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552: Will Storr | Understanding Social Position and the Status Game

2021-08-26 | 🔗

Will Storr (@wstorr) is an award-winning investigative journalist and best-selling author. His latest book is The Status Game: On Social Position and How We Use It.

What We Discuss with Will Storr:
  • The evolutionary purpose of status and why it's always been important for human survival.
  • How seeking status spurs innovation.
  • The three kinds of status games we've been playing throughout human history: dominance, virtue, and success.
  • The connection between low status and depression: why Will believes that Jeffrey Epstein did kill himself.
  • Why you might choose a higher status title at work instead of a pay raise.
  • And much more...

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friend- will store about status. Social status group status, our position in our tribe, whether we think we're in one or not. We haven't doubled down on these status games that we play right, losing sports teams, fans will rationalize, their team is still better or superior. Somehow we are hush in tribalism, both political and otherwise. You ve seen the super woke. Kids, we ve seen the crazies online. We ve seen. The people who are one way follow any rules of society, because that's the tribe therein and the other ones that here religiously to the other one, sometimes literally, even more, imaging is that our brains hide these status games and these stories from ourselves today. If we're going to learn how to spot and evaluate status in others, Anand ourselves get status. your ways and not resent others for their status in will a fascinating conversation with will start in by the If you're wondering how I managed to book all these great authors thinkers creators every single week, it is because of my network, I'm teaching you how to build your network for free, thereby building yourselves and status, is well. That's over. A Jew
harbinger of outcome, slash, coarse and most of the guests, you here on the show they subscribe to the core they contribute to the course come join us Europeans. Company. Will you belong now? Here we go with will store. I did read the book, really enjoyed it. I think statuses of its a funny thing to write about because we're all sort of beholden to it, and especially people online they go. I don't even care what I have people. Those people are worth steadily worse. They weren't you will act like you, don't give a crap about status, the more for sure your obsessed with it new things. Had it not stopping and lay awake at night wondering how to get more. I always think about history per se and get your who think about me even saying that is at stake as languages I'm above you better than you, of course, as I just don't care in aid. Is that you so can my favor phrase from like this sort of gin be millennials are the guy's spoke. Has always guys that say I just don't
we give a fuck man. Oh give might now you give all lock you give it so many you're talking about that. So many bugs exactly now. Nobody else is it near talking about how they don't care your mate. You, you made a post about the amid a video about how you don't care, that's how much care. Why is TAT is just integrated into the human genome. brain whatever. It is in a way that cannot be removed. Well, that goes back to our evolutionary history, I'm sure you know, and most most of your kind of views will now we're tribal animal. You know we're a night
the worker to work or politically, the Ngos being in groups and working with crimson work, an attitude of corporate groups that was essential for us, the rival, but it wasn't simply a case of connecting into groups. That connection is really important. We want to be connected to people. It wasn't just that. It's as you have to own stages within that group, because the more stages that you were in that group, the more resources you get, the more food you get, the better access to make the safest sleeping sites like everything gets better. I should state is gets better just why the book is good, they d get casinos your subconscious mind he's like he's playing a game. You know in all the groups that we join in life, whether it said sports team aura, they sat job or it unites the podcast gang against rival, put customers in every playing a game of status. So is this ass a conscious mind. Has this kind of basic instruction.
join groups gain status, because in that way we maximize our potential for survival, and reproduction set goes that far down to the core of our humanity. Ignite really is fundamentally the way we play at life, but it also pushes us too innovate and achieve right, because it's almost like the reason I work well, not the whole reason idle. To think, but one of the main reasons why I'm like? Ok, I gotta market, the Jordan Harbinger, Show- and it's like- I want to make impact, but that's also my boy. I want more people to know about it and I want them to use it and I want them to credit it with them getting arrays at work or changing their life, and I want better guests- and I want to do a better job on this- shows a host because, let's be right, If we get down to the base level, this has to do with status. I want people to listen. It raises my rank in the spot fine? Then more people find it. You know that more advertisers because they associate me with more.
People and more of a beneficial brand. So I get money because of that which also raises my status, which makes me able to raise. hidden, centimeter, better schools. I mean like every that raises this status right. It raises Thursday. You right, which is like my genes, are now high status down the line. You because you had a good conversation. we'll store yeah. That's your. It turns out to be way more important than any of us really want to admit, and it's, like you even think them whole, something you can think. I like doing a good job that is, as a teacher, there's still status and Did that now might not be the main thing and might not be the thing you think about, but it's there and it's like any You said that is not there is, is alive. to himself at least to themselves probably to everyone, the sitting there and I think that one of the main secularize from doing all the research for me was that you write what we don't like to admit that we reached in our own state as the economy makes us feel a bit grubby, because we tell this heroics, with ourselves, and I just wanted to know how to change the world. I want to help people in all these kinds of things, because
our desire for faces, though how I started to think about it is that we think about well, it's just status, but I need is the justice already agree with status is really really important, and this sing is always just states. This is the fundamental misunderstanding, human condition. In that we seek connection. We seek status, there's not a bad things are really good thing. One of the things I do in the in the book is delineate three kinds of different state escape that people tend to play their dominance game, so even right dominance games for millions of years at most animals in a play, dominance, games and ass physical, that's fear, strength, says one kind of status. How the kindest at his virtue, renown, part of our being a tribal species, is that we would compete be seen as virtuous generous, pitting the tribes
and you can see that in the storytelling of thousands of years he rosing stories are ones that put the tribe first ones, but their own interests behind in the interest of the people they care about in front, that's a hero and then their success. a competence, eight November evolving being a competent honey, find a competent storyteller, a competent in achieving digger this was really good, a really useful to the tribes. So again we ve evolved to attach stages, the competence and so your game as it is a book, that does driving you. I wanna be a better put costs that you know you ve been talking about it. The software you ve got the best of what is much better than those are the basis for the bad there. Before its true of not evidence, quite ass tat, I found exactly that's all partner state escaped. So you can see dismissing is to state is now the states is driving you to be a better man, a better person, more competent, more successful,
That is a gift to the world that has an entertainment of all of your business. That is a gift to your family, who are supported by your work in the review universities taken just bazaars and rigid Frances teenager space this week is try to state as who's gonna be the first, and these are fantastic things. You know, you know the need for status with its competence or success by stated, or virtue by state is all the good is done in the world is based on this strivings that people have the status, it seems to be in important will look it's an important driver. We kind of cover those, but it also, it seems to be that there's almost like an appropriate like, is decidedly approach level of striving for status? So, for example, I'd like to think that I fall into the category of like normal people seeking status for the court right reasons in the right way right to be really good at your craft. The help people out much as you can both because it makes me feel good, but also because that I'm seeing as an authority in this area and bubble by advertising in dollars may come to talk about that before. I don't think the more
I can shove mattresses down people's throats and this podcast, the more of a bigger car I'm gonna get, but you see when sort of like the influence are bullshit wrong right, where you see people on Instagram and they're. Doing all of this very bizarre stuff to seek status You just think. Ok. This is a little bit over the line right there, not using it to make a better show their listeners they're, using its specifically and solely to make themselves look good and usually that involves showing other people what they lack compared to that person and then and that's kind of work. It's toxic right where you are creating foma and almost downgrading other people's status, intentionally or otherwise in order bring yours up, and that, I think, is where it starts to get a little bit objectionable, and we can talk about this because in your book you mentioned that status is relative, right so decreases in our own earnings. If we're just gonna talk about money, they have a detrimental effect, but a raise in my neighbour standing have that same effective,
my earnings are unchanged, and I think there's probably so status as well, The remedy causes all sorts of problems. I would assume I would assume this causes more problems because Instead of earning more money, I can just to an area where everyone else has less. That sort of a weird solution. The other thing I can do is make other people look or feel like. have lessened. Make myself look or feel like? I have more, which I think we I'll see what I can go wrong. Yeah, absolutely, I think, is absolutely right. a lot of the toxicity that we see developing it. Culture has been seeing Eater museum approaches, it's the rise of social media, easy results of this kind of relentless statist striving the innocent have done. The research I you know I decide- is gonna reflexive you blind jack from Switzerland in a mark Zuckerberg for all and, of course, are not helped. You know, but you never gonna, get rid of it, because if you're connecting human beings together be together, they gonna play the state.
Game, and sometimes it's gonna get really rostrum in one of the things I do in the book is I got back to the very first, the early days of them social media, which go back to the eightys to mediate, is probably the first social media website. As we recognise it today was called the way You gonna get on it, but you know what it was like: a war games when he put the founding the modem and it started and then there was any of you got. It is do about. Five hundred users in the first internet trolls turns out and stars. In them all is incredible: how little things have changed their having rules about pronouns? There are exactly the cyclist We're having about pronouns today that literally never doing this and say you can see- doesn't take Mark Zuckerberg, oh Jack, the twitter do to create this toxicity. He disgrace connecting people. Other unjust setting them free and they'll start trying to Eastern States astronomy, what are the people status and ask it to become toxic and you're gonna get. Did this council constantly seeing today in our is in our human nature? It's what we ve done with it.
Status gives us meaning in many ways, and it is necessary as oxygen or water from what it sounds like you meant you start the book. Actually with this story. Prisoner named Ben visit was fastened, Example, I have to hand it to you to start with, because, usually when we think status, we think rock star or athlete that's up on top and goes down and then get depressed about it. This is a guy who, I think you, something really horrible like murdered another child, or something like this is a young man. Tell me about it. and because this sort of show Does that no environment and no person is really exempt from this year been somebody there are quite a few years ago now back in my days and hours to do in journalism, and here is a fascinating man and so get that I wanted to start book there for exactly that reason, then, with somebody who lost his rack again with it, it was a status thing. He told another child Charley was fourteen. I think, in this other boys eleven told you have robbed the secret and seemed to talk. This live near the secret about himself. He was panic to my God. If the world gets about is taking a laugh at me, he's gonna be humiliation.
So it was distant. Bernie attacked him and this kid end up dead and then went to prison for that. As a schoolboy, you know that's ways: life was, he was just had. Nothing in an anyways As it happens in Britain sort of the world, he was bulletin victimized body prison officers. He tried to kill himself a starving himself, try to escape that didn't work, but eventually got picked himself and he started doing with he started researching the law has started to pushing back again. Prison gas. I guess what you ve, seen these great injustices and incite helping other prisoners. Any became known, as is gonna jailhouse, lawyer, gonna guy, and he began playing this gonna gangway status, which he kind of cool fighting abuses of justice. I think what happened was be kept going for parole and every Tommy him off a brow, he there be some misdemeanor, they get Romany, get refuse parole and he ended up being. I think the person who is it, who served in Britain longest over there came a terrorist. I do think we never thirty years.
And, and why was he fell in love? He fell in love with a visiting english teacher Dave just fell head over heels, no having sex and station recovered and he was in funding on the secret of its staff you know it was all they weighing the hidden. Literally you only have to do is behind even he he could leave prison. You could move him with this. The Alex and into the beautiful cottages Prescott cots wasn T in England, where with rich people fabulous plays in when you think of England. It is best it's the costs world. He just wouldn't do it. Anti You're gonna have to admit you know I don't want to leave then so I thought that was ready. Why did you leave? You know he eat, lost everything, and I think it was stated in a heat he found. The stages came to play he said to me, you know it out a life that gives you a certain stages, imprison analysis, Joe lawyers I was, the guy was fighting back and will enable. to leave Christmas, Alex going to start a blog poor prisoner ban where he would talk about his life in prison and that block became very successfully won an oil price, very prestigious, limiting managed to get a bit
It is something else that worked Woody leave, but even then it wasn't enough and he had this huge collapse. He spent his life creation estate is game and he excel did it and then the Suez Canal left it he collapse, and if you now to cut back on the findings on Twitter very easily and he's now, they speak twitter warrior this constantly referring faithfully fights he's working. This was one of these guys but you know you can see. This is it. This is how we place the status and I'm sorry I thought that was already fascinating kind of expense, and you know why you like a one man experiment and what do you do? What happens when somebody's thrown into held in prison without going no states? What's their child killer, they'll notice whatsoever? Woke you find stated that if you're gonna healthy brain you find status. If you don't it, that's what you do. There is a connection between low status and depression. I would love to touch on this because anything
Sort of explains why depression exists. I think, is almost helpful for people that deal with it, because you just instead of thing your brain is broken. You just realize it's in a mode. That's not serving. This doesn't go for all depression, obviously, but I've loved it for you to shed a little light on this yesterday, strongly between depression and suicide, and lack or loss of states is one of the ideas when we become depressed is because we doing badly in the game with failing to find status and because stages is such a fundamental need. What we fear were lacking in status to the subconscious, gonna devolve brain that signals were, would about english tribe. We can start losing resources become established purity, and so why is this? We could have moved to the back of the cave as it were and shelter, and will the mines trying to stop us going into battle with high status people, because it's too dangerous out there when people start
the causes of suicide. Again in an incredibly complex subjects. Not simple is people have low status, but certainly in a lot of cases, that's what is found its people who has no lost significant amounts of stages, and I think the people, who are most vulnerable, often other once you ve lost the most status rapidly. Is why think Jeff yet stated kill himself because he's just a textbook example of somebody here, up here and went down there with enormous rapidity. I know that's why suspense either. I don't believe this conspiracy that it was a it was a fit up east, just a classic case of somebody that you could expect to take their lives and asked what I find. So it's when people gonna rapidly loose stated this. Why, on the financial crisis, lots of people the committee suicide. Again, it is incredibly important and also when they left behind it would become vulnerable to suicide radiation. So when we stay still alive listen, everybody around us accelerate. That could be very bad for mental health, as you say,
because there's something wrong with this- is because a brace of functioning correctly that brains are things to an emergency manage, because when we lack status, that's a dangerous situation for the human animal. Today I wanted sort o clarified as to the plenty of super successful people's struggle with depression is well, so I dont want people to think like all I've depression. Does that also means low status like now get out now drew me what the hell this sucks. I wanted verify that there are many reasons for it. Yeah and, of course, takes this relatively. We want what of the dangerous things about states is to be a climate are still very easily. So you know we become this person and you know it's great for a while and then blocked Robia come you want the next thing. I want the next thing and we want the next thing. I don't think that's the interesting thing about stupid. Successful people is that from our low you can look up and men go while you must be so happy, but of course we noticing often are not happy, because states is relative there, looking at the people around them and guy. Well, he not just business in looking at brands. Didn't go while you gotta space before
You know that's annoying, you know, but that's right said I playing a game in every place. They just go to the people closest to us. We don't play states gazed with decent people. So much we don't compare ourselves very often sitting Thailand or Michelle Obama in if we did, we be very unhappy because we not those people they're gonna, be those people as a form of torture. We compare ourselves to the people around us, so people do you consider high status are just as vulnerable Cities teach these mental health issues and people good similar status because tat compare this to the people around them. You know so for super wealthy person to suddenly live my life with my income. They could become seriously mentally here. Is it something demean, because neither the true how do you know if that's how it works that some human cognition works? It is kind of sad. I feel bad Gave us to move into. My house, which is probably the size of, is in twelve
guys riot and it's like no one in their right mind would feel bad for the hedge fund manager, that's forced to downgrade into a six thousand square foot whatever house, and they only have two swimming pools not have this by the way, but like they're, my gosh there's another house in front of you have before you get to the beach you poor thing right like this is this is all relative yet has protested? of it. Nobody knew right must be for certain that hedge fund manager, but he would be suffering sincerely and genuinely not because he chooses to because that's the human body You know like on the third in a middle middle class at say, I was not now to go and live in a house. There is significant event we're meeting now I would be feeling depressed in. Oh, my God is life. Worth living, who is incredibly insulting to people who are very happily living Gonzalez's. Now you ve got to remove that kind of the edge to Marie judge people on this stuff because it doesn't work illegally in the people.
In those houses- are living in a kind of splendid. A hundred years ago that got running water, television, electricity, you can tell myself off, Secondly, the living it by the stands for a hundred years ago, Frank test. Egg amazing lives in a working class people in their homes, studies all relative as words it sounds Give me a new kind of empathy for super successful people. I don't wish. I was then quite so much anymore because I understand they experienced the same pain as anybody else, even though, as you say, nobody feels hurry for them. They still her these now Rikers they cause he's all relative, it's the ones in them, like I that have the worst right, because you look at somebody like Kim Kardashian anything this person's getting so rich. They have so many things gone for them. There's all this in that, but they're looking at, like you said beyond Michelle Obama like me. How do I get at that level? I don't understand. What's going, I am thinking I didn't get invited to the red carpet at the Grammy's this year. Does that mean that my son
this is lower. Meanwhile, I've never shed a tier of not being invited to the grand Asia. The oscars- or I will I know, will never do that red meat in a? U, I assume, are in the same boat. You know, there's nothing that says. I can't believe I didn't get in to the inauguration this year, that's ridiculous! What does this mean for my life were yet exactly exactly in it, but I've got my own things that I think about the situation on me now how it looks for when I was a schoolboy failing or my exams insisting hated by the teachers. Are we think it wow you must be hey you. If you got books, reliving you're invited onto these protocols to talk about my dears, you know your comfortably off, which must be amazing, any cause. It's not uneasy, because I'm just thinking about you know how come on Romania in illegal at that the United States, where everyone is like this. This is human life. This is this latest games. That is what we all do, which always how crazy with these things
Rationally and objectively are pointless. You know that symbolic, then nothing and yet they know they mean everything to us, and so did you can feel demeaning to admit it? Even you got to be honest, you set off in its true start talking about how airlines built the pyramids and how it landed. It is real and I'm scared to incited Alex, and you have a much better shot at getting on road Andrews gonna, giving up a protest there. That's how you get on that show. You know if this book doesn't do. Oh, I was invited on, but the corona I couldn't go because the virus- oh really a yard, the date fixed there Oh man, you should definitely go. You should stop wasting your time, which shows like this and gone railroad get over there give get that where one of those space helmets so that your for not affected by the virus scene, I one of those very ones that have like do it.
Joe Rogan would read I u gig, then you're gonna hit those, then those teachers that thought you were an idiot back at elementary school organ while will store where man he turned around. He turned around within the next thing, and the next thing I mean it's, the treadmill, isn't it robots problem the top fur for any author but you're gonna, then wonder why you didn't get invited to the White House or something like that yeah who could open it again? I don T, I well, you never know joyless to the Jordan Harbinger show with our guest will store we'll be right back now back to will store. On the Jordan Harbinger show people often get except a higher status, job title versus pay rays, and I thought this is interesting. Rake is that sort of says: hey status is worth more than money. In many cases, no money is status in many cases as well, but that sort of proof- in many ways that status- that's very the bull and obvious to everyone around you whom you are competing with mighty better than a raise rikers. If I get a raised by five
and grand, maybe other people, my office, don't even know maybe it's confidential, but everyone's gonna know. If I get promoted to Jordan, Harbinger intergalactic, podcast, her phd they're gonna be like well. Ok, he really got the boss. so lotta him. That committee thinks a lot about him there surely know that I got a salary, but who are they yeah, I mean and is one of the surprising things is the wind. When they do surveys, they usually find him a chunk of people would forget or pay rise, dry job title rise in that shows the importance of status in before the extraordinary study that the economist it where they they looked, people's relative income of affecting people find it relative income makes us happier than roar income. So am I happy, isn't the amounts of money we get
of which the amounts of money we get versus the people around us. That's what's connected to happiness, not roll cash, and these truly studied the economist it where they found that if you're gonna, relatively poor in that in your neighborhood you're gonna be relatively, can have more. fresh, do not happy with your life. You let your well being is gonna be lower. Uneasy effect is greater than ever socializing, your neighborhood, so the more you're hanging out with your rich neighbours, the less happy you are so really is a any kind of make sense. You know we were born into this world in which, especially in U S in the Uk Money money, money money, you know it. We can have led to think that money is the be all and end all in, and money makes the world go round when our brains of all was no money, really monies distant we're another way of kindness, statist game and our brains are not didn't evolved to want money. They evolve to one status and that socialist another way that we play that game and another of paper that I thought was fascinating. That I quote at length in the book was by this: U S
a lawyer and form a big fat. Nowhere now judge any rising amazing detail about the process of corruption. The junior kind of lawyers go through and he writes that. Basically, you know you Joe. You pick an aim law firm and into three years, you're gonna become corrupted, you gonna start now in cheating as a matter of course- and he says it happened to me- I did it and the reason for that is that you're gonna be introduced to this world, in which your comparing yourself on the basis of only two, the other all the other lawyers and twice a year, the legal magazines Post League tables, ones earning anyone gets obsessed with these things and the thing about noise. They watched incredibly hard. They work every hour. what sense and and more you know so how'd you get the edge and say the anyway can really get the edges by bidding for more it actually worked by making sure that it is sometimes not cooperating with the discovery process, making sure documents go missing and stuff, and he says this become such a second nature that the issues this inevitable process-
happens for young noise and he says: is it there's a line something into three years? You got him, somebody being really genuinely happy that they have the fourth of your first cost area to somebody furious. Even you got a four hundred thousand dollar bonus as it happens to women's it shows the power the States game. I just this idea Money is just the way we keep score that game. That's what money is a proxy right ear. What were you going to survive and raise our children safely in feed ourselves? The rhetoric just the stages game, and it was issues about the game ass to corrupt. You know a strange thing paper because it knows how easily the need for status can conduct, not just its becoming less ethical people.
You say that to me, I'm very interested in that I used to be. Why still am an attorney and I worked on Wall Street, so I saw I too far rosy to all that right. It was like, even when I was in law school. I was like all my god. They're gonna pay, as thirty Grand Become and for the summer and eat like the ribs and shellfish. This is ridiculous and then, after you're one of mine, I can't believe I'm making this much much more than my parents made put together at the peak their careers my first year. This is so amazing. Second year it was like. I got a boat, on top of a raise. This is incredible and then, as I darling? I left the law pretty early, but I remember thinking like why are these guys? We're have an eight years nine years in so miserable it doesn't make any sense of two houses. Even both your kids go to a private school, you know none of it makes any sense in it because a guy or gal that they went to school with, is making a little bit more at investment bank or they move to a different firm, which note you know that weren't lockstep pays or everyone knows that everyone's making. I know
they're making twenty grand more than me. Who cares it will not improve your quality of life that twenty thousand dollars it give there's nothing you could buy that make you happy with it you're going to invest it. Hopefully it's not even You retire any earlier at your current level of consumption, but driving. You raised and you're here on Sunday night missing your kids birthday working. something, that's not urgent, because you want to make sure you get your Bilbil hours so that you get promoted to partner so that you can do that grace. I mean it didn't. None of it really makes any sense, but it all makes sense when you look at status yeah one of these he does newspapers you takes on the idea enough money makes you happy any just talks about the rights of mental ill health. Cocaine addict Divorce amongst big February's itself, the Charles these people are not happy, then, they really rich. They really successful by large, distressed and anxious and unhappy, because I sucked into that game and
by nature. Attorneys law is a very competitive people. You know if you ve been through law school. You smile in competitive, so you ve got a problem on average in everybody's, got different need the state I think you will be out there only on the need for state, as if you ve put yourself for all that it gets worse, though right it gets worse when you get there, because you have your almost I've ascended the top of the mountain when you get there, but then, like you, said you acclimate, and then it starts to become a. Why am I the bottom? It is wiser from paying us like this other firm guts, although they work like a sweatshop lama, hard worker airline workin on Saturdays, I feel like I'm we're gonna have to Saturday's anywhere. Maybe I should switch over there and then its We are right now you Workin seventies week, so I'd love to see that paper. I wonder: how did children spot and identify who to imitate and learn from work, children coming into this and learning about status they have to be learning from somewhere well again said because it is so deeply rooted in his with this kind of basic instructions. You know the one
is there in the brain, and so there are very keen that we look forward with children, and indeed I doubt that these are gonna built into us. Isn't it he decides that when the planet stages get when we're doing is where spotting high stages, people copying them. We make them, and this is why fund- and this happened. This is why people take up. They're gonna be reading the musical tasted their idols in it and copied address sooner because that that's pop We are as part of the gangplank Agnes should mean that we should be spot people in Africa that we admired isolated and we copy them and we copy them, because that's our strategy for coming high stages, our selves doing- is a basic here I'm gonna. Do what they're doing whatever doing I'm gonna do it? There are four accused the we use them see. If I can remember him, the first one is on self similarity so For people who are similar age same gender, and so we know whether
However, other kind of similarity keys there are- and, of course this is as lots of unpleasant side effects. The self similarity q is is obviously very presence in it. When we think about racism, sexism or reasons the self similarity gear is, we feel more comfortable people like us Amadou from from birth baby. You can't speak prefer to be with people who are have the same dialect as their mothers action in our needs in us. Unfortunately, service itself similarities the first one. The second one is competence. We look for people who are showing that they are good at tasks, so that draws us the third one is we look at who other people are paying attention to settle, not a key. So if lots of people are looking at one person than we have seen that must pursue must know something that we need to know so began to get them to end this.
become a runaway effect so again in its natural to us. If we had more than once become like them, you know we have to identify with him. We'll pay attention to them too. Psychological disparity of an offence because it can run away in these processes are built for small groups that we have often not for the age of the internet and celebrity in in our international media. So these days, so we pursue from who has no observable talent can become hugely globally famous because it just looking at him, and then they get written about an inch. We look at the morning in so that's part of the state again and then. Finally, one of the cases we look at the person themselves and see how they are presenting to their various choose. I state is people using at the head of the talk more high status. People tend to presented some way said. That would also give us to be drawn to certain people and begin copying. Re mention in the book that certain there's some high status, because
yours- and I remember why is to teach this kind of thing- these die always work out perfectly well, but the high status people tend to talk more send it out more loudly them have louder fashion, so to speak, are more of a unique and sort of zany fashion. Their vocal pitch can be different. They take up more physical space, but not too. where they look like you're, trying just a lot more than the average person, India and they might own stuff right, and this is The toddler example is like toddlers are really there not subtle the way they try and gained status, and they can't talk so they will hoard toys or they will grab things they dont want to share it. Adults tend to be a little bit different with ownership of things, but we certainly see it. I mean how many people do you know we in Hollywood, where I used to live there are director, that are unmarried or they have adult children and they have one wife and they have like a twenty eight thousand Square Foot House. They live in Those rooms there never home they work in their office. What any that our priority status right? That's all. It is
a view that they never even look at because they were the same aim with the average hours because in their master, castles and and eat you find out. We just even three rooms on the least wing, and everything else is just for the rat. Armor and tapestries is totally pointless that's funny? I can imagine that that's probably true right, a giant manner and it's like there's a door that never gets when in the rest of the houses and heated, but in there is like old wag, and pay things and, like I don't know, the bunch of yeah, like you, said suit of armor, whether night standing quietly authorities in a haunted house, ghosts sang in IRAN to yeah just goes to the occasional here. Take it and make sure the rats are eating the ancient tapestries and rugs from your great great great grandfather. You know, Lord whatever different types of status, the right, dominant leaders versus prestige leaders. This is interesting because I think a lot of us. We look at apes and we look at stake. Dominant status, re, India, we look it kind of like would say more. What's the word I'm looking for this,
critically right here. You you kind of sea, not politically correct, but not offensive. I guessed right, you see some sort of their elements of her especially United States where, let's say, like big really, if type guys will use domino. Games to get status, and it works especially There are sort of terror and I dont that game, because I'm five foot ten and a hundred and eighty seven eight pounds or whatever writer out a good day. We know with my shoes and that's all I can't do that, but I can there's a different status. That I played it actually, I think, works a little bit better which, as you know, use other things that work for me like intelligence or success in other areas and leadership and things like this, so dominance versus prestige. These are two different, types of status. Games most are being played at some level, almost at the same time and in the same place yesterday so dominance games is the only form of gaming.
It is very in the animal world, so you know the idea. The chickens will a packet each other to the pecking order is established crayfish. You know tat each other until they worked out use it using the soldiers had dominance is right, they stick and before we settled down into our tribes year, humans were much more into dominance, gangs fighting very violently one. One I dont need males securely. We had our own structures were differently muscle mass. We never much more aggressive and if we settled down we settle down. You know all these alpha mouse, gunmen being judged ass. He wasn't gonna work when we return to the community. So what happened and we evolved different forms of stages game and is not unique to humans. the more intelligent animals also use prestige, but the idea is that, rather than having a fight one on one,
who was on top. You didn't prestige, jute, say you play mistakes, have your reputation rather than the actual South City or import things that people thought well of you, and there are two ways if Bernie Prestige in in a group and the first one is virtue to the idea that what they both having com, is it useful to the group and the more useful you off the group? The more states is your wanted war. Heroic people think you are said to have two ways of being useful to your grave. Your tribe in the first one is being virtuous in force the tribes codes making sure events taking part in their rituals will be, or any indeed you be in taking part in which was yourselves believing it sacred beliefs being generous, being courageous in fight sin, hunting said as virtue and then as success so competent. So you know you are also being very useful to your tribe. If your knowledgable every skilful. So those are the three essential stages, gay There are other ways you can instinct is beauty is aware of any state is ages. Web any status height is aware. Honey state
did not break the interesting seen either through the most of human life, takes up these three forms of dominance, virtue and success, and uneasy swayed to understand it reason We want states, you can try. The media mean mother Teresa or have Einstein in these, people who are incredibly high states people and they are their stages through dominance and activity. I mean virtue in the case of mother Teresa and success in it. In the case of our eyes, and so it kind of the games. We play form the kind of people that we are that's interesting. I've noticed this on the on the other side of the coin, as well that we love to see people taken down a peg right. We love to see celebrities just tat before we love those the video you you mention in the book, we love those videos were summoned like do you know who I am and fired and, unlike the cut too,
I'm getting arrested for something I mean. Look at the college admission scandal right, we're pissed off this. Those people bribed their kids way into college, but were also kind of like oh at best, from full house is going to jail good, not that I have. anything against her, but like if you're gonna be a shitty person in your face Senor Ridge. I want to see behind bars. I want to see you crying in the media right I mean I'm. I don't need it scan to know that I'm petty is hell, but I know that some lighting up in their when that happens rights if in an MRI machine or whatever. I know that when I see that stuff there's a part my brain that I almost wish wasn't there. That is just have a field day, I think
right. That's true a couple of reasons. The first one is, as I say, you know, the game is not a final remark on a tribal background, and in winter, when these past vibrates revolving that virtue game part of adverts game is punishing people who breaking the rules of the tribe of being selfish, unfair, and so we ve evolved to feel good about punish them. You know what we feel like. We are status for. We know we were in stages by punishing them because as useful to try. This they also going on that issue, which is the whole tool poppy thing, and I think, is exacerbated by the modern world, because he knows that these tribes that we evolved in work, but pretty small when we spend most of our time with twenty five thirty people and those so little units would connections the groups certain times, but they were much smaller. We had no concept of other people in the world back in the days of the they weren't any millionaires? There weren't any landowners. We were comparing ourselves to somebody. You are slightly more state. You know that what somebody lead
have you had marginally more stages that are so we ve evolved to pay. These very small stages. Games what's happened is that we now pay enormous stages, gaze massive status people can become very wealthy, massively famous and does not have we designed to live, so you party won ramifications. That is that we have this. We constantly needle by these very high state as people- and you know. Sometimes we love them and we asked them if we identify with them. So if we take our family, my love Tiger woods at the time we hate them. We really either at all, because they remind us how small we are states as it were. As I stated this relatively new status, it is not in a fixed. Anyone who is new thinking about is bouncing around all over the place, and so yeah Things going on in the college admission scandal is that we just love seen these people who are much more stages fallen us become much less. Data spoken ass. His pleasurable. Eighteen o is not necessarily a lovely part of the human condition.
it's an undeniable one hour I think, but is also like look back in there. Caveman era that even the tribal era we would be self policing I dont really hate Aunt Becky. I kind of at some level understand why you did what you did. I must have a level of pity for somebody gets embarrassed and an international level it sucks for, but there's that other part of my brain, that's like yeah. You follow those rules right that everyone else that did that you're breaking we all to follow it. How dare you read, but this makes sense, because, if I'm living in a group of a hundred two hundred and fifty or a couple on our people in somebody gets too big for their britches, I'm then again up on them and take them down a peg? I don't need the exiled amber banish them to death or for them in prison, but I'm certainly going to the example you given the book is. There are songs that tribes will saying, if but he is a hunter and they're doing really well they're supposed to downplay there. excess and other hunters will do that and if they don't sort of voluntarily do that, then everyone gets. Her face and things,
equivalent of the opposite of the happy birthday, saw the ass good, a song of derision, it's funny that that even exists. I thought that was alleged whenever that at the summit I think it was an annual try that did that? Yes, it as it is this idea of hotly policing what's noticed, big shot back here, is a very common in energy human groups in small societies and will probably be NASA tens of thousands of years. The thing about prestige, virtue in success status, is that its offered by the people you can't playing it for yourself. You can't walk in and say I am this amazing Dude love me her people don't like when it is everyone's backs up India and that's the kind of reflexive thing is. I mean I think in the country that the put some of the most is. Is the? U s a light them the cooking petitions chosen when you, when you watch top chef, the shattered icon, the greatest enemy the english governess Marcia going water, we don't know if I'm gonna win them over a good
so yes, I think this is a cultural differences. There is still in the state Zena, so you can't go in demand. Everyone loves, you know how it works. Did you some very badly to that same status is always offered I think that's why I'm in the? U K desert cultural obsession. The moon with Harry and make an market there. I think is that say widely disliked by of people in the UK right now and I think a lot of early. Yet the law that is down to the fact that they they seem to of afforded himself have left of status, which they don't seem to have, and I think that's the popular perception at Easter, amongst the people who live there, that that's the whole point they were in the royal family like they never letting you know they will be used born into it and then he said
in all. I want a part of this is too much of a rat race and make him a measurable, and then people go. How dare you? What are you too good for the royal families? Like? That's not really, but my point was people and suddenly you mad at him. For that I don't know. I don't get it well, I think, is the fact that every game as its rule, right, if you ve ever worse, the crown you know that the big thing about being partner or families snow, that fund is east. To tease, boring stuff, is opening supermarkets in clubs and shaking hands it. There's botanic rynch didn't want to go to say, he's a grind. This is a lot of work and is pretty boring and the other about the row, families you not allowed to have an opinion because you got to unite the country. You can't divide it. She caught have political opinions, and so This task is not easy. I think the perception here is that he just you rejected over to the fine she gonna rejects the. Then you can't really taking all these stages from being a member of the royal family. maybe easily over this.
The Jordan Harbinger show with our guest will store we'll be right back thanks. So much for list it is so and supporting the show your support of all of those advertisers. You you look. I try to make the ads fun. Ok, but I Some EU fast forward through am I try to make them, is cool can their ads after all, but I do appreciate it. You consider those who support us here on show- and I put all the codes and all those special urls in one place, just go to Jordan, harbinger dot, com deals and everything will be right there. So you have to write anything down while you're running or lifting or whatever and don't forget. We got worksheets for many of the episodes. If you want some of the drills and exercises talked about during the show, those are all in one easy places well in a link to the worksheets is in the show notes, Gordon harbinger got com, slash podcast, now for Inclusion of our episode with will store I mean I kind of understanding, but also isn't like I'm not
member of the royal family anymore, I'm not a royal anymore. I'm not saying I don't. I feel, but it sounds we're to say it, but I feel bad for a guy right because he basically said this is freaking me out, I'm having a mental health crisis and everyone went. How dare you take care of yourself? I think if he was taking care of divorce doing that and we just gonna get listen. If you need it, doesnt stationed get a job. People would weaken our fair enough, but he's completely trade. of the fact that the EU still rely another or family for its status. If these all connected with, I still calls himself inside the duke of whatever is the duke of know that any still anyone on Oprah he doesn't market Safeway how they doesn't work it's bought. If I let you technically don T know where she some virtue state is coming from wages into her eat. Isn't seeds have done anything nice for anybody where's this competence where they haven't got any competence? We admire the money, was fine for the british army in Afghanistan, but where's its competence
So I've been again, I don't feel the concourse coming over capacity Anti Harry persons, Chauncey kind of I was going to say what we know where you stand, as you well know about. That. Now is more a case of positioning for him. I I just think he's gonna. I also add my full up leaving if you dont want to be in a pretty girl We live in an incentive Monica. I wish I could live in her Santa Monica, but where is it is in that part of world? Roughly? I think he is like minded media. The gear actually is, are you can visit when you go and Oregon you can check it out. I think, can I think, he's being gradually advised and ends honestly think if he understood a bit more brown stages works than he wouldn't be, making a lot of the decisions that he's been making. I think he could be much better advised. What would you do if you have this such a tangent, but I'm so curious. What would you do if you have my stay out of the limelight? You know that kind of thing. Well, the first thing I do is reduced. impression that you are sourcing all your status from attacking the royal family and
you know. We were talking about how you can gain stages by putting other people down and I think that's what's happening alone, but also adjust. It gives people just did mark if he just went out and work right here, I think, didn't he get a job at tech. Company resuming yeah everywhere that he also took a deal from Spotify and I think they produced half in our country right India, for, like thirty, two million dollars on all of these things is certainly distant. God in its nuclear play. Well with the majority of people in the UK, which is working at backsides off, instructed in ice is, if I was, you might get the head I didn't money that wasn't dependent. my real status and then once you ve got that separation and got that earns that distance from row family. Then you can come out with you you open, say you know what being resound with pre bad. There was an problems with it. I think if you have waited- and I think if you have earned respect before he could still say everything he's been saying about the racial delegations in their whatever else it s been saying people to be much more receptive to if we develop that respect rather than
just assuming that he has it here. That is interesting. That is very interesting. I never thought about this like that, but I also not paying super close attention to it. I assume you're paying more attention to it. Now, one you, don't you don't have a choice, cause you live in the UK, but to your writing about status. I loved you. Think about cancer culture, because that also seems like it's very much about status. It's not like I'll. Let you go off on this, because I did this to me seems like almost like a disguised status play or thinly disguised status play on all sides. Well, it is yeah. I think that's right and I think one of the most interesting so pits of research that I found the just. It suddenly made sense if cancer culture in a way that I never thought of it before is how punishment worked in the tribes tat. We have in, and there was a really interesting facts, and the truth is that we have often didn't usually have leaders that when you look at the world today, with their leaders everywhere. Political leaders, control, eaters, posses at work leading
you know we need is meet their needs than their followers when we evolved one leaders in that way. You know that there were high stateless people higher status people. They were generally by consensus in our generally be deferred to only in that kind of distinct round, with their special isn t this, isn't it all cases but is in most cases so. The question then, is ok. Safe is nobody in charge? Who decides who gets punished because life in his charge could be pretty rough? If you transgress the rules, you could be executed in its belief that capital punishment execution was once a human universal said. That was just how it works. If you got it wrong, there was a chance you gonna get killed, and so what would happen is that people would suck gossiping about you and, through that gossip, consensus would build and the people that would make the decision on what would happen and the polish government that they clearly with the customs and they said we didn't live under the tyranny of leaders. We ve started the tyranny of the customs and what happened with cousins would get together in their way
for commitment and again a consensus would emerge, and once there was a feeling of consensus in the group- and it never be a literal consensus- is the sense that most people were against this person. There would attack and off with you know, daddy, foresee in any example that I quote in the boat, the guy's done. Nothing from somebody died in the group. A sorcerer did them as a ceremony with leaves it leaves and decided. This person was the killer, the parasite gossiping about this person. Indeed, whenever counting you know webs gossip you, when you account over these past things, that can suddenly seemed very evil person and then the guy was killed. cutting North Africans in Reno, isn't caboose, he tried didn't. I was at escalated quickly, yeah what he did, and you see that happening with council cauldron against another example: the faster we can't blame mark Zuckerberg, oh Jack, Dorsey from Twitter for creating these things there, just enabling people to
we will take the tens of thousands of years. Somebody transgressions the sacred rules of the group, but it's usually a political group. A group we ve got very strong political views, but gender or trunk law any other in a whatever it is that that groovy somebody comes on transgressions, their sacred rules and the group kind of I was in charge of a cancellation is nobody says right, let's go and it now we can stop it. this thing that emerges in this atmosphere. Gossip consensus, building an attack in exactly the same way that it would have worked and the thousands of years ago and still works in some provoking tribes set, as the key for me with council culture is part of our basic condition is what we do, so it's gonna be very hard to use, yet this is not something we can distort decide not to do any more right. I mean we are one hundred percent wired to do this. Cancel culture is going only going to get worse as we Taking our brain
that evolved to work in small groups and plugging them into the entire world via the internet overnight, like we're not going to be able to adapt their strategy. There is just one or two things: I'd say about the first one is we might be able to stop it because it is the great things about human is that we can always come up with new norms, and I do think slowly. This is happening. I think them. Has it countries known the moors getting frowned upon the moors becoming a more niece idea is still very mainstream at the European Council. The timing is still happening, but I think now that is being highlighted. We can create norms against it. The other thing is that we can legislate against it in the. U s you have free speech in the year we have been. I have free speech. We have effective free speech is, unless a form of free speech, species protected. People should be persecuted for their beliefs, that guy thing, and so I think I would like to see governments legislating against, specifically against cancer culture. I would like to see it loose brought in
companies aren't allowed to five people on the basis of their political beliefs. It should be made illegal. The people should removed from their positions of communication because of their political beliefs. We would like to see legislation against their victims and status, also play an interesting kind of mixed role here right because we ve, and this recently faking an event exaggerating something or even faking. I hate crime to gain victimhood status has happened in many instances. I wouldn't say it's an epidemic per se, but it does show the play. in this game are not trying to be the most moral there. Try to be the most morally forceful in these specific situations, right that it's not about whose right it's about who can sort of like signalled the hardest level? Yes, there, when you understand, morality is a stage this game outta that stuff makes sense in any savings. Not an epidemic stretched the imagination, but is happening. You know it happens that people think hate crimes and,
Recent examples that I have listened to in the book we understand reality is is actually just to state this game. That gonna, makes more sense when we become victims of a rival group that can be a kind of state is gaining the situation because we get loads of attention from people out and they want to help us and they look at us tonight. They re just up and go. Are innocent victims can, paradoxically, the ecology and states of heroism, and especially if you stand up and got and say I that. Why this person, but I'm still standing and I will bring the fight to the minute you become brave heart of your group citizen incredibly state- is making pursuit, and you also see in the context of people whose kind of jobs without their social identities are dependent on these kinds of moral states, is making incidents. So in the book I talk about one, I think was an academic and she was doing a speech university about hate crime and hate speech and love,
the whole she left the talking her card begun lies with swastikas ins, and it turned out that she did the graffiti herself the police discovered she did it all herself. The vandalism taken seen incidents that somebody that sense of stages depends upon their being horrific, racists everywhere, so she's making. It happened there We re Monseigneur on that she's, making it happen, isn't that denies and thereby raising estate? So you can see that this kind of yet The standard morality virtue is just one way that we gain status for ourselves. You understand that can have the will to be seen as a victim, because being a vaccine can be a very status making thing with our own people who you are The people that matter right, because it causes are sort of tribe to defend us, but also the sub text, is look how important I am people cared enough to commit crimes against me because of what I am doing and what I am believing. Therefore, what I am doing in believing must be so port, and that it is a threat to the enemy it commute
it's all the right things. If you're a kind of a shallow state seeking asshole who's going to lie to people to gain status. In that way, more, that's exactly right and also. I think these are fundamental thing about storytelling and every trot every person in every tribe tat. We to greet and belong to have stories it tells about the world. The stories are repeated here, was in villains, Nor is it never really true. They're, always gross simplifications of of the reality. I would think about apple versus pc is a story about how pc people are just sit. that, of course, is not wholly true. We note with stories, make us feel good about ourselves stories. Pasty say we're high status, their low status So somebody comes not an and reaffirms that story tat. We are the good people and they are the racists they're gonna get all this status, women, right, many terrible men, a great women, a terrible? If you can tell your group, represent your group
story from your own life that affirms this. I had a terrible thing happened to me that these awful people Disney that, despite turning their simplistic story, the world you're you're gonna gained status is a way to tell for us to tell what state, S, game wherein and maybe dial it back a little cause I've as with many cycle the core concepts right, the more we become aware that maybe that's the first step anyway into putting it down or letting it affect us a little bit less real, if I know other people are just trying to gain status by saying here we'll things about my work. Maybe I take those comments with a bit of a grain of sand. Instead of thinking like. While why am I getting attacked? There must be something wrong with me. It's well actually I'm more visible. Now, I'm doing everything right with marketing and, of course, there's gonna be people who decide to try and take me down a peg because of what we just discuss today, sort of practical exercises that people can do or things people can keep in mind. In order to make this her less has.
were. I think, as you say, that the first thing is just to know. It's just again just remind you of this just a game and the one I always think about from the book is theirs. I didn't want in India, where, where the state is gonna play, is growing massive yams in doing what they did to decide. This culture of all the men spent the last obsessing over hidden gotta, because young and of course it's in there That's the most important thing and they have this everyday Yan they began. Like answers. Have my writing it you have to save your podcast British justified, yeah yeah. I do actually matter that marching at especially these people lights being mean about you ready or wherever he actually doesn't matter. You know each the symbolic David. As you say they d, showing off today group I'm trying to gain status there thing I think, he's really is important. You asked about how you can tell what kind of group here in what I think is quite easy since that dominates gangs are Matthews eyes. Lawyers by dominates games is a game of force and coercion, so dominant gangs are used.
pretty backface debate, you know in issuing onset of winning army or something virtue games are about the enforcement of kind of moral, and savage games can be amazing charities. You could say virtue games because their inadequate they're doing virtuous things of churches, of virtue in a row, family diverge games at dinner by competent your families, not by success thereabout deference and enforcing the rules, forcing the hierarchy and making sure everyone's performing the ritual correctly and success. Gangs are businesses. The scientific endeavours success games are those games. You play that have a specific definition of what success looks like and it isn't just winning is we're gonna write S sitting book. We can create a corona virus vaccine with no side effects and so you know success games really have transformed the world. Would you forgot modernity when you think about how the world become post, industrial Nation was a revolution of success games. It was a red,
in the sense that we stop playing virtue games we start came, must as about cost social background or the other stuff, and we started playing games. If you can build the best bridge and now you can create the best internal combustion engine, that's modality, it is about Success gained nothing for you that if you want to change the world for the better, paradoxically, don't play virtue games, you don't really want to go and be a priest what you want to do is you want anyone play success, gang and, if you Did you want to change the world? You wanna play as they were not gonna pure gangs, as it is a blend of all of its different forms of state is, I think, the very best games of virtue. Success game sake. You think of that council culture more. As a virtue dominance came the worst games because they're about people forcing you to adhere to the rules with threat in pain and punishment that council culture, that's Hitler, that's the Nazis! Does all that stuff. We don't let that Starling thirty dollars into the worse. The virtue, success gangs. Are we
going to use our competence to increase good. So a charity is a virtue. Success gang somebody running a marathon, you know for lung cancer or breast cancer. Prostate cancer is paying a virtue, success game. Some working for pharmaceutical company, assuming that not one these people, the charging thousand dollars per asinine Haider. Playing virtue signal who decided to run a virus. Vaccines are playing a virtue, success game. You know we ve got the successful end game, but it's for a virtuous inciting those difficult, very best gangs so there's advice at the end of the book in a seven rules, the plainest status Gaban, I think two of the most important ones are the first one is use your moral sphere, some, and by that I mean you're, as you ve been so mentioning threat our conversation It's really easy to make this house feel good by terror. Have the people down he's? Really? easy to return on television to go on twitter already or Facebook and make ourselves already stated the increase by pulling other people down and
reducing almost varied issues of consciously trying to catch yourself. When you judging by the people and retry, focused that moral judgment into yourself. How can I be about her? rather than how can I make myself feel better by making Atley on attacking all these other people? Animal practical one is about kind of ways of being really when you look at the lecture on how people should present in order to succeed in life, there are gonna mixed signals in literature, but the ones they make sense for the status game, warmth, sincerity and competence. Lucky you can share warm sincerity, incompetence, you're, gonna, win alive, because when you warm you're implying I'm not gonna buy a domain name, you you're, not gonna, get any threats for me. I liked you you're in a safe place. You know I'm not gonna stop attacking. You are threatening. You said as dominance. Sincerity is I'm gonna lever with you, sincerity isn't just being nice is being I'm gonna, be honest with you, I'm gonna tell you when things are going back
and I'm gonna tell you when things are going well, so I'm not gonna be morally unfair to you and then, of course, competencies. Just success, I'm gonna, be I'm gonna, be useful to the group a minute skill and you have learned from skills for me and together we can increase the stages of our group. Is I want the Saracens competence to me that this kind of magic triumvirate that I think the course easier said than done, but I think it is a goal to aim for if you want to wait in the state, a scheme of life, those the three qualities which we should be working on well, thank you very much for your tie. I wish you all the success in the world with the broken and may you grow the largest yam among our hadn't writer ass, your neighborhood again, you George I wish you the largest economy in the world of workers, making. Thank you so much for the great shout and for engaging, book already Prijedor. Now, here's a trailer
Karlsruhe here on the Jordan Harbinger Shell. When I was fourteen, I got my first opportunity: teeth gave North Korea and go to China. Police came to house rigging, deports North Korea. I got transported to detention centre, there brainwashing for nine months. I start working on coal. Mine was paid only in rice the one morning instead of entering the mine, I walked up the path and began running and the in the distance I saw train come to stop. This is my chance I need to get on the train finally made it to the border town enrage determined the next staying right. Walked into the reverted device north korean China, which is yellow fever, and then Laurie walked into the water. I slipped in Iraq,
a scream of blood. I was on my back and I heard a soldier screaming every man on that. Stop stop, but I wish you the Gaza Strip screaming at me, but he never for the trigger, and then I went to one field. I'm in China now sign on the long journey to South EAST Asia gets Thailand. That was the best day of my life going to type prison, and then I was trying to for South Korea, but they didn't recognize Miss refugee. Until I we would have to send you back to China. Chinese governments we back to North Korea, but you guys don't tell me and that's just the tip of the iceberg. He escaped the police. Rome was secret police in China. I mean this guy just has an absolutely amazing sense of survival and story, and that's apathy, Eighty four with Charles rule confessions of north korean escape artist, part one and part two episode. Eighty or of the Jordan Harbinger, shall make sure you check it out, status as a
That is always fascinated me. I mean look what I was teaching. The dating skills and all that stuff status the number one thing and it so new once you know we're not evolved for modern day status games, but we are still wired to resent because of the imbalance in that alone causes. So any problems in society causes self esteem issues and men, women and it's important, under that status is always contextual right. The highest status monk has fewer. Fancy ties and cars a junior investment banker does We always there. It's always sort of omnipresent status is never ending Paul Macartney famously had all these status issues about His name appeared on the albums that he was creating, as I do during the Beatles you're one of the most legendary musicians of all time and you're worried about whether you come first or second. I think the thing is what status its never possessed rate its given can always be removed, hence the constant chase for it. This is precisely what makes it so freaking danger
and detrimental to our sanity and to our society. Right, I mean we feel it We thirst for revenge when were humiliated. Many of us only care about status when our status as threats- Never any other time, and you, of course you get rid of this by raising your status, we have rivalry They can be destructive instead of encouraging people to compete in a healthy way for status. We also have called soon we have anti vocs groups and these groups they give status and people in those groups increase there. because of this status, not because of sound science or because it is the best way to spirit. light men or whatever the called or group is promising, but because of status, and that makes it very, very hard to change, east when you're already in the group in this isn't just for stupid people right. Smart people are actually really good at. Nationalizing and supporting a belief that they already have and, of course, when you train If the group you end up loose, your status and in places where status, and taken away. We can be vulnerable to
leave almost anything because status is so important to us as humans. So that's why a lot of us end up with these sacred beliefs. These weird sacred believes that are actually against our interests. Right they can be. Carriers status, their irrational there very hard to change, and it causes us to vilify out groups with different beliefs, believes that are not our own. The book also covers status drunken is, of course, an inch examples and their of Kim Jong Hoon in Turkmen who, who renamed words days days after himself and calendars, Imelda Marcos get Alfie. I mean any dictators really kind of a study in status. Drunkenness called instead is covered in the book as well. Of course, our minds seeks certainty. Rules are absolute in status path right when you're in a cold. It is possibly anyway, set in stone. So that is what so comforting about a lot of this right. Usually, the reward in the afterlife is status above all other mortals Association with caught leader. Of course, there are the highest status.
So, there is just so many interesting elements that status touches. society, a lot of that are not totally grows and unhealthy. Like that examples, enlisting here, but I mean those are always the most interesting ones right like Orient didn't more right, the boy scouts or frickin ISIS rights. One of these groups is legit going to be talked about more than the other, especially in this day and age and humans do not seek equality. This is a myth, basic status and they see dominance even genocides aren't about cleansing the land of enemies and all the other bs rhetoric, thereabout propping up the people felt humiliated before communists. They are against the wealthier classes because they ve been humiliated by the Nazis, They were supposedly humiliated by Jews and others. But really this is all these kind of ahead. Vague rwandan or humiliated, supposedly against higher cast, which were the Tutsi? So really this can lead us down some dark pass, but remember being different or original can get us there
as without playing the same game as everyone else, and that is why not to be too here, but I do encourage you to follow your own, nor star right. When I created my career here as a broadcaster. This was not something that was even supposed to be possible. Read. I tried the other path. job on Wall Street Gordo, great law, school and train, million tons of money and by accoutrements of the wealthy. None of that was for me, that's a status game, I'm now in a different status game, but it's on. by accident. I can tell you right now that I am much much happy than I would have been in that anybody. I knew who still no game is right now, so the key, the antidote to a lot of misery caused by status, is being different. original and realizing that, since this game is never ending and since you can never truly possess it, the best thing to do is try to ignore it or ignore your drive, for it is a human, but to do what it takes to accomplish and achieve it and to acquire that status in your own.
I remember, no one wins. The status gang life is just playing it. Big. Thank you to will store links to the book. Being the website in the show notes. Please use our website links. If you buy the books, there was always help support the show worksheets for the so these are in transcripts. Those in the shone out there's a video sooner view, going up our Youtube Channel at Jordan, harbinger dot com, Slash Youtube are clear Channel with highlights that never make it anywhere else. As Jordan, harbinger dot com slush clips bought a cuts, it don't make it to the show their anti you how to connect with great people and manage relationships using the same system, software in tiny habits that I use the same on that I used to book the guests, the same ones, to build a business. It's a free course there's no garbage! I don't need your muddy writer, a short and urban sure dot com. Such courses where it is free, dig the well before you get thirsty most of the guests on the showed their subscribe to the course they contributed this course come join us You'll be smart company where you belong, get that status. This shows crew.
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