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Nancy Pelosi's Impeachment Hypocrisy!

2019-12-12 | 🔗

Why Nancy Pelosi did not impeach Bush!

FBI lied to get surveillance warrants!

Phone calls from Al Pacino!  Chuck Schumer!  Rick Perry! Vladimir Putin!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Ron Placone, and Mike MacRae!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jimmy or show hence Jimmy who's, this Jimmy hi, how you doing body That's good! The year, are you calling again, as part of your long term goal to become more informed about politics. I don't really want to talk about that now. The politics today, oh well, this is a political comedy shows. I think we should probably stay on topic. I'll carry were wonderfully skip the politics of Amity Caravan Topic. I guess so gay comedy thy love comedy order. I don't want a laughing stock
hey, I got a job. I really, let's hear you Joe go. Why. First cow. say that a second girl, one Do you want from me? I'm afraid you ok that would clearly clubs. You know those comedy clubs I love those place, the comedian up on the stage and stuff like my wife, ok I'll well, thanks for car, but I think we should get back Don't you see the Irishman, yet no, not yet out you started
I gotta get Germany watched a will gives us open up down there on that flight, Well, I really have spared three and a half hours these days, AL shots everybody. Does shop, look a grudge later on your nominations by the way golden globes scream actors girl not to share, maybe an Oscar Why are you certain out loud, your chinks, sorry, the whirligigs it? I would find
A long drive a woman's right to win the three. I do so I'm up their eyes stage before world watch. I want to say one of those statements they make. You know like like, like like Michael, more some important, of course, if we get there Could you help me with it? You know stuff you. Why be honoured, but I like it. We gotta save some endangered or some shit The wild flowers on the sidewalk. or the children. I'm not really sure those are causes out how about climate change change, your wealth inequality.
And your password and Poland somewhere safe Gaza, You are my first, you get hell, I'm not sure that those are causes. Oh you, rich billionaires, who pay no taxes. Let people Right on your bouts, once in a while, you were closed, with that would actually, I dig rule We need to talk Brain, with these, ok, yeah, we'll work on this out. I gotta go buddy. russian down the toilet, just the watch
Stop sliding down the street and Johnson Media is the chance to show? Everybody worked with this week's Jimmy door. Show halo alive, Gb Door Show is gonna, be in Portland Tempi Sacra many San Jose Miami go to Jimmy Door, comedy dot com for a link predict, It's for all our lives shows coming to a town near you. Now, let's get to the joke before we get to the jokes jelly, about Youtube now, not only on the radio man. You also, and I think that the resolution will be televised, but it won't be, will be demonetized headed.
That while you weren't looking while they were doing impeachment, the Democrats help Trump pass. The new NAFTA Yeah, I'm sure the new NAFTA's gonna work. Our great remember: it's not NAFTA. It's the! U S see yea, it's not Romney care, it's Obama, care it's not an oligarchy. It's a bipartisan marketplace of ideas Did you hear over in the UK there saying Boris Johnson, Boris Johnson, hidden, a freezer to avoid, In interviewer Sean Spy, Sir call to say see dancing with a start aided year for the third time I'm this year, an era wine passenger has been stung by a scorpion during flights. That's true! Hey get your act together. Airline industry, lasting, I need to worry about. I'm flying is for some jerk scorpion
right. My emotional support, snake. Hey. Did you by Joe Biden in in our view- and I would Joe Biden said that he didn't like the possibility of republicans losing too badly quote. I'm really worried that no party should have too much power Unita revealing force. That's what Joe Biden said: yeah, I'm really worried. Voters might have too much life liberty and happiness. We need countervailing force, like Democrats, for learning. He was thinking in the latest Paul Joe then called american fat and jealousy to push up content. Jeff peso he wants to work more with the Pentagon. This is true. Mozilla employees already complaining about repetitive injuries from having to pack and throw illegal wars from the palates onto conveyor belt, one employee richly through his Oh, while lifting a wedding explosion, you see Nancy
those who tell everybody, she doesn't hate anybody. Glimpses catholic! You see that she's got really upset paper politician. tells you that they'd quote: don't hate anybody and they quote- have a heart full of love after they spent and career telling millions of poor Americans. They don't deserve. The same kind of health care. Every major country on earth enjoys you but being and abusive relationship. she's Lane Maxwell the woman who acted as Jeffrey Epstein pimp she has. been seen in months. It's puzzling how such a high a profile woman, can just disappear. For so long until you remember, and Collins has been seen in its own hollan over you, hey, what's coming up on this week, show policy is confronted about why she's impeaching preaching but didn't impeach George W Bush war, crime or torturer her answer just Mason
prize you, but the real reason will really surprise you plus the Democrats, impeachment lawyer. he just another blow hard. The answer just making surprise you pleasant, turns out. The inspector general thinks that the FBI lied to the fire at court repeatedly in the Russia Gate in bed The geisha wow we'll take a look at that plus full gulls. Today, from our budget Vladimir Putin RIP Berry and Chuckie the shoe humor less a lot lot more. That's today Jimmy Georgia. No, jim- did. You see my retirements page on twitter. You would you retiring from Rick Retirement from energy. What will what does that mean? I think
It means that from now on, there will be no energy only of ash nothingness where we blow without form or purpose in a dark void. I don't know it is hard to figure out. I guess I missed you speech Meda, jaded Transhipped, my twitter page, sir, but keep in mind it contains some. At my dog in such a master I've learned me about upon taking the throne amount apartment right. Ok, I got it today: fellow and our genes are bid farewell to the Department of Energy. Energy. Yes, it is too easy to energy, today, I bid farewell to the department of an energy he's been honour and privilege of laughed and serve the real Donald Trump administration. secretary of an energy. Thank you
My wife at my wife, my children at my house, american people had America for allowing me to serve at here. Now is very good. Rick I'm not done here. This is a many mega thread or two I assume this position with the whole heartedly endorsement of making war Washington Didn T as income. The in the lap of Americans, as was why you say because our country be even greater as the state of Texas has been ever greater under our leaders. Leadership and said sorry section as a state and the leading this country of that and leading of this the world very good? Yes, you're. What happens next for the department of it Gee Executor had already been appointed bar head present. an approval as by the Senate, whose taken you placed Rick, I don't know,
but newspaper study with my Deputy Sheriff Secretary Trump appointed your deprecatory secretary energy who's been responsible for day to day operations at the Energy Department for two years, and you don't know who that is so lacking, What for data operations a dairy farmer do years, buddy was, though I got it energy right. Yes, but I still don't know who you're talking about. Maybe that guy, who was always was don't work, is done for the last two years. Download name you his name is Dan Roulette music. I should add that for two years do not work. really how? Why is there don't stop laxative DES Balkan that all the work making my office inconsequential in allows of american Indians is. I was at the gas succeeded. Thank you
I want all United States seems to know that my departure had nothing to do with my energy work and you kind for Ukraine, energy or you Ray energy cable evil. After three years, I'm gonna get a big, o, hang and pension so Nancy policies, fantastic. You know this five day. Just gets better to capture cap was to her bones. Rags car- that's just the waiters, I'd, be less with warns. Capless doorbell, yes, nature, analogy away in a capitalist, and that is the way it is not just a way to stop it. not every listening to your changing so just shut up right now, absolutely so Ben Norton caught this, he says according to Nancy pull Nancy were capitalists and that's just the way it is below z selling lies.
thus defined illegal war of aggression isn't unimpeachable offence, but trumps calls the Ukraine are says everything about how little NEO liberal dams care about war. So here by the way in which she looks like getting ready to do any of our two to polish income. Russia has its a great feeling. Member I like to lie with my pearly white you're, going to tell you, I'm gonna give away the ending right now spoiler alert. Why did Nancy Pelosi? So Nancy Pelosi wants to impeach Trump, but she doesn't feel wanted Peach, George Bush I just a new illegal war ordered torture to cover it up. Why wouldn't you wanna impeach George Bush? Here's why this as member briefings on enhanced interrogation techniques, key ideas which means torture, so this The CIA briefing members of Congress that their torturing people that their brain
the constitution, the Geneva Convention and international law, that's the CIA! forming and who did they inform? Well, let's see this is from September fourth, two thousand to briefing on torture including the use of torture on opposite by a background on authorities and a description of the partial torture that had been employed. This was on September forth, the particular eighties. They protect got Yom side that particular III. I teach that have been employed, who, who did they tell Nancy Pelosi? They told Nancy Policy in two thousand to that. They were torturing people that they had of torture programme. That was a war crime
breaks, the constitution, Geneva conventions and international law. She knew it that her government was doing this and she didn't do anything which makes her complicit in war crimes. And now you know why George Bush was never impeached by Nancy Pelosi or even had a hearing, which is why, when Nancy Pillows, He took over the Congress in two thousand six and they were like all finally weaken can impeach this warmonger she's like impeachment off the table, and everybody was like so dejected like what, but we were just so glad to finally have a check on bushes power that nobody did anything. everybody just let it go while the reason why people let it goes cause the Mediaset The agenda in America in the media didn't Tell anybody about this. You know who did Julian Assange.
and now you know why they're trying to kill Julian Assange because he exposes them for being war criminals, all of them, and so here so here's Nancy Pelosi get nasty. If you want a peach, Donald Trump Hock, meaning
Peach Bush suitable I'll see you resisted, calls for the improvement of President Bush in two thousand six and present Trump following the Mauro report earlier this year, the chimes different. Why did you impose it? Why did you oppose engagement in the past and what is your obligation to protect our democracy from the actions of our president now? Thank you. I thank you for bringing up the question of that, because when I get now watch how much she talks without answering the question by the watch this so that you know she's guilty stay for the first time it was overwhelming car from NATO and Page President Bush on the strength of the war in Iraq, which I vehemently opposed and again I again I say again: I set set it up.
Places, I that was my wheel has always intelligence. I was a ranking member on the intelligence committee. Even before became part of the leadership a gang of four, so I knew there were no nuclear weapons in Iraq. Just wasn't there. They had to show us that show the gang before all the intelligence they had. Intelligence did not show that that that was the case, so I knew was of a misreported annotation misrepresentation. What not a! Why is it that interesting, so new as a misrepresentation, not Alai rhyme, wasn't a crime You knew it was a war crime. It was a guph
so you know was a war crime at the time, but you gotta say a misrepresentation. Ok, here we go the public, but having said that, I was, in my view, not a grounds for impeachment. That was, they won the election. They made a representation and to this day people think people think that that was the right thing to do. If you will think that Iraq has something to do with an iron, five minutes as a pop, so people think that Iraq had some doing their Levin. Why didn't you teach president, but she still won't say right now. She said why yet no she's not said why it she had. Since you won't say it, None of this. These are not done. This is an excuse. Well, she say well today, game. They ran in an election and they once I've been the didn't trumped just run an election He's not gonna, be another election in like five minutes that you could wait for so your big thing
Letting people decide again is situational you let them do you let the p will decide when you're implicated in war crimes. and when you're not implicate it in war crimes, you go after the president when what they did. But I did- and I said if somebody wants to make a case- you bring it forward, but I didn't pitched Bill Clinton for personal and discretion and misrepresenting bout. It impeached at summit meetings, wrote a few pieces homes, they lie the actual say it you don't say they bade impeached him for a personal discretion. And misrepresented for lying under oath wildly was sitting President's, that's what he was impeached for for life. on camera under oath, while he was a sin
president! That's what he got impeach for me. I suppose he loves to bring up religion when it's convenient Yasser. So I remind her that the Bible doesn't say thou shalt not misrepresent People are saying all this doesn't rise to impeachment, where the right there and Teaching Bill Clinton offer for being stupid. In terms of something like, I mean I love him, I think was a where president but being holder her eyes of that, just to tell me Nancy policy that you love him, and he was a great president already tells me all I needed right. He was a horrible president. He wrecked our country, he exploded. Our prison exposes the prince. Population gutted welfare and then he deregulated Wall Street, which crashed our economy within ten years, were at what else you need to know by about that guy and he took cut the legs out from underneath the union's with NAFTA. What else you need to know about that? Guy
we ve been better off in electing Rob bobbed. All we would have been clear was the was the was worse. Evil, yes, he'll clean was the greater evil. Did you? No, that is the enemy of the poor. You think I'm not everybody and struggling class for sure, and that naturally, Pelosi was tell me with a straight face: ain't right now. Can I didn't really rise to the occasion of somebody who should be impeached? Ok, let's paused there, how about Georgia the bush that doesn't rise to the occasion. I don't believe you talk about it. You won't talk about Lucy Morris, what she says and what, with somebody do not to embarrass her family but in any event and there, so they can now they will manage this suggestion wanted to be a way of life. She won't say George by us what it is always happen to my also it so if we would have it if the Republicans would have a didn't, Pittsburgh trial for Obama, you wouldn't be a peak impeaching trump. Now, because you don't want to happen.
Does anyone believer and then to end? Your whole thing is that Trump is a liar and you guys aren't that's your whole thing. and every time you talk you're lying. So that's what drives me not when people talk about trumps. A liar is anyway, the bigger liar than Nancy Policy who wouldn't prosecute war criminals be just because she wanted to become in every time they thing, while the fact that she citizen backlash for it kind of proves once and for all, that, a bunch of really bad excuses. Don't make a good one yeah! You can string together as much as you want. There still are real, a bad excuses and not the truth and not the truth? So if they would impeach George Bush, we wouldn't have Donald Trump. Because we would have had a leader, the democratic leader would have been complicit war crimes and maybe maybe we could have had some actual governing, but probably not so again. Donald Trump made possible because
of the corruption, the unbelievable corruption in the Democratic Party, Nancy policies implicated. in war crimes, which is why George Bush walks the earth cause she's complicit in war crimes, but she's gotta give Donald Trump for a phone call to Ukraine. God, George Bush, didn't call Ukraine, because then she would have had to impeach him and then it would have been. You know I get every day normal part alive when it resident. Does a war crime you gotTa Beecham? That's really your defence, that I don't want to Peter President committed war crimes because the we impeached Clinton, that's what you say in public would have been tired of it. Yes, as a crime, we can't, sure those were war. Crimes in our brothers and sisters and sons and daughters are over their fighting for no reason, but we just we did it at last guy. We can rest
by the way I maybe one I'm her age I'll, be speaking like my teeth, you're about to fall out of my mouth to, but that's how she speaks. She can't speak clearly she can barely string together. Two sentences does any. Can anybody think that she's a clear speaker she supposed to be a leader? This is like she has the community, Patients skills of somebody and call centre in another country, This is about an old, she sang the it's. What you like starts her legs we'll start her sentence and then shall pause and then shall I gather her talking point yeah kind of spewing out and she gets it from like the talking point fact sheet or whatever it is they have, and then she rents is in reply. It is why every remember I'm a masher legislate better and I am sure I lost a thousand seeds, but it wasn't mine ah
What is her master legislation from this congressional she's, a fundraiser where? No that's it, that's a thing. So is there anything more to this was our S mother report other was a good deal of the academic said that she can't even try and this is on regular speed, Henry both on regular speed. This is our normal voice, she's, the third most power the person in the world. Videos on regular speed and quite possible, so she, while talking hang on Nuala, that's She talks. Normally I'm not kidding, there's a big.
Deal that she talks like that. I brought it up before, but this is unbelievable that everybody in the country look the other way that Nancy Pelosi can't talk clearly and tell you. We ve talked about this before, like. If you had to all of us- and I had a week you out of bed- and you could do your set- you can You wrote if you had a wake me up out of a sound sleep. I could do my forty five minute headline set and if you're running for office, I bet you You're platform could tell my stump speech. We walked out of a sound sleep when giving might stumps be, and if we were to ask Vanity Pelosi, what did the Democrats stand for? She would stammer like she does all the time.
a better, a better Wherefer get good we're, not yarbs we're for good jobs and of other that's how she talks and this president. Then she just be done tat. Would you, member? What's the movie world police, the South Park movie the first one that they may be a Jew member like at the end? Where light there, our Baldwin's characters being proven wrong. So he just start saying a bunch of yes words, yes, and he just like put democracy and freedom, and it s like saying a bunch words. That's what she reminds me yeah like that and seen where it's like they don't really have anything to say of a start spewing out buzzwords ill of the academic said in a thousand thousand legal expert wrote a statement that said the mother report.
A peach. What's in, there is unimpeachable, she does sound drunk all the time was in there is our patient pizza peace with occasional Dubai, Peter Peter out loud that allows a semi legal experts by plows that it wasn't so much of what the Mulder report will be more clear want. Some of the court cases are resolved, but it wasn't so clear to the public, the Ukraine this removed all doubt it was self evident that the president, MR undermined, our national security, jeopardize the integrity of our elections as he violated his oath of office. There's just if that something that cannot be ignored.
You know what's it but she conduct, but she can ignore war crimes and ignored and invade illegal invasion of Iraq, which kills a million people. She can ignore a lot of stuff, but she can ignore a phone call to Ukraine. and now you know why the Democrats don't mind losing again their heart. This This is the leader and a cause. Your court has voted for her to be the leader this. Their leader and by the they voted for after she shifted right after daisy pillows,
move to the right, all the democratic vote of her while the progressives, all that that they voted for big mistake. Big mistake is: what can it she's gonna move to the right next time and they're gonna move to their keyboard. That fact, what the fuck are you doing this and in what is now suppose, you done to oppose trump this this congressional session. What does she done? They they funded as border. While what does she to stand up against them? You gotta tax could, through they get their fast tracking, is judges. Given the Patriot ACT gave him. The patriot gave gave a more spying powers. How are they opposing him opposing trump?
Why is it not opposing job because they are the establishment and they would have to oppose the establishment to oppose trump, because that's a trump represents just since two thousand legal experts using nosing am Dummy Europe posing yeah? That's great! that's a budgetary policy actually drunk magic? Can you imagine that a cave number be very similar? At least I hope so be really concerned? Otherwise I mean Isn't funny we find out, she starts a day with a quart of vodka. We. Finally, when we find that out, she can afford it yeah. I know people start today of the court of Vodka and therefore they function no yeah. I do too My god is that a conspiracy theory that Nancy Policy starts day with a quarter. Vodka.
Oh my god. That's a crazy conspiracy! Theory! Listen to this sound bite! I got this crazy conspiracy theory. I grabbed it off the internet cause I'm an activist. hey, you know, we no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not do in that. We're not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show. Is you become a premium where we give you a couple of hours of premium bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show you could do it by going to Jimmied or company that cop clicking on joint premium and supposed affordable, Privy approach, grab the business and it's a great way to help put them back in the eye. The bastards thanks for who was already a premium member and if you have it you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content. Thanks for your support, Jesus Vladimir Putin not found now people are gonna keys. We have been a russian asset again: yellow
Jimmy You know I is, I know who I know who you are. I know it is me You know it dies. We know each other nor a Bible I Vladimir you will not show girl. Took congratulations with me or not ceasefire with green. Well, of course, that's good news. You Maud I blame, The first, by granting myself really sometimes We should be doing Europe. Bertha seriously I'd like to laugh with you, but I'm really tired of getting called a russian asset Vladimir
I know what you mean. I get gold at all that the model for night punchline bag and data. The letters there. What started this war to begin with mean it seems pretty complicated, could use listen to me, like I'm, a typical American, and can you keep it simple? What's going on with you in Ukraine, of course, Jerry no problem, you see around forty five thousand b c member balls set Bolton! Oh no! No! No way after all get forty thousand years late? Thirdly, all with experience move them in the no no, no fast forward, bled thirty two which part the Greeks. No no no more more recent. Roman, no, Ukraine
heard problems in Ukraine grain? What Ukraine was part of Russia, beginning around thirteenth century, boring d, not pc that, whether all right, then, what The russian revolution in nineteen seventeen- you grain- becomes a falling member of the union and in the night what these Bolshevik Government Institute Social Security benefits. universal health care, education right to work, right, lousy, night fell within Ukraine. Prosper! Why will what happened with that? starting from power in this? But how are we going to pay for it? Then he kills everybody.
But what's the root of the conflict going on today, He has production president without that in two thousand and fourteen political duty towards the west and away from Russia's traditional sphere of influence in Eastern Europe Grain. While we support the dawn by separate this international, these thoughts we have no direct involvement in the conflict but western Ukraine accuses for waging war on its territory, which was part of Poland, which was part of Russia, as was a God, stop Jesus. This is boring. You know what All that's too hard to understand. Glad not now get why Democrats love war. So much is just easier that way. No yeah! Sorry we're gonna, hope the cease fire does. Alas, all we can keep fighting a proxy war with you guys, it's more so. That is why the learning history and junk you see
We can't have nice things. So if you ve been watching the impeachment hearings, congratulations, you got a lot of Rita. I was listening to the impeachment hearing this morning when I was what making breakfast and then when I walked my dog and Was hilarious again hilarious because it's all the clown show now there's is invested. The inspector general has been looking into. How did this Russia Gate Investigation get started and difficult? started on false premises. At the F b, I mean meaning what meaning the inspector generals trying to figure out what you say it job and introduce the F B. I stepped go out of bounds the day over reached or constitutional authority, and act like on elected arbiters, of how our election should vote. Yes, they did, but that's the question so here it is
here's the hairs the year. This is from the office of the inspector general at the Department of Justice as the review of four vice applications and other aspects of the FBI's Cross Fire Hurricane Investigation now the whole the whole rush things based on this fight. These vice application Meaning they go into a secret court which no one gets to hear what happens, and you don't get to presented defence. Nothing like that, just the f B. I goes in and meets with with the judge and they go look. This is what this is all the evidence and with what we say. It's true and the Dodge goes well, that's true! Go ahead, go you can tap everybody's phone in the White House. This is what sort of fires awareness and you can read every email and listen to every phone call, that's where fires, awareness and, and so the whole point of it they're looking into what were those applicant? Was it on the up and up. The daylight, the fire, a court.
oh, by the way, here's the so the director general's report comes out and it is exonerates Thea. we are their conclusion is though, they had a lot of problems with the FBI's investigation in the way they got there are their Pfizer wards They say they say till the F B. I didn't do anything that wrong their conclusion. It stood still. Ok, that was their conclusion, and so, when you go to Huffington Post. This is their headlines. Why? Wouldn't it be the headline from the inspector general? I mean that it is. Reach the FBI in any wrongdoing. Trump is wrong. Why, that be your headline. Why wouldn't that be your headline instead its. Should headlines about GB tantrums? That's! That's! That's out of story! That's not a substantive new story!.
Why? Well here I have to go down the page there from pay. You have to go down all the way to the almost the bottom and you see their here's, the story. It says: Department of Justice Watchdog, finds FBI justified in opening trump probe comma, but sees problems with Pfizer applications. That's the whole crux of the God: Damn FBI investigates it and that's why it's not the headline. that's why it's not the headline! That's why and if you go to their the article on this at the watched imposed, I mean at the husband post. It says there is no evidence that the Ep wise ice decision to open an investigation into the Trump campaigns connections to russian twenty. Sixteen was influenced by political bias. According to a justice department, inspector jet, girls report released Monday that largely
debunked. President Donald Trump conspiracy theories. about the origins of the Russia probe. So now I immediately distrust the writer of this article. So now conspiracy, theory and conspiracy. Theorist is Joe, The term used against someone who you don't agree with politically, because the Democrats idea of what happened in Ukraine is also a conspiracy theory. Russia gate is a conspiracy theory, but they never call it that. Why? Because there, the establishment in the guy who wrote this further hopping imposed is a watchdog of the establishment and that's why he'll never say the Democrats are pushing it. Conspiracy, theory or the establishment is but he'll say Trump is even though Russia Gate was a three year. Conspiracy theory, they which the word and called it collusion, so that you couldn't call them conspiracy out. Do you see how they do
and then they all do it I don't want to believe a damn thing. This guy says in this area. This happened in posts article, because why do you Do that I know you gotta do that because you're pushing propaganda, that's why Why else would you do that? Why would you say which debunks or contradict, President Donald Trump assertion about. Why? Wouldn't you to say his assertion? That's the way a news person would right that this is the way a propagandist would write that well done and then at the bottom. It says, but the report said: FBI attorneys fail to properly vet applications to monitor their communications of former campaign official Garda, that's kind of the key thing and the deposed reports. It has its nothing, which is why not?
the front, which is why not the headline on their front page and why they have to do, can state whether Have to do propaganda in the middle of the article. What's the first paragraph, so let's break down what the idea report actually says. Michael Tracy tweeted this out now two four hundred page report: let's find out, what's in it Michael Crazy, says the idea report says that Carter page Pfizer request, through almost entirely from the steel dossier, to establish probable cause. That page was facilitating a well developed conspiracy between Russia and Trump. This was such an enormous fraud. Some break that down for you. The idea report says the Carter page Pfizer request, request true, so Carter, page pop adopt lists to tag gently
barely connected with the Trump Administration campaign they go and used. It work these guys and get a Pfizer worn through these guys and here's what it says. So by the way, this steel dates as it was or was based on the steel dossier, which has been discredited due note to steal Dossier was the steel dossier. Was Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party paying up spy, a foreign spy, this guy steel to dig up dirt on Trump, and where did he go to dig dirt up? He went to Russia still oh colluded conspired with people in Russia to dig up dirt on Donald Trump and who is I'm doing Hillary Clinton was that's the steel dossier. Just so you know, that's the steel, the that's the p, that's where they that's where they claimed trumps.
Pete on not totally dismayed up totally made up. And here- and here it is from the report, how reduces the first line a region of this is from the idea report, and I read you the first line. The first line says the Pfizer request form drew almost entirely from deals reporting in describing the factual basis to establish probable cause to believe that page was an agent of a foreign power, so all that. That's what made the judge go over this guy's working with Russia and he's an agent of Russia and he's working with Trump. We better put a phone tap on the Trump administration, and it turns out that that that request, that's all bulshit, the steel dossiers bullshit and sell them doing that compromises. The whole thing, in fact, would Michael Steel says
is there was clearly zero legitimate basis for a final word on Carter page, which totally negates Accord Tenant of the entire rush investigation, but the media screaming that the FBI was somehow gloriously vindicated and they weren't. the FBI using our right fabrications, annulment, being he countervailing facts to obtain a final word on a: U S, citizen, so the f B. I goes to the fire, a court they give them, for. Us information and then leave out the real information that would be scope, a Tory? That's what you're FBI is doing, that's what they did. They went to the fire, a court and allied they used a phoney b
Opposition Research and they held back the part of it. That would have actually hurt their case I'll, read it again: FBI using outright fabrications and omitting key countervailing facts to obtain a fire. Worn out a! U S. Citizen may be the most invasive form of surveillance available to the. U S. Government is a gigantic civil liberties scandal, but the most but expect most media to ignore and downplay this, which is exactly what I showed you off. It imposes doing. Fbi official told the inspector general get this FBI official told the expect inspector general that the steel dossier he would not have thought they could establish probable com.
does without the steel dossier. So without the steel dossier, this thing that's completely debunked was paid for by Hillary Clinton was gotten by a foreign spy who paid for it. formation from people inside Russia and the Kremlin. According to him, so they got dirt on Donald Trump. The exact thing Hillary Clinton is accusing Donald Trump's campaign of doing getting dirt from the Russians to use against her in an in a campaign is exactly what she actually did. Isn't that interesting. I reported that here before. and so we ve been told for years that the central of the steel dossier to the rush investigation was a GEO Pekin Spear. receipt theory we ve been,
told for years that these send travesty of the steel dossier to the rest. In the rush investigation was a g o p. Conspiracy theory turns out it's not two hundred percent fact: the iter, the inspector General report, exe Please, ITALY, false FBI for never disclosing in multiple Pfizer applications that Christopher Steel was desperate, that Trump not get elected and pay shit about him, not being the? U S, president, but journalists are Celebrating that the FBI was cleared of all political bias, so they didn't tell any of that stuff, so they just went in. They hoodwinked defies adjudged what the F b I did. and this is revealing, that the inspector general admits it, but he still conclude somehow
The FBI's investigation wasn't bullshit. Isn't that interesting? It's a stray its rich and it strange how snarking and Kool aid- journalists are focusing on how this Idee report supposedly undermines q and on as if crackpot internet. True Those are the paramount issue here instead of enormous civil liberties violations at the high. So what journalists are is like see, you guys are all nuts about Q and that's not where everybody is talking about we're talking about the mass enormous civil liberties violations that this and the like. By the FBI and the inherent corruption of the fire. A court.
Yeah me, what we should be talking about is ok if they can follow this process. For somebody who is the president of the United States, a very powerful position, we're gonna process, could they follow for just a general person right how easily could they get exactly what they want for any given person while run that's a scary thought if they, while like let's say I somehow tumble down to a piece of information that was gonna blow open a story about an illegal war, let's say sought somehow someone sent me something had stumbled on. They gotta shut us down. They got its act, they ve already to try to discredit us. They worry paying people to write smear articles. The government is paying people through rights miracles on us, so which means, moreover, over the target.
right, that's bait. They wouldn't not do that. They wouldn't do that if we were, if we were fucking idiots and we didn't know what was happening, we weren't over the target. That's what that's that need to catch. A lot of flack when you're over the target, and so if they get what I'm saying if they can do this to a president, to get a tap on all their phones, every Emma magic they could do to you magic people will point to this. I want to show you this This is also in the report which doesn't make sense. so we member in the report, it says we relied almost exclusively on this ca to get the Carter page FISA Warrant, which is, as he points out with a key tenant of the Russia investigation. But here the F bit, the report can clean Spectre. General concludes page that I'm going to it says four hundred and eighty five, it says Weed Eater
and that the election reporting from Christopher Steel played no role in the opening of cross fire hurricane? What that doesn't make sense that doesn't make sense, which is why. Dunham, Durham and BAR reject the Justice Department Inspector General findings that too I declare the FBI in the Trump Russia its probe, so this is Durham. So this is a story from the Hartford current. Says Connecticut: U S attorney John H, Durham, who is leading the just departments, criminal investigation, of how the F B, I open a Russia collusion case against President Donald Jade trumps. Twenty sixteen campaign campaign disputed the scent
troll conclusion of the long awaited inspector general report Monday that the bureau was justified in opening the probe. So so people have a lot of problems with bar right. They say how compromise, but I haven't heard people say this about Durham. Yet maybe they are but. He just got by partisan agreement to become U S attorney based on evidence collected today and while Our investigation is ongoing. Last month we advise the inspector general that we do not agree with some of the report's conclusions as to predication and how the FBI case was open. Durham said now, It's a big deal for daring to say that, because Durham rarely speaks publicly about anything and his,
statement Monday about an active investigation. Was highly unusual for him, so Why did he do it? Well, a sore, said he was responding in part to a new. Account from Washington a week ago. That said, he that he believes mistakenly Ray Ported that he knew of no evidence that could contradict Horwitz his conclusion: that's the eternal Japan Inspector general. In other words, somebody said Durham School with all this by our way and he was like love avoid new, so it was being reported he's in the news that Durham is cool with the inspector generals report and their conclusions. That's being reported and he's like. That's not correct. That's why I'm coming out today. They say. No, not! No! Do not agree with the conclusions.
It is. We do not agree so also The attorney general bar said the inspector Jenny. Report now makes clear that the F b I launched an in. of investigation. Of a. U S. Presidential campaign on the thinnest of suspicions that, in my view, were insufficient to justify the steps taken. It is also clear that, from its inception, the evidence produced by the investigation was consistently exculpatory, so he saying when they were investigating Russia Gate what they kept finding was information that actually, exonerated, the president's that's consistently exculpatory, that's what that means right, professor,
So. Nevertheless, the investigation and surveillance was pushed forward for the duration of the campaign and deepened to president trumps. Administration bar was proved particularly critical of repeated FBI. Applications made too Pfizer Court for four warrants targeting Trump Campaign Volunteer Carter- page a U S neighbour, Academy graduate who interacted frequently with Russians as an energy consultant. in the rush to obtain an maintain Pfizer surveillance of Trump campaign, associates FBI officials, misled the Pfizer court, omitted critical, exculpatory facts from their filings, and suppressed, or ignored information negating the reliability of their principal source. So what there
Saying is that when we all knew that, that's they do that with every Pfizer case. It's Now we have an attorney general looking into it, because, wherever the finest of thought, secret from pad to declassified defies accord hearing stuff so that they could look at it so I'm a bit, I'm pretty sure it's pretty well known. I know I know and build any knows it that the F b I lie I say, defies accord on the regular, and so the fact that the FBI officials misled the fires accord to get a surveillance wiretap on the Trump campaign is not surprising at all. That's what they do.
and, of course, when they investigated they found out that they did that and they also found out even worse. They kept back information that contradicted them. The inspector general found that the explanations given for these actions unsatisfactory. So even the inspector General Report said that the explanations given for those actions around the fire? A court were unsatisfactory, yet the inspector general still concluded the F B. I was a ok original, ok, while most of them conduct identified by the inspector general was committed in twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen by a small group of now for- or FBI officials the malfeasance, an malfeasance deep, I dont Missus and Miss visas. That's too that's two different word
two different pheasants man, while detailed in the inspector general report, reflects a clearer abuse of the five and process. Now we told you out of it, but that's that's just matter. of Cane. When Bill Binny came on the show, he explain how this works and I expected them to I expect them to find way worst stuff what they found that they like. thou idler? Does it get worse than that the FBI's lying And their misleading, the F defies a court. Why is that so bad, because there's a needle git to theirs there's no adversarial process. It defies a court that Why you don't get to send your lawyer to say this guy's fulla shit? That's not right! They don't none of that. They just here from the government. ok, so that's it and Durham. So there you go so now you.
No, the rest of the story- and let me through my panel was, is surprising at all, not surprising at all and well. All of this has been going on, which he Nokia mind this whole thing, starting from Russia Gate to present. If this was a tv show what have been cancelled. A couple season Sancho, but while this has been going on just within the past week or so Patriot, ACT got renewed and seven hundred and fifty thousand people lost their food stamps right. You know, I mean all these things that working we feeling the effects of long after this political feeder ease. finally over which they won't be over until terms in office rise point? You know we bore it won't be over till. Then, though, and this is going, this is until he's out of office anything again anything except for the Democrats to actually
be him at the value at the ballot box, and you know what you're scared of if they want to pretend that Joe Biden would be able to go up against him during a debate and not think that Trump is going to just mopping up on for about Ukraine and his son Hunter Biden and all by an ever has is first I'll know that my son's business Yet- and I trust him we'll wait a minute if you're running for president and you don't care about your sons, business that compromises your business, son, you're, you're, negligent right, your kid gets, kicked out of friggin armed forces, that's not my business, but by would lose You wouldn't even be a strong loss, but it would be a bad one. Be bad. So here is James. Call me the inspector general Super came out and he said so was all eyes: no treason. Oh spying, on the campaign. No taping trumps wire note
happy trumps wires. It was just good people trying to protect America. What the F r you fuckin talkin about. What the hell even know, what he's talking about and he says I I offered to go on fox and friends. So he knows Most people are going to read the inspector general report batteries counting on now. Nine point. Ninety nine percent of the people in the country are going to read the report so they're not gonna, know what's in it, and we're going to show you a little bit what's in it right now says f why I offered to go on fox and friends to answer all questions, so very tough, guy he's very tough car he's courageous is not afraid of anything. I can't chain their view, I can't change their viewers on Donald Trump, but hope to give them some actual facts about the FBI
they booked me for tomorrow. At eight, a m they just cancelled must have read. The report sounds like you didn't read the report. cares: Maria here's Maria, but a photo inviting you want her show and you ducked it she says why don't you join mornings with Maria on Fox Business or Sunday futures on Fox NEWS, we'd love to have you Let me no three thousand five hundred likes. I don't think he's, let her know yet, let's eat, maybe he will go on we'll see He didn't respond to her tweet right on lyrics. This is right underneath his and it's got three thousand and five like so he knows about the tweet by the way she I love this. She goes translation Cobeac,
when he lied to the a court in order to spy on Obama's campaign tribes of on trumps campaign at the behest of Obama and Brennan that that's what really happened. I go open invitation to come on the Jimmy door, show and defend the reputation of the F B. I I can't wait. One point three thousand likes. He still has responded. He's gonna respond to be. I you're, not fox new you're, not fox. Do sir, the ones they cancelled on me.
Ah, it so easy to dunk on these guys. You not like. I wish I should do yesterday or the day before Friday. Eleanor day was, but I showed you that the impeachment trial is such a shit. Show there there's there so horrible that shown, Hannity gets to look good shown. How did he gets to become a truth? Teller right? That's how bad it them you prop up narrowly trump. You prop up the Republicans. Here is a quote from that inspector general report: our review founded the F B. I personnel fell far short of the requirements in F B. I policy that they ensure that all factual statements in a five application are scrupulously accurate
fell far short, meaning they lied to the a court. So if there is an adversary to check them, meaning checked the FBI they're going to lie. That's who the FBI is that you James call me is that's a robber. Smaller is their professional lie. Hers, professional liars, so James call me now come on. The show is that exactly accept our invitation. He's not gonna come on the show sure he can go not you a bunch of morons on Fox Morning Box and friends,. But he will come on this. You no way no way hello. Jimmy Schumacher, air sob senator drugs humor
Or of the Senate, how are you master the Senate leader is so vague, deal with real issues affecting every day Americans by Night mild mannered shock sure, but Friday. I am master the Senator Charles Schumer, hey, you know, there's a lot more to that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You got to become a premium member, go to Jimmy Dore, comedy com, sign up most affordable premium programme business today show was written that right, it was written by breakdown of Jim Earl, Rob Latona steps. Memoranda would mark by land with all the voices at eight.
form by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae, who can be found at MIKE Mccrae dot comes that's it for this week, you be the best you can be I'll. Keep me in me don't don't, don't you don't you Don't worry, I'm worried.
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