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Obama says "Nobody Above The Law" Except War Criminals!

2020-08-27 | 🔗

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment program, the Jimmy hey! This is Jimmy who's. This Jimmy? This is MIKE Papa, who savage state my pop tail? You know this is quit trying to get me to say my name over and over, because you think it's funny. No, Mr Secretary, I would never what I figured I'd. Give you a feel general, oh, why why? Why is that.
What do you said today that Jesus Christ, our Lord Savior, though it for, while the sacrifice He made for humanity Let's just say the whole big experience and fills me with the Baghdad. a spirit at a love for you about it, except for palestinian Jesus. Mr Secretary, some people have raised concerns that you mix personal and state purposes on your dribs and in this particular one that you are adopting a very personally religious tone. Jimmy. I am a christian last time. I checked that is perfectly allowed. So there is not a wrong with me say that or that Christianity is the one true faith really on a snake trip to Jerusalem. I tat, I think, is the best place to do so.
In God, city the capital study of God, nation of Israel, Israel. I pronounce that the Christmas car away, because I am a christian jerusalem- is not the capital of Israel and Donald Trump saying it is, doesn't make it so. Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, God says so, given that the official position of the Eu Us State Department, Donald Trump just has got back. I find this mixture of religion policy extremely unsettling secretary. Well, Jimmy I'm sorry, but that's how it is my hands are tied. How is that? Well, people are saying that the GOP twenty twenty four domination will be either be or Nicky ailing. So I did.
start doing everything I can now to get an edge on her. So you know now what ever wreckage will be left. The republican party will be dominated by the evangelical. Server will continue to be a private ports. I see Nicki has a very strong record on Israel like big time, friends with Pb Kills and a real common star start, if be, will size of catching up to do. At aside for peace, doing a hawkish Israel policy, I'll contrast by Salvador by proclaiming by all christian faith but Nicky Healy is also Christian yeah. But you know she converted the cheese Gideon Flat seems foreign and therefore you knocked Christian one. Third,
Tell you, Mr Secretary, but Christian, does not equal white well yeah. I know that you know that. But who are we talking about Trump voters come on man uploads, appropriately gesture, Nagoya Guy Z, bag it out here and his royal branch and it's good to be here, while they're, hammering the fuck out of Gaza. Very good luck for for me exactly Why are jet fighters bobbing Gaza again? Well again, citizens Gaza software to attack Israel with fire balloons, fire balloon. What would even is that? What what was anyone hurt now it's now so hot line
Ballot on fire lets it float slowly towards your country. You them with fighter jets, see Dear dear simple stay, graft, o gal gay day went I got to get going to me tonight. I have my third introduction to MR dead Yahoo, which is a foot rub. And apparently, if you choose the wrong aerobatic oils, there will not be a fourth, so I've got to very careful research to do sliding down the street and Johnson media some had the chance to show
we worked with his with Jimmy Georgia, let's get to the georgian people we get to the joke, shall we hey? I didn't think I could take a second republican converge. After watching the one? Lastly gdp, but in case you missed it, here? Are some of the highlights? First of all, I would Amber green acres being a lot funnier than this afterwards, Milan, you speech. I have to admit this truly, why As the moment she became the paid escort of the President of the United States. Apparently she played her speech from the democratic platform, because there was nothing in it. the saddest thing about the republican Convention was when each speaker accused Joe Biden and Kamala Harris of wanting to defend the police. and give American socialized medicine because they're wrong hate. Some He asked me when I was going to give it a rest, bashing Democrats. My answer would Democrats give rest. Acting like Republicans. Hey, what's cover up today,
we got wrapper ice cube understands how politics actually works. And a man something for his vote? Kamala Harris proclaim: she's protecting children but in truth, Kamala Harris concealed documents of catholic child abusers items: big donors, cash in on human suffering and the Simpsons producer- tries to book and and shame voters. He gets immediately owned, plus phone calls calls from Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Herman Cain and MIKE Compel was a lot more than today Jimmy Door Show. If you are, is active and social media. There's a phenomena happening where blue check Hollywood types keep voter, shaming people who died. I want to vote for Joe Biden, because Joe Biden isn't offering them anything to help make their lives better. So what they won't do is pressure what they will.
Do as voters, shame, say things like all for those not willing to four Kemal Kamala Harris because she's not perfect. I guess you don't care about poor black and brown people, even though so what they won't do. is they won't say, hey what is Joe by and offer health care to people in a mill of a pandemic. So he can make sure he wins this election hey. Why does it Joe Biden vowed and these wars. We can win this election, hey. What is it Joe Biden Vow to give people a jobs? We can win the selection, Why does it Joe Biden? Do some thing why Joe Biden, make marijuana legal, so we can empty the prisons again get. Why did they don't do ever do that. This is the I don't know I haven't lived in other countries, but I've never heard of happening. Even when did you start in this country? It started with Hillary Clinton that you have to vote you, oh your vote to somebody, because the other person is horrible. That's not how politics
works, and so I dont understand, but I do understand, because they're not critical thinkers or not deep thinkers. Life is ok. The Hollywood blue czech people are telling you to vote for Joe Biden because they don't a problem that Joe Biden can fix, but now guess what sag? After that's the union's for actors, Sagen aft, Announces changes to health plan and members object so that screen actors guild antisocial, federal, just radio artist, but I I'm in both of those saga. After health plan announced on August twelve that it would be making major Changes to its health plan that currently covers thirty three thousand members, plus thirty, two thousand of their family members- the changes
Include an increase on the earnings minimum in order to qualify for health coverage. She have that you have to be it. You have to make a certain amount of money. Just before you can get Healthcare in America. You have to be successful enough. You have to get enough acting gigs, which, as everyone knows, it's a hot cold business with acting. Sometimes you get job after job after job and then sometimes you go a year or a half year a year without getting a job, that's how acting works but you're always auditioning, always working. and now they just raise the hot amount of money you have to make every year acting to get to be able to see a doctor when you get sick but nobody's acting, but nobody
acting right. Now they shut down all the acting hung, almost as like sag after in this healthcare system is fuckin, nefarious and oppressive. in like who the fuck would ever designed. This is a health care system. When you go when you, when times get tough, you lose your health care, Joe Biden, Woods Design this premiums will also increase with three hundred and seventy five dollars per quarter for one participant in five thirty one dollars per quarter for one participant, an independent and seven hundred and forty seven dollars. Her quarter for one participant and two more dependence, and that should be pretty easy to pay when you're out of work and if a participant spouse has health insurance. and offered by their employer. They will now
not be eligible for coverage under the sag after health care plan. You know, because there are a lot of people that are able to maintain their jobs right now. Nobody is losing their job during a pandemic, in addition, retirees will no longer be covered unless they meet these twenty five thousand nine hundred and fifty dollar income threshold here shit yeah residuals, do not count or the income threshold how reality Well, don't count shocked, hurt and angry. Sag after health plan overhaul spotlights broken, U S system. So how How many of you guys, who voted for Warren still still stand behind that? How many You blew check Hollywood motherfuckers, who didn't back Bernie Sanders an embryo Medicare for all. First,
it came for the Socialists and I did not speak out because I didn't want to piss off my management. Here's Ellen Barkin Ellen Barkin can't believe my union just took away our health insurance in the dark in the middle of a pandemic. Shame on you, sag! After shame on you. El embark in is worth a hundred million dollars so right night, treats out shameful, but it shows that even Hollywood actors need better care for all police, as people are telling her. Please support Medicare for Healthcare should be tied to employment. We need better for all. Imagine this self employed middle class Americans that don't have any insurance and can't afford to pay for it ourselves and live on Chin up. You still have access to healthcare. According to the Democrats, If only there was a presidential now many who supported health care for all people. How do you do
check. Celebrities who trast Medicare for all and Bernie Sanders feel about sag after canceling the union health insurance that Joe Biden promised to fight to protect. Seems criminal and corrupt. We are a union and this was done unethically. We want real answers. This is Rosanna market. This is during a pandemic who negotiated this the Trump administration, no, probably By administration Rosanna who still denying people healthcare, that's the ad sir! That's the solution to this so now you care about healthcare costs, fuckin effect you, but you didn't care before you yelling at you're, still not yelling at Joe Biden to give everybody Medicare for all. Are you you just Carol? your own cause, you're, really a fuckin Republican, and you can only understand a problem and if it affects you personally,.
This is what I said so now. The corruption of the Democratic Party is directly affecting blue check. Hollywood millionaires, maybe now a voter, shaming, poor people. They will try to pressure Joe Biden and democratic politicians to offer them Medicare for all like the rest of the world. I just anyway. I can't believe they took away our health care now. Let me use my platform to shame anybody, not supporting the guy who would support Medicare for all, despite over eighty percent of his base being one. What's this, this is Joe Biden. It's no secret that I support Medicare for all. I don't, and then I endorsed Elizabeth or an end. Bernie Sanders in the primary both good people, but you want to know
donation, and I respect that and I am fully committed to beating Donald Trump. I know throughout the democratic primary you made clear your opposition to single Payer Medicare. for all, and you have won the nomination, but in recent months twenty million Americans have lost their jobs and many have lost their health insurance. With it Democrats overwhelmingly support. Medicare for all hope you understand this issue is personal. For me, this is an abstract or theoretical, when I say I'm a medic ear for all advocate, I hope you understand it's, because I've spent hours on hold with my insurance companies when they won't cover the cost of my here. It's because I've to sue insurance companies. When they tell me, I need to pay thousands of dollars out of my own pocket for the cost of full time care, and I have a great private insurance plan. I understand what you are saying about keeping private plans, but I guess my question
is what does preserving private insurance really do for people? It depends on the planned look. You know what my Bills were from my hospitalization for two hundred and eighty thousand dollars. I get it. Man yeah, and you still won't fix the problem. Why? Because you are corrupt and a criminal. That's why Joe Biden you get it it's happened to me and I'm so corrupt. I so lack even a shred of integrity and dignity that I won't help. You write to your fucking face. And I know everybody in Hollywood going to tell you to vote for me even as I sit here today until you go pound sand, Barack Obama Gave me money so I can pay my medical bills.
I'm not noted is that where you are, but I get, I fully get The cost of my son were well over a million dollars, and what You get the money to pay for that. Did you get it from your insurance company? No. That's why we have to do the additional things like making sure at home of carers covered Jimmy. He said it with a pair So you knew like when I hear that serious I get it. And I'm not gonna fuckin fix it. I get it's broken, but the guy who pay money and run this whole party. They want you to stay without this thing and so you're, not getting it. I do get it Joe, your corrupt you're, a piece of shit,
Who's, who standing in between Americans and care for for the profit of oligarchs oligarchs, your rapacious, fuck you're, not the solution to our problems, you're a bigger problem than Donald Trump, because the left will go exactly to sleep. When you become president, just like they did when Barack Obama was president, I wish the Democrats What, at the very least, lie to me and say will give you healthcare at monthly, Jack's, Gimme, a reason to be gullible, dumb, ass and vote for you, Joe Biden. They won't even do that Jake Flora says, I think. If you live in a swing state, you should probably vote for Biden, but you should never ever tell these mother fuckers that you're going to keep them guessing until election day, because as soon as you tell them, then they'll stop listening to your demands. It is that a fourth greater
this. He has to tell you idiots this. I see one more blue check, millionaire asshole, fucking ex friend of mine on Twitter fucking talk about how much they care poor black and brown people virtue signal its no fun. Just it just goes to show you: Hitler did not have that heart of a time getting people to go along with bullshit people will willingly. People will tell you, don't ask things of politicians. People will shame you for demanding Had from your politicians that the rest of the world takes for fucking granted,.
Joe Biden has called me below last month the truck campaign out fundraising, we can't let it happen again. Together. Jim Gash NASH, spot jobs up here so I'll? Let you talk now Joe. You and Barack Obama militarize the police. Do you accept any responsibility for the police shootings like in Kenosha. I shouldn't have said that you ain't black thing, but there's a fundamental difference between me and Trump on race firstly, I've been doing racist shit longer, so I know how to dismantle it better. You got to trust me why oh, come on man. Wisconsin is investigating
Madam president, our I don T get it. Could you explain we're not gonna make I we're not gonna. Do that, define the boys slow, go there with age I stood somewhat more just as your money Mary why because you re investigations are Spencer. fine, I'm at the age of five at the dead. That's what your plan to stop systemic Of police brutality is. Go to Joe Biden, DOT, com, dot, ampersand, backslash percentage sign, it's right up there Explain do its bit that thing with the love and caring. Red one
for saving about their poor guy Robert Way, whose advice in a tragic shooting outside that italian restaurant in Hollywood. No, no, not Robert Blake Jacob Blake in Canoe, I know man, I hear you, I feel your pain. Empathy is where it's at man, all all about my my thing and and you're there there, a thousand thousand bucks Forty billion are donors or feel so lonely they're people too and they're lonely. What's the Kenosha police version. Blake was calmly work back to his car when China, Cuba, strange Shelly but acted seven bullets. So far, it appears to be excessive use of force by. I haven't seen all tape by me. You could have provoked it by using bad language official statement on it got a help. To be a full and transparent investigation lying in bed in the past
civilian Review Board Review Board I got your message back. Those shots, pierced the soul of our nation. and I study and elzevir there's our prayers. During his try time, you said you go to dismantle systemic racism, Joe, how we must dismantle systemic racism. We will do it. Listen to me. It is the urgent Josh Perforce. listen, my wife, wife Jill she's, a doctor dismantle by defunding the police, yeah, why don't you go up to the other guy? I will say it again: don't fund more fun, don't eliminate man It is your name. Do you have any words for Democrats now over that that the convention's over
ice cube? The wrapper is a blue check. He gets it the way. Look, they don't have a plan everybody's, you know talking about get trump I'll, get trump I'll get trump. If you vote, that's gonna happen on the first day. So now what trump out now? What what that's going to happen on the first day now, what that's perfectly put we got to get Trump out, that's going to happen on the first day now, what on the first day, so now, what trump out now? What what? What do we get
in the first hundred days, gas will be trying to figure out what do we actually get there? We that they could give us overnight, like that they just poor, three trillion dollars out there and gave it to rephrase that's a meal. They can taxpayer money. Your money did they just gave away indian there's half forty two percent of black business is closed. none and anyone with wears off Captain bill where's the bail out, nothing PP loan that they that they didn't give us where's the bill. I want to hear about deficit, I want to hear about where we are generations do. I have to pay.
Couldn't we know have she dangling should anywhere to pay nothing. so we got to start something right now. Democrats don't seem like they plan. Republicans don't seem like they got a plan for us so how the hell you vote for them, make them make earn that can start today, Dane gotta? Yet they can start to make There's no vote me stop playing with these people and no stopping And with you ice cube, laying it down, I think, he's been watching the Jimmy Door show. Did that sound like he's been watching a Jimmy door, show I'd like to think so. Sound like he's been watching a Jimmy door, show Hey ice cube if you're watching it. Now. Please join us for the People's party convention this Sunday, that's the Sunday baby. How can you see it
You can see it right on this channel, so we're going to be broadcasting it right at this channel. So it's going to be. You know it's going to be. Obviously an online convention Cornel West Nina Turner. Marianne Williamson MIKE Ravel, MIKE Ravell. Lots of other people rain. They re night lots of other people. Yes,. I think there's one more. I think anyway, I think here it is. I wrote I wrote the they're still Biden
nineteen, eighty four bill, mass incarceration, more prisons longer escalate, escalate war on drugs and targeted african Americans. Any even said in that crime bill: we do everything except hang you for jaywalking. He was proud of it and it didn't carry if we had to build more prisons- and that's that's that's why we have the world's biggest put bread wars biggest penal colony. We slave labor inside of our prison industrial, complex, that's the guy, so you get out get our trump. Then that's the guy.
Wow, let's listen ice cube one more time, so, let's do it one more time, because I want a one more time. The way look, they don't have a plan everybody's you know talking about get trump out, get trump out, get trumpet if you vote that's going to happen on the first day, so now what trump out now? What what? What do we get in the first hundred days. That's, what we're trying to figure out? What do we actually get there? We that they could give us overnight, like that they just poor three trillion dollars out there and gave it to rephrase that's a meal they can taxpayers money
your money did they just gave away any news half Forty. Two percent of black business is none and anyone with wears off bill where's the bell out the PPP Bp, on the day that they didn't give us where's the bell. I want to hear about deficit I don't want to hear about where we are. Generations do I have to pay Could we not have she dangling should anywhere to pay nothing so we got to start something right now: Presidency might they gotta play Republic is all seem like they gonna platforms. So how the you're you vote for them. Make them make that can start today. Day day in Ghana, yet they started to make
aren't that vote man stop playing with these people and they stop playing with you, stop playing with these people and they'll stop playing with you and how do you stop playing with him? Well as Lawrence O'Donald is, if you want to To pull the party the major Party that is closer to the way, you're thinking to what your thing You must you must show them that your capable of not voting for them you don't show them your capable of not voting for them. They don't have to Listen to you, I promise you that I work within the Democratic Party I didn't listen or have to listen to any thing on the left and while I was working in the Democratic Party because the left have nowhere to go up, hey. You know
we no longer have an Amazon Lake because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show. Is you become a premium. where we give you a couple of hours of power Gimme, a bonus content every week and it's a great way to help support the show you could do it by going to give it our company that cop clicking on joint premium and supports affordable previous programmes? business and it's a great way to help put them back in the eye. The bastards thanks for everybody, already a premium member, and if you haven't you're missing out, we give you lots of bonus content thanks for your support, No Herman Cains called me again from the from the grave hello the german Herman where Am I time want that noise. I keep hearing Herman. We went through this last week, you're dead,
I am not yes, Herman you are, but that could be. I should be at the republican convention what the heck happened. I told you you can't be at the republican convention you're dead. Yes, What, in the heck happen, you didn't where a mask Herman. You died twenty six days ago, through my twitter, bad, I'm still tweeting I'm alive check out this one. I just Camela Harris has a ton of baggage and a political political jar. That's that's Herman Cane, okay, but but maybe People are posting, those and one could do arm and came about arm and gain that Jack diet. I would never allow Herman Cane imposters on my page. It's just not done.
Added value. Liberals eaten your city, Peter TAT, torment, gaieties out alive anymore, Bernie Sanders I a man again I'd be dead by now, but you Are yeah, was a big funeral for you in Atlanta and everything. they wearing masks wearing it. Yes, Ok, then, why are you go appeared the republican Convention but a gadget watching and their already Donna com. How do I do Mr President, better Beggar back a beggar Herman, do you think still alive they'd. Have you speak at the convention?
Twirling around in my head, look around you tell me what you see I the web. the beef, lady and Billy Mays the so clean guy. What's he doing he's trying to sell out a Dane gang attack, repair and devise give me one of those banking and some.
okay, Miss Barack Obama gave a speech at the Democratic National convention. I don't know if you saw it, but Barack Obama is the Supreme Gas Lighting, bullshitting manchurian candidate of all time of all time, people think about Reagan was good Barack Obama. Ah such a company man such a corporate willing corporate tool and he follows the edict of never. You can never prosecute powerful people, and so here he was taking shots at Trump right. Here we go what I know about Joe. What I know about comma
that they actually care about every American? I mean how do you just even he does it believe that look limited. Even look at me really believe, as I believe it is more as a bullshit. Joe Biden cares so much about every American. He made it harder for them when they got sick and went bankrupt. That's what a good guy Joe Biden is. He made it harder for people when they were in dire straits and Barack Obama is doing his sincere voice. The fake active voice that Joe really loves you that's when Brocco Bomb is trying to get in your pants voice. Oh maybe man you're, the most beautiful. I really love you.
That's why he keeps pausing, because he knows he's got nothing to say. I know that take care. about all Americans and I hope that you. No, that I am making this shit up democracy. in the immediate aftermath of nine eleven. We do some things that were wrong did a whole lot of things that were right, but we tortured some folks. We did some things that work. We did a lot of stuff. That was right like what could you name one thing, I'm gonna guess no did a lot of things right. You know the Iraq war infiltrate having the cops, infiltrate muslim organizations and mosques,
You know repealing habeas corpus, the Patriot ACT, suspending the fork completely breaking the fourth amendment. Turning America to a surveillance state, you know we have a lot of things right, open, Quanta, animal bay, developed torture, program worldwide started doing what was called renditions. What's the word pre anyway, we did nothing right after nine eleven
nothing we're still in the vote were still in Afghanistan. Twenty years later, ass wipe your whole presidency. We stated Afghanistan the whole time why? Because he was told to you think he thought it was good strategy to keep, as is the case that he was told due by the people he takes orders from. Are you saying extraordinary rendition? The extraordinary rendition exists exactly right, entre to our values. I understand why it happened at a think. It's important when we look back to recall how afraid people work after the twin towers, felons and the Pentagon had been hidden the play in Pennsylvania had fallen and people did not know whether more tax were imminent.
and there was enormous pressure on our law enforcement. And our national skirted teams to try to deal with this work and hard under enormous pressure and real patriots, but having said all that we did some things that were wrong. We tortured some folks and that's what that report reflects, and that's the reason why, after And when we engaged in some of these enhanced interrogation techniques, enhanced see, that's that's my favorite enhanced interrogation technique enhanced. Let sounds like it's now
are you going to turn on some mood? Music and some track lighting? Never going to hook your balls up to a car battery then take turns drowning. You owe that I'll. Just take the regular make a fuss out of me I'll crack, like I did a handstand arrogation to enhance Techniques that I believe- and I think any firm, person would believe we're torture. We crossed the line, and, and that needs to be. I, like the tone we crossed the line and not like there was a Torture programme and these animals, these sub humans will be met an example of we're supposed to be better Then our enemies, not worse you're supposed to have values, and you spoke to practise them when the
chips are down? That's why their values and is John Stewart, pointed out. If you don't follow your vile use. When things are hardest, then there values there hobbies. that's the tone he should have, but he's like that, the euro. We are a worldwide toward your programme. That may be made needs to be understood and accepted. So you know what it does it need to be, I guess, prosecuted yet a worldwide. your programme that needs to be understood not prosecuted, not prosecuted, isn't that interesting techniques that believe and I think M fair minded person would believe we're talking. Senator we crossed on and waited and needs to be made
need needs to be understood and accept. That needs to be understood, not prosecuted. Isn't that interesting that we crossed the line and that needs to be understood not prosecuted, isn't that interesting? That may need needs to be understood now, keep in mind what he's talking about are the worst crimes. You could commit crimes against humanity. These are war crimes, torture, depraved indifference. These talking about the worst crimes in the world inside a theatre where you are allowed to shoot someone in the head and its legal? They found a way to do something. Criminal. Those other crimes is talking about the depraved indifference, and what are we supposed to do about them believe were torture
we crossed the line and that needs to be prosecuted that needs to be prosecuted, that may need needs to be understood and accepted an accepted just accept it. He's trying to say we need to accept that we did this, but there are no consequences for us, accepting that we did this right. So it's easy to accept something that you did if there's no consequence right exactly where to as a country take responsibility for their heads country what the. Why would he say that? Because, if you have to take responsibility for something as a country. That means no one has to take responsibility for it. If we all take responsibility for no one's guilty, we all have to take response. You came What everybody in jail can you about? We just put the people, a jailer did it and they will still take responsibility. No, no one.
The jail, no prosecutions, but lips. As we all, this crazy felt to justice that we all what the fuck. So that, hopefully we dont do it again, and Don t- know how you may you know how you make sure you did. We don't do it. Hopefully, so, hopefully you know I used to say hopefully because he knows it's going to happen but if it's not already still happening, why? Because the reason why you prosecutor crime is as a deterrent and when
don't prosecute a crime you are guaranteeing. It is going to continue. So now, let's go back to him here we go what I know about Joe. What I know about comma is that they actually care about every American and that they cared deeply about this democracy. They believe that no one, including the president, is above the law so this is very popular to say right now, but I don't know if you watch that video I just saw, was Brok Obama using the most tortured logic to not prosecute the worst crime a human being, can commit the worst crimes
when beings can commit. They did it under the official sat. Should have the government in Barack Obama did not prosecute them on purpose, but right now he's puffing up just to act like they give a shit about the rule of law and that even a precedent is above the law. Well, you know got their wealth. Presidents are above the law, you know, god well President's are above the law. You know George Bush and Dick Cheney are both war criminals. You know that you don't call pause a war criminal. Of course there are above the law. All the people who did the torture programme are above. Those presidents were above law by the way, by the way Brok, Obama, Euro War- criminal. Ninety percent of your drone programme killed innocent civilians. You killed them Can citizens overseas extra judiciously without a trial, a child
You are a war criminal. You did Yemen yield supply, arms and money to ISIS. You tried to do Syria you did Libya he's a fucking war, criminal, the tenth power. he's done more war crimes, the Trump and this guy, going talk about nobody's above the law he's above the law he's a war. Criminal Joe Biden is also so as Nancy Pelosi, so was George Bush and so is Dick Cheney. So, as Colin Powell, the guy who just endorsed Joe Biden, these guys are all criminals of the highest order and that no
public official, including the president, should use their office to enrich themselves or their supporters. Barack Obama now lives in a forty, eight acre, Martha's vineyard estate that he bought from the guy. I think who used to own the Boston Celtics check be on that. Forty, forty, eight acre forty nine acre. Look. Look it up. Is it forty nine acre Martha's vineyard estate, not one acre.
boy, that's a big piece of property. We got a whole acre, nearly thirty acres. Third, now it's thirty acres! Yes, that's what I see here, you see thirty! I read forty eight acres, oh, but maybe I'll go with the logo I'll give them the benefit of the down. Thirty acre, Martha vineyard states. How can you be happy there you're not supposed to enrich yourself? So that's just up bullshit gas lighting of the highest order? There is no bigger fucking Lion gas Lighting Manchurian candidate in the world, then Barack Hussein Obama. The black Santa Claus is a fraud. he's a thousand peas. Why you got Donald Trump, you fuckin morons. This is why? Because you gave your right wing healthcare plan because he took us from two wars:
seven instead of the other way he made. The bank's bigger rally. Kick five point: one really family other Fucking house in the last economic crisis, while doing nothing for people, he did nothing for Occupy Wall Street, like people cracker cops, cracked, their heads did nothing for dapple did nothing for anybody. Except big, far my health insurance, the military industrial up. He did Libya, he tried to do Syria, he dropped so many bombs that they re The military ran out of bombs under Brok, Obama drop more bombs and George Bush disguise a straight up work criminal. His drone program killed ninety percent civilians. He killed an american citizen without a trial in another country on purpose who was a child and then they joked about it. And this is the guy's gonna fuck and tell you that nobody is above the law he's
not only himself above the law, but he was the one who facilitated George Bush and all the tortures for being above the law. He did it personally. In the immediate aftermath of nine eleven we did, and things that were wrong with it. Lot of things that were right, but we tortured some folks and I'm not gonna prosecuted. people, but I will give a grandstanding, bullshiting Gaslighting speech in eight years to keep people voting for their fucking oppressors. Just like Barack Obama was. The most popular question your own website is related to this unchanged. I gotta comes from Bob Verdict of New York City and he asks. Will you appoint a special a secure, ideally Patrick Fitzgerald, too
apparently investigate the gravest crimes of the Bush administration, including torture and warrantless wiretapping. We're still evaluating how we are going to approach the whole issue of Interrogations, detentions and so forth. and obviously we're going to be looking at past practices and I don't believe that anybody is above the law. On the other hand, I also have a belief that we need to look forward as low as opposed to looking backwards. Ah, Why that's Barack Obama's way of saying? No, that's that's how he says that he took the longest way possible to say no, I'm not gonna put a spell, appoint a special prosecuted and point to prosecute torturers and war. Criminals know why? Because he's looking forward, he does one
Look back all those torture crimes happened in the past and Barack Obama's looking towards the future. Doesn't that make you feel better to know that all your past crimes aren't prosecutable? Is that nice to know? I bet all those people in prison are pissed off. They committed their crimes in the future and there's George Stefan Opolis, like that's, that's a good one. Looking towards the future, all all the crimes. Those crimes happened in the past, put a positive spin on overlooking war criminals. Not holding people accountable because their powerful wow, that's he's a site. Jean you'd see this kid's genius. No wonder he beat Hillary Clinton, that's what he's taken hey! Should we do something about the path administrations war crimes. Now, let's not get caught. In the day to day politics.
A mistake. Obama made was not investigating, prosecuting and legislatively correcting the Bush administration's crimes of torture, no bid contracts, stop loss, conscription, Cheney arguing he was above the log cetera. It showed the GEO P that they can do this and get away Scot Free cut it to that. First of all, I love that. That's why I'm showing this tweet that's very a lot of good stuff in there. But can I just correct one thing? It was not a mistake that Barack I'm a made by not investigating, prosecuting and legislatively correcting the Bush administration's crimes. That was not a mistake. A mistake is when you forget to put a stamp on an a letter. That's a mistake. This was a conscious choice that Barack Obama may that all President's make not to prosecute their predecessors because they don't want to be prosecuted
they leave office, so they want to make sure were all above the law. That's what brought Obama wanted. Believe me, they're not going to prosecute Donald Trump, Joe Biden, president. The last thing they're going to do is prosecute Donald Trump they're. Definitely above the law and what they're doing is bullshitting you. So they could get you to vote for your oppressor. How about instead of continuing and expanding the bush? Forty three wars, Barack Obama, Joe Biden could have prosecuted Bush forty three and his administration for war crimes President's were not meant. Be above the law or immune from consequences agreed, but did that
Rocco bubble, will tell you the same thing as he doesn't prosecute war criminals and make sure no he's not prosecuted. We know because what we want, we ve seen what you ve got to sell us now this. This is an interview from twenty ten, The Brok Obama has has barely been president for two years watch this, how you regard Bush and Blair record in the Middle EAST to think a bomb is no better than it really is worth I've been writing about it. I started writing about it before the election. Why is he was? She would go through the details? I like how the reporter Laps who are you? He doesn't go fuck this guy who's, obviously way smarter than you said something that sounds ridiculous to me. So I guess I'm a batch should investigate this instead of laughing at it.
You're, obviously interviewing him cause he's the one leading intellectuals in the Fuckin world notice that this is the Nuremberg principles. Not the trials for a ban on would fare no better where those principles applied to his nose. Carrying out to carry out a major war in Afghanistan, his supporting his directly and indirectly involved in aggressive and criminal actions carried out by Israel, for example. His Only been in office for two years, we have a chance to invade anyone yet, but his record is quite consistent with what happened before. and after that, so he was already worse according to Chomsky. In many ways that was before Brok, Obama did. Libya turn Libya, the most successful state in Africa into a failed state with open slave markets.
Brok Obama did that he ruined another country. You know how it how they did nine eleven in New York. He did that every day for a couple years it Libya, That'S- will Brok Obama did to Libya. Then he went on to do. Syria Try another prided, you another illegal war, and how did you do it by funding ISIS Al Qaeda terrorists to overthrow a sovereign state. Brok Obama. Someone. I too have a droll program that killed ninety percent innocent civilians- that that's just a head. That's just off the top of my head, the stuff that brought about the one ought to do drop more bombs. That done George Bush dropped so many bombs. They ran out of bombs.
The Obama administration may be guilty of war crimes may be guilty of war crimes. I guess it just depends on your definition of guilty American Officials could be prosecuted for war crimes in Yemen. They will but you know if this is a rational society or something it could happen. That was before Barack Obama did Yemen. Democrats can't win until they recognize how bad Obama's financial policies were. That's from the Washington Post and considering most democratic still think he walks on water. I won't hold my breath for this to happen. People still think. Safety are instead of what he was Ronald Fucking Reagan. Two point: zero.
Thanks to Obama bailouts and Trump tax cuts, five largest US banks have raked in five hundred and eighty three billion dollars since two thousand and eight crash with no jail time for exactly is in half a trillion dollars and post crisis profits. The big banks have made out like bandits during the post crash period. And we didn't even need a pandemic for that one suckers, so here's is Barack. Obama talked. The young people to the young people who led us this summer telling us we need to be better suckers.
In so many ways you are, this country's dreams fulfilled filled. Ok, there's a country dream fulfilled, so the goal of the United States was to have an entire general entire generations of people that no nothing but recession have few job prospects. Will likely face crippling debt and are protesting and striking for their very survival? That's not a dream. Barack Obama, that's a goddamn nightmare to the young people who led us this summer telling us we need to be better. In so many ways you are this country's dreams fulfilled. Earlier generations had to be persuaded that everyone has equal worth for you, it's a given a conviction and what I want you to know
is that we decided by generation to be so incredibly shitty that you guys had to pay attention but blue, but for all its messages and frustrations, your system of self government can be harnessed to help. You realise those convictions. What enough thought is he talking about. What what what what what self government have we heart so he's pretending still that politicians represent them people to vote for them. Even though it's been scientifically proven, we live in an oligarchy. You dont, live in a democracy. It's already been stolen from you and he's trying to tell you all
you guys you're up out protest protesting because of the shady job me and Joe Biden did. I was with you for all of us. You can give our democracy new, meaning cheeses filled with you. can take it to a better place. It's hard to table the missing ingredient. You are the basic ingredients. You are the missing ingredient, young people. You are the missing ingredient, young people You feel a little insulted tv. A little condescended to because a guy who says that you think you are a fuckin moron
and Barack Obama knows you- are because ninety percent. Fuck people who here that speech love it. They have no idea, he's a fucking, complete cell outcome gas lighting, Fuckin Ronald Reagan, Dubai now so much so that. Young people, young people wanted they wanted Bernie Sanders to be. President Barack Obama wanted anybody except Fuckin Bernie Sanders. You're the basic ingredient, what a fuckin condescending gas lighting pieces- shit Brok Obama is you're the music ingredient. You can harness self government to bring about your convictions, My convictions I'd like to have health care in the middle of a pandemic, no, not those convictions about. I like to have some student, Debt relief, as we get five trillion dollars to the richest one hundredth doled out, though, that that conviction,
But I'd like to end the war, not that conviction about I'd like to have a job for that that conviction. Local Obama's hidden hand as candidates coalescing around Biden. So you think he really cares about young people. The missing ingredients with Three democratic support rallying behind Joe Biden. It seems that the democratic establishment is doing everything it can to prevent Bernie. Tenders from winning the nomination sources close to Obama, indicated he was assisting the orchestration of a consolidation of support behind Biden, what the he's lying straight right to your fucking faces, and you don't care. He's lying right to their faces and they don't care it's like Chris. Had you said
years ago there why cheat and steal right out in the open? They don't even hide their corruption anymore. Accelerate the endgame Obama's Obama's and wrapping wrapping up the primary. So he'd make sure we get your bite it and that someone who is progressive? He did the building of the Wall Street the military industrial complex big far my health insurance and fossil fuel companies. That's why he did what he did. Neo liberalism, it's a lot like a bad movie franchise. The sequel is even shit here.
Welcome to the sequel America of President Obama is calling me hello You been watching the republican convention. You asked that, lastly, I'm the democratic to and you're missing, not to could really learn a thing or two by reaching across the aisle to come to a consensus like a blink on said, we're one America's, not two Americas on America's. Did he really say it that way? What differ instance I make now who reads shoot anymore. Joe made the case for his vision of the country at his plan to get there now it's up to you to do everything in the next seventy days to make sure we get it me. What about you? I already did my part
I got rid of Bernie. Didn't I hey, you know, there's a lot more than that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You got to become a premium member, go to Jimmy Door, Comedy Cobb sign up. It's the most Affordable premium programme business today show is written by IRAN. Kaliko Barclay Lando, step Zahm Murano, Jim Earl, like Mccrae, Roger written other voices performed today by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found. It might make greater. That's it for this week. You'll, be the best you can be I'll. Keep me
don't don't don't you, don't you don't I don't worry. I'm not worried.
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