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March 14, 2019 - CNN Caught Lying!

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Special Guest: Judah Friedlander!

Jimmy Dore Show is three weeks ahead of the New York Times! MSNBC millionaires would rather vote Trump than Bernie! Tulsi Gabbard counters pro-war CNN!

Phone calls from NY Congressman Peter King, Mitt Romney, and Chuck Schumer! With Stef Zamorano and Mike Macrae!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jimmy oh hello. This is Gibby Jimmy. It Congress repeated keg of the great Jake. I'm going York, Peter King. How are you buddy, you're great Jimmy, flying high in the wake of my no vote. What are the greatest priority? Progress made edge to vote no, even when you know it's gotta parish anyway, no, no vote, no Ah, yes, I assume you referring to the recent house resolution that recently passed condemning big tree you betcha Pepe. I am, of course I support an original utopia version, but they wanted it down and at all thought about a voice she had so I voted. No
yeah as as its ability, sustain life collapses before our very eyes. What a very a sensible debate to be having a congress which racism are worse than other racism. So thank you, We hate you should get and I wholeheartedly agree. What was your objection to this final bill? Well, we should only be idea: oyster, good game, congresswoman, he'll annual or very likely, semitic remark. You you mean criticising the APEC lobby and the Israel's brutal oppression of the Palestinians precisely has no place for hatred like that on the floor of Congress, shall we we're gonna condemned by personally and anti cemetery German, only maybe even grow and, of course, the future jobs it sort of fishing, but gang getting
Am I correct, take out your hand pot and he had a a nation of eight. I bias pickup illegal crap I get, illegal crap woman is your objection, the condemning anti muslim hate speech? Are you kidding me because I don't want you, but there we were talking about about air, guys, dramatic probes, dog, whistles and other such phrases. Look if the approach you you re time muslim and vice versa. Let's get really a comment by as well as your building programme give aid programmes. Shocks
had been struck by the Supreme Court by last Thursday. You don't really think that's how racism works. Congressmen, king, don't tell me, I wait just a word young man, I've been registered, you would get a second place, the elder barge. They feel baronet backdrop held the bards. Ok, that's ok, but if we pay our resolution, I can't make a timer from speech my ashes grass. I've been crack, and all the more so since, before nine eleven. it's by political bread, border hell, I'm still mad about the barber reply rich. Yet it would put you in point of a bind her. You better believe it would weigh water. Yo ass did many other for public its bite away. All like me refused to be cowed by the age. I ain T Muslim, corporate impoverished.
who's that guy muslim extremists pose a threat to our way of life and the american way, and you know why, because they hate off freedoms, specifically, are freedom to say it I must grant. I, for one will not sit idly by as a guy age muslim terrorist because at what they are, if you got to say it threatened engaging ached beach against anti Muslims who go. I may be the word now dead next week. I will be introducing a brand new, our resolution, this effect token play a gained. Jimmy not only will criticising APEC, be considered eight speech, but criticising mall Hookey Irene more data, one of whom TAT Toby there came out after nine eleven rose oil
bank garthie sarcastically down on the illegal we're gonna condemn all that shit. Tell me why while gay, then I'm sick at a shit right more? well, Congress, when I read stags forgiven us a heads up on this, no problem James, I gotta go. Let's change you, gotta get bad boy up but first I gotta go blow after stating in order me, I'm gonna to go, play bocce and say some rate shit. What a bunch of men who look exactly like me, but all related
We do that then, maybe tearing down our nation and its values. You guys have already worked with this week, Jimmy Door. Here we have a larger march. Thirty first at the Jura Harbour Comedy Global GNP cure. I we're gonna be in tat, be a result in May also Austin Texas to cargo poorly go to Jimmy your company that com for a link for all tickets. Now, let's get to the jokes before we give Joke Shelly here this week, Nancy Pelosi said
preaching Donald Trump, was quote off the table, adding we're authoritarian just awaited You know, I don't care about the big bribery scandal, the richer Hollywood people getting their kids in the better colleges. You know my parents, never the bribe anyone to get me in a college. My blowjobs always spoke for themselves. according to political mauler, is about to reveal his end game. I wonder if after Mola reveals is and game whether the walls will fully close in or maybe there is still some dominoes that fall as remaining doubts are connected because they reached a turning point or it's only a matter of time. Before the bottom drops out. You know I've given up on stopping World I'm a disaster. I just want to watch Megan Mccain cry every morning and television hey you ever. Otis how enters species cuddling always turns out.
we have dinner time on my right Gama, Hayworth but about today show tells you get. we're goes on CNN. How did a turn the answer. Just may surprise you, or will it a former MSNBC host and current morning Joe Paneless reveals heat. The vote for Donald Trump than Bernie Sanders, just like. We always said about those people, plus the New York Times reveals that CNN has been lying about. Venezuela, it's nice see that the New York Times is only three weeks behind the Jimmy Door, Joe. We have special guest with us today. Judah to Lander World champion comedian, Judah freed Lander, plus we got phone calls today from New York congressman Peter King Master of the Senate, Chuck Schuman, Job Bush, spy? Sir and Mitt Romney was a lot lot more. That's today of a timid Georgia
Everybody walk with Jimmy Door. Show we have special guess with us today is due to Friedland your head. You know, are you incredible thing now. We re already knows you from your your latest special America's. The greater country in the United States on Netflix right now. Apparently, that's that's what I've heard its words, that word it now. That word is not aid and on my own and then and in their showing it so and you're gonna be at the end of the month. You gonna be at North Adams. Massachusetts at the high mud, comedy first of all that stuff March. Twenty ninth good for you thanks, which should be a cool thing. I'm doing all new material, it's not a material! That's all my my stand. I us now monitor I'm calling the future President tour, because you know I I might have to be present. Someday. Apparently you we are, we all have a shot. I think we do as Americans. I think it's our right into the young. You know so Eric and why
well I'm glad that you are here today thanks romanian with Us- and I know you get recognise a lot from your parents is on the show and what have you I do. You know it's it's. It's always fun when I meet soon after the show and they have come because they saw me in your show, so it's cool he get vague and cookies. What have you haven't gotten out yet, though? The great, though, didn't happen at that you wanted to a vague and cookies torn. They recognize you Maybe it did that's when you texted me, two heads walked out of a big cookies to your right. I remember now here I was right. It was a vague and what it was a a vague in place and they had cookies they're here fantastic anyway, so I just want to show you. first about so this happened and I'm gonna break a little. So we pass a five hundred thousand subscribers mark. We started this show in December of twenty seventeen nano. I would be.
a fifth of the law in the summer of twenty fifty right, we started doing this version of the Jimmy Door, Joe, and so look at that. Just in three years, we went from zero to five hundred thousand. drivers and you go why's that happened Jimmy. How did that but what do you do it cause? That's my comedy friends, ethical. What are you doing and unlike well I'm? Just reporting the news that the news doesn't report and it's really easy had. Actually it's not hard? It's actually! I'm not. You know, as I do said a million times on the show. You know I am a sea student, the dumb Night Club, JAG off comedian spent my knife and a night in my life at night clubs for twenty years, and I couldn't get over how bad the news was, and here it is was the Bernie Sanders campaign. They really work a lot of people up to how bad the news is until she gabert is moving it once again, and they do it all the time. They're always pro-
Lord, they were. They were wrong about rack they're wrong about Libya, they're wrong about Syria, and now there are problems while wrong about Venezuela. Isn't an amazing so she went on seeing a Jedi CNN town Hall and this way last Sunday and Dana Bash is gonna, try to basher ride so now the important thing is We don't have state media in the United States right like when I grew up everybody thought Russia has state media. North Korea has state media China, as you can't get the truth, ripen as its totalitarian government. Above all, we don't have that America.
Why wouldn't show you that it doesn't matter, as Chomsky said, that any dictator would be thrilled with the obsequious this of the american Press to power right, I'm paraphrasing it, but that's basically what he said so in here. We're gonna show proof here: it is her, tells you Gabert, and I was telling you mentioned at Syria. We actually have a question on that want to bring in Jest and James a consultant from New Jersey. Thank you, D remit. Now, by the way, when Bernie Sanders did his town hall this scene and filled the the town hall with plants like political? operatives from the Hillary Clinton campaigner from somebody else's campaigner. For that put there Were there d like asked questions that were trying to sandbag him and then it got reveal that these people were all political operatives afterwards that in the end, the CNN town, all and Sicily It doesn't matter how much sea and the all that the thuggery that sea
and does he know last time they cheated for prefer Hillary Clinton against Bernie Sanders. They gave questions to her in advance and stuff, like that. Not nobody got fired at seeing them. As far as I No, nobody get was had to come out and apologize. Nobody, and so nobody opposed, just when they did it Bernie and they're doing it again. So again, you want to know how two five hundred thousand subscribers, I just don't suckers That is them. I've used not suck overdue. not lie to you all? Have to do is not smear a progressive and then also do tell you the truth about Venezuela, Syria, Syria, Libya and erect. That's all. I have to do too, SK sceptical as you weren't twenty seventeen that Bashar Al Assad used chemical warfare against syrian civilians. Now this will and actually is, and activists she's she's actually work for some organisations that have to do with the promoting women right. Weren't. You telling me this stuff that you look up so and in it interesting that she has asked a question. That's in her expertise in her we'll house Right
She works on women's issues and what have you and this is a weird question for her to ask it's almost like he its staged here we go. I want to correct that cause. There's been some misunderstanding. There have been reports. Knowing that chemical weapons have been used in Syria, both by the syrian government, as well as different terrorist groups on the ground in Syria, the scepticism and the questions that I raised were very specific: around incidents at the Trump Administration was trying to use as an excuse, to launch a? U S military attack in Syria. Now I served in a war in Iraq, a war that was launched based on lies and a war that was launched without and so no one you hear the people of blood. That's this
sentiment in America. That's what normal people feel about these foreign wars. That's why a lot of people say they voted for Trump because he promised to end the foreign wars course he's. Not course. He just didn't want the wars that Barack Obama did. He wants his own wars, so Barack Obama. Did Syria, Libya and George Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan. Dead trump doesn't want. Any of those who wants is only wants a ran in Venezuela, so I'd heard so here we go so that, but that's how that's how the people feel in the country right do You do used if you find that when you travel around people feel like that, like we're, sick and tired of these wars, and even that as much as the politicians want them in the press pushes that they still don't want them. You know I I wish I could agree with you, but I am also not disagreeing with you. If, when I watch that clear just now, I haven't seen this clip before you noticed how they applauded there. Is it they applauded there? Was there a little hesitant it's almost like, they were afraid
to say: oh yeah. No, I don't want wars began. Yet is exactly what you know demanded cited. Yet it's like they don't want, but they're almost works afraid to express their opinion that they don't wanna ride, because whose person push and everyone else in the world is almost like. If you're saying you're not for these wars, you're getting your anti american or something like that. So it's like it's really bizarre to say. I know I do, and I think one thing it's like missing in this country is: is as a strong anti war movement. It doesn't seem like there is one, even though I think many people dont want it. You knows it's one may surprise they ve been laid, been able to suppress it right over. There is code pink and there is- and I think molecule picture so popular you right and it's not as well. They only give wrought, let like I had Medea Benjamin on this show to highlight our work, and we highlight her work a lot when they bring her on CNN or MSNBC to shit honour right right, so it
That's it! Then they dont highlight right now, right, yes of the media is and both parties main parties seemed always really like new President new season. Yeah new teams, who were they fighting against its seems crazy. So let's hear her aunts her the rest of us miracle people were duped. So as a soldier as an American as a member of Congress, it is my duty and my responsibility to exercise scepticism any time anyone tries to send service members into harms, where use our military to go in and start a new war just ask a hollow about that, because Calypso, so the audience could can applaud. There's no applauding now after she's done answering, they start applauding and data best steps on the applause immediately come in and watch which he can't wait to ask
watch this defence department. The United Nations agree that the Assad regime use chemical weapons against its own people. So, as president, would you trust the conclusions of your government will, like I said so, Dana batches is exactly going, she doesn't say hey. I know that our intention communities lie all the time men course they lightest into the Iraq war, famously and then they went and committed torture to cover it up, but don't you still trust them? Like that's the question? That's how you should ask that question, but that's not how Dana best asked it as it is,
that kind of how you would expect a reporter who works for the government. It that's what at somebody from the state Department or somebody from the trumpet me or the CIA, that something that they would say, that's out of proportion would say. So what we have here is the exact opposite of what supposed to be happening in journalism. What's happening right now is that politician has to hold the reporters, the journalist feet to the fire on the truth about Syria and the Iraq war and and boost leaving our government. You know our gut is Donald Trump right now. There's Dana best say that don't believe our government. You may you don't believe trouble. You call a liar every single second of the day, these the owl crazy- this is doesnt as it is that not nuts would Dana Bash is doing. Tat is
that's not what she's doing due to. Why thought what was funding there? I just thought of this. She said that the our government and the U N, as decided that the leader of Syria was using chemical weapons against his own people right so maybe she's upset that the countries going to war on itself and and and that's and then we can go to war with our work for them right now and then how are we going to make money huh? for our own industrial complex if the other countries are already doing it. That's such a good point there already there already killing their own people now we can't kill them we're out of a job. So what do I need you to do so? But no one ever says exactly such as he is making it can medically. But this is a great point. So when data bases in courage in you? Don't want to go bomb Syria, because so what does that mean? So he gases on people which, by the way
very shady evidence for that, and it goes against the logic that he did that so just like WMD them him gassing. His own people seems like a scam and then even even if he is revisit. How is us I'm gonna write legal area for the citizens of that country, that's my left. Gonna help. My point is in a Basque, wants the response to him. Killing his own people for us to go then kill some of it some people do that, because that's what bombing? Does you don't? we're not going to go in there and knock on bustlers odds door and take him away, we're gonna bomb some people who live in his country, that's what they want us to do. They want to do to his people, exactly what he's doing to his people kill them and that's the point that you to just make comically and then I thought I'd make it less money we have in our region, and passed a situation where our own government told lies to the american people. and extend to the United Nations for that matter to launch a war?
So what I M saying is it is our responsibility to exercise due diligence. She'll. Do see what just happened there. What just happened there was Politician had to school all the journalist at what the act? the situation is shared. You remind the journal. Deserted was supposed to be saying now. We know the government lies. All the time about, that's not what you say she sounds like. She works for the government, Dana bash. That's what's remarkable like we don't need a dictator with his own news media. Here they do it forum for money and that to me that is the key easiest backwards thing is to watch a politician have to hold a journalist feet to the fire to tell the truth about our government. That's what just happened to ask the tough questions to get the evidence before we make those very costly decisions about
How and when and where our military is you somewhere on the topic of Syria, people applaud again and again she's toxin where the applause and watch- and she keeps you- won't stop. She won't go away That's a great point. Of course. I should remind our audience. We should always be sceptical of the iter. elegance community in our country, because they ve been known, liars and torturers ever since they were invented, they ve been toppling democratically elected governments. Torturing people, a hen murdering that Mccarthy to cover it up, then they do more than before breakfast and multiple do all day, the CIA, so again that's its it. the dream. The rolls here are reversed. Dana Bass sounds she's from the government and to add tolls. He gathered sounds like she is the journalist now you now. You know why. I we have five hundred thousand subscribers for a jag off. Club comedian. It is talking about the new whose now you know why, because they suck so
unbelievably band and you're gonna watch suck again watch this syrian refugees in Jordan. They requested that the first international criminal court case against the syrian government comments. You met Bashar, Al Assad aside and twenty seventeen do. You believe that Assad is a war criminal. I think that one is the point of these questions. What is put at our door? You still don't want a bomb him. You still don't want to kill. Some people in another country, as you know how well it works out all it. That's what she keeps say, Let me find another way to get you to you still don't want, but he's a bore. You know. This is a war criminal, Dana George Bush No well is a war criminal, Dick Cheney, you know who else Congolese arise down Rumsfeld, there lots of war criminals right here. the good ol? U S! A you know that our drone programme is the biggest terrorist programme in the world, kills mostly in it
and civilians did all that Barack Obama would. We considered a war criminal do know that every president, since world war, two of the United States, every press, It would be considered a war criminal. Did you know that, of course she doesn't that that's why she has the job, but you know who does know that me in my fuckin garage. The evidence needs to be gathered and, as I have said before, there is evidence that he has committed war crimes. He should be prosecuted as such, but you're not sure. Now. Everything that I have said requires that we take action based on evidence. The evidence is there. There should be accountability. Ok there you go that, that's literally, that's that she sounds like a politician to can't. We go to war can't we bomb someone can't we just keep doing the wrong thing over and over and over. Why? Because she is bought and funded by the people. She said
posted, be investigating in exposing Dana Barrett works for CNN, which is bought and funded by the military, industrial, complex and fossil fuel companies, and there you go and that's the results that every time I read a headline about, tells you gabert. It turns out it's all about the idea that policy has this position. On the side- oh my god and Tolls- he met with a world leader named aside- and it's like I dont understand why there this celebration of peace. Here we have a candidate who is principles who served in the military who understands the cost of the military and she is pro peace and all they keep telling today in our ears, ask about Syria asking about out of Assyria Susa so about some while she, some kind of a trader, somehow tells you some kind of a trader about person to America fuckin better it and look up, they people were angry, a trump when he disrespected there
gold star family, but apparently it's ok to disrespected betterment if they're alive, I you say, Tulsa should have asked her. If she's ever sir have if you ever served. Have you ever know you right now, but I she doesn't do that she's much too nice, she's, probably smarter than that I wouldn't do that like. I would go right at them. Of course, that's probably not the smart thing, tolls he's probably doing the smarter thing. I guess I sit there go it tells you wanna. Instead the knife in them and turn it. You ve got that you ve got the truth on your side, but she she stays measured because she's showing that she's a leader and she's not going to slip out under fire rightward like like a lot of people and egg. You know what I appreciate how poise she is, and I appreciate how sensible she is, and I can't believe that not jobs, that are interviewing her, I'm late night, television, channel and cable tell even whole bear did this Stephen Colbert was worse. Is that in a barrister meant leaving cold pair her? It is so hard,
no bigger hero that I hadn't comedy than Stephen Colbert. He may have done the best comedy show in the history of comedy. His Colbert report was no doubt. one of the top comedy shows of all time, and I dont exactly what happened to Stephen Colbert when he went to CBS, but if it was up to me I haven't turn. It is comedy card if we had those. If you like to give me your badge, you gotta give me. If we were union, if we were united exactly are you gotta give me your union car, because Europe you're pushing establishment talking point just was making fun of them you're not supposed to push the establishment you'd dummy, but now he is the establishment, he's a you know, and I can anyway, and here's what's happening to reporters you want to see what's happening, the reporters, I guess these people like Dana bashing, they haven't bread, Ben fracturing consent or they have ever listen, don't Chomsky, or else they would know, what's happening in the news media and why we are a popular news. Show that's just that should be a joke at it.
Up there- and here we are doing a better job here we are doing a better job. then CNN Msnbc New York Times and watched imposed when it comes to covering the war covering Venezuela talking honestly about Medicare for all and progressive politics. They can't do it honestly, and here's why here's chumps he's gonna, tell you, I'm sure, you're thinking for the majority internally to our train. I was driven into their heads with, isn't crusading profession, adversarial. We stand up against power very self serving. How can you? How can you know that I'm self censorship? How can you who knows- I just Alexander, I'm sure you believe everything but what I am saying is that we believe something different. You wouldn't visiting Bam I'm sure you believe everything you're saying my point is: if you believe something different you wouldn't sitting where you're sitting if Dana Bass was actually skeptical. All of the intelligence, community and sceptical of our government, she wouldn't have that job does now you understood,
in works, there's a movie called broadcast new. And William Hurt is the one of the leads in the movie and he becomes the star anchor and The reason why he becomes a star anchor is because he doesn't ask questions like you should ask. He doesn't ever question the government, the intelligence community, these doubtless went narrative. He goes right along with it, just like Dana Bass, just like Everybody'D MSNBC, and CNN, and the watched in What was New York Times? That's why they have the jobs because they don't think differently than the estate. Bush meant and their willing to be the mouthpieces of the oligarchs. That's it and he doesn't even realise that this is the same. I think this is the same guy who said to Chomsky every president would be concerned the war, criminal and Chomsky proceeded to go down every president endless their war crimes and the guy look like
you're, not lead, but anyway, in response to the jobs. Can you know? I think I mean chumps heeds always so on point and well stated, but I think one of the things with that. Why so many people don't see the bigger picture sometimes is as our schools I mean. I remember. One of the reasons I always hated school was that it seems like its main goal, was to make you can form yeah. I wasn't to make you think I got number even in like an english class. You'd have to read a book and and you wouldn't just discussed the book than you would read some literary criticism and then you'd have to write a paper. I would have to say I will. What are these literary critic say about the blocked, and then you write a report that they never wanted to know what you thought right. You now
and even like. When you learn history, your it you just learning these. You know what the fact that there are giving you and dates, but that didn't want here and then they don't want you personally analyzing something and coming up with your own point of view, its eye. They just want to give you stuff and and and don't think then and then and those people who conform the best and school exile get jobs, enzyme journalism and then they actually yeah thing it's this! This conformity is: is this massive and lying asleep? Don't even see it when people say that here want to Colombia, school journalism like that's too bad really do bad because you probably picked up a lot of bad habits in group? Think and you weren't turns you weren't taught to go against the establishment, narrative and you're, probably going to repeat a lot of bullshit right now, because he died and then there's the thing the other parents will say or schools assail or this one student they're not fitting in like well, maybe they sure that's good me, I'm sure,
the beef it that's right, you know, maybe not everyone should be thinking the exact same thing than those people get jobs, housing or on Youtube. There's gonna be a as we were talking you now. I also was thinking about the idea of critical thinking and what a perfect way to make sure Americans aren't thinking critically make sure that the classroom is larger than twenty kids here. Make sure that you have taken from look at the way a classroom is even designed. One has changed rose, you have rose with students, they have their supposed to be seated in rose and theirs was to be seated in conform, and I get you but what eyes and classroom I wanted them see heated, so I can teach them how to be critical thinkers and, as the classes got larger and larger, that became an impossibility because all you're doing is trying to lake keep track of it and those kind of papers analyzing work, because somebody else analyzed how useless. As that, what's your point of view, I, what were you bring the table? Where did you find interesting about the literature, not words?
somebody thought twenty years earlier of whom have arrived with credentials. I just want to say thank you to Dana Bash answer CNN for continuing to suck to be pro war, anti sandbag, progressive politicians, because you leave a big lane open for me because doesn't seem like there's a lot of other. you toolbars. Even they want to do this. So God bless you all. Thank you for the gift its master of the Senate, Chuck Humor, hey Jack. I so angry right now. You don't want to know how angry I am Am I a angry toothache zone? That's how angry I am what's wrong, Chuck! my curing machine is acting up a little deeper gobs, don't go in right in the coffee is always a week, oh baby you're using a run type of filtration cup. Ok, I'll tell you: what we have our own way of making coffee and a new
men here, and you say it had to be my way or the highway. Well, guess what I don't respond to that, I thought you might be upset over president from threat to shut down the government again unless he gets the eight point: five billion for his wall, Jimmy first and foremost our all. Ok, it's not just as a marrow God not one of the Bolshevik. How old you like the frequent in search of your disgusting and parties What will you do if he shuts down the government again Chuck. Why we always do give him a billion or two more from social security and call it a victory array neck? You know, I heard the DMZ. this shows Milwaukee to host a democratic national convention in twenty twenty. I now very exciting ever been there and get this apparently, this Milwaukee plays a lot of working class people there. Well,
There was the made by the brown you I'm sure the people on the walk, you're gonna be really happy to see you my We worry is the town might not have the capacity to accommodate our incessant bullshit anyhow, I can't wait to get their meet real people and by into one of them a world famous fairly cheap, say word upwards and word hey. You know we no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great. Where you can help support the show. You should become premium member, we give you a couple of hours premium. Bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show you could do it. Going to Jimmy Dore Company that cop clicking join dream you and civil affordable. maybe a programme in the business and it's a great way to help put it come back in the eye. The bastards thanks for everybody.
Who was already a premium member, and if you have it you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content. Thanks for your support, While I just read their job bushes super back was caught illegally taken over why point: three billion from a chinese company want to call him up, ask about No, it's not whereas others asked me about my trooper pack illegally, taking money from a chinese company yeah well, I hate yeah. This is Jimmy door. Jimmy! Please don't ask me about My super back illegally take money from a chinese company. Okay, we agree on that at the outset. I just don't want to talk about right now, guy, ok sure I understand What would you like to talk about job, my Miami townhouse for two million rich and poor gables, but Why are you selling it got? My super back was
legally taking money from it. Ninety five hours per se- oh please by then please clap, they're gonna, find me how much is the fine? It's really big is the biggest pointy a pc started. Ten years I mean what the heck, though, how muds Jimmy you agree. We will talk about this right now, ok, Jake it we just be true to our world. Please four hundred thousand dollars Is that all, if you do my parents mama. Bear dad put my dumb brothers in charge of all my damn money. Didn't you Don't my house in order before things don't look here is right
but you shouldn't be taken money from the foreign nationals jab. It opens up to foreign corporate influence points by my house. No, no thanks, combined realities of urban living with the convenience of a single family. All and it's got feeling I like, I say once got a really I'd your fort. I'm not gonna, buy your house JEB you'd, like gables, supplant community, will what is it? mean white Paper tat, I could never afford your house JEB across Europe the numbers are Rockefeller. You got five hundred thousand subscribers the two hundred dollars a peace that comes to honour. Million dollars a month? That's that's! That's really! Our works job. Five hundred thousand people are paying me two hundred dollars a month. I don't know told you those figures. People should I warn you get. Trouble for taking the chinese money
I want to talk about it right now. Ok, it's gotta tackles water eater and the kitchen, has a moral that was really big. Ninety ninety egg and it's our radioactive anymore. I checked it myself Mount Geiger counter got it. It's a metal detectors, Slash Geiger Counter, I can't buy another house job. Don't you have other buyers? Sometimes, what are real lonely. I take the Geiger counter, slash metal detector on the beach and what goes all people come up to be to talk, of course, had to bring mile plutonium to make it go on because earn any coins left home a beach radioactive waste we had left romance funeral. Why do you have radio active ways left over from a funeral dark when she slipped to which your way keep your eye on us you're, one of the gorge coming. I have to go We'll know.
our distant formation programme is complete when everything the american public believes is false. That's the CIA director, William Casey, said that in one eighty one. Now that's actually that's a that. He actually did say that, like a lot of people, say ah come on even say that that's fake news, though he actually said that and He was referring to the our foreign policy. the Soviet Union at the time, and so was Samuel, will know our disinformation, programme about the Soviet Union is complete when everything the american public believes is false and we're back to that same thing that how they fight a cold war. They do some, they misinformed their home public that something, and so now after two and a half years of pushing Russia Gate that our president, the manchurian candidate who, through the election, by colluding gig legally colluding conspiracy with a foreign government, Russia well
We always were asking for evidence. We never got any evidence and now it seems like that's, not happening and Rachel Matthau after two years. What does she have to say about it? I then nothing two and half that nothing. So I just want to say again people ask: how did we reach five hundred thousand subscribers? It's because I just don't repeat propaganda and people are hungry for new shows that don't push propaganda on, unfortunately, Our corporate new shows do including the washed imposing the New York Times when it comes to a lot of stuff, especially foreign policy wars and our regime change policies. Here Erin Mattel, you know he's a friend of the show he says: Mahler disappoints if Mama disappoint I am hopeful, they'll, be a reckoning among progressives. There will not does not.
on the media side, I think we should reflect on this. The top video outlet to consistently and unapologetically debunk Russia Gate is the Jimmy Giorgio Alchemy. In working with a very small tee, so that was very, its compliment and I like to up pat myself on the back and show it on my own show. But want to show you that how easy it is to do a better job than CNN and solid It's not like I'm some kind of genius by far as you know, see student nightclub comedian. All you have to do as Greg I was said on the show is looked down the street and report we see and so here CNN lying rights, another gonna, we ve already debunk. They ve been lying big seriously about Venezuela right. So here so here's some of it what is on the plane or basic goods, things that are unavailable or accessible in Venezuela, things like nutritional This gets toothpaste, toothbrushes, just basic
oddities that aren't available or readily available to Venice swellings right now, because of the regime that their currently living under. So now we know that's not true, because independent reporter Blumenthal actually went to supermarket in Venezuela any that that wasn't true, so so here is we showed it to you? We already debunked that and by the way what's in that USA aid? What's that aid that's going to Venezuela, they use that to ship are. inside the country, so that they can then foment a civil war and that's Elliot Abrams. That's his calling card. That's what he's done and ease the game large by Venezuela, policy, Amazon, Bolton and so very as MAX going through here before here. Like me, going got like congealed me. We got like so much me. There's a lot of me he. So there is so anyway, so we debunked that also here's the should impose lying about the the concert for support that they were doing. Colombia right for the aid and they lied the Washington post. It was
two hundred thousand people there, David Branson put there, wasn't there wasn't, there was like big baby baby. fifty thousand people there. They said there was two hundred thousand, then they deleted it and then tell anybody they deleted it. That's? U Washington! Post? now here CNN lying about the aid they that they were sending to Venezuela. Well, the opposition, not the Maduro regime. The opposition, the one Guido people they set, the eight on fire. see and unreported exactly backwards. Now the pits Carthage and yellow I'll, read it to you. It says, while a scene and team saw incendiary devices from police on the venezuelan side of the border, ignite the trucks aridity again, wireless CNN team, Sir
incendiary devices from police on the venezuelan side of the border, ignite the trucks. That's a lie! There. Team did not see that they're lying just like they lighted at video tat. I showed you about what Aid was and if you could get that stuff avail, bull in Venezuela. They like twice and now they're lying a third time above Venezuela. they're lying saying that it was the police, meaning the people from the Maduro government that set the aid on fire, the exact, this had happened. And how do I know because a reporter was there whose independence is name is MAX Blumenthal and if you look at this, not sure of Venezuelan opposition activists disguises Red Cross workers. Actually, meanwhile, and that's from February twenty third and then we covered it the next day and here's Harold, you show you a little bit of it, which aid that wars was to be sending to Venezuela, but it's really aid
burning aid and intervention is deception on Colombia, Venezuelan Bridge, Senator Marco Rubio and cool leaders claim that Venezuelan National Guard burnt USA, trucks on the bridge in Colombia, but all available evidence points to the opposition in the opposite direction. The Trump administrations coup against Venezuelan culminated in February twenty third, with: U S, backed opposition, attempting the ram several trucks loaded with boxes of USA, aid of mandatory name across the previously unused Francisco to policy on time to bridge connecting Colombia to Venezuela. The trucks failed to reach the other side, but that was never really the point of the stunt as fathers Sergio Muniz a right wing, Venezuela and activists posted on the colombian side of the border. He explained to journalists Dan call in that the humanitarian aid was a purely symbolic provocation aimed at discrediting venezuelan President Nicolas but Durrow in international eyes and generating waves of destabilizing violence on these Santander Bridge. This February, twenty third, the mask Right wing, opposition youth, known as glowering Boroughs- am I pronounced lumber, say that got it. Goin
gliding glaring barrel, ring down a hail of rocks and Molotov cocktails on venezuelan national Guardsman, holding the line against the USA, a drugs. Suddenly, the trucks, cod, Fire in the mass youth began unloading boxes of aid before they burned within minutes. Pro opposition media reported that the Venezuelan National Guard forces were responsible for the fire. So you see our propaganda works. You see other you'd new news media are propagandists. Do you see the total lack of evidence of venezuelan culpability did not stop cuban american Senator Marco Rubio from treating this accusation from nearby in Cuba. We were on it. We have the right, the story correct. We headed from a trusted in upon reporter inside Venezuela, we D. We knew that. How is it that me? How is it that I, a guy who smokes pot when he gets up in the morning and spent twenty years a night clubs entertaining drunks. How is it that I could
a better job of reporting. Still news about Venezuela, then see and ends team. Why is that? Because I'm not Bob And paid for by the people I'm supposed to be investigating in exposing that's, why and guess what the New York Times They also stumbled onto this story correctly. Three weeks later, the New York, times, exposing on the lies about burning a drugs and Venezuela, so it took them three weeks to find out what we reported three weeks ago at last night's New York Times, expos approved, which just used evident cited weeks ago by independent journalists, sea and then out. right lied to the world when it set, a CNN team saw incendiary devices from police venezuelan side of the border ignite the trucks.
This is an amazing example of CNN out right, lying, not just printing something an accurate but lying for the? U S, government by claiming that they person We saw something that even the New York Times now says: never happened, that Maduro forces burn humanitarian trucks and there it is. I shouldn t before U S! Officials like MIKE Palm Pay, my mark Margo Rubio, John Bolton, might palm Pale USA aid more green, along with think tank experts like Danny Bihar, use twitter to spreads classic fake news to start a war Does anyone want them banned from twitter? Other post deleted it so grows. Typical how the New York Times publishes its story, proving the you. A government and media lied about the burning trucks in Venice. Leyla, without crediting all the independent journalists to use the same evidence to prove this weeks ago. But its beneficial that the New York Times per
which this while CNN lied to the world claiming they saw something in Venezuela that never happen because They are trying to help the. U S. Government started, Jeanne Change, worn Venezuela Rte, presented the evidence showing it was a lie copied last night by the New York Times who acted as state tv and the last one he says and, oh needless to say, the independent journalist who used video footage photo and other documentary analysis to prove right away that the? U S, government claymore Alai, something it took the New York Times three weeks to do we were smeared. Monsieur apologists and Putin Stooges, obviously, and here's the onion after further review, those responsible for lighting molotov cocktails and destroying several trucks gearing medical supplies are clearly our reporters
Plymouth Road over an hour panel Judah, not your you just got this great special America is the greatest country in the United States. What do you have to say about that? Well, you know in my act. I have one line where I say you know we live in a country that doesn't believe in climate change. but does Believin regime change, change, changes, not always good, let's just put it that way, I'm everyone likes a change, but not always not always a good thing. Yeah, you noticed router, I mean I'm not ours, Xanax an expert on this stuff, but you know just from travelling around and the way the media just seems to always no matter what the subject is they always sort of painted as well of one side bad guys than this sides. The good guys, and often, I think, are the governments. Many governments throughout the world are designed to oppress people and rip people often often hits
one bad government and then sometimes in some countries. The other party is just a different bad. Also, you don't mean again and the fact that you're, not so we have the United States. Yet we have to bad too bad parties there by the same people I worked in Romania last year, real end the and they had their one of the poorest countries in Europe and that they don't. I want to talk to somebody there than there are saying how they don't even have a highway. You know it's promote local roads and, and the people are so disillusioned by they ve almost no hope in government because they ve been screwed from so many different sides in summary different ways. So I think he does. I think sometimes just people are naive. Thinking like oh one, sides, bad and the other ones that they gotta be the good guys right. It's like this isn't
eighteen eighties progress like you know it's a little more complicated than that and then the fact that in other the guy that the Venezuelan gather our governs supporting the fact that both in our own is supporting yeah. Doesn't that make doesn't let scarcely more than just a little bit now we ve got plenty of something you know, that's that so does that mean me angry at people that like of course no better, of course, Anderson Cooper. You know better and Jake Dapper and Chris Haze and rates american As you know better. This is John Bull Anne Elliot Aber in due course. You know better get you still go along with it. Isn't that so that just tells me that well, but I think it's worse than that. Here's what Chomsky would say I'm sure, you're thinking for the majority internals to our train, having driven into their heads with, isn't crusading a profession adversarial. We stand up against power very self serving. How can you? How can you know that I'm self censorship? How can you knows I jellies and I am sure we believe everything but what I am saying is that you believe something different. You wouldn't be sitting so that
why MAX Blumenthal doesn't work for CNN because he doesn't think. Like CNN reporters right, you get hired at CNN because you don't push back against the establishment, because you don't ask those questions that would upset your advertisers or the military industrial complex. or fossil fuel companies is the exact opposite at sea and Anna. What real journalism is you know, showed you that videotape of ran Paul, saying maybe we shouldn't be selling these arms to Saudi Arabia, since there is a brutal dictatorship, committing genocide in Yemen and Wolf. Blitzer said you know if we so arms them. It's going to cost a lot of jobs in America that that's a quote from the news man. So again it at CNN everything's backwards, and it may we feel good report, this story about CNN, getting caught lying about and start Another war because they smeared this
show CNN smeared, the Jimmy Giorgio. They took time out of their day they assigned reporters and gave them the order. To smear this show, and they did it because we were telling us truth about the syrian war and see it and is lying about. The syrian war. Cnn had a reporter go in words, you said was a gas attack and she picked up a backpack and sniffed and said yeah. There's something up you sniffed. A deadly chemical So that's the kind of horrible reporting that CNN is doing it and feels good to be able to out them for lying, because there are liars cnn- is that news that that, in turn opposite of news. Anything else to add to this. My panel in a real I've novel? I was just going to say you know, I think, any time you're in any corporate structure the pressure to conform,
is insane so you might come in there. You know or more. let's take a wide eyed. That corporation is gonna cut. You cut away you until that stuff is gone if you're agonists, if you're in a given us I really believe that job there. Yes, oh so, you have your young reporter going into a place. The chance of you actually getting able to sneak some truth out here and there is, is gonna, be small. You know so, yes it's it's something I I think is a problem are not just a news, but it in so many areas and that's on that and because it so common, so many people don't see it. You know that they don't realize when they're good propaganda. They dont real IRA high in their being pressured to conform. They don't they don't even see it, because it's something that's constant. I just don't understand the whole conversation of why we have to have any kind of humanity
in aid in Venezuela when we are having all these sanctions against them, and that everybody wants us to overthrow this government as DOT and Donald Trump. Is our president I thought we were all worried that Donald Trump was so crazy that so wide. Why is the media championing this coup because there are bought and funded by the people are supposed to be investigating. That's why and they are lap dogs to power. You know I just want to get this chart is prompted quote because it's perfect, it fits perfectly right here. any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the. U S, media at only the of beat but the uniformity, and that What you're seeing with Tulsa Gabert every show she goes on? She gets the same kind of crazy questions as if she was being interviewed by someone from the government. and you seeing it. Would Venezuela you see with Syria, you saw with the rack and saw with Libya the uniformity
And obedience, it just goes to show you that you know, were ruled by sociopaths, now. We ve said this at the show that the corporate Democrats, their first order of business, is not to defeat the Republican that the first order of business of Tom, whereas the Dnc and all the corporate Democrats is to first make sure you defeat the candidate who represents workers, so they first just what the Dnc did. They first defeated: Bernie sanders and then maybe will turn our attention to Donald Trump. If we be Trump good, if we don't that's too bad, but we deathly gotta be Bernie Sanders thou when I said that at first First of all, I didn't say that show me want was the one who first told me that I was like come on I mean I'm willing to criticise the Democrats, but that seems a little over. That is exactly the truth. She is exactly right.
that they would rather lose to a Republican, then letter the progressive democratic Socialist like Bernie or tolls see or even Elizabeth Warren win. You think I'm kidding watch this. What's this here, we go Really I just gotta Tags from one of the smartest people. I know in politics who said: oh, my God, the democratic parties in crisis. They began to a point where, Eric and Success story can't even say he's a capitalist yeah that was extraordinary, Governor Higgins, Loop or who has done very well in life because he started up this beer company in Denver became mayor began. the governor of the state and benefited from cap Wasn't it couldn't say that he was a capitalist because he was worried about that label. I think it's a stick! Yeah just say: you know that worried about that label, capitalists d of the system that stole your democracy. Send your child, a war kills. Her grandmother for profit is destroying the environment, so I see can buy another yacht worried about that?
label? Yet you should be worried about that label yeah. So they're, talking about governor Hiccup Loop, her, who is in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry, who hiccup loop, her God, damn it from the fire? Denver from from, I mean Colorado, yes, and so he said he doesn't feel comfortable. The label himself refuses to label himself, a capitalist, isn't that funny. So this is the big this a big crisis for them, and here they bring on Donnie Deutsche. You know Donnie Deutsche is right soda Are you see you know before we start this he's worth somewhere around two hundred and fifty million in dollars. Just imagine I gotta. How do you spend your fifty billion dollars right? Did this crazy any you can buy two hundred million dollar houses and still have fifty billion Here we go about where the demo Product Party is, I think,
statement about fearing the left flank of the party you see Elizabeth, worn and Bernie Sanders, obviously sticking to the core of who they are, but even now people who are not Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth warn people who are kept less by definition by the birch success they ve had in their lives afraid to use the word. It's incredible. It is incredible and Danny Deutsche, I know you ve, said it but Others again saying at the Democratic Party is in crisis right now, Trump is going to devour every one of these candidates if they can. I'd say they support capitalism, but yes, it needs to be reformed, its had to be what it had to be reformed after you know, after the gilded age it had to be reformed by Teddy Roosevelt, it had to be reformed by empty or it had to be reformed began by El Dj. What is that tell you about your system. This system has bought all that it keeps getting, but
over and over and over and gets a deeply it keeps crashing into so when and get hooked. It to be reformed again in two thousand eight, it didn't get reformed, which is why we got Donald Trump, as our president, it didn't get reformed, and eighty percent of the workers in America live paycheck to paycheck we didn't reformat reform Obama didn't reformat. Barack Obama did worse than on became would have done to the people who got their houses underwater, Obama not only didn't help the homeowners, he kick them out of their house. And then not only bailed out the banks, but he gave the bank their house too. That's why we have trouble so budget who's. Gonna hate capitalism's, always messed up, it's always screwing over people, and it has to be reformed all the type that Tibet sets the but anyway well as Jimmy. I just went up out. There really guys is wrong. Ok, when he really guy said it, you know
Oh, you have Elizabeth, worn and Bernie Sanders. These socialists will lose forgot to talk about, tells the and by the way Elizabeth Warrant came out and said. I am a proud cow sewer bones. Yes, she's, I think she said I'm a catalyst. my boat, you are correct and so yeah what she also said. She was native American here. That's right is correct that you are right about that. So these guys aren't they guys, aren't afraid of socialism. These guys it. What what I mean they are, but that's not with their objecting to they're, afraid of regular stuff, like Medicare, for all and free college to vision and a living wage and strong. That's what they that's. What this is about, so watch studied, though not afraid there no one's actually proposing socialism where, the government controls the economy and the means of production nobody's predict from nobody's pushing them burning up watching that future. What burning is pushing its capitalism with straw Social Safety net. That's what he's pushing am I wrong about that Judith
I am always an expert on the terms. Ok, I'm not the personal tire fi that ok, we don't cut that out. That part had about it. I don't want that what will you give me? I've been sitting here and get it like talking about. You know how people label themselves- and I was talking to a conservative in at this conservative, kept saying I want less government well. I know this conservative can't wait for their security. The kick in. Ah, you know, and I also the idea that I want less government, and I do know that this person does banking with Wells Fargo and if anything, I want more government to make sure that I'm protected when I do business with banks and other talking about social services and social welfare, while I'm tired of welfare for the big businesses and corporations again when he left this part out when, when Joe Scarborough started saying all the times at capitalism collapses and we had to reform it, meaning bail out, so he forgot. The last time two thousand eight when it when their home
a tie, a capitalist economy crash, and we, what did we? have to do. We had a do socialism. So capitalism, are we crashes, and then you have to come and bail out and what is that? That's called social with his. So what we did was we took these built by businesses that failed. Those banks had failed. And what did we do? We gave the money that we gave it back to the same people who fail when the GM failed. We just gave the money. We gave it back to the same people who failed as capitalists and let the watchdog Deutsche. Here. We go capitalism as to be reform from time to time to work for all Americans, but my god you're, afraid to say you're a capitalist. Let me just say it has to also we can work for everyone today and the new members of the elite group who benefits from the system tells you how the system benefits. Everyone gets a marrow and there's gonna tell you people on the left tweeting they may not like it. Let me just let me let you in on a little secret. If that
is a crisis for your party. You gonna lose and twenty twenty just you know I pull up stakes on the tent and just packer up the party, of these these this is this- is the guy who's. His own party couldn't keep Trump from winning the nomination he's giving advice in the Democrats His own party couldn't be Donald Trump and now he's gonna say I'm gonna die. Tell you that way and by the way the prescription that they are there prescribing for us. The remedy is the do what Hillary Clinton did, which is lose to watch Downy Deutz do think it was they who had that's an amazing freeze frame right there can we just a mark The ground that is a work of art, wishes braver, Sorry, my job, I think one step further, because this is how dangerous socialist I find Donald Trump reprehensible. As a human being.
a socialist candidate is more dangerous to this complex country. As far as the sly, how to know if you'd caught their equipment, but that's called of protein slip. So that's when you let out what you're actually thinking and so what you just said that Socialism is a greater threat to this company hoops and Donald Trump. What are you? he wanted to say out loud was country what he was? Actually thinking was company? What's up played for you again, I find all shop. Reprehensible, as a human being, A socialist candidate is more dangerous to this company country. As far as the well being of our country, the Donald Trump, I would vote for Donald Trump, a despicable human being married there. It is just what I said they would rather lose two Donald Trump. Then let Bernie Sanders win and there it is there. It is. This is a guy same I'm with their eyeball vote against Bernie Sanders Alice
the myth worn tells gabert. I am voting against all them. I would rather vote for Donald Trump, and now you know why you have Donald Trump. That's why you have Donald Trump, because Eighty percent of the people, this country work paycheck to pay jack, and this motherfucker one Did your life to be even worse and thence and in both for someone it's amazing? What do you make of that? Well, two things. You know before he had that slip you're talkin about which is which is here. He was actually telling the truth. You I like this. This is accompanied regulation, as you know, are we a country or a corporation barrette before that he said he finds Donald Trump reprehensible as a human being
now the factory he could it just added a reprehensible was not as a government body as human being. That means ok, personas like and what that means he's liking. His policies sounds like it yeah and the other thing is this something I realized awhile ago. It's like. We have two main parties that that dominate the country and so your basically you have two teams, and you have one leg: the two teams, the Democrats and Republicans and the one leg is the United States right yeah. So basically the the Republicans there's always two teams going against each other. So republicans are always there right. The Democrats are always there, but if Bernie people like Bernie, worn a yo see, you know tells you that they come in then you're the players, the current starters, are now being benched yeah, so at the Republicans, can win every let
in. All the Democrats are currently in power will still have their careers and their starting positions. But if you have people like Bernie and stuff coming in then they're gonna get replaced and they're not go beyond the team anymore. There can be a leak. Let me let me help their metaphor. Let me help. You metaphor gets along that. If that the Democrats are the Washington generals and their paid to lose, and so right now tells you Gabert and Bernie Sanders actually could win and that would actually stop the gravy train of the Watson generals getting paid to lose because then they start winning their money would draw up, and that's why they're they're afraid of Tulsa in Bernie as they would actually be doing stuff that the country wants, but the money, all the guards don't want. Yeah, that's exactly what this is. So let no so now watch Joe hafta hat. He realizes that guy that he has made, and this is going out, live that even though, even though Joe Scarborough would gladly vote for Donald Trump over policing- and he wouldn't say it out,
well, because he knows that you can't say that out loud right, but here here Donnie Dodge not as smart as Joe Scarborough you didn't hear it is money anyway, but so here here we go. Let's watch this Let me tell you yourself: let me go was taking jobs like yours. I myself now you you will never get guidance made big it ass. Three. Thank you. Thank you. Ve correct my stand corrected. I the puppets, a bully, Turkey are so weak minded they have to keep checking in with each other to figure out what they actually think. Then, that something that is also a you're right, you're right, I guess I would vote for Bernie Sanders. Do you really believe that do you think that that two hundred millionaire Woodville for Bernie Sanders EF. He just said he wouldn't I'm so happy be that, as happened in a sense because I don't have to
Vince anybody anymore. More just have to play this videotaping. It reveals who they are. It reveals that What we ve been saying all along is exactly true that their corporate Democrats would much rather happily vote for Donald Trump, then vote for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth WAR and even autopsy. a bird, even Elizabeth warring. If that amazing that's house now do you understand why we need a third party, because, when of honest person prize that enter that party. This is what they do to them. They make them off to be like Their Hitler at something and all they want to do is bring people. Healthcare Watch Ex gets worse watch this, oh, We so distraught to the point that I can even come out of my mouth if we have a socialist, because that will take our country so down
we are not now and we are not Denmark. I love Denmark up, that's not who we all know. We are much prettier than Denmark. Believe me. Have you ever been to Denmark? They actually take care there, people they have a living wage. You make twenty I was an hour for working that Mcdonald's and everybody. That kind of bee runs fine and everybody has health care. Everybody has an education, isn't it fantastic if you I've been in Denmark there by big it's a happy as country in the world and daddy don't want to tell you were not like them. Of course we're not like them, because we have a bunch of assholes like you running the country Donnie, and they don't take care of anybody. Thirty million Americans, not even of health care and you're afraid that somebody's gonna make it worse. I was did three shows in Copenhagen last year. It was whose awesome
yeah, that's great, not a homeless people sleeping under everywhere, you go well, I didn't see any, do you see any? I don't see any better where they may have a model. Now I was on your way I do days. I wasn't no wait and see one homeless person leniency any in Copenhagen now, but I didn't I was there. A few days saw you gotta go everywhere. I am not an expert on it, but yet like when I It was here New York or I for a couple of days. You probably one see any homeless known me or New York yeah. It's definitely swinging the. Unfortunately, its things have increased in New York had swing. It. care a homeless person in the early, so does it lead? Amazing? I don't want to be like Denmark. Can you imagine what so that's it? That's. Definitely not a guy who is worried about paying for his medication. That's definitely not! A guy doesn't have healthcare that stuff. We got a guy who working for wages in America he's not a wage earners. His wage earners web page at your paycheck so is border this and if love who we are and all the great things that still have to have been made,
yours put on the side please, step away from the socialism sty. Let me correct myself and I will never vote for dollar trump. Thank you jump, hugging very good at what are you afraid of in Denmark, you're afraid that we actually might take care of our people? You know like that's a guy like he's criminally neo, liberal you're right because the other bring him on and though there asking just for someone's opinion and their bring on someone who's. multi millionaire. Why weren't? Why don't you have? Why do we want and Joe Show, however, have a low income person on their show like an unemployed person, and they like it? What your opinion on this? You know that's how they cannot get a voice, they don't have to go outside the building. They can just go. Why don't you go ass? One of the make up people? Why don't you ask the janitor now? Why don't you that's the guy who's running the camera. Why don't you ask the US, the employers,
always sandwiches in the basin. Regarding what chestnut peeped the person you by your coffee from you before you come up here, how much about those people at Starbucks morning Joe what adjust them, what they think about Bernie Sanders or the internal? Let's ask it hundred millionaire. This is what we got to go. Willie guys to this guy and there we go, we covered it. We covered it and its yeah. I love Denmark, but where that Denmark and we are deterrent, we are determined to be way worth of them and that's our rights today at morning Joe. Could it not of touch rich guy, bring himself to vote for that I'll drop? The answer just may surprise you or will it's been Romney's birthday. I thought I give my call for his birthday
like one to all my little happy birthday, MID Jimmy guess what it's my birthday yea. My team surprised me with a birthday cake made out of my favorite SEC twinkies, keep made of winkies you betcha holy cow. What our sight! It was to see goodness gracious As you know, I like to remove the candles for my twinkie by and blow them out, individual hey you know, there's a lot more, that phone CALL Billina have time in today's podcast How do you hear the entire phone call? You gotta become a premium member go to Jimmy Door, comedy Cobb sign up it's the most. The formal premium programme, because this today show was written left right. It was written by breakdown of Jim Earl Rob with own steps and Morocco would mark by land with all the voices.
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