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May 16th - Joe Biden SUCKS!

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Joe Biden Sucks!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jimmy Oh, what a nice surprise, former speaker that have jumped bakers on the phone, a gene pool absorb Aigner, Kush elsewhere, Baynard Curse government for a prescription today and leave the bulls little relaxed high in the universe, but held out a universal health care. Now. Did you really, say this about Mc Mitch, Mcconnell in Time magazine that Mitch Mcconnell shows a mastery of parliamentarians. Seizure and our nation is blessed by his service the wisdom he brings to high office. Did you really say than about Mitch Mcconnell. brush my memory by short term is not too good mainly due to the Baker cushion effect, but will you re Billy said you never even tried pot. That's right! I never tried pot pot. Try me while I was alone,
As you know, last April I drew the board of Acreage Holdings Newbridge holdings. If we got the acreage Udo were holding, you see, whereby paradigm shift was driven by governments, Asia with veterans who have turned to them. Jaeger, but to use their suffering from chronic pain at post, traumatic, stress disorder. I see so now. You understand how Paganel evade consciousness and from a wellness and make me a book load of cash. But I see, I see you still struggle. to reconcile the old vainer with the new bain or how dangerous could put it better, not know what to do they not oh. By the way, I still believe our country could overcome division or John cases. is a big asshole. Another jerked out broadcast so chopped Hudson you're you're with all your straight talking. But what did you ever get done? John? I obstructed
Obama at every turn, and I was pretty pointless considering how EU decay faster than a West Virginia coal mine. But that's all of the past at the lab stone. Why? Because every split the four winds blow. So what so? Why do you think that John CASE, it is as a whole. He did you get primary Donald Trump, but nobody can primarily that I all why, because third percent of Americans are also. Does support dropped a better one. to be a real. A older tried, a primary that a whole day all factor, but give me my pockets to evolve actor. I also think, though they all factor, you can't say other Todd guessed, what a joke the target. try to forward the talk cast. The only reason I said go on it because you got a big ball of Benes and Green room Benny he's a baby, primo speed, freak
grab a mouthful right away, while Benes you call Speed Benes. That's amazing that must be from another century chuck Chuck Todd was very flattering in your introduction. He said quote you're one of the ones who tells the truth straight to the people, a blunt talker. That's what jumped out said a buy you a talker know why why most of my time talking about what is it that brazenly hip the critical after supporting the war on drugs. All these years, Namaste
then maybe tearing down or nation that is to say to you today is a very welcome in this week's Jimmy Giorgio bags. Everybody who made it out you live sold out show instead be Arizona. The improper alive Jimmy Door on mother's day there was a blast, will be dropping those clips. He'll heard some of that in this showed today our next live Jimmy Door, show June: Fifth, that's away
and stay in her most of Beach, California, at their most of each comedy magic club, go to Jimmy Door, comedy dot com for a link for all tickets to all our lives shows June, fit with Abbe Martin from empire files viable beyond that Joe now, let's get to the joke before we get to the joke, shall we Didn't you hear, there's a new study, a noose, he says american fossil fuel subsidies now exceed we spend on war. That's funny Always not war was a fossil fuel subsidies. Am I right this just in the news. Media is now pregnant with two big fat wars in the oven. We're gonna have twins everybody lives in a relate. Story, civilization just advised America to abort Alabama out of concern for the health of its mother earth at six week. Abortion Ban in Georgia are too
what'll abortion Van and l of Bam. I don't know about you, but this democratic primary. I really want another moderate who will reach across the aisle and give more hand jobs to these people. You know of boy scouts and catholic alter boys could get pregnant. Abortion would be as common as the merit badge for attendance here did you know that Beethoven. Rourke has lives, dream now he's not. He just did another live stream. He drives dreamed it from a dentist appointment and now he disliked stream the haircut I say you should live. his platform, while he's taking a dump. The least I would The poetic, an accurate pay may fourth mark the fiftieth. Anniversary of the Kent state murders decay. state shooting why they were protesting. The Vietnam WAR and then the military, up and shot him made.
fourth mark the fiftieth anniversary of the shootings can't stay in Kent state. Yes, what they're? Having a c I a veteran chair, the Kent state may Fourth Commemoration Advisory Committee, who can't wait until twenty years from now when they haven't Iraq, war protests, Memorial, sponsored by Halliburton and the keynote speech the Dick Cheney, hey these centres for Disease Control and prevention. They say: that the United States, birth rate fell to a thirty. Two year low in twenty eighteen in what they called a record hump slump, the last time the boy three was this law was nineteen. Eighty six after President Reagan referred to his wife S, Mommy, hey, what's covered up, today show Joe Biden does tell people that he wants to head to the middle ground on climate change. Joe Biden, decay,
himself. The most progressive candidate in the breeze Bernie Sanders response. The answer just may surprise you or will illicit mulatto is a millionaire who says that no one wants progressive policies more than her and that we should I'll stop having sex because of the portion banned in Alabama plus the political director for the Justice Democrats pledge is his support for Joe Biden Two years ahead of time was we got phone calls today from John Vainer Bernie Sanders. Chuck humor Joe Biden and a lot more than today I'd like to be able to give Bernie Sanders. A call in question has released is tax returns and nobody is talking about a low just quite obstacle.
No, I am not satisfied with my card phone service and, if my work, I wouldn't have met it. Thank you goodbye now, Bernie Jimmy Door. I just want to ask you something Jimmy all door, door Jimmy However, you are getting off my party line. I was in the process of scalding. Some but I didn t do it about me? Fine for me, with studies, but cant log knows I understand this is Jimmy Door. I'm going. I like. I know exactly: we were all the time. I just want to ask you about your tax returns body, for God's sake, make it I'll have you know: you're interrupting my relaxation time, gouging out the eyes on my Ronald Reagan: DOT Board with a spoon, great communicator, how can the presently focuses on potentially,
add stories about you. You think Bernie Eagle. The boy had on my shoulder and fought the national anthem and they would notice you I know, but the Democrats spent weeks speculator, about your taxes and now that they really you release them nothing. Speaking of my taxes, I point was that call on schedule, see as a fucking right off. I have a message for the democratic body establishment, the revolution it coming and don't touch the brakes, use the cord. It's better that we use the cord. Yes, and I want to make that very clear. If you use the court, you won't leave unsightly much marks on the fabric. We must the problems with that, if we had a progressive taxation and become a participate in the international arena and not merely an adjective wooded, wouldn't rates have to do with foreign policy Bernie the same thing: After what your face, how do you respond? Those who say Adam ship is the face of the democratic party items,
if, as it calls for the wind, was halted for every increased the defence budget over the course of a career, I, as you know, have not so if you want that face, of the Democratic Party to be HANS more men than he's your goddamn, when I can't help that I thought you swore you're gonna, run an issue based campaign and not give personal buddy. I understand fully but he's not running approach and he looks like HANS man unity backs Medicare for all. I might change my opinion until then he's just another gilded pimple on the backs of the proletariat. Can I hang up now. I have reward the dough ingredients, I personally leading a march on adopting the put. There was a sharp back on the shelf. It is simply not acceptable that the top one percent of ice- about the water by the bottom. Ninety nine percent remain below the surface
here's Jo Leinen. Please tell me how I had a problem with these your hands. You decide to attacking like this. You gave me fruition such any less throughout about it. Isn't that what John Wayne Easy says? What are you doing? What do you do you leave your political bullshit about you leave its hand you're all out of it away and any sense you creeper tank
many ten year old kids have the wherewithal to say no to a former vice president that surrounded by secret service, guys with walking guys yeah, it's the kids or maybe you should, by a pocket videogame system with all the extra money you was Sucker Joe. Why years of order really supposed to be the angry, and I feel like yours, dealings of my angry under I draw. We are withdrawing localities events ass, a man from my one bedroom run a droll apartment, because these motherfuckers all my hopes on the little pocket. When I hear assholes getting caught in these catholic churches that would starve fuck upon me paternal sorry, I haven't done yoga. Judaism is still doing us to go you yoga right now for me, will you first look? That's nice hold it for ten render. It looks like you when you started that you're getting ready to be used by the pace of life to be well. I asked for permission so I'm starting to dry. So Jo Leinen, gaily regimes such as you mentioned, there is a point, your life. We say that a state whose writing you speeches, Louis singing, I always ask. I always ask worried that we see nobody forget those rights already
can't you see all dissoluble jury over the residual show is now just me. Lucy, hey diversion Rights way here is ready to stay. Here is always blame someone, Joe Biden, fundraiser You have you didn't write Joe Biden speeches on which your line going. I'm sorry! If any of you looked up to me, I'm sorry about that. so do I
Ashley, here's the ceaseless play most progressive recommended voting, so he said he had the most progressive record of any party running or would run our first of all. I am going to fuck and angry here. That's like this from that's what an empty super tool him I've gotta get angry out too for real display. Unfortunately, for Joe Biden, MR morality, MR the antitrust, video just surface from him from two thousand and six when he was raising money to run in two thousand.
and we want to hear some of it. So I showed you before it was Bill Clinton who started demonizing Mexicans and immigrants, and I showed you, those beauty and Hillary Clinton ragging. I voted for a wall. We voted for some place. It was offence, but something so we showed you will hear your widen and what's, let's watch so he's talking about Mexico it's one of the wealthiest countries. you just said because of the corrupt system in Mexico egos. There's the one presents a very small middle class.
How do I argued America, Joe one percent, a very small class, the wretched? That's how I got your miracle, but he saying Mexico is correct, wrought Mexico's for crop in the United States. Somehow, Mexico, as you know, I would assume that politicians speaking to different style and talking to donors would have guessed style solidity like it's. Only different person This gives more this it's way worse. Has anyone seen as shown by the way just came up here. We go. I voted for this for seven hundred mile. He spoke and screaming it at the top of about
We need to stop the racist who wants to build walls or less rates. Guy wants to build a better. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your widens private position. you said that it was late night. He said we can build boring miles. I wasn't gonna work unless you change this system in Mexico, why a warrior or
Why I can t say you re just for my benefit pretend this is like a sales dimension that you just walked in and clashed, and people like me and my dad's dreaming about the kind of breakfast excited all nobody. Why Harry? so he just brag about I'm. The guy set up the law that created the drug czar. as he did actually ranks regressive
he's excited about nobody says there he was. Let me tell you something else: they drive across the border with tonnes tons of what you hear. why there's another guy says the exact same thing and his name is down from and that's why you want to build a border wall, seven language for Joe Biden, who's. The exact same thing is: I was wrong. Chrome is this. This is to be the one about. The figures will be more than this,
so now the job, but I can't hear anyone Parkinson like people, I'm sorry said something about putting more proud people in jail or something
He says we got a level when these hopes are that's thing. Is that I'm in truth, teller? You know, I don't want to hear it Mexicans bringing drugs across the border. We need to build a wall He said, don't tell me, Mexico they'll tell me the same treatment and we give other democracies.
That's what he did for falling asleep. It's like some guys. I I saved you like White was just all you could dream wedding in the next room over long live and say: Jos never had one of his children birthday once body. Is the waiter just ask them? How do you like the general ones anyway? So what? What do you mean by corrupt system in Mexico, love, rugs and come into our country? You mean it's corrupt, because it can't be over price and sold for youth profit. That means gave you Jose rearing and our national Drug Mexico is corrupt votes. Have you ever noticed how little lockable, Egypt, that sport and I didn't know that bellhops were forced to wear body cams with the cops don't have to use their we're?
in Jo Leinen, Joe speech he gave here, he plagiarized so it's there is the guy's bbn undaunted from Sunday. Exactly like from just what fourteen years ago, so just before trust, so he was driving the palm of her trunk. The whole time, just like Hillary Clinton, just like Bill Clinton and just like Iraq, Obama, depriving the comfort from all the time, and now that we have probably like all you gotta go Russ because will fix everything. That's What are you know Jimmy? I just really think that the best course. our country would be? No? Why ran as a Republican against Donald Party? Here you want to read it out from what is a report on the primary
Anyone who would be in the game is written in such so Bernie actually responded to this here use wrestle with things in the same way. I started to solve all right, don't say fuck
but also of diplomatic sort of you know what gets to the point. Insulting would say. So let us see how I glossed over this voice friend. What did I fuckin say? Frame
Here we go again after permanent regulations. Trade agreements with China, Joe Deregulation, against, look at this question. We really want is not sure if you lose. First of all, there was sitting human beings, but I purposely placing myself nowadays we're bergs might win on. We saw a lot of pops public squares visions and what worked for me very well loose funds will reinvigorate the bird situation. You never want to cede, gives equal industries. Oh, who knows what friend
anyway. You guys a I'm friends with them like the same way, you friends with your boss fails hey, you know We no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show is unique the previous member. We give you a couple of hours premium bonus content every week. and it's a great way to help support the show you could do it by going to gimme your company that cop clicking on joint premium and supported audible previous programme and the business, and it's a great way to help put your thumb back in the eye. The bastards thanks everybody who was already a premium member and if you have it you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content. Thanks for your support hey. This is Jimmy, whose is it Joe Biden wow
How are you I'm fine? Mr vice president, thanks for asking call me Joe, I want everybody to oil, gas and wrong the whole were great Joe thanks for asking. Also you dont know them or how you hide, but what can I do for you, Joe Joe you work I've been trying to reach our guys like you far less rich guy, a try toy. You back ended a centre, I'm trying to form a coalition here, because I'm telling you weaken paid this guy, Donald Trump, this I said it rather is a cloud. I'm not afraid I won't back down, but I can't do it without you.
I appreciate you reach out job. We're. Never gonna support! You on the whole, we know area check. No, ok. Why Why? Because you publicly giggled about cutting social security, because you vow voted for the Iraq war. Libya, because you better of every horrible thing. That's been wrong with this country for the last thirty years. Maybe that's why. Why would you like? I haven't? You know my surround, though I do not there is no more time to mess around. We don't have time for reaching across the aisle crap anymore, Joe. Jimmy on all reach across the kind of guy from the war Yeah. That's is another wave saying you don't have any principles right I mean do you I'm involving on the issue of LA ok.
Jimmy. I appreciate your candor, but I never quit. I'm not gonna go upon you pal? Well, you probably should Joe So why liking for twenty twenty all we had to show like tells you gabert What is it explicit, clear, no war, Stanza isn't a little too principle for your job everytime. I fear I wonder, what that smells like brother, I'm guessing O Connor lavender jasmine, our eye Joe? fresh goodbye? I you cut him off caught his mind, so just as Democrats tweeted this out John easy.
Joe Biden is out of touch with the centre of energy. The democratic party today. That's it mild criticism I always did and so were then they silver they silver genius, a desisted decision who face? Where did hard and forty sixty silver says it's probably worth noting that, while this group justice Democrats calls bite and out of touch with the centre of energy in the Democratic Party, only twenty six of these seven, candidates it endorse last year, one primaries an only son one of those when, under which you mean an organisation that was invented in twenty sixteen by a company. You took JAG off what'd I bribery possible. They dashed off the boat retreat democratic. Now you want or carrier for the establishment. What up in
It's is also worth noting that at every step need silver did everything he could to stop all of those candidates. That's exactly right above your legs. Ears went by calculating founded the justice demographic I like him. He says we also. I know we're gonna like as easy. You shouldn't bunch nazis. I don't think that's a diversification week also say here stepping on my bed. So he said we also took zero corporate body. A guy's, zero press coverage of women full give us equal coverage. The corporate is an equal
and you can watch what happens. Our politicians are the most followed on social media, the most liked, and it's all in one election cycle, your biases sounded out a picture of the yoke. Nobody comes to her funnier than they. Not even call me he's doing some kind of circus ACT with his hair drop as bad air made silver has. Obviously doesn't have a mirror or a shame mechanism in his brain? You have a picture of him. I went ahead and I forgot to put it has his hair. He looks if it's come forward and its also all being- and it looks like one of those of a war generals- the Likud pulled out because he was we lost. The big battle will, if you want to know we're, always analysis comes from where his heart and soul is. His words from
what these owned by a b c, which is also by while disease line the pockets of big cap, was getting back, maybe he's their fuckin mouthpiece and he's doing their work. There you go at all, it is just bought marks. twentieth century, my guess, yeah, gets really come down to just two companies, Amazon and dismay. When I made my point, Now that we have a very intelligent audio? Yes, we do nicely for various. Have they remind you with an oligarchy? You still have choice You can read about the fact that it is only two or three Where is it not a dictator here I liked what might reveals that about Joe Biden. He said Joe Biden is the candidate for people who have such a low opinion of the american people that the only
and they take over not ordinary moron is slightly older. Slightly nicer authoritarian revert to be in the debates furthering this into a rose. He actually asked. He goes. It goes from what I've heard is actually pretty nice in person doesn't mean you wouldn't murderers, land or anyone is provisionally nice do in order to get its like aids. This guy's. You remember what it was in the debates with Hilary. Yes at the maid, but if you go back and watch he'll say something astoundingly, just on point and Hilary Obama giggle they got. They laugh at him, yes, only person telling saying the truth and there are literally laughing at him while he does yet, while here's the guy who's. He's going to show how much character he has. This is when you saw him.
Taking care of me fine as well. It is fortunate thing is, I didn't have many larger contributors nearly reason see. I went to the big guys for the money. I was ready to prostitute myself, in which I talk about it. other there's a guy make America moral again. You know, there's gotta be a great commercial enterprise. Do you think this guy has a shot and hell becoming any thing? Are you crazy? What watch? What how shitty foxes this is box? They haven't. They have a video out explaining whose lead in whose not watched watched her metrics. Are you ready, first of all, the good guess what they leave up under a week since They leave out tossing ever who the fuck do they have? Who the fuck are. These people It was like see between uncle- I don't like
Right Williams, Uncle Conway over the long running. They got a bunch of people I never heard of, but not closely Jimmy S, Flag Williams, uncle of lower left. Isn't that the guy Windsor, the stone age a quarter, liquor sinister Isla De L. A lot of these guys. Look, I just the same like their named the same guy? boy areas, be Buddha jacket to judge right right out of the west. So here's the video. I don't know what that guy is. I have no idea either. It's. Why were was typical, Throng all right away, or does it governs running ahead of Christian Gilbert
really arise. We see is a major created, a huge sixty thousand writing we as a debate and ask what though they changed So why was this horrible video he's running for President Joe Why, then, is already the political establishments leading candidate? Our twin? Twenty democratic endorsement tracker now shows by it and in the lead, with seventy, far away with seventy five tracker award voice, which have the currency value will just below a chubby Jesus do they have decided is most likely the bizarre view I can't even get like two percent of what do you see what they're, using as a metrics, you see what their usual Corey Booker in second in Command, Harris and close? Third, words point space on who the endorsement is coming from within the party.
Yeah yeah you're since from former presidents and vice presidents are worth ten points. Governors senators, six cable about endorsement from former party cheers would hinder retiring shame. Is that worth negative point? Ok, we first launched the tracker on the last day in February, by an hardly had any endorsements only from Governor Andrew Cuomo of Network Diane, fine Senator Thomas carp all about it, since everybody loves, but then, by the eve of his official announcement, he picked up endorsements from Democrats likes. even Lynch. U S representative from Massachusetts and Matt Cartwright from Pennsylvania. One
or Sir former Dnc chair at Randal, even switches endorsement from Amy Closure to buy them must have thrown casserole political move, commonly known as the corporatist swap. Ok, Joe Gus approach when he second, after Biden announced he was running for president on April, twenty fifth, his endorsement shot up to seventy five points, catapulted him into the lead you ten endorsements that so many members super delegates was going to have to reallocate sledges saying the same thing so they're still gonna do this, even though, they cover. The super darling international spring was therefore could just do it. Isn't that amazing, it's almost like their rigging. The Poles
how can people at box or full azure and a part of the bargain is there was red boy? A whole came out today. A ppp used daily caused one anyway, Hillary Clinton Info, play swiss cheese ahead of everybody else, exemplary a battle Bernie and by terrorism forth. Because everyone is completely safe. I mean the funniest possible outcome would be that would be would be a I mean, that's like them. It showed that got. God would not be that nice I will not be there. Ok, the governor of Delaware Alabama said,
better, her dog Jones Pennsylvania, Senator robbers he's he's alive, my visitors yeah Thirdly, the pedophile he's a good there's, a good choice to immediately stabbed the black people in the back there boy for really do that that couldn't have got an evil Herbert right, Jack. The ripper has endorsement from all over the country, which is a rarity thus far. Joe Biden points. I come from a cost that country which the rarity so far you I can't think of another time when all the party insiders decided to go for one candidate. I bet it wasn't time that happen about averred outlined So how many points do they have to have to get a magazine?
There is every time they didn't do they data for a guy named Gore the data for gaining carry yeah. They did not do for gonna broadband for someone Hillary Clinton, so you can see that their record is fucking us but what they needed in two thousand aid was they needed? Someone who sounded like an outsider, who wasn't and that's why they went with Barack Obama, which is why he was allowed to become president, were first. They didn't the maid servants which, because they figured out TAT, he was on board with you. Ok Let's compare the top five candidates and our tracker right now, Elizabeth WAR, has twenty three points, all of which come from her home state of Massachusetts, Clovis
are currently has thirty nine points and Oliver voice Apron frightened entered zig, sheltered from flying office of life. That's the music on this is, I think, what happens when you're being abducted, and another that Shitty box video tat, the real they got that voice over voice did say, yeah, here's how we awarded the numbers. You just want to believe it because it sounds soft. Yet these mother Fucker sat down and like how can we come up with an idea that makes it seem like Bernie cannot when ever and they came up with the craziest point system that makes no fucking sets it. I think it makes perfect sense. It's like a distressed has given
by the church Scientology? I wait great job vice go Avenant Zog and a good shaken up as legal issues. At its understand people going to jerk like I want to go into comedy because I like stick my fuckin fuckin, I have established, ran and regular society and liked to be throw spit box when you go into journalism is supposed to be doing the same thing. These guys go, and I hope I can do a fuckin video. The problem of the establishment can't wait till I does everything I write is bullshitting and gas lighting the people who turned to me for information. That's what box that I mean that's what most journalism is in the United States, because they all work for the same, six companies and that people know what is still a lot of good journalism being done it. Yet I can if, if some of those people who are in the middle of doing their good journalism, would stop for five seconds
oh hey. By the way everything we're doing is fuckin bullshit, and then they could go back to the regular life, but they don't they never go here by the way. This is all pollution than his way with Syria. Libya erect everything the way the banks are set up over the good bye go back to covering soccer now, but I just want to let everybody. No, then everything is fucked up they had. You appreciate its efficiency. There is such beauty, yes, and at all. Coming from one source with no moving parts like the singularity, it is its own. Spiritual caused. First caught, I get a full disclosure. I'm embarrassed of my vote record? I don't love anybody else's Miller's members, wherever they can
ass. All look at somebody like all of a sudden. You know what went by and bye like designed around like on Wednesday right after everybody was like. Oh my god, you touching and stepping too many people decided announce it right, but how crazy is it really? How crazy is it that policy is? all over the right of media, the White Mercy NEWS Pro peace right. What don't wanna Tabot you're right! If anybody wins who is anti war, they will be killed. Will they kill? Ok, you know what I see here will be running guards. I see a room full of people frowning because they don't have a war portfolio,
Me I'm gonna have to work at delight. I will you should have planned ahead. You you should have put some money and cluster bombs Oh, my god, I made a killing and I then made another killing eight years later, when a little kid tried to pick it up on a beach, efficiency? Jerk reaches with all? So I just want to show you this real quick. This is Rachel battle. She's great, This is so after her whole conspiracy, theory was proven to be a hoax. She still, apology they just move the goalposts and watch what she's doing, but the beauty of watches doing here is she's talking about
How bar was doing the reductions of the Mulder report by himself, but he wasn't doing them by himself. Why would You think that, well, I don't know why you would think that because, because she just under the regular misinformed your audience but the crawled, they have a little Kyra crawl underneath her and it betrays her cause. Watches you. This is a thing that mothers team does in its sleep, so underneath it says bars. Special council is assisting with reduction, so the special council, meaning Mahler, is assisting bar with the reductions but listen to what she says It is hard to believe that they leave the newly appointed sixty eight year old, attorney general, William BAR to himself personally pick further report to try to figure out across as he's not doing. That is not doing it by himself eat. Your producer knows you're full of shit.
use those you're full of shit, isn't that something I've had this conversation with enmity about eagles others, good people who work for Rachel's and I feel bad for them like fuck them. They know what they're doing they would be. They would be doing a better service of the country if they want to abolish, got drunk every goddamn. That, instead of thought in doing this, which is gas lining America and hurting our country goes, is the first time this has happened during this. Is it not there's been icing tour or through other instances where they do a crawl. That completely counters. When she sang is another version. and watch how it changes. What's think they realise is that they really quickly. How weird is it then? She said that that he's sixty eight years old getting what that, sixty eight year old what sixty eight An atheist is all this her body Roger he was a body Eddie was or body here we go. What's so? What so what'd changes, mentions in this one hundred page report might pertained to open cases
They wouldn't leave that to bar to do that. Mother would have done that. Not received one I've done, that is part of producing acted to see their nature than they changed it and to change. The two attorney general bar sends new letter about the Lula reports Congress are they change their work? I worked were contradicting urging that somebody somebody up topside near them, so that really happens. So I just want to show you that that, That's her own producer contradicting her in real fucking time and she's a number one hosting cables this. Who wears balls eyelashes? I did that import, but this is from ten years ago. This is our Dylan Rat, again Jane you learning Glenn Greenwell ten years ago, almost a decade ago. And they were lamenting after the twenty ten election about voting Democrats, just because the Democrats
and Morocco Bombing disappointed already revealed himself to be in bed with big farmer health insurance companies in the banks, so they didn't bring up the bags and it gave us Mitt Romney, says: yeah so listen to what they have to see our brand. How much longer can It be taken. How much longer can people that agenda, like the sort of things that you advocate for Jane you advocate for Glenn, continue to look to this political structure? To do it in this president and this party to do a giant at the end of an election? I said: that's it! I'm done end of this ok. Now I was never really one of the guys who support the White House with things worldwide has finally got a lotta need for that re member, because I challenge the government debts and I think it's part of the job of the media. I know Glenda is as well but after the elections, even if you are on that site, really
because what they told us, what was a genius you? I couldn't possibly understand these three dimensional tress, what part three dimensional cresty, where your Green, United Europe richer and the House of Representatives. Now they were wrong. We were like it's time to play where's the leverage plan, well, that's the issue is there there hasn't been any average, because you can complain and an object, all sorts of things, but if the end the day, politicians know that their vote you're going to give them your undying and unconditional support, because the other side is just mildly worse. What you're doing is your ensuring that you will be ignored a dandy using me wrong. We were right, it's time to find and was, It will not work. still. While here we go, was this. This is Bernie Sanders. Now you know what I do my job was. I wanna get very on my show, so I can ask him: hey Bernie when they see you
Are you going? You gonna tell people about for Joe Biden, forcing of course out despite its ok one hears what he said. he was given a speech in Texas last week, where we could He said aura here April: twenty fifth, that's what MRS Brown he said, but this I am confident now at the end of the democratic primary, whether I win with joy, winds or whether anybody else wins, we are going to see. Democrats come together to defeat the both dangerous resident in the modern history of this country. So what one would marry centres is saying, is if they see me again, you got my support for the problem, that you that that party I resisted journey for forty years. I pretty southern. Getting it right! That's bullshit here is While we wouldn't you very well, he showed me now. This guy is very smart and he's top strategies for the region
as Democrats at every time. You tweet something it's really good I usually retweeted, except provision He said I that's. Why follow him because I did on violence?
but he says I'm no van abide in this primary feel progressives won't be holding back the criticism, but it Joe Biden ends up becoming the demographic nominee I'll be supporting involving bore him over down from a heart, be no West gin, and that's true, almost everyone I know. Well guess I'm not gonna be moving when here's, what I say just putting the establishment unnoticed- and I will never. Both reports is warmonger, whose those programmes on a point of contact executive wearing your support, the cause of doubt rob, is horrible strategy and another reason why we got down from so while he says no Western Oprah Joe Biden Inexorable must everyone I know. Well now you know me: well, we and you know rule rest is working to plug in both for Joe Biden right, isn't. Four hundred and fifty people in the middle of feelings there so now read state were saying we're not gonna. Do that and you know like if you're going to say something like this wily. Maybe you say this November fin
instead of two years ahead of the fucking elections, maybe by November fifth to go ahead, I'm going to get drunk and go vote for Joe Biden. Maybe that's what do you get out of saying that two years ahead of time? We haven't even had the primary and they're saying that she is not believable you're, saying: hey, Dnc, hey super delegates, don't worry so might well says. Democrats nominate Joe Biden
we may win and we'll have were years of we back was democratic leadership and that in four years will be defeated by a republican party even more openly white nationalist. If you nominated lava rig up you'll get worse from free, does people regresses? I dont know personally in the offing that, while energy ease and by working counterpart, bullshit
here's what Carl nightmare says dear, while ensuring he'd do you feel satisfied that this address find that the Democratic Party, appropriately shared power with progressive soldier was an anti imperialist, anti racist and black lives matter left after the twenty. Sixteen primary always wielding the Democratic Party make things better in the real world. Progressive and anti war activist way nice with the Democratic Party, this waiver two thousand and two to two thousand three to two thousand me. What did
the name's worm activist for that way, nice. Well, we got the Iraq war ended on the post, I'm why we got the United States. Still in Afghanistan, we got the informal correct. We got Libya, we got. Honduras began in Egypt who now almost Venezuela to that's what you gave for doing the shit that walling she's doing right. Now you get more credit Smith. Is it's not like? I ever aspiring to be radical, but if you have kids and granted and you're paying attention than you have to realise that we don't have time for gradual change. My compromise, we compromise our way into an extensive, dismantle crisis when it is time for the sitting, so their swords, the guy. Will you join me? Why do you not to speak negatively anywhere? We don't know who the novelty will be, what they need to be a strong man be going into the election. It gets from George Deny set Europe Baisers Tamil toes
Spock called and said that is highly illogical. He was always spires of the crew. was I now I'm gonna play this here is Glenn Greenwald he's going to explain to you why strategy. where's, the kind while I e g the genuine. Why? What is wrong? this- is why the wrong- and here it is but anyway, merge be believe me and by the way is ten years ago. Reckless a decade ago, Glenn meanwhile, was saying that somebody leverage, because you can complain and an object, all sorts of things, but at the end of the day, politicians know that their you're going to give them your undying an unconditional support, because the other side is just mildly worse. What you're doing is ensuring that you'll be ignored, but I think there. It is you flex your boat to a politician, you're ensuring you're going to be ignored. Why do they have to go? Be nice to you? You are there you're both just what I told
people bought. Hillary Clinton. Don't pledge your vote for her, make your computer or progressive she s a baby, pink progressive as a vice president, but everybody I do like fucking I stopped from which is exactly Hillary Clinton Plan, and so she went to the right cheaply, and here we are Pompidou in Davos, Z, gay and everybody thing. Everybody saying that I'm fucking crazy, No, this is what they were saying a decade ago. They were saying this a fucking decade ago and we're still doing the same stance. While least you need to stop doing. This is fucking bullshit that propped up the status quo. That's what I'm asking mutations, my good man forward is myself. Swift, all armed, bright, eyed, Chuckie, Alias shoemakers, born
Europeans on capital, L, hive graduate bravest handsome ass. The greatest warrior of the grand army of the resistance, mortal Abraham gang of them. dance and a fair Selma maker of muffins and sex in Gaza once removed Amy Humor, all kind of steel but I don't want to get into that right now, our rights- and it is: U Marilla, you, please Master of the Senate Senator Humor Master of the Senate. Senators humor, Donald Trump Paul numbers are now higher than they have ever been. Are democrats going to beat him and twenty twenty hey! You know, there's a lot more to that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You got to become a premium member go to Jimmy Dore He died. Cobb sign up.
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