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2019-06-20 | 🔗

Special guest:  Ron Paul!

Corporate News Pushes War on Iran for Trump!

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Phone calls from Vince Vaughn, Mitt Romney, and Chuck Schumer!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jimmy or show look me its master of the Senate. Judge humor high Chuck allow Jimmy Door. I wish to pay. You and yours, the happiest of all happy fathers days as well as remind everyone that the murder of innocent civilians is unconscionable. What's then about, we must protect. The people of Sudan will have one about the people of Yemen. I agree. We must protect the oil reserves and Saudi Arabia is that what you mean that we were talking about you're playing three dimensional charge with me? Aren't you rascal? You know no, I'm talkin about never mind tat. I said your prostration Jimmy Door to truly help victims of our foreign policy. There is only one solution: blue, no matter who want a slogan right roles right off the tongue and pass the lips. I never had
blue, no matter who, except I want the old man Bernie Sanders What's your problem with Bernie Chuck like what's problem right, he needs to go away go away peg roof away. People who have a record of really getting real thing done. I mean really he's done nothing Well, what do you mean he's done? Nothing I mean he's not called the amendment king for nothing. when I say that amendment king amendments making Bernie has consistently bull this than working class, Americans, income, inequality and the environment all his career. I know it all
oh boring as it did. They get proper for a member of the. U S tended to sink to the level of wheeling and dealing and shaming and could join D got a one point: five billion dollar youth jobs, amendment pact onto an immigration bill. What are that even mean youth jobs? Amendment anyway, do you know what that means good. I certainly doubt I that's why Bernie needs to go our way way way. Well, I think it's me lindsey- advocated for millions of young people to get needed. Jobs Chuck now come on amendment four I like, law, is already big, important waiter discharge at eight sub part. What the hell have you done Chuck. I passed a resolution to investigate the fiscal impact of changing the congressional fought from Times new Roman took about any seventy two, bold and guess what everybody
we're tired of times new Roman Gibby, it's time for a revolution in formatting, and I am leading that charge while that some super important that mean old, and with all the issues detailed on its pages and the only one who knows amendments. Mr, I also jets, while wondered name the next day. He wore shipping honourable woman who got up in Syria what an honor correct, But why are you just honour her death by not sending anymore Americans to Syria, but goes out of the two? hundred and eighty nine ships in the Navy, only fibre name for women. We simply must do better. Well, how do you propose to do that? Well, One thing more women must start doing. Their point shows up Spirit Ladys we gave them around naming ships after women, Willy nilly unless they're dead. Right I mean what would bill. Was that amended to decrease
balloons down the blow of Wales bill. Why? Ok then, maybe I should judge taboo today, everybody Jimmy, don't you will see you next Friday Portland Oregon June twenty nine July. Fourth, Ethan Chica go and July twenty first and Saint Louis GO to Jimmy Door, comrade
a com for a link for are tickets for all our lives shows hey, let's get the jobs before we get to the jobs jelly hey. Did you hear Oj Simpsons on Twitter, yeah, Oj Simpsons on Twitter, and I can't believe oh geez simpsons has barely been on twitter for seventy two hours and hay. Yours are already bashing his replies to stabbing ratio combined. That's it! here a new report by the national low income, housing collision says, rent is unaffordable and every state rent is unaffordable in every state. The good news sidewalk still pretty affordable sad Joe sad news from the world of music. Did you hear authority said Wrapper Little Dirk he's been charged with little attempted murder you're. The true story hey, how could be Sanders leave in the White House at the end of the month year about that? Yes, she said she wanted to spend more. time with their family. Getting kicked out of restaurants, they're nice,
Benjamin Netanyahu is dedicated Israel's newest town in the Golan Heights. Did you hear about this he's dedicated Israel's newest town and the Golan Heights as Trump heights and like most building projects named after Donald Trump it's illegal and run by racist bam. You'd think these rights these might ever problem living in a town named after a Nazi cub. I did you Joe Biden. Betty gives he's keeps getting in trouble, he keeps talk and every time we talk to get in trouble and at the rate Joe Biden keeps waxing nostalgic about his past affection for races, Democrats who wanted to exterminate black people. The south may really. We rise again this week date: silver tweeted. Did your new and exhilarating this week made silver to do that. He wondered, if quote Joe Biden in Bernie Sanders. standing in the middle of several of the younger candidates is going to be
mine voters how old they are. I don't know about that need, but Its post should remind voters that his shitty cobalt, work we'll never mask a chronic lack of character. Thank you name. It is you're the New York Times I am reporting that the United States just placed rippling malware inside Russia's power grid. Yet, and so Rachel man? I was now reporting Putin ordered Trump to do it, so Russia could retaliate by turning off America's he during the next polar vortex entering the matter. Hey climate scientists are saying. Global warming is responsible for growth of flesh eating bacteria, while but down which is responsible for the growth of flesh. Hey what's coming about today? Show we have our interview with Doktor Rob Paul is on the show today no doctor, I'm paused and against the drug war he's been against the mass incarceration? he's been against the banks and he's also been against our foreign intervention? Is wars so Doktor Paul has allowed
I have to say to progressive that we bring about the show today. Ron Paul's with us Trump wants a war with the ran and CBS News goes right along with them. We're gonna take a look at why corporate news- an MP are always pushes. Every war must be at full capacity from double the Vince born, Mitt, Romney and chopped humor refuge or the impressions on the show. The master impressionist himself MIKE Mccrae is gonna, be it the CAP Cities Comedy Club in Austin, Texas June twenty five three June. Twenty eight that right June, twenty fifth through June twenty Eightth, our good friend MIKE Mccrae, will be had lining the CAP Cities comedy club plus a lot lot more than today
tonight on CNN Anderson Cooper, examines a nation in turmoil with a giant panel of ill informed dumpy talking over each other from behind an enormous gleaming, glass and stainless steel. Horseshoe shaped S while swimming graphic. You can't like red, flowed in the background behind their hammering gate. Jawed heads find out what our painless are thinking all at once, as the occasional good boy gets drowned out by a cacophony of paid partisan pundits than you ever have less. Anderson takes us behind the scenes with a tour inside Gloria borders. Basserive Mouth Anderson Cooper presents a clamour of conflicting opinions and insipid interjected analysis from a couple of catawauling cognisant eight tonight Nine following CNN tonight, withdrew down limit, not much in the muzzle rechargeable argued built it
Ok, so you know what's happening with the ran, so here's what's happening. We showed you this before this agenda pad class in and this is how these guys talk openly. and so I just want- and this is what he says about iran- I frankly thinks it. Crisis initiations, really tough crisis initiation. So that's orwellian speak for how do we start a war with a country we want. He invaded stealer natural resources. How do we do that? We have to have to have a crisis initiation. That means starting a war, that's what he means. I frankly think that crisis initiations, really tough and it's very hard for me to see how the United States President can get us towards IRAN. which leads me to conclude that if interact compromise is not coming, that
The traditional way of merit mark against war is what would be best for you as interest. What would be best for you S interests, not someone's attacking us, someone's threatening us hey? What's? as for our interests, we could probably get more oil out of Venezuela if we invaded it here we could probably get more a lot of Libya to our american corporations it's in our interests. We could probably puts a military bases in Libya to have we invaded same thing with the rack. So that's what he means by in our interests. So they hastily saying. How do we start a war? Some people might think that Mr Roosevelt wanted to get us through the water was David mentioned. You may recall we had to wait for a harbour. Some people. Might think Mister Wilson wanted to get us into a war. One may recall you had to wait for this tiny episode, something My thanks to Mr Johnson want to send troops to Vietnam. You may recall they had to wait. The Gulf, a Tonkin episode.
We didn't go to war with Spain until the USS until the main exploded, and may I point out that Mister Lincoln did not feel it could collapse that army until Fort Sumter was attack, which is why he ordered the Commander Fort Sumter to do exactly that thing, which the South Carolinians had said would cause I'm tack and We didn't go into the fact that IRAN, Iraq, the First Gulf WAR, the first time until there were reports of soldiers throwing babies out of incubators on the floor on the ground, and let them die and we can go into the Gulf WAR, the second time until we're there was what Wmds everywhere in Iraq and we didn't go into Libya and we, Go into Syria until her, just one may up reason to go into a war one. Why, after another for war, nother false flag after false flag to go into a war again, it does
take this is on the internet. This is out there. That's the Washington Institute for nurseries policy so if, in fact, the union's aren't gonna compromise, it would be best. but he started the one one key and combine other means of pressure with sanctions. I mean that explosion on August seventeenth, we could step up the pressure. I mean look people iranian submarines, periodically go down some day. One of my not come up with no, why
there, are laughing about how to trick country into a war. That's how that's who these people are theirs: psychopath EC blood, thirsty maniacs who equivalent Kate, who think dead bodies equal profits because they do that's what these people are. That's who Washington DC is and that's the needs news media is and here's this here's, the guy who's pumping, listen to them. But in terms of how you think about problems, that's when I was a cadet. What's the first, what's the current model at West Point, he will not lie cheat steal or tolerate. Those who do, I was a seer directory. I would we stick to. We had with entire entire training courses, as all we do is lie cheat steal that we have tried to check up on wheels,
ourselves at war we lies outside and so Harry is ready. go here here is one of those course has been put to work. It is the assessment of the United States government that the Islamic Republic of IRAN is responsible for the attacks that occurred in the gulf. of a man. This is only the latest in a series of attacks instigated by the Islamic Republic of IRAN and its against american and allied interests, and they should be understood the car- text of forty years of unprovoked aggression against freedom, loving nations, forty years of unprovoked the gradual by ran against deal the country next door. We completely destroyed guild billions of people make millions of refugees destroy that country. You know the kind three next to that Afghanistan, we ve been occupying for the last twenty years, you're the country, just a little farther to that. what's that Libya we, which we invaded that killed everybody turn it into a failed state.
What's a haven for terrorists and they have opened slave trading but ran around the country. That's but doing aggression for the last forty years and by the way you didn't take any questions, so the big guy who's, abysses, a big lion public, didn't take any questions after he said that the we gotta go there's been Norton G. Might this sounds awfully familiar? Doesn't it any links to thirty or anniversary of the Tonkin Gulf LIE, launched the Vietnam WAR, so the gulf a talking? That was Well how they got us into. Vietnam said the head tat. This did not happen, MAX Blumenthal says. Well, remember the main yeah operation northwards golf attack in Kuwait, incubator babies said arms, WMD Gaddafi, soldiers, Viagra spree, Viagra, sweet last messages from eleven
Doma burning aid on colombian venezuelan Bridge and now today's attacks in the gulf of all bullshit because who's the terrorists, the terrorists is the United States Who's, the terrorist, Saudi Arabia and the United States. Those are the terrorists. This guy says settlements. Secretary pump pale must explain. Why would a ran target a japanese registered vessel, so what they said was at hand is trying to screw with the japanese oil tanker. Wacky makes no sense why they would do that
so he says you must explain why ran would target a japanese registered vessel, while Japan's Prime Minister Abe is conducting a state visit in ran. It makes no sense in the GNP must believe that the United States citizens don't follow, mobile politics and will believe anything they lie about? Well, if not, it's got nothing to do it's a news. Media is gonna pushed the lie anyway. And what I want to show you how they that's, how they ve covered this and so on, but jawdropping really bad, but its expected, and we predicted this, and this is why we have a show, because they're not going to tell you the truth about this and just just her. what you know. So they said that the digital media, the Iranians, attack the ship when they had minds they attached minds to it. That's a lie. because the owner of the ship, the japanese owner of the
one of the oil tankers attack near the near ran on Thursday said the vessel was struck by a projectile and not by a mine, which is what the? U S, officials, assess that this as the source of the blessed. So that's just the right away immediately. You know it's a lie. And here's download front, because on Fox and primarily didn't do it, and you know they did it because you thought about. I guess one of the mind didn't explode in its probably got a centrally IRAN written all over it. It's kind of right, written all over it. So here is so that even the guy who owns the boats as didn't happen, so here is here's this here's, this CBS report. You want to hear this New S sanctions on IRAN already had raised the potential risk of a response in the region, we want to go to Charlie Dagger, so he already lays the foundation for a bullshit report,
We put sanctions on IRAN and its already laid the foundation for them to attack, as we ve been waiting for them to retaliate against us. What that's? How you start the story who told you to start it that way? Who told you to write that who said right it that way. along the gulf of all mine with why this area is such a flashpoint. He's reported already extensively from the Middle EAST is arrogant, and this morning chart this areas such a flashpoint. It's a flashpoint because we're they're fucking with their ran. It's a flashpoints do here this evening. The address! Why is this area such a flashpoint baby, because, where their fucking with ran pen pals Trump wants to start a war with them? What is it such a last point where you going to find out? Why supplies point
So he's not going to tell you the morning good morning, well, it's hard to overstate how crucial these waterways are to the transportation of oil and gas from third of all shipped oil comes through here, and because that now our waterway. The strait of horror movies is situated just off the coast of IRAN. It gives that country a significant point of leverage. Yes Today's incidents follows similar, coordinated tax. A month ago, the targeted for tankers right off this port. Here again we're. How long have you been talking before you say this is happening. This is DR, is that the State Department pump I'll drop their lying again, what are you waiting for? What is this guy waiting for hey? You know what
japanese guy, who rose the boats as it didn't even happen that way and what the hell are we doing there anyway, and this doesn't make any sense that they would attack a Japanese both makes no sense, isn't say any of this. He starts to ease reporting it in a way that makes you believe that governments story. That's how he's reporting it, although this is just member those other coordinated attacks yeah. This is like that ran what is what one and, on purpose fuel, and now you know that this guy was selected, he's been groom to do this job, since he was in kindergarten. You're wrong denies. Involvement in those attacks to by IRAN has repeatedly threatened
cut off these vital artery? What the fuck do you hear this guy s around, denies that they did it, but so all of a sudden trumps, a madman Annie's working for Russia again star old country, except now you everything he says you repeat uncritically when he wants it, go invade another country and kill bunch of people he's a psychopath. Maybe, but let's have him, run our military he's a traitor to our country. Let's have em run our military without any question from the media that amazing this guy doesn't even tell you that the that the Japanese, a boat owners citizen happen whenever there is a dispute with the? U S or its regional allies, including Saudi Arabia,
or hear you I like when they say a dispute. Whenever there is a dispute, a dispute can be like whenever we decide to fuck with them. You mean like that kind of a dispute because references it happening in the Gulf of Mexico. This is happening off the shores of IRAN that the United States. Just a couple of weeks ago. We were aboard the? U S: S Abraham Lincoln Carrier and the admiral. There told us one our primary emissions is to safeguard the free flow of commerce in this region. Well, it's also worth remembering that the Lincoln was sent here specifically a response to pursue its also worth memory, remembering that our country lies about this kind of shit all the time. That's what it's really.
Remembering you fuckin tool, you mouthpiece for the military industrial complex, and why does this guy sucks so bad sky sucks, so bad because he's funded by the people he supposed to be investigating and exposing he's funded by the military, industrial, complex and fossil fuel companies? Oil companies? That's who pays is Jack. That's funds, CBS News and war cells, baby, tromp and more cells. What a shit job disguise doing inter rainy and threats, but it has been proven to be much of a deterrent itself, are and has approved. So he's just told you that IRAN has been doing this. That's what he just said. Fake news happens on sea BS, NBC in a busy and CNN every day that is fake
who's, that its propaganda for war by the military, industrial, complex, funded news organization, it's just a propaganda arm, you're, never gonna get the truth about the war from CBS or NBC or Rachel, Matthau or CNN. Never so here
results? Here's how NPR National Public radio disposed to be they're supposed to be viewed as a straight journalists right, because they're not turn up a whole into advertisers, except they are except they are. How many many cumbersome can you run for a fuckin bank and still call yourself public radio? Apparently the numbers endless every turn on public radio painters of theirs, there's a commercial for Bank of America and then there's a commercial for rate that hey there's a commercial for Archer Daniels Midland, hey, there's hit commercial for Walmart, that's public radio Here's public radio. This is a real news, grab this. So this is that the guy's talking is he's admiral, William Fallon he's the former head of the: U S Central command, and this is the video they said they that the United States put out doves palm pale, put out trumps administration
put out that said, look there's an iranian boat and there in their going up to this taker and their take down one of their minds because it didn't go off and they don't want us to leave any evidence. What they're most likely doing is as helping people, because the people who were was rescued from that oil tanker were rescued by a rainy ins. The japanese and norwegian people who were rescued from that oil tanker were. skewed by arrangements so here with the bullets into what the former US head of: U S, general command, listen to what he says on NPR uncritically unchallenged leaves there is little doubt that that's what it is, the Eu S vessel and vicinity one of our history or saw numerous sire. You see abode, Sir round each of the tankers that was attacked by think girl. The only question of seeing some speculation that this may be some kind of an independent action.
Doubt that sincerely. I think this was something was premeditated and answer. mescal tourist step too much more aware, but this is a isn't that this is pressure. Is it is what happened. That's an admiral lying for war. That's what they do baby. How do you get to be an admiral if you're gonna be critical of war? That's how you get to be an admiral! You get to be the admiral few question when the Countryman State, the barber wants to go to war that started you get to. Being admiral, you get to be an era when you sure on every goddamn, fuckin war. That's what he's doing so. This action is perceived as an escalation towards war. Why is our reaction to go along with the right? What are we did? What you write, so you have the insight into what it looks like they want to escalate war there. Their intention is to create war. What's our intention, what do we do in there
Somebody brought up the petrodollar in the top chat to as they were going. They ve never mentioned the petrodollar, so people don't know what that is what the petrodollars. In the seventies, when the United States went off the gold standard made a deal with Saudi Arabia. That said, hey, if you make everybody who buys oil from youth, buy it from you in U S dollars. you can use our military anywhere. You want, which is a bigger. And why were in Yemen, which is big, reason why we're in Iraq, Libya, Syria, okay, this is it not making this up. John Kerry admitted this in front of the Senate, testimony which we played on this show. So let me just add so there you go so that that's how that's how their reporting it It couldn't be worse there doing exactly what I said. They would do exactly what we always say. They do because they always do it when what what is it? What is that well they lie about war they.
I about war and guess what they're doing lying about war hey this is Jimmy, door. How you do it Vince? You can call me, because I like just kidding I'll talk to you and I will send you straight Breezy set me free eyes. What did you hear about what happened with this Kyle kid froze? He was a victim in the Markland shooting which brought him alive but prominence, and then it turned out when he was sixteen. He had done some kind of texting he? U some racist language in an attempt to a kind of offenders, friends, so he didn't get in the Harvard because of a private message. He said when he was sixteen years old, which seems extreme. No out of people know about it
I guess his friends who are now is political adversaries. How did him, while I gotta say just got a level cold blooded is close to those pocket, for it had waited a story about a fuck yeah. yeah yeah and no one's endorsing you know of racism or his racist language or anything. But we are quest hitting. Do we all want to live in a world where we have to answer for the things that we set in private when we were sixteen, so that your position? Yes, ok I'll, take the other. What has become of the harbour when you talk about Corslet kid squawk at about God Guitar, to get about it. I believe that at this stage where they belong. Diversity think there we it that we want it to be diverse, isn't for privacy like dont, you for private.
See when you be against this and not for privacy for people like going around try to take my god. I think that that bitch did for privacy like dog you for privacy when you be against this lively for me, yeah of course, of course, at what that privacy provided that very important. It extremely important for people that I don't think I say private out absolutely jacket. If I get it off quite rightly like probably to pay for you. You, oh no doubt about it. I could not to want to answer will just because the sometimes two things you say in private for the opposite effect like you, don't you say things in private that you actually don't mean for to shock people. Have you ever done their Vince You know what I think. I know what you're talking about
I agree with you there you take the tone out of the situation and you take the understanding that the two people have communicating and you get us up to get you to be paid as a real monster with sufficient when used you're still for guns are what automated absolutely that I'll, never change, maybe with my block of the pillow next, the big my girlfriend naked eye. but with the whole right, very cold and uncomfortable but bids. The whole argument is that if we give up our, on that only the government will have guns. We need guns to protect us from the government, but the government is already taken we are freedom. We live in a surveillance state, the fourth amendments joke and the government, whatever they want. Ok, that some people's argument granted my argument, if I like shook, should not have a common front of you're, not crazy. I don't want to go to overthrow the government. I dislike guns, ok, I gotta go. Nobody would it? What do you do about that,
That's how I find myself at my identity. I got you, I got you, I will list envisage preceding waning on this empty for respect activity. The respect, people different, that's right, starting a programme were going nuts like me, read stories, the children of public library, so they can get used to people who are desperate, that they are You get a lot of pushed back on that. To be honest with you, you go forward how national wake look forward to seeing you in the library object to submit appropriate later, No, hey. You know we no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show. Is you become a premium?
where we give you a couple of hours of premium bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show. You could do it by going to give me your company that cop clicking on joint premium and supposed affordable, privy approach rabbit business and it's a great way to help put your thumb back in the eye. The bastards thanks for everybody. Who was already a premium member, and if you have it you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support, right now really thrilled. They have on a former congressmen how Republican Congress and presidential candidate and host of the wrong path, Liberty report its doktor RON, Paul, it's so glad to have you thanks for governor, Thank you Jimmy nice to be with you today. So I d real quickly you were always a voice for non interventionism and
I were I remember watching when you ran for president, that the debates that you would tell the truth and the people would like it but the media and the other politicians would pretend like you didn't exist. Do you, member that were very myself, but occasionally depending on the audience. Sometimes the position, when I talk about non interventionism and not doing any harm to anybody there were some booze to return. They tended to be the religious already but it is there. I would never get a favourable comments. It was usually more exclusion. You know I didn't even qualify for being visually being vigilant against me. They do stuff so to exclude, makes We recently in some of these campaigns. Goin on- and I said well, you know, I so and so had six thousand people, this rally in California course trumps out of that contest, but I'd like
eight thousand at Berkeley, and we never even got a comment. So it's is ironic. Not ironic, but you have to understand how the report, Ngos and I'm sure you understand it as well as anybody. So I understand it because you actually change the establishment and if you change the establishment, they d ignore you. They pretend, like you, don't exist right, because if they'd, if they pay attention to me, I might get more credibility, but if they can ignore or you you know- maybe he'll go away, I may go different places but the issue is not going to go away or they'll. Be people like you keep these ideas I for a long time and it I'm strong believer in the ideas that make a difference rather than the political actions and the parties and all this stuff goes on media, but I think ideologically. That is the way things are told you know whether its economic theory, lawn interventionism and what we are taught in the universities. What
the consensus of the popular Asian, what the role of government ought to be in and really whether there is some morality already and system, whether they question of facts. whether we should be doing this, I'm by I can do its constitution, but maybe it's the wrong thing to do so. I think those kind of things control things rather than You know campaign here there. I actually was pretty surprise that I got any attention at all, but- and I ended up getting more than I spected? So I wasn t really unhappy with it, because I think I understood the system pretty well. So yes, I am also surprised at the reaction this YO gets. But what this show tells me what the reaction to this show tells me is that people are desperate for the truth, from the media and from their politicians and they're not giving it and that's why people like you are our
popular and why you can get nine thousand people to come out to hear you talk in Berkeley because No one else is saying those things and we live in an era country where we really have one party, it's the money party, which is also a war party and its the Party of Wall Street, big farmer and the insurance companies and of fossil fuel. So You would be considered a libertarian. I myself described progressive. Yet we agree on the big things, meaning free speech and of and nodded prevention, ISM, ending our foreign wars and regime change, wars and we agree on liberty, and we agree that, as someone like Edward Snowden is actually a hero right. When I would you say Edwards not now what what does it say about our country where someone who exposes crimes is considered a criminal, but the people who continue to commit these crimes are
at the heads of Archie and in government. What does that say? I thank the moralities turned upside down and I think your point or early that you made was about telling the truth because I always assume that I wouldn't win the first election I always assumed by when last long, because I would still keep doing what I believe, and in the a Bible Bout district I had back in the sector asian or not many people were talking about legalizing drugs and I, as a physician now, I think I had a little bit more credibility with it and I said the drug growing levels are working. I get rid of it, and I was not aware that did me? Am I ain't nobody or pay any attention, but actually I think you touched on, why was it was it was being able to trust the person? What they're, saying and I've had it taking brought brought to me so often at a constituent? Come up as a lawyer, I read, I quite agree with you.
On this. I think we should do this, but I know you're you're doing your best in your telling the truth and and that's what we're respect, and I don't think the pole occasions I knew and washing, except for the few realise how good how much of a value that was politically now we? That is the whole thing for me. I wasn't it wasn't the fact that I convinced by district, we better look into this federalist or because of a lot of collusion going on the Federal Reserve. They didn't quite get there, but there are more people now that we are thinking about those those kind. The thing, but that wasn't a reason I got the Congress. I think it was just the fact that I would try, the girl in the Strait school ban, and I think, though, that when I hear about liberty, Why it is something that is inclusive and people should be able to be brought together. Young people, especially where were very receptive to this, and I keep thinking that people who call themselves progressively themselves, libertarian and conservative it. It should be.
vice of it all, and you shouldn't compromise, Dennis Cosette Can I get along real well, but we know exactly where we don't get involved as an Wilma straight and new out, but I think it's bringing the coalition's together. So if you, I can talk and move along in this and besides this should dislike Jimmy. If we are able to get em who agree more people agree with us. We're done about the big issues and I can't keep and many other progressive, finally came around looking the at the deception going: in our monetary system, because none of this, if you don't like the wars, the runaway spent none of it can happen without the Federal Reserve system. Yes and you bend us calling out for the further audit of the FED and how's that go. well is still alive and well. I was again I was impressed on how far we got that we had to vote in the house.
And we were able to win it overwhelmingly for political reasons, not because they were doing me, a favor, the Republic and voted with May because we made it a grass root issue by going directly to the grass roots. But we are Democrats vote for a two, because you know transparency is a pretty good thing to be in favour of, and people would both say. Yes, What? Why do? Why don't? We have transparency and we can use that so the same way with an honest conservative who may be wanting to start many wars, but you ought to have transparency. We know where the money- and we are divine out who's. Who is making money when are getting six hundred dollars for all hammer and stuff like that, so there should be an appeal to a a broad base, and I do think that you know my explanations always been. You can get people together so yeah. I, like my liberty, well I'd. I know you a bit Germany, but I dont know all about you what
personal life is all about another year. The year spiritual life is all about, but is IRAN? Oh that, because you were somebody can go their way and I can go my way as long as we follow the one rule that makes us libertarians is. We cannot use force to impose our will on others. We can defend ourselves, but we can and say. Look so, and so you don't understand is that if you would straighten up your The world would be a lot better off that that's looking for trouble and I'm afraid our foreign policy follows that rule. Unfortunately, so you talked about transparency in government, that's the beauty of our government. Is it supposed to be transparent? So you don't have to trust politicians you're supposed to be able to check up on politicians right, but we don't live in a transparent society. We actually we live in a surveillance state right, and so every things done in secret. We have secret courts, Pfizer courts.
have secret investigations of the president, we have of another politicians. It seems like we again, there's no morality in our government of the wayward we ve gotten so far away from the constitution You like to say that we do live in or surveillance state the criminals arc are lauded on television shows and at the top of our government and the people who exposed crimes are now being prosecuted like well Julian Assange. Can you tell people what your position is Julian Assange? Just? Just get away from it. We shouldn't be involve these, not our citizens. He didn't commit a crime as I say such arose and don't fret with any Thing- and we are the ones that organise always aggression against him, but you know what, though, what we should do this privacy anything, I think people got in our country got it twist it. You know that the government was supposed to be there and for them it was a protect your privacy and.
I promise I and II and they were supposed to be transparent, but now all the privacy is with the government in you know, if you get us Sarge or by host whose whistleblower there, the enemy, the state, there's nothing more threatening to who took government than their exposure. So we have it. da? We don't have any privacy any more and the government has all the secrecy be the other way around and under those circumstances believe me, there would be a difference in the expenditures in Washington because right, now the secrets are kept, probably even in an invite, monetary, financial fur is to me. Maintain a globalist empire that we have one by default, the Soviets disappeared, and somebody had to take the moral courage to be.
Policemen of the world, and they don't shy away from. It is therefore our responsibility to do this, and I think there are there but providing a great benefit, but is also the source of all our friction and forced globalism is something that a libertarian dozen isn't at reacted too now a lot of people. I meet a lot of people who consider themselves on the right and they who voted for Trump and they tell were they voted for him because they they were attracted to his non intervention? Is foreign policy and he he made. You know he made fun. Jeb Bush for his brow others, war in Iraq right on stage at the debates in people thought there was a mistake. It wasn't a mistake. People are sick and tired. People are sick and tired of these wars. Why would trump there? higher John Bolton at one of the biggest intervention is one of the issues. You know a lot of people com, a war criminal. Why would he put the swamp in his cabinet?
if he's came in with a mandate to clean out the storm drain, the swamp and stop our wars, Why were you when you were saying those things he had his fingers crossed Juno because it hid it isn't. It is inconsistent if you go back and look at Bush George W Bush, two thousand, I mean have you look at his foreign policy? He was pretty good You know on non intervention, don't believe me. The policeman world do not go into nation nation building hazardous on the stage on one of his debates, and I boy you maybe there's some hope. He never believed that and in ever happen. Drop? I haven't analyzing. He confuses me a bit, but that is the question. A lot of people are asking you no way on a liberty report when he does something that makes sense, which we try to get credit we
our way like, if he says, was bringing the troop phone from syria- and this brings the troops home from Korea. You know is a guy good good, but then after we defend them to a degree one day and the next day you know it's been reversed again, so it's it's real hard to figure that out. So I dont think I'm gonna have the final answer. All I know is I look at the results and the results are exactly as some expected, but he also understands policy tat. When you look at his crowds of those people problem way, even though I could get some browser and they like non intervention. I think I think the typical concern but it really enjoys. You know this nationalism and warmongering and fighting and all is such a shame. But tropical Girded doubt he. He still throws things out about bringing
how many still not inhalation building. So, though there is obviously a contradiction, it's not consistent and when you look at his Middle EAST policy c and help what's going on and around is just Just outrageous well so, what's going, ran right. So that's why it so you curious or maybe obvious to other people. He put John Bolton in is a cabinet. John Bones, but wanting to invade IRAN since one thousand ninety two, so that was so, I tried to tell me beyond this show that I voted for Barack Obama twice and I realized I was a chump twice because Morocco Bomber was a Nobel Peace Prize winner. Who immediately wrapped up the war in Afghanistan. Stop started bombing lit be a turn it into a failed state, drop twenty six thousand bombs in the Middle EAST, Renate bombs and that killed Some I mean he couldn't Ben bigger, warmonger, you know, and as so he just took us from two wars to seven.
expanded. The wars I mean there is it's like this: a change our chain. John, the outside continuity on the inside, so there is no. There is no break in our foreign policy. There seems to be a permanent state. That's running our foreign policy. Is that crazy to think now? That has actually right, and I think what is interesting. It's it's not partisan. You know you just mention you know, Obama, where he was added one thing, and you believed he was going to be better And it turns out the same Dania. He put him on the liberal sought and you have George Bush saying the same. I'm saying the pig for people like to hear that, in spite of us, via the aggressiveness of service, they still like to hear this. We're really for peaceful compatible. Always has I am for peace, but they, you get a guy like Trump began he's neither the conservative Republican nor Is he a liberal democrat? He sought the
the pan, then that is going to clean up the mess, but guess what nothing changes that shows you how powerful, You know the military, industrial, complex ideas, how powerful the influence stays on commercialism. Aunt and a finances and and monetary policy code, monolithic and all this stuff is just distraction and That is why you know I have brought us. Rather cynical. about most of of what's going on in politics, because there are some good people there, but for the most part the is a distraction, the knife, if something is going on and they want you to do- not pay attention to, and somebody happens over there, so as we were improving our relationship from North Korea. We were making a lot worse. You know I came to IRAN, but it seems like is the same group of people, but I dont think you or I could
come up and say: okay, we're going to name off because we're going to go, get them and there's twenty four of them and we're going to go out and run them up and everything is going to be. Okay. I don't think it's quite like that, but there are some powerful forces. I see it in in finance. As you know, and and the people who donate money, you know to the corporate interests at donate money both for the campaigns. As as well as the lobby and effort and asked why something come to IRAN. We really agree with you. That's why you need not want more wars to tell people how they can spend. our money. They should be allowed to spend our money. But now I it is hard to figure out exactly who they are but they're out there, and they have a lot of power, I I don't think the trumpet a true non interventions by do think. So I listen to them and I think believes you know that it would be bad star were war matter. Fact, I'm predicting predicting that he's not gonna role, a lot of tanks into around
about one. I'm scared to death is why you asked the question earlier: why does he have guys like Bolton and Pompey? Oh tell them what to do, because it they can get out a troll control and the people. drop, has a good air for politics and he's work, these coalitions. So in many ways he does challenge to the deep state personality, wise who's, who pulls the strings who's in charge whose powerful, but I don't think anywhere touching. You know the philosophy, because the philosophy has we challenge all the way back to our educational system. It has to be challenged always who our universities that teach all this stuff. What are you? Nobody comes to Washington. I haven't been exe. those two austrian free market, economic. They ve all been exposed to one form of an atom keynesian economics. This is you need a fair,
reserve so that people can run up a dead and you don't have to worry about the deficit and liberals can have their welfare and can serve as can have their war that its debts in the past and s? That's what they I don't want to talk about that. That's where the action has to be eventually and it is going to come, because this system is not viable. This this is come on part. Nor do we see we were already talked about the fragility of our foreign policy. It can't quite figure it out. I they basically the r r it is over person now in the fact that this country is in a much more serious. rate than omit where a bank robber I always have the fudged figures and pretend there's no inflation and that what we want where we need to do- is to spend more money and they get together and they always spend more money than theirs oak. There's no backing off of anything. So there are locked in place, there's no backing off, but that's why this is gonna end badly, and that is why I am glad to see.
Jimmy Jimmy you that you're on the air and talking to try to get people just look at truthful things, because you know like this take. our non interventions. Foreign policy, I think, a lot more so we're out there? Then we here, but not if you watch television, it means that if you- and I talk by this we might be accused of being on America they might not? Let me monetize my facebook pages and things like as already being attacked if you dont capitulated and go along with it. But the ideas have to change. If they don't it has, to tyranny, it'll drift into something like a ban as the whale I dont think we're that stupid. But then there are the days when I think we might be so, but we have to have to offer something different and that's why you have to offer different approach to economics without saying when the Republicans finally get it, we need to cut spending, they cut food stamps or something like that. How neither
What are you had food stamps for the military industrial complex? So my argument, always one that question came up with no I'm not going to attack you know the welfare system, kids, getting medical care, we ve taught him to be dependent, What I would do is, I would cut billions and billions of dollars of running the world put half over toward a deficit. It put the other after tied the people that are so dependent over until they can get and dependent on themselves independent, independent as the only way I could. But this does not listen to me. They're not gonna. Do that we're going to keep them I urge you not to this horrendous bankruptcy where the people who have any money or sense and want to save themselves they'll beata here and there is already a lot of people who a lot of money leaves its country and no they're try to put prohibitions on taking your money out of the country. But that's what will happen. I mean it happens in all.
the countries, but we will have the opportunity and that's where I am optimistic. I think meeting where so many young people, you know what they hear the straight story. They say now that does make sense They will come right off. I don't believe that the image that the milk animals have been given that all they do is wasted money? They don't care in a play. Video games. So I do a lot of that, but I also look to it that you don't have to have. You know me numbers, you just need a nucleus of people who were who come around standing there, because it's it's not the masses that direct policy since the universities, as the professors is the philosophy it see, it's the propaganda about? Why? If you're good American, you have to be for all these wars and why they put the military people the personnel on pedestals in. I was in a military for five years and the most
I think as a come up to me- and I thank me for my services- I said what I do they track to me in any in the nineteen sixties during the Vietnam era. I said I didn't do anything think about it should have been set for the is. Why am I here, but by your put on pedestals and because its that's, what they. What they need the warmongering. They need the machine. They need to praise those individuals because then they don't have to face up to the fact when they look get on a bus or on a car an airplane and see somebody has neither arms or legs a realise. Well, that's because somebody centre over to Iraq and and Afghanistan lay a little trouble, so that is that today is just a atrocious and that's. then I can solve. This is a change. It go along with your suggestion about the non interventions, foreign policy. So that is such a great point. You may
about that we put our military on a pedestal and to me it smacks of propaganda. Every time I Benda half Ganis and- and let me tell you, there's nothing more than a soldier likes his due to make fun of his off commanding officer or the President's they too. Were you can't make via the commanding officer, you can make fun of the president when I went there at the time of president was Bush first thing I did was made for it. President Bush and then their commanding officer, and they all stood up and cheered and turns That does everybody hates their boss, that's what it turns out. So so, The idea that we get like you know like regular soldier, once they come back from combat their almost universally against the war they they just came back from everybody. I talk to you, who came back from Afghanistan and Iraq there there against it, and I find some recur. shooters out in front of my house yesterday recruiting the kid across the street. Cuz he's washing his car and they stopped their car to go, recruit them into a war
and I asked the guy said: hey, have you ever been in combat? He says? No, I go, then. Maybe you should get back in your car, because this guy doesn't want to to combat and everybody I ever met, who did go to combat, tells people dont join, and I asked You know what the suicide rate is for soldiers. He didn't know, that's what he told me the guy was recruiting kids off the street So I got a predator in my neighborhood, recruiting kids go, kill other people and get killed for the military industrial, complex and I'm sure he gets a check on his invoice to that crude another kid, so he gets another bonus star. So I don't know him. So that's just a great point that you make that the Military- Does your complex and the media needs to put their military on a pedestal and instead of what we should be doing, looking through reality, set of a rose, colored lands at what's happening. What we're here, we doing his terrorizing the world with our foreign intervention wars
and right now. The reason why we're getting away with it is because we figured out how to do it with our air power and to commit as few land soldiers as possible. Do you agree with that? absolutely in intertwined with. That is the fact that, where the official counterfeiters of that were we a machine. If you had a gold standard, we literally could create golden, thereby would recognize it so the dollar is being held in much higher esteem, mainly because we are wealthy. We have the weapons and we throw our weight around and we can put on sanctions, so we intimidated people and they have to listen to him, but I think that this makes things worse. I think that just makes a a more resentment than ever, and that will be part of our problem on it. The issue of on going over there and fighting other kids, I always make the point that you know just think about it for a minute if Europe, between eighteen and twenty five year, an american
Did we ever hear of a group of young man getting together? You know it's a hey. You know what we ought to do. What we need is a good war Europe and become he erode, so we will need to do in enters a group like this. We're in Iraq is a all year. We needed good war. I think we should call the Americans names and may we can get war, and so these kids get together and kill each other Of course, we see that we were dig you. It is the people out there it's the older people that aren't going to go marching in his Also, the money that military and us your heart, there's a lot of pressure put on with that in our presidency that you know we can't they also all those of weapons to saudi array, be a no matter. What kind of you know morality they are following on and what they are doing, because with loosen contract, if we don't sell em weapon, somebody else who is good for jobs and that that's disgusting, because somebody's gonna get killed with those weapons and somebody
I had to pay for an arrow sock us into the war as well. You know when you son ran was on with Wolf Blitzer. I'm sure you saw this couple. years ago and he was questioning of selling arms to Saudi Arabia, and he wanted to have a discussion about it and wolf. Blitzer said back to him. Well, you don't want to sell arms to Saudi Arabia. No, that's gonna cost a lot of jobs backer that was his That's the news man's position, it sounds like the newsman is sitting on the board of break the on. It doesn't sound like he's an actual newsman and that's a big problem in our country to that's for sure so right. One a real put people don't realize how trumpets gonna get us into a ran in trouble is gonna get into a ran through the a u a map, which is the authorization for use of military force that we gave you. Bush after nine eleven so rough, he's gonna you and then he course George, which does that to go into a wreck and now trump it looks like trying to find a way to use. That too, into a ran. Is that what it looks like? Do you? Oh yeah,
I think they're pretty much emitted admit that and compare, was in a meeting just justice couple days ago, Oh badgering, the members to prove to them that I do not have to come to Congress. And one of the examples given is that since nine eleven it's been use forty four times to go into battle and, of course, the wording of that. It's not complex It took t to the go after those individuals who were response, forty four nine eleven well They are actually offered to help us after nine eleven. This is this whole thing is: is Just based on law allows that's what so disturbing, though you think you're making progress. Most people in this country now know that Iraq, should it involved because it was based on law, lies with which it is true in our get finding out about
you know, Syria, all this stuff about a saw against his own people with our finding out that there are based on our own. We risk go back a few years about the time I got drafted. Nineteen sixty two, you know it had to do with the gulf. A talk resolution on at the end that would all based on lies to show governments lie the m. Are considerate treasonous to tell the truth so that that is? Why You always hear the line that I should wait, people up, because right now, if you take polling, but it's always after the back in that's why the the media gets ahead of us and gets us into TAT. Well, then we have a long time just tryin to prove prove otherwise. So that's that's! That's really. One of our biggest problems is counteracting the propagandists, so I really appreciate you being very generous with your time spent around this time with us an answer, our questions, and that is why the needle
thing, people enough progressives, you know, understand, your positions and there they very very, very surprised to find out how staunchly. You are against military intervention, how you stand up against the Pentagon in the Federal Reserve, and you try to tell the truth about the banker people don't know you're also against the Drug war ride. So you came out you forever against the drug war, and you also have a theory that that the Drug WAR Fossil fuels are military intervention abroad. So can you talk a little bit about that all Well, I want you to do is look at the borders and you know It is an international thing, but you know right now we still having a major tragedy without how do you know- and I think there are some statistics that show they might even be more deadly than opiates so but that the nobody's right now arguing the case. All we are. You know, prohibition work real well, so this guy this go back to that now is the easy issue confers
Fraid who look like they are supporting drugs and, as, physician? I had a little bit licences. Tell him a little bit bout. Worthwhile opposition was, and I dont like those drugs. I don't, I don't think they they they should use up, but- and I dont our you and some people will be interested in this- is when you get a mixture of people from the last summer. I want just one little thing Oh I like you because you're legalise marijuana, I said no That is not exactly my position. I want legalised freedom. I want to legalise freedom for you to make your own decisions about the use of drugs, assume your responsibility for it and good or bad bud I wanted to be the because the government is not smart enough and when you back now the tragedy of what the Are you always making marijuana illegal all the wash resource so suddenly
more and more knowledge about marijuana and- and you know that, then they bade hemp, illegal hemp which was used to make road. So you can go to prison for not make for making rope with. and it was so mirrored you have no marijuana again it. So it's it's junk, just forest, the one I thought- and I really do I think the drug war would put me out of the politics, but once again I think what you mention, that people people want to know what the truth is and they ll feel challenge, but I think the way people tell the truth makes a big difference. I I don't think you can rough rougher. The independently Ankara people by the collars, I you're wrong on this. You need like, I do just bring those troops but ass to to be a different approach. People people don't: why gets up people do, but, but I think basically, if you're gonna pay
swayed people and on the other thing that I try to reinvent rhyme remind people is: don't get despondent, because we don't have fifty one percent- you don't you just need eight or ten percent of the population who are putting the ideas out there, the rest come along after their popular out, but it is that it is a consensus, is its is what what the p, what what their image of government should be. That makes a difference if they think that governments should be totally socialistic. You know it. I d go he's gonna, think heroes the cradle to the grave, give us free education for medical care when two governments in twenty two trillion doubt that that that's that's a real challenge level, but a logic should figure. You know. Work it out. So what? What do you call a system that takes the richest country? The face of the earth has ever seen and- there's half of its population, poor, low income and eighty percent of its workers living paycheck to pay check at thirty minutes
and of its members without health care. I call that a failed system. What do you call it? I it's absolutely failed, but real challenge. I have with people who say well that's an automatic reason why we need more government intervention. It's a failed system where they'll say well, it's too much free market, there's too much free market education through much free markets in in medical care. But no is all corporatism. Believe me. That is not the blank. They did this in the thirties and the third is it came up and they said the worst thing that happened in in the twenties was that we had the gold standard and we had concerns viewpoints and they wanted to balance the budget and so that was issued in the age of new deal so there's this is they're doing right now there are once again saying: oh yeah, everything is wrong, which I agree with you not deprive a lot of agreement. and, though that state we just made. Basically, I agree with that, but I look out and say well, if yonder they and the monetary system. If you understand inflation ism, if young
stand, what me said about this? He says wings, You do this. When you do basic currency, it will destroy the wealth of the middle class. He will get rid of the middle class has exactly what's happening and that they're getting poor- and you mentioned a very important date and monetary history. That was one thousand nine hundred and seventy one- and I remember the day It was on this fifty eighteen. Ninety, seventy one and sits atop real wages have not gone up though a nominal wage is got so then the intervention as a well well, we have to do. Is we have a mandate our wages ass, my high wages, ok, well! Well, We finally got around to their push up the fifteen that this is beside the point. missing. The issue is the fact is when you destroy the value of the currency, the poorest, purchasing power, the working man of middle class goes down and the costs go up and that's. Why do you see?
districts now that you know were most. We are large majority. People can't live more than thirty days with their savings and we're gonna have that come and then we're going to have some serious problem, but it has to do with the debasement of the currency, and that is that that is what goes on. But that explain and why the poor people are getting poorer. It isn't because we don't have enough well, are spent. We do That is so. We adapt the corporations get hold of the educational and metal I've been a medicine as well. We need to give our ruddy good medical care. Well guess what there's more corporatism medical care than anything you have. Hospitals are incorporated now, they're not run by Charioteer Archer because I'm gonna run by corporations. You had the drug industry who are very, very powerful in, and they lobby Republicans pass that prescription drugs, but the people have to have drugs, so they did that and all that all boost costs, but guess where the prophets go, it goes to insurance company is a management companies
and to the drug companies. So it's so that's not free markets. That's that government intervention, that's corporatism! Ralph nature and I've talked about this. Run. I agree with you, don't corporatism? Yes, this is definitely so what this is is the corporate capture of our government right. So we have a certain sort of fascism happening in the country, but it's coming from our corporations, but the corporations. run our government. We agree, I think, on ninety percent of it. We disagree on free mark its being in the answer to everything, so I would love to have you come back on, though we're running out of time, but I would love to have become on and talk about your economic theory and what you just mentioned here about what makes poor people poor. I'm I'm for a different remedy, to the problem. We agree. We both have My remedy would be more democracy at the workplace and does have one one quick question do
you know of any examples of where capitalist self regulated themselves, in not poisoning the world screwing workers for profits, in the early part of our history, but it immediately got bad because, as that's as human nature, to argue the case that we don't want a free market, Is that its unregulated isn't a good argument because we have all the regulations in the world they Federal Reserve cause. A problem They have more regulate every time. We have a crisis. We have more and more rigour, but it never save us from anything, but because the wrong people get you get to write the regulations, but to argue the free market is unregulated, is absolutely wrong, because if we had a major crisis, in a way and oh nine, a lot of bankruptcies. The austrian economists predicted was coming, and so they had to bear
our people and our son, who got bailed out the very wealthy, the poor, didn't get the Oda. Now it there would have been a free market. Their believe me that people who overset their diet bound they got themselves in although you bail them out out, you know how is all but shall buddy you got a bail out because they ll be ripples, know they'll be less bubbles, but when you know, when you suffer and you don't do the job and you don't says by the consumer and you're goin broke, that's that that is understandable, but you can Hard to say, is unregulated. I think the regulations are much tougher: no fraud, no theft, no counterfeiting and make people who are who caused the trouble be punished, you know the banker should have been punished. They weren't punished in a free market would punish the people who abuse the system right. So what happened? Was the bankers relied on socialism for the wealthy right and so
there was no moral hazard for them running our economy into the ground. Correct, I think that's their subject to that. Certainly, ok! Well, Doktor Paul, every you should check out the round ball Liberty report, I check it out often I learned a lot of stuff. You guys have a lot of great information and we certainly appreciate Europe Liberty, point of view here at the Jimmy door. Sholto thanks very much were taken too, and I hope you can come back on soon during. I should be with you? What has failed President candidate Mitt rob these on the line. Hello met, my warm greetings, okey, Dokey rebounded! Amid here without a shade, my daily, what I have some swell those that'll make your papers bar. And you'll. Never guess what it is. You ve come up with a new plan to replace Obamacare Capital You must have the internet or something hey. You know there's a lot more to that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You got to become a premium member, go to Jimmy Dore Comedy.
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