a cop? I've lived with cops my entire life, my grandpa, my dad, my lost brother, my best friends and they're all assholes the idea that we've seen this violence on the cities in the streets in business areas and near the city halls, and then you see that video of them walking through a neighborhood and telling people to get inside to the item up light them up like you're, just there to be shot at you're, just fucking. Whenever at your whim, shoot people. So I can't videotape you I'm standing on my porch. I can't even look they had. They were just standing in their doorway with their door. Open, that's terrifying and it's good. The country is getting a good look at what police are. Police are fucking out of control, Roll stairway did brutal fuckin maniacs in New York. This happened right, so this happened
yesterday in New York, so these cops get confronted? They could they drive into a crowd of protesters and then another cop, comes up and decides what these protests, resumption of driver had hopper them. Look back. You see that right, so cops are just running open and it's running over people. That's the kind of stuff you would expect. I don't know in EAST Germany Nazis. I don't know where else you would expect that I don't know what else they would do that. Oh, I know New York City and LOS Angeles, the two biggest cities in the United States, so that happened and There's lots of other. I don't. I don't have to show you. Women cops kicking women in the face to our sitting down cops, bang Women's head women heads against the concrete cops throwing people two cars like rag dolls and not even checking on them back bashing their heads making them unconscious cops, hitting people in the face with their guns for Norway, Skype did nothing to visit.
after video after video at this was probably the most egregious because that shocks, your conscience, because that's called the depraved indifference. So what those cops just showed was depraved, indifferent argue fuck. I got they got at least a shot gun and two guns threats to three guns in that car, theirs Their crews are coming up with three more guns, plus there in a cruiser and undertake of an if they're afraid for their life cause. That's gonna, be the defence. I was afraid for my life's, I figured I'd, kill a bunch of people if that was at this. If these were all cops and that was a citizen. Could the citizen run over the cops because they were afraid the cops are gonna kill them, because that's what cops do cause captive and beating get out of everybody? Would that be ok for a citizen to plough through a bunch of cops cause? I'm scared, of course, not the cops and rip that person out of that car and beat them probably to death and do it on camera and they would get off
because we all saw the person ram into them with their car. So now, of course, but what a cop does this? This is what the mayor of New York City says: get ready for this. Some things were done very much the right way in that and that we captain Lifting terror on our own citizens, killing them, and running over them indiscriminately with our cars. Just raining: Hellfire terror on them, shooting them a rubber bullets. Tear gas, you know just causes. Terrorizing people was at the root, that's the stuff that was done right bill. Some things were done very much the right way in that we saw could you have a? Could you have a more tone, deaf response to what's happening in your city, and why he's doing this? I'm gonna! Guess this guess my my speculations, because when he came into office he tried to be tough with the cops and the cops give a spanking
and he buckled immediately to remember. They turn their backs on em yeah. Not thank God that loss of life or major injuries- and we saw tremendous restraint overall from them. I pity that I can I don't want to sit here and show you video after video after video of that shit, that I showed you yesterday that the New York cops did, but is there anything worse than that two cops running over people: crowds of people, not one person, not two, not three crowds of people. Do you if a citizen ran through a crowd of cops because they were scared, because I would be scared. There are always going to be some incidents we don't like, and then I speak about that as well. But when you compile The whole day incidents they don't like, not incidents that shock your conscience with their depraved indifference to human beings, no, not that they still like it,
Thousands upon thousands of officers and ever changing situation, I saw a lot of restraints restraint under very, very difficult circumstances and I'm It keeps keep saying Anyone who is protesting for change so do you think that tabs down the protests by by you defending the cops like that, you think that tempt gonna tab down the path tests. Or do you think that's going to embolden the cops to be even more maniac? Do you think get it both in the cops to be even more brutal. The second one I'll say you don't have to guess do not take your anger, the individual officer in front of you that man or woman who is simply trying to keep the peace some things were done very much the right way. Some things were done very much the right way in that we saw. That was not thank God that loss of life. So then somebody so he says that which is just I was again I've. I will address in this
day and age, I'll, never stop being surprised. at how horrible our government is I'll, never stopping! I guess I didn't I had the capacity to still be shocked at something stupid and elected official would say during a crisis like this are after a riot or after a police misconduct? I thought I was passed it I'm not. I still have the capacity, because I'm still I decided to do is I wasn't gonna do a show today. I did it show today, because I saw this guy's press conference not because those cops right over people and they're doing it again. Today, I'm going to show you that in a second, but because he did this press conference and so watch what I A normal person is sitting in the audience or in asks him this question because, like it's like a bill, did someone hit you and they had with a pipe. Are you drugs. Did your mom drop you on your head? When you were a kid or are you just fucking lying the watch? Because what this guy to him. Are you not a normal human being to bless YO, because you don't like a normal human being right. Now you don't
like a normal human being, you seem like someone who's in charge of it bunch of terrorists who are fucking brutalized. in people and you're running cover you're doing propaganda for them. I know we're helping everyone. You, like Baghdad, Bob you're, just a liar. hi everyone? Mr Mayer, I want to ask you about the video the vehicle driving into the crowd. I guess I'm wondering whether driving forward into the crowd is even on the table and that scenario. How is that an allowable response? Okay, so that is exact, what a normal human being would say, not pay. They show great restraint, Imagine like after you just saw cops run over people. The first thing you say is they show great restraint? Can you imagine that in your city on broad daylight. On television, you saw two cop cars run over crowds of people, and the first thing you say is: oh my god, the cop did a great job and here's just a regular
Forgot, ok, wait a minute, I don't even know Ah What scenario is driving over people on the table as an option in what scenario in your brain bill? Is it you lying corrupted, fucking piece of shit it what's Mary. Oh that's what he asked hi everyone. Mr mayor, I wanted to ask you about the video of the. driving into the crowd. I guess I'm wondering whether driving forward into the crowd is even the table and that scenario how's that an allowable response. How that illegal response? and you mentioned humanity how's- that a humane response, so you think so What I basically saying is bill? Stop it you saw like a depraved human beings. Are you depraved build to bless YO?
Is there something wrong with your brain that that video didn't shock your conscience, because there is something wrong with you. Isn't it? You don't have any internal moral meter build, oblige you you're another vacuous empty narcissistic, sociopath EC politician. That's what that is. You're. Looking at a guy presiding over terrorism and outright fucking attempted murder of their own citizens and he's defending it. Why? Because he's a corrupt, pussy, mother, Fucker. We're gonna fully investigate that insane. I want a clear get me all really. Hey. Why don't you get suborn cops to investigate it? Are you gonna get some more cops to investigate it, how are you gonna get corner West? I bet, I know what the answer to that question is you're. Gonna get support, cops, do investigator right. Well, let's see, It has to be investigated, systematically everything to be looked at. That's part of what
yeah it's a real. It's a real Rubik's cube. What happened? It's got a real we be investigated, and so what about the guys? Question in what scenario is that even an option to run over you thought be discords. It watch this. Police will do with internal affairs. That's part of what that's there. It is that's their investigation, they're gonna, do with internal affairs. The cops are good, investigate themselves, olds after the mayor already publicly said, it was probably okay what they did watch what he says, Jim Johnson and Margaret Garnett will do and they will do it quickly. The facts have to be determined. They will do it quickly and they will. for the results and they were course queue at. They will find a way to let those cops off cuz. That's what we do immediately, you guys did you guys, didn't even charge the go, killed Eric Garner on camera.
I think you can see on its face. It was a very dangerous tents, complex situation in a complex, cops and cars, fully armoured gunned up to the teeth. Coming up on peaceful protesters who are unarmed pumped up on steroids and by the way they're. All the cops are pumped up on steroids. So maybe that's the complicated part. How much steroids did they have in their body? How many infractions do you think those cops who ran over those people have dozen Two dozen, you think they ve killed people before is that the investigation bill. And the humanity of all people involved must be considered in the equation. People don't want to get him with. So this is this. Is it doing there's good people on all sides? This is build the plaza moment just like trumpet. After Charlottesville. This is him going, there's good people on all sides. We have today
but the humanity of people on all sides. That's a moment. This is it. This is Trump another new Yorker, just like Trump? This is in to you with. You know, could they have done this thing? That thing I wasn't there and I don't know the nuances of it. I know what happened very nuanced situation. That was super nuanced and I wasn't there I wasn't in Cambodia when Nixon decided about it, I don't have to be there to know, is wrong when you want somebody question time how about, maybe the police were trying to help? Somebody at that moment dear by running them over hey, maybe black is white, and up is down. Did you ever think of that? Maybe in is out, I bet you in is out. like I don't ever want to see a police officer do that period he doesn't like we had ever. He doesn't like, and I also know that there is extremely dangerous situation and the one
They couldn't do stay there. Can I say this to me ass, an extremely dangerous situation that has been created by the police created by those cops and continues to escalate, because as of cops, I do if you saw the Taos where the cops decided to March with the protesters, no violence, flit, Michigan and, I think, came to New Jersey Jimmy. You actually said you actually said what, if those cops actually got out of the vehicle, enjoying the proto. What, if those cops got out of the car and join the protesters. And said: hey, I'm here to help you. How can I help you guys? You want to burn my car. They were afraid, like they couldn't call their cop buddies and they wouldn't have a hundred cop buddies there in two seconds, its New York City. It's not a big city Manhattan, it's a and
the one thing they couldn't do stay there, a police officer do that period period ever but I also know that there was extremely dangerous situation and the ones they couldn't do stay there so that build the blasio preemptively. SK using all the police, violence that has happened and all the police violence, that's going to happen to night or tomorrow, However long that's build the plaza guaranteeing there will be a lot more police violence. That's what he's doing he's doing. What Trump is doing? That's what Bill de Blasio is doing right now and because he's, not screaming it or he doesn't have a comb over or he doesn't have orange skin. That doesn't mean he's not doing the exact thing and that's what Bill DE blows you hey! The cops are going to invest gate themselves, and would you know they had? They got a tough job, bandit instead of going out that that was depraved? What they did that shit
the conscience, what they did, no exact. Now that you know they david their humans and they had to get out there. What? If that, was your kid standing in front of him? How would you feel, then you fuckin, bullshitting, corrupted liar you piece of shit, coward. what a piece of shit, coward, buildup, lousy o, is what, if that was. kid getting run over. You know your black it with this. Is that just you you, the guy more more about power and maintaining his power. He does even protecting his own kid. That's the craven emptiness of Bill De Blasio. And right now, I'm not the only one saying this people are calling for him to resign or I'm calling from him resign he's getting a lot of backlash. Put it that way. So here's how Andrew Cuomo, who also is another craven, corrupted enemy of the people, even he knows that you can't say this shit Even he knows that you have to pretend to be upset. Does buildable.
You look up said even know he looks a guy who's, defending bad actions, trying to trying to dismiss things trying to work, wash what happened trying to water down what actually happened. That's what he's doing. he's excusing, attempted murder blatant in broad daylight. here is, I mean imagine if you saw that in another country, maybe Do you see what Venezuela is over? We gotta go. That's Maduro's, a dictator he's a thug look put their copy. They run over peaceful protesters on the streets. We got to invade them and save their people who's going to invade New York. So here's coma these situations are very, very difficult, I've seen them I've been, there everybody's in distress. They are very different the situations to manage. The police are in an impossible.
Situation in many ways. But Their behaviour is everything and I've seen those videos and those videos are truly disturbing. and some of the videos frankly are inexplicable to me: What do we do about it? I've asked the attorney general who isn't independent elected official to review the police conduct activities in the protests last night, the night before with is one tonight. and then I want an independent and informed review. What was done right. What was done wrong, I want that report in thirty days little bit of a different tone. You Cuomo, then build a little bit of a different tone by the way, we're not gonna. Let the cops investigate themselves on this. We're gonna have the in an elite.
It official and independent elected official. Do it the attorney. I still don't like that, but then he said they're also going to have an end, because the politicians are beholden, especially to cop unions. Are you crazy so- but he's now saying going to have an independent board, I don't know who that's going to be again. I don't think it's going to be Cornel West right out of things. I don't think killer. Mike's going to be on that independent panel right, you see what I'm saying I don't think. Colin Kaepernick is going to be on that independent panel So no friend of promos, no corners horrible, he's horrible right, but this is pricing? Even he knows that you have to and this a little bit fuckin better than build a blog you you have to actually act like you care he's, acting like he care, he's a great actor brothers on television to television, the great actors and that's what this is at least he knows it. Do that. You know what that will help actually temp down the violence because he's making peace
mrs of people or just brutalized by those police, he said we have to invest in pen, depended investigation. The cops are going to do it. It's going to be at my desk in thirty days. We're going to take care of this. Is that going to be taken care of, what's after everybody's moved on going to do it right now we're going to investigate and by the way what they did his inexplicable, not well, how to look at the humanity on all sides, and the facts is that I saw the videos inexplicable little bit of a different. You want to see some of the great stopped the cops did in New York right, so here's a copy on up to a woman, and a woman he says, get out o the street n that he knocks her phone out of her hand for absolutely no reason just knocks it out and at the next moment he does this to her the I'm no. If you saw that, but here watch here. That's all that's about a hug.
about a hundred pound girl and he gave her a she had she got hit on the head. She crab smacked her head on the concrete and she had a seizure had to go hospital and he did that right in front of his boss His boss has the white shirt on those are the sergeants and the lieutenants he did. It was right in front of him. He did it. He slapped her phone away, but why the fuck would you do that? Was she threatening you? No, that guy's hopped up on star I most likely and he's done this up his entire career right it right in front of his boss. That's how cops act and up and up deck. I probably Kosovo does that to his wife. probably beats his wife. You know who has the highest domestic violence rates right cops in that They become Cobb's because their violet mother fuckers and they get off on this shit and build a blood
was trying to act like there isn't a problem with police culture that you got to start over, no build the blasio buckled to the police union like a fucking cook, because he is one. and he just guarantee there's going to be more police violence tonight in New York City. That's what bill a lot! That's your leadership for Bill De Blasio, guaranteeing more police violence against his own. citizens, a city already rife, stop and frisk happen in New York City. Should be apologizing every data citizens she had to go to the hospital and, by the way, here's here's some work. Ups, western comparably Skype relic irregular, so these cops their beating the shit out of someone there is all until there are beating the shit out of one guy and you hear the other guy. What are you d screaming? What the hell is wrong with you like what's wrong that that's what I've been saying about cuts what's wrong with you? Oh, I know what you have to put in your head: their violent criminals,
who joined the police department and they get cover to do criminal behaviour because they were a badge and, as Chris Hedges point on the show yesterday, even when he when he was covering war, for twenty years, every army Unit knew that they had one or two psychopaths who just gonna sprayed me. Down citizens anywhere. They went and they would sometimes do it and they all cover for him. Oh that's the same thing cops, do they know the cycle paths and they cover for them which makes them, criminals! It's a watch! This guy he's just reading the book out of the sky, and then this guy's you standing there and he just take grab some from behind in whips him like a rag doll. He didn't like take up like pull him out of the thing safely he's trying to crack the guy's head, open, kill, em he's trying to kill that guy watch this
and what's the cup doesn't even check at em. They may come over to start being the fuck out of the summit. That guy's knocked out? Let them die. Let's make sure that's six cops on top of one fucking kid, because cops are cowards and pussies. If you didn't know what kind of fucking tough guy pushes a woman down and cracks her head open, what kind of a tough guy grabs a guy from behind and throws him into a car? Those are tough guys. Those are cowards, there's two kinds of people who become cops, bullies and people who were bullied. Those are the two that are your two choices:
I say that cops just again him just beating the shit out of anybody and everybody, and no one else gets to beat up cops. No one else gets to grab them. Nobody cops the monopoly on violence they're allowed to beat the shit out of anybody anywhere at any time and you're not even allowed to defend yourself from them. Here's a lady who did defend herself will not he actually stood up for. Someone else see this lady in the red. What is she weigh about ninety five pounds cops, are fuckin brutalizing, someone in front of her, and she just then, and you
How easily that cop went down what a lump us shit? That cup is that's a cop out to to protect someone. I would let you be across the guard, a ninety five Palm woman, just fuckin ripped your bike out of your hand and through you to the ground, and your boy being up some one else. That's so smart is it shit. They would never do. Unless they knew they had the impunity of being a cop to assault you they would never. That one on one or two party they would never do that one unwanted, a bar. They would never do that anywhere. That's what cowards do. that's a dude, that's a dude! That's a guy with mustache brutalizing, a woman ever that woman immediately kicks his fuckin ass, that's the kind of Cox that our cops in New York Eddie
and here's? What an That's it the Barclay Centre and here's what cops are doing at the Berkeley Centre month, buildup, lousy, open. you, the restraining, filling, there's the restraining, we're just being. What does that you will do that when you meet a guy with a club like this is eager? Ok or does he try to fight there? Just do just violet maniacs, just spew violence as they go they're going to surround this guy, but watch out but then they are beating women. What's this in broad daylight they're doing, is in broad daylight they're all fucking such such coward, pussies, copper, such cow, look at this. They all got their clubs out and they're the only ones who are allowed to have clubs, and they just beat you with impunity. Look at that just beating the shit out of everybody such fucking coward, such bully. Look at that and you
baseball yeah backwards. Yeah those are cops. Do they look like they're in uniform cops? No, no! Those are infiltrators. Yes, those are infiltrators, so the cops have their cop buddies, dressed up like protesters and they infiltrate and they like fires and they break windows and they start violence That's it that's their playbook one or one in case you didn't know. So, whenever you're, in a crowd in a protest, there's cops all over the place. Dress like you. And they're the ones trying to find out who the leaders are the ones breaking windows and they're the ones pushing people into the cops and try to start violence. This is what they do. This is what cops do. Cops show up, there's gonna be mayhem because you as if the crypt showed up or I don't Al Qaida showed up that's what you would think would happen somewhere. Afghanistan, a bunch of fuckin thugs men, the crazy
religious metals came in and you start beating. Everybody would sticks in broad daylight. That's what they're doing and build a bless said. He saw amazing restraint, This is why this is a strange thing. There's a police ride happening, the cops, aren't creating a riot and how by beating fuck out of anybody who looked at them cross side. I admit I got right. I don't know this guy pushing people trying to start fights. Does he look like using? Does he look like a cop and so people sale? My my grandfather was a Chicago cop. My dad was a Chicago cop for forty years, my fuck and oldest brother was a Chicago cop, some of my best friends in Chicago or cops and they're all assholes.
They're nice to me, they're nice, to me because they know me, but that's who cops are in a group one on one individual with you there they can often be regular people. Won't you get him. shield on and in a row with their other cops they're all like this fucking out of their minds, where's the good cop here by the way, do you see the good cop? Is there a good cop? There anywhere or is this just a bunch of auto control, brutal maniacs? That's all there is it's just a few bad apples. Well, then there should be like a bunch of good cops. There there's none. There are no good cops there, a bunch of fuckin thugs hopped up on steroids. Looking to crack some heads and build a blog yo says they showed amazing, restrain. For how can build a blog, you alone,
so mad. It stopped a prompt start up world I say cinder took you were what's happening after the Senate. I jumped master of the Senate guarded. Thank you. I am so mad beyond words and thoughts and prayers. I tell you: drums: reacted to the corona virus, temporary to the brutal. What is it I will get it all things later, I'm talking about their for neglecting their shenanigans, scant debts probe against our friends at the FBI. These crazy public good. You don't believe Russia try to turn off from on feed during a polar vortex. Stop with the crazy good spam Indeed, already I mean come on well yet conspiracies. I hate this conspiracy carcass stop their Philly problem. and why not and finally admit Hilary lost because of all those states eat Facebook. By? Well. They begged God, I'm sorry! This is upsetting you so much better outlandish! Their pounding are proud. You can't talk someone else's problematic,
away probing animals. I say that he stopped I command it. Well, it doesn't look like they're gonna, stop it Jack. I think America, too mention it elsewhere, Jimmy Jimmy, I can say, is they go It was the corona virus at all these protests. Ok, I didn't say that, but I was thinking that the difference between Democrats and Republicans way Say the things we are thinking and I do We have a clear choice: side I know, and one more thing today the leadership that their sticking with their plan to repeal the affordable, correct out tone, deaf gonna, be during a pandemic, to deny access to all these great, affordable. plans, a silver the gold one or even the platinum I have just appalled. Are you appalled? Jimmy now might be a good time to back Medicare for all.
fuck God in a time of crisis near me, I don't want you to know that the president ended up he's been while american city rioting doesn't Congress deserve abatement Where are we supposed to high? In our view, a powers are vineyards are for, where all Vermeer's are displaying that noise will people kind of peace, not senator. I agree joy, voids family deserves justice, but here's the thing- and you might want to say, our British, that's what nodded Isolated incident law by I'm shocked, Jimmy, but I did googling and sure enough at police brutality, stop happens with alarming frequency and republican cities. Listen democratic control, sixty bore of America's one hundred largest cities bite of coal pits? It's true
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Believe me were interested HU. I am anymore, unlike the Florida attorney General one. I was governor. Nobody, members say I'm either you may Catherine errors and while he was going What did she do that was so gosh dying and boarded? She gave the two thousand presidential election to your brother here, big Turkey had what what did you? You would do. My brother makes some dumb statement about all those riders and looters and stuff and suddenly he's like Gumby Mr Prodi said President George: W Bush remains an extraordinary leader, a made us faith, deep compassion and an example of the highest level, decency and public affairs on JEB You ve gotta, get out of your brother shadow and strike on your own. worship,
yeah. What nothing I just coughing got my country would party. You would stay with you two he's the darling of the devil. Credit Party. Now it might even endorse Joe Biden. You should be. I was so that darling of the Democratic Party, my domain brother The easy way out erratic give deathlike Goran, carry the competitive guy tribe my shot,
Can you keep me all Ellen I've been practicing. My dance moves I'll forget up forget it. I mean worms Doc. We have special guest with us to help break down. What's going on right now, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalists and activists best selling author has written twelve. which include his latest right here, America, the fur well sure, which kind of chronicles and predicted this happening his work can be found in the New York Times. Please welcome back to the show, with Chris Hedges, hi Chris and Jamie thanks for being with us that you're booked this you know I just can't stop thinking about it. you chronicled the hollowing out of american Citys. Capitalism and how it leaves people in the dust and all the horror stories and the pathologies that come out of Having an economic system like this will use up. Are you surprised this is happening now
I mean I've covered. I was overseas for twenty years. I covered all sorts of uprisings and street protests, All the revolutions in Eastern Europe, the two palestinian intifada does the street demonstrations that brought down Slobodan Milosevic, and, if your rapporteur, in that book, like all my books is reported. I one was reported from all over the country from most of the poorest parts of the country. You know the tender is there, but you never know. What's gonna ignited, you never know. What's gonna set it off that's always a mystery, the timing, but that the tender was there and, of course, now it's exacerbated by the fact that the system can handle the stress of covert nineteen are our healthcare so storm are federal, there's, no coordination, the lack of stockpiling because it's not economically efficient, and the whole. Let's talk about a real looting, the looting of the? U S, treasury by
Two parties, on behalf of their corporate sponsors, which ratchet up the pain with kind of tossing crumbs stimulus. Check extending unemployment benefits. if you can't even get unemployment benefits, which are all going around July, so nobody's gonna, have any money. Everybody's gonna start getting affected ugly. Are these oligarchs all only one word and that's more so here are the two big bandits right now, there's Mitch, Conall and Nancy Pelosi. They even have masks over their faces as they, go into lewd american. What do you mean by the looting Jimmy while the Cares ACT, which was our government's response to the covert crisis? They actually didn't respond to the covert crisis. What they Did was they use this as an opportunity to loot the Treasury on behalf of the richest people in America and transfer wealth upward, and it was the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of our country and instead of fixing the problem,
which was. I should have given us Medicare for all you be. I set up ways to make sure This is didn't have to close, like they're doing in Germany and they're, not doing any of that. Tough and, as villain radegund put on the show. The metaphor he used was that it lets say Europe is a car in our cars on the freeway and ran out aghast and it's on the side of the road. Well, it's not pollutants that left right you to show up if you put gas in the car, but instead what government did was show up and they drip the radio radio. Written. Then they put the carp and blocks and stole the tires and they still didn't put gas in it. So that's where left right now, and what did they looted? Well, they will. They just gave five trillion dollars to the richest people in the in the country, the new the New York Times how, hospitals got billions in bailout for struggling health providers, bonanza for rich real estate investors tucked into stimulus package. american billionaires got four hundred and thirty four billion dollars richer. During this pandemic firms that left you s to cut taxes, could while a federal aid, stealth bailout shovels million.
Of dollars to oil companies. How some rich american are getting stimulus, checks averaging one point: seven million dollars: hey millionaires, are reap eighty percent of the benefits from the tax changes in US coronavirus, stimulus stimulus, large companies. I got bailout money in small business loan program. Airlines got the sweetest corona virus bail out around and what, if the Democrats have to offer, Joe Biden will fundamentally change nothing so That's the looting day. I'm talking about an that's deluding you're. Talking about you, Rikers yeah, the Democrats in other. If its work
first than just going along with the Republicans when they could have stepped back and provided healthcare coverage for all these Americans. Not only you don't have it, but there are losing it. Forty three million Americans are gonna, lose their employees, sponsored health insurance. One of the Democrats do this was a demographic policy proposal. Is they decide to fund cobra cobra? I got cobra when I got bounced out of the New York Times. It's where you get your employee, sponsored health insurance, but you gotta pay the premiums every month so rather than address which, as you know economically far more expensive, know that
and, of course, the for profit. Health insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry have been very generous with campaign donations in the last quarter, because the lobbyists and they gave bailouts to quote unquote trade organizations, which are lobbying groups. I mean it's just it's been staggering. I mean you ran up through a few of the headlines, but it's appalling and at the same time, the situation for the working class, the middle class. The working poor is catastrophic, coming we hunger levels are rising. Food banks are ten thousand people showing up the the rounds of evictions which are predicted for this Summer are in the tens of thousands, mean it's it's really. It's it's Louis sixteenth in Versailles, really is to show
utterly myopic and out of touch the ruling elites are because it doesn't. At this point, you don't have to be a social scientist to figure out. What's going to happen, yes, Do not it's even worse, then the french revolution when they said let them eat cake, because the problem with people, by the way, we do it in America, is that we tie your job to your health care. So when you lose your job, you lose your health care and big idea from Nancy Policy and an Hillary Clinton was hey. Let's make Donald Trump open up. The eighty eight march so people can buy their health care. So what their literally saying is not let them cake for saying let seldom cake that's how bad the Democrats have gotten and that's why you're, seeing what you're, seeing as there is no alternative to the rapacious oligarchy in America it when the Cares ACT happened. There was nothing but crumbs in there
for people, and that was when the Democrats or the progressives had all their leverage, because the rich oligarchs wanted that five trillion dollars, and so the Democrats could have held it up. Nancy Pelosi's, the speaker, Bernie Sanders is a senator. He can put a hold on any Billy once they didn't, Do any of that. and not only that they voted for it, and so they gave cover two Donald Trump Mitch Mcconnell and the oligarchs who are doing this I've, been calling this Chris I've been calling this a betrayal of by our progressive leaders. Would you would you agree that it's a betrayal of by our progressive leaders? Yeah, although I mean it's a betrayal
the event in it's not like they were working on our behalf before is part of a long continuum of essentially a betrayal of the going all the way back to the Clinton administration. So these people responded to the people they work. For I mean it was the the sea owes a blue Cross Blue Shield and the presidents of health insurance plans that they're the ones who went to the Democrats and propose this whole cobra plan because they don't want to expand covered, so any David Serotonin, the guardian, called it a corporate counter revolution, but what they're doing what we're doing in front of us at at a time of deep distress when we're talking about these are government figures, a twenty five percent unemployment the summer they are turbocharging, the consolidation of wealth and power. By an oligarchy I mean you win,
that figure was at four hundred billion dollars. I mean Bezos, is making it hand over fist. I mean remember: Amazon didn't pay any taxes, any federal taxes last year. In fact they got a rebate, yes from the government, so I think what's so stunning about it is just how clueless the ruling elites are they. They really think that day, and get away with competent, complete and an utter abandonment of the citizen. Re atrocities, the American Working Class, who, in a kind of serfdom in and nobody's gonna, respond- and I think what we are seeing Now- is not just a reaction to police violence by a system whereby especially poor people of color and d and us
realized urban areas have had enough, and you talked about policing before me. Let's not forget that the whole policing system, especially in what Malcolm X called internal colonies, is about social control, mass incarceration. We have, of course, or five percent of four percent of the world's population. We have twenty five percent of the world's prison population it's mass mass incarceration and police police terror, and I use use that word lightly is terror. Terror mean a thousand. Mostly unarmed citizens are killed in this country every year. Thousands more are wounded whole due process. Habeas Corpus has been
Vote, if your poor are you don't get a jury trial? Ninety four percent of the people in our prison system never had a jury trial. They are coerced into a plea bargaining system. Again it's coerced because the prosecutors, the public defenders, know that half or more of the charges that have been stacked against them. They didn't commit. It just becomes a kind of car game. What you're gonna barter your sentence down to and then once you're in the prison system, which is a form of neo slavery, you have a million of our two point three million prisoners, work for for profit, corporations, making Mcdonald's uniforms, Victoria's, secret and Hewlett Packard and all the big companies are in there. They earn zero dollars and twenty two cents an hour and and then you have in New Jersey. We have state disco,
Dep core. I mean this is a giant state industry that uses bonded prison labour. They make stationary office equipment, baked goods and ship it out and amidst all done, the free Alabama movement and rose up in an organised work stoppage and the alibi. My presence in two thousand fourteen understood I you accuse to talk among contraband cell phones? They got. They knew that if you paid prison labour, the minimum wage, half the prison population would be out because they could sustained all the jobs in the when I go in, I teach in a prison when I go in, I passed the barber shop where they've got prisoners dressed up in barber uniforms, cutting the guards hair the guards Mess hall, the cleaning, the everything is run by bye, bye, prison labour, so if they were compensated, even a minimum wage, the system when work I mean I think prisons- are imports
because when you can you, if you want to know a dusty ask about this, if you want to know what the nature of a society look at the prisons and in prisons, it's the perfect corporate state, their their labors who earned sweatshop wages or in some cases Alabama. Georgia has no wages, they can't organize. They don't get paid for sick days. If there are any kind of a problem, they're sent to solitary confinement, that's what they want us all to become, and you can see that because these large corporations in our all into these prisons, exploiting the most vulnerable. It's not private prisons, that's actually a small percentage of prison, but everything would imprison to spend private eyes so the phone serve. The global tell link the the the food service, our mark where prisoners are getting food, poisoning right and laughed and serve substandard food and are hungry all the time J pay? Where you your money,
transfer everything commissary is privatized, medical is privatized and, of course, all these families who have family and people loved ones who are incarcerated are, and they don't have any money or are being they have to pump all this money. Cuz I got to pay in advance, I mean it's it's an appalling system, but when you look at House society, treats the most vulnerable. You get a good window into what they want to do to the rest of us, and I think what these uprisings are about are just that these people are squeezed now to such an extent, not only in terms of lethal indiscriminate, unaccountable, police violence in every way- and you know I just want to mention about the looting. You know the of target in places like this, I lived in a housing project for two and a half years in Roxbury.
In Boston when I was in seminary- and one of the things I learned is a white personal, came, came from middle middle class from outside that environment is when, when every force around you is is seeking your destruction. The only way that you can affirm yourself is to reach out and destroy back many times that those activities are self destructive, but it becomes the only avenue left by which you can affirm, who you are and, and that's not as nothing to do with race, because I saw the same thing in the war. Wars are we're numerous wars for twenty years overseas, so we on the outside don't see that long, slow, drip of humiliation, oppression, degradation, stress, constant poverty in telling it explodes and then suddenly CNN shows up and because it's incomprehensible to
The people who work for CNN those people on the street become or unquote, incomprehensible and its because and we'll get. Why did they CNN, because CNN has rendered these people invisible, because all they do on CNN is sit around with people like Van Jones and some Yahoo who defends trump talking about court gossip. That's it they're court years, it's court gossip, it's like the court years at Versi talking about who gets to go into the king's bed chamber or something, but it has nothing to do with the lives of the vast majority of Americans and especially those people, they're poor, who are struggling in this country because to the corporate state into their advertisers who fund, cable news, they don't count, they don't matter, and I think that's why you're seeing and anger- and I think it's a legitimate anger and also I'm just not going to shed a lot of tears over a burnt down
I'm actually against property destruction. But I didn't look at that and yeah. I couldn't I couldn't weep over that, I was broken I don't know about you with port cops and their precinct. I John F Kennedy said those who may peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable, and so I just want to let you know in two thousand and sixteen when they killed Philip Castile just walked up to his car and shot. I'm
dead, as he was just sitting in his car, and he told the cop I'm not doing enough that cop just panicked and pulled the trigger and shot him right in front of his wife and a seven year old girl in the back seat arrest. So then, at that point, Minneapolis people had had enough and the teachers and activists they had a big protest. Hundreds of people showed up in protest and, of course, the cop showed up and arrested them. So they've tried to make change. They tried to make peaceful change before they've done this responsible people have tried to make peaceful change. They won't allow it this. This is something that people have been talking about at the top of the lungs for a long time. They ve been doing this for a long time, spies long as I've been do a news. People have been dreaming about police brutality and it just gets. worse and worse. Every day, as our Congress votes give more of our rights away to their surveillance, state,
by Morocco, but was on the phone again, hello, Some thought at data, no gaps applauded occur between us and the judicial system. You There is a fundamental problem with our police system. Fax number, five aviation Jesus, that's what Trump set up. Charlottesville Wrong again asshole. He said very fine people, I'm saying good folks pay attention. Nuance subtly known for it. You got your frustrated folks. You got bad apples. Folks, bad apples. You're gonna go mad faith in the packet monopoly. a bad actor in the production, a total motherfucker, four, your fucking pants up, hey. You know, there's a lot more, that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast
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