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2019-10-03 | 🔗

Elizabeth Warren not sure about corruption!

Millionaire heiress thinks Bernie supporters are sexist!

Biden family corruption hard for Dems to defend!

Hear the clip of Rachel Maddow that MSNBC is trying to block!

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Phone calls from Al Pacino, Liam Neeson, Mitt Romney, and Chuck Schumer!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jimmy show me so we haven't heard from friend. It is surely a niece it in a while at sea with disabilities. Uptown greetings, Let me say Mr Decent Dewey door we'll go prejudicial alien bade me about the horse delay all around broad naughty Margaret in a bowl of Oda, I'll do it well the power you very busy. I haven't your neck it's right now, America filming my latest action. Thriller submitted man while zones, I think I'll be sure c and theatres I would appreciate that. Did you keep a Bulls box office numbers speaking of in the meantime,
you can also see my upcoming release or dinner We love ordinary love, that there is a solid and action movie Liam or far from a shameless removing drama. Starring myself, an academy Or nominee Leslie Manville, sleepily My wife who was given a devastating answered, diagnosis, and I must say this was one of the most challenging acting rules of my career o because it because of portraying a man undergoing the emotional strain of simultaneously supporting is sick wife, while also struggling to keep their marriage and tat. Now because of portraying man buried to someone around his own age? address this.
Firstly, as a mere four years younger than I am blink of an eye by, for example, in the taken films my wife was played by, o k a dutch model significant younger than I am. But this will be. My wife is a front We all Englishwoman Liam. You can't say that oh, yes, I can't I'm irish, that's putting up the English press the irish power deferential patching up I've studied your phony Bologna comedy rules Jerry, I believe, when the clear on this one o You got me their career. who played a ghost haunting a castle, I've laid aside, it is to a synthetic skin begins to deteriorate after a hundred minutes, and then I must repair
the shadows I have played the great God Zeus, but no role of mine. a strange credulity, begged, the very fabric of reality, as this one as where I am, and our relationship with a non young person Jimmy Everett hired every fibre of mice disappeared, affinities, Marshall- every hour. Somebody actors powerless to portray someone What have relations with the woman who, with their time what reach the age of forty five years old? Why I know and I must say I am proud of its performance, no gay! I never! had this about my own heart before, but I could see getting
Is that so I remember, watching the dailies. After filming and the sea, I kissed my wife, I remember thinking wow I really made I really made it look like I wanted to do that. got out again with a small one, Of course, I'm in here This is really of course I am envisioning. Leonardo Dicaprio presented me with my Academy award LEO, isn't they did a woman over twenty five years old and has a dire life. You will
the statute would call me brave worry? yeah, sorry, but this is make a lot of our listeners. Really angry. Work. A lot of people are cut off by older men dating younger women. What people what women, perhaps women around your age? I say very interesting. Not all bad. where'd, you get almost fascinating information Jimmy Door. I am going to start calling you one fact: Mcgillicuddy Leon my reaction, one fact: regulatory impact,
The killer is already a real person who lives and count. You don't go Leah. My point is, I would think most people coin of I did breathe that you someone with an age, appropriate marriage. Are you serious? This must be done actually I've been hearing so much about no Liam. It's not This type of foreigners killed comedy, we have nobody killed, comedy die. You just repeating nonsense that you ve heard me Jimmy. I listen carefully if way, Cars are not continuously showered with accolades for merely pretending to be like normal people. Wanting to what we do, I see
I see there is no greater normal person thing to do today to woman on your own. We brought you Jimmy. Leave. I really don't think you're very Harry bravely so kind of you to stay Jimmy appreciate enormously. I'd pay nothing without norm such as yourself, my blockbuster hope as well well I'm afraid I have to run forever. Twenty honest, having emerged forever. Twenty one is having a mass of going out of business sale at my
Alfred and begging. Me are weak to take my turn in Johnson to show everybody work with this week's Gibby. Georgia will see in November, seventeenth in Philadelphia November, five than Buffalo Goodwill me door comedy dot com for a link for all our lives shows hails, gets the joke. Before we get to the joke. Shelly hey! You know what makes you chronically sick it makes you unfit for office. You know what does I'll tell you telling people your native American for ten years when you're, not, I think, that's what they combine Let's see one candidate needs to stance to continue campaigning
residents, the others. Now money from billionaires, Amerigo with stent guy? Let me say Joe Biden. The current democratic front runner has a bloated, prostate heart disease, no goblet. Or chronic asthma and bad allergies. Also Donald Trump takes drugs, delors, cholesterol, John Mccain at a brain, tumor and Ronald Reagan, had no brain at all. They had three funerals for Ronald Reagan. People forget the said: three fear Bay, people loved him so much they buried him three times and that none of those here today, but who remembered a job his hat off his stick: a stake through his heart as we contemplate the Each one of a half wit or authoritarian in our White House take note that doubts. Abby is now the number one film in America hated you
Her Hillary Clinton told women who are complaining about Joe Biden, creeping nice with young girls to quote get over it. While I respect her judgment on sexual harassment, I'm gonna have to reserve my judgement on this until after I her from Bill Clinton. She also said this: is true. Hillary Clinton also said she didn't think what she calls the twitter verse is the american electorate, who is the rapporteur, is located in the basket of deplorable or is the basket of deplorable part of the twitter verse I've familiar with Hilary planetary theory of losing Hey so far, more than twelve major public, true at that with warriors she's, the darling of the media,
and so so far more than twelve major publications had praised Elizabeth worn as folksy Can we just reminder reminder who else they thought was folksy, sir? Pailin was folksy. George W Bush was folksy. Ronald Reagan was folksy. Jethro boat dean was folksy. Here we go with the balding jus with bad posture, this time paid or those that Jeff Fox worthy that comedian. Yes, oh so you might be a redneck if we I've a virgin of that, yeah, if you have to barely working branches of government sitting on top of another, that's broken, you might be, a nation that will give healthcare to the boar, hey what's cover up by this week, show or no, you would hope it leads to more of we have an interview with an actual
C, I a whistle blower, who calls bs on the current Whitehouse CIA whistle blower our interview with John Kerry Abu ALA. With Warren, face plants on the Joe Biden, corruption question. I guess she didn't have a plan for answering that watch a Democrat gets mad down for calling Joe Biden, corruption in Ukraine. A conspiracy theory play Bernie explains why impeachment is a bad strategy for Democrats and the country we have call Sydney from Leah, Neeson, Chuck humor Mitt Romney, and maybe I'll put you know who Let's go I want more. That's today on the Jimmy Door show so here. I also wanted to this. Just just happened this miss. I want to show this to you centrally
with Lauren appears uncharacteristically flustered when asked for This plan would allow for her vice President son too, serve on the board of a foreign companies. Will you know right now? The impeachment thing is that Joe Biden, so Hunter and we're not going to talk about the creepy studies into I'll and bring it up on the show, but Joe Biden son hunter had no expense, riots in the Ukraine or an energy companies. You gotta fifty thousand dollars a month, job sitting on the board of a Ukraine Energy Company, because his dad was vice presidents, and then Joe Biden he was being investigated. Joe Biden used billion dollar bribe or to hold billion dollar loan guarantee he over the Uk President's head to fire. the guy was investigating his son Hunter bided, see nor the back story. So she has her ethics plan right, as with worn, has a plan for that. So somebody, As well in your ethics plan, would it be okay? If your vice president son thence,
add on board at Ukraine for fifty thousand dollars a month and she answers it correctly. It first and then walk while I guide watch what happens ethics. You say whether or not an unwarranted nurseries you're. Vice president, China, allowed to serve on a board of a both she got a ripe then she realized- oh, wait a minute Hague arm. I dont know I mean I have to go back and the details are eating habits and see tat. I have to go back on what I have to go: back and look at my own plan to see if it's cool for the bride President son, to do something that work and criminally corrupt. I go back and look. What would it be? Ok, you're, ok, you get a bunch of money in a shady way for doing absolutely nothing. I gotta look at the details are either stop with the gotcha questions are right. One person
I was not happy. That would be rough. Oh wait, a minute paying. I am, I gonna hurt that make it offend. The party hang on so this guy we must go further. She needs to go back and look if the party allows here to say that, or for answers would be damaging for Obama. Invite in her instinct was right. Having your kid on their board stinks like corruption It reminds me of Russia. Gate were just like Russia, gate sort of forced all Democrats into defending Hillary Clinton and hurling the party that people lost their diatribe, Edinburgh Well, then, in making excuses for them and rolled them in his blaming everything on Russia right, same thing now were trying to make trumps presidency now all about Ukraine Gate and this. that's gonna! Get him! It's forcing Democrats into this position, were now they're gonna feel worried about helping trump if they do something like point out that yet not cool ever vice premier it can get a lucrative board seed out again.
company in a country where, where the vice president also have to be running the? U S policy. So it's like these gifts that we keep providing to transfer election campaign, never stop! making this issue now and because of that Its forcing people are born into this box were now. She has done worried about Wanna, come across as helping truck so Here's the sound. So did you like that which again into the question you know and this what do you do when you censure, but when you centre your resistance in the preferences the people who lost a trap is it underscores just what exactly do it if it wasn't a Russia gate, and would it Would be under you graduate had so here. Another example. I wonder this happens. I this has happened today as let's check it out here we go, there is theirs killing. There is nowhere to go, but there is no up to go and all of those of where I actually heard overheard. Someone thing that I thought was an interesting point that basically
at this point of view, are still supporting centres as opposed to warn it's kind of showing your sexism, because she has more detailed plan than her plans of evolved. That was an interesting point and I think there may be something do it We agree with all that of where's. They agree with all that little bit, giggly fast. If use poor Bernie Sanders your sex is. This is the fact that we all agree here some seven b c and who is that women, who are they taught there's who the former VP of campaigns for these centre for American Programme, their attendants, VP baby. That's who that is saying that and everybody to Mr Besiegers giggles, it's funny to smear everybody's. Ports Bernie Sanders as a sexist does that include people voted for em in Vermont? Or is it just? I don't understand what turns out.
She's the air to lorry tissues, one point: one billion dollar real estate fortune and she's, not The Bernie Sanders go figure. He did you see this Erin I did in her one of her parents, I think, gave millions of dollars to acquaint campaign and twenty sixteen, so here Emily Tisch assessments, her daddy is Donald Sauce when founder and chief investment officer of the Palermo funds check. The name of Hillary Clinton top donor- Also, this was kind. I followed David Dole and you get to learn stuff like this. if you're wondering why she's using this smear and why this woman is even on television, this is thirty million dollar yard and Bernie Sanders, has superior wealth tax. To warns that's why. by the way the name of his yacht is something called the Scheherazade or whatever, and it turns out that that's funny, because so
my father John, has the same name as the ship from Tintin. That plays an active role in the illegal trading of slaves. So that's kind of that's kind of funny. Her father also Donald Sus. When used front companies to offshore his wealth, offshore tax haven leak implicate seven figure Pro Clinton donor. One of the democratic parties largest twenty sixteen donors direction off sure entity named in a massive leak of information on foreign corporate. That's all that's who that woman is also media. Opponents are responsible for creating. this kind of narrative I would appreciate warrants, can pain team to come out and denounced these narratives of accusations of sexism, I'm latin. Indigenous, I'm a woman supporting sanders run on policy run on your own merits, so that's kind of that's the kind of thing. That's she's brought on for her opinion, and they don't tell you who she is there. Tell you her connections and they all go yet we all agree now back now, let's go to occur.
Supervisor you know, there's a there's. Another double standards here, which goes back to the whole Bernie Bro thing where, like If a couple of random twitter troll say something nasty about Lisbon, worn or Hillary clinton- like Bernie Sanders and his entire campaign have to like profusely. All eyes spent days time. Convincing our. So sorry, we less evaluate what Someone like this, you know says, is NBC. They are sexiest if you doctor already Sanders Europe where are the calls Bureau is with warrant to and her people to, renounce all this debt that just happen they literally back after the working family parties endorsed Elizabeth. Over Bernie Sanders. They die and came out with a strong word is strongly worded statement saying that Bernie sent Supporters are attacking them in sexist and racist ways and that an Bernie Sanders
we came out in like apologized for had to disavow it or whatever you're a boat was it was random, twitter users right who know otherwise, notably whatever attention to this. That happens on cable television it just take this big series, the Plaza your right and Are we caught Elizabeth warrant to renounce this? I didn't mean it now. The people who buy support Bernie are not sexist. So your shoe pointing out that. There's a jawdropping double standard happening. I finally got this drop by drop legal standard wow. Well, you know less power because you're sexist so here's a Democrat. Congress. Monotonous does show with Crystal ball and rising and watch what happens here. Do you want to ask you, though, congressmen about the underlying accusation? Hunter binding was paid fifty thousand dollars a month, while his father was vice president of the United States by to sit the Board of Green Energy company. Despite having no
expertise, and that whatsoever. Do you think that is evidence of corruption? So all of this has been discussed in the in the press and in Ukraine has said there were There was no such that the president has historically long been involved with, Firstly, there is this is yet another conspiracy, better tat. We now undermine dad in fact arrived it out. dollars on this board. That's not a conspiracy theory. We know that he has little to no expertise ukrainian energy sector, so in unseemly as that, the type of thing that we should be accepting from prominent Democrat so his so he does. The knee jerk, which your taught Is you just call anything? That's on to corruption? You call a conspiracy theory. He calls it a conspiracy. the hurry that hundred bite and had a fifty thousand dollars of job. That's a verifiable fact, and she does
Let him get away with a crystal ball nails in and out of the way who did you guys think their talk like that? They think they're on a regular new show, I think that's what they think tat he didn't eat thought he was. I would chuck Totter Jig Tapir Rachel MAD, our something in that he didn't expect them to go. You know, that's not a cuz, that's how I conspiracy worse than that is bad. they had maddened result. So now we can't say that anymore and now, let's see what he says, that that's a separate issue, There is no question that the present is trying to do is to pressure and ally a key strategic ally facing a dire threat from russian troops, not just under border but in their territory and putting U s interests at risk. By with holding necessary military aid. Again. This puts at risk our national secure. Leaders of your position. I think we should understand your position quite clearly. Let's, let's make it a future, a future that if a Democrat when's the White House to their vice president, have a child who serves, should they be
lot child to serve on a foreign energy companies bored with interests in the United States. We can talk about what people should be allowed to invest we, unless you re allowed to take their that's, what we're doing we're talking about a right now, we're asking you showed that further. Do you see and you see how horrible this looks for the Democrats? Do you see how each this is to get them tied into knots over this. Do you see She's going to be a hundred percent failure to go after trumpeted peach this, it's a amazing that was like the ultimate deflection he's like. While, let me we can talk about that, while we're doing it now in something called in interview, screwing interview who we're talking about it so well want to play a little bit. Work is right at the end, I forget the male guys. Those are wise name. Could you look it up for me? Please, so I don't keep. Saying the male guy owes. Thank you get a different issue, I know hearing Congress we're trying to file a full disclosure of financial positions of any other positions we ve had, I believe in train
Patsy, I believe emerging people have a right to understand that, but you don't get lost in the discussion. The fact that the President of the United States is abused, the power of his office and put national interests at TED, the personal interests ahead of our national interests are now, let's go wrong. That's my focus! That's what I want to hold this present to account and that's lively. This impeachment in Croatia, upon, and I think I think that's all fair. I think that this is an abuse of the office. No doubt we can debate over whether its impeachment worthy, but there is a political question here too, don't Democrats look hypocritical if they want to impeach the president for corruption. while turning a blind eye to what may be less corruption on democratic side, but but to say that you know it's fine for a child to basically cash in on their parents, public service, but do not afford this, the current office holder, misusing his office abusing its power and putting his
because I had enough only memorized is about, and that is why focus we can have conversations about the other issues we are once again. We need to have transparency from our elected officials. We need big corporate money out of our elections all of those things that we need to do to restore people's faith in our government. We have to do that, but at this moment at this time the issue is that the present United States abuses Office put national interests subordinate to personal. interest and put our country arisen over the basic services. We appreciate we appreciate, so I didn't. I heard what he said. He said well, you're, really good at stake out message about. We appreciate it was like a tomato two scenarios. Everyone kicking Rewire that our country arisen.
Mr Solana, we appreciate well you're, very good thing. A message serves with, I think they think that's a because a guy's wearing a suit right and it looks like it to tv set right. Obviously somebody invested money so, but I think that's. Why he's like what the By on what are you guys doing, I said: arms bad several times in your still asking me real question that's part of the rule even said conspiracy? Theory. What do you guys want? Ok, so so you're just let me get what what what would be year. Some up you ve, been preachment effort my somebody Peter every is that is, I think that from us no. So far, it looks like truck did something that I think I presented. This is unethical that I don't think you should be bring up Joe Biden with a foreign later in trying to involve all foreign later into to getting crush allegations against Joe Biden, whether those out
patients of merit or not, but I don't think this is worth I think this is worthy of impeachment investigations and certainly not worthy of all the height and hope that this story has gotten given what we know, so far the transcript is ambiguous, its trump. Top priority and talking to the landscape of ukrainian President is not even Joe Biden, comes up later on. His top priority is. It is a rolling the ukrainian president negation of the origins of Russia gave, which I think it's fair, because Ukraine did have some. Involvement other, whether truck it details right on that night, I think so by its history. Is there anything to ask Ukraine to be involved, and I thank God it stands to do exactly what Russia Gate did, which was. This direct everyone from the actual harm the job is doing to the country in the world and also
Time went right now. There is a democratic primary. When there's a raw material to present our voters. The alternative that Democrats can provide. what Democrats are doing here is guaranteed. That will be sidelined in favour. Of this another ensure elite drama could I will consume Washington that will bring up opera journalists to highlight Joe Biden, corruption, because you know whether nine by fire this prosecutor to help his son. You know I heard conflicting things about that. I dont think It will be easy to establish that, but just a fact that is, we ve been talking about Hunter by God. Eighty thousand dollar, months. Gag ETA ukrainian gas company trouble
be given ample opportunities to keep highlighting that at the keep exposing Democrats, hypocrisy and you know what has been said, and it is obvious that if one trumps kids got that gig gonna, similar gig like a loop, With gas board that thou be worthy of impeachment right there, people would be drawing up articles of impeachment. Based on that so Democrats are gonna, try to go after Trump for seeking an investor. nation into that. I I think it like Russia gave another suicide mission. So just imagine if Trump was able to overthrow Maduro in Venezuela. They instituted Guido and then trumps kid down? Juniors on the board of the Energy company in Venezuela and got fifty grand a month, doesn't always about energy doesn't waiting above donors. Whaler buddy is connected to the president and we over their governments because to be on their boarding, fifty grandma people would be going
crazy. We certainly have to remember that impeachment is a political process as people to pretend it's about the rule of law. If it was about the rule of LAW than George Bush, wouldn't be able to do a dance routine with Ellen on Daytime TV. If it was about the rule of law because he's a war criminal and he would be in jail, the head of our CIA is a bona fide torturer right now, not in jail. So this idea, that somehow half the country is going to, let you in Peach a guy over some kind of bullshit technicality which actually exposes the corruption it Joe Biden, the Obama administration at eight, we're gonna happen. In fact, it's going to boost him again, it's going to be him again and now, just like we were right about Russia Gate. I am, I know about this. There is I'm gonna again. Try We'll be re elected in twenty. Twenty of this is what the Democrats run on and I will come. I can run this tape and we will again taken no pleasure in being write about it again, but we
we'll be right about it again going to me now, you know if you read sense of left his commentators and the inner circle in the nation. There's a site, the other thought yeah, Ukraine, Gay, its narrow. Ok, it's not exactly what we want, but this will be done. Opportunity they say to highlight trumps, more serious crimes. Now I know it. flood it now about what it was. Russia gave rest it was all about the concern. The narrow concerns of national security state officials and this is Ukraine gaieties out again, no one's gonna be talking about You know genocide again in order as tax cuts. I think the wealthy or attacks on healthcare attacks on workers attacks on the roads is gonna, be all that. Are you crazy about Ukraine and the fact that right now there's a new scandal about the last occasion system for records of the calls between Trump and foreign leaders. Is it
nobody cares about that is, if it is it is, it average pay people, especially the swing states, look at them they? All my guy, this guy's gonna go. This is I've had enough, you know it's democratic debates are doing everything they can to avoid but the issues that affect people's lives. It's it's it's It's just bizarre to witnessing what's annoying is that we thought we were over, that at least I find Russia Gate was torture. It was so stupid, but it was done. Nowadays we had a primary and wicked. You know do with all the bullshit come to the primary bed. At least there was some space within them for some real ideas to be debated. That's what was happening, but all this is gonna is going to silence all that really sideline it for a considerable period of time and again it was these whistle blower was a c I a guy who now went back The CIA in he's gone so that by the way, that's not a whistle blower,
a whistle blowers. Someone in the CIA who blew the whistle on the CIA, it's not a sea. A guy inside the White House. It does a politically motivated his job on the present. That's that a whistle blower, that's a spook doing what spooks do hey. You know we no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not do and that were not play that game, but here's another great way. You can help support the show. You should become premium member. We give you up, couple of hours of premium bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show you could do it. By going to give me your company that cop clicking on joint premium and supposed affordable premium, programme of the business and it's a great way to help. Put it come back in the eye. The bastards thanks everybody who was already a premium member, if you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support,
So while we get the help achieve those on the line, I yell how you do in its here we door body how you doing Why I'm doing good loosely? What do you call forth tat? Oh well, I just wanted get your reaction to Bernie Sanders, yet a little hard trouble to get to stents put in. Why do you call it out? You know ask about Bernie Sanders. Because I know you weren't. You know you do we're trying to learn more about politics. I thought your into it. What happened? though he had, he was feeling the chest pains. So they took him to the doctors in Nevada or Nevada. I don't know how you say. I think it's Nevada and they put the phone down
clogged artery. I want to get too to stance. Gonna, be like the guy at the heart know how those are these They said thanks yeah yeah yeah, now you don't know where you talking about yeah, ok, yeah. So how do you feel fix me right up in our got better put in a company used it. So he said it is ever disease. They stop fucking things. Yeah, I know so now you been looking more into politics, You were getting more into politics. I say you, but
right you by getting more into politics, deficit is wondering you know what You ve been learning well right there on that, but made you got a better right, you know, the other side? I come up to that I say no, Well, what do you think about better care for all? Well, I guess I feel yes, for where we are pay for health care and actually are gonna, be cheaper than the Sis We have now tax it gonna cost less.
I want a list of names, will listen, that you're actually do use better care, or do you use the sag I've been. I know you're indiscreet actors guild guarantee I don't know the answer you guys were glasses, bigger, embroidered, fuckin shit? I will listen. I appreciate I did you call me anything, you look we workin on well, you know we get Do you have all become about? I was about coming out on that, like what is it we again the irish point Jimmy right right. Ok, looking for failure How do I do? I learn I learned from you. I acted. learn from muse
listen! We're gonna, be in Hawaii. Why twenty yeah? I yes list now we're gonna be. Why do some holy well, maybe you could Sumiyoshi, is overdue. Honolulu dissevered, forty, seven that what we do and alive Jimmy Door show there wow. Yes, that's right. my wife for that year. Yes or no would you do for Christmas, but you should come out of my family, ok, I'll talk to you later today, Christmas yeah. Yeah I've got this ban
add up premium. The ceremony was idle. His guitar will maybe we'll cut it out. Will double edited down just keep good stuff, so Rachel Man, oh, did another clip on Russia Gate. She did it, and I gotta tell you from start to finish, even though she's done it for three year street. This is still kind of dropping how she is pushing straight up propaganda, as fact I they that only because Rachel Matter is repeating almost verbatim CIA and Dnc. Talking points on Russia and crowds strike repeating them as news instead of evil
DE bunked bullshit? Now you remember who crowd strike is crowd strike? Was the outside it firm the day and see hired to investigate their server that they say was hacked by Russia. People, like me, say crowd strike, is a compromise private organisation that was being paid directly by the day and see and the F B. I should have investigated that server, so you at a take anything growled strike says, as fact will she refers to people who redress reject the conclusion of crowd, strikes: investigation of the Dnc server, which their conclusion was that the Russians hack the Dnc server. She refers to people who are sceptical of that. as conspiracy theorist pushing a conspiracy, I'm not kidding, of course, rejecting crowd strikes. Investigation of the Dnc server is not a conspiracy theory at all, rejecting that Russia has the Dnc server is also not
conspiracy. Theory. It's the exact opposite of a conspiracy. People who reject crowd, strikes conclusion that Russia has the Dnc server, are people who are reject. in a conspiracy, theory and road scholar. Rachel knows this, yet she purposely misappropriates that term two intentionally mislead her audience once again after she does that. She then launches an entirely new conspiracy theory. As to why Donald Trump asked the you came, president to investigate Hunter Biden and just why did Trump asked the UK president to investigate Hunter Biden according to Rachel bad up. You guessed it cause rush you wanted to. I: should you not she's really in illegal Verona? I'm here with Rob, step. San Marino Edna
Robin to play the video and we're gonna stop instead, as I like to do and will come back here. We go so here's how it starts. She's talking about the Ukraine phone call that trump and I will take it from there call you and your people, and I would like you to get to the bottom of it as you saw yesterday. This is the day after Robert more testified in Congress about the Mulder report. that whole nonsense ended with a very poor performance by a man named Robert Miller and incompetent performance, but they say a lot of it started with Ukraine. Whatever you can do, It's very important that you do it if that's possible now she's, quoting the phone call from Trump talking to the Ukraine President, that's what she's quoting there and there they ok. So you got it. Ok, That's president trumps response to Ukraine, asking the by Anti tank missiles to protect themselves from the russian military and while the president's words. Donor, he's hang together as English. What he appears to be talking about,
There's a conspiracy theory. regarding the russian attack on our election in twenty. Sixteen, the consumer See theory is that Russia colluded, Wikileaks and Donald Trump to hack the DMZ server? That's the conspiracy theory. people who don't believe in that theory, r D, bunking, a conspiracy theory. She sang the exact opposite. Ok, remember that in the summer of twenty sixteen before the election, Democratic Party was hacked, all its documents and emails were stolen. Democratic party, or to cyber security firm to come in and assess what happened. Crowd strike the Dnc hired a cyber security firm to do the investigation, the F B, I should have been doing that's called a broken chain of evidence, ladies and gentlemen, and that's why you never be able to prove the Russians hacked Dnc server because they broke the chain of evidence of custody. The F,
b. I never investigated the DMZ server. They gave it to a crowd strike which has been revealed that I don't have time to go into it to be a completely compromised company, that's a being paid for by the day and see to do their own investigation. I hope what I anyway, so that's. What she's talking about that farm was called crowd strike. The report from crowd strike on that attack was the, first public assertion that the attack on the Democratic Party appeared to have originated from Russia. Oh my god. It would the company huh by the Dnc concluded that it was Russia that has the deserts up somebody being paid, get finds a result that you actually, want them to find it's almost like when the sides is work for the Exxon say there is no global warming russian government. What the president appears to be suggesting here in this call to Ukraine. Is that somehow the hacks, Democratic party servers ended. Up in the Ukraine and crowds
strike has some ukrainian connections, which is why you, once the ukrainian President to get involved. With this I mean the whole point of this particular conspiracy, theory is that Russia didn't really again that's not a conspiracy theory. She knows it yet she's misappropriating that work. to mislead Lou, not Fox news viewers, not republican not Russians, but people who too, two msnbc for the news, that's who she's intentionally misleading right now on purpose at a hundred miles an hour at the top of her lungs and carry out the hack of the Democratic Party russian didn't really messed with our election and the twenty sixty seconds? Piracy theory that has been pushed by Russia by Russian Botz, isn't it kind of amazing? The way she calls people not buying into account by means of his jawdropping, how she does it over and over again it's not a conspiracy buried: do not buy into a conspiracy theory. Conspiracy,
there is a real! That's why people are charged with conspiracy to commit a crime all the time in court in the legal system in the United States, the Russians hacking into the Dnc, along with Wiki, leagues and prompt that is a conspiracy theory that she's pretending isn't. It could also be conspiracy. Theories could also be true. It's a hell of a journalist and licence. I mean it really is like. Where do you get one of those hey? I have this perspective in this thing here. Do you have like a body of evidence to back it up no sword, and not really, I don't know if I buy it then you're, they can see, here is the fear you lose. I wear Yes, that's what I'd noticed but would say this in the comments under some of our videos. They would say: oh Jimmy is a conspiracy. There is cause. He doesn't believe Russia hacked into our deep. That's the opposite of what a conspiracy theory is and that's how
warped people's brains are that they listen to people like Rachel Matter who was intentionally miss using that word and then repeated and she doesn't give a shit because Rachel our case, you ever notice has zero integrity, absolute Lee Zero and here's another key of her doing it. This is this is what she's doing here- is Alex Jones. Whatever p both at a watch, but whatever people think he does that's what she's doing far right sources, I'm one of the president's key political there is one that second part she's staying the people who don't buy into the Russia. They are just far right, polluted by far right, crazies in there also award winning journalists like air enmity, for the nation magazine who worked at democracy now for a decade, people like that people like Pulitzer Prize winning, journalists, Glenn Green walls who broke the Edwards
Note story, those on it just mention those peoples. Why wait there is there? Is that right wing, academic, NOME, Chomsky? Oh you, don't Chomsky, always right, winger that no chance click right winger, but the fairy goes that this attribution that Russia is the entity that attack to the democratic party. The theory goes that that attribution of responsibility for the attack to Russia is something that was jined up by this company crowd strike just as a way to make Russia look bad. That was what happened, which is why the F b. I never in never investigated the but they never get their hands on it or a look at it crowd strike. Did it breaks the custody of the chain of cuts, So it's all an invisible she to tell you any of this. Just tell you just tell back through the crowd strike, also got caught, making up bullshit about Russia that they had to retrain.
act in another incident. she's until you any of this shit, well you its highly abnormal for up for a private and private cyber firm to do the FBI job just tell you that just tell you that James call me they have. The FBI said he wanted to investigate those servers. He wanted to get his hands on it, but they couldn't why nobody ever says why so this is about. Is this draw arise out now, in the establishment, media and even a establishment politicians now the work. Conspiracy theory just refers to information. We don't like
yeah. Let's all I mean there was that example that we I laid it on the show, we're Crystal ball where that person was like yeah, oh yeah, Joe Biden. Something must just a conspiracy. Take no! No that's what happened. That's not a conspiracy theory! You talk about. Is it s? The color? Not that's! The question is not a conspiracy theory. That is because you don't like that part. Yes, you talkin about that. Democratic congressmen. Now, with crystal Ball, will yes, they asked him about the fifty thousand dollar month. Hunter Bide was getting from the Ukrainian Energy Company and he says: oh, that's, a conspiracy theory and she says that's advocates Firstly, there is a hundred bite and had a job on the energy company for fifty. That's a fact ass. A job it has actually almost makes me want each time that a politicians congressmen are senator, comes on camera on Rachel Matter. I think we first have to clear the playing field and say outward their weapons of mass destruction. Ok, There is more to this you're, not endangered, there's more to this watch this, because crowd strike some connection to Ukraine or not sure what is Ukraine
its Russia, Russia didn't really do it there being falsely blames, and maybe Ukraine can get to the bottom No, that sounds nuts, and I know it seems it doesn't sound nuts. You know it sounds nuts. Is you think that our Elect since are being run by Russia. You know it sounds us that you ve scare people into thinking that Russia can turn off their heat in the middle of a polar vortex. That's what sounds nuts. You know it sounds nuts. Is you say Russia is hiring and firing people inside drums administration at Will. That's what sounds nuts. I go mad. Oh maybe it's hard for you to be pursing that out of these incoherent sentences from the notes from the president's call on US The reason we can spell out more clearly what this theory is all about is because this is in real life, the legal defence that's being mounted. The report by the president's longtime political adviser, Roger Stone, the weight Just don't is trying to defend himself on multiple felony counts in court is by claiming that this Bunny crowd strike is secretly ukrainian and Russia
It didn't really attack the? U S. Election and Russia didn't really have the democratic parties emails. It's all a false claims by crowd strike because they have some sort of ukrainian connection. Ukrainians wanted to again He has as much evidence that Russia has the Dnc server, as George Bush had that there were wmds in Iraq. You know what the other, this the intelligence, but he told us, that's Rachel, that's everybody's everybody's proof. Is that the intelligent? we. First, it was twenty one intelligence. agencies then it was. Seventeen intelligence agencies turns out. It was just three that it was just a bunch of guys who are hand picked by the head spook at the CIA. and so I had bill beanie on here, the top cold breaker at the USA. He debunked what she's saying about the USA about the Dnc server. He debunked. It said it could been done by Russia had had to be a local guide downloading it to a thumb. Dr that's. What Bill Benny, the tab called breaker for the end of June
no evidence for saying what you're saying. No one does no one any evidence for saying Wmds, but they talked a hooker during a going to war, and that's all, this work and she still do we get even after mauler took that huge diet turn dump up testimony. He's still doing this evil. after two years of investigated Donald Trump over this and they find they stretch no evidence. She said. in doing this and she's misappropriated term, conspiracy, theory it exactly what Rob says now is just anything I don't agree with Russians to make Russia look that Russia's actually innocent. The Democrats party hacked itself. that is how Roger Stone is trying to beat his felony charges in court just this past week, the judge in this case, throughout an effort to suppress all the fruits of search warrants in his case because a register-
Some claim that, although search warrants were based on false allegations against Russia and Russia's innocent and crowd, you still has nothing to do with this. Rogers tone is thyself promoter who had nothing to do with this has nothing he wanted people to think he had something to do with Wiki eggs in Julian Assange. He has nothing to do with anyone strikes, law, asked. Servers in Ukraine might explain all of it. This is an off the deepened It really is not working for Roger Stone in court, and it's not working in the court of public opinion, either Russia really do attack our election? She just says it as a fact now they just this. Is this a fact MSNBC and CNN, and the washed impulsively. Your type is just a fact. So again, that they just say these things, but they dont ever say what they mean. So they don't mean anything. I lay continuing to attack our election running Joe Biden wreck right at it. The what kind of
what hey? I know, somebody that could lose two tromp again Joe Biden and everybody on corporate television is surrounding Joe Biden support. That's right, let's watch the rest of this is to me. This is fascinating proud Strike, didn't find that Russia attacked the DNS servers but accurate, proud strike found you mean that private company, those being paid by the Dnc defined that thing that the FBI, but a private sir, and she says it like that's normal. That's not normal you don't want. A private company do invest geishas of of elected them. bring by a foreign entity a crowd strike found that then all? U S. Intelligence and law enforcement agencies found that too. They didn't find that They asserted that there is no proof just like wmds. They all set, was there was real. There's no proof do you see how she says the do she's, just misleading people. She doesn't say now. Of course, there's no proof, but they all asserted
that every all our intelligences asserted it just like they asserted Wmds, the attribution that Russia was responsible for the attack was the basis for a twelve percent indictment against russian military intelligence officers. For Robert Zoellick, in the real world, there is no question that Russia attacked. Twenty sixteen election to benefit Donald Trump in the real world she just gets. The get made. you make up your own reality as she spends a conspiracy theory. That is evidence free and is a hoax. It's been proven to be. Oh, this is all true. Yet somehow they just couldn't nailed trump on it. but in the world that just unfolded to us today in the middle of this impeachment scandal, President Trump Not only admits to do what the president's are now going to impeach him, for he nobly concedes that he went to the governor. Government of Ukraine to try to get dirt on Joe Biden ahead of the twenty twenty election, We also learned that he is
owing to enlist Ukraine, to help him in this for to exonerate Russia for their attack on us and twenty sixteen to get what sure did wiped off the ledger somehow Why are they going back to this? So this is what makes what Rachel saying even dumber. Why would trump if what she says is true that Russia has the Dnc server in aid with in collusion with trumped Etas election Trump would know that. So then, why would trump pressure the Ukraine government to investigate something? If he knows what, if they do investigated, they'll reveal that Russia did it. Do you up saying if
from new Russia did? Why would he be here if Russia did do it and with Rachel saying is true, Trump would know that Russia did it and he was in collusion with them. So why would he be pressuring in a foreign government to investigate it? He wouldn't
what he actually knows. He didn't do it and he knows Russia didn't do it, which is why he's pressuring a foreign government to get a hold a crowd strike and find out the corruption inside crowd strike because its corrupt, that's what was happening by being clear, I think, at the end of the day I mean watching this supposed news report. This is that I mean this is like this is wing. Not shit go ahead. Along with this really is. Is she has cost? There's people who washes every night militarily, and this is, and in a lot of them properly of the right intentions. They think this is how you oppose tromp. Yes, you know and what this is. At the end of the day, though, this is a three year oligarchy, soap, opera, that she made
for the sake of ratings yup and in its because you know, faith and cable news is, you know, continues to get lower by the year because of nonsense like this. That's how bad of a conspiracy theories do our Rachel. You can't even keep it straight. It doesn't make sense that Trump would do that, but where's here's. Why he's doing it? Why? is he doing it a few rationales that you might gain out? I mean I guess they could be trying to help Roger stones, defence, the president could so just be trying to create a new revisionist history where his election and twenty sixteen doesn't have an asterisk on it because of known russian interference to try to help him when, but I would we I'd be remiss if I did not also note that there is one other, party that benefits is tromp. If Trump is able to get this done and that Russia, Russia still denies having anything to do with the twenty sixteen election interference. Part of the reason this deny it and they can't admit to where they can even brag about it as much as I'm sure they love to it is because there
two thousand sixteen election interference led to a whole bunch of quite serious sanctions against them that are really bad. Their economy and that they really really want lifted theirs. no way they can get those sanctions lifted as well where's the. U S, government still officially blames Russia for having interfered in terms of your good. This is it, and Trump apparently is trying to enlist Ukraine in trying to disprove that Russia interfered in the twenty. Sixteen, and that is just what we learned today. So she ties it up with a new concept. piracy theory. The reason why Trump is doing this is that to get back. Joe Biden, not to do but Russia So in the middle of pointing the finger at everybody else who she disagrees with calling the ball conspiracy theories, she launchers another unbelievably evidence free conspiracy, theory about the President of the United States, doing
The building of a foreign government and being a traitor to our country. that's how she ends this with an unbelievable conspiracy theory. but because she's out MSNBC, no one's gonna collar conspiracy. There is accept people like me, an errand Marty, because that's what she is she she is our Jones right there. That's it mainstream NEWS Alex Jones. She just invented a new conspiracy theory of white trumps. Doing that everyone thinks trumps doing that because of the obvious reason he wanted to get this scandal out about Joe Biden, she say he's doing this, because Putin. That's literally, so, no matter what happens in the world, no matter what
Happens: it's Putin pulling the strings, no matter what happens? It's amazing. She has attempted to draw connection to Russia pretty much every news reports given the past three years. And we ve not heard anything about Kevin Bacon. Yet to connect those degrees. Yeah means they could be easy to. Collective Putin doesn't like dancing and having a bacon was in full loose. So there you go, that's what people are watching at MSNBC, can you believe that that's what people are watching it MSNBC and now you know why people are so fuckin crazy. Now you Oh you why you can't talk to a Hilary voter and takes eighty percent of the time just on wine are crazy as Ben make it with you about the right wing may day. You can have a conversation with these people
Could you have a conversation with someone who can watch her show credulous Lee? I could. How could you what he would? Do you even start there. How do we will start to unwind the crazy there? You can start with an intervention from start to finish. It was one big fantasy. It was one big vary too from start to finish. It was all made up everything she said from start to finish was made up, including the end, which was a rationale. Her big theory, which is a conspiracy theory of wide trump, is doing this. It's amazing and I'm supposed to ever give a shit about criticism from Fuckin pukes like this, I was supposed to ever care about criticism from pukes who work for the Washington Post or the New York Times or people have cod.
tracks with MSNBC and they go on here. They don't exposed the shit. No, no! No! No! No! No! Thank you any final words. Now. Ok, we gotta there, you go, MSNBC Wrecking America worse than Fox NEWS ever. Could Liam Neeson call me again allow Liam Jimmy Liam Jimmy Lee? HU, I am, is not a very important right now. I want you to listen Marian Deadly, not closely mine, you because it flew season, but in deadly hey, you know, there's a lot more that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast How do you hear the entire phone call? You gotta become a premium member gotta Jimmy Door comedy Cobb sign up
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