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Hillary Clinton Red Baits Again!

2019-12-05 | 🔗

Hillary Clinton red baits Bernie Sanders!

NYC State Dem chair endorses Trump over Tulsi!

Syria chemical attack debunked by two whistle blowers!

Trump Republicans embrace Socialism after capitalism fails them!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Ron Placone, Graham Elwood, Mark Thompson, and Mike MacRae!

Phone calls from Hillary Supporter!  Bernie Sanders!  Vince Vaughn! Chuck Schumer!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jimmy or show Peace, Bernie, online, hey, hello, Bernie, listen, listen up good because you ve only said the word hello and I'm already set up to here with you
when I do speak waste because Bernie go ahead. I am proud of outside all a fight for the main democratic presidential primary further with more signatures than any of the other candidates, especially Kamel Iris. It was no longer a candidate but is still up we'll. Congratulations. Bernie! Please. Let me finish: God dammit, you dont, sorry, yes, I've done. I was also just endorsed by. I was largest progressive community organization at the California Young Democrats, one of the largest carcasses within the California democratic body. Just
well mainly endorsed my candidacy. Now you may speak but keep it short and the point because my hands or about the flap, I think that's great burning Adele. You and those who just will you ever stop I'm very quickly losing my patient when you another copy all milk had. I know what you're probably back, what do these young people, though, I'm still going with the racist, airs betting finger? Fuck, no Bernie, not dead person. A wild must cut emissions by fifty five percent to stay on the one point: five degrees of woman. You think we could do that under abiding presidency. What is funded gave a go every day without sock enough leopards up my wife, rigour, the public. I ve, never seen you suck you ass. A thing is a public. Now. Imagine if I suck my wife Britons
imagine goddammit! I don't have to. I get the message that call me a laudable as what would happen. You know anyone else who could get away with this kind of ship. Well, and understand it either Bernie I offer my until bag. I was proud that reaches friends of the sun. It I'm away. Just don't look at me. Look at my wife fingers in public time except brick. Another matter. We understand your frustration Bernie. We really do need a lock. At this point, I welcome some lucky about no shit. I agree with you shut up. I mean one. If I get the nomination any controls me some of it and I plant my aunt.
I thought I beg of you. I know I know don't get me wrong. I have no bias against people who desire to put figures. As a matter of fact, I very proud to have just received the endorsement of the democratic parties largest caucus, a finger, suckers democratic, Megacycles Romero, that's a great git rapid and they ve got to tell what every major country in the world has already gone on earth to guarantee health care as a human right, not sniffing and looking hands. But I just have to say that next time one of your books criticized my hair petulant fingers will contain a try, not the fuckin hurl. by the way. I don't respect due to judge and pay is not a further mine. By spoken with you,
Ah, yes, Luydens fomenting down the street and Johnson Media, some had the chance to show every welcome this week's Gibby Door show will see you in Portland January eleven and twelve February nine Sacramento February, twenty first, twenty second San Jose in Miami GO to Jimmy Door, calmly, dot com for a link for all those. Tickets for our lives, yours now, let's get to the jug before we get to jobs, I you know Willie Nelson. Besides gonna give up smoking marijuana dear that now yeah Eighty six years already says: gonna quit smoking part because he's concerned it might be a gateway to longevity. I'm on a sad news for
identity politics. Kemal Harris has officially dropped out of the presidential. raise I blame Russia and appearance of drew children. She dropped the eagle sheet, dropped out of the presidential race right after gave a noose and endorsed her like right after you. If he was dry, having to I want a campaign, for you would have not got there in time. That's all I'm saying is I plan to reach out to give a Newsome with a list of people. I want to endorse my hair. I look forward to compile a new book on her struggles. Where she blames everything but her creepy laugh. Did you heard this week? Scientists uncovered an eighteen thousand year old, frozen puppy in Siberia, so Rachel meadow spend twenty minutes connecting the doubts to blame on Russia's Polyolefin puppy mills.
Hey did you know there was a viral video of british people getting told facts about the american health care system and their jaws were dropping at how much every in costs. At one point the woman says so basically, if your poor, you die, which also happens to be PETE Buddha, gigs, healthcare, black booty care, but that's right, click calls it the booty care hey what's covered up on today,
show. You know we ve been out in front on the syrian gas attacks. You mean the false reasons to start another war for oil. Yes, we'll turns out there's a second whistle blower that debunks the gas attacks are tromp voting republican City in Florida. Has its government open a grocery store? That's right, socialists for Trump in Florida, plus Hillary Clinton says Bernie Sanders is being propped up by the Russians. That's right! She went from Dulcy to Bernie in the blink of an eye plus the New York City. Dnc vice chair, endorses.
Tulsi Gabbard. Is that true? The answer just may surprise you, or will it plus we got phone calls from Hillary supporter, Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer, plus a lot lot more. That's today on the Jimmy Dore show One of that, one of the big reasons why I did put energy into the bunking Russia Gate was when you push red baiting, which is what it is and Mccarthyism which is what it is you insinuate. Someone is a trader. Well, the old play book is anybody. To the left of a corporation? If you want to get rid of them, you say that there are communist. Are there too far left or their russian that's what they did their People who are supporting unions, we gotta get rid of these two cab to subversive,
so the reason why Russia Gate was so insidious and such a bad thing for the left to do, because it's always read baiting and Mccarthyism. His traditionally always been used against the left. And I said as soon as anybody goes against the near the wars- they're gonna be called Russian and if you're on the left you supposed to be against wars, but the problem was alive, people pushing Russia Gate on the left. Are pro war too? They don't say it out loud. No one says I'm pro war, but they are the people who are criticising Trump for not bombing more, that be someone who's, sir. is there on the left, but is actually a right winger. So if you were an Trump the bomb somewhere? More, that's, not a left in position. That's a right wing pause you're, a righty you're fuckin right, winger when it comes to foreign policy, and so people pushing Russia you are also right. Wingers, when it comes to foreign policy, they will give a fuck you're, never gonna pose a war, but, like I said what
happen as soon as you oppose a war or health care for your own people they're going to, smear you as being Russia, if you, if you let this Russia Gate stuff catch on well, it did catch on now, everybody's, a Russian who the establishment doesn't like what. Why thought it was just told you gabert. He oh did you will member which it was told he gathered in jail staff members together Jill style, so anybody whose publicly anti war and anybody who to the left of the Democratic Party are russian and now guess what happened Hillary Clinton went on Howard Stern. I guess she hates massage any so much he went on Howard Stern, show. I guess she hates the mindless exploitation of women so much. She will find an awkward bucket stir. That amazing, Howard, Stern and his whole thing was. He would have lesbians come on and I have sex with each
the run on air. There was a bit and now here's the former First lady said there will have to go a Jeffrey Epstein. Explain why wouldn't you go and Howard Stern, show right? That makes sense. The brute. What I'd pointing out is that their alpha, not that how that she should go and Howard Stern show or that Howard Stern is bad because he did that. That's not the point, the point: zero, fuckin hypocrites, that's the boy and while you're gonna see with Warren, go on Howard Stern, refused new challenges, idealized earn, but they'll go and Howard Stern Marty curious ground. Oh she's, been on it before, but a serious question. I will do my best, and little worm. Would you gone Howard stern? This I need. I need a gonna presently to come in and help are so here's what she said. play in bed and take back this I'm getting out. I mean I am going to go. First of all, the interviewer says to the former First lady fuck during an interview, says you ever lay in bed, say fucked,
You are aware that you say that was my campaigns. Logan every she ran a campaign that Donald Trump was immoral and naughty, and he said things like pussy. Here shoes on Howard Stern. He says fuck write to her face and she does even blink again I you make me blink either. I'm not the person running around saying I'm more moral than someone else. You know how I feel sorry for is Alyssa Milano's little kid. He can't watch this now. She can't watch this into full seclusion now. Never gonna hear from me again now. First of all, That would only delight my adversaries, so I would never do that, but secondly, I haven't is so she says that you won't go away, because that would make her adversaries happy. No, you coming back into public office by public life,
makes adversaries a very happy you going away, makes them sad, because when you attacked Tulsi Gabert hurt shown up to six percent the pull dear. The anti candid right. So whatever you want, the opposite happens. If you attack someone, it's good for them. I like hell, that's her. First, go to those like that that guy's our first thing answering the questions like what my adversaries thou and make them happy. I led leg like I just picture her like getting up in the morning. In my having a separate coffee like full, my enemies, think of Zaire facing them off that I'm carbonated girl. That's crazy! That's a very good! observation you right just go up No well, it would be bad for the country. If I were you gonna fuck, my adversary, that's if you like liquor, get always always that served go to need perspective, some which we ve been talking about it. I have a unique perspective. I have a particular understanding of the russian threat- and it's not only only be Russia, I mean for you
must be laying awake. I do. I have a particular understanding of this thing. We made up to cover up for our loss, and now everybody repeat it is vital, and that just shows you how strong propaganda works. When you have the internal, since community and the media in your pocket. So you must lay awake at night, making more shit. That was actually his question but he does it lean on her about. You really keep calling everybody. Russians you're, not nuts, with this watch what he does worry allow. You know how anagazanders I were. I worry a lot you negotiated with them. You ve seen secret intelligent, have an you know that there's these guys who phone from Nigeria who phone your home and somehow for Nagel six grand. I am I doing that and a brilliant yeah yeah. I can only imagine what's going on when flatter me, potent sits there and plans against the United States will. But you know you can read that the indictment against the Russians and I in a lot of people, didn't pay attention to it, but it's very
I informed, informative and scary. It's very informative and scary. It's not informative, but it is scary because there's no information and except there's a lot of propaganda in it to scare you d indictments, you mean the indictment of raw. actions that will never see the inside of a court room. That was drawn up as complete propaganda. That's what she said: being about run, you know what you're talking about yes, but I think she's also pointing out that the one thing this true is that not a lot of people paid attention to occurs. When did they have an opportunity right, I mean MSNBC barely talked about there you go along ever look, I know right, then, what the Russians that were indicted. Why was there ever a trial? What why was no one ever charge. No one ever were nothing, but Russia get nothing. Nobody from that. Nobody would. They went to jail for was for things that had nothing to do with it. Lying to the FBI, whatever had nothing to do with conspiracy with the Russians anyway. So let's keep going. It's just.
so nuts. The end then, Howard Stern, of course, he's just a dj, doesn't know anything about, what's going on in these all really Mps Rich, so very rare. It's like he's got the blind design He doesn't know what is actually happening in the world. The mother. port. Yet, though we had a nightmare I'll get it in the report itself, I think, is also worth reading. But if you read the indictments you basically they were like hey. Let's do everything we can to elect Donald from me, Look at those your pool, those opinions. They words that taken and our Is it Bernie Sanders, but do you know demands for an earnest. So anybody to the left of the corporation is a russian. So do you see What I'm saying now at the John Howard Stern, doesn't get jail. Odor Verde centres is russian too. He is too right. Yeah everybody is Donald, Trump is russian. Everybody and Donald Trump Cabinet is wretched. Everybody's campaign is russian, also
Dulcy Gabert, a sitting, congresswoman who's on the intelligence of Foreign Relations Committee and the Armed Services Committee, she's also a russian now, but standards, a guy was but a government for out an oath. Forty years he's a sitting. Senator he's done that one of the leading candidates for the democratic nominate? Also russian Howard Stern goes right along with it like he doesn't go. The sounds nuts to most people. Why? Because Howard stern and he got. He doesn't dealing timey interacts with regular people, they're doing a service for him. He's he's not out hanging you don't hang out with a roof or in a bricklayer after work, our people like Hilary Fuckin Clinton, that's all that's Howard, Stern, hangs out with people in that circle with that kind of catch going. He just took on the US. You see any one because, like remember you now you listen to me. I was a kid and there was like this certain David,
I think the right he was taken on the sensors he's they ends and when you he's owned by what glad. But now he's got light like when he went to satellite. It was like some just Scott loss because he won, yeah like the war was over and he one now he's on this platform now you're, not only that this money, yes and now, you're, not offending anybody. Any more because the whole thing It was on the free airwaves and now it's not and now people are paying. So nobody an essential use, others the day again today It was all gone. It's all its very tepid has shown how thick anyway I don't by the way. I don't watch it. So that's with tepid when I see it, which is almost never so my into in his defence. I, like I shouldn't, be critiquing his joke. As I don't watch it, ok. What do we hate? Bernie Sanders? Now I don't hate anybody. Bernie could hurt me. There is no doubt about it, hurt me, but going back to the indictments inadequate road me. He hurt me there's no doubt he heard me, you mean he ran into primary. So again, this is the same thing,
she's, it's not. I was a horrible candidate people. Don't like me. I bet you could, really stand me right now. That's not what you think he did, how many Events- Brazil? How many times did he go out campaign for her and was heard he went, he was doing you went to like fifteen states. He did like thirty something speeches for more of his supporters voted for her than her supporters voted for a bomb. That's right. He heard her. He heard her so no one ever bring set up by the Wake and Howard Stern is an informed enough to bring that up. He doesn't I wait a minute when you ran against brow, Obama more of your supporters voted adverts. Mccain then Bernie Sanders supporters voted for Trump Infected was double, double Hilary supporters voted for Mccain and Sarah Palin and half of that number of Bernie supporters voted for Donald Trump. So you can't that's your actually do twice as bad And by let's remember, Hillary Clinton wouldn't get out of their primary either member
they said one of you drop out of the primary. She said: hey Rob Bobby Kennedy got killed a Jew. You remember that why she was staying in the in the race, because Bobby Kennedy got killed receive. She suggested the boy a guy, might get shot that my language. I did that I totally not racist thing. She did and again. Howard Stern, doesn't know that, so he doesn't bring it up because he doesn't know it and these other people she goes out and no one brings up anything. That's why journalism sucks in America and used to go to Howard Stern, because he would ask stuff that no one else would ask, but now it's he's just as dumb as everybody else is when it comes to any of this stuff. Now thirty ever was born form than anybody. It's just an end rate against and there she in her she has yet because they were coming after him. Yet he was great. If you come after Howard, Stern, then he's with it. Just like a Republican would, in effect, impersonal. He can understand the problem here, but
is about Hillary Cleared- is why the left is supposed to do Russia Gate because now everybody's a rush of every guys, Howard Stern, goes along with it. and everybody goes along with the do you see why? So now, if you say in your against a warrior russian, if use, if you advocate forgiven corporate money out free healthcare, you're you're russian paid the ultimate Already Russia has universal Healthcare, they have Medicare for all. That's the irony head soda that's why I told people when I was at the young Turks. I tried to explain this to them and this here it is and I idle know people will acknowledge it. People who pushed Russia Gate, but here it is exactly as predicted, hey Russia Gate will help trump. They don't give a fuck impeachment will help truck. They don't care again people Who claim to oppose Trump are doing everything they can to prop up Russia. Gate was a prop up to drop. Impeachment, isn't prop up to try
calling everybody a russian instead of taking responsibility. That's a prop up to Iraq to trump unbelievable. But at least she doesn't go on Tucker Karlsson,. So here we go. A Cisco skis, keep discovery and spoken a burning about that. Now now, I'm out door. I don't talk to me. We did you. We finally endorse me in that But you're upset with a fine disappointed when it ok, so and I hope he doesn't do it again. Do ever gets a nomination. All my one eyed dude, real, ah so she's, just basically saying like he's, not gonna, get it it's not going to get it he's. Just he's just a k, I say loyal are again he's a chaos agent from Russia, burning chaos agent from Russia Enough
we got it. We have been working very hard work right away. Our voices and anal people could speculate and and have some good reason to speculate about how bad it might be was trumpet. The way has now. We know there's no guesswork. We know, and we know that, given his personality and his is his rage against anyone who questioned him. Lord knows I made the builders cop, a Russian Even if your congresswoman, that's how rageful, I know that you I'm sorry, that's not bernie you ain't, even he'll, do the most underhanded smear of someone who is a sitting. Congresswoman was on the arm. Serves me right now if seek. If he gets rageful enough, they might try to do so. It's time to retire in time to retire him while wow Does she? If there is anyone who's ever needed, a big mirror whenever they speak,
hey. This is dubious. This I you're happy below I hope you're happy. This is always a poorer by western yeah. I figured I figure that hey I have about what TAT Way and what did I do? You know what you did: she's, not dead Hilary supporter. She just dropped out of the race buddy when people are denied their destiny, that sort of a death about a particle tat. If you will and when that it forced on them that basically murder, you should be in fucking jail. Nobody forced cabal, here's to run a flimsy campaign or backtrack Medicare, brawler or boast about
ass, a getting poor people and non violent offenders. give me a break. Bear me down by the way nice job with your camera hair at the cop trope we'd be insanely racist, CERN Brigadier, but she called himself California's top cop- oh my god, how many people to have to explain this. To take note ship, you have to No it's flash people of color can call themselves things that white people are not allowed to call them, you can't say exterior of my point in our work Shades of electing a woman of cholera President has gone, no tells you but it is still in the race. Do not favour names,
our economy and therefore should lower than whale shit to me. Besides, you have even counted appear, see she's just from Hawaii or whatever Ok, whatever we would have had our first female president. Both come our a woman of color. Erica would have had its first. We You know Hilary supporter when white people use the word queen to describe somebody just because their blacker brow, and in sort of pandering way, that's actually racist. No, you! Don't nice, try, Sir an ally. So I can say whatever I want Yeahs Queen Queen come on you're, the racist one. Always that so you don't you call your a committee about never heard you call Donald Trump Orange wants Yankees.
Should look into that. So who is your candidate now Hilary supporter, worn, wait, come Harris wasn't even your candidate. Now She was not my candidate but a candid at sea with more important to me than any one else, as does it make sense? No, yeah well, I would expect you of all people to understand complex, non linear thinking by none near you mean nonsense. Ere, you You know what you know, what they're saying it's not too late for a certain somebody. get in the rain. Gary did thinking about it. Imagine how wonderful yeah he's
really Larry. The name is still gives me a wonderful if she jumped it became the nominee had lost a doll drop a second time it would be just like twenty! Sixteen all over again. I could be theory shouted Bernie Sanders all mine and call you then call you a keg such heavy days, yeah just like old times. Something tells me you're gonna, be hearing a lot for me next year, yeah yeah. I look forward to it. Why don't you racist internet man talking? He was a necessary and disgust tat by cleaning the toilet Hilary supporter, you called me down my reality to me hey, you know
We no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show. Is you become a premium? where we give you a couple of hours of premium bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show you could do it by going to Jimmied or company that cop clicking on joint premium and supposed affordable, privy approach. grab the business and it's a great way to help put them back in the eye. The bastards, thanks for everybody who was already a premium member, and if you have it you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support, hello, Jimmy door. May I please take a moment of your time to discuss some issues of vital importance for my car, Documents for I am not only mastered the Senate. I am all. so a champion of the fabled Bailey family along island. As you know,
the daily door family of everyday Americans. I like to talk about who live, have in long island. No, then about them. I did know where they lived job. when I leave to kids Joe is found out. He had prostate cancer. I we weren't, even impositions opened their concerns, with bread and butter issues, just like you and me about really, because I made them up twenty years ago to win and elections. You made them up chuck pretty weird right, but the press that approach with it, as a matter of fact, are always interested in what currently happening with the Baileys, for instance the Bailey. Maybe the very very concerned about this new russian phase out the just came out, Why why Tell you why? Because the F B, I just told of its potential Counter intelligent threat and therefore directly, danger to the bay who are maiden potatoes family. Just like you and me Jimmy,
How is a photo editing application, a direct threat to imaginary family, because it anyway- Amazon. Facebook all those other things I not at liberty to reveal because they frighten me, you don't want a bit billionaires Jimmy? Not only do they pay our salary, they also bill rockets which could actually do we blow up Martina Guadeloupe, Baileys Europe, Joe, and I lean have a daughter named Martina Guadeloupe Bay. They had to adopt because they also have a son. I don't like to talk about, the undergoing going shock therapy for exposing himself flea market, just like the average american family dead. Don't please Google, apple, Microsoft and Amazon collect similar data on Americans, but they are not over
lotta grace. I mean Russians, there's a difference between oligarchs, an old dark Jimmy Joe, and I we know the difference. Do you Joe and I lean are real. Back to their youngest tiny camps, more apparent struggling. To pay their mortgage on that space. In my brain. That makes things up and your adding shame Jimmy Door shut. shame and don't forget to bind the Russians Portions of the worship reported lie at the Sycamore Tab West. So this is the vice chair of the Democratic Party in New York device. no excited gather exciting to watch the crests Roquat before. Let you go to personally think he would be a good present would you endorse Mayor Bloomer industries
Dorothy Anybody democratic primary at this point, every single, solitary democratic set for cocktails, the vote will be a bit. Was she? She doesn't even know your name, oh yeah, that tells you gabbard is no good yeah yeah, that's all just even know who she everybody's okay. So that's the power of the military industrial complex use someone pulling at three four percent who tells the truth about a regime change wars and everybody? ex our supper tolls eager gabbard. Well, how bout Bernie Sanders by DIN really excited she's gotta get outta judge right. So the soul so anybody acceptable inch doesn't say why she says
hold different situation, but they see actually does a truth about foreign policy we can while that yeah anyone running for president of the Democratic I'm right now would far surpass Donald Trump. There's no question and you haven't. You wanted to marry, so she would vote for Donald Trump over Toasty Gabbard right. That's what I'm too! It's to judge what she's insinuating ref. Anybody accept policy. That's what she said. So I guess she's a trump voter too. She just like Donnie Deutsche Ninety, don't just gonna go and everybody and academics MRS going to vote for trap. Our number knew what he bade good president. Even you do you think, that's a big question. He had a lot of places. as mayor- and I was you know looking here- that's a dead, that's a big! Quite yet an actual question. Do you have a fuckin answer? No, she doesn't just beat around the Bush, the whole time
work with him on those, but he had mine said I know he's already addressing those in a full throated way: lifestyle in France. When he's an apology at this point when you're running for president enough anything How does he stack up in the field? Is it not just in what he did his mayor, but his experience compared to other candidates? Interesting, interesting answer, which means you didn't really answer my question at all. If it's amazing she goes well, there's a lot of places and minuses. Michael Bluebird only can come up with minuses, though, did you notice that Juliet minuses not plus is no plus is she looks she's falling asleep, really likes. You got woken up, she's like Bloomberg, Scott Alot of staff good and bad foreboding. Gabbard is not there though you may you mean Michael Boom, Barack Obama magazine Doors and Andrea
aiming at. She just beat around the Bush so much. He should she be job but they're, all Christine Quinn, just be run. the boy so much. He found Sean spicy crowds of life. So I know he wants to show. You know that we ve been ridiculed and criticized for telling the truth and being sceptical of the claims that us Assad gases, on people in Syria right so so this is how it usually goes. Trump announce he's gonna, withdraw from Syria. There now there's a chemical attack and see yeah, oh my god and then and then they all report. It creates a New York Times. There's a chemical TAT, this is what we want we now. Ok, when they see and Ngos their rights in hay sends a crack reporter.
Sorry reporter on crack over to syria- and this is how she could tell of their syrian gas on that back- is definitely something things. That's oh god, oh yeah, that's definitely I'm gonna be, so that is proof positive. She doesn't think there's anything on that backpack, because if she thought there was a chemical weapon that back back the less than she could do, was put it or face a fuckin, snippet, ok Jimmy how I think this might be there might be poison in this water right here. Let me just check it out real quick, smoking, poison right Gandhi, there's. Definitely something is definitely something I think I smell of false,
There is a definite bells like those where this there's some bullshit devolution of those it. So that's how it goes. so the media covers think they push it. So it's obvious bullshit lie. That's the kind of reporting do at sea and then they get and they write an article criticising my coverage of Syria and I got it right and they got someone who is actually there. They get a hundred percent wrong. So here's the guy who's that used to be the head of the year that the british military very handy! Here's what here's, what they did to him. So he starts ask obvious question: wait a minute aside: winning the war. This doesn't make sense that he would do this in what would they do from either? Second love wrong, or indeed the russian ambassador has made it more difficult for the UK to launch any kind of attack. without putting it to parliament. So now this guy's been waiting for a while to be interviewed. They finally come to him. They asked the question and watch
But quite apart from all the debate had ceased to Missy promise. Is this one that she mentioned by the body at was more possible motive, myself triggered Syria to launch a chemical attack at this time in this place. the theory is winning the take my word for it. The american villages where the general sense com, the Congress of the day America Centres One is war. I waited to face that and then you go last week that the same by tremble tweet, my trunk, the American finish with Iceland will Liverpool out soon very soon and then suddenly, very sorry, but nobody passion waiting for us that we do need to give it precise. Oh I'm very sorry, I just I'm sorry I'm sorry, I'm not a real journalists. Sorry
we ve gotta turn away to some commercials from rape beyond and bowing right away. So and then the New York Times They go: oh one, building one bomb, how Assad gas his own people and they did a whole thing on it. So this is how we created a virtual crime scene to investigate Syria's chemical attack. Our investigate she found that syrian government dropped a chlorine bomb. I'm this apartment in Syria see the evidence in augmented reality. You know why they call it. augmented reality, because it didn't happen. That's why take up meant heads and Boot York hey just made it up there. Bent in reality. These major thing we were, we were unable to visit Doma, they were unable to go the place but they're going to tell for sure what happened there things, but to get to the truth of what happened. we forensically analyze. The visual evidence.
Unwittingly provided by the russian reports, combining those being so they didn't. So this is our government it so they just- and so I just hope whenever I am accused of a crime or murder. I hope someone imagines that a crime scene and then presents it to a court. I hope that's what happens because that's exactly what their pocket doing there and they got a thousand percent wrong and they want an award for this. By the way did you know they wouldn't award for this, and it's a hall made up. It's all just bullshit. They talk. They started from a conclusion that set aside gases, people with glorying. They started that conclusion and then they they built up evidence to justify none of its troops, all made up totally free, can bullshit. They ve never apologize for by the way. No one else reported this either accept fuck, energetic torture and maybe Tucker Karlsson. That's about haven't, seen it anywhere else right. So this is so they do this bullshit. They go Hey New York Times. We say it happened so there you go and they tromp announces a strike. So that's easy trot
pull out of Syria. They say there was a chemical weapons that all these news media said that certainly what happened even though its now what happened and then you get Finally, I am saying this time guided by the beauty of our weapons, so this is so that's when they launched a strike right and then he'd nuts. It is pants at a missile strike They all do and then so this year it was leaked that a whistle blower who wrote a written part of the room. Port was an engineer. They wrote. The engineering report for the O pc w, which is the organization for the Prevention of Chemical weapons and they put out a reply We're saying yet looks like Assad. Gas is people which was a real head scratch, because the open, see W supposed to be neutral right and they usually do good work then a guy whistleblower. They found out that the engineering report that debunked that theory was taken out of the report.
and here's. What it was. The briefing note on the final report of the old pc, W fact finding mission on the alleged chemical attack- and this is This is. The engineering assessment of two cylinders observed that the door is. This is what was left out. They left this part out and so this guy says, the o pc W confirms that the leaked document on alleged guess Is it the demon. Syria is genuine, so they're saying yes, that is genuine. That part that that was left out, and then this guy says the leaked obesity w engineers assessment is confirmed this genuine, which means the final report actively concealed evidence that the Duma Chemical attack was staged by John, hottest and the white omits the obesity. These other see reports must not be treated as worthless too, and so here's the part they left out the summary in opposite in summary: option patients at the scene of these two locations, together with subsequent analysis, suggests that there is a high probability that both cylinders were manually placed at those two locations rather
and being delivered from aircraft that was kept out of the report. This was also kept out, the new information we have removes all doubt that the organisation has been hijacked at the top by friend, UK in the United States? We have no doubt that most o pc w staff continue to do their job of professionally and that some who, who are uneasy about the direction that the organisation has taken nevertheless wish to protect its reputation. However, what is at stake here is more than the reputation of an organisation that stage incident and Duma provoked a missile attacks by the United States, the UK and France on April on forth of April fourteen of April twenty eighteen that could have led to an all out war. The cover up of evidence that the Duma incident was stage is not merely misconduct as the staging of the dormant incident entailed mass murder of civilians, those in the old PC w who have suppressed the evidence of staging are,
willingly or otherwise colluding with mass murder. Okay, so that got reported, we reported it. We are Robert Fisk reported. This was all bullshit in real time as it was happening. We reported that too. We were smeared for efforts of reporting that, at by CNN, thank you and by watching impose there's another one. So this just happen, there's not second whistle blower internal o, pc w email, your pc, w management, accused of doctoring syrian Chemical weapons report. So I just kept to the meat of it. Firstly, there The statement in the reject the report states that there is sufficient evidence to determine the presence of chlorine or another reactive chlorine containing chemicals. So when the official report, it's a gap, looks like it was chlorine except the email points out. This is like We wonder more chemicals that contain a reactive chlorine Adam such chemicals could include Major and green of household chlorine based Bleach per
precisely singling out chlorine gas as one of the possibilities is disingenuous. They kept that out of the report. He also cite problems with paragraphs in the redoubt diversion which states based on high level There are various chlorinated organic derivatives detect. and in an environmental samples? This is said to overstate the case according to the male. They were in most cases present only in part. Four billion range as low as one to two parts per million. which is essentially trace quantities, which means there wasn't any chlorine in the area when they sampled it that's what he's saying they cut that out of the report, one piece of evidence which was shown on news networks across the world was a video said to show victims being treated in a hospital in the aftermath of the attack and Duma, the symptom, shown were, however, not can distant with what witnesses
port. Seeing that day, a detailed discussion of this was apparently omitted from the right. active version of the old PC, W report, and so finally, omitting this section of the report including the epidemiology. If that's all you say that word, which was has been re. Moved in its entirety, has a serious negative impact on the report, as this section is inextricably linked to the chemical agent identified. In this case, the confidence in the identity of chlorine or any other choking agent is drawn in the question, precisely because of the inconsistency with the reported and observed symptoms inconsistency was not only noted by the fact finding mission team, but strongly
supported by three toxicologists with expertise and exposure to chemical warfare, so they're saying the expert testimony that debunked this gas attack was purpose left out of the old Pc W report, which means it never fuckin happen, which means it was a hundred bucks. and propaganda, just like we reported at this show Fuckin a year ago and is still not being reported in mainstream new sea and ends not covering this fucking MSNBC, not covering this. I went and I look there are not covering this. You know who is covering this me and Tucker Fuckin Karlsson, covering the shame on Chris Haze and shame on Fuckin, Jake, tapir and Land and Rachel mapped out and Chris Matthews and everybody else who lets Tucker. Karlsson me fuckin scoop them! That's how shady they are that we can tell a story that super fuck it important that they don't have the balls to tell. Why does why does Tucker Karlsson allowed to tell the truth about this? Have no
fucking idea. So let me there are panel, let me throats my pal and we request. We did any of these scientists religion, experts from the obesity doubly when they are composed or did any of them sniff about because that's that's what I do. I tell they probably did not always You know I, like I did a video about that new wikileaks of. What's also in that email to is the fact that the head of the OECD, Serbia was from Turkey that that one that, like pushed for the omission, that reaction was from Turkey and also there's a lot of things that they they did to manipulate. They try to manipulate the sport in a lot of levels of the first gas attack was on April. Seventh, I believe, then the bombing happened on the fourteenth of April and they weren't even allowed to get into Do Mattel after the bombing, so they were literally trying to buy
The evidence of their fate fuckin gas attack, it was and is unbelievably worn allowed in there for two. So my and we were all saying at the time, what's the rush, why don't you like? The people go in and do the investigation and if it turns out it was then we'll have, but why? What's the rush to bomb aside, you guys been trying to bomb Assad since two thousand fuckin for what's the rush right now? Why can you wait a week for the old pc dubbed it that's exactly right, right, yeah, this is echoed happened so they bought. They made sure that bomb happen. That's why they were dislike Bob. Even like the New York Times. The corporate media would was using alleged gas attack, and that was enough. That's it that was it alleged gas attack and we get the fuckin bomb everybody and that with, and then they could the opposition. wasn't even allowed in there till two weeks after two weeks after exactly right and why weren't they allowed in their because there was shelling happening by who by the rebels. So the rebels wouldn't stop wait a bit. What will well? Why? Wouldn't they want them to come in and discover because they know if they came in and discovered that there would be bullshit story that
wasn't a chemical attack, so I don't even want to play. The Washington had seen the attack. No American had seen no being Congress could tell you what proof existed, that the attack had actually taken place more. That decides. Government was behind it rather than some other faction, and there were many in the countries civil war, but it didn't matter that there was literally no evidence. Everybody in Washington began detaining for regime change war immediately immediately and especially on the left, built yes and he's right, and that's sad ass. Sad that wouldn't guys like Tucker Karlsson me are doing. Better journal is among the most important fuckin story. Right now is our next war and Harry is: getting it right wise again. I don't know why. Why do you guys think is allowed to get this right? My head, snappy back, you know, I don't understand why Tucker Karlsson on Fox television is is leading on this story. Correctly
I don't know there's current now, I dont know about away it doesnt, which proves that the fact that tucker- and I but have been getting this story right from day one. It proves that it doesn't take an intellect too All it takes is a bullshit detector, an unwillingness to tell the truth. So, whatever reason Tucker Karlsson, is, has a willingness to tell the truth about this, and he can see anybody can see. This is fucking balls jet. If I can see they all know. It's bullshit, that's what makes me so pissed off when I turn on the fucking team he knows I know they're all fucking lying every last fuckin one of em underlying about war and they were their finger at Trump and I want to take their finger break it off its taking up their fuckin ass, though Anti war movement in this gap that country there, what there's Medea Benjamin and nobody live- NEO, liberal friends of mine, if the wheel,
No other Hollywood work in show business said to me well trope had above zero, you saw those videos like what you don't. Question NOS at all, you claim to hate tromp, but it but you're so war, while we gotta go to war, its own fucking believe like they lived through, they didn't live through the Iraq war. I mean when the LE tell us today. This completely makes it up you guys it lived through that war. Fucking, Libya, you didn't, live through that either it's crazy that liberating reported correctly on the news. That's why and so there seriously. I think everybody on this panel doesn't want. Donald Trump, too, it s in more Warner whole, no right here what Donalds rob to get us a razor? Let me talk to you. that's. Why he's an idiot he's a moron he's crazy, he's suffering from dementia. He's a wanna be dictator, but you go
bumps area, I would say one thing about Fox NEWS Channel: they follow the same categories, arrest the mainstream media. Apart from this, they are warmongering, they're. So I think I mean I don't wave the banner frocks neutral. I think that makes us all the more remarkable that he's a lot of staying out on this line up yea yet and so, and I love how people give they give people like Glenn Greenwell, tells me a hard time. Are you gonna go Tucker, Karlsson again, it's like occasionally what tell the truth about the fucking regime change wars, shaman,
everybody else. You guys should be embarrassed that they have to- and you know like Glengarry unless it go on Tucker Karlsson, to tell the truth about the Fuckin Wars or Russia Gate or the impeachment, because he's not invited and MSNBC or CNN. The less happy was invited. I see it, it was in twenty fuckin sixteen which goes to show you that Chris Haze and Rachel Madoff no they're fucking lying because if they thought they were right, they would bring on people like Glenn, Greenwell, two fuckin debate them or errand body or MAX Blumenthal. Oersted had like me, but there are even afraid of fuckin people. Like me, that's what fucking saw policies they are local. I'm confused now too. I like policies, but not when they are being will remember that the millions of people in the streets protesting the Iraq war, you, member, yes, lefties in the streets in the area of eight years of Obama, taken us from two wars to seven:
the left, just what the fuck do. Sleep has really happened if a liberal president Bob's the fuck out of the Middle EAST and sets poor people on fire wow it must be our guide man, you're, nice! That's right! what we need is. We need a bunch of these people. This is us. It is time for all nations to join us in holding IRAN too, and so this is the guy tried that keys given speech that we should invade Murat level of accountability and worthy of arrangement. Hager, especially, is lawless pursuit of ballistic missiles. Thank you.
The World community wants to keep the measure. Does the Germans there as they wanna, keep Europe Japan? Anyone still keep the deal. Let's talk about normal during that time that Saudi Arabia lies. Are you ready? The regime are their running. The iranian people for the first time, Let the guy keeps the microphone in. There is an awesome Jimmy that women should be on this parallel instead of me. To be perfectly honest, you are now
doing as we did in the case of Iraq. why, in the Middle EAST, we bring your ring up again and will mean that one
get real, does not waver like cheese. What the most flexible pursued, she's been carried, luggers shirk those labour reform and she doesn't miss a bead recipe if you're looking for your book, she was talking about NBC, raises are raised, gearing around like a fuckin sack of beans and she doesn't skipper gotta be
per year and ass man respect your me for that woman. I would like to make a recommendation to Immediate Benjamin, because I think she should just throw this in every so often used asked by pussy all those ladys use it in the future. There you go my gift to you. All I can say is that is my favorite episode of the Bachelor voyage Yoshida get arose and she does not take a well. Let's get real. I want to do is just a series of sketches of hers interrupting anything like Gordon I am the show yeah there's by any. You know what,
with a zebra ball, or what do you think you're smart, this guy, we're, although they may be, are not like that to say anywhere put our anywhere. So speaking, of groceries, there's a town in Florida, there's a town in Florida called Baldwin Florida and sixty eight percent of these. Sixteen hundred residents of Baldwin Floor where the medium income is forty four thousand dollars here. They voted for Trump right and then here's it is that you can see where it is, that's which, right by Jacksonville it's up there, it's about a twenty minute drive to the to the ocean from Baldwin to the ocean and well guess what happened. recently they lost their only grocery store, which has been a particular hardship for the large number of senior
to live. There are many of whom are no longer able to drive. So what did they do bunch of truck voters? What did they do? Well, they did the they open up. A city run grocery store that operates on a break even basis with the clerk, stalkers, butchers and other staff. All join paid job paychecks from City hall isn't there- something yes well, this is the definition of socialism This is unquestionably a socialist enterprise, but the towns residents don't see it that way as Mayor Sean, Windsor, retired Navy, that told wash posts. We take the water out of the ground and we puppeteer house in charge. You that's called socialism so what's the difference with the grocery store? There's no difference! they both socialism, the republic itself, when the government,
send something to your house and then you pay the government for providing a service. That's called socialism, that's what it is people who want to think that. Well, what about you? Just like pain for the fire part of that package, all dollars wage and we would have libraries that they open at the public expense in anybody can go there. That's not socialism. Is it socialism, whenever police Departments Libraries Park Street cleaning snow plows so, I'm guessing that a lot of these people, up in the morning. They put something in there mailbox? They put their garbage out on the curve and then they send their kid to public school, but they're, not fuck socialists they are not social sites. I know so far. the experiment has been a success. The town council had hoped to taken three thousand five hundred dollars a day, and sales have routinely exceeded that so their socialism is work and really well down there and the
dear, that municipality should have to beg. So this is the Bayer talking. He says the idea that monistic municipality should have to beg private companies to provide basic goods and services to its people, is absurd and being able to say we will just do it. Ourselves is very powerful yeah. I know socialism is very blocking power. Yes, mayors was that, no doubt you they depend your faith in full. The government is us Now that it's the people, so the government is the mayor, who's, the guy that lives next door to that guy and they voted for. What's that? Well, who is the government? the government is in some outside force from Mars, the government, our people, people that get to run for government that you know so when you say government you act like some outside force. That's coming in its an occupying force. It's not government our people that are made up of
in our communities and what's problem, is that the people who are elected to government are the people who have the most money right now, because they have the most money to be made to make the system the problem. That's the problem. The problem is a government. The problem is the kind of fuckin government, because everybody likes government, you, like the fire department. Don't you do the fire department. You like. Do you like libraries and deal with you like that kind of shit? If you like the military, that's the fuckin government I hate cops Nest, One thing- and one thing I am all for unions- accept cop unions. I don't think they have unions, so I hear your boy, I get your point about that governments corrupt and why would you want garbage control things? Garment is corrupt, but this is a local, government, they all know who's in the. So that's right when you say bring it home local, so it's less corrupt and so they're running their own fuckin. So there's a bunch of tat.
Voters who decided we need to have a grocery store and we're not gonna beggar capitalists to come back and exploit us we're gonna, do it ourselves and guess what its working its work on another level, both in California, we are the fifth largest economy in the the world. So why don't we all have? health care. I why don't we have affordable housing. So it's my government needs to work better for me, gathered new sub whom this is so let me emphasise this guy. What would you do in that situation? There's no grocery store. Would you say well. I guess we should just starve. Ok, Pretty sure I think I will go to see me. I went out, and that is what this argument. Ok,
day by day? Why don't you exercise your freedom to not have food will it also shows do I want what we talk about a lot as its wits. Gotta start on a local level. We all get involved in our local when we put progressives and socialists in our school boards in local, small town, mayors and Supply Gale Mclaughlin did that and what was that city and in all right, Sir Richmond should retain one you they beat, they beat Axa. Yes, so yeah. So what I would say is gone: it's not it's not government! That's the buggy man, it's the kind of government. You have a right now we have a government of oligarchs that is fucking everyone and trying to make you to think that the people who are actually How can you are immigrants, people with no money, no power, the people are fucking. You are the people with power. That's
where people are stick it in your ass and they're, the ones who are also letting that immigrants come in and work for, fuckin pennies because they can exploit them. If you lost your job, it wasn't because an immigrant took it is because a capitalist found someone else they can exploit even fuckin harder than you that's. What's here? ok, Jimmy, I know about you, but when I go shopping for food, I don't feel comfortable unless I know that at least part of what I'm saying goes is unlike John Mackey, but all the money we spend is just read it among the people who work there and pay for it. I just add that seem right to me then seem right so I am really my eyes about. So I'm not, even though I believe in what doktor richer, I believe and workers owning the means
production. So so, if you say, while, if you like government, run something it's all fucked up, but if you were let a capitalist run, something then when he can pull the rug out from underneath the entire community? Take his company in fucking leave some rules, which is exactly what they do all the time: That's what's happening in Ohio. That's what happened in Rockford Illinois! That's what happened at an Anderson Indiana! That's! What's happening right, fuckin now in Michigan all over the place, because they're taking they're going to Mexico because they can build something even cheaper there, because a capitalist can make more money. Now, if the company, if the peak. But if the people in the city own that company, then they will go well but this doesn't make any sense that we would then strip our company to another country. Let's keep it here and will fuckin be capitalists here, but we, the means of production, which is so much smarter than letting a capitalist pull the fuckin rug out from underneath the can.
really, I travelled all around this country for the last thirty years as a stand up comic. I've done comedy stores and Flint Michigan. I've done comedy chosen. Anderson, Indiana, Rockford Illinois, I've seen what happens when a capitalist decides to take his company and go to us, but did more desperate people in a more desperate situation. You know what they do and forcing those they build a bigger jail. That's the first fuckin thing they do is build a bigger jail watch, Roger be, that Michael Morphine massive pursing they did was, but that's exactly what they do all over the place. And then everybody thought- and so that's what's wrong with capitalism and capitalism eats and what do you call a system that takes the richest country? The face of the earth has ever seen and renders half of its population poor low income. Eighty percent of workers live and patriotism Jack and thirty million people without health insurers. You call that a failed pocket system, that's it! Then they were living in right now. This capitalist system has failed, go local,
fuck it all people. What brings you dry by yet? It is still denied tonight, failed pocket, Cisco. Ok, so happy holidays. Everyone have Christmas, Ok, this is Jimmy who's. This guy got away, Oh hello, its conservative backdoor Vince bond. How are you I'll call? You did carried a bite of stock at Raytheon because we're going to war with, I read hey. You know, there's a lot more that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You gonna become a premium member go to Jimmy Door Comedy Cobb sign up, it's the most
affordable premium programme business today show was written left right. It was written by breakdown of Jim Earl, Rob Latona steps. Memoranda would mean van land with all the voices, performed by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae, who can be found at MIKE Mccrae DOT coms, that's it for this week you be the best you can be I'll. Keep me me. don't, don't don't you don't you. Don't worry! I'm worried.
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