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NEERA TANDEN: Perfect Choice For BIDEN Administration!

2020-12-03 | 🔗

Progressives Can Force A Vote on Medicare-For-All!

Pelosi's Stimulus Half The Size of Trump's!

Featuring Stef Zamorano & Mike MacRae!

Phone Calls from Hillary Supporter! Joe Biden! Chuck Schumer! Bernie Sanders!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme, the Jew Medora show hello. This is Jimmy who's, this On the general supporter. Oh wow, artillery supported we haven't heard from you in awhile well, yet I've been very busy with work. No, I am unable to work. Thank you. I've been very busy with managing my anxiety, if you must know worry about Gettin Colville. I hear you know actually fans Does it bother unrelated anxiety problems, I'm rarely able to leave my apartment and- and I wear a mass for comfort in self soothing to Baghdad. Everybody out that also the unwary masks makes it so my condition is less you
They get I'm receiving much less sympathy invalidation online for my unique says I am accustomed to, and that is causing a great anxiety. I see a bizarre to hear that Hilary support hope you die. Why are you colleague, Hilary supporter, I am calling because for once I am thankful, oh really, for what for Joe Biden, step of bad air there is get shit die. Why It shall be near I'd. Really, yeah If we get a reality in the White House, elite least, we could have a fierce Clinton loyalist in there. Somewhere you put a loyalty to the to the Clinton dynasty above all else, including party and it's stupid, stupid
country. I see I see We have to have another dumb man, president, no man, gentlemen, Joe Biden. He will be surrounded by powerful women of color, so finally They will be respect for Bali, autonomy in a white house. Again bodily autonomy near attendant punched, a reporter for asking Hillary Clinton about the Iraq war get off pussies what Hilary supporter, I'm a journalist has now been interrogating Hilary about our record leave, the boy, the Iraq war, but with them twenty years ago get over it Amelia dad. I Iraqis, what ever you get over it. History, no job Now, while ok
the real reason I'm excited at near as the nemesis, the net this system will of Falcon standard I'll, make sure that he didn't get the nomination changed the one and he has to face Yes, you are correct. She helps avert our democracy. That is true scares me. She saved our democracy with by the way we should be matriarch anyway, he's gonna hafta about chicken. Her or else or else one. many probably got a vote for her, but still I can't wait. There stood a confirmation hearing in that strong, beautiful voice of hers. She Vulcan party about all his crimes. That's not what happens in the Senate. Confirmation hearing oh honey, you just don't get do you know
white Man, ways of doing things, are over women I pointed it sit around to be told to be quiet anymore. Is going to stand up and call Bernie out as a racist in a massage earnest everyone what year did she will be confirmed. Sorry but your reign of terror is over, I know of that's what you are extremely deluded Hilary supporter? Thank you, Here I would have thought him out of that, then it she can, do that only the voters of Vermont can do that. Excuse me. Jealous strong woman have collar that she can accomplish something devoted strong women of color is worth millions. It's stupid, white people, Vermont! Everybody knows that sorry, you live in the medieval times or whatever, gay then
It's gonna coordinated Hilary weed. Old, have agreed in this country. Hilary supporter, yeah, yeah, ok, thanks for walkin us through your fantasy world Hilary supporter but Afraid this is no longer informative for our audience. Excuse me is not my job to educate you. It is my job to speak no matter how gathered from reality. It may be I'm glad you look forward to the corporate. Is health gape that will be the bite and administration Way gallery left corporations are so do I called when loyalty? And it's a virtue I got I missed you have a recent border view.
thousands of jobs in the chimney to show ivory workers with Jimmy Door. She would give to the joke people. We get a job showing her you don't just because you manatee is waging a suicidal war on nature. That doesn't mean you can't still enjoy the first month of Netflix free. If you sign up now, Aye President Barack Obama just completed the purchase of his eleven point: seven: five million dollar waterfront home. That's my Maybe community organizer Jesse purchase than eleven point: seven: five million dollar waterfront home on me. Those vineyard,
Boy, those ten years of telling brothers to pull up their pants, really paid off Hey did you see this morning said of Majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell choked up and shed a few tears, while bid Farewell to his friend retiring Senator, Lamar Alexander MECCA cheers were then gathered up at a time capsule and forever and trying with Nancy Reagan's bat failed womb, you'll I've grey Both to the universe for eventually crashing in on itself, hence crushing everyone who owns a range rover, hey. What's opened up by today's Jimmy George Orwell House prison. Relatives can force a vote on medical care for all wait. What year That's really and we need your help, how can for a vote on Medicare for all the answer. Just may surprise you, or will it plus Joe Biden, is picking his cabinet. We find out
At compulsive liar and warmonger near at hand, and is the perfect choice provided administration plus Nancy Pelosi is pushing a stimulus plan. That is of what Rob was offering before the election. Broccoli common complaints about sloppy slogans. That's right! Their hope would. Change, will tell you why the problem of society is the Black lives matters, messaging strategy, plus we got phone calls today from Joe Biden, Barack Obama, chirped humor and Hillary supporter plus a lot lot more. That's today, I'm the Jimmy Dore I have got an actual plan to get us a vote. care for all in the some representatives. What. All that is required. To get a vote on Medicare for all in the House of Representatives is four fifths.
congressional progressives to use their power. Will they. because American needs Medicare for all right now. Ok,. We're in the middle of a pandemic has people are losing their employment. They also lose their health care. This does it happen. In any other. First world industrial country on the planet. and just so you know what is, happening right now, the government denying? U else care in the middle of a pandemic, viz Is not normal. no matter what they say. This This is not acceptable or normal Congress. just gave trillions of dollars to the top billionaires subsidizing Wall Street frenzy of profiteering, wild millions of families are on the financial brink.
Not only does American need Medicare for all America wants Medicare for all you think I'm kidding there. It is. The solution is one of the most power, Your policies in the nation what the most popular policies of a nation which is supported by overwhelming wellmere majorities of democratic Party voters, and Supported by the majority of Republic, CAN party voters, yet the devil Craddock Party Majority, speaker of the house. Has never put Medicare for all on the floor for a vote. Who did they really work for. And now democrat Let's have nominated Nancy policy to be the speaker of the house again with out a challenge.
To win the. How speakership policy needs to secure the majority of the full house. The house votes the first, of January. This is our leverage. Now is our time. It's our time now I call upon all elected house members, All the members who ran on better care for all for all the members who are part of the progressive caucus in Congress. All the members of the squad What we need to do now is we need to work together. As a movement What do we need? We need this team Democrats That's all we need fifteen I'm regrets to tell Nancy Pelosi there. you will not vote for her as speaker. Unless matter care for all, is put on the house floor for a vote. That's it
It's really that simple! Now I was the type of progressive to exercise their power play. Hard ball and use their power for the benefit of their constituents. Pramila, Jayapal, Medicare, J, Pelles Medicare for all legislation, house resolution, thirteen. Eighty four, I want You tell Nancy Pelosi to put that legislation on the floor for a vote. Make pillows a promise on video in writing or in public that she's going to do that. no vote for Nancy Pelosi unless Medicare for all was put on the house for for a vote. There's nearly a hundred members of the progressive caucus, theirs a hundred members look at this. We only need fifteen members to pull this off.
fifteen members withholding their vote for Nancy Pelosi will show that progressives are willing to exert power to help the people force. Nancy Pelosi to show the entire country what's more important to her putting Europe. Speakership at risk following donors, orders. Or getting Americans healthcare This is where you for Progressive House members, to reveal who they answer to do they? answer to their constituents or do they answered to the party bosses? aggressive caucus, the squad Alexandria your Cortez Ion oppressively Roquat embark, Polecat, Debbie, Dingle, Ill Han Omar Julie, Garcia, Corey, Bush,
eighty porter Jamal Bahman receded to leave Karen Bass, Jamie Ruskin, Marie New men and Barbara Lee? That's all we need. We need progressive voters to play every one of them. If you voted for them, please ask them. Are you fight Yours or are you careerists? Are you activists for the people or are you posers on twitter. Is health care, just a carrot to dangle in front of voters. You can win your next election. Or are you gonna fight for it Here's your chance p people's lives hanging in the balance, and I call on everybody and independent media to join this mission. You want a solution. You want an idea, you want.
New thought on how we can handle this problem here? It is and everybody who has come after me with bad faith. The tax- I forgive you. Join Mean Medicare for all join me in this anybody. I've gone after who sincerely wants to see Medicare for all enacted. Forgive me. We need to work together? I take no ownership of this. We do this together. This is beyond just our Youtube channels or whatever. We must realise that this is not a fight over abstract concepts or nuanced ideological differences. This is the cure for all peoples. Actual lives depend on us doing this workers. People mothered students, our friends, our neighbours, our own families, we gotta call upon progressives who are elect Did officials the Elect
officials, that you help to get elected all upon them with one voice. no vote for Nancy Policy and light Medical care for all is put on the house floor for votes. And if we are able to do this, I will take Everything I've ever set about everybody. I'll put my words in a big pot port catch up on it and I'll eat. Em. But I'm begging you now Was not the time to protect your elected officials, please Rest assured the progressive elected officials in Congress to please withhold their vote first speaker and get us a vote on medical care for all.
And make me eat every word. I've ever said about the squad in their strategy of pushing the Democratic party I would love to now is the time. We need to make sure people have healthcare matches a pandemic, but after the pandemic and beyond. Matter care for all is low hanging. Fruit debate Medicare for on the floor of the house and medical. For all wins: that's why They won't bring it up for a vote progressive movement has been ready to fight this battle, and now is the time to fight this battle. No for Nancy Policy until better care for all was put on the house floor for a vote making It's Pelosi promise on video in writing and in public
Of the Congress to show which side are they really on. So what happens if they Its policy has Fifteen Democrats, who are willing to withhold their vote while she has to say she's, going to bring Medicare for all to the floor, Or she says, I'm still not doing that in our report look can get selected as the speaker, so it's up to her To her, do you give people Medicare Ferralti? Let the Republicans take over the house. and this is something the progressives could do. And I am urging them to do it. You want a solution. Here's your solution, here's your chance to actually stand up for the people and get us Medicare for all. This is a chance to do it. are they going to do it? We're going to see right now what side. Those progressive elected members of the house are on. Are they
Your side or the other, The side of the establishment do they. Take orders. or do they make demands of power because power concedes nothing without demand, and here is where you play hard ball. I voted for Nancy Pelosi as speaker until she promises to bring Medicare fraud on four for a vote and it Means the Republicans guitar does bigger than I am I'm willing to play. That kind of hardball are the. Breast was willing to do that. Fingers crossed the potential of the Senate, chucks humours on the phone hello, oh good friend, New York's pro. Your senator chairs shall be humor at your service and am I ever so delighted You seem a good spirits chuck. boy am I ever I been meetings? how many bright, eyed and bushy tailed public servants today. Guess you white,
assumed with gas I don't know if I'm not your papa socks off buster hope I get an aims. Pretty good die just got up soon, only Blake and have rural hay, and it was literally like forty, watch rushed through all three of minorities. Three of your nerves of minorities. you're, not markets. hey Tony Blink, land and April Haines. Did that Ass, an AIDS is going to be our new director of national intelligence. Can you please fresh, my member, regarding what exactly is the director of national intelligence in relation to everything else we want no was Jimmy.
Dad. I is required by the nine Eleven Commission in two thousand for intelligent reform and terrorism act or I r T pay too. we need an ip and I see a Jesse Ba Cestius side and the CIA keep in mind that visited in no way infringes upon the d d, which still controls the USA and our away. In the end, she aids, ok If Avril Haines is the new director of national intelligence, where does she work? it's all day and I always works at the Oda and I the office of the Director of national intelligence, its hoo hoo, hoo, hoo hoo, But why do you like Avril aid, so much? God only arrowheads says what it takes to fill the shoes once worn by John Negroponte, James Clapper. That's it
vertical, o bar chuck come on doktor, downer, captain negative commander say bad things about, but the problem now goodness sakes, everyone is an amazing person, one of a kind that you don't even Donny you even start. Why get worse daughter she studied Judo in Japan. and created the legal justification for Obama's drone wars, bill her own married. Her flying instructor at literally flew across the Atlantic Cover up CIA torture programme. Open the door and consulted for the company that gave drunk the power to carry out mass deportations but she's. Woman The young man at your kind of mythology, that's gonna, rebar country apart,
You know what's happening right. The cares act when they pay The cares act that was the was supposed to help people bud. And when they shut on everyone's business, they passed. The cares act now that, they have that twelve hundred dollar payments, everybody and unemployment insurance right? Now, that's what it oh see called crumbs, cause That's what it was. They gave five trillion dollars to the richest people in the country and they gave you twelve hundred bucks and you're still struggling and what is and what is the result of that? This. Nearly ninety million Americans kaluza homes when the eviction limits expired December. Thirty first. A happy new year they got twenty tories over. Am I right. This is that this is the result of the Cares act that every progressive voted for, including Bernie Sanders. Why did they vote against it to warn people about what was happening, that there wasn't any relief for people in the Cares act? Why didn't they do Back as there are corrupt.
even the people it or take corporate money, then the needs of the people who do because of power. That's what happened. Thousands of cars for lies, the collect food in Texas. That's what happened. because of the Cares act that every progressive voted for. This is the result. And they see Pelosi wouldn't give people a stimulus before the election, and now she says this family straw in four months already to keep a roof over their head and to put food on the table can afford to wait. They need urgent help right now. I thought you said we feed them. What happened to that member this when she was This, during that, this is the cares act. This is when she was supposed to get. This is when the Democrats had leverage, when the progressives in Congress had leverage, Cause the oligarchs wanted there, five trillion dollars.
Nancy Pelosi gave us nothing. and while she gave them five trillion dollars, she gave us crumbs. Working to a she gave Crumbs, and she made every democrat vote for it as they did, including ale, see voted for it. Anybody who tells you otherwise is a liar Matthew Member one that she was asked about it by Jake, Tapir, hey how come you didn't put any funding in there for the state remains. A local governments widens learning fuckin money in their felt people. What are you doing? Remember what she said. So Commerce, as he would have insisted on state. funding in the last bill, you now Senator Mcconnell saying he wants to put the pause button. Was this a tactical mistake by you and Senator Schumann? calm down, we will have state and local and we will have it in a very significant way. Never happened! Jeff com. Cow
Have you lost womb very forgiven way, she's the speaker of the house can speak. just calm down, We have really thinking even have it, and here we are. Six months, seven months later, eight months later found struggling for months already? I know member You were told that so called us as he would have insisted on state funding in the last bill You now Senator Mcconnell saying he wants to put the pause button. Was this a tactical mistake by you and Senator calm down, we will have state and local and we will have it in a very significant way. It's no use going on to what might have been. The administration no use talking about what we actually should have done. No use talking
our failure, no talking about our failure, the way we let down the american people look eject Bruce phase I've loved shit. Nancy Pelosi now backs a stimulus, deal half the size of what the White House offered before the election. cause she does. It really want to help you, but if crops name is not on it. Maybe you can get a car me too. I wonder if she's only gonna eat, half an ice cream bar. in a Wednesday statement with Senate Minority leader, Chuck tumor how Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, she supports an economic relief measures presented by a bipartisan group of lawmaker by parties, a group. Thank God. By partisan. You know what that means. There's an extra screwing coming your way.
by partisan meeting it shit And the Democrats are willing to help sell it. the by partisan bill is roughly half the amount offered by the Trump Whitehouse during the negotiations with pull blowsy before the election. Jesus. and don't forget Democrats also didn't calls call Steve Monitions Bluff, which cost the America. In people and extra week of stimulus, if you had them A crass negotiate buying your house that costs a hundred thousand dollars by the time the Democrats are done negotiating that house, because you, a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. she needs Pelosi is willing to let you starve. An lose your house. because she doesn't like Donald Trump, because
the ruling class. This is all just a game and you are disposable. She would let you die for her own ego. It Toby. President trumps negotiators raise their compromise offer to one point. Eight trillion after House Democrats had approved two point: two trillion package pillows I oppose the compromise, arguing that it did not go far enough and that the language regarding the government's healthcare response to the growth of our spend them was not sufficient. Those Ngos, Jason resulted in a stalemate and nobody got relief before the election and she lost seats in the house. on Tuesday night senators for Republicans and for democratic one independent, were joined by the by partisan problem, solvers caucus in the house to invade a compromise deal, although the
package does not include nearly as much aid as Democrats. Push for before the election policy and humor said that they were backing of legislation in the spirit of compromise. And I ll see Rashid Tilly broker. They all just voted for Nancy Policy to be speaker. and here's what she wouldn't do for people as It does not want to legislate in just want to have his name on a check. ain't gonna happen. So Went the thick the bail out she engineered? This is what it did. the cold with nineteen bail out the Cares ACT, gave Wall Street and no lose casino. While it gave you crumbs.
March, twenty six, twenty twenty, the house vote on the cares, act whatever this is what Nancy Pelosi said to the to the people to get them to vote for it. The Democrats she said ever concerns we may have and whenever we want to do next right now, we're going to pass this legislation, because we St wants their fuckin check and they're getting it. So, whatever big plans you have about helping people or getting them health care, or mortgage relief or whatever the fuck. We're not doing that We're doing this we do in this right fuckin now before or anybody catches onto what we're doing that Why they did it so fast. Nancy Pelosi out with the Democrats want a new direction. So right now the progressives in Congress.
Couldn't withhold their vote for Nancy Police Policy, a speaker when it comes in January and they can force her to give us a vote for Medicare for all. they can force or nine out of ten Democrats, support Medicare for all and most Republicans become look and voters. So now would be the time to pass Medicare for all or have voted for it, so they could do that they could save. Nancy Pelosi were withholding our vote unless you agreed who have a vote on Medicare fraud. If you dont record three other government currently becomes speaker and you lose a speakership. up to you, that's how you play hardball self them Progressives going to ask you to vote for them and then we're gonna go to Congress and not do that. There is no point to vote for them. But I want to make me my words. I hope and Elsie makes me my words make me: do it go ahead? fourth Nancy blows you to pass by the care for all
Hey Joe guides are the line, while hello Joe Biden? Burke. I thought what what's that I broke my job foot its. How did you break your foot Come on man, I remember Guph Well, can you try to remember, I walk My swayed by the USA went how I saw I know That way. Rigorously exercising with my dog major and I broke my. for some ass. I am order caters, usually took me to afford doctor? I gotcha MAX, raise it in a cat scan and they put me in a boot time to hear my foot for my cup.
Fractures should come together. We can Will that be, That's good that you got to see a doctor immediately, on fighting for Should all shareholders too can have it we'll access the more advantages for doctors. That's why pictor someone pick for me. I give I can remember anymore. Why pick. Landed rector of the office of mangle men and fight it you're a tandon and it's the Office of Management in budget, must stop. manage flights, none oak up! ok, what she's a warmonger who wants to cut so security and Medicare? Why on earth did you have to pick her? longer wants it got shot. You may care. We now stand put away irish rhetoric lower that average and listen to each other again
dear around, do that she's eggs. Actually, the opposite of that Joe in writing us I was. But the most diverse group of females too? ever be cynically displayed for political parties, hey man, I brought my foot play with my dog, He hobbled Sid, the motorcade to the doktor cost, now oh, come on. How much did the motorcade costs. Thousands of French, I'm in the X rays toy I voted clams and this t scan, elaborate, sound. The we're all in this together. why you have to be more careful at your age, Joe, I was playing with my dog major ranger Yo are you all right Joe? I have no idea
It just told me to say that you think I do. But cognitive Rob Asia. One writing all my don't! You worry fat Pray situation room and at a border Dining room in the form of quarter basement And the laundry room in the attic Oh hey keep the face. Guess what, Joe Biden. Is naming near attending to his cabinet to the Office of budget And an keys we a man, meaning the apparent women of color to being I'm a needed because that really banking
Have been nominated for prediction, ending wondering anyone I mean. Why would you on purpose talk like that, when I am, I am to see oh of something very important things ain't. You know every time I do here or speak. I often think it's a joke as soon as you- and I know I can give a couple clips today. Look at them! Thank you. Even the picture just screams, hey. I know right, I'm totally not qualify. by the way near at hand in his bite in the latest middle finger to the left. Job in his pick near at hand in a fierce critic of Bernie Sanders and the progressive wing of the Democratic Party to head the Office of Management and budget. The movies just the latest, sign that vital will govern from the centre right offering now thing to the left
central right. That's the right that straight up corporation right wing, bullshit,. The above the way near tended, is worse than a middle finger to the lab she's, an eviction notice, she's a kick the groin, and before you know it all, your stuff is on fire. Near attended has made her wipes work to me, Sure you can and have the basic necessities of life that other countries take for granted. That's what near attendant That's what she spent her whole life. Doing denying you basic services. That the rest of the world takes for granted. And I just so, you know who she is so who is near attendant, so here is what why they want to kill Julian Assange because he reveals their war crimes
So this is an email from five to core who was Bernie Sanders old campaign manager Before he was burning campaign manager and they are all working together- he got his campaign manager, revelries fuck. So this is There are working together and she was very broke. Ten. It was pro libyan war right. She was for the illegal invasion in the and watch. What else was for so this is fast Chicago. he's he says, I don't think it's fair that we create our own domestic problems. Then we ask other nations to pay for it. You see the adverse incentive problem here right. If we think we can make money, often incursion will do We'll do it that's a serious policy, Messaging moral problem for our foreign policy: I think so he's responding to their attendant. Who said this about. What we should do in Libya with their oil.
She said- and we reported this before- which is wide near at hand and then tweets bad faith attacks at us, because we revealed her in this is what we revealed she advocated. first stealing Libya's oil And here's how she said it. She said we have a giant deficit, they have a lot of oil, most Americans. Would you. not to engage in the world. Because of that deficit engaged in the world that that's code speak for bomb, the shit out of poor brown countries and steal their natural resources engaged in the world like what engaged in Iraq. We engaged in Afghanistan, we engaged in Somalia we engaged in that we get. This is what they call engaging bobbing the shit out of four people who cannot defend themselves and then stealing their natural resources. So she says most Americans would choose, not Engage in the world because of our deficit, if we want to continue to engage in the world bomb brown people and steal their shit gestures. having oil rich countries partially pay us back, doesn't see
crazy to me. So what's he saying is: let's make? Let's talk? Make Libya pay us for invading them in overturning their government and stealing their ship lie Make Libya pay us for invading them and turning their country into a failed state with open slave markets. Let's make them pay us for doing that, for them So what she's doing is he's advocating war crime that, near attendance. Is that so, Joe Biden is Joe Biden. They did Libya. Do you now get it. So there it is that's what what these things say? So she says we have a giant devasted. They have a lot of oil. Most Americans would choose not to engage in the world because it that devastated. We want to continue to engage in the world gestures like having oil, rich countries, Libya, a rack, yeah. In Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia just keep naming them that lets, let's, let's make them Who else says that, besides
Joe Biden, we live on the oil, take the bomb, the oil take the or just take right. I've been saying that for four years and they were so that would be, in fact, Obama put some general on television. I know that wouldn't work, why wouldn't work? Ices is making its money from the oil and some dead Banking step to which the rebels were, but I tell you what I'm only interested in Libya. If we take the euro, we don't take. The will have no interest in Libya. Senor Middle EAST policy is basically guided by our interests. In a way I might live middle, which our problem. I always heard that I always heard that where we went into Iraq we wanted for the Euro. I said that sense. More simply, never did so look. Near attendance email came to life. The present said: let's take their oil and Libya, just which he advocated. Isn't that amazing Donald? I'm from her of the exact same foreign policy. Isn't that also, there are just the same kind of crazy maniac war criminals. Isn't that awesome.
You just voted that out. I mean you voted it in. Four for four years near attended spirit. Animal was president Trump dip. bridge between Trump and their attendance. Is she keeps it in the email she hoped? Nobody sees aegis, says it on television, which is why they hate him. By the way. Executions, tortures and slave markets persist in Libya. That's from the Eu That's what we did. That's what she advocated for that's what Donald Trump advocated for that's what Joe Biden did Joe by Indeed, this here Larry Clinton and Barack Obama. Ten and is a close ally of Hillary Clinton. The centre for american Progress, which tandon leads a centre for american progress, was founded by John Podesta, a key
you're in the Clinton machine, and can I just say the nicest thing I can say about John Podesta, is that he didn't start a pedophile ring in Washington DC. That's that nice thing I can say a bottom John Podesta, The figure in the Clinton machine, the head of the centre for american Progress, which now their attention is the head of. But just as the chairman of pilloried twenty sixteen campaign and he previously served as the chief of Staff under Bill Clinton with his other Tony John Podesta also cofounded Podesta Group of public affairs firm that has lobbied for Saudi Arabia among other countries. So that's it. These people are now when Wikileaks, revealed that even inside Hillary Clinton campaign near attend and thought. Hillary Clinton was not, horrible candidate. So they revealed this. Those wikileaks email reveal that, which is why Hillary Clinton wants to kill Julian Assange same thing.
near attendant and watch. Where's Quabo asked her about that and What watch, how she sounds just like Trump pacifically One of them was a you wrote of the email, her inability to just do a national interview and communicate genuine feelings of remorse and regret is now, I fear, becoming a character. Problem. Now this is interesting to hear that inside you guys we're having the same discussion that people are having. side, so I would say the same thing about Hillary Clinton and twenty sixteen, as they were saying its eye, and people were attacking me for saying it, but they They were saying the exact same thing inside her campaign and always Ask about that. Hey. Why? What's so? What Happened when you said these things to pedestrians and others, where did you guys can do? conclusion about. Why Clinton had such a hard time just owning that did something wrong with the email, sir. You now,
I know that Russia and other forces with love us to have a debate. This is exactly what they want. They want us to have a debate about the internal structure of Hilary campaign. What's true, what's not true and I'm just saying and a play that I'm sorry the reality here is. I is: as marker review said, we have a russian government of the russian government, a foreign government trying to essentially impacts this election, but we re using and I'm sorry grass using they may. Organ media. To do that and rail any email I sent was a person from my personal account roses someone else's personal account. I am not on the campaign was a former outside adviser with my own thoughts and so honestly just telling you right now at the reality of this. Is that I marker reveal is right about this. That people should not be using this as full of weapon icing. The emails personnel emails that anyone and sending only
my own way today, bossy, you would mean giving me all your deepest thoughts about that, and you know why, because it's your email, you're, dumber, United, haven't I ground Chris, that's naps, False, I actually would not be doing, then you can see and other in other areas where EU males have been used and any other issue have taken. The same position is toxic mouth. Couldn't care very couldn't stop talking about the broke, those ways that was a circular closer average? Actually, vat is a really important point. Cress. I rudy these images we're not leak. They were once the diverse, that's a certain russian mail, so you would you. Suddenly, I also leaked, but what tradition? It is not, however, an issue how this, how this got? How this happened was a foreign government and I am eating. listen to me, listen and worker worthy underlying our intelligent, laying her hand you over. You have to understand that you do not
this to me: what's the outside? Your emails are what they are now, if you say I never said this, that's something different ass I may be. I didn't write that had been that's that's legitimate basis, but otherwise it just seems like you're dumping, because you don't want on what you said when Christian also can dismantling that's like very wise and Joe Rogan Chris Quabo can destroy you that easily, you said Tell tee. You said you told her: what does it mean? I don't know look it up Jamie look it up, then I say toady! I love or Chris global citizens, you're, just dodging that is I said say that that's what they we did say right now. Their tender by the way, has the personality of a stabler when these put it that way
so here's is hurt near ten incoming coming at Julian. I've already showed you that she's a war criminal right she advocates for war crimes, that's near attendant, soon to be in Joe Biden Cabinet. near ten and says there are many cultures on this site, but the Assange contests Are the worst Assange was the agent of protein fascist state, Russia, to undermine democracy. That is fair, she's behaviour, anyone on the left should abhor what he did not celebrate it no No, no, you are the fast fascist. We already prove revealed that and the reason why you hate Julian Assange cause he exposed your fascism. That's that's your problem. Making iraqi parliament votes to remove you s, troops from Iraq, she'd tweets out which entities wants american troops totally move from Iraq ran in ISIS, so Always pro war do get you catch on this hoe. If you're
For us pulling out of Iraq, you must be on the side of ISIS. Do you see kind of person she is and here's cheese and lockstep with we'll crystal she's. A serious conservatives, responsible, moderates and hard headed liberals should wanted. Buff bided, o n B, head oh and be, as were cabinet secretaries ill considered projects go to die programmes are evaluated where trade offs are made near, attended as the right person for the job wow. Reminder that bill crystal in the NEO counts are always wrong about everything. Congress should investigate narrow tendons ties to foreign governments, especially to the United Arab Emirates, which gave tat the UN's organization, millions of dollars, year after year, during its war with Yemen. What was that money buying.
Here's near at hand- and this is She did this a week before the election. She tweets this out That this letter has been written by so many. I admired, including John Locke Hair, Cautery and Tom Hollan, it's a tragedy. Labors anti Semitism problem should have been rooted out long ago, so she's pretending Jeremy Corbett, so she now she is progressive that's what that is: she's smearing them as anti Semites. That's that's all that's what she does. Never forget that has near at hand and spent the last few months, hysterically brow beating everyone on the left to vote for Joe Biden because less Sir Egoism, she posted this just four days before the UK, a general election. These vile ghouls, have no principles, only interests.
Think progress to two unionized with rider bill of America. Why is that? Why you tell me about this. Jimmy thing I remember that news site, think Brow, grass, I do think price. grass was run by the centre for American Progress centre. For me, can progress is run by near at hand in now TED and shut down. Think progress because they. Formed a union. That's who near attended as the centre for progress better for american progress, shut down, think progress in their new site. after they join the union. Near ten and also disbanded thing progress after the union eyes haven't seen that mentioned in her laundry list of terrible behaviour. Well, we just mentioned it. Thank you, Ellen hey by the way stable of third way, President dodgy Golden Organization third way. Well, therefore,
there again and that statement a third way, President John Cowan and on the New Bite administration personnel announcements. He says if free Reports are accurate. The President Elect continues to build a White House team of enormous talented diversity. There are ten than a fellow thing. Take president will be a fantastic o b director. She is battle, tested policy experts who was widely respected for her passion and intelligence, she's, a fascist she wants to Prosecute journalist for doing journalism and she wants to steal natural resources from poor brown countries. That's what He wants to do that, so she is some course. The third way like sir, deal with a third way. Democrats are here through the third. The ideas that Wall Street Democrats at third we have pushed hers was a third way. Democrats are third with the third way
they oppose the fifteen dollars an hour minimum wage. They are for cuts to so security. Therefore, walls, Three deregulation, therefore, to teepee p a job killing trade deals. Therefore, opposition to Medicare drug price negotiations, that's The third way is the third way first to another method, helping democratically that's all it is so That third ways idea is: let's be weak, let's be pretentious wait. I have a third way, let's just be exactly the same as our opponents. That's the third way. How near at hand and works you wanna know how near attended work. She worked surrounded by flies, feeding off the souls of children. That's my guess! That's how she works By the way, here, some more here's, a boar Wikileaks reveals
This is a dead from that from the pedestrian emails wow. they talk about how the influence depress. That's what this is about, how When you watch the news or read an article, you think it's not the journalist. Sorry, but with the politicians and that's what this reveals in space at the bottom. Yes, he also things the brown women put embrowned. He also thinks the brown meaning Brown People and women pundits. can shame the new year. times and others on social media so positively. getting people like Joan Walsh. Matt English, says Iglesias in parry Bacon Gregg sergeant. Defend her is helpful, defend who Hilary that's who they were cultivating to defend Hillary Clinton. This is what this also reveals. Is near at hand in saying this.
Near attendance at brown and women. Pundits can shame the New York Times and others on social media. So debating Joan was so that this is what she saying she sang. Let's Let's smear peep, and try to try to make them uncomfortable for telling the truth about Hillary Clinton. That's what that is. Let's run a false nearer to illustrate a pressure, the New York Times, and then will we. These are the journalist. We can work Joan, lost mag they that's. We can get that just for starters. They can be embolden for what it's worth. I pushed PR to do this. A year ago, Biden picks budget director who puts social security cuts, that's near attendant.
And here she is advocating for that. Anyone who wants you to take us deeper into entitlements by Twitter Montana. Do you know what the President means when he says entitlements are on the table, any specifics and anything you would endorse. Yeah I mean so their range of entitlements that oil and I think of when we're time entitlements, were tying that Medicare says clarity, Medicare Baiser programmes that ok, these are not entitle nearer. Those reproach items that taxpayers have paid into their entire lives. Ok, Jesse! You know Yeah, I'm that people receive support and because of the status that they have so when, after sixty five, you funding Frances security and Medicare, actually screw it's going getting older for so scary, but an the president has three hundred million dollars in his budget in cats and medical care. Comes on top of chain cuts and she's brag about it.
She's bragging about it that they have three hundred billion dollars in cuts to matter where did you hear that has budget in cats and medical care, and you know the president has three hundred million dollars in his budget in cats and Medicare. That comes up She said three hundred billion scotch admitted, care and she bragging about it- there- again. There not entitlements through programmes, american taxpayers have paid into their entire lives. The dying you things like some security and health care in your old age. That's not taking. way entitlements, its steel From you. So there she is advocating for cutting she's advocate forgetting medical and social security entitlements. As your boy, student same thing, we have a deficit? We have so security,
Medicare looming the number of people on screen. Many cares now. Forty million people is to be eighty million in fifteen years. Would you consider looking at those programmes? age of eligible costs, of living, put it all out of some loosely lug working people and is one of the things that my you know, the political advice or saving these woe don't touch that. Third luck, then we can people aren't stupid. Is. simple proposition. We have to do We in our time Bob I don't. This is the longest way of saying we have to cut Social Security Medicare, that's what he goes into this long story about how we have to always protect each other when we cut social Security and Medicare. As covered cases spike Joe Biden hires near attendant, who questioned the CDC recommendations, not to congregate in large groups and pushed in Person voting in March, she
quickly reversed her position when belief in science advantaged her chosen candidate, but that. Their attendant causing people to go. Vote during covered and then over here, it's her say what they're willing to have people died to go bunk up when it when it served her do so. These supposed to complete flip flop, she's willing to sacrifice people's lives whatever it's her for the the centre for american Progress staff was shocked after near attendant name, the anonymous harassment victim in an all staff meeting. So Joe Biden, ended the hashtag me to movement. If you realize that, but it's over and Joe Biden ended that, because he had a credible accusation And everybody just ignored it Completely credible everybody just ignored it and the
there was a woman who made a sexual harassment charge at the center. American progress in your ten and out at her not supposed to do that. The meeting comes after Buzzfeed NEWS reported on allegations of sexual harassment and retaliation against those who reported at the progressive organization people are Billy gassed when she did gasped when she did that. So when she out that woman people, audibly gasped or attendant attendant shouted the sexual harassment victim and, of course, Joe Biden Picture. nearly ten is going to create an absolutely devastating austerity budget. Then she's can I call it? The budget for a progressive future and Democrats are going to be so into it. here's, your tail doing a bad faith attack against
Gimme Door, so Laos, Maza who's, that corporate tool works for vocs in is a gas lighter. and likes do de platform, people who criticise them? He was saying so I have a pretty thick skin when it comes to online harassment, but something has been really bothering me. So that's when he was tried get Stephen crowded DE platform from you too, because even prouder was making fun of him in a home, phobic wake according to Carlos Maza, in the racist and homophobic way according to Carlos Maza so now, ten tweets that out and try to bring Ten that what I'm doing what I criticise, her being a war criminal advocating for war crimes, is this thing, as even prouder quit. Sizing Carlos Maza Homophobic, racist way, she's. So that's that's not just sums. that's a powerful person. Completely lying about me. and social media. They never have to take this tweet down.
it's completely alive. I coming out her for her war advocate for stealing Libya's oil. Carlos Maza was being complete was complaining about. Being attacked for us Sexuality and his race? I wasn't attack Can you for your sex about in your raised? I was attacked you for what for advocating for war crimes, but she wants to confuse you. That's what they call a bad faith attack that's called a smear. Important thread. Jimmy door has created multiple videos to attack me Ignore them really Do you ignore them when you're watching them, or are you ignoring them when you're tweeting about them? Where does the ignoring come in? I don't think you what that word. Ignore means you can't even tweet about me. You can't between about me with making one huge, transparent, fuckin lie she any break one tweet about me without a huge fuckin lie right in the middle of it and there it is. I ignore them really. That's why you're tweeting about them.
I ignore them, but they can be both vicious a ludicrous. How do you know their vicious and ludicrous if you're ignoring them all, that's right, you're, a fucking France paired bad liar. It's an important thread. This threat is so important. I need to make it about me it's about me really. It's nice to know. I bug the shit out of her. Isn't it nice to know that she hates that and now, by the way, everybody knows that she advocated for stealing Libya's oil we We wonder what broadcasting that, at the top of our lungs for fuckin, how many years now and after me, her do this now everybody knows about it. It's not everybody's reporting on it, so this is called. the strikes it effect because when she treated decided that another video about her tweeting, there's gotta, half a million views so that hurt trying to do
so what they're only game as they try to discredit Jimmy Door, anybody whose onto their bullshit you have to try to discredit them That's what this is to try to say: Jimmy's, a racist Jimmy's, a sexist Jimmy's of this Jimmy's, a great whatever the fuck it is you try to ever could tell TAT by my points. Never come. At my opinions never come at my points never come at this. Substance of my arguments. They that is the all. They got that's all they got Jimmy's sex is Jimmy. You know. Who else is the sexes Bernie Sanders? You know well, said people sexes, Alison, with Warren That's what they do. By the way I want to show you this. so this is their attendants twitter, feed added? If you notice Said she's the president of the Centre for american Progress, she's she's, a progressive.
Now, what is that now? What does it say, she's The president said: if America progress proudly a liberal. she's a liberal thou she used to be if she used be a progressive nazis. Illiberal. Love me love me, love me. Ah liberal.
and I ride when nations rise was like, I lost a child but calling hamper nags gestures, respectful and most of the com surges. So love me, my residence by the entire country he brought us are, there are changed, then thirty billion left I care about ragging or drone strikes. Goes there still love me now for the Democratic Party goes, they have better deal and I was always always well and we leave all women less about right in or now used to be an impulsive. Not that way anymore ran everything by marks in by Chomsky, even listen to Jimmy Grown, older and wiser inside blocked. You want with me, she were from progressive, too liberal.
And now you know the rest of the story: a boy services on the phone hello I bought it. George Bush said that what he said not to take it to the post office background, allow. This is Barnard, each double toothpicks falcons and I'd go here. I that I will accept the job of Labour secretary of Joe Biden. Condescendingly, considers me before going with some completed, it's very understanding of you Bernie. Why do I have some conditions and let me be very clear about them. Firstly, as the law, are the position. The three other forget refuse avoid. Finally rejects me, at which point I will gladly His final choice- hey Jim Hybrid, says he hopes vinyl- put you in his cabinet- that's great,
that way it upside him sabotaging my candidacy, ruining any chance for medical care for all all joy joy with the golden nonsense. Accidental but the Black Box, as they say, memory net Hey, you know, there's a lot more that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You gonna become a premium member, go to Jimmy, nor Comedy Dat Cobb sign up it's the most horrible premium programme, because this today show was written by wrong political Barclay, Lando, Step Zahm, IRAN, oh Jim Earl, like Mccrae, Roger written all the voice. Is performed today by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found it MIKE Mc radar. That's it for this week. You be the best you can be housekeeping me,
Don't don't don't you? Don't you don't? I don't worry, I'm not worried.
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