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Media caught lying to boost Buttigieg!

Facebook Censoring Reporting on Iowa Cheating!

Crowd chants "Wall Street Pete"!

Phone calls from Pete Buttigieg!  Chris Christie!  Chuck Schumer! Harrison Ford!

Featuring Stef Zamorano, Ron Placone, Graham Elwood, Mike MacRae!

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Get ready for an outstanding entertainment programme. The Jew. Medora show. No, I don't recognizes now this is followed. This is Jimmy. Who is this, Jimmy oh wow, its people, who is thanks for colleagues show. How are you Germany. We are doing fantastic and for waiting so long to reach out to you. I was hard feelings, may repeat it all This campaign, lasting as long as it has developed, yet approach. You know somebody, Lord Begone or two weeks was simply not investment. I was really to my eyes. So why are you now
the campaign and I wanted to reach out wench could endorse Bernie Sanders that dumb. Made it an entire online new cycle Jimmy. as both traditional and non traditional elements. For example, I got my supporters into filming themselves doing a ridiculous stance to a terrible. No other care bade has so far achieved this. That cannot be ignored. They define my own Joe rogue. Oh, I see well if you're looking for an endorsement, no votes, but I'm afraid you come to the wrong place. Buddy what can we expect to receive anything without warning? If you have a moment, I would I need to talk to you and your listeners about that. Andrei, oh you're right I can. I The caravan is about enclosed every diversion.
Divisiveness, Germany political system for too long. Now without a picture in scope. I did a faint Donald Trump in November the ok yeah go yours, we all sacred. values that challenged the amount good people were fears to allow them to be swept aside the cabin MAC. Knowledge is specks this ya ago. United The campaign is what we all want I think that is so much greater than simply the sum of its parts. We are as individual, including me Manchester, when compared with the huge mass of the song, Ok, maybe you're doing this thing that you do sometimes will you talk? but you really don't say anything
May I bought a vessel through which the gambling industry, but it's me, but it will also bring you the campaign. Besides we as attitudes are insignificant. Ok, look mayor, PETE, seemed to be saying that you have a similar relationship to your campaign as Bernie Sanders, who famously couch that relationship as not me us the upshot is one way to put a journey that that is reflective of coal active ash. Another way to put it is The campaign a billion euro, such a crystal buried deep within the core of a planet, millions of light years from earth over there. He talks about aggressively mine melded with the various intelligent beings of the universe.
brain is unaware of its own problems, the brilliant yet a model, It must therefore experience life vs, psychic connection. Now it is our turn excited about the future, a campaign it mayor. Pete, you're scaring me and my staff right now. Then the cab snow, fear Jimmy join us look. I was single player guy you not about that's a list is leave it there right. Germany, energy body is generated by your support for a careful and should never get right it by a billion quasar. Ok, look at drawing. Jimmy boy assured the campaign.
I'd look. I gotta go Tags Johnson, some show every one was with Jimmy Door. Show we'll see you February twenty Eightth, that's a Friday in Burbank. California! Next live Jimmy torture. Plus my area march. First go to give me your company that comforting for article STAR Live Jos. Now, let's get to that, before we get to the joke, shall bigoted joke devolve, Patrick? spending his campaign. What yeah, why
after that totally legit. I was showing he had it, but it is Did you see PETE booted? Is he got Barbuda? state report on Wall Street freed up in New Hampshire election. Twenty, twenty, a guy who lost the popular vote in Iowa and New Hampshire at a general events, is getting boot up stage. That guy is tat frankly, I head because our democracy, she's great in the envy of the world will from now on burning to him as PETE Buddhist Stage, its islands, all the delivery boot up stage. Eighty that nepotism, Nazi Megan Mccain, doesn't think Bernie should be the nominee. Giving Bernie another solid endorsement, eight adapt. New Hampshire Liz WAR and double down about her and Amy Coloma Char being the the candidates that aren't billionaires or funded by super packs theirs.
two things was warren- refuses to do one tell the truth and to learn what a selfie actually is Do you get the feeling that was worn? Is one Hillary Clinton endorsement away from losing this primary? Did you know fifty six years ago this week the Beatles made their first appearance, America on the edge Sullivan Joe. I know this because brain will have reported. He was the one plain drums, Not if view broke in Iowa Shadow app sits on top of your real name and a bad. Our shadow, you just might be in a conspiracy dont get it done. If every single delay, corn, toss math air and fuck up in your primary process seems to target the progressive front runner in favour of candidates back, billion years. You just I'd be inner conspiracy, dont gaitered up,
scientists, now say that they have discovered a series of mysterious radio signals emanating from a single source, a half billion light years from earth. They believe. It may be the final vote tunnels in the eye. What democratic caucus what's covered up. they show the media caught lying to boost Buddhist jig use multiple times was then the bad, a democratic party just tired. he'd Buddha, GIG Organ eyes to be there. voter protection director no kidding, plus through information about the eye, what cheating in favour of Peat Buddha GIG, gets fled as fake news by Facebook. What's forgetful pulse today from PETE Buddha, GIG Care Care Harrison poured Chuck humor Chris Christie, plus a lot lot more. That's today on the difficult.
How nice Harrison cords called me. Hello, Harrison. I know what You can say that again Furthermore, how did you get this number Didn't you called me here? So far, just call me Harrison what's happening years in one I'm supposed to me, Ask you do you gonna vote for in the primary go ahead? We. to vote for the primary, what point The democratic primary. Oh, that primary hurry voted all four who John Edwards. I like his idea of a low carbon footprint. No no Harrison. There was over a decade ago.
Anyone or not, No, he did that win. What was Not go there okay, politics is a nice thing, but stick to this subject of my next big some project, very proud of it. waiting for years to continuous Spielberg as director in the sun, a film. Oh you mean the latest Indiana Jones movie. our group has lost its moral fibre how so Jimmy? I can't wait to return as Red Butler and gone with the wind five. You mean Indiana Jones, fine, Provision in the world is tenuous because of our life of moral leadership, essentially, I think What do you think that is because we're very things, a moral pressing issues in America
there's only one way to sort them out a housing, unless the services of a world renowned, dare devil, archeologist and his trust companionship. Radio end of story. The tower. What's my goddamn point lace today's Jimmy door. Show recorded lie as the improper in temp. Arizona here is that you want a sure sign that there not now the establishment it's starting to say the quiet part out loud rights of, John Harmon MSNBC with Willie Guys and he's? To tell you that Bernie Anders meaning a candidate who represents workers is being
problem for the Democratic Party watch? This town centres is used for the establishment of a scary, something important almost as important is keeping where these matters are. Being authorities nominee, yeah, yeah, you guys, stopping a vast used is really important Stopping a guy who's gonna give us healthcare is just as important. Ok, we got a first stop that guy and then we could think about stopping the fascist. But what's the rest of the people on the panel, nobody blinks- and I was like that's where we end up in the first week in March, really that evil days is that they are like oh yeah, maybe you're, right, Bernie too big good problem, there also go we're like we're
five years away from every nuke newscast, just being a bunch of people sitting around go, and what do you think poor people do you know What are you saying? As you know, beating Donald Trump is really important and less That means uniting behind the guy who could actually doing That's what they're saying I mean that's when we were young, they teach you winnings, not the most important thing for the sum of the I'm regrets They really are serious about not fuckin winning. I mean like winnings that the biggest thing you're taking that too seriously you should try winning inheres other here's. How did you saw this? I did a video about this.
line the high. Does a coin toss like that who and who does it first about you're not supposed to feel up the fuckin coin? What are you trying to finger the coin? What's so he catches at first, you catch it. Yet dumb fuck you catch it and then go like that. You don't call
well, it's not he does it twice logic. Does it get one, and then he does what the fuck was again. Do you imagine if they did that ETA Bell Football Game represent back? It was. There was a point us in a play off came about fifteen years ago. The guy fucked up and people went, but I felt like people happen. It is what he's doing is a trick. I learned as a kid to cheat my bodies. You flip a point in the air and as it grabs in your hand, you wrote the side and you you can tell the head or there on a quarter very easily. I used to run I'm a drifter, so drifter comedian same thing, but you just catch it and it feel the head and whatever they say in my aunt, it's ok, then I'd flippity my hand. I could do a ten times faster. This fuckin idiot. He looks like he's trying to do a card trick, but he's never done it before this year way or it's unbelievable, and it's like I really I tweeted out. I was like a time, whereas couldn't you get it
paper scissors official, the common do this, and but that we see this area United Meeting arrived paper, says: there's a new tab paper and I go rocks vapor physically surveyors higher pay rises, vapor Avatar Way Tom. What did you pick? I picked values. We saw a bum gravel strike us right. You do that we, the rock, ok and then I'll? Do this without I'll? Be the guy? Does the fucking? Ok? Ok, I already one two three
Where do to get a suit again, I saw says around their right of any one to three: oh, that's democracy. In action, everybody! It's giving felt like you, you you! You lead with your values. That was amazing. You know what I see this. What I see something like this deciding in election, I mean that fuckin. Guy does and what I see that you know what I think not only is democracy alive? What it is thriving? This is what they were reporting all weekend booted, but gets holds a lead in Iowa, which is exactly I don't wanna, be a conspiracy theories I'm not an idiot either and I could see exactly what was happening this was planned is exactly what does the Dnc in bed with CNN and they're all doing this, and this guy set
He says my son just said: Mama have terrible news p. One I said knows we are only did you presented a reported. He then, me why they're only releasing parts are results, and I see you copy one, is to create a false narrative? That's why so? That's it! that's what they're doing and it doesn't make. You crazy tends to recognise that. That's what's happening because whenever there is a mistake in always goes in favour of the establishment. The mistake never goes out. We fucked up.
Many centres got a million votes. I now that's it we're just gonna declared over any winds. We're gonna go out. It's a mistake for words that were accepted. This, like this tweet sounds like this start for, like the best children's educational programme. You know what I mean like today's lesson is manufacturing consent brought to you by the letter p for propaganda. What I always showed us like leading up die. We ve seen who the corporate Democrats want. They wanted Kemal they wanted. Robert, France's so Rourke is not what all NATO's a fake name. It's like me calling myself park, well? What did they want? All these, but may be, is like this past week you what oh he's the deep states candidate, yes, the Navy intelligence officers they had this last spring. He's Brent like this is
This is all that's why that speech he gave was like we shop world by one cuz he just like. I know they're cheat, I normally to win, that's why he gave them to be every other cat. It was like my looks good one of the results that we might. We might win, we don't know Mariposa, we shocked the world because I like it obeying gave forty two thousand dollars to shadow to help build the app ahead of shadow tweeted out a year ago, how she's a huge fan of mind. So that's how we shocked the world everybody, and do you know that mark putting gig, also dollar two hundred and forty thousand dollars. I would democratic party I just found that are ready for the show. I don't thing now now: you are in Iowa right. You want to help. I have if you put them at the table, have these I've
using for Bernie. They went last night without the people really like them. A lot of them disappeared. Last night, oh yeah, like votes what you know give us a lot with very disheartening and got a lotta not homes, even when they are home, and you get some help. Really you get enough people at a depressing invading their sanctuary. Look once it's not so bad. So there's this one, a door unlocked It is curious that nineteen and twenty I said that? Are you planning on caucusing and he said yeah, but I think I'm going to go for Bizon and I said why, and he said I don't think I can get him, sheriff through, and I said oh no, it's quite the opposite, because if you got an we'd have as back, because where the grass roots and an eye it's not a want, it's a need, it's an imperative, and- and it's not even
but a person or candidacy were building a movement and he's ok, that's not that's! How works That canvassing is really something? Ok, you made a good case. Actually we can pass legislation. Should I never thought about it that way, so nobody could call this right. amid irregularities, AP on able to declare. and I want that's from the sixth right, which was Friday right. You know I read when Tom, whereas figured out that there is something wrong with the Arab. He had everybody turned off for ten seconds and then plug it back in.
Didn't work, Fair, says, benefit. entering success. Cnn premature prayed for booty in Iowa right. So this is. Are we crazy to think that somehow see in this day and see where working together with the Buddha get campaigns that make us crazy. because here, when CNN, the AP every other major news outlets was saying we can't call, I walk the results are inconsistent. We can't trust the numbers. Well guess what Pete Buddha give goes out with Andrew Cuomo an edge Cuomo, tough guy. radio, renal, radio, tough guy freighter who will wreck your shit design? to say to peat to get the judge. watch this credit,
party just released the final batch of results from the Caucasus. Yes, and I'm ready. For all those results? Don't fuckin stairs autocratic party just released the final batch of results from the Caucasus, one percent of precincts report. You are holding a narrow lead of a tenth of a percentage point over Senator Sanders on this day, delegate equivalent which is the metric that we used to determine a winner, which is
Our bullshit system works. Somebody with less thoughts gets to win once again, its America democracy. Let's exporters to the rest of the world. Do you have elections? You're loser should be the winner. What does your reaction? Austrians aspect? Moose, it's fantastic news. You know I mean we didn't really win, but the app really came through poorer, fantastic, that's great, we don't have actual democracy and whatnot whatever the FUCK S, great news, I'm good at
That's great news. I mean I'm a little blown away. The CIA said I was supposed to win by ten points. One of our high way, this their own narrow markets, really amazing that we put this shit up. I mean we called the apt shadow for crying out loud gave it a creepy s name. We only gave it that name can t say: twelve hours was taken. That's the only reason why I mean this is great news. We got less boats and we still win here's. Hopefully we will go against the will of the borders and forty nine more states or by right. This is so bad. Even Crystal ball called and I can state nor likewise the ball to burn you guys make sure you don't like it. you're more than mere is I would I would really stuck this is fine for me.
So here's what she said. This and why use these results when it so close that they themselves say all wrong and using them to declare PETE the victor? That undermines democracy in a greater extent than any like russian law and lucid thing on earth, so CNN saying that Buddha judges, the winner their own network or saying those that those results are questionable, undermines democracy or than any bullshit Russia, gate scandal or anything. I'm with Rachel mad autonomy screaming about Iowa for the next three years. Is that's? What's gonna shadow and all this, and do all these things about shadow and shadow Unshadowed now know dude seriously brutal. She is like obsessed with me. So watch this.
So, Bernie Sanders decides fuck it I'm declaring victory, because we know because we know I got more votes and he says no. On Monday night, some six thousand wooes came out on this night disappoint our candidacy, then the candidacy of anyone else. When six thousand more people come out for you in an election then you on yours and we hear in northern New England a victory, and so they go back to MSNBC the Liberal network, whose anchor just happens to be
the lying Fuckin communications director for George Bush's war, criminal organization. That's what they give you for your liberals, liberals! We gotta get something for Bush to tell you about. Bernie Sanders that what's happening in what would she says?
mere so she's like why I don't see that he was worth it written down. What are you looking for? An actual point of view is that what you're looking for a three year, not anymore, you know it's not a lot of time and soon brushwood disingenuous to say the least is not telling the truth. Part yeah Bernie Sanders is not telling the truth. He saying he get six thousand more votes than anyone when in fact he got six thousand more votes than anyone. Clock liar watch this moving. I wasn't everything learn about elections. Two thousand is when you wonder I simply by simple by the IRA: Do Cox is more complex than me different networks, so what Bernie is doing is carrying out first mention people who came in that millions of ordinary by many of whom switch temerity, may repeat I've. My heart goes out to him because covered many, I will Caucasus. His heart goes out to his heart. Goes out to Mayor B. Is heart goes out to better be? Do you believe that line at eleven o clock before midnight would have gotten these incredible headlines, the same headlines that Morocco Mamma had in two thousand and eight yap again?
would have let us down, just like Barack Obama did in two thousand nine through sixty by the way a poor I'd. My heart goes out to poor pay. Due for this I mean in all the flags in the wine sellers are at half mast. You know he's not that boyish psychopathic thing because I as on on, as does twitter feed, I don't feel safer when you ve been called now on the wine gave and use rubbing his thumbs together, and then he was clenching a fist and I really thought it was instructive issue If I didn't see it, it's the other side when you think sees not on top really we're. Ok, here's what Bernie Sovereign about that's the first round and he did get six thousand one hundred and fourteen votes and that's from seeing from NBC News. It says the ring
he'll cow, real reallocated preferences Bernie still beat a forty five thousand to Fort, three thousand so Bernie Pocket. What but here's, how bad here's, how bad The news media Rick's this for four against workers. Candidate, PETE Buddha, gigs gonna, lose this burn he's gonna win, but it's still shitty ready watch this just mentioned Bernie Sanders set expectations very high and whatever happens is not clear. He will have met them even if he does eke out a lead. It won't be a decisive win and I were not the kind of decisive when that I think he was looking for so yeah
you don't really did city that guy, who one ask any corporate reporter they'll tell you coming in first socks boy: how is he going to recover from winning while this goes into the whole long term, deep state, scam of getting Buddha judge in their one of their tactics? I did a video on this, this Bernie supporter of Veronica. Pursuant to this article and medium, she was the five stages. Are five steps on how to doing this, and one of them manufacturing a surge. So that's big part. If it is to say the member member couple months ago, peaks and a stronger worth place so but manufacturing this fake, like all PETE's climb up their PETE's climb, up there so even burning winning, they have to go yeah, but it wasn't the big when we thought and play I started to climb up there. That's what it is or other vote. No matter who about Blue no matter who people that are paying that much attention, they're, just you,
if you like, I don't know who to vote for because I'm too fuckin dumb to pay attention or whatever. So I european surging. I guess I'll go with you! That's what this whole attic is, and here so in here's. What CNN put says the Cairo as president? What will you do too check the integrity of american elections from foreign interference. They have up from Dnc Democratic Party refers, who we get that don't look at what is actually happening. Look over there look over there and here is be not a gig. I showed you this before the video, but here is what a sociopath looks like when he knows the system is rigged in his favour? Ready? Here we go. And here comes first Why?
fuck it does that I would I go. I ready I'm gonna walk out and that you guys don't ask me questions ready. I, what are you about the Iowa Poles when anything I'll Father, the shadow Wang related. How at greater EU added value to our Euro area deal with the intelligence. Are you weren't liquidity? Why can't you look me in the eye like a psychopath, who loves watching a robot? How many animals have you murdered pay? You know we no longer have an Amazon leg, because we're not doing that. We're not play that game, but here's another great where you can help support the show is because the previous member? We give you a couple of hours of premium bonus content every week. and it's a great way to help support the show you could do it. By going to give your company that cop click it got join premium,
affordable previous programme in the business. That's a great way to help put your thumb back in the eye of the bastards, thanks everybody who was already a premium member, and if you haven't you're missing out, we give you a lots of bonus content. Thanks for your support, as predicted the Senate acquitted Donald Trump. So let's see how Chuck Schuman feels about things ring Rina law, one welcome to the Office of Charles Chuck, Chaz, Yo Yo show her master the vanity and all around cool kind of guide. A hang with over approach be while watches of all game. Your your call today or secret justice pragmatism. Any incremental way is this: editor jugs humor. Why? Yes, please call me Jacques ok, I just did. But may I ask you a few questions? of course, as long as it has nothing to do with the acquittal, I'm so all over that now, ok! Well, how do you feel about you couldn't
Edward for America, Jimmy really big. How is that we have made right now, I guess, but now with it going to move on It goes back in the glory of victory. What did not need a height of inability? Please proceed as long as it has nothing more to do with the acquittal. Stop I'm mad ass. I got it. bank, but you must have known he'd, be acquitted right. Diane terrible collar barriers in her trail role of Julia, where he play your nurse on tv rights. Chevy Don't you know that his black heritage history month or weak, or something that's what I'd? wait, a things about black heritage history, mind why optics my good friend and that is why I ask you to join me in joining us to propel this country into the future and nodded a basque, pretty good
I had no idea what you're saying I know it's like throwing one of those stunned grenade and avoid place. Voters cannot wondering what the average just happen regulated the right thing. That's how we win. I stopped related of people a day one big centrist win for the average american Chuck. Can you do that? they. They sat back the holder to beg Donald Trump. You lost junk, oh no, He did not hear about it Mitt Romney it's about along with a very we'd better more, but not a dry house that are. We as a party when this is only the beginning. Jimmy after the election, we just might impede trump again and at dawn Republicans and so on its motion. How, because silly like open make air. We united with our friends on the other side of the Isle. We are the new centurions, I'm so excited
Bobby there was a heritage foundation, gifts to the GNP and guess what It did even get one republican vote if the thought that out Gimme the votes. Will you good day, you just help everybody out by supporting Bernie Sanders. You know they're right for president tick. Yes, for President Jacques Do you really think that'd be wise, I mean, After all, how do we destroy Bernie meeting that I also financially Bologna and near Dandan? I literally spent thousands on point alone. She LAO I forgot you didn't know between. I did, I would say, my guide? Jimmy remember aborted, educated as evil shore up the crucial right wing white middle class self. Engage male demographic in the south? We can't what a little about, what does not work that way jobs areas. I must take I leave Jimmy little talks. We have always enlivening, but I'm getting the vapours Marcel fetch me another
There were told it and a better pleased by the way, the Nevada Democratic Party just hired a paid Buddha geek organizer to be their voter protection organizer. Her name is Emily Goldman and this is what she used to tweet paid for he knocked doors on this call in snowy day my precinct captain being what our entire song about. Pete Buddha gig: it will warm your heart and pump you up for PETE, and now it deeply p and now she's the voter protection director at the Nevada Stake Democratic Party, the voter. Protection and if you look at the bottom cheese and organizer repeat for America of full time, I'm fucking job. That's what it is full time job? now, she's also devoted so here at all. I'm saying is that Bert, Emily, just lock your twitter account and scrubbed her employer
history from linked in those? Are the people run, make ensure the integrity of the election. They have to scrub they're fucking. linked in page and make their twitter page private, because they're all about transparency and making sure that vote is counted correctly. This is literally how the law operates. You don't like already italian american business associations are legitimate businesses. We run garbage structure legitimately Joe may. Sometimes we gotta pay cash. You don't owe me through it. Tell don't be afraid to let it go away. I mean, though, always profits. We had buffets in between. There was buffers between bead booty. Kick, it did
Don't tell me that I will open public, don't handmaid. I've got a problem, What did I say, bullet walk away and by the way, just in case you thought they were going to correct the irregularities in the ILO carcasses because there's a ton of them think again, hello, fellow Iowa Caucus nurse tonight. The idea, P Chair Toy Prize set an internal email that the party attorney says anyway, examination of the precinct results, can not change the results on caucus, math worksheets, even if they're wrong. I'm not make in this up, ladies and gentlemen, there doing it right in our fuckin faces and at some point birdies gonna
to tell us to put out a yellow, vast Ngos shot shit down. Now. Is that goddamn in two weeks, the vat as a cock, a state, they're gonna, pull their eyes, aim shit and they're gonna. They act like the Democratic party. Always acts like it. Somewhat sewing didn't work and the bones went down wait, wait like some guy that gets potter to Strip Club, but I dont know: fifteen hundred dollars fell out of my pocket. I spent five hours looking for it. That's why I'm covered and Judy glitter. I don't I then bear all an energy was naked and my pen, I'd like mine- and I was stuck in my dick- was I didn't know that war was slippery, mean I'd, probably
was Russia. They probably saw Mark Zuckerberg is hanging out with this guy right so marks a bird, has quietly recommended campaign. Hires deplete booty digits, in the mail, Zuckerberg recommended potential campaign hires and two of them are now on his staff. Eric may have ski senior digital levels, and Nina worn off and organizing data manager, Zuckerberg thirty, five and Buddha thirty seven overlapped at Harvard and Buddha GIG was friends with two of Zuckerberg fuckin roommate. He was also one of the facebooks first three hundred users, Buddha GIG, was one of the first three hundred facebook users. Ok, this step.
recommendations from Zuckerberg are the first evidence of the facebook, see eel actively assisting a presidential campaign so he's, here's what just happened, the Iowa dammit Frederick party in the DMZ sat on remaining results to release right before Mayor PETE. Does ASEAN Anton all the then pretend to declare him the winner when there our specific problems yet to be fixed? That would make Bernie win think about the level of coordination it takes to try to pull off such a brazen fraudulent move. It takes the eye what democratic party the D C and CNN: all working who Bulgaria that's what's happening, and so what I want and what I want to put up a video up on Facebook that guy that's critical of booted package that guy? then has his fuckin goons. Do this to me
ass information in this post. So I put a video upset, Dnc flipping votes in favour, Buddha GIG, and this is what They did independent fact, checkers at least story say this: post has false information to help stop the spread of false news. A notice will be added to your posts to be decide to share this. So that's what people were so when they want to put that video on Facebook and who's, the guy This is the guy Ryan Cooper. Who did the story? That said mice by thing was fake news and Ryan Cooper is staff rider and effect checker for lead stories and as the former director of programming at sea and in internet, so there in cahoots with the deep sea and end the bath, and now there in proposing my Facebook timeline trying to foot
Can I get my videos telling the truth about it? Call fake Fuckin news, you know: what's news sea and then, when they report on Syria, this was a hoax, the gas attacks were a hoax and guess who figured it out. Fuck it Jack, I've comedian, Jimmy Doorn is garage and guess who pushed a hoax guess who pushed a hoax and fake news to the hills that would get us into a war. Guess it CNN, and here it is definitely something things yet. That's all you know they're using chemical weapon, because I see and then reporters sniffed it did.
Die because if you thought there was pointed out a backpack, the first thing you do like will every snippet. Where do I I'm a reporter? I have to sniff poison. What does it smell like? Graham? What does that smell? Like up, I was appalled, lag like going to have a thing of under rule so that as yet ends reporting by showed the bunks their bullshit, but now Facebook is in bed with Buddha GIG and they have these Balkan Hall, monitor cocked suckers, who come from the military and CNN to try to say what I'm saying is in true and those guys are full of shit. I'm here to show you, ok, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I pretty sure this water is poison. Wakened, editing pulled out. Let me save its point. Does it tastes weird? Yet that's poison, absolutely chemical weapon, Don Diego YAP rush up, Syria, that's it so the day and see if you follow my show had announced on Thursday that they were taking over the coming of the votes after they do so.
two percent was reported, the dead sea then I'm like. Why is that b and c taking over the counting of votes. Doesn't anybody and I know out account both so then I will show you how they were taking votes from Bernie, giving them to devolve Patrick STAR stay here and p bootlegging, I should you that this headline of my videos, Dnc caught flipping votes for Buddakan gig whatever, they did. It was to boost him, and so then this place called leads stories which is working for fur Zuckerberg at Facebook. They take my video and they say fake news Dnc did not caught whipping both serpent and then heard is misleading head lie. Not only that, but under here it says, read all about the latest. Hulks is
fake news pranks. So they there's nothing fake about my fuckin reporting, not a god. thing there quibbling with my headline: that's a cripple, that's not a hoax or fuckin fake news and they fuckin know it. But the word is out that Jimmy Door is onto their bullshit and people are starting to listen to, and so we have to get these pop tuckered out to make sure we get ready. I said the DMZ got caught flipping votes, they go door, did not offer specific evidence that the Dnc deliberately limp boats, what the fuck I offered evidence that they did not but these but deliberately or not they fuckin did it. It happened
That's a fact that these factors, cars are fucking paid, propagandist right from the intelligence community sought to squash people like me, poor telling the fucking through they go wild door. Well door pointed out that Buddha gig for a time for- A time had ten more delegates. Then the numbers Swartz maintain that the former mayor at four time. You mean that I caught. You mean they gave ten more delegates to boot, a gig. Then they got fuckin car, do it and then they corrected it after they got fuckin car. You piece of shit propagandist wire. I love how he goes. There is no reporting to suggest that the mistake was the result of the DMZ whipping votes. There is
reporting, you know are reported it thought in me. Why is by reporting discredited when CNN obvious bullshit reporting is not discredited? Oh that's right because your own collusion, you fuckin establishment tools to squash any independent voices that go against the establishment. Narrative. That's why my reporting I welcome report, which is better than CNN Pocket Day. So this is what would come up. I so I said Facebook new equals fake news. They are telling people that the accurate information and my news report about vote. Flipping begin. I was false. My news report was lack biogas a guy named Ryan Cooper who works for CNN and supports Buddha gig. This is how these now has been rigged elections now the games,
Editor of that leads story. Bullshit website that debunking my story. His name is Alan do right, editor in chief, lead stories? What the fuck, where did you come from you piece of shit, fuck and Facebook Hall monitor what fucking intelligence community asshole tapped you to do. This right, ok, egos more fake news from Jimmy Door, not surprising Ryan Cooper does not work for CNN here. for led lead stories. Also, the claims he supports Buddha gig is made up, do better Jimmy. Well, the mother Fucker
What's a director of programming at CNN International? You fuck, you know that you cocksucker and what this guy says. While it is true that Ryan Cooper does not currently work for CNN Ryan did work foreseen at one time. Ellen's omission of this detail might mislead people into thinking that Ryan, never work procedure that thinking right still work for CNN May, just be an honest mistake, said see fuckin work for them. For twenty years- and he was their international fuckin director of programming to say
He doesn't work. There is misleading. You fact checking caught sucker, mother fucker and now we all know you're full of shit. So just appear say somebody when you go home and I get a screen shot of Ryan's linked in page before it's too late Imelda to us will keep on file so guys from CNN who I have made a living debunking. Their fuckin bullshit now coming at me saying on fake news, what I'm exposing their establishment, cheating, so FUCK, Rhine, Cooper and FUCK leads stories as the Jimmy. Your show ain't stop. It I go here is Ellen. Do who went from the military to see an end? And now is current facebook propagandist working directly, preserve copper to boost Buddha gig by sparing anyone telling the truth about the cheating in Iowa. We are over the target it taking lots of lack from the intelligence community lackeys where you go so that, as you know, I wonder how far though goad alike, to punk further Jimmy door. Show videos like you'll see another article four bleed stories and like if you watch this video they employ,
I bet on the back up its head. Is the control panel and he's a robot there's, no evidence that that's true backtrack grandma? What is actually not a world wrestling federation wrestler as he wants play God stage, a deaf ear as Oda. By the way you see no people a gig is an emblem of pure emptiness and soul was ambition of our ruling class. He is a non person who substitutes practice. Mannerisms and fake, focusing is for personality. You wants nothing, but power don't fall for it, so the motorcade has all these billion are donors, and here he is just last night in New Hampshire at a democratic forum getting booed and they start
chanting Wall Street p. You want an area with a sense of crop. There is a majority that is unified, not just who we are against, but in what we are for because we have higher wages, the empowerment of workers. So now
pretty awesome ass, pretty ass if they did that, in fact, check need motive, judge has never lived on Wall Street. Thank you. Do Chris Matthews went pocketknife there's. This is have not now kid you tell you tell me honest to, God is Kristen. use Buckingham This is the kind of shit people who are drunk, say right, Sagoth Dracula, tax, acutely glasses,
My own view list and I'm going to tell her share them with you in private, and they go back to the early nineteenth fifties. I have an attitude about them. I remember the cold war. I have an attitude towards Castro. I believe Castro and in the rates had won the cold war. There were executions in central park and I might have been one of the ones getting executed and certain other sounds like this is what Johnny Entity says on Fox NEWS by no? No, no. This is what Alex June saying that they're coming and going to execute me. The socialists, they're gonna, give you health care and then kill everybody. It's this old school I mean. Obviously this is like what an old guy that all narrative that debt, Craddock Socialism is the same as Stalin ERA Totalitarian Soviet Union communism. It spoken
mind boggling, you, socialism and inefficiencies diameter Stalin's gonna parachute down and showed me on the phrase like I wanted. I wanna get on these shows and be drunk and just be like I'm, tired of socialism, fuckin attired in a post office and schools and libraries and trash collection and street cleaning and the fire department at a police department and public parks and mail service utilities. We need Medicare for all. We need a green no deal. We me living wages Chris Matthews. We get rid of it
he gets even crazier. What's this about me, they're cheering? Ok, so I have a problem with people on the other side. I dont know burns Bernie supports over these years. I don't know. Maybe birdie supports the people who want to execute me in the park. Maybe that's it. I don't know it's it's it's it. I mean if only Bertie had a public record for the last forty years that I can look at. Obviously I don't have the resources to do that. I don't have internet millions of dollars and shit. I've been so I'll just have to top off the top of my drunk fuckin. It maybe Bernie wants to execute people with Castro.
I don't know I paid to say this, and here I am, I don't know, there's not like there's videos on Youtube that I could just use. You know if I had the internet, but the fact that socialists shot the internet in a very sad central power and that's why I can't see Bernie saying the same thing for for fucking decades, what he means by social one we could stay mark. Would it be like Denmark? Ok, that's harmless. Does then why did you say it like that? It's hardly worth. He says you want to be like fuckin dead back or it will that's good. I've been I kind of like, but why does he say that now the cap was country, good social welfare programmes, markers almost pretty clearly on the damn mark is added, worry, are you sure you know the needs and that's what you are you sure are you sure I mean I am talk about Medicare Fraud and cause to visit by our you sure he doesn't want to execute respecting. Are you sure
that kind of shit that one guy start saying stuff like that? You take the car keys away. His Christmas use things the Salem which trials happened because people wanted healthcare is that's what it sounds like a good. Chris Matthews one unquestioned, Bernice Whereabouts, during nine eleven and today J F K which, as you know, but this guy goes Bernie. We need better care for all Chris Matthews Cover CUP. Please don't execute,
I gotta play the rest of this, though, there's more to this, I want to know what you to hear it in its entirety up to play this all the way through. Just so, you can help buckin crazy. This is my own views, the words list and I'm going to tell her share them with you. In private they go back to the early nineteenth fifties. I have an attitude about them. I remember the cold war. I have an attitude towards Castro. I believe Castro and in the Red said one the cold war executions in central park and I might have been one of the ones getting executed and certain other people would be their cheering ok. So I have a problem with people on the other side. I dont know burning burning supports over these years. I don't know what do you mean by Social one week, its Denmark, where you ve been like Denmark? Ok, that's harmless! That's it s! Basically, capless country with social Welfare programmes, Denmark, as arms, pretty clearly on a demarche, is added. Worry you. How do you know that each? Why that's? What he says is agenda calls for right. I want out, but we haven't seen a campaign yet where video him praising the other you what would that be used as a question of how to handle what what's effect that has designated Castro doesn't question? What did you think a feed these while we already was gravely for its cure? Like me? First, what came a communist started showing every one of his enemies? Ok hold fast Nellie.
You know what you had to say about this. Well, I went to Cuba. You go. You take soap, so I exult, I always pilfer soap, from hotels for this purpose, and so I took the soft on their end like votes, I feel, for you like they pilfer votes and then into sight. I take it an you, give it to people if they wanted, and so there Is this one? A woman came up, but she was a man, but it was women are not sure of theirs surgery, I'm not sure, but it was there was hair and eyebrows, and our major and hot pants seventies style platform sandals and and she came, up, and she said I have on poor forever- and I said, oh, oh sure and so are given to have on performance, argue keys. You know have on the biennial, I say: ok, ok, cinemas and, alas, is not enough.
upon you, and so she got the varying from stashed it and you ran down and they could hear her platform eels. Clacking down the deserted darkening cobblestones streets, so
I think we might have a point. Let's ride around a corner, transgender people, steel and yourselves Bernie gets elected, but the polluter. Yes, yes, that bad would lead me to conclude that Greece Matthewson as a boy agency with the onion says Chris Matthews Words Bernie Sanders victory, runs the risk of making it look stupid to elections in IRAN dipshit dirt.
I guess, I'd kill ya Yet what this is Jimmy Door? Well, By and large hot casual bullshit, Did you get this number start relentlessly insulting you? It's crews, Christy we do not yet know. It's crews, Christy Have you got one more deston borrow call your pipsqueak Lucia, followed. I wear nasty remark regarding change. You know why, because you crews, Christy three strikes Europe did he go requesting Pipsqueak lose a liar dark face. Bony soldier out, I should say you know, there's a lot more than that phone cable internet time in today's podcast. How do you hear the entire phone call? You gonna become a premium member gotta Jimmy
nor comedy dotcom sign up the most horrible premium programme business today show was written by IRAN. Kaliko Barclay, Lando, step San Marino, Jim Earl, like Mccrae, Roger written up all the voices performance they are the one in the only the inevitable MIKE Mccrae can be found it like the great that's it this week you be the best. You can be keep me don't don't.
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