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2020-04-23 | 🔗

Special guest: union organizer Jan McAlevey!

Noam Chomsky advocates failed electoral strategy!

Trump slams out of touch Nancy Pelosi!

The future of workers and how to organize the workforce!

Phone calls from Al Pacino, Barrack Obama, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden!

Featuring Stef Zamorano and Mike MacRae!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme, the Jimmy oh hi, this is GB who's. This Is this help a GINO, I think so oh harvest Ruggedo. How are you today Jimmy? yeah, I saw your core deed like the rest of us right, you better believe it. I got an underlying medical condition, oh yeah. What's then, I don't know, what the fuck is going on? I see a danger is to be out at about under those circumstances. without antlers Jimmy.
indeed I am doors. Yes, yes, you famously had one is is than whose job it was to remind you to eat otherwise, you'd accidently, go days without even. And now my dream is gone, their own sheltering in place and the most your mother, Fucker allied right now, I bet only do I not have my meal reminder guy make. My own food situation is unprecedented. What have you been preparing for yourself? What kind of food where Jimmy I'm always hungry. So before staff left to go down a very kindly made sure they're, my law order was well stocked I don't know how any of this works. Do you have do you have a really complicated kitchen equipment or something.
back You what I asked Jerry till she was no help at all. She's been a little bit right. I try to tap on the metal talks on the side of a cabinet and I pulled out a little bit no dice nothing doing I try to open a clam. Ok, that's what you're talking about the hinge of the cabinet? That's where you knocked on the hinge. That's that's not the side of that's not decide that opens you! You need to pull on the handle which is on the other side of the cabinet door dangerous than that touch that I'll just pull on it. It safe. I promise you. I wouldn't let you hurt yourself.
No orders anyway romance or something. Bryn. Just me and I see some regions are right- we're back in business, see I told you Jimmy. I owe you one. I didn't want to alarm you, but my blood sugar whisky dangerously low. If I hadn't figure out cabotage in the next fifteen minutes- Probably want to drop dead glare, we can help you now care. Where are your handlers I dont have handlers out but your Johnny Big Times now, got right just because I've had some success. Does it mean I dont know how to take care of myself, morale. Why do you know what I mean
I usually what I'm hungry. L plus there are three windows of day that are more or less set aside for real times. Ah, I got a headache to speak about what you said. This is like I'm chemistry I'll get Well, I gotta go back into these reasons. Why don't I mean? Do you know how to open a package of reasons now I'll get it back. Just cause. I added until there are regions that ok, then, that work thanks projection with his Al Brigitte it down.
Sliding down the street and Johnson media. Some had the chance to show how nobody world, with this week, Jimmy Giorgio payers to word you no one ever hear in Euro Bitch wearing Church potluck, Affright church, potluck baby. you're. Twelve hundred dollar stimulus check, yet didn't think so right now Americans are getting enough bridge liquidity to live the under one, and meanwhile The credit party is basically telling Americans to go screw themselves with the lesser of two pitchforks you I don't know, which is a bigger idiocy, that people think trumpet Haired need a strong economy from Obama or that Trump thinks he can,
down a boats arrayed around as blind boats now. Mr President, we cannot allow it bulk gap, you'll any society. Eddie, then I mean this from the bottom of my heart. Any society I can't see what a horrible personnel degeneracy can never. Be counted out to vote the right way. Hay was covered up, today show hey. Why is known Chomsky still pushing a forty year old, failed voting strategy. The answer just may surprise you, or will it and Nancy Policy is so out of touch that Donald Trump campaign ad. Can lampoon her that's right. The Democrats are so out of touch that guy who shits on a golden toilet, can make fun of them. Plus. We have a union organizer. Who is good news for the future and how workers are going to night before and after the election plus we go
phone calls today from Al Pacino, Barack Obama Chuck Schumer book a lot lot more. That's today of the during the pandemic Nancy below see a hundred millionaire and the leader of the of the People's party, the Works Party went on the CBS late late Laid show James Cordon and What would she did we're here with house? We can Nancy Policy and we asked them to share something from her home for a little light like show and tell at Speaker policy one of you found. What are you gonna share with us from your home Jacqueline. really how good chocolate candy not just keep in mind most people in America. Have no idea. They're gonna pay the rent they're losing their health care.
They don't have their in line that food banks there's lines wrapping around stadiums, so people can get food right now they passed four point: two trillion dollars. the richest people in the country did nothing for you another on vacation and she thinks it's a good idea. This is how tone deaf out of touch she thinks it's a good idea to go in a late night, talk shown Guph around
how she's handling it? The quarantine by God, let's watch a while- and this is this- is something you can get through. The male ok run out and show me yeah. Absolutely this is the episode cribs. I never knew I needed all my while other people in our family that for some other flavors, but people are lined up at food banks. This is it. This isn't a billion our trump doing this. This is the leader of the people, the people's house, the workers party. So she thinks it's a good idea why people are lined up
in mile long lines to get thirty, our grocery bag full of food? She goes on national television and shows all the different ice creams. How she's enjoying this quarantine. Because she's got all these different ice cream in her twelve thousand dollar refrigerator? She doesn't have a worry in the world. Is that worried about paying her bills or getting healthcare or getting food or anything? Anything they're going back to work or going back to work, And then we have some other chocolate here there We have a connection with you and now I understand why, because I'm all also out of touch celebrity, who likes to talk about ice cream when people are starving Anyway, if you ve been isolated in your house, how much of you of your regular diet? Do you think, is ice cream and candy? Well is merchants.
Possible. I enjoy it. I like it and people have pointed out she has to these bridges each of each one of about twelve grand each. She, if it's too fridges to already she's, got more ice cream than the sovereign eleven does and the reason of talk tours cause we're in a pandemic and people are losing their livelihoods. People have money. People are scared to death their lines, trying to get free food, and this is what she thinks is a good idea to do after she just screwed. You. More than anything else- and I dont know why, but it seems to agree with me- I have a lot of energy and we just gotta restock the ice cream right for Easter Sunday because work Can we say enjoying because you do? You know why I bought a hundred million dollars, we get whatever we want. Plus. I have power.
I don't know what I would have done if I were not in. I just wonder a just war. under what I ve done of ice cream. What about if, if better care for all was invented? What do you think we need? But what about those people have a? Would people do? If they are you be? I wasn't invented and all there isn't one you blocked it so ice cream. The important thing, not rent subsidies, mortgage freezes Medicare for all a? U belie the important thing for Nancy Blowsy is ice cream. Now, just imagine just imagine if Trump Did this Carl Rob Reiner and the POD save America guys in every dick we'd at CNN and MSNBC, be pulling their hair.
Oh, my god, dropsy showing off is ice cream and people are starving they're not doing that now are they. They should be doing it. There are not doing it. Isn't that interesting, they're not doing that Trump knows better than to do this. You know who doesn't Nancy hundred millionaire.
made, while she was in Congress Pelosi. I agree, I don't know who I am without it well, thank you with a little snake, a big we'll be right back through eating ice cream during the apocalypse, the leader, our leader, most powerful, democratic country. Right now she comes back. They come back on back now, other Eu Jargon just enlargement, Reggie she's, eight, that you have a question for our gas this evening. Yes, I do yeah what the fuck did you do in that stimulus? Why did you screw America for a generation and when are you gonna give people health care? Are you be I and do something? That's an unfortunate asked. The question is that the question guy doesn't even know put his head a little higher up on the screen tooth. It's like there are first who first day you tumors.
a national television dude, you puts don't put your head in the middle, you put your hand at the top of the screen to see how this is this. Is this? Let me doing the same thing. Ok, let's do the show, I gotta say your impression given Colbert this is by pressure of agriculture and the whoever this guy is look up on tv look about gave me get as low as him. I can physically and got out. I've tried look about tv due to take up what the fuck his question. It was here that better question goes to the speaker of the house. Nancy Blowsy, I Reggie
you do not or they'll be here to see. You then honoured. How is it so? You on a trip to Rhodesia in an ancient passenger airship and an argument erupted between the ship's second officer and a mysterious, but charismatic passenger? Would you intervene or would you go to your quarters and write about the account in your memoir? This is what she's doing while people are freaking out, she's on a tv show eating ice cream in front of her thirty thousand dollars worth of fridges, giggling about a fake question. playing a game. Show you play a game. Show this. It is this the equivalent of playing the violin, whereas Robert Burns that think that's what this is. This is so bad trump has made a commercial of this,
and here is the term commercial. It turned out that three hundred and fifty billion dollar fund to help small businesses and its workers get through the shut down. It will be up to Congress to restock it, but Democrats blocking that move this morning. They ask for a quarter of a million dollars in forty eight hours. I don't think so. They objective and I congratulate and the Democrats bigger closing what is going to share with us from your hot chocolate. King and e thousands have been forced wait for hours at food banks all across the country. Given that we have some other chocolate here. We just gotta restock the ice cream, you don't want either bear it. They know what I want. The kid do much longer, I'm trying so hard tat. We say enjoying avenue, midday.
Darwin and I like it better than anything else. Taking this segment, there are twenty two million people. Our specific programme is about stopping job losses. Today, other people in our family look for some other players, but if so You don't know what to make something else about opera I dont know what I would have done is. I think we need to do it. I just wondered: The democratic party is so corrupt, so unbelievably corrupt and out of touch that a guy who shits on a golden toilet gets to make fun of them for being out of touch elitists.
And it lands and it lands. Do you want to know why you have Donald Trump because he gets to run against Nancy Policy, one of the most corrupt criminals in the history of our government, not only complicit in war.
We're crimes but complicit in the generational screwing of workers and families. That's why Trump is elected, not because Bertie robes are just zone petulant. It's because of this it because when the time came to help people, Nancy Pelosi acted like she was Herbert Hoover on purpose and screw you and a yo see every Damn Democrat went along with it, including Bernie Sanders their worthless. There absolutely worthless
Here's what Danny High Foreign says the black agenda report. He says Trump understands power. Power is the ability to win the public relations battle because your opponent is invested in the same war. Is you, but you can't say so, without losing the capacity to keep the left loyal to corporatism power recognizing your opponents, weakness and striking so she's, pointing out that Nancy policies actually playing the same game is trump. She can't say so so she's handcuffed, Trump can't say the game is playing. She can't. If she does she'll risk losing the left, they won't go to loyal corporatism anymore. So that's just great. That's exactly right! So if you want to know why you getting trump it's because of the corruption of the democratic path
I've been saying that, since I read listen Liberal, this isn't even debatable. You didn't get trump because a Jill Stein or Russia, You moron on purpose: you didn't get trump because of Susan, Saran, DIN or JAG off comedians on Youtube. You got trump because of the unbridled and transparent corruption in the Democratic Party is presented as they take cheat, right in front of you. They steal right out in the open. Now, they're even hide it. And burning goes along with the ninety six that nothing in the Senate, a generation screwing of America Bernie was told to go along with it and he went on
with it. So here's the big debate now Chomsky back in twenty. Sixteen said that you have to vote for Hillary Clinton because of what he does the lesser of two evils. Voting Chomsky went on what the many Hassan. It's unbelievable. How he's gotten these he's not any worse many of the normal journalists, but he's just as bad he's a horrible hack and he has horrible takes like you could fill up a book just with this guy's bad, heartaches, and while here he is he's interview in Chomsky, it takes some time out to punch, left and end voter shame adieu to try to bully some people watch this. It's time get rid of the malignant c in the White House. do they make of this very boisterous online net a bilateral movement, the whistle from some on the left from somewhere a burning people, including his own former national press secretary, some left wing social media stars. What do you make of the never bite? A movement We're in shops of memories
The early thirties and Germany will become This wording following the someone's life time, took a position that everybody, but rush into social ashes. So there's no difference between the social Democrats, the Nazis. You never met. We join with the social Democrats to stop. We know where that is There are many other cases like this. It were seen a regrettable to let's take the position. Never by Muslim, evokes, abide by the rules. The thing is, a thing called originated in a lot of things about arisen, failure for Biden, then this election in the issuing state amounts voting for drop one vote away from the opposition. Adding one book club The sun is the dead, that's just so ridiculous for, for instance,
Jill Stein wasn't on the ballot. In twenty sixteen, I wouldn't have voted for. That's not a vote for the other person. These are the biggest voting block in America. The people who don't vote, that's the biggest building block in America, the people who don't vote. So if I go out and vote third Party, that's our vote for Trump or a vote for someone else? I don't know if you know how voting works, but if you vote for the person, that's the person to get your vote now. If you want to change the system and make it a ring choice, voting system, I'm off for that, to guess who's, not for that the Democrats guess who's not for it Joe Biden, guess what he gets. Then he gets to lose again. And I love this, but that this this whole we're amateur breakdown all of his bad logic here her in a second but we'll keep going. You want to vote for them. destruction of human life on earth, for the information job increasing, the war for
stuff in the judiciary with he's just making the stuff up, he just me. in that we're gonna increases the likelihood of a nuclear war yeah. You know why, because the Democrats have Mccarthy Red Bade the president's and attacked him from the right not to stop for forced rate years? It's a democratic one, try to be more bell. coastal, put Sabre rattling with the Russians, not the Republicans it with the Democrats. So this whole logic as this backwards. Lawyers will make it impossible to do anything generation until it openly, yeah. That's what I want my budgets, the meaning of never buy so if we are concerned about the rise of Nazi ISM. Maybe we should talk about the fact that propping up the two party de for forty straight years, with his his non voting strategy. That's what this is. This is a non strategy. His idea to do
Zactly what Hillary Clinton and the Centre for American progress and the dead trucks humor. Nancy Pelosi want you to do in all their donors. Want you to do he's doing it. You said you had the pride piper theory works, trumpet so horrible. We have to vote for someone who's equally horrible and by the way, Joe Biden to the right of Donald Trump. Just so you know when it comes to war, Joe Biden to the right of Donald Trump when it comes to health care, Joe bite into the Right Donald Trump? So this idea that voting for Joe Biden is some some difference. That's let's keep doing this failed voting strategy. that would that got so every time you do the lesser of two evils: You know you move a little dick. The democratic party moves to the right and that it keeps moving to the right and other democratic parties A full blown party of WAR and Wall Street full blown and fossil fuels. Brok Obama bragged that
They got more fossil fuels out of the earth turning his presidency than any other time. This idea that there's a difference, Broccoli Bob bombed Muslims. For eight street years, which is why there were muslim rest, refugees, arab refugees at our airports. This idea this is just a crazy idea. This idea that somehow this voting for a republican overdue over Joe Biden is the equivalent of voting for Nazi over a good person. That's not your choice. You have a choice of two nazis. Joe Biden is the guy who took away our civil liberties job. How did it go, felt, exploded, prison population, Joe Biden, has the go, help deregulate Wall Street Joe Biden is the guy you help cut them? exactly what our Neath unions, Joe Biden,
is the guy who made it harder for poor people into in dire circumstances, the most vulnerable times in their life, to not be able to declare bankruptcy. Joe Biden did that Joe Biden can five point: one million families out of their house than last time. There was a recession, the silk that this idea is just made up. This is just making it up so what, he saying, if only if only we would have had an old segregationist with a rape allegation dementia. a forty year, history with enough skeletons in his closet to decorate for Halloween Party, then we could have stopped Hitler. That's all you needed back. Then he did you keep needed you needed a segregationist with rape allegation dementia and a four year forty year history with enough skeletons in a closet to decorate Halloween Party, then you could have stopped Hitler, its nuts, you want to see who Joe Biden is Joe Biden, the? U S is this is from CNN
calm during Joe Biden term, as vice president, the? U S is running out of bombs to drop the? U S, airforces fired off more than tat, thousand missiles and bomb since the. U S bombing campaign against ISIS began fifteen months ago, and they ran out of bombs. That's Joe Biden, Joe Biden, make the bank's bigger. Joe Biden took us from two wars: descent, Joe Biden opened the art to drilling whenever Shell oil asked Joe Biden. Let him put fresh pipes, all the the Reese's is country after they repealed the legislation. That said, you can't export fossil fuels. Joe Biden did that. This is the guy you're saying: there's gonna stop the Nazis. This is the guy Joe Biden is Joe Biden. Is a terrorist. How would you put a little clearer for you? We pull a clairvoyant George, W
drop. Seventy thousand bombs in five countries, Barack Obama, a hundred thousand bombs in seven countries. He bombed more than George Bush, so who's the lesser of two evils: who's the lesser of two evils: huh kick five point. One million people are their house dropped a hundred thousand bombs and seven countries. He didn't, kill anybody either house. He dropped seventy thousand bombs in five country, whose the lesser of two Evils- Donald Trump- has dropped, at least seventy three thousand bomb. So far so and of course, Julius. I was in prison for revealing other war crimes. You ought to know about Joe Biden. No jobs keep just amazing A needle marries probably wedding himself that there's something he in charge agree on, because it probably will never happen again. I want
Many realises he won't be able uses for his MSNBC audition real because they never stay still don't book jumps he had MSNBC, even when he says Vote Biden, they'll book Chomsky, MSNBC sickness, my impression of many Chomsky. It's in order to speak with you. What do you think about people who don't want to pick between alleged rapists? Aren't those people awful when you think about people of one vote for a rapist? Aren't they awful. If Joe Biden as a social Democrat than Dick Cheney as a moderate about that, I like always says what are you? What do you think of the never Biden movement? He says to listen to listen to and it's time to get rid of the malignant c in the White House, Do they make of this very boisterous, very online never buy you dont movement. There were things
some on the left noise as it someone, alas, is evident. What do you think I've? Never boy didn't moment I'll bet. Basically, what I call anyone who one follow me on Twitter, but the way many has be blocked because I pointed out he was lying about Assad Idle, I've, buses, on Twitter, like oh, really, you're, saying this: Ewe, Ewe, Ewe, Ewe, recalling critics of the of the american policy in sir, you call them aside colleges and now you're now you're upset that somebody called you and sought by that weird they block me. That's Mary is alive. He's as light as they white as they come, which is why you got a job at the intercept. except for Glenn, while that he or she is really hurting, really hurting punch, soft brains over their buncher Russia, gating Mccarthy, smearing
knuckleheads and I love how many liberals now are pointing to Chomsky as look listen to Chomsky. They never listen to him before, but listen to him when he's wrong. That's what they'll tell you neoliberals thinking, they understand Chomsky because of this one take are like people who think they the Beatles cause. They heard that one song that one time that is correct, but look to that one. Who else Joe Biden is known? Chomsky all you need to know Biden, reportedly wing billionaire, Michael Bloomberg and Jamie Diamond for his cabinet posts. You still think it's it. There's a difference. These Lisbon Wing of the party didn't fall into line behind bite and despite the fact that he put Bloomberg and Jamie Diamond and his cabinet, they did it because of that. This is who they are. Well, do Nancy Policy, as you know it. Her big idea is right now you know how people are losing their healthcare left and right, because in Amerika we. hi our healthcare to people's jobs, because our governments, corrupt and Nancy,
those who became a hundred millionaire while she was a Congress person and the leader, of the Democrats didn't impeach George Bush for war crimes, what impeached Donald Trump for a phone call to the Ukraine? Why? Because she was complicit in those war crimes. Nancy policy is complicit in those war crimes. That's why she didn't prosecute them. She's, prosecuted, Donald Trump, while she's deposited war crimes- and you know what a big ideas now disappears- Nancy Protein big idea, already Democrats, big car, Virus idea is to subsidize health insurers so, instead of them just expanding Medicare, this like Trump, is doing for corona virus. So if you get sick quota virus. You go to the hospital, you'll pay, anything no out of pocket pace, known back and no nothing. They know postscript. They take care of it for you until your healthy and the government pays pays the hospital right through the Medicare system.
Nancy below big idea is no. No, no and people lose their jobs will pay for their cobra. That's what her ideas, instead of pushing for public health solutions Democrats want to cover holbrooke premiums. Can you believe this? So you know when you lose your job? You're hurt your player doesn't pay for your. How their parties your health insurance anymore. So you get you get the option of keeping your present health insurance. Now that you don't have a job, and your payment you're part of your payment for your premium goes up about a million per cent likes. You somewhere around a thousand dollars a month or more just for the Insurance Edison. That's not your call pays. That's not your our pockets, that's not! So! This is our big idea. That's that's where the Democrats are.
How about this question hey? Why didn't you S Chomsky, to share his thoughts on violence, apparent cognitive, this deterioration, Chomsky basically founded modern cognitive science, the question should have been a no brainer unintended. That's great weight waiting for less Chomsky to share its thoughts on bite is apparent. Cognitive deterioration deterioration. You got the guy who's this the Father of modern cognitive science. A fun exercise is to look at what Chomsky has said about past republican candidates already I wonder what he said turns out that every one of them is an unprecedented emergency. That demands a lesser of two evils. Votes Romney, for example, was going started nuclear war, that's what he says. He just said it again nuclear war, even those broccoli,
Oh, who dedicated a trillion dollars to upgrade our nuclear arsenal in ninety two chums, he said a vote for Bill Clinton because of the Supreme Court. it goes way back. So let me just tell you this, and here is another reason why Chomsky Wrong Bill Clinton was not the lesser of two evils. Either time he ran bill Clinton was a greater evil how's that Jimmy Well George Bush. The first wanted to practice of one example: George Bush, the first one of the past after he couldn't do it. Why? Because the Democrats, who, at that time we're still the hold it to the workers they still kind of represented workers,
They couldn't vote for NAFTA because their union voters base would get knew. It was the death of them. So then Bill Clinton gets be. He beats George Bush, the first he becomes present. They tried to pass NAFTA. What George was the first couldn't get it done, could get pass through Congress. Bill Clinton does bill. Clinton gives cover To the blue dog Democrats, so they can go ahead, invoked to screw over unions and vote for NAFTA George Bush couldn't get that done. Who could the Democrat Bill Clinton bill? Clinton could get that done. He was the greater evil Bill Clinton, deregulated Wall Street at the same time the export of the prison population while cutting welfare and and cutting the legs off from underneath our workers and our union's by passing NAFTA. That was the great George Bush. The first would not be allowed to do any of those things.
and then Bill Clinton totally changed a party we became a party that represent workers to a party that represents Wall Street. That's what the Democratic Party is right now they will represent workers, and so he's wrong about this And it was Joe Biden, two major antonyms, Galicia and Clarence Thomas got on Supreme Court, so see how wrong Chomsky could be. When he's wrong. When he's wrong, he doesn't fuck around he's right. Most of it but when he is wrong holy shit, he key swings for the fences and here's exactly why Chomsky
Rock Glenn Greenwell is going to tell you why Chomsky is wrong because Chomsky is advocating for the same failed, non strategy of voting that he's been advocating for since ninety ninety do, which is vote. The lesser of two evils cross your fingers. So here we go! Here's! What lingering waltzes ending up your boyfriend realise two things number one. When you pledge our unconditional support to politicians, meaning When you say I Chomsky does no matter who you pack, no matter, how adverse he is to my political ideology and my set of policy preferences, I'm getting vote for you, I'm gonna support you start to realise that you have no leverage, there's no reason for them to do anything, but ignore you with contempt, because your basically in the subservient position you put yourself in where you say I trample on my valley, Yours, I'm still gonna vote for you. Why Nobody goes into a group
people who say that any sale we want concessions. Why would I give you concessions if you ve already told me that, at the end of their you're gonna, both for me anyway, I'm gonna give you concessions I'll, give concessions to the people who may not vote for me meaning center ass for he republic hands or disaffected suburban age or whatever? So that's one problem. That strategy is a guarantee. He's your own impotence and jobs. He's advocating that Chomsky ideas will will we could influence Biden more you wanna, see Joe by and tell you how much he cares about influence casino, he's in with the donor class and he'll never loses race. In that small state, Delaware, what's this here's a guys, tell you how much he response to pressure from his boaters watch this I don't care of all the american people say shouldn't beyond the court, if I thought here should be. I would vote for him on the court and vice versa. That's my wrist! possibility my sworn responsibility, but it now go help please.
Thomas and Antonin Scalia get on the court that guy jumps. You said you got to vote Clinton because of the Supreme Court. Ninety two I'm sure he said he said it here today: Here's Joe Biden tell you how well that works now ship. Nothing would fundamentally change. That's Joe Biden words. I love this guy says just a charm ski also just showed he can't do arrhythmia tick. If you vote for Trump, that's plus one for Trump. If you vote for Biden, that's plus one forbidden If you vote for any other candidate, that's plus one for that candidate, that's all beyond the electoral college. There is no forty logic coming occurring. No there's no logic to what Trotzky saying this is a risk that the Arithmetic
he's, inventing some new kind of arithmetic that doesn't exist that doesn't exist. That's made up, that's how we got to this Vision- and I appreciate Many- never asking Chomsky what he thinks about Joe Biden, dementia, here's what Fiorella Isabella from up cacambo count, says. She says to use to use latino populations as token ized votes. Is something Democrats love to do Joe Biden stood by the Obama administration, as the Obama administration built the foundations for cages, there's Clinton pushed a coup to oust the democratically elected leader of Honduras, leading to mass migrations. It's it's hilarious.
Here's, here's Kyle Kaminski, he weeded out as a left wing or who will not vote for bite, and I want you to know I'm a hundred percent. Ok with you blaming me if Trump wins a second term, I mean it blame me, then to thinking real hard, how you're going to get me to support your candidate? The next time, maybe even asked me I'll, tell you that's how politics works Just so you know that's how politics works. If you want my vote, you have to come, get it that's how politics works, but Joe Biden, just like Hillary Clinton, are expected to garner votes without having to campaign for them. and a courtiers many medicos comes vices if you're, ok with a white nationalist winning a second term, I question your left wing credentials hey you're, I Russia gating warmonger, met You're a Russia, gating, warmonger, you're, Mccarthy, I'd smearing, anti journalist who, actually, after real journalists like see Hirsch, will you you're not you're, not fit to lick his balls and you somehow
DE criticise his reporting, I'd Syria, when it was correct and, of course, you're pushing the c. I a line because that lines up with your beliefs, you're, crazy, fucked up beliefs, He says if you're, okay, with the White Nationalist winning a second turn my question, let heat you're going to question someone's left wing credentials, euphony such a phony, lefty and, of course, you're doing some. That's that's! The company medi keeps Joy Reid. Just so you know and might Figueredo says: hey folks wish my friend many Hassan Lucky's, currently auditioning for a job at MSNBC. They noticed him and I think they like em rooting for you bud so Chomsky couldn't be more wrong. He was wrong and twenty sixteen when he said
This I said he was wrong, then, and he's wrong now and, as you know, in true Chomsky, fat she doesn't know anything half way so one he's right he's a hundred percent right when he's wrong he's a thousand percent wrong. It doesn't I mean I could be broken high and out debate among this one. Luckily, I'm not. I have real coffee a meeting, the rapid progress on line- I hope he has an inspiring below for joy, binding, fall, Nobby Toby, irresponsible, high Barrack, even if my boys don't
all of you did it get line united, not divided yeah. I find that rather yeah tat. George W Bush said that they call me a liar. I will spare you other folks job, I'm the adult falcon, the Roman. That's why I want you to support job. I knew it puppet with Joe Biden still other people's stuff, thanking every state or german, its domain for the good of a party, but what about the good of the country you got some fucked up. I ordered from your care about the future of our party support for no one exciting voice with a basis like Joe Biden.
How is Joe Biden new and exciting about change just about agricultural, about your birthday weight with joy of wonder and compassion Joe followed it. What do you mean just all of it? But how about that Andrew rang back, I feel for people So how did I thought Barton Was gonna pick a woman for his running May Brok, damn Do we Andrew, if Democrats believe Jos mentally fit the bill? they might as well believe Andrew Poor Malta, woman, almost the best for the job relating to What killed them at the time were reassured. But I gotta get that doesn't seem practical. We honestly
what about the shell of the most admired woman in the Fuckin worry files chief bag, better now drop you didn't seem to care about them. When Bernie Sanders was packing. Arenas one american flag, look out their duty of care of support that its American, not where flagged him. That's already lost Michel always wears like I did when I last ball thousands of Congress. Yeah. You know the actual jobless rate is now at twenty four said: do you have any words of encouragement for the unemployed brok, The world by building you don't write, Workpeople gotta go. I got we're going to turn the paper out, thought they would fill a mad dog
dammit, I pajamas special guess: she's a scar Or a union organizer and author of the latest book, no short cuts, organizing for power and her new book is a collector. bargain unions, organizing and the fight for democracy she's contributed to the near. times a nation jack event and in these times and much more she's here to talk to us today? about how our union's and how we can help organise unions during the pandemic. Jane thanks for being on the show pleasure we are seeing who who really generates the profits in America right now, right we're seeing who has actually all the power whose actually assent Poland, who is not essential right, so it turns out a U Ps driver Anna Grocery store, work of our essential and a truck driver are essential in a delivery. Person is essential. A trader on Wall Street is not so we would soon.
If all the Wall Street traders went away, we wouldn't really affect our life bought if all the grocery store work went away, it would really affect our life. So what should we be? What should we be doing now because it seems, like there's, been a robbery that took place in the the stimulus bill, so they gave four trillion dollars to the richest people in the country while they gave workers nothing and families. Nothing right. So that's gonna be an even bigger consolidation of corporate power happening. Because of this How can workers fight back? First, all I was slightly where the right areas, like practically mass murder and their legislation, seriously right. It was What in the mountains are doing today by the waves is equally that, if not frankly, were so lucky one Nor do I think I think that workers can do is the same thing that we have and how as an option for a very long time- and it's almost like
the union bussing industry has been so successful. That people must forget. There's a single unions, so am, I think, we're workers need to do. Quite frankly, is flung unions and formerly strong him. It's not me curious, strong and inform good unions, form democratically needs and firm as fast as you really possible and by the way, is a lot harder than that wishful thinking that dangerous spin out sounds because it's really hard to form in the United States of America? We are exceptional in not having universal health care. Where exceptional in not having income, supports that actually take care of workers when they have things like a pandemic breaking out, but we're particularly exceptional in one category which is how easy it is for a union busting companies like Jack Basis, as Amazon and hope, is to actually shatter the lives of workers in the attempt to do something simple and democracy, which is far from a union. So what
we need to do is for in what they need to do is for lunch, their confidence and realize everything that you just sandwiches that they matter far more than Masri Traitor. They matter far more. we then shareholders and me- I think every ceo could land float away on their yacht right now and we were noticed a damn. Things have to be better for us if they did so, workers need to figure out how to build a ninety percent. Unity is what I argue in the current button: but what I do in real life is like teaching. Workers had about the kind of solidarity that alcohol unbreakable solidarity, because It was an area is crucial to actually having success in both the union and eyes and drive and in the strike and right now, because of how ridiculous the National Regulations Board is under the evil genius and in in White House, it's very hard for me. You need an impact, they suspended all elections last month in the name
the current crisis. Then they put them back on. This is all true. You don't even know if you know what they're so many evil things going on each day, it's hard to keep track of it so functionally and technically of National Relations Board, which is the board that certifies unions, Alison workers forming a union which is worse but not by like doing is helping workers for millions of International Relations Board that certifies the union there's one of two ways to do. It can happen if into both options, is, I think, one is the only possible on right now, but either way that actual relations borders certifies through the creation of a new union officially so now so that it It was. They flow they centrally clothes. The agency down declared that they were too busy under coping. Meanwhile, this is the same people who Supreme Court kept people online. The poor and rain was causing against it. better interest to go hold a goddamn, immoral election right. So do I want to get into the,
What the problems are right now in union organizing what has taken place since the seventies, which is ignorance inexact, in contrast to what the conservative movement has been. Doing they ve been organizing in the left, has been on organizing, so that we see how I sent. he'll Amazon workers are european workers and families and grocery store workers in mail delivery. So what can we do at? What can the workers due to fight back again what's happening legislatively right now, we're there being fleeced their future. The future generation is being fleeced an income inequality is being cemented because the only thing, Have our workers? Unions right: what can what can they do now? So there's a handful of factors that have left like really important sort of set of methods like methods, and how do we actually do it like? How do you produce shoulders awaited? We actually could police stripe so the way that you produce a strike is you have to build
really high levels of unity and really high levels of structure and those two things by the way are specific and they are not rocket science, but they do take a little bit of practice and it's smart to get some advice on how to do it. So the first thing that onward with workers Nick. Can I say we wanna for me, you didn't what do we do? There is a series of steps that we coach workers to take. The first one is getting out of its mother folks, income from eating right, so the think we're trying to do is hope, understand both for these workers what's best spreading So it was an Amazon warehouse, forsake of argument like do they have each worker in each part of the other facility or they are concentrated in one area. The first thing is: try and build a cross section of workers across Europe. Tire workplace, like that's, gonna, be key and you can't just be like if you're in a hospital can just be that the emergency room nurses want a union. No now so demurred soon, nurses were to call and see which taken that comment guns in my lifetime to say
Conditions are hell really help now that conditions are generally help and we want to form a union the person where an essay, a civic and grab a cross section of workers from all the departments in the hospital before the first meeting and that's gonna, help people begin to realize they gonna talk about their covers, and they got to talk to you. while carefully what you dont want to demonstrate the boss. You can avoid it right early in the campaign, so you want to talk to co workers that you know, and then you trust about getting together in a meeting to form a union that step one and look for a spread across department step to try not to try to prematurely like out the campaign. By talking to the wrong person. You wanna talk to save people, people who people had conversations with, and they have had a pretty strong indication that they feel, like the conditions, are really really really bad. And then you want to start figuring out who, among you, are the workers who have the most trust:
your colleagues now this is this. This is the part that is least intuitive and in some ways, most fundamental, like every campaign. I've ever run and one on top of this had a wind which are always like hell campaigns in terms of the tactics by the union. Busting I've been there there like, they come in suits and they come becoming too. Kind of seeds right like formal sates, you don't really noticed them on the rock a hospital or the facilities of the Amazon whereas and then they come in like uniforms, meaning like than the pirates cure regard so, but either way we say to people. The most important thing is that there is going to be fear used to the campaign. The employers main weapon is fear and doubt usually doubt and fear, and then If that doesn't work and fear they tried Oliver get written, they up, they up the stakes as they go as we saw. Amazon fired several workers, just in the last few weeks, right standing up for themselves. So the thing you need to do is you have to build. We call an organizing
many like small. Our small see the most effective organizing committee is, can be made up of workers who already have high trust from there. Colleagues and those kind of workers are essential action, both winning the campaign and being able to strike successfully, at least in the United States, and I do a lot of work in Europe now two conditions are quite different, but if you, in the United States of America, and you are watching this one? If you dont, have a union start trying to form one too? If you have one, if it's good, God bless you if it's not sort making it better than three, if you want to form a year, in right now, United States, I'm an argue, the main, the main way that you're gonna do. It is by nature, by being able to actually unite the majority of workers and walk off the job and you something called striking for a union recognition, and this is largely because this, too, is to form a union. What does she can petition to have an election at the National Relations Board? The other is called volunteer recognition. It's always been true
one thousand nine hundred and thirty five in the United States that workers have two ways they could for me union. I was trained by old school Android, people. So let me just say that I'm not Montana when I made up you're gonna be in this goes way back in eighteen? Thirty is so. I was trained by really brilliant meant, whereas I didn't realised at the time every day. That goes by realize it and in the EU, I came out of, we were actually taught to prepare workers to strike for recognise that's, a rare union, these days that still teaching people the scale of actually walking off the job on mass and saying we're not, can walk back in until you get the employer to certify that there's a union? That's better strike for legal recognition. I'm going argue, that's the best option available right now and northern to do. It would really help workers right now seriously help them. Besides identifying the most trusted. Colleagues on their co workers, because you need your most trusted. Colleagues, when the fear starts, you say why is so And the boss comes along and says we're in a fire.
First worker or the calling mandatory withhold captive audience meetings which their legally left to do in the states, unlike most countries with me They bring all the workers and on pay time and start. You know showing like rainy footage, nineteen thirty seven being murdered by mobster something, and then they tell you, that's what unions are and when they start to do that, if the worker, who, if you don't have a worker who risen well liked and male trusted by the coworkers standing up in a meeting. the challenge the employer there and have far less success than a worker is actually well trusted by them. So this is where the trust backer comes in, am in short cuts in my second book action or three, my books. I talk about this person, the organic leaner, their super import. So in order to build like a ninety percent out strike, which is why we need a lot of United States right now and by the way, not just a lot of them. Now we need a serious amount of strikes before or wherever the election is coming,
for the election. That's coming like work need a whole lot of strikes in this country, so people getting good at it in a manner. So what so go? Let's go back to that with the USA with the election coming up, so that was great. You broke down how you have to organise a union. You note you going you going to read your book in its great how you talk about, have find trusted leaders and you have to trust the workers. And yet in the region where workers are voting against their own interests, like for people like Scott Walker in Wisconsin, is because they that the leaders don't trust the workers and so but tell me what kind of strikes, would you reckon like what we? What do you mean when you say that you have to be a lot of strikes before the election? What kind of strikes and what effect and what demand should the strikers make, a few different kinds, one as I say, I say pretty much all my books, it there's three strategic sectors right now: the United States, one s logistics to healthcare. Three education fascinating. Lee two of them
three or haven't legal minimum of color professions in the United States and to those actually all three of them can't be offshore right. You can't have you PS driver, deliver your package to your home from China, so this. One reason why the logistics sector is so strategic scene with healthcare and saint with education. Education is in every single part of it. it states in the right wing noses Democrats do work. they do and are just idiots committing suicide. I haven't figured that out, but he Schools are so important because they're everywhere rate, so if you are building a powerful teaches, you need more powerful education union. You have a reach into every part of United States of America, which I do think the coat brothers understand which is rather than trying to dismantle the public education. the system for my entire life. So those three sectors matter, that's one too. I am, I think, we're going to see a helluva lot more strikes. I think that when the pandemic comes down like when it comes down and healthcare workers in particular, who were asking to commit suicide,
long with transit workers and grocery store workers, and when this pandemic calms down, I think that you're gonna see nurses and healthcare workers, hospital workers, nursing homeworkers, like burning tyres in the streets and a pretty serious way, because what they have been asked and what they are doing is is commensurate to a fire fighter every day running into a burning building it they know flaps on them right. It's like it's completely and that by the way the pay scale between those two looks nothing like each other will say so you know so so we need a lot of strikes before and after and it doesnt to me doesn't matter who wins like at this point. The Supreme Court has taken its God like for the rest of my life time. This report is a done, rightly deal and the general federal judiciary is gone. Electrons as on life support. I mean Ike, it's hard to imagine that China have anything resembling a their election in November, Let us agree were knocking at the fair election in November so that the role of strikes before and then in particular the role of strikes.
actor and it's gonna take a while to build the kind of strange power that we saw ends cargo, this ball and also in wage well in West Virginia in. Assange lesson open in the big strikes a gipsy recently at the merry out straight to bill to that kind of strike, effectiveness takes practice and take some work should be paid to get on right now and I I think I think that workers I think, once workers get exposed, understand here's the basic skills you have to do, I think we're going to see a lot more of it and I think we're going to need to have the already organized workers were in unions and good unions, leading the entire working class out on strike as soon as we can come back out again into the streets, and you know, even if it was Bernie Sanders. God bless the moment when we offer that was briefly possible but like even if it had been sanders. In fact, inspection was Anders, I would say to people no matter what we have to strike the crap out of this country by twenty percent
the two, because there's nothing left like they're, taking every single thing away, and actual systems amass the Supreme Courts and Mass so where we're gonna go, gonna, walk off a job like that's pretty much the option that capital is misleading and solemnly business demand what demanded a workers make at that point. What what are they demand because we have zero representation agreed talk about Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders went along. With the screwing of America, he bent the needed a party, so there's youtube. Your debts is never going to come from same thing with every justice stomach their hero. There's no heroes, everyone's a bad guy and the ordinary people. So yes, the exactly right. So what do? What kind of demand can weak Euro extract from God? Well now I mean afraid that I think that the fears that there's a bunch of conversations going on about that right now to be in one and about never happens. You also
I know that a set of people are advocating for Universal Healthcare done like then stop unless urgent discussion area of emigrant. Don't make me going about like extending cobra that the stupidest thing I ever heard is insulting to people so anyway, and I think the strike has to be for income supports. The strike has to be for green new deal. The strike has to be with the first, the first leg of it, I think, is round demanding universal healthcare, because I think really resonates with people in a way didn't seventeen million lay offs ago. You know I mean that people are actually starting to understand. Seventeen million people just lost their job, and Whatever aliases policies putting out in the last couple days about extending O Brien reinforces and COBRA is like continuing to, like literally just line the pockets of the super rich private insurance companies, a map so that we have struck?
What don't so the idea? Just the idea, was what Nancy Policy, instead of extending better care to cover every body which is what trumps doing for corona virus if get corona virus. You go to the hospital, they take care of you from start to finish. Till you're, all well and governments as a payment to that hospital through the Medicare channels and that's what they said so and that's it it's all over. So what Nancy Pelosi ones, to do his instead of the government paying the government says that money instead to the hospital to another person and then He decides how much money to send to that hospital. How much he's gonna keep for himself, so he can get I had a new car at a new house and take a vacation. That's that's the system she wants to cement in place that the government takes money takes a third of the prophet gives it to a third party. Then that third party then pays the hospital. It makes absolutely no sense, but that's called Capta corporate capture of our government and that's why I Nancy policy is no different than Donald Trump in this moment
in fact, is a little bit. Worse is in fact, and so right now we have less than half of L. A county residents still have a job. Amid that's an l, a county, half the people. Don't only have a job. So half thirty million people in one region right, yeah, it's totally escorts flee mean the seventeen million figure is just the figure. People eligible apply, that's right which makes out half of LOS Angeles by the way it leaves out? Half the workers were actually delivering our food to us right now, putting her food making the food keeping as well fed delivering frat from Jack businesses platform. But you don't like it back to one thing about this insurance thing, which I think people. I think that people fail to understand a little bit of assessing you just explained, but it's even sector the map so bill. First, I don't remember the name First, you as the Senate Majority leader right for many years under like Bush, one person to Bush
You know the dynasties several years he was the head of before Harry Red and in before Mcconnell in the first family who largely engineer the remake of some of the way that the financing happens to the healthcare system in this country? The first family. So little waiting I ran, and I said Senate made the decision that Medicare, medical and health care is the owner of the FAO. the family and the largest shareholder in the largest for profit hospital chain in the United States of America, which, by the way in which meets its largest, where proper healthcare chain in the world, because we're the only areas with this huge private system so called each year and each CIA is literally the family business. Up the first family so softly. are they of this system, they are deciding how much to do to themselves. Then there are the shareholder, see how much the gonna keep from it and then have to pay to the workers and pay them a patient is getting you know,
whenever so, this system is fundamentally broken. I think that the first strikes, I think, the way I think if we can get to live in parliamentary one thing people say, like general, strike its acute idea? That's it we're not close to it. So, let's get more realistic. What we will we could probably get close to end. It would be as biggest there, thirty three and thirty four meeting, one thousand nine hundred and thirty three and one thousand nine hundred and thirty four, which are two years of obsessed about right now. Given the parallels our history in nineteen, thirty, three and nineteen, ready for before there was a national Labour relations ACT. In fact, the strikes that put the pressure on empty are to give us the nest. revelations acting to give us what I call twelve years of kind of freedom in the? U S, which is all we had until TAT Party nineteen, forty seven I put the strikes. It went down in nineteen thirty three in nineteen, thirty four were illegal and they were done
and concentrated cities, so what we could it will. We could actually think as possible in the current moment, is as we look at a handful of strategic John. Turkey is like a handful of key cities, LOS Angeles case in point at Seattle and opened a Portland and New York City. A Boston like he's, dark shadows are currently the list the places where labour actually has some progressive lack. When leadership were they have some unions it or high functioning generally, because what I just said, We could actually strike enough of the city like enough strategic sectors and enough cities that we begin to create. Like many general strikes in key geographies, You take the three sectors that I outlined: logistics, broadly speaking, healthcare, education and you start there- and then you start to do a man of war where do we have to teach a capacity which cities that's all we didn't thirty, three and thirty, four eight, the shitstorm that actually made them pass. The national relations at the Social Security ACT the fairly
we're standards, act and like most of what we know is still by a thread, but most of the lawyer that that we are still hanging on like, I buy a tottering thread raw pass because of the power strikes and happened illegally in key cities in nineteen, thirty, three and nineteen thirty, four again most of them alive most of them masses of workers walking off the job, understanding they were fighting for a bigger future, then just tomorrow's paycheck and oak or goods. Will it's great to know it's so this isn't. So what do you think the chances of you're, like you know like so that happening so, but not a general strike but a kind of a coordinated strike where the workers have a demand, like you say they dab admit. So. Are you saying something like what say we get? We somehow get? Let's see,
Amazon workers to walk off the job and their demanding or maybe nurse it- I don't know, nurses are for Medicare for all. I know that I know that for sure, but Prisoners are yeah so maybe personnel fashioning healthcare system so are you? Are you talking about coordinating different unions to go on strike to effect better, here for all and then go on to our other demands. What what what he s? Ok! That yet again, he's ready to and what he has to get capacity. The capacity is another challenge, but she said so workers have shown really high capacity to strike in the last decade. This all odds enough been nurses and hospital workers intended teachers right the hips and both of them both of those largely female.
largely women of color land professions, which I think is really fastening in terms of the new labour movement that were building at the ashes of you know we have most of them have a handful of assets that are different than the brothers from hundred years ago. Does make them better just makes him different, and it's really important right now is that they are tethered to their community in a different way, so they're not going after big, factually shutting the doors and building something that no one sees for actually working with their hands. There had their heart and their working very closely like fist in glove with patients, families, students and they engage the community in a way that were desperate for the. U S: labour, leopard, desperate, like Overcome you know, you could say its forty. Fifty I say in the book is basically an eighty year, Warren American Workers, public relations, work and other forms of it, but there's been a really pronounced public relations worsens Reagan. Basically, right unions are horrible unions, roughly
needs self interested, none of which is true. I got a handful of idiots. Of course, right. Every institution has a view them look at them: mainstream media for God's sakes anyway, or the house faith or people who, in a pre, whatever rights, are all institutions and a little bit of a problem that the dead, the destruction of the image of the union is, can be best rebuilt buy a bunch of registered nurses and household workers and technicians who been hooking up people to ventilators, walking out on the streets and then come out again and saying hey. We in fact we're on the front lines of the war that we were just thrown into and that we have a demand and the demand is we never want to face that situation again? We want universal health. And we want it damn it now, because that in most of my life was helping Russia, nurses, Nashville workers. So I think it is particularly painful time when I jump on the phone with any number of former people. Why helped form unions, or organizers, we're still doing it because they can do his extraordinary. So no nurse.
what about the job right now know tat, no one health care worker. Their mission is to save patience and asked it to do right now, the firefighter going into a burning building, but I think, there's gonna be held a peg when they can come out again and when things start to appear normal, the questioners ones. That can be that, I think, is still up in the air raid if your cap and you're an idiot in Georgia like that governor, is who stole his own election. Ok, you know there are currently didn't come out, starting tomorrow, just kill a bunch, more people and their ruthlessness with which the corporate elite have revealed how absolute little they give a shit about ordinary workers in this crisis- is, I think, I'm parallel my lifetime, like we ve known it, but now you really see it So I'm hoping that the parallel is that a whole lot more workers. Gonna say you know it was. Scary, when I tried to form a union last time, they threatened to fire me, but hey now, they're, just killing So why not walk off the job right I mean it's a different calculus.
when you're telling you and you have to come to work, you get your sick leave in this country. We're not gonna, give any health care or unexpected die to come to work and deliver some food to someone its toll insanity. So I think it workers hang onto the accolades than getting right now and get some basic methods. Talents are broken off a job and serious numbers. We stand a chance said taking back control the country that that's the first positive news, I've heard in a month. That's the first positive outlook that no, this is great because you know what you do and you ve been organ, even organizer, your whole life, not only inside with workers, but you ve, also organised. You know four environments, environmental causes and things like that. So you know what it's all about I mean, and at can you talk, can use going to people the difference between organizing in mobilizing, which is what, which is what the left does now the left as mobilizing not really organise. Can you explain the difference, tat
In summary, the way summarize it had no short cuts in the second book is mobilizing as when we focused on talking to people who agree with us all the time lag In the morning, and we like run toward twitter a fairly run for a facebook account, as budget will agree with us and that we talk to that's mobilizing and and then we can choose that getting them out to a protest. We think is organised and because begun, them to do something that still mobilizing. Organizing is very different, frankly much harder and I think the most beautiful process, which is why been running my head like a bus I had, in my whole life organizing, is when you wake up in the morning realising that the people we most need to talk to you to take that control. A country are never come into your meetings there, not in your facebook feed they're, not
your twitter feed and, if you're, trying to form a union. The first thing I said people as that's why they have to go find them, because, if you put up the oldest wherever fired with I should never have a liar, but let's just say, the notification goes out to people that there can be a meaning. The very first rule of thumb is at the workers that we need the most in order for the workers to be successful, forming a union in their workplace or the workers, never comes to meetings because they have a sense of their own power. These. It is organic leaders have a sense, their own power and energy. You should go. We call undecided on a good day because they gotta decent relationship with their manager. There well trusted by their co workers for usually like They scale really visit their job worker and for them It is less obvious in the immediate sounds like why they should shop and get a union cause. They usually have things going like, ok, more or less, because they're really strategic workers and employers know who they are, like the employers take better care of them. The analogy I make is you know if you're it
each year and you and organic leader or not will become a natural leader. You probably have lines that opened and closed your heater works. You are conditional works in this. like all the stuff in your room, works because the principal understands that you actually our teacher that they're scared of getting on your bad side. So those kind of teachers were not the first ones to come to the union meeting so. The first rule of organizing different than mobilizing organizing is about going to figure out. Who is that teacher, for when she shows up at the union ban on the rest of the entire schools, gonna union, but now versus MA. blazing where
Every happy activist Ready agrees with us comes. The meeting shows up like tat. We want a union and its generally one. Third, like it's. Basically, I always say to people about once you know the workplace, organizing campaign, you can fear the easily get about one third of the workers on your side. The problem becomes right there and, if you don't follow the sort of methods from out lining it's hard to punch into the second third, let alone The top third rights in a strategy has to be a little bit slow impatient in the beginning, to figure out those key workers that you need to actually punch up into the Super majority contact with what we need in the? U S, writings, one other thing that I should say: it really matters right now, which is the systematic Think of the relationship with the community. Let's take a grocery store right now, most patrons have like most consumers in America had like realised a whole new relationship of respect right for, like the cashier grocery store the baggage person, the person delivering them. I think that than that the mistake we make is one.
We do mobilizing, so we we get comfortable talking to that one third of our co workers with gray with us right away. We don't you the more dilke, deliberate patient work of finding the next one third of their workers. who actually are not predisposed right away to come, join us right. That's what mobilizing versus organizing it is. But the second piece of this is that for workers to win in America today they ve gotta have their community standing with them and standing behind Reserves can be thoughts like ashes. Wipe Amazon is doing right now and were firing workers rights, so instead having like an, although rising campaigns, that I've run, we prior ties understanding each workers relationship to their own community, and shortly relationships at the work. The rank and file workers themselves have again in the theory that there's no hero in that you going to stand up for yourselves, you ve, gotta, undressed, relationship your workers and then he got a tap into the relationships. You haven't your community, your faith leaders your
your mom, you re buyer, you're, you're, pastor, whoever it is. There's a hundred people, a broader community. There are ready and willing to support workers, but they don't have to do it, so we have to actually teach our consumers and the general public have a support. Workers were about to go on strike and that really matters to you right now. How do we teach them? So I made a silly little video better and after all, what strange support, which I think is a good thing to arrange, run all the time, but literally every support them the minute. You see a worker leave winning hung a picket signed or anything like that. You stop. It will overreaction public if you're Deckard Ella you gotta, stop the car literally and one. here too the worker and say what's happening here and we need to know, and then he actually peseta that person. We need you to go. Call every person that you now and get down here strikes informing showing up physically ethnic lines in supporting workers when we can do that again, strike support means calling at the local
this paper and all a mainstream media and saying what the hell's going on down a grocery store x y and seek upstanding what those people who delivered be food and kept me alive during the covert pandemic? It means calling up ever Legislator in the area of access to its common every politician, it means TAT in votes by congregation, sanguine stand with every worker in this country, demanding their rights as up against most ruthless regime. You know my life to write so strikes it for these to be active, not passive. Members like this is really important thing to a nine thousand and six nine thousand and five nine thousand and six one thousand nine hundred and seven. In the turn of the last century, the two unions in very difficult times that succeeded were like moderately skilled workers like cigar makers and then the international these garment workers like women in the factories teenagers. Usually those two sectors of workers be long before them. under relations, act, rabble of form strong union spiral lying I'm building a strong really.
strong consumer movement, which we have got it like it, doesnt functionally exist right now and by the way to give us a things to do. I come on. Get on that because it really matters like the idea in the night, in nineteen nineteen o five nineteen o six nineteen years, seven. The idea that looked for the union label on everything that you purchased is Sacho, it's an ugly, weird all idea, and it be so much easier to do right now and it to me It's a bit of a reflection of that kind of failure of lack of imagination and the party like a lot of the national at trading, is right. Now is that One has figured out the central importance of rebuilding a really rather the powerful consumer movement to back up the workers. So we were seeing so I dont understand so could explain what is the problem in organizing Walmart workers?
and Amazon workers. What is the problem from? Is fire able at really quickly thats its invitation backgrounds? One is why is that it is it's it's hot to get folks together. Right now, in an alarming places were Walmart exists, using a lack of understanding of what it means are. Indeed, we are at six percent in the private sector and after the aftermath of up to five percent of people in the private sector. Actually What do you mean is and where several generations, from unions being like common knowledge in this country, which is why I wrote the new book a really basic primer?
What are you doing is how do you get one? And what do you do you want to have one so that one problem is the ferocious media attack on the image of the union's now? What we know is that, despite the ferocious media attack, a vast majority of Americans actually say in Paul after all, right now that they would have a union if they want of one so that that the crisis comes in with the union busting industry which I outlined began in earnest, like it, Ernest in early nineteenth seventies? It it started for real, literally at sears and robots in nineteen. Thirty seven. They hired this one guy. Nineteen thirty seven at this year's headquarters in Chicago oh he. Actually I tell the souls to revenue book. He actually goes out and gets the behavioral psychologist department at the universe. At the universe is cargo back in the nineteen thirties and says I want you to come in and figure out for me how to figure out which workers want a former unions fighting it
fire them before they can form a union and they start running very sophisticated quality Control troll surveys where they made the workers at Sears Roebuck in nineteen, thirty, seven believe, as they still do today, like they believe they were filling in like how do you know that your manager today. Do you feel like you're, getting the support you need and like workers begin, this is one thousand nine hundred and thirty seven. They start for acting employees. Surveys that look promptly. about gathering information to do, but the best insider said today, Amazon is literally doing, which is forming a heat map. Amazon halted at the whole food stores. to figure out which ones are likely to union eyes, and then they send in a team to bust out the whole operation like this. It's been going on since nineteen thirty seven. So now it looks like it's got some high technology veneer twit. It is old ass, the National Regulations ACT, and it literally begins at Sears Robot with the universe of Chicago. So the union busting in history begins its ears. Box, I tell a bit:
the story of how he goes, one one: key, crazy, brilliant evil, genius search The first serious investing professional union busting firm there, a lot of them there's only about twenty thousand and up until about twenty thousand literally individuals with doing now work until about the early nineteenth seventies, you would you, in the early nineties me doing union busting. Do you know about union masters, yeah, professional investors and by the early nineteenth seven He's they decide that they're gonna, like explode in number because they decide that there are not so there's no there's three phases who killed America's unions. I argue in the book and the first phase is tat: heart rights. They come in. This legislation halt, have nineteen forty seven and they repeal most important parts of the nineteen. Thirty five National Ever Relations ACT the key parts being solidarity strikes. She likes that that the employers cannot campaign against you. The two key things: one thousand nine nineteen, forty, seven
from the National Relations ACT are celebrating. This strikes and then the most important thing, which is that mom, arguably what they're both most important things and they made it legal legal again for employers to campaign against, the union will using illegal methods up and down the walls you so back its back. It's really nice nineteen, forty, seven, that's wave one. I call them containing the second wave of it comes in the early nineties, seventies. Where the economy starting the shift from manufacturing, because their export and all the good jobs right out of United States. So the second wave comes in the early nineties. Seventys when they decide our movement or service a calming removed United States into a service economy and now let unions take a foothold in the new economy that's wave to and after the union bussing industry
is born and raised, and there is, I grab something I want to read this if I can grab them whatever galleys mushroom mail, but there's a quote in the beginning of the chapel who killed the union's. I want to read this is this is just what Jeff Basis and am not? Amazon is doing Right Now- and here they did this guy for smaller, righted working- I fired a couple weeks ago We had sailed back there story. I want to read you a quote from Martin Jade love, the only sort of well known union bastard, whoever like weight and then went public with what they do. It's from his book, which is old, now hold confessions of the union and this is really what he says he says The enemy was the collective spirit. I got a hold of that spirit while it was a seedling, I poisoned did shouted the legend it. If I have to anything. to be sure it would never blossom into United Workforce. Likewise, ass the consultants go about the business of destroying unions. Then
they people's lives, demolish their friendships, crush their will and share their families. This is a rough industry, and that is what they're still doing today, so that the victim methods I talked about. We first started at matter for that reason like having some sense of the strategy. What the union vessels will do. Requires to beat them requires. That you actually understand. What do you need? does, and you have to get ahead of them, and that's we're having some experience in Reno people like me and like many thousands of organization at a wind heart campaigns like that's what we do is we committed. We stated the workers. Ok, you're super smart. We know that when you got that eager, if you're save people's lives are pretty smart, but what you don't know is the playbook. The union vessels are about to unfold inside of your factory warehouse hospital filling the blank, and what you need to know is the tactics and strategies at the union. Vessels will use so that you can actually stand a chance to beat them and by the way,
you know, I mean many. Many many many workers are winning union elections, despite these odds, their generally doing it at when they ve got coaching from someone watching knows how to teach them strategy on how to beat the investors its fundamental. The country's unfair, though place unfair, but the truth is we got it. We didn't, like, I said Supreme Court's, done, electoral systems on fire, it's a mass unless, I looked the fastest rude to taking back control draw. This country is going to be a shit. Strikes in this can take a a lot of work to get there. It's not wishful thinking, but its realistic thinking, and we are desperate to do at this country while well Jane. really a pleasure to talk to you. I hope you come back on as we go forward through this pandemic and you have here's the book let the bargain unions, organizing and the fight for democracy, Jane like Levy. Thank you so much for being on, and you ve really it's nice to have some positive news like it's nice,
the know that there's somebody who knows what they're doing and and and that there actually is going to be some kind of direct action by the workers going forward. That's good to know because I have been talking to union leaders that have been very discouraging, so it's good to talk to you Doktor workers, hello. This is duly who's. This German, Joe by Vice President Biden, nice, to hurt anybody here now you know what I'm about. Mr vice president. You can, I hey. You know, there's a lot more to that phone call, but we don't have time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You got to become a premium member. Go to Jimmy Dore Comedy Cobb sign up,
of horrible premium programme business today, show was written by IRAN. Kaliko Barclay, Lando, step San Marino, Jim Earl, like Mccrae, Roger written all the voices report today by the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found. It might make great that's it for this week, you'll be the best you can. We shall keep me Don't don't don't you don't you don't? I don't worry, I'm not worried.
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