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Democrats Enable The Police State!

2020-07-23 | 🔗

Joe Kennedy votes for nukes and says "Oops"!

New York Times "Russian Bounties on U.S. Troops" story collapses!

Phone calls from Mike Pompeo, Chuck Schumer, Barrack Obama, and Joe Biden!

Featuring Stef Zamorano and Mike MacRae!


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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment program, the Jimmy so our Secretary of State, MIKE Pompeo, is currently secretary of stating in Europe right now. So, let's see how things, but now, Mr Secretary ok right. Mr Secretary, it's Jimmy door. How are you Jimmy I early on a David in Europe too tried a lighter allies in the region with our interests with regard to china- and, I said as usual. It's a game of three D chest, but we're winning.
That's great three. That's great: where are you in UK, Germany, France, Denmark, actually, Denmark? Well, of course, Denmark, Denmark is and has been one of our primary each allies at the North Atlantic. I owed till remember, hearing that about the history of day. No american relations is perhaps above thought about Ford policy initiatives for the past one hundred and fifty years? Is that so well, of course, who, the US purchase the Virgin Islands from Denmark. The US entered both world against Germany, as allies in Demark, which borders Germany, South
North America itself was discovered by late, are in one thousand. It was a Viking which is like a real Denmark. Kind of thing. Also Hamlet, is like a really famous play. You seem to be clutching at straws here. food at at at at at at. It is the custom I'm here with our time, honoured danish friends getting a bellyful of Bric, a dollar and echoed it. Excuse me, forget: ehlert equity, What in the world, those are, respectively, panfried, danish port meatballs and a hard liquor infused with caraway seeds, the inside of esophagus. That looks like that thing that went through at the of two thousand. What one thought I had excruciating secretary Pompeo. Are you
sure, you're. Being straight with me about the reasons for the sudden diplomatic outreach to a tiny nordic country in Denmark, I kind of racking. Right here I guess all the other, like they control Greenland, but that's like you know, that's not a big deal I see gotcha the same Greenland that Donald Trump wanted to buy. I mean it. I guess. Is there the one greenland I mean? Maybe It's a pretty generics out. It gave me a b. I could see their being several Greenland, like Springfield Gimme, a break; ok, yeah, fight that Greenland. What is the obsessed with Greenland, giving its strategic or point forty jet added evolve
Involve China with global war, make accelerating the melting of the polar ice caps and the arctic waters becoming increasingly navigable to. but you didn't look the Arctic at its oil reserves of the twenty first century- Russia, China, but he was so your entire, foreign policy world view is predicated upon the admission that climate change is a massive threat. Ford policy. Yes, he a projection. By multinational corporations. Yes about about policy. No, how can you work towards dealing with climate change internationally, but not domestically or get at? It got that five DC. by the way. Every time something gets more complicated. You just had indeed the jet, I'm not sure if you picked up all that time that you keep
training in analogy until it makes literally no sense. Yes, I did pick up on that. Okay, look perhaps to a lament such as yourself prepared for climate change looks like diplomatic, domestic policies that would reverse early to mitigate Gourbi, dreads, revamping infrastructure to add rising two levels and reading society for mass migration. Yeah well, okay, but you aren't privy to the dossier and such that I have been prepared for me by oil companies. Defense contractors. Is that your fault? You just don't know and it turns out we face climate change by shutting out the chinese God's will be used to that very was just beady measure has said he be up to Copenhagen sucked out pickled Eric, I watch old Victor or vhs tapes to protect the law. This is insane our government's top climate change. Priority is ensuring access to more oil, which itself has caused the crisis. To
begin with Jimmy, I assure you die. If you and your media family have an entire wig reserved due state Booker this year, mountains. It makes perfect sense, good God, ok look anyway, I very busy I d go I'm off to secure a barricade safety security by visiting the famous storyteller adds christian address it. Didn't he right, the emperor's new clothes of fable about a vain, stupid and arrogant head of state who was tricked into exposing himself in front of his subjects. Yeah. I guess
anymore, fomenting Johnson media some had the chance to show everybody welcome this with Jimmy Giorgio, hey, let's get to the judge, people we get to the joke. Shall we trader Jos? Did you know trader Jos announced that their eliminating their ethnically thing products because of their offensive names here is a list of the labels that their currently changing Trader grandees untouchable spicy, Mahatma sauce they're, changing that one trader, vs Frida Kahlo, Clam cups, trader Joan Piero Sierras mission style smallpox pops.
Trader, Johnny, Rebs, Goober, bees, it or Joe Riley's whisky, flavoured spud, crunches trader Joe Smith's three wives, plum pie. That's offensive Craig trader Joe been which is pop up tremendous challenges? trader, Geronimo's, crazy, crazy horse, sculpture, I'm glad they're getting rid of those me too. That's offensive. Those are offensive. trade or Joe Polly owns french surrender. Salad Peter, getting rid of that trader. Joyance area in white red they're getting rid of that yet other also getting redder VAT Keyser, Jos Kraut saw seeking. Ah yes, so good good for greater Joseph.
Right. Yes, hey, there's a new story going around. Did you hear about this? There's a new story going around that Mark Zuckerberg. You know Facebook yeah, there's a. new story going rather mark Zuckerberg of Facebook was surfing with too much sun screen on and it reminded me How we're all gonna die in poverty I graduated from electoral college at all I got. Was this shitty President Fedex, what an absolute positively has to be covered up overnight. Hey what's coming up on today, show the New York Times story about russian bounties on: U S, troops completely collapses shocking or is it Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats enable trumps federal goon squad, while virtue signalling against them. Yes, it's
true department of Homeland Security, spreads lies about their own training and Joe Kennedy makes oops nuclear missiles plus phone calls from Secretary of state, my bail, Bob Bail, Barack Obama, jury, Tuber and Joe Biden all that lot lot more. That's today, I'm a Jimmy door show So you know Joe Kennedy is running against Ed Marcie, Joe Kennedy of the Kennedy clan. Who is, if a fraud he's a demo, Brad in in name only or I don't know, he's he's a democratic and now he's definitely democrat, but he's not a progressive and he's not a representative, the people's representative of his donors. So Joe Kennedy is a fraud, a hundred percent, then he pretences for you and he's not an here's. As a good example,
John Kennedy, the third largest recipient of hedge fund money in the house. He has declined to back a bill to close a tax loopholes for hedge fund managers and private equity. firms his primary opponent. Ed Markey is back the bill since two thousand and fifteen. So that's who Joe Kennedy is he's no John. Of Kennedy. He's no Robert have Kennedy he's not even TED Kennedy he's right. So Joe Joe Kennedy is Nuke Gingrich! That's who Joe Kennedy and Joe Kennedy is of fuckin fraud, one, and also you aren't so this Is legit this is Joe Kennedy's legit twitter is a hundred and eight hundred and nine thousand followers. Here's what he says Stephen I'll says why on earth did Representative Joe Kennedy,
vote with Republicans to give Donald Trump, the more usable nuclear weapons that he's disturbingly craving. This is not how progressive champion should be voting. This is Joe Kennedys Twitter if the official twitter account says you're right meant to vote. Yes, oh my god. This is a grown up It was an honest mistake on my part: There is no need for these weapons. Keep up your advocacy, I'm pretty sure. The bare bones minimum the bear
bones. Minimum requirement for a politician is to know the difference between yes and no I'm pretty ensure. I love always says: keep up your advocacy, keep up your advocacy and I'll keep up my excuses, hey here's a question Joe: should everybody have health care? Yes or no? This is where I get confused. I dont know yes or no Pedro I'm going to vote for you I'll, wait, I meant to say I wouldn't I would never in a million years both for you, honest mistake, keep up your advocacy. This is about your right meant to vote. Yes, honest mistake,
man. I voted for imperialism again. Ah dull, most people like true and false tests in high school, but not Joe Joe, didn't like the true false tessie, butting fuck it up. Every time I mean who has done a total, opposite of what they said. They meant to do when it concerns nuclear weapons. Carbon mistake it's like forgetting your keys or something I voted for. Nukes? Oh boy, I voted to give trump. You
nuclear weapons oops. He, where are my keys. I always forget my keys. You know what I would say: hey Massachusetts, don't make an honest mistake, vote for Ed Markey, here's what I actually said on Twitter. I said John F Kennedy: the cuban missile crisis, Joe Kennedy, the clueless missile crisis, Malcolm
Lester comes through the great joke. That was his has meant that the honest mistake joke those him click, Malcolm okay. So there's your Joe Kennedy Debts, your democratic! Is your democrats. Bizarre democrats. Are you go at marquise? Also Democrat, though so he's not a shitty as choke ticketed hee hee, hee, hee wow, like a grown up, really sat there and said you're right meant to vote. Yes, men to vote. Yes, in writing. Keep up your advocacy and I'll keep try to remember how to vote when it comes to usable nuclear weapons. Few so that's happening on identified, federal troops are kidnapping. Protesters in unmarked vehicles, Trump issued an executive order for the Department of Homeland Security, the De Age ass to protect monuments and federal building
so now. There's homeland security and border patrol troops shooting in arresting unarmed, peaceful protestors in Portland. Because we all know there's so many confederate monuments in Portland Oregon to protect here's federal federal troops, taking shots at protesters across the street. Watch this you just got shot in the head by those guys by those guys
Americans hired by the american government to shoot peaceful protestors in the head now, what did they use a rubber bullet lot? Rubber bullets are lethal, they kill you. Why is this happening? How can trump do this? Well, he can do this because the Patriot ACT created the Department of Homeland Security. That's right. We have an unconstitutional indefinite military tension put into law, the road to fascism is paid by NEO, liberal Democrats, the democratic
Party leadership class helped make this moment how Jimmy? What will the Democrats, along with Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer? The Democrats have been helping assemble an authoritarian toolbox for decades, but nobody calls them out, but now trump. Is doing it and people are upset they the day? The Democrats have been getting away with it for so long that Nancy Effing Pelosi has the balls to tweet this out, unidentified storm troopers, unmarked cars, kidnapping protesters and causing severe injuries. We monster graffiti? These are not the actions of a Democratic Republic Department of Homeland Security.
Actions in Portland undermine its mission. Trumpeted storm troopers must be stopped. Pelosi voted for this place. and the Democrats just reauthorized. The patriot act two months ago. U S Patriot ACT of two thousand and one voting record Nancy voted for it with George W Bush back in two thousand and one and guess what she's voted for it all the way to trump. Today,.
Policy works hand in hand with the GEO P to take away our civil liberties policy works hand in hand with Wall Street to give them trillions, while screwing workers, that's that by the way. That's not the Patriot ACT. That policies ripping up policy is not the opposition Donald Trump. Pelosi is the enabler of Donald Trump. Democrats are enablers for decades of Future Donald Trump's. It's not just the Patriot ACT. How can the constitutional rights of S sitting
get violated citizens being arrested and detained by unidentified federal troops without being charged? Well guess who you can think for this Barack Hussein Obama Jimmy Jimmy, they don't tell me this on MSNBC, CNN or any of the other Youtube channels. Well, here's what the ACLU says: President Obama signs indefinite detention bill into the law An Obama signed the National Defense Authorization ACT into law. Today, the statute contains a sweep. Worldwide, indefinite detention provision. While President Obama issued a signing statement saying he had serious reservations about the provisions. The statement only applies to how his administration would use the authorities.
The by the Would and would not affect how the law is interpreted by subsequent administrations. The White House said so what that is saying That Barack Obama knows that this is fed up, because Barack Obama is a goddamn constitutional. Lawyer Barack Obama knows that this is effed up. So when he passed this and signed it, he had assigning statement saying I, don't use it in a bad way, but I can't stop Donald from doing that, President Obama's actions today is: blight on his legacy because he will forever be known as the President who signed indefinite detention without charge or trial into law. That's the use executive director. The statute is particularly dangerous because it has no temporal or geography
limitations. It can be used by this in future. Presidents to military, detain people captured far from any battlefield. Rock Obama made this possible. The ACLU believes that any military detention of american citizens or others within the United States is UN constant institutional and illegal, including under the NDAA? In addition the breath of the Nda's Detention Authority violates international law, because it's not limited to people captured in the context of an actual armed conflict as required by the little? laws of war. Some people have been wondering why Joe Biden has been so quiet about what's happening in Portland? Why would the Democrats presumption nominee be worried about denouncing constitutional violations on its citizens. Well, maybe that's. Why be
because on many occasions Joe Biden, took credit for writing the Patriot ACT, much already been made about Biden's instrumental role as a senator, pushing through the nineteen. Ninety four crime bill, a bill that made the problem worse. According to former President Bill Clinton, who signed it into law, another potential stick point bite and not only voted for the two thousand one Patriot act. He and many occasions claimed credit for writing it. The bill John Crop sent up was my bill. Joe Biden said referring to the Patriot ACT that brought in surveillance capabilities of? U S. Law enforcement agencies and many of its provisions have been opposed by liberal Democrats, uncivil libertarians, add another ok. in two thousand to bite and proudly said, not only that he wrote the ninety ninety four act but attorney General John Ashcroft called him to say it was basically the same bill as they were. Introducing.
Civil libertarians were opposed to it. Biden said right after ninety Ninety four and you can ask the attorney general this, because I got a call when he introduced a patriot act. He said Joe, I'm introducing the Basically, as you wrote in nineteen ninety four, this is Joe Biden World. This is who was it tising Joe Biden, the weapons industry lobbyists- and this really gets me tv, Smart Guy, Howard Fineman, doesn't understand what is happening. here's his tweet. He says I ask again by what authority and whose, whose command are these trump vigilantes on the streets of Portland? There is no more urgent question in public life seriously.
thirty. Four thousand likes. What authority Howard. Why don't you ask those Democrats in the listen Bc Green room with you. They gave Trump that Authority, Howard, but you'll never call them out, because you Chris Hayes, Rachel mapped out in the rest of MSNBC, our immediate protection racket for corrupt democrats. While the Democrats were doing political theater and wasting everybody's time within peach meant they were simultaneous Voting to expand Trump's military budget. Renewing the patriot- It act for him and voting in over two hundred of trumps federal judges.
Republicans and Democrats made this happen. Democrats are frauds and hypocrites of the highest order and they think you and me are suckers. That's that's it. Msnbc says this is, what's happening, This is reality. Msnbc says Republicans and Democrats are having a water gunfight in reality. Democrats and Republicans are using a water cannon to kill the working class. That's what's happening, And now you know the rest of the story. The date. So this is news. This is gonna, be
to to all your friends, it's to be news to all my liberal friends in comedy all my democrat voting friends in comedy this. This is to be news to them all my democrat comedian friends who go this Barack Obama best president in my lifetime, this is going to be news to them. That Barack Obama did this. And was warned not to do this by everybody. including the eight zero you and did it anyway. And now, when you see Trump sending goons into the streets there there, because Brok Obama made it passed- for Trump trumped. Do it, even though it was warned not and Nancy Pelosi's its funding, those people without any strings attached. Nancy Pelosi's funding the Department of Homeland Security without any strings attached and the Department of Homeland Security is? Who Trump is sending into cities to go arrest, people, unconstitutionally and Nancy Pelosi could stop it and she's not.
And so I know this is gonna, come as news to a lot of other you tubers, but voting Democrat is not a solution. I know that's news to you, I know probably all this is news to you that why I ever show that's why I do this Joe, I can remind everybody: what's really happening? What's really be happening in your country and, what's really happening in your country. Right now is we are swirling down a fascist, rabbit whole created by Nancy Pelosi. Brok, Obama, Bill Clinton and Joe Biden. and being implemented by Donald Trump and funded by the Democrats, and there is no hope in sight. There isn't a democratic power advocating in leadership. Abbe hang. They give you help during a pandemic to give you health care. During a pandemic, the resident at there isn't a leadership Democrat trying to stop Trump from doing
this was a department of Homeland Security goes. There is new you'd. There is no hope in the Democratic party. There is no hope in government, for you. And any other youtube, or anybody telling you that voting Democrat as a solution to any of your fuckin problems. Now who's being naive, came they ve been wrong about every goddamn things, far. Why would they be right about this? They ve been wrong about everything and exactly what I predicted it. Twenty sixteen try. As president, and now everybody is aware that this is fucked up hey. Maybe the government shouldn't have this power now bodies, aware of it. Now everybody is aware of the horrible shit their government. Been doing all along Hague Donald Trump pudding. Immigrants in cages, so was Barack Obama. Trump is splitting up
babies from their immigrant families so did Barack Obama. Trump is gassing immigrants at the border, so did Barack Obama, and I guess they should feel honored that they were gasped by the lesser of two evils: hey going We start kicking people out of their houses, and deformed mortgage default so did Barack Obama Trump flatly Trump is letting cops correct ahead of peaceful protesters, so did Barack Obama from Coastal Coast Bearing occupy Wall Street and Dapple, so that why this show exists. There is no opposition to Donald Trump. You sucker, if you,
think Joe Biden, the Nancy Pelosi opposed Donald Trump. You are a sucker who's, calling out Nancy Pelosi to stop this right now, who. Howard Fineman, Mr Msnbc, doesn't even know how to fuck this happened. He has to come to Youtube, so I can It to him already smoked a bull today. I have to explain this to Howard, find me President the robot on the phone allow Jerry. Apparently the letters democratic congressional campaign, commanded one, however, I I missed it- you didn't get the room and by you I've got one two hundred dollars in disposable income, Jimmy, maybe and special all right, I'm sorry. We spend that money on food. We
a user imagination. Sure I was on on spreading the alarm to folks about other folks. They need to come together and meet the greatest challenge of our generation. You say that in every speech Brock, but this time it's different It doesn't like. You can keep your doctor's thing or we got to close Guantanamo thing. This is for real okay. What did you say this time? Listen up I'm worried young activists have lost faith in voting in politics because of all the progress that has been made so far, something about John Lewis, a fucking blah, What what a while just lose, what a job? example of why elected politics is important. The honourable member of John Lois by replacing it with another model or a bad guy who fought against free of care during
damn it in one of the poorest states in the country, and young activists have lost faith in politics because of all the progress that has been made so far like what progress has been made so far by Iraq, elected as a Democrat, while governing Republican. I got it. That's a clear progression of progress honor. My legacy well I'll be damned He say to those who believe feds and unmarked cars. Snatching people off the street is part of that legacy. I say: get it together, guys, I'm against it. I support Chuck Schumer's It requires federal officers idea id for they drag you in a few big for a sadistic facial begging. Ok, that's a start. in jail with a fresh massac over right? Yes, for a yes weeks without charges Your left eye ball hanging out of a socket after they take away your insulin, if you're so against the FED snatching a
up and up cars unmarked cars. Why did you sign the national act? Authorization act that allowed it well, when I signed NDAA at luxurious vacation resort in Hawaii. I have serious reservations, yeah, which were. For the luxurious vacation resort in Hawaii before I shouldn't get charged for trash in that room. They promise me. Storage was on the table, the one about the Ndaa, didn't you like? people could actually waited. I really am. faith, but our schools were shut down that do you really think Joe Biden? Can win against Donald Trump? Think it only took hundred and forty one thousand deaths to get there. Folks really
They give them one hundred percent of the time of crisis. On the other hand, we got female mother folks in Portland, showing up nude and using leaf blowers against our police. Ladies put the blowers down and pull up your damn body, socks take care. Jimmy I'd say about acts were performed. Well, you know we no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not do in that. We're not play that game, but here's another great way. You can help support the show, you should become a private, a member we give you up Couple of hours of premium bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show you could do it. going to Jimmy Door, comedy com clicking on join premium, it's and most affordable premium program in the business and it's a great Way to help put them back in the eye the bastards thanks to everybody. who was already a premium member? If you have it you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support
that's Joe Biden calling- I bet he's pretty happy about the poll showing him well Donald dropped below good NEWS, Jimmy National ICE Cream Day You'll me for ice cream. Does you get the broad, your mom time for showdown test me go ahead test me on what Sattler gave FAT competitiveness necessity that Trump took. did your average a arroyo, bread, to draw ten past eleven on a clock, one, because we also got a draw the clock. Frazier decorations of Mickey Mouse answered not easy. My friend White gloves are really hard. Okay, here's one repeat this sentence so loud, then
Ms many words is you can, starting with the letter, F Guy name as many words as you can, starting with the letter? F? No, I have you giving you the sentence to repeat yet Joe, such large bird, sheep farmers referred, I do never mind. Look Mr Roboto Let's get down to brass check, there's why, where, today your kitchen- to announce that Dennis Kucinich, it's going to spit speak on my behalf. A Democrat At a national convention, Thing where they all get together under a big Joe and Elect get it. The Dennis. Listen to me, John Kitchy, to Chicky
What job John K sick I know that my back our target for this large bucket stuff? What do you mean? when you say he's going to speak on my behalf. What do you mean? What is that I never said he's going or where did you get that one? argue right now. No, no! No he's girl. We are no oh he's that glorying he's going to speak on your behalf, sure and I never said to speak, behalf. Forgot going dead, some kind of game. Why on earth did you invite a member of the team
ready to speak on your behalf, the democratic convention Joe and John's a big guy he's to bully said the poor chain. I told him. I told him what oh yeah he's going covered swing edge. I guess marriage, let's crush the teachers union voters, but why Kasich Henry Kissinger booked don't call that job again and again Your garage failure that his country, where this tracking and hatred for unions time to get those white. Servative, voters energized, I I think you could leave that up to Donald Trump, no Oh man, you still get it yeah. We need to get the drop, drop drop, the trip. Why should Any Democrat trust you Joe.
To wake up a lama, boy Why J Ice cream? Let's get to it so there are more manufacturing sent in fearmongering is happening, so I want to cover this story will quickly here it is so this is New York. times Russia secretly offered afghan militant. This is an old story from a couple weeks ago, but it but there's a there's an update to it. So that's why we're gonna go have never having covered this. Yet we were on vacation but you saw the story when it hit right. Russia secretly offered
Afghan militant bounties to kill you S, troops intelligence says they should stop calling it intelligence. They should call it damages, because that is terminals, because that is the dumbest fuckin thing. I've ever heard Russia at has to pay Afghans to kill soul, Varick and soldiers, who are really occupying their country. You mean the thing that the Afghanistan are doing for free. The rushes somehow has to pay them to do it that way you tell me New York Times Headline Chris Christie paid to go to a buffet that either need to pay him he's pretty going. This is the New York Times. This is the New York Times. This is the New York Times after doing this, for four fuckin near there still doing this instead of the entirety
of journalism. Socks horribly Dennis Nl the entirety of it. This is the New York Times this is the paper everybody wants to work as if there were a journal. Allow my god this is this kind of shit they do on the regular and they never by the way they never take down bogus stories. They never take them down. The sub heading on that is Trump administration. Ben, been deliberating four months about what to do about a stunning intelligence assessment that the Russians are paying Afghans to kill you S troops, so I merely tweeted out nice, My jumping off point is always that the government is lying and the new
New York Times is repeating those lies to manufacture consent like they always do, and that's exactly what they're doing, and this is Abdala she tweeted this out. This tat. She goes. The New York Times lied about Iraq, IRAN, Syria, Libya and yet were expected to believe as propagate it's it's war propaganda about the Russia today, yet no. there isn't she links to all these bullshit stopping Kada feed, stop bombs, bombs, Syria. We know a rack is lying. Why we know Iraq is like she's by congolese rice. Is that who then get it together the duties and so then and then rushed in an air imitate tweeted out Russia Gate has successfully dupes liberals to transmit their justified opposition to Trump into militarism, verses, Russia. So the way
The liberals are opposing trump. Is they took their transmuted? There was the wording used yet transmuted their their opposition to Trump and turned it into being militaristic and Zabel relentless with Russia, The latest Afghanistan story is thinly sourced and doesn't make sense. Does that how bad needed incentive to kill Americans they ve been fighting, has revived nineteen years. That's what he says so high retweeted it. I said, of course, the: U S news media continues to repeat see a propaganda uncritically and it will end It once again falls on independent journalists to apply any amount of scepticism to the career criminals and psychopaths
who started every Us S, war, my lifetime, hashtag manufacturing consent, because that's exactly what the New York Times does, but it gets better than some douche from the Washington Post this guy this guy, covered diplomacy and national security for the Washington Post. His name is John Hudson, so you know this guy's a fuckin propaganda. send a tool of the highest order. Why? do I know this because he tweeted this out, we have confirmed, he says: We have confirmed the New York Times scoop. They confirmed it. That a russian military spy unit offered bounties to Taliban linked militants to attack coalition forces in Afghanistan from and then he links to the reporters and himself. So all these different reports for people to to fucking lie. You do to not know what they're talking about this person. This miss is,
The underscore why in him and then the sky Shane Harris and that's where, whoever that his neck, is she me so they said they confirmed it. They said that this is what he says. We ve confirmed that the New York Times story. This guy said it. Almost so I tweet out he's lying he's lying. He did not confirm anything He was lying, not even a little. That's a flat out lie that still up there on Twitter twittered in me, I take it down. It's a lie. He didn't confirm it at all. It's a lie. Twitter! Let let's keep it up. It's not a mistake. It's a lie, John Hudson, is lying. The Washington post is lying there. York Times is lobbying and twitter is letting those lies stay up. So I stare
as I said, he's lying. He did not confirm anything from the article, the attempt to Stoke violence against Americans, if confirmed that's from his article, so the article he says we ve confirmed it If you go to the article, this is what it says inside the article: the attempt to stop violence against Americans, if confirmed. That's in the article he linked to wet and his his tweet was: we've confirmed it. You go to the article that confirms it. It says, if confirmed, it was never confirmed. Fuckin guy John Hudson Flat out lied. There's your Washington post. Those the kind of people who work at the Washington Post flat out war propaganda.
and liars and he couldn't wait. We've confirmed it, you get. It confirmed a goddamn thing. You know what he confirmed. He confirmed that a CIA spook said that happened. That's not confirmation, John, and you know it. That's you being a good little tool, the opposite sit of a real journalist, you're, a reporter, I'm sorry, you're repeater, tough you're, not a reporter there. It is there. It is the attempt there from right from this goddamn article. Here's another right from the article news of the murky initiative comes as U S, diplomats attempted kindled political talks that could put an end to the
countries longest war now in its nineteenth year, so tromp was at his diplomats were true Trying to negotiate a way to get us the F out of Afghanistan, so he can have something to run on something to run on they're trying to end this war? Will guess what the CIA doesn't want this war to end any of those are New York Times? Neither does the Washington Post needs of this Jeff Bezos. Neither does the Secretary of Education of of defense Neither this Raytheon are bowing or Chuck Todd or NBC News or CNN they, All want this war to keep going, and that's why the CIA I did this story, they planted a fake story and then again, repeated a fake story got repeated front page. The New York Times were she did post we're confirming it they're, not confirming it. It's all. Big lie.
And now you know why people voted for Trump, because there was really in their establishment. Our hundred percent liars it they thought. Tromp was going to do his thumb in there? I accept he's not he's just like them. and you want to know how a story like that. It's planted Herzog story like back its planted, fake story like that and then a fake guy, like John Hudson from the watched impose says they confirmed it. You know that cause they're all work for the goddamn intelligence agencies, the Washington Post who owns it is literally to the tune of over billion dollars working with Fucking CIA Jeff Bezos is. Direct with the CIA six Hunter million dollars, which is
Way more than the Washington Post is worth so here's how a story like that gets pockets planted in the New York Times and then the Washington Post, here's, how that happens, a JAG off potheads comedian, is going to teach them how to do journalism if they know how to do it. They just don't wanna cause they'll get fired like Chris Hedges. If to tell the truth about war, you'll get fired, which is why they suppressed independent news on Youtube because Google and Facebook they're the ones who control the news in this. country they control what you know and what you think. That's why they're suppressing independent news, here's how this story gets planted as MAX Blumenthal points out. A dubious store, about Russia, paying bounties to the Taliban to kill. You were. Soldiers in Afghanistan appeared in the new our times. It was sourced entirely too
American intelligence officials, former CIA operations, director Johns Stockwell explain how Langley works, the? U S: Media CIA operations director! Here's how the sea, A plant stories you ready. Another thing is to disseminate propaganda to influence people's minds, and this is a major function of the CIA and unfortunately, of course, it overlaps and to the gathering of information. You have contact with a journalist. You will give him true stories. You'll get information from him. You'll also give him for stories you do by his confidence with true story. He buys confidence and set him up. We ve seen this happen in recently with Jack Anderson, for example, who has his intelligent source
does any is also admitted that he's been set up by on, and every v story just simply being falls. You also work on their human vulnerabilities to recruit them in a classic scent to make them your agent so that you can control what they do, so you don't have to set them up, so it if you know by by putting one over on them. So you can say here plant this one next Tuesday and you do With responsible reporters, yes, the church committee brought it out in nineteen seventy five and then Woodward and Bernstein put an article in rolling stone a couple of years later, four hundred journalists. Cooperating with the ci, including some of the biggest names in the business, to consciously introduce the stories into the press, well, give me a concrete example of how you use the press this way, how false story is
landed in how you can publish well, for example, in my my war, the angle of war, that I helped to manage a one third of my staff was propaganda, ironically, its core covert action inside the CIA outside that means the violent. part. I had propagandists all over the world, principally in London, Kinshasa and Zambia. We were, we would take stories which we would write and put him in. So that's like Beilin CAT. So you have been so they have their propaganda times and CNN unwashed imposed and all over the world, and then there's also just straight up that sir there's no pretence they're doing anything else, and that would be like that Beilin CAT website there, just they just whatever the CIA says they just printed vanity of time.
and then pull them out and send them to journalist on our payroll and Europe. But his cover story, you say, would be that he would have gotten from his stringer endless soccer who had gone from the vanity of times. So there you go. There's your big, Russia's paying tax at Afghanistan to kick up epic, its! I read the sea I ate their start, yet you know why they go into spying, because their shitty fiction writers that Your story, you came up with that's the story. That's the story, that's how uncreative they are there, not fuckin creative they're, not very creative guy. They lie for a living here, telling you how works he's that that creative, they dig it
to say I'm from the CIA. Here's a story go print it! Oh thank you for the story. Go here's another one go print! Thank you and here's a totally fucking fake one! Oh thank you! They don't know how much imagination increase activity. Does it take for that at a fuckin worker reporter zero take zero creativity, which is why they came up with these stupid stories and they're, always We shot that people don't buy it anymore, but enough people due to our still in Afghanistan and no one's demanding. We get the fuck out. Nineteen years later, Brocklebridge spent eight years it off is kept everybody in Afghanistan, wrapped up in Libya rare get up and Syria Red did up everywhere. So there you go. That's how you that's, how you know that stories bullshit free, because first of all its laughable makes no sense, and so now there's more to this story, those
more to this Russia story of the pretend made up story by the CIA that Russia is paying a Afghanis to kill american soldiers. I don't know if you guys know we're occupying Afghanistan, their country. If there was russian soldiers occupying the United States, do you think we do you think another country would have to pay us to kill them? There is budget afghani soldiers here in the United States. You think Russia would have to pay us to kill them. They don't have to pay us now we go over to their country to kill them for free, no one's paying us guess what guess? What So a few weeks after that, there's a new story. This is from I believe July? Ninth, so a few weeks after they told them.
Body be scared, be scared, you s affairs, she'll, say Intel on russian bounties was less than conclusive. So how John Hudson's tweet tweet still fuckin stand. How is this tweets Philip? How is that? was article still in the Washington Post. How is that still up at their website? It is because the truth has nothing to do with news reporting in the United States, absolutely nothing which its whites hilarious. that they claim to do fact, checks. I was on the rolling stone podcast. They said they had a fact check some of the stuff. I said I I laugh my head off because print print bullshit about Fucking Russia Gate the entire entire profession constantly lying there's more of it than ever Let me see have the fact Jack no snow fact check.
Happening in journalism you fucking gaslighting morons and, if you are fact, checking yourself you're the only one. There's, no fact checking happened. Journalism in America. Will you think you're doing is fact checking something that might get your advertiser pissed off. A growing chorus of american officials have said in recent days that the intelligence suggesting Russians bounties to induce The Taliban to kill american service members in Afghanistan is less than conclusive. How is it that I do the fuckin moment? This story was posted that it was bullshit. but it took NBC News couple of weeks to figure that out that awesome.
the the initial New York Times story about the intelligence on russian bounties. Characterize it the finding of the intelligence community, but subsequent reporting, has painted a more nuanced picture. Oh nuance, meaning it was false that there was actually no evident nuance. Nuanced meaning the ci was making the shit up, so we keep having a war in Afghanistan go on for a third decade. More nuanced: U S office she'll tell at Bc News. The CIA has concluded with moderate confidence. Let me tell you what moderate confidence means so the definition of moderate confidence. You know what that means. That means no. Evidence! That's what you hear them say. We have moderate confidence that me,
zero evidence. That's what that means, or else they would say. We have evidence and was it come Jimmy. That said, he was overly confident, so that's how they to use those words when, when they asked James CALL Comey about the lying that the FBI was doing to the FISA court, he said I'm a hundred I am very confident that everything was done right, so he knew it he knew they lied so when it got revealed that they lied, he goes. I was overconfident so that doesn't sound like you're lying. It sounds like I was overcome, so sounds like you got. Let down moderate confidence that with such a body programme, a term that meet this is what they say. The term means a term of art that means analysed, find it plausible, but less than certain yak,
the moon, the other side, the moon could be read out a cheese but probably not yeah. They could be paying them, but a fuckin makes absolutely no sense in it's ridiculous. Would you guys make up a better lie? The less than certain plausible plausible. You know what else is plausible: the CIA is making it all up. Is that also do you have moderate confidence that the CIA is making it all up, because I do I have overwhelmed Oh my confidence. In fact, I have evidence that they make the shit up. Although an official briefed on the intelligence told NBC News, it shows american service members died as a result of the bounties. Oh, my god, although official briefed on the intelligence
told NBC News. It shows a barricade service members died as a result. The bodies general Mackenzie it's all reports. He had not seen any evidence of that. In twenty seventeen General Joseph Voto, commander of the Us Central Command, said it was a possibility that Russian was Russia. Was arming the Taliban imagining are risking your life in Afghanistan and Russians are trying to get you killed, said Douglas London, a former CIA officer. Let's, let's break that down, Imagine you are invading another country killing
people in that other country for absolutely no reason for two decades straight and then someone's trying to kill you, oh by the PA. I never what. The president knows, but rather than do anything, he directs intelligence agencies to cooperate with the Russians on counter terrorism. Do you see this? Do you see? The CIA does not want us to cooperate even to fight terrorism with Russia. Do you see rush which we had a big reset and twenty twelve. That was the whole thing we're friends were all bodies. Putin was was fishing I've, Kenny, Bung Port with George Bush hanging out with the Clinton's potent was potent their hiring bill, Clinton to give speeches paid for by a pub brush and backward.
Would half a half a million dollars, a clip that we're all friends now, no more because we got to find way, to get our fuckin military industrial, complex budget even higher in that's what this is this manufacturing consent and Trump wants the Fuckin Russians to work with America to fight terrorism and see eyes like no way terrorism. Yesterday, Russia's the new? That's the new: that's a new money maker London, referring to the beginning of the Trump Administration, when the CIA was instructed to work with the russian intelligence agencies to fight terrorists, which is what trumps should be doing. Trump actually does something And they make it out to be horrible? That's your resistance! Scriptores! That's what that is. The revelations came into focus inside the Trump administration and a delicate and distracted time. Moreover, as Mr Trump
seeks reelection in November. He wants to strike a peace deal with the Taliban to end the afghan war, which is why all this bullshit being said right now, because Trump wants that trump wants to end the war, not Obama Trump the CIA ain't gonna. Let that fuckin happen, and neither is the New York Times in the Washington post. Not neither Nbc news they are not going to let that happen Chuck Super is calling me hello. Oh my god, gosh. Everything is just going to haggle than I had basket. Excuse my spicy language, what's happening with the job. Before I can you that do you just do one little thing for me, master call me set really. Ok. What's happening with you Master of the Senate dedicated you forgot that
thing on the end it happening out. Tell you what's happening, young man, Donald Trump, jerked as now respect my money thing, nothing is complete. Out of control. I have no idea how it got this way, what is it won't believe it. He keeps promising that all come out with a health care plan and guess what he never does. I can't what is with this guy he's a liar The study was coming out with a health care plan. Go on. And and he didn't have one and I'm all I want hey. You know there's a lot more to that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You got to become a premium member go to Jimmy Door Comedy Cobb sign up it's the moon.
Affordable premium program in the business. Today's show is written by RON Flacon, Mark Van Lando at step, Samorano, Jim Earl, MIKE Mccray and Roger Writtenhouse, all the voices Perform today by the one in the only the inevitable, MIKE Mccray, who can be found at MIKE Mcray COM, that's it for this week, you'll be the best you can be and I'll keep being me don't don't, don't you, don't you don't? I don't worry, I'm not worried.
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