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May 9, 2019 - Embassy Under Siege!

2019-05-09 | 🔗

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Inside Venezuela embassy under siege in Washington DC!

Joe Biden asks permission from children to touch them!

Rachel Maddow sides with War Criminals!

with Stef Zamorano, Ron Placone, James Adomian, Paul Gilmartin, Dave Anthony, Mike MaCrae, and journalist Anya Parampil!

Phone calls from George Clooney, Barrack Obama, Liam Neeson, and Jake Tapper!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jew Medora, show or group of animals on the phone. I hope he doesn't ask anyone board job skills on Linkedin. A job skills. On election day you have Linked in page after to think about it, the work annexed to embrace the joyous task. We ve been given to contain really try to improve this gradation of hours? That's what about my profile? Pretty gonna yeah, I don't think I can Barack all, I adore thing you're. Getting up all the Mai should still now you got endorse my first like you that no longer settled for the lowest common denominator skills, among do it when our doors border skills, were part of an important network, know you're out I just
you're a powder x, ray diffraction skills will make them, but I don't know First thing about powder x, Ray differentiate, Jpg no about, firstly, Gabriel. I was here that I just endorse your getting real skills like them now domain? Let me let me the gun. This does Joe Biden ever linked in page to Brok. I carry just open. people write letters to each other What is creating a half the work environment, skills on like this ass, a bad man? Are you endorse his candidacy. I'm waiting long endorsement. For now. Jimmy I'm waiting, somebody wars turns up. He was your sidekick for eight years. Don't you want Jimmy when denomination any will I'll get on board. Central to express to nowhere does. Nowhere is aware of that, but what's his platform this there,
The clear difference between the two parties republicans want to take us to a bad place. While democrats want to keep you in a bad place, though, about securing working security security of knowing you're a familiar bad place as opposed to what new bad place. You're. Not I will. What about Anita Hill it is all about what about them. Jemmy button the phrase: what about ISM all about ignoring the past the only thing worse than what about them is, but isn't it is banned. Girls were, however them, and but you know what people your folks say it's time to move on from any the hill kerfuffle. There were good thoughts on who said that measures by Jude, tired of hearing about better data woman? She added fifteen minutes of fame. Its Jos turn now only fair
but wouldn't nominating Biden implied consent for all the ugly precedents you and the Clinton's set for Donald Trump. Go again with you, but what does want drone bombing civilians and starting five new wars or Germany. That's kinetic military action. You don't like what you are and I didn't love you endorse my
genetic action still looked at the kinetic energy heavy door, then maybe tearing down our nation to say what he was with this week's Jimmy door. Sure we will see you like this Sunday may Twelfth Debbie Arizona at the improper alive Jimmy doors. You will be Austin Texas May eighty, the nineteenth and Hermosa beat you fifth go to Jimmy Dork,
how dot com for a link for all tickets. Now, let's get to the jokes before we get it a joke, shall we exist The latest Gallup poll shows that Donald Trump favourably ratings are now at forty six percent. That's the highest of his presence see. You know by the time the Democrats, finnish investigating obstruction Donald trouble when the people's choice so what can be serving his third term hey remember four years ago, when Joe Biden attended the unveiling of Dick Cheney's Boston, On Capitol Hill and said quote, I actually like Dick Cheney. I get on with him. I think he's a decent man. Remember that what can I just Please somebody somebody! Please accuse me being appearest and now number twenty three. In a long list of ways, Democrats repeatedly opened the doors for Donald Trump number. Twenty three kinetic military action in twenty eleven, the Obama administration lied to Congress and to the public by
Saying bombing, Libya is not really war, but it was a quote kinetic military action. End quote: in the nineteen fifty we had the forgotten korean kinetic military action and in the eight hundred BC, homer road is framers bomb, the Iliad about the Trojan kinetic military action. So next time you had Arlington National Cemetery. Please pay tribute to all our kinetic military action. Heroes who died in the netteke military action against kinetic military action until he hated you hear this Week, NASA simulated destroying New York City, with a giant asteroid. Did you know and you know what they're, with their findings were rents increased. Donald Trump Sex lawyer, Michael Collins, has he once helped Jerry Farwell Junior by suppressing the release of embarrassing and damaging videos of him being an actual christian
did you know rumour has it that Howard Schulz, the CEO of Starbucks Maybe abandoning his presidential campaign. I've gotta double transit, Carmel Self Awareness for Howard, double dreamt of cargo self awareness for Howard, hey, what's come, upon today show after Russia. Rachel Matter. I was now siding with bonafide war criminals, in her case this started another war, no getting plus Joe Biden the despair the Joe Biden today. He admits he likes it. Jane. He wants to make Erica moral again and asks kids for permission to touch them. Once we talk with reporter inside the Venezuelan NBC in D C, that is currently under siege by Roy right wing, maniacs and there being aided by the secret Service see, I ate Joe by defence millionaires and billionaires, and the Clinton's give horrible advice from twenty twenty plus phone calls
They from Barack Obama, George Clooney Liam Neeson and Jake Tapir, plus a lot lot more. That's today, Jimmy Georgia, I want to do today show to cover Venezuela what's happening in the embassy in Washington see now just to get you caught up to speed, what's happening event as well as Venezuela has twice the amount of oil that Saudi Arabia has, and so Donald Trump John Bolton Anne Elliot Abrams, the war criminals. They are wanna, get their hands. On that oil, so their manufacturing a crisis in Venice Le by putting sanctions on their economy, that the? U unwrap and on Venezuela, has called a crime against humanity, and in fact forty thousand people have been killed because of these sanctions that gets no press in the United States and if you watch the United States what's happening in our press exactly what and in the run up to the Iraq war, exactly what happened in the run up to the
libyan war. What's happening. Is that the press is going along with the military industrial, complex and the government in their being lapdog power, for instance, they tried to do a coup. We covered one guy, don't try to do a coup. They trick some soldier, in joining them, but they still soldiers quickly real I said they were being tricked and they went back and they abandoned Guido, and so here's Bloomberg NEWS. There is no coup in Venezuela. The uprising, Iraq is as an attempt to restore the government's legitimacy not overthrow it. That's not true. This is a coup. By Elliot Abrams, John Bolton and Trump, and the Democrats are bed with them just like they were with George Bush and Dick Cheney in a rack. Ok is exactly what's goin on and here is don't call it a coup system would watched imposed. Then we will have a right to replace an oppressive toxic regime. Nobody is on the side of the people who wants to do a coup in Venezuela. You know the sight of them Elite- Abrams, John Bolton-
Donald Trump and the capitalists want to steal their oil. So just to get going, you have to get. Here's run UK like she treated this out the story out. We spoke to Michael, a mark lies brought an unauthorized ideas about his report, showing you S. Sanctions on Venezuela killed forty thousand, Venezuelans in a single year. Now this gentleman are those vecchio? He is there trying terse putting a siege the venezuelan embassy in DC now Maduro was the elected president of Venezuela. There was an election madeira, one that election, the opposition Didn't partaken that election and now they want to throw him out of office. We have to participate in the election if you want to get get hold of an office so this guy Carl's Vecchio he's in bed with the CIA and Trump Bowl, Anne Elliot Abrams and one Guido, so he's try and to say that he's the the ambassador for. Venezuela they're trying to take over the venezuelan Embassy in
so you're, really briefly, what's goin on I'll show you hear some video of it. So there's there's pro oh they're CIA, backed oil company these military industrial car back then is Wayland protesters right, so there there at the embassy. Now there are the people. Tackling the embassy so Code Hank as their right, there's Medea, Benjamin, so they're pretty acting the m literally they're, trying to break into the embassy, the CIA. a backed pro venezuelan coup people their lives. We're trying to seize the embassy, and so lots of people have gone. to the embassy to occupy it. So they can't do that and so right now bring on we're gonna bring on someone on your prayer, impel she's, actually inside the van Miss Wayland Embassy, she is previously hosted a daily progressive afternoon. New show called in question Our geometric she's been covering, what's been happening in Venezuela she's actually in the Venice, wailing embassy right now as we speak so she's heritage.
Phyllis interweave on ya, think you for being here, it's my pleasure Jimmy. Thank you so much for inviting me. So we ve sure some of you reporting from inside Venezuela, where you showed the problem, a rallies. That means The news in the United States will not show, and now you're inside the Venezuelan NBC, so tell us what's going with this guy Vecchio and what's happening there. The rate down you just provided, is quite accurate. Jimmy essentially what's happened since the Washington administration? Here the term administration you're in Washington began this coup. In January this attempted coup. There's been been a slow progression, a hearing in this in Washington and New York, where shadow regime officials have seized.
territory belonging to the democratically elected government, the material government in Venezuela. They seized a military attack, eggs in Washington DC. They seized a consulate building in New York because no one was in there and it just because all that as well as diplomatic sap has been forced to leave, and so these opposition so called diplomats walked into these buildings, took control of them and so the last Friday in this battle, this diplomatic war that is being waged against any way. What is the main diplomatic mission, the venezuelan Embassy in Georgetown and was Washington DC, and so a group of activists, including popular resistance? I'm sure you guys know Margaret, flower is incoming disease as well as could pink and the answer coalitions have it. strategizing in order to protect this building, and they will
Boris I came inside and the invitation the invitation of the Madrid government came inside starting April ten and have been sitting inside of this building since that day in order to make sure opposition activists an opposition representatives can't take control the building, and I should note the seizures that has happened so far occurred in complete violation of international law. According to the Vienna diplomatic conventions which established the norms of diplomatic relations, diplomatic properties are inviolable, meaning d, it officials and officers from a host state. In this case, the United States cannot enter unless they are invited by the government and once more,
it is the responsibility of the United States. According to the article, twenty two of the Vienna diplomatic conventions to Prince had the integrity of these buildings to make sure they aren't damaged and to ensure the rival government can maintain. Controls in the United States has violated international law already, and these embassy protectors the embassy protect Djinn collective, as there are calls, are saying, they're here to preserve diplomatic Lothar, simply as standing up for international law and again there be invited guests of the legal owners of this building, the venezuelan government, Carlos Vecchio than individual. You spoke of why those shadow covered figure who probably answers to trump more than he does to anyone in Caracas, wouldn't even have authority to issue visas out of this building their administration, as as they call it, doesn't even have
a foreign minister. They don't have any control or authority domestically back in Venezuela, though. It's completely outrageous to think that they want to see this building, I like to say that what they want to do is come in here and clay government. The way I used to play house at a little ass, a little girl like you, I stand on a little toy avenant. Think I'm an adult, that's what they want to do. They want to sit in the diplomats chair, they want to sit in the embassy and pretend like their government, even though they have no authority so that a big part of the story you mentioned, but it's that the United States government, the secret service, is and is not present. I think the Venezuelan NBC, I in fact they ve been assisting. The racist protesters correct, thou people don't realize that there's a there's, a big theirs, what a racism involved in Venezuela and involved in this coup we had Gregg Palestine. This oh, whose venerated some. And Ward winning supporter reporter, who explained the situation.
John there's: lots of racism in Venezuela. There's the white upper class NEO, liberal class, the capitalists and the corporatist who wanna overthrow this socialist government that's been taken care of its people and they want to overthrow them and ass but most of the people don't want that. Overthrow. They they them at Denmark, demography, one on election and they don't. The United States to interfere in most of those people are dark brown and black people and ass people don't realize that's happening in Venezuela in the same people who are coming to to the Venice Wayland NBC too, in support of the coup. Are also revealing their race. his hands right. they absolutely aren't you may you mirrors, won't be surprised to know that dude you colonialism and imperialism legacy in Venezuela. You can't separate politics and Clare from class and raise so you? You definitely do have a ruling
formerly ruling class. They lost controlling ninety eight when China is one democratic elections in and began this revolutionary process in Venezuela, but there is a ruling class that would like to take control of power again and they happen to be wider, more european, looking individuals and those of the people that are currently right outside the window, chanting and as inside, and they have been completely. It was in their behaviour. They called the black members at the Embassy Protection Collective then were while we're outside. They were salted women, they assaulted, sexually, assaulted, aerial, bolder, could pink and then the secret service threatened to arrest her, in fact Jimmy they insulted me and there's been you of it when Carlos Vecchio attempted to address the crowd here, I tried to ask him a question because of the Grey Zone project where, where I work currently, as a rapporteur, my colleague MAX Luman Ball reported on a meeting that took place in Washington DC at these sender.
Chicken International studies, which is ass, banking, oil understands industries financed, think tanks, and they actually had a meeting title assessing military options for Venezuela and members of Carlos Back diplomatic staff. attended. A meeting I mean very strange for diplomats claiming to represent a people to go is the capital of a foreign countries and plan the invasion of their homeland. Is a bit outrages. So I tried to ask him in and say why, where your staff members at this meeting in a minute I was in his face, he shook my hand the crowd of people gathered outside multiple people grab me. They threw me away from him. They through water, on my face and then putting secret service, punish they punish me. They major. I went across the street and couldn't get in their bases and ask questions anymore, so the secret service had my
my fellow rapporteur, whose anyway, I urge everyone to follow, Alex Rubinstein, is going to file report shortly. Admit, press news about have a secret service have moved on from merely a bearing the protesters outside and have become a second sign in the attack line against the people who are protecting this embassy. The secret service has told people who work inside that their protecting the people on the sidewalk now the people inside and prevented food from being delivered inside the embassy. They ve actually prevented the delivery of supplies from So am I right
because there are centrally using this data carbon strategies, which there you employed against the venezuelan people, which is to keep it under an economic blockade and sees you mentioned. Forty thousand Venezuelans have died according to this new record duty. U S ancient there now turning that strategy against? U S, citizens in Venezuela Embassy they want. You start these people out, thinking that if they dont let food inside the people, you are going to give up and let Carlsberg large in here and playing government. But I can tell you speaking the people inside this embassy that unlikely to happen they have plan and a strategy to to
perhaps one more supplies, but also in the worst case scenario, people are prepared to go on hunger strike. These are people who are willing to put their bodies on the lines to preserve international laws, and all of your viewers should know that the secret service is enabling the starvation of? U S. Citizens inside this embassy, they partnered with right wing anti gay, anti black racist, bigoted protestors, who are stationed outside preventing people from coming and going, and I would urge your of yours to call the secret service at you old, shoe forests, dicks eight, eight zero, zero and ask them to a Bay international law and allow for them. delivery of supplies and food into this embassy, but also that they should be doing their job and protecting this embassy protecting the people inside and preserving its integrity, meaning preserving the legitimate government, the democratically elected government of Venezuela to continue? And so now
lot of people will say. This is the trumps secret service, and this is the Trump people I realise that the Democrats are also on board for this. This is Nancy Pelosi, Chuck, humor Joe Biden thereon part of this two's. Here's one races sky outside out this. What he says Alenia our Duarte. She works bird tell among our tell a sore and so she tweeted out this video of this guy yelling racist stuff at her and what he's yelling he starts. Yelling swear words in spanish and any as tell me your name because he calls us where were than is, tell me your name and then he says you take pig
just because I'm prettier than you I'm going to be so pretty and white tomorrow and you're going to remain envy and an elderly daughter, one day, you're going to pay for it, and many calls you another swear, word and fan, and so that this guy he's are the pro who the truck people. This is the pro Y know the people who want to have a coup in Venezuela. These are the p but there were white racists who want to take over the venezuelan embassy areas in Europe, is yelling. So what you just said tomorrow, I will be white and you will still be an ugly indian. So that's the kind of people that is where, of course, in Venezuela and those are the p Will the capitalists, the NEO liberals and the warmongering in bed with Elliot Abrams, John Wolden and Nancy Pelosi Chuck
Rumour- and this is what is happening in our own country, and here you are being greeted by those same types of people, so they so they find out you're a reporter who's been telling the truth about Venezuela, and They are not happy about it. Now what are they doing? telling me to get out when I, when I go away, get out and actually the secret service. I think that
is that one or more higher, ranging officers actually asked me to leave again new rights to be here and I'm going to keep filming Jimmy. These are the democratic. These are the Democrats in Venezuela. These are the people who are going to restore democracy to the country's people, who shot down a reporter just fulfilling them. I wasn't even talking to them and they ve been playing blow horns, blaring loud music to the ears of other reporters and individuals who come down and to cover the event or you just keep an eye on him.
You see how their behaving may not look very democratic to me at all men to respond to the point about Alina do aren't day. One of the very brave reporters has been stationed outside doing wonderful, worked for tell us, or she actually had heard door knob and her house fiddled when she woke up the day after that, video was recorded after somebody told her that she will pay a price for reporting and actually had damage done to the door how she had sat with her friends right now, because these people are violent any these are people Jimmy that people have to keep in mind. These individuals are connected with a group in Venezuela were burned, people alive, they lynch people worth our studies, die, and especially black individuals. In Caracas and around the country, so these peoples are a threat there very violent and
they don't hide it I mean about, can behave on camera. Imagine what they're like on camera and again the secret service has done nothing to protect the people on the inside or journalists. On the outside, I mean it's very, very disturbing that Alina has been targeted in this way and I don't hear any solidarity from the Washington press corps. Horsemen has so upset about Donald Trump attacks on the media and quietly time he denies them a question at a press conference laughing at him to make a statement in support of Billina. That's all theatre, the United States is the corporate journalists. Journalists are exactly what Chomsky says they are. There are lapdog, depend, our everyone at MSNBC and by the way, Rachel Matt. I was in favour of these people. That's how bad the corporate media has got in the United States Right you're, mad cow. The she is a beard for an evil corpse, racial and she's, not doing the bidding of the military industrial complex, it
this whale there's never been a war. She hasn't been on board for Aunt, Rachel man. I was revealing that that she was hired because she doesn't have the integrity necessary to tell the truth about our foreign invent, invent interventions, that's why she was chosen for that job I think he actually said we have to go to organs but wailings a counter, the Russian. Yes, that's what you said That is how that is how her brain is rotted, so much during Trump. It took trump to expose the rotten or break your cracking characterizing. U S! Policy towards Venezuela, Capitalist gang Bang went by partisan supporting Jimmy. I should mention the bad this policy. This coup policy, this regime change policy, did not start with the Trump administration and did not start with your bomb administration. It started the minute charges to power in ninety ninety eight, but I
It should be known by all of your view is that in two thousand and fifteen, when President Barack Obama was in office, he actually sire and an executive order, deeming venezuelan government and national security threats and that is what set the stage for this intensification of sanctions, which were eventually by the Trump administrations of this policy really began. And in an most Venezuelans I spoke to you. While I was there will tell you they don't see one party for them here It's better one way or another. They know they're going to be a target of the capitalist interests which washing represents as long as they maintain control of their natural resources and use it for the people of Venezuela rather than the corporate interests in Europe. States wish Joe Biden, Donald Trump and both parties. So what do you have approved now? You and Venezuela you're inside the venezuelan embassy. Do you have a prediction
he's gonna happen. I hear my quick prediction is that the you're gonna keep launching failed coups because the people of Venezuela are not going to go along with them, especially the military. What is your theory?
We with you, they they're, going there getting more and more desperate. I think John Bull and Elliot Ambrose have lied to President Trump and told him that this is going to be really easy, and so they don't have and be they don't have plans. You are seeing it every day. One wider tries to take over the presidential palace with seventy soldiers when you lie to that, fails shots what a shock there, and so what we are actually seeing is the emergence of an Israeli on the international stage venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge. I also was just in Moscow where we got reassurance from his counterpart, Sergei Labourer, that Russia will stand by then, as we learned, supported on the internet on the international stage in and make sure that these these continued blatant violations of international law can continue. They created a group at the, U N, to reassert the importance of the union's founding principles and its charter, territorial integrity, self determination and sovereignty. We ve never seen a coup carried out by the United States in this way we ve seen regime change wars, but we ve never seen them declare the president changed before the war was actually one, and so what this is done is created a dynamic in which the United States is failing in front of everyone's eyes and its created space for Venezuela, for Russia, for China and for other international partners to save this can't stand any more were sick and that we saw in Yugoslavia. We saw in Iraq's Libya, Syria. It cannot continue and
that is where I live. we'll have to focus on maintaining support. The government will have to refocus efforts on maintaining support domestically so that they can continue to win elections, or or they continue their process therein, and- and we should all support that we should support the venezuelan people determining their own futures and you as it is and should pressure their government calling or Congress. People too says, stop supporting sanctions and again call the secret service to owe to forests Ex eight eight zero zero and ask them why they are failing to protect the embassy grounds hearing these he and why they are learning right wing biggest from a boring country, star value as citizens inside the building standing over international law. On your problem, pal she's working with the Grey zone right now doing fantastic work on this way less she's inside the venezuelan embassy right now she's a this Wayland Embassy Protector and
she's the hit me, I'm indebted media. ok, she's, embedded media and so she's, letting us know what's happening inside. So I, really pre, shaded and hopefully you'll talk to us, again soon and loud could keep us updated. I agree Ebay invade Jimmy things are much more covering. This figure has been completely wiped out by the mainstream while in one it's not out your lied to about it right CNN blatantly lies about the Venezuelan. We eat a Blumenthal, had to debunk them CNN, plainly lie: they. They didn't make a mistake: they're lying just like Rachel, mad cow is lying. The new S press always lies about war. There always pro war. Isn't that interesting? It's exactly how Chomsky said it was an manufactory consent that their corporate, Is there to manufacture consent for these foreign wars there Where did tell you the truth about them and boy see what happened? It's great to see that
and his whaler what's happening right Now- is that its being handled by such monumental, incompetent losers, like John Bolton, Elliot Abrams and Donald Trump, that we're Two lampoon them very easily and regular people are able to see what is actually happening. I think, even though the mainstream news media is blocking it out, lacking. It out, tells you Gabert speaking the truth about it. Bernie Sanders Just recently came out with their hands off Venezuela, and so every and everybody, of course, on the internet. Now is telling the truth about Venezuela so I'd say it's it's funny to walk So these nincompoops from the Trump administration fail solve so wildly right out in public. It's really fantastic and I encourage everybody to go to your twitter feed and that check out all the hilarious videos you have of them being eighty. It's right, on camera. So everybody check out on the apparent we have
and then the Grey Zone project the doing great work on this with MAX Blumenthal. Thank you. I'm on yeah appreciate you taken time things like me. Ok, hi there Jimmy who's. This Jimmy its Jake Camper I'd J cuts, a cold body. Jacob from CNN. Yes, ok! Yes, most of the lead with Jake. I ask that we know How can I help you Jake? I eminence- the english media fixture. I assume you would want some advice and guidance from some one of my stature. Absolutely not not the millions see all yet. Do with ask You were going on tour across the country. So, yes, we're gonna, be Tempi Arizona. This Sunday, we're gonna, be in Austin, Texas, May, eighteen, thirty, nine teams will be in innermost beats June? Fifth, lots of places
and you perform live in front of crowd. yeah me step round grand. We talk about the news and we do some funny jockey jokes about it, not advisable. But why not wise it out Jimmy As a mania figure. You have to resist the temptation to interact with regular people Availing yourself to the masses, may seem like a good idea on the surface of it, but from the market will lead to disaster. People are unpredictable and one thing a shiny tv person cannot risk is unpredictability first of all, Jake, I'm not a shiny tv person, I'm a journalist and a comedian, and I'm not I'm not even trying to be shiny. Informing live in front of audiences, like I have been doing for thirty years, Jake. That's why people like my show, no she hears where you're wrong. You
Legitimacy in people's eyes comes from your office, you're on debility you're. Almost. Like image on the screen? Is people noted they could come right up to and shake your hand. Why would they trust you or speck. What you have to say. I need a gigantic debts, That's the exact reason why people do trust me. They know I'm a normal person like them whose, whose happens to be paying attention doing shows and interacting with people is just part of what I do This is exactly why you need my tutelage. Oh yes, please straight me out. I well I did. I exist. Only in a magical box allows me to ask the tough questions the tough should you only here. It s a really Jake What tough questions are you asking why
for example. A few weeks ago I had Amy Coolby charge on the oddly alluring senator, who is running the president can icelander slander German with a tough question, to wit doesn't tromp trump deserve. Credit for the recent economic recovery boy. She she really, you could tell fell wallet, bomb, duck question really, That's your idea of a dove question Jimmy I so tough question, not good question. a different question, a good question, It is designed to a list. Useful information. A tough question. Is there throw people off their guard, maybe make them stamina warm bed in a very powerful person. It makes you look like a top journalist. You. I see that very sad that that's what you think you that your job is that set.
I appreciate that there is an as far as tough questions go kids. scrambles world, we're just living in a world. Just is Paul soldiers case literally Ok, then, I'm glad I had the opportunity to mentor you and Journalism Jimmy Stick to my chips. I have a feeling you'll go far legs. Jake enjoy shilling for the corporation will do to date, Monocle website, you may ask me, anything. No thanks by Jake, I may not the mainstream news. Media is never going to die in the truth about foreign wars about our military industrial complex about our imperialism? There never going to tell you the truth about any that's up. There would even tell you the truth about the twenty sixteen election so
right now in Venezuela Trump, hired Elliot Abrams a bona fide war criminal. and John Bolton from the Bush administration, whose idea was a rack there. tromp hired those two guys straight from the swamp. Couldn't get any deeper in the swamp than those two guys, Trump picks. Those guys up puts him rightness cabinet, let's go overthrow Venezuela because they have twice as much oil in Saudi Arabia and all the p. Whew pushed Russia Gate for three years. They just ignore the fact that Putin is on the side of Maduro and Trump wants to overthrow Maduro. They just ignore, or it right, because that's what conspiracy theories do they ignore facts that don't support their conspiracy and that's what the establishment, corporate news media? Is there a bunch, a goddamn conspiracy There is just like Glenn back and shown. Eighty were member. Obama were president. They are blatant unrepentant
on new mental nuclear conspiracy theorists and now in Venezuela, Rachel Meadow gonna side, gun, aside with John Bolton, I'm getting watch workin dongle right regardless, when you thought about John Bonham before this his whole career in the his track record, Bigelow get every site get regardless of what you thought about him, regardless of what we thought about him, regardless of what you thought about whole pot and Adolf Hitler regardless of What you thought about those guys? there are human beings, that's what she's gonna say. some have suggested and on board as a human being, just think pol pot as a human being just big of Charlie Mandate as a human being come on thinking. them as human beings. You know the law Vegas, shooter figure as a human being. That's what you asking you to do because those Guys are war criminals
the worst thing I thought you could be in the world. I did think there anything will, let you go killed. People and you still do it illegally. It. War. You can go, kill people and you still find a way to be a criminal doing that. This is what John Bolton Human being his job was this week by whether or not whether you like what he's saying here or not. This is, what they ve had him out there saying Innovation has also made the point that Russia,
is very much involved in propping up Maduro regime secretaries. They might Bombay Ojo. My colleague will Blitzer yesterday that there was a plain waiting to take majority. Cuba with the Russians talked him out of it. What exactly is the russian role? You look. The Russians like nothing better than putting a thumb in our eye. They're using the Cubans surrogates make love to get effective control of the country in this hemisphere. We ve made it clear to the Russians in a lot of conversations at a lot of different levels, some of which are going to continue to day. Why we think this behaviour is unacceptable to us. That was your job, Rachel MAD cow, is on the side of Job Bolton. She literally doing a peace here that is sympathetic to John Bolton, sympathetic, Jimmy, that's human, being jobs? Are you even than the official title.
but it turns out not at all, not after Vladimir Putin gets done with president from today. He is not located all to get involved in Venezuela other than he'd like to see something positive happen for Venezuela doing anything in Venezuela important doing anything that Venezuela, have you been listening to me, then he says is that I mean on board, and God bless you good luck and delicately and carefully shaving around that impressive mustache. When you have to look at yourself in the mirror in coming days, Mr National Security adviser- I mean this so. What does she saying irony, We think she knows what she saying: I believe, I literally don't know the point she's making she's making the point that John Bolton is telling the truth about Russia. John Malta is a truth. Teller on Venezuela. That's what, it's a madhouse saying right now. She saying that,
Bolton is telling us to truth, and then tromp is lying to us about Russia, even though he hired this fuckin guy and he's trying to actively overthrow Venezuela in the name of Trump, somehow Trump, isn't doing the thing that Trump is doing, because he has reasonable rhetoric. In an interview about a conversation he had with the leader of another nuclear power, that's which that's what Rachel Meadow saying run. Is that correct? Ah, yes, in her friend, Roger Ales would be proud, I'm getting the impression she's trying to frame him as vulnerable and weak and limited right now, like God, bless you Jean Valjean, The keys incapable of being the maniacal brains behind this kind of shit, John Bull, who John Bull, and thought his job was to stand up against Russia, but it turns it's not know his job is to overthrow venezuelan steal, the oil or Rachel, and she knows the haste and of or she knows that you know that Tito's
it's what his job is, what it so cheap again. I dont she's upset that trump What is in trying to do a coup in as whaler, which is he obviously trying to do. You want to do more coolly stuff. What I yeah she's she's, upset that President Trump. had a reasonable characterisation of his phone call with. The president of a nuclear power It's like one of those cases of too many scapegoats in one new support right. You know she can't even more strange riser, you gotta just throw the word words out their yeah yeah, I'd editor, I dont yeah. That is so there. So I just want to go. and think Rachel, mad cow and MSNBC, and all the two, whose coverages indistinguishable from their coverage and Venezuela, I will say thank you from from my companies perspective. Leaving us a huge lane which is why, when we drop a video on Venezuela that debunks the corporate news bullshit, we get
by July. Two thousand views are little. Betty Betty show my garage in Pasadena and the corporate news doesn't get those views. The p pushing the people leak? Who who are board for Drums regime change there, not getting that kind of, action, Rhonda, Joy, say something he's gonna, say think of Rachel model as a human being, who thinks Job is opposing from, but really her job is just padding Comcast ratings. So what have you thought about Rachel Battle in the past that, whatever you thought about Rachel Battle in the past and all her three years announced that bullshit her sandbagging Bernie Sanders her lying about the violence in the areas of all the stuff, in that it doesn't matter that she blatant MR audience and put in evidence free red, baiting conspiracy, theory that is being used to show of this security states control over social media, which is a deck direct competition with her company. It deprecate the better way you think about recent man. What just think of it as a human being.
this figure of a human being a human being whose completely bought and paid for who is beard for an ferris military industrial. Complex corporation, go at once, just its mildly, insulting to the viewers to have been violently it's inside. due to the visa regime ivy, because I remember when I was a little kid, and I was maybe five or six here's old and ass my grandfather s case the president, a good person and I knew I wasn't ready to digest PA I think I was a little kid, so my group I just said: well, it is a difficult job in someone's gotta. Didn't that's what you say to a little child who is not ready to digest politics or something like that. She saying this to her viewers she's treating them like John they're, a human being. You dont need to tell that to people who are we. Watching news and trying to engage with news. People give me hard time. When I just mention. Tucker Karlsson sang the right thing. The actual right thing there. She is literally sympathising with this guy, it's
most like Rachel Matthau. Who said Roger Ales was her friend Roger ale, cereal frequency, actual harasser, that's her friend, it's almost like they work for the same people. It's almost like. They have the same level of integrity, which is zero. Zero. Ok, that's I mean that's. There's no get around that video There is no getting around that we can add to the greatest sets. The algae I definitely that's gone in the greatest. It's a Rachel. Mad cow was pushing a theory, the determine General Bob was red. acting the Mulder report. All by himself- and he wasn't letting mauler in under reductions. As she saying this under the her own producers on the crawl underneath her the news ticker worse, no mother is helping bar. Has she sang bars doing it all by himself the ticker, underneath The saying, no notes which you things that true so at least Emerson.
We see as the bunking her in real time now. She said full of shit? They d bunker in real time as she sang it again. Folks, I never thought I would be doing the news. I thought I would be just me. making fun of what happens in the news, not actually. Doing the news, because the people doing the news, our fuckin comedians coming he is supposed to be the JAG ops. Comedians are supposed to be the idiots, the guys who are informed, who are just throwing spitballs. That's what Rachel has been doing for three years completely informing your audience lying about it and throwing spitballs at everybody at, but ideally, problems she's, not funny. And she's, not an actual comedian, she's actually lying when comedians. Do that they're doing it, they're, exaggerating things for comedic effect, she's eggs Agitating things for money, while nuisance, calling me again hello Liam Jimmy you should listen very closely
I'm through doing priorities about clean and taken right. Tell my daughter. to listen very closely. Ok, What about the part? Would you tell the bad guy that you have a very particular set of skills? Those days are over, whereas you know you don't you are not to be trusted. Many of my fellow The future high performance, driving and dangerous stunts best left to the professionals. Did you know that? Yet? Yes, I did know that in called pursuit, for example, cumulative worldwide growth. Nine million dollars. I am in the cold and I'm in pursuit and the community I'm on a high speed, train commuting. What's the plot of the computer oh about two hours, long expert up a joke. Yes, yes, you did then in the film nonstop imo so travelling in a vehicle of sorts nonstop. Many of you, Mercedes films and thank you can drive like that, while you're wrong
and I will tell you why right now, yes, sorry got distracted by despair. Dispenser had always gets caught on the candy. It just makes me mad anyway, or was it you see my thumbs and think you can drive like that when you are wrong because those vehicles are being driven by professionals and, as you know, these professionals and the very particular skill wake up. I need you to save August Dublin City is there, else, you want. Yes, I need you to get in on a plane to Paris when an hour ago. But what are you going to do there? the best, which is teach people, important gaps on driver safety like never die a car when you're, angry or trying to hunt down black people. That's an important one they're always get out of your car for that everyday common sense thing
that people should learn before operating a vehicle and if they dont stabbed them in a leg, with metal rods, to simple choice, really yeah Jimmy. I must leave now but before I go, may I ask you a favor. I told your audience where I'll be teaching my comedy traffic school courses, sure thing you next week I'll be appearing bearing patient's chicken rip and rendering room the month after, I met house everyone doing tonight, Nerd Comedy jam hosted by Doktor nobody funny Psycho, invent studies, Nokia, lounge perky, carpal tunnel, I'm fine vaccinate yourself against fund, because the lamps are infectious. Ok. Well, thanks Liam for a book you can replied and one of their entry. Barbara chairs and output of final in your mouth an empty, a bottle of eager Meister down your throat until you die.
Right so long. I met the, let us a comedy traffic school, a dog food kitchen and also going to dine at. Let us spelled like the letter. She read an asylum upon all how important the war? You is just a letter, you that's why it's funny! Thank you, Ok, why there I met the Hollywood Improv Comedy Clinic and animal, except. Imitation lab on male rose triangle shirtwaist Fun factory, that funds by the two ends, everybody in this aid by ten is either good we were just leave, arguing or on the spectrum? Long form, Improv Basement new life comedy or I will stop you in the leg with battle rods varies the choice
by the way Joe Biden says, I'm not Bernie Sanders Joe Biden set at the broken institution. I don't think five hundred errors are. Are the reason why in in trouble, the folks at the top are not bad guys? The Americans are just as patriotic as poor and I said obviously the people responsible for the trouble were and are the people with no money in zero power. Obviously I was like teasing it's the guy's running shape and are to blame drought. Now now it's probably some janitor somewhere and I was thinking suspicion. It's the driving instructors and high schools that are ruining everything it certainly not. The powerful is that the heads of the bank's economies and the government is that those people patria it couldn't be. Then I think it is up to do teachers, so this is the guy
the guy that everyone saying gonna, vocs dot, com and precise There's this guy there. All saying this is the guy. Joe Biden is new guy and does so that he was he set out for an interview, and here we go the president has a motto: make em, a great again do you have one make american moral again me Jimmy? You know what it stands for. Digit can pieced together an emigrant around its acrid em. It's called mama. Make America more elegant is Bahama Mama and I just think we're going to approach this country, like you, would your mom and just give it a good tight squeeze and effectiveness, You know he was gonna. Go make America, let me touch her again. they What about slip? America, one more time this guy
about marine. This guide, this bucket warmongering maniac, gutted welfare, deregulated Wall Street, voted for the Iraq war that every book in horrible thing you could think of this guy. This is above the sky. Talking about more allergy is like risk. Christie talked about fasting package. By those who else you don't want. America's literally never been moral. That's the crazy about these people. We haven't been oral. People lived here, war, moccasins thousand genocides, labour, never ending. This is the last time we were moral and then we came in and genocide of those more people. I wasn't that long ago that we didn't work, that we have operated, wet back
That is right. Let me repeat, it operation wet back that was begun when it is a well what we do with our and that's my trump say he was going to do it. We built concentration camps on the border in the fifties and transit other do arise in our did. he's doing what Eisenhower than ever, they were Those who advocate it's a long answer was listen radios. the president has a model make amends a great again. Do you have one? Make american moral again make America return to, the essence of who we are the dignity of a country that digging in people to training. Are people with dignity. That's not a catchy acronym, well merchandising purposes. He wanted to fit on a key
People remembers, but his nickname was gas Joe when he ran yes, so he's goin. This is how he talks he's going to return us to dignity, dignity! You don't like when you have to work three jobs around your go die cuz! You can't fucking afford your medicine. That's what that kind of dignity. Is that what you're talking about Joe or the dignity of Let me turn to the dignity of not having helped our living. Wages are always bore me. Do you know what it is to be republican and to be able to enjoy the planet? like, must return to the dignity of the country that had when I wrote the crime bill in the Patriot ACT about that dignity. When I turn of arrogant, talking surveillance state that attitude getting drunk Jo Leinen is not a good part of birth, as laid down in these what's wrong with America, Joe Biden is what brought us Donald Trump. That's why we
talking about equal rights and a girl, divisive negative Jimmy. I look like great squeezed into a Xyz forty suit. I got it's true. I get vanilla ice cream and I still my teeth book. They look like corn, colonels light shining dry, the cord colonels area, to look like that at the age of one less than Bernie, What Joe Biden, it's like a parking ticket became a person Why would you want to talk about more of yours? Do others, Joe Biden, tell you how he's the other kind of moral people he likes? Thinking I was already has
first of all, I actually like the Genie for real better get within? I think he's a decent man, Dick Cheney light as they do an illegal war killed a million people or to torture programme to cover it up and then shamed. Anyone who asked questions about it, that's the guy is going to bring us back to more loudly about this is unbelievable Dave Jimmy Haiti? They all have no suits you don't understand. The treaty is not just a war criminal, but he should. We should go back to give any. We should Please take pirates and they would put them in in in this battle. cage cases and just let them swing by the side of the ocean to scare them pirates away, and I think tat
We should do in the treaty. We should where we are trying to do when they told you he's gonna, be ok, ok, do the right thing really clever anyway, he's a good guy shot. His friend of her face many Mavis friend apologize. I want to hear him say it again, I want to. First of all, I actually like the Cheney, I get on with him and I think he's a decent man, this Is the body language of someone telling the truth, something that they truly believe when you, when you have to say, I actually like that, tells you about away big news. You guys big news
you're jealous, equating the larger package worth Google jails, he's gonna, be there So, in other words of wisdom, it is further. If we're good avant garde go with it, a major corporations cigars China did you sleep around here by the way that happened, The embargo on Cuba, lotta people forget Torlini Alpine, castor cool now that bill in Chelsea or another super Goldberg ruining our guests policies. America
I did so. I follow that guy. I can see the young Turks and every cordial and would say fuck. It would not be those guys. Those guys aren't city is backing. I feel about those guys doing their work. right wingers, because it's you ain't that right wingers coming, but you can't see those my father's commune. I could see them yeah they're on corporate boards in there, and they are all there. there. Are you using a million words? I tell you why you can have met a garage, that's what they debts outline their broken by gas is the Gaslight bluff people who need healthcare and fuck them over that's what those guys. Anyway, so I'm a great guy, so early
interests all I grow once you have launched strengthening public, you can bring them into the movement and somebody stole the little water another turn into a monster worse than you put away. Their Hillary Clinton is bill, are doing a tour they're in LAS Vegas, and she got ass. This court, first of all, good God, thank God, you're doing it to her but runs the tour was a massive failure. The first one wise, we believe you another- that is the first one they stated started up. I think it's IRAN, oh and
they rather curtains the curtain, the bucket revolve, because there were so nobody there they haven't. I started they cut the room and half I saw there and then they have had a curtains and they had to give way the tickets on gold star begets they were giving them away They had some dates in Pennsylvania, but they forgot to show so here the question we asked the question: they asked him: what advice would you have four twenty twenty candidates?
I mean I would get a man you, an orange rapist, Chester, Cheetah, bye, bye to begin a map has, was God significant, a candidate? That's that fucking repulsive about don't fly home every night to sleep in New York. Did she do that? Yes, shit. You would do she didn't want to sleep in a hotel. She went home because otherwise we will have slept in that bag. Regular people, yeah Every fuckin might really that's it seems like a lot of money. Order. Answer is ready based on experience. If you had a point. Sixteen don't get on the wrong side of Vladimir Putin. That would be
the first and that's just not gonna go forever excluding online hello. Is this George gloomy brush what I'm off the biting the way shape nor bites sure she do that to you. motorcycles on the no sharpshooter As you know, a while back I hit a guy Chevy MILES an hour. My bike got launched faster than Adam Sandler. Laughed movie should see me plan to the air dappling clad in my pinstriped suit. My chiseled features acting is found asian for my distinctive salt and pepper. Why just report cushion the boy my head, I extended the right arm, Babe Ruth, like to indicate the exact location of touchdown. I pal
great hey. You know, there's a lot more, that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You gonna become a premium member gotta Jimmy door com dot com sign up it's the most horrible premium programme business today show was written that right, it was written by a breakdown of Jim Earl, Rob Latona steps. Memoranda would mark by land with all the Is it a performer by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found at MIKE? Mccrae dog comes that's it for this week. You be the best you can. We shall keep me in me.
Don't don't don't die, don't worry.
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