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Trump fires John Bolton!

Pamela Anderson defends Julian Assange on The View!

Elizabeth Warren will lose to Trump!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Lee Camp, Tim Black, Nick Brana, Ron Placone, and Mike MacRae!

Phone calls from Vince Vaughn, Chuck Schumer, Chris Christie and David Axelrod!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jimmy or show so we have heard from our friends in the show Vince Bonnet awhile, Soulis Jakin, give him a ring along thence me always colloquy bids is Jimmy Door. Ok, well that that explains it that I'm sorry explains what explains it had the audacity to call me on the telephone, the highest of the high holiday. Are you? Are you jewish? We would days this, why not jewish, I ever an american patriot, and we like our hebrew friends, have our own high holidays board. The July is one of those days, one of them Labour day is now
One of them try communist upward and cigarette makes over Jimmy September. Eleven is definitely one of them. I see, but you not being a patriot without our such things. What you'd bids well aware what day it is, and what do you want what what do you mean? he'll die eleven? Did your bones still to this day bids? It was eighteen years ago for decades, yeah, ok, Vince, I'm not gonna, forget nine eleven eyes, I saw it. I was his freaked out as everybody and, yes, I see it as a day worthy of a little somber reflection, but I'm not going to dwell on the past and, quite frankly, I think more about the horrible missteps that our country
in responding to nine eleven, then the attack itself, I shouldn't be shocked. Hearing such tat, religious blasphemy from those that you yourself on nine eleven I bet you're, not even commemorating the state properly are you I mean I deeply God making, not emergency call for small how we use to pick up where you supposed to commemorate nine eleven. Well, let's go, Go out at this tat blow that I have surrounded me right now at my home. I'd like to. Very tall candles, I'm wearing my name, eleven shroud, I'm listening yet the strokes, because they were popular, then I've never heard of it. Any of this. No one does this crap events honestly
to date, retraining of every nine eleven, whatever married bite appropriate Jimmy door, I'm taking guided speak to heal its called self care, and I will apologizing to no one. No one for doing ok by MID sees me look over means that much deeper. I guess. There's no harm had taken a lower reflection. Gopher at you, you do you buddy you, but it sounds very peaceful, actually say sorry, sorry to have disturbed you dad. ok Jimmy in a spirit of nine eleven. I forgive you ok, good, it's good to remember. I suppose it is good to remember here, What stage three September eleven two thousand, what risks brother
I want to get a heart, beat the second week. They got eyes off those turban where you're, probably So that's what you really want to remember. Events about nine eleven, the shameless bigotry towards Muslims that, at least in this country,. yeah. Well, I don't feel so bad for disturbing you really sorry to hear that this is your take on a horrible tragedy. Vince. you understand you mealy mouthed LIVE bait american patriot until you can acknowledge and neighbour the people and the groups that are used and which do harm. Nine eleven forever we'll be my goal should update you. Do I deal with a dog? So I guess the Baghdad Those terrorism now comes from domestic sources mean white males and when I guess that doesn't really,
factor in your equation about who the enemy is? Does it That's why I'm journey which fully back towards the early two thousands baby size I see, but I don't do it Louis urge you can't get laid they're, not my kind of white male. I'm not you know, there's a part of my group or whatever so you feel, like you ever have to publicly disavow them. Like normal p, for Muslims are constantly told day data condemn terrorism, obviously these domestic Garrett losers, schools should have totally perverting the teachings of white male descended something evil. Evaded ideology of tackled counter to the Spirit of white male nets, which its people, its about love and wearing for doors and call on women. Awnings, ok, good things for doc.
was no baby? Every night you I get cold don't go out that deadlock, heavy door, then maybe I'm tearing down our nation and its with his wig Jimmy door. Yo, hey, we're doing alive, Jimmy Dorsal every Sunday in October, in Hollywood at the Sycamore tat. Ever and on sunset: Boulevard goaded Jimmy door COM,
need our camp rolling for all of our lives shows every Sunday Toper will see their hey. Let's get to the jokes before we get to the job Shelly the junior job. Bolton John Bold got fired by the present yet. And well John Bolton said he. He actually submitted his resignation because he wanted to leave the administration, They spend more quality time with the wars he couldn't start. I gotta tell you nine hundred and eleven people's to handle it differently, like I have every nine hundred and eleven eve I like to leave out some cookies and milk for the Al Qaeda just like President Bush did on the first nine hundred and eleven on the sacred date of nine eleven threats of another. The brutal unprovoked attack on american soil have just been confirmed by the Washington Post. Yep
Amazon is opening a new fulfilment centre in Ohio. Here's a joke! I wrote a few two days after nine eleven and I don't know I think it's still holds up here. It is hey what the deal with airline food, maybe not hey. Did you hear after thirty, one years of being divorced from reality, tat pale and is filing for divorce his worst reality, his wife. Sarah Palin suspected something was happening when she could see the divorce paper. As for house hey. Did you hear into the Journal of internal medicine. There was a british teenager who went blind because, for ten years he only eight Pringles, french fries and white bread dear about this idly. Yeah has a cat
look, I was brought up to believe that if you master mated you'd go blind. aided did then the team. They don't tell you this, but he also when death yeah. Now because people kept shout dude. Why you own leading Pringles road pricing wiper? hey, did you ever notice? How come over here is the jet Bush of Hillary Clinton was covered up. Today show panel Anderson goes on the view and defends journalism from view morons plus Elizabeth, worn, says: she's taken big money in the general after she says. Money includes everything. Is that compatible? The answer? Just may surprise you, or will it plus John Bolton, gets by the president. Just for wanting to turn the rest of the world in the Libya must we get phone calls today from Chris Christie, Vince Bob
David Axelrod and chop Sumer Master of the said it was a lot lot more. That's today other Jimmy Georgia. So that's a curse, Christie phone now, hello giant front! I know I did not. I was on it right. I mean what I want Oh he model before that. I wish I'd been weak, but I've thought about broadband out this week. Would last week pipsqueak gay yeah guy get it grows well. Well, once asked me why, for I called you shrivel push, why did you call me I'll. Tell you why I went to decry how political disclosures got more ambitious in which I set it on prime Time Warner. One ended at no net euro brow dumb. Forty four could face. You said
the grid global emissions moment well shit. Now we're gonna shied endorse conniving power grab, vision stage too, when I world take the risk of about but birth for relationships. Roger was all she compromise could never happen. What beach fox I see, but what's the solution, The only solution is boy flee, trust each other. For example. I could never crossed you because you think you're, some sort of by which you know that guy state, then, under what conditions? Could you ever trust me by admitting new angel of tough guy? Ok, I'm not so tough Well, maybe I don't trust you shade, I write but don't pay for it.
Got a solution to that crap number five apologize apologize for workers, wherever one I found out is we ve lost the ability to pilot guy ability to what you'll forget that while I apologize apologise, not apologise not accepted, so why? Because I don't trust you when was the last you apologize to someone Chris. We got that guy for what
an ear to go when I called that Jerky Navy Sheila Jerry Gaiety, yet because he asked you a question why it is so. My discovery me biology agent it'd. Make me a letter, push understand it made me more of abortion or netbook, ensure giddy and ass. All reason say: I'm sorry you such jerky prick. We are right now, but I asked my base breach yours and each a pocket, much voice, we I so you so you're all right with apologizing, but on the other hand, some dirt break any, maybe she'll, actually some. Why this question at the town, all maiden then I'll publicly humiliate the park
a good crying crocodile page only wants to with Bob Bob Mommy that happened seven years ago, and this is your apology. Now you don't apologize production. Are you ever going to apologize to do Jersey for lounging on the beach f you closer to the public. I had thought that baby whale Miss Cristel, so guess what John Bolton the horrible? ah warmongering, maniac from the George Bush administration that Donald Trump put in his and wanted to start wars ever since he put trump in the war, with the ran, pushing trump to be more bellicose to North Korea and here's what Trump set about why he got rid of them? Okay, so there's some conflicting reports of white.
get rid of them. Tell you my theory, but here's what Trump said: here's what he had actually say but we were sent back very badly when John Bonham talking about the libyan model, and he made a mistake as soon as you mentioned that the libyan model what a disaster to take a look at what happened with the liberal model and using that to make a deal with let's career, and I don't blame Kim Jong for what he said. After that, and he would have nothing to do with John Bull. That's not a question of being tough, the question of ignorance more to say something like that. So why was John the best we actually got along very well. I'm sure you, you know whenever he can do spirit is way. John came, to see me the night before. In fact, I think about it. You people out there waiting for me to get about got structuring ever shot somewhere along the line, and he said. the brain imaging,
John you have too many people. How does any of those details help the store? I sat right that just wrong. I was waiting to get out now after they had. The guy had just turned the key and the thing and the White came up on the day when they had just put a place, mapped out because I like to have a little cookies when I get on and then so all what? What's all these wise you doing all these details. I don't know man, but I am totally convinced they got along. He has like the same by to a friend yet or you will again, oh yeah it. This way help of those made his way hurry. I lingered body. Would we got along ray what he said was not smart and I don't blame the north Korean Dick Data for say what he said after Fuckin Jack off said that stuff. But I I'm sure he's gonna be fine, we got along, so what is it talking about the Libya model. So where are you? things by the libyan model, who is when we talked Libya? in giving up their weapons in two thousand to
free and the angry, like aid will do and he gave up, weapons, and what do we do? A couple years later we invaded his country and killed him and turned his country. Which was one of the leading countries in all of Africa. I turned it into a failed state, pretty sad, that's what he means and so on, That's the while here out, we'll just break a dollar more north career released a statement. Basically, fighting- and I say, John Bolton as the reason for hesitation in the upcoming meeting with the United States Bolton publicly announced that the? U S would be using the Libya model. Where could off? He was ultimately overthrown and assassinated by rebel forces. I wouldn't say rebel forces outside the United States, France and England. Did that so here of Amerika. The part that's in this is New York Times. This is from North Korea. North Korea said high ranking officials of the White House in the Department of State, including John Bolton, Whitehouse National Security,
These are our letting loose the assertions of so called Libya mode of nuclear your abandonment, complete verifiable all an airy de nuclear irritation, total decommission meaning of nuclear weapons missiles and by chemical weapons, etc. While talking about the formula of abandoning nuclear weapons first and compensating them afterwards. This is not an expression of intention to address the issue through dialogue. It is essentially a manifestation of awfully sinnet of awfully sinister move to impose on our dignified state, the destiny of Libya or rack, which had been collapse due to yielding the whole of their countries to big powers of that's North Korea, saying you,
I want to do to us what you did, the Libya, that's what you guys wanna do. Yes, that's what job Bolton was saying and that's why tromp was saying those a dump thing to say, and I don't blame the Cape Chung own for saying back what he said Also, it goes on. The world knows too well that our countries, neither Libya nor rack, which have met miserable fates. So that's from Kim Jong and dumb here's what age S Jill Stein tweeted out of them. So this is back in makes. This is what she tweeted out at the time Tromp, cancels North Korea summit. Actually, John Bolton already torpedoed it by telling North Korea to self destruct with the libyan model. This was perfect, warmonger strategy to stop the threat of peace breaking out on the peninsula. South Korea police they the course and tromp was actually, in my opinion, was close to getting came jungle to some kind of a deal
and then all of a sudden John Bold when could put the Gabon sanity, he torpedoed it on purpose. By saying that, don't you think wrong, probably hey hey you want. You want the Libya model, but yeah I'll. Take a pass on that. I think I'm a hard passed there about the Iraq mottled you want, the Iraq model, oh no, no Oh no! I don't think I want the rabbit Honduras model. Would you like the Honduras? Well, what's the price on the hunters? Well, what You put it down. I feel in the Democrats will support it, but they will here is as the iranian Ex Patriot, journalist, mohammedan cobia, see noted Bolton concluded his addressed to the exiles, with the rousing promise. Also, this was him he was giving to the to the people who were gonna, be the rebels in IRAN that they were gonna back to overthrow, have regime Jane,
Gonna ran and he's given speaks to them and here's how John Bolton concludes his feet. And that's and that's why, before two thousand and nineteen we here will celebrate in Tehran. Thank you very much. We will sell eight in Tehran. Meaning we're gonna overthrow their country and take over their government. That's really means I love how Nancy Policies is John Bolton, sudden departure, is a symbol of the disarray that has unnerved our allies since day, one of the Trump administration, steady leadership and strategic foreign policies key to ensuring America, national security. You mean the steady leadership of going into a rack. What you were for you in the study leadership of not prosecuting war criminals, because you are one
the steady stream of leadership that led us into Libya. After we did a rack that turn Libby into a failed state. You mean that steady stream that that you guys all did again about how about the twenty six thousand bombs we dropped on Syria? You mean that steady stream, or how about you guys role together for overthrowing Venezuela, because have more oil in Saudi Arabia. You mean that steady stream of leadership you fuckin warmongering, lying. You what's wrong with that country is Nancy Goddamn Pelosi. We you we're always gonna have criminals what you, what you need to have as a cop and were Nancy Policy, is pretending, she's, a cop she's, a criminal she's, a war criminal, because she knew about torture. It did nothing about it. But Jimmy did torture to start under Trump. All wait a minute. Torture started under George Bush. Innately Pelosi signed off, for it is so I signed off on it. So do is
The kind of steady leadership you're talking about do you see where the country is so apt to use why this is the leader of the opposition party, is also in bed with work and now they're. It's all pretend that but some are worse than George Bush is somehow worse. then what we did in Libya Tropez done that, yet you mean the kind of leadership. That took us from two wars to seven, even though he was elected to end those wars, you mean that and a steady leadership. This pretend Iraq, Obama and everything was getting. Everything was great. before Trump it it's it's not going away, and it still drives me nuts. And if it drives you not your rights, it should drive. You, nuts, just like the whole God
They have country what and mainstream news media and independent went nuts over a hoax Russia Gate. That was I a hoax one hundred percent a hoax. Now they're doing the same thing during the same thing that somehow Trump's for policy is worse than George Bush's are Barack Obama's member Barack Obama, tourism towards seven and yes, Trump rammed up dreamt up. The drone eyes is bombing more than Obama. Did you know why cause Obama bomber didn't end any those wars did he know he started them expanded this veil and state and then handed him all over the trump. The guy you everyone says, is working for another government whose house,
to us he's really a traitor to our country. Let's give em, maybe more billion the runner run or military. All he's the commander in chief, we're hey! This guy is work, for a foreign enemy he's a trader to our country, Donald Trump. That's why, They would give him eighty billion dollars more and we don't impeach em so there you go so now. You know why so Donald Trump gave that The reason why he fired John Bull and was because somebody did it may be. but everyone else's saying. The real reason is was that Donald Trump invited the Taliban to Camp David to have a conversation, which is what we should be doing, which is what we should be doing we, but in Afghanistan, for eighteen years the Taliban did not attack us The Taliban did not attack us a bunch. Saudi Arabian financed by Saudi Arabia, attacked us and, if you're, not sure about that, asked him right
Hell cleared up and so should be meeting with them and John Bull. course is a maniac I'll still never know exactly I dreamt put him in his cabinet. Even though tromp promised a drain the swamp and that, of course, he drainage, warp and what was at the bottom of that's what his whole cabinet, his whole cabinet, guys like Elliot Abrams, John John Bolton, yeah, a symbol of a symbol of the disarray in our politics lies in the fact that John Boltons gone a symbol of our disarray is the fact that he was there in the fresh rice. That's right, rounded draining the swamp, yes, we have to training the swamp so again and so egg again of trump it. It seems like how come? easy is it that Trump is the guy was to have a meeting with the Taliban. That tromp is the guy who gets in north
Maria into a position of negotiation, and it's got again and Neil gown of box. It up. Yeah he's the uncontrollable factor in all of this is done, that's right and he doesn't make enemies. I mean he makes enemies all the time and I was just watching other people's take on this whole thing and a lot of them are just making this up like. Oh, they broke up Trump and bolted. It couldn't be a better nine, eleven gift, America. Then the king John Bolton to the curb oh wow, what a great neither eleven present. I didn't think about that. That's half what happened yesterday shows nine tonnes, but it was it was. I could give tier here's your Christmas Eve version nine eleven at present. So by the way this will win a lot of
Five people back on the right who were supported of Trump because he's Anti war because of his anti intervention rhetoric that he ran on and this will that people and then he died but you know, then he feels his cabinet with generals, and then he goes to guys like John Bolt Lem Abrams. It is the exact opposite of what he could, but now it seems like keep trying to go back who knows saw you. I mean you wonder who their replacements gray right, I mean so what tromp was Sabre rattling with the ran I, If we wanted to do something to Venezuela but the democratic reform, I mean Democrats again there behind Trump on this stuff. They want a bomb. Syria more. Do you realize that Democrats, when the bomb or the guy who they say, is a traitor to our country They wanted to overthrow other governments in South America that have more oil than Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump, against both betrayed to our country. There
That's how you know Nancy pollution. The Democrats are a failed party and their full of shit aid. They can't even opposed Trump effective beat you know why, because they don't want you and they Love Abbot America's, he helps raise funds and he's the perfect foible, because they never have to change your get any better or do anything to serve the people? They can always go, but Trump and you're a bad person. If you dont both for me, I'm not voting for Democrats unless it somebody, I believe, in how bout item no hope of our panel, but that that is also my plan. Neeoka guy, I concur with that. You know, but again it goes back to really I you can beat Donald Trump oddest? No, they care they lost some already and if they do they Joe Biden. They will lose again and
If they nominate Elizabeth worn, it will be a nail biter, because drop will wipe the floor with her in a debate. Agree, gotta take a God, damn a dna tests for s sake, I I don't see are beating him. I mean I mean job I now think would lose by the most, but what we certainly know that Bernie could challenge him. We already know that, and we certainly know that tells you Gabert could challenge him and we won't be hearing from tells he gathered on the next debate, not metallic convenient for the Democrats, cause they so desperately want or run a candidate that can beat, tromp except they'd out. So you do. You think this is gonna, be troubled debate state by another person of color. I am not a citizen of a try, I am not
percent of color- I am not a citizen of a tribe, so this is that the person we're going to put up against Donald Trump because he's a big liar and Joe Biden who can't that lying every day. He lies about something else. He lies about the war. He lies about where his role and thing he lies. whether he was for the Iraq war when he was against it. He lies about when he gave somebody a metal he lies about who wrote the speeches giving he's he lies about marching in the civil rights its movement. He lied about it. His campaign tells him that's not true. We keep lying about it, people forgetting the drop out before because he cut plagiarize in so much. These other guys are going to put up against Trop. Why don't you just put up somebody with a comb over against Trump? not as variety of them ideas right, no kidding no kidding
tonight, on CNN Anderson Cooper, examines a nation in turmoil with a giant panel of ill informed dumpy talking over each other from behind an enormous gleaming, glass and stainless steel. Horseshoe shaped s while sweating graph it you can't like red, flowed in the background behind their hammering jawed heads, find out what our painless or thinking all at once as the occasional good point gets drowned out by a cacophony of paid partisan pundits than you ever have higher. Less Anderson takes us behind the scenes with a tour inside Gloria borders. Basserive Mouth Anderson Cooper presents a clamour of conflicting opinions and insipid interjected analysis from a couple of catawauling cognisant. Eight. Nine following CNN Deny withdrew time limit. not much in the Muslim Rechargeable Gibraltar. Mister,
Why would sooner CNN political firebrand, David Axelrod, hello, noticed how I commonly used such words, its full man and lugubrious. I guess, yeah well, thank you for asking how you gonna, taking ability with my new master glass, David actual words, the power language. My goal is to teach ordinary people the power waiting lists or to worry, said Craig, usually out, explained or defined you you mean,
vocabulary a vocabulary. That's what a list, or Collection of words. Is Germany failed for them? languages, Social air course right now wrong. My course: you'll learn languages, the life blood of our nations as essential as the sweetener occurred, from which we all want survived at the source itself. Therefore, I believe it bothers enable welcoming Boolooroo of What do you mean by that
pottle loud rule of all but of exuberant strikes on a new resorted metaphor brandy occurrence in the big round of blue blue city, drunkenness and music halls advance into the street came secure, applies in numerous saddened. Discipleship. As a result, I saw a what you'd say. As you mean, anybody can pander you used to work with Rob Emmanuel right eye. You're interrogative manifesting designed to address the specific gap in our collective knowledge. I don't remember that South lay out swiss cheese. Well, Rahm Manual just said: supporting Medicare for all is reckless.
And would eliminate a hundred and fifty million people's health care use? the power of language. How would you react to his statement? Wow? Clearly the Gobrias nature, however, all ended elbows reality, politics meaning ran back around Lake Michigan, nearly one thousand miles through Michigan and were scattered to really important states. Forget why the man with the body like Coyote anyway he's said nobody at a dinner, ran towards him and said take by. health care away. Any reaction, not surprising died, spandex bikes to talk about your Bruce local guys. If found Plumb, smart,
smuggler smuggling he's got acts you can change lady Gaga Do you sell any supplemental reading materials for your course? Nobody my are required to buy muscle relaxes from the trunk of my lord There was great Jane aside. This is such a great boy dealing assign, says our beliefs about the world and each other have been created by the same sex stem that has led us into repeated wars that have killed millions. So maybe the system that creates are believes is fucked up and we should throw overboard and creator
own beliefs. That's what I think. Yes, hate you, your religion, your government are not your friend. Ok here is sergeant We sixteen election, he says, is like choosing between cholera and Gonorrhea right- and this is what everyone chooses to forget when they say he was in bed with proper something it's quotes like that, their day, those get those get left by. Personally, I would prefer neither said the Wikileaks boner. That's who Julian Assange is, and so now here is PAMELA Anderson by the way you know you know whatever. So after relationship with you, someone turns gay happens. We many times you, then quite do I. What did I do? The veil was kit,
rocks. Gotta be like what it because, after June Roxy became fuckin awesome. She became wayward awesome than kid rock. That's for sure kid. I'm a rebel doing. They today to thank Republic endanger the gang today. Fuck you really. Opposite of a rock star. You fucking Idiot here's a real rockstar panel Anderson and who knew who knew right? Who do here so so she went on the view and, of course, Megan Mccain, whose very accomplished she be. She wasn't like she was handed a job by an aid, be see producer for nothing, she was one of John Mccain Sperm. That's it that's a great accomplishment. And so here she is going to give a shit about Julian Assange goes PAMELA. Innocent is a big supporter of Julian Assange because I don't know
Maybe she isn't an idiot, maybe because she reads the news mean because she knows the fucked up world we live in and the price that true tellers have to pay. Maybe that's why she's a fan of his? I don't know why but she's a fan of his and she cares about him and what Megan Mccain said that when you are, I think I had. He was allegedly captain Ecuadorean embassy because he was deafening everywhere and creating better without This is your. They hate the guy's pooping. I don't like you that's. Why he's a pauper can you think of a lead Shallow reason. Now, that's it that's most Erica. That's not true. It was video of things. That happened, I mean, and what would you do if you are locked in a room for just further flags years? Why I wouldn't be a cyber terrorist which he is lack of information personal who showed me see about making the king were. She comes from its exactly appropriate privilege. Person who's, never
Her father was so rich. Her father forgot how many houses he owned. That's a fact. Forgot? How many of you ain't? They thought, maybe was twelve, but he wasn't. She wasn't sure. Folks, I smoke not lot pot. When I can tell you I could smoke and pounded the chronic. You asked me how many houses I own. I would know
I own half and if I forget to clear my browser history, all only zero houses included classified documents that put our national security at rest, our military alliance, another guy and desolate so ill. With big ten seconds of this video Megan became his admitted. She likes to watch get video.
and she's gonna call watching raspberry how many people have the millionaire set out everyone killed innocently and how many has Wikileaks. I love you. I love it when a bomb shell drops truth bombs. We knew who also we, who else is going to combine the view and tell the truth about the wars were encamped, the Earl and don't you think the military is putting so dubious, We PAMELA Anderson and Megan Mccain is that Pebble Anderson doesn't have to read what she saying off a fuckin know: cheat South You think the military is putting lives at risk of calm down. Sir of our real I'd come down certain Worley talking about innocent people, big Fuckin, murdered, calm down. What's your problem,
here, we go actually genuinely get everyone. I relationship. We have with Megan Mccain's indignant in the way. Only a rich girl who's never had to work for anything and had the world given to or on a platter. That's who fuckin Mccain is by the way, has five houses. You know it sees poor yeah. Ok, We're crimes need to be punished and they haven't no war crimes at he's, exposed no one's, no one's everything about it, but they put him in jail to shut him up are used to ten video, the helicopter right fire killing civilians in Iraq. Yet well, that's why but there are so many other things that he's exposes. Not just America is exposing altos. Russia is exposed. Also, of course, in our country. That's a controversial area, Russia, a lot of people say that that. Here comes Joy Bay, hard, the good, progressive
I also love the let's surrounding attack model of a talk show what has like fuckin pie. Seven people onto the one person who came to defend a political prisoner. Well, that's why they the view, while Lee, because all the women on it have the exact same fuckin point of view. This one point of view for pro corporate throw more point of view. It's your show me one piece of evidence that this is actually the perfect exam. full of how our media will act like there's legitimate debate on a subject, but there opera war right there, all pro business, all pro corporate they're, all pro Wall Street. So it's it if you act, your wilder yelling at each other, a law that must be entirely of human thought right there. It's like now, you can be for peace. You can be for ending the bombing around the world. You can be
we're not a bomb being dropped every twelve, various channels of milk. The Mulder report, That aside to interfere, no twenty, sixteen election by conspiring with Russia to by releasing hack emails, hacked emails. You know that documents produced by a fucking piece of shit, liar guy Realitas into the Iraq war, be asked more. Another document that implicated you decide. What are you talking about that? I think you're a fucking dunce joy by her and you don't have a fucking lick of fuckin. Square cap, scepticism about the shit the government says and if you are really good, progressive, you'd, fuck and walk off that show and take your billing dollars and started to show that the bugs this fuckin bullshit joe and and if she knew anything about what the Mulder report
actually said it actually didn't prove that within an errand marked, I did a brilliant take down over the terminology used to say, like maybe like theirs. All double points words like a russian guy may have brought something a Jew in his arms, and it's, why would you say, may have if you're proving collusion, because you don't fuck and now you don't actually no and in fact most of it the evidence is come forward has shown it was a leak from the DMZ, not a fucking act. One more point? One more point: I loved the DMZ Donna Brazil said after the accident. Suppose it had the DMZ destroyed the servers before ever, giving them to the FBI before even giving them the crowd strike the DMZ hired book and analysts. They destroyed the servers because That's what you do when you walk on a scene of a crime, you fuckin, destroy the evidence and then If I come across a dead body, I job it up brought in a river, and then I go
the police works, and she went down here well, which her Hillary Clinton, it's almost. Is he responsible for giving us tramp? I mean Is Julian Assange. Responsible, that's joy! Bay are the good progressive. Now I can't get It wasn't Hillary Clinton, her shooting campaign, fifty years of NEO Liberalism that, through fuckin workers, overboard fifth, that debt as our whose Julian Assange induce geranium preacher. Those are the two most power. This is, really what's being said? Ok, I mean it that way, a tyrant, we're timing, but Hillary Clinton is responsible for Trump Yes, yes and it turns out I've been so wrong. My whole life or turns out the most attractive blonde is
the most inform smartest person in the back row idols I would also like to know the word count between the two sides: it's like seven hundred to four and she's destroying now. This is like one to you guys with karate and one of the other guys like tat its kind. Like what Harrison forges pulled out. The gun with that guy the one that she may have the why China remains on Wednesday, but you know I was well known. I was with him. Why do people think of me? I will see help trump. Why wasn't helping Chunky was trying to tell the american people to information that Hillary Clinton was doing so? Why would do you'll Ellsberg MA help Nixon on these? Did
we did. This is on tv. These are people are paid millions of dollars to talk about the dews. It's called the view joy our has access to the internet. Just like the rest of us and she's sitting, it's a wise Julie, Yes, I will bring troll bounding thing, namely, nay, nay, but Jim cost that I've nay, nay, nay, that's how fuckin ridiculous these people are on tv. That's why you get put our tv because you're not a deep thinker, you dont, actually know. What's going on, you can only repeat corporate talking parts and that's a fuckin joy by our is she's gotta get Fuckin progressive and I'm not gonna apologize corporatist, Haiti's pushing bullshit. I apologise once before and fuck it never again after this never again, When an educated choice. When I think of me, I kind of put the nail in the coffin. What do you mean to tell me that he had nothing on Trop command and that didn't get waste. I don't know, I don't know if he has something, I'm chunky would have put it out there, so they wait. She, wouldn't I just
ask you. What are you, what is my panel say about that stupid Pulcheria charge that it widen trumpet something on Trump. What why didn't Julian Assange put out, something, I trust, will Julie sons. I know for a fuckin back put out a ton issued on Russia. Iran will first of all well. What do you need to put out of anything or trot already put it out? every day. Yes, about the grab about a policy that it stop. It is it they know about up. At the end of the day, still Haven Hilary more so fuck you it had, never do it if we had any whatever listen, I'm sure it's everybody Why don't you put out so bad information on the guy who shoots himself in the Kok before he gets out of bed like Hagnonic tweet page to surgery? We got that. People read the apartments in New York or whatever that everyone knew all this shit about. Nothing was hit everything
he did. We know where I am and stop that we didn't know like his tax returns. Astonished in fucking have them so why did you put out his taxi? Doesn't just have all the information when the matted anyone talking about a lot. and the one contact with prompt junior that he had. They try to use that against him like he was colluding with the trunk, giving actually he was saying to drug Junior hey. I think you should you be Debs tax returns, so I can release them so really use. I need more information on drugs and it just didn't work. That's exactly right, then. That is a good report. Turkey has all the information like Juliet is. How should I released a trumpet and look at how effectively the media berries? What is actually the scandal here, and that is that there's one political party that did unequivocally proven
rig an american election in twenty sixteen years. It is Thurston, fashions, there's documentation and it's not the Republican Party and its, not the Russians. It's the Democrats and what jewel size and weeks did. Is that they exposed vat and that's what we call that at the meeting? It calls rigging the election, however, of drugs Supposing that other people rigged the election? I know it's crazy- beg you Nick crash tests, then there's also been court cases in New York. They had to plead guilty to wiping two hundred thousand party. Voters from the fuckin roles in Brooklyn are right. That was in court places. Not just put leading up punish were that they had to put promise not to do it again.
so and in court. They admitted that they have a right to rig the primary that was proud statement. We have a right to rig deployment as to release her emails. I mean the question. I am absolutely miles. She wrote which uses AIDS and I know that doesn't mean everything. Should be the question I have, though, is like spies that go out with their lives at risk by congressmen. Word who you're just like men, whose dedicated decades of his lifetime, fight terrorism. Classified information, I believe, is classified for a reason. I do have some faith in the: U S: government, although, as a conservative, I have what I have been in the barn poor people in other countries and gave them to give us healthcare knows. If not, she is ok. That's a book and greed. Joking when ripest everyone, a eight millennium, liberal stale and what would you say to despise were putting themselves at rest for national security, I would say: don't fucking, please
off at risk or bullshit wars. That's what I would say how happy I would say: stop allowing yourself to be used as a cog in an evil, we'll fuckin destruction in murder around the world for corporate profits. When we invade another country and steal their natural, I would tell them to stop fucking. Do in that baby start spying on behalf of the people against the Fuckin corporation. That's where I would tell them do maybe start exposing the military, industrial, complex spy, and then that's what I would say. What would you say, by the way that idea that all I have respect for my government, everything's classifies clarified for a reason: talk former CIA agent John Kerry Arco. He said they fucking plans to buy everything they classify that they had lunch day. He's not he's now. There's so much shit, that's not classified reason, so that's bullshit and secondly, he can tell you fucking know. his die based on what lit Wikileaks? No, while no one has died, no one
This died because of what Julian Assange is done. No one back? You save lots of lives. That's back! That's affected this whole thing of that. What about despises, putting it is, but no one at risk. They can never say that Chelsea Manning put anybody a risk, Edward Snowden, put at risk or Julian Assange, and they want to fucking kill. All of it shows you manage to jail right, fuckin now and no does make it Mccain care about her, no Frank, Drake, an essay executive who was a whistle blower before Snowden and who actually is the reason that Snowden actually left the country and chose to go public instead of going through the purse. Scribe mechanisms like going to the congressional committees, and all going to the arms by men of the USA and what happened to him is that the industry and the government retroactively classified documents, that he was pointing out to journalists speaking about over classification, and
you're going to the legitimate channels after they always get on snowed about? You didn't go to the legitimate channels. You know how many it was it was in a fuckin Pentagon report was buried in the tiny print you. Nobody, whistleblowers have come forward to the inspector general at the Pentagon over the past few years nearly a year. Britain thousand whistleblower complaints. didn't one percent or even investigated and more to those are fuckin shot down. So the idea that you got their legitimate channels is laughable. That's bullshit! it's almost laughable. Yes, it's almost laughable the ideas that Megan Mccain earned your way onto that show their relationship. I don't think he there's nothing for him that he is actually put anybody at risk. They ve gone through is over and over again, and I just I think that people like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning our heroes and
I disagree with that, though. I think he is putting people at risk. If these pudding, the crimean war criminals in the government or risk he's putting back corporations, splitting big banks at risk. I think he's putting the right people at risk exactly that We can also PAM here. He put people in danger by refusing to redirect sensitive information, including including so security numbers, another price you spoken reaches thirty, but I gotta take this for my hearty. Beats rejected? Several of us have a debit, thereby, then I'm the progressive, never never never. Never there
I'm the one with the alternative point of view, which happens to line up perfectly with Megan Mccain if your joy bay, heart and you're the progressive on the view that Europe and you like a perfectly good, Megan, Fuckin Mccain, why don't you go fuck and put a bullet your head, because you're fuckin dead, already passivity monetize? If I put that in a democracy? This is like a guy just spoke with the CIA agents, who came to allow us to do this segment, and what did he say territory many times. Nobody else put out the same information. I think they actually put it out even before him. I think he would be adopted more than they did so I don't think that's not written down here, I don't know. She's like I was most as requested in use, puts a short circuited fall over. I don't know what to do now whenever this fuckin hate these limits. Why,
started. Its Beethoven inquisition isn't include this, isn't an interview. This isn't a conversation that help bring out ideas and thought this is enjoyed by her go now. You have an interesting point because you say that doesn't do that. Just fuckin do any of that all she does. She sounds like curse. Cuomo, you sounds like Jake Tapir. She sounds as bad as Rachel Madeline Chris Haze, she's out fucking horrible. She is a tool of a fucking corporation and evil wheel of death, which is the military, and hospital complex which is persecuting socket journalists right now, so we pay our pocket. Europe is not resign. Anybody occur in her pocket ridiculous five dollars. Martini glass goes a great punchline,
This is made by sustainable workforce internationally to innovation, and I think that you know he's out of state he's he's gone where no man has gone before our. So I guess you are putting him he's the man in the world in Wales. Mouth he's the keys. You know you're trying to set up, so other people can condemn It makes sense in it, because this new thing is in fact our worries to business as usual. One I'd love to know is what what what He trusts are handed over to me not to say some stupid bullshit. I wouldn't want you guys, animal the stupid, exemplary, incisive, really flock to know. so here we go. To do what was his point because he will always is point. Leaving too will be to miss the entire boy when the
when you prove the. U S, government is committing war crimes will be as searching her head wondering. What is he thought to? What is this point ok, He actually did her quite a few people only actually yet again. The people here we're bankers, the Fuckin military, industrial, complex war, mongers, assholes, fascist, that's really heard it in our regular people. So what what he says that she's just bullshit she's, factually incorrect cheese rig from a talking point written by a guy being paid by the Fuckin military industrial complex and that to whip the Gulf or is it doesn't make you ve got a good person. She's outsmarted uses that better than you she's, fuckin worse than you, because she's doing the bidding of evil Fuckin death morning, we'll call corporate
Is it my right about this? My panel, you right, but is also worse than ever, because what we as a black woman man she represents up into the black community. I mean I remember grown- are watching a comedy shit mama, no people, they respect today, look up and when she is given a privileged position, be there were a few black people, not his days, you just fucking cave in You just go along with it, you'd lies with propaganda to people not going to be educated? Who asked We believe in her, like other people, really trust joy Bay are, but there are a lot of black folks who really Flacket Trust would become of so it s the way. It's not just weepy, its likeness spoke Lee or these if you please cards in my community model look you're right, but this work also because they notice they building
betray their community in a way that this this astronomically different. They just which able J boy baby what a wonderful idea and what, unless they Jelly and women. Ok? This talk in this shit, I'm also I can. You know she's also hobble republican ivy. do this, or does he really heard too timid? That's inadvertently, where you put disinformation out, she's, not evil, support. Is that it's sold how corrupt her opposition parties rats outcome? rob sees this. He doesn't give a fuck that this makes it. Firstly, look horrible she's still against being as it already dim, it's one plan, one party, one party, one party, annexed a party of war and its a war party, your rights of great point, below and pleasant to you
the door- and might I add a happy September eleven to you and yours ascended to humor, It shares. Well, yes, editor, sound, so formal, ads way. I hope you, when you loved ones an enjoyable September. Eleven well with all the grilling of the winner, pubs and Cole slaw and a potato rages in all adds w people do. One is a wonderful day of celebration. Do, are you sure you're not thinking about Labour Day, jazz God, no Labor Day, is a sad day of reflection and self examination. How did management lose the weekend? What can we learn from them? The stakes are too many fire exit things like that. You know, there's a lot more than that phone cable internet time in today's podcast How do you hear the entire phone call? You gotta become a premium member gotta Jimmy Door, comedy Cobb sign up it's the most
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