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Bolivia, Obama, Amazon, and media lies!

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Phone calls from Vince Vaughn, Liam Neeson, Mitt Romney, and Jeb Bush!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jimmy or show hello. This is Jimmy who's, this Brennan, Sylvan, born how you doing I do exactly Jimmy Door. Thank you for asking glad to hear bids quit. Do you know who else is also doing that? Getting no gonna check trouble with the president of the United States, a fucking about is that so yeah innovated if a peach make inquiry its authority, that's what it was. God was based bathers adopting a farce when they try to tear down the lion. Beautiful, proud, why a man, our leader, but he continued to fly,
I saw him like an eagle like a goddamn eagle, wait, how many different animals easy, that body did you think about yourself, all of them either the cool animals combined Lion go Bear Sabre Truth Tiger shark, ragged, quieter, did you like them. Ok, we get it all the animals. I did take it down, you mark my words Jimmy Door, you don't think so! Oh hell! No! I mean Adam shift that guy with a tiny who stole his name for law and order and to be a break that guy does have the backbone taken
a penny little man world again, I see we have on our side. The new needs Jordan? Well back a poker really gesture me. Let me ask you a question: have you ever found it to be a good policy? fuck with a mandate, Devon sure I ever had an explicit policy with regard to that. No yeah! Ok! Well, let me tell you something running: bear not a good policy and that in the very least, to kill her gay at my point, you join you step to my boy I am sure that your wagon mastered out if the topic
there is James and you'd like a letter dated bullshit slipped through not on his watch. If he has any one of these, which is trying to implicate prompted some only bologna steam he's gonna jump up and days, cracked, her skull important, I don't know, that's exactly how things work bins, yeah! Well, it is damaging Butterworth. Let me tell you: I thought your toward. It is ok. How does this give Jordan when he was a wrestling coated? Always you several students, Katy and told him? They are being sexually abused by the tea doctor, and you know what he did absolutely nothing in writing given up because they wanted to take those boys at a port lesson, which is that whining and paddling don't anywhere, but that's the kind of leadership We have in Congress, are our side and net rival. Gonna win so take a damn: I'm not a demographic! Ok, you know what our about you not do that thing where you don't just let me label you how I want to
the joint work, what your died and which could only twenty twenty tropic? This nonsense, lids its you, don't even know me at all. I dont you better than you know yourself Jimmy door. and so in gaol Johnson some had the chance to show. We welcome this with Jimmy Door. Show our next live, give your showed December twenty. Seventh, Honolulu January eleven and twelve are gonna, be in Portland, Oregon February, ninth and tenth The Arizona then Sacramento San Jose in Miami gotTa Jimmy Door comedy dot com.
drilling for all of our lives shows coming to a town near you, let's get to the jokes before we get to the joke, shall we headed to hear this week? This is true. The New York Times accused Fedex, of failing to pay more than one point: five billion dollars in taxes. That's true fed Ex promised to deliver a speedy response of the paper, but after three attempts the wrong address. They sent it back to the. Where did here Joe Biden, Joe Biden? Once again, he was speaking at a town hall, LAS Vegas, and he said he. He won't legal lies marijuana because its quota gateway drug. he's right he's trying to get all those votes of people who are casting their belts and nineteen. Seventy two! Yes, that's a researcher later still that he plagiarized his remarks about marijuana from the film refer madness. At least
Warren worn has gotten a lot of criticism, modern Medicare for all democratic leadership and after months of criticism from democratic leaders, Elizabeth One offered a new approach to her Medicare for our plan. It's a longer transition period called death, Hay and Elizabeth I went on a podcast run by former Obama, staffers yeah and on their lives, worn said she supported the coup in Bolivia and the Trump Bolton attempted coup in Venezuela, as well as the: U S: sanctions, starving population, Elizabeth, worn, a proud, capitalist, their bones, but mostly other people's bones. feeling left out. Hillary Clinton said she ass. She does it now. She supports a coup in the United States and all right all right. What's covered up
today show we're gonna talk about the is horrible coverage of Bolivia, also are we really guarding the syrian oil in Syria for Syria, plus Barack Obama? once again, wagged his finger at activists and says just joined the establishment in shut, plus a lot lot more mobile phone pulse. We have phone calls from Vince VON Jeb Bush Lee these and Mitt Romney horse a lot lot more. That's today, Jimmy Dore no
and live and die pay on Youtube. Videos, porno, Syria! Now really he left there. There's thing with the oil of course so here watch this. How much our CBS reports this watch. This thing Turk The president is accusing the? U S of not living up to its commitment to move kurdish forest out of northern Syria, as president Tromp had promised you. troops. Are still in that region where the recent arrival of syrian troops backed by Russia, is making the area more dangerous? That's something really! So you have. We set
our military than they send their military. It's gonna be all the more dangerous believe growing dagenett has been covering this story extensively from the region, he's following a: U S: military unit, near oil fields in North EAST Syria. First of all, I love you make it sound like a like a nice documentary. It's like a fun dogma, hey we're on the ground with the? U S, military here on this week's edition of Building empire. Here's oily the oil possibly tell you about the benefits of protecting limited resources. We go for most of this morning. We ve been via around this: U S military convoys, they ve been visiting oil facilities. They ve been visiting oil facilities. You don't like you know like when the when the cops do a drug ray how their visiting your apartment Jimmy a little known
at about this rapporteur. He came in eighth place for the church. Clooney look alike, I like you, don't and after does delicacies dress. After this report, he's gotta go sing, a song in Vegas Lounge where's, something lavender honey. I'm going to Syria report on the Orioles shed where's, my lavender battened down boil fields in this region in northern Syria. They were ordered to protect these oral fields by president from so they don't fall into the hands of ISIS. Now you to protect, you know, you don't want the oil fields, you know I mean if we're not their protecting women oversee the oil fields again have fallen. You know with the wrong crowd and they're gonna start stay now, lay and do in drugs. You gotta keep your eye on the oil fields. So that's all I'm saying their mission has changed over the past couple of weeks is only a few weeks ago that President Trump order, Hugh S, truth to withdraw from this region in that essentially gave the green light for Turkey to invade and fight syrian kurdish forces year. Hundreds of thousands of people had to evacuate that area. Hundreds of people have been killed and is not a criticism here. Now the President Troms order for these troops to now secure all fields suggested the. U S, administration tears more about protecting all fields, they do about protecting civilians. I think this is the first time and the other reason is allowed to say that is costing unlike what trump, how trampled on Syria? That's. The only reason is allowed to say that is it. For the first time we care more about oil. The meagre
You fucking believe here. We go now as far as the mission here is concern. U S. Military officials say their primary operation has not changed, and that is the fight against ISIS. This part, securing the oil fields is simply part of that mission. This is just part of the mission: it's only department, give a shit about, but that's the part Amazon's back in the news, but I just want to give you a little refresher. I know right given little refresher. This is from twenty sixteen, this article, it says, report Amazon Stranglehold, how the company's tightening rip The economy is stifling competition, eroding jobs in threatening communities sounds but on the other hand you know I can get a chinese dildo under two hours. You're gonna be ok, that's MIKE
and a dim saw minor. So did you that half of all? U S, households are subscribed to the membership predator of Amazon, Prime yeah, half of all Lie online shopping searches, start directly at Amazon, Amazon COM, after nearly one in every two dollars that America spends online rights kind of what Amazon's increasingly controls the underlying infrastructure of our economy. Amazon's increasing, dominates comes with high costs, its eroding opportunity and feeling inequality and its concentrating power in ways that endanger competition, community life and democracy. I have a high time seeing the company as any less than a new wave of economic dislocation on par with the earlier collapse of manufacturing and small businesses that devastated. So many regions of the country the by, for instance, what kind of so you know what they do rights.
Amazon can actually operate at a loss, which is why they they put borders out of business right, so they sold books at a loss for while until they put borders out of business and then the vulgar they did the same thing with Zappos shoes, the same thing with that diaper serve, they do with everybody they can read. How can you can t with the company that doesn't have to make a profit? You find can't do it but bases just figured out, way to do it to operate at a loss, for instance, here's some of the good jobs they get rid of. P S in the postal service must now compete with Amazon, which is developing alternative delivery methods. The company's low wage, precarious labour model threatens the of nearly a million unionized middle income, workers at you, PS and the: U S, postal service, by the vote by the way you're this LOS Angeles Times Amazon, will open three more, so it shuts down your store and gets rid of cup. Oh now, we're going to be a bookstore there. They are their opening bricks and mortar bookstores rights and by the way, this is from twenty sixteen net loss
of job sets. Amazon's opened a hundred forty eight thousand network. That's up twenty fifteen! That's four years later, it's gotta be way more than that, so they're not cry putting jobs there, creating shit jobs and getting rid of good jobs, and there is even less shit jobs and there were the good jobs. Ok and the car. but he has gotten at least six hundred and thirteen million dollars and tax subsidies since two thousand five to fuck do this to us. Isn't that some? Thank you so that, by the way that bought whole foods right, and this is they said at the time they bought whole foods was the last year or two years ago, and this is what they said at the time the grocery stocks are on Friday, but they shouldn't be the only companies trembling. Google apple and even goober are threatened by Amazon's growing, hold over e commerce media and same day, home delivery. In short, Jeff Pesos wants to take over the world, and this is a very significant step in that direction. Okay, so you see the world we're living in right. Ok, this is happening and here's he's now can open grocery store.
they got a new one. Here comes this Amazon is betting big. Once again, the Tec Jain just announced there are opening up their first, a physical grocery store, and it's right here and so count them. It will open up and woodland hills next year. The store will be branded differently, then whole foods which Amazon body for over thirteen billion dollars two years ago. If it had been a planet meeting with whole foods. You know because organise de la please give people are the solution. There is a choice either way back to you now, there's bought with this boy spected to be more mainstream, while whole foods will remain more high. End job open aims at this market were recently posted online. Yes, algae, Jeff
so now he runs. He runs the food. You don't have every two other food he's gonna. He runs distribution of everything. He runs online commerce and he owns the newspaper all they need to do to figure out a way to control our water supply and he could become Vulcan Emperor. That's all he needs. This is what that? Ok. have to update their joke, because my goddamn audience is a little too smart for a comedy club, the beauty of doing so, the beauty
in doing this show for years. I was this irregular Stanhope comic it I would have liked, but do you dick is now I get actually Jimmy the cloud computing point of order Jim, but because a cloud computing now he's got a different kind of handle. So here's what and then deal here's. What Dylan Radegund has to save us real. You know Dylan Rat again right. He told it be told the truth about the banks, MSNBC. Now, yes, do news report from a lake. Now we go to Dylan Radegund, fresh tuna fishing doc,
The real issue in America is the concentration of resources in an incredibly small number of hands, whether its Google and Facebook, whether it's the two political parties in our political system or whether it's what's happening with Amazon, a beautiful vision and incredible, an executive, incredible, executive and incredible company. What what did you get it? Do you know why, is going to do that because he standing on Amazon Lake. That's why but a disastrous effect on our society, as we are seeing the complete concentration of power and, as a result, the destruction of the ability for a truly competitive capital
west environment. So, while it is impressive to see- and I have an incredible respect for Jeff Basis and what he has done, it is its total abdication of the authority of the eighty trust commissions in this country to allow this level of consolidation of power to continue in its reflected, not only in our politics but, as we saw with the Amazon deal in our business, so we're living in the gilded age. We're supposed to have a tent, Roosevelt come along and break it up, but instead we get. The first black president combines a squid can bitching. You can't do big things, but they accept the system shut. The fuck up That's what's happening right now, we're gonna get to that later. You know Jimmy. I know this is a very big pc, but I might only one in the room that wants to burn Amazon to the ground, but such a bad metaphor.
Amazon and I wonder so now. There just pesos owns all the food stores. Whenever I wonder if you'll do What trader does Jos? Doesn't they try to name everything after themselves? enjoy these Amazon apples. Today, specialists Baisers Ban yeas with some of Jeff's jelly so Bronco Obama's? Doing it again, I know I gotta get what a disappointment proper Missouri. See this Obama urges Democrats avoid embracing policies that are too far less. I mean earlier that I think that's what he said. He was hanged gliding during the interview so about
apparently has talked to everybody in his gait community and naval figured out. There were too far left. Isn't that something that is so we're at? I agreed to set out a private donor meeting on Friday. That's how this sentence starts at a private donor meeting. He told people we were too fucker fuck. It left an approach, donor meeting on Friday, the former you as President war. candidates to pay some attention to Voters actually are spawning It discussion that included democratic activists and can serve as a lever Obama's remarks were more nuanced and their initial framing suggested. Yeah. Ok, guess what so we're too far left guess what too far left is how its annual your court dazzled, tell ya reminder of what people are calling the radical extreme left agenda, Medicare for all living wage labour rights came through
Sixteen schooling, public colleges, renewable energy, fixing the pipes and flint not hurting immigrants and holding law, Frida carnival- and this guy says I'm too far left because I trust scientists when they say we need transformative change in all aspects of society. So again by proper, but you are fucking lying to us. You know what's needed and you're not giving it to us. What is needed is transport. We need to change the energy grid of the entire world. You mother, Fucker, what you got, kids, don't you, of course he doesn't give anyway. His kids are going to live in a book and water rights Anita anyway, so so broccoli, goes on. This is the Obama wages in twenty twenty raise warning that the dangers of listening to certain left, leaning twitter feeds, although
I bet you started about you Jimmy and the activism and the activist wing of our party be saying activists ring of our party. You know, in other words, the people actually want to get something done, ignore them. They ignore the people who wants to get something and others who have this question, Mr Obama, how many left, leaning twitter accounts are responsible for thirty million people that having healthcare all of them. I will be your fuckin fault, Barack Obama, who listen to Hillary Clinton on Libya is concerned. People might be listening to the wrong people on twitter member. This guy do member. This is the guy. I voted for this guy
fundamental truth that out of many, we are one that while we breathe, we hope and where we are met with cynicism and doubts and those who tell us that we can't we will respond with a timeless greed that sums up the spirit of a people yes, we can. Yes, we can I thought that was our credo. I thought that was our motto now: stop helping virgin it's, it's kind of a it's kind of a mind blur. We need a revolution and its Yes, you do. You know no matter who gets elected, whether it's you know Bernie or tone. see or whoever we're gonna to get in there and that's it.
So I do I could as anybody else. We could have some serious work and problems, but even way if they get it we're good there. You know all that both of the Democrats in Congress, our conservative anyway they're, going to join with the Republicans to oppose a progressive president,
and I have to put on those vessel given the goddamn street and shut shit- now lie, which is why american corporate news doesn't cover the yellow best and their success in France. They don't covering we covered here. So I like what this guy says. It is totally blowing my mind that Barack Obama's repeating the same elite shit as Donald Trump Drop Administration claims, medical role will destroy the government tearing it down. Chelsea cleanse said the same shit. It's got me off, but that of Greek of Gothic out don't break out. Go freak out, agitate, here's another! well, even as we push the envelope- and we are both in our vision- we also have to be rooted in reality-
Let me give you a little reality: Barack Obama, the Democratic Party lost a house, the Senate, nettle of thirteen governorship, eight hundred and sixteen state legislative seats during your administration. The votes of any presidency had spoken eyes an hour. That's your reality. Check verities laugh. My ass off Obama, arguing against Progressive ISM, shows exactly why his presidency was such a massive disappointment. To be rooted in in reality. After even if that means, we drown because the play It's going underwater! That's it doesn't matter we
tear down the system that gave us forever Warren Empire and economy where our lives are playthings for the wealthy, a climate crisis that will lead to a leave, an unhappy people, planet Obama's telling us we don't want to tear down because he's part of it and profited by. That's so remember the guy who says we gotta stay rooted in reality. You know where he said this was at a donor meeting and guess what the price was. It was ten thousand dollars a ticket up to three hundred and fifty five thousand dollars and take it and a picture with the past. Thirty, five grand. Yes, we can you wanna picture. If we go, I don't know what spoke to her wolf because the brook here I have this joke written Is it too bold to debate?
and climate action, healthcare for the rest of the world takes for granted and living wages. Is it not to ball to get half a million dollars to speak for a half of
how can our from a bank? Is it that pretty bold? Is that rooted in reality? Because when you are, after you led the presidency and your first appearance back into public life? Is giving speeches for Wall Street banks and a half a million dollars a clip or half an hour, and then at least you buying in eight million dollar mentioned in the richest Zip code in America, and then a fifteen million dollar magic in fuckin marked as vineyard. That's your fuckin house. I could get why you think we're not rooted in reality, because your reality is much better than the rest of the fuckin world reality that guy's a community activists- that's his house, may he can. Yes, he gasped. I vodafone twice that bug so allow lip liberals, ain't socialist more than they hate fascist, just remember that they do. They would rather have Donald Trump, then Bernie Sanders say you know that
Guy says I just want to go back to the Party of Sdr, not this NEO liberal pro corporate party. We become Democrats are supposed to be the party, the people, that's our asking for bread asking for this crazy purity. You know it when they say purists what is pure days. I just one basic human buck indecency. I want health care for everyone, educating decent jobs and a livable planet. That's all that's how its pragmatic it as does Salzburg. I think if you want to live a little planet, but Democrats haven't been Democrats for the last forty years newly arrived, I may, as it is clear who was elected, that was done deal. We lost what at being a Democrat, what are really scared, the shit Democrat sober as one and then when we elected Bill Clinton who is charming and then he moved a party to the right. It was like the parties to cites eleven now this is it. This is the club when party centuries, below
I got incremental change, more symbolic concessions or blue, except for Bernie Digital. I went to centres rally recently. There were thousands people there they are. holding hands chanting better things are the possible. What do we want incremental change? When do we want to do it? I mean again rob. Obama has become parties, or maybe all you were always part of the elite who can't understand there is anchored in the country, which is why we people were so desperate. They voted for a game. Show host look what's happening. Fifty percent of Americans now have one percent of America's well, it's worse than share of wealth owned by the top point. One percent is almost the same as the bottom: ninety? U S biggest wealth gap since the roaring twenties and this guy
as Democrats, would be wise to elicit do Obama hey yet cause Obama was so wise that, after eight years of as NEO Liberalism, the country was so desperately chose, a game show holes over his head, Nick Successor, good boy. Bearing a point, Mr Open changes actually mister. I hope nobody wants change when he doesn't have an election, the wind Ok, that's probably on the phone, I hope is not upset, because the latest all shows them with a positive rating, a bully eighteen percent. Met Louis either very positive rating of temper said occasion. Never had cheerleader a grand broke, upscale school for boys that two percent, almost adds up to one fifth of America, my white grit, forty seven percent may well. If we wait a minute mid, the pull said you had a positively rating of only eighty percent
and a very positive rating of two percent you don't know how to read. My friend submit that's down from a positive reading of food. The three percent prior to losing to Barack Obama twenty twelve. We all share your Jemmy or that year. We prefer to look forward and backward, and I must say that, because he is it different persuasion and I Willard Mitt Romney, proud, father or five included tag with two jeez devoted What's your face? You never read about, but you're not bitter about the twenty twelve rays. Are you go putting the race guard the presidential race you can open that door. I might as well say it. I think of all Patrick would be a fine servant. I mean a public servant in the White House. You supporting a democrat president meant come on start with the purity DES she's real democratic, get into that daddy. Oh it's time for a black day in capital guy I've been so
That literally just my handlers, told me too, As you know, I like to read you grossly the aisle, including for the skirt Did you do like shoe Collins? I colors to Susan talons. Isn't a Democrat met there not raising across the Isle of Jimmy it I'm proud to have hosted a New York City, fundraiser, a re election campaign so far we ve raised one hundred and sixty two thousand dollars for the residents of main and how much from outside of being seventy million dollars track ride you're trying to push the real action of an unpopular and combat without of state money. Those big contributors don't even live there. Oh, not transfer summer arms. Are you listening I dont reside in San Diego what I've a perfectly good car out of eight or there. Maybe that's why people dislike you and Susan Council much you're, both shameless opportunists, and I welcome your forty
Seven percent acre Jimmy the real revolutions already happened, and you could think jobs tyres that Michael Bloomberg and devolve, Patrick, so the world replacing a trail for the less does terrible elements of the gene pool to take their rightful place among US crackers in bringing about the next mass extinction the hedge funds day you all. hey. You know, we no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show. Is you become a premium where we give you a couple of hours of premium bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support to show you could do it by going to Jimmied or company that cop clicking on joint premium and supposed affordable, privy approach grab the business and it's a great way to help put them back in the eye. The bastards thanks for everybody, already a premium member, and if you have it you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support
The voices calling me again hey job get me you're looking for Yeah in your balls I made it easier and all you can leave at all your porch pretty good are hired Gallagher to write that what are I hearing JEB, oh God, Jimmy, I'm so excited, I have just been added to the board of directors. actors of your life She and I are core. Investors- is revolutionary new start up he'll. What what's heal Would you care to receive a perspective from a male? No just tell me What it is please JEB come on, I'm glad you asked Mister door. He was a new way of looking at medical care or where we live. You're back the doctors house call you you mean that's the
old way of looking at medical care time at all. Those who can afford it. I mean his to suit your personal needs in the privacy of your own personal, so you ll send the doktor to somebody's apartment in west. Compton westward But what have you get a? What have you got a call from a sick person in west com? then Norma Formulary, but we partner.
The Blue Cross to help accommodate financially challenged individuals in such a gaze, Blue Cross LAB a forensic specialist perform. An emergency analysis would mean a forensic specialists. Are you talking about own account? Would you just offering a pay? As you go, servers pervasive death? visits. What happens if one of your doctors does a test revealing a terminal illness do cover that as well. Cancer doktor can refer you to the appropriate facility, which is your local bank. who handles your trust on anyway. You might have forgotten about or your mortgage? I would have you the new, irreversible and persistent vegetative state. The needs of our phone, I'm a nurse will personally come to your home and shovel feeding, threw down your throat. That's horrible,
Oh sure we bear a few whiners complain that they accidently but dialed they're dead, Grandma recite the Dayton bore snow, get in the box out because want to reassure people who can afford Blue cross. That help is on the way While rich, you says, there is no need to keep wasted Your way and Marguerite avails. Yet that's not is not alone will reach job like you would know, you're not a doctor. more What of today's debate Porsche was recorded in front of alive audience at the helium. Many club in Philadelphia.
So this is this. Is I've got this from the grey zone? They do great work MAX Blumenthal air and with a big herself at the far right that guy in the far right in that picture, is opposition leader, Luis Fernand, Camacho he's in Libyans presidential palace with the Bible after the coup right, so he's storm, the presidential palace, the sky. Louis Fernando Camacho and he made his millions in the past fuel industry right so yeah, Yeah don't keep at it because that's gonna come what a millionaire after the guy is a revolutionary. I don't understand what it'll be explained in a second, so So just so, you know what was happening in Bolivia. Sense of miraculous, got elected in two thousand six new research report from the centre of for economic policy, research analyzes, Bolivia's economic changes, since two thousand six in the content acts of the bolivian government main policy decisions, it fine
in that his it has been policy choices, not me really a commodities boom that have been the driving force? in Bolivia, surge to be the fastest growing economy in South America over the past five years, strong economic growth has allowed Bolivia to reduce poverty by forty two- percent, since two thousand Six- and stream poverty by sixty percent. Since two thousand sick- so you know- they can't let that shit, especially Hence he turned his nose up at the I M F Rights or the International Monetary Fund. You know how they work right, they go and they force loans on countries, and then they know you can't pay em back because the, but the bakers gotta get his body some night. They gotta start you gotta start selling off your public land, so the bank and now the based on, I would think it's privatized. Does the bank, because the I M F just fucked you and that's their m o, and so he put it
and to that shit morale, notably, the bolivian government ended twenty years of I M. F agreements are two thousand six. Many of them. policies responsible for Bolivia's economic success, since two thousand six were pre, fiercely opposed by the IRA math, including boasting importantly, the renationalization of hydrocarbons. Oh wait a minute or with that fuckin got all wait a minute. That million are on the right. He made his money and hydrocarbons. I wonder why he wants to have a coup. All that's right because morale nationalized, all the hydrocarbons and so now the p bull own their own hydrocarbons, the oils and like the oils the ground in Bolivia or the gases in the ground in Bolivia. So it's the bolivian people's sober, but then it was just that accompanies morasses, that's bullshit, it's our gas and I'm gonna. Take the profit from
lessen poverty and I'm going to educate people, I'm going to give them healthcare and I'm going to get fucking housing and I'm going to build parts and I'm going to make it livable and we're going to have the best economy growing in five years. Have all so. That's what did and they can have that you. So Libya has shown that it is possible for a small poor country in South America to make substantial economic and social progress with macro economic stability, Saladin growth and redistribution through a mix of state led heterodox economic policies and markets. What's heterodox me, do you know? blocking ha ha, I don't know either release were Ebay.
Dirty right, given it a heterodox, or does it empty he'll get is happening. We get heterodox tonight, authorities a deity, I'm offer deity again, I'm not all that, so I guess Why is this happening? Why now well, there's the fossil fuel shit. He took over right Bolivia's, very rich. It is said that it has seventy percent of the essential material to make you batteries? We all know that there is a change in energy taking place in the world. Former uruguayan president Jose Mohican said right. So there's that and then he was opening up their markets, capital markets to China. which is no no and he was gonna get. Lithium to the Germans and they can have the Madonna we gotta habit. We gotta have it right. So the? U S agency for the international development, the natural death made for democracy, it's called NED! Now, if you dont know net is recently, I guess
mirrored by an hotline. New site called Beilin CAT and they said that I took money from a pro Assad group and then later that year I said, the gas attack was a false works. So I did a little checking on new cat was in their funded by the National endowment for democracy, which is the fucking. Do Us State Department, regime change wing? It's called mad so that wherein is literally funding, guys, deride smear pieces and other EU citizens are telling the truth about war so that through these parts of the, U S agency for international development and they NED has long thrown millions of dollars had Bolivia and opposition groups and Ngos, which are that stands for non government organizations. So now It is funding these people that are sowing discord or revolution to overthrow the democratically elected socialist morale us right.
and it is their doing destabilization efforts, including violent anti government protests in Santa Cruz, which just happens. B or a civic committee leader and Christians Ellen Louis. Fernando Camacho is based show the United States. government is funding this guy, Louis Fernando Camacho, whose a millionaire, because he wants to get his goddamn gas back, the United States- want to get rid of a socialist, so less Chinese doesn't have their capital markets invested there and we get to keep the lithium. So that's what the fuck is going on in Bolivia just so, if you weren't sure, what's going on that's, what's going on they handle, so they had an election, so they had an election and all five or six poles predicted that Alice would win by ten points, and if you win by ten percent, you didn't do it. They do like to run off there's the first one and then, if you don't, if somebody winds by ten percent it's over, but if you don't
the top to ever, run off. Well, he won by more than ten percent, and that's what we're here it is. This guy says Eventually, the official car was released morale as one in first round, forty seven percent to thirty six percent. So it's over ten percent, so they don't go to a second Our voting so he's the president can that's right. If you had been, watching the poles before the election, five or six of them predicted the same result? Where'd you have a fraud that matches up with the poles right. So that's net. There's no fraud right. So this guy said what we did, the frog who do ok hold on hold on that, did not happen, but hang on how serious is the situation now people are using words like so this guy who wrote a report I just quoted from when on the baby see watch this. How serious the situation our people are using words like who are we really there yet learner one? When the army tells the President hey what you packaging?
I got her big. I think I think we're there yet I think it is yours. I think the opposition are. The leadership at least is trying to overthrow government and yell near majority. Forty seven percent of the people voted for the President in which was overturned points more than the next runner up. so, even though those sorry to interrupt fritter away, but those results are exactly was disputed. Do you have faith in those results? Yes, well did you notice you can read? How are you know dozens hundreds of article sins are cobra twentieth on the web and on this election and not one presents even one shred of evidence that deal Action, was in doubt were stolen or anything else, and so this is is very bad. I think it was very bad decision on the part of the Organisation of American states. They can They put one sentence into their press release after the
election without any evidence whatsoever imply. there was something wrong with the result, and so there was picked up by most of the media, but you can look at any website for any major news organization in the world and no one has yet presented. Any evidence because there isn't any. I mean you're only Have to me. You even need a statistical analyses. We did one You can see at sea pr dot net, but even just look at the numbers from the election and there's nothing that indicates anything was wrong. Ok won't, given that. Why are so many people out on the streets now than they think well, a lot of people in two thousand nine streets tried to overthrow the government then? And so you do have an opposition. They want to get rid of this government and they used violence in the past and So it is not that surprising, but I think the media has played a huge role by simply repeat
over and over again this allegation, which is really nothing at this point more than an unfounded conspiracy theory, because there's nothing to indicate that there's something wrong with the result and the Organization of American States is there now conducting an audit, and the opposition refuses even to accept that, because they, want to get rid of the government and what about ok? So there you go so that is what's happening in Bolivia. There there is never any evidence, does no experts but me is reporting it over and over. That is true. Then, media reporting over over that there were irregularities, turns out there weren't any. In fact he went on democracy now and he said this report and there is really nothing in this The latest us, through the so called preliminary audits It shows that there was any fraud in this election, but it was, repeated over and over again in all the media and saw it
It became kind of true and you, if you look at the meeting, you don't see anybody, you don't see. Any experts, for example, say that there was something wrong with the vote count. It's really just said. Oh yes, observation mission, which was under a lot of pressure, of course, from Senator Rubio and the Trump administrations or the only, as is the Organisation of American States right, and so there is funded by the United States right, and so they ve been pressure to say this. So and there saying it right so there there, the only one saying that there was a irregularities in the boat out there weren't irregularities. They have no evidence, there's no proof, nobody showed any. Here we go to do this because they wanted they wanted for some time to get rid of this government in terms of the administration. You can look at the twin. Are there so there's one more thing he's a military coup support.
By the United States so marked by surprise. You have the sea, I involvement, inclusion, Bolivia and nineteen. Fifty two and nineteen sixty four nineteen, seventeen nineteen. Eighty- would, you add, wooers quieter as an ice two thousand nineteen to that lest by added to the list. I mean we don't have the hard evidence of what they did. You know it's not like two thousand nine in Honduras, where Hillary Clinton Road in her memoirs. She worked within the oil ass do too, prevent the elected president We have had on this show. from coming back to the country into the presidency, but I think probably find out more later, but it's it's just
is. It is very obvious that they okay, so there you go so thing. So that's what James Carville! What about him? All Bolivia really notion for one of the right wing presents no shit I see this as an intolerable. I look. I will look into that so here, You know, maybe it's all the turkish constitution, buildings, liberty, bells and shit. You guys take the shell to seriously so here, so here is so here: is how CBS reported this ready
The libyan president, evil miraculous, has resigned. Moralists announced was stepping down Sunday afternoon after the military asked him to leave office yeah they asked the Hague. Would you by the way forgot one more thing? Would you mind stepping down? Would you mind? I'm from the military, which I forgot to ask a beautiful house, you would you step down. Look will help you package, you can get Janeiro being be in Mexico. No hard feelings so they went ransacked his house morasses house. They went ransacked his house all of his. Upon his goods cabinet political people like mayors in cities, they went so they're leaving the country because its roots shit, it's getting real and their backed by the CIA. Here's how the Washington, post by way, I forget,
to see. The libyan president, evil morale us has resigned. Moralists announced was stepping down Sunday afternoon after the military asked him to leave office. An audit indicated there was a clear manipulation in the country's elections last month. Morality is victory. Sparked deadly protests which have shut down schools, businesses and public transportation. Earlier in the day secretary of state, my palm PEO tweeted support for the findings from the election report and called for a democratic electoral prop yeah. So there is an irregularities in the pole. I can I just say this: I wonder if the irregularities in the polls did it included. Person with the most votes, not winning whose rights are that's. The kind of issue we like to do is go to. Cps is good at downplaying military aggression right. You see that their pretty fuckin good at that hurry. Cbs stands properly. parallelism here we go. This is how this is how the richest man in the world's newspaper covered it. This is
she's, imposes now they cover the boy. This report is brought to you by the same groups that showed people in Iraq. Thinking George Bush after invading them for Recent! Ok, here we go home, maybe in president ever model is resigned after nearly fourteen years in power. Amid a fierce battle, over disputed election, his personal. Why did they have a high school girl, narrated, ok, I'll, write and she's got a voice presenting its arrogant, maybe they're wrong of me to say that other dunning fall came out. where's up the Organization of American States said it found Quote we're manipulations of the voting system, but they again offered no evidence. There's no experts to back it up. No, nothing and worked in post just repeated. Do you see what I'm saying when I say that there are what I've ever seen
he's a big traditional mainstream establishment. Corporate media are just not refers for the State Department and that's why we're in seven wars? Nobody even fuck knows about it so you would allow the image of a Europe with a look of a disease, because, if you can believe me about my way, is the background music sound like an arcade game from the nineties right buildings or whatever it is you Don T want to go to the people as they would does, has always stood uneasy and India will be got those that are somebody else except you upload Doreen. Of armed forces and national police called a model. Is Bolivia first indigenous president, to resign after weeks of widespread protest, you do now.
The pressure as a coup orchestra. did by his right wing challenger. Former president candles Messer notice, don't say he was wrong in describing it as a coup. This guy, he announced it as a coup and I won't ever moving on. That's it. They don't go What was it a coup was adopted,
their opposition leaders, strikes, protests and roadblocks paralyse out America's poorest nations. Ever since the October to at least three people died in clashes between what Allison supporters and opponents celebrations broke out across the country is news of the President's reggie. She spread you and so did protests debating that he be reinstated except you're. Never gonna fuckin mentioned that. Are you? U basis lackey? No yeah. That's right!
report is so slow and you could build escape or rap on it. So this guy got this out Rubinstein. So the probe there was a problem levy. A coup demonstrate in Washington DC and their waving. The? U S, flag, shouting! Thank you, USA, outside the White House, so they're just kind of that's where you go right now you book and helped us. Thank you very much. Their party by the way got floor per October twentieth, but they have the bolivian Swat team on their side, so that you get to overthrow a democratically elected government and This is like how Guido in Venezuela his bullet both parties, the six most popular in Venezuela, but since it gets most the funding from USA idea, they chosen as the coup figureheads because they are them most reliable proxies and that's what's have being in Bolivia. So this guy is, he writes, he's a season editor at the Atlantic rights. You think that their smart and whatever the disguised
No evil morale s. Resignation is not a coup, is one of the few big victories Democracy is one in recent years. Both left is dictators, So what is the left is dick to disguise. A dictator is giving me healthcare, education, clean water, a living wage pocket ass. All what are you gonna? Do lack decks. Give me housing. I hate these left is dictators. I don't think that's a thing. I don't think that's a thing so that guy rights was so retweeted. That is that this is straight up: State Department, propaganda and it gets printed in the Atlantic, they're, the ones always warning us of the dangers of troubling and Russians, manipulating our brains through means hashtag operate, and mother Fucker still going on. There is no way the american government wants us to get the real story about
Bolivia, no one as all uniting incontinently, rather burger others, streets and fighting for what we deserve. Data want. This there's squelching it throughout the EU, the world's middle I want you to know that there's a socialist leader who's popular and bring those people out of poverty. They certainly don't want you to know that and the Washington Post to make sure you won't know that so Jorge Ramos. Bernie Sanders about Bolivia. You know hurries Ramos right he's a book and see. I too will also- and you can see it watch roaring tweet that that you thought it was a military to the actual. What happening in your Libya. Many people have other point of view. They think so now here goes other people think other things like the CIA and you're going to say what it is right now we are all more or less happy new power fourteen years, Europe that we want to fight more and that you wanted to become a dictator. So what do you you wanted to
become a detailed, and how did he do it by winning? Elections are don't agree with a lot of us I think more hours, Mama was did a very good and alleviating poverty in giving the indigenous people of Bolivia Voice that they never had before. Now we can argue about he's going for a fourth sure whether that was a wise thing to do, and they thought. He was from the election October top of some people. I think that as well, but at the end, the day it was military intervened in that process and ask them to leave when a military intervenes Jorge. In my view, that's called a coup
yeah, so birdies getting better because normally Bernie would first repeat the c. I a pretext for invasion and then say we should stay that Morocco and, since I've been out, is ass for doing that. It's nice disease not doing it, I'm gonna, take credit for ok, that's called pull them to the left, that's component and back. Way anyway, so that you s called for a military coup in the venezuelan yesterday. Did you know that it utterly filled again in a few hundred. People in a richly area came out to March, with Guido at the same
time this. Should these the government held this huge rally to show solidarity, solidarity with Bolivia against the Coon nuisance, calling again hello, Jimmy heard what buddy, remote diamond mine collapses far northern regions Canada and I strive- are legion, impossible rescue mission over a four was an ocean. The lives of trapped minors wow is that in the news ash, what what exactly is an ice that driver a man, a man are legion, impossible rescue mission over a frozen ocean using a truck, I think, will themselves like another, one of your films not in and not the news, and variety that's the losers
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