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March 21, 2019 - Republicans cower to Trump!

2019-03-21 | 🔗

Trump keeps ripping John McCain!

Republicans cower to Trump!

Americans now think Trump is victim of a witch-hunt!

Guess who Bernie's new press secretary voted for in 2016!

Phone calls from Sean Spicer, CNN's Christiane Amanpour, and Al Pacino!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Ron Placone, and Mike MacRae.


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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme, the Jimmy or show, hello, go out again to get up in? Who is this document no seriously, I'm waiting for events x? I don't have time for this. What does about you know this is and what the scout I need you recognise that it is a bit. It is why I say here then: is this shown spacer yes and Well, I don't have time for this time Warner cable is coming over between the hours of atm at midnight. I thought you would have when two yes and ardent brought heart, so they like ok, but I thought you said that
yes, you may, but its may not can. But you can't you wait I warn you right. They came to track you fraud, I mean yes, Europe rod. So what's the former spokespeople send for the leader of the free world, went up to the low oh I wish every year I did you that deadline, while what had driven. Why did the carnival right watch again? I'll just ass you. What the former White House, senior officials in charge of disseminating the message of the leader of the free world, was up to lately correspondent on extra. What was that job extra? What, I started on draft. What's that extreme
did award winning Americans Integrated television news haggling. Are you serious shown I'll get it? I don't want any words at most likely that either ever but a correspondent Bejean corresponded and shut. Is an extra one of those annoying entertainment new shows, it could be annoyed. The people you care about fair, William, had what about it? The bucket hat. Don't jerk everybody loves at any. It had a trademark we gave up. The important is stupid programme is important but what is your assignment on the show? My time if you Aubrey inside you, Judy personalized, watching too deviant. Dieters people see waiting. People really live, they'll think twice before condemning them as evil tools of the establishment. a great who view interviewed so far. My body That is why the ugly and carried away
the people only one another. These people are buying a spotlight on it oh that racial at? So how long is your contract. I was able to break up and down to about three weeks. That's a pretty long to bring you last night, anger at the White House right that was six months, but actually depressing fire me. After one day, but I stuck ground for wild Alber, Stack, posted notes and jump. Do you need anybody? Does that both our fellow
then maybe tearing down or Asia taboo. Today, everybody welcomes this week. Gibby Giorgio, were about Jude live show in her most reach California, at Malta, Beach, beach, comedy MAGIC Magic club go to Jimmy Comedy, comedy com for a link for tickets at June. Fifth, innermost heart beats, let's get to the jokes before we get to the joke, Sally
did. You know sixteen years ago, the? U S, invaded Iraq, but fortunately, as a nation, we learn from our past. Mistakes is something I wish I could say, not sarcastically yeah the Iraq war. It just turned sixteen sixteen years old when he did, for it whose had everything and destroyed it. If it's there. There's one thing our leaders have learned after sixteen years of war in the Middle EAST. Is that most american I won't be able to spell Venezuela you hear Bernie hired David's rota for his campaign to determine their neighbors gonna, be like a speech. Redder adviser- and I can understand why Hilary supporters are upset about it. I mean why higher and award winning investigative, journalist and progressive activists as your strategist, when you can get someone like David Byrne, I wrote a book calling an email, a slut. I mean why wouldn't hated you here
van, his back in the news, so whoever said bloody Mary into the mirror, not cool did the and see picked. Milwaukee Wisconsin the hosted Democratic, national convention. I hope somebody gives Hilary maps of chicken find at page out. Did you hear lifts? They announced that they won't be turning a profit until twenty twenty three key? Well, maybe we, the people live, can make some extra money driving over the meet with a credit card we'll keep sending me email saying there proud of me in your face dead parents, I don't know about you, but it, but it's impossible to imagine how anyone connected with fuller house could ever live down the shame of college gate,
I don't know. I don't I don't know. What's going on the wealthy parents are bribing to get their kids into colleges, data need to get in due to have a nice life. They already have have a nice life. I mean you back in my day yet had to walk seven miles in the snow, just to write a joke about walking several miles in the snow to bribe a school admissions officer, the great thing about accumulating bribe credits is, you can always transfer them to a higher tiered institution, once you're ready to bribe opera division, university officials and other news jpg, P says they found a solution to write using workplace suicide rate fire more people hey the robber Bowler Investigation is winding up in its turn out to be a big, nothing burger, but I guess we member that two years ago, CNN said quote we don't know. Yet what we don't know yet about the rush investigation now
We know they didn't know anything. I want to know what they didn't know and when they knew they didn't know it hey. What covered up today, show birdie Sanders campaign. a union in hires, a new press secretary and She voted for in twenty. Sixteen may surprise you or will it fifty percent of the country says Russia Gate is a witch hunt says you are safe in April, Plus daddy, China has Trump goes after a dead veteran and the world goes crazy. Once we get phone calls today, Shod spicy calls it. Today we might have some greatest hits girls later out of the show, alright plus. If we have Time bestial interview with evil Bartlett, another independent journalists, bunks the price again the about Venezuela right here in the very door
also drug went off John Mccain today, let's just get right to it because they loved me. They asked me about a man named John Mccain, and if you wanted to tell you about, should I or not this So I have to be honest. I've never liked them. Much hasn't been for me. I've really probably never will, but there are certain. Reasons for it and I'll tell you- and I do this a little time with the press later on John Mccain received a fake and phony Does he idea about the dossier it was, paid for by crooked Hillary Clinton. and John Mccain got it, you got it and what are they? you didn't call me. He turned opening of the FBI, hoping to put me in jeopardy- and that's not the nicest thing to do you know when those peoples they cause, I'm a very loyal person,
John Mccain campaign for years to repeal and replace Obamacare for years in Arizona, great state. I love the people of Arizona, but he campaign years for. We peel and replace sorted rob? So did a lot of senators when you find they had the chance to do it. He voted against repealing replies. I voted against the two o clock in the morning. Remember thumbs down. We said what the hell happened. He said two hours before he was voting feel and replace anyone's thumbs down badly hurting the Republican Party sadly, hurting our nation and hurting many sick people who desperately wanted good, affordable health care would have had this would have saved our country.
over a trillion dollars in entitlements and we would have ended up making a great healthcare plan. Frankly with the Democrats, does it what I had? No choice, Mccain didn't get the job done for our great vets and the eight he's got a list of stuff. It's not just one big. You starts with the dead, the aid goes to the repeal would place now. We now is Anti Hubley. Came fail, that helping the vets get the healthcare he's got a list, the stuff. I love how we opened. He was like. I don't like that, guy. I probably never will will ya you for sure. Never will he's dead you're, not what you think is goes is going to send you an apology card like what the hell you doing. A little baby of dead advocated comes around starts, apologizing or John Mccain died. Seven months ago. Sink doesn't seem that long does it sets out. These fears like five minutes ago died, while maybe it's because his daughter one
shut up. Maybe that's what and they do it that's. Why? When I had my dispute with him, I had such incredible support from the vets in from the military. the vets, we're on my side, because I got the job done. I got choice and I gotta go our mobility, accountability, meaning somebody miss Dreams are best for forty five years. They return. They met ST our vets, and we say, hey you're, fired, get out, get mystery diver. They never got it enjoys for years and years decades they wanted to get choice. You know what you people, don't care that he's ripping John Mccain. They don't care, they couldn't care less. he's been ripping John Mccain by the way his entire political life dont gentle drugs, which is about three years, is attire political life, even ripping him get ripped off,
service not the only RIP John Mccain ripped his service said. I, like pilot, you don't get captured, didn't hurt him. A bit came after a gold star, family didn't hurt a bit so all that stuff about. You know we can't can't take care of vat we right so I mean but all the stuff about how you have to give respect and now there- and I don't like that- Obama didn't give they don't care, you could disperse the new could disparage the military. If, if you they agree with your politics, I guess is that wild timer, I wrote a news and poem for the occasion actual really what I'm indifferent. That trumps said. Something rude about men came, I think highly of neither and won't fall for the game. The new cycle of distraction is more of the same. The nation,
The economy of war is the real cause of pain and try to make an funnier. That's right. We do this snappy this boy, this nappies, this that bees drive some people crazy oils. There we tried all you guys. What would you step I would look at these started snapping at that you're. Just a was bad as anybody big, it's cool, daddy you that big goes back to beat poets right, so that started with the it was all it was. You were the anti establishment people did this. That was where that comes from right, and so people than that that woman did it with Chelsea Glenn worry drones, their big. love it. I love this elaborate anyway, so I just think it's. It's will lose all a bit more of this, so it just goes to show you that is just crap. You know we give lip service,
who are veterans. We don't actually take care of them. I mean the v, I actually, when veterans are pulled there, their positive about it, and so what Trump is talking about here choice is correct me if I'm wrong with choices, is if you have to wait at the visa for your treatment of certain Le Monnier time, and you can get you net can go to one another hospital, that's not the ba and the government with that's what he means by choice, right that I am assuming that you ask any guy and he apparently he got that done. That's what he's saying your military person you're. One of our great people to me one of the great people for many decades. I couldn't get it done, it was never done. I got it. I like I like how he says: the Mobility Europe, great people, one of the great in my view, the most. It's me I think, a great and that's why I didn't want to become of you, because I didn't think I would to be great and I had a bone spur. The other states,
and I'm great and your great, but I just couldn't be as great as you. Five months ago, I got a dungeon, instead of waiting in line of that fort for US in these tags fortress? instead of waiting in line for today, Two weeks and months people waiting online, the not very soon by the time they see a doctor, tourmaline terminally ill. We gave him choice if you have to wait for any extended period of time you go outside you go to a local doctor. We paid the bill, you get yourself better, go home to your family We got a pass, we gotta done and the other thing is worth a war in the Middle EAST. That became push so hard
he's got another big. Exactly was calling Bush President Bush. All the time get into the Middle EAST, get into the Middle EAST is attacking Republicans, he's that Bush advocated to save time and their war, which I find refreshing. Actually, I don't know about you. Am I the only one who finds that refreshing I find it yeah. I find it interesting. I read these comments. All attendance is: oh, I'm so entertained by that left eating the left. I find this suit. I've I've I'm enjoying this because its is, I find a refreshing when someone the truth about the Iraq war and how horrible idiots who were pushed who pushed for and that that that's what I mean in that
said that during a debate due to Djibouti, your brother lead us into a war, is a big mistake and people were cheering for be people it. That's what that's what I'm talking about? I find that I don't find his. It is as much as John Mccain deserves our ridicule. This sir, who he horrible form terrific Yahoo, a guy who's been It puts this is so I gave him a nice feud wrong that guy's shithead. What are you doing? How at ah gaining further support of any? But it's just have do exist him stroke it himself off and public man. He likes doing that and friend of tanks in front Thanks, it's not get up again, I predict, will not hurt him that this will not hurt him one bit and, and I will listen to the residents an hour into that war for seven. trillion dollars. thousands and thousands of people have been killed. Millions of people overall and frankly, restrict.
Maybe that now, but it's been a disaster for our contribution from. And those of everything else better that George Bush John Mccain Dub Republicans their big more doubt the Janey, but a disaster. What I find, particularly in the end, I think you ve said this in the past as equal trump trumps. Gonna criticise these wars goes, you know, once he wants his own way. So he makes him he ridicules a rack and he ridicules F get and he wants to pull of Afghanistan and has wanted to Syria, but that's not big. It's because he wants his own wars. he wants to go anywhere and do you was to do any wants to do Venezuela. So I loved you No thanks says now: whenever Mccain is trending, we know the president's playing roast battle with the dead guy again what that's like a new thing. Rather reality able, there rose the dead, fantastic, very funny, Sidney Mccain's shares, threatening message she received amid trumps, renew
attacks on her husband by hope that she has the resources to protect yourself. I hope she lives up. She gets herself into a gated community, asap Senator Lindsey Gram or we're gonna play you a video of it. I love this trump is actually attacking Cindy Mccain. Now for not thanking him for her husband funeral just so, you have a proper reading. The GEO peace cowardice because the GEO be they're all their putting their tail between their legs? No one's really criticising Trump for doing this, because their cowards, Mind mean if you're a republican, and you think Jamak gains a war here. Would you really let trump do this? If you had integrity? No, but they don't so they will. I hears here's Linsey Grab love John Mccain travel the world with him. I learned a lot: from him
an american hero and nothing will ever diminish their. I bet you learned a lot. Why from him, when he you some hugging KISS and George Bush, because he wanted to be precedents and George, was you had smeared him? He ethic me, that's what you, Lord, you learned: how to act is to submit to power, Is that what you learn from jam again, because that's what you're doing right now watch? What's this very, I always done the job came, was Lizzie Grams, best friend, certainly their best friend in the Senate now know best friend in the world, but certainly best practices. John Mccain and Lucy grant their right and so and that after the president, just ripped, your friend has been dead for seven months, ripping m ripping about war, everyone. Here we go through the president's comments about Senator Mccain, hurt him more than they are at the legacy centre, Ok, we'll try continue to help the president. Those two senses are so funny. He says.
the him ripping John Mccain, hurts the president more than hurts the legacy of John Mccain romantic to continue to help the president. That's the next sentence. I meant it continue to help the President monitor what that's the vineyard neck, but believe me I'm in good with the powerful and I let go and by the way and I'm gonna get reelected, because my base like strong, do so I'm not gonna ever. This is about my political future. Bloody grab said about John Mccain or having integrity is about this guy rolling over to Donalds Romp. He might have consequence, this road it get me now. It may lay work all the owner who died. I got antiquated somewhere out. There might be this guy. Also a veteran. And a lot of people coming to Johns defence. Now that call crazy in warmonger, so is kind of interesting the politics of this dispute is being used,
That's true, but people who were against both trump and became really that's the story. That's. story here. Is an amazing pretends that that's the story. He thought he tries what we try to keep the tools to Linsey. Graham, he found an angle that he doesn't have to offend anybody was republican. I find it ironic that people who I hate, John Mccain drop, are using this now to back the President little I'm gonna use a diversion, and I'm gonna pay really add added by looking away from the camera banana the camera and are we done yet Lindgren? Yes, I've decided state, that's interesting about the politics of it. But did you say about politics up? It is you won't say not for your friend this outer go. It knew. My job is to represent major if broccoli bomber did that of John Mccain match. With that, I would be saying today that Barack Obama or anybody the Democrats did the said that about John Mccain.
You match what he would you know what he would be saying and he's not saying that now. Why does it would hurt and politically to say it? That's why? Because it would hurt and politically to say it People South Carolina, they want me to work with the present, where I can. to know the person we have a good working relationship I can't I don't like it when he says things about my friend John Mccain and the best thing that happening for all of us is to move forward and focus on the challenges. So my making too much out of that I mean is this guy was so full of it's real member when he was screaming at their that that the Supreme Court hearings member his big display this is this- is this is humble Lindsey this? As you know, I, like the president, elect my friend John, lacked my brain people, South Carolina
Allow me to be that guy's, that's what they want. That's my job. I think that's what I read Jimmy. I decided this quick blurb that lends gram says about Trump is about a year ago. He commands the room, he's funny he's engaging he's. The guy that I like playing golf. with sea, so that this is exactly what I'm saying like when they go. No, you gotta get you can't. You can't vote Jill Stein, cause Trump. Well, he's dislike, they're, all of em. The whole thing will they all looked like boogeyman they're, all horrible, and the Democrats won't get any better. They just won't end way, there's Lizzie grabbed, there's trump going off like a maniac, it certainly poor. For me, we were no fancy job Cain, but that certainly is poor form, even though I think everything he said was probably accurate right, John Mccain did get all of the dossier. John Mccain did give it to the FBI, John Mccain.
did it, for he was a warmongering, did push for the Iraq war he pushed for he pushed for war everywhere. He could find that's why we don't like John Mccain yeah, but you know if you can't give her a bottle cause you dad has your dad got pretty lame. Not always pretty lame of drum to be doing is just but again it won't hurt him. It's posted. This kind of stuff is both to her you, it's not gonna, hurt you food going after a guy's dead, be nicer like a nightclub camelia. That's what I'm supposed to do. I'm supposed to go, I'm supposed to take the low road that the president's useless, think the high road and leave at four nightclub comedians. That's what I'm supposed to be doing. You not only drive median ask openings ideological diagram again, you want me to die at all. I'm saying is John Mccain or Donald Trump tells us to worry about the image It's taken our jobs, and here he has taken my job,
Ok, I got a phone call, but I recognise this number. Hello is Jimmy Hello, who is this is this out, but you know I'll bettino thee. Albert GINO, I'm good our thanks for asking that. I can't believe you called the Jimmy nor shall I mean What possible reason could you have recalling in your? knowledgeable man about politics. I want to be knowledgeable about politics, you and I dream up work together, figure things out a symbiotic relationship. You I'd better understand. Look you got. George Crony Corridor to show you, God
She urged yeah yeah. I won't be, while these guys do I get to be one of these guys you want to call. It did show occasionally discuss current events while of course, and wit, word and a will. It has transpired. I am on the phone with Jimmy Dory freely uh huh, all right. Well, though, what do you want to talk about? I have to admit, I am a little behind I have noticed that Richard Nixon. Wasn't, president anymore, I I was done filming the HBO be paternal. How is that possible
well I've been reached. certain rules for forty five years intensely I've been preoccupied with art and It is the enemy of art, ok, but things are dire, irate to start paying attention and formulating opinions and stating said opinions in a public forum. The pudding such a move would cause you're using up a GINO ever made up my mind, question. Maybe requests from every progressive bravery left maybe laughed, maybe right, maybe in the metal, maybe on top above why you gotta be. I am informed. I refuse to be confined our eye
And what am I right? Jimmy listen for the first time in my life I own a computer, I worry that use it. You think it was a gift from my daughter. So in order to learn about policy, I turned on my laptop computer, Danny I accept the mainframe, a That's our works out at this juncture. Told me Russia. Decided our election in the United States, the dead? That's not sure now a lot of people say this, but that's not actually I why this clown? This is precedent. Instead of that, you were a kid who I thought was one the king came out of nowhere discovered one out of a book.
Hillary Clinton has been part of the american political landscape for well over a quarter century in its true, where a young lady who performed fellatio on Bill Clinton NA oh shit, she was because I thought maybe maybe do you off because they have the same last night your twenty, sherry Cherry Cherry Party. Thirty thirty, The next thing you know before ok well, the value it I'll know. Russia did not steal our election. That's just a distraction to make us forget what a horrible candidate Hillary Clinton was spread, in my opinion and the opinion of many others. Yes, there is something to this waiver that she has a bit
the restaurant and she's durable goods and debated. peace and observe and repeated all the children or something I don't know. That's called beads again that its debts bogus, but you set your prayer yeah, but but that but pizza gate is bogus, computer. Like probably cures, look out he's just just check in with us occasionally and will set you straight, ok library. I appreciate still got a better spoken wishing to ports. my friends hey, you know We no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great way. You can help support the show you should become a premium
are we give you a couple of hours of premium bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show. You could do it by going to give me your company that cop clicking on joint premium and supposed affordable previous programmes Is this and its a great way to help put them back in the eye? The bastards thanks everybody who was already a premium member and if you have it you're missing out. We give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support so now the mauler investigation is just about over and everybody's upset. I mean everybody who hates Donald Trump is upset because everybody knows that there no collusion, or now that mothers not gonna, have a charge of collusion. That Trump colluded conspire
hired illegally with a foreign government tat somehow overturn the election results that didn't happen, and so, but consequently, since we ve been doing Russia For two years we never took a look at the rigging in the democratic primary like we were supposed to. The Democratic party never did an autopsy about why? How could they could lose to the most beautiful candidate in his? three of the world and who is a political novice game shows they never did that. So this is and so now Mahler. It he's been investigating them for forever and he's got nothing Unless remind you who, who molly resolve director Trinity, pointed out Secretary PAL, presented evidence last week that Baghdad, as failed to disarm its weapons of mass destruction, wilfully attempting to evade and deceive the international community. Our particular concern.
The same may supply terrorists with biological, chemical or radiological, the so that guy's, a liar and in a lead us into a war, and you can tell he's, got a million, tells he can't evil. The guy in the eye he's talking to? He knows, he's lying and now that's the people that the left have put all their per this guy. Both have integrity, whatever this guy's a spook liar right, who doesn't Who's been proud, undermining progressive organizations, the entire time use at the F B. I guess that's what the FBI does. Okay, so if your left in you hate Trump and you like him, cause you ate drop you're a chump, that's where you are and guess what it now that egg, a two and a half years of ubiquitous coverage, trumps a russian troops- are russian half of American say Trump is a victim of a witch hunt, as trusted mauler erodes, should it never had trusted mauler and fought first place. We didn't at this
show it lit amazing that somehow it this show a dumb JAG off nightclub comedian can see through this bullshit from day one from Day, one in those nobody who is less of a fan of drunk than me up his policies and we saw from day one which just goes to show you. I don't know what it goes to show you, but it goes to show you that, maybe that's by the countries in the state its end, because the information you know and uninformed electorate of informed electorate is necessary for a functioning democracy. We don't have an informed electorate. We have a propaganda eyes, lied to and be as gas, Lytton, Gas Lytton gas lighted electorate. That's all we have and that's what that and now they see through. They don't trust the media, and now they see it. That's a lot of independence to by the way. That's not just Republicans,
that's Democrats and independence and by the way we warned you it at the beginning of this in January. Twenty seventeen, We warned you that the big danger of the mainstream news media. Pushing this Russia gate without any evidence is that it's gonna road people's confidence in journalism and the news and then when tromp actually is doing stuff, they won't believe you. We were right. We were right and guess who was wrong. Fuckin everybody else everybody except for a handful of people, and you know who those are everybody everybody at the newspapers, everybody on tv. Everybody
the bag is Eads. Everybody on line everybody on Youtube, except for a handful of people, and you know they are, and everybody else got it wrong in that amazing. Fifty percent say they agree with trumps assertion that the special councils investigation is a witch hunt, and let me just say this: that's fine! Everybody else got it wrong. What's not, ok is that they shape and smeared people who were getting it right right like us like Aaron, but Tay secular. talk, that's what's not? Ok! It's ok that you it's not ok, you got it wrong and you pushed a conspiracy theory for fresh in two years, and so all the other issues didn't give covered. You know you're doing a new Joe and your whole hour is devoted to taking trump you're. Not an altar
the new show your msnbc, and so let's get back to this fifty percent say they agree with trumps assertion that the special councils investigation is a witch hunt and that he has been subjected to more investigations than previous president's because of politics. Now, I'm going to say there is a problem with the way they asked this question because they put two questions in one. They asked the question: do you think Trump is a victim of a witch hunt and subjected to more investigations than previous presidents? Because of politics? That's two questions, so you don't know if those people agree with the witch hunt part or if they agree with this part, so either way. You're screwed, I mean you're screwed, if you or if you oppose trump.
There is unfair pricing led by the way, fifty percent do you know that you know what percentage of Americans are registered Democrats like twenty six percent. So if this pole is accurate, even close, fifty percent, that's a lot of people who aren't registered Democrats. That's what I'm saying There is, unsurprisingly, a stark departed and, by the way, let me through a two hour panel. Are you guys surprised that at that I'm not surprised at all, and I am surprised, the numbers and higher right the right. I think that's what we are expecting a higher number yeah wiping is one of the things this whole thing. A lot of people have a hard time grasping a scenario where there aren't any good guy.
where there is not a good guy and a bad guy, and more here you don't have any good guys trumps on a good guy and the intelligence agencies there, not good guys either people have a hard time grasping that. So now I'm surprised us not higher, because I think for a lot of people as trust him, Mueller and stuff like that roads there's a good chance. This is gonna have a cyclical effect where some people, especially maybe I e undecided voters- are gonna, go well, maybe trumps, a good guy. I know, and that's another just
dangerous effect gases. Yes, there is such a privately a stark, partisan divide on that question. Eighty six percent of Republicans think that Trump is a victim of a witch hunt. But just fourteen percent of Democrats say Trump is the victim of a witch hunt. To me, that's a high number for Democrats. Twenty six percent of cut the country consider themselves Democrat and one and a half per cent of those people think Trump is a victim of a witch hunt that that's that's, especially with they ve heard nothing but the opposite from their own party. In every new spurted wow among independence, over half say he's the victim of a witch hunt over half of independence. Fifty four percent say so forty, two percent of independent say he isn't well done. Democrats.
And corporate news media well done, you ve got people thinking. Tromp is a victim way to go. You ve got independence. Thinking Trump is a victim. These are the people. Hillary Clinton was trying to reach out. These are the people who aren't decided who their involve for those are the people and, in any case right, you are correct run. That's why they're called independence, Twenty eight percent say they have alot what a lot of trust in former FBI. I do. rector mothers investigation? So twenty eight percent of these people polled in this pole, say they have a lot of trust and former FBI Director Mothers investigation to be fair and accurate, but guess what twenty eight percent is pretty low and that's the lowest level to date down five ports. Point since December, so less
in less than three out of ten people in America, Trust Robert Bowlers investigation, to be fair. Isn't that amazing and seven out of ten Americans dont trust them? And it's not like this is his first blemish. You hide Michael, has never got a thing wrong before this is a disaster for Democrats. This is a disaster, for Democrats is if, if there, if they actually wanted to opposed from, but they don't, they really don't. Trump is great for democrats they'd net, they ve, never fun, raise bigger against Donald Trump, and then they have to actually come up with policy there are actually have to serve. The people are asking to vote for them. They could you say Prob, we'll say what the media I mean, the quiver media they love I'd, be they should be taught and journalism classes years down the road as as what not to do right by Adam, throw off in all the way to the bank. They are CNN, but Brian still
They told me that that doesn't matter if they were ratings at CNN. That's what the guy who's the media watchdog said on an open microphone looking into a camera. That ravings, don't matter at CNN three days of it. That's all that matters at sea. It Jimmy and fairness to him that joke. Old ass. They did laugh in his face when he said it had caught my dead. They did the whole room full of people laughed at his face when he said it. That's all areas. Twenty eight percent, the lowest level today Trust Robert Mauler. In comparison, thirty eight percent express a lot of trusted. Trumps. Denials more people believe Trump that believe Robert Mullah you're happy. Now, you stupid, lefties, trying to prop up the FBI is our saviour and hero. The FBI
Is the enemy of progressives? They infiltrate you organizations and they subvert them. You knuckle adds they'll kill. You they'll, go that far they'll, certainly plant false stories and false evidence on you to keep you oughta governments. That's what the F b I does too progressives there there to derail progressive to keep them out of government. That's not me saying that that's former director of the F B. I admitted that. and the left embraced the FBI because they hate trump. So much support for the House of Representatives to seriously consider and preaching the president has dropped since last October by ten percentage points to twenty eight percent. So
no independence. It seems like if twenty can, if twenty six percent of Americans are registered, Democrats and twenty eight percent support at impeachment, you almost have no support for this outside the Democratic Party. Support for impeaching Trump has cooled. The polls show in the wake of how Speaker Nancy Policies declaration that she opposed. The idea in Leicester was by partisan support for it. So now, let me show you what this means. What this actually means that Nancy Pelosi opposes impeachment. It tells you that ninety policy is a sociopath thick layer of the highest order. What do you mean Jimmy probably would be it probably is a smart political thing. That's in peach drop she's been telling me and the rest of the country for two and a half years that Donald Trump is a traitor to our country working for another country. That's our enemy,
That's what she's but saying that the guy who's running our government at the tip top of our government, the most powerful guy in the world, is, is being played and it is a servant of a hostile enemy and you don't want to pay that guy. Well, maybe all that stuff you said about Trump being in the pocket of a hustle enemy is bullshit, because if he is- and you didn't want impeach him. Your derelict your job, you can leave a trader as president. You should be seen we every day and trying to whip up support for getting rid of is a trader in the White House. So that's all no Nancy policies? A liar and that's how no name he policy is doesn't have any integrity because she just lied to you for two and a half year straight for political purposes and red baited. The president of the United States,
for doing it were, and what does that do again? I told you all the bad effects of Russia Gate how it hurts the left. How it hurts our country so did you think about that? Were Nancy Pelosi said she's against impeachment. That me she's, lying or you're? Ok with having a trader it be our president yeah well in that makes a lot of sense too, because you know in she's not the only person committing this infraction but yeah. If people were sincere about those claims, they would do with Dennis Vicinage did when it came to George W Bush right and they would bring those causes for impeachment to the table and they would get it in the square and maybe only a couple. People are gonna watch on C span, but you're still bringing it to the table, because you know that this man, you know bring about a cynic arioch. You know that this man committed war crimes right.
so yeah, that's what they would be doing but they're, not if you thought that the president was actually working against our country and for foreign hostile enemy. You would do everything you couldn't get rid of. Guy polluting abridgment and screaming about it every day? Well, they scream about it every. Except they don't want to do anything about it, which means their full of shit. Among Democrats, the one percent say: policies comments had some or a lot of impact on their opinion about impeachment. That means forty one should she said. Being opinion, so they wanted to impeach Trump until Nancy Pelosi said she didn't and then they took, they were like all. I guess we don't either now, because our leader said we shouldn't, so she actually could swing public opinion. That's what leaders do that's what they're supposed to do, you're supposed to move people's hearts and minds and she could
but she did just now. She moved it the other way away from impeachment. Was it an interesting, though, that in the party that she supposed to be leading half the people, they do care about her began and then the other rising to the other thing is forty. Two percent say that her what she said about impeachment had no impact on them, so it's bad both ways. Half the part half the party actually does- listen to her and she swayed them away from getting rid of a trader and half the part doesn't give a crap what she says as pretty interesting. Despite that? The survey shows a nation that remain sceptical of drums, honesty and deeply divided by his leadership of fifty per two percent? More, How do you say they have little or no trust in the present? Is denials that his two thousand and sixteen campaign colluded with Moscow in the election?
that put him in the oval office. So those two numbers, dont jive, sought fifty percent can't think he's a witch hunt and fifty two percent think that he did collude with with that. Those two numbers are gonna, get what I could that could speak back to the confusion about the question right yes like that is yet that is a very odd leeward, a question. It is too yeah, definitely too, parts like how do you just say yes or no to that? But what's interesting is that, even though there has been absolutely no evidence that news media has tried to pretend like there is evidence all the time and hairs Mattel heaves, quoting out, whilst regional he tweets outer Wall Street Journal article he says: can we agree that Putin is an awful puppeteer? Among many things, Putin's pollutants, puppet, meaning Trump has bomb his syrian allied twice has tried to overthrow this his venezuelan ally, so Trump is doing all these things that potent doesn't want to do. Putin does
and bomb Syria he did. Putin doesn't want to try to overthrow Maduro in Venezuela. He's trying to and also he'd ripped up the iron, a treaty which Russia didn't want to happen. So he says now Putin's puppet is preparing, sank. Is against the vital german Russia pipeline and that's what this is about. So Trump is going against Russia's interest in a fossil fuel pipeline. So for people who say that Trump is a manchurian candidate and in and being puppeteered by Putin go well, what's the evidence for it, then there and their evidence could be used, the other what they dont for have. This evidence is called twelve dimensional just write like this. It's all the
But it's actually goes the other way like this right here. All these things go the other way. It shows that Trump isn't doing anything that Putin wants. In fact, Chomsky said they ask Chomsky the same question: here's his answer, but with a quid pro quo, the Russians, how so they as they say, oh there's, gotta, be a quid pro quo, which means the Russian said I'll, give you this I'll help you in the election and Trump you give us that that's quid pro quo. That's what that means this. For that such showed. The Russians gave prompt something about trumps gotta, give the russian something and they asked they asked Chomsky. Well, what is the quid pro quo? What did Trump give the Russians if the Russians actually did hack the election for him? What is he giving back to them, and this is what he says. What the quid pro quo is. There is increased, No military action on the russian border is agreed a huge military expansion of the military budget and Russia.
Pulled out of the treaty, which is a major threat to Russian. It was the quid pro quo. There is none. So that's why it's just a crazy theory that people have not because they hate Donald Trump, just like it at this is the belong form birth certificate of the left. They just make up a conspiracy, they just keep repeating it over and over and people believe it without any evidence near inheres jobs, gazing we're. Where is the evidence for this there isn't any. In fact, the evidence actually goes the other way. So again, if you're still put seeing this Russia narrative, you're, you you are shown handy- pushing long form, birth certificate. It's a fair comparison. Ok, all right, we ve done. We talked about this away. To go news, media and left. You ve got people thinking that Trump as a victim, fantastic.
guess what Bernie Sanders campaign where they hired a new press secretary, which is which is good news. It her name is Brianna Joy, gray. Now I'm a fan of hers, Brianna Joy, grandma fan of hers, I saw her interviewed a year ago by Katy Helper and whose sues very compelling she's, smart and she's on it. I like everything she said. I thought she was great. She wrote right for the intercept or die and so now they ve harder. But with another thing I like about her is that she- and I are very some Now you remember round my voting strategy was, I am not going to vote for Hillary Clinton. I can vote for. Someone who did Libya rack called black kid super predators anyway, I wasn't gonna do it. I was obvious to me. We need a third party voice because after Hillary Clinton cheated Bernie Sanders the Progressive out of the primary,
she didn't reach out to progressives. They stuck there thumb in the eyes of progressive and said, go pound, sad world. She gonna go. She moved to a right and tried to get republican vote. She put TIM gain, as your vice president, should pick burn, ancient and pick a progressive fairness she did reach out to progressives. It was just to slap them in a fair way. Seated reach out his lamp. There was, there was a reach. Their air was definitely reach, but it was not around But so I went by Our strategy was that we gotta get the Third party polling above five percent, so they can get matching funds then get the debates, and so that debate then did when the Democrats, when the primary they can't turn their backs on the programme.
if they need them. So then, if that third party was pulling in a little in a decent, then they would have to negotiate with them. Instead of going to screw, you go pound sand, which is what the Democrats do now. Remember the Democrats. The Democrats first priority is to defeat the progressive, not the republican defeat, the progressive, not the Republican. We showed you that with Donny Deutsch, we shall do that with the MSNBC hosts daddy, don't try day at his own show on CNBC, for, while even and he said that he would vote for Donald Trump, if Bernie Sanders is, is Winston. my nation, for the Democrats, he said he would vote that guy who's, the re systems that not all that stop yet, but I get turns out they ate progressives more
and so that's why I was another reason why and so, but we do so. We don't have a viable third party in the United States. We have the Green Party, they have everybody likes or platform of a cause. Your Cortez did green new deal, but anyway I get this. She said I actually did not vote for Hillary Clinton in the General election oaks. What I I was told every day twenty four hours a day that I was a petulant child, that I was a purist, that I don't understand politics that I was toxic to the left, because I was voting for jewels time and I lived in California, Bernie Bernice New press secretary didn't take Bernice advice in the twenty sixteen election.
Isn't that something I like, I liked her even more birdies on press secretary didn't take his advice and vote for Hillary Clinton either. Did I I will withdraw to our panel are panel. What do you think our panel? Will? Let me just. Can I just read the rest of her tweet. You said I actually did not vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election. I do wonders and unlike on like Hilary Roddam Clinton, that there is an electoral college and that might Heard party voted New York City made zero different to the outcome of the election, but yes, the vast majority of Bernie voters did vote for. Hilary Roddam Glenn. We already told you that more burn so that so again up is down
lack is white. When it comes to progressive politics, they lie about it right and sewed. Everyone thinks that Bernie brows people who supported Bernie didn't vote for Hillary Clinton, the exact opposite. The people who supported Hillary Clinton did vote for Brok Obama, the people who supported Bernie Sanders. loaded for Hilary Random Clinton at higher numbers than Hilary when voters voted for Barack Obama. Now that I don't have to break that down for this now, which he was easy to understand. And so again there just lying Psmith corporate Democrats are Republicans their horrible starts. I've concern, I respect our republic, it more than a corporate Democrat, because a republicanism trying to gas. Like me, you know who is a fuckin corporate Democrat, so there she goes the vast with Joseph, very there we have it I'll be thrown over to our panel. For real, I mean if I had a dime for every time and twenty sixteen I had that conversation with somebody in California. When I said I am going to vote for GEL Stein and they said now
is not the time and I believe we need. First of all, we live in a safe state. Second of all, look at how awful these two choices are. When is there a better time to say, we need a better tomorrow and need to get another. You no need to get the Green Party up to five percent, so they can be more competitive. I can't think of a better time. Follow out you're saying what you're saying there? I had a conversation with, so many people forgot a dime every time I have at least five or six dollars, and you know what they were: they would say to you. I in any other circumstance wrong. I would say: ok, but tromp, but tramp Trump well calculate just suggested. A video about job but she did it. Interview Would CNN and he points out that job Bush agrees with Donald Trump policies. He just doesn't like the manner in which he tweets. and so that whole thing about that Trump is a special kind of crazy. Of Republicans turns out not to be true, turns out not to be true
at the entire republican parties, because is supporting Donald Trump, no matter what he says, no matter what he says he does so that I did so that that also bs, because that that that that idea we got you can't do this time could they'll just they just come up with a bigger bogeyman every time which, in fact is what the Pied piper theory was. They try to. come up with a buggy man, so bad that you couldn't help but vote Raillery Glenn. They were wrong. They were wrong. Well, what I would say to those people two, if you're gonna, give me an option of a french or public and which I consider JEB, Bush and Donald Trump or a moderate Republican, I'm gonna say we deserve better choice: yeah yeah yeah, while you, I think, when I look at this new ideas and new position for her. It just shows me that actually, the Bernie Sanders campaign for twenty twenty they're moving forward there being very progressive in the membership of the team that support,
bring him in this next campaign- he's not sticking with the same ground before he's getting rid of the old white guys that word surrounding him, giving him bad advice about putting it. When we look, how long it took Bernie, to even recognize that he should go on the young Turks took way way too long, because those people around him. TAT Divine, which they're gone now. They're just old school they make. They run a consulting firm. That makes money off of advertising. So that's why they took Bernie. Honey and put it on tv because they made more money. Personally from those guys are gone now I mean look, how bout a touch. They were look how long it took Bernie to get on the young Turks errand, the young Turks as infringe they're not out there you know on the left of the young Turks day support every democratic primary winner. There is so I mean it. What is that like I've been? I understand that they be afraid to come on this show because we're looking at them article at
like hey, why did you run as an independent for thirty five years? Tell everybody that there. We have to have a rainbow coalition and it has to happen outside the Democratic Party and they, when you are in a position to make that actually happen. You don't do. That would be the one question we that's the only question we actually want to export here go back to the last election when you know I'm sitting here, I'm kind of I'm looking forward to what's going to happen in twenty twenty. I am actually helpful and I'm wondering I can very curious like who would Bernie chooses is running me, but when Hillary Clinton chose him came, it was almost a done deal for me that I was like. Why would I want to give TIM Kane? what was it about TIM Kane, it was like I was in his turn. Is that why we got him, can then you're and accomplish with a gun you an accomplice when TIM came, goes in and crushes unions even harder and makes even more states right to work and makes
life worse for people you're an accomplished when you come out West I'm having a hard time saying that word you're an accomplice not accomplish accomplished accomplice. Yes, there you go, you guys nude campaign spoke Spanish right now knows they. So I think Brianna Joy Gray is great Joyce. I think she's a great choice. You everything I've ever seen from her I've light. I mean I have not read in any of our stuff on the Erika, but like five followed on twitter for awhile and everything ever seen from on twitter, I like in- and I applaud the Santos campaign to for Saint. You know. Bernie did want people to vote for Hilary, but he said don't follow me, do you well, she did be no follow her conscience in and he still like. Yeah call. So, like I'm happy to see it in fact,
Hillary Clinton herself tweeted outvote your conscience and of course you didn't mean that the ironic hello, this is Jimmy Jimmy drifted about oh hi, Christianity, Do you have a few bucks, yes, as a matter of fact, I do splendid, let's get started. Didn't you used to be a war correspondent site it for many years now you paid. Well, for that right are you. Kitty two thousand guy, with a rolling in Iraq, Afghanistan there
in London and Paris to the best restaurants and hotel imaginable for little hour an hour. It was the high points, by career, so you personally would offered from a war I lived and end with rating CNN makes money off war right hand over fist, hey, you know, there's a lot more than that phone call. Billina have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You gonna become a premium member, go to Jimmy Door, comedy Cobb sign up, it's the most the horrible premium programme, because this issue was written that right, it was written by breakdown of Jim Earl, wrong political steps. Samarova would mark by land with all
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