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Joe Biden Touches People!

2020-01-30 | 🔗

DNC is "Never Bernie"!

Joe Biden touches people!

Bernie surges in polls and establishment is freaking out!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Ron Placone, and Mike MacRae!

Phone calls from Mike Pompeo!  Chuck Schumer! Mitt Romney! Bernie Sanders!

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Get ready for on out standing entertainment programme. The Jimmy car show, so we haven't spoken with secretary state. Might Bob pay when a while? It's giving a ring a bell, a couple excuse me Oh you use you just say your name.
MRS Secretaries, Jimmy Door. Ok, look at getting railroaded about our lady gaga. They decided take a break from talking with reporters. You may talk to my staff if you like, but I had to, let you go our motto. Rapporteur Mr Secretary, I must citys and journalists. I already know what they did. so I gotta get out you too. So when you were talking with Mary Louise Kelly, exactly what I want dogma is ill. was she claims that you yielded or and swore during your conversation. Ok, at the lie. Philander Adam is true, I did I out at her
hey. Don't take their toll with me, sir. Did it get you? He would find your great. what what? What level would it? What does that have to do with what book? But everybody the press is all concerned about their support. The dealings with your great event, the american people. Don't care about the people that they don't know. Could you bite? Could you look like you? You couldn't automatic? Yes, I good you couldn't yes they're! Just those, though, what do I do so because I can't I've Secretary of state, thereby find it the people who are below began either. Who do that? That makes Europe sensor, though, that now that makes the infinity sets actually thought.
look the Trump administration, seems to think because the people who voted in a power stupid, then everyone is stupid. Everyone is not stupid. Therefore, some of us are able to see how stupid all of u r C, but I'm tired of people like you You know who do I think I am in American is paying attention. That's who quite rightly people like you could be scared. Shitless people like me if, for no other reason than that going to be shouted down by Eu Usa morals by was aspiring work, criminal, ok, but yeah. Why that by that
We have to understand I've just shouting at women and children and Dogma Gatt people that I find our Now I got that actual that can shout back at me. So too it secondary. Just don't let it happen again no, I won't. I won't have to worry about, and I'm sorry. I lost my temper to Dhabi doggie public HIV. Yes, Mr Secretary, whereas the Ukraine on a map, it's it's the giant landmass, just west of Russia with
coastline along the black sea with a black. Yes, there's a black sea. What why black? it's not black. Nothing happened, that's just its name. Ah, there's probably founded by someone who last name with black. Yes, Mr Secretary, Mr Black founded the sea is right. It is vital for the job collecting information data allies level strikes strengthen our relationships with our allies, oversee speed you up. I had he going overboard, oh really, where you were you headed.
You great, actually really wanna cooing kidding just sort of up to a dark on a map will will you tell us what you did do there when you get back, I'm afraid it's gonna, be I find it probation. I will describe my gay die by bad yoga gal other held up sliding and Johnson the chimney to show every
this, which can be door show our next live. Jimmy Giorgio is February nineteen. tat, the Arizona that we go to Sacramento San Jose Miami in Chicago go to Jimmy Door, comedy com for link for olitic assault, live shells. Now, let's get to the jobs before we get to the joke, shall we You know that that hashtag hashtag complement a politician de jure about that ass tat, complement a politician that was treading on twitter, so I decided to participate. My first one hashtag lives, ward. I applaud you for not being tied down to any policy, especially not honesty about this one Joe Biden, Dick Cheney set, the bar for winning VP personalities, and I strongly believe you're one climate activists conflict away from telling someone to go fuck themselves. this all on the hashtag complement. A politician. Ass tat covered about digit tops dire good
then you're running for president. I can't think of anything else. You could possibly do to help the planet with a mere billion dollars. Hey PETE Buddha gig. I Why'd you for thinking. For yourself, your dad was a marxist and your testily dot turns out the bull can far from the tree and landed a billion years. One gave Hey George, W Was whether its dancing I'd Alan or dodging your shoe you're, always quick on your feet, also use truly do love the USA, though, if I were you, I would love one of the few countries that wouldn't throw me in jail immediately do I do know about you, but I'm ever tough weak. I dropped my rice in a bag of five phones and now my tolerable work pay breaking news on twitter right now, the death of, Mr penal is trending higher than that of the impeachment trial.
I'd like to become enraged over Joe roving, endorsing Bernie Sanders, but I'm too busy. To myself about Hillary Clinton at Joe Biden, history of opposing gay marriage. Hey rumour, has it that it's called the Baghdad Green Zone, because that's where you can get hit by a low carbon footprint mortar, I mean why I still can't believe that somebody's actually firing rockets at all. embassy. In the middle of a country we destroyed and if I hear one more person say we don't need another long form, improv class. I swear Oh god, I'm going to take that suggestion and use an object in a location to create a scene for half an hour. Hey what's covered by this week, show fake out Age over Joe Rogan plus the Dnc stacks, this convention committee with Bernie hating, corporatist plus a new,
listen, Paul is out and the results just may surprise you. Or will it and the Washington Post on the unhinged Bernie bashing signals the establishment Is this what we got phone calls from MIKE Pompeo, Mitt, Romney Bernie Sanders and chopped humor, plus a lot more. That's today on the Jimmy Dore That is, why sure, there's a new Emerson pull out. There's a new Emerson. Pulled you see the November simple hairs. New Emerson, parliament, ashore, Emerson College pulling. This was taken January. Twenty third to the twenty. Sixth, democratic caucus voters in its looks like M M calmer and equals for fifty. So that's weird: but we know what did he say that there's four point: six, also known as a hung plus or minus four graciosa
John errors. Four point: six percent Scam Bernie Sanders ahead, a thirty percent! If you, if you read the email from the Democratic Governors Association, they have Biden, wag it is! Therefore, now I wish I had that it will lead to shoot Biden. Twenty one per cent club a chart, thirteen percent, that's on the strength of Bill Mars endorsement, I'm sure: the bill marble. Yes, she really get that of bump. The way birdie did WAR is now lower than clobbered char. That's what you get four falsely accusing an ally of sexism. That's what you get. You fall down below. Amy club adjourn the pulling whose throwing staples now who's, throwing staplers for joy, sometime Buddha gig. Next, it's a strong ten percent booty care. I like that food and care
booty care style bought his way to fire bought his way to provide a sound, fine, aiming at five percent and gathered at five percent. Look at that mixed mood and an equals for fifty is referring to the number of people people tat were pulled out ways emphasise how does it so the sample size was four hundred and fifty people. They can tell this by asking for a hundred and fifty people the thief like a small sample you, but they say it's four point six reset it. If you had a bigger sample you that would go down right, the margin of error goes out with the bigger sample right. Isn't that outward it goes up here would ha so the smaller the sample, the less error you have, but it just pull one, and then you're gonna burning Russia. You pull one person, you're gonna nail it then it says Delaney. I don't think these people are still in the race
the lady, I think, is still was still in. I read, devolve Patrick Zeal, tragic. Does it know if he's internet the ball Patrick's like a very high end line of tobacco, that they would sell in the sixties or perfume the Arab, I won't per Flora perfume, let you could put on it. Develop, had put it up, put some devolve on my Patrick and then bent it, and then someone else's actually doing better. My else, discretion, Bennett and Patrick
I believe that all of us are beating Bennett and Patch Frederick. I beating them. Someone else also somewhere else tied with the lady in the Ladys went under debate stage talk about a guy. Your message is not catching on, so what's in it, for a guy like took cares for he has money in health injuries, industry, that's right, that's what's in it for him! Ok! So there's the Emerson College pulling of four hundred and fifty people with the scientific plus or minus of poor four point: six percent burning, crushing it crushing it like. He should have it so. Do you think this means? I don't think this means this beat this. Do you think this means his his? Is a strategy is working or do you think that the other people suck, I think, as the other people sucks so much in their burning burns policies? Are you know people are ready for them? I don't think he's. Bees is easy. You, those great they'd in back.
Dont from Joe Rogan Raw. So maybe they ve turn over a new leaf at the campaign. Boys done some good things as of recent, and I hope those are the reasons for the search. I mean his moment with the New York Times, where that video certainly got more traction than that endorsement. They gave of global charm, mooring land. You know is moment, you know the Rogan endorsement and then the fact that he is sticking to you know, attacks on actual policy is not afraid to share those Joe Biden, Social security videos, and he rang more that that's a good thing. You know the teach out apology was a mistake, but fortunately has been overshadowed by other stuff. I think, but that in a warns not don't herself any favours which is growing in environments
you know slowly. Thinking himself too, I did not know was with work, could be the sun likeable dude. I mean I listen to that Michael, more pie, gas after you recommended I- and I think I mean that part cast. I really loved it a lot because he did not. He did not try to downplay who he is at this point. Is he saying like these? Are my colleagues of this point: I'm not just some filmmaker running around Michigan anymore, whether you soulless emissions are technically as but is peanuts on a much bigger their scale, and he wasn't aiding that he was like I've worked with these people. These are my colleagues. I let loose worn slide on so many things for so many years, and he gave just a blistering laundry list that progress is really powerful. The Ep Ill additionally to that when he was examining that it was talking about like she's, been in my thumbs, I've had an endangered. I've worked with her. I know her, but what I found kind of
surprising, is it it seemed as if she participated in his world before he was able to recognise the fact that she had come from a republican background like that was almost like. He had kept blinders onto that correct and you know again, I want to say when you were sharing the list of. I forget the joy on last name Kevin that we were highlighting right, ok and he was going time and time again just showing how all of these people who are going to work on the democratic campaign? I have deepened long. You know deep roots in a conservative or corporate world and its lake were screaming at the top of our lungs. We want progress, and you know that you know showing in examining how Michael more ignored her bad behaviour for all this time. I'm done you know it's like that's. Why I'm saying these people sound like Republicans, they don't just saw like Republicans right. They demonstrated
instantly delivering on a conservative platt, let's remember that Worldwide Bernie Sanders is a centrist is that is that radical lefty this stuff, that Bernie Sanders is for right. Wingers are for the rest of the western world. Do college universal Health care O. Yet when it comes to health care, the Tories or to the left of the Democratic Party yeah the Tory however, in England or to the left of the Democratic Party here, so here's some more garbage that their throwing at Bernie Because he's leading in the polls- and it looks like they're not gonna- be able to stop and without cheating, so they're doing there. they while they are cheating right now and we don't even know the ways- are cheating right now. We don't know we will all needle after the election, like we did last time that we found not that Hillary Clinton was fondling all the money. They said they were raising first down ballot tickets, wherewith
It would do fundraiser now. This has gone further. The people who are running for state legislatures in Congress that was going right to her campaign. They lied, they committed fraud, nothing happened. They committed a bigger fraud telling people who were donating to the Dnc that they were neutral. They word. There was a lie that was also fraud. Is that a deal is. He was being run by the Hilary campaign, it ill the against their own charter, and they lied about it publicly. So that's how they cheated him last time and then, of course, the media rights are than they did the corporate media is. It is biased against him. Sixteen negative stories sixty Hour Washington Post of the do it again, so here comes here, Jennifer Reuben Hack. Further, though I supposed while he might perfunctorily tried his followers Sanders fired. One of a social media is most aggressive, trolls David
Sir Rota sailors could not possibly mean to control animosity sprang from his camp, while hiring people infamous for such get to try to make David. Sir Rota seem like David Brok, David Brok, your thing, Think of David Brok who worked for the Hillary Clinton campaign and did correct the record Deva brought. Whose smeared Anita Hill member that that David Brok, that guy who slot. Shame the need a hill. Remember that guy he went to work for the Clinton's and then he what did correct the record, which was an angry restive, smearing, lying obnoxious group of well paid trawls, and social media that would lie and slander anybody was progressive and who was against Hillary Clinton that you think of David Brok, there right What she's doing? Well, that's what David Brok does but must be fair and talk about what David eroded does with David wrote. It does. Is hill smear people like Joe Biden by showing videos of Joe Biden talking
NATO's motto tomato tomorrow, you Jimmy. I was wondering if Jennifer Reuben, when the price today big for perfunctorily, yes or those toward the day. I think real, because that way earlier. So this is the headline of the thing she opinion. Bernie Sanders Trump like campaign is a disaster for Democrats, pay Rachel. Politics is about building, not dividing it's a disaster, the guy who could be trouble is this a d. They re board transparently, full of shit this. Does it isn't working this energy gotta keep doing more of it. This is fully you mean a trump like campaign that one better that Europe like a baby or the ones hard for Jennifer to process. Yet that's like that's like would very wise Kosovo Rogan and says: oh, you know how trumped just excited his base Now that I'm afraid the left is going to do that to me, I'm afraid there.
Copy a winning strategy. Remember what Trump did he humiliated a party the entire country was sick of anyone in election. Bernie Sanders might do that. Oh so excited, so this all falls under the category of this Ernie Bro rude to be online, that's it and I entirely and the subtitle, as I intend to cite this as the chief piece of evidence and my forthcoming argument for my poor people- should never health insurance? Yes got pretty much? That's the guy. You wrote that very funny. Guy Gibson, FUCK I tweeted Murdoch Lifetimes Esquire Measurement fact is a highly respected political planned. His new but new hope. I've got a guide to iron fist spin.
is now available from for pre order at Amazon, but is not a fact. You have a new follower having tweet MC fuck for years. You never get back to me so so Jennifer Reuben Rights, this tweets, this bullshit. and then this guy says so that o Brien and Zerlina Maxwell routinely retweet this warmongering neo con, who called obey a muslim sympathiser, actual Jennifer Reuben is you are no Jennifer. Reuben is she's a warmongering, NEO Cotonou called Obama Muslim sympathiser? That's who gets to write their opinion piece of against Bernie the wise imposed. Why? Because Jeff boy Basler, is also a NEO liberal, corporatist guy psychopath, who wants to screw you and keep you from health care in college? And better life. Why cause he's a psychopath? Jeff basis is a psychopath that think that's not debatable.
So sold out. O Brien and Zerlina Maxwell routinely retweet this warmongering NEO Conall called Obama Muslim Sympathiser in case they want to get pissed about who Joe Rogan said he for you, no nice, tweet, very nice again That is a similar, the Miller, Jamila and you're, not nobody's a mellow Europe. Somebody that's right as a good tweet. People hate it when an intellectual posts things they can't refuse because he uses irrefutable sources, calling him a troll. About David, Sir calling amateurs Oh makes you look like a complete moron who the fuck. Are you ready says. Why would the washed imposed hire somebody who sounds no different than the average on it? located trump moron yelling should from the street tell you why? Because her opinion lines up with Jeff basis, opinion That's why they hire her Jeff bases, hates Bernie, say
Energy is afraid of them just as much as Hillary Clinton has Donald Trump as Democratic National Committee as Chuck humor Nancy Pelosi. That's right! They all hate him in fear him just as bad. Just the same. That's why Jeff phases hired that's why the watched impose hires her to write that stop just so. You know it's got nothing to do with their smart or factual or their good writers, or they have talent or they have a great rapid, they should cause. They broke a story, no it's because they are going to write something that lines up the political point of view of Jeff Fucking basis. That's the only reason so there you go so that more that yeah mean sarcasm. Aside David Sir, is so civil likely with iraqi does he is so so so that their plane and it's like, and what the person who tweeted
that it uses irrefutable sources. Nobody does lot uses firsthand sources he's like you know in Bernie. Certainly do that too, which is good. Like hey, don't take my word on Joe Biden on Social security. Listen to Joe here's footage of Joe who doesn't know you can find stuff on the internet, hairs what he has to say about Social security ray you decide. Yeah that's so now there plays. Please try to try to make it out there, David Schroeder's, some kind of aggressive as some kind of asshole to it by as if he's a David Brok again the exact. So this is this: is this crazy and and people? I think people see through it because Bernice surging. and its it. It seems to be one of those things where the more they come, Madame the stronger it makes him, and I just hope he understands that. I hope it is Katy. Doesn't again do any of that bullshit capitulation that he'll he we may make so much ground again.
That is that these that rescinding, that your Rogan endorsement is lucky he's that fuckin do in that. So that's a big step. I think yeah and and- and I think at least I hope that he seeing that the teach out apology was a mistake and because it was a big mistake forever. A number of reasons oh binds can be able to go back to that point too. That's right and any has he already has like that in that. Why why? Why moment the job? I guess he pointed out that Bernie appalled guys they will be able to go back to that, but you know when Hillary Clinton kind of hijacked the conversation deflected away from that when she Minos started smearing Bernie again so was almost. It was almost a gift in disguise unintentionally and then Burnoose able get our message talking about your bind said on social security. So, but he has no mistake. The apology big mistake and I've got a boy worn girls gonna hear about it again,
hello. I dont you bastard about me. I bought it for you. birdy with money, went what's wrong, your gun thereby mad. If another start, what you ask everybody carbon for me now that I'm sergeant at the polls Jimmy like clockwork as a matter of fact that somebody of pipe out the make was just to keep records and I've had to make a list of, might listen, I'm reorganized and we have a great deal made a list of your lists The people must avoid innovations, Alyssa people in August, patients in their emotional support? Animals is endless whose at the top of your list of people coming out against you touch, you may recall him and when What's his major beef with you again, he knew he was singing your praises back in two thousand six and campaigning for you. Won't.
Until black told you ve told you that you have to think up people who are not like you, because that's what he learned about later but whatever you do, stay away from picket lines of black people. Could that's when you only they people who, like you like white people, that he pulled me if I got to post the nomination, he was gonna crush me into a pulp because that's what he learned about leadership from job the dustbin wow it's! Well then, he asked me to contribute to the Obama Foundation. Can you believe that bullshit what? What? What? What? What did you do? I set up a million dollar check posted at the party. Sixty you can keep that if you want jackass,
who else is coming for you Bernie. While it said that the Committee for Nicaraguan does Squad Noncolor heard about one year and the committee for committees, fart Nicaraguan, does why not colours for Christ for grace? You have done that. I mean I've, never trust between non killers of Christ. They got a red like those on killers for Christ. Jennifer. Christ, the carbon out he had told the less what're you gonna do with this kind of whatever Jimmy the mind boggles she added their put at ellipses between mind. That's how serious this kind of ellipses abuse is nowadays. What's the solution, wait? I agree. Bernie we need a revolution. Is not what the peoples coalition against better Jerry's Delicious ice cream. I mean what the fuck is, that of possibly be.
Dutch Delicious non, very cookie, don't shots. Has the world gone mad I was his gas as you are about this burning ticket without there, but the list the board's wake me never rights, there's the Boston, independent drivers against seatbelts I ask you who in the world is a good thing belts? Does the american Postal Workers Union, but dont bites and rabies? I mean, I never heard, and I will move or rational brotherhood of electrical workers who told posted at the back of a national parliament, of teams to to hate each other, for God's sake, a model that each other you did not sensible, birdie. I do agree, and it is my favorite dissociation of grammar school teachers who don't want to get came off Araby. Do you share it all these people, I'm out of you know
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in February First Button downtown Lisbon. While life is an embarrassment of riches, of course, I'll buy tickets did website collect their very nice weekend has just presented itself. Now, speaking of jirga nightclub comedians, I have to make a phone call. ring rang hello We do Charles. I was sure I just master the Senate, whoever gradually and class valedictorian of Jane. Madison High school low, it would it's your mind, Sir I say, keep score. Were proud, member of the New York State BAR, though I have never break this law, is not required to join, but I get anyway regular guest on that. daily show, with Trevor powers and second cousin, one
removed to any shimmer. When we never talk about in polite circles, though she does make be chuckle with their whimsie. I want my loving public and good morning to you, Sir hygiene. Now, let's get down to brass tacks: Bashing, John Old him he's a great man. It was decided to speak truth to power and we must respect him Would that be you're not worried about your case, relying on the credibility of someone like John Bolton, let May summit. In a little power. My robe, based on my tweets, Jimmy Mulvaney, Bolton, Duffy and Blair these men from we should hair. We will never give up so other. Beware: mulvaney bolted, dopy and Blair. Well, what do you think you? U rhymed, Blair with hair, I mean here what the impact is for you. rumour burn brawl. We will not stop fighting to hear from the
people who actually saw what happened and to see the documents. I swear this on my chin. Egypt, Shin, but you knew this would happen right. You knew you'd. Never have the boats to convict in. My point is that President Trump did nothing wrong widely, so afraid of reading into evidence. John opens manuscript, which I voted. awaiting read by the way. Why is it that Democrats always find themselves? Turning to disgusting people, they used to hate for help details Retail John Kelly, Police, John Old. Let's put it up for me that man has judgment. Yeah, you don't remember yeah. You guys said that about John Bolton. Do you have a their trial. We must not remit to evidence. peggy and witnesses shit cringe under pressure like some nervous Nellie, when we ve got great count from General John Kelly, John Kelly, lied about torturing prisoners.
the war criminal. These are your defenders of justice. Jimmy here than other problem based on my twitter page. Some people may not like me, when I offer my hand across the aisle, but when it comes to winning there is only one stage I'll do what stage Harry even crab. My very clear So Joe biden- I don't know if you know he's been melting down, and you know part of dementia is that you, you could do often lash out right and you can start Steve, might even start to be violent right that happens. So here is a guy in the picture line. Would Joe Biden there in a line to take a picture, and the guy decides to ask him a question: The support you in the nomination is really ready
I would have told you of climate change. Now I use things. Are you against my voice? Then you want to replace these gaslights s work. We gotta stop building in replacing fight when it's a guy to check Goble for somebody else. The guy just said: hey I've got it support you in the general and what did Joe Biden say Goble for somebody else about play the whole thing Joe Biden doesn't need your vote, but we'll play at a press conference later job said he plans to combat pipelines by challenging them to pushups. Quite there's more of this work it is no longer the boy you in general. Do you think arising from an absorbing dogs, important lifelike, so what that guy said to him.
he could cause you got cannibal from the private of which in general for treaty right, because I'm not did you hear of the echoes love, not so fuck. You, Where else you gotta go, you can vote for me, the general you goddamn! Now you are so Do a little bit! Shame on you these guys and which, which is, as this is a different, take that I think we'll watch I. What do you like this? One is what go hoped that the bottom line is. Joe Biden has no problem telling another white guy, though vote for somebody else. How do you think he's going to treat a person of color more already. There was that there was that latino immigration activist. He did the same thing to that immediately. That person confronted Ernie's like you know what we're gonna do for me are our communities are hurting we're concerning Kosovo for tromp. Yet, My feeling is that it was beyond disturbing this person who has had to endure. I mean Obama, was the reporter achieve Trump has been absolutely horrific on immigration
and Joe Biden, their life, how are you gonna be different? Are you going help us go for Trump, so he tells up. I think, Bernhard, that guy right think you're right their Bernhard, that Guy Joe Biden said gobbled for Trump, oh, my god, yet so, let's watch like through here we gotta support if you want an ominous rich, but what are we going to have on climate change? Now? You think you against pipelines, but then you want to replace these gaslights. That's worth we gotta stop. Building in replacing thanks gives any pushed him, but you didn't just happen. He pushed him.
Ok, I'm gonna buy even in general. What do you think you're asking me coming up talking about supporting a lifeline? Portuguese GMO primer haven't had any idea about twenty thousand. That's fine country. He still wanted to pick the learned depleted and that guy is in. I disagree with that guy foregone for style, but that guy is a gentleman who had fallen, who has been in the legislator, the I will legislative for years and he was also a big climate activists who did like a big walk for climate change alone
the dapple pipeline, or has a book written about it so really learned that supporting button, so Soto he's he's letting on supporting size, dire right, which I too be honest. I don't know I mean I. I thought that was very surprising, but yes, so that was surprising. That he's supporting well a climate activists says he'll support Biden because he's not trump and bite and tells of nickel vote for somebody else? And then this guy says he decides. I support a billionaire who got rich exploiting the environment, so I want to tell that guy, but what's his name had fallen balance at Phelan that this is a perfectly it still example of voting blue, no matter who and unity videos before primary starts how stupid they are and counter productive and pledging your vote to him. before of one vote is cast, is also counter productive. So I would like to see this
That's what you get you see when you see when you say that when you say that support you in general, I'm ready. Do you see what happens then? They tell you to go f yourself now given away any power you have for this politician, the power. You have over a politician is the power of your vote and that's all he wants and of you walk up and garment about view in the general hints at length there far here? Why should I change? Why should I change you just pledged your vote to me and in fact get the fuck out of here is parties. He said without saying fuck he hits the guy in the chest. Tells me go vote for somebody else. You already pledged to vote to me, buddy I bet a drop in F bond before this campaign season. Over that re predicts, any totally will create. You want to see is so so
you do you kind I mean here, it is elucidated for you. Is that a word right here for you here? It is everything saying about this stupid strategy of vote blue. no matter who and pledge your vote to cuz. We got to get rid of trump, and here it is and don't buy it, and then you do that and he says: go pound sand. But what can I do about climate change now, I'm using this EU against my boys when you want to replace these gaslights. That's worth we gotta stop. Building in replacing by Arabs. Look I'll be Stapi looks as soon as the word, client or yet raise climate changes uttered right. Leg is like that's. What am I triggers because I don't have an answer. That's right. I gotta go Answer: nineteen: eighty six, I haven't changed since, let me alone, and so he said, I guess I'm gonna give you an example. You supportable fear that
General betray me right how by Napoleon the General, if you have some better policies to do with climate, we the way I do good and were either way by Indians are still the same. While I'm not the citizens initiative, you treat me right and eurobonds and I'm not gonna fuck and even tree right not only will they not changed my position. I meant it going to treat your right. That's ok, so that a vote for you. If you are going to vote for Joe Biden, if you're a climate activists and you're going vote for Joe Biden. You should make that decision five seconds before you, walk into the voting booth and preferably drunk why gotta problem in January pro claim to the World Euro legislator you proclaiming through the world. You can support this fuckin guy, who was in the lots of ways worse than Trump.
because he can t hide, says nefarious bullshit, better than Trump does trumped, doesn't hide it. Joe Biden does there's one the people who vote for Joe Biden like you, no he's screws over everybody, black people, working people, people who I've healthcare problems, people who are bankrupt with healthcare problems, people who want a functioning bank, system he's goes over everyone. Joe Biden does- and climate, on top of it, you want back to Joe Biden being a leader on climate, you gotta go back about for decades. Go back to somewhere, like type igniting, seventy nine! So here's Joe Biden telling a bunch of people decided who put this together, but it's fantastic. So let's watch it
over recent months. You're. Ok, I mean hey. They say that sometimes experience can to some good advice in here. You go, go, binds lot of experience and good advice vote for somebody else taken Joe I'm with you gonna vote for somebody else. Here Joe Biden is letting you know he's he's. Ok, so where make friends with date, men and they die, would turn to them and say: hey you now I m not a solid. Did you know, I'm not looking for commitment and guess what those women wanted. Committal commitment, so people that vote for Joe Biden they think he's going to do
what for them, because he's letting you know every day he's gonna do nothing! Nothing, for you is his whole campaigners about that. I'm an I'm a nice guy, not that I have a program. Can I help your life? I'm nice it in Trump. I'm still not going to leave you anything name. One power were so we're in. Catastrophic times yet name. One policy that Joe Biden has that meets the moment. Not one can you think of one? can you think of a policy he's championing? Can you at least slowly, but Warn you know she wants to regulate Wall Street and U S, attacks, billionaires and let you know that you want to put a tax every doubt over fifty million Oda. You know that you know that about her Bernie Sanders. Gonna get Healthcare gonna get him free college, you gonna get you a minimum wage. We all know that about him. Dulcy garbage gonna end those words. We know about her why Joe Biden Working Times dire, he's holding climate. Ok, we got that Amy called a job.
There's a big market get a boner, but what else will forty years ago, Joe by not hold us that he would prostitute services for preparations? He'd told us about forty we're years later. This is the result, has been resolved dish and you couldn't be happier to tell the world that he wants a prostitute himself, a threat that he was up for sale. It was really get he has been solved. I think we'd just answered our own question really is light years. These are all the policies. Here's where everyone is Joe Biden. What's his big thing, I'm ready to prostitute myself right, that's Joe Biden thing Uncle with a wall job that is your body hairs, there's also Joe Biden, here's job! I Vienna creeper rats this. What the hell are you doing
she's, not ten years old, even if she was leave her alone in that something he won't stop at. This is from two thousand and eight when he was on the campaign two thousand seven c span, so he has a history of touching people, there's a woman shaking his head and said and why would he do that because she's attractive? So I'm gonna get saying something about how attractive shit cause. That's when you grab you, if you have a little kid or a dogma, computer little dogs faces or a little baby acute as a grown woman, Bigos Uptown grabs her face like look up pretty she is like is wrong with you. Yes grows that's really grouse and she pulls away media. Maybe ITALY, her good! Are you fucking do in wow, and what's that
died. The guy looks at him to read what it when he arrives, don't yeah right when he grabbed her the gate. He got it at the watch, your hands yeah. So anyway, There's does your Joe Biden. So if you go to this go to this guy so that the Democratic National Committee Chair Tie, whereas issued a list of individuals he nominated for the twenty twenty democratic national convention committees. To jeer about this. Have you heard about this Rania? You have so this guy Kevin Gas Stella. I hope up saying that correctly I decided to follow him cause you Such an awesome thread on this. So now I'm following him. So he says: let's exam in some of the individuals I'll initially focus on the nominees for the Dnc Platform Committee. So let's go don't go down to the next week. He says I Dennis Mcdonough was Barack Obama's chief of staff during his second term. I am I good. Did you leaving
that I could I could no. No, I I couldn't pick that guy out of a line of daring Dennis Mcnerney that neighbourhood chance really Eddie was the chief of staff, and I did notice. I didn't they have to political show. I did know they. That's you have talked about big gap to He also shares rework America taskforce, which launched Rework America Business Network with Heidi compose the senior vice As of human resources at Boeing Salon, ground raw yellow whereas some words regional, deep into the grass roots of the Democratic authority. You know their military industrial, complex funders, so the next one is, rework America Business Network that Macao Mcdonough helped Lodge Corps says its founding members, the following Archer Daniels Midland Boeing. Do Energy Keyser, Permanente Mckinsey in company. That's rebooted get worked, Microsoft, Stanley boy,
and Decker Walmart and Zurich Insurance for how wow Weiwei's right, that's it there The credit that the debate about who of whose destroying the country that's right or issues me the world. That's right, my country's entry to the World there's another. What John have portrayed Mcdonough in a twenty nineteen film, the report which told the story of Senate CIA Torture report through perspective of set its staff for Daniel Jones. On behalf of the CIA Mcdonough, advocated for more reductions from the executive summary that was released soap. So he wasn't the good guy, not the good guy words. He was bad guy. So here's Daniele Gray, former Obama, administration official, is the senior vice president chief legal officer in corporate secretary for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North got lucky Allison She's gonna, be on the platform, lady tat, these people where'd rubbing the Democratic Party corporate corporatist are going to be on the committee wow that, to put it mildly, Lamb Network
The corridor I this, if they could put the corporal crossbows, yield the committee they would, if they could think of Jamie Diamond there. So next one is both a next week: Grey was partner in the New York law firm of old. Bernie admires, where she advised healthcare companies, financial service institutions, universities and clients in a range of industries. I litigation internal investigations and government enforcement actions. Hairs Jake, Sullivan he's a member of the alliance for securing democracies advisory council. He was a senior policy of by. you're, very Hillary Clinton. Twenty sixteen in two thousand, a presidential campaign, Solvin, was also national security adviser to Vice President Joe biting. So that's why you're getting George each vehicle had so so eventually they can be some real progress it's been a while gonna find out. Here's Georgia States, turn. It came a lilium served as a member of a bomb, a victory fund, twenty twelve. She was one of the top ten influential african american bunglers for a bottom up top contributors to the
Pack included employees from Comcast Bullman, sacks and Google etc. Cares Karel, Browed, her she's a senior councillor for all bright stone Bridge group: oh no kidding shoot? That's a business firm founded in two thousand nine by former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright. She worked on climate change, policy. No Bob Administration, Cliffs campaign appointed brought it to the twenty sixteen Dnc Platform Drafting Committee. as a clear delegate during the twenty sixteen platform drafting committee meeting, she voted against a ban. Racking? She voted against Medicare for all. She opposed the trick shit. She voted against opposing the transpacific partnership. She voted against keeping fossil fuels in the ground again, I'm so sorry. I got it Ask you: are you telling me this is for the republican quarters, the Democrat? Absolutely no difference mirrors, Mary cake. Henry is the president of S, hair and there's another one. May Kay Henry is the President S. He are you in twenty fifteen. She insured them
Major Union endorsed Hilary Clay an early, yet I think the pistol bunch people off yes use mine that yeah. So she was a corrupt. She seems like a corrupt union leader measured. It seems I see I, u donated one million two priorities: USA, the primary superpower that supported Hillary Clinton. Twenty sixteen campaign, in spite of cleanse reluctance to lack of fifteen dollar minimum wage so either when they get Buddy from a union they get somebody who's against the workers. Is that something makes It's amazing how they do this totally neutral punch about China. The king he's a lobbyist close out. Of Governor Andrew Cuomo, former executive director for the New York State Democratic Party and its wanting twenties democratic super delegate, but carry so Theirs was Gamala Harris's, surrogate and surrogate for Hillary Clinton and twenty. Sixteen. He has disingenuous Lee insisted. Bernie, has long way to go with black voters despite contrary pulling see how sellers welcome
journey to the Dnc primary when he announced his twenty twenty campaign out of abroad, but Bernie getting in the race when is it getting it is probably better question that goes on the Democratic Platform Committee that guy? many fifteen sellers became a member of the National Council of the American Israel, public Affairs Committee or a pack. The notorious Oh, is real government lobbying group go ahead next, one, sir, there's draft to the letter and spearheaded the effort and twenty sixteen to ensure that the Dnc platform did not adopt language Bernie Sanders aborted, which would have acknowledged responsible to confront humanitarian crisis facing Palestinians in Gaza, whew. have you have you? Have you had a bowl full of NEO liberals yet wow? This is something so far, the one with the least horrible razumihin,
corrupt union leader upped union illegal acts as a lease, the fence and so far, and you see why Bernie should be running against this like he should just take this out every time he gives a speech to just read this off. This is where the Democratic Party is. This is who I'm coming to to revolt against and overthrow. Instead, he says most people, my good friends, we'll, do that right to help please don't let you know is good while he's running, in them, whether he likes it or not? Back there you know they're gonna do everything they can to stop right, I mean there's not. This is not the impartial thing. They promise tat such a great way to put IRAN that birdies running it, and these people, whether he knows it or not, when Bernie had lost, and then he started to campaign for the day and see any was I remember that, would I get reality tour. Yes, though it was when Tom Press was on stage for less than twenty seconds. Nobody cared for Tom Prize, nobody likes to compress any immediately had appended to the audience by say you gotta see later good booty, cylinders and the crowd erected. Yes, yes, what he's
started because they would do him and so to pre empt the booze he would. He would keep mentioning burnings named a good cheer, so they would stop going. It didn't really work. But my point, ultimately is you: have this nefarious person, Tom Peres, who gets to recommend positions? and he's only working against all of us to compress bag. I bad guy, not good, not a good guy. You know easier, not your friend dumper, as is a friend of the working men and women and usually learn repudiation, suitably labour secretaries. I was kind of irony, but those are the How do people they hire me? Look. They got together with the union, the Corrupt Union guy Right buddy. I will. I will get there, appear to be the head of labour, I don't really like labour, we'll get him we're gonna be completely impartial, a man there's one guy who favours a plank automatic air for all and everyone here worse for big farmer, but it's gonna be completely impartial, we'll just look for new job there find with it. Here's another go. Let's go back to this.
Dan Shapiro is the former ambassador of the United States to the state of Israel. He backed moving the? U S, embassy to Jerusalem is done the right way and hear ship. on November twenty shaping virtues of: U S: military aid to Israel. This is on the Goddamn Democratic Platform Committee Wendy sure it's just like a joke If this is like, the union could have written this article, no getting right, I want the last one is just like hears Tom he's just kind of addicts. Does anyone have a rather may just a douche pairs Bob? We ve got We have a video of him. Kicking puppies Wendy Sherman is a senior counselor at the Aubrey Stone Bridge Group, a business firm founded by Madeleine Albright. I'll give you was Clinton's, delegating the twenty sixteen Dnc Platform Drafting Committee, who voted against Medicare for all voted against voted in favour of the deeply b add, voted against banning racking. Well,
Sherman, was led negotiator for the Iranian Nuclear Deal and has previously back diplomacy with North Korea during drafting of twenty sixteen platform Sherman Oppose language on Israel. Occupation had suggested the media's movement creates anti Semitism, Craig Smith was White House. Political rector during President Cleanse administration. He was campaign during you're. You invited a jolly payments. Two thousand more presidential campaign Smith also was in your advisor for super Pack, ready very Hilary, had later clans twenty sixteen campaign maidens able, or as a member of the democratic majority for Israel, the DM ef I didn't know. That was a thing deep What is the matter? I all dm five as the I back there. That would be just democratic majority for that's, no good food, the math. I a group that advocates for pro Israel Democrats. She also serve them National Board directors of the human rights campaigner take a and see platform drafting Committee will define the democratic parties Paul.
seize and priorities for domestic and foreign affairs and twenty twenty F, why? I thought so this isn't just a list of the hideous music concert you ever heard of Roma people have power. He says next, our focus on some of the individuals who did Dnc chaired tamper has nominated for the twenty twenty democratic National convention rules Committee about Maria Cardona. Is it many twenty democratic super delegate and the CNN and see it in an annex, banjo contributor. She also is a Principle at the dewy square group, a lobbying firm that has fought on behalf of corporate interests against progressive reforms. That's good. She said the rules committee- oh yeah, think where he did that unity to her from twenty. Sixteen the intercept story duties where group work on behalf of the health insurance industry during health reform debates, even placing There's two editors in newspapers under names of elderly Massachusetts residents without their knowledge. Or can I
wow. This is what is. This is comical This is our who's who of white collar crimes no not at all no kidding. You want big farmer, we got big farmer, ok, our ears. Maria Corona wrote a com for innovation. In March twenty sixteenth quote: Sanders socialism does not sit well with Florida. Voters Venezuela, ignoring our. U S, policy has targeted destabilize the country since at least ninety ninety eight, because socialism was incurred, braided into the democracy we you're Cardona involved right wing attack to discourage support for war and in Sanders. If warranted. Sanders remain among top democrats tier. They will trump. will continue to try to paint Democrats as radical socialists who want to turn the you so she sang it's bad. To have agree to have more people are more likely publicans running as Democrats, why oppose something because they can and say your posing them, I can't they just go to the Republican Party S Cobia Republic. Here let us vote for a progressive. Can you imagine the dinner party with this bunch link jeez how
Many times was a manager asked for within the first five minutes, birdy frame. Oh Barney, Frank, Barney, Wall, street, Frank, Bari, fracas, former congressmen who currently is on board of directors of the signature Bank in New York in July. Twenty eighteen New York Times examined how the bank was a go to lead. therefore President Donald Trump fairly as well have jeers goods. It is badly partner that was a Russia Bank trumpet be rigidly. The hut What does go? The other way had come there, not also russian. If they're working with russian Trump Scope, life Many Frank: is he russian Barney Freak argued against the green? deal in February, twenty nineteen, even as the climate change threat, rapidly intensified. There is an argument that you do. Destabilized society by doing too much change, it was. There is an argument it s about change. Climate change is gonna. Do you fucked face in
why twenty fifteen early in the primary Barney Frank, wrote a column for political. Why progressive sure didn't support Bernie? He advocated against democracy because he believed of centres presented a formidable challenge. The Clinton it would weaken her viewed as an attack surrogate for Clinton. Twenty six Mean Bernie Sanders demanded, Barney, Frank, be removed as head of Rules Committee, that request was rejected. Centres believe Frank, had deeper professional, political and split personal hostility toward his camp. Which is true Atlanta, mayor key, shall lads bottoms endorse Joe Biden? Twenty nineteen June? Twenty nineteen- when, in November, as bite, unspoiled number sag? She maintain he'd, be best, not many people have long Esther, underestimated, Zyobite and he's been consistent, France, ITALY or ass as being a creep. Oh good, about Chris Lou. As deputy secretary of Labour for President Obama in twenty sixteen, when issues of trade deals Killing jobs was raised, Lou reproach
Lou, replied, quote: Teepee P is a great opportunity for you, as companies that sell products overseas and jobs, relying on exports pay better and that worked out so well that later people took on a chance, I'm a guy who screwed over workers this entire from air. That's that's how well that weren't I worked out. People voted for a political novice game shows who was an obvious charlatan out Andrew glowered rookeries Vice chair of the California Democratic Party, she endorse Clinton, she's, a twenty twenty super delegate, go out? O broker is a senior advisor for MIKE Bloomberg presidential campaign. Jesus Christ, Charlie Baker, is co, founder of Dewey Square Group Baker, was chief administrative officer for Hilary for America also senior advisor for Carry Edwards Gore, Liebermann Clinton Gore an export licence. I want all these people who has supported Clayton, honest, that's right, platform last everybody last year, but the donor still control. The party
and they're all bunglers and donor there. This is what this is. This is the worst dating up ever I gotta say none of these people. Aren't I don't want to Anyone here, oh no James Ball and, as president of bricklayers and allied craft workers. In September, twenty fifteen. The union endorsed Hillary Clinton. Again we got another corrupt union gun. He is also on board of directors, the National endowment of democracy. That's the end, he d they found that Beilin CAT would spheres anti war voices they directly fund these fuckin do bags, who run these websites that will do propagandists where's against any truth, tellers about war, James Bala, no friend of bricklayers, no friend of craft workers, I'm gonna, get that guy. I'm up my my guess is he's pretty corrupt and that's why they did that's. Why A lot of people say there against unions, because their leaders are corrupt right and we ve seen movies after movie about
well anyway, Eddie you'd organization to be corrupt, those Maurizio organization, and we got some corrupt building at the house. Your clothes on a hospital. But you get rid of guys like this or if your or, if your temporarily, you elevate them? You are to the Rules Committee daddy, helper was appointed by the Dnc Chair Tom Perez to be a Dnc Deputy national Finance Sheeran, two thousand and seventeen. This pace, baguette article details how helper fought against raising minimum wage. He was the chair of the Georgia Restaurant Association wow what did they literally our staffing, their entire thing would like republic. People should be Republicans. Yes, they should be in the Republican Party, went out of the Democratic Party, so hiding high, wrote a calm and made twenty nineteen urging Democrats to remain opposed to expanding Medicare. For all that. This is this. This is their democratic party this is the vote, blue, no matter who you see why,
drives me not from people's able blue, no matter who so shall we, What more do one more? In March, in March, twenty nineteen high cap, since the Americans want realistic solutions. She does not believe medical, for all or the green new deal should be part of democratic messaging, the voters and how that work out high They went out. Here's Heidi High Carbon October. eighteen drawing from experience as a former tax commissioner to argue against taxing the rich next one, Harold Ikey, chaired bill, cleanse presidential campaign in nineteen. Eighty two he was built Linz, deputy chief, the step he was a senior wiser and strategist Raillery Gliddon, including or two thousand eight campaign, like many of the nominees he's twenty twenty super delegate, and he wasn't twenty. Sixteen do all right. So I could come to me site. We could do so they everyone I'm in this a long long list. and everyone worse than the previous? This is
Democratic party. You happy you believe this its depressing there's. Your democrat parties? Is their vile, bluebird it'll work? Do you guys were blue? I'm not motivate Bernier tolls, he that's, it probably get the vote for both of them. That's for that's! My wish. They'll be awesome, and I know I use that word like. Like a millennial. Some might say too much. I say awesome why. I certainly hope there take a flock of sheep like Mccrae, felt either six street and Downtown Austin, Texas January thirty burst in February. She's outlining the comedy club as legendary comedy club, and I don't know what I'll do five, if I'm not able to get tickets, well. What are you going? Do that the best way to get tickets?
voice. In my go to develop. Dad, but I'm afraid of the internet? Oh well, I think I'll take my mind offered by calling on other comedian who's, not gonna, be it the velvet, a room, Jimmy Door waiting. Worry me Romney's other phone. I wonder if these still worrying about his little Google ratings and lack of relevance, hi Jimmy? I do still I be important. I really an answer that senator oh, please excuse me Jimmy. I forgot to formally announced myself body the junior senator from a great state of Utah MID. Yet would Mitt Romney our yet I'm pretty good boy, my glad that beer delectable thing over am I right. You mean that big, Twitter Bruce You set up the post positive things about yourself, a boy comes again. You guys like sharks, what the got your trying to get
Pompeo on your ass and use. The F word hey. You know, there's a lot more to that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You got to become a premium member go to Jimmy Dore Comedy! Cobb sign up, the formal premium programme, because this today shows written by wrongfully co, Martha Lando Step Samarang. Oh Jim Earl, like Mccrae, Roger written other voices. before today, by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found it like Mccrae Dhaka, that's it for this week you be the best you can be housekeeping me don't don't
Don't worry about me, I'm worried.
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