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Endless War & Defeating Pelosi!

2020-01-09 | 🔗

Conflict with Iran designed to be endless!

Special guest: Shahid Buttar -- running against Nancy Pelosi in California!

Phone calls from Bibi Netanyahu, Jake Tapper, Jeb Bush, and RickPerry!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Ron Placone, and Mike MacRae!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jimmy or show so we haven't heard from JAG tampered with. I also had somebody has to say about all this gap are high Jake, it's Jimmy door Aye aye Jimmy its Jake Camper YA, know I called you, don't we, yes from the lead, with tap or yes, of course, Howard things overhead CNN right now all things are and not gonna. Why These are uncertain times that they are Jake. It's moment,
these in american history when every body, no matter their political affiliation or faith tradition, need to come together and pray for our best interests. Ok, honestly, the events of today, have me in every one in the Vienna newsroom shaken to our core. The events of today Don't you mean yesterday when I ran retaliated for the? U S, assassination of soul, bond by ordering airstrikes on. U S military base. No, I mean the events today We learned that no Americans were killed, that this was probably the extent of Iranians, retaliation and at war would seem so certain for a brief Harriet yesterday now seems unlikely I'm not sure I understand I'll, get you The miscommunication here. When I get saying we and we need earnestly pray. Who did you
think I meant the american people now I met people knew the prospect of no war with I ran would have devastating brand disastrous consequences. Oh my god, right now, my father. and prayers go out to our brave men and women in uniform, serving in the in corporate board the uniform, Giorgio our money. Why he's writing uncertain times. Forests through our resources, are covering the impeachment which worked on our backs for a while, but once the viewers began to realize that it was meaning was political theatre, to distract the border basin Levin support for the Democratic Party rating started to dip right why
especially in the mail, twenty five to forty four demo, which drop nearly seven percent. That's an important I'm oh Jake, gravely important Jimmy, but then the prospect of war with I ran shot out of the sky. The prospect that would have walked down the demo four months, if not years, spirits were high. Nobody does war coverage like CNN, it's our bread and butter and put us on the map or the fucking I see, but then this air strike really no american skilled. What are they want? A hawk?
They need me to come over there and aim that shit for them. Well, don't do Jake seriously All we can do is our own part. My humble for today was the cause my show with a statement about: U S, sir This man who were made that I went by weapons. Suppose Lee provided by Soleil woman, thereby suddenly validating trumps assassination of him and suddenly in vain our dating IRAN's retaliation. Hopefully the message was queer were cool, go, Don't worry Jake, Corporate news is ultimately pro war stance is never lost on those of us who are paying attention thanks. Jimmy.
I truly appreciate that I'm just one simple c, and anyone who is do any part in some toy your country? Is it you're, a good boy, Jacob herself, a piece of cake bow? his birthday Melinda and Accounting In so doing, jobs some had the chance to show every What are the gibbey? Georgia will see this week in Portland Oregon for the lab Jimmy Giorgio tickets available for Sunday show
GO to Jimmy Dore, comedy cam for a link for all of our tickets. Let's get to the joke. Before we get the joke, shall we I got to tell you. I can't believe it's two thousand and twenty is to twenty and I'm still trying to go over the variation. Others check writing Joe. dear bye, bye. I doubt it was a new Hampshire, the other day at around and he said he would consider choosing a Republican as his vice president. Did you hear that yeah I mean why not? He was vice president for a Republican, slamming Barack Obama. did you know that, according to the Pentagon, president Tromp was given only to shore methods. killing a radiant general solar money. The first one was drop, a bomb on him and the second was convincing to file a lawsuit against Kevin's basic up. You gotta have a background in full for that you.
I don't go see you see, Megan Mechanical is worn. Go at it and the view gap is that nice may make it Mccain is like of hate and lip gloss made a person anyway. Look I was there at PETE's wine cave dinner, people who did you I was There- is wide Cape dinner and everybody I depart their own re drover. I was there a peach, wide cape dinner and not once did any of his guest mistreat their slaves. I was there. I was there at PETE's wine, Cape dinner and the dog periodic caviar distributed equally look. I was there a pizza wide cave dinner at not once did any of the local villagers have to wait outside in the cold while they were sort for plasma look. I was there at peace, wine, cape
in her, and I can assure you the roast ostrich, with LE mingled tongues. We're all served on reclaimed old growth, redwood bladders, what's covered up on this week, show we have she hid, but tar who's running. It gets Nancy policy. for her congressional seed and he as an actual chance to bigger plus can we ever on wine, the start of the Iraq war? The answer just may surprise you, or will it plus? We have phone calls in April, Jake Tapir JEB Bush Perry and Benjamin Netanyahu plus a lot lot more. That's today Jimmy Dore Hello, this job, George Bush, Why should I
we don t even know more than my dont brother. No. Why? Because you start now or the ran starting with a white all who told you it It spread all over the news job find out. Why asked what I'm sitting here to combat all day at all. By every day, servants walkin pass me back and forth, bring me stuff cleaning up, dusting got you be taking your ten speed out for a run today, sir? No, I might not dumb brother, not me how come nobody ever tells me anything. Do you still have the secret service over seeing you keep them in the other building with the like the way they watch me. What's your secret service code, Name Jen, while
Only a picture would tell you that dickhead what you do asked what's wrong now job we were just brimming with joy over Trump starting a war with IRAN. hold, your name signing the only thing that sometimes I, U Subtype sized Google by name. Yes, why, just by looking at First, a story of wine worst campaign slogans and history. I may come our way and what was your kid pain slogan again GOSH, you don't even remember it was JEB to fix it. Remember now that sounds like a nice slogan. What's wrong with it sounds like a coil dont Buber, something that's what age
virtually all got out of his cage improved on the carpet. Again, oh, don't worry, Gyp convicted mom an ex boyfriend. Again, don't worry jacket or there were great promise. Como again, don't worry, Jab didn't think then we'll did you any better slogans. The pick from oppressed the we know Jack. I'm sorry That was the other slogan arms. Then why did you go with that one instead because I the mere up to society, and they resent that. I remind my Democrat Seville requirement and Republicans of Donald Trump. I am the egg. Essential Canary coal. Mine was towards dubious code name, don't be a ticket to Jimmy located ticket to arms
So the so we all know what's happening with the Rand Trump decided to listen to the craziest, guys inside of his administration and knock off the biggest. The enemy of ISIS general solar monies eyes than ours, and I were saying its own money and so then the around struck back at a base, an american base, but didn't kill anybody. So that's the good that was so they had to have a response rights or the other of their own people would have so CBS News brings on this guy rights This guy's, a former deputy director of CIA, might morale. Wheat leaves the one who predicted that there would be no Russia gate. The evidence member. We did a star about him and the heat he two years ahead of time. We predicted the ain't, gonna be any evidence of it and he was right
and I wonder how he knew that cause he's at the top of the sea. I hate he knows that they pick up. So anyway, here is they bring about as are expert about war, and now here he, I, you don't normally bring out a guy from Raytheon, unseen CBS to talk about war, but here they brought the former guy from the intelligence community and it was so harmless kind interesting. So, let's all watch over war, which is us killing, Carson, solar money, taking responsibility and then now firing back from IRAN taking responsibility. That's the over war, hopefully that can escalate now, but that doesn't mean the covert war is over. In fact, I think they're so the over is he saying he thinks it's over one, one over the over war the want out an open is over. We
hit them. They had us back, but he saying there's still another call. That is what we talked about. Even if we come to peace, with the ran the way that the Trump Administration did this attack was to not only piss off people inside overran, but She Muslims all over the sheer muslim world so even Oh, you can make a deal and became peace with a ran, proper, there's gotta. be? She is all over the region who are aren't gonna be in that deal who still want to strike back and of the United States, because Sola money was seen as there. A hero of theirs for saving them. From the ravages of ISIS, Sir having a written and other places from stuff like tat. But in Syria happen in Libya fighting against. So that's so now he's gonna talk about that. There are two things we need. think about here. One is still down the road at some point. An assassination,
and other senior U S. Official somewhere in the world could be months from now to try to get revenge and then to imagine that man did they take out one of our generals anywhere who knows in Iraq or in Syria in Libya are any of the other. Eighty thousand countries were happening occupying or drone bombing at this time. So that's why he say this. That probably happen, that's what s he eat isa this we have to worry about, but I'm ok here we go. We still to worry about those iranian proxies. They may still attack. U S military bases we ve seen some rocket attacks and solar money was killed and we have to remove Amber Emory there. IRAN has has so. so what he saying there. So what what? What I'll I'll say this? What the way that Trump Administration attacked array
and by taking out salami. What that did, as I just explained, is gonna, make it impossible to reach a day Todd a peace agreement. It's gotta be almost impossible because, even though the tremendous rate might get that deal with the ran, she is, he calls them proxies. From around the region are gonna, be attacking the United States and that's end. So that's exactly what guys like John Bolton wants and Pat close in, and the crazy NEO cons and palm pale its exact. They want a conflict that we can't stop. That's what the military, the understand they give him an extra hundredth. Do you know what the the cash
oh unbelievable cash cow, the military industrial complex is they want, they need a conflict that can't be stopped and that's what they're that's what they're trying to get with this is that makes sense, guess when they mean something vague to serve as just a bunch of a huge region of people that are ticked off right and then you can just have this vague, like blanket, like all, were against the terrorism whatever. That means they don't even know if terrorism is by the way we don't even have that clearly defined but that's where against, and so we have to fight indefinitely for another twenty years. Does this happen? That's exactly right run we're go now we get wit. Now we we were fighting ISIS which is exported from Saudi Arabia, and now we're going to fight. She is right because why, because we provoke them, that's why so, let's hear what else has some control over these proxies, but not complete, control even though IRAN may not want them to attack. U S basis, they could still do that and they could still drag us towards a war. So what do you say that?
exactly what been I here and have said previously that the way they did this the way they did this attack was so that you couldn't unwind this so that it would be all autumn almost automatically ratcheted up. So that's it. We're gonna, look for we're. Gonna look for people outside. the control of IRAN's government to be attacking the United States and that could take the form of anything. Even though, even though you nor terrorist attack in sight, No, not really, I'm the one. The one issue Emory that that nobody is really talking about is, the iranian decision to to remove the restrictions on the enrichment of uranium restrictions that were put on it by the nuclear deal and the reason that's him? So let me just refrain that for you. So he saying that the uranium decided to pull out of their there, the nuclear, your deal they had, which kept them from
limiting their enrichment of uranium, so he saying they re a rainy has pulled out. Will you you and I both everyone who, what everyone knows a trump pulled out of that that that, though it was trump- was the first one to pull out of that again. And he's really creative writing getting it. As recently Emmy Ivan simultaneously trumps like tat, I was bad and I got us out of that, while this guy's going on all with them yet now he's trying to say It was the Iranians who did it unilaterally or he's framing it that way for sure to mislead people watching it we go Barton is because does IRAN will very quickly get back to a level of enriched uranium. That's Oh concerned, Israel. That is real back in two thousand. So again, it's never gonna stop. So this is exactly what crazy people like palm Pale and John Bull wanted. They wanted a situation that you can on wine. So now
ain't gonna start in reaching their uranium again and now is really going to want to strike them for that. She is going to want to strike the United States are so they got what they wanted. It seems like they're gonna get with wanted they wanted and on the other, they wanted a conflict that you couldn't stop yeah and they want us to always be at war with Eurasia the this is it. We ve always been at war with Eurasia. This is it anybody who voted tromp because he was an anti interventionist. You just saw him get role by the military industrial complex. That's him trying to start a war in the end and trying to start a conflict that again, you can never stop or unwind. So he let you down and if you think his second term, if he gets one, will be less militaristic than the first one there
Lincoln Coup laid. This is what's happening. This is the way they did it at its fits body to see guys like he did this guy. I expected him to come up and be way more bellicose towards. I thought, but he's a actually sounds reasonable. I well. Maybe we can. Stop way we weaken may because he knows it's already too late to stop it. I don't know, but he seems of reasonable in this interview he see in fact vacuum on to say, ironically, this gives us a chance to have some peace talks with the ran. This will bring them to the table. I don't they. So I think that the Iranians, how what this teaches them, is that it's a useless to make a peace agreement with the United States. And you better find a way to enrich uranium and get a neutral nuke, because that's what North Korea did and guess what we're not bombing them. Libya gave up their arms ilkka, we did to Libya, yeah yeah, I mean compared
you, like the, as you know, a lot of the corporate media. Just rehashing the eye rack soundtrack unjust, inserting different names. He does some reasonable Lisi, giving you no analysis of what's going on, but about em. It's beyond discouraged, yes, it is so there is some so there you go. I mean where that's really the news so far on what's happening. It ceased ironic who, because Soleimani was on earth. He was on a peace mission. It's just the dumbest. Well, it's not dumb. If you know what the military industrial complex his goal as their goal is to have chaos, in the Middle EAST forever guy ran, was on the list of countries yeah. They are on the list yeah, and so they got it and wise Trump allowed to do this, because the Democrats are complicit because the Democrats are also in bed with the military industrial complex, because every president, since world war to a war criminal, that's why
the Democrats, while their screaming about impeaching him, were giving him the money to bomb these people anything else and more and will add more new NAFTA too. And then became the New York Times still gave of day increases buying powers. They gave him new NAFTA, they gave them. They gave him money for Britain Border Wall yet dig it. They gave him a hundred and thirty one extra billion in the NBA, and they took out the provisions, I would say, him from doing this specifically solved that already talk, about this and then the other video we did that is with MAX Blumenthal, but Democrats had placed with two the NBA egg, and it got by partisan support to say tromp is not allowed to do this you're not allowed to take any the money were giving you and use it to attack ran. They took that out and the Democrats went along with that. So why not just went along with it. Nancy Pelosi was vocally against all those amendments. Was she
She was vocally again to give as against them really like. She was not for them. I did not know that not know that I thought she rolled over, but she was actually against near. She was not for those amendments. She was not for oconnors or by release really Mental Sierra resolution yet how she had a resolution that was in there also that she was off on olives wow? That's all I can keep saying while it's just it's, it's amazing, the unbelievable corruption inside of both our political parties, but I grew up with a democratic household. We always thought the Republicans were corrupt and working for the business and that the Democrats were working for the workers, and that was, we thought turns out that end debts that will no longer both in bed with big business. They both work for big far, my health insurance, military industrial, complex wall, while street and fossil fuels that both Ed and the Democratic Party it date there done it so long and of
come so corrupt. They lost a trump. That's how bad it's gotten. Baby, it's marster over regarding one in the house now do well, maybe the world's burning and were bobbin everybody. What what do you mean? It's all good! This could be the start of world war, three baby, So we are on the same page here we're talking about what now tromp assassinating all that not going as bunker. I buried room, be we art, you worried in all. President drugs have maybe
But on many fellow don't you You ve got all the credit. didn't even know who that guy was, until I told him to kill him and told him how to do it. I mean you know what I mean Remember one corner o Brien bright with my dog. This could be worse the Vietnam WAR, Vietnam I'm still not following you. Ok, this good. end up being worse than the Iraq war. You are God. I ran around three. I guarantee you it or have enormous positive evaluation on the region. Did you know two thousand to you? Both the exam same thing about a rack about women
rack. Yes, you did Have you on video? If you take, Saddam Saddam's regime, I guarantee that and will have enormous positive reverberations on the region. I think that people sitting right next door. In IRAN, jumpy and many others will say, A time of such regimes of such just box is gone. There is a new something has happened, see you said the exact same thing: that's not whoever that man is worth looking It is you and it's from C span, there's a Cyrano dear image, with the name, Benjamin that in Yahoo, just
better than electronically generated captured of my name superimposed under my faith on feed ban. It doesn't make it true that you, in two thousand to speaking before Congress, risk. You speak up, that's that's hard won ahead, so you got me there, buddy, don't let's just or argument sake. That wasn't me still not what I said. All I said was give you take out here. RON, IRAN's regime- I guarantee it. Would I enormous positive reverberations on the region, but he's got the same thing as me saying if you dig out come, sit down regime. I guarantee you that it will positive operations on the region. Do you see the difference? really buddy? I don't have that
Everyone knows that I never used the word. Anyway. That is all I have to say today about that. God that's got to go now because I feel another bride. Coming on I'd like that Hey. You know we no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show. Is you become a premium Where we give you a couple of hours of premium bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show you could do it by going to give me your company that cop clicking on joint premium and supposed affordable, privy approach grab the business and it's a great way to help put your thumb back in the eye. The bastards thanks for everybody. Already a premium member and if you have it you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support
speaking of them Craddock Elites who are pro war, we we have someone who's running against. What are those democratic elite with us today, special guest he's a public interest advocate writer, artists and constitutional lawyer, he's childs in nature Josie, my favorite hundred millionaire in Congress and in the upcoming march towards twenty primary and is running as a democratic socialist congressional candidate for California. Twelve district. Please welcome to the show she hid, but how ocean Thank you for being with us. Then I say your name correctly. You didn't succour to do what you Jerry thanks for the invitation was it's really great. Have you on the show San Francisco is not what people think it is? It's a bunch of a rich people write that living Nancy policies. District I mean I call it is clear that is a lot originate.
That's it serve its more diverse that it's more of a Hilary place that it is a Bernie place while not if not, if I'm successful in my work, I am I'm running precisely to deliver San Francisco preserve myself. So that's what my question is: in my view, its a Hilary, it's more of a corporate Democrat district that it is acts of district, can you win yeah? Now I have every confidence that we're gonna win. In fact, I would say that, with every passing day grow increasingly convinced that Nancy Glossy doesnt have a chance of retaining the sea precisely. Because she is so allied with the Trump administration that she is relying on political theatre, you to convince her constituents that she's actually showing up for work- and I have enough faith in my neighbours. I think we all see through it- you do as well. Canvassing and I'm out on the street of talking to people were knocking on doors at least half of it
While we talk too, when we say we're running against policy there, like jumping out of their shoes and thank God. Finally, we ve been waiting for all cities than over her. You could think of Nancy Policy as a politician and funded by corporate interests that are not based in San Francisco, who, for the last twenty years, has collapsed the voice of the countries most progressive city, her reading contributors include pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies fossil. If your extraction, companies, weapons manufacturers, none of them were based here. San Francisco might be the wealthy community, but we're still a home of the peace and justice movement were dedicated to climate justice, where a sanctuary city or a welcoming city to people of all kinds, including people. However, they express their under an orientation? As assist Hydro muslim lawyer from the MID West, I was fighting in the courts for marriage equality ten years before Nancy Policy, with all the institutional privilege of the speaker, House deigned to show up for the rights of my neighbors and when she did finally show up it was on the eve of a decision. By
a conservative supreme court. They took it off the table, so she never frankly showed up at all, and I see this pattern in her. She funded she's wars. Yeah. You know she swept CIA torture and write the whole city. I think for a generation has been waiting to shrug off the yoke of veiled corporate rule and zoom out from San Francisco to think about the dynamic national. I can't tell you how, many people have spoken to. Since I started running in twenty eighteen who said to me, I am with you. We need to take over the Democratic Party. I can't support you I will end my career every sitting, elected members state legislatures to people who are running but think they might who say. I can't touch you because you're running against the party leader and that's me demonstrates a crisis in other dimension of the crisis in democracy when the so called democratic party is so anti democratic that people can't even contemplate making their own choices because they have to demonstrate, feel cheated. The leader, that's a dimension of the problem
but I also am aghast by and I'll make it even sharper than this, the low plan for the sea, because Nancy Policies and our aid is they wanna handed off to her daughter. If there's any known, pisses me off more than the corporate coordination of the nation's most progressive city is nepotism like em, we did not move halfway, in the world, so I can watch offices effectively be inherited I aristocracy not willing to let that go down, I'm here again as the voice of the constitution and defender of the future and in this it is with the already. I already represents an Francisco, it's just a matter of time before they get inescapably clear. That's what Nancy Policy lost her mandate by aligning herself too closely what Wall Street and the doorway Why I really hope you're right about that wow. I really hope you're right about that, which is why I dragon dragon
feed, I'm haven't you on the show. It's just that I was so disappointed. I just think that I just thought that that district was so a wealthy and so out of touch with the progressives that you know So are you not my mom? I hope you can do it. You're euro, your great speaker, and does so hopefully to work now. What are you afraid that the no in California it. We have a weird system that the rest of my country doesn't have to go ahead and tell people that talk to jungle, primary most people, think of primary elections as each separate party having their own separate election winners, going to fight each other at the chuckle and here in California, because so much of the state is effectively a one party region. We decided that all of the parties and all of the candidates will run against each other in the primary and the talk to which ever party they come from will go to the general election, so it if I'm successful, and why
in fact for Rankly. I am very confident about our position to take the second place in the March primary when I'm on the general election ballot against Pelosi in November. It will be the first time this see that there has been an intra democratic, general primary challenge and the idea of having an intra democratic party. Challenge in the general election means that somebody like me coming from the left against Pelosi, I dont have to beat her in the primary I can take second rendered I'll. Have the opportunity to face were alone in November, and it creates a remarkable opportunity for people like me in this race, In the past one of the challenges of the jungle, primarily as a when a lot of people feel opportunity and a jump, innovation it gets crowded. It can be difficult to establish enough momentum to consolidate enough support to its second than when I ran last year and twenty eighteen.
I did read the progressive field and, frankly I did so by a mile. I was unable to consolidate a knock support to get second place. I was edged by a Republican by a thousand votes. Just a couple notes there. I was only in the race for three months and I got no media attention and we got seventeen thousand five hundred votes because we ran in the strongest campaigned for the seed the San Francisco ever seen this race. You know we ve drawn support from ten times as many people we raised about eight times as much money. We still have ten months left. We have literally thousands the volunteers who signed up on our campaign, we have hundreds were actively mobilizing at any given point. This is these are among the reasons why I think policy doesn't have a chance. I appreciate your point about. I do know what to do with a microphone, but it's not on the basis of my skill that I think we're gonna flip the seat. I the rest, we're gonna, put the cedars we're getting so much support. A bee policy is near.
so far to the right constantly and every time she does it. She pushes supporters into our arms. See. Tromp is doing such a terrible things to the republic that everyone is growing alarmed and people who never paid attention to politics before our growing woke and as they examine the facts and examined the issues and examine the history, there discover the Nancy Pelosi is no friend of theirs and you're totally right just to press on one question that I hear you raising the San Francisco changed a lot right. It's not the same city as we were in the nineteen Eightys and Ninetys are frankly if this were still ninety ninety San Francisco and I had the chance to run issue. I am now without electorate we'd, when this race blindfolded with my hands by my guy, but even though the city's very different now and there has been vicious gentrification here in the housing costs or through the roof, and it's a much wider city than it used to be, and it isn't much wealthier city and also a much poorer city in our homelessness problem has gotten much more visibly acute San Francisco. Among the newcomers to San Francisco are either people who are
grappling with the empire from underneath the boot. For instance, all of my neighbours who are announced and people who are struggling with the cost of housing and everything else, healthcare in the city and It includes a lot of people, and I think this is what depressing on upwardly mobile, often very white, and predominantly technologists to have come into the city, those people we can, we can get them, they will vote for us for a couple different reasons. One there empiricists, They know that the climate chaos is coming for them and they know that no amount of money is going to his little brother and they recognize that the corporate Democratic Party is running our country and our species off of climate cliff and in those technologies are not willing to be lemmings. They are at least politically iconoclastic. Now a lot of them are itemised they're, not necessarily engaged in so my project. Our work over the next ten months is to reach engage at an all those people, and it is because of my faith in my neighbors frankly and bend my very profound belief in the wisdom of the city that I am so confident
I'll be representing at an ear. So because we have this jungle primary, it doesn't really matter would party you re when you run so wise right, so we get mean you're not eat, you sure, no values with the Democratic Party as it is today. So why why? Why intake? Why not take this unique?
opportunity to run outside the party, because I want to take the party over men beyond liberating one seat. If we knock out policy through the value proposition here, ultimately, is to send a signal across the country that no Democrat, who is a centrist, is safe in any bourbon area or cause you a quartet started that in the last cycle. I think if we and she knocked up a number three democratic in the corporate- above all, if we take out the leader, the signal that that sense and I'm playing for marbles much bigger than one to gradual c and if I ran for some other party, it would just before the seat that I would be contending, but I'm contending much more than the sea. We we're here to remove the corporate collaboration of the Democratic Party. I often say that my candidacy proposes to end the bipartisan consensus on corporate rule. In that respect, I feel a great deal of alignment. Inspiration with the next president. Bernie Sanders has been bounding the strong for fifty years and
been doing it for twenty. I dont have his longevity, but I do have the same depth of commitment and the Saint demonstration of commitment to putting people before profit and communities before corporations. My entire career and I've done that is a direct action activists have done, is at an impact litigator. I've done it as a policy advocate as artist and Adam there is an actual nonprofit leader and on doing it as a congressional candidate, and I hope to take that same voice into Congress. It I think that we have an opportunity here, bigger than a seat bigger, even frankly, the just ending a bipartisan coaptation of our democracy. I think the end of the day. What we are talking about yours is: will our species have a future, and I think that the climate crisis and the need to secure a consensus on the green new deal. and the need to secure a consensus on dismantling the Pentagon to ensure climate justice is an interesting intersection there. We can, under those are imperative to the same degree as making sure that we, the people, are being policed by our criminal leaders. Of these are all imperatives
and I'm the reason I'm running as a democratic, because I hope at the end of this process, not only to be representing San Francisco in Washington DC, but also that the Democratic Party might be able to live up to its name like yeah fingers cross, but so that, even if you so. Let's say this happens. Let played our Bernie Sanders, wins the nominations. He overcomes the cheating, the virtually an expert. Right, any what Andy media smears in that thing. In the end, he somehow becomes president well. The damn corporate democrats have been them the democratic, more conservative and they are progressive right in Congress and so they'll just the line with the right wing to oppose your agenda. So why not just a new party anyway, to think about.
See and roll call from Illinois, Paul and birdie right there all running as Democrats, because we share an agenda of creating a different pole. I totally think you're onto something here about recognizing that the democratic or in the way of justice and are not showing off for the values that they clean. to stand, for. I think the solution to that we could either- and we tried this with the green party- to build an altar the party I was a register greed for more than a decade and faced with the option of confronting the corporate resources of democratic Party, with a grassroots alternative versus just running within the party to take the reins you might describe. The strategy that we are pursuing is much more audacious and bold. You know I'm not trying to build a new carriage to be the one on the field. I'm you know I'm trying to wrestle the person with the range out of a seat to take it over, and I think that there is a huge opportunity there, because many democrats- and I'm not talking about the elected, I mean the rank and file the base. I think many democrats want to see bold,
representation. They want to see more vision, there's a reason that burning weeding the democratic fields, because America has been waiting for voices to say that healthcare, housing and food should be human rights. We shouldn't be forcing people to compete for basic necessities. It is brutal, it is barbaric and in fact about maybe that's to mean the barbarians. I think barbarians. Where more civilised. We hope they always took care of their own communities. We kicked each other, street. If we get sick. Think about how in saying that it is an Americans are over there over this paradigm that has been so vicious to human rights has been so vicious working families that is kicking a future off a cliff. I think many Americans share our interest, yours and mine, and seeing a broad refashionings of our political landscape and only by contending for the reins of the Democratic Party. Do we have a chance?
I think, to meet the needs of the future on the timescale that we needed. If we're gonna build an alternative party, that's gonna take a generation and according to the climate scientists, we don't have that kind of time. We need it's. It's it's it's throw down or get out, and I'm gonna feel like with Nancy Pelosi. She's not going to show up for the interests of our kids to defer constituency in our city were our campaign, is gonna show the door. So how much does it hurt? You know how much of a good punches due to see people like gum oh see, and people in a squad go to Congress to fight the power and then end up having to vote for their debts. He proposes their goddamn leaner anyway, after by the way after she moved to, the right should have moved in a left to get aid cease for smooth
to the right to get the conservatives and little girls just went along with them in the progressive went along anyway, because you know that's the what lip the progressive that they're they're they're, not third, there not fighters, and you say you want to be an assertive. So how can you talk more about that that your idea of journey being assertive yeah that and just to press on the point at which policy was chosen by the carcass deleted. You might remember this would have only beginning of I guess November. twenty eighteen. Ninety unjust, yeah, twenty nineteen notes are twenty atrium scrambling on yours. So in a twenty eighteen there was a debate. Barbara Lee at one point was gonna run for the speak, right and and and she added just barely losing the race for the democratic policy Carcass church services, like the number, is almost their sleep. The Crowley got knocked out of in terms of the party leadership
by removing figures like policy and people like me, going into Congress, we could shift the balance of those boats exactly those boats in the person who I am Set of people who I would most be eager to see serve as speaker would include Barbara leave or privilege. I have all, perhaps someone the squatted, a future cycle, I'm eager to support those voices with the voting Congress to make them the speaker. We don't have to have policies and just to be on the need to states that I think is fairly obvious. The strongest way to make sure the Nancy
he is no longer. The speaker of the house is just to make sure that her seat in Congress is occupied by someone else and to that extent I offer the national movement an opportunity to unseat a corporate kilometer of our party and a key player in the corporate coaptation of our country at an ally of Trump. As you noted somebody who mounts the article resistance claims, the support of people inclined towards resistance while paving his road. We can't let that go down any more and San Francisco with me. I have ten months, Bilbil caisson expand our support base beyond the eight thousand five hundred donors were already feeling our camp had just this morning. I was endorsed by the: U S, letter microbial an incredibly honored by his,
endorsement. He somebody who have admired for honestly, my entire life and his legacy of reading the Pentagon papers into the congressional record. The reason that Daniel Ellsberg is a national hero and not an international exile like Edward Snowden, is because there is no My group, EL in Congress and the opportunity to provide that constitutional legacy and disgust. Your question are being assertive I'll. Give you an example here, one of the ways of Micro Bell was asserted. He challenged executive power. By challenging executive secrecy, he stood with whistleblowers, and I want to take a minute Europe. It's ok, just a whistle Blowers are conscientious career government civil servants who give up their careers to do the right thing there. People who they're, not radicals they're, not flaming, lefties their work for them government right, and they they end up falling on their swords to alert the public because they discover things that are so alarming said, and this is a perfect description of Edward Snowden and instead of standing with those people and just understand
whistleblowers due for Congress. Usually the way Congress finds out what's happening in the world. You invite executive officials to come for us in hearings in this, where oaths and they say words and sometimes those words aren't so connected to reality, and it takes so blowers to expose official lies. Edward Snowden came forward and exposed official lies by Obama era officials, as well as Bush era, officials endemic that's very their heads in the sand. I'm not ok. I've spent and years fighting the surveillance state and its not privacy, are worried about its democracy. You can't have democracy when you can't have descent and you can't have descent when you dont have privacy, it's not just the fact that surveillance makes people feel botched. It's the fact surveillance, makes people silent, especially vulnerable people that hills our democracy, that's one of the reasons I senator thou seest in my voice and opportune
the need to revive and resuscitate the legacy that he once champion and in Washington, and I think the american people Gunnar are with us both. So you, again and omitted represents so you against the surveillance, stay your against this unconstitutional spying, that the government is doing on every american and why? What a lot of people? say the global. If you have anything to hide, what are you afraid of global? I have a lot of shit to hide, but I so I have a lot of shit to say right away. I might have observed died, but I've gone to some stuff that the government, doing too and that that's how they can silence me right right, that's exact, right and there's a big difference here. One thing I appreciate about you is that you have an audience and a platform and you use it and many people, don't you know, or, alternatively, many people don't have platform, and they ate particularly, are especially vulnerable, to being silence was this. Take, for instance, let's say say: you're gay in Alabama right were worth
no you're muslim in south taxes were you're. You know some brand of favorite thing wherever you are the fact of survey, Lynch diminishes your ability to speak your voice to the fact that you have something to say and are willing to say it. in my mind, makes you american it's so many people need to speak up at a time like this to defend our neighbours that to me as the the call of them. And I'm somebody I wheeled alot of privilege, and I had a chance to train it. Each when I was still a student at Stanford LAW school at work for the world's most prolific, digital civil. But his organization, the Electronic Frontier foundation. For six years I ran a national nonprofit dedicated to flipping the Patriot ACT, and I did that under the Obama administration. When liberals many self describe liberals couldn't be, you know he couldn't care less about their own supposedly stated values, and I'm an eager across these different rules about had whether it was working at the weather was leading the bill of rights. Defence Kennedy, whether was
presenting Jason West and bringing the first marriage equality occasion, the state of New York, when other Democrats were nowhere to be found or organizing anti war demonstrations. Fifty years ago, and now again, today, All of these different contacts. We have opportunities, I think you're totally right to see how bad the crises are and how they compound on each other, but I often feel moved to remind people as bad as our crises are. Our opportunities are just as immense. If we're well to get on the other side of the climate crisis. If we ensure adjust transition for all workers to be part of the new economy that is based on renewable energy and a green economy, that's gonna, be an incredible fortunately for a renaissance and our civilization. What's he gonna be like when people dont have to make choices about where they would have based on their jobs, where they dont have to make choices about how much time they spend with their families, because there
rushed to put food on the table when we can actually care for each other and communities, and we have a social policy that reflects that joint commitment to each other in the future. I think that we have a bright future. Ass, dark ass Clouds that are looming- not just our horizon, been over us at the moment, are, I think there are huge opportunities for us in the United States of America going forward if we manage to to reclaim our democracy from the corporate. The defenders of corporal who taken from us so so D, think that the establishment sees you as a real threat or just as a an amusement. The reason I think I do see me as a real threat, one as it Nancy policy, showed up for a theatrical impeachment process. After a year of sitting on our hands, the things that forced her hands included, people are the country saying get this criminal president out of office, a whistle blower from the intelligence community and mind. You there's an interesting irony here that at the same time that the speakers were lying on a way
so our for her impeachment process, she also was kicking other whistleblowers down the stairs, silencing them. This is a point I made a few times and I wish war. Reporters covered their speaker. Pelosi unilaterally imposes a set up, wars that deny every member of Congress except for her hand, picked deputies that with security clearance. That's why executive secrecy is able to persist. We would no, so much more journalists would know so much more. We, the people wouldn't doing so much war. If speaker, Pelosi, weren't the speaker actively enforcing executive secrecy on a democratic Congress. Have these may have they smeared you yet It comes out in different ways. Usually I hear people talking about my appearance and I don't know how many of them were sent by the policies or if it's just the generational sensibility lit you know have the fight around, but that the other way
but I know she has taken heed of us I'll. Give you two more one. Is the war powers resolution that Roquat Bernie Sanders sponsored last spring? I was speaking at a protest at Speaker policies office at the precise time that they announced that they were flooded. Positions to embrace the corner Sanders WAR powers resolution are granted just like impeachment. She only showed up half way because then she refused to hold trunks due to the fire and actually defend that position in the conference. Kennedy and I ll give you another one. This is especially fine, so we ve been projecting nighttime projection actions around the city of meat projected our camp. Pay logo. Any number of names on the side of the federal building in San Francisco speaker, Pelosi spent public dollars to install, floodlight to block us rejecting passages. So she said the money to insulators out from criticism by our campaigns. It was very clear indication that she knows where they're, so that's that's good there. That drought is. That is a sign that there that's good. You have to have signed it. There
Brady scientist wanted just go. I don't wanna be a prick about it, but a guy in the White House, is not a whistle blower that CIA guys just a spook do and shit. That's books do if he was a little lower he'd be blowing the whistle on the CIA in jeopardizing his job. That's not what he did Joe you're right. what news, if he was a whistleblower he'd, be in prison, because I'm because so? We go to a list of anger, but yeah yeah. Ok, ok, so, and so you know you you first, I want to show you this so so why you're you? I have a soft spot for you for many real one, is that you actually were arrested for doing journalism saw show little bit of that when Jesse James Clapper of former head, of our national security states was lying to Congress about as surveillance. You want to see this watch this when I wanted to see is if you could give me a yes or no answer to the question. Does the Anna sake
collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans, no sir. It does now it now. You didn't see. Backward second How can you get away with it? So he's not he's just Blake plainly lying right, and so that's what another thing right. So we have this guy now they robot under they combine, did MSNBC and CNN and there's their sauterne spoken like their real patriots when in fact their their criminal. who like to Congress, which means they lied due to the American. People and then so you conferred on him after he said that here. I want to show that to what are you have you say you can t communities collar and there's no labour police that were subjected to actually nationalist oscillation for selling Leucadia Garage, don't send someone you can get away with it, jerry than before this Why is your agency above the law, so that was
very cool thing that you did there that was granted that you give chanticleer. It wasn't the same moment, though, The hearing where he lied to the centre widen was about eighteen months beforehand, shouts the questionable had so that was you guys making the point that? Why do you guys get to break the law on television in the head? and by a but everybody else, but like you make the point there, what you are saying is garner ourselves, Lucy's, which is a threat to no one gets choked out before even gets a trial right on video I mean it was its and think about this. With respect to the debate about police body cameras, alot of people when the movement for black lives, even we're saying we want police body cameras Eric Garner, is the proof that police can murder somewhat on tape, viewed by millions of people around the world and are still no accountability. The only person involved that incident
who went to jail was garrison called the video, and I got should that's not ok, it's it's! Not! Ok, either for public officials to lie to Congress about matters of grave constitutional importance is also not okay, for I suppose it public servants to prey on and arbitrarily kill random people who are suspected suspected of trivial acts. It's even worse, when we allow both of those things to happen. We have permissive justice, justice for the powerful and we have predatory rethought justice for the power less and I care to mark out about the principle of equal justice. I care too much about due process. I care too much about our constitution. I care too much about the values that we have stated on paper to just with my wife, while we're shredding those values as if their isn't survive alarm fire going on in there. I think that one of the things about this political moment good, I'm so inspired by your family
did my life. I've felt alone in reacting to the five alarm fire that I've seen all around me, but now with trumpet office with especially the possibility of a war in IRAN. I don't think there's an american around who doesn't feel a sense of alarm and crisis. Everybody understands, finally, that it is time to show up. We can't just you, don't do read our lives and put food on the table. Pretend, like our office holders, have a hand one the one silver lining at the moment. Is it the collapse of the system is so glaringly obvious that I think everyone is now reaching in to recover our democracy and in that act profound possibility emerges So the one silver lining are one of silver linings from a drum presidency is now that the right is sceptical of the intelligence community, which is unbelievable. that has happened in my lifetime, but it took trump to do it now. The right is sceptical of the FBI and the CIA and,
our foreign wars. So would you desire It is right it, which is I mean we people should make more of that. I think it's, but I do think that day would you be reaching out to the right, to help oppose our intelligence community and of these foreign wars, yes- and I've done that before. So I help organise the fourth amendment carcass. It said bipartisan group of house members that have come together across party lines in the past. Ass to challenge and surveillance. Did I'm proud of that work. I did that in Washington hasn't organizer. When I was reading the bill of Rights Defence Committee, my work at EU level Similarly worked with people from across the political spectrum. I was working with Occupy Oakland and the open prime if you work in group which was fighting surveillance policies at the local level in and around the Bay area, at the same time that I was working with Alma Liberty, Ladys in the brass got to fight the use of
self suicide, simulators user government surveillance towards its by on cell phone network, so we were fighting those in Nebraska. I have long worked on both sides of the Isle in defence, constitutional rights. At the same time, the flaming leftist I have challenged corporate war across all of its different manifest there is another way to put that is that an I'll I'll even lay out the spectrum of issues money in politics legalizing cannabis across the federal system. mantling, mass incarceration and dismantling mass surveillance. Those are all issues that their transport it is in consensus already favouring and if we work across the ILO think that there's a chance to re fashion, the dynamic it over told- and I think this feeds into part of that So did I understand you have about the corporate coaptation of the Democratic Party were told that is left versus right and in new, and I recognise that its often left and right against. We, the people
the way that he or she has said this. The talk and talk versus bottom, I sometimes described at its centre versus peripheral and the periphery shares interests in preventing the ossification of power and money in politics in the way that it seized our system. That's an issue that many libertarians are concerned about the way particularly that weapons manufacturers and their economic interests, Dr International conflict, many libertarians cherished and concern about that. they're, not gonna, see eye to eye with me on my climate agenda right there not gonna see eye to eye with me. I want you to establish health care for all were expand,
rights to include housing and food, but they will at least embrace the anti authoritarian parts of my agenda, and I think that there is a big opportunity there to out flank the corporate consensus among the democratic import republican parties by by getting it on both sides with populist, and I think we have a real chance to do that with an with the right boys in Congress is far as digital rights go. What are some things that are? Definitely your agenda, the enough we can talk about municipal broadband net neutrality. Stuff, like that. Thank you for the question right. It is great to hear your voice. Net neutrality is a human right. If we don't have Shared the same access to the global internet infrastructure were all basically gonna, be taken for a ride in the promise of the internet. And possibly emerge and a non net neutral world. This is one of the few, areas where all actually give Nancy Pelosi credit for showing up net neutrality is one of the earth
is one of the issues that she has stood for, and I do want to give credit words to other areas of digital rights. I am very concerned about antitrust enforcement and the failures of anti trust enforcement over the last generation. This was going to go in a couple different places, one under the existing I trust statutory regime there's a lot of pressure that members of Congress can put on the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission to show up for work, show up for work by scrutinising mergers. Were big companies acquire there would be competitors like Facebook acquired Instagram, what's up and also scrutinising anti competitive act by companies with market power so like when Facebook, with Market power starts unilaterally eroding the privacy protection that it allows its users. Those should be cod nasal harms for antitrust enforcement. I've written articles to that effect, for beyond that, though, I want to expand the antitrust statutes to include political markets, so follow me here. The Supreme Court recently said that there's no
just as possible way to intervene in cases of partisan, gerrymandering or state legislators, basically team up and decide how to divide. Territory within their states across their voters. That's exactly what companies are prohibited flatly from doing in commercial markets, but we let political parties and politicians do it all the time. There's an that politicians should get away with doing to voters what companies are prohibited from doing to consumers. It undermines the process and it undermines democracy. We can fix that. You antitrust law. I also wanted to attitude. We rescind antitrust exemptions that protects sports leagues, that abuse their players and workers rights, so the NFL benefit from a public subsidy. That's an exemption from antitrust in american asylum, common cabernet. We, the people, should not be subsidizing that industry and had I wanna fix that, and we can do that through antitrust law.
There's other dimensions of digital rights, like the right to encroach on the right to repair. I'd like to see our rights advance in all of these different dimensions. To see people have more agency over our lives and futures as that, as opposed to last. I think that is if I were to trotted distill my philosophy into its most essential elements. That's it it's about liberating people so that people can have more choices. read, more fulfilled lies, and I think the key that is to make sure that were not being preyed upon either by intelligence agencies or backward. Regions or by tackling warm or by our suppose it represented. As I'm curious, you know, I'm a native Californian and I've seen a lot of despair in my community because of the homeless situation. I looked quickly at your website and I'm curious. Maybe you can share a little bit what you want to do with housing and to help I homeless population. Absolutely thank your staff for the question. There's a couple different ways,
that we that we can and must take action to try to deal with what I describe as just a moral failing of our civilization that stairs us in the face every day that we walk out of our houses and were stepping over people sleeping without shelter, there's plenty of shelter for everyone. Many houses are empty and the idea that we don't have vacancy taxes to force. I realise how Guild system right that and I'm gonna get. You know we're gonna go like aggressive with this. I see a huge in her sexual health care, the leading cause of almost, as is medical bankruptcy, the people that we see sleeping in the street there, not people who made bad choices, they're, not people who you don't work, they were addicts and then they lost their place. These are people who got sick and we kicked sick people into the street. I'm not okay, with that Universal Healthcare Medicare for all will do more than any single policy to prevent homelessness, and I think that plus vacancy taxes are two of the longer
levers. We can call to ensure that everybody is housed in there's, no reason that everybody shouldn't be housing. Civilizations wealthiest ours has gone on in great, that's great. Yes, you know by the way tat they are secret were, I was cognizance full and you didn't get it. How about that was the word of the day, Why won't let it he would only Windsor hands advertisers so after he has to shake hands with those greedy politicians, he can clean himself one day that age does so shit shit hid. We really wish you good luck in your in Europe. A race against Nancy policy. You know I stood in March now. People need to keep in mind mark is the primary. That's an important data. If you get in the top two, then I think, you'll have a real shot, the Knocker off. So why nobody yeah. What's your website Shaw head for change? Dont? U s all right there you go! She had for change. Not U S are, I think, for being our guest and thanks for not the beat me up for saying that stuff
by. Thank you so much for my own brother really. Is nice tat connected the. I appreciate the chance for intelligent people of goodwill to find constructed disagreement, and I will towards talking again ok right back at you. Welcome back anything Ok. So how do you want to do this unit interview? It was terrific, I feel good about that and that he won the prize. That's really exciting way the diagnosis. But that's where the odds that what I have four there is, what goes gotta get. It was Ruby picked this morning. I no one knew. How do I feel the envelope I was. I wanted empiricist to do the work, do we really want is a new year. We would agree that one two guys all over appears to do. You know the technologist gather empiricist. What You know my audience, Rick on me again, This is far more Energy Secretariat Rig Warwick area.
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