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2020-08-06 | 🔗

DNC Corruption Exposed by Bernie Sanders representative Brent Welder!

America's Unemployment Crisis is getting worse and Congress goes home!

Phone calls from Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Chuck Schumer, and Liam Neeson!

Featuring Stef Zamorano and Mike MacRae!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment program. The Jimmy Oh wow, Herman, kids, calling me hello Jimmy I'm arm and gain gave what what we know Herman said arrogantly John guide the? Where are you then I'm in limbo? Everybody here is looking at me, like I'm some kind of a hole or something I can't for the life of me figure out what in the heck happened, you're in limbo, I didn't even know you were catholic. Herman cane is not a catholic. This can't be right. I I'm stuck here with a bunch of losers were bad attitude. It I'm fed up. I wish I could Help you Herman,
I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. I've been trying to retrace my steps to ascertain exactly We want an adequate raw, no, but I can't figure it out at the master. what's the last thing you remember walking, slowly towards the bright light where. What why are you wearing a basket, an arena full of people all stop, exaggerating Why couldn't you just where a mask bickers arm and was exercising his personal freedoms, but they fed up get sick and I I'm a guy, but I was Urban Kane so am I.
now that you're in limbo. Do you still think it's a bad idea where mask one now repeat, roman smell, really bad somebody crack window what happened Why am I here? Is it there? whether you could talk to that over there in a corner, but I wanna go over and talk to him. Why not? But does he not That is my. I'm a guide and we can do it. thing for you, Herman, I'm sorry wait a second wave friendly just entered the room. This is a. I'm an attorney lessening the well for permanent, most pronounced guy, a better for you leave. Do you have any regrets Herman.
The die before deleting your mass of library of affection. I remain gain massive, of course, of action born and stop sliding down the street and jobs. The media Samir Jimmy to show everyone welcomes this week, Gb Giorgio, able to give you the job we get a joke showing this just in Herman came is now fully qualified to sit on the Federal Reserve Board varying that's going on right now, it's nice to know that complete stranger still care about my vehicles, extended warranty.
And you know what I have been feeling down about the country lately and whenever I'm feeling down about the country not having free health care during a deadly pandemic, all I gotta do is Watch David viewers, America, strong segment on ABC News and I forget all about that. We're a failed state yeah we're a failed state that doesn't give its own people health care in the mill of a pandemic. Hey molecular scientists just diagnosed a case of maligned bone cancer, in a seventy six million year old dinosaur, just a reminder Joe Biden says: he's gonna cure cancer in eight years. In others. been a lot of speculation over who should replace Ellen. If she should leave the show, not The two my own horn, but I've been squatting over coffee tables for years. Come up today. Show America's unemployment crisis is about to get even worse and Congress does not. thing and goes home. A snobs dot com claims to be affair,
Checking organization turns out. They got caught again doing democratic propaganda, plus the Dnc corruption laid bare. We talked to bread, older of the Dnc rules. Committee representative for Bernie Sanders, plus phone calls from Herman came Leon He said Chuck humor and Mitt. Romney was a lot lot more. That's today, torture, so guess what somebody quit over at the MSNBC some personal news. Why I'm now leaving MSNBC? It's not the optimal time for change, but the time doesn't feel optimal, optional anymore, so that their she is Ariane Peccari the producer at MSNBC, where she has become an integral or integral integral member for a prime time out
or hosted by Lawrence O Donnell. Her broadcast career began in two thousand to an end pr, where she assisted the arms buds men to assess editorial content. I would love to Vietnam. Spud. July twenty fourth was my last day at MSNBC. I simply couldn't stay there anymore. The problem is the job itself. It forces skill journalists to make bad decisions on a daily basis, so the bad decision I was gonna go. Yes. The bad decision is when you decide to take the seven million dollars and do shitty news when you decide to bite your tongue, you decide to push an evidence free conspiracy theory, because it's favors, your bosses and the establishment and democrat part
let's see you may not watch MSNBC, but just know that this problem still affects you to all the commercial networks function the same. They take money from the people, their supply go to be reporting on, and then they don't do any reporting on them. Okay, it's taboo to discuss how the rating scheme distorts content. Do you remember TED Koppel? I had. I was going to go. Look at this video, but MIKE I have it on my old computer, which is broken, which I left out in the rain, so the video I was going to just about to go grab us a video of TED Koppel in a in a symposium somewhere in front of a bunch of room full of people telling the media critic from CNN Stelzer.
try and stellar. He said the youth, you love Donald Trump, what we are reading before Trump? What are your ratings now instead to said, ratings are met as a matter of our ratings are down fifty percent thirty, so it doesn't matter and everyone will after at em cause. That's all. We think that matters. That's the only thing that matters is ratings, its taboo to discuss how the rating scheme distorts content, Or it simply taken for granted, because every one in the commercial, broad crass news industry is goal, is doing the exact same thing and that's why we're here and that's why it's crazy that Youtube favours establishment. media because their horrible and someone from the inside is telling you they're all horrible, just like Chomsky pointed out in manufacturing consent. Their manufacturing consent do not bring you the news we
you are a cancer in? There is no cure. A successful and insightful tv veteran said to me. We meeting the news. People there, the cancer, but if you could find a cure, it would change the world, This cancer risks are democracy, even in the middle of a presidential election. Any discussion about the election usually focuses on Donald Trump, not Joe Biden, a repeat offence from twenty. Sixteen. This is from the producer from the Lord's O Donnell show context, and factual data are often considered too cumbersome for the audience and other hard truth is that it is the job of journalists to teach and inform
Occasionally, producers will choose to do a topic or story without regard for how they think it will rate, but that is the exception. Not the rule. You don't like when crises talks about Gaza for approximately three minutes in two years, like that, yet the exception. Due to the simple structure of the industry, the desire to charge more money for commercials, as well as the right things, bonuses that topped here decision makers earn they all always relapse into their old, profitable, profitable programming habits. nearly every run down at the network. Basically is the same hour after hour. They wear that crusade covers
exact same things, Rachel mad out covers the exact same things are melber covers the exact same things felt. Was that whatever the fuck doesn't matter, you know what I'm saying they use the subjective nature of the news to justify economically. an official decisions have even heard producers deny their role as journalists sought, What I'm to read there is that they do mental gymnastics too to allow them. to put money over news every time, so they do mental gymnastics and then even the producers go where I'm not a journalist, I'm producing a tv show. That's what I hear I'm producing a team. We do entertain
That's, what I hear I've heard producers denied their role as journalists were not journalism, we're doing that were selling soap. A senior producer said Our viewers dont really consider us the news they come to us for comfort, and that is a fact. I know Smarty pads people You blue check Hollywood comedy world who are, to admit it on stays. They go. They go to watch that Rachel Maddow I'll. Just tell me something bad about Donald Trump. I don't care what it is. And so now you know you're not better than the people you claim to not like the ignoramus is claim to not like you just at a different team. You started different team dummies ignored on purpose.
And my blue check comedy Hollywood friends: are there not catching on its that are not there? like yeah. It's fucked up, look what they're doing them Joe Biden, Jesus crises, this the the of reason we got Donald Trump. I know they're not doing that. So here we go hairs. so before the last time. This happened was a guide and b C news who ended up meeting, and I blinking out his name and he quit NBC News because they don't report
He thought he was theirs to report on the war in foreign policy and story after story was allowed to tell the truth about it. So he made a big stinkin. He left what the hell is. We did a video about my neck, William our can William Arcane, William Arcane, yes, and that video was from January. Fourth, twenty nineteen reporter quits ever NBC devotion to war. It has over two hundred forty five children, forty five thousand views, so One person in all of television news comes out and says that one person isn't that funny and
as Erin Mata will tell me over and over yeah beat people have bills to pay Jimmy. That's why new sucks? That's why it's hard to do real journalism that goes against the establishment narrative, because there's only six companies and I am hated by the establishment hated hated by the establishment. why? Because I do better news than they do cause. I show how easy it is to actually do journalism because I've been scooping them for fuckin five years. That's why. Can you imagine, being in journalism going along with Russia Gate for four years, and then, in your finger wagging your finger at anybody else. O Fox show Hannity somehow bad worse than you. If you did Russia Gate, are no better than anyone you are are the moral superior of no one. If you did Russia Gate
Yeah your finger at Donald Trump or Fox NEWS each year in the nicest way, you're just a dumb hypocrite. That's the nicest way, I could say it you're an ignorant hypocrite on purpose. So that's why the establishment. And especially the democratic establishment, EO see, came on my show and immediately was told you can never fucking do that again and she is not come back up its you're able to return an email same thing with Corey Bush, Corey Bush? We were the first ones that have Cory Bush on and Corey Bush stop and as soon as she got the finger wagging from the Democratic Party, you do daily You're sure that was it and I wouldn't have it any other way. Believe me the fact that I've never one of the sweetest things was someone telling me that Jimmy. If I can see the Jimmy Dore show my my career at the devil.
Parties over hey, this is Jim who's this shamus it's amnesia. Ah Liam, how are you doing very well conferring on President Times smaller chairs- and I must say, I've been thinking about how much I admire you admire me. absolutely succinct world view, a prism for what you make sense of a cacophony of human events that perpetually surrounds us. Well, yeah? But I suppose I do thank you. I mean the nexus of politics in humor. You could say precisely it's quite admirable we wise man should strive to obtain such a prism. My father was a mechanic, for example,
in the world was an array of machines and systems that could be built, broken down and then rebuilt again, some men of religion, some poor souls, have only psychosis and self delusion. What's your points, Liam Jimmy I'm trying to define and we find my own prism, but it s difficult. Nothing makes sense to me these things that happen. I do not understand I see, but then I realized by prism. A special kind of pressure. I understand the world automatically. I make sensible things around me by pretending that there seems a film, oh yeah, but but light visitor
movie Liam on the surface, it would appear so, for example, a dangerous and cruel populist with smashes tendency, get elected president rumours about that. He is a russian asset. What plot is about to be etched. Is he going to blow up the Washington monument? No LEO me doesn't have any plans nefarious or not he's just a con man and the russian thing. That was democratic nonsense. Exactly the whole thing completely falls apart in the third act, over nineteen a mysterious virus from China? What exactly are the symptoms? Nobody knows, what is the government hiding? Will this building eventually features zombies? It is the summer, after all, Liam, we know what the symptoms are and also how to prevent the spread. The government is just bungled, its response, that's all also, Zombies are real. My point,
I just started coming before the principles were even all talk, very unprofessional and my opinions. But finally, I saw something it made sense. What what's that giant explosion LEO Don't you did you leave people. Hi buddy! Yes, but probably only extras and it happened in root, no less be root. I should that we watched errors are to associate with terrorism. I scary desert place where all the colors are muted, for some reason
be rude, is on the Mediterranean Sea and is very costly, piled in city. What a fantastic way to start a picture just up and running in the first five minutes hunt in the amount of only twenty four hours to play. Their name was a terrorism at major objectors. I was taking suspicion that we will be led to believe. One thing in a second act had entered are wasted a final ten. It was the CIA which has been infiltrated by spectre. Liam Liam, we don't know anything yet they're saying it was a giant industrial accident. I mean I mean here who knows, but we need to wait for the facts and reporting. Jimmy Cloverton script. That's want a banner. Finally, something I can make sense of I feel like I know this one year before. Yet the movies that Hollywood make like the ones you star and they give us a false sense that weaken somehow into it.
what is going on in the world, especially in the Middle EAST. Again Real life is not a movie. Liam changes for me, please take the floor. Joint possibility shared. This one will dominate the chinese market. Jerry revenue? Ok, you you'd, taken this analogy to far Liam. We don't know what this explosion is. Yet there is no need to construct the fake action movie interpretation of this horrible event. You He knew Prism Liam I'd like to try a prism. Where you use facts and logic to understand world events, how about that? Okay, so you're saying Scientology, I don't know if I For me, I was never a big math and science guide. To be honest, no,
We are not Scientology that that tell you what how about you just keep listening to our show subscribe. but you too will let you know what's going on. I suppose there is enough, or wisdom to go around the valley shouted once or the old real goes sounds good to me, but Jimmy one so I just want to do this real quick. This is happening so. unemployment ran out she'd. All people get six hundred dollars extra a week because the government shutdown everyone's business will that ran out and us the Senate did not come up with a plan to extend it, or to help people, and they went home and
literally CNBC was running a segment advising people who are losing their unemployment benefits to quote make ends meet by following a pandemic budget contact lens. and creditors for help and post your skills are next door, Instagram and Facebook wow. So. For every five people, unemployed, there's one job, so it doesn't matter how many times you post your skills are next or east grammar Facebook. Four out of five people, don't there's no jobs for them. talk talk to your lenders and creditors for help for help with it Did you give me a job? We ve been asked them for help there rated kick people other houses with federal, unemployment benefits expiring on Friday. That was yesterday a serious blow to millions of Americans who lost jobs through the corona virus pandemic. The Senate became bogged
out and partisan fighting and left town without a resolution to the crisis left town. The end of six hundred hours per week, federal benefit when combined with the lapsing eviction moratorium will, like. we lead to serious financial problems for those hit hardest by the pandemic, an economic collapse more than one point for me,. In people filed initial, were unemployment claims last week according to the Department of Labour, while the? U S, economy, country, acted by more than nine percent in the second quarter of twenty twenty, the worst drop on record, Thorpe, worse economy on record and they went home. Republicans argue the benefits provided disincentive to work. They just gave five trillion dollars. They give a trillion dollars what whatever Wall Street F; that's, not a disincentive to work but giving people sick
one hundred dollars when you close down their business and take their job away and give them no health care. That's a disincentive to work when what you could do, which was proposed. If you let the p keep the six hundred and the money they earn when they go to work if they go to work. So it's not a disincentive. So they want to pay me buddy tuna dollars flat added then they want to adjust their system to a seventy percent wage replacement. two hundred dollars a week you would shorter hours a week is: that's, so a minimum wage, seven twenty five per hour times forty hours equals two hundred ninety dollars. That's, not even a minimum wage to under dollar that's, not even minimum wage lover remind you, if your employees make more unemployment you're, not a job creator, your poverty, exploiter. Here's! What I say to CNBC
when they're telling everybody to go make ends meet, go to Instagram next Door post your skills, I say whatever you do, don't spend what little savings you have left on torches and pitchforks. So we live in a failed state. This is a failed state? What is a failed state when that, when a government can provide basic services to its own people,. We can't even provide healthcare to people in a pandemic. We can write. Housing became abide, provide jobs. We can't ride debt relief, but can provide student debt relief, but can provide education. This failed state. I know you turn on the news. They look like its everything's normal that is back and forth the Democrats. When the Republicans Republicans women's Democrats, my friend was out upon last night would Democrat with Hollywood comedians not upon
but like a dinner party, where everybody social distance is the famous comedians. And they were all talking about our great Nancy policies, no kidding no kidding wow Chuck, she was calling me again. Hello, oh hi, Jimmy. I need a pep talk. What's wrong chuck you ever get that I'm going to tell the May to take the rest of the day off, so I can take a long nap feeling. Is that how you feel right now? Oh dear me, yes, I'm sure you can't relate candy of this, but sometimes being the legendary master of the Senate, Gimme a heavy burden to bear, even for man such as myself, who possess an iron whale and nerves of steel. If only there were,
I could add to master of the Senate that denotes the strength and power of steel. Well, there's Stalin, Chuck Schumer, Stalin, master of the Senate. I don't know Jimmy something It doesn't sound right how about Chuck stolen Schumer? What's bothering you Chuck Chuck Stalin? What could you possibly be at about your highly respected in the party? Are you really are you I really didn't hear what Nancy. Just? How did you know? What did she do? She up staged me again. She came up with a nickname for Donald Trump, but I can't possibly top, and I want to warn your listeners. Then it may not be suitable for work ready yeah. She called him, wait for it,
Mr make matters worse. Wow. yeah right up, that god I can't talk, TAT thirty million Americans argued enough to eat right now, Chuck. Maybe you can help you to making pointed remarks about political figures and stop right, tat, church way out of my ball park. You shouldn't be your job description. My friends have always told me, I'm funny, no. I came up with the names of my own, but Donald Trump. May I try them out on you here to go ahead. Ok, maybe they're, not a nice mass war.
Mr, I know you are, but what am I then I came up with MR bad manner, face on. Are those what you would call singers young man? Is this all kind of pointless chuck? Why don't you and your people ever opposed Trump for real boy? Aren't you and MR nasty pants. I am the master of opposition young man. You don't realize how hard I work every few weeks seriously. What are you doing to help people right now hold on to your seat? I have urged that tick talk be closed down in America. This tick talk, it's a menace. Will with the chinese communist using
to indoctrinate children, ok, but what about the twenty seven million Americans who just lost their jobs and healthcare young man? Do you want to comment gang finding out which Americans like videos, chipmunk sleeping on top of tat sense for the security of our nation. I have asked Microsoft to take over tech talk, so it's okay for bill gates to personally oversee your photos and personal information, you have nothing to fear as long as you're, not a terrorist trade or russian asset, useful idiot, cock holster for Putin. That's what Donald Trump just asked bill gates to do by tick, Tock but I asked them first see the difference. I feel better already. I will not stop there good citizen. I am currently drafting a bill directing the Department of Homeland Security the take over there, that photo bombs, squirrel and all your private pictures,
You mean these square Lizer controlled by communists. Yes, Jimmy rest assured. I am very confident that, as long as we stay the course with this kind of resistance, in addition to the occasional fat meme showing crop and Vladimir Putin kissing getting wet, this election in a bag. My friend and you could repeat that in Ohio and ill at all and that other state, I can't remember the name of with all the cheese now go, fuck yourself, MR nasty bans. My work is done here. Hey? You know We no longer have an Amazon leg because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great way. You can help support the show. You should become a premium Are we give you a couple of hours of power Gimme a bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show you could do it
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can do Jimmy Door Show podcast if they had an extra super bonus, double platinum membership. I get it. They cut off by cable, so Jimmy's plaque this is the only way I know what's going on in the world like that. We live in a police state is no difference between Democrats Republicans and governments after our pot premium memberships for the Jimmy Door show because, with that titanium replacement Spine Jimmy has it's not like it can get a day job now, back to the you mean show already in progress everybody there's a decade. I'm a calamity happening and on fact, forty three million Americans at risk of eviction as relief programmes and more torreons expire. It's a nightmare! That's from July. Thirty. First CBS News this more and here's another one eviction moratoria, I'm on federally backed housing expired last week
it covered more than twelve million households or thirty percent of the end. Thirty percent of U S, winners! That's over with guinea! Kick all those people out now. New Orleans officials, brace for evictions and in an uptake and homelessness with federal aid, ending risk, we're gonna, kick people off the streets at America. That's that's not plan! That's Nancy policies plan! That's Donald! General transplant, that's Joe Biden plan. Families across Louisiana bracing themselves, the final protection for tenets will end August. Twenty fourth Annie, no federal employment is set to end July. Thirty first. Louisiana is one of the three states in the entire country were in the next few months. It is estimated a third of our residents will not be able to make mortgage or house payments a third of their rest
It is in Louisiana. Do you know what this is called? Ladies and gentlemen, this is called a failed state where a state government, its government, a country's government, can even provide the basic amount of services to its people. It can provide health care, it can provide them housing a camp, provide them education. What the fuck is a government for also Ingle Bomb other countries, a steel shit- that's right happening now, RO sectors have chain themselves the doors and blocked every entrance of New Orleans City court. Demanding evictions be stopped during the cove at night team pandemic were still in a pandemic and their evicting people after they closed out everyone's businesses data. do this and other countries, this isn't happening in other countries through this is happening, the United States
Happening in other countries happening here. Why? Because people kelp keep tell you to vote for Democrats, because people are a bunch of fucking, gutless pricks, who walks do what's right. Because we don't have a government in our country, that represents people and people keep telling you to keep voting for them, and then they pretended their progressives they're, not There are go along party hacks anybody tat. And you devote Democrat is a goddamn go. Long party heck does that it work and you see what's happening people having the chain themselves. The court room doors, because they know what's coming and they know the dentity Pelosi and Joe Biden ain't going to help them one goddamn bit there they are
direct access, so I tweeted weak. We did, that video and I said direct action like this- is the only thing that will save this country from its evil oligarchs. Who won't give you health care, during a pandemic, but will close your business and kick you into this? when, when you pay pay mortgage voting Blue will not help this de collect
Dave tweeted. This landlord is being blocked from entering into an eviction court to violently evicted tenets, who can't pay their rent during a great depression and will be homeless during a global pandemic. So there we are that's what's coming and they can't wait to take your house, the banks, the mortgage service services. They cannot wait to take your house and kick you out in the street. They cannot wait so there you go. That's that's that's what you're government's doing this is what's known as a failed state. That's what we're living in you have the authorities run around shooting people killing people make using chemical,
weapons assaulting them in broad daylight on camera coaster coast. Has people protest what's going on. This is a failed state had Bernie Sanders, won't even fuckin scream for you right now. What Bernie Sanders Zoo is telling telling you to shut up and vote for Joe Biden. That's what he's doing your beer, responsible, feed and vote for a guy who promise not to help you. What every person who's in power should be doing is. Who cares about anyone. should be making demands of the government and saying you shouldn't vote for anybody who's not going to give you Medicare for all you shouldn't vote, for anybody is not going to give you behind the middle of shutting down your business. They gave five
the dollars to the richest one thousand people in the country, and you know they gave you nothing. You gonna kick your house that's right and whose doing it Nancy Policy whose doing it Joe Biden, whose doing it Donald Trump, whose do let me recall is by partisan screwing. If you want to pull the party, the major party that is closest to the way you're. Thinking to what your thing, Can you must you must show them that your capable of not voting for them? You don't show them your capable of not voting for them; they don't have to to you, I promise you that I will within the Democratic Party I didn't listen or have to listen to any thing on the left
and while I was working in the Democratic Party, because the left have nowhere to go. I wonder how many blue check Hollywood dicks, I'm gonna see! Twitter, say: hey, told a homeless person vote blue today. everybody welcome welcomes the Gb Show, guess what's happening by and then Bernie forces are clashing during the convention meeting and the subtitle is disgusting, disturbing and unacceptable. Says: Nina Turner Sanders former campaign Coacher unacceptable. We're going to come back to that part rent. Well, there you know Bridewell her friend, the show made a very good run for Congress. Caesar lawyer represents workers sky
a guide, and he says today as a Bernie Sanders nominee on the Dnc rules. Committee I propose an anti corruption amendment to ban corporate pack money to the d and sea and to ban corps for lobbyists, from serving on the Dnc, the binding camp recruited, a corporate lobbyists on the rules committee to speak against it. then I am deeply, turn the Dnc Rules Committee is tabling discussion on a proposal to reject corporate pack and banning corporate lobbyists from Sir on the day and see the time to take dark money at interests out of the deal c is now. I voted against tabling this measure says Jessica Role Ramos, so at a virtual gathering of key of a key
committee for the Dnc Bernie Sanders. Allied members said Joe Biden bodies called them children and made other rude comments. The spate and when Brett Welder a Sanders appointee on the convention Rules Committee proposed are resolution to change the party charter to refuse or all corporate pack dollars and limit corporate lobbyists from serving on the d and see for several years abide in, appointing called for it to be tabled, which some Sanders appointing said caught caught them off guard table until when ask welder generally until someone makes a successful motion to take it off the table, replied former representative Barney Frank, the co chair of the meeting after the committee expires. If no one has moved to take it off the table successfully, then it dies with the committee. While that doesn't make any sense at all said. Welder we ve now.
or to put the proposal back on the table and were voting on the amendment. I'm voting yes to ban Corps, pack money and band corporate lobbyists as Jessica Ramos. The proposal was voted down forty five, Yes, is a hundred and five knows an eight abstentions. The Dnc followed for allowed for little does caution and shut down the zoom link shortly thereafter worth noting the first motion to table a proposal was previously scripted. many Biden. Nominees is bread. Welder many Biden, nominees abstained, but a hundred and five of them, Are now on record opposing this anti corruption amendment I believe Every Bernie Sanders nominees supported it thanks to all the real progress for having my back and fighting against corruption the little bit more to the story. Your act,
Like children you're going to lose anyway so get over it. A committee member said. the argument served as a reminder of the tensions that are still simmering below the surface between moderates and progressives. As the party seeks a united front against President Donald Trump, it was not only disturbing, but disrespectful said needed Turner centres. Former campaign co chair who served on the committee disgusting disturbing, On except a bolt, there's that word again and it's no way to restore the faith of the people who already suspect the Democratic Party is unfair. No, that is no way here's what path independent black lives matter in Seattle, the burner he used to be PETE Peter Deuce? He said hundred and five bided nominees to the Dnc rules. Committee voted no on an anti corruption amendment banning the DMZ from taking corporate back.
So when you hear them talk about reforming the party know that they are full of it. What is it it is? Breaking says: Ryan Night, the Dnc Committee just voted down a measure to reject corporate money and ban corporate lobbyists from serving on the door. Dnc the Dnc no desire to make any systemic changes they keep showing us with every that they want to remain a party that works board. The oligarchy, Brent Welder D, and see delegate for Bernie Sanders is. I think it's ironic that my Anti Corruption amendment today was the thing that expose the corruption at the heart of the Dnc kind of kind of ironic big money and corporate interests have a stranglehold on our government and on both our parties. Today is just obvious symbolic example of that, so let's bring on Brent Welder
Well, there is here we have em today of a friend of the show. He is an attorney for workers and a true progressive ran for Congress and twenty eighteen in Kansas as a corporate free candidate, and he was endorsed by the Justice Democrats, That's he's an adviser, he wasn't advisor for Bernie Sanders and is currently a Dnc rules. Committee, member for Sanders, Brett Wealth and welcome back to the show. I appreciate you been here: hey, I love it thanks. Jemmy thanks, rotten meat are taught me say. Thank you so much for your support of my campaigning four years ago, we did something that nobody has ever seen before in Kansas and came really really close the winnings. I really appreciate that no proud, I think Haven did a fundraiser for you deny you did you did yes, that was amazing. Thank you so much that has really great no problem. So that was my pleasure The way tell us about your amendment on the Dnc Rules Committee and tell us why to just tell us what
and tell us what the amendment was supposed to do and what happened? Absolutely, you know and I'll even start a little bit further back so four years ago I was on a burning nominated me to burn the Sea Platform Committee, and I wrote an amendment to get money completely out of politics and the first thing the establishment did was put up a corporate lobbyists to speak against my amendment. Then I thought it was an accident or just sort of her Larry S, or maybe they just literally couldn't find somebody that wasn't a corporal yes, but I certainly didn't think it was like some kind of strategy, but literally this time I made the same kind of amendment at the Rules Committee and they did the exact same thing again. In fact, the corporate lobbyists the hope the whole weight of his argument. You were saying that he was a corporate lobbyists, so I'm telling you bet: they're they're not only really corrupt, their frankly stupid because they think a compelling argue,
That is all will look at this guy he's a corporate lobbyists and he just really seemed like a nice guy. I mean it's it's unbelievable realisation that that was the their planned strategy to speak against that so now so tell it. Could you explain now you and you are an insider, so you know this stuff, so could You tell our audience of about the special interests that are involved in the Dnc, like the lobbyists, the vendors, the people who make their being a party was there is, in others, all kinds. The position with the beans or the anti pretty cease chairs theirs, and then there's hundreds of members around the country that are under the Dnc see you know the committee members like a circle- and you know a lot of them- are somewhat elected in various ways. Every state has wrongly
doing it there's also seventy five that they call at large members that are supposed to be elected, but every single time the chairmen puts in his or her seventy five the closest you, no friends. Cronies are lobbyists onto the committee and even though there are smaller per cent engine there, not a majority, but they they do as they they take these seventy five people and they stack all the sub committees so that a majority of These people are making all the rules there you know weighing on on what the party stands for everything, and so you know I have no idea what percentage of of the DMZ members are. Actually technically corporate lobbyists maybe used to be corporate lobbyists, maybe we'll be in the future. Maybe they're not a register of lobbyists, maybe they're just a corporate happar or per advocate right, but what I'm telling you is that they are everywhere they are everywhere. Apparently they couldn't even find somebody that wasn't a corporate lobbyists to speak against. My anticorruption amount
Wait so I mean that's kind of I mean I don't know, I guess I get. I always think I'm over being stunned by the corruption inside the Democratic Party, but this is even this isn't so you're telling me that its they couldn't even further. Someone who wasn't a corporate lobbyists to speak against this, so that that this committee Is so riddled with corporate hacks and pay and bought and paid for people who are actually the mouthpieces of corporation they're so riddled with it. They could even find someone who wasn't that to speak against your anti corruption bill. what I mean, you don't see that somewhere, you know. Joking by I mean we know what other possible reason could they have to have the worst possible person you can have it we're not we're not beholding. The corporate interests is a corporate lobbyists to tell you that you know how Is that its it doesn't make any well, it is insane it. It is insane it end
I'm really glad that you're here to elucidate this. Is that the words at a word out, even though that's a word? If it is a law smarter than I'm gonna be ok, but I think it's up that's great because you are, you are real, progressive, you fight for real workers, you'd! That's your life's work and yours successful and you're on the inside, trying to change things as a real, progressive and you're getting old. were well mainly trounced by the corporate wall of right now. I mean what was the vote on that again. What was it one hundred and five to what yeah? It was two forty five, I believe, a hundred and five one. You know and it doesn't stop there and I think you're gonna talk about this earlier and we can get it. But, as you know more extensively, if you'd like, but not only did they put up a corporate lobbyists, but then they had that corporate lobbyists try to pull back handed tactic to try to think the amendment without them having acting on the record and make the vote
so they may have, as they have a corrupt person speaking and see amendment, and then they use corrupt tactics. This is done in front of America and then there is another good going to the voters in asking for the public trust in the party. Unbelievable, you set a couple times that I'm a democratic party insider. I certainly do not consider myself that and I think, if it weren't for Bernie Sanders, certainly would never have been within snipping the sent to these committees. So right I mean I mean you have an inside look as far as that. You're on these committees, that's what I mean sure sure yeah yeah right you're, certainly not welcomed by the conquered Democrats, the people who are running the party or not fans of years. That's that's that's my gets. Ok So now? Not only did you have you have these unbelievably corrupt corp corporate committees packed with corporate lobbyists and Doing this corruption right out in the open these corrupt tactics, but is also being co chaired by people who are corrupt. Barney Frank is a culture of the Dnc rules,
committee. Isn't he a director of a New York bank? How is that allowed its probably its allowed? Its apparently encouraged? I mean you honestly. Do you think he would have been a cherif if he didn't have that bank position and I'm not even joking about that? Okay, so this is kind of right again. I'm still- Oh God smacked. I don't know if that's the right word, but I'm slack jawed. I could think of some more words. Like this, you know I mean the thing, is it's not. You know how you know you hear people say you know it's, it's not a bug, it's a feature, yeah, that's what it is. We'd see it as a bug, but they see it as a feature. I think it's a great thing for. So so it would be one thing: these these votes were you. You know, if was like seventy five to seventy four War or eighty two, seventy or these votes are like they just date- is voted the platform.
Maybe just voted against Medicare for all, like a hundred and forty two to thirty, like it's not even close, like, for instance, in the Democratic Party, depending on which Paul you look at Eighty five to ninety percent of registered Democrats are for Medicare for all, but the vote on the play Form committee. Is the exact opposite of that? Eighty five percent of the platform committee is against Medicare for all, so this part it's not an actual parties. My point, it's actually just it's. Just like it's like a functionary set up by rapacious oligarchs to fuck over people and screw screw everyone, including progressive. So it's not really a party cause. It doesn't represent the people who are its members. It's not really. The corruption is is like manifest like yours, saying that you doing a right of Christianity has been saying for years that they'd there there so corrupt? lying and cheating and stealing right out in the open now, and so that's how bad it's gotten so
My question to you is what the hell are you doing in this party right, and this brings up a really really good point. That is really important for me to discuss, clarify hey. I had a private hour, long phone conversation with you. While I was running for congress- and you were asking me the exact same thing like why the hell are you in this part of and here's the thing Jimmy. I consider the party to be the people right. I make a difference between the party and the
party leadership, because I have had the opportunity over the years. You know I mean I use that I used to be a field organizer on other presidential campaign. I certainly campaign myself in that hundreds, if not thousands of Democrats all the time and what I find among the people is that is that our party, at that level is filled with lots of amazing, really good, really really progressive people that that believe in so many of the same things that you fight for everyday Jimmy that I fight for and that the party leadership is the polar opposite and that's one reason I keep bringing up these amendments. When I have the opportunity in trying to make changes. Might my goal is to root out the corruption among them? leadership that is not representative of the party as a whole at all, so I mean that's dense. I think too big difference. Yeah mean work were everybody's behind that goal and, like I said, if you seventy five to seventy four. He was even eighty to seventy. These are only
Farewell MC vote there isn't there doesn't seem to be any light at the tunnel at the end of the tunnel and it's the train is going full speed so well heading for a crack right now we're getting rated kick twenty seven million people other houses, while also not giving them health care where often also not giving them a you, be I or extending their unemployment or anything and that's coming from the top of the party that's enough. No there's no one inside the party in Congress who will even pushed back against this a little Bernie Sanders. Not call out chuck humour. He will now call out Nancy policy. In fact, Bernie Sanders voted for the biggest upward transfer of wealth in the history of humankind, and then he lie. about what he did so ninety six- that nothing when do you see realizing. This is a fail strategy. Bread I mean. I love you and I loved your work and I think it's great honour exposing their corruption, but this is a fool's errand. You knew what this, what the? What the? U knew, what the result?
of this thing was gonna, be before you went there. It's not what's going on you know the only way. There's outward this doesn't make any sense. What is that? What is this success rate? Zero? It we're going backwards. Hillary Clinton offered us fifteen under over four Medicare, for Joe Biden won't even give us fifty five we're going backwards. So if you're a few hate trump and you hate, right, wingers and and fascism we're going to get a worst one in four years, it's not going away Joe Biden. Brok. Obama made it possible for four brief for Donald Trump to send an goons into Portland and arrest them and throw them in the red advance. Barack Obama sign the sex. and then ten twenty one of the and the aid, and he knew what he was the ACL. You knew what he was doing. I knew what he was doing at the time so did Glen Greenwall and everybody else. and here we are- and nobody is talking about it. This party is not a party. The people wanted to be a party but
it's not! This is an organization set up by writ rapacious oligarchs to screw you so the Democratic Party is: is there the ambulance, Are the car in front of the ambulance? They walk around the fuckin way because everybody He knows we want Medicare Ferralti you behind debt relief and more. Relief and they won't goddamn. Do it. There are the ones stopping it. Nancy policy was the one who stopped the? U belie Nancy Pelosi wasn't onawandah means test every goddamn thing they gave to working people as she funneled five trillion dollars upwards to her husband. That's what's go going on in this party, this is not a political party as much as you want it to be. So what is your strategy going forward. Well, you know we have even even started talking about super, which I mean talk, talk about, like literal, its literally just not stealing democracy. It's unbelievable. I spoke against. I spoke a lot about that in yesterday's meeting as well. You know you brought up proceeded to leave, I'm a big fan. I actually just don't
into her a couple days ago, she's in a really really tight race. I actually encourage everybody to go in and support her phone bank donor. However they can, she is a you know. As far as I can tell she is, she is a really strong, progressive, really ball and the establishment is coming after her so hard core. You know what happened. Oh, I thought the establishment of a go after coming sudden? They are. You know who else are going after on Omar, of course, they are so why are you wearing this working party right? Who wants to get rid of? They do not want you, you are never getting get hold of power and his party ever do you think you're going to now? Listen, I completely agree with You Jimmy that the leadership of this party would love it I would go away and never come back again right, but but the here's, the difference is that I really do. I am- and maybe you know maybe
and I d listing. I think I think that the party is ultimately the people. What is a country? The country is not who the president, as at the time a country is made up of the people and who is a party? The party is not with the leadership as at the time the party is the people right and I know well, that's not correct. The people have no influence. So there was a prince in study done, and I am sure you are aware of it that proved beyond fuckin doubts that we, Do not live in a democracy bright. We live in an rapacious oligarchy that the people who are members of the parties. Their will and desires are not reflected back in power we'll see one bit. The milk, the minimum has Chomsky, says the minimum that we worked in a representative is supposed to do is represent the interests of the people that they asked of Ultra that's the minimum of what they're supposed to Georgia Topography and there are not doing that,
and so rinse repeat, do the same thing. Over and over, while twenty seven million people get kicked out and the nominee for the party vows to two Fuckin veto solution to our problems. You gotta go vote for that. Guy. No, I mean I I I you know we're in agreements here right, Leadership of our party is completely out of whack there completely insane. They make the wrong decisions there. There were working, Did the almighty dollar set of doing the least bit to stand up for regular people,
What I want I want is for is to empower the people who consider themselves to empower the people period and and to accept the help of the people that are good people that Billina progressive values, even if they consider themselves to be no, if their registered democrat- that's great. I want them to help me in the mission and I think, honestly, that the people agree with you and the people. I think even the Democrats, the democratic voters and an activist for the most part you now realise that there is way too much corruption now, should they Doing a hell of a lot more to kick the bombs out, absent freak and loudly absolutely they can earn, they should be and an you know, that's what I'm trying to do and I think there will be no. You know how he kicked. The butler comes out Brent. You dont vote for them that
you kicked there always are you stop fucking voting for them and it? Oh god, dammit we took over the Democrats. The party. Nancy Pelosi. I took over the house and what do they do that. Clearly, pass trumps complete legislative agenda. They gave him hundred and thirty two extra billion dollars to go bomb people, as they pretend he's, spoke, a potent puppet and a traitor to our country, which is a nice US skirt to hide behind well you're screwing. Everybody in the country call look over there, Russia, at what are you doing for the people, nothing they're, doing nothing. and I just want to play this for you, because this is the problem here. Lawrence, O'Donnell and he's gonna explained to us. If you want to pull the party the major party that closest to the way you're. Thinking to what your thing, you must. You must show them that your capable of not voting for them You don't show them you're capable of not voting for them. They don't have to
to you. I promise you that I will within the Democratic Party, I didn't listen or have to listen to any thing on the left. and while I was working in the Democratic Party because the left have nowhere to go so when you play Your vote, like a see in every other member of the squad and Bernie Sanders pledges your vote to the part which is what you're doing you realize. That your neutering yourself and your guaranteeing that we'd there won't be progressive change happening inside the party right. Well, you certainly are supporting a rough leadership. It sounds like yes, ok. What brand I don't I'm not trying to you are great guy and I'll I'll. I love you. I think we need more guys like you around I'll, be back And- and I understand people like Rashid, to leave and Eo C and burnt
are put in tough positions, but that's why they took the job to be in tough positions when they won't stand up to their corrupt leadership. That makes them part the corruption. You got a see already pledged her vote to broach abiding in April, and then she she complains that binding did hasn't called her. Why, in the fuck with bite and call you a. He already. Has your vote endorsement you, our party, dupe on purpose, so We're not getting anywhere this this take over of the Democratic Party is a pipe dream. It's not happening. Nick brought starting a third one end We're gonna have a convention on August, thirty or thirty, first right after the bother to, and I would invite you to come, join it because you're the kind of guy we need your smart, your abysses, your bright, your progressive. And your own corruptible, so Brent a year, great guy. Thanks for
come and anything else. You'd like to say about your experience. I mean you know. I just want people to I I legible, time ago that I'm never again going to vote for someone that I don't believe it, so I'm never going to do the whole You know whether you know lesser too, laws or whatever else, I encourage people to do that. You know I'm I'm containing the fight. I hope people go on Twitter. It follow me at at Brent, welder red with an inventor like the job. Is I'm gonna, be I'm extremely posting the list of the people there I voted against anti corruption, yes quaint, very real, that's very hopeful, and it would be very just to see the kind of people that populate those kind of committees. Yeah, yeah really well wait Jimmy. Thank you. So much for everything that you do, I'm all the work you put in everything that your incredible staff there does. You know we, I think
You and I have a lot of certainly a hell of a lot more in common than than we have yes says. Add that if you do what you do oh, my god, you toss, Senator Mitt Romney called galloping, wants to talk about the amendment to the stimulus. Billy's, propose you, Susan Collins, a low. Hi Jimmy you left out husband, Father grandfather, former governor and egg Lover, egg egg lover: oh yes Jimmy! I really do love eggs ever so much! Don't you! I due I'll come. Are you kidding I loved, but can you tell us how you remember will help on employee people during the pandemic? Sure, let's talk at first off my really do love eggs. You know flat lobby or dumping.
There is simply no egg that won't driveway lumpy. We call even know what I'm shake at all Mombi Route, Pottered, stirred hurried or custard I'll, take them steamed, creamed or with mustard There is simply no that I will not each there's something about the much later than eight, even better than hot dog. My favorite made It's like their American is Apple pie, exact Jimmy and I'll tell you why they come at all right his colors and creeds, like the great fabric of our American, seen, please explain further about what you mean, there's why ancient eggs, browed eggs, afghan eggs, toasted rose or simmer, and Lord you'll grow to love them. It's really not hard. I see
shaft on a platter, oriented tureen, simply add spinach four eggs Florentine anyway, you take them h, can't befalls it. You can even eat them lightly, see salted. Wow, so does your amendments include giving sick Americans free health care during a deadly pandemic met a bunch of assholes move to France. Hey you know, there's a lot more than that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You got to become a premium member, go to Jimmy Door, comedy Cobb sign up. It's the moon affordable premium programme business today show was written by IRAN. Kaliko Barclay Lando, step Zahm, Murano, Jim Earl, like Mccrae, Roger written up all the voices.
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